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be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Note From The Editor It’s time to take off his training wheels. As I started to protest my husband’s observation of our young son zipping around our cul-de-sac on his toddler bike, reality hit me upside the head. Not only could Jarod skillfully navigate the sharp turns, but he bent his training wheels upward in the process. This once safety device was now a warped decorative trophy of his accomplishment. Ah, transitions. The training wheels incident with Jarod took place over eighteen years ago, but it’s funny how random memories are seared into your brain from raising your children. As we try to protect and love them through each developmental stage we welcome some transitions, while others are conflicting. We all experience them in life, and we all react in our own unique and individual way. But having family, friends, coworkers, and most importantly, a relationship with Christ, to help you navigate the transitions makes them much easier. And the students and faculty at KRCS realize this and invest in these relationships daily. At KRCS there were many cherished transitions celebrated this spring, including Baccalaureate. During the ceremony, seniors Mackenzie Kester and Cooper Burns shared their respective experiences at KRCS. Mackenzie stated, “King’s Ridge has been my home for as long as I can remember. Everything from balancing chemical equations to telling time to simply writing my name, I’ve learned on the corner of Bethany Bend and Cogburn Road. As I look around at these faces that have become like family, I think that no amount of schooling could prepare us for something like graduation. There’s some comfort to be found though, in knowing there’s a God who’ll be with us through all of this change.” As an entering freshman, Cooper reflected on when he was in eighth grade. He had to “...make the biggest decision of his short life” he stated. “Would I go to a school with 4,000 kids or transfer to King’s Ridge with a lot less than 4,000 kids and know nobody? When I finally decided to transfer to King’s Ridge, I was absolutely terrified since I was leaving all of my childhood best friends behind,” says Cooper. “After a while, I started to interact with others in my class. And together we started our journey to senior year. Just a few weeks later King’s Ridge felt like home, and I knew that our class was a special one.” As we close the book on this school year and prepare for the next one, and all the transitions it holds, we want to say thank you for sharing your child’s life transitions with us at King’s Ridge Christian School. Each stage is so important and fleeting. Trust me, it won’t be long before your child is trading in their toddler bike and buying a car of their own. Michelle Azzi Director of Communications












Letter From Head of School As you read through this latest issue of BE STILL, take a moment to reflect on this popular verse and the magazine’s namesake. What does ‘Be still and know that I am God’ really mean in Psalm 46:10? According to the Reverend Levi Secord, Psalm 46:10 is frequently misunderstood. Below he shares with us how it is misunderstood, what it actually means, and why it should matter to us.

The Common Misunderstanding Secord shares, “When you read Psalm 46:10 you probably think of being physically quiet before God, of slowing down your frantic pace, and finding time to read your Bible. This passage commonly brings to mind serene landscapes and the idea of finding rest and peace before God. There is a lot of truth to us needing to quiet ourselves before God and prioritize spending time in prayer and reading His Word. Nonetheless, this is not what the passage means. Not even close.”


What Psalm 46:10 Actually Means Secord states, “Psalm 46 is actually about war. It starts with the great promise that God is the refuge of His people, where they can find protection from the raging of the world (46:1-3). It then shows us the nations raging against God and His people (46:6) before moving to God’s response of bringing destruction on the earth and the nations (46:8-9). The context of verse 10 is war. The setting is a battlefield. In this war, God protects His people and brings the nations into submission. Psalm 46:10 is God entering the battlefield of the raging nations and defeating them with His voice. Be still and know is the battle cry of the Lord directed at His enemies, not an encouragement for believers to find rest in God. It is God entering the war and claiming victory by the power of His voice. So Psalm 46:10 is about God defeating the nations, and about Him being exalted by all of creation.”

Why It Matters According to Secord, “We have a tendency to sand off the sharp edges of God to make Him more palatable. Psalm 46:10 reminds us God rules, and He conquers. There is a day coming when He will enter the battlefield, and He will conquer simply by speaking. The nations will be stilled and left speechless. They will know that the Lord is God. This is what Psalm 46:10 is about.” As we close the chapter on another remarkable year at King’s Ridge Christian School, there is great comfort in this psalm that extends past one verse. Be still because of what you know about God. God alone is our protector, the sovereign ruler, and impenetrable refuge. His actions are not hindered by our fears, worries, or distracted minds. God will protect those who believe in His name and trust in Him. To God be the glory! Dr. Jeff D. Williams Head of School

Psalm 46:10 L E T T E R F R O M H E A D O FT O S CKHNOOOW L - 5

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3


King’s Ridge Christian School senior, Andrea Sherman, has been named the school’s 2021 PAGE STAR Student. Sherman selected English teacher Katie Layton as her STAR Teacher. 8 - BE STILL

Senior Named PAGE STAR Student April 14, 2021

King’s Ridge Christian School senior, Andrea Sherman, has been named the school’s 2021 PAGE STAR Student. Sherman selected English teacher Katie Layton as her STAR Teacher. Sherman earned the recognition for academic achievement and performance on the SAT. The PAGE Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) program is sponsored, administered, and promoted by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) and the PAGE Foundation. Since its inception in 1958 the STAR program has honored nearly 28,000 students and the teachers selected as the most influential to their academic achievement. High school seniors must have the highest score on a single test date on the SAT and be in the top 10 percent or top 10 students of their class (based on grade point average) to qualify for STAR nomination. STAR begins each year in participating Georgia high schools when the STAR Student is named and chooses a STAR Teacher to share in this recognition. The students and their teachers are honored by their schools and receive special recognition in their communities from one of the more than 172 statewide civic organizations and businesses that serve as local sponsors of the STAR program. Students then compete for school system recognition as the top STAR Student, and those winners compete for regional honors. Region winners compete for the honor of being named State PAGE STAR Student. STAR Teachers continue with their STAR Students at every level of the program. PAGE and the PAGE Foundation honor outstanding students and educators and encourage academic excellence through competitive academic programs such as PAGE STAR, the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades, and the PAGE Georgia Academic Decathlon.



The junior class and their families gathered in the Student Center on March 24th to participate in the fourth annual Junior Leadership Inauguration ceremony. As rising seniors at King’s Ridge Christian School, these future student leaders model influence and responsibility throughout our Pre-K – 12 institution. Mary Christopher, 2020-2021 Unity Prefect, encouraged the upcoming seniors to examine and evaluate true leadership and its importance (page 11). Dr. Edward J. Spurka, Head of Secondary Education, asked each junior by name to step forward and receive a special medallion from Dr. Jeff D. Williams, Head of School. The front of the medal bears the KRCS crest; Luke 12:48 is inscribed on the back, to remind students that: From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.


LOOKING BACK Your senior year is rapidly approaching; your final opportunity to be leaders at King’s Ridge Christian School as you mold and shape the school’s direction for the coming year. With only one year left, there is a lot to look forward to: college, celebrations, and no more summer reading! But, I want to encourage all of you to make the most of your senior year. It’s the year every student most looks forward to, and the year every student wants to finish as quickly as possible. As my time at King’s Ridge Christian School comes to an end, I would like to reflect on all the times I had here. The good, the bad, and the moments in between. Reflection has always been beneficial to me, and I hope it is for you too. Think back to your freshman year. Remember moving from trailers to a giant two-story building? Remember having to adapt to the crazy, new rotating schedule that never seemed to make any sense, and finally getting to have your phone with you all day! By sophomore year, we all got the hang of things. Getting twenties on research paper mechanics didn’t seem to faze us anymore. Life was more manageable, and there wasn’t as much pressure to “fit in” with the rest of the Upper School. Welcome to junior year where—as all of you have figured out—the pressure and the stress have officially kicked in. Welcome to taking challenging classes and putting in hours, weeks, even months trying to get that perfect ACT and SAT score. Welcome to dedicating hours trying to earn that athletic or fine arts scholarship to get into your dream school. We’ve all been told our future

depends on our junior year, but thankfully our lives don’t end once the junior year ends. You have one more chance to make an impact on your school. One more year to make a difference. Being a senior comes with great responsibility. You are role models for the underclassman, the middle schoolers, and even the lower schoolers. McKenzie Callaway, a previous senior at KRCS, taught me what it means to spread God’s love to those around me. She did it by simply being herself and trying to get to know me instead of just walking through the motions. As a senior, you can do for someone else what McKenzie did for me. So much in life depends on the end. As seniors, the end is the way you finish high school. It’s the last thing you do that people remember the most, so ask yourselves, how does the Class of 2022 want to be remembered? You all have the ability as future leaders of this school to continue making King’s Ridge Christian School better and better! Your senior year will fly by and be over before you know it, so remember to take it slow, focus on the memories that have yet to be made and the friendships that will continue to grow, and take comfort in knowing God has the rest of your life waiting for you. So why not enjoy every step of the way? Mary Christopher KRCS Class of 2021 2020-2021 Unity Prefect

