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Winter 2014

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The largest collection fashion jewelry in Orlando 5295 International Drive, Suite 270 Orlando I Florida - 32819 I Phone 407 248 1299 In between ROSS and BedBath&Beyond Half a mile from the Premium Outlets w w w . b o n p o s h . c o m

Uniquely... Thoughtfully... Artfully... Gourmet!

Highlighted by its ultra premium extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars, this epicurean adventure includes tastings of its various specialty foods among an array of unique culinary gifts, all found in the ambiance of a fine art gallery. We have been awarded for our excellence in quality and education...most recently by achieving the coveted Ultra Premium designation, one of only 15 retail stores in the US and Canada to have this designation. This gourmet food experience is unlike any other!

Winter Park (in the Hidden Garden) 324 N. Park Avenue, 321-972-1899

Delray Beach (across from the Colony Hotel) 514 E. Atlantic Avenue, 561-266-1099

St. Augustine (at the Casa Monica Hotel) 47 King Street, 904-827-1899

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LeLA rOCHOn TalkS TRanSiTional STYle


FoR BUSineSS women

BeHinD THe lenS wiTH



cRown THe neXT geneRaTion iS Taking THe THRone


Dining CHiCAGO STYle

MeLAne nOir

TRUe nY FaSHioniSTa

Winter 2014

US $5.99 can $6.99

FaSHionS FRom

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itALY CHinA FrAnCe ireLAnD 12/16/13 10:43 AM


Cover Model: Alexia Brevet-Nolte Makeup artist: Alexia Legrand Hair : Alexia Legrand Wardrobe Styling: Ruben Jean Photographer : Sebastien Marchand

72 94



Downtown Orlando’s only boutique, luxury hotel—a gathering place overflowing with music, art and exquisite cuisine. Enjoy 25% off any spa treatment and 10% off restaurant and gallery (restrictions apply).

Award-winning Boheme Restaurant Grand Bohemian Art Gallery The eclectic Bösendorfer Lounge


Welcome 2014! Every New Year promises new ventures and new experiences as well as building and improving ourselves. It’s been a crazy year for the magazine, going out meeting new people and new opportunities to get LM seen.We’ve expanded immensely in such a short time and it is all due to our readers and supporters. We couldn’t do it without you. As the reach of LAPALME Magazine spreads around the globe, I am excited to receive editorial submissions from as far as India, Italy, France, Ireland and China. The quality and skill of the talent that are contacting and submittiong editorials to the magazine is amazing and I am honored to showcase some of them within these pages. Last year, I had the privilege of becoming friends with many of these photographers as well as interviewing nineteen-year-old French photographer Sébastien Marchand. Sebastien is making moves all over Europe and now, the U.S. In a LM exclusive, Waiting to Exhale - Actress Lela Rochon invited the magazine into her home over the holidays to showcase its total makeover by Restyle Source. Talented individuals displaying their skills is what LM is all about. Kick starting your 2014 fashion sense is made a little bit easier with advice from our style guru’s, Josue Rivera and Luis Ayuso. They have their ear to the ground on what the upcoming trends are and how to accessorize and look your best. To get your body in shape for the new styles check out personal trainer Tony Edge’s advice for keeping your New Years fitness resolutions in our Fit & Fab column. We have also compiled a list of the 20 best Fashion blogs to keep up on current trends for business women. Life is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone! It’s about keeping things fresh, re-invention, new friends and new experiences. 2014 looks like its gonna be a fantastic year, so get out there and travel, eat well, and shop wisely, but make sure to take time out to relax, and spend time with the people that count in your life! KL


she always sticks to age appropriate chlothing


CHLOE MORETZ establishing herself in acting and fashion

ChloĂŤ Grace Moretz may have just turned sixteen, but she is clearly establishing herself as one of the most iconic actresses in the business. The Atlanta native has been acting since she could walk, and she started popping up on best-dressed lists soon after her breakout role as the sharp-tongued little sister in 500 Days

of Summer. Only twelve years old at the time, Chloë wore adorable age-appropriate dresses, like bright blue party dresses and ruffled pink confections.

She likes to take a wise-beyondher-years approach to fashion

After taking on a major role in superhero comedy Kick-Ass, Chloë began taking a wise-beyond-her-years approach to fashion, embracing big-time brands including Dolce & Gabbana,Stel-

la, McCartney, and Dior, to name a few. Not one to shy away from edgier designers, the fearless star has also been spotted wearing younger labels like Christopher Kane, Proenza Schouler, and Carven. Take a peek at her best looks, and get ready for what we’re sure is many more to come!

Richard James

Giorgio Armani

Viktor & Rolf Monsieur


Bottega Venetta



This season the safest colour is grey, from head-to-toe. It’s a little risky but, if you take our advice you will look great. Suits with burst of fuchsia caught our attention, but dark red was the colour that dominated the catwalks from Europe.


MEN SEA Photographer Chris Cavanaugh Stylist Josh Ratliff

Style Assistant Gio Bennett

Style Assistant Bergan Specia

Make-Up Elayna Lyon –Elysium Salon Clothing Gywnns, Persols, Invicta


Model Francois

Model Mark

Model Fabian

Model Francois

Model Dan

e l UNDENIABLE y t S by: Josue Rivera - Painted Silhouettes

In 2013 men’s fashion has definitely soared to new heights. Boundaries are being pushed and risks are being taken.

