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am delighted to bring you the first issue of the Kid Magazine Monthly. This brand new monthly online magazine will be packed with all the best stories and competitions from au, plus exclusive extras just for subscribers. In this months issue you will find the Kid Magazine Christmas Gift Guide, tips for staying fit during the festive season, fabulous statement necklaces, and much much more! They say time flies when you are having fun and that must be why 2012 has whizzed past me at lightning speed. The Kid Magazine website relaunched in May and has been receiving fantastic feedback from around the world. I have interviewed some of the coolest designers and boutique owners, previewed amazing upcoming kids and ladies fashion ranges and reviewed super cool products for kids and families. On a personal note I can’t believe Christmas is here already. I am still enjoying the honeymoon glow after getting married in February so looking forward to connecting with our family and friends again for more celebrations. If you, like me, look to give a gift to charity at Christmas time, then I would encourage you to get involved in the Dress for Success 12:12:12 campaign in your local area. Get 12 of your friends together and donate $12 each before 12th December to help dress the first 100 women through the doors in 2013. Such a simple donation will help the lives of many disadvantaged women next year. Find your local Dress for Success by visiting I wish you and your families all the best over the holiday season and I look forward to sharing more of the best fashion and beauty for kids and mums with you in 2013. Make sure you check in to for more inspiration.


editor, 3

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A lesson for Aunty Sara


A lesson for Aunty Sara


Kids’ wardrobe on a budget


Fall in love with SPANX


Revolutionising online shopping

A lesson from a two year old in what it means to be an Aunty


It doesn’t have to cost a fortune for the kids to have style

Bumps be gone as I discover my new best friend in the wardrobe

WantItNow hits the market offering three hour delivery


Kids’ wardrobe on a budget


Win with POOCCIO


Christmas gift guide

Four super easy nail trends you must try Nail art has arrived (again) and the rules have changed - there are no rules 4

$150 worth of POOCCIO products up for grabs for one lucky pooch

Get a start on your Christmas shopping with the Kid Magazine gift guide


Fall in love with SPANX

Christmas gift guide


Revolutionising online shopping, one parcel at a time




The lowdown on lips

Win with POOCCIO

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Bake with Philly


Digital world


Make a statement

The lowdown on lips Tackling the questions of lipstick vs gloss and colour vs nude

Workout with Kaz Muddell Personal Trainer Kax Muddell shares her tips for staying in shape this festive season 5

Vanilla cupcakes with Philly chocolate frosting. Yum!

Three apps you will love this Christmas and beyond

Six of the best accessories statement necklaces

A lesson for Aunty Sara Rendering me speechless is about as rare an occurrence as my husband admitting I was right (or more importantly admitting he was wrong). My two-going-on-fifteen-year old niece however has the power to stun, amaze and completely remove all words from my vocabulary. Our recent encounter went something like this: M e : “W hy don ’ t you listen to your M ummy ?” M iss T wo : “NO!!!!” M e : “Y ou should listen to your M ummy . I listen to my M ummy .” M iss T wo : P onders , “Y ou listen to your M ummy ?” M e : “Y es all the time .” M iss T wo : “A nd you brush your teeth ?” M e : T hrilled with the breakthrough I had just scored , “Y es and I go to bed when I am told too . M ummy ’ s are always right .” M iss T wo : A further moment to ponder , “M ummy ’ s are wrong .” M e : “W ell , who told you that ?” M iss T wo : W ithout any hesitation , “Y our M ummy !” Like a smack in the face, Miss Two had hit back at my naïve attempt to transform her into a perfectly obedient angel and had used my own mother against me. The horror of it. I am no “Mummy Blogger”. I hate the term and the fact I have no children disqualifies me from holding the title. What I am is a passionate fashion & beauty editor who was left to reflect on what my role as an Aunty is. One thing I know for sure is they say it takes a village to raise a child and I wouldn’t give up my spot in my niece and nephew’s village for, well anything really. In my journey from daughter, sister, friend and Aunty. I have discovered what I call my “Aunty self”. Fun and silly, a little too generous, overly cautious of hazards (they tell me kids are sturdy but I’m not so sure), firm when I absolutely need to be and filled with so much love for these little people. This story started with the title “A lesson with Aunty Sara” but soon after starting to write I realised that my niece had taught me more in this little interaction than I had taught her. She had forced me to reflect and was truly keeping me on my toes. Let’s put aside the lesson in power politics in which she had taken the upper hand and crushed my once hopeful spirit. At least she claimed victory in style and made her Aunty Sara proud. To comment on this article, visit: 6