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TIGERS BASKETBALL Bob Martin, Head Basketball Coach & Program Coordinator The Varsity Men’s basketball team was a powerhouse this year. The team had several standout All-Region team members who led the Tigers to exciting wins. Basketball made school history by earning their first 20-win season and secured a spot in the state playoffs. They also finished 2nd in the region tournament in an exciting overtime game against Lakeview Academy, in which the Tigers won 63-61! This year’s Middle School boys basketball program consisted of 45 boys in grades 5-8, with individual teams for each grade. Collectively they were able to win a total of 37 games during the 2020-2021 basketball season. King’s Ridge 7th grade team led the way with 19 total wins, eventually bowing out in the semi-finals in the Metro 10 tournament. Both the 7th and 8th grade won the Collegiate Prep Basketball League championship in their respective divisions. The coaches would like to extend a special thank you to all of our parents for their continued support of the boys basketball program at King’s Ridge. Note: Coach Martin was honored with Coach of the Year for the Region and credited the team’s success to hard work and the time and effort the players and coaching staff put into the program.


Nick Isaac, Middle School/JV Girls Head Basketball Coach The Middle School team consisted of 8th graders who played in the Metro 10 league. These same 8th graders also played a small JV schedule and went undefeated (4-0) as a JV team. Their overall record was 8-4, MS/JV games combined. Go Tigers!


BASEBALL Mike Power, Head Baseball Coach & Assistant Athletic Director Varsity baseball had an impressive season, going 20-9 overall and finishing 2nd in the region. The Tigers hosted and won a first round state playoff game against the North Cobb Christian team, thereby advancing to the Sweet 16 in state playoffs. Baseball looks to build upon their success next season! JP Stewart, Middle School Baseball Coach This year’s Middle School baseball season was a great experience. The one thing I am most proud of is that each one of these boys brought their all into the team and played hard for each other. The future of King’s Ridge baseball is extremely bright!

Jillian Dilbeck, Head Swim Coach & Program Coordinator Pablo Marin and Joel Strauss qualified for the GHSA State Swim Meet in individual meets and two relay teams. In February we took six boys to state - this is the largest number of state qualifiers we have ever had in KRCS swim history! Our Middle School swimmers participated in two meets with fantastic attitudes and grace. Each swimmer used this season to build the necessary skills needed to compete at the next level.

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DANCE Annie Dietz, Head Dance Coach & Program Coordinator The Varsity Tigerettes have had a great season! Our Varsity Spirit Team added a boost in spirit and entertainment to an already exciting basketball season. Our Competition Team competed for their first season amid lots of uncertainty. They rose to the challenges, adjusted to last-minute changes, and stayed healthy. As a result, they are the 2020-2021 GHSA Private A-AA State Hip Hop Champions! They also ranked second in state in the Pom category and were invited to perform at halftime for the GHSA Basketball Finals in Macon, Georgia. Our Middle School JV Tigerettes and Lower School Jr. Tigerettes teams have flourished. We have been blessed with a total of sixteen 5th 8 th grade dancers and a whopping 60 PreK-4th grade dancers! These young dancers are the lifeblood of our growing dance community here at KRCS.

GOLF Dave Burnett, Head Golf Coach & Program Coordinator This golf season was challenging for us, as we lost our home course at The Manor due to COVID-19 restrictions. Despite having no permanent course to practice on, we managed to find courses and driving ranges that would let us play on a limited basis. Led by juniors Jack Schoenberger and Liam Thomas and senior Jake Ryan, the boys golf team put together five wins in dual matches and two defeats and one tie. Junior Carson Wolfel, sophomore Nicholas Christopher, and freshman Ryan Schutt also contributed to the team’s success. We placed 7th out of 14 teams at the area tournament and Jack Schoenberger finished first with a score of two under par 70, dominating the field. Alan Oliver, Middle School Golf Coach This season we welcomed back several veterans and brought on some new players. Together, this group practiced and played hard. We had some intense competition where only one or two strokes determined most matches.


This group learned that one player’s performance

We will be sad to see our seniors graduate; the

determined no match outcome; we are a team. We

captains and AC Galbreath, Ella Moraes, and

win as a team and lose as a team. This is the Tiger

Maria Smith will be greatly missed. We are

way. I am very proud of these golfers and how

looking forward to an outstanding group of girls

they represented themselves and King’s Ridge off

joining us next year from Middle School. These

school grounds.

girls proved to be a force at the JV level and helped bring a championship tournament trophy home to KR! Jamie Davidson, Head Boys Lacrosse Coach & Program Coordinator After their season was cut short last year, our team had a lot to prove this year. They had a tremendous regular season where they had notable wins over Wesleyan, Fellowship, and Holy Innocents. The team finished as the #2 seed in the region. They made school history by reaching the Sweet 16 in the playoffs this year and are primed for another successful season next year due to the retention of many key players, as well as an influx of talent from the Middle School level. Zack Raines, Senior Select Boys Lacrosse Coach We had a great season and a talented group of young men. This group ended last season with a perfect 5-0 season (cut short by COVID-19). This


season the team started off with a 10-1 win over

Emily Stearns, Head Girls Lacrosse Coach &

7A powerhouse Mill Creek. The team finished the

Program Coordinator

season with an impressive 9-3 record. The future

The Girls Varsity lacrosse team made KRCS history

looks bright for KR lacrosse as these young men

this year by making it to the State Quarter Finals!

head into Upper School!

Alpharetta and followed up with a 9-7 win over

The team was led by our senior captains: Molley Cross, Julia Kaminski, and Taylor Thomas. High

Emily Brook, Middle School Girls Lacrosse Coach

scorer Molley Cross nearly reached her 100 career

It has been such a joy to coach these passionate

goal before getting injured in a playoff game. Our

and talented players this season. All our players

midfield had the toughest job this season, and we

are dedicated, hardworking, respectful, and true

were thankful for their athleticism and work ethic.

leaders among their peers.


TO KNOW - 15

Our team consisted of 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and each of these young girls learned a new offense and defense this season. Everyone put forth their best effort at each practice and each game, and that effort did not go unrecognized as we went undefeated this entire season! Scott Giacobbe, Middle School Junior Select Boys Lacrosse Coach I am proud of the 6th and 7th grade lacrosse team for doing a great job this year. The boys had an outstanding season, going 18-2-1. We beat some of the best teams in the area, including Lambert, Cambridge, Milton, Starr’s Mill, Mill Creek, Fellowship, Mt. Paran, and Mt. Vernon. The boys won the Metro 10 Championship and took second in Newtown, losing by one point at Lambert in the finals. The boys did a great job working as a team and improving each and every week. Overall a great season for them; I am proud of the entire team.

SOCCER Jessica Kvam, Head Girls Soccer Coach & Program Coordinator After losing some key players last year we knew that this season would be one of transition. Although we had a small squad, the girls were fully committed to the success of the team and showed a willingness to play in any position that was asked of them. It was refreshing to see a lot of new girls step up into a leadership role and help develop unity within the team. With a lot of new and young players, we know that there is work to be done on the practice field, but we are excited to see where our eager girls take the program in the coming years.


Daniel Myers, Head Boys Soccer Coach & Program Coordinator Boys Varsity soccer had an excellent season, going 10-3 overall. Our victory over Pinecrest Academy encapsulates the resilient identity of this team. At halftime we were losing 2-0 against the eventual champions of our region. Rather than succumb to adversity, the boys never faltered and pulled out a 3-2 victory.

the 18 players on the team, 12 were new to the KR Middle School team! This dynamic allowed for the team to grow together as they learned what hard work and great attitudes could do on the field. As this team continues to build in skill, size, and experience, the Tigers will prove to be a formidable team in years to come.