Normally when we think of typical men’s clothing fabrics, we think of materials such as; wool, cotton, and polyester. Well these materials are not the norm anymore. Get ready to see a lot of leather, silk and mesh!

Well-known designers like Gucci, Alexander Wayne, Saint Laurent and Opening Ceremony are using these materials more and more. We are starting to see these materials infiltrating men’s sporting attire. We see this on jogging pants, shorts, jersey t-shirts, caps and jackets. The sports industry is making a big impact on today’s trends in men’s fashion. Let’s switch gears and take a look at work and office wear. The stylish businessman is wearing the past, bringing back tweed suits, plaid and hounds tooth. Men are re-living the classics and adding a modern twist of course. With suits today being tailored and slim, the stylish businessman will stand out in these nostalgic patterned suits walking through a sea of plain black, blue and gray. Definitely dressed to impress with confidence and uniqueness, Suit designers such as Prada, Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger are displaying these patterns in their runway collections. What would Fall/Winter men’s fashion be without layers? Jackets? Well this season we bring back the bomber jacket, ¾ coat and vest with more details than 24

ever before! The bomber jacket is a timeless piece that every man should have to show his edgy side. This military inspired piece was adapted to become a part of popular culture displayed from the classic greats; Steve McQueen, James Dean to today’s present bomb shells Tom Cruise and Ryan Gosling. Your favorite suit not keeping you warm? Going to an elegant dinner and that plain jacket just will not go

with your outfit? Here is where the ¾ coat comes into play. It is perfect for layering over a suit on cold days or just simply wearing it to boost the elegance of your outfit. It’s always safe to purchase these in black, tan or navy blue. The ¾ coat is an investment that will last for years! This season many designers displayed their bubble vests. Depending on the thickness, they look great in and out of suits and with sport blazers! It can go under the ¾ coats, over simple pieces and outfits like button downs or t-shirts. Coming in colors like red, blue, green and brown these items truly make an outfit pop. These must have pieces for this season are being widely displayed by Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Kenneth Cole, Burberry and many others. Some other must have items to conquer the season include mid-cut, combat boots, cardigans, pullovers and turtlenecks. The colors you want to stick to when getting these looks are burgundy, green, navy blue, and neutral colors.

After scouring runways, magazines and other fashion blogs, I have put together the top trends we will see in the upcoming season. So allow me to enlighten you. First things first! The color to watch for this season is BLUE. Blue is the NEW black. All shades of blue, from navy blue to light blue and everything in between. The runways were flooded with seas of blues! Winter trends such as leather and recreational inspired pieces are definitely making it into the seasons must haves as well. The recreation aesthetic can be spotted in pieces like harem shorts, tank tops, mesh t-shirts, and baseball caps. Designers currently displaying these trends are Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, KTZ and Opening Ceremony. Leather never ceases to disappear, We’ve seen it strolling down the runway in Spring 2014 Collections from Rick Owens, Neil Bamett, Saint Laurent and Balmain. Do you struggle with finding the right length pant? Too tall or too short? Tired of having to hem your pants just so you can get a decent length pant? Well the answer has arrived and I have already seen guys all over taking advantage of the classic cuff. Rolled cuffs on your pants are in! It seems as though the higher the cuff, the better. Cuffing can be done on any type of pant, whether they are a suit pant or just your everyday jean. Cuff, cuff, cuff! Designers like Givenchy, Carven, Gucci and Haider Ackermann love this look. If you want the complete look, bring back the 50’s with spread collar button-downs. These shirts are something you would find in your grandpa’s closet but they’re making a comeback. Many designers tested this flashback look, such as Bottega Veneta, Canali, Etro and Missoni. Don’t forget to add some extra color to your closet as well. Just because the season’s color is blue doesn’t mean you only have to stick to that. Get out there and try something new. The average man’s wardrobe is evolving and men embracing fashion is increasing! So make sure you take the upcoming seasons by the horns with confidence and optimism. This is your chance to be THAT GUY! The guy with the undeniable style that sparks interest wherever he goes.


The Gentleman’s Guide to


words by CJ

Several ladies will tell you that a man smells great immediately after stepping out of the shower, without needing to apply any scent at all. This is probably true, but it’s impractical for us to be constantly jumping in and out of showers. The alternative is to enhance your natural manly odor with something a little more pleasant. The trick is knowing how to do this well.

• What is a scent? • Perfumes for different occasions. For starters, let’s not beat around the bush. We’re talking perfume. You can hide behind phrases such as cologne or eau de toilette but ultimately it’s just perfume. Admitting this doesn’t emasculate you. If anything, it shows you’re confident in your own masculinity. And before you ask, Lynx and Old Spice are not options. If it’s named after a celebrity then steer

• Choosing your fragrance. • Applying perfume.

clear too. Now let’s apply that confidence. Your scent should be like a signature drink. Sure, you can vary it depending on the occasion, but ultimately you should find two or maybe three you like and show some consistency. I’m not suggesting that you stick to the same one for the rest of your life. Fashions in perfume change and you should change with them.

I’m simply saying that if you’re applying a different scent every day you’re over-doing it. Personally, I wear Dolce & Gabbana Sport for more casual occasions and Bang! By Marc Jacob on more formal occasions. These perfumes work well for me but they may not work well for you. Why? It’s all down to body chemistry.

