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KRCS CLASS OF 2022 77 Graduates COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES 79 Different Colleges and Universities 30 States Represented COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS $9.2M (Academic, Athletic, and Fine Arts) KRCS LIFERS 21 Graduates Enrolled at KRCS for 13 Consecutive Years NATIONAL MERIT RECOGNITION 1 National Merit Finalist 1 National Merit Letter of Commendation NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 41 Inductees


And know that I am God. Psalm 46:10


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Note From The

If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? As the countdo n to graduation for the Class of 2022 egan this spring in parallel ith m daughter nishing her master s degree, I couldn t help ut thin of the opening l rics from L n rd S n rd s song Free ird. The inevita le good es ecome more real ith each passing milestone, hether it e high school or college. hile most seniors ere eager to egin their ne t phase, others clung to the remaining da s of familiarit . One can t help ut onder if those closest to us ill remem er us as e open and close different chapters of our lives, ut hat if e focused on remem ering the signi cance of our time there instead of orr ing a out eing forgotten This past anuar , I met ith four childhood friends I hadn t seen since high school graduation. Fast for ard from 19 to 2022. e are no married ith oung adult children, et e can still vividl recall our time together gro ing up in Te as, especiall the teachers from our alma mater. It s unreal that e can remem er ho as dating ho or hat songs pla ed at our prom ut not hat e ate for dinner the night efore. Ultimatel , hat as rooted in all our various childhood memories as our Christian up ringing and elief in God as e updated one another on each other s lives. Of our Class of 2022 graduates, 21 of the 77 are Lifers, meaning the spent thirteen of their formative ears at King s Ridge Christian School. e hope that each graduate cherishes their relationships ith one another, former teachers, and, most importantl , God, ecause it is our passion to ring each student into a personal gro ing relationship ith esus Christ hile e uipping them to do ith e cellence all that God has called them to do. So, Class of 2022, hile ou must e traveling on no , e can t ait to see hat God has in store for ou. Kno that ou ill never e forgotten. Michelle A i Director of Communications


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Letter from

Head of School

I ve had the privilege of serving as our future head of school for the past si months, ful lling m responsi ilities as Head of Secondar Education hile ensuring a smooth transition for our school and our KRCS communit . Even though it felt li e I as drin ing from the re hose at times, as I ve gro n older, I have reali ed that change is a natural part of life. I have found great comfort from the people around me throughout this time, ut the most comfort has come from m relationship ith esus Christ. The name of our maga ine is E STILL, and, in the conte t of m ne role, the ords spo en esus in Mar 4 39 spo e to me, eace, e Still. In Mar 4 3 41, esus calms the storm. That day when evening came, he said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side.” Leaving the crowd behind, they took him along, just as he was, in the boat. There were also other boats with him. A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” He got up, rebuked the wind, and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm. He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” During m transition, I reali ed that ou ma e going through one of our o n ma e ou re ne to our school, or ma e ou have a ne o or house or have a child starting in a ne grade level. M pra er for ou is that ou nd strength and comfort. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed for the Lord our God is with you, wherever you go. – Joshua 1:9


Peace, Be Still. Mark 4:39

I couldn t e more lessed to e uilding on the legac of our former heads of schools, ar ara Adler, David Rhodes, and Dr. eff illiams, respectivel . KRCS ill al a s e grateful to the leaders, facult , staff, students, and families ho came efore us no it is our responsi ilit to al a s sta true to our school s mission. As our Head of School, m goal is to focus on uilding relationships and strengthening our culture in order to protect our mission and ensure ever child is no n and loved. As e head into the ne school ear, ever here ou loo there is evidence of God s or at King s Ridge Christian School. This ear e have had an ama ing 9 school ide re enrollment. 100 of our oard, 100 of our facult and staff, and 70 of our families have contri uted to our capital campaign. e have had un elieva le success in our ne arts and athletic programs. Our senior Class of 2022 had a record level of college acceptance into some of the nest colleges and universities in our countr . And, e continue to e over helmed ith the num er of applications and tours families ho ant to come to our school. Together, e are charged ith protecting our mission to provide a college preparator education e uipping students to no , to serve, and to elieve and moving it for ard. Your support and partnership are no more important than ever. rover s 27 17 sa s, As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. I am e cited a out our school s leadership and facult and staff ho ant to love, encourage, and challenge our children. I am loo ing for ard to colla orating ith ou and KRCS ONE, our parent organi ation. I am thrilled to e a part of this incredi le communit that has a heart for our school and a heart for esus. I pra for our peace and for ou to e still as e egin our ne school ear. Each and ever student, facult , staff, and parent is an ama ing gi to our school, and I am honored to serve ou. I hope ou have a onderful school ear and ma God continue to less ou and King s Ridge Christian School. Ed ard . Spur a, Ed.D. Head of School LETTER FROM HEAD OF SCHOOL l 05



I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me. rover s


TO KNOW l 07

What is the

King’s Ridge Story? We were honored to have KRCS founder and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer John Smoltz as the guest speaker at our all-staff meeting this spring. The following is an excerpt from his speech.

I come here ith un elieva le humilit , and I am honored to spea on our ehalf in so man a s. efore I can tell ou hat King s Ridge s stor is, I need to give ou some ac ground. I thin it s important that ou understand hat God has done not onl in our life ut in this school, on this campus. I came to Atlanta, famousl , in the trade. I have a tremendous famil a rother and sister one ear apart, and m mom and dad raised a ver moral and structured famil . e had God, famil , school, and sports and sports ere fourth on the list. ut I got to Atlanta in the trade, and I as not a Christian, ut I as a good person. That s hat I thought. So, in m mind, I never reall did much rong. I sta ed a a from all the pi alls. In fact, I had a ver s e ed version of hat eing a Christian as ecause, to me, a Christian as some od ho lived their life a certain a , turned it over to God, and then as going to tell me ho to live m life. I as on a uest and a mission to e the est ase all pla er I could e. I as focused, didn t drin , didn t cuss, and didn t do an thing that man people nd accepta le in m usiness. I anted to e on the straight and narro path to not onl honor God ith the talents He gave me ut to ecome the est version of m self I could e. I as a people pleaser, and it othered me if things eren t said a out me correctl .