The boys never made excuses; they never stopped believing in themselves or one another. I am very proud of the way this team overcame their seemingly insurmountable obstacles and demonstrated their mental, emotional, and spiritual fortitude. Anna Byrnes & Tracey Miller, Middle School Girls Soccer Coaches We had a great spring season. Our team motto became “we can always control our attitude and our effort,” and the girls truly lived out these words in a Christlike manner, on and off the field, as they went up against several tough opponents. Though our numbers were fewer this season, the girls never gave up and showed great improvement. Our 8th graders stepped up as leaders for our 5th, 6th, and 7th graders, and this leadership greatly contributed to the girls growth and development as students, athletes, and women of God. We are very proud of the girls this season and eagerly look forward to the program’s bright future! Wade Mayton, Middle School Boys Soccer Coach After only getting to play one game last season before the quarantine was initiated, it has been a true blessing to see the boys playing this great sport. This season (with a record of 3-7) saw the return of the leaders in 8th grade, as well as the incorporation of many new players from 6th and 7th grades. Out of

TO KNOW - 17

continued to compete, and persevered in the face of challenging opponents. This was the most fun and fulfilling 2-7 record of which I have ever been a part of, primarily due to the players and their amazing spirit of team and care for each other.

TENNIS Brenda Clinton, Co-Head Tennis Coach & Program Coordinator Our Varsity ladies were a well-oiled machine, earning number 1 seed, then defending it at our region tournament and securing a spot as a statequalifying team! In addition, six of our Lady Tigers earned All-Region athletes. While we did not make it past the first round, we are most proud of their integrity and sportsmanship on the courts. Middle School tennis participates in the Metro 10 league, and this group of middle schoolers was a bundle of energy ranging in skill levels from beginner to advanced competitor. While our girls’ team was in a rebuilding season, the boys’ team enjoyed many talented, returning studentathletes, and they finished their season in 3rd place in their division. Ed. Note: Coach Clinton was named Coach of the Year Region 6A Private. Bo Towns, Co-Head Tennis Coach & Program Coordinator The Boys Varsity tennis team (which we like to call “family”) did not finish with a strong number of wins but we competed with strong effort, team spirit, and character. This group created a culture of friendship and teamwork by encouraging and challenging each other to give their best effort on the courts. And they did! They remained positive,


TRACK & FIELD Ray Lian, Head Track & Field Coach We had incredible talent this year, and young talent at that! Many were first time track and field athletes, but they all progressed so well. Quite a few of our team members are dual-sport athletes. I am glad they chose to branch out as it really helped the overall depth and culture of the team. The State Championships had some wonderful performances this year. Oli Clark placed 3rd in pole vault, and John Robinson had an impressive season and wrapped everything up with two State Championship titles in the 100 and 200-meter races. Shelby Pope, Middle School Track & Field Coach This year’s Middle School track & field season was such a great success! Not only did we have a great time, as we do every year, but we also excelled at each meet! Students in grades 5 - 8 gathered together almost every day to diligently practice, train, and hone their skills. The events in which our team excelled the most were the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 400-meter dash, long distance running (one and two mile races), and pole vault. We are so proud of all our athletes - not only for their incredible talent and skill, but even more so for their self-discipline, great work ethic, and attitudes of respect. Already looking forward to next season!

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442 Lower, Middle & Upper School students in 11 Performing Arts productions with 3,400 in attendance

26 Middle & Upper School students in Instrumental Music Arts (not including the 111 in the after-school Fine Arts Academy)

530 Lower, Middle & Upper School students in Visual Arts

89 Lower, Middle & Upper School students in TV/Film

3 Class of 2021 College Commitments 1 Musical Theatre - Shenandoah Conservatory, Shenandoah University 2 Visual Art – Young Harris College and Samford University


1 Governor’s Honors Program Scholar 1 KRCS Honoree in Vocal Performance - Alessandra Cawley st

GHSA Music Region Champions in four divisions: Quartet, Trio, Girls Solo, Guys Solo

32 Class of 2021 honorees at annual Black & White Gala 11 Performing Arts – all with High Honors 21 Visual Arts – 2 High Honors (28 of the 32 were also varsity student-athletes)

215 Students participated weekly in the after-school Fine Arts Academy (includes private instruction and group dance classes)



3 GHSA State Titles

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TO KNOW - 23

“In holiness and righteousness before Him all our days.” Luke 1:75

150 care bags that were donated to WellStar North Fulton’s doctors, nurses, and other staff in February. The project was spearheaded by Mary Christopher, Unity Prefect, and included all building levels at King’s Ridge Christian School. Jennifer Barrett’s Lower School art students wrote messages of love and appreciation on the bags, and the Middle and Upper School students filled the bags with items donated by our families.


Dear KRCS Students and Families, There will never be enough words to thank each of you for the generous and plentiful gift bags sent to the staff at WellStar North Fulton. Each was much appreciated by all. The staff immediately started digging into their bags and commented how needed and treasured the items were. As appreciated as the bags were, the notes and letters also generated a multitude of praise. My heart was full as I saw staff smiling as they read over each note and card, posting many to their desks and work areas. I hope all of you realize the impact your generosity and encouragement has had in our community and in our local hospital. Thank you, Janie Cagle Vice-Chair, WellStar North Fulton Community Board


GOD Service - the action of helping or doing work for someone. This is the first reason why we serve at King’s Ridge Christian School. However, service is so much more than just an action. As Christians, service is a lifestyle. It’s a mindset.

experience. I was able to grow closer to my peers

At King’s Ridge, service stems from our decision

and teachers while giving back to our community.

to follow Jesus, a servant leader. My pastor always says, “Following Jesus makes our life better, but it also makes us better at life.” We develop a desire to do everything out of love. Service is one way we fulfill that desire. When we give everything to Jesus, we are automatically choosing a lifestyle of service. Jesus is the perfect role model for how to serve out of

In Middle School we were given the opportunity

love. As a school, we have many opportunities

to go on multiple local mission trips. These trips

to impact others by setting aside our own needs

allowed us to develop a desire to serve and be

and prioritizing others needs. Service provides

led by our teachers outside of the classroom.

us with an opportunity to be a part of something

And in Upper School, a whole day is dedicated to

bigger than ourselves. As a Christian school, we

service. We served the local community through

implement this certain lifestyle to fulfill the goal of

small service projects such as collecting food for

being a light in our community.

various food drives on this specific day. Students also served alongside their advisors by organizing

Every year I have attended King’s Ridge I have

collected items for various service projects on

served our community in various ways. One of


the highlights of the school year was serving at a service dog association called Canine Assistants in

Another project on Upper School Day of Service

Lower School. Being able to help a local non-profit

everyone enjoyed was the Christmas Store. The

alongside my fellow peers was such a rewarding

senior volunteers buddied up with lower schoolers


to help them choose gifts and then wrap them for their families. Being able to see the joy on each child’s face was worth every minute. Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is another chance where we can give back and show the love of Christ through our actions. In Small Group we are provided the opportunity to pack shoe boxes with toys, toiletries, and other fun little items which will then bless a child’s life in a third-world country. OCC is a simple way to have a huge impact on a child’s life and journey towards faith in Christ. As a student of King’s Ridge Christian School, I believe that we serve not because we have to, or

because we’re told to. I believe we serve because we want to, and because we were called to use whatever gifts we were given to “serve others as faithful stewards of God’s grace” (1 Peter 4:10). Service allows us to spread the Good News through our actions. Our goal is to reach as many people as we can. Serving will enable us to love others because “He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). King’s Ridge has provided me and many other students the chance to put our gifts and talents toward the benefit of others. Rachel Smith KRCS Class of 2021 2020-2021 Service Prefect


BACCALAUREATE CEREMONY Good Evening, My name is Will Strain, and I am the rising Head Prefect for the 2021-2022 school year. I have attended King’s Ridge Christian School since 8th grade, making this my fifth year. Alongside me, many new students have been introduced to our school over the past several years. When you combine this influx of new students with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting quarantines, it would be logical to think that the senior class has not had the opportunity to dramatically impact the lower classes, but this could not be farther from the truth. It’s with this backdrop that I would like to share my thoughts on the legacy of the senior class of 2021, not just on the other students, but on the entire school in general.