When you initially apply the fragrance you will be able to smell some of the solvent that the perfume is dissolved in as it evaporates, but the true character of the scent won’t come through for at least twenty minutes. It depends on where you spray it - pulse points on your wrist and neck are good as they’re warmer and encourage the fragrance to be given off more readily. Away from these points it could take even longer to become clear whether the perfume suits you. How do you tell if it works well with your body chemistry? A good rule of thumb is to leave it for the twenty minutes or more and see if you can still smell it strongly without sticking your nose against your wrist and sniffing. If you’re only getting an occasional pleasant whiff then you’ve found a perfume that works. For a more detailed explanation go to a department store find the perfume department, and ask one of the assistants, who will be more than happy to help and able to offer expert advice. Expect to pay at least around 65 for a 75ml-100ml bottle. So you’ve found a scent that works well with your body chemistry. Question is, does it smell good? Department stores will allow you to try a spray before you buy. Spray some on your wrist then go get a coffee for a while to give the character of the

fragrance to come through, as described. Now smell it. You should be looking for something that smells pleasant and, dare I say it, floral. If it smells like a cat has urinated nearby then don’t buy it. Since you only have two wrists you can only try two perfumes at a time (don’t try to prove

TOP TIP: Your perfumes are delicate mixtures that will eventually break down. You can slow this process by keeping them in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard or drawer. Under no circumstances should you store them on a windowsill in direct sunlight (you wouldn’t do that with a bottle of wine that cost this much, would you?). me wrong - it won’t work). For help choosing the best one why not ask a creature with a more sopisticated sense of smell than you? No, not a bloodhound, a

woman. Yes, on average ladies have substantially more sensitive noses than men, as well as being much more expert on what smells good on a man. If you don’t have a friend, girlfriend or sister to ask then don’t be afraid to ask a stranger. Explain that you’re trying to choose a fragrance and you could really use a female opinion, then ask her to pick which wrist smells best. As long as you’re polite most women will be happy to give up a minute to oblige (and it could even be a great way to start a conversation). Finally, you’ve got the perfume and you’re ready to apply it before going out. Do this before you put your shirt on. Try to find an unfragranced anti-perspirant so that you don’t mask the expensive and delicate fragrance with something that cost $5 at a supermarket. A single spray at each pulse-point mentioned above, and perhaps one more on your chest is plenty. Your scent shouldn’t arrive five minutes before you do. Don’t be tempted to spray the perfume in the air and walk through it either; you’re a man. Finally, remember that perfume is not just for other people. If you don’t occasionally get a pleasant whiff of the scent any more then try using one of your other options for a week or two until your nose is no longer used to the one you couldn’t smell.


TRENDS Photographer Angel Cardona Hair Steven Carl Story Stylist Luis Ayuso Makeup Steven Carl Story Model Jossie Nikita


Vest Nicole Miller $99 Top MNG $45 Bracelets Bon posh fashion jewelry

Jacket MNG $150 Top MNG $69 Bottoms JOE FRESH $65 Necklace Bon posh fashion jewelry Glasses Oliver people’s

Top Nicole Miller $95

Jacket I ♼ Ronson $125 Top MNG $32 Shorts MNG $45 Necklace Bon posh fashion jewelry

Top MNG $45 Bottoms JOE FRESH faux fur skirt $ 55 Necklace Bon posh fashion jewelry

Dress I ♼ Ronson $98 Collar Luis Ayuso, price upon request

Winter Heat Photographer Michael Meltser

Stylist Jackeline Delgado

Hair / Makeup Vlada Fomenko Model Natalie Elizabeth Slavonia Vintage Ver Unica Clothing & Jewelry






Dolce Gabbana

Salvatore Ferragamo


This season’s toppers come in all shapes, colors and sizes. from patent leather to plaids and furs. Discover stylish women’s coats to blend seamlessly with all of your favorite cold-weather outfits. Take your pick, and start warming up!



Sebastien Marchand’s photography has you enthralled from the minute you lay eyes on it. This French photographer, now based in London, is truly changing the culture of fashion photography by accentuating the different and unknown. By: Fran Rodriguez

Why did you pick mostly black attire for your fashion portfolio? The focus of my work is to create a peculiar atmosphere filled with darkness. I believe dark make-up and attire strengthen the look of the model. This “look� allows me to breathe life into the pictures. Also, I simply love the color black; it is basic, but esthetic. I have experimented with colorful, casual clothes, but it is unusual. How do you choose your themes for fashion photography? I usually choose the place and outfits first and then I think about a theme. These elements inspire me. Sometimes I have a precise idea of what I want and I choose the theme first. To play with contrasts for example, I can shoot a model with dark clothes in a playground for children.

He managed to find very unique clothes (those of Beyonce for example). I also find it necessary for people to know that, ever since I moved to London, I work hand in hand with artist (make-up/hairdresser) Alexia LeGrand. How did you come up with the color in the smoke for your shoots? I concentrate on highlighting the artistic dimensions of photography; the colored smokescreens and natural pigments allow me to bring this to life. Why do you pick the locations presented in your photography? Growing up in France there were so many beautiful, magnificent places that triggered many memories; they were an incredible source of inspiration. I love every single one of these locations and I made sure to take as many pictures as I could before I left.