TO KNOW l 08

I as living a roller coaster life in m career, and I didn t reali e that until I met esus in 199 and surrendered m life to Him in a simple a . I had gone to ever chapel, gone to church I as a doer. You re a doer, and ou thin that doing and pu ng forth good or s, that is hat God ants ou to do, ut I didn t have that relationship, and I didn t understand hat that meant. Defending the Christian faith as not something I came to Atlanta to do. Defending m talent and ecoming the est ase all pitcher I could e is hat I came to Atlanta to do. And then, of course, a famil is orn, and the rest is histor from that standpoint. In 199 , I as si ng in a ennigan s, of all places, ith m chaplain at the time, alt ile . I as ed him this simple uestion hat prevents me from living m life the a I ant to live it, let s sa , until the age of 40, and then I ll turn it over to Christ That as m uestion ecause I had pra ed the pra er a thousand times, ut I didn t understand hat that relationship, that hear elt contract, meant et een Christ and me. I as ed him that uestion, anticipating the ans er, and the ans er as a gentle repl Nothing prevents ou from that, e cept ou might not get to our target date. And I ent, hoa. I m a ris ta er on the mound, and I m a ris ta er on the golf course. I don t ant to e a ris ta er an more and ust pla that game of hat if. I ll set m o n goals and standards and sa at 40, I ll turn m life over to Christ. That simple ans er did it for me. Fast for ard a fe ears later, in m stern competitiveness to e a roc and to e a arrior for Christ on the mound (that doesn t mean I as going to e perfect), m life changed in a peaceful a in that I as a le to handle success reall for the rst time. In 199 , I on the C Young A ard. I didn t in the C Young ecause I ecame a Christian. ut ecoming a Christian, I as a le to handle some of the things that ere going to come m a , oth good and ad, and it ust happened to e in the good that I as a le to give glor to God, ut even in the ad ou should still e a le to give glor to God. ressure has al a s een part of m life pressure on the mound, pressure to deliver, and I love it. Not ever one loves pressure ecause it gets them out of their comfort one. I go ac to hat did the rest of m life loo li e as I ecame a Christian ell, it didn t go perfectl , and life didn t give me a ros road to here ever thing as going to e the a I thought. It got roc and ump . hen I as as ed to serve on a school oard, I said es, ut I didn t thin I ould have an time to actuall go to the oard meetings. M good and longtime friend eff Fo orth as on this oard and as ed me to oin him on it. I said I no the name, credi ilit , and mone all that stuff is hat ou ant hen ou re ge ng to the oard level ecause this other school as going to uild a school.

TO KNOW l 09

And then I had to undergo Tomm ohn surger , and I m out of ase all all ear for reha ilitation. And I attend ever oard meeting. I ent from having no oard meetings to attending ever oard meeting, and no I m engaged in this process as I ould e engaged if it ere Game 7 of the orld Series. Ever single da , I thought a out m role and m opportunit . I can tell ou the stor of King s Ridge as orn then, and I had no idea that ould e the case ecause that s not the oard I as on. From this stor and this ourne , m faith as deepened in a tough situation, a situation that never should ve happened. I as ver unapologetic, rash, and com ative ecause of the leadership of that place, in a a that I felt as rong on a oard that had a too man people in a situation here people ere so eat do n the pressure and things that ere going on in that situation. So, here comes this gu ho s not afraid I m not afraid of hat I stand for, and I uestioned all of it. In the face of leadership, that doesn t or ell hen a ne person comes in and calls them on the carpet. It goes in such a ad a that e all get red. I m fast trac ing through some of this ecause it ould ta e a too long. I m not a church mem er, ut eff is, and e re all devastated. This as a solutel not in the plans that an one thought ould happen. ell, ours trul decides that his competitive spirit ill ta e over and sa s, I ll sho ou. I m eing honest. M esh too over, and I said, I ill sho ou. I remem er sa ing to eff Fo orth da s later, e can do this. I m going to start a school. e ent through the hole process, and e no hat e need to do, so I m going to start a school let s do this. eff said, You are cra . I never thought that in 19 7, hen I got traded over to the Atlanta raves, I as going to e defending the Christian faith and school the a that I as. I had no am ition, no resume, no desire nothing prepared me for hat I as a out to do other than hat I m a out to tell ou. M esh ent on a mission, and as onl I no ho , I rote do n m notes. This is hat I no I m called to do. I convinced m self that God called me to do this, so I as going to nish it, and I m going to follo through. hat I m a out to tell ou is that ever thing I did as in m old self, eshl a , I ll sho ou. Don t thin I can ma e it to the ig leagues I ll sho ou. Don t thin I can do this I ll sho ou. In a a that I can see clearl no , God as almost telling me, No, no no, let me sho you what I m a out to do. I set up an initial parent meeting and as listening to a Chris Tomlin song hile driving do n GA 400, and I thin it s The Grave No Longer Has a Hold on You, as the verse that I listened to, and I thought, that s it, that s the song I m going to pla at this meeting. I don t no if ve people ill sho up or 0 people ill sho up, ut I m holding a meeting to let the parent od no hat is going on not to spill the dirt, not an thing other than to guide them.

TO KNOW l 10

I thin a out 200 people sho ed up at this meeting. I couldn t elieve hat I as atching unfold. Fast for ard past that meeting, and the school as going to do their thing no that e ere all gone. No it as all up to me to start a oard. Some of those people carried over ith me and created a oard called ACE, or Advancement of Christian Education. ithout that oard, this ouldn t have een possi le. Man people have poured their heart and soul into starting a school. I couldn t tell ou an thing a out curriculum toda , 20 ears ago, or 20 ears from no , and m onl goal as to gather people, create this oard, create a mission, and start a school that s all I thought a out. I couldn t see that God as directing m a s and paths in a a that I couldn t see then ecause hen ou re in the midst of a forest, ou can t see the trees hen ou re in the midst of pressure, ou can t see our surroundings ecause ou re so consumed ith hat ou re doing. God sa s that hen ou re empt , then I can use ou. hen ou get empt of hat ou thin ou can do, then and onl then, can I use ou. Trust me, that happened. hen ou get empt , and the nances are not there, and the re not coming in a a that ou thin that ou re going to ma e them happen, onl then do I elieve that God can use ou in meaningful a s. I as not the person to do this, other than I had tremendous passion and a competitive desire to sa , I ll sho ou. And hen I said, I ll sho ou, that ended uic l , and it ecame, God, please sho me and lead me. Imagine for a second that ou o n a 0 or 0 acre farm, and I noc on our door and as if our farm is for sale ecause I ant to uild a Christian school. That s hat I did. I al ed to people s properties. hen ou re telling a stor , and this goes ac to m dad, as a true salesman, he o ned his o n compan , and he pla ed in a and. M dad as so proud of me that ever here he ent (he traveled all the time and never met a stranger that asn t a friend), he ould tell ever one a out me. Do ou no ho I ne that He created his o n ase all cards of me hen I as in high school, and he handed them out li e usiness cards to ever one and said, M son is going to e in the ig leagues someda . I egged him to please stop. I m running into people ho sa , I ran into our dad. You re never going to elieve it oh, I no What I realized from that is that he never stopped telling the story. hen I as part of the rst King s Ridge oard, I said, Do not stop telling our stor . Don t let a minute go ithout telling some od a out this ne school e re uilding. You never no here it s going to go. And e never stopped telling our stor . And as life happens, as ou all no that life has happened reall in the last t o ears, that stor can get lost and this uilding and ever thing that s here most people can sa it al a s as here, it al a s is, and al a s ill e, ut for ou teachers, the life lood of this school, ithout ou there s no chance. This is the essence this room is the life lood of h these uildings get uilt ecause, ithout ou, there s no chance of e uipping our children ith a chance to ght on their TO KNOW l 11

