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Issue 48 January/February 2012 | sunshine coast

Social Skills at School

Clean kidswithout the chemicals

Modern First Aid

Designer babies: hype or happening?

The Power of Perseverance plus Babies on the Coast, what’s on Calendar and lots more!

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FEATURE: The Power of Perseverance




THE ‘P’ FILES: First Aid in the Modern World


EDUCATION: Social Skills: At School


CALENDAR OF EVENTS Find out what’s happening on the Coast during January & February


BABIES ON THE COAST: The Miracle of Modern Baby Making


ONLY NATURAL: Clean Kids Without the Chemicals


HEALTH: Common ear, nose and throat issues PART 2


PARENTVILLE: Somewhere beyond the Sea


PARENT PROFILE: Shane Jacobson




LET’S CELEBRATE: Christmas traditions


HAPPY HOLIDAYS: KOTC Reader’s Top Ten Family Holidays


PARENTS IN BUSINESS: Yvette Adams - The Creative Collective


Parents in Business: HANDPICKED Our selection of “work at home” parent finds Parents in Business: Directory

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january / february 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


Welcome to

KiDs on the CoASt

Some Of OUR KIds on the CoAST

COntRIButors Every year I promise myself I won’t make any New Year’s resolutions as I know that I won’t keep them. Yet each year I make one or two anyway. This year I am going to make one: to be kind to myself. To not expect to be the perfect mum, wife, business woman and wannabe masters athlete (in no particular order of course). With this in mind, my goal is to enjoy being me and ensure that I am living in the moment more than forever planning for a perfect future. What are your goals this year? Join us online and share your dreams and frustrations, find inspiration in others and hopefully as a collective we can make a difference for each other. You can find us at community or kidsonthecoast. I was reminded recently of the importance of basic first aid when a friend spilled boiling water on herself. Not realising it was the wrong thing to do, she put ice and moisturiser on her burns. In this edition of Kids on the Coast, GP Scott Parsons offers some guidelines for basic first aid; we look at the debate created by modern reproductive medicine and we share how you celebrate your children’s successes. Speaking of success, in our feature article this month we delve into how a child’s perseverance shapes success and how parents and carers can nurture this lifelong skill. Don’t forget to complete our reader survey on our website homepage and help us make Kids on the Coast magazine even better and of course you have the chance of winning a fantastic getaway too!


Jackie Goldston Editor

Kim Lahey After an initial career in travel product-development and publishing, Kim moved to the coast and three gorgeous kids later she now writes freelance articles, words for websites, and life-stories from home.


After thirty years as a Special Education teacher, the mum of two is now enjoying a second career as a journalist.

Michelle MacFarlane Michelle MacFarlane is a journalist and mother to two young boys. She writes articles for parenting magazines, and reviews family activities for an on-line review site.

Luke Goldston

When Luke is not climbing, travelling or tripping over toys, the dad of two is a physiotherapist and freelance writer.

56 7

Dr Scott Parsons M.B.B.S., B. Med. Sci., F.R.A.C.G.P.

Scott is a Paediatric General Practitioner dealing with childhood illnesses at Coast Family Health, Buddina. This includes day to day infections and illness, preventative health, vaccinations, developmental issues, school and behaviour issues and allergy. He has a website,

Dr David McIntosh

Aleney de Winter A former magazine publisher turned writer, Aleney traded a designer wardrobe for vomit stained trackydaks and sleepless nights. And wouldn’t change a thing.

David is a Paediatric ENT and Sinus Specialist. He is both a generally trained and subspecialist trained ENT surgeon and also has a PhD in ENT.

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Maxine Arthur

KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

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• Food Banks – making ends meet • Educating gifted children • Why kids lie and what they learn from you • Having a baby after a long gap • Can you escape disposable plastic? Got a product or service that has something to do with these topics? Like to tell our readers all about it? Call 1300 430 320 for advertising info.

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january / february 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst

Extended holidays for State Schools The Easter state school holidays will be extended to two weeks beginning this year. Education and Industrial Relations Minister Cameron Dick said the responses to a government survey showed the public’s clear preferences. “Having two weeks at Easter means that it is possible to have more regular 10-week terms and that is good for parents, teachers and students.”

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KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

Libraries are rising to the challenge of increasing literacy standards on the coast by introducing new reading programs and expanding current ones. Libraries help people increase their reading confidence, literacy, IT skills, vocabulary and general knowledge.

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2012 is National Year of Reading and Sunshine Coast libraries will be presenting a wide range of activities so people of all ages can discover the joy of reading. Nearly half of the Australian population can’t read newspapers, follow a recipe, make sense of timetables or understand the instructions on a medicine bottle.

Parents can now find out exactly what their kids will be exposed to when watching movies - before they reach for the TV remote or popcorn. The Raising Children Network (www.raisingchildren. provides online reviews of popular children’s movies to help parents ensure the content of movies are suitable to their child’s level of maturity and understanding. Ratings provide recommended ages, and detail whether there is sexual and/or violent content or inappropriate language. Other sites to check out for reviews of movies, TV shows, games and videos for young people are the Australian Council on Children and the Media ( and the comprehensive American site Plugged In (

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Next time you are thinking about putting a roadside sign up or offer your car for sale on the road, check with the Sunshine Coast Council’s website for the changes to local laws. Council is reminding residents of the region-wide roadside clean-up, which is helping to make local roads safer and look better. It will also improve safety and efficiency by clearing potential hazards. The new approach has already seen an improvement in the look and safety of roads across the region and has had a positive response from the community. For more information about the changes, visit council’s website.

Research Kids Movies Before they watch


The Carer Tribute Gallery is an opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable contribution made by Queensland’s carers to the people they care for and the broader community. To show a carer how much they are appreciated and tell others their story on the Carer Tribute Gallery, visit Submissions close 31 March 2012.

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For the fourth year in a row Sunshine Coast students have shown improvement in the annual NAPLAN testing; in 2011 performing above a national average on basic skills. Year 3 students have led the way in this year’s NAPLAN test results, posting the state’s strongest results for the year level since testing began in 2008. The national testing examines reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy. Independent Schools Queensland has congratulated schools which continue to improve in the national literacy and numeracy tests but has reminded parents not to use the results to judge performance of schools.

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Above average NAPLAN results


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Leaf paper Story Starters

Everyone has a story. Some are shared. Some are secrets. They help us connect, remember, dream. Leaf Story Starter conversation cards aim to help you share your stories, now and into the future. Story Starters make the ideal gift for just about anybody! RRP $19.99

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The Power of


by Luke Goldston

Ask any successful person and they’ll tell you how much of what they’ve achieved came down to simply sticking to their task in spite of the obstacles. Whether it be in pursuit of academic success or sporting glory, most parents would agree perseverance is one of the more important qualities for kids to have; but how to acquire it is not so clear cut. How do we teach our kids not to give up? Is it even something which can be learnt or are some people just born with it? And, if it can be taught, how do we do so? Where does perseverance come from? How much of what we are is our nature versus nurture is an old and endless debate and it may actually be beside the point. In the end, it’s not so much where perseverance comes from, but where your child believes it comes from. One of the key beliefs of motivated and successful children is that they feel that they are in control of whether they succeed or fail. They rarely credit ‘natural’ ability, luck and outside influences with much of a role in their success or failure. Rather they tend to believe that they can overcome obstacles with enough effort and persistence. In a sense, perseverance is a state of mind that can be attained. Perseverance will undoubtedly come more easily to some children than others but there’s no doubt that everyone is born with more than enough. If you think of how many bruising falls the average infant has in learning to walk it’s clear that we’re all allocated a healthy dose of perseverance at birth.


KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

If you think of how many bruising falls the average infant has in learning to walk it’s clear that we’re all allocated a healthy dose of perseverance at birth.

The natural But what about talent, surely that has to count for something? Possibly a lot less than you might think. Although our culture tends to revere the ‘natural’, born with gifts that always shine through, there is less truth in this myth than many people believe. Studies of world class performers in a wide range of fields from music to medicine tend to show very few signs in childhood that would point to their later degree of success. What they do have in common is intensive practice, devoted teachers and strong family support. Talent will undoubtedly play an important role, but perhaps it’s more useful to think of that role as providing the fuel for motivation. A child is more inclined to keep up with difficult tasks if they have an aptitude for them.

Perseverance at Play Developing perseverance can start at a very early age. For instance, giving younger children too many toys to play with is a good way to teach them to drift from activity to activity in search of new stimulation. A little boredom can be beneficial; it helps develop imagination and persistence.

For older kids, distractions will often come in electronic form. Too much TV and video game time can be the enemy of sustained attention spans. On the other hand, kids who learn a musical instrument or a second language are building a great framework for lifelong patience and dedication. On the sporting field, individual endurance sports in particular are associated with persistent personalities.

The myth of multitasking While internet savvy kids might think they’re good at multitasking, the reality is that there’s no such thing as multitasking. The brain can only properly focus on one thing at a time and anything additional is mere distraction. Attempting to do two things at once affects learning and mental abilities quite sharply in both the short and long term.

To quit or not to quit? Kids try lots of different activities on for size; it’s the nature of childhood. Many won’t stick and some may go on to be lifelong interests but most kids will have a natural tendency to just want to do what they find fun. There’s a constant balancing act between the huge range of extracurricular choices available and the need to stick to the few things that will give your kids the most benefit and happiness. At some point, every parent will be confronted by the problem of when it’s appropriate to allow a child to give up on an activity. Everyone will have their own opinions on this one. Somewhere there is a spectrum with an abusive ‘tennis parent’ on one end and the laid back parent who does their kids a disservice by never pushing them at all on the other. While there are no hard and fast rules, here are some general guidelines suggested by psychologists and education experts. • If you take up a team sport or activity, you commit to your teammates for the season. • Set an example. Tales of your past glories are likely to be far less motivating to your kids than watching you participate in something yourself. • Remember that sport and after school activity is not child minding. Get involved and show some interest.

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The do’s and don’ts of praise. Do say: “You worked hard for that, even when it wasn’t easy. You should be proud.”

Don’t say: “That’s the kind of mark a kid with your brains should be getting.” • But not too involved. This is their youth after all, not yours. • Don’t try to take on too much at once. Kids also need time to be bored and make up their own activities. • Not being a ‘natural’ is not necessarily a good reason to quit. Being constantly miserable probably is. • Try to develop motivation that isn’t based entirely on performance. • There will come a time when they chose to quit. As long as they’ve given it a fair shot and have good reasons for it, let them. Learning to make a choice is all part of the game.

The pitfalls of praise When your child excels at something do you tend to praise their results, their talent or their effort? The difference might seem subtle but the effect can be profound. Shocking as it sometimes seems, kids believe what their parents tell them. Up until around mid primary years they tend to believe almost unquestioningly, but even after that your words will have a profound effect. It stands to reason then that praise should be the best way to encourage perseverance. Not quite; it may actually depend on what you praise. Contrary to popular wisdom, behavioural studies have repeatedly shown that praising children for their talent can actually have a negative effect on their effort, performance and enjoyment of learning. That is, while being told they are smart or gifted may give children a temporary boost to their self esteem it also seems to make them less willing to try (and potentially fail) and, if they do fail, more likely to regard that failure as a fundamental flaw in themselves rather than an obstacle to be overcome. Praising for effort, on the other hand, helps kids to attain that state of mind where they believe they have control over their success. It also seems that children who focus on how ‘smart’ or ‘talented’ they are tend to become overly concerned with the measures of performance and the status it gives them. They will actively avoid


KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

There’s an aversion among many education experts to using bribery to achieve results. opportunities to learn if they think there is a good chance of damaging their reputation by hurting their performance. This is not to say that we shouldn’t tell our kids that they are smart or praise them for a good report card, but try to focus more on good effort and self motivation.

The subtle art of bribery Let’s be honest, children are almost infinitely corruptible. When all else fails, many parents turn to some judicious bribery to get them to persevere. Whether the ‘incentive’ of choice is a new toy, TV or computer time or cold, hard cash the real question is “does it actually work”? Well, yes and no. There’s an aversion among many education experts to using bribery to achieve results. They cite research which shows that, while it may give a temporary boost, in the long term it does more harm than good. Harvard economist Roland Fryer explored the idea in a controversial study by giving cash rewards for academic results in some of America’s toughest neighbourhoods. What he found was that incentives didn’t tend to work when they’re given as a pure reward for results. On the other hand, when the actions which tend to be a prerequisite for success were incentivised, like rewards for reading books or completing homework and behaving in class, the students got more noticeable and lasting benefit. Part of the problem is that kids don’t always know how to succeed at something even when they really want to. Use the same principles for more tangible rewards that you use for praise: reward them for actions and behaviour and the results will take care of themselves.

“I don’t have a brain for maths” If Western culture tends to have too much reverence for natural talent, what would an education system which tried to emphasise effort over ability look like? Probably quite like the Japanese and Chinese primary systems. The diligence of Asian students is a stereotype with a strong grain of truth to it, particularly in areas which are easily compared such as maths and science, as

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psychologists Harold Stigler and James Stevenson found with their legendary comparative study of Asian and American schools. But how do they achieve it? Stigler and Stevenson found that, when questioned, American students rated their overall ability much more highly than their Asian counterparts despite the fact that standardised testing showed the opposite was true. This tallies with the theory that the wrong kind of praise may not help performance. In the Asian schools, self esteem was ‘task specific’. Kids weren’t given an artificially inflated or overly general sense of self worth but instead felt rewarded for achieving steps along the path. Also Asian schools tended to instil the belief that performance is very closely linked to effort rather than innate ability. This may help to understand the Asian domination of mathematics in international testing. It’s a field which rewards patient application to a task. How many of us have made the claim that we ‘just aren’t naturally good at maths? This is a concept somewhat alien to Asian educators, who follow the philosophy that anyone can get a math education with the right teaching and the right degree of effort. Some education experts point to the importance of giving students problems without solutions, or difficult problems that require lengthy working to reach a solution. It’s easy to forget that learning is as much about a process as it is achieving a certain result.

Is perseverance enough? The ’10 000 hour rule’ is often cited and almost as regularly misunderstood. The popular version states that, to achieve mastery of an activity (playing an instrument, brain surgery, being a carpenter) around 10 000 hours of practice is required. Think of that as 20 hours a week for 10 years, or a full time job for five years. If that seems like a lot, consider that the average Australian child has logged that much TV time by somewhere in their mid-teens. The rule is based on research which found that violinists could quite accurately be categorised into exceptional, good and mediocre based purely on how much practice time they’d logged over the past 10 years, with 10 000 hours appearing to be the magic number that separated the elite from the rest. Further studies in different fields appeared to confirm the rule. The truth is a little more complex than just showing up and logging the time of course. Although that might be perseverance of a kind, it’s not the right kind. Not just any practice will do, it has to be deliberate, focused and closely supervised by an expert teacher who gives regular feedback. It must be progressed at a challenging but achievable rate and it must concentrate on weaknesses and not just repeat the things which we find fun and easy. This is the reason that most people who do something as a hobby will never achieve mastery no matter how long they try; instead of progressing and improving, they are happy to do what amounts to the same hour 10 000 times.

Tips for motivation Small steps Reward small goals along the way towards the big picture. Kids often don’t have the perspective to understand long term goals but they do understand incremental rewards like reaching a higher belt in martial arts or a grading in music. Sometimes working on even smaller, daily goals can help.

Inspire Motivation that comes from within is always the most powerful. For instance, a child that grows up in a musical house with music loving parents has a much better chance of really wanting to practice music.

Listen Communication and involvement in their life is the key to understanding what drives your kids, knowing when to push them, when to let them back off. Remember that you’re working towards the day when motivation comes entirely from them.

