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Preparing for Birth & baby (and coping when they arrive) - stylish prams & nappy bags - The lowdown on babywearing

Plus a mega celebration of the arrival of spring!

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he decision to make Kid Magazine a paid subscription wasn’t one that I took lightly. When I published Issue One back in December 2012 I had no idea how much I would grow to love what I do. This little magazine that I started on a whim to “give it a go” needed to make a leap. A leap to grow and expand and to explore the next exciting adventure around the corner. I’m beyond thrilled that you have come along on the adventure with me and joined the subscriber tribe. All of your emails of support and encouragement have meant the world to me and tell me that I am on the right track. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Before the next issue reaches you I will have become a mum of two. At the moment I’m trying to balance spending enough time with my Little Miss with preparing for baby’s arrival. And I thought pregnancy was hard the first time around! Baby two is due in November and I can’t wait to meet them.

Domino playsuit in rose, $36.95,; Howdy bib in black peaks, $16.95,; Baby play mat in “Silver Fern”, $89.95, www.

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How do you feel about birth? Sara Keli, Kid Magazine

The power of the female body to grow, nurture and then deliver new life amazes me each and every time I think about it. Whenever I think back to my daughter’s birth I can only remember of the joy I felt when I first held her in my arms. This life I had been protecting for nine months was now here in the world and I had made that happen. I wanted to shout it proudly from the rooftops. But what really surprises me when I hear women talking about birth is the language we use and the questions we ask. So often it is about plans. Will you have an epidural? Where will you deliver the baby? Are you planning a caesarean? But as with anything in life, and birthing is no different, the best-laid plans can often go awry.

So rather than talking with other women solely about what happened during our births, Debby suggests talking about the feelings we experienced throughout labour. “Whether they have had a four-hour labour and a normal vaginal birth or a 32 hour-labour that ended up with a caesarean birth, they may find a similarity in feelings. It can be very surprising and unifying for women to find they had similar feelings to each other during the birth, even though their paths to meeting their babies were vastly different.” Recognising these feelings, says Debby, can be key to understanding why a birth might have impacted upon a woman, and how she might be feeling postnatally .

By focussing on plans and process, are we setting ourselves up for failure? What is it that we should be looking to for support and guidance as we enter what is sure to be one of the biggest events of our lives, whether it is for the first time or the tenth?

But it isn’t just the feelings that we have through birth that determine the overall experience, it is also the environment and how this plays a role in helping to regulate our hormones. As Debby says, “There are women who go in with an amazing state of mind but if the environment isn’t conducive they can be really let down by the system. “

According to Debby Gould, trained midwife and coauthor of new book “How to Heal a Bad Birth”, it is feelings that can be the difference between a positive birth experience and a negative birth experience. “If a woman feels safe, empowered, acknowledged, listened to and respected during her labour she is more likely to have a positive birth experience, that is – a birth that feels good and consequently supports her transition into motherhood, ” says Debby.

And those hormones are a huge player in the labour game. Too much adrenalin and labour will stall. Debby likens it to a gazelle giving birth on a plain. Her senses are heightened and if she senses a lion nearby, her adrenalin will increase, stalling her labour. She can then move to a safer place to deliver. How many times have you heard of labour stopping when a woman arrives at hospital? The change has made her adrenalin peak; it is just her body doing what it is supposed to do until it feels safe again.

We all know someone who has had an awful birth experience. Whether it was an epidural that didn’t work or a forceps delivery gone wrong, an unwanted emergency caesarean or a terrible recovery. Debby says that for these women, (as well as for many other women with no outwardly obvious factors) those “good” birth feelings she describes likely weren’t experienced. They may come away having felt unsafe, not listened to, powerless or disrespected, and feel that it was a negative, or bad experience.

The challenge is to create an environment that supports the labour hormones and works with the heightened senses we are experiencing. So how do you create that environment? Start with the lighting says Debby. “Dim the lights so you don’t open your eyes to see a big fluoro light in your face, startling your senses and detracting from the job at hand until you can refocus.” 8

Debby also suggests asking your support people to talk quietly and considering the smells that you have in the

room and being open to touch (i.e. massage) for pain relief, unless it feels too distracting or over stimulating of your senses. It was the idea of trying to create a calming environment that led registered nurse, Janet Purcell, to create Birthplace and her Comfort Kit product. “I came to realise that not everyone was as comfortable in hospital as I was as a nurse who had always worked in that environment. I then found some research that suggests that women who were able to create home like environments are less likely to have interventions.” The Comfort Kit includes a handmade throw, set of printed birth affirmations and a printed cotton birth affirmation pillowcase, all designed to personalise the hospital setting for birth and complying with hospital OH&S and infection control policies. “Nesting is all about the primal urge to create a space that is nice to bring baby into. So I wanted to put that in a bag and send it to hospital with people,” says Janet. In Australia we are so lucky to have access to the medical resources, facilities and education that we do. When Robyn Jones gave birth to her first son, there were complications during the delivery. “It didn’t even register to me that this was a moment I should be scared or worried about. I never feared for his life.”

Resources How to Heal a Bad Birth Written by the foundres of (Debby Gould and Melissa Bruijn), How to Heal a Bad Birth is a must read for any woman who has experienced a difficult, disappointing or traumatic birth. The book deals with making sense of your brth, making peace and moving on.

The Comfort Kit Bring a little of the home comforts to our birth suite with The Comfort Kit. Use the affirmations to focus and relax during labour and the handmade throw to brighten the clinical hospital setting with a personal touch.

But it wasn’t long after that she heard about the Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia. “It was then that I put two and two together and thought how lucky I was not having to worry about the things that other women in the world do during childbirth.” Robyn has since gone on to launch Mama Maya, a range of divine organic, ethically produced muslin wraps that support the Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia and the work they do in giving women access to a cleaner and safer birth. Interviewing each of these women, Debby, Janet and Robyn, was one of the greatest pleasures I have had as Editor of Kid Magazine. Hearing stories of empowered women who come out of birth feeling like they are strong and powerful, is just as important, if not more, than warning women about the risks and pain associated with birth. We are so lucky to be able to give birth in this country and I hope the conversation about supporting each other in labour only grows. And as for the next person who tells you a birth horror story as you prepare for your own labour, Janet has the ideal comeback. “Shh, my baby can hear you.” Every birth is different and that is ok.


Mama Maya Ethically made from GOTS certified organic cotton, fair trade manufactured and sustainably printed, Mama Maya muslin baby wraps are soft, delicate and every one sold sends a clean birthing kit to another mama worldwide.

Style on Wheels Sara Keli, Kid Magazine

I often scan my wardrobe at all the gorgeous shoes I collected in my pre-mum life. Peep toes, strappy sandals, wedges, stilettos. No matter the style, they all have two things in common. Firstly, they are pretty. Secondly, I wonder how I ever managed to walk around in them all day let alone while out dancing for hours on a Friday night. In my post-mum life days I’m still about the design factor but if a pair of shoes aren’t practical, allowing me to chase around after a toddler, then they just won’t make the 10

cut. And really, as parents, this philosophy applies across the board. Time is short, patience is thin and if a product doesn’t match design with functionality then it’s only adding to the pressure of life with a baby or kids. I was first introduced to the Joolz brand two years ago when they launched the Joolz Day Tailor into Australia. Since that time, I have come to admire (read: fan girl) the brand, not only for their stylish design and functionality, but also for their POSITIVE DESIGN philosophy and commitment to a sustainable future for our children. >>>

Kid Magazine Partner Profile

Hailing from Amsterdam and founded in 2004, Joolz is a young brand full of fun and life. The founder, Emile Kuenen, set out to create a solution for the parents he would watch struggling to navigate the cobbled streets of Amsterdam with their babies. The energy of the brand, coupled with their stylish and practical design, has captured a loyal and growing following ever since. Making the choice as to which pram to buy is not an easy one - especially if you are a new parent, unsure of what lays ahead. But what is important to you? Is it looks? Colour? The feel of the fabric? Joolz have two models – the Joolz Day, the flagship model single pram, and the Joolz Geo, adaptable mono/duo/twin configuration pram. And then this is where the fun starts. Choose your fabric to personalise your style in the Studio or Earth collections, opt for the exclusivity of the limited edition ranges (Geo Ridge launching October!), or totally customise your ride with the Tailor which has a possible 120 combinations with fabric, wheels and accents all able to be customised to suit your taste and style. Is it ergonomics? How the pram works for you and your baby? Joolz prams feature height adjustable handlebars, a high seat position to save you bending to check on baby, in-built back support for baby plus an adjustable footrest for optimised support, compact storage and easy folding. There are no tricky levers or buttons, simply a straightforward functional pram.