o n ith the full armor of God hen the leave this campus. If the re given the lueprints and the full armor of God (Ephesians 10 1 ), if the don t get a chance to ght on their o n, the re going to e go led up the a the orld entangles them to teach them their a s. That s h it s so important. I didn t no this hen I got here in 19 , ut I never anted to stop telling the stor . So, hat happens e created the school in less than ideal circumstances. If it eren t for three good friends, oe ilson, Mi e Ni on, and Tripp Rac le , ho helped ith the nancial urden, this school as not supposed to e here. There as never an intention that this school as supposed to e here. God s incredi le ourne ( He ll sho me ), ever door that as closed, another door opened. And the door that opened as al a s etter than the one e ere tr ing to open. ut through litigation and ever thing that ou can imagine, e had 100 acres some here else that e had secured. e started in a former grocer store, and I ll never forget ge ng read for m rst da , thin ing, This is never going to or . ut I promise ou, never once did I dou t that it ouldn t or . I ould e l ing if I told ou there ere times hen I didn t no ho e ould gure it out. ut I never guessed that it ould ta e the route that it did. TO KNOW l 12

I remem er starting in a former grocer store, going to the g mnasium ith half moon ac oards, hich don t e ist toda , instead of the s uare ones. I complained to our athletic director at the time, sa ing, Don t schedule this an more e have no usiness pla ing in this g mnasium ith these ac oards. The ids can t even shoot a an shot. He said, ohn, I ve een dreaming of a g m li e this. hen ou start in a grocer store, and ou don t have an of the facilities, and ou eg, orro , and tr to create as man opportunities as ou can, perspective is ever thing. And that as a moment of clarit for me. hen I started a school, I didn t even no if m ids ould go to the school. I didn t start a school for ust m ids. As a matter of fact, I sat through some incredi le meetings ith politicians here the uestioned m sanit ever da , asicall ecause I as ma ing life misera le for them at the time ecause of oning and all these different things. I spent a out 2,000 hours meeting ith people and foundations tr ing to create energ and passion, and ou no hat, that as not a good feeling for a gu ho loves to compete, ho doesn t li e to lose, and I got shot do n all the time. M name got us in the door. I understood that, ut I never thought it asn t going to get us out of the door, as in ou re not read . Meeting a er meeting, relationship a er relationship, so man people had a hand in this school. This stor , hich started in a former grocer store, to here e got moved to this propert through God s incredi le grace and another door opening hen a la suit as ta ing us a a from uilding our school on 100 acres, all the a creating and empo ering people to defend the Christian faith so that one da , ith all of this campus uilt out, people could sa , ecause of that school, loo hat m son or daughter as a le to do. hen it comes to King s Ridge, I can t help ut thin of the num er four. I m tal ing a out four rave students that came to us at the oard level ( ith some help). Four rave students ho, if it eren t for them, a lot of this might not have een possi le the a it is toda . Imagine at the oard level, hen ou re having a hard time meeting our nancials, and ou re ee to ee sometimes on ills. You re tr ing to gure out ho to get out of a grocer store, so the meat department isn t necessaril our stage, and the loading doc is our g mnasium that ids thin is the Ta Mahal...all those things that ever one gre to love ecause it as intimate, and ever one ne each other. Four students came to the oard and delivered a letter that said, Let us e the rst. e ant to sta here and e the rst high school class to graduate. It didn t ma e an

TO KNOW l 13

sense nanciall to have a school that four more ears doesn t reall or in our udget plan hen ou ve onl got four students (that turned into si t o more ere added). At that point, e ere a re K th grade school, and e ere going to sta that a . Tears, pain, and pra er allo ed that to happen. I m so than ful for that, even though that as one of the hardest decisions e ve ever had to ma e, to allo those four to continue. ut each da a er that process started, e egan to tell the stor of King s Ridge. Most of ou never ne that, ut e egan to thin a out ho if ever one no s the stor of King s Ridge (God is in it, for sure), ou can continue to tell the stor and uild on this mission of hat reall has or ed hen the oard set out for painful months to create a mission to live . I told m oard a long time ago that I have no pro lem passing the aton and atching others do the or that God used me to do, ut I ll e darned if ou re not going to have a 3 22 l . gorilla coming do n our throat if ou ever change the ord Christian in this school. I m proud toda to sa that has not happened. This is a school that is ma ing a difference, and ou re part of the stor . I as interested to hear this hen I loo ed at the num ers 21 staff mem ers have een here for 1 ears or more, 30 have een here for 7 ears or more, 20 have een hired since 2019, and 2 ere hired in 2021. So half of ou have no histor of this stor , of here it as, ut half of ou are going to continue this stor and ring more energ and uild this campus and see this as if one da , 30 or 40 ears from no , the re going to sa King s Ridge al a s as. ut it s important to no the stor so that each and ever one of ou, through the pressure of hat ou ve een through in these last t o ears, can t imagine hat that s een li e ut I ant to encourage ou that e are uilding something greater than hat our o n a ilities thin e can do. Lean into hat God has called ou to do, even if it means change. e comforta le eing uncomforta le ecause that s here change happens. You can t e part of this process and e afraid to get out of our comfort one. I told our oard that all these things ould happen to us. e re going to lose ids, e re going to lose athletes, e re going to struggle, ut that s o a . If e tell our stor and if e get ids to ma e it di cult for that parent ho, through their e es, sees through a different prism and a different goal for their children, e ant our children to sa , I don t ant to leave. There s something special going on in that eld, there s something special going on in that classroom, and the re going to tell the stor that this is here the ant to e. In closing, e started this school during 9 11. There is no orse time than 9 11 to open a school. hat happened God delivered. e uilt this school during Hurricane Katrina. It has

TO KNOW l 14

never cost triple to uild this school hen e didn t have the mone . God delivered. e have gone through some reall tough times in our culture, and e have gone through the hardest time e have ever gone through at this point. It is as if God is doing something to allo this place to shine. I m as red up right no as I as ac then. ut I m ne eing in the stands, and I m ne passing on the aton, helping to tell the stor of King s Ridge, and helping in an a e can. This school ill e uilt in God s time, this school has God s hand over it, and e ill e transitioning people to deliver certain gi s that eren t there 1 ears ago or 20 ears ago. hen it elieve, athletics a as et

comes to athletics, let me touch on this. I no that it s going to e hard for ou to ut hen I as part of this school I anted nothing to do ith an thing speci c to ecause of this I didn t ant it to e no n as a ase all school or a foot all school or all school.