Dress for Success Sydney is a registered charity and all donations are tax deductable 7

Annual Christmas Appeal Dress For Success Sydney provides the professional attire, support and the career development tools that help disadvantaged women thrive in work and in life. We’re on a mission to raise $15,000 to support, style and develop the first 100 women in need of our services next year and you can help! A dozen friends working together can make a difference to hundreds of women in 2013. Simply visit dressforsuccesssydney to register for the 12:12:12 campaign and reach out to others in your network who may have 12 friends to join the cause.

kids’ wardrobe onabudget There has been some interesting research out of the UK, published at, which reveals that the average parent has spent $500 on building a stylish baby wardrobe by the time their child turns one. The results of the poll, conducted by Marks & Spencer also talks about the pressure parents feel to dress their children in fashionable clothing thanks to the examples set by celebrity kids such as Suri Cruise and Harper Beckham. I was alarmed to read that many parents will not dress their children in hand-medowns as they think they are “outdated”. I have bought my niece and nephew more clothes than I care to think about in my role as Aunty Sara. Knowing that my sister-in-law is packing the clothes away, once they are outgrown, for the time when I will need them for my own family is of great comfort to me.

Kids should look well presented but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune 8

Don’t buy too far in advance Buying items for the future may be a great way to get ahead of the game. However, if you buy too far in advance you may find that the kids don’t end up wearing the pieces you have bought for them because they have outgrown them or you have forgotten you even bought them. Stick to a My tips for building your child’s shorter time frame and try and plan wardrobe on a budget are: ahead for any holidays where you may be crossing over the seasons. Accept hand-me-downs Sure not everything will be your (or Regularly clean out the wardrobe your child’s style) but you may find a I have a quarterly wardrobe clean hidden gem or two amongst a range out to rid my wardrobe of any of wardrobe basics. If you are handy unwanted items. As kids grow so with a sewing machine you can make fast it is important to clean out their alterations or pick up a packet of fabric wardrobe and remove any items that dye to update the colour. no longer fit them. This way you will know exactly what they have that fits Know what your childs style is them right now and can make the When they are babies their style will most of those pieces. Don’t throw out be whatever you put them in but as unwanted items! You can either pass they grow older let their gorgeous little them on to a family member or friend personality decide their style and shop with a child who would fit them, try your hand at selling them on eBay or according to this. If your daughter refuses to wear skirts gumtree or pass them on to a local then don’t buy them. If your son has a charity who will put them to good use. love of tigers trawl the net for tiger tops or pick up a few iron on decals at the To comment on this article, visit: craft store and create your own. belief is that kids should look well presented but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do so and the clothes don’t always have to be new. Given that a child wears an item of clothing an average of 12 times before outgrowing it, second hand clothes will usually be in great condition.

Keep your eye out for sales Particularly if you are on a budget. Large department stores like Myer and Target will regularly have percentage off sales which you can take advantage of. Most online stores will have a newsletter you can sign up to where you will receive notifications of sales events to pick up some great items at much lower prices.

wardrobe-on-a-budget 9

in a last ditch attempt at dressing to impress minus the bumps, i tried them.