Family outings are made or broken by the pram. Little legs, too tired to walk, need to rest but the day must go on, so out comes the pram. Treasures and picnic lunches are stowed beneath, the makings of a great day. In those first few days, weeks and months of parenthood in particular, your pram becomes such a valuable tool and almost an extension of you. I recall hours pushing my pram around the shops, just to get out of the house with my newborn. And then the many days I would rock the pram back and forth just to get my baby to sleep so I could rest my arms and maybe my eyes, even for a few moments. It is in the pram that your baby starts learning about the world around them. The trees you pass on your daily walks or the smiles from strangers as you venture out beyond the front door. They are safe and secure, close by to you but they are gaining their first glimpses of life beyond mum’s arms. And with a new baby on the way, while my stilettos might stay in the cupboard for a few more years yet, I’m really ok with that. There are new memories to be made, cuddles to be had and adventures to begin. There are bound to be bumps in the road, that is mum life, but we will be doing it in style and four-wheel suspension with our brand new Joolz pram. Stay tuned for the adventures that await!


Is it manoeuvrability? The ability to navigate any surface or obstacle course? With four-wheel suspension, Joolz prams glide over bumps ensuring baby is safely protected. You can steer with one hand and, as far as double prams go, with the Joolz Geo you can move in and out of narrow spaces with the same ease as a regular single pram. Is it space? Room for all your shopping? Or the option to carry two babies? The Joolz Geo is the ultimate pram for space with an XL shopping basket or the option to sit two babies or a baby and toddler. The Joolz Day has optional accessories to meet your space demands. Is it the brand? What they stand for and their values? Reusable packaging is a cornerstone of the Joolz POSITIVE DESIGN philosophy. Every pram or accessory comes in a box that can be transformed into a children’s play product giving the boxes new life and igniting imaginations at the same time. And the Joolz Birth Forest in Colombia, helping to fight deforestation and climate change, sees a tree planted for every Joolz Baby. Joolz is having an impact on families now, and for our children into the future.


12 tips on getting organised for a new arrival Amanda Lecaude, Organising You

It’s an exciting and daunting time to be expecting a new edition to ones family whether it is your first child or another to add to the precious little one/s you have already. As a parent and organising expert I believe the preparation and organisation you undertake prior to the new arrival can assist to make life easier in those early weeks. I can’t promise you that it will all be smooth sailing but putting in time and effort early can help! Here are 12 tips for you to consider: Purchase or borrow all the basics that you will need these include things like a cot, pram, and car seat which you need to install so you can actually bring the baby home after birth. Down the track (usually after about 3 months) you will need to consider other times like a high chair, stroller. If you already have these items and they are packed away, take the time to pull them out, set them up and check they are still in good working order. If you are purchasing new items then there are so many more options around than when I had my first child 14 years ago. Do your research, speak to other mums, ask questions on social media and look at reviews and information on the Internet before purchasing. Don’t overbuy - from experience I suggest you don’t go overboard with purchasing clothes until you know what

you have and their size - purchase enough newborn basics to get you by in the first few weeks. Both my boys were big 10 pound babies and therefore hardly even used many of my purchases. It’s also a good idea to wash all clothing before you put it on your baby - wash in gentle detergent. Decide what nappies to use - most people tend to go with disposable these days though the choice is yours. I still suggest buying a pack of cloth nappies even if you don’t use them as a nappy - they are great for use on or around, the change table, over the shoulder for carrying bubs around, in general for cleaning up mess. My children are now 11 and 14 and we still use them around the home today as they make great rags. Set up a baby change station - Make sure you have all the necessary items like a bin, nappies, wipes and creams in one place and with easy access to use. If you have multiple levels in your home it might be useful to have a station set up in say the living space as well as one up in the baby’s room if on a different level. In the weeks before baby arrives it might be a good idea to start cooking extra serves of your favourite freezer friendly meals like pasta sauce, casseroles, soup. Also if friends and family ask if you’d like any help don’t be afraid to ask for a meal or something. Most people wouldn’t offer if they didn’t want to! On the flip side don’t be afraid to ask for help either as sometimes people will assume


you are coping and they stand back waiting for an invitation as they don’t want to interfere. Make the most of your nesting feeling and do some cleaning and organising if you are feeling up to it. You can get the nursery organised, set up where the baby will sleep, arrange the change table and so on. You don’t have to worry so much about baby proofing your home at this stage as its not required until your baby can crawl or move around. However you may still want to start thinking about it and what you might need to do in the future. Before the baby arrives go out and spend time with your partner and do something you both enjoy. It might be a little while before you get this opportunity again. I always suggest to expecting mothers to take yourself off to the movies, have a beauty treatment, catch up with friends whilst you have the opportunity. It’s not that you won’t ever get to do this again it’s just that more planning has to go into it when you have a little one to care for as well! Don’t strive for perfection once the baby is born - for many women it is important to not try and be superwoman and some days just getting a shower can be a major achievement! As an organised person I actually had to work really hard not to try and do everything and to let others help.

others but at the end of the day trust your own instinct and follow the advice you want to and leave the rest! I still find I take this approach even today when it comes to my children moving through their teenage years. Think about childcare - these days you really need to consider all the options around going back to work, whether it be full time or part time, and who will care for your child/children if you do? If you are going to use a childcare facility then once again do your research and put your name down early to ensure a space is likely to be available when you need it. If you have other children you will also need to think about childcare options whilst you and your partner will be at the hospital having your child. Think about school - if you are even remotely thinking about your child going to a private school for either primary or secondary education then you need to think about putting their name down as early as you can these days. My advice is if it is a consideration to at least do this whether you end up sending them there (we haven’t to date) as it gives you the option rather than not having it at all when the time comes. At the end of the day my advice is to take your time, do what works for you, seek help if you need it and enjoy the overall experience of being a parent!


Someone very wise once said to me that you can listen to

Amanda Lecaude is professional organiser who loves being able to help people – her clients – get organised. She see’s the difference it makes in their everyday lives, particularly families, just to have a way to create some TIME, SPACE and BALANCE! She also very passionate about equipping school students with organising skills for life to maximise greater results primarily in secondary school and limit the overwhelm and frustration for both them and their parents. Get in touch 0409 967 166 15 16

Image: VIXSA

The lowdown on babywearing Sara Keli, Kid Magazine Have you ever had someone tell you that the days are long but the years are short? It is one of the truths of parenting and something I try and remind myself of often. But when you are exhausted and overwhelmed from holding a clingy newborn or young baby all day, the years don’t even enter your mind. It’s all about the length of the day, and wanting to give your arms a break. And that is the beauty of babywearing. Babes in Arms, Ergobaby distributor and babywearing advocates put it so beautifully when they say, “There is nothing in the world that compares to having your baby in your arms. These are moments every mother holds dear in those early newborn days. But life goes on. There are errands to run and things to do. Babywearing allows a busy parent the freedom to continue their normal daily routine while providing the richest and most desirable environment for their child.” I first started babywearing when my daughter was a few weeks old when I realised that unless something changed, I would be couch bound, unable to move without fear of waking her. Not that there is anything wrong with spending all day on the couch with your baby! So I purchased a sling and a carrier and all of a sudden I was hands free with a new found freedom, baby attached and along for the ride. So with all of the babywearing options out there, how do you choose which one is right for you? Babes in Arms suggest these considerations when choosing the right carrier for you: Comfort for you You want a baby carrier that is going to be comfortable for you to wear. Will more than one person be using the carrier? How adjustable does your baby carrier need to be? An ergonomic carrier is one which holds the baby high and close against your body, and distributes baby’s weight evenly across your hips and shoulders. You may

have a baby who wants to be carried a lot, so you will need to choose a carrier that will be comfortable for extended periods. Look for broad, well-padded shoulder straps and a broad hip or waist strap. Comfort for your baby The healthiest position for babies in any carrier is the ‘M-Shape’ Position - with the hips spread naturally apart and the thighs fully supported to the knees which are held above the bottom. This position is also referred to as the frog, straddle, jockey or spread-squat position and may help prevent hip dysplasia or dislocation. Head support is also particularly important for younger babies, who have little or no head and neck control yet. What will you be using it for? Do you want a sling or baby carrier you can breastfeed in? Do you want to wear baby around the house as well as when out and about? Will you be carrying your baby a lot of the time or just occasionally? (Your baby might have different ideas to you!) Thinking about what activities you will be using your carrier for will help identify which carry positions you will need from your carrier. For example, is it important to be able to position your baby facing out, or to be able to wear them on your back? What age/weight is your child? When will you start wearing your baby and how long do you plan to babywear? If you have a newborn, do you want a carrier that will last through toddlerhood? All carriers have a minimum and maximum weight range they are suitable for. What is the climate like in your area? A mid-weight cotton carrier is generally a great all year round carrier and you can always rug baby up or dress baby down a little more to compensate. For warm weather, lightweight cotton or mesh carriers can be invaluable, as lots of padding or layers of material can make you both sweaty and uncomfortable. >>> 17 18

