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February/march 2014 - issue Thirteen

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appy New Year! I hope your festive season was as joyous as mine was. On 10 December we welcomed our daughter into the world. She has brought us so much happiness and that grows with every smile she throws our way. As a proud mama of course the front cover features my beautiful girl this month. Thank you to the amazing D Images ( for the newborn photo shoot! You can see more of the photos and some of my thoughts on early motherhood on page 14. At the end of 2013 we promised some changes at Kid Magazine and I’m excited to announce these this month. After the redesign of our website and the feedback we have had on the blog posts and reviews we will now be publishing Kid Magazine bi-monthly so we can bring you amazing content across both the website and magazine. The website will be packed with reviews, blog posts from me and guest blogs from experts and other mums. The magazine will continue to bring you all the latest news and features you already love. We have also given the magazine a little makeover, which I hope you like. I always love your feedback so feel free to email me at any time to Our next issue will be out on 1 April. Until then, you can find us at for more of the things you love.


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Use your imagination


My tiny teacher


First Aid For You

More amazing prizes to giveaway to our Kid Magazine readers this month. Enter now

Jennifer Chandler reveals how your kids clothes can feed their imagination

Editor Sara introduces her newest addition and her thoughts on being a mummy

Read about the offerings from this great organisation teaching you the essential skills for family first aid 4

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Sweat free make-up


Internet safety

Pia Hayes from The Body Shop At Home™ shares how you can keep your make-up in check during the warmer months

Tips to keep your family safe online from the Australian Government Stay Smart Online initiative



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Valentine’s craft


Quickflix movie review

Get crafty this Valentine’s Day and make a gift with love for your love

Our Quickflix movie reviewer Simon Maraudo reviews About Time and The Croods 5

A healthy lunchbox Cherie Lyden tells how to pack a lunchbox that will help the kids work and play

42 In the kitchen

Recipes the kids will love as they head back to school


Newborn safety Dreambaby Product Development Director Carolyn Ziegler shares her tips for keeping baby’s safe in the home


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A $150 Anarkid gift voucher

Now your little super heroes can look the part in the new DC Comics Super Hero range available in Cotton On Kids. The range features a selection of baby and children’s t-shirts, tank tops, bibs, onsies, hoodies, drink bottles and notebooks that combine DC Comics’ Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman designs with Cotton On Kids’ signature relaxed, fun and affordable styles. Think pops of neon and glitter embellishments to make you super hero shine. The range is available in Cotton On Kids stores and online at now.

Give your little ones fe Ergonomic toddler shoe the Natural Herb Pink nasties, are highly breat Attipas toddler shoes a Available

Mary & Marie has one goal in mind - to simplify life and to make things a bit easier when it comes to organising your life into your handbag! Best friends Rachel Mary Torti & Laila Maria Nassar Taper design the range together, ensuring that the bags are as practical and helpful as possible i.e. having a pouch for your phone so you can find it quickly, having a section to store your laptop and keep it safe, needing a practical bag for your babies needs etc. The range features the ultimate beach, travel, baby, overnight and gym bags in classic shapes and styles that are ultimately functional to keep your day-to-day life in checkregardless of the agenda. High quality fabrics and leather are used for their products and they also offer vegan options. You can shop the range online at 8

From this mon David Jones sto comfortable fab ral cottons and dominate the c the famous Lib and designed o

fashion bites

eet a gentle treat this autumn with two new styles from oe experts Attipas. Created from natural, organic cotton, k and Natural Herb Blue striped prewalkers contain no thable and support first steps. Made in four sizes (S-XL), are suitable from birth to 2.5 years and retail at $29.95. e from February via

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Civil Engineer turned Celebrity Stylist Amber Renae has launched an Australian first women’s online fashion store curated for individual body shapes and skin tones. The new store, which can be found online at, has been personally curated by Amber from thousands of online brands and organised into the six typical women’s body shapes as well as warm and cool skin tones. Women can jump online, select their individual body shape and skin tone from the list and choose to buy styles chosen for their unique characteristics. Sounds good to us!

Clothes that feed the imagination By Jennifer Chandler

If we’re honest, shopping for children’s clothes is one of life’s little hedonistic joys. Choosing tiny little outfits can feel like playing dress ups on a living doll. Now with the proliferation of online stores and budget price fashion at major chains

the choices can be overwhelming. Do I want my daughter to be French-chic or Sweetplayful?

For many years I avoided clothing with merchandising images on them. This made it quite hard to find decent, affordable clothes. Every major retail outlet seems to have a line of clothing featuring big name TV or Movie characters. My theory was that children have their whole lives to be ‘sold’ to. They don’t need to value TV characters at aged one, two or three. But one day, after a vomit emergency at a shopping centre emergency clothing was more important than upholding my parenting philosophy. And so my son acquired a Spiderman t-shirt. It is without a doubt his favourite item of clothing. He has no idea who Spiderman is, but every time he wears it he instinctively strikes a superhero pose and starts jumping off couches, 10

running around the house and doing somersaults on the trampoline. “I’m Spidey-man!” is his catch cry. It got me thinking about clothes that feed imagination. Children love dress ups, but what if everyday was a dress up day? From then on I started selecting clothes that fed this creative side. I still avoided merchandise as much as possible but I chose clothes that featured dinosaurs, tiger prints, bold squiggles, big stars and motorbikes. Sure enough, the clothes began to feed his already active imagination. As soon as the shirt/shorts/shoes were on he would head off into his fantasy world acting out wild adventures, or even just everyday situations. “Bye, I’m off to work.” He’d call out as soon as his cardigan was buttoned up. Yes, his Dad wears a cardigan to work, but that’s a whole other story. Imaginative play is a serious business in early childhood. More than just a bit of fun it has strong links to the development of literacy, creativity and even problem solving skills. In fact, free play is probably the single most important learning tool young children have. Through play they learn how to take turns, the strengths and limitations of their bodies, they develop language skills and even mathematical and scientific skills. “If I pour my milk into mummy’s espresso cup it spills. So the volume of this cup

Creative play is a chance for them to try out things they see in everyday life and make sense of their world.