Whenever I heard my girlfriends talking about how amazing SPANX were I was sceptical. I mean, it’s not like underwear has the ability to iron out the lumps and bumps, they have to go somewhere right? And then one day, in a last ditch attempt at dressing to impress minus the bumps, I tried them. WOW! I was a SPANX convert. A sceptic who had seen the light. And I had the flat tummy to show it. There are many reasons you will fall in love with these super shaping and slimming weapons. Here are my five favourite things about SPANX just because I love sharing my finds and tips with you. 1. For all those expectant mums out there, the new Mama SPANX are a must have in your maternity wardrobe. This hosiery grows with you as your belly grows, provides extra tummy support and an ultra-sheer stylish look. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the dreaded visible panty line! 2. SPANX were originally created when founder, Sara Blakely, cut the bottom off her control top pantyhose to create 10

wow! i was a spanx convert. footless tights to wear under pants. I most often wear skirts and dresses rather than pants just to avoid panty line embarrassment. The original SPANX product has now grown into a huge range of options for banishing visible panty lines including footless tights, mid-thigh shapers and high-wasited briefs in medium, super and super duper slimming levels. 3. It feels amazing to wear them. I love the extra support they provide - kind of like a big comforting hug! Knowing that they are your secret weapon in looking extra fabulous also helps the fabulous feeling. 4. Back fat be gone with Bra-llelujah. This wireless bra has a front closure, a naturally-adjusting hoisery back and elastic straps which all work together to reduce back fat and create a seamless look under figure hugging tops. 5. SPANX open up new possibilities for items in your wardrobe you may have been avoiding whether it be pants, tops, dresses or skirts. I can hear my body thanking me every time I step into my SPANX and step out the door looking great and feeling confident. And if SPANX is good enough for celebs like Beyonce then it is good enough for me! To comment on this article, visit: 11

Once upon a time when a cassette tape Walkman was the only type of portable music player and Will Smith was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, aside from mail order, the only way you could shop was to physically walk into the store. Shopping at midnight was reserved for Christmas Eve and unless you travelled to the shop it was out of reach. Can you imagine?? I do still enjoy a spot of old-fashioned shopping but I love that I can also shop form the comfort of my lounge room/study/bedroom/bus seat. The problem is the delay of days or weeks while I wait for my treasure to arrive. Where is the fun in that? Enter WantItNow the mail delivery service revolutionising online shopping in Australia. Founded by sisters Emma Cronin and Fiona Pearse, WantItNow partners with more than 60 online retailers to offer three hour business day delivery in the Sydney and Melbourne metro areas. Pearse says, “People don’t want to wait - and why should they just because they are shopping online? We believe in instant gratification and are thrilled to be able to provide such an innovative service”.

revolutionisng online shopping oneparcelatatime

Whether you are in Sydney and get a last minute invite to dinner with girlfriends or are in Melbourne and decide on an impromptu dinner party WantItNow can help with retailers from across fashion and jewellery, shoes, sports, home wares, gourmet food and wine, vintage eye wear and luxury travel. It couldn’t be simpler to get started - visit the WantItNow shopping page, select a retailer and connect through to their site for shopping with super fast delivery. Emma and Fiona have also designed the ‘Track n Trace’ app to allow customers to view the progress of their order from purchase time through to delivery. Operating under the mantra “need it today, buy it today, have it delivered today” WantItNow is set to challenge the retail industry as they bring the online shopping experience closer to the ‘real thing’ of shopping in store. To comment on this article, visit: 12

The Must-Have Foundation 5 benefits in 1 BB Cream

NEW Skin Perfecting Foundation 5 in 1 BB Cream The 5 in 1 benefits of the Skin Perfecting Foundation make it the must-have foundation. Formulated to help: • Balance & correct skin tone • Brighten skin • Calm & soothe skin • Reduce redness • Reduce pigmentation Available in 5 skin perfecting shades. $24.95 RRP

Dermatologically tested Not tested on animals

You’ll never forget the day you discover

Available at:

& leading pharmacies*

*Product available in selected Priceline and Myer stores. For stockists, contact our Customer Service department on 1300 650 981 or visit our website