Ultimately there are three main choices when it comes to babywearing. 1. A carrier such as the Ergobaby. This is probably the most common carrier you will see. It has a strap that goes around your waist, straps over your shoulders and a seat for baby. These types of carriers usually allow you to carry baby in various positions, depending on their age and weight, including front carry, hip carry, back carry and outward-facing carry. 2. A carrier such as a VIXSA stretchy wrap. Charline and Lekisha are the mums behind VIXSA and they explain, “The stretchy fabric is to allow flexibility for wrapping, we encourage all parents to start baby wearing from birth and up until they can physically handle the weight of their baby which usually is around 12Kgs. The stretchy fabric allows you to adjust whilst your baby grows while still maintaining the firmness and tension required to keep bub snug and safe. Not to mention the softness of the fabric against both the person carrying and baby’s skin.” 3. A sling such as a Peanut Shell. A sling carrier sits across your body, with the weight resting on one shoulder. Slings are sometimes adjustable, although not always. Each will have different carry options and recommendations for the age and size of baby.

take a bit of practise to learn, but some more than others. Asking someone to help you through learning to use your carrier, or watching instructional videos online can make the learning a lot easier. Practise over a bed or in front of a mirror in the beginning. If you are still having difficulties, consult the manufacturer. Never be afraid to ask questions, as there are different ways to do things and often no one way is perfect! Always be careful to ensure that your child is safe and secure. The safety guidelines to remember are “Visible & Kissable.” My advice? You will probably feel like you will never get it right. Like you have just purchased the most complex piece of equipment, not suitable to be operated by sleepdeprived parents. You will likely worry about how baby is sitting, and if they are safe. You might want to give up. But don’t. Keep persevering and you will reap the rewards in the form of a happy baby, a happy mum and a new appreciation for your hands! I’ll leave the last word to Charline and Lekisha from VIXSA, “Babywearing allows bub to be in a state of calmness, warmth & contentment. This is the ideal state for them to learn and adapt to their new environment and develop mentally and socially. Plus, it promotes a unique and intimate connection between a parent and their baby.” Because, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Once you have chosen your carrier, the challenge is learning to use it! Babes in Arms advise, “Most carriers


Image: Babes in Arms

Resources Babes in Arms Visit to find out more about their range or carriers plus further resources and information on babywearing. VIXSA Charline and Lekisha specialise in uber stylish stretchy wrap carriers as well as gorgrous journey cards and prints. Find them at

babes at play Images by Elise Garner 20

Chambray romper, $59.95,; Baby play mat in “Silver Fern”, $89.95, StyledbyOliviaGrace; Banjo Kippin, $39, 22

Born with Style Moses basket, $119.95 and Moses basket stand, $69.95,; Muslin baby swaddling blanket in Salmon Spot, $38,; Thankyou Baby baby bath wash and baby lotion, $9.99 each,; Plush animals, from $24.95,; Ubbi nappy bin, $99.95,; My 1st Activity Lion, $24.95 from KMart; Starlight Hippo, $49.95 from KMart; Stack Sort & Store Tree, $24.95 from KMart; Baby play mat in “The Floral Water�, $79.95, shop/StyledbyOliviaGrace; Tee with frocked art, $29.95 and Navy twill short, $44.95,

Born with Style Moses basket, $119.95 and Moses basket stand, $69.95,; Muslin baby swaddling blanket in Salmon Spot, $38,; Thankyou Baby baby bath wash and baby lotion, $9.99 each,; Plush animals, from $24.95,; Ubbi nappy bin, $99.95,; My 1st Activity Lion, $24.95 from KMart; Sleepy Moon wall sticker, $76.36, 24

L’il Fraser Collection 2 piece fitted sheet set in raindrops (pictured) and grey stripes, $79.95,; Muslin baby swaddling blanket in Salmon Spot, $38,; Thankyou Baby baby bath wash and baby lotion, $9.99 each, 25 26

Sleepy Moon wall sticker, $76.36,

Domino playsuit in rose, $36.95,; Howdy bib in black peaks, $16.95, bibaliciousbibs. co; Baby play mat in “Silver Fern”, $89.95, www. 28 29

SOOKIbaby Yay Play short sleeve chevron playsuit, $36.95,; Baby play mat in “The Floral Water”, $79.95, www.; Plush animals, from $24.95, 30

L: Chambray romper, $59.95,; Joolz Geo Studio – Mono, $1829, R: Joolz Geo Studio – Mono, $1829,; Sleepy Moon wall sticker, $76.36,; Plush animals, from $24.95,; Baby play mat in “The Floral Water”, $79.95, 31 32

Stretchies signature bodysuit, $15.95,; Howdy bib in light grey naughts and crosses, $16.95,; Baby play mat in “The Floral Water�, $79.95, StyledbyOliviaGrace; Banjo Kippin and Billie Kippin, $39, 34

Domino playsuit in rose, $36.95,; Stretchies signature bodysuit, $15.95,; Baby play mat in “The Floral Water�, $79.95, shop/StyledbyOliviaGrace; Banjo Kippin, $39, 36

Chambray romper, $59.95,; Baby play mat in “Silver Fern”, $89.95, StyledbyOliviaGrace; Banjo Kippin, $39,

The essential checklist for choosing a nappy bag sara keli, kid magazine You might not know it yet, but your nappy bag will become your lifeline while out and about with baby. Choose wisely so you can set yourself up for success. Here are the essential things to consider! Pockets When you are heading out with a newborn you will need to take a lot of essentials with you – nappies, wipes, spare clothes for baby, dummies, toys, snacks and water (for yourself!) plus all of your regular handbag items. As your baby grows you will be adding more toys, books and solid food. Being able to divide each of these items up into different pockets makes your life much easier while out and about. So check how many pockets and sections a bag has to ensure you will have enough. Fabric Your nappy bag will get a definite workout so you need to make sure the fabric is going to stand the test of time. Always check what the manufacturer says about caring for the bag and follow those instructions. A nappy bag is a big investment so you want to make sure you care for it. Easy access Try this test – pop a few things in the bag and stick your arm in to see how easy it is to access. If a bag doesn’t have a wide opening or is very deep it might not be so practical as a nappy bag. Often you will be fishing around in your bag with one hand only or in dark lighting – that’s just the realities of mum life! Lining If a bag has removable lining that you can wash that is a big bonus! Particularly as your kids get older and throw half eaten biscuits or textas without the lid into your bag while you aren’t watching. If the bag doesn’t have removable lining, check how easy it is to wipe out and also be careful of the colour. As I mentioned above, you might not always have the best light so a black bag with black lining might not be ideal for this. It’s much better at handling stains though so it’s really up to your preference. 38

Style As with any handbag, nappy bags come in a variety of styles. Shoulder bags, satchels, backpacks, sling bags. Think about how much you will be carrying (i.e. all the things!) and choose your style accordingly. You also want to make sure the style is something that you will be happy carrying around everyday. If you like bold and bright colours choose more of a statement bag or if you prefer simplicity, a classic style is more for you. Weight Once you have packed all your baby essentials into your bag, that thing will be carrying a lot of weight. You want to make sure that the bag isn’t too heavy to start with but also that it is strong enough to carry the weight you will be adding in. Accessories Bonus points go to bags that include wipeable change mats, insulated bottle holders, wipes cases, pram clips or anything else that can help while out and about with baby. You can pick up these accessories elsewhere if they don’t come with your bag but it is another thing to keep in mind. Price As with any bag, the cost of a nappy bag can vary significantly. Designer bags will obviously cost more as will leather or premium fabrics. As a guide, you will need to spend at least $100 to get a bag that ticks all of the boxes above. It depends what is important to you. Think of your nappy bag as an investment in making your life easier while out and about with baby.

END Unisex: Jamie nappy bag, $334.99,; Backpack: Classic Livi V bag, $249,; Statement: Petunia Picklebottom City Caryall - Union Square Stop, $199,; Luxe: Sofia Leather, $499.99,; Simple: JJ Cole Linden, $69.95, Available from Toys “R” Us and Baby Bunting; Durable: Burnt red classic nappy bag, $89.95,; Organiser: Elektra Elite pram organiser, $29.95, elektrabub.; The Black Bag: Bella Black Diamond, $149.99, www.