How many shots do you take in a single fashion project? I take about 500 shots every time I do a shooting and then I select about 20 pictures. The expectations of the client are also very important. During a studio shooting I will take 1200 pictures and touch 500 of them up. It is vital to show the client that this is hard work and it requires a lot of commitment.

I believe a place can change a photographers mood, completely altering his photography. No words can describe my love for London; it is an extraordinary city filled with all sorts of different architecture, everything from classy to ruined, it is a photographers dream.

What fashion designers do you work with? Which ones have you worked with in the past? I worked lately with Ted Baker (London) and I will soon be working with All Saints. Concerning the shooting for your magazine, the biggest brands have decided to support us thanks to the French stylist from Paris, Ruben Jean.

Where do you prefer to exhibit your work? I am not drawn to any specific site; every location is different. I do love being published in magazines and showcasing my work on different networks, it usually leads to surprises. Exhibitions are also a favorite; I like the idea of being discovered by professionals that take a genuine interest in my work. 41

Photographer Sebastien Marchand Stylist Ruben Jean Hair & Makeup Alexia Legrand Model Alexia Brevet-Nolte

Trench Coat On Aura Tout Vu Body Suit On Aura Tout Vu Pantie Chantal Thomas Heels On Aura Tout Vu Clutch On Aura Tout Vu


Crown On Aura Tout Vu Earrings Schő Fur Atelier Gustavolins Necklaces Scho

Fur On Aura Tout Vu Dress La Petite Poupėe Noire Necklace Schő Earrings Schő

Top Atelier Gustavolins Skirt Karine Tawill Heels Chantal Thomas Clutch On Aura Tout Vu Earings Schő

Jacket Fatima Lopas Dress Emilie Renard Heels DUO Necklace Schő Earings Schő

Words: Fran V. Rodriguez In the first 20 seconds of the Milane Noir fashion show, I got a fascinating glimpse into the world of Melanie Rodriguez. Her collection “Evolution of a Woman” represented with precision, shows the exquisitely diverse, sexy and provocative, classy female we all dream of being. Every garment perfectly crafted into her vision of an independent, confident, woman. Milane Noir’s fashion motto “The color black represents a new beginning. This brand represents a new woman” perfectly depicts the brands mission. I had the opportunity to interview Melanie Rodriguez, designer and creator of the brand, who gives us a glimpse into what it is like being an NYC fashion designer. 48

Hello Melanie? How are you today? Hi! Pretty amazing I must say…I have not one thing to be ungrateful for. I hope your doing great by the way! Yes I am, thank you! I have been researching you and your brand, and I quickly learned that your purpose is to represent the growth of a woman. Would you be able to tell me more about how this vision came to life? You hit it right on the head, the growth of a woman. Milané Noir represents all women, who have ever wanted to achieve anything, and gain the courage to chase their dreams. When I first started this, I was afraid, afraid of failing, afraid of not being great, afraid of not being recognized. Being from New York, you have a lot of competition. And it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. But I’ve figured out the secret. You have to want this 150%, and the only person to give you the push you need, is yourself. If you want something, go out and get it! Grow to the next step, and be great, in all aspects of life. Chase your dreams, and conquer them. Give your best, and you will always succeed. It says in your bio that you realized you wanted to become a fashion designer when you began attending Fashion Industries High School at the age of 16. Would you be able to provide further detail on your upbringing and your experiences? I went to a Catholic elementary school, and being that we had to wear the same uniform, I was mortified! I couldn’t express myself, and I felt stumped. I wanted to paint my nails, wear makeup

and accessorize! Luckily, we would have “dress down” days, where we can come to school in regular clothes. Now, these days were my absolute favorite. And you better believe I would plan my outfits for weeks! Once I got to Fashion Industries, I knew that school was meant for me. Everyone dressed outrageous, funky, and fun. No one was afraid to express themselves, and I felt right at home. I was a fashion major, and the first garment I ever made was a baby romper. Then I moved on to bigger things, eventually making this incredible wedding dress! I was so proud of myself, I knew at that moment designing was meant for me. How would you define the ambiance and nature of New York City fashion? What does it mean to you? Being from New York City, I am a lucky girl. I get a taste of all types of fashion, ethnicities, and cultures all from walking a mere 2 blocks to the train station. It is so cool to visit places within the five boroughs, and get so much inspiration. Some of my favorites are, Nolita, West Village, MeatPacking, Madison Avenue, DUMBO, Williamsburg, the list can go on for days! I love the fact that, no matter where you are in NYC, you will always get a taste of individuality from the city streets around you. After you walk the streets of New York and gather your information from all your travels, how do you take all of those different fashion trends, from all those different women around the world, and convert them into your own unique style?