FOUR supereasy nailtrends

you must try

Nail art, once the domain of the quintessential 90s teenager, has made a comeback and it is brighter than ever before. The nail art trends of this season call for wacky thinking and have thrown out the nail polish rule book. There are no rules in nail art 2012 but there are a few key trends and products you will need to get you started. Building a nail polish toolkit is relatively cheap and an easy way to mix up your look. 1. I can see a rainbow Not all fingers are created equal so why should you paint all your nails the same colour? Whether you choose five colours or just two, a multi-colour effect is a fabulous way to let your personality shine through. Opt for clashing colours to really 14

stand out or select a colour palette with mutual tones for a more sophisticated look. Try M.A.C Nail Lacquer Collection in Girl Trouble, RRP $22, available from; Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Turquoise, RRP $26, available from bobbibrown.; Nicole by OPi Nail Lacquer in Fresh Squeezed, RRP $14.95, more information available from; Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Hot Magenta, RRP $6.95, more information available from; OPI Pirates of the Carribean Collection in Mermaid’s Tears, RRP $19.95, more information available from 2. Crackle Effect Adding a crackle or shatter polish


02 to your base colour coat looks really unique and is a fabulous way to extend the life of a manicure. When your colour is starting to fade or chip paint on some crackle and you have a new manicure instantly. Remember to always add a top coat or the crackle will fade very quickly. Try Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat, RRP $9.95, more information available from 3. Shiny Shiny Glitter I love, love, love glitter and there are some great glitter nail polish products on the market. Apply over a base coat in your choice of colour for some extra sparkle. Combine the first trend above with your glitter polish to take it to the next level. For a more subtle look paint the glitter as your base coat for an understated hint of sparkle. 15



Try Australis Cosmetics, Limited Edition Nail Colours in Fairy Bread, RRP $7.95, available from 4. Stick it to me Nail Wraps One of the easiest ways to try the latest nail trends is with nail wraps. If you are anything like me and completely useless at any form of drawing, the thought of painting leopard print on to your nails is enough to make you curl up in a ball crying. Nail Wraps are pre-printed stickers you cut out and stick onto your nails and in my experience they last just as long as a regular nail

polish mani so are worth the investment. So easy! Try Nailed It 3D Nail Wraps in Pink Leopard, RRP $8.95, available from To comment on this article, visit: nail-art-trends

if you and your kid’s are looking your absolute best, then why shouldn’t your pooch?? 16

win with POOCCIO Earlier this year, for the first time in my life, I became a dog owner and entered the world of puppy preschool, toilet training and dog slobber. As you may well guess from my love of fashion and looking fabulous, I also wanted to make sure that my little pup put his best paw forward on the style front. From luxe leather collars to handprinted dog beds (which can also act as super comfy cushions for the kids) POOCCIO is the latest must-have brand to launch into the market catering to the needs of stylish pooches and their fashion-loving masters.

I met Hannah and Sarah, the women behind POOCCIO and its wonderful doggie products when I attended Life InStyle in August. I immediately fell in love with the products and couldn’t wait to bring them to my Kid Magazine readers. If you and the kids are looking your absolute best, then why shouldn’t your pooch?? The brand is committed to using environmentally friendly products where possible including using natural food and plant extract dyes for the hand printed textiles. The fabrics used are divine including genuine quality leather & suede and washable, hardwearing 100% cotton canvas.

Not just for the dog of the house, many of the POOCCIO products are designed for the canine master including the practical yet ubercute POOCCHETTE to keep all the essential items in when walking the dog. Or the PAMPOOCCIO signature aromatherapy range with scented candles and hand washes as well as shampoo products for your pet. With Christmas racing closer and closer (your pets get Christmas presents like mine right?) the POOCCHIEF bandanas, stuffed toys and Christmas stockings are a must have on your list. Thanks to POOCCIO one reader will win an amazing POOCCIO pack valued at over $150. Visit the Kid Magazine win page for further information. For more info on POOCCIO visit:

To enter visit 17 18

There will be more gift and Christmas inspiration at in the lead up to the big day so check in regularly or ‘Like’ our facebook page for updates. 19 019

Christmas Gift Guide

Whether you started your Christmas shopping in June or can’t even spot time in your diary to get a start on your present list, the Kid Magazine Christmas gift guide is here to help and inspire. From toys to clothing and shoes and a few lovely things for mum as well you will find a collection of fabulous gifts that won’t break the budget.