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8 nappy bags for every style organiser



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bringing home your newborn the survival guide Natalie Herman, Baby Sleep Consultant So you’ve just brought a new baby home from the hospital and all of a sudden you don’t have the support of the midwives, lactation consultants and hospital staff that make those first few days bearable. The elation, and joy of becoming a parent has started to be masked by the reality of the incredible responsibility you now have. For first time parents it can be really daunting to know what to do next, especially in regards to your baby’s sleep. Psychologists say that having a baby is one of the biggest life changes a couple can face, comparable to the anxiety levels caused by either relocation or divorce. So what can you do as a couple to prepare for such a life change? Have realistic expectations about your baby’s sleep In the first 3 weeks, your baby will want to sleep all day and night however, once the 3 week mark hits, you will notice that they all of a sudden ‘wake up’. They now need to be on a semi wake/feed schedule, which can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to do. In the first 3 months your baby will need to sleep every 1-2 hours maximum, which includes feeding, burping and changing them. At night they will feed as required so you can expect that the first months are not as routine driven as you may have wished or expected. By 3 months however, a routine is definitely possible as your baby is old enough to stick to set nap and feeding times. There will be an adjustment period in order to find a routine that is suitable for you, your baby and your family. Get as much support as possible

Look out for your local mothers groups and if it’s not an option, go online and join the millions of other parents who are there sharing their parenting issues and concerns on social media groups and parenting forums. It can be a very supportive place to get advice and make new friends. Implement date night I have seen many parents suffer more than they need to during this time because they are lacking couple time and intimacy. One of the ways to reduce PPD is to make sure you are getting out at least once a month with either a close group of girlfriends or your partner. If you had an active social life pre- baby, you will definitely miss this aspect of your life once the bub arrives. Of course you will be exhausted, but force yourself to get dressed up and go out for a couple of hours and chat about other things aside from your new baby. You will see how great you feel afterwards and how much it will bond you as a couple. Finding the time to nurture your relationship is imperative. Minimise the amount of visitors

The saying it takes a village really is true, especially for first time parents. Support is vital and if you do not live close to family or friends, then it really is worth investing in a

good nanny or babysitter, even if it’s just once or twice a week. The first few months of having a baby can get quite monotonous and stressful when you are confined to your home every day while your baby naps. It’s crucial for your well being to have some time out, even if it’s just to head down to the shops. Don’t be afraid to ask and accept offers of help. It doesn’t mean that you are not coping well, but it will take the pressure off you because the hours it takes to feed and settle your baby throughout the day leaves little time for much else.

It’s really exciting for family and friends when a new baby arrives, but too many visitors can be overwhelming for


both mum and baby who are recovering from birth, learning to feed and bonding. Remember your newborn needs a lot of sleep so minimising visitors to a few per day is a good idea. A good time to invite people is usually after the first nap of the day, once your baby has had a chance to rest. When there are lots of visitors, your baby usually gets passed around into waiting arms. It is important to let your baby learn to fall asleep on their own in their cot. The most important way to get into good sleeping habits is to have a sense of consistency in how and where you put your baby to sleep, so be mindful of this. Being a new parent is exhausting, so try not to do too much each day.

Don’t be afraid to ask and accept offers of help. It doesn’t mean that you are not coping well, but it will take the pressure off you because the hours it takes to feed and settle your baby throughout the day leaves little time for much else.

Ensure dad has a significant parenting role A clear way to ensure that you start to bond as a family is to make sure Dad has a significant role in parenting your new baby. It’s important both parents learn how to settle your new baby for everyone’s sake, especially for bonding and attachment. It’s important to ensure one parent doesn’t end up doing the majority of the work, as this is a sure way for resentment to grow. Breastfeeding mums may find this more difficult initially, but settling or bathing are perfect roles for partners. 41

Take a proper maternity leave If you are entitled to maternity leave and can financially afford to, ensure that you take proper time off. Make the most of the time you have with your new baby and try not to let little work requests get in the way. Stress is often caused by having too many conflicting priorities so make sure your work knows you are unavailable until maternity leave is over. Having a new baby can be overwhelming, yet incredibly exciting at the same time. There is a level of apprehension around the new experience of parenting, especially with all the unknown variables you will encounter. It’s a real loss of control, as suddenly your baby dictates your schedules, essentially taking over your lives! Yet the joy and wonderment a baby brings, sees us often going back for more children. It’s so important to regain your sense of self through this process and develop your new identity as a parent. I hope these survival tips help you prepare for the sometimes bumpy roads ahead.


Natalie Herman is thoroughly dedicated to giving babies, parents and entire families the sleep that they deserve. Her passion for making a good night’s sleep a reality was inspired by her own experience as a mother of a playful and outgoing daughter. Natalie is a fully Certified Sleep Consultant and holds a Certificate in Sleep Consultancy and Early Prevention. She is also a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. In addition, Natalie holds a Bachelor in Social Science (honours) and a Post Graduate in Human Resource Management.

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Stop the hours of “shushing” baby to sleep with a product that does it for you! The Baby Shusher features loud, rhythmic shushing noises to quickly soothe any baby. With built in timer, volume control and wrist strap, it is small, portable and easy to use.

GizmoTots are a new product designed to keep your kid’s food on the plate, where it is supposed to be! The super cute silicone plates naturally form a suction grip to any flat surface making it difficult for little hands to lift them off the table. Less mess at dinner time sounds brilliant to me!

Le bébé Coo are a beautiful range of baby skin care products containing a blend of botanicals and nourishing oils. Beautifully packaged, the range is free from Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Formaldehyde and dyes. My favourite product is the shampoo, designed to protect your babes natural hair colour.

If you are flying with kids and dreading the thought of it, Fly Tot might be the answer. An inflatable cushion that allows children to lie flat on a regular, economy seat, Fly Tot helps children to sleep more comfortably while in the air. Sounds like a win/win to me!

Down with the daggy kids backpacks with the Zip & Zoe range from Babymel recently launched into Australia. Featuring bright and funky designs with some cute little characters, the range includes kid’s backpacks, mini backpacks, insulated lunch bags and drinking bottles.

Cute Rashies combine cute and pretty designs with the functionality you expect from UV-protective clothing. The kids will love the adorable designs and you will rest in the knowledge that they are getting the sun protection they need. From monsters to dragons, butterflies and hearts, the range is perfect for creating beautiful summer memories in the sun! 42

With one in three young Australians affected by eczema, a new book, Elliot’s Meditotz Adventure is designed to help kids understand the sometimes complex information about eczema. Written by doctors, peer reviewed by experts in the field and supported by Eczema Association of Australia Inc., it is a useful education resource for parents.

Australia’s first sugar free cola from Nexba has launched into Coles stores nationwide. Naturally sugar free, and without the use of artificial ingredients, flavours and sweeteners found in traditional soft drinks, Nexba uses Erythritol, a natural sweetener that tastes identical to sugar, but without the calories, impact on blood sugar levels or tooth decay.

You know that feeling when you have just applied your sunscreen at the beach only to have all the little grains of sand stick to you like glue? Banana Boat has come to the rescue with SunComfort sunscreen that allows sand to just brush off. Genius!

Tyrrells, makers of a premium range of potato crisps originating from the UK have now launched Poshcorn. Made using the finest, gold standard corn, popped into delicious, light and fluffy, butterfly-shaped morsels! Like their crispy counterpart, Poshcorn is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, plus only 103 calories per serve.

If you are looking for a natural Greek yoghurt for your kids, the options can be limited. But Tamar Valley Dairy has launched an Australian first all-natural Greek yoghurts designed especially for kids. The no added sugar range comes in three flavours – strawberry, tropical and vanilla.

Flashback alert! Remember Danger Mouse? A new range of Danger Mouse toys hits Australian shores on the 15th October so you can make new Danger Mouse memories with your kids! A remake of the Danger Mouse series launched on free-to-air TV in February this year. Available at all good toy retailers, including Toys R Us

Homemade Baby Toys Your Can Help You Make Lauren Hunt, Teacher Types Welcoming a new baby into a family of three is a very special milestone for everyone involved. There are big changes and adjustments in store for the older sibling and it’s perfectly normal for them to feel jealous at times with all the attention the new baby is getting. Naturally they’ll want to be involved and help, and they’ll need activities to keep them busy while you have your hands full with bubs. So here are four simple baby play ideas that your toddler can help you make. In theory - it’s win win for everyone!

Colour Books Material Balls Round up some material scraps and some of these ‘O balls’ with holes all through them. Show your toddler how to scrunch up the material and stuff it into the ball – the idea being that the baby will try and pull them out!

Do you ever get home from the hardware store and realise your child has pinched 10 of those paint swatch coloured cards? Well this a great use for them! The first task your toddler needs to do is decorate them with the corresponding stickers. Next run them through the laminator, punch holes in them and use key rings to make a mini book for baby.


r Toddler Treasure Baskets END

A treasure basket is a carefully chosen set of objects designed for baby to explore (around 6 months old is ideal when they can sit up unassisted but aren’t yet crawling). Choose a theme and set your toddler to work;

Discovery Bottles I think these are the number one homemade baby toy out there! Grab these pretty ‘Voss’ plastic water bottles from Woolworths and let your toddler fill them with whatever they can find in the craft box. From L- R pictured here is • Red = food colouring + glitter + sequins • Yellow = food colouring + dishwashing liquid + crunched up alfoil • Green = random things we found around the house • Blue = food colouring + oil • Purple = glitter + gems • Clear = pom poms + sequins + glitter The lovely thing with a discovery bottle (apart from being totally mesmerizing and pretty!), is that they give babies access to small materials that they normally couldn’t experience. If you were setting up a rainbow rice sensory tub for your toddler for example, you could just pop some into a bottle for baby and then they both get to enjoy! 45

• Find every ball in the house • Find things that are a particular colour (blue basket pictured here) • Find things from the 2nd drawer in the kitchen • Find all the wooden toys in the house • Find things that make a noise when you shake them Be sure to check your toddler’s selections to ensure they are safe for baby first. A general guide is that if it’s smaller than a 50c piece it’s a choking hazard.