is more than the volume of that cup.” Or, “When I throw a teddy at my brother’s head the equal and opposite reaction is that it bounces… and that when I laugh, he cries.” Creative play is a chance for them to try out things they see in everyday life and make sense of their world. “I am a doctor. I’m going to give you a shot. Be brave now.” Or “I am a fireman, I’m going to rescue the puppy stuck in the mud.” A study into creative play Joan Isenberg and Mary Renck (2001) found that: When young children use their imaginations in play, they are more creative, perform better at school tasks, and develop a problem- solving approach to learning. Educating a child’s imagination is therefore an important way to prepare children for the future. From a practical parenting point of view, creative clothes also get us out the door on time. Getting dressed is one of parenthood’s most infamous battlegrounds. It is one of the first areas that children assert their independence, right after “I’m not eating that” and “I’m not going to bed”. Each morning when we get to the inevitable quick-it’stime-to-get-dressed-I-don’t-have-time-to-fight-we’ 11

running-late struggle I find myself issuing a sales pitch for that day’s outfit. “Look, we’re going to wear your star/ dinosaur/robot shirt/shorts/shoes today! How exciting!” Nine times out of ten this works. He wiggles into his clothes as quickly as if I’ve just told him he could wear a cape, a crown and a Batman mask. The one time out of ten that it doesn’t work means exchanging empathetic looks with other parents in the playground as one or more child runs around in a swimsuit over a tutu. Welcome to the world of “I can dress myself.” As silly as it sounds creative clothing has brought a level of peace to toddlerhood in our household. It is a balance between feeding my selfish inner-fashionista (the one that secretly wants my kids to look Instagrammable), my children’s sense of fun and my mission to make their childhood as creative and imaginative as possible. Isenberg Joan Packer, Jalongo Mary Renck (2001) Creative Expression and Play in Early Childhood, 3rd edition. Merrill Prentice Hall, Ohio. Jennifer is a sometimes Copywriter, sometimes children’s shop owner, always mother to two boys. Her aim in life is not to be an amazing Mum, just the best one she can. You can find her shop here.





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Give it a little heart

Fall in love with these gorgeous pieces full of heart for your little loves 1 – Cross My Heart Dress in pearmint Green, $34.95, 2 – Pink and red heart printed leggings, $20, or call 1300 280 823 3 – Baby Pink Sparkle Jumpsuit with Pettiskirt & Hearts Bow, $30.50, 4 – Anarkid Big Love Onesie, $29.95, 5 – Jeanswest Cassie Placement Print Top, $16.99, 6 – Acorn Heart Beanie, $39.95, 7 – Jaq Jaq Bird Bib in Hearts Print, $9.95, 8 – Bloomers, $9.95, www.saplingchild. com 9 - Williams Crayons Sara Infants Red, $49.99, or call 1800 101 285 10 - eeni meeni miini moh Heart Dress in Steel, $89.95, 11 – Sleepy Hollow Baby Tee in Apricot, $24.95, 12

muslin swaddles and so much more

baby + nursery + gifts + bath & body + home + + + + + + + + + + + + view the entire collection at + + + + + + + + + + + + Š2014 Aden & Anais, Inc. All rights reserved.

My tiny teacher

Sara Keli, Kid Magazine Editor Photography by D Images, There is something about a baby that everyone loves. The amazing feel of their velvety skin, that newborn smell that just can’t be replicated, the adorable way they hold their hands or make faces in their sleep. But more than all of these things, a baby is a teacher. In seven short weeks, my daughter has already been guiding me through the new lessons of life that I am learning. She is my constant companion and confidant, my love, my life. On day two in the hospital, the Paediatrician made his visit, undressed Olivia, completed his checks and then with a friendly smile walked out of the room. My husband and I looked at each other wondering how we were supposed to get that singlet and nightgown back on her little body. We somehow fumbled our way through and since then my little girl has taught me confidence in myself and my ability to look after her. It is only with confidence that I can give her what she needs. If I bend her arm a little far while dressing her or misinterpret one of her cries, it is only my confidence that can calm her as I bring her to my chest for a cuddle. She has full confidence in me and everything I do and gives me the confidence boost I need every day. This confidence boost is not only in my ability as a mum but has seeped its way into other areas of my life enriching me in ways I never thought possible.

On 10 December 2013 my world changed. My daughter, Olivia May, made her way into my arms and my heart forever. All the complaints of pregnancy and pains of labour were forgotten as I held her tiny pink body against my chest not ever wanting to let go. The weeks since have been the most rewarding weeks of my life as I watch this little girl grow and develop the most amazing little personality. Every smile melts my heart a little more and every gram of weight added fills me with relief that I’m doing something right! 14

I recall a few years ago during a particularly stressful period in my life that a friend and mentor gave me some advice to help cope with what was going on around me. Her advice was to focus on every step I took and to focus on the rhythm of my left foot hitting the ground followed by my right foot. I would feel myself slow down while the world around me rushed past. It was a lesson in being present and in the moment. In a similar way my daughter has taught me this lesson. With every new skill she learns each day and every slight change in her weight or length I am reminded that these moments will not last long. Before I know it she will be crawling and then walking and then heading to school. She is teaching me to live in the moment and breathe in every second with her. She knows if I am not in the moment and jolts me back to her with a short cry or movement. Babies live every day in the moment. It is all 15

they know. They don’t yet have the distractions of email, Facebook and an endless ream of thoughts and worries in their mind. They soak up every second of every day to learn as much as they can and force us to do the same. Over the last seven weeks I have also learnt that being nude during a nappy change is a mighty enjoyable activity, as is weeing on yourself during nude time apparently. I have learnt that I can do pretty much anything with one hand if I try hard enough. I have seen the joy that my baby can bring to not only those close to us but also strangers on the street as she sleeps in her pram. I have felt more love than I ever knew was possible. My little girl is bringing me along with her learning journey. As she learns a new skill so do I. As her vocabulary expands from ‘ooh’ to add ‘goo’ and ‘gaa’ I have learnt about the best nappy rash creams or how to heat a bottle of breast milk. As she realises the power of her legs in moving her rocker, I have realised the power of my terrible voice to sing her to sleep. We are both on this journey together. I just hope she is enjoying it as much as I am.

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Five of the best Sara Keli, Kid Magazine Editor

With so many products on the market, as a new mum it is hard to know which products will work for you and your litte one. Here are five that Olivia and I love to use everyday.

I had night need give i is a m it is so sleep

Bubaloo Baby

At the moment it is a went through the Buba in our house. We have in every corner of the up the inevitable bab the Baby Burp Cloths you need them! They a really absorbent and co colo RRP 29.95 www.b

Bella Buttercup

Parent room change tables can be pretty disgusting so having a good change mat is essential. Bella Buttercup isn’t just a good change mat, it also looks great. It comes with two change mats (attached with Velcro) so if bub spoils one you have a clean one on hand. It also includes a blanket which I found really great for when we visit friends and can just pop Olivia on the blanket on the ground either for some tummy time or to just wave her arms around on her back. RRP $69

Chibebe Sn

The Chibebe Snuggle Pod is o seats you will find. Suitable f converts to a rocker when pla $59.95). My little one kicks her the Pod herself. The Snuggle P second seat cover for when yo a harness but still wants to sit i cover and you have a cute little enj RRP $109 www.c 18

Love to Swaddle UP

d a Love to Swaddle UP sitting in the drawer and one t after finally getting sick of wrapping my baby to then d to rewrap her after rocking her to sleep I decided to it a go. I haven’t looked back. The Love to Swaddle UP more natural sleep position for baby with arms up and o quick to zip them up if they have fallen asleep. Olivia ps so soundly in her Love to Swaddle UP and looks so cute lying in her bassinet all zipped up! RRP$39.95

by Burp Cloths

a little like a hurricane aloo factory and landed e Bubaloo Burp Cloths e house ready to mop by vomit. Each pack of includes 9 cloths and are a fantastic size, are ome in really gorgeous ours.