Curl up with a good book or a glass of red on the Wintons Teak Matz Rocker. Crafted using A-grade, sustainably sourced teak, the Matz Rocker combines contemporary design with functionality. RRP $565





1 Teak Matz Rocker RRP $565 2 Working Toy Kenwood Mixer RRP £25 3 Giant Chocolate Bedding Set RRP $185 4 Glagla Kids Blizz Shoes RRP $49.95 5 Gibson Gifts Bobbling Owl Money Banks Gibson Gifts (1800 331 023) RRP $19.95 6 Smoothie Maker RRP £24 7 Unity Gift Sockpals Unity Gifts (1800 331 023) RRP from $39.95 20

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7 Vivamus id ipsum sit amet massa

model 04

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$19 21




11 12

Make a dream come true with this beautifully made Pollyanna Pony. Encourage development of sight, touch, sound, fine motor skills, imagination and exercise. A luxurious ride on with crinkle fabric, rattles and squeakers RRP $129



15 16 8 Australis Cosmetics Nail Colour RRP $7.95 9 Benefit Crescent Row Limited Edition Set RRP $59 10 Kid Stuff Story Starter RRP $19.95 11 Love From Australia Boots RRP from ÂŁ120 12 Crabtree & Evelyn Golden Petals Shimmering Body Mist RRP $20 13 Mamas and Papas Pollyanna Rocking Animal Mamas and Papas stockist (02) 9317 4211 RRP $129 14 Clinique Whole Lotta Colour RRP $60 15 Glamadonna accessories RRP from $35 16 Mamas and Papas Puppy Knit Mamas and Papas stockist (02) 9317 4211 RRP $24.95 22

handmade clothing

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model 04

Contact: email: shop:

Integer volutpat tempus nunc, sed molestie velit pellentesque eu. Fusce dictum fringilla justo.


facebook: 23




17 Lush Handmade Cosmetics RRP from $5.90 18 Mix @ Coles, Baby & Kids Collection RRP from $8 19 Adventure Time 22” Slamacows Toys R Us, Gametraders, Toyworld RRP $45 20 Maki My Day Earrings RRP $9.95 21 Namy Your Dummy RRP from $6 22 Play Shop & Theatre RRP £130


20 24

Bring your favourite Adventure Time Characters to life like never before! Simpley“slam” the push together and hear your favourite sayings from the TV show. Toys R Us, Gametraders, Toyworld or any good toy retailer RRP $45

22 25

Pregnancy makes you beautiful

Jessica, aged 32. Expecting a boy in 3 /1 2 weeks.


Email to request a catalogue 1300 PREGGY (773 449) 26




This gorgeous girl is made to be played with - dress her and change her shoes, hat, dresses, blouses, trousers, headdresses and hairstyles as many times as you like! RRP $79.95

23 Dress Up Doll Fabric Wall Sticker RRP $79.95 24 Folding Sunbrella Rain & Sun UPF 20 RRP $39.95 25 Babyam 3-in-1 Automated Bottle Preparation System Babies R Us RRP $279.99 26 Jojoba Company’s Christmas Pack on counters nationally RRP $49.95 27 Pokemon Trading Card Game Kmart, Big W, Toys R Us, Toyworld, Gametraders, EB GAMES, selected Coles & Target stores and all good toy retailers RRP from $19.99