Lauren is an Early Childhood Teacher, currently on maternity leave whist juggling a new baby boy and an energetic three year old daughter. She is passionate about play-based learning and inspiring parents and educators of young children.

5 minutes with.. . Kerri from Bubba Organics Bubba Organics is a 100% Australian made range of pure and natural and organic baby and family skin care. The Bubba Organics founders, Kerri and Mel, are both mums and value honesty and transparency for their brand. We asked Kerri a few questions about how she finds balance in her life, the brands she loves and what is next for Bubba Organics. Three words to describe your style Relaxed, neutral & a little boho. Top fashion brands for you and the kids Me - LTB Jeans, Maison Scotch, Life with Bird, Jac & Jack, Hunkydory Kids - Guess, Scotch Shrunk, Baker by Ted Baker, Mossimo, Rusty, Roxy Beauty product you swear by My Bubba Organics Australian Goats Milk Baby Bottom Cream, which lives in my car - it’s so moisturising for my extremely dry hands. Advice for juggling motherhood and work I strive to maintain the work life/family life balance by always making myself physically and mentally present before and after school along with ensuring the weekends are put aside for time with the family. Favourite room in your home The lounge room - it’s our family space, we like to play board games, listen to music, watch a movie together or just laze around chatting or drawing. Words of wisdom to new mums Follow your intuition, mothers have a knack for knowing what’s right, however often ignore their own instincts - And always read the back of labels, that’s where the important information is! Quote/mantra you live by Don’t take things too seriously, have fun and always maintain a positive & optimistic outlook.

Shopping - online or bricks and mortar Bricks & Mortar, I still like to touch, feel and try on, however there is definitely a place for online shopping, especially for time poor tired mums. Technology you can’t live without My iPhone, the screen recently blacked out, I could hear beeps & noises but couldn’t see or do anything - I realised just how much I relied on it, especially by day 3! Ultimate holiday destination Anywhere, I love to travel. If it’s the sun & the sand or the cold & the snow I don’t mind, if I’m there with my family it’s going to be a great holiday. Best toy you ever bought your kids I would have to say the trampoline. I purchased a springfree when my littlest was just 18months old. I would throw a large amount of balls into the centre and zip it up - It was safe, secure and very entertaining for all of us. It’s still going strong, however it’s more about the jumping now. What is next for Bubba Organics? Bubba Organics is very open, honest & transparent, we’re a proud all Australian made and owned company with a goal to become the most trusted natural skin care brand for every Australian Family. Our mission is to help educate parents on the importance of reading the ingredients list on the back of a label so they can make informed choices and have confidence in knowing they are purchasing a truly natural skin care range for their families. The overwhelming majority of skin care products, including very well known and respected household brands have water as their main ingredient which is just a cheap filler & many still have chemicals and synthetics even when claiming to be gentle, natural and organic. Our Pure, Natural, Organic by Nature Aloe Vera base ranges are soothing & nourishing and full of ingredients that are beneficial not superficial making them the perfect choice from day one and everyday thereafter for all the family.



Pump up your milk supply with these five tips Stacey Clare, A Healthy Mum I think every breastfeeding mother asks this question at some point on her journey. How can I make a little more milk? Often it’s at the start, or for me, it was 6 months in when my little guy was stacking on the weight and I just couldn’t keep up. Here are some tips to help you boost your supply: Water In the end it’s a big part of what milk is made of. My tip? Have a few bottles on the go and better still, have hubby or an older babe fill them all up for you in the morning (and night before that lot of feeds start too). Hydration is just so important for making milk but also for your mental state and energy levels. Oats Not only are they yummy and will help to boost your supply but think of how nice and ‘homely’ they feel to eat. We all have different stories and memories of eating big bowls of yummy porridge and that’s a great thing to reminisce on when you’re gobbling down a bowl or two after a rough night. Oats relax you and when the babes are big enough it is great food to help them sleep too. A bowl before bed does wonders. Veggies I guess it isn’t new to think that veggies will help boost your supply but how about just chomping on a carrot? Who has time to chop, peel and honestly, view veggies this way. Quick and easy snacks. Often I’d nurse while eating a whole capsicum, cucumber or carrot. Keep it easy. Nuts and seeds New research encourages us nursing mummas to eat a varied diet including those that might cause an allergy. There are great fats and beneficial oils in nuts and seeds, helping to fill you up and boost your supply.

Wholefood diet This isn’t the time to beat yourself up nor is it when you need to find a new skill and love of cooking wholefoods if you don’t already have it. This is the time you call on hubby to help. Get him to jump in the kitchen and cook some great meals from scratch. Or, you find a great delivery service and order from there, put your hand up and ask your friends too. It’s okay to ask for help. All you need is the end result of great food - it doesn’t matter the journey to get there.


Stacey Clare is a healthy mum to two young boys and an accredited health and nutrition coach to the masses. She spends her days running after her busy babes who always seem to be getting in to something. Her nights are spent cooking for her website or helping other mummas on their own family’s health journey in her health coaching services. Her food philosophy is all about simple, easy-to-cook food the whole family wants to eat. Yep, same food for the 9 month old and 35 year old, because really who has time to cook multiple meals? You can visit Stace’s website here to check out all her recipes, connect with her on Facebook and Instagram or grab a copy of her lunchbox eBook which is packed full of healthy recipes that can be stored in the freezer.




Celebrate spring with these DIY floral arran price tag. Pick fresh from your garden or join of early morni 50




ngement ideas that will wow without the n the florists at the flower market for a spot ing shopping.

Add some fragrance to your kitchen by arranging your flowers in a jug. Place taller flowers at the back or one side of the jug and shorter flowers at the front. 52

Half fill a bowl with water and arrange your flowers (with short or no stems) across the surface for an easy table arrangement for a dinner party. 53

To make your own bouquet, wrap the arranged flowers in cellophane and then in brown kraft paper, tissue paper or other wrapping paper. Secure with a ribbon and you have a gorgeous handmade gift. 54

For all those flowers with broken stems use short jugs, milk bottles or glasses to make a petite arrangement. These also make a beautiful table decoration for a dessert or cake table at a party. 55

Five ways to celebrate spring with your children Renee Meier, Nee Say

Spring time was made for children. Blooming flowers to pick and lush green grass to run through. Clear blue skies to play under and longer days to enjoy. Kids can romp and play without all the extra layers of winter or being exposed to the harsh Australian summer sun.

And of course, it’s not a night out under the stars without s’mores! If you don’t have a firepit or BBQ to toast marshmallows, simply sandwich marshmallows (and maybe some Nutella or chocolate if you are feeling particularly indulgent) between two Lattice biscuits and microwave for 10-20 seconds. Yum!

Now it’s hit October, Spring has well and truly sprung. Revelling in those warm sunny days and balmy nights is a wonderful thing to share as a family. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of this Spring:

Start a garden Building a backyard garden is a great Spring project, and something the whole family can get involved in. Your garden may be a simple arrangement of pots or a full scale vegie garden designed to supply the household kitchen. If you are short on space, consider a vertical garden on a fence or wall. Get the kids to help decide what you will grow; whether it be vegetables, flowers or herbs.

Strawberry picking Many strawberry farms open their gates to the public to “Pick your own”. Kids love walking amongst the strawberry patches and handpicking their own fruit. It’s also a great way to teach them where their food comes from and how it’s grown. The farm will usually provide a basket or bucket and charge by weight picked. Be sure to check if there are any specific rules while you are in the patch. For example, many places do not allow you to eat the fruit while you are picking. If you don’t have strawberry lovers on your hands, check out your local area for other types of farms that offer “Pick your own” such as tomatoes, tropical fruit or other berries. A day picking with the family is a great outing and you won’t go home empty handed! Stargazing & s’mores Kids are fascinated by the stars and clear Spring evenings are the perfect opportunity to get outside to enjoy them. You don’t even have to get high tech with a telescope, just grab a blanket and lay on the grass. See if you can find well known constellations like the Southern Cross and the Milky Way. Other constellations that can be seen in the Australian Spring sky include Capricornus, Aquarius and Pisces.