hat I anted it to e no n for is that pla ing sports is one of the greatest things ou can do, and it em odies a name on the erse ut shouldn t em od loo at me on the erse . If e can teach that through one of the most visi le names in sports, hen it sa s King s Ridge, if e can teach ids through athletics, ne arts, and, o viousl , academics, the opportunit to stand tall, stand rm, and defend hat ou elieve, and more importantl , defend King s Ridge in a a that ould ring a out unit . uilding this school as a longtime vision. Ge ng in the moment ith all the issues can feel ver short term, here ou feel stuc , and it s hard to see the forest for the trees, ut understand God alread no s, and lean on Him. I ish ou the ver est. I pra for ou, and I ill continue to pra for ou as this school gro s. I m honored, honestl , to e a small part of that. Than


TO KNOW l 15


s t h g i l h g i H g n i r p S Basketball

Varsity Boys Basketball – State Championship Runner-Up All-Region – Avery Adkin, Micah Hoover, Bella Martin, Isaac Martin All-State – Micah Hoover, Isaac Martin Players to Achieve 1,000 Career Points – Isaac Martin, Zak Thomas

Lacrosse Varsity Boys Lacrosse – Sweet 16 First Team All-State – Jack Deady, Robbie Walker Second Team All-State – Dean Giacobbe All-State Honorable Mention – Brant Satterly US All-American – Robbie Walker (Ist KRCS student-athlete to receive this honor) Area 5 Select Team – Cali Bryan, Emma Decker, Ellie Racki, Abbey Walker 1st Player in KRCS Girls Lacrosse Program to Reach 100 Goals – Abbey Walker Middle School Boys Lacrosse – Metro 10 Champions and 3rd Place Newtown Senior Select Relaunched Jr. Tigers Girls Lacrosse Through Partnership with Omnilax

Tennis Varsity Girls Tennis – Sweet 16 First Team All-Region – Ivey Bowling, Cali Bryan, Lexi Kittredge Second Team All-Region – Ansley D’Meza, Ryan Sammons

Soccer Varsity Boys Soccer – Sweet 16 First Team All-Region – Kate Ares, Davis Bryan, Jack Strickland, Hudson Zawodzinski Second Team All-Region – Yale Jacobi, Grady Johnson, Sophia Johnson, Grace Kester, Neil Kohls, Annika Smith, Celia Steinberger

TO KNOW l 16

Golf First Team All-State and Area Champion – Jack Schoenberger

Baseball First Team All-Region – Mason Adkin, Owen Adkin, Charlie Jones, Nate Kittredge Region 6-A Player of the Year – Charlie Jones

Track & Field 100M State Champion and 200M State Champion – John Robinson 4th Place Finish in Pole Vault at State Meet – Oli Clark 5th Place Finish in Long Jump at State Meet – Josh Flynn Qualified for State Meet in Pole Vault – Bryden Miller, Nathan Walker (Alternate)

Bass Fishing State Championship – Cole Bradley and Jackson Thomas

Gymnastics Varsity Girls Inaugural Season

Class of 2022 Committed Student-Athletes Kate Ares – Bates College, Volleyball Haley Castano – University of Georgia, Dance Dean Giacobbe – Rollins College, Lacrosse Charlie Jones – United States Air Force Academy, Baseball Ethan Joseph – University of Arkansas, Football John Robinson – UCLA, Track and Field Jack Schoenberger – Belmont University, Golf Noah Smith – Johns Hopkins University, Football Alexa Whittaker – The University of Mississippi, Dance TO KNOW l 17


l 1


l 19

Fine Arts

s t h g i l h g i H g n i r Sp

GHSA Dance A-AA Hip Hop State Champions 2022 Varsity Tigerettes Dance Team GHSA Literary Region and State Team Champions 2022 Plus 3 Individual All-State Titles State Champion – Roxanna Karim, Essay-Personal State Champion – Alessandra Cawley, Girls Solo State Champions – Cailin Dickey, Lily Gardiner, Roxanna Karim, Girls Trio State Runner Up – Mckenna Edenfield, Oral Presentation-Humorous 3rd All-State – Lukas Holliger, Extemporaneous Speaking 4th All-State – Brooke Partridge, Extemporaneous Speaking Region Champion Team Members: Quartet – Garrett Bye, Marques Muscott, Logan Rawson, Ryder Thomason Guys Solo – Garrett Bye Oral Presentation Dramatic – Kate Lazewski Oral Presentation Duo – Roxanna Karim and Logan Rawson Essay Rhetorical – Marques Muscott Essay Argumentative – Ryan Sammons Coaches – Jenny Piacente and Joel Terning Music – Kathy Winchell, Acting Essay – Katie Layton Extemporaneous Speaking – Bob Rumble TO KNO

l 20


l 21

Spring Performances


l 22


l 23



In holiness and righteousness before Him all our days. Lu e 1 7

TO SER E l 2

To Serve

s r e h t O Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. Eli a eth Andre s

Eli a eth Andre s once said, olunteers do not necessaril have the time the ust have the heart. Ho luc are our children that so man King s Ridge parents have the heart olunteers are at the core of hat ma es the King s Ridge Christian School communit special, from Lo er School room parents to King s Corner volunteers, team coaches and moms, KRCS ONE Association parents, and so man more. One of the areas in hich parent volunteers ma e a difference for our children and school is supporting the Fine Arts Department. ecause of the e plosive gro th in ne arts over the last fe ears, there are man a s parents volunteer their time and energ to support the passion of these students and teachers. TO SERVE l 26