Budu Baby Bag

I couldn’t live without my Budu bag. With three main compartments I use one for nappies and wipes, one for change of clothes and a toy or two and the middle compartment for all my mummy stuff (wallet, phone, lip gloss). The leather is so super soft and the design is simple and sophisticated. Just because I’m a mum I don’t need to lose my style! RRP $349

nuggle Pod

one of the most versatile baby from birth, the Snuggle Pod aced on the Pod Rocker (RRP r legs away and is able to rock Pod is also convertible with a our little one no longer needs in the Snuggle Pod. Zip on the e bean bag for your toddler to joy. 19 21

The newly launched Caltrate Soft Chews are a delicious, nutritious and convenient way to boost your daily calcium intake. We all know how important calcium intake is for bone density and strength and now there is a guilt-free way to up the intake without worrying about nasty tablets. At only 13 calories per chew, you wil also get 60% of the daily-recommended intake of calcium for women under the age of 50 (600mg) and 200% of the adequate daily intake of vitamin D (400IU). Caltrate Soft Chews are available in easy 60 packs from leading pharmacies and

Any mum who has ever had a sick baby or young child will know the nightmare that is trying to take their temperature while inconsolably crying. TraxIt® Wearable Underarm Thermometers are nontoxic and latexfree and provide an accurate and comfortable means of monitoring a child’s temperature. Once applied under a child or infant’s armpit, and after being in place for three minutes, temperature readings are available instantly. TraxIt® can also be left in place to provide temperature readings for up to 48 hours – long enough to outlast most temperature spikes. RRP for a pack of 4 TraxIt® is $8.99. Available from pharmacies nationally. 22

Introducing Brauer’s Balms in four delicio come alive! These enriched with the goo & almond oil. With con colours along with c packaging, the lip b range also contains n no parabens & no SLS mango or strawberry sensitive lips. Availabl health

If you are looking to shake up your skincare regime in 2014 then check out the new Bubble Cream and Cream Crème from LA cult fragrance brand Royal Apothic. Bubble Cream (RRP $27.95) is an emulsifying and highly concentrated cleanser that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated. Cream Crème ($39.95) is a body moisturiser that deeply hydrates and gently exfoliates in one easy step for smoother, younger-looking skin. Both products are available in 6 different fragrances; Holland Park, Venetian Grove,Terra Firma, Lemoncello, Cutting Garden and City of Angels. Visit for more information.

s new Paw Paw Flavoured Lip ous flavours to make summer four delicious flavours are odness of paw paw, shea butter ntemporary labelling & vibrant convenient & hygienic small balms are a must have. The no nasties, no petrochemicals, LS. Available in lime, raspberry, y, the lip balms are gentle on ble in all good pharmacies and th food stores. 23

health and beauty bites

Milk Sports Moisturiser with SPF+ is a fast absorbing, non-greasy moisturiser perfect for everyday use. Packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, it is water resistant for up to 4 hours and provides broad-spectrum protection for the ultimate day in the sun. Developed for the outdoor, active person, Milk Sports Moisturiser is rich in aloe vera to help soothe the skin and vitamin e, which provides moisture leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. Clean and weightless on your skin, Milk Sports Moisturiser is sweat resistant, low irritant and wont clog pores. Available online in February at for RRP $19.95.

Two hours that could save a life

Sara Keli, Kid Magazine Editor When I was five, my three-year-old sister jumped up while in the bathtub and split open her eyebrow. Four weeks later,

I tripped and fell on the hallway tiles splitting open my head. Another two weeks later, my sister was riding her bike on the driveway, fell off and split open her chin. Mum was a complete wreck on each occasion, although by the third trip to the Emergency Department she knew all the nurses by their first name. Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in your life and you would do anything to protect the little person that has entered your world. But would you be confident to say that you have the skills and knowledge necessary if they suddenly stopped breathing? Or were choking on a piece of bread? Or were bitten by a spider while playing in the backyard? Even if you completed a first aid course in the past, did you know that as recently as 2010, the Australian Resuscitation Council updated their CPR guidelines? First Aid For You is all about equipping families with the answers to all these questions and more through their First Aid For Families course. What is even better is that they will come to your home 7 days a week, including weekends and after hours. In a two hour session with a First Aid For You Instructor you will learn how to handle child and baby resuscitation, choking, allergic reactions, Asthma management, blood loss, burns, bites and stings, fevers and fractures. While you hope to never find yourself in a situation that you need to use these skills, just having the knowledge will make you feel that much more secure in your ability to respond if you needed to one day. First Aid For You Director Mary Dawes said, “When many of us become parents, we’re educated on many aspects of raising a child. However, one common area that many parents realise they lack, is knowing first aid for their child. There are huge differences between CPR for a child 24

compared to adult CPR, knowing correct procedures in an emergency can potentially stop a bad situation becoming worse, and all it takes is a few hours at a First Aid For You course, to learn these vital skills.” If you are an expectant mum you can also take advantage of the First Aid For You Baby Shower courses. Tailored to the audience, the fifty minute session covers many of the same topics as the First Aid For Families course and is a fantastic way to prepare yourself, your family and friends for baby’s arrival. Rather than playing the usual baby shower games, your guests will walk away with practical skills that could save a life. Recently I had a First Aid For You Instructor come to my home to run a First Aid For Families Course for my husband and I and our parents. It was probably the most worthwhile way I can think of to spend a Saturday afternoon. All six of us walked away with new knowledge and more awareness of the hazards for our little one. You can read my full review of the First Aid For Families course at www.kidmagazine. You can find out more about First Aid For You and the FIrst Aid For Families course at



While you hope to never find yourself in a situation that you need to use these skills, just having the knowledge will make you feel that much more secure in your ability to respond if you needed to one day. 25

Sweat free make-up this summer

Pia Hayes, Independent Business Owner, The Body Shop At Home™

that you’ve been using throughout winter isn’t necessary anymore; the summer weather is less harsh and drying on the skin. After applying your facial moisturiser in the morning, lay a light tissue over your face and relax for a few moments, the tissue will gather any unnecessary moisture, allowing your skin to absorb only the necessary amount it needs. 2. Add blotting tissues to your handbag Oil and sweat are your worst nightmares in summer and can creep up on you unnoticed sometimes. An essential for summer, that a lot of people overlook and forget about, are blotting tissues. To ensure your flawless finish stays intact and your complexion remains shine free, carry blotting tissues with you as a safety measure against the scary sweat and nasty oil that might attack at any time of the day. 3. Be picky with your make-up selection Flawless make-up often means you need to be fussy with your make- up selection this summer. Trade in your old make-up for lighter, rejuvenating make-up that will keep you looking fabulous all summer. Opt for foundations that contain oil- free and non-drying formulas that can be applied lightly and last all day. If you naturally have oily skin, look out for make-up that contains oil absorbing and conditioning ingredients. No one likes panda eyes, find a great water resistant eye liner and mascara that can become your new best friend in summer – trust me, you won’t regret it! If you do the right research, you’ll be the envy of everyone with your make-up staying where it should, all day and all night.