By being involved in planning, planting and caring for the garden, children will develop a greater appreciation for nature. They are also more likely to try different fruits and vegetables when they have been involved in producing them. Pack a picnic This is probably the most common way families get outdoors together to enjoy Spring. Go for a long drive in the country, head to the beach or simply lay a picnic blanket out in your yard. Wherever you choose to have your picnic, it doesn’t really matter. There is just something inexplicably special about sharing a meal outdoors. Get your kids to help prepare the picnic fare. They could thread seasonal fruit onto skewers or help prepare the sandwiches. Make your picnic experience even more fun by playing games such as eye spy or cloud watching. This time outdoors is a great opportunity to teach your children about mindfulness. Get them to close their eyes and


listen to the different sounds, feel the breeze in their hair and notice the feeling of grass under their bare feet. Make sure you enjoy being in the moment, too! Flower Pressing We all know how much kids love picking flowers. There is something very special about being presented with a posy that’s been picked by little fingers especially for you. Unfortunately, most flowers that get plucked straight from the plant don’t last long. Flower pressing is a great way to preserve those precious blooms and the end result can be turned into lovely crafts or gifts such as cards, bookmarks or pictures. You may remember pressing flowers between heavy books as a kid. This can take weeks - a long wait for small children (and some adults!) Traditional flower presses take a similar time. To speed up the process, you can use an iron on medium heat to dry and press your flowers. Lay your blooms between sheets of plain printer or blotting paper to absorb the moisture and press with the iron for fifteen second intervals for a few minutes until dried. Allow to cool and presto! These are just a handful of ideas to get you making the most of Spring. It really is a spectacular time of year so be sure to get outside and enjoy it with your children!


Renée Meier is a freelance writer, aspiring novelist and mother to three rambunctious children. When she’s not being distracted by social media or drinking copious amounts of coffee, Renée can be found wandering along one of her beautiful local beaches with her two dogs. Her lifelong dream is to earn enough money to afford a housekeeper. Renée blogs about all these things at Née Say ( 57

In the swim Images by Elise Garner, 58

Kids swim short sleeve rashie, $29.95,; Leaves boardies, $39.95, Kids swim long sleeve rashie, $34.95,; Gym swim shorts, from $66, Springtime suntop set, $69.96,; Frankie Ray Picnic sunglasses, $29.95, David Jones One Piece – Tea Party, $39.95, Seashells UPF 50+ frill swimsuit, $49.95 and Hipster dress, $59.95,; Sky Dancer Sunglasses, $44.90 and Gone Dotty 5 panel cap, $31.90, Tropical wallpaper, $55/msq, 60

L: One Piece – Tea Party, $39.95,; Original Babiators sunglasses in Popstar Pink, $30.86, R: Seashells UPF 50+ frill swimsuit, $49.95 and Hipster dress, $59.95,; Sky Dancer Sunglasses, $44.90 and Gone Dotty 5 panel cap, $31.90, Tropical wallpaper, $55/msq, 61 62

Kids swim long sleeve rashie, $34.95, Springtime suntop set, $69.96,; Frankie Ray Picnic sunglasses, $29.95, David Jones Giant inflatable beach ball, $39.95, Scrunch buckets, $15.95 each, Tropical wallpaper, $55/msq, 64

Springtime suntop set, $69.96,; Frankie Ray Picnic sunglasses, $29.95, David Jones Seashells UPF 50+ frill swimsuit, $49.95,; Sky Dancer Sunglasses, $44.90, Scrunch buckets, $15.95 each, Tropical wallpaper, $55/msq, 66

L: Springtime suntop set, $69.96,; Frankie Ray Picnic sunglasses, $29.95, David Jones Seashells UPF 50+ frill swimsuit, $49.95,; Sky Dancer Sunglasses, $44.90, Wovii STANDARD towel in Magenta, $32.95, R: Regatta UPF 50+ sunshirt, $45.95 and UPF 50+ boy boyleg, $32.95,; Ink beach booties, $35, Scrunch buckets, $15.95 each, Tropical wallpaper, $55/msq, 67 68

Kids swim long sleeve rashie, $34.95,; Springtime suntop set, $69.96,; Frankie Ray Picnic sunglasses, $29.95, David Jones Giant inflatable beach ball, $39.95, Tropical wallpaper, $55/msq,

The season for love Sara Keli, Kid Magazine

When you think of romance in winter do you think of snuggles by the fire, sipping on red wine or hot chocolate and lying on a sheepskin rug? Or are you parent-ified enough to know that winter can be the least sexy of the seasons, particularly when you are dealing with the winter bugs the kids inevitably bring home, topped off with your un-sexiest of flannelette pyjamas and slippers. According to counsellor and relationship expert, Samantha McWilliam, there is actually science, and not just snotty kids, behind the dwindling romance we can experience in winter. “Our energy levels have been lower during the cold winter months and this tends to effect our mood. Both of these factors make it harder for us to maintain a healthy, loving relationship. The shortage of daylight in the colder seasons also diminishes our levels of serotonin making us crankier than in the warmer months.” But the news is good! “When spring comes around we start to spend more time outside. Being in the sun raises our levels of both serotonin and vitamin D, making us feel more like making love not war,” she adds. So now, as the weather warms up and we start to get those feel good hormones rising, it is the perfect time to make the most of it and spend time nourishing our relationships. But if you are in a dip, knowing where to start can be the hardest part. Samantha offers these tips: 1. Start small by making the most out of being together and creating bubbles of intimacy throughout the day 2. Have kid-free conversations 3. Stay in touch during the day. Text to say hi, share discoveries, like a movie you would like to see together, a newspaper article that you read 4. Try new things together, taking a walk or joining forces to volunteer for a shared favourite charity 5. Bring on PDA - we are not suggesting that you begin 70

making out in front of the kids, but being affectionate keeps you connected and shows the kids an important part of your relationship 6. Make pleasure a priority. Spontaneity is lots of fun, but realistically at least if you plan for intimate time together, you’ll get it 7. Don’t be a martyr. Each of you doing your fair share of the housework means you’ll both have more energy, less resentment and be happier to make time for one another Sounds simple right? And I think that is half the problem for many of us in our relationships, and busy mum lives. The simple and easy things often lose way to the big and difficult things. Or we just become so overwhelmed with it all that we do nothing. We are told to eat the frog, and attack the biggest task each day, but instead we just swirl the tadpoles, or the small things, around eventually spitting them out because we are too afraid to take action. Sound familiar? Until my husband and I became parents we had barely had a fight. Sure there was the time I stormed out of the room after he innocently questioned the seating chart I had spent hours drawing up for our wedding, but that was about as serious as it got. And I hold that anything said or done in the two weeks before a wedding cannot be used against you, ever. As soon as kids come along the stakes get higher. There is something else pulling at our attention, a little person we both care about so deeply, we want the best for them. Our energy diverts to that person, and away from each other. It’s normal right? Our kids have to come first? But according to Samantha, we need to revisit our priorities. “When it comes to raising happy kids, its happy parents that make it happen. Creating harmonious families is vital in creating a more peaceful happy world. A strong bond between parents is the heart of a happy family. No matter how sacrilegious it sounds, you need to put your relationship before your children. A strong

relationship provides security for your children and demonstrates how a loving, respectful partnership should be.”

your communication, your boundaries, finding balance and showing love all year round. You will find yourself rewarded with a more satisfying, connected relationship

“We can easily forget when we live in a kid-focused world, none of us set out to have a child centred marriage. We tend to get caught up in making sure that our children have only the best, and that they achieve at all times. When parents are so kid focused that they don’t have the time or energy to relate as a couple, they are more likely to grow apart. Kids pick up on this and feel insecure about family unity; this anxiety can lead to problems such as depression, behavioural outbursts and aggression.”

Enjoy the warmer weather. Breathe in the fresh air and lie in the sunshine. Get out, get moving, smell the roses and indulge in the fruits of spring and summer. And most of all, jump on those happy hormones and feel the love!