I ve een luc enough to volunteer in man areas at King s Ridge over the last nine ears, planning events, supporting teachers and staff, and eing one of the man ehind the scenes parents on the KRCS ONE Association. Most recentl , I volunteered to e the arent Liaison for the 7th th grade musical, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. It as a onderful e perience to e a le to organi e and plan to support the cast, cre , and facult ho put on these e citing and fun sho s. Although I must admit that, hen I agreed to do it, I had onl a vague idea of hat I as doing. I as an athlete in high school and college and m onl personal e perience ith the ne arts as through m long suffering piano teacher, ho could never get me to practice as I should. M t o o s, on the other hand Cooper (a rising freshman) and Hudson (a rising th grader) love all things ne arts and have umped in ith oth feet. So, I gured I d etter ump in ith oth feet too. olunteering ithin the Fine Arts Department is a sho case of support and hard or . Once tas ed as arent Liaison for the musical, the Fine Arts Committee (a dedicated group of Fine Arts parent volunteers) provided me ith a lot of guidance, access, and suggestions. It as then time for me to do hat I do est plan, organi e, and recruit others to assist me. The Fine Arts Department handles all the things ON the stage, and the volunteers handle man of the things OFF the stage. So, the rst step as or ing ith Kath inchell (Director) and Michelle Kendric (Head Costume Designer) to nali e their needs for ac stage parent help and then to secure those parent volunteers ho ould support the cast ehind the scenes during rehearsals and sho s. Si ama ing KRCS parents made it loo eas , ta ing turns supporting each performer Anita French, Mand Ga le , Christi Guthrie, Dana Letch orth, Renee Radi, and Heather eldon. The ne t step as or ing ith Kath inchell and Da n e, a long time KRCS parent and Fine Arts Committee volunteer, on hat props ere needed, hat items could e used from the prop room storage, and hat additional props ould need to e purchased, made, or orro ed. Surprisingl , the most di cult item to procure as Snoop s red plastic food o l. First, it had to e red. Then, it had to e plastic and then the right si e. Than goodness I m a girl ho can Google and as a le to trac one do n and get it delivered efore sho time M attention as then turned to creating the atmosphere off the stage ith the io oard and decorating. The io oard is a fun tradition here attendees can stud the names and faces of TO SERVE l 27

the actors and the characters the ill pla . ennifer arrett (Art Teacher), ennifer oiner, Ellen acho , and Christi Guthrie ere the perfect partners. e ere instructed e should steer clear of Snoop s dog house and Luc s ooth, so e rainstormed on other themes or scenes from hich e could ta e inspiration. e decided on a classroom theme for the io oard area on the g m oor, a all theme for the hall a here man deep thoughts have surel ta en place, and the classic Charlie ro n ig ag and other characters for the entrance. The setup al a s ta es longer than the teardo n, ut the atmosphere and the smiles that this attention to detail dra s out are orth ever minute spent. Of course, ith an activit involving middle schoolers, it s all a out the snac s and food, so ne t on the list as procuring these items for a er school rehearsals from numerous generous parents. Michelle a ne and ac ie Fric happil accepted the tas of feeding dinner to all of the cast, cre , and facult et een sho s on opening da . Ne t, Michelle, ac ie, Anita, and I or ed together to design a fun surprise for the cast, hich e le in each of their loc ers. Loc er magnets, s eets, character ca e pops, and hand ritten messages from Upper School and th th grade musical cast mem ers ere among the items included in the surprise (gathered the Fine Arts Committee). roviding a small to en of appreciation to the Fine Arts facult for all of their hard or and dedication as ta en on Mand Ga le and Ann Still. eautiful o ers and hear elt than ou notes ere given to Kath inchell, enn iacente (Music Director), oel Terning (Music Teacher), Kath urns (Scenic Designer), Annie Diet (Choreographer), and Holl Krig Smith (Director of Fine Arts). Man parents offered to place event stic ers on ater ottles, la el seats ith num ers, assist ith set up and rea do n, drive golf carts, operate the tic et station, greet attendees, and aid them in nding their seats as performance times approached. The prover ial sa ing of man hands ma e light or comes to life as parents give their time to ma e these nights unforgetta le. It s m favorite part of volunteering hen all the planning and organi ing is done and I get to see a communit in action hen I get to meet ne parents and hug old friends. Ever parent volunteer s creativit , e citement, and hard or is a shining e ample of the King s Ridge communit . M famil is proud to e a part of this communit that goes a ove and e ond for its students, facult , and school. I am alread loo ing for ard to the upcoming school ear and the ne musicals it ill ring, ut until then, I etter gure out hich side is stage le . aime Dearth KRCS arent





e d u it at r G h it W


2021-2022 KRCS ONE

n o i at i c Asso

MOLLY McNEESE resident


MERIDETH BRANCH Co resident AMY JENKINS Communications

Mar eting

KIM HERMANN Sponsorships


JANET MANN Sponsorships


MITZI MOORHEAD Communit Hospitalit


COURTNEY WIDENER Communit Hospitalit


KATE VAUGHN Communit Hospitalit


Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Thessalonians 5:16-18



e d u it at r G h it W



s r o s n o p S


e d u it at r G h Wit Dr. illiams, e dedicate the 2022 ear oo , The Banner Year, to ou in gratitude for our passion and leadership at King s Ridge Christian School.

Dr. Jeff D. Williams Head of School 2017 – 2022

et een attending our games, applauding us in our productions, and giving us high ves efore school, ou have gone a ove and e ond to ma e each student feel no n and loved. e are eternall grateful for ever thing ou have done to e emplif Christ li e leadership ithin our communit . Your intentional service ill leave a lasting legac on each and ever one of us. 2021 2022 Year oo Staff


We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done. Psalm 78:4

TO SER E l 3



If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matthe

21 22

TO ELIE E l 37

s e n o t s e l i M g n i at r b e l e C




(l to r) Annie Dietz, Fine Arts Academ Dance Coordinator Wendy Miller, Middle School English and Histor Teacher Kathy Winchell, Theatre Arts Teacher Julie Hoynes, Lo er School Teacher s Assistant Christine Judge, First Grade Teacher Jennifer Sacca, Kindergarten Teacher Heather Hamon, Middle School English and Histor Teacher Not featured: Jon Cartmell, Middle School Dean of Students



(l to r) Pamm Ferrand, Middle School Math and Science Teacher Wade Mayton, Middle School Science Teacher Amber Harwell, Second Grade Teacher


e c i v r e S d e at c Dedi




(l to r) ac Ro Joy Dickey, First Grade Teacher Juan Flecha, Facilities Dave Burnett, Upper School Histor Teacher Dawn Weber, Lead Nurse Kristin Heard, IT So are and Data ase Administrator Laura Reedy, E ecutive Assistant to the Head of Secondar Education. Front Ro Kristen Lilge, re K Teacher Robin Daugherty, Lo er School Academic Dean Not featured: Tracey Miller, Middle School Counselor; Denise Sencen, Upper School Math Teacher



(l to r) Sue Borain, Li rarian Connie Sheets, Lo er School Athletic Director and h sical Education Teacher


e M t u o b A w o n K


STEFANIE GAMMAGE Head of Lower School 1.

Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor. Galatians


e love our pets hen Steve and I ere rst married, e had an English ulldog named Chaucer ho as a 1st

place inner in dog sho s. 2. No all of our pets are rescues. The ing of our house is a three legged oston Terrier named George. 3. e love spending time ith our ids, R an and Mallor . e have four granddogs , a grandcat , and a grandli ard . hen e all get together, our pets outnum er us more than dou le. 4. I am a native Te an and a proud Te as Longhorn. M hus and is an Au urn Tiger and a Georgia ulldog, m daughter is a Georgia ulldog, and m son is an LSU Tiger. It ma es foot all season interesting . I love spending time in the mountains e gre up ta ing our ids camping in the mountains and to the each. . Nature is the place here I slo life do n, refresh, re ect, and feel closest to God. 7. I love spending time si ng on the porch or in the ard. M favorite memories are the times hen e all sat as neigh ors and atched our children pla . . I love all things creative, especiall art and color A favorite pastime is visiting art studios and da ling in art m self. 9. I also love riting poetr and short stories. Since I love ids, I ma even or on riting a children s oo one da . 10. I love plants and o ers. I or ed in a o er shop and nurser all through high school and college. I love lling our porches ith eautiful plants.

AMY ZACHA Head of Middle School 1. I drin uns eetened iced tea li e most people drin ater. 2. I as on Oprah s Favorite Things tal sho hen she honored teachers. 3. I have lived in enns lvania, Illinois, California, Michigan, and Georgia. 4. I have 1 ear old t ins. . M favorite foot all team is the hiladelphia Eagles, and I attend the opening game in hill each ear. . In m free time, I love to read. 7. I love to coo and tr ne recipes. . I complete a 1,000 piece pu le on ever rea from school. 9. Spiders, sna es, and insects frea me out. 10. Ha aii is m favorite vacation spot. TIM CORRIGAN Head of Upper School 1. I am one of si children technicall the middle child m oldest rother and sister are t ins. M ife is one of ve children. 2. I marched in the Rose o l parade as a high school freshman ith m older sister and t o older rothers. I pla ed the sa ophone. 3. I as a t o sport athlete in high school as et all and tennis. 4. I have three children, and all three ent to college on athletic scholarships volle all, lacrosse, and soccer. . M daughter, Emil , is a th grade teacher at the American School of alencia in Spain. . M ife and I ill cele rate our 31st edding anniversar this une. 7. I changed m ma or in college three times. . I am an avid tennis pla er. 9. I am terri l afraid of heights. 10. During m 14 ears at Chattahoochee High School, I had cameo roles as the train conductor in The Music Man, the Teen Angel in Grease, Sherrie s father and Ma or in Rock of Ages, and Roscoe in Follies. TO BELIEVE l 41

k ee W r o i n e S

CLASS of 2022



t n e m e c n mme

CLASS of 2022


Congratulations! TO ELIE E l 44



i n m u l A


Michelle Rafferty Love 07 and her hus and, Chris, elcomed Katherine (Kate) O en on March 31, 2022. (1) Kayley Anderkin Mewbourne 12 and her hus and, Matt, elcomed their son, ridger La rence, on Fe ruar 24, 2022. (2) Bethany Sides Brown 1 and her hus and, achar , elcomed Emers n Grace Renee on Fe ruar 2, 2022. Emm Grace is alread adored her proud ig rother, Levi. (3)







Rayne Heath Marciano 1 and Mathe Marciano ere married on March 20, 2022. The elcomed their daughter, ren Emers n Marciano, on anuar 17, 2022. (4)

s t n e m e g Enga

Hillary McManus 10 and Matt Frost ecame engaged in March 2022 and are planning a March 2023 edding in Ros ell, GA. Hillar is currentl a Senior roduct Manager at Ma io in Atlanta. ( ) Helena DeGrazia 1 graduated from Georgia Tech in 2019 and received a Master of Occupational Therap degree from Georgia State last Ma . Helena and Emil Mul ecame engaged in Septem er and ill e married on une , 2022. ( )


Helen Fiorillo 1 and Ma Heit er ecame engaged on March 31, 2022, in Steam oat Springs, CO. (7) Samantha Owen 1 and Ale Leach ecame engaged in anuar 2021 and are planning a Ma 2022 edding. ( )



s g n i d d e W

T.J. Fuller 11 and his ife, Cameron, ere married on Novem er , 2021, at the First African aptist Church on Cum erland Island, GA. The Fullers live in Charleston, SC. (9)



Daniel Phelan 07, a mem er of the rst graduating class at King s Ridge, spo e at the Ma Facult and Staff Meeting a out the impact the school had on his life. Daniel said it as the teachers ho poured into him and his King s Ridge i le that helped him through tough times and led him ac to his faith. He is pictured here ith Dr. eff D. illiams, his ife, April, and his daughter, Selah. Follo them on IG selahridgetreesort. (10)


Lauren Porter 13 graduated ith honors from Li ert Universit ith a Master s in Education in Ma 2022. She ill e a school counselor in Fors th Count starting in the fall of 2022. Cara Taylor 14 graduated from the Universit of Georgia College of eterinar Medicine and ill egin her career this summer as an emergenc doctor in training ith eterinar Emergenc Group in Te as. (11)



Adam Moore 1 attended Mercer Universit , here he pla ed ase all until his unior ear. He attended graduate school at UGA and received a Master s of Accountanc . Adam is currentl a C A or ing as an E perienced Assurance Associate at C. He and his anc , rianne o er, are planning a une edding in St. Simons Island, GA. (12) Addison Bettis 1 graduated from Au urn Universit in August 2020. He is an Estimator for Mid a uilding Suppl in Cumming, GA. (13) Callie Williams 1 graduated from a lor Universit in Ma 2022 and is currentl in sales ith Se ell Le us in Dallas, T . (14) Caroline Henriksen 1 earned her commercial pilot s license in anuar and is currentl a student at the UGA School of La . She plans to graduate in 2024. (1 ) Ella Welch 17 received a Master s in Industrial Organi ational s cholog from Au urn Universit in Ma 2022. (1 )

Madison Lacoste 1 graduated from elmont Universit in August of 2021, one ear earl . She is currentl or ing as a paralegal in Nashville and plans to start la school in the fall. (19) Mallorie Worley 19 is or ing as a atient Care Specialist on the TICU (Technolog Dependent ICU) oor at Children s Sco sh Rite, the same hospital that helped her through childhood epileps and spar ed her dream of ecoming a nurse. She ill continue to or at CHOA as needed throughout her last ear of nursing school at Clemson efore ta ing the NCLE to ecome a Registered Nurse. (20) Matt Nitkowski 1 graduated from Georgia College in Ma 2022. He ill e or ing as a la assistant for the ne t ear and plans to start la school in the fall of 2023. (21) T.J. Fuller 11, ho as in the Arm ROTC at the Universit of Richmond, graduated rst in his class at Ft. Ruc er, AL, here he e lac Ha helicopters. T. . is no a pilot for Delta Air Lines. (22)

Jake Hiser 17 graduated from Samford Universit in Decem er 2021. He is emplo ed as a Mar eting Coordinator for Hiser Orthodontics in Alpharetta. (17) Jake Owens 17 graduated from Georgia Tech in Ma ith the highest honors in iomedical Engineering, a minor in Computer Science, and a minor in Technolog Management. He ill e or ing full time at Capgemini Invent in the fall and going to graduate school part time, pursuing a master s degree in iomedical Engineering. (1 )