For further reading: Outliers – The story of success - Malcolm Gladwell The Learning Gap – Why our schools are failing and what we can learn from Japanese and Chinese education - H. Stevenson and J. Stigler Have you overcome any challenges with perseverance with your children? Are you working on this very skill at the moment? Join us online or on Facebook to share your experiences or to explore new ideas at or


KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012


Your children and your Will Understandably, many parents are concerned that their children, and their children’s welfare, are protected upon their death. The main issues that arise in discussions are:

Education Trusts – Often parents, and also grandparents, wish to ensure that the education of their children is catered for upon their death. A specific trust can be established within your Will to ensure this is achieved.

Guardianship – a very detailed consideration needs to be given as to who is appointed as a Guardian for your children and why. Guardians are responsible for the upbringing of your children. The Will itself is quite brief in relation to the appointment of the Guardian. A further document providing guidelines for Guardians can be entered into to address issues such as: Where children will reside and with whom; The standard of living; Family cultural and traditional values; Education; Pocket money; Sport and other activities; Health; Personal development.

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YOU’RE IN SAFE HANDS january / february 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


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Acquiesce Massage offers remedial, sports, relaxation, pregnancy and corporate massage with the guarantee of a great healing experience. There is a mobile massage service available across the Sunshine Coast or you can book into the clinic room in Maroochydore. Acquiesce Massage has launched the first of its kind in Queensland, a series of Pregnancy and Labour Massage Workshops for Mums and Dads. Dads are more involved in their children’s lives than ever before but can be unsure of how to help when it comes to pregnancy and labour. In these workshops Dad’s learn how to help throughout the different stages of pregnancy and labour; from back pain, to swollen ankles, to managing contractions. Call today on 0411 053 070 or visit

Brigid Feely, RN RM Ma Midwifery IBCLC, offers Sunshine Coast mothers a unique, comprehensive and caring service. As a lactation consultant she can contribute to improved breastfeeding practices and success rates as she has the ideal qualifications to help and support mothers. As an ‘Eligible Midwife’ the costs incurred by Brigid’s professional services are eligible for a Medicare rebate. Mothers require a referral from their GP, or public health doctor, or their Obstetrician. Mothers may now share care their pregnancy care with Brigid between a public hospital, a General Practitioner or an Obstetrician. Postnatally Brigid is available for home visits and her clinic visits at Minyama clinic. You can phone Brigid directly on 0419729621 or her office on 54784364 for appointments. Breast feeding classes start in FEB. ‘Dodging the minefields of the most natural process’

Call us 0411 053 070 acquiesce massage remedial therapies

Pregnancy Massage Remedial and Sports Massage Swedish and Relaxation Massage + NEW Workshops Pregnancy Massage Workshop for Expecting Parents Labour Massage Workshop for Expecting Parents Mobile Massage to Sunshine Coast & Maroochydore Clinic


KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

Brigid Feely

For pregnancy & postnatal care

Passion to support women through their pregnancy, birth journey and beyond.

Offering help & care to mothers • Specialising in birth plans, birth and lactation planning, and lactation consultation. • Supporting all mothers after discharge from hospital. • Available for home visits or at her clinic in Minyama.

All appointments can be made by phoning 54784364 or 0419729621


Doesn’t your child deserve the best? This year Mount Coolum Day Care (MCDC) will celebrate 20 years of providing quality care on the Sunshine Coast. Proving they are not going to rest on their laurels, in January 2012 Mount Coolum Day Care will again be the Sunshine Coast’s newest and best early learning centre. A stunning transformation has occurred within MCDC’s learning environment. Children will now enjoy fully ducted air conditioning, all new playgrounds with real grass, realistic 2012 synthetic grass and poured colour rubber softfall and new playground equipment. There is also the new black fencing and paint colours both inside and out; a Dulux Infra Cool Technology White Cool Roof and 2012 soft furnishings which have been applied to compliment the new Bali sandpit roofs and landscaping. With the surroundings so exciting and new, parents, staff and children are rapt. Most importantly, MCDC retains the very best Sunshine Coast childcare natural environment of real grass areas, large beautiful melaleucas, cotton trees, triangle palms, leopard trees, grevilleas and the massive entry Ficus; all providing natural shade for your children. Of course there will still be the high quality, caring staff and friendly and safe environment that has stood the test of time.

Top Tips for choosing The righT day care cenTre for your child •

Use your instinct: does it feel right?

Is the centre accredited?

Do you like the staff and are they qualified?

Is the centre clean and well maintained?

Is there enough space to play and shade for sun protection?

Does the centre have a daily timetable which you can see?

What is the procedure for putting children down at sleep time?

Read the centres policies and ensure you are happy with them

And finally is the centre at a convenient location for you?

Why not call in if you are passing and get a feel for the Centre yourself at 30 Suncoast Beach Drive, Mount Coolum, phone 5446 4000 or email for more information. MCDC is pleased to advise they will also be an approved Queensland Government Kindergarten Program provider for 2012 offering your children with an education jumpstart. MCDC is always acredited to the highest standard.

Launching a brand new, transformed...

MOUNT COOLUM DAY CARE CENTRE! The Newest & Best 2012 Sunshine Coast Early Learning Centre with: • Full ducted air conditioning • All new playgrounds with realistic 2012 synthetic grass and poured colour rubber softfall • New playground equipment • New black fencing and paint colours • Soft furnishings • Large real grass & tropical areas


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By Dr Scott Parsons, General Practitioner, Coastal Family Health

My Mother inflicted her version of first aid on me when I was a small child. She was head of intensive care in our family. Most mothers are. Apart from the scrapes and bruises and kiss it better stuff, she was queen of old wives tales. I picked up an iron around the age of 5 and burnt my fingers. She diligently rubbed butter into them whilst I cried with the pain. Eventually they blistered, popped, and healed. A year or so later I had a high fever resulting in bad dreams (I still remember these ) and I can remember her checking my temperature. She looked very worried. I was old enough to see her concern.

did something bordering on common sense, but everything else was probably made up on the spot. Mortality rates were spectacular and the acceptance of death as a part of life is very different from our expectations now. There are many parts of the world today where first aid is the only option, we are very lucky to have the healthcare system we do.

Be prepared

“Why are you so worried Mum?” “Your temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit” “What happens if it gets too high Mum?” “Well dear if it gets over 105 you can get brain damage” So with those reassuring words I dived into the nearest cool bath and quickly started shivering.

From Roman times… There is evidence of first aid dating back to the ancient civilisations. The Roman Legions were the first to have retrieval teams for those soldiers injured in battle and the actual treatment, the first aid, was stolen from the Greeks, such as Hippocrates, considered the Father of Medicine. This was common sense stuff such as splinting a broken limb and stopping blood from wounds. Chopping off infected limbs, were all part of the job description for these early ambos. It is hard to imagine what first aid was like during early human times. Surely there must have been mothers like mine who


KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

In Australia, St John’s Ambulance has a regularly updated manual and thousands of Australians complete their first aid course, or one from many certified first aid organisations. Most homes have a first aid kit, which can vary in size and complexity depending on what sort of injuries the mum is prepared to tackle. With the summer upon us, it makes sense to check the kit. The home check list is probably all that is really needed for minor issues but if you visit the St John’s Ambulance website you will see a whole range of kits, from the camper to the boaty, even a bites and stings kit. For all their first aid kits for Qld check out

carrying a phone seems to be more important than wearing shoes. But love them or hate them they have some amazing uses and they have come into their own regarding first aid. St John’s have produced and excellent application (app) that is relevant to Australian conditions. It is free, sensible and up to date. Download it and practice using it, so you can navigate quickly to the right section. Unfortunately St John’s not yet developed an app for the Android market. There are some are excellent Android apps available, though the free ones do have some scrollbar advertising.

Home check list: • Dressings and bandages and Band-Aids • Triangular bandage for arm slings • Antiseptic solution • Paracetamol ‘in date’. • Antibiotic ointment for small infections • Scissors

Out and About So let’s assume you will be highly unlikely to be carrying a copy of Kids on the Coast in your back pocket when suddenly you are called on to perform first aid; so we won’t go through first aid in detail here. What is more likely though is you will be carrying around a phone. When at the local shopping centre you may notice that

Phones are also useful for their camera. Sometimes there are situations where videotaping or photographing a particular event involving first aid can be quite useful. No, not a macabre video for YouTube, but to help with a particular diagnosis.

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10 week workshops on the Sunshine Coast

Children 4-7 years, and 7-12 years Children: • Learn how to be brave and use assertive communication skills • Develop an understanding of their own and others feelings • Learn how to recognise and self-regulate feelings • Learn strategies to change unhelpful thinking into more helpful thinking • Become aware of their self talk and that they can control what they are thinking • Recognise that our thinking affects the way we feel and the way we behave • Develop empathy skills and ways to use strengths to help others • Learn how to achieve goals or overcome fears • Develop ways to reward themselves for doing their best and having a go • Look for role models and support networks • Explore friendships- what makes a good friend and how to be a good friend

Groups at Maroochydore BOOK NOW for Term 1 2012

For more information or to book your child’s place, call Donna Farman Mobile: O414 674 674

Groups are run by registered teachers and facilitators of the Fun Friends and Friends for Life Programs. These programs are authored by Brisbane psychologist Dr Paula Barrett ( and have been recognised by the World Health Organisation. Research has shown the positive effects of the strategies and skills taught in the program in the prevention of anxiety/depression as well as for general well being and ability to cope with life for all children.

Call Donna 0414 674 674

2 Parent Information sessions included

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first aid in the modern home...

There are many parts of the world today where first aid is the only option, we are very lucky to have the healthcare system we do. Closer to home Let’s look at some first aid situations which are more conducive to our part of the world. This list is just a few examples. Sunburn

Examples include the following: • Seizures. If someone else is present to administer first aid, it is very useful to videotape the actual event as it will help answer questions later on. • Allergic rash. Sudden onset of rash, with lip swelling, possibility of anaphylaxis, if someone is free to take some photos or videotape the episode to clearly establish what sort of reaction occurred, this can be useful later when discussing it with your doctor. • Snake bite. It is important to try and identify the snake, to ensure the right anti-venom is given. It is ill-advised to catch the snake but picture from a safe distance is useful. This is not advisable if you are the victim. Ring the ambulance first and stay still.


KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

After our last few summers it would be more pertinent to include a section on flooding! But here’s hoping we have some summer days. Sunburn is a superficial burn to the exposed skin. This can occur as quickly as 15minutes. Prevention is the ideal, but doctors still see parents presenting with cases of significant sunburn in toddlers and infants. The management is very similar to other burns. Cool compresses, leave blisters alone and paracetamol. There is no place for ‘butter’ (sorry Mum) or any other products. Aloe Vera is trendy and cooling, but there is no evidence it enhances healing.

wrapping a bandage or clothing firmly from the fingers or toes as far up the limb as possible, splint and elevate the limb. Any venom left on the skin can be used to accurately detect which snake caused the bite.

Bluebottle Jellyfish Gently remove the remaining tentacles with sea water (ideally wearing gloves).Place affected area in a bucket of hot water (45 degrees) for 10 - 15mins. This will denature the protein and dramatically improves the pain. Cold water and vinegar are not recommended.

Spider bites Apply ice and if a funnel web or redback spider (or unknown), call an ambulance. Spider bites are very painful whereas snake bites are painless.

Other insects Such as wasp, bee, centipede, scorpion - apply ice. This numbs the area lessening the discomfort and lessens the spread of the toxin.



A common home accident is a toddler reaching up and grabbing a cup of coffee. These can be particularly nasty and if it involves the face or extensive parts of the chest keep applying cold water and you will need to get to the nearest emergency department.

Unlike in small animals where paralysis is an issue, in children the tick is annoying and simply needs removing. There are myriads of ways of removing these. I favour the lasso method with a granny knot in a piece of cotton tightened after being placed over the tick. This theoretically compresses the jaws allowing for easier extraction.

Snake BITES Whilst waiting for the ambulance lie the patient down. Do not touch the wound or wipe away venom. Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage. This involves


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Tues 10 | Wed 11 | Thurs 12 January 2012 1-2yrs: 9- 9.45am | 2-3yrs: 9.45- 10.45am | 3-5yrs: 10.45- 11.45am

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You can book for the three days or single days,

phone 5455-8344.

NLC - Wallace Park, Noosaville (opposite Noosa Library)

kids at school?

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Gina Baruch

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Specialising in babies from 6 weeks and children up to age 5 years • Survival and swimming skills • Heated pool and heated change room We offer a personal and nurturing environment for your child

Call Gina on 5446 1087 for more information 21 Banksia Avenue, Coolum Beach

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inal The Orig st Be e and th nal io t a c u Ed e o t toy s r

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first aid in the modern home...

I survived my Mother’s first aid. Most injuries and minor ailments will improve no matter what is done. This is a list of some of the false advice that our home intensive care specialists used to swear by.

What to avoid Upper limb injuries Usually this is a fall on an outstretched hand which results in either a fracture to the wrist, forearm, elbow or collar bone. In all these cases immobilise the arm with either a bandage or even using the clothing worn and seek medical attention.

Knocked out permanent tooth Gently clean tooth with saliva or water, and then replace in socket. If this is not possible store in milk or saliva (anyone’s) and try and get to a dentist within 30mins.

A word (or two) about fever in children There is absolutely no evidence that a high fever from an infection can cause brain damage. The most important aspect of a fever is that this indicates some sort of infection, and the cause of this needs to be established, particularly in infants and toddlers. About 3% of children can suffer a seizure with a temperature, usually this is a one off event though frightening. There is no evidence that controlling the fever with medications or cool compresses will prevent this from occurring. The good news is that febrile seizures are not serious. For more information on fevers and febrile seizure see the Melbourne Royal Children’s website,

(and the appropriate alternative) + Do not place butter on burns; cold water only please

+ Do not use raw steak on a black eye; frozen peas more effective, cheaper and safer

+ Cold bath for fevers can increase the metabolism making the child worse; a cool compress to forehead and neck is all that is needed

+ Do not use steam for croup: there is no evidence whatsoever for this and was proven to be useless in the 1980s

+ Do not urinate on blue bottle sting; hot water (45 degrees) is far more effective

Now all I have to do is teach Mum to use a smartphone. Surely there is an app for that. For more information visit

Minimum group size of 6 people only - 7 days a week

WE COME TO YOU (in your own home or venue of your choice)

1300 853 050 20

KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

Royal Children’s Hospital: au St John Ambulance (Qld):

“Bella Grace Brightwater" OPENING JANUARY 2012 enrolments now being taken

january / february 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst



Early learning centre introduces multilingual program The golden age of learning for children is considered to be before the age of five, when a child’s mind absorbs knowledge more rapidly and successfully than any other time during their lives, which is the basis for which New Leaf Early Learning will be introducing a second language in the centre from the start of 2012. Education experts place much emphasis on learning during this early development stage in children due to a higher number of synapses and greater plasticity in a young child’s brain. In addition research indicates that the window for learning a foreign language, including syntax and pronunciation, begins to close as young as six years old. New Leaf Centre Director, Carolyn Watson believes that children who grow up in Australia are seldom exposed to foreign languages at an early age and in an effort to increase the uptake of a second language amongst children and students as they get older we are excited to integrate the Alpha Types French Program into our centre. “There are many significant educational benefits for children learning a second language from improving brain development to building confidence,” said Carolyn Watson. “A second language can enhance the academic skills of students by increasing their reading, writing and mathematics acuity; often bilingual children also grasp linguistic concepts such as words having several meanings well in advance of their monolingual counterparts.”

Numerous research studies, from noted universities, doctors and early childhood experts around the world, have confirmed the dramatic value in learning another language. “Studies have indicated that people who are competent in more than one language outscore those who are speakers of only one language on tests of verbal and non-verbal intelligence. A second language alters grey matter in much the same way as exercise builds muscle, and the impact is often greater the earlier the language is learnt,” said Carolyn Watson. The play based program is designed for children from 18 months to five years and uses a range of activities to meet the needs of children who have different learning styles, systematically introducing and reinforcing key concepts and vocabulary to ensure maximum language acquisition. “The lessons are full of signing, music, storytelling, games and physical activities as well as arts and craft to capture the imagination and immerse the children in language,” said Carolyn Watson. “With enough practice and time we are confident that children can become fluent, and the younger they start the better their likelihood of success.” For further information on the program or centre enquiries please call 5453 7077.