Summer seems to be that time of the year when everything is planned; weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties and family functions. Add in some warmer weather and you’re looking at a possible make-up meltdown. Sweat and oil build up is a price we pay for the beautiful warm weather throughout summer, however it is this type of build up that lead to nasty clogging of pores and breakouts – definitely not something you want when looking your party-best. No one wants to be conscious of their make-up coming off or having to re-apply during the day. Here are a few simple tips to ensure your make-up stays in check this summer: 1. Lighten up Summer means warm weather, and warm weather means it’s time to change your moisturiser to a lighter, fresher version. Some moisturisers can feel quite heavy on your face and body, which can lead to an increase in the amount you sweat this summer. Your thick moisturiser 26

4. Swap powder for cream When the mercury rises, your cheeks often suffer meaning your foundation and blush can be left looking cakey, uneven and extremely noticeable. As the temperature takes its toll, it becomes harder to attain that natural rosey-cheek look throughout summer. Avoid powder blush and use a cream blush or bronzer when you feel you need a little extra colour. A light cream- based foundation and blush will do wonders for you in the heat. 5. Brighten your eyes Avoid darker colours on your eyes throughout summer as they can seem to look a little harsh. As your body warms up and your skin naturally glows and has more colour, your make-up needs to be more natural and reflective of the season, Be inspired by summer, go for bold bright colours or bronzed summer tones to create a natural summer look. Pia is an Independent Business Owner with The Body Shop At Home™ who specialises in make-up. For more information on The Body Shop At Home™ please visit au/TheBodyShopAtHome.aspx

END 27

Did you know our website is now mobile friendly? Check it out!!

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A beautiful love


Whether you have a hot date or not this Valentine’s Day pamper yourself with these beauty must-haves 1 – Bulgari Jasmin Noir, $148 (50mL), (02) 9695, 5678 2 – Benefit BADgal Plum Mascara, $38, Benefit Boutique, MYER stores nationally, www.myer. or 02 8353 5000 3 – KORA Organics Tinted Day Cream, $59.95, online and in all David Jones department stores nation-wide and Terry White chemists nationally 4 – Lush Double Choc Lip Tint, $9.95, Lush stores nationwide 5 – Bobbi Brown Blush, $44, selected David Jones and Myer nationally 6 - GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly Oil 95ml, $17.95, 7 - 1000 Hour 3D Nail Wraps in Paige, $9.95, www. or 02 9526 0777 8 - Milk & Co Rejuvenating Masque, $19.95, 9 - Sukin Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream, $23.95, available at most pharmacies and health food stores nationally, including Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and Terry White Chemists 10 – Illamasqua’s I’m the One collection - Lip Colouring Pencil in Feisty, $21.00m Nail Varnish in Throb, $22.00, Instense Lip Gloss in Touch, $22.00, Lipstick in Maneater, $25.00, 11 – Colour Theory Fresh Glass Lip Gloss in Sherbet, $8, available at most Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacies, and 29

Finding the perfect pram can take many an hour of searching online, reading reviews and visiting baby shops to test out the wheels. And even then you might not get a pram you are completely happy with. Rozibaby is the only fully customisable pram that gives mothers and fathers the ability to start designing from the ground-up. Much like the way Lego works, all components can change, enabling the pram to meet each family’s unique preferences and needs at any time. The fabric colour, bassinet style and number and type of wheels can all be customised as well as the option to add a second baby seat. End your search for the perfect pram at

Set to become the new must have toy for babies, Tiger Tribe’s Twiggies are a delightful range of enchanting woodland animals. Made from super soft jersey, velvet and cotton fabrics, Twiggies come in four different products – soft toy, squeaky, blankie and musicals. Freddy Fox, Ollie Owl and Daisy Deer are all waiting to become your little ones new best friend so choose carefully or choose them all! Pries range from $14.95 - $29.95 so they are an affordable gift that wil be treasured forever. Visit for more information.

For over 40 years, children all over th the water. From a a confident swimm specialist range of The unique learn-t at least one produc stage of the learnin Constant research Floaties® product and remain at the technology. The ra expanded from the and blue armbands products suitable f are fun and fashion $14.99. Floaties® a Toys R Us and Toy 30

fun bites Congratulations to NSW mum Heidi Mackey who has been announced as the inaugural Protect-A-Bed SuperMum. The mum of five, including a set of triplets, also has an autistic foster son, manages the finances of her husband’s business and cares for animals in need. Protect-A-Bed Chairman Ken Smith said, “Choosing just one lady from the seven state finalists was incredibly hard. Each finalist is amazing and inspiring in her own right. Our winner Heidi stood out because she captures the spirit of the everyday Australian mother who goes above and beyond for her family, friends and community.”

Floaties® has been helping he world gain confidence in child’s first splash to being mer, Floaties® provide a learn-to-swim products. to-swim system provides ct for every age and every ng-to-swim process. and development ensures ts are of the highest quality forefront of learn-to-swim ange has been greatly e original bright yellow s from the 70’s, to include for all ages and abilities that nable. Prices start from are available from Big W, yworld. 31

Whether you have a sparkly fairy princess or a tween dying to get into your make-up bag, the new Pure Poppet Shimmer Stacks are the perfect solution. Each shimmer stack includes two Shimmer Stacks in ‘Evie Boo White’ and ‘Millie Rose’ and one Mineral Lip Shine in ‘Cotton Candy’. The Shimmer Stacks are Australian made and non-toxic with no nasty surprises. Perfect for the little girl who wants to add a bit of sparkle to her face or the older girl starting to experiment with make-up. You can look on knowing that the Shimmer Stacks are a natural product safe for precious young skin. Pure Poppet Shimmer Stacks are RRP $15.95 and available now from www. and selected retailers.

Internet safety. Keeping your kids safe The Australian Government's Stay Smart Online initiative shares tips about online safety for children.

1. Talk with your child. Discuss how to stay safe online and how to report or talk to someone if they feel uncomfortable or threatened

2. Encourage responsible socialising online. Talk with your child about protecting their reputations online and to stop and think before posting photos or personal information. Teach them about being nice online and considering others’ feelings and reputations.