My phone is my best friend. I Literally stop people in the streets to take pictures of their outfits, shoes, and even hairstyles! Everything is an inspiration when it comes to my designing. I jot down everything you can think of, store names, websites, addresses, ideas, and lyrics. When I go hunting for inspiration, I look for specific things. If I happen to come across something amazing, I write it down and take pictures, because you never know when you can put your ideas to use. I would say my style is pretty versatile, and it is heavily influenced by my city. You stated that your first collection was focused on risqué detailing and monochromatic colors with a feminine touch. Why did you choose these particular details? I chose these specific details, because I wanted to show how a woman can be equally sexy showing it all or nothing. The reason why I went with subtle, monochromatic colors is because I didn’t want anything to distract your eyes from the design itself. I wanted you to see the hard work, and all the passion that went into each and every design. In my research I came across the words “sewn by hand” and “intricate work” when your work was being described, so my question to you is what is the most challenging part about building a piece? The most challenging part is making sure everything is proportionate. Each piece, whether a sample or custom, needs to be completely wearable. It takes a lot of practice to be able to make a complete 49

garment based off of someone else’s measurements. If you see something is a bit off, your best bet is to fix it until it is perfect. If but one thing is off in a garment, eventually a lot of other things will go wrong, it’s a domino effect. Time, patience, and practice are key! What materials, fabrics and colors will you be using for your future collections? My first collection had barely any color at all, and was pretty structured. For my next collection, I will be going in the warmer, more delicate direction. I will be using colors like, rose, indigo, and gold. I will also be incorporating materials like pearls, lightweight lace, and charmeuse. This collection, which I cannot name yet, will focus on the youthful, playful side of women, and will channel their inner Queen. What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? In my opinion, the materials used, and how well it is made makes top quality clothing. Everything from linings, hemming, and time taken to make a garment, all go hand in hand with the quality. Also, if you love producing a garment, your piece will come out 10 times better because you are having fun making it!” Describe your experience on setting up your first major fashion show. Putting together my first ever fashion show was something I would have never imagined! I’ve never put any type of party together let alone a fashion show. I didn’t know where to begin, whom to invite, what time should it be, where should it be? Not to mention all other aspects like dj, drinks, models, hair and makeup, my mind was an explosion of thoughts every single day leading up to the event. I probably sent about 50 emails per day. Finding a venue was a hard part as well, there were so many aspects to consider, like location, price and size. Overall, it was a major success, and when I got home that night and laid down, all I could do was cry. I cried because I was so 50

overwhelmed with happiness, I went through so many emotions that day. For once was in charge of my dreams, and the feeling of achieving my goal, was indescribable. Your models are very interesting and diverse, what is your selection method? When it comes to casting for models, I look for delicate features. For example, deep eyes, a soft pout, and high cheekbones. One thing for sure, I am artistically attracted to thick eyebrows. Overall, I am not bias when it comes to casting, I love to have an array of ethnicities in my clothing. That is because it will appeal to all ethnicities, and cultures. The way I cast, mirrors my true appreciation for diversity. What is your favorite part of the job? What matters to you most as a fashion designer? My favorite part of being a fashion designer, is expressing my vision. I love the fact that I can put fourth my creations, and get to show the world how I interpret fashion. The one thing that matters to me most as a fashion designer is my image. I want to always maintain a professional, admirable image. As for Milané Noir, I want to portray nothing but high end luxury. Tell me some of your accomplishments as a designer? Accomplishments come in many forms. Throughout this entire process, I have met a lot of amazing people. I have made great connections, and formed life long friendships. I have learned, and still am learning the highs and lows of building a company and brand. At the end of the day, my greatest accomplishment is gaining knowledge, and learning how to be the best, my best, at what I do. Do you have favorite fashion designers? I follow a lot of fashion designers. Some I admire because of their aesthetic, others I adore because of their story. I love the fact that Oliver Rousteing is in his 20’s and

is the Creative Director of Balmain. Karl Lagerfeld is 80 years old and still directing one of the most known brands in the world, Chanel. Rachel Zoe has always been one of my favorites; she evolved from a stylist to a designer. Marc Jacobs, who is successfully running his own business as well as contributing to Louis Vuitton. Vera Wang is one of the main reasons why I love focusing on eveningwear. And as of currently designers like Naeem Khan, and Zuhair Murad, have been a huge inspiration to me. What magazines do you purchase and follow? Why do you prefer these? What sort of information are you looking for when going through a magazine? My go to is Cosmopolitan because of all the hilarious stories in it! But I enjoy reading, you guys of course, Love Magazine, Elle, Gladys Magazine, Ellements, Nylon, Bazar, W, Allure, Glamour, I especially enjoy Italia Vogue, I feel they have a great outlook on fashion! The list can go on. I personally enjoy any magazine that is a great read. I look for inspiration on everything from photo shoot ideas, styling ideas, the newest hottest items; all the familiar and unfamiliar model faces, beauty tips, and funny stories. I usually read on my train rides, that seems to be the only time I have to relax! Do you feel like you inspire others? If so, how? I can only hope to inspire others! I do think, however, that I do inspire people. Partially, because people have told me so, and also because of the amount of support I am getting. People enjoy that I am working so hard for this, and because of their positive responses, I keep pushing. You can find out more about the brand by visiting their webpage

Peel & Heel Credits Co-owner Jay Wong Director, Co-owner Raidi Sanchez Producer Gabriella Pagรกn Director of Photography Jeshua Gonzalez 1st Camera Sam Ortiz 2nd Camera Fani Motion Graphics Ariel Nurse

P I A Z Z A I TA L I A O N PA R K AV E N U E 218 North Park Avenue, Winter Park, Florida 32789 (407) 788 8000