Visit us at our Open Week, January 17, 18, 19 from 10am – 12pm


Enquire now about our Alpha Tykes French Program


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Psychology Clinic & Centre for Autism




Life is about to get a whole lot easier for you and your child!


“Helping Children with Autism” provider


der Tania Marshall, M.Sc., Foun -Practice Manager Psychologist & Michelle

10110010 11001011

A wide variety of groups running each school term

BRAND NEW GROUP STARTING! Sensory Detective Groups (SDG) run by “Nelle Frances”, author of ‘Ben and his Helmet’ series!


For all enquiries, please contact Amanda or Michelle at 5446 3790 To view testimonials go to


“Thanks to this program, my child has been able to make a real friend for the first time in his life”






10110010 00100111 11001011

Medicare and private health rebates available

MindMattrz Foundation is now accepting donations and funding to provide FREE services to disadvantaged families






MindMattrz Education centre is NOW OPEN!! Offers tutoring, psychoeducational assessment, IEP support, school visits, advocacy and presentations to schools, businesses and the community.



psychologist/ABA Thera sisted er), Nevaeh, (animal-as Facilitator and qualified teach (administrative assistant) nda Ama , dog) py thera



ialist/ ... Natasha (Autism Spec WE WELCOME t Society pist), Kristen (Secret Agen




MindMattrz is a specialist clinic committed to helping families with a wide range of conditions. In addition, we specialize in child, teen and adult assessment, diagnosis and intervention of Aspergers Syndrome and Autism.


For a prospectus or tour please call Janelle on 5451 3600



See you there!











A Nurturing and Educational environment striving for Excellence



• W am eH gr Cl ro e as a p sr v n d ve O oom e Hig mo B ffe r pro hly ses p o f etrai si rin na lue guag ned r te g E ons & a a g staff er lon •V an 6 gd • Kind • xtra dl ays A on c c th u e a s r vaila na 5m ble! our tur ricula s 1 i n r ac al for • Italia ti e

ye a r el y s la!

Emergency care also available


At Suncoast Little Learners we: Solve puzzles and experiment Use our imaginations Paint, design and create Sing and dance Share stories and rhymes Visit the Computer Lab Borrow books from the Library And most importantly... We explore, laugh and have fun! 3 Nurturing programs available: 2, 3 and 5 days a week.



Affordable Pre-Prep Care



Get ready for FUN!


vities nv i ron men t


g no


An initiative of

SUNCOAST CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Select positions still available in some classrooms

Call us today for a no-obligation tour of the centre

5472 0505

at 11 Kauri St Cooroy.


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Social Skills: AT SCHOOL

by Michelle MacFarlane


hat’s the major factor influencing a child’s academic success? Ask parents this question, and most are likely to answer ‘intelligence’. It seems obvious that a child’s IQ would be the most important factor in how well they learn at school. But there’s more to it than that. While intelligence does play its part, an increasing number of researchers and educators are suggesting that academic outcomes are greatly influenced by a child’s social skills; their ability to listen, speak, cooperate, share, empathise, read others’ emotions and the like. How do social skills, the skills that enable us to get along with others, influence a child’s ability to learn? And how can you help your child to develop good social skills for school?

What the research says When trying to assess how different factors influence learning outcomes, it’s difficult to separate and rank all the issues affecting any one child. But recent research on groups of children suggests that good social skills are a major contributor to good learning, from a very young age. In a 2002 study in the United States, child development experts Professor Cybele Raver and Dr Jane Knitzer found that children who behaved in antisocial ways did more poorly in early schooling than their more emotionally positive counterparts. In the same year, a long-term US study by educational psychologists Professor Steve Elliott and Christine Malecki found that well-developed social skills were positively correlated with academic success. More recently, researchers have investigated whether the introduction of social and emotional skills programs into schools is affecting students’ academic


KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

performance. Their findings seem conclusive. For example, a 2004 study found that American students who completed a social and emotional skills program had test scores that averaged 14% higher than those who didn’t complete one. And a recent review of 213 American schools found that children recorded an 11% improvement in academic scores after participating in a social and emotional skills program. Closer to home, Education Queensland has published a Guide to social and emotional learning in Queensland state schools. After considering all the available research, the guide notes that “Promoting students’ social and emotional skills is critical to improving their academic performance”.

In the classroom So what kind of social-skills problems are most common at school, and how do they affect a child in the classroom?

Prep teacher Lesley has taught in Queensland schools for 25 years. She says social-skills problems generally fall into recognisable categories. “The children who face social difficulties are often aggressive or disruptive, or very shy,” she says. “You sometimes also get children who are very quirky, or children who have difficulties because they’re not quite as mature as the other kids. For example, their language might not be as advanced, or maybe their thinking skills aren’t as developed.” Lesley’s seen all of these issues affect a child’s ability to learn. “With an aggressive child, often the other children will start to alienate them, so the gap between that child and the group becomes bigger…What often happens then is that the child spends all their time trying to become part of the group, and that distracts them from learning.

Coolum Beach Christian College Give your child an education where they are

Discover why parents and kids love our excellent Prep facility and program. Book now for 2012. Some places from Prep to Year 12 available.

Supported, Challenged and Inspired Good Shepherd Lutheran College is a dynamic P-12 Co-ed Christian College with: An International Baccalaureate (IB) program for Primary and Middle Years (candidate) Engaging and challenging academic, cultural and sporting programs Excellent academic record in NAPLAN testing and with OP results Laptop for every Year 6-12 student An affordable, all inclusive fee schedule

Modern facilities, caring staff and very competitive fee structure including sibling discounts and a scholarship program.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the school office on 5446 4780 to receive a prospectus, or arrange a school tour. Email:

Call us today to start your child’s journey with Good Shepherd Lutheran College.

vacancies for 2012

Good Shepherd Lutheran College provides quality Christian education in a caring environment. 115 Eumundi Road, Noosaville 5455 8600

- 3 different session times providing 15 hrs per week - long serving, caring staff. - large, natural, open, play spaces. - well-equipped learning environments


l Park memoria t and hplay) tshirt ap ditions (con

call Us noW on 5443 1661

Prep at Immanuel Prep at Immanuel... make the right choice Finding the right school with supportive and nurturing teachers will set your child on a path of lifelong learning. That’s where we come in... With places still available for Prep 2013, call us today and find out what makes an Immanuel education so special. Immanuel… where everyone is someone.

Immanuel Lutheran College Irene Dabinet, Enrolment Registrar T: 5477 3441 E:

january / february 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


EDUCATION Kids who are good at anger management, problem-solving and conflict resolution generally do much better in a school environment.

“Shyness can also affect a child in so many ways; their confidence in a group setting, their ability to attend to the teacher, their willingness to answer questions, to make friends with other children.

social skills with help from their parents. In the case of aggressive or disruptive children, Dr Carr-Gregg is a strong believer in mum and dad setting boundaries and sticking to them.

“A quirky child could be one who is overly attentionseeking, or perhaps has an obsession with something. The other kids will play with them for a little while, but then they’ll have enough of it. And a child who isn’t quite as mature will often find that the other children are always just that step ahead of them. Whenever a kid is socially challenged, I think it definitely affects their ability to learn to their potential.”

“I think one obviously has to assess whether or not there’s some deep-seated psychological problem, or whether this is a behavioural issue. If it is a behavioural issue, then I think the strategy that works best, and it’s proven, is that you praise the child every time that they don’t behave that way, and you reward them; and every time that they do, you warn them and then there’s time out. And I believe that all the evidence from Triple P [Positive Parenting Program}, all the research internationally, shows that there is no better way of, essentially, training a child to behave,” he says.

A child’s social skills also affect their ability to form a positive relationship with their teacher. This is critical to learning, says child and adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. Dr Carr-Gregg is an Australian authority on school bullying, a parenting expert, and a clinical psychologist who works with children in his Melbourne practice. “What the research tells us is that the greatest predictor of academic success is the relationship that children have with their teacher,” says Dr Carr-Gregg. “Now, if you’ve got good social and emotional competencies, a capacity to read and recognise and name other people’s thoughts and feelings, clearly that’s going to give you an advantage in that respect. “Kids who are good at anger management, problemsolving and conflict resolution generally do much better in a school environment because they feel safe, they feel valued, they feel listened to and, generally, they get on very well with their teachers.”

What can parents do? All children will need help at some point to develop the kinds of social skills that Dr Carr-Gregg describes. While some children may have serious problems that require clinical treatment, many can improve their


KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

Teacher Lesley agrees that it’s vital for parents to set boundaries, follow through, and be consistent.

A recent review of 213 American schools found that children recorded an improvement in academic scores after participating in a social and emotional skills program.


“It is really, really important that you have the boundaries, you have the consequences of not abiding by those boundaries, and you follow through. If you’re still really struggling, maybe it’s worth enrolling in something like Triple P,’ she says. If you’re the parent of a shy child, Dr Carr-Gregg recommends changing their thinking patterns and what he calls their ‘self talk’.

“Kids who are shy essentially have a problem with their internal monologue,” he says. “What this boils down to is that they have developed along the way a very significant level of concern over external negative evaluation — in other words, they’re worried about what people are going to say about them… it’s exaggerated in their minds. “The secret of trying to help those children is to get them to recognise when they’re thinking in these unhelpful, self-defeating ways, and teach them to challenge it and replace their thoughts with more useful, more helpful, more adaptive ways of thinking about the world.” Shy children may also benefit from being encouraged to participate in group activities outside of school. Ann, the mother of a bright but shy daughter, found this helpful when her daughter’s shyness started affecting her school performance. “A teacher first spoke to us about it in Year 2,” she says. “She said that when Charlotte spoke in front of the group, she couldn’t speak loudly enough to be heard, and she seemed paralysed by nerves. It got worse in Year 3 when they had to do it more often, and the school suggested that we see the guidance counsellor. “The guidance counsellor started using terms like ‘social anxiety’, which I didn’t really feel comfortable with. But we did decide that we needed to work constructively, to become more proactive about the issue.” Ann realised that Charlotte was more confident when she could prepare before speaking in public, so Charlotte’s teacher agreed to give her more warning about when she would be called on to speak, even if it was just to answer a question. This helped to reduce her anxiety in class.

Caloundra City Private School CRICOS NO: 03241C

CC18546 Kids on the Coast 199Wx125H D OL FA.indd 1

13/10/11 2:53 PM

Take the opportunity to tour our School on our OPEN DAY

6th MARCH 2012

january / february 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst



Shy children may also benefit from being

encouraged to participate in group activities outside of school.

“We also tried to do some things to boost her confidence outside of school. I think that being smart often isn’t valued by other kids, so we wanted to help her find other strengths. We got her involved in soccer, swimming and little athletics, and enrolled her in a drama group.

able to provide strategies, and schools are increasingly recognising their role in teaching social skills. With the support of Education Queensland, many state schools have introduced programs such as You Can Do It!, an Aussie Optimism Program, and the Friends for Life program. Many independent schools have done likewise.

“It’s been really good. She’s far more confident now, both in those other activities and at school. She’s in Year 4, and is actually volunteering to speak in class.”

Social and emotional skills will also be part of Australia’s new national curriculum. A module on ‘Emotional resilience’ will be included in the new Health and Physical Education syllabus, which is due to be introduced some time after 2013.

If your child is ‘quirky’, teacher Lesley says it helps to explain to them that not every other child will share their habits or their particular obsession. “You need to point out to your child that an obsession is alright to a point, but that other kids do want to have a change,” she says. As for those who struggle due to immaturity, Lesley says that usually resolves itself over time.

What are schools doing? Thankfully, it’s not all up to parents. Teachers should be

Don’t give up hope It can be very confronting to realise that your child is struggling with their social skills at school and upsetting to see that struggle affect their happiness and ability to learn. While it’s important to help your child develop good social skills, it’s also important to keep things in perspective. As Charlotte’s case illustrates, many children who need help with social skills respond well, to become happy,

functioning members of the school community. And good schools and teachers are increasingly providing support in this area. It’s also important to remember that not every child is the same. While we need to help each child learn to behave within socially acceptable norms, we also need to teach acceptance and appreciation of difference. As teacher Lesley says, that’s one of the positive things about school. “It’s just like real life, isn’t it?” she says. “You have to learn to deal with different kinds of people, learn to be with other people who are different and have different ideas. “The other children are also learning to deal with diversity, so they’re learning life-long skills as well. “As a teacher, it’s much richer and more interesting. That’s what makes it so great — all the different personalities.”

Further reading: Education Queensland’s page on social and emotional learning: A dozen tips for overcoming shyness, plus a list of storybooks about individuals who overcame shyness and went on to success.

Pre-Prep Education from 3 years - CCB approved • Free weekly specialist teacher lessons in Music & Sport • Weekly visits to onsite Junior Primary Library & regular onsite Farm excursions • Qualified teachers presenting a fun and educational Kindergarten program • $64 per day (up to 10 hours) including afternoon tea P: 5451 3333



KiDs on tHe CoAst – january / february 2012

FREE SUNGLASSES for your children when they get their eyes examined by a Looking Smart Optometrist.

Did you know… 30% of children have some type of eye condition that affects vision? In most cases if the eye condition is detected early enough, exercises can be given to avoid it developing into a vision problem at school. In some cases vision problems exhibit themselves in children who have short attention spans but often are undetected by the parents or carers.

Free pair of sunglasses (Up to RRP $19.95) for each of your children when they have an eye examination with a Looking Smart Optometrist. (Age Limit from 2 years - 12 years)

Easy parking Tests are fun for children

At Looking Smart Optometrists we recommend a vision test for every child who is 2 years of age or older. We bulk bill all eye tests so it costs you nothing to have it done, and you can feel secure that you are looking after your child’s eyesight.

The test takes approx 15 minutes

Looking Smart Optometrists bulk bill

All eye examinations provided the patient has a Medicare or DVA card

Phone: 5439 7844

Near Coles at Pelican Waters Shopping Centre, Pelican Waters Blvd, Pelican Waters Email: info@LSOPTOM.COM january / february 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


C a l e n da r Sunshine Coast 2012

January Every Monday & Friday

Let the Children Live Show Where: Goodlife Community Centre, 100 Buderim Pines Drive, Buderim When: MON 9:30am, FRI10:30am Sing, dance, learn and play at the Let the Children live shows as they explore beach safety, jobs on the farm, creatures in the garden, places to visit in the city and keeping your body healthy. Cost: Child $5 (cash only). Adults FREE. Details: php

January 8

Family Day Where: Noosa Regional Gallery When: 11am - 2pm Inspired by the works of local exhibiting artist, Dale Leach, children and families will purr with excitement over the frenzy of feline inspired activities. Cost: FREE. No Bookings required. Details: 5449 5340

A calendar of regular weekly events is available online. For details of playgroups, library activities, weekly sporting events, craft classes, Australian Breastfeeding Association meeting times and much more, visit

Giant Inflatable Fun Where: Swim Fit Cotton Tree, Nambour & Coolum Aquatic Centres When: Cotton Tree: Mon / Wed / Fri 11am - 2pm Nambour: Tue &Thurs 9am -11am Coolum: Tues & Thurs 10am - 1pm Details:Try your skill on the Giant Inflatables, splash around in the toddler pool at Nambour or enjoy the amazing Water Park at Cotton Tree! Cost: $8 per child on inflatable @ Nambour and Cotton Tree. $7.50 @ Coolum. All children 12 & under must be accompanied by a paying adult. Details:

Each week, Monday to Saturday

Maleny Dairies Farm & Factory Tours Where: Maleny Dairies, McCarthy’s Rd, Maleny When: 10:30am & 2:30pm This interactive tour includes hand milking demonstrations, a tour of the dairy and a baby animal farm. Bring a picnic and enjoy the countryside. Kiosk now open with coffees, milkshakes, soft serves and sundaes. Cost: $9 per person Details:

January 1 - January 22

Summer School Holidays Where: Australia Zoo When: 9am - 5pm daily Cuddle a koala, hand-feed Asian Elephants, walk with a Sumatran Tiger and watch a crocodile launch from the waters edge! Australia Zoo is the ultimate wildlife adventure delivering conservation through exciting education. Cost: Adults $59; Children (3 -14 years) $35; Pensioners / Students $47 Details: or 5436 2000

Where: Sunshine Plaza, Riverwalk Stage Time: 11am & 1pm Join Roary the Racing Car for this high octane mix of fun, emotion, mishaps and mayhem while you sing & dance along to your favourite Roary tunes. Cost: FREE Details:

Summer ArtScool

January 9 to 13 & 16 to 20

Where: Maleny & Beerwah Libraries When: Maleny 10 - 11:30am Beerwah 1:30 - 3:00pm Children will extend their drawing skills on scratch art paper using local nautical themes. A unique experience for the children to learn a variety of new techniques and skills whilst having fun exploring line, shape and pattern. (Ages 8– 15). Cost: $15 per workshop. Please book. Details: Maleny Library 5435 3100. Beerwah Library 5439 2500.