With the warmer weather, are you thinking that it might be time to give your relationship a lift? Samantha offers some good old-fashioned relationship spring cleaning tips: 1. Just as you would clean out your wardrobe, the first step is to assess what you want to keep, store or throw away. Step back and look at whether you want to keep on the path you are on. Reflect on any major issues that have been swept under the carpet, and decide if these are deal breakers or issues you can resolve with some honest communication 2. Ask yourself if there is anything important that you have been withholding. Now is an excellent time to clear the air, and to say what needs to be said. Invite your partner to do the same, have faith that you will both benefit from truths spoken openly 3. It is now time to set healthy boundaries and learn to say no. Without healthy boundaries we can loose ourselves by giving so much that we fail to take care of our own needs. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with the current boundaries. Are you able to be your own person? Are you giving too much of yourself? Setting healthy boundaries is an integral part of living a happy life 4. If you have many deep, heavy conversations but not a lot of fun, it is time to shake it up. Variety is the spice of life and we are happiest when we have well-rounded variety and balance. Trust your gut when it comes to what balance is to you and your partner, because it is different for everyone 5. Feelings of gratitude help us to manifest more love in our relationship. Take a moment each day to tell your partner how much you love them. For the best effect, do it in person or at the very least in a phone call 6. Maintenance is an integral part of any relationship. Continue to put the work in by reflecting and assessing 71


Samantha McWilliam is a Sydney based counsellor specialising in couples and family counselling. She is also the co-founder of I’m With HER, a support group focussed on empowering women in body, mind and spirit. You can find out more about her services at


Relationships Australia A community-based, not-for-profit organisation offering counselling, family dispute resolution (mediation) and a range of famliy and community support and education programs. 1300 364 277 FuelBox Get the conversation with your partner moving with FuelBox COUPLES. 170 carefully composed questions that address challenging relationship topics in a meaningful and entertaining way. 15 parent friendly date ideas Simply turn the page for 15 date ideas you can do without even leaving the house! >>>

15 parent friendly date ideas When was the last time you went on a date with your partner? Time gets in the way but also often it is the lack of babysitters that can put a dampener on date night plans. But there are no excuses with these 16 parent friendly date ideas. Work them around the kid’s bedtime and you can be on your date without even leaving the house.

Get your groove on Make a dance floor in your living room and enjoy a dance or two. If you are married it might bring back memories of when you practiced your first dance together before your wedding.

Pack a picnic

Find a local park so the kids can play while you enjoy some 1:1 time or even enjoy some sunshine together in the backyard while the kids are having a nap.

Movie night Choose a movie (in advance so you don’t waste time deciding), put your phones away and snuggle together on the couch.

Dinner talk Plan dinner for after the kids have gone to bed so it is just the two of you. TV off, phones away and just the two of you talking. Try and get away from talking about the kids!

Put your walking shoes on If your kids sleep during the day, pop them in the pram and head out for a walk. You can stop at a park and chat or just enjoy the walk and fresh air.

Hit the road Baby will happily sleep in the car? Jump in the car together at daytime sleep time and head off on a scenic drive or to a destination you can enjoy with baby when they wake up.

Games night Competitive? Get out a board game when the kids have gone to bed. Or even a game like Just Dance or Singstar that will get you moving and laughing together.

Cook together Making pasta is one of my favourite things to do with my husband. Or pick a recipe together and head to the kitchen to prepare it. The best part is that you get to eat together at the end of it.

Make it a double

Invite another couple with kids the same age as yours over for dinner. With a little bit of luck the kids will entertain themselves and you can have an evening of adult company.

Cheese/chocolate/wine tasting You don’t have to travel for a gourmet foodie experience – why not set one up in your own home? Buy a few different wines/cheeses/chocolates and set up a tasting plate to enjoy when the kids have gone to bed.

Watch the sunset/sunrise With longer days ahead, you have more chance of being able to catch a beautiful sunset outside of the witching hour. Sit in the yard and watch the sun going down, talking about your day and enjoying each others company.

Learn a new skill The fabulous world of the Internet has opened up so many opportunities for learning at home. Why not try out a new language together? Or brush up on some DIY skills through YouTube videos?

Treasure hunt

This is a great one for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Set up a mini treasure hunt through the house or the backyard leaving clues to find each location with the prize waiting at the end.

Camp out Set up a tent in the backyard and spend a night under the stars. If you prefer to be inside in case the kids wake up, set up a tent in the living room. Hopefully the kids will be so wrapped in the tent the next morning that you can enjoy a relaxed breakfast together.

Gaze at the stars

In the warmer months, take a rug outside and lay down next to each other to watch the stars above. There is something romantic and dreamy about the stars so perhaps take the time to visit your dreams and goals together or just enjoy the stillness of night.


Behind the Blog

Kidgredients Kylie is a mum of two and family food blogger extraordinaire at Kidgredients. She knows what food kids love and has a loyal followig of mums, keen to try out her latest recipes. We spoke to Kylie about life, blogging and feeding the kids!

amongst all the awesome bloggers, and although I didn’t win, the experience has taught me so much about blogging! It’s been a good year and I’ve ticked off most of my year goals already!

Tell us a bit about Kidgredients I began Kidgredients as I was cooking lots of different things for my family and I wanted to share them with a wider audience. Now it’s become so much bigger than I ever imagined and it’s a home to family friendly recipes and kids food ideas and fun lunch ideas. My review of 21 different lunchboxes went viral last year and has been used by mums all over the world to decide what lunchbox to buy for their kids! But above all, it’s healthy, homemade food, that anyone can make, made from wholefoods.

What do you most love about blogging? I love that it’s an outlet for my creativity but above all I love helping people…and my blog lets me do that! I love hearing feedback from my readers if they’ve tried a recipe for the first time, or if their child has finally eaten food x because of my recipe!

When you aren’t blogging, what are you doing? I’m an ex-teacher of foreign languages, so you’ll probably find me dancing in the lounge room to the latest hits on the Italian Top 40. Or helping Mr Kidgredients with our home brew (we brew our own cider and beer). In reality, my 4 year old and 6 year old keep me pretty busy, so downtime is really only when they are asleep! How do you manage the balance between being a mum, blogger, wife? It’s tricky. My daughter is in primary school now, so I have two kid-free days when I can blog per week when Master 4 is in preschool. It’s tricky, and we have a washing pile that never stops growing, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Food makes everything better, so the kids always love to help with the blog! What has been your biggest blogging achievement? This year I was nominated and made a finalist of the Bupa blog awards. It was fabulous to be acknowledged

What advice would you give to other mums thinking of starting a blog? DO IT. If you think you’ve got something worthwhile to share, share it. You never know, you may help make the life of someone else easier or better, or you might just have fun sharing your story. Either way, you’ll never know until you press publish on your first post. What impact has blogging had on your life? It has given me a way to help people…but it has also given us some awesome experiences, like cooking with Poh or doing the Little BIG DASH. I’ve been to Melbourne twice in one week recently, something I never dreamed I’d do! What is your favourite quote/mantra? “There is enough success for everyone”. It reminds me not to compare myself against others, because we can all be successful in our own right. Do you have any favourite bloggers you love to follow? Yes! I love:, Feeding Finn, My Bored Toddler, Laughing Kids Learn and Create Bake Make.


What are your kids favourite recipes from your blog? I think I’ve been blessed, because my kids nearly always love what I cook! But our family favourites are: sticky chicky, no bake chewy choc chip muesli bars, and basil chicken pasta sauce. What are your top tips to parents for keeping it simple when cooking for kids? I think they key to keeping it simple when cooking for kids is to ensure that there is always something on the plate that is familiar and that the kids already like, especially when trying something new. Kids don’t expect molecular gastronomy; they just want something yummy. If you can work out what they love, you can manipulate other meals to be similar. If pasta shaped as butterflies is a favourite

What is next for Kidgredients? Well, this year I’m improving my photos in a big way. I’m reading photography books and trying different ways to take my photos. I’m doing more live videos too and looking at ways to help more people to make amazing food!


Image by Elise Garner, 75

but spaghetti isn’t, change the sauce so they will try a new sauce. Then next time, use the sauce they love with a different pasta!

PICNIC IN THE PARK Recipes by sara keli, kid magazine Prepare the picnic basket, fill the esky with drinks and don’t forget the rug! Spring is the perfect time to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine and what better way than a picnic in the park. For a picnic feast for the whole family, try these tasty recipes. Easy to prepare and definite winners. Plus turn to the next page for some fun products to make your picnic a stylish success!

pumpkin & chorizo tarts Makes 12 Ingredients


400g pumpkin, peeled & cut into 1cm cubes

Preheat oven to 180C. Line a tray with baking paper. Place pumpkin onto lined tray and drizzle with honey. Place in oven to roast for 20 minutes, turning once after 10 minutes. When cooked, take out of the oven to cool slightly.

1tbsp honey 1 chorizo sausage, chopped into small cubes 30g feta 24 sage leaves 1 tsp butter 1 tbsp pine nuts 4 sheets filo pastry olive oil spray

Meanwhile, heat a fry pan over medium heat. Lightly spray with olive oil spray. Cook chorizo for 5-6 minutes or until cooked through and slightly crispy. Heat another small frypan on low heat. Melt the butter and add the sage leaves, cooking for 4-5 minutes until they are crisp. Lightly spray a 12 hole cupcake tin with olive oil spray. Take the four sheets of filo pastry. Start with the first sheet and lightly spray with the olive oil spray. Place the second sheet on top and repeat for the remaining sheets. Cut into 12 even pieces and carefully press each one into the prepared cupcake tray to form the tart bases. Evenly divide the pumpkin, chorizo, feta, sage leaves and pine nuts between the tart cases. Place into the oven for 10 minutes or until filo pastry is golden brown.


chicken sandwiches Makes 15 Ingredients


300g chicken breast

Bring a medium saucepan of water to the boil and add the chicken breast to poach. Cook for 15-20 minutes or until cooked through. Once cooked, remove from the saucepan and set aside for 10 minutes to cool down.