Trenchermen means “one who enjoys eaTing and drinking in excess” Award-winning chefs and brothers, Patrick Sheerin and Michael Sheerin along with local restaurateur Matt Eisler and designer Kevin Heisner have partnered to create Trenchermen, located in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. With a nod to a Thomas Edison-esque, turn-of the-century era where scientific pursuits were firmly rooted in nature to strike the ultimate balance. Trenchermen adopts a Midwestern farm-focused approach to craft its progressive new American cuisine, presenting familiar flavors in an unexpected manner. Creatively retooling the ubiquitous chef-driven concept by serving thought-provoking food in a fun, boisterous environment, the restaurant integrates the best of both casual and fine dining experiences. On the menu, progressive dishes borrow from all that is natural and holistic at an accessible price point. Menu items include pickle tots, black olive and sesame crusted sea trout, as well as bacon cured sweetbreads

LocaTed aT 2039 w. norTh ave, chicago, iLLinois. The 86-seaT main dining room and 52-seaT bar area are open for dinner monday Through sunday as weLL as brunch on sunday. 54

“a Trencherman is one wiTh The affLicTion for food and drink. unabashed. impuLsive.” “we nesT amid The finer Things, buT Take comforT in The famiLiar.” “we embrace our unpoLished side, are sLighTLy unpredicTabLe. There’s a Time for eLbows off The TabLe, buT ThaT’s noT a Thing we ask of you. This is cooking for The everyman”


a l l e B o nna D

Coat Byblos Dress Elisabetta Franchi Necklace Vintage Archivio Guerrini Shoes Alberto Guardiani


Photographer Giovan Battista D’Achille Stylist Stefano Guerrini

Hair / Makeup Matteo Bartolini Stylist assistant Martina Frascari Model Annabelle Riess

Agency Joy Model Management

Total Look Albino Turban Vintage Archivio Guerrini

Coat Massimo Rebecchi Dress Albino Turban Vintage Archivio Guerrini Necklace Vintage Archivio Guerrini Bracelets Vintage Archivio Guerrini

Total Look Milly Necklace Vintage Archivio Guerrini Bag Maria Grazia Severi

Total Look Jo No Fui Necklace Ibridi Bracelets Ottaviani Shoes Alessia Giacobino - Jo No Fui

Total Look Frankie Morello Earrings Ibridi


I’m sure everyone has heard of Ombre’s by now and some of you may have even heard of Balayage. Balayage has actually been around longer and has evolved over the last 50 years into one of the premiere coloring techniques in the world. Since people have started to veer away from omabre’s lately, the way it has been reinvented is with a mixture of balayage. You can see just about every Victoria Secret model as well as celebrities from coast to coast sporting the “Balayombre” on their tresses.

Elegance was everywhere at Ralph Lauren & Valentino thanks to low, loosely-knotted ponytails and a long side braid, created a romantic feel. Side braids and low pony’s are right for any occasion whether at the office, a gala, wedding, or date you really can’t go wrong when you are this chic.


Una Donna Piu translates to “one more lady” in Italian, but after only one visit to their Winter Park salon, you feel like anything but. Since 1972, Una Donna Piu has been pampering women all around the globe – with Haute coiffure European Salons in Rome, Paris, Madrid and Caracas – but luckily for us ladies in Central Florida, we don’t have to hop on a plane to Rome or Madrid to get the full experience. World-renowned Sabina Guerriero, artistic director at Una Donna Piu, is constantly learning new European color and haircut techniques. Her goal is to train her dedicated staff on the new trends so they are always ahead of the beauty curve. A popular style in Central Florida is the famous ombre look to match the state’s sunny disposition. It’sa blend of natural color giving it a subtle, degrading look from the roots tothe ends. It’s a detailed technique best left for professionals like Sabina. Her European training provides her with the right tools to perfect this look.

If a new style is what you have in mind, blunt haircuts are taking over Europe. Youcan be the first to show off this look before it hits the streets of New York City and Los Angeles in the hands of the dedicated staff at Una Donna Piu. If you are getting close to your big day, Una Donna Piu has bridal packages and even hosts bridal party events for you and your girls with 3 rooms for facials, massage, body treatment and specialty manicures and pedicures. Sometimes in life we get so busy that we stop even taking care of ourselves, Experience the tranquility that a trip to only a place such as Una Donna Piu can provide. Offering clients a relaxing experience while using only the best in European lines, your hair and skin will never look or feel better. The salon is closed on Mondays and appointments are suggested, although walk-ins are welcome. Call for weekly specials, we are always happy to hear from you.

204 N. Park Ave. • Winter Park, Florida 32789 • Phone: 407-628-4555

Hours of Operation: Monday: Closed • Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm • Sunday: 11:00am - 4:00pm Voted Best Salon in Orlando in 2011, 2012 and 2013

ESCA PE Photographer Nigel Elliott Makeup Regina McLeod Hair Natasha Grayson Stylist Phil Keophaphone


Model Gemini Martin Coat CalvinKlein Top CalvinKlein Pants AntonioMelani

Model Christian Maldonado Coat Zara Top H&M Pants Zara Necklace Rishavy Custom Jewelry

Model Katrina Motes Hat Labelle Furs Necklace Rishavy Custom Jewelry Top H&M Skirt H&M Shoes DonaldJPliner

Model Kylee Crate Top H&M Pants AntonioMelani Fur Labelle Furs Bracelet Rishavy Custome Jewelry