First of all, the senior class of 2021 has set a new standard in academic achievement. It is safe to say that the senior class did not slack when it came to academics, as we have students attending highly regarded universities across the country. Seniors, your academic achievements and acceptances into colleges has inspired a new academic fire to burn within the hearts of the lower classes. You have inspired the rest of the school with your success, to the point that we aspire to follow in your footsteps. In addition to your substantial academic successes, your class has debatably been the mentally strongest class in King’s Ridge Christian School history. At one of the most important times of your Upper School career, transitioning from your junior to your senior year, your class experienced a world-wide pandemic, as well as meeting many new faces due to changes in staff. However, through these times of great uncertainty, your class kept their heads on straight and led the rest of the school through an incredibly successful 2020-2021 school year. All the while the vast majority of schools across our country struggled mightily. Rest assured, each grade level noticed your perseverance and success. Lastly, your class showed the school what it is like to win. I will never forget winning our first two football games of 2020 and the great feeling of being 2-0, or watching all the other varsity


sports be successful. We had nine successful men’s and women’s varsity sports programs make it to the state playoffs this year. Fine arts were also extremely successful this year, winning several awards in region and state, and putting on a fantastic musical. Your class showed the rest of the school how to put in the work in order to see results. Keep in mind, all of this was accomplished through a pandemic. If that doesn’t show perseverance, I don’t know what does. Your perseverance set the precedent for my class, and future classes to come. Romans 14:13 says: “Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather determine this— not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother’s way.” Your class has done exactly this. The senior class of 2021 did not place obstacles in the way of the younger students and staff. Instead, your class removed the obstacles placed by society (such as the coronavirus) by being creative, hardworking, perseverant leaders.

leaves a firm foundation for those of us who follow you and strive to build upon your inspiring legacy.

In conclusion, I leave you with one final thought from Proverbs 3 verses 5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” Thank you. Will Strain KRCS Class of 2022 2021-2022 Head Prefect

Senior Class of 2021, I thank you for the positive influential legacy you leave to King’s Ridge Christian School as you transition into the exciting next stage of your life. Your gratitude and genuine love for our school will never be forgotten. It


Since arriving at King’s Ridge Christian School a little over a year ago, I’m even more in awe of its beauty, mission, and vision than when I first visited. Of course, the campus is stunning, but more than that, the people of KRCS are unapologetically passionate about every facet of this place we call home. With more than two decades of service at independent schools, I can boldly state that we have something incredibly special without pause. And because of the level of commitment I witnessed, we have something bigger than special. We have sustainability. And a legacy in the making.

To the ladies of the KRCS ONE Association: You absolutely blow me away with your sacrifices. A hearty “Wowza” to co-presidents Jaime Dearth and Molly McNeese. There aren’t ample words to describe the ways your army joyfully maneuvered every last-minute audible with grace under serious pressure. Your team left me speechless. And your results are astounding.

While all independent schools rely heavily on tuition to carry the financial brunt of operating expenses, a top-tier school requires a level of heart and soul from the entire community to take it to the next level. Philanthropic gifts to the Annual Fund ensure we operate with a balanced, healthy budget and provide necessary revenue to safeguard against shortfalls. In addition, it creates a margin for needed enhancements for our faculty, staff, and students at every level. If we don’t meet our Annual Fund financial goals, we are forced to make budgetary cuts that would negatively impact the KRCS experience.

To the precious faculty and staff: Are y’all even human? When kids were struggling with emotional instability, confusion, and fear, you stood in the gap with them every day in every single way. Before school, after school, weekends, and holidays. I watched you pour hope, confidence, and love into them, and many days I left with crocodile tears of gratitude in my eyes. You transformed your classrooms into safe havens during times of absolute uncertainty and exhaustion. I believe y’all are the reason we thrived in a year where some students never made it back into a classroom. You truly are the best in the business.

In October 2020, the Advancement Office launched the largest Annual Fund goal in the school’s history. With a $525,000 need, the uncertainty brought with COVID-19 and weary mamas and daddies, I watched this KRCS family

Lastly, while this section is typically filled with facts, figures, and clarification on the realities of independent school finances and the importance of philanthropic giving, I deliberately focused more on communicating my unwavering, sincere


answer arguably the biggest call of all: Faith. Allyson and Jim Jacobi along with Lyndsi and Patrick Dorsett assembled a group of volunteers that met the challenge and exceeded it far beyond expectation. My warmest, most sincere gratitude to these volunteers who gave their gifts of time, talent, and treasure during this banner year. Phenomenal job, friends.

2020 - 2021 appreciation for the countless ways each of you glorified Christ by elevating His school with your selfless acts of devotion, loyalty, and God-given talents. But don’t worry, you’ll hear plenty from me when the time comes. Because I can’t wait to share how KRCS is poised for unmatched success and growth. Next time you’re on campus, I challenge you to take a moment to breathe it in. Take great pride in what you’re a part of and how you’re making a profound impact. With every volunteer hour,

moment served or dollar given, you are pledging to something much greater than we can fathom. To God be the glory. Thank you, good and faithful servants. Humbly and gratefully yours, Sharon McGehee Director of Advancement Gabe McGehee, KRCS Class of 2027 Stella McGehee, KRCS Class of 2033


BLESSED We are deeply grateful to the volunteers who assist our KRCS faculty, staff, and families through the Annual Fund campaign each year. Thank you to the individuals listed below for being KRCS ambassadors. Your tireless efforts on behalf of the KRCS community help to strengthen our school in countless ways. Annual Fund Co-Chairs Lyndsi and Patrick Dorsett Allyson and Jim Jacobi Cheryl Adkin

Jamie Miller

Cara Becker

Neil Moore

Dawn Clements

Rachel Perry

Megan Dancey

Madeline Prendes

Julie Decker

Bridget Raines

Rhonda Drye

Casey Rutherford

Anita French

Julie Salvatierra

Susan Galbreath

Samantha Shah

Melissa Hartley

Susan Shane

Kathi Haschak

Ashli Siddall

Lindsey Hene

Elaina Smith

Allyson Jacobi

Stacie Trottier

Lori Leffler

Rebecca Walker

Kaylan Lewis

Courtney Ward

Mary Kennon Lewis

Abigail Whittle

Becky Meyer
















2 0 2 0 - 2 0 2 1 A N N UA L F U N D B Y T H E N U M B E RS

$525,000 $665,406




Yvette and John Daniel

Lisa and JJ Gorman

Nicole and Luke Christian

Julie and Darren Decker

Emily and Matthew Harris

Lyndsi and Patrick Dorsett

Dwell Design Studio, LLC

Leigh and Joseph Harris

Celeste and Shane Jackson

Wendy and Thomas Gregory

Julie and Dale Harrison

Allyson and Jim Jacobi

Jennifer and John Hanger

Julie Herring

Kaylan and Jacob Lewis

Lindsey and Douglas Hene

Lindsey and James Hickman

Page and Fred Hill

Kristin and Brian Kohrman


Home Town Mortgage, Inc.

James McGehee

Sherrill and Jean-Michel Ares

Liz and Mike Jurgens

Sharon McGehee

Leslie and Neil Moore

Stacy and Sean Kiewiet

Rebecca and Robert Meyer

Callie and Braden Thomas

Tatiana and John Lauth

Jamie and Davin Miller

Jackie and Steve Littlefield

Melissa and Forrest Mitchell

Amy and Paul McGruder

Dawn and Cesar Munoz

David Preter

Rachel and Christopher Perry

Julie and Rich Salvatierra

Rohini and Aric Quinones

Tiffany and Jason Shepard

Jacqueline and William Segars

Kathy and Daniel White

Elaina and Kevin Smith

BELIEVER’S CIRCLE Dawn and Ben Ackerman Kishan Donut Tarrah and Timothy Kittredge Christina and Nick Markakis Hetal Patel

Michelle and Rodney Smith

Karen and Rich Penkoski


Renee and Mark Radi

Shannon and Ted Smith

Jinny and Habib Abi-Sarkis

Linda and Bill Smith

Lisa and Shane Sullivan


The Spain Family

Tiffany and Jeff Taglienti

Melissa and Steven Barnett

Jessica and Trip Taylor

Catharine and John Bowling

Jamie and Gregory Wunder

Crystal and Adin Burchfield

Kristi and Michael Zito

2001 SOCIETY Cheryl and Tom Adkin Anonymous Michelle and Brian Burks Rhonda and David Chatham Beth and Ryan Claterbaugh Wendy and David Cline Courier Connection


Laura and Merrick Dameron Valorie Davis


Lisa and Calder Ehrmann Melissa and Ernie Floyd

Pinky and Raghav Balasubramanian

Christy and Chris Forehand

Carrie and Scott Beach

Renaye and Daniel Garabadian

Connor Beecham

Duna and Mike Gardiner

Tracy and Brian Behrens

ANNUAL FUND DONORS Kelly and Victor Bibby

Tina and Bill Holt

Rutherford & Company, LLC

Joe Braley

Wendy and Jason Holt

Jamie and Jason Sammons

Dawn and Jeremy Bye

Angie and Steven Hudson

Rodney Satterfield

Jennifer and Blake Campbell

Martha and Brendan Hunter

Tanya and Cory Schilling

Lisa and Richard Caudill

Idlewild Logistics, Inc.