3. Teach your child about privacy. Regularly check the privacy settings on social networking sites. Check the permissions requested by apps before installing them onto devices.

Keeping your children safe online is every bit as important as protecting them from harm in the real world. While the internet provides many benefits for children, including education, entertainment and socialising, it is important for parents to help their children understand how they can protect themselves online. Smartphones and tablets are part of everyday life for children, and parents can find it a challenge to understand and help their children with their online activities. It can be daunting when social networking websites and online games make it very easy for children to share personal information online, putting them at risk for unwanted attention or interaction with strangers or cyberbullies. Here are some helpful tips to set ground rules and encourage safe online behaviour. 32

4. Set strong passwords. Talk about the importance of using different passwords for each online account and not sharing their passwords with anyone.

5. Protect mobile devices. Install security software from a verified provider and lock devices and SIM cards with a passcode, password or biometric. Only download apps from reputable publishers and keep software and apps up to date. There are many resources with helpful information and advice on online safety for parents and children. The Stay Smart Online website is an Australian Government website, which provides Australian internet users simple steps they can take to protect their personal and financial information online. The Cybersafety Help Button is an online resource which provides easy online access to online safety

information and assistance. The application offers counselling, reporting and educational resources associated with online risks. The Easy Guide to Socialising Online provides tips for how parents and children can protect themselves when using social networking sites, online games and search engines. Budd:e is a fun and engaging education package with interactive learning activities for both primary and secondary students. Children can play games for points and build their very own personalised robot or cyborg, 33

while learning important cyber security and safety behaviours. Visit the Stay Smart Online website, www. or ‘like’ Stay Smart Online on Facebook for more resources and hints and tips for families. You can also subscribe to the free Stay Smart Online Alert Service to receive regular information about current online threats and scams, and solutions to help manage any risks.


Valentine’s Day Home Made Gifts With Kellie Hawkins from the Charles Parsons Interior Design Team

Personalised Cushion A personalised cushion is a wonderful gift for somebody to keep forever and add a unique touch to their home. Choose a fabric that suits their personality and will match well in their bedroom or living room. Step 1. Measure the size of your chosen cushion and begin by cutting one piece of fabric for the front and two pieces for the back of the cushion The two back fabric pieces will overlap so you want to take your final measurement and add 15cm to the length. Then divide this number in half for the size of each back piece. Example: Your insert measure’s 45cm x 45 cm. You will add 15cm to the length. The measurement will now be 45cm x 60cm. Divide the length in half. Your back pieces of fabric will measure 45cm x 30cm. Tip: I like to cut the front fabric of the cushion to exact measurements of the pillow form, or maybe .5cm more. You want to make sure you have a snug fit around the pillow. Now cut your fabric

The beauty of sourcing your own fabric is that you can create personalised items that are as unique as your (and the recipients!) individual style. Just like baking a cake, it’s only difficult if you don’t have the recipe! With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a great opportunity to show a loved one just how much you care by putting extra thought into their gift and creating something unique and homemade especially for them. Here are some gift ideas to get you started! 34

Step 2. Using the two back pieces of fabric, iron a 1cm hem on the edges that will overlap. Once you have ironed on one side of each back piece, sew a straight line along the fold. You are now ready to pin and sew your cushion cover Step 3. Lay the front piece of fabric with what will be the “outside” of the cushion facing up, and then lay the “outside” side of the back pieces of fabric face down. So the “outside” sides are facing each other Step 4. Pin around the edges of your cover. Double check you have the “inside” side of the fabrics visible. You should not be able to see the “outside” sides of the fabric Step 5. Sew around your edges. You are now finished! Turn you pillow cover inside out and insert your pillow Tip: You could also hand-tack velvet trim in the shape

leave just enough fabric to fold in and fold around the outside of the frame. Apply fabric glue where needed to secure the fabric to the frame Step 4. Insert the glass insert, a photo or picture to fit the frame opening, and put the back of the frame in

Fabric Wall Art Fill that bare spot on a loved one’s wall with a home-made piece of textured wall art Step 1. Select fabric that matches the theme of the room and purchase a blank canvas/panel to cover Step 2. Measure the fabric so that it’s two inches wider and longer than your canvas and cut the fabric Step 3. Use fabric glue to create a layer of glue on the front of your canvas and lay the canvas on to the back of your piece of fabric Step 4. Ensure the fabric is pulled tightly to avoid any creases and fold in the edges. Trim any excess fabric and secure with staples

Fabric Paper Weights of their initial using matching thread to make it a truly special gift and secure with fabric glue. To keep their cushion looking fresh you can spray scotchguard over the fabrics. Don’t worry - this will not affect the feel or look of the fabric, it will help keep those grubby finger prints off the fabric

Fabric Photo Frame

This is a great and simple idea to help get the kids creative this Valentine’s Day! Help them tell Dad just how much they love him with a personalised fabric paperweight to keep him nice and organised. Step 1. Select several smooth large stones or pebbles from the garden that would form nice solid paperweights

Show someone how much you care by creating a fabric photo frame containing a picture of the two of you.

Step 2. Choose your fabric. A thicker fabric works well here to ensure the stone is not visible through the material

Step 1. Find the perfect photo and buy a cheap photo frame and some wonderfully textured, medium-weight fabric to ensure it’s easily foldable

Step 3. Cut the fabric large enough to fit around the entire stone and wrap the fabric tightly. Trim off any excess material and secure using fabric glue

Tip: Ensure your fabric is twice as large as the frame

Step 4. To add a special, personalised touch, cut letters from a contrasting piece of fabric and glue to the top of the paperweight

Step 2. Remove the backing and glass from the photo frame. Apply fabric glue to the top and sides of the frame and place the fabric over the frame. Pull the fabric tight and smooth out any air bubbles or creases Step 3. Allow to dry. Turn the frame over so that the back is facing up and cut an ‘X’ from corner to corner with scissors into the back of the fabric. Trim excess fabric to 35


e review . Quickflix movie review . Quickflix movie review . Quickflix movie review . Quic TM

About Time By Simon Miraudo Richard Curtis lives to make you melt, and his latest, About Time, should just about do the trick. It’s sad and sweet. And shapeless. But mostly sweet. His previous directorial effort, The Boat That Rocked, also suffered from bagginess. I’ll forgive the over-length here, just because the world crafted is so lovely; its characters so warm. Newcomer Domhnall Gleeson stars as Tim, a nervy romantic (somewhere between Hugh Grant and Stephen Merchant). On his twenty-first birthday, his father (Bill Nighy) tells him of a unique family talent: the ability to travel back in time. Tim decides to deploy his power solely in the pursuit of women; specifically, the mousy Mary (a charming Rachel McAdams). He and Mary build a life together in London, yet the temptation to rewind tragic events involving his friends, family, and especially his dear old dad could end up with Tim accidentally negating his romantic relationship. That synopsis suggests a more streamlined, three-act structure than About Time actually exhibits. As the credits roll, it becomes apparent that there’s really no story to this thing at all. Yet there were moments of pure joy, lovely little asides, a couple of heartbreaking sequences, and more than a few laughs. With an earnest (and only somewhat trite) message about appreciating each day as it comes, About Time is difficult to dislike. Less manipulative and calculating than Love Actually, I’d say it’s Curtis’ best effort yet. About Time has its problems, but the pleasures are in abundance. About Time will be available on Quickflix February 13 36



ckflix movie review . Quickflix movie review . Quickflix movie review . Quickflix movie re TM