Kids Club Craft with Lisa Where: Noosa Civic, Food Court When: 10am - 2pm daily Join Lisa in the Food Court and get hands on by creating something unique to take home with you. All craft supplied. Cost: FREE Details: P: 5440 7900

January 14

January 19

January 14 to 22

Cinderella at the Disco

Aero Engine Run Day

Lifeline Bookfest

Where: Lake Kawana Community Centre When: 10am An interactive stage show suitable for children aged three to 11 years. Cinderella works so hard to keep her step-mother and step-sisters happy but nothing is ever good enough! Will Cinderella get to go to the Disco and meet Prince Perfect? She really needs a miracle! Cost: $13 each / Groups 8+ $11 Details: P: 5413 1400

Where: Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra When: 10am - 4pm The Queensland Air Museum presents its collection of historic operational aircraft engines in a special display of aviation horsepower. Cost: Adult $12, Concession $9, Child $7, Family (2 adults, 3 children) $26. Price includes regular museum display. Details: P: 5492 5930 E:

Where: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Around 25,000 books are ready to sell and raise funds for Lifeline Brisbane’s free face-to-face counselling support, specialist counselling programs for children and families, suicide prevention and awareness programs, and the 24-hour Crisis Counselling Line. Cost: FREE entry Details:

Australia Day Australia Zoo When: 8am - 5pm Celebrate the most Australian day of the year when Australia Zoo opens their doors early at 8am. Fill up on billy tea and damper and don’t miss your chance to enter the major prize draw! Cost: Adults $59; Children (3 – 14 years) $35; Pensioners / Students $47 Details: W: P: 5436 2000

January 14 to 22

Australia Day Celebrations: Where: Kings Beach Amphitheatre, Caloundra When: 10am - 5pm A great day of family fun with live entertainment, workshops, activities and market stalls expressing the national diversity that has become an important part of the Australian national character. Cost: FREE. Alcohol and glass free event. Details:

January 27, 28 & 29

Ginger Flower & Food Festival Where: The Ginger Factory When: 10am - 4pm The Ginger Factory will burst into bloom with the very first ginger flowers and Heliconias for the year unveiled at the annual Ginger Flower & Food Festival. This three-day Festival will be filled with loads of entertainment, glorious food and of course…flowers! Cost: FREE admission Details:

January 15 - Sunny Coast Baby and Kids Market - 8am – 12noon Where: Caloundra Indoor Stadium. Pre-loved handmade clothes for under-fives. Cost: Entry $2 Details: P: 0410 466 402 January 27 & February 24 - Nambour Moonlight Market - 5pm til 9pm Where: Town Square, Low Street, Nambour. The Nambour Friday Moonlight Market is more than a market. It is a community event with food, fun and entertainment for the whole family. Details: or (07) 5441 8339 KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012


January 6 & 13 - Eumundi Markets - 5 til 9pm Enjoy a relaxed night out, with market food stalls, art and craft stalls, and fabulous entertainment including live music, performances by comedic juggler Great Scott, craft workshops for kids, and free outdoor movies. The movies start at 6.30pm(ish) Jan 6 - Happy Feet, Jan 13 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Details:


Old McDonalds Farm Where: Noosa Civic, Woolworths end When: 10am - 2pm daily Get hands on by patting and playing with baby farm animals including piglets and lambs in a custom built mini farm. Cost: FREE Details: P: 5440 7900

January 13

January 9 to 13

Roary the Racing Car Live Show

January 2 to 6

Kids Club at Noosa Civic

January 21

Back to School Party Where: Maroochy RSL, Mystery Island Kids Club When: From 7pm Summer was fun, but school is great! It’s a back to school party, so don’t be late! Cost: Mystery Island Entry: $2.50 members/$4.50 non members Details: mystery-island P: 5443 2211

January 28

Outback Party Where: Maroochy RSL, Mystery Island Kids Club When: From 7pm You little rippa, get on down to Mystery Island for our fair dinkum Aussie Outback Party. Cost: Mystery Island Entry: $2.50 members/$4.50 non members Details: mystery-island P: 5443 2211

February 18 - Baby and Kids Market - 9am til 12noon Where: Lake Kawana Community Centre. The original Baby & Kids Market! Quality pre-loved goods by great brands at bargain prices, and some unique new goods. Prams, toys, clothes, books, shoes and more! Everything you need for your kids 0-7 years. Cost: $3 entry, Kids FREE Details: February 19 - Sunny Coast Baby and Kids Market - 8am til 12noon Where: Nambour PCYC, Youth Ave. Pre-loved handmade clothes for under-fives. Cost: Entry $2 Details: or phone 0410 466 402 February 19 - Mamma’s Market - 9am til 1pm Where: Buderim War Memorial Hall, Cnr Main St and Gloucester Rd. Mamma’s Market is a high quality boutique style monthly market with a focus on handmade, unique items and services catering for pregnancy, baby, children and family. Details:

February February 8

February 1

Heart Kids National Awareness Month Organisation: HeartKids Australia HeartKids supports children with heart diseases, as well as their families, including those who have lost young children. Heart Kids works towards reducing both the incidence and the mortality rates of childhood heart disease.

Jo Frost Live

Term 1: February to March

February 7

The Great Schools Race

Meet Bananas in Pyjamas

Where: Noosa Civic Shop at Noosa Civic and earn points for your chosen school. Schools and customers win. Cost: FREE Details: W: P: 5440 7900

Where: Sunshine Plaza When: 9am - 12noon Meet Bananas in Pyjamas and receive a novelty balloon. Cost: FREE Details:

February 18

February 11

Crazy Hat Party and Parade Where: Maroochy RSL, Mystery Island Kids Club When: From 7pm Come join Mystery Island for our very own crazy hat party and parade. Cost: Mystery Island Entry: $2.50 members/$4.50 non members Details: www./ mystery-island P: 5443 2211

February 25

MI Factor Talent Show Where: Maroochy RSL, Mystery Island Kids Club When: From 7pm Acting, singing, dancing, jokes, story or poem reciting...have you got talent you’d like to share? Come on don’t be shy! Show us what you can do at Mystery Island’s very own, ‘MI Factor’ Talent Show! Cost: Mystery Island Entry: $2.50 members/$4.50 non members Details: mystery-island P: 5443 2211

February 12th

Family Day Where: Noosa Regional Gallery When: 11am - 2pm Inspired by the works of exhibiting artists, children and families will explore painting activities with trees, trucks and trinkets! Cost: FREE Details: 5449 5340. No Bookings required.

February 14 -

Valentines Day

Australia Zoo Valentines Day When : 9am - 5pm daily Enjoy a magical day with animal magnetism competitions, great prizes, free face painting and free kids’ rides! Cost: Adults $59; Children (3 – 14 years) $35; Pensioners / Students $47 Details: P: 5436 2000

Mater Little Miracles Ball Where: Brisbane Convention & Entertainment Centre Join us for a magical evening at the 2012 Mater Little Miracles Ball and help make little miracles happen. You’ll enjoy gourmet food and fine wine, fabulous entertainment and amazing prizes, and best of all, you’ll help raise funds to assist Mater in providing exceptional care to our little patients. Details:

February 23

Ovarian Cancer Australia’s Teal Ribbon Day Organisation: Ovarian Cancer Australia Teal Ribbon Day remembers those who have been lost to ovarian cancer, as well as supporting those who are still fighting it. The entire month of February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

holiday camps

tickets on sale

January 2 to 20 (weekdays) Ocean Ranger School Holiday Program Where: UnderWater World, Mooloolaba. When: Half day programs run between 8:30am and 12:30pm & 1pm and 5pm. Full day programs between 8:30am and 2:30pm.Why not get your kids into a fully supervised full or half day school holiday program that will inspire them to become Ocean Rangers? Your child will have the exclusive opportunity to feed, touch and meet some amazing UnderWater World animals. Cost: Half day - $50 plus any additional siblings participating on the same day will be $45 each child. Full day - $75 plus any additional siblings participating on the same day will be $67.50 each child. Details: P: 07 5458 6280 E: shark@

Mary Poppins December 30 to March 17 Lyric Theatre, QPAC, Brisbane

Annie 7 April 2012 QPAC, Brisbane

The Wizard of Oz February 10 - 19 QPAC, Brisbane

Erth’s Dinosaur Petting Zoo 3 & 4 May 2012 The J, Noosa

The Gruffalo’s Child 17 Mar 2012 The Events Centre, Caloundra

The Nutcracker on Ice 20 to 24 June 2012 QPAC, Brisbane

Sesame Street Presents: Elmo’s World Tour 27 March 2012 Nambour Civic Centre

James and the Giant Peach January 5 to 21 Cremorne Theatre, QPAC, Brisbane

How to Train your Dragon 28 Mar 28 - 1 Apr 2012 Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Angelina Ballerina’s Big Audition January 7 to 13 Playhouse, QPAC, Brisbane

January 7 to 14 & 14 to 21 Horse Riding Camp Where: Kiah Park When: Daily. Is your child a horse lover? Send them on a horse riding camp these school holidays. All riding abilities are catered for and absolute beginner riders are welcome. Day Trips and Trail Rides also available. Cost: Contact Kiah Park for pricing. Details: January 16 to 20. Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre - Summer Camp 2012 Love to sing? Love to dance? Just want to perform? Summer Camp 2012 is a five-day intensive workshop that will cover all aspects of performance in Musical Theatre, and will include a Showcase Performance at the end. Cost: $165 Registration Fee, which includes all Tuition, Camp T-shirt and CD. Bookings close January 6. Details:

Where: Brisbane Entertainment Centre When: 7:30pm Unlock the key to happy, confident and loving relationships with toddlers, preteens and teenagers and be empowered as a parent when you learn from Super Nanny, Jo Frost, that it’s the small changes you make that have the biggest impact, changing the relationship you have with your kids forever. Cost: $65 - $135 Details:

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival January 9 & 10 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Cinderella - Ballet Theatre of Queensland January 18 to 21 Playhouse, QPAC, Brisbane

* We publish information based on what is supplied to us - to the best of our knowledge all details were correct at time of printing, however we do recommend you check event details with the organisers.

JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


January School Holiday Activities Library and Gallery Services



Contact details/ RSVP: 5499 5444


Contact details/ RSVP: 5420 8299

COOROY LIBRARY Contact details/ RSVP: 5454 9000

COOLUM LIBRARY Contact details/ RSVP: 5343 2000


Monday 9 Juggle Balls Make simple juggling balls out of balloons.

Wednesday 11 Wii Comp: Are you a Wii Champion?

Tuesday 10 Australian Animal Magnets Make unique fridge magnets

Friday 13 Summer Artscool

Tuesday 10 Ani-Movie: Come and create your own stop motion movies using lego, plasticine, figurines and your imagination. Edit your final product and burn to a DVD.

Tuesday 17 Split-pin Pals: Make and decorate your own split pin pal. Wednesday 18 Science Session: Science experiments with materials from your kitchen!


Thursday 12 Clan Wars/RuneScape: Come along and battle in the PVP world.

Tuesday 10 Avatar Creations Create virtual avatars of yourself, to wear or swap.

Friday 13 Knitting Workshop: Learn to knit with Lynda Waycott.

Wednesday 11 Kids Nite In: Literacy based fun and games for the whole family.


Thursday 12 Let’s All Fly a Kite: Make a kite to fly in the park or on the beach.

Contact details/ RSVP: 5458 6500


Contact details/ RSVP: 5446 0101

MAROOCHYDORE LIBRARY Contact details/ RSVP: 5475 8900

MALENY LIBRARY Contact details/ RSVP: 5435 3100

NOOSA LIBRARY Contact details/ RSVP: 5442 4411

full details including times, please contact your local library or visit our Facebook page for full program.

Tuesday 17 Kids in the Kitchen: Simple recipes for budding young chefs. Tuesday 17 Fruity Tales: Smoothies and simple recipes for tween chefs. Wednesday 18 Party Games Play traditional party games including Limbo, musical chairs, and much more. Thursday 19 Travel Buddies - Softies Make unique, soft and huggable toys.


Saturday 7 Kids Club Children’s art activities, based on current exhibition.


Tuesday 10 Make Your Own Calendar Bring along a photo to decorate your new calendar with. Tuesday 17 Australian Animal Magnets Make unique Fridge magnets. Thursday 19 Juggle Balls Make simple juggling balls out of balloons.


Wednesday 11 No Sew Dolls: Bring along selection of old stretchy socks to make huggable dolls and puppies.

Tuesday 10 Mask Madness Make funny, scary and goofy personalised masks.

COOROY LIBRARY Contact details/ RSVP: 5454 9000


Tuesday10 Pet Rocks: Make your very own pet rock!

KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

Monday 16 Softies or Travel Buddies: Make unique, soft and huggable toys. Tuesday 17 Ani-Movie: Come and create your own stop motion movies using lego, plasticine, figurines and your imagination. Edit your final product and burn to a DVD. Tuesday 17 Let’s All Fly a Kite: Make a kite to fly in the park or on the beach. Wednesday 18 Mask Madness: Make funny, scary and goofy personalised masks. Thursday 19 Clan Wars/RuneScape: Come along and battle in the PVP world. Friday 20 Knitting Workshop: Learn how to knit with Lynda Waycott.

KAWANA LIBRARY Tuesday 3 Art Class: Learn the art of painting. Monday 9 Bark Art Tuesday 10 Art Class: Learn the art of painting. Wednesday 11 Recycle Day: Create a masterpiece from our craft bits and pieces

Monday 16 Decorate a Fan: Make a beautiful fan for Mum. Tuesday 17 Art Class: Learn the art of painting. Tuesday 17 Craft from Other Countries: Make a Jaegi bird from Korea Wednesday 18 Kite Making: Design and make your kite

KENILWORTH LIBRARY Wednesday 11 Choose your own activity: Make a rainbow serpent or masquerade mask.

Friday 19 Australiana Day: Australian craft and games.


Tuesday 3 Superhero Day: Come dressed as your favourite superhero. Wednesday 11 Fun with Mud: Pottery workshop with local potter Cathy Lawley Friday 13 Summer Artscool: Wear closed in shoes. Monday 16 Basket Weaving Workshop: Weave baskets with local artist Judith Wolski using Australian vines. Thursday 19 Kids Nite In “Games Night - Batteries not Included”: Oldfashioned games played to music by Darren Heskes with his guitar (parents must attend) Friday 20 Celebrate End of Summer Reading Club: Prizes and morning tea for participants, everyone receives a certificate.


Wednesday 4, 11 and 18 Activity Day: Colouring in, old school board games and more. Tuesday 10 Grass Heads: Make and decorate Mister Grass Heads. Thur 12 Make Holiday Scrapbooks: Keep fun memories in your original holiday scrapbook! Tuesday 17 Making Juggling Balls: Make your own bright juggling balls using rice and balloons.