Tracey and Victor Seoane

Dawn and Chris Clements

Ashley and Mark Jansen

Samantha and Ron Shah

Melissa and Ron Cole

Amy and Charles Jenkins

Ashli and Terry Siddall

Mandy and Adam Coleman

Jodie and Casey Johnson

Victoria and Heath Slocum

Julie and Ryan Colich

Jennifer and Jeremy Joiner

Jeanine and William Stampfl

Sherri Conrad-Adamski

Julie and Philip Jones

Shawna and Jeffery Steilen

Terry Crowder

Taylor and Larry Jones

Diana and Charles Strain

Ashley and Jeff Curtis

Pamela and Jeff Kaminski

Melissa and Patrick Sullivan

Heather and Stephen Davis

Mary Kennon and Kile Lewis

Catherine and Bret Tanner

Jay Deady

Allison and Steve Kopach

Elise and Sharbel Tanory

Jaime and Marc Dearth

Leslie and Walter Kurtz

Ashley and Brent Taylor

Gloria and Ron Devincenzi

Shirley Lay

Courtney and Trenton Ward

Aimee and Jay D’Meza

Holly and Jonathon Lucenay

Vonda Wright

Rhonda and John Drye

Suzanne and Thomas Maddux

Russ and Jean Endress

Megan and Jason Manton

Jennifer and Aaron Erdman

Virginia and Mike Martin


Anita and Christopher French

Cathy and Evan McLaughlin

Jennifer and John Aaron

Susan and Tom Galbreath

Molly and Brian McNeese

Kimberly and William Adcock

Gallatin Running Group

Lisa and John Mongelli

Jennifer and Joey Anderson

Jennifer and Scott Giacobbe

Julia and Bob Muscott

Tracy and Jeffrey Ball

Heather and Baron Gray

Erika and Charlie Page

Emily and Jeffrey Barber

Tara and Michael Greiner

Brittany and Tony Palazzo

Shuntel and Brandon Beach

Kelly and Andrew Grillo

Heather and Bryan Bearden

Paige and Mike Handza

Madelin Prendes and Sohel Momin

Hilary and Russell Harris

Guy Price

Merideth and Kevin Branch

Toni and Stefond Harris

Debbie and Dave Ritchie

Elizabeth and Michael Braswell

Erika and Chris Hickman

Michelle and John Robinson

Elizabeth and John Brenkus

Magdi and Hank Holliger

Casey and Barry Rutherford

Mimi and Trevor Burns

Cara and Michael Becker



Anna Byrnes

Desiree and Paynter Higgins

Tonia and Tucker Scofield

Jennifer and Kelly Calvo

Christine and Joe Hill

Susan and Jason Shane

Monique and Andy Campbell

Melissa and Eric Hornsby

Kathy and Steven Smith

Jennifer and Matthew Capps

Elizabeth and Jakobus Johnsen

Laurie and Rick Smith

Virginia and Matthew Cavender

Johnsen, Inc.