The Croods By Simon Miraudo Father doesn’t always know best. If your dad is a caveman or Nicolas Cage - that can be especially the case. In DreamWorks Animation’s offbeat effort The Croods, teenage troglodyte Eep (Emma Stone) grows tired of her overprotective pop, Grug (Cage), keeping her hidden from the outside world. His fears are not totally unfounded: the outside world is overrun with prehistoric creatures eager to, well, eat them. But evolution is on the horizon, and when Eep becomes smitten with the forward-thinking Guy (Ryan Reynolds), Grug realises he may be more of a fossil than he realises. So begins a journey far from home, instigated by Guy, towards the sun and, hopefully, a better tomorrow. Before they reach their destination, however, Grug does his best to undermine his little girl’s new beau, and, with any luck, cause his unkillable mother-in-law, Gran (Cloris Leachman), to suffer a fatal heart-attack in their dangerous new terrain. (Writer-directors Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders have no issue imbuing their kids’ flick with some dark, adult humour.) The Croods is a delight, thanks to its impressive cast, also including Catherine Keener (as Eep’s mother, Ugga) and Clark Duke (playing dim-witted brother, Thunk). Cage, Stone, and Reynolds are well versed in wry comedy, and they make for appealing, good-humoured leads. Though the character designs are a little bland - perhaps a testament to their under-evolved nature - the animation is otherwise stunning. Set four million years in the past, it nonetheless feels like a step-forward for DreamWorks. The Croods is now available on Quickflix. 37


The final instalment in the 4 Ingredients Wellness Trilogy is 4 Ingredients Allergies. Written under the guidance of Anaphylaxis Australia, the book features over 60 recipes each free of the top 9 allergens (cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, fish, soy, shellfish and wheat). With recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and also a parties & entertaining chapter, the book is a must have for any family living with allergies. Following the 4 Ingredients philosophy, this book makes cooking for allergies a much simpler and less daunting prospect. RRP $19.95. For more information visit

In the summer heat it is so tempting to reach for a cool treat in the freezer but then the guilt hits. Thankfully, Skinny Cow has released three delish new flavours; Peanut Butter Sundaes, Cookes & Cream ice cream cups and ‘SLIMited’ edition Choc Cherry ice cream cookies. Yum! All products are 97% fat free and the entire range of Skinny Cow flavours has less than 151 calories per serve. Containing no artificial sweeteners the new delicious Skinny Cow products are available now at Woolworth, Coles (select flavours only) and select independent retailers. RRP $7.49 for a 4-pack.

The popula been re-la complete w innovative t optimum te large wate and the en the mach standby. It a In addition, makes it discreetly bench top white finish appeal. Av 38

food bites

Meet the aquapalsÂŽ Hoppy the frog, Oinx the pig, Chip the chimpanzee and Tiny the elephant, a brand new range of reusable, compact and environmentally friendly bottles that kids will love to use. Designed with quality and safety in mind, they feature high grade BPA free materials and are reusable, foldable, freezable, dishwasher safe, durable and FUN. Perfect for back-to-school or out-and-about on the weekend, the kids will adore the cute characters and the convenient clip means they are less likely to lose their bottle. Available from for RRP $9.95.

ar Simpla espresso machine has aunched by Lavazza Australia with advanced new features. The thermoblock technology ensures temperature control. The extraer tank has a one-litre capacity nergy saving technology turns hine off after nine minutes of also holds 10 capsules at a time. its elegant and compact design t a versatile machine to place y on an office desk or kitchen p. The chrome lever and glossy provide durability and modern vailable at The Good Guys for RRP $99. 39

Sufferers of gluten intolerance have long been fans of the Byron Bay Cookies Gluten Free range. Now there is a new reason to rejoice with the addition of A Gluten Free White Choc Macadamia Cookie Bar to the range. The entire range of Byron Bay Cookies has undergone a makeover with the Gluten Free range featuring a white strip to ensure you know what you are buying is gluten free. If you are searching for the perfect gift for a gluten intolerant friend you can also purchase the Gluten Free range in 150g gift pouches from David Jones stores across Australia or Byron Bay Cookies’ standard and gluten free products are available in selected cafes and Woolworths stores nationwide. 40

A Healthy Lunchbox for a Healthy Mind

2. Don’t forget to keep lunch BALANCED, varied and interesting. Children need a lunchbox that has fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, dairy and protein components. Also remember to keep it colourful, as different colour fruit and vegetables have different nutrients; it’s nature’s way of ensuring variety!

Cherie Lyden, Kids Nutritionist,

3. Cut down on overly processed and packaged food, which are usually high in sugar, salt and fat. Keep as many of the lunchbox components FRESH, from the above food groups. As well as not being overly nutritious these food tend to be overly packaged. 4. This time of year food can spoil easily, so keeping lunchboxes COOL is key to keeping food tasting good. My top tip is to freeze yoghurt pouches/tubes or water bottles so they act as a cooling pack. They will have defrosted enough by lunchtime to eat or drink and kept everything else cool. 5. No doubt your children have been involved choosing their backpacks, shoes, pencil cases and other supplies. CHOOSING A LUNCHBOX they like and getting them involved in the contents is a great way to ensure they eat everything made for them. This is really important if this is your child’s first year at school, it is a little reminder of home in the middle of the day and helps ease them into this new eating regime.

The summer holidays are almost over and our attention now turns to the new school year. Amidst the flurry of activity that is involved with new shoes, new uniform, haircuts and the endless name labeling of anything and everything, let’s not forget lunch. Maybe you have a little one starting school for the first time, or you are simply out of creative ideas for tasty, healthy snacks. I know my enthusiasm for cooking is waning after a long holiday season of little mouths constantly demanding food. Either way, a packed lunch needs to be as nutritious as it is easy to eat and convenient to prepare. Here are my top tips to make sure kids are fed food to help them work and play. 1. Start the day with an energy-boosting BREAKFAST that will keep them going to until morning tea or lunch. Don’t let your child run out the door on empty. Try wholegrain cereals like natural muesli, kids weetbix, porridge and sultana bran with milk or yoghurt and some fresh fruit. For variety try something savoury like wholegrain toast with boiled eggs, avocado with fresh ricotta or a yummy nut butter. 41

6. Buying pre-packaged food is sometimes a necessity. Always be sure to read the LABELS. I have already mentioned freezing yoghurt pouches, make sure you choose the ones with the least amount of sugar, less than 10g per 100g. Similarly cheese or cooked meats need to have less that 120mg of sodium per 100g. Using leftover roasted lean protein meats is normally a better and cheaper option. 7. Make sure your kids know to drink enough WATER throughout the day. Water is often allowed on desks, whereas juice isn’t. Juice also contributes to tooth decay and is high in sugar. A new water bottle will encourage small ones to reach for their drink frequently and stay hydrated. The beginning of the school year is often an anxious time for children. Keeping them to a healthy diet and energised can help them make the most of their school day in the classroom and the playground.