22 TO BELIEVE l 49

Alumni Spotlight Bailee Mullen ‘16 A er high school, I started out at KSU, ut a er I egan to do some or in lm, I decided I anted to pursue it full time. I started out as a Costume Assistant on Ozark Seasons 2 and 3, hich consisted of a lot of returns and running errands. I as then promoted to ac ground Costumer here I dressed and tted all the ac ground actors. I nall or ed m a up to m dream o as a set costumer hich put me in charge of the continuit of the actors costumes on set. I serve as the go to for stains, changes, and an other costume issues. For e ample, if an actor s shirt is tuc ed in for one ta e, I have to ma e sure it sta s tuc ed the entire time the re in that change. Some of the most fun pro ects I ve or ed on have een Stranger Things, Ozark, a fe Marvel sho s, and a feature called Moonshot. This summer I ll e traveling to uerto Rico to lm a D.C. Comics sho called Blue Beetle. I ve never traveled that far for or efore, ut I m ver e cited. Film is de nitel not as e traordinar as ever one thin s it is, though. Most o en, e or 12 1 hours, da s a ee . M longest da ever as 22 hours on Stranger Things hen e had to dress 300 ac ground actors on set. Also, e or in some prett rough locations, li e the un ard in south Atlanta, e lmed D.C. s Stargirl. ut there are also so man ama ing things a out this career. The lm industr has man opportunities for gro th, and ever one is ver supportive of educating those ho ant to learn. e also lmed in some prett incredi le locations, such as the Georgia A uarium, a river oat in Savannah, and the Governor s house in Dallas. I am so lessed to love hat I do and have m dream o at 23. (23, 24)




Alumni Spotlight Gresham Shepherd ‘17 I have e perienced a lot of gro th, oth ph sicall and spirituall , since m graduation from high school. In 2021, I graduated from the Universit of Kentuc ith a achelor of Science in Integrated Strategic Communications. Immediatel follo ing graduation, I secured an incredi le internship in aviation ith OGARA ETS. I as a le to learn a lot a out the aviation industr and trul nd m passion in the eld. This past Novem er, m high school s eetheart, Emil , and I got engaged. I had een planning this for some time, ut no e are eginning to see our lives unfold and are e cited to see hat is to come. A er discovering m passion for aviation sales, I decided to see out a full time position doing hat I had gro n to love. I as a le to connect ith the Gulfstream Aerospace sales team in Savannah, GA, here I o tained a role as the Regional Sales Assistant on the international team.


I relocated to Savannah in anuar and have fallen in love ith the cit . Emil and I are eeping us organi ing our edding and settling into our ne home during this transition. This summer, I ill o ciall achieve a lifelong am ition as I nish m pilot training and ecome a recreational pilot. Through the chaotic ut ama ing times the past ve ears have rought, I feel ver lessed and loo for ard to the future ahead. (2 , 2 )



Alumni Spotlight Olivia Muscott ‘18 hen I started college at UGA, I as convinced I as going to e a doctor. I anted to help people, loved science, and as prett sure I could pass the MCAT. h ouldn t it e a great career Fast for ard to the midpoint of m rst semester, and I as starting to have dou ts. I didn t no if I anted to give up the ne t 10 1 ears of m life for school. A er meeting ith m career advisor, I decided to ecome either a A or a nurse ( ith the goal of eventuall ecoming a nurse practitioner). Nursing on out solel ecause the classes sounded more interesting than the ones I ould have to ta e for A school. UGA does not offer a nursing program on campus, ut through a partnership ith Augusta Universit , students can get a nursing degree in Athens and continue to e a part of UGA s student life. It as honestl the est of oth orlds, and hile some things ere a little unconventional (li e going to class ne t to an Auto one), it as orth it for the degree that I received. M nursing program started during the middle of the pandemic, and e eren t sure if e ere going to e a le to get in person clinical e perience for that rst semester. Surprisingl , ever thing or ed out, and I as a le to do m clinicals ith a group of people that have ecome some of m closest friends. I remem er dou ting I ould ever ecome a full functioning nurse that could care for critical patients on m o n or someone ho could remem er ever thing she as taught in school. hat a difference a ear and a half of instruction and clinical time can ma e. A er m internship last summer in the CO ID unit at Augusta Universit Medical Center, I gained a lot of con dence. hile there eren t man CO ID cases over the summer, it as interesting to see other patients come in for things ranging from altered mental status to an e acer ation of chronic idne disease. I learned a lot a out clinical decision ma ing and started to elieve that, eventuall , I ould e a le to ta e care of patients on m o n. I too a chance and got a position in the Emergenc Room for m senior practicum placement. The ER as totall different from an thing I had e perienced efore, ut through lots of practice and direction from m preceptor, I gained the s ills and con dence I needed and decided to pursue ER nursing for m rst o . In April, I as offered an opportunit in the ER at St. oseph Merc Hospital in Ann Ar or, MI, hich ust happens to e the hospital here I as orn. If I could give an advice to those choosing to pursue nursing, I ould sa ust no that the learning curve is steep. Find a good Spotif pla list, an even etter support s stem (parents, friends, preceptors), and ta e a deep reath. You ill e a le to do it, and it ill e totall orth it once ou are out there helping people and saving lives. (27) TO BELIEVE l 52

Alumni Spotlight


Ellie Ackerman ‘20 At the Universit of Ala ama at irmingham, nursing ecame m chosen path ecause I ne it ould e a hands on a I could care for others and hopefull impact their lives. Along the a , I have found man other people ith the same passions that encourage me to pursue m goals. It is so ama ing to see such a diverse group of people driven the same goal the opportunit to care for others in the orld. (2 )

28 TO BELIEVE l 53

Why KRCS? KRCS Lifers Our Lifers are students who have been enrolled at King’s Ridge for thirteen consecutive years, culminating in graduation. Our twenty-one Lifers from the Class of 2022 share their favorite memories from their years at KRCS.

WHY KRCS? l 54

Alexa Aaron My favorite memories at KRCS have always been from Homecoming Week. The spirit week themes, the parade, the pep rally, the game, and the dance make it such a fun time. School spirit is always high, and a love for King’s Ridge unites everyone. I’ll miss it so much next year and will especially miss seeing everyone I’ve grown up with over the last 13 years. However, I plan to come back and experience it as an alum!

Jack Aaron Being a member of the KRCS varsity soccer team has given me my favorite KRCS memories. When we were freshmen, the seniors were very focused on making sure we bonded as a team by ensuring we all had rides to eat as a team (since we couldn’t drive yet). That dynamic has continued, and our team feels like a family. Another favorite memory is the Interim Term trip to Costa Rica during my sophomore year.