Lori and Barry Spencer

Judith Cinesi

Meghan and Benjamin Johnson

Edward Spurka

DeAnna and Stacey Cochran

Mattea and Gregory Jones

Caitlin and Michael Stango

Kim and Michael Cross

Mary and Michael Julve-Hejazi

Shelley Deady

Stephanie and Phillip Kennedy

Elizabeth and David Stefanowicz

Jeanne and Timothy Deitrich

Michelle and Curtis Kiser

Kelly and Lane Steinberger

Joy and Ritchie Dickey

Teri and James Komperda

Ann and Shawn Still

Marie and James Doyle

Dana and Byron Letchworth

Margaret and Joseph Strickland

Heather and JP Duvall

Callie and Seth Majors

Shannon and James Versaggi

Danielle and Fredrik Eliasson

Aileen and Michael Maner

Kimberly and Chris Whittaker

Melissa and Matthew Erbrick

Randi and Steven Marzio

Abigail and Edward Whittle

Julie and Bryan Erckenbrack

Charlene and Edward McGinty

Courtney and Douglas Widener

Margaret and Stephen Farrar

Kelly and Mark Miller

Jennifer and Justin Williams

Beth and Matt Farwell

Wendy Miller

Jewell and Brent Williams

Mary Claire and Troy Fears

Mel Mueller and Michael Clark

Lynsi and Ben Williams

Frazier & Deeter Foundation

Karen and Jonathan Neal

Melissa and Robert Yarbrough

Kim and Patrick Fullerton

Moya Neville and Rick Pearce

Deliannette and John Gaines

Selena and Abhijeet Noel


Stefanie and Steve Gammage

Old Atlanta Stumps

Candice and Eric Abbott

Amanda and Dale Gawley

Sara and Alan Oliver

Elizabeth and Tommy Adair

Sarah and David Glover

Mita and Hitesh Patel

Garrett Adams

Katie and Matthew Grayson

Kelly and Chris Reeves

Laura Adams

Elsa and Thomas Griner

Alice and Lowell Reid

Dana and Keith Allen

Jen and Tim Harrod-Davis

Jennifer and Douglas Rhoades

Carrie and Grant Alward

Kimberly and Chris Haynes

Tanya and Michael Robertson


Jennifer and Brian Henson

Brandee and Dustin Russell

Jolene and Brian Archipley

Kimberly and Andrew Hermann

Sarah and Erik Saterbo

Julie and Edsel Arnold

Edie and Rob Hewlett

Danielle and Matthew Satterly

Shannon and Gary Arnold


ANNUAL FUND DONORS Michelle and Rany Azzi

Portia and Taylor Clark

Annette and Richard Divers

Kimberly and Gavin Backos

Brenda Clinton

Jen and Will Drescher

Kristen Badger

Julie and Michael Coachys

Tracy and Willard Drew

Shay Barkley

Shannon and Don Coats

Caroline Duffy

Jennifer and Marc Barrett

Karen Coleman

Julie and Michael Dunn

Stephanie and Michael Barrett

Patricia and John Colino

Melinda and John Dyer

Patrick Beattie

Kim and Lance Cone

Ruth and Jason Eanes

Erin and Jason Bergstrom

Erin and Adam Connor

Amanda and David Edenfield

Emily and Mark Beumer

Chris Conrad

Kelli Eich

Kelly and Timothy Black

Jennifer and Chad Cook

Laura Elder

David Boaz

Ryan Cordell

Melanie Ellis and Larry Powers

Sue Borain

Kelly and Stanley Coveleskie

Lindsay and Brandon Eppihimer

Tiffany and Larry Bourne

Nichole Crenshaw

Tricia Feagin

Brenda and Rex Bowman

Laura and Robert Cross

Pamela Fedas

Alison and Matt Brannon

Anine and Michael Cureton

Pamela Ferrand

Lynn Bridges

Melony and Stephen Cuzdey

Maria Fessler

Pattye Bright

Barbara Dailey

Amber Fiddler

Kristina and Jason Brinkman

Jacob Dailey

Oliva Fister

Mandy and Michael Brock

Megan and Nicholas Dancey

Kelly Fitzgerald

Lisa and Gary Brown

Debora and Joe Daniel

Lisa and Juan Flecha

Stephanie and David Brown

Anna and Justin Danner

Jill and Jeffrey Flynn

John Michael Brunetti

Robin Daugherty

Landyn Foxworthy

Becky and Lucian Bryan

Kristin and James Davidson

Laura French

David Burnett

Brittany and Wade Davis

Emily and Donald Fuchs

Claire and Matthew Burns

Kristan and Abel De La Rosa

Joy Fullilove

Kathy Burns

Leigh Denard

Robyn and Roy Gallagher

Michele and Gary Busby

Nell and Brett DeVore

Soyoung and Matthew Carden

Anne and Kurt DeYoung

Marie and Brent GedeonArrington

Kaile Carroll

Tasha and Trey Dickson

Tiffany and Paul Gentile

Suzanne and Anthony Castano

Annie Dietz

Benjamin George

Shannon and Thierry Chau

Grace Diffly

Dana Gerstenlauer

Katherine and David Christman

Jillian Dilbeck

Darci and Josh Gettler



Nandie and Greg Gibbons

AJ and Brian Jones

Carol and Alexander Mark

Agnes and Scott Gibby

Kimberly and Powell Jones

Ella and Bruce Martin

Michelle and Michael Giglio

Evelyn Joseph

Shawn and Bob Martin

Mark Godfrey

Donald Joyce

Julie Maschino

Garman and William Gordon

Christine Judge

Wade Mayton

Lainey and Patrick Green

Maryam and Farid Karim

Kirsten McFadin

Serena and Matt Gregory

Carla and Joseph Kennedy

Kelley and John McHale

Rhoda and Grant Gunnigle

Caitlin Kiefaber

Pamela and Keith McKay

Christi and Daniel Guthrie

Wade King

Bridgette and Shane McMahon

Jena Hall

Alex Klein

Arin and John Megel

Janie and Eric Halverson

Melissa Kohring

Madison Meyers

Heather and John Hamon

Yanina and Andrew Kolesnikova

Keri and Charles Michaelis

Jessica and Frank Hannah

Maggie and James Kolkana

Ruth and Darin Mickel

Amber Harwell

Kelly and Jon Kuck

Johanna and Scott Miller

Kristin Heard

Jessica and Josh Kvam

Tracey Miller

Amy Helm

Katie Layton

Rachel and Kirk Milling

Blaire and Chris Hickman

Mitch Leaptrot

Addie Ann and Robert Monette

Jeffrey Hicks

Dawn and Steven Leffin

Mitzi and Ron Moorhead

Lisa and Wesley Hite

Lori and Chris Leffler

Moorhead Food Service

Amy and Michael Hollingsworth

Monica Lewis

Kelli and Craig Moraes

Julie Hornsby

Jennifer Li

Erin and John Mowbray

Haley and Cameron Howard

Ray Lian

Karin and Scott Mulvey

Rebecca and James Howe

Candace Lile

Sam Mumma

Julie Hoynes

Kristen Lilge

Sara and Nash Murph

Rose and Kevin Hume

Erica and Aaron Lindquist

Daniel Myers

Leslie and Thomas Hundley

Gregg Littleton

Tammy Nash

Christina Hunt

Vonda and Ian Livingston

Jennifer Nedza

Henry Irby

Lisa and Brian Lossie

Melinda Nelson

Nicholas Isaac

Anne-Marie and John Main

Mathew Newall

Steve Jameson

Janet and Charles Mann

Christy and Jim Noll

Megan and Peyton Jamison

Kimberly Marcus

Margaret Olson


ANNUAL FUND DONORS Karen and Clifford Owen

Sarah Schneeberg

Lauren Valentino

Darcy Partridge

Karen Schulze

Kate and RC Vaughn

The Patel Family

Kirsten and Andrew Schutt

Susan Vaughn

Stefanie and Chad Payne

Denise Sencen

Stacy Volz

Jacqueline and John Pearson

Kim and Brad Sherman

Rebecca and Scott Walker

Mary Kathryn and Matt Pitner

Meade and Todd Shirley

Kristine and Jonathan Walker

Cindy Plageman

Amy and Charles Simons

Carrie and James Ward

Cheryl and Anthony Plummer

Mary Hannah Skelton

Crissy Watkins and Chris Meeks

Shelby Pope

Lindsey and Sutton Slover

Matt Watts

Cecile and Heinrich Portwig

Holly and Steve Smith

Carolyn Weathersbee

Mike Power

Melissa and Todd Smith

Dawn Weber

Amy Price

Noelle and Chad Smith

Heather and Mike Weldon

Carey Price

Taylor Smith

Julie Wells

Diana Prieto and Diego Afanador

Cathleen and Jason Sosebee

Suzanne and Jonathan Werner

Laurie Beth and Patrick Spencer

Julia West

Michelle Procopio

Macita St. Germain-Regnier

Leigh and Matthew Whitmer

Lindsey and James Pruett

Emily Stearns

Sonya and Kirk Wilder

Megan and Adam Queen

Elizabeth and Gideon Strauss

Tiffany and Stephen Wilkes

Rachel and Bret Quigley

Jamee and James Taylor

Leslie and James Williams

Tabitha and Byron Racki

Tara Tenore

Mary Williams

Erica and Ryan Reddy

Joel Terning

Kathryn Winchell

Phil Reed

Carla and Gerald Thomas

Jo Wingate

Laura and Tim Reedy

Lyn and James Thomas

Amy and James Zacha

Jennifer and Clayton Rhoads

Dawn and Steve Thomason

Ellen and Steven Zachok

Carolyn and Todd Rittmueller

Dawn and John Thompson

Kim and Kevin Zawodzinski

Susan and Chris Rubio

Erin and Amit Tibrewala

Patricia Zeitz

Bob and Susan Rumble

Lana Toler

Kimberly and Andrew Rutter

Laurie and Bo Towns

Jennifer Sacca

Stacie and Barry Trottier

Tara Salihbasic

Macy and Cody Tucker

Casey and Randall Schiltz

Mary and James Tucker


GEORGIA GOAL King’s Ridge Christian School partners with Georgia GOAL, a Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) created through the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program. By encouraging Georgia taxpayers to redirect a portion of their state income tax to KRCS, GOAL provides funding for qualified students in need of tuition assistance. Specifically, GOAL funding is allocated for deserving public school students who are new to KRCS. Thank you to the individuals below for bringing $323,581 in scholarship money to KRCS. Financial aid continues to be of vital importance, and these dollars are a critical component of our life-changing tuitionassistance initiatives. For more information on Georgia GOAL, visit Dawn and Ben Ackerman

Kristan and Abel De La Rosa

Amanda and Robert Andrzejewski

Jaime and Marc Dearth

Chantal and Thomas Bagwell

Julie and Darren Decker

Julie and John Barnett

Jeanne and Timothy Deitrich

Melissa and Steven Barnett

Kelly Deushane

Carrie and Scott Beach

Joy and Ritchie Dickey

Mary and Steve Beecham

Annette and Richard Divers

Julie and Bradley Bolduc

Amelia and Jay D’Meza

Catharine and John Bowling

Margaret and Stephen Farrar

Elizabeth and Michael Braswell

William Fisher

Denise and Alan Brown

Kelly Fitzgerald

Dawn and Jeremy Bye

Shelly and Geoffrey Flaherty

Allyson and Patrick Carvell

Susan and Thomas Galbreath

Suzanne and Anthony Castano

Judy and Philip Gallo

Helga and Luke Christian

Amanda and Dale Gawley

Bettina and Robert Crenshaw

Jennifer and Scott Giacobbe

Valorie and Christopher Davis

Wendy and Thomas Gregory


GEORGIA GOAL Elsa and Thomas Griner

Guy Price

Mary and Chris Harrell

Rachel and Bret Quigley

Hilary and Russell Harris

Deborah and David Ritchie

Christine and Joseph Hill

Jamie and Jason Sammons

Amy and Michael Hollingsworth

Tanya and Cory Schilling

Haley and Cameron Howard

Tracy and Victor Seoane

Martha and Brendan Hunter

Samantha and Ronak Shah

Allyson and James Jacobi

Elaina and Kevin Smith

Elizabeth and Mark Jansen

Margaret and Elmer Smith

Karla and James Johnson

Shannon and Thomas Smith III

Hatsumi and Brian Jones

Kathryn and John Smoltz

Stephanie and Phillip Kennedy

Jeanine and William Stampfl

Mary Kennon and Kile Lewis

Kelly and Lane Steinberger

Kristin and Brian Kohrman

Katie and James Stewart

Carrie and Douglas Lay

Diana and Charles Strain

Dana and Byron Letchworth

Jamie and Brent Taylor

Ginger and David Lightburn

Barbara and James Thomas

Amy and Paul McGruder

Laurie and Bo Towns

Mary and John McGruder

Rebecca Vaughn

Danielle and Michael McMeekin

Mark Volker

Rebecca and Robert Meyer

Tracy and William Wakefield

Darcy and John Partridge

Ellen and Steven Zachok

Karen and Richard Penkoski Ginger and Kevin Powell David Preter



Galbreath Family

Meyer Family

Adkin Family

Gorman Family

Moccia Family

Bye Family

Gregory Family

W. Smith Family

Bowling Family

Harrell Family

Sullivan Family

Daniel Family

Hene Family

Dorsett Family

Hickman Family

TIER 2 Adler Family

Dickey Family

McNeese Family

Branch Family

Farrar Family

Munoz Family

Coleman Family

French Family

Muscott Family

Dearth Family

Jansen Family

Thomas Family

Decker Family

Jenkins Family

TIER 3 Ares Family

Haschak Family

Moorhead Family

Castano Family

Hewlett Family

Pearce Family

Clement Family

Hudson Family

Rhoades Family

Clements Family

Kiser Family

Salvatierra Family

Colich Family

Kittredge Family

Sammons Family

Erbrick Family

Letchworth Family

Shah Family

Erdman Family

Lucenay Family

Strain Family

Garabadian Family

Maddux Family

Weldon Family

Gardiner Family

Michaelis Family







“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6




(l to r) Alan Oliver, Middle School English and History Teacher; Karen Coleman, Operations Administrator; Lana Toler, Upper School Spanish Teacher; Laura Adams, Communications Specialist; Macita St. Germain-Regnier, Middle School Foreign Language Teacher; Eric Swegman, Lower School Physical Education Teacher. Not featured: Ryan Cordell, Upper School Science Teacher; Kimberly Marcus, Fifth Grade Teacher; Shelby Pope, Middle School Christian Education Teacher; Taylor Smith, Strength and Conditioning Teacher