Tuesday 10 Beaded Bookmarks and Juggling Balls Make juggling balls out of balloons and beautiful beaded bookmarks. Wednesday 11 Softies or Travel Buddies: Make unique, soft and huggable toys to take with you anywhere. Thursday12 Travel Games: Create travel games to play in the car or on a picnic. Sat 14 and 21 Warhammer: Bring your own sets and battle it out. Tuesday 17 Let’s All Fly a Kite: Make a kite to fly in the park or on the beach. Wednesday 18 No Sew Dolls: Bring along selection of old stretchy socks to turn into huggable dolls and puppies. Thursday 19 Magnet Making: Make unique fridge magnets.

NOOSA REGIONAL GALLERY Wednesday 11 Cones, Cogs and coils: Roll, twist and cut your way to an imaginative form

Wednesday 11 Corrugated constructions: Constructing sculptures inspired by the works of Robert Baines. Thursday 12th Zig Zag Sculptures: Bend your way with cardboard and wire to construct a unique wall hanging. Thursday 12th Metal Treasure Chests: Construct a treasure chest with a hinged lid using aluminium sheets and cardboard Wednesday 18th Red Vessels: Weaving, winding and folding to create the perfect feature. Thursday 19th Wearable wonders: Use a found object and turn it into a wearable masterpiece. Thursday 19th Miniature Marvel Create a miniature garden made from a variety of materials.

MOVEMENT AND FUN Healthy growth & learning through structured fun at

Noosa Gymnastics Club

• Kindergym: a creative movement program for infants 18 months to prep age • General Gymnastics • Trampolining

• Birthday Parties


Quality and understanding family lawyers Garland Waddington Solicitors are experienced in all aspects of family law. They understand that a change in any family’s circumstances can be an emotionally draining, confusing and traumatic time for people. The firm strives to minimise hostility and financial burden by helping their clients reach an amicable agreement with their former partner as quickly as possible, whether it be in relation to parenting issues, property settlement or both.

Garland Waddington focuses on each client’s specific needs to provide high quality family and relationship law advice, in a manner which is sensitive, realistic, timely and cost effective. Please contact Candice Rosborough, our family law solicitor, for your initial 30 minute FREE consultation. Phone 5443 4866 or email

They take special care to ensure that the best interests of the children are always put first.

DSA GW8766

expert, effective legal advice 5443 4866


Cnr The Esplanade & Second Ave, Maroochydore 4558 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


BABIES on the coast

The miracle of

m o d e rr in b a b y m ak i n g : f e w i t h e t h i ca l i s s u e s . by Maxine Arthur The term ‘designer babies’ is a burr under the saddle blanket of most fertility specialists. It conjures up frivolous images of a couple choosing desired features from a catalogue to create their ‘perfect child’ – sex, hair and eye colour, talents and character traits. Check the bank balance, sign up and a baby to match a designer lifestyle is guaranteed. The reality is that fertility specialists in Australia and the UK are focused on preventing serious and lifethreatening diseases in newborns, assisting couples unlikely to bear a healthy child naturally. All accredited Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) clinics in Australia must comply with the National Health and Medical Research Council ethical guidelines regarding the use of assisted reproductive technology. Sex selection, for example, is recommended only to reduce the transmission of a serious genetic condition. Otherwise, the guidelines say ‘…admission to life should not be conditional upon a child being a particular sex’. This doesn’t mean that the issues are clear-cut and the answers set in stone. The ‘designer baby’ scenario is looming and many scientists, doctors and ethicists describe assisted reproductive technology as a ‘minefield’. Scientists are developing increasingly sophisticated technologies with the potential to do enormous good. The public reaction is a mixture of excitement about new possibilities, religious and moral objections to ‘playing god’ and vague fears about where it all may lead. There is fierce debate on all sides revolving around the basic question – just because we can, does it mean we should?

Manipulating Mother Nature Louise Brown, born in 1978 in Britain, was the first reported live birth conceived by in-avitro fertilisation. ‘Test tube’ babies had arrived, giving hope to infertile couples everywhere. In 1996 reports of the first mammal cloned (Dolly the sheep) were followed by the cloning of different animals later a short/ FEBRUARY step to the2012 34 KiDsinon tHeyears. CoAstIt–was JANUARY

courtesty of

5 days


~ Brand New Purpose Built A/C Centre ~ Educational Programs Based on the Early Years Learning Framework ~ Government Qualified Kindergarten Teacher ~ IT Hub – Computer Literacy ~ Creative Playground Equipment ~ Sun Smart Centre ~ Birth to School Age

~ Anticipated Opening Late February 2012

Taking Pre-Enrolments Now 50 Parklakes Drive / Bli Bli / 0402 259 770

JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


BABIES on the coast

“The Australian community thinks it is a very good thing to be able to create a healthy child but not a certain type of child”

courtesty of

cloning of human embryos, successfully achieved in the US in 2001 and subsequently replicated in other countries. Human clones living next door, thankfully, as yet only exist in Hollywood movies. When The Human Genome Project announced in 2003 that it had mapped the first complete sequence of the genetic code of a single human, claimed to be accurate to 99.999%, genetics took a giant leap forward. Fertility experts now know the genetic makeup of over 200 diseases. Today, IVF clinics offer a range of fertility services including pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). The PGD procedure involves extracting several eggs from the mother via IVF which are then fertilised by the father’s sperm in a Petri dish. After three days, several eight-cell embryos will have developed. Fertility specialists examine the genetic make-up of the embryos, screening for genetic disorders and sex (where the disorder is sex-linked). Healthy embryos are then implanted in the mother. Additional healthy embryos may be cryo-frozen for future use. Specialists using the procedure can now screen for almost any single gene disorder such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia and Tay-Sachs disease. PGD provides couples with vital information within days of conception as an alternative to invasive testing in an established pregnancy. If difficult decisions must be made, many couples opt for the earliest diagnosis possible.

Pros and cons of PGD Dr Joyce Harper, based at University College London


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

(UCL), is one of the world’s experts in PGD having worked in the field of IVF since 1987. In a UCL paper Dr Harper wrote: “The patients that present for PGD are those who have experienced repeated terminations of pregnancy after prenatal diagnosis, those with moral objections to termination of pregnancy, and patients carrying chromosome abnormalities who experience infertility and/or recurrent miscarriages…” In regard to ethical concerns Dr Harper said: “There has always been concern that PGD will be used for examining non-disease genes and this has already been applied. PGD has been used in several countries for sex selection for social reasons … In the future, it may be possible to use PGD for other characteristics, or even for predisposition to certain characteristics… However, PGD is being used for an increasing number of genetic and chromosomal abnormalities and offers a viable alternative for those couples that feel that prenatal diagnosis is not suitable for them. It is therefore important that all countries establish strict criteria for the use of PGD to avoid eugenics…”

Should PGD be allowed for nonmedical reasons? Sex selection for non-medical reasons is allowed in some countries. In the US the Fertility Institutes, headed by Dr Jeffrey Steinberg, offer sex selection, claiming a 99.99% success rate in selecting embryos of the chosen gender. The price tag is around $20,000. In 2008, William Kearns, a leading US geneticist, announced that he had extracted sufficient

DNA from a cell to identify thousands of characteristics from the embryo. Shortly afterwards, Dr Steinberg announced that his clinic would offer trait selection services. A storm of protest ensued, led by Kearns and other fertility specialists and backed by the public. Dr Steinberg’s offer was quickly withdrawn. Ronald Trent, Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Sydney, when asked about Australia’s position on non-medical sex selection, said: “As you would appreciate there are differing views on whether sex selection (also called family balancing) should be allowed. Those for it, base their views on individuals having the right (autonomy) to decide whether they want a boy or a girl and in what order. Those against base their arguments on: (1) limited health dollars and so these need to be directed to medical priorities; (2) the uncertainty in the longer term if the usual male/female ratio is altered because of preference for one sex. In countries like China or India for example, the male is preferred and so with the population effect in these countries there may be long term societal implications; (3) the ‘slippery slope’ argument - if sexing is allowed now, what next? (traits such as athletic, musical performance, colour of eyes?), and (4) sex selection is a form of discrimination because one sex is considered “superior” or “preferred” to the other”. On the notion of trait selection Professor Trent said: “Once you get DNA from a fetus or embryo you can test for lots of things including traits. The technology is the same as sexing (although sexing is technically

w nd ol ne e a n in e ng po l A tyl io nc mi hoo m t es a ie swi Sc lif nov r sc our Swim in ate for yland w ater hap M


W S al at er w o


Learn to Swim three only in a class

Mums and babies are taught aqua life skills in a warm private environment. An easy monthly payment system, continuous program and a free make up system is provided. Air conditioned waiting room / heated change rooms

Babies - Toddlers - Pre school - School age

Ph 5476 8066 Buderim

Corner Karawatha & Jingellic Drive



Where milk is just milk.... on the farm

Making Imaginative Play Easy!

Maleny Dairies is a family owned business situated in the picturesque hills of Maleny. Why not escape to Maleny for an informative and exciting tour with your children. The guided tour starts with a visit to the baby animal pen to pat the baby calves, learning about hand milking and testing the suction of the milking machines. Up next is a walk down to the pit of the dairy and finally you will explore the factory to see where the milk is processed and bottled and taste test some of the award winning flavoured milks. After the tour, why not drop past the kiosk and enjoy a coffee, milkshakes, thickshake, soft-serve or sundae all made on Maleny Dairies award winning milk. Phone 5494 2392 to book your tour now.

Let your children’s imagination run free, and keep them safely entertained for hours in your own backyard, with a unique outdoor themed cubby. Little Monkeys are a new business on the Sunshine Coast, and are very excited about their new range of products for children. As adults we all have fond memories of outdoor play, but it is important to remember the simple things that children enjoy too. Little Monkeys cubbies combine the child’s needs and wants in a safe structure. They custom-design high quality timber cubbies, allowing your children to explore their fantasies by getting lost in the world of war planes, fire engines, pirate ships or trains! Great birthday idea! Gift Registry Available. Have family and friends put in towards your own cubby.

Do you have a child with sensory needs? See how we can help!

e Making imaginativ

play easy

1300 55 6662

JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


BABIES on the coast

The ‘designer

baby’ scenario is

looming and many scientists, doctors and ethicists describe assisted reproductive technology as a ‘minefield’ courtesty of

a little easier than testing for a trait or a disorder). The important question at the moment is - will testing for a trait tell you much? We know that lots of traits have a genetic component but equally important is the environmental effect and so it would be difficult on current knowledge to test and get an accurate assessment of a trait, for example, height, intelligence, sporting or musical prowess. Despite this, some companies are offering tests to suggest that traits can be measured. I am not sure that they are correct”. Assistant Professor Peter Illingworth, Medical Director of IVF Australia, said that he thought current Australian guidelines were in line with community expectations. “The Australian community thinks it is a very good thing to be able to create a healthy child but not a certain type of child”, he said. Trait selection is therefore not under consideration. Assistant Professor Illingworth said that there have been rare cases where a couple has requested PGD to ensure the birth of a child who is genetically compatible, in order to help another of their children who has a serious or fatal disease. These are sometimes referred to as ‘saviour children’. The procedure has been done with medical approval.

The number of PGD procedures is ‘rapidly increasing’, Assistant Professor Illingworth said. There are two reasons why PGD is done, he said. One is to look for a single abnormal gene. There are 50 to 80 of these carried out per year in Australia. The second is where a woman has had repeated miscarriages, the main reason for which is defective chromosomes, and the specialist is screening for healthy embryos. There are hundreds of these procedures per year. The success rate of the procedure varies with the woman’s age, Assistant Professor Illingworth said. PGD has an overall 30% success rate in the first cycle, with success rates for younger women being higher. The cost of PGD is prohibitive for many people. Assistant Professor Illingworth estimated it costs $6000 for gene disorder testing. It may take many months to develop a particular test and is very labour-intensive. Screening for healthy embryos costs less, he said. On top of this the IVF procedure costs $3-4,000 after the Medicare rebate.

chromosomal abnormalities across a population. “Many diseases crop up sporadically. The majority of mutations just happen in that gene”, Assistant Professor Illingworth said. It seems that at present in Australia, rather than a ‘designer baby’, a ‘selected’ baby is possible whereby healthy embryos are selected for implantation via IVF. If you are determined to have a baby of a particular sex and you have very deep pockets, you could try researching options in other countries where sex selection for non-medical reasons is possible. This is usually done for ‘family balancing’ reasons, though one wonders whether those of us who have two girls are an ‘unbalanced family’. It doesn’t feel like it! But if you truly have your heart set upon a ‘designer baby’ – a Hugh Jackman look-alike perhaps – you’re probably going to have to do it the old-fashioned way. Choose your partner carefully and cross your fingers.

PGD has great potential to eradicate a particular disease in individual families but it is unlikely to wipe out

For further INFORMATION Dr Joyce Harper, University College London, Genetic Testing in the 21st Century, Youtube video. An excellent overview, focused on PGD: scientific information lightened by references to popular culture. Quite long (35 minutes), but worth the time). What do you think about the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) options available in Australia? Join in the discussion online at or on Facebook.

JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst



Cw ilt h e a n k i d s o u t t h e c h e m i ca l s by Kim Lahey

It’s for sale, it must be safe, right? An Environmental Working Group (EWG) review found that 77% of ingredients in 1,700 children’s products in the US have not been assessed for safety. Queensland University lecturer, researcher, and author of Chemical Free Kids, Sarah Lantz explains that there are 100,000 synthetic chemicals on the market for a wide variety of purposes. “The vast majority of chemicals on the market have never been tested, and are not required to be tested for toxicity on the body” Dr Lantz advises. Exposed daily to an average of 27 personalcare ingredients that haven’t been found safe for developing bodies? Yes, a lot of kids are, an EWG national (US) survey advises. What about testing? The argument is, in small doses these chemicals will do no harm to the body, and there is no data proving harm. Yes, one unit each of 200 different chemical toxins may be harmless. “However, what we are seeing is that the small doses of many chemicals ultimately are much more poisonous than the large doses of a single chemical,” Dr Varipatis, author of Children of a Toxic Harvest; an Environmental Biography advises. In Australia, the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) regulates industrial chemicals in personal care products. Ingredients must be legally permitted for use in Australia, and must appear on the label. But the NICNAS’s role is not to test products.


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012


We Provide :

Opportunity for change and personal development Christmas holidays and the New Year offer so many possibilities for hope, love, honour and enriched identity. However these can sometimes fail to materialise creating instead disappointment, negative feelings and failed or unsatisfying relationships. When negative feelings surface it is an indication that you may need to take action to look after yourself. It seems counterintuitive, but these feelings can be the opportunity to move to a whole new level, helping to make this year worthy of the person you are and the person you were meant to become. Your privacy, safety, protection and confidentiality are assured within Cloverdale Therapeutic Services good practice guidelines. Contact Elizabeth today and make an appointment that will benefit you and those you love. You are truly worth it! Phone: 0412 612 672 or


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We offer: • Small group music classes • Visits to Mother’s groups, Playgroups & Birthday Parties • Beginner piano tuition



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Outside to inside, and out?

The what-nots who foam and preserve

“Children are like sponges for chemicals,” the EWG says. Their skin absorbs more because it’s thinner than an adults’ skin. They breathe in more air (and contaminants) relative to their weight than adults, and the blood-brain barrier, that helps block chemicals from brain tissue, isn’t fully formed until six months of age.

We’ve come a long way since Cleopatra’s baths in ‘off’ Asses’ milk, right?

Ingredients like phthalate plasticizers, paraben preservatives, the pesticide triclosan and synthetic musks are found as common pollutants in adults’ and children’s bodies. “Many of these chemicals are potential hormone disruptors,” the EWG advises. Thankfully the body will cleanse itself of chemicals; many toxins will eventually depart the body via excretion. But when chemicals are metabolised into the body and eliminated very slowly, build-up results. When intake-rate exceeds the detoxification-rate, a toxic level is reached, Dr Lantz explains. And water soluble pollutants are excreted, but fat soluble chemicals are not readily broken down and can be stored in body fats.