Owen Adkin I have great memories of the teachers and staff at KRCS. I know I would not be the person I am today without their guidance and support throughout the years. The teacher who made the biggest impression on me was Mrs. Volz. She made learning fun and easy, and she always made it known that if I ever needed anything, I could go to her for help and advice.

WHY KRCS? l 55

Blake Barkley My favorite KRCS memory was the Interim Term trip to Italy this year. It was so much fun to be there with all my friends. It was a oncein-a-lifetime trip and the best way to end my senior year here. My favorite memories from Lower School were the end-of-the-year parties. The moms always did such a great job of making it fun. I appreciated that so much, and I know the other students did too.

Ansley D’Meza My favorite memory of all my years at KRCS happened recently when the student section traveled to Savannah to watch the basketball team beat Calvary Day School in the Elite Eight playoffs. Despite our bus breaking down before driving home, it was one of the best nights ever. We ate at a Spanky’s Pizza Galley and played tag in a parking lot while waiting for a new bus to arrive.

Aaron Dameron The WWII Interim Term trip was my favorite KRCS memory because I got to go to Europe for the first time and with my friends and teachers. I was able to see with my own eyes all the history from WWII that we had been learning about for many years in school. Furthermore, the teachers are able to build personal relationships with each of their students, making KRCS feel like a second home.

WHY KRCS? l 56

Cailin Dickey My favorite memories at KRCS have been performing in the musicals, particularly in Newsies. Also, I loved Mrs. Sheets’ Café! Being in a smaller school allowed me to have a personal connection with all my teachers, and they make such an effort to connect with each student. The teacher who made the biggest impression on me was Mrs. Piacente because she encouraged me to believe in myself.

Charlie Erbrick My favorite KRCS memory was during my freshman year when we performed the musical Newsies at ThesCon (the Georgia Thespian Conference held every year in Columbus, GA). Another favorite memory was the Interim Term trip to New York City with all my friends from the Fine Arts program.

Jacob Garabadian My favorite memories of KRCS come from being part of the small and sincere environment here. After knowing all my classmates for so many consecutive years, I will miss seeing all of them as well as the teachers who have guided me over the last 13 years. Mr. Cordell was a teacher who had a big impact on me and became one of my good friends.

WHY KRCS? l 57

Dean Giacobbe The Friday night football games hold my favorite memories of KRCS. Another favorite part of my years at KRCS is that being in a smaller school environment gives you the ability to get to know every person in the school, whether it’s your classmates or the faculty and staff. Mrs. Eich is one of the teachers who really takes the time to get to know each of her students.

Logan Hipp One of my favorite KRCS memories was the Interim Term trip to Costa Rica during sophomore year. I made great memories there with my classmates and my teachers. What I will miss most about KRCS is the family atmosphere that I have felt during my 13 years here. Mrs. Porter really fostered that culture during my Middle School years. She has kept in touch with me throughout my time in Upper School.

Lukas Holliger My favorite memory from KRCS was from this year’s ThesCon. This trip was special because it let us see that teachers really are, in fact, people too. Ms. Winchell is the teacher who has impacted me most throughout my Upper School years. She got me involved with the musicals and eventually let me be stage manager for the shows. This taught me leadership and time management skills and gave me a great group of friends.

WHY KRCS? l 58

Yale Jacobi My favorite memory at KRCS was the Interim Term trip to Europe during my sophomore year. It was special seeing the sights and being there with my teachers and classmates. I feel that one of the biggest benefits of KRCS is that I really got to know my teachers, and they really got to know me. Being in a smaller school helped, as did being able to travel on various trips with my teachers and my friends.

Hannah Keith One of my favorite KRCS memories was the freshmen mission trip. It really helped me become closer with my classmates, and it also helped me realize how fortunate we are to live the way we do. Having Mrs. Fedas as my advisor throughout Upper School allowed me to create a relationship with her that I love and has left a big impact on me. Forming close relationships with my teachers has been one of my favorite things about KRCS.

Lexi Kittredge My favorite KRCS memories have been going to the Friday night football games with my friends. I am thankful that I have attended a smaller school because of the close relationships that I have been able to form with my classmates and teachers. I’m also grateful to have had a faith-based education, because learning from a biblical perspective has allowed me to grow in both faith and knowledge during my time at King’s Ridge. WHY KRCS? l 59

Anna Lay The mission trip to Macon remains one of my favorite KRCS memories. It was such a special time for me because I got to spend time with my friends while falling in love with service. Seeing faces light up because of what we had done to help people was memorable and inspiring. Mrs. Fedas, my advisor and biology teacher, inspired my passion for science. I’m so grateful to her for always being there for me.

Olivia Melnikoff Mr. Myers’s British Literature class was my favorite class. His dynamic personality, hilarious demeanor, and relatability brought literature to life and made abstract principles and thoughts understandable. Undoubtedly, I will miss the family that KRCS has been to me - the laughter, the community, and having a Christian theme threaded throughout my classes have greatly impacted me. The faculty and staff became like family, and the friends will be lifelong.

Katie Mongelli My favorite KRCS memory was driving to Columbus for the dance team state competition with my amazing teammates. Winning the state title for our hip-hop routine was the best memory I could hope for in my senior year! Due to the special nature of KRCS and the small class sizes, I have created strong and close relationships with my classmates. This has made me feel that my classmates will always be my lifelong friends! WHY KRCS? l 60

Makena Pearce My senior year Interim Term trip to Italy was an experience I’ll never forget and is one of my favorite KRCS memories. Spending time with people that I’ve grown up with and making memories with them in a different country was so special. A teacher who made a big impact on me was Mrs. Layton. Her willingness to learn about my life and mentor me has helped me get through the most challenging parts of Upper School.

Michael Rogers My favorite memory at KRCS was Mrs. Sheets’ Café. I loved being able to try her food, and I wish there were a similar class in Upper School where we could learn to cook new foods. Memories like these helped me become closer with my classmates and closer with the faculty and administration. Being at KRCS for 13 years has made me feel close to the entire KRCS community in general.

Dylan Simons My favorite KRCS memories were Mrs. Sheets’ Café in Lower School and being a part of the Fine Arts program in Upper School. Being in a smaller school helped me build real relationships with my teachers and fellow students. Everyone is here to help you. Having a faith-based education was also important because I felt safe asking questions and challenging ideas.

WHY KRCS? l 61

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. rover s 3

WHY KRCS? l 62

*Dates subject to change

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

King’s Ridge Christian School is a Christian community providing a college preparatory education equipping students to know, to serve, and to believe.

2765 Bethany Bend Alpharetta, GA 30004 770.754.5738