(l to r) Gregg Littleton, IT Technology Specialist; Dawn Thompson, Lower School Teacher’s Assistant; Shuntel Beach, Director of Admissions; Matt Watts, Upper School World History and French Teacher. Not featured: Caitlin Kiefaber, Third Grade Teacher



(l to r) Barbara Dailey, Lower School Teacher’s Assistant; Julia West, Lower School Community Host; Stacy Volz, English and World Language Department Chair

Thank you for your dedicated service!


(l to r) Patty Zeitz, Upper School Art Teacher; Pattye Bright, Lower School Science Coordinator; Brenda Clinton, Lower School Christian Education Teacher; Susan Elkourie Vaughn, Upper School Registrar





Lower School Science Coordinator

Lower School Christian Education Teacher

1. I have written an educational blog since 2011 that was recognized by Steve Spangler, Emmy award-winning television personality, bestselling author, and STEM educator! 2. My daughter was a founding student at King’s Ridge. Beginning this journey with her was a blessing. 3. I began my career teaching Head Start in the hollers of Kentucky. 4. I am also a founding staff member of a public school in Maryland. 5. For several years I assisted the coaches of the varsity cheerleading squad and the Tigerettes Dance Team. 6. I met my husband when I was 18. 7. At 60, I was certified to teach Christian hip hop through Jazzy Fitness. 8. I am a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority and served as president of my collegiate chapter. 9. I am named after my sweet mom who turned 90 this year and is also an educator and a Pi Phi! 10. At eight, after having encephalitis, I lost all my hearing in one ear.

1. I enjoy shiplapping a wall, chalk painting furniture, and sewing a t-shirt quilt, masks, or home décor. 2. I love plants but don’t have a green thumb! 3. I hold a Bachelor of Interior Design degree from Louisiana State University and a Master of Arts in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. 4. My adventurous side enjoys water sports, such as boating, jet skis, and kayaking, as well as walking and hiking. 5. I completed the Disney Princess ½ marathon and was registered for the Nashville Rock ‘n Roll ½ marathon but COVID canceled the event. I think I have another one in me! 6. I went on a white-water rafting adventure and spent seven nights sleeping under the stars in the Grand Canyon. Amazing journey! 7. I love Augusta, GA in the springtime at The Masters and while I’m not a golfer, I’ve also attended a Ryder Cup, PGA tournament, FedEx Cup, and Dell Match Play. 8. I officiated my son Joshua’s wedding in Key West, FL and enjoyed being Mother-of-the-Bride to my daughter, Courtney, in Charleston, SC. 9. Both of my children were registered for 6th grade at KRCS in 2001 by Ms. Vaughn and studied art under Mrs. Zeitz during Middle School! 10. I am ordinary, available, and humbled to be used by God, and blessed beyond measure for the past 20 years at King’s Ridge Christian School!


SUSAN ELKOURIE VAUGHN Upper School Registrar 1. Although art was my major, my first job out of college was management consulting. 2. I lived above a wig shop on King Street when I was a student at the College of Charleston. 3. My eldest son was the first student to walk across the stage at the first KRCS commencement. 4. I’m an extreme introvert, so COVID has actually been great for my iPad and me. 5. KRCS hired me in January of 2001 and I was only going to work a couple of years...see how that turned out! 6. I cut and color my hair. 7. My favorite shows are all British. 8. I’m “supposedly” a descendent of John Quincy Adams’ wife, Mary Adams. My first name is Mary.

PATTY ZEITZ Upper School Art Teacher 1. I was the Cleveland Height Ohio Ice Skating Dance Champion during my college years. 2. I was the very first teacher hired at King’s Ridge in 2001. 3. I taught middle school social studies the first year along with art. 4. I used to dress up as a clown named “Shirley” in ministry. 5. I was a lifeguard and diving instructor for six years during summers at a public pool which helped me pay for college. 6. Beginning years of King’s Ridge theatre I built the sets on the loading dock in the grocery store site, and then many years after that in our current theatre space. 7. I coached the very first swim team at King’s Ridge.

9. I would prefer to wear cowboy boots every day!

8. I published a book titled Lord, Give Me Strength to Carry My Burden.

10. I have a simple “thankful for” list and add to it any time I feel down.

9. I was a gymnast for eight years in high school and college. 10. I love biking and hiking.







We will always be family, bonded by the memories of King’s Ridge Christian School. When you step off campus for the last time today, know that you can always turn to God, your family, or even each other. There is a big world out there to explore, and now is your time. So go on, and experience the life God has planned for you. – Kaitlyn Garcia, Class of 2021 Valedictorian



Emma White graduated from Virginia Tech in 2019 with a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering

Alexandra Einspahr-Williams ‘10 and her husband

and a minor in Psychology. She took a gap year

Geordan welcomed Josephine Louise in February

to travel and rest before starting at Villanova

2021. (1)

University to earn her Master’s in Human Resource Development with an HR Business Partner

Hannah Rushin Shores ‘10 and her husband Corey

Certification. She currently resides in Naples, FL

welcomed Ruthie Faye on March 8, 2021.

with her rescue dogs Ollie and Archie. (8)

Jeff Sneed ‘11 and his wife Natalie welcomed


Griffin Scott on April 3, 2021. (2) Rachel Smoltz VanderPol ‘12 and her husband Joel welcomed Jordan Joel on January 1, 2021. Jordan joins proud big brother John Allen. (3) Bailey Miller ‘14 and his wife Abbie welcomed Ezra Keith on January 25, 2021. (4)

Austin Bridges graduated from Auburn University in May 2020 and is employed by Terry Ho Products as a Procurement Manager. He became engaged to Ashton Leddon in March 2021 and the couple plan to wed in April 2022. They will reside in Auburn, AL. (9) Jack Meisel graduated from Officer Candidate


School in Newport, RI as an ensign in the United


in Norfolk, VA as a Surface Warfare Officer. Jack

Andrew Marshall and Lena Brottman were married

graduated from Chapman University in Orange, CA

on May 1, 2021 in Sarasota, FL. (5)

in 2019. (10)


Tomisin Odetoyinbo graduated from Lee University

Ryan Mazzilli has been accepted to the UCLA

in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer

School of Law and will begin classes in August

Information Systems degree. She received a

2021. He and his wife Emma reside in their recently

Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree from

purchased home in Los Angeles, CA. (6)

Georgia State University and is now living in Dallas,

States Navy. He will serve on the USS New York

TX working as a Cybersecurity Consultant. Tomisin


enjoys traveling and says her favorite destinations

Chase Tripi became engaged to Carol Nyguen in

– so far – are Israel, Dubai, Cancun, and the

March 2021. (7)

Bahamas. (11)















BEYOND THE RIDGE 2017 Chris Bobo graduated from Auburn University in May 2021 and will begin his Aerospace Engineering career working at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. (12)

Sydney Williams graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Retail with an emphasis in Fashion Merchandising and Digital Innovation. (17)


John Byrnes, Air Force Academy Baseball, was named the Mountain West Conference Pitcher of the Week three times during his senior season. As of mid-May, he owned a 5-3 record with 12 appearances, a 2.71 ERA over 63 innings, and 58 strikeouts. (13)

Braiden Dorfman is currently playing hockey for the Shreveport Mudbugs of the North American Hockey League in Shreveport, Louisiana. Next fall he will be attending and playing hockey at Dartmouth College with plans to major in Economics. (18)

Amanda Heys graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2021.