What-nots I recall the eye-sting as my good-intentioned gran scrubbed my hair with yellow rock-like Sunlight soap. I wonder what she’d make of these, the common ingredients to avoid*: Parabens, phthalates, SLS, fragrances, butyl/ethyl acetate, petrolatum, cocamide DEA/lauramide DEA, diazolidinyl urea, propylene glycol, toluene, synthetic colours and fragrances, retinyl palmitate or retinol(lip products), mercury, triethanolamine, DMDM hydantoin, talc, lauryl compounds, DEA or TEA lauryl sulfate, polyethylene, polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene, formaldehyde, triclosan(liquid soap, toothpaste), triclocarban (bar soap)and ingredients containing the word ‘PEG’ , ‘eth’(like ceteareths), ‘DEA’, ‘TEA’ or ‘MEA’. “Avoid products that contain harmful ingredients, like chemical names ending in acid or alcohol.” Dr Lantz says. *Source - EWG, Safer Solutions and Chemical free kids - these lists are not definitive, check chemical databases for more information.

Enter Sodium laureth/sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), and it’s ‘cousin’ Ammonium lauryl sulphate/laureth sulphate - common foaming agents in cosmetics, shampoo, hand wash and conditioners. Safer Solutions describes SLS as a moderately toxic by ingestion, a mild allergen and a respiratory irritant and “The jury is still out, but it may be mutagenic and teratogenic,” Safer Solutions says. Synthetic preservatives like parabens - propyl, isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl - are staples within hair products, sunscreens, cleansing products and toothpaste. Longer-chain parabens may disrupt the endocrine system and cause reproductive and developmental disorders, the European Commission’s scientific committee on consumer products advises. Triclosan – an antimicrobial pesticide in liquid soap – “disrupts thyroid function and reproductive hormones,” the EWG states. Medical consensus is that soap and water serves just as well to prevent spread of infections and reduce bacteria on the skin.

Fragrance – label lunacy? “Fragrance is catch-all term which can include hundreds of chemicals and trigger allergic reactions,” the EWG advises. Fragrance may include any of 3,163 different chemicals, none of which are required to be listed on labels, the EWG advises. After you’ve produced binoculars to read the label, the advice is to limit your odour-choice to products that list each fragrance ingredient separately. The likes of DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, ceteareth, phthalates, polyethylene glycol and PEG can contain impurities linked to cancer and other health concerns. the EWG warns. Honestly, you could not make some of these names up! ‘Fragrance-free’ sounds sweeter every minute.

Babyproduct flags Chemical Free Kids and The Chemical Maze provide a guide to potentially toxic ingredients in popular baby and kids personal care products. They advise these ingredients are the ones to be avoided:

Baby wipes – preservatives DMDM hydantoin, methylparaben and paraben. Parabens’ link to the increase of cancer risk has been debated in the scientific community.

Shampoo – PEG compounds which may carry the contaminant 1,4 dioxane (listed as a suspected human carcinogen) and KATHON CG. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ push for the removal of quaternium15(a chemical preservative that kills bacteria by releasing formaldehyde) is making headway, but quaternium-15’s still found in some big-name baby shampoos today.

Baby bubble baths – Nitrosamines (listed as hazardous), toxic compounds formed when nitrates and nitrates combine with amines. SLS, cocamide DEA, diethanolamine and fragrance are listed as best avoided.

Children’s toothpaste – sodium saccharin and aspartame (sweeteners and flavour enhancers), FD&C Yellow no.5 and Blue no. 1(colourants) are all flagged as hazardous. The EWG advises to use small amounts of fluoride-free toothpaste for children under two. Baby powder/Talc – this naturally occurring mineral has been linked to ovarian and lung cancer. And the EWG says baby powder’s tiny airborne particles can damage baby’s developing lungs. Baby moisturising lotions Propylene glycol (which has adverse health effects as it quickly penetrates the skin), benzyl alcohol (derived from petroleum or coal tar), butylparaben and butylated hydroxytoluene(a petroleum derivative). Play makeup and play nail polish should be avoided when possible, the EWG says. Adult nail-polish ingredients to avoid include formaldehyde, formalin or toluene dibutyl phthalate (DBP).


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Make 2012 the year that you give head lice the flick!

Trusted, reliable, mobile childminding

Did you know at any one time, 33% of children in your child’s class have head lice? It only takes one lice to transfer across to your child to start the whole process off!

You can be confident that your children will be in capable hands with the team at Ladybirds & Dragonflies. This award winning mobile childminding service will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. All staff have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of children’s developmental, emotional and physical needs in a variety of situations prior to joining the team. In addition to being formally qualified staff must also hold current first aid certification and undergo a successful police check before gaining employment .

No one wants their child to suffer at school; they have enough to manage without the added teasing, shame & stigma attached to recurrent head lice issues. Be pro-active, not re-active this school year. Don’t let your kids battle through another year of head lice at school – Save them from getting yet another embarrassing infestation! By following The Lice Fairy’s 4 Step plan you will prevent your child from catching head lice again. You won’t need to worry what other families do or don’t do anymore. The Lice Fairy will save you time & money on constant combing & treatments that don’t work. Don’t stay on the treatment/re-infestation roller coaster. Break the “Lice Cycle” for good. Call The Lice Fairy today for your FREE Prevention Plan! Ph 0422 307 520


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“Children are like sponges for chemicals”

Seduction by label ‘Gentle’, ‘hypoallergenic’, yes please! An EWG investigation of 1,700 children’s body-care products found 81% marked with these tags actually contained allergens, or skin and eye irritants. ‘Natural’, ‘organic’. Sounds good... But wait, product labels may state ‘organic’ then only contain only one or two organic ingredients, along with the very chemicals we’ve been talking about.

Sun sense Sunscreen wasn’t on the radar in my childhood, and I have the surgery scars to prove it! But what’s the sunscreen-sense today? While the EWG advises that babies under 6-monthold shouldn’t wear sunscreen, and should be kept out of the sun, that isn’t always practical in Queensland. As we discussed in KOTC 47 the Australasian College of Dermatologists recommends the use of sunscreen ‘at any age when there is unavoidable exposure to the sun’ and states that sunscreen is safe to use on babies. For everyone else? “Zinc or Titanium are the best active ingredients, otherwise Avobenzone at 3%, SPF 30 for intense sun, use a lot and reapply frequently,”

EWG states. And of course everyone should wear a hat, sunglasses and suitably protective clothing.

Safe and simple

What of newer nano-technology colourless versions which refine ingredients to miniscule sizes and reduce the visible whiteness?

Many suggest we use less products in the first place (and don’t swallow them). Sounds good for the wallet.

How can we shake off our foam, bubble, smell and preservative nasties? A check of the ingredients for toxics Nano or not? might be the fastest way to go cold turkey! And there So, the old-fashioned white or multi-coloured zinc oxide are alternative foaming agents like natural saponins for creams ability to filter UVA and UVB light make them shampoos. “They gently cleanse the hair and scalp without the most effective sun blocks. stripping the natural oils,” Dr Lantz explains.

Consumer groups are concerned the nano-ingredients potentially can slip through the skin and into the system.

Marketing hype hooks us in (who hasn’t been impressed by the shine on the locks in the shampoo ads) but by ignoring it as best we can, surely we are off the starting blocks to healthier choices.

Friends of the Earth Australia recommend using a nonnano, zinc-based sunscreen. Spokesperson Georgia Miller says Friends of the Earth surveys of sunscreens and cosmetic companies’ nanoparticles use found “a high level of industry secrecy, with several companies refusing outright to tell their customers whether or not they use nanoparticles...” she explained.

You might have your own ‘no-go’ zones; fragrance, bubbles, preservatives. Chemical databases are a wealth of information.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration, which approves the sale of products such as sunscreen in Australia, says there is insufficient evidence nanoparticles cause adverse health effects.

Reading labels carefully and contacting the business to find out if the claims are true, is another key tip Dr Lantz gives. “Become a conscious consumer and tell companies you want safer products,” she urges.

Go for totally natural, Dr Lantz suggests. Her tips for ‘living in wellness’ include using certified organic, plant-based products and home-made products.

For more information: Chemical Free Kids: Raising healthy children in a Toxic World, by Dr Sarah Lantz, is a community program and book about chemicals and the impact on the bodies and health of kids and what we can do about it. Environmental Working Group (EWG) - an environmental research and advocacy organisation specialising in toxic Friends of the Earth Australia’s Safe Sunscreen guide(information about non-nano, zinc based sunscreen) The Organic Federation of Australia (the peak body for the organic industry) database of Organic Certified producers. - A certified organic business - the products are raw, certified organic, potent and made fresh. NICNAS (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme) – information on legal use of chemicals in cosmetics

Chemical databases: EWG, The Total Environment Centre’s Safer Solutions A-Z guide for common chemicals. Other chemical databases include:,,


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

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A gr

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Ear Infections Irritable Babies Feeding/Sleeping/Dressing/ Bathing difficulties Flat Head Constipation

Come & find out why so many parents are so grateful to have such settled babies & children after seeing Dr Scott! Dr Scott treats babies from as young as 1 day old, and children of all ages. Very gentle techniques are used and the treatment is extremely safe.

By Dr David McIntosh, Paediatric ENT Surgeon

Bed Wetting Learning Difficulties

Headaches Reflux Colic


Dr D’Arcy Brown has been part of the practice now for 12 mon ths treating adults, babies and children and has very similar techniques to Scott. He has a special interest treating pregnant mothers for back pain & sciatica and for those who are carrying a posterio r or breech baby.

CALOUNDRA Shop 11 Centrepoint Plaza, 50 Bulcock St, Caloundra KULUIN (Maroochydore) Shop 3, 2-4 Melaleuca Street, Kuluin

5491 7743

Preferred providers with Medibank Private and MBF

Common Ear, Nose and Throat Issues – Part 2 As discussed last month ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems are amongst the most common sources of reversible health problems that can affect a child’s development and learning. Most parents, for example, are surprised to learn that snoring is not normal for children, but more on that later. The following is the remaining overview of the more common ENT problems that children are confronted by. Allergic nose (rhinitis) True allergies are on the rise. A true allergy involves a reaction between something in the environment and the child’s immune system. This is completely different to a sensitivity or intolerance. In children, a common allergy is one that affects the nose. This is usually related to something they breathe in; as opposed to a food they eat. The symptoms are a blocked nose that runs a lot with clear fluid. The consequences of this are the blocked nose affects the child’s sleep and breathing. Snoring Children are not supposed to snore. They are also not supposed to be mouth breathers. If they only do so when they have a cold or are really tired, that is OK, but otherwise there may be a problem. In Paediatric ENT specialist clinics, this is one of the most common reasons for consultation. To understand why snoring is a problem, you need to appreciate why snoring occurs. The actual noise of snoring is made because there is a blockage in the breathing. This blockage reduces the amount of oxygen that gets into the blood. It also triggers brain signals that affect sleep pattern and quality. In up to 20% of snoring children, there is also the problem of undiagnosed hearing loss- the combination of a tired child who cannot hear properly is a recipe for potential learning problems. The other affect that breathing problems can have, is on facial growth and dental development. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that children with airway obstruction are more likely to have problems with their teeth that may require orthodontic treatment. There is also evidence that shows with early intervention, to relieve the airway obstruction, these orthodontic issues can improve by themselves. Furthermore, in children, teeth grinding at night is now shown to relate to obstructed breathing (as opposed to “stress”). For these reasons, and the learning and behavioural issues, the concept of letting children outgrown the problem is now no longer valid. Surgical treatment To help with snoring, it is important to make space for breathing. This may involve removing adenoids, tonsils, and surgery on the nose. We have mentioned tonsils already, and the adenoids are basically the same thing but are located at the back of the nose. There are several ways of taking out the adenoids. Our practice is to ensure the procedure is done under vision, which is more established as a technique in major overseas Paediatric clinics. More information on these topics is available at and The information contained in this article is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for individual professional medical advice from your physician or qualified health care provider.


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

parentville by Aleney de Winter

Learn how to reach for the stars Does your kid ever say…

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

• • • •

I’d love for my wee man to acquire some foreign language skills while he is still a spongey little thing.

Can your kid…

He already has strong verbal skills and we’d like, without becoming pushy parents, to encourage this. At the ripe old age of two he can already sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in perfect Japanese (thanks to his Japanese childcare teacher) and is surprisingly verbose in English. He quite literally stuns us with his conversation skills each and every day. In fact, I’m fairly certain he already knows more words than the entire cast of Jersey Shore… which I guess isn’t all that impressive as there are trained monkeys who can communicate better with grunts and flash cards. Suffice to say the boy is an excellent communicator and his proud dad and I both feel strongly that if we do start him on some basic language lessons we’d like them to be Spanish or the more challenging (for his parents) Mandarin, the language we feel would be most advantageous to the future of a growing Aussie boy. But, as per usual, our random little devil has other ideas and has become increasingly fixated with all things French. He’s long had a soft spot for an old French language CD that’s been floating about in the car since a trip to Europe when he was a newborn. Whatever I choose to listen to in the car, whether spoken word or music, it’s invariably met with demands to turn it off because, “Me not like this song, me want the French!” For the sake of peace, I occasionally give in and he’ll sit happily muttering away to both the English and French translations he hears with his own quirky pigeon interpretations – which may prove handy if we ever need to check into a hotel, order a sandwich or ask directions to the nearest toilet in Paris.

It‛s too hard, I‛m dumb! Everyone is mean to me! No-one will be my friend! I‛m bored, I hate school!

Curious Kids Don‛t!

Mentor Elissa Seib

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Curious Kids Rock!

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Invest in your child’s emotional intelligence

At first, I thought it was a kind of weird but kind of cute phase but now wonder if he absorbed so much of France as a baby on our holiday there that he is becoming a Frenchman by osmosis! His favourite song of the moment is “La Mer” the original French version of the classic “Somewhere Beyond the Sea”. In French. “No Iglish, Mama.” A somewhat unusual choice, some might suggest, for our normally rock loving tot. He insists on nicking all our Brie, the Frenchier, smellier and unappealing to normal children the better, and can eat a whole party size portion of good French Pate in one sitting. He pleads for French toast for breakfast every morning (and isn’t thrilled with the antipodean vegemite alternative he usually ends up with). And, on a recent trip to a large city bookstore, refused picture books about pirates or dinosaurs, instead insisting on “My First French Picture book.” I did my best to steer him towards colourful kiddy covers with comical puppies and bears and even a Spanish version of the same. But non, he wanted the one with the “Eyes Full Tower” on the cover. He won that battle and is now insisting I dress him in a striped French sailor style top and a beret... just like the boy in the book. So why was I surprised this afternoon when I arrived at childcare to the following greeting delivered in perfect off-handed Gallic style. “Bonjour mama, ca va?” Que? Now, I’m starting to wonder if our IVF doctor mixed up some embryos from “somewhere beyond the sea” and accidentally implanted me with the love child of Charles Trenet and a Parisian Tour Guide. Aide Moi!

mon - fri 9.30am – 4.30pm

sat & sun 9am – 1pm

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Making it happen: Shane Jacobson

One of Australia’s best loved character actors, Top Gear host and AFI award winner Shane Jacobson sat down to have a chat with Kids on the Coast magazine recently sharing his experiences of being a parent as well as the differences between working on an animated film (such as Santa’s Apprentice) verses films such as Kenny, which made him a household name. It is refreshing how protective Shane is of his family. He expressed his delight at being a father and enjoying everyday life with his family, but knows that sharing too much information can be detrimental to his children and their privacy. Shane really is a family man. He explains, “I am a father with three children all under six. A young family, two boys and a girl, they are the joy of my life. Coming home from work is the favourite part of my day because if I am leaving work it means I am heading towards my children. They are without a doubt the most enjoyable project I have ever worked on.” What made you want to be involved with an animated production such as Santa’s Apprentice? When the call first came in to say that they were interested in me to provide the voice … I was interested from the get-go and who doesn’t want to be Santa? People have always told me that hosting Top Gear was the best job in the world but to then go on to play Santa well that is best gig in the world, you take toys to people all over the planet . The thing that really hooked me was the script. It’s such a different look at a Christmas story, the idea is and the question that is being asked … is how long is Santa, Santa for? After working on so many movies and television productions, would the movie Kenny still be your career highlight? Kenny is the movie and character who really launched my career. My brother and I spent our entire life performing and my brother writing and directing successfully and doing very well at it. Kenny was without doubt the person who put me into people’s lounge rooms. At that point the offers came in. I have hardly had a week off since the movie was released. Since then I have completed seven movies and three or four TV shows. At the moment I am doing a telemovie with Guy Pierce. I have two movies on at the moment and have just finished working in America. Kenny was without doubt the thing that gave me a fulltime acting career. I will never forget it.