Model Taylor Absher Blazer MichaelKors Top H&M Pants BananaRepublic RIng Rishavy Custom Jewelry

Model Kent DuBois Coat/Scarf KennethCole Top CalvinKlein Pants Zara Chain & Rishavy Custom Jewelry Bracelet Glasses Burberry

Model Gemini Martin Top H&M Pants CalvinKlein

Model Jess Bonner Top VinceCamuto Pants H&M

Model Courtney Bucher Dress AntonioMelani Necklace Rishavy Custom Jewelry Scarf Labelle Furs Shoes Guess

Model Jess Bonner Coat CalvinKlein Top CalvinKlein Pants AntonioMelani Sunglasses Emporio Armani Shoes Bakers

Model Taylor Absher Coat/Scarf MichaelKors Top H&M Pants Zara Sunglasses BrooksBrothers Shoes SteveMadden Watch MichaelKors Briefcase Royce Leather Gifts Bracelet Rishavy Custom Jewelry

Model Courtney Bucher Dress Sanctuary Blazer H&M Shoes H&M Bag Royce Leather Gifts Bracelet Rishavy Custom Jewelry




Lela Rochon is best known for her role as Robin Stokes in the movie Waiting to Exhale. Lela was also cast in the movies Any Given Sunday and Boomerang with Eddie Murphy. In 1996, Lela was chosen by People magazine as one of the “50 most beautiful people in the world” Lela Rochon moved into her home a year and a half half ago knowing it wasn’t going to be easy to incorporate her personal style. With a surplus of existing furniture and a traditional home, Lela and her director husband Antoine Fuqua struggled with what most do when they move - how to incorporate existing pieces into a new home and making the style work. After all, spaces are different which makes design, scale of furniture and room sizes a challenge.
 With modern furnishings from Italy and other beautiful pieces already on hand, it was difficult to justify purchasing more just to restyle one room. That’s when Lela and her husband were connected by Good Carma Studio to Kristin Alber, a seasoned professional with an eye for capturing her client’s vision through design. With the assistance of an interior expert, you can do wonders to create the home you want while saving time and money. 

What we love about Lela’s new informal living room is that a fresh coat of soft, gray paint created a canvas to build a transitional style upon. Furthermore, careful editing of furniture and sleek home decor paired with new, exciting patterns is all that was needed to develop an eclectic and cohesive look - a room that was a spot on reflection of Lela’s family and her love to entertain. Because what else would you do with a room that is an extension of your dining room and overlooks a stunning patio? Host beautiful gatherings of course. So you may be asking, what is transitional style and how can I get it? Transitional style combines traditional design with contemporary finishes to create a classic, timeless look. In this case, Lela wanted something fresh, young and modern that would still fit the style of their traditional home. On top of that, the room needed to add in Antoine’s loves of sleek sophistication. Taking that into consideration and Lela’s love of rich fabrics, variety of textures and embellished designs, Kristin created thoughtful layers of old and new, and ultimately a stylish space that still offers the comfort a family looks for when spending time together and the excitement of entertaining friends with a drink or two at the bar before dinner. To get this look, make sure to check out the products below that were used in this space, plus our REstyle picks that can help make it your own.


We Are

Royals Photographer Mitchell Cahoon Stylist Jamie Russell Stylist Lewis Robert Cameron Hair & Makeup Leanne Crossan Models Hannah Vail & Stephen Edgar Location Atelier-Design

Parachute Jacket Vintage Couture Tartan - Rusty Zip Necklace Zara Leather Skirt H&M

Dress Vintage Couture Dress - Rusty Zip Scarf Belt Vintage Tartan Bangle & Brooch Vivienne Westwood Earrings Stylist’s Own Necklace Topshop

Overcoat Vintage Burtons Trousers River Island Turtle neck H&M Necklace Maison Martin Margiella - H&M Shoes ALDO

Parachute Jacket Vintage Couture Tartan - Rusty Zip Lace Gloves Rusty Zip Leather Skirt H&M Necklace Zara

Parachute Jacket Vintage Couture Tartan - Rusty Zip Lace Gloves Rusty Zip Leather Skirt H&M Necklace Zara

Jacket Isabel Marant - H&M Jumper Zara shorts & leggings Stylists Own Necklace Vivienne Westwood Shoes ALDO

Dress Versace - H&M Jacket Yellow Submarine Shirt Stylists Own Chain & Earrings Topshop Shoes ALDO

Tuxedo H&M Shirt H&M Bow Tie Topman Body Chain River Island Shoes ALDO

Dress Vintage Couture Dress - Rusty Zip Scarf Belt Vintage Tartan Bangle & Brooch Vivienne Westwood Earrings Stylist’s Own Necklace Topshop

Parachute Jacket Vintage Couture Tartan - Rusty Zip Lace Gloves Rusty Zip Leather Skirt H&M Necklace Zara

Jacket Isabel Marant - H&M Jumper Zara shorts & leggings Stylists Own Necklace Vivienne Westwood Shoes ALDO


We asked Beauty Experts/Makeup Artists across the U.S. to give us their top picks for this winter Winter is all about snowboarding, family, and many cozy days spent at home watching a fun movie!!! I love to hike in Los Angeles all year round but winter time hikes are extra special … the crisp air and beautiful views! This time outdoors always keeps my mind in the present moment.