END 42


Makes 24

250g strawberries, hulled, washed 400ml can coconut milk, shaken 150g blueberries Place the strawberries and 1/3 of the coconut milk in a blender and pulse until smooth. Pour evenly among 6 ice block moulds. Place in the freezer for 1 hour or until almost set. Remove ice blocks and divide half the remaining coconut milk evenly among moulds. Tap the moulds on a work surface to smooth tops. Place in the freezer for 1 hour or until almost set. Add blueberries and the remaining coconut milk into a blender and process until smooth. Remove moulds from the freezer. Pour blueberry mixture evenly among moulds. Insert wooden pop sticks into the centres. Return to the freezer for a further 2 hours or until set. Remove from moulds and serve immediately. WT Any extra can be frozen in ice cube trays for bite-size treats or added to smoothies. NOTE: I used full fat coconut milk as it is the fat content that helps prevent ice-cream from crystallising during freezing. Page 98 43

Apricot Chicken Balls

Makes 24

1 cup chopped sweet potato 1/2 cup (60g) shredded coconut 500g lean chicken mince 12 dried apricots, finely chopped Preheat the oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with baking paper. In a small saucepan bring 2 cups (500ml) water to the boil. Add the sweet potato and boil for 4 minutes, or until tender. Drain, transfer to a large mixing bowl and mash well. Cool before adding coconut, chicken and apricots, season with sea salt and cracked pepper and mix until well combined. Roll into tablespoon sized balls and place on the prepared tray. Bake for around 20 to 22 minutes, turning half way, or until the chicken is cooked through and golden. Alternatively, fry in a little oil on the stovetop. These are sensational served with a dipping sauce made from mixing a little curry powder into Coyo. WT For a deliciously easy Thai Chicken Meatballs: Place 500g chicken mince in a large bowl, add half a red onion finely chopped, Ÿ cup freshly chopped coriander, 1 teaspoon minced ginger and 1 large red chilli, seeds removed and finely chopped. Season with sea salt and cracked pepper, mix thoroughly then chill. Roll into balls and bake as above. Page 96 44 45 46

Quinoa Bircher Simon Ward, Head Chef, Hammer & Tong

you will need to start this recipe one day in advance 2 cups Rolled oats 1/2 cup Red quinoa1 1/2 cup Black quinoa 1/4 cup golden raisins 1/4 cup goji berries 1/4 cup dried cranberries 1/4 cup currants 1/4 cup shredded coconut 1/4 cup slivered almonds 3 1/2 tblsp coconut sugar Pinch ground cinnamon Pinch ground nutmeg 1 3/4 cup Apple juice 1 1/2 cup coconut milk In a large mixing bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients except for the coconut sugar. In a small bowl, combine the wet ingredients and coconut sugar. Use a whisk to ensure there are no lumps of sugar, and that it is fully dissolved in the liquid. Combine all together, mixing to ensure that there are no areas of dry ingredients separate from wet ingredients. This should resemble a textured wet cake mix. Leave to absorb in the fridge overnight with a cartouche to stop a crust forming on the top from air drying it out. A cartouche can be made from either using baking paper or glad wrap touching the top of the mixture. The difference in the mixture once it is ready will be visual. You should be able to tell that all of the fruits and oats have absorbed the liquid of which there will not be a huge excess. To serve: we serve our bircher muesli with fresh natural yogurt and some berry compote (a nice reduced sauce of mixed berries and very little sugar) 47

Mr. Beak's Sausage Rolls

750 g puff pastry I pack of Mr Beaks Original Beef Sausages 1 egg yolk, beaten

For Spicy Tomato Sauce ingredients 2 tbs bottled tomato sauce 1/2 tsp pepper 1 tsp chili sauce 1 tsp mustard sauce Roll out puff pastry and cut into fours. Wrap each sausage with each sheet of puff pastry. Brush with the egg yolks until sealed. Place the sausage rolls on a flat baking sheet, cover with plastic. Let stand for 45 minutes. Bake in hot oven temperature to 180 째 C for 15 minutes until cooked. Serve immediately with spicy sauce. 48 49

Three easy lunchbox snacks

We would all love to be like Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, whipping up healthy and tasty treats for the kids lunchboxes. But let’s face it most of us don’t have the culinary skills of Jamie (or the time!!). We have found three super snacks you can pick up on the grocery store shelves that require little or no effort to pop straight into the lunchbox. Our expert kid (and mum) testers have tried them all and give the big thumps up.

Soma Bite is loaded with Goji Berries, Chia Seeds, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Medjool Dates and Raw Honey. Each recyclable tube contains three of these tasty bites so if the kids don’t eat them all you can just pop them in the lunchbox again the next day so there is no wastage. Or you could just pop one in some cling wrap inside the lunchbox and you take the rest! Our tasters loved this treat – a perfect muesli bar replacement. Soma Bite is available nationally in Woolworths supermarkets and health food stores

Bulla Cottage Cheese with Crackers Available in Original and Onion & Chives, Bulla has created the perfect morning tea snack for the kids, combining the healthy and tasty cottage cheese with an over-lid compartment of biscuits. High in protein and containing no artificial colours and flavours the Bulla Cottage Cheese is made with real Australian dairy milk. The kids did find that the tub was a little big for the number of crackers so we suggest even adding some extra veggie sticks to the lunchbox so the cheese doesn’t go to waste. You could also make a lunch out of snack just by putting some shredded chicken or ham and a bit of avocado or tomato alongside it so the kids can make their own cottage cheese cracker sandwiches. Yum! Bulla Cottage Cheese Snack Packs are available in all leading Coles and IGA supermarkets across Australia.

Soma Bite This bite-sized snack is packed with so much goodness the kids won’t even know what hit them! 100% organic, gluten free and with no added sugar or preservatives, 50

Wholeberry Folk So this is where a bit of effort is required – just a little bit we promise. Wholeberry Folk is a new range of home baking mixes with no preservatives or additives and made with real fruit and spelt flour. Just add a few ingredients, mix and bake in the oven and you will have delicious cupcakes or cookies ready to add as a special treat in the kids lunchbox. The kids loved these and were none the wiser that what they were eating contained lots of good stuff! The cupcakes are available in Banana Split, Strawberry Milkshake and Blueberry Frost flavours alongside Cinnamon Raisin cookies. Wholeberry Folk are available in Woolworths supermarkets nationally. passwords with anyone.