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

By Jackie Goldston

Can you tell us about balancing work and time with your family? The reality is you have to let it happen. You have to put time aside. You are supposed to work to live not live to work. You have to say no to people who want you to work every day. The world of entertainment will try and take all your time. It is a compliment. Time moves incredibly fast and children are not supposed to watch the parents on television they are supposed to be in the lounge room. You want to be standing there right with them. You just have to make it happen which I do. Do you find that you have to consider how any movie or TV role you are a part of, will impact your family? All kids out there know who their parents are, so to a certain degree you are aware that your children will see this or that. If as an actor you are playing a character and if you are playing a bad man (my kids know I am not) or if I am playing a woman as a joke in a comedy, they do not say ‘oh my goodness my dad is a woman’. In a comedy they know you are playing a joke so it is not real. I have things coming up like Beaconsfield where I am playing a trapped fireman, they understand that… There is a difference in what the parents do at work and what they say at home, so really my kids know exactly what I do as we spend a lot of time together. But having said that there have been certain moments in my past and there will be again in my future where I look at a role and I look at how that will present me to people, I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about who I am, but it does shape it in some ways. By the same token, my kids are very aware that when I am performing and that it is just an act. So has becoming a father been different to what you expected? Yeah I think every parent finds that. Absolutely, you would expect that it was going to be sudden and that you would love them and adore them and you expect that it is going to change your life a fair bit, but it changes your life inconceivably. You love them more than you feel you can almost cope with. The world becomes a whole different place. It is different but in a great way. What advice has had the biggest impact on you and who was it from? I guess the most impact has been from my family who were happy for me to go on and try anything that I wanted to do and give it

my best shot and to do it honestly and to do it with pride and to do it because I do enjoy it. And to have vision, belief in what you do and if it’s what you want to do give it all you’ve got. That gave me the chance to continue to go on in acting and entertainment and never give up – which I didn’t. I was free to shoot for the stars. I think it was being given the freedom and without a doubt having the love and support of your family. The moments when things don’t go your way you need the love and support of your family to keep you going forward.

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JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


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make kids music time more fun with the new ABC tribute to the Wiggles CD. With the Living End, Jebediah, Spiderbait, Busby Marou, Frenzal Rhomb and many more involved, to quote Red Wiggle Murray, “it almost makes the Wiggles seem hip”.


A US study has shown kissing not only makes you feel good, it can help calm the body and promote bonding by releasing a combination of feel-happy chemicals in the brain.

Healthy habits? Do you feel like you are continually washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap to prevent the spread of germs? Antibacterial soap may be no more beneficial than

Mums are prepared to pay

10% more for foods they believe

plain soap at killing bacteria and may even cause them to become resistant, making some antibiotics less effective, found research by the University of Michigan. The good news is washing your hands with ordinary soap is an effective way to keep your hands clean.

are healthy. (Source:

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of Australian families usually have the TV on during meals. (Source: IPSOS Australia)

The Art of Happiness: Although we are materially better off than ever before, many surveys show that we are often depressed and listless. In his fascinating book, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard shows that happiness is not just an emotion, but a skill that can be developed. Free of mumbo jumbo, The Art of Happiness ($9.99 Allen & Unwin) contains twenty-minute exercises to train the mind to recognise and pursue happiness by concentrating on life’s fundamentals. Well worth a read!


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

When choosing a dessert for the kids, research shows we juggle taste, price and healthiness, with little concern for brand. With that said, it is not surprising that nearly 70% of mums chose fruit as their preferred option. (Source:

Caring for women through all stages of their life

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LOOKING TO LOSE WEIGHT THE HEALTHY WAY? Developed by the world's top universities BIOS LIFE SLIM is a clinically proven, safe, effective, natural supplement for losing FAT!


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Change for the better If relationships, parenting, and life in general are making you feel stressed or unhappy, The Integrated Life Centre may be able to help. “We change how we feel about our lives by understanding and changing our approach to the various things that aren’t working for us. I teach people dayto-day skills to help with that,” says Pettina Stanghon, behavioural practitioner, psychotherapist and mother of two, who has been helping people Sunshine Coast for over 6 years.


The Integrated Life Centre specialises in working with families to understand and overcome behavioural challenges—from toddler tantrums and preschool anxiety to “tween” rebelliousness. Pettina also helps new parents, especially mothers, to deal with the demands of a new baby and post-natal issues, aiming to return them to integrated wellbeing. The Integrated Life Centre offers a variety of services such as: • Easy-to-access counselling through Skype packages and online support • Residential retreats or one-on-one counselling, initially in your home if preferred, for post-natal problems • Working with whole families to address behaviours and develop better relationships • The new “mind maintenance for mums” programs which can be either one on one or an evening or weekend group (including 45 minutes of heart focus meditation)


Pettina Stanghon Specialist in Behavioural Change

I can support you in making changes to what you do and how you feel about yourself, your children, relationships, parenting, and life in general. You’ll learn useful skills for everyday life that will help you feel healthier in your mind and body, less stressed, and more empowered.

"Pettina is like the Mary Poppins of my mind, tidying up all the mess and showing me how to organise my thoughts & priorities!" BLUE CARD HOLDER specialising in working with children and families Rational Emotive Therapist utilising Personal Construct Psychology Certified NLP and Clinical Hypnosis | Certified ADI life coach | PSYCH-K approved practitioner


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Find Time for Sleep

It may seem unrealistic at times; however you should aim to get at least seven hours of sleep a night. Sleep loss can result in irritability, impatience, and an inability to concentrate, which is frustrating and unhelpful for busy parents. More importantly, research has shown a link between sleep and immunity. So a short nap, even 15 minutes after work, can help keep you well!

CurbingCravings! Scientists from the University of Sydney, claim to have found the first scientific evidence that dietary protein plays an important role in human appetites. They have found that including enough protein in our diets, rather than simply cutting calories, is the key to curbing appetites and preventing excessive consumption of fats and carbohydrates.

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Research shows that maintaining friendships actually improve your general wellbeing and may even lengthen your life*. Why not spend the day doing something completely different with your friends and enjoy a Kombi tour and visit parts of the Coast you wouldn’t normally go? Check out for ideas. (* J Epidemiol Community Health 2005)

If you haven’t had a professional bra fitting since you have had children, chances are your bust measurements will have changed. Pregnancy and weight fluctuations can alter the shape of your breasts over time. You’ll be surprised at how the right bra can make you look instantly slimmer and shapelier.

Can’t work out what to make for dinner?

Download the Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List app (free from iTunes), and simply swipe through icons on the search screen to filter by what’s in your fridge and cupboard and check out the recipes on offer. If you don’t have an app friendly phone, the website is great too! 52

KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012



& view our huge range of maternity wear, baby essentials & gifts

Host your baby shower in our delightful suite Held in our gorgeous suite in Buderim, • Personal Party Host for 2 hours • Fun games and entertainment • Delicious food and refreshments • Party favours for all guests • Complimentary gift for Mum to Be • BYO is available. It’s fun, relaxing & very affordable. Cost: $22pp. Runs 2 hours Min 8 - Max 25 guests.

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Dr Petra Ladwig from Suncoast Women’s Centre understands the problems most women face after giving birth. One of the most embarrassing side effects is often incontinence which can occur due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. A lot of women simply put up with this as the natural course of being a woman after child birth but this need not be the case. If addressed early these problems can be managed, improved and even cured by something as simple and painless as sitting in a chair, fully clothed for 20 minutes! The pelvic floor controls your urinary, bowel and sexual functions yet these muscles are your most neglected. The new ‘Wave Brilliance’ Magnetic Pelvic Floor Stimulation chair (magnetic chair) uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve impulses which rapidly flex and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. This is the equivalent of approximately 200 pelvic floor contractions every minute at 20 times greater the intensity than the patient can do themselves! It is the ideal way to kick start or regenerate the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles to restore strength, endurance and continence. Treatments are tailored to individual patients but a typical therapy program consists of two 20 minute treatments per week for eight weeks. Of course children are most welcome to attend with you and can simply sit and play whilst you undergo your treatment. For more information about the new Wave Brilliance magnetic chair treatment phone the Suncoast Women’s Centre on 5437 7244 or visit Suite 5, 5 Innovation Parkway, Birtinya (Kawana). Medicare rebates available.

      

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          Go  Shoe shopping                      Schedu le reshuffle          e time to get to  hav        

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   

JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst 53  



Celebrating Success How do you celebrate your children’s successes? We asked our ‘Likers’ on Facebook this question and were overwhelmed with some heart-warming and thoughtful responses.


We use praise, cuddles and sometimes a treat of some sort. We try and avoid food as a treat though. We try to celebrate the small successes as much as the big ones too - building as much confidence as possible while they are still very young.


With a big kiss and hug and words of encouragement


Heaps of praise and encouragement and a special treat of their choice. My 13 year old daughter chose to get a salon pamper to reward her excellent report card and hard work!


I too go with the heaps of hugs and kisses and words of praise. My eldest daughter’s face lights up when we praise her - I think that’s her love language.


Praise and hugs are wonderful and important absolutely but to really raise a child that is not seeking approval and to feel good as a result of how others perceive what you do. My first step is always to make the statement “you must feel so proud of YOURSELF!” which in turn opens the dialogue of why was that (achievement) a goal for him/ her and what was learned along the way etc., all great learning for maintaining wellbeing.

Julianne We only have the one daughter (16 going on 12) who has Cerebral Palsy, but every day is a celebration. We show her and tell her often how proud we are of her. She achieves so much every day, things that we all take for granted she does with a smile and to best of her ability. Celebration of her achievements are done with pride and joy.


We have a special “red plate” that they can eat off if they’ve done something well or tried their hardest at. It has “you are special today” written around its rim. It is a tradition in some parts of the mid-west US...and I was given one as an exchange student when I was there. Kids love it.


We have special homemade dinners. The boys get to cook and make their choice of their own special meal - normally curry or taco.


With my 3yo daughter we sit and cuddle and I tell her how very proud I am of her...she always replies with I’m the Best Daughter Ever aren’t I Mum!


We photograph and scan all our kids certificates and art work and are going to put them into a photobook!


Our girl has only just turned 4. She has not had many of the school type achievements yet, but loved it when she got a certificate for the next level of swimming! She proudly showed it off to the family and grandparents getting lots of hugs and kisses and well done praise. Stickers are a great motivator for her and also a trip to the park has been the best inexpensive reward.


Loads of praise and lots of cuddles and excited cheering. Then we ring the family so Nana and Poppy and all the cousins know too. If it is an extraordinary achievement then we may buy a little treat (toy/book) as well.

Angela My son had an incredible term 3 report card, in comparison to term 1 he had totally changed on every level. We were so proud of his work. We let him take a week off school to go on a camping holiday with one of his mates - an opportunity that doesn’t come along often and something that used to happen more often when I grew up.....

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KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

opening Hours

Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm Sunday 9am - 4pm

Free FaCe painting during sCHool Holidays. see staFF For seleCted days

• Blue Light Disco • Learn to Skate Classes


tHe Biggest indoor play struCture on tHe Coast!

• Birthday Parties

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FULL USE OF RESORT FACILITIES • Birthday parties • Family gatherings • Get togethers Or simply book in as a day guest and feel like you’re on a holiday at home! Only $10 per person

• Youth Group discounts • Sports Club Packages • Special Events

ICE SkatInG onLY tIL thE 22nD of JanuarY 2012

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ed in co

Not to be us

ve coffee Relax and ha s play id k while the

• Large play structure • On-site cafe • Free wi-fi BRING YOUR SOCKS

2 Sydal St, Caloundra

Next to Chemist Warehouse

Opening hours: Mon - Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am – 4pm

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JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst



KOTC Readers Top 10 Family Holiday Destinations Pack your bags and getaway this year to one of our reader’s favourite destinations. We asked you for your top 10 family holiday destinations and here they are…

By Jackie Goldston*

Disneyland Highlights: I know that Disneyland was the dream destination for me from when I was young. And it was the resounding first choice for many readers. For young and old, big and small, Disneyland promises to be “the happiest place on earth”! It is truly a fantastic place to build memories with your family that will last forever Where to stay: With its two Disney Theme Parks - Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, three resort hotels - Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, Disneyland Hotel and Disney Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and an energetic entertainment, dining and shopping district, the Disneyland Resort is a child’s (and big kids) dream come true. The whole family can share a meal with your favourite Disney characters at the Character Dining experience offered throughout the Disneyland Resort.

Sunshine Coast Highlights: I had my first staycation on the Sunshine Coast a few months ago when we needed to move out of our home for a few days. And I am so glad we did. Exploring the Coast like a tourist was enormous fun and my kids still ask to go to our “holiday apartment” at Mooloolaba beach (if only!). We hit the beach each morning, climbed Mt Coolum, visited our local theme parks and enjoyed the many excellent cafes around the Coast. Where to stay: There are so many options available if you decide to stay away from home, from camping to 5 star resorts. A few ideas include the Novotel Twin Waters offers a central base with the Kidz Cove Kids Club caters for children 2- 12 years inclusive Friday and Saturday nights and during school holidays; the Sebel Maroochydore has a beachside position with magnificent views or the Hyatt Regency Coolum which has 9 swimming pools, tennis centre, privately patrolled beach, canoeing, creative arts and much more!

Fiji Highlights: Fiji is regularly recommended as one of the best destinations available for family holidays. The highlight for many families are the Fijian people. They are among the friendliest in the world and will ensure your holiday is one to remember. Fiji consists of over 300 islands and is located less than 4 hours flight time from Brisbane. Where to stay: There are many resorts in Fiji that cater for families. Castaway Island operates a complimentary kids club daily from 9am to 9pm, catering for children aged 3 – 12 years. It offers a variety of fully supervised fun and educational activities throughout the day and into the evening, with a distinctive Fijian flavour. The Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji is a luxury family resort set on a white sand beach. The resort’s facilities include extensive water activities, 24 hour fitness centre, tennis courts, an international standard golf training facility, 4 unique restaurants, 5 bars, 2 Kids Clubs, the famous Meimei nanny program and the world class Bebe Spa Sanctuary.


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012


It’s PARADISE for kids! Paradise Resort Gold Coast has been under-going some major changes this year, and they’ve just put the finishing touches on their latest attraction for the whole family to enjoy! General Manager David Brook is understandably excited. “We now have the biggest Resort based Aqua Play Water Park in the Southern hemisphere! We’ve also added 16 brand new kids themed Bunkhouses and completely refurbished our poolside café and bar…and that’s just the beginning!” The entire central resort area has been transformed to feature a giant pool, large heated spa and 2 enormous Aqua Play attractions. It’s 3 stories high, complete with a myriad of slides and water cannons to entertain and engage the whole family! Topping it all off is a giant bucket that fills with 600 litres of water before emptying over the kids below in one enormous splash! There’s also a smaller version of Aqua Play for the toddlers, plus a new paddling area with a gently sloping beach entry. More ‘kid friendly’ plans are expected to be announced shortly, further enhancing the family holiday experiences that have made this resort so successful.