2-3 tbsp mayonnaise 1 stick celery, finely chopped 1 tbsp parsley, finely chopped

When the chicken has cooled, finely dice it. In a bowl combine the chicken with the mayonnaise, celery, flaked almonds and parsley. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

¼ cup flaked almonds salt & pepper 10 slices bread, buttered and crusts removed

Spread the chicken mixture evenly across half of the bread slices. Top with the remaining bread slices. Using a sharp knife, cut each sandwich into three fingers. The chicken can be cooked ahead of time and stored in the fridge to speed up the preparation time. Leftover BBQ or roast chicken will also work well for this recipe.

strawberry cupcakes Makes 12 Ingredients


125g butter

Preheat oven to 180C. Line a 12 hole cupcake tray with cupcake liners.

125g caster sugar 125g self-raising flour ¼ tsp vanilla extract

In a mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add the vanilla extract and one of the eggs and mix until combined. Add the second egg and mix until combined.

2 eggs 125g strawberries, pureed and strained

Stir through the flour until combined. Add ¼ cup of pureed strawberries and mix. Pour the mixture into the prepared cupcake trays and bake for 1520 minutes or until cooked through.

125g cream cheese 2tbsp icing sugar, sifted

To make the icing, in a mixing bowl use an electric mixer to combine the cream cheese and icing sugar until light and fluffy. Then stir through about 1-2 tbsp of the strawberry puree. Once cooled, ice the cupcakes and top with a strawberry or other decoration if you like. 77

Blue picnic basket, $35

Aegean round Turkish towel in petrol, $89.95

COAST Picnic bag in charc www.coastnewzealan

GreenGate picnic tin, $25.95

bobo&boo sunshine pastel yellow set, $25.95

TraVino spollproof wine sippy cup, $14.95


Pink donut Frisbee www.yellowoctopu

Skip Hop Central Park outdoor blanket, $79.95

VW Recliner Belvedere, $89

coal, $399

Moroccan FEZ picnic blanket in blue, $49.50

White Magic ECO-Can small in red, $29.95

PackIt picnic bag – Ziggy design, $49.95

Picnic check napery set, $24.95

e, $19.99

Peony family cooler, $130.90

470ml Vacuum insulated food jar, $36.99

Mint fancy thermos flask, $49.95

Kid Magazine Loves

The humble swaddle has had a designer makeover with the Love To Dream designer collection. With trendy patterns and hues, featuring stars and stripes, kisses and feathers, the designer collection is set to make the already popular arms up swaddles an even bigger hit!

I’m always so conscious about what products I am using on my daughter’s skin and lately have been trying the Bubba Organics range. We both love it! Choose from their Australian Goat Milk or Lavender & Chamomile ranges with bath washes, moisturising lotions, bottom creams and more.

Tuckshop Revolution is a not-for-profit initiative from My School Connect. A number of health conscious Australian brands have signed on to help Aussie schools to make and maintain healthier habits. On signing up, schools receive a free nutritional review of their tuckshop menu, free healthy snacks to try and suggested healthy meal options for kids of all ages.

Looking for something to do as a family on the weekend or during the school holidays? The ToDo Game, a collection of fun activities for families to do together, will be your new best friend! Created by a Sydney family, the game has been designed to help families spend more quality time together without any distractions – just good old fashioned fun.

If your kids are Tree Fu Tom fans, the new Tree Fu Tom & Friends 4 pack figures is a fun addition to the toy chest! Including the four main characters, Tom, Twiggs, Zigzoo and Ariela, the set is $24.99 RRP. I didn’t even know my daughter was a Tree Fu Tom fan until her eyes lit up at the figures! Available from all good retailers

Do your kids fancy themselves as an up and coming rock star? SelfieMic might just be what they need to indulge their pop fantasies and have some fun at the same time! SelfieMic combines are karaoke microphone, earpiece and a few app, StarMaker, to allow your kids to record their own music videos. It might not just be the kids getting in on the action! 80

ChapStick has launched a new premium product, at an affordable price! ChapStick Total Hydration is 100% natural formulas enriched with advanced ingredients including Argan Oil, Avocado, Mango, Rosehip and Jojoba Oils. At only $7.99 RRP, choose from natural or natural + tint products, available from select pharmacies.

Calling all secret agents! Have you heard about he Moochies mobile-watch? The cool watch, includes an alarm clock, pedometer, the ability to make and receive calls from approved contacts as well as an ‘SOS’ button, which if pressed for more than 5 seconds will notify parents of the child’s location. Suitable for kids aged 4-12.

It feels a bit too early to start talking about Christmas but it is mere weeks before the trees will be going up. This year will be the first year my family experiences Elf on the Shelf and I can’t wait! A quick Pinterest search will give you endless ideas on how to bring some magic into your home each morning with your own scout elf!

For both of my pregnancies, I have used GAIA Belly Oil each night to keep my expanding bump soft and supple. I love the daily ritual of taking time to massage my belly and take a few moments to bond with baby, particularly when the days can be so busy with an active toddler!

Ever since the Splashlings arrived in our house, that is all I have heard my daughter talking about. These cute characters from under the seas were invented by the same man who created Pound Puppies. With mermaids and shells, more than 100 pets and underwater gems and treasures, I predict these will be huge as we head towards Christmas! Available from Woolworths, Toys R Us, Toy World, independent toy stores, petrol forecourts and aquariums.

World-renowned fashion illustrator, Megan Hess, has collaborated with Hallmark to create an exclusive collection of stylish greeting cards. Partnering with Disney she has also produced a reimagining of Cinderella, Bella and Aurora for a princess inspired card range. Available from Hallmark independent specialty retailers and Target nationally

Spring interiors tren When you’ve put down the feather duster from your spring-cleaning, it may be time to add some new life and colour into your home. We’ve go four key interiors trends this spring that you can easily add into your décor for an instantly fresher and on trend look. 82

nd report

Blue sodalite natural stone plate, $250

ld Go 5 9.9 12 e, $ blu .au er wd om po up.c in t ee vei tep .lifeli in co ww w

Blue teal velvet cushion, $59

Light blue swan soap dish, $19.95

Blue Mongolian lambswool cushion, $99.95

Pick a hue, any hue! Blue is one of the on trend colours of the season. Think dreamy blue skies and the deep blue ocean when using this trend as inspiration in your home.

Astro outdoor armchair, $616

Duck egg blue textured ceramic dessert bowl, $12.95

Light blue knot cushion, $79 84

Home Republic sheepskin in storm blue, $169.95

Cambridge throw in blue, $49.95

We Might Be Tiny bear placemat in powder blue, $30

Telephone wire wave bowl in citron, $59

Amalfi Estrela vase, $139.95

Boucle throw rug in white, $49.95

Lynette cushion in bright pink, $99.95


S t www orage ba sket .free d o m .com .a

Antigua waffle linen throw in mustard, $239

Faux fur throw rug in snow leopard, from $129.95

Grey pouf, $581

Julius rug, $299

Texture Yellow JuJu hat, $399 85

Touch me, baby! Whether you are running your hand over a soft velvet cushion or admiring a gorgeous woven basket, textures are the perfect way to add a statement to your living space.

Mongolian sheepskin rug in blush, $169.95

Sunday cushion, $69.95

Baby & toddler swing in black & white, $145

Ottoman Bermuda, $139

Classic Navajo round towel, $69.95

Black armais giclee mandala print, $440

Pia Wallen black and white cross tray, $75

Zebra luxury handmade hammock, $249

Black and white swiss cross cushion cover, $29


Davis & Waddell typeset medium mixing bowl, $24.99 86

Black and white triangle print design vase, $450 ferm LIVING grid storage basket – medium, $90

Black and white, the ultimate classic pairing. Has monochrome ever not been on trend? Paired with select colour accents, monochrome is stylish, simple and oh so fun!

Amongst the stars cushion in rose gold, $59.95

Nueva Raya peach cushion, $250

Emporium Adele throw, $59.95

Louise Roe copper and jade green bowl, $79

Gracie Rose side table, $199.95 Amalfi S/2 swift metallic band baskets, $99.95 Academy Orwell cookbook stand, $24.99

Gold spot gradual vase, $49.95

Metallic Arlo Rose charcoal cushion, $49

.95 $42 ss, o gla our es.c ry h ewar rcu me hom alfi alfi Am ww

Emporium Audrey metallic suede stool stand, $99.95 87

Our love for metallics continues but this season sees a more muted metallic enter our homes. Silver, rose gold, copper, gold or bronze – pick your poison and accent away. 88

October/November 2016 - issue thirty One

Kid Magazine Issue 31  

Have a stylish life with kids! For mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families.

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