END 51

Looking for a uniqu Puppy Love Studios thoughts. In gorgeo nod to man’s best fr forever sketching a so are all her doggy next illustration.” E The prints are avail

The Booksee Bookshelf from Ubabub allows you to store your children’s books neatly away whilst displaying their beautiful covers in a decorative way. Pick themes for the books on display or let the kids choose their favourites – either way you will be encouraging them to read and take an interest in books. The shelf is made from a quality, thick, clear acrylic and the high lip at the front ensures your kids books stay on the shelves and don’t fall forward or off! The Booksee has also been designed with safety in mind, using a slim profile that helps prevent bumping or mishaps that often occur with protruding shelves. Booksee is now available online at www. Sold as a set of two bookshelves $199.00 AUD + shipping.

We all know the frustration of buying a beanbag, having to carry the bag of beans home and then the difficult process of pouring the beans in without them ending up all over the floor. LiFE!® now has the answer with the PopLounge® expanding foam furniture range. PopLounge® products come vacuum packed in a convenient carry box and are filled with a mixture of compressed, shredded foam allowing expansion over 48 hours.Available in three styles and ranging in price from $69-99, the PopLounge® is made from durable, water resistant fabric in a range of colour options. Find more information at 52

Simply Vera Vera a range of contem sheets, gorgeous q Vera Vera Wang B sure to add a to Egyptian cotton b i

home bites

ue print for your nursery or home? Look no further than the s new range of on-trend prints featuring handwritten text of dog’s ous pastel hues, the illustrations are clean and crisp and a perfect riend. Michelle McKinnon, owner of Puppy Love Studios says, “I’m and jotting down ideas. Grace my Lab x Heeler is my inspiration, but y friends. My little notebook is full of them, each waiting to become my Each design is available in five colours in both A4 ($29) and A3 ($46) sizes. lable online at

a Wang Bed Bath & Home is a capsule collection for Harris Scarfe that comprises mporary home and lifestyle products including the finest quality Egyptian cotton quilt cover sets, plush towels, fragrance diffusers and scented candles. The Simply Bath Bed & Home capsule collection is of premium quality and superior design, ouch of luxe sophistication to any home. The range starts at just $19.95 for the bath mat to $269.95 for the Egyptian cotton King sheet set. Available exclusively in Harris Scarfe stores and online via

Ecocotton organic home textiles have arrived in Australia. Featuring a range of bed linen, plush towels, robes and accessories as well as a divine baby range, all products are crafted from naturallyderived, raw materials including 100% Aegean cotton which is certified by Global Organic Textile Standards. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin, the products are hypoallergenic with no toxic materials, genetically modified seeds, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used in production. The colour palette of pure whites and warm neutrals is complement with a range of vibrant colours and prints to suit any space in the home. The Ecocotton range is available from and various retailers. 53

Newborn safety in the home

With Carolyn Ziegler, Product Development Director of Dreambaby®, the child safety experts. mesh barrier winds back onto itself to the side when not in use, saving valuable space. The retraction feature also makes it easier for parents and other adults to pass cutting down on any tripping hazards. Not just for the nursery, it can be used anywhere inside and out. To keep toys in order, check out Dreambaby®’s Toy Chain. Over 1.92m long, you can install it horizontally or vertically. It comes with 20 movable hooks and a ceiling attachment. Tidy rooms are less hazardous to newborns.

What are the most common mistakes new parents make when it comes to the safety of their baby? Parents often over fold a baby’s blanket to make it fit snugly around baby in a car seat, cot or crib. NEVER over fold a blanket. By over folding, you are basically putting baby under several layers of blanket. Babies have very underdeveloped cooling systems and can over heat easily. While it is important that a blanket does fit securely, one layer is probably fine in this climate although of course use your judgement if it is very cold.

What are the essentials parents should do/ have to keep their baby safe?

Never, ever leave a baby alone without parental supervision. It’s as simple as that. Make sure your child is within earshot when they are sleeping.

What are the greatest hazards to a baby?

You might be shocked to hear this but older siblings are a big hazard to babies. Don’t ever leave them alone with baby. They may have toys with small parts that a baby could choke on. Or they may smother them with love literally by kissing and fussing over baby. Watch out for pets too. They can also smother babies. A good idea is to install a child safety gate at the entrance of baby’s room to help keep both older children and pets away from baby when they are sleeping. Look for gates from the Dreambaby® range. A popular choice is the Retractable Gate. It comes in a choice of black or white and the sturdy and durable 54

With all the nursery furniture/toys etc on the market, do you have any advice on how to check if they are safe?

Make sure all your baby equipment, including your cot and pram, meet government and industry standards. Try not to buy second hand if you can, as it is never easy to gage the wear and tear on items. Also check to see if screws are tightly secured, both when you set up equipment, and afterwards as things loosen along the way. For instance, safety gates need adjusting on a regular basis.

Your top tips to keeping baby safe?

Always keep medicines out of the way of children and babies by keeping them up high in secured cupboards. Invest in child safety locks if you have older children in the home or visiting. Your house will then be ready for your baby when he/she becomes mobile. Try a variety of different locks throughout the home. Kids learn through repeated observation. By using a variety of different locks and latches that work in different ways, it becomes harder for young children to work out how to open them. Also, make sure you have the right lock or latch for each cupboard depending on the type of handle. Try Dreambaby®’s Push Down Catches (easy for adults, hard for children), Key Card Locks (once installed they can only be undone by inserting the special Key Card, a similar process to unlocking a hotel door) and Cable Lock (needs a code to unlock – pictured above) for a start. Also check you have a quick and fast way of administering

medicine as well, such as a medicine syringe or dropper. And a rapid response digital thermometer is very helpful too. Also invest in blind cord wind-ups. They keep blind cords out of the reach of babies in their cots and from older siblings in general. Over-long cords can lead to strangulation. But remember to keep cots and beds away from windows and window fittings whenever possible. Last but not least, make sure baby’s nails are kept short. Use baby scissors or clippers (don’t tear nails or bite them off even if they are very soft). Babies often put their hands up to their faces and can scratch their corneas and cut their faces if their nails are overly long.

Where should parents go/who should they

ask for information on keeping their baby safe? Early childhood centres are a good start. Your GP and paediatrician are also invaluable when it comes to questions about their healthy wellbeing. Also check out the Kidsafe website for general safety information and of course visit the Dreambaby® website - www. - for safety product suggestions and solutions or Call (02) 9386 4000. And be part of the safety conversation: Dreambabysafety

END 55


February/march 2014 - issue Thirteen