With a firm ‘kids first’ philosophy, Paradise Resort is renowned as heaven for kids and paradise for parents. “This will set a new benchmark for family resorts” says Mr. Brook. “Our customers already see us as the best family resort in Australia – just wait until they experience this!”

Right now, you can take advantage of this gReat offeR! Stay at Australia’s favourite family resort from as little as $144 per night. Packages include accommodation in a Resort Room for 2 Adults and up to 2 Children (0-12years), one free session in the fully supervised Zone 4 Kids Club per child per day plus unlimited entry to the brand new giant Zone 4 Kids Water Park. Book before 31 March 2012 for travel until 30 June 2012. Seasonal surcharges and conditions apply. Other room types available for an additional fee.

Paradise Resort is also home to the Zone 4 Kids, with 7 themed play spaces offering supervised care sessions for kids up to 12 years old. Only just over 2 hours’ drive away, it’s the perfect place for Sunshine Coaster’s to enjoy a fun family holiday, minus the hassles and expense of long distance travel. Visit for info and bookings.

JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst



Gold Coast


Highlights: For family fun it’s hard to go past a theme park holiday. The Gold Coast has the lot; from water parks, toddler playgrounds, shows, entertainers through to some really wild rides. A range of multi park passes are available and they work out really great value. And being only just over 2 hours’ drive away, it is a cost friendly location for us to travel from the Sunshine Coast. Where to stay: Accommodation on the Gold Coast is very affordable with lots of specials on throughout the year. Try the family friendly Paradise Resort, which is located close to beaches, attractions, and in the heart of Surfers Paradise. With a firm ‘kids first’ philosophy, it has become renowned as a heaven for kids and paradise for parents. The Oaks Calypso Plaza is located opposite Coolangatta beach and its facilities include a large lagoon style swimming pool complete with dual waterslides, restaurant and bar

6 7 New York

Highlights: From the Staten Island Ferry to view the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Central Park to Coney Island and the New York Aquarium, New York offers an incredible array of places to explore. It is busy, it is noisy and it is great fun for kids. Check out this helpful website

Highlights: Hawaii offers beautiful year round weather, hundreds of beaches, fantastic shopping, and the world famous Waikiki Beach. If your kids enjoy walking, don’t miss the hike through the undisturbed Thurston Lava Tube on Hawaii Big Island, once passed through by a river of red-hot lava and today a spectacular walking route. Where to stay: Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa offers an exotic oceanfront setting, on top of an ancient lava flow and is popular with families due to the children’s beach area which includes interactive fountains and lava waterslides. In the heart of Waikiki beach, the Moana Surfrider Hotel introduced the world to Hawaiian hospitality in 1901. Often referred to as the “First Lady of Waikiki”, this oceanfront Oahu hotel is a legendary landmark. The hotel offers the Keiki Aloha Children’s program

Fraser Island Highlights: World Heritage-listed Fraser Island is situated in Great Sandy National Park, only a few hours drive north of the Sunshine Coast. It is accessible by barge ferry from either Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay. The world’s largest sand island, is a nature based holiday destination which offers spectacular white beaches, coloured sand cliffs, dunes, creeks, lakes, wildflower heath land and rainforest and is best explored by four-wheel drive or on foot.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Highlights: At the tip of Mexico’s 1,000-mile long Baja California peninsula Cabo San Lucas is a combination of great weather, exotic and spectacular scenery with few crowds, warm hospitality, and excellent services and facilities. There is also a variety of activities available, including scuba diving, horseback riding along beautiful sand dunes, paragliding and mountain biking.

Byron Bay Highlights: Byron Bay is a much loved snorkelling and beach family holiday destination which still has some influences from its bohemian past. Don’t miss exploring the beautiful beaches, magnificent coastal walks and the Cape Byron Lighthouse, which is the most easterly light in Australia, and one of the most powerful. Cape Byron is not all sand and surf. If you walk up Lee Lane from the Captain Cook lookout you will find yourself in a beautiful coastal rainforest.

Blue Mountains Highlights: Just over an hour outside of Sydney, the Blue Mountains is a climber and walkers paradise. I took my son on his first hike (in a front carrier) when he was only 4 weeks old down the Giant Stairway, while visiting the Three Sisters and Echo Point in Katoomba, before relaxing at the many excellent, family friendly cafes and restaurants that are all over the upper mountains.


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

ph: 5486 6166


7 DAY CAMPS 31 DEC – 7 JAN • 7 – 14 JAN • 14 – 21 JAN • 31 MARCH – 7 APRIL • 7 – 14 APRIL

WEEKEND CAMPS • 4 – 7 May (Long weekend) DAY TRIPS AVAILABLE IN THE HOLIDAYS Camps every school holidays with full accommodation & adult supervision Ages 6 to teens Beginners welcome Childcare rebate BUS AVAILABLE • FULL INSURANCE


Yearning for some quality family time? In our overly hectic lives, we often yearn to slow down, reconnect with the kids and live a life less complicated. Especially in summer when the beaches are packed with tourists and the crowds are unrelenting. It might not be possible to run for the hills permanently, but at Cedar Glen Farmstay it’s possible to escape for a little while. Cedar Glen has been in the Stephen’s family since 1882. Located at the foot of World Heritage Lamington National Park, this spectacular 1050 acre property is home to beef cattle, Arabian horses, milking cows, sheep, pigs and poultry. With private swimming holes, shady 100-year-old trees and cool summer breezes, Spring and Summer are great times to visit. Imagine the kids’ excitement as they get to feed the animals twice daily, or try their hand at milking the house cow each morning.

Escape to

A real highlight of Cedar Glen is the activities they have to offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a horse ride through some of South East Qld’s most spectacular country – riders of all ages and experience are catered for. You can also learn how to throw a returning boomerang and crack the Australian stock whip while enjoying a cup of billy tea and freshly made damper. Guests can stay in the stately 1901 homestead, or choose one of three historic cottages which have been renovated to maintain the charm and authenticity of a bygone era. All buildings are surrounded by wide breezy verandas perfect for a summer siesta. Mums in particular will love the optional fully catered holiday. Imagine leaving even the cooking behind!

Contact us now for great rates on your Summer getaway | (07) 5544 8170 | Lost World Valley, Qld

If watching Discovery channel is the closest you’ve been to nature in a while, do something for yourself and the kids, and visit Cedar Glen Farmstay.

JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


IN BUSINESS Meet Yvette Adams year-old German exchange student and not forgetting the two goldfish, they love having a big, happy family. Tell us a little bit about the work you do and the industry you are in? Our core services for the Creative Collective are website design and development, graphic design and print, PR & marketing, social media, SEO & pay per click, business award submissions. We now have a small but solid in-house team of 4 and a greater network of 30 contractors and 1 franchisee in Newcastle. I consider my industry to be the creative/ICT industry. I describe it to people as vast and it is fast! If you consider social media as just one of our many services, and how many changes and new players it has had to the market in 2011 (think Google Plus alone) it certainly keeps us on our toes. But I get bored easily and a fast moving dynamic industry suits me.

There is no way to better describe Yvette Adams than in her own words, “I am a self-confessed serial entrepreneur having started five businesses from scratch and having since sold two.” Yvette started The Creative Collective from the study nook of her home in 2007, out of both desire and necessity, seven weeks after the birth of her second child. Within six months she had won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Queensland Small Business Champions Awards and had one part time staff member and five contractors. Four years later she has just moved out of her home office and into commercial premises. The mum of 2 and her partner Steve are originally from different cities in New Zealand. They met when Yvette was in her early 20’s and over 7 years explored over 40 countries together. Their treasured son Rio (8yrs) was a pleasant surprise; conceived in Denmark, born in London, to two Kiwi parents, with an Irish citizenship (paternal grandfather) and now living in Australia. Their daughter, Matisse (4yrs) was born near the Big Pineapple in Nambour! With a live-in nanny and a 15


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

What has been your most life defining moment? Probably breaking up with the guy I was living with when I was 17 and losing my best friend at the same time! In an instant my world was shattered and I had to redefine every aspect of my life; where I was living, who I hung out with, getting a job and generally getting my life on track. I had no real direction before that happened and I had limited myself to a small social group. It was a difficult time but going through that at such a young age made me grow up pretty quickly and become fiercely independent and determined to do something with my life. Having two children was pretty life-defining too! What business advice has had the biggest impact on you? I’ll never forget some advice one of my water polo coaches once gave me which I think applies well to business: “You will have many coaches and opinions put on you in your life. Listen to them all, seek to understand where they are coming from, but at the end of the day the decision to take it on board or not, rests with you. You don’t have to listen to any one person. Surround yourself with good people and take the best parts that suit you best at the times you most need them.” What has been the biggest learning curve for you since becoming a working parent? That as well planned and organised as you may be at times, sometimes the unexpected will still happen and you will just have to ‘roll with the punches’. I totally

underestimated the magnitude of the job of being a parent, and the tiredness that goes with it but it is a challenge worth persevering for. I am also continually astounded by how much smarter babies and kids are than we often give them credit for. Who are your business role models? Naturally the likes of Richard Branson and Tim Ferris but locally Dymphna Boholt who I worked directly for from 2004-2006, assisting her with PR, events, website and general marketing. Dymphna is a qualified accountant, economist and one of Australia’s leading real estate educators. She taught me a huge amount about tax, asset protection, investing, insurance, superannuation and more. I would not be the business person I am today without her advice and friendship. How do you balance family and work demands? We all have 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It is up to you what you do with that time. My way of achieving balance is blocking out the time I need to do what I need to do and then no one can steal that time from you. I work out a few times a week, I have a weekly day spa appointment, and try and finish work around 3 or 4pm week days (and I log back on again after 8pm) and I don’t work Fridays so I can spend time with my four year old before she goes to school next year. I sit down every Sunday night and plan my week ahead to fit it all in. What do you like to do with your spare time? Hang out with my kids. Keep fit. Read. Learn to DJ (I love music). Plan. Create. Talk to friends overseas on Skype, Facebook or the phone. Holiday. Sleep. What’s the motto you live by? Work hard, play harder. What would you consider your greatest business achievement so far? Winning the Commonwealth Bank Business Owner of the Year category at the Telstra Business Women’s Awards Queensland 2010 against 4200 applicants. Being a finalist at the International Women in Business Awards in New York in 2008 was pretty special too. Is there anything else you would like to share? All parents deserve a medal.

Interview by Jackie Goldston

Parents IN BUSINESS D IRE C TORY We Come to You, Hervey Bay to Gold Coast.

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JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 – KiDs on tHe CoAst


Books APPS & Movies

REVIEWS “The Black Book of Colours” by Menena Cottin and Rosana Faria Walker Books, RRP $24.95 Our eyes tell us about colour. But what if you are blind? Can you still know colours? Using simple language and beautiful textured art, this book shows you how to see without your eyes. From out of the blackness, a beautiful rainbow of colours emerges. Suitable for boys and girls aged 3 - 7. Chosen by Prep W, Buderim Mountain State School

“Monstersaurus” by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, Simon and Schuster, RRP $24.99


From the Aliens Love Underpants creators, Monstersaurus is fun, fast-moving and triggers the imagination! Monty is an inventor who finds a book to create monsters – if you dare. With colourful pictures and a creative story, this book will be enjoyed over and over, especially by boys. Suitable for ages 3+

APP “Paper Town Friends”


iPhone, iPod touch and iPad RRP$1.99 A dress-up game with a twist: in Paper Town, everyone and everything is made of paper! With six cute characters and over 150 items of clothing to choose from, your child will enjoy the pleasure of playing paper dolls for the iGeneration. Suitable for ages 4 +

APP “World of Goo” Android, iPad and iPhone RRP $4.99 Help the curious goo balls explore the beautiful and bizarre world of goo. A quirky and inventive physics game with haunting music, stunning graphics and lots of challenges. Suitable for ages 4+

MOVIE Hugo 3D In Cinema: January 12, Rating PG A Martin Scorsese film set in 1930s Paris. Hugo is an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and a robot (automaton). Starring Jude Law, Sacha Baron Cohen, Chloe Moretz and Asa Butterfield


KiDs on tHe CoAst – JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012

MOVIE Alvin and The Chipmunks : Chipwrecked In Cinema: January 1, Rating G On vacation aboard a luxury cruise ship, Alvin, Simon, Theodore and the Chipettes are up to their usual antics, until they become ‘chipwrecked’ on a desert island. They embark on an island adventure with their new friend, a castaway, who’s more than a match for Alvin and the Chipmunks. Starring Justin Long and Jesse McCartney.

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THIS MONTHS QUESTION… My 4 year old son seems to be having troubles making friends. At daycare and in the playground he tends to enjoy his own company and doesn’t seem interested in interacting in much play with other kids. He seems happy enough, but should I encourage him to be more social?

SAMI That Mummy Worry just never ends from the second you find out you have a living soul inside your tummy. I think it is natural to wonder if your child is too introverted and worry they will be bullied and picked on if they are seemingly very quiet. Mind you having a loud mouth little devil would be far more of a concern. I wonder what Kyle Sandilands was like as a wee one? Personally I can see how it is easy to live inside a bubble these days thanks to our technology. I am so happy when I am in my jim jams playing on Facebook at the same time as checking the web for blogs I love and checking my phone for texts. Kids of course have X-Boxes and all sorts of computer games that suck them into a land inside their heads. But I think you just have to embrace this little one’s personality and if they choose to be quiet then that is not a bad thing. To get all spiritual on you there is a fabulous saying by Lao Tzu that states: “Silence is a source of great strength.” And you know what? If your son really struggles in the near future then it is pretty easy to make sure he makes friends. It is totally politically incorrect and yes is cheating but all is fair when it comes to looking out for your bubbas. So here is the hot tip: just pack football cards and Smarties in his lunch bag!

TODD Whoooaaa throw the hand brake on ya panic right there lady! Just because your wee-un prefers his own company to that of his fellow whipper snappers doesn’t mean he’s going to grow up to be dodgier than a 3am kebab in Mooloolaba!

No no no...chances are your little bloke’s a genius! A child prodigy and he’s far too advanced for “Duck Duck Goose” and for the love of God don’t even think about getting him involved in a little “where is thumbkin’” action or he’ll go postal! Seriously I’d be concentrating less on the fact he’s a bit “Scott” (Scott no mates... think 1980’s slanguage) and I’d be pouring more energy into where he’s going to be studying after he blitzes prep next year. Good idea to let your Hubby know the time has come to giveaway the pipe dream of the fancy ski boat and start digesting the stark reality of saving the extra dosh for that fully exxy private education! Let’s not beat about the bush here, your kid’s going to the top, and heaven help anyone who stands or Hokey Pokey’s in his way! My best advice is to ensure you develop a tight relationship with him from now so when he hits the big league you can fully ride ya boy’s coat tails to success! (Or it could be his BATMAN cape at this stage, coz hey, let’s face it, he is only 4!) Rock On.

JAN - From Settle Petal This style of behaviour displayed in a four year old is often labelled as being a loner or anti-social. The cause of such behaviour could be complex - involving poor parent child attachments from birth resulting in distrust and the inability to form relationships or it could be simple – it’s just his personality and his environmental influences so far. The fact that he is happy is a good sign. Perhaps he has a very enquiring mind who becomes deeply involved in discovery and highly imaginative play. He may be playing with an imaginary playmate that you have not been introduced too. All of which is perfectly acceptable behaviour for a four year old. As for making friends - if he has a loving and close immediate and extended family maybe there is no need for him to form more relationships at this stage. If he wants to make friends but has trouble connecting with others this is more of a concern than him not needing friends to interrupt his play. Love him, build your relationship together and give him space with various opportunities of non-pressured social interaction and wait and see what happens over the following year.

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Kids on the Coast Magazine - Sunshine Coast - Issue 48  
Kids on the Coast Magazine - Sunshine Coast - Issue 48  

Kids on the Coast Magazine, Sunshine Coast, Issue 48 issue: The power of Perseverance, First Aid in the Modern...