e gift  of  natural  beauty  this  Christmas  with 27 The  Jojoba  Company  

27 28

the lowdown on lips

My lips are sealed. Read my lips. Keep a stiff upper lip. Lips are not only overly-cliched but every day they get a workout - talking, eating, and for the lucky ones kissing! For such an important body part, keeping them soft, supple and looking hot should be at the top of your beauty list. Lipstick vs. lip gloss The answer to this question is really down to personal preference but in my opinion they both have a place. Lipstick brings a more vibrant colour to your lips while gloss adds sheen. I wear a gloss over my lipstick to add a shine to the colour. For a casual look or when you are sporting bold eye make-up stick with a gloss. If you are toning down your eye make-up then add a statement lip with a bright colour choice. Colour me pretty The colour options are endless when it comes to both lipstick and gloss. The great thing about lipstick is that it is relatively inexpensive so you don’t just need to stick with one colour. Changing your lip colour also gives you a completely new look. For Spring/Summer 2012 start with a red shade and add in a nude lipstick or some other bright colours such as orange, fuchsia or a hint of berry. Lipstick generally has a shelf life of two years so if you have any lippies that have been lying around since Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister then it is time to throw them out.

a few products to get you started Left to right: Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick, RRP $35, available from; Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss, RRP $44, available from; M.A.C Prep and Prime Lip, RRP $33, available from maccosmetics.; Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Limited Edition with Sequins Finish, RRP $42, available from; Revlon ColorStay Lipliner, RRP $22.95, more information available at

It is a fine line With lip liner you want to avoid your lips looking like the outline of a kids colouring in page. You have two options when lining lips - the first is to lightly line the lips and colour the entire lip before applying the lipstick. The second is to apply your lipstick and then line lips. Make sure the liner matches the colour of your lipstick. Longer lasting lipstick For every cup of coffee during the day you will leave traces of your lip colour behind. Losing colour throughout the day is inevitable but using a lip primer product will help not only moisturise your lips but also help with longer lasting lip colour. I find lasting wear products often dry my lips out so primer is the perfect solution to achieve the same effect. To comment on this article, visit: 29

WorKOut healthy holiday tips

with Kaz Muddell

Staying healthy and fit over the holidays is tough with all that delicious food around and the ability to relax when on holidays. So how do you avoid putting on those extra kilo’s whilst still enjoying the treats of the holiday cheer and taking time out? Stick to a routine Even if you are heading away you should still maintain an exercise routine. You might want to substitute your normal gym classes for a walk on the beach, a bushwalk or maybe even taking the bike away with you and doing some cycling. Swimming and getting out in the surf is always a great option if you are heading to a beach location. Try to plan ahead and ensure that you know what might be available to you when you go away. Family oriented resorts often have sports such as beach volleyball, windsurfing, canoeing, and other such outdoor activities. Many of these activities can include your family too and kids love to get out and be active whilst on holiday. Even playing ball sports or throwing a frisbee around is a good way to keep moving without it feeling like a chore. Balance your intake with your output No-one wants to miss out on all the treats so it’s about balancing out what 30

you consume to what you burn off. As the saying goes, all in moderation, however if you want to partake in that little bit extra then just squeeze in a few extra walks or get out and be more active. Consider eating smaller portions, don’t go back for seconds, avoid the nuts and dips, drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink, eat salad first so that you don’t feel like eating a huge meal, and try to avoid fried and fatty foods.

Above all, remember that you don’t have to avoid everything at holiday time. It’s important to let your hair down occasionally and enjoy yourself. It’s all about balance. Just don’t tip too far one way or the other. C

Be accountable


Involve a friend or a family member to help you be accountable for sticking to your plans. Share with them your intentions and be honest with them about your food intake or your exercise sessions. Get your kids involved in keeping you active. You could also maintain a diary that records your exercise routine and share it with your holiday buddies, friend or family member. Get plenty of sleep If you are tired you will feel less like exercising as your energy levels will be down so you do snack more and that is usually combined with lying around relaxing. It may seem counterintuitive but exercise does increase your energy levels so going for a brisk walk instead of a nap may be the way to go. At least you will be out there in the fresh air working your heart and your lungs, getting fitter. Having an early night and sleeping well will do wonders for you and for your family.