Lucy Martin graduated from Samford University in May 2021 with a major in Marketing and a minor in Writing. Lucy is a Marketing Consultant at Lightfoot, Franklin & White Law Firm in Birmingham, AL. (14) Jack McHugh concluded his academic and athletic career at Samford University in May 2021. He ran track at Samford all four years and graduated with a Communication Studies major and a Marketing minor. He continues to build his business of buying and selling power sports and will pursue a career in real estate development and investing as well. (15) Bekah Powell graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2021. Bekah will now take a gap year, working and applying to dental school, with a planned start in 2022. (16) 58 - BE STILL

Kendall Cook, Mercer University Soccer, just completed a stellar freshman year with a careerhigh six attempts and three points in her team’s win to end the regular season. Overall, Kendall led the Bears with 38 shots as a freshman and 20 points – the most on the team and second in the Southern Conference. She was named SoCon Women’s Soccer Offensive Player of the Week and Player of the Month in February 2021. She also received 2020-2021 SoCon All-Freshman Team honors. (19) Trey Larkin spent the 2020-2021 school year at Scoutz USA Prep Academy in Augusta, GA, the top Post Grad baseball team in the country following their National Championship win in Florida. Next fall Trey will head to Catawba Valley CC in Hickory, NC, one of the country’s top NJCAA programs. (20)












BEYOND THE RIDGE SPOTLIGHT Megan Miracle ‘15 After graduating from King’s Ridge, I pursued a degree in Hospitality Management from The University of Mississippi. While the thought of moving six hours away to a large SEC school was quite daunting, Ole Miss provided a welcoming environment that allowed me to flourish and grow as an individual. The professor who made the strongest impression on me was my accounting professor, Ms. Burney. She taught her classes using stories and real-life applications that made accounting enjoyable to learn. In her classes I learned the importance of dedication, and I gained the confidence needed to succeed. The Hospitality Management program at Ole Miss is truly one of a kind. Our professors were dedicated to providing the education we needed to thrive in our industry. I was constantly surrounded by peers who were committed to furthering their careers in hospitality. After graduating in 2019 I was presented with the opportunity to complete an internship at the Four Seasons Resort in Dallas, Texas. During my time there I gained valuable insight into the world of luxury hotels and networked with other industry professionals. Upon completing my internship in Dallas, I moved back home to Atlanta and began working as a reservation agent for my family’s business, Escape to Blue Ridge, a vacation rental and property


management company located in Blue Ridge, Georgia. I recently relocated to Blue Ridge to open our new Hospitality Center in the heart of town. As the Hospitality Coordinator I work with clients who need property management services and create experiences for travelers vacationing to the area. I am thankful to work for a company that allows me to follow my passion, and I am so excited for what the future holds. (21)



Alina Leng ‘20 I am now studying at the University of California, Irvine. It is so different from King’s Ridge! It is a large school with so many professors, and the counselors are so busy they barely have time to talk to me. Since we had online courses this past semester I studied at home every day. I miss the time I spent at King’s Ridge. I have met many people at college, but the feeling is different than King’s Ridge. I will be back in the United States in August. I hope I will have time to go to Alpharetta for a visit! (22)


(Not pictured: Madelyn Doster and Parker Maddux)

WHY KRCS? - 61

Abby Braswell Julian Clements 62 - BE STILL

Being at King’s Ridge for the past 13 years has provided me with a very tightknit community, like no other. I’ve had wonderful teachers throughout the years (especially Mrs. Dilbeck, Mr. Myers, and Mrs. Sencen) who supported me through everything. I’m so grateful for the time I spent here, and I have no fear of heading to college next year because I know I have a wonderful group of people to fall back on!

The years I spent at King’s Ridge Christian School were made special by the amazing teachers I had. The international trips during Interim Term with my friends were also a highlight of my time here.

Sydney Dorsett

King’s Ridge has been my life and my family for the last 13 years. It has prepared me to thrive in the real world and it will always be a home to come back to, no matter where life takes me.

Evan Danyo

King’s Ridge Christian School has brought me many friendships that will last forever and has allowed me to enhance myself with the help of many excellent teachers along the way. I have great memories of playing soccer during my time at KRCS.

WHY KRCS? - 63

Madelyn Doster

I am so blessed that my parents chose King’s Ridge. My time spent here has made a visible impact on my life. I have had so many influential teachers and an abundance of opportunities to use my Godgiven gifts that were strengthened at King’s Ridge. The community at King’s Ridge was so important that I wrote my college essay about it. I wrote about the school’s influence on my life and how it shaped the person I am today. The teachers at King’s Ridge have fully prepared me to move on to my next stage in life, college.

Anna Corinne Galbreath

I have loved my 13 years at King’s Ridge. I have made so many lifelong connections, and I can’t wait to see them grow after graduation. I have learned that sometimes friendships aren’t meant to last forever, but that doesn’t make them any less impactful or meaningful in your life. I am so grateful to have been at King’s Ridge practically my entire life, and I cannot wait for the journey ahead as I begin college!


Anna Gunnigle

The Interim Term trip to the Dominican Republic with my friends was the highlight of my KRCS years. The joy that I was able to share with the children of Cotui was life-altering. I will remember that experience for the rest of my life. Going on that journey with friends I’ve known for 13 years was an experience of a lifetime. I’m appreciative of the service opportunities that King’s Ridge Christian School has given me throughout my years here.

Katie Garcia

King’s Ridge has created such a wonderful and supportive community of students and teachers. I have so many unforgettable memories, from playing Chuckerball in P.E. with Coach Sheets to traveling throughout Europe on Interim Term trips with my peers. KRCS has truly been my second home.

WHY KRCS? - 65

Julia Kaminski

The last 13 years at King’s Ridge has made me into the person I am today. The teachers, field trips, Interim Term trips, chapels, sports, and so much more have created memories and taught me lessons that I will never forget. I am so thankful for King’s Ridge Christian School.

Mackenzie Kester

I loved the 5th grade mission trip because it was the first time we got to do something as a class outside of school. I also enjoyed the World War II Interim Term trip because I love history. It was so much fun seeing all the historical sites with friends from school. Mr. Myers helped me grow so much as a writer, and advisement with Ms. King was so much fun.


Case McGruder

My time at King’s Ridge Christian School has been so special because of all the amazing teachers who helped me excel. King’s Ridge also helped me meet my best friends. I’ve enjoyed playing sports alongside my friends during my 13 years at KRCS.

Parker Maddux

I’ve enjoyed playing sports during my time at King’s Ridge Christian School, and Coach Power greatly influenced me. Making the state playoffs for football and baseball during my senior year has been a big highlight for me. I feel that KRCS has prepared me well for the next chapter of my life, college.

WHY KRCS? - 67

Ellie Neuman

My time at King’s Ridge has helped me feel prepared for college in every aspect. I feel prepared academically, socially, and with my faith in God. I love the friendships I have built throughout my years here, and all the people I have met.

Emma Smith

Mrs. Daniel was one of the first teachers at King’s Ridge who made an impact on my life. Mrs. Daniel, thank you for loving your Pre-First class like your own and leaving a lasting effect on my family and me. It sparked our love for King’s Ridge, which grew during the past 13 years. I am forever grateful for my time at King’s Ridge and wouldn’t change a thing. King’s Ridge has helped grow my faith and education, and has prepared me for the next chapter in my life.


Sophia Stampfl

Throughout my 13 years at King’s Ridge I have been blessed with loving and caring teachers. But the teacher who made the most impact on my life was Mrs. Dilbeck. She always made sure I knew exactly what I was learning about and prioritized getting to know me on a personal level. She taught me math for two years and gave me crucial life lessons that helped me grow into the person I am today.

Rachel Smith

King’s Ridge has provided me with a safe place to grow closer to my peers, as well as a place to grow deeper in my faith. I have formed lifelong friendships with my peers. I have also been given constant support in my academic, athletic, and spiritual endeavors from my teachers, especially through Mr. Smith and Coach Adams. I am grateful to King’s Ridge for allowing us to get to know faculty who model Christian leadership. Because of King’s Ridge, I’m ready to challenge myself academically, form community, and share the love of Christ.

WHY KRCS? - 69

Skylar Tucker

Spending my entire school career at King’s Ridge Christian School has taught me how to incorporate my faith into my daily life. I am so thankful for all the fantastic teachers who have guided me from kindergarten to graduation, and I am excited to carry that knowledge with me to college.

“The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8


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BE STILL - King's Ridge Christian School Spring/Summer 2021 Magazine  

BE STILL - King's Ridge Christian School Spring/Summer 2021 Magazine  


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