Kaz Muddell is the Director of Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions which is a mobile fitness business that operates across the Hills District and the North Shore of Sydney. Y



Visit for more details.





Stick to a routine


Balance your intake with your output


Be accountable


Get plenty of sleep

CRAFTS FOR CHRISTMAS  Buy in bulk & save

For every multiple subscription purchased, we will reduce the price by $1 for the entire subscription period. So for example, if 9 individual subscriptions are purchased – the price per subscription will be $29 instead of $38 as listed. If parents then want to continue the subscription, we will honour the purchase price ongoing. Purchases need to be from one payment source. Maximum of 10 subscriptions allowed.

Contact for details on how to order weekly craft bundles delivered to your door!


with Philly Chocolate Frosting Makes 12 Preparation time 25 minutes Cooking time 20 minutes

Ingredients 125g butter, softened 3/4 cup caster sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 eggs, lightly beaten 11/2 cups SR flour, sifted ¾-1 cup milk

easy it’s that

250g PHILADELPHIA Frosting made with CADBURY Chocolate 100’s and 1000’s, chopped nuts, coconut etc for decoration Method 1. BEAT the butter, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time beating well between each addition. Fold through the flour and milk until combined. Spoon into 12 x 1/3 cup capacity patty paper lined muffin pans. 2. BAKE in a moderate oven 180oC for 15-20 minutes or until cooked when tested. Stand five minutes then turn out onto a wire rack. Cool. 3. SPREAD or pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes then decorate as desired. Serve immediately. 32

digital world !! ! s p p a e m aweso

1. The Christmas List Gone are the days of paper lists and enter the world of managing your Christmas shopping app-style. The Christmas List allows you to create groups of people, set budgets for individuals and track spending against that budget. You can also add a passcode so no snooping family members find out what they are getting under the tree. At only $0.99, the convenience of having your list handy wherever you go is worth it.

2. Style Studio One for the budding fashion designer Style Studio allows you to create designs for a large range of base designs including dresses, skirts, tops and accessories. Select colour, pattern, embellishments and more to create inspiring or unusual designs. You can then use your designs to play dress ups with the app model to see your creations come to life. This is a fantastic free app. 33

3. Gingerbread Dress Up A fun app for the kids who love to be creative in the kitchen. As the name suggests you dress up naked gingerbread men with funky hair, eyes, mouths, hats and toys. As a free app the kids will have a lot of fun creating their unique designs which can then be emailed and printed to share their artwork.

make a

statement Accessories make the outfit and with the latest trend of statement necklaces this is more true than ever. Add a colourful necklace over neutral clothing choices for a pop that will draw attention to your neck and face or choose a gold or bronze number with more colourful clothing to truly make a statement. Statement necklaces work well with most necklines. A straight boat neckline will pair well with a heavily beaded and quite full necklace. A deep V will suit a longer style that falls into the neckline. As with any accessories, know your shape and your wardrobe and buy necklaces that will compliment your colouring and stay true to your personal style. To comment on this article, visit: article/statement-necklaces

a few products to get you started Left to right, top to bottom: Hammered Plate Collar, RRP $19.95, available from; In My Light - Purple Red Beaded Necklace with Drop, RRP $64.95, available from; Baube Bead with Mesh Weave Necklace, RRP $65, available from; Fushia and Black Satin Applique Bib Necklace with Black Chain, RRP $29 USD, available from; Diameters are a Girls Best Friend Neckalce, RRP $64.99 USD, available from; Iris Necklace in Neon Yello, RRP 118 GBP, available from 34


DECEMBER/JANUARY 2012 - issue one

Kid Magazine Issue One  

Kid Magazine is an online publication made for mums with style delivered to your inbox eleven times per year. As we grow we will bring you m...