Sarah Lucero

Celebrity Makeup Artist and Global Artistry Director for Stila Cosmetics

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is my "go to" for … lips, cheekbones, brow bones, etc...adds the perfect glow anytime anywhere.

Stila Convertible Color in Peony and Poppy (pictured). i love to use poppy on my lips and cheeks. i always have a few compacts in every bag... just in case i need a quick pick me up

Tao of Wellness “Internal Cleanse Tea" the chi formula. I drink 2-3 cups a day. it keeps me healthy and helps my immune system stay healthy during winter w busy work and airplane travel. I love it! I love giving this tea to my friends as a little…

My Midwest winters are filled with glimmering cozy textures, colors, warm drinks and fires. My makeup follows suit with smoky eyes, glowing skin and mocha glazed lips.

Kate Leydon

Beauty & Wellness Alchemist

Arcona Skincare Desert Mist leaves a glowing veil of moisture on the skin and protects against the elements.

Bare Escentuals "Rule Breaker" Moxie Lipgloss is the perfect texture, keeps my lips soft all day in the hue of sugared cookies.

Senna Cosmetics Mineral Mix Highlight Duo Stardust is the ultimate micronized pressed and loose powder to keep my skin sparkling and bright.

These products help to lift you’re winter blues. Winter is synonymous with dryness. Check out these simple products that will keep you moisturized and on trend with the fashionistas.

Monae Everett

Newest Hairstylist and Makeup Artist at Hair Room Service

Inglot Lipstick 236 Cool toned Wine Lips is on trend and they help make teeth look more white.

Amika Nourishing Hair Mask thick, deep, conditioning mask adds a great amount of moisture and you don’t have to worry about over conditioning your hair.

MAC Eyebrow pencil in Spiked or Strut. The thin pencil allows you to sketch in each individual hair on completely change the shape of your brow.


2241 Tamiami Trail E, Suite 2

Naples FL 34112

FL Interior Design #IB1038 ASID # 94456


Si j’etais un

Garcon 5

Model Model Photographer Makeup Hair Manicure Stylist Styling Assistant

Krystyna Bodnarchuk - Ford Models Eleanor Burke Nameth - Ford Models Robert Beczarski Kyrsten Bryant - Ford Artists Chrisondra Boyd - Ford Artists Ashley Gregory - Ford Artists Elissa Raymond - Ford Artists Shay Dylana Troy

Hat Scha Dark Sky Wide Brim $415 Jacket Rag Coat $1390 Skirt Tulle Skirt - Elena Dawson $890 Patch Award NYC $120 - Robin Richman

Pants Palsam Silk Pant - Damir Doma $990 Shirt Rag Knot Blouse $585 Vest Rag Knot $825 Coat Rag Coat $1390 Shoes Cobbler Shoes - all available at Robin Richman

Jacket Sequin Blazer - Goldie $125 available at Sir and Magame Sweater Fuzzy Seater $76 available at Top Shop Pin Stud Pin $45 Pants Hache Stripe Trowusers $480 available at Robin Richman Shoes & Stylists Own Button up Shirt

Pants Patagonna Res Pants $480 available at Robin Richman Sweater Stripped Cardigan $535 available at Robin Richman Button Up Cheap Monday $70 available at Sir & Madame Jacket Bomber Long Collar $1835 available at Robin Richman Shoes Top Shop Buckle Boot $190 Ring $145 available at Robin Richman Necklace available at Sir & Madame

Shirt Dark Blue Shirt Dress $460 available at Robin Richman Skirt Pencil Skirt $495 available at Nordstrom Jacket Theory $755 available at Nordstrom Shoes Furry Platform - Matiko $159 available at Sir and Madame

Shirt Stylists Own Skirt $680 available at Robin Richman Jacket Gold Blazer & Dot $159 available at Sir & Madame Coat Rag Coat $1390 available at Robin Richman Necklace $560 available at Robin Richman Tights Donna Karan $20 Boots $190 available at Top Shop

Shirt Stylists Own Leggings Zipper Leggings available at Sir & Madame Pants Patagonna Res Pants Masnada $480 available at Robin Richman Hat Stylists Own Pin $45 available at Robin Richman Shoes Bedistu - Cobbler Shoes $120


The Best Fashion Blogs For

Professional Women Working women have no shortage of decisions to make, including what to wear between the hours of 9 and 6. And designers are flocking to oufit this growing market of smart, chic dressers. For those looking for workwear inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite fashion-forward sites that meet the needs of today’s professional woman. Corporette is the go-to source for “overachieving chicks” who want to look fashionable in an otherwise conservative work environment.

Paperclippy is the shopping blog for

professional women on the go. Their style is polished and refined; and they feature work outfits along with office gear, books and gadgets.

The Style Sample is a personal style blogzine full of fashion tips, inspiration and photos for young professional women. The site is run by Tamia, whose impeccable taste is classy, sassy and full of color. The Working Wardrobe showcases a spectrum of looks for fashionably curious working women. I particularly love their curated posts pulling together reasonably priced pieces of a trending look. The New Professional is about pro-

fessional style on a budget. From March 2010 to March 2011, Angeline has taken on the ultimate challenge: coming up with stylish work outfits without buying a single new piece. Follow her creative journey that will inspire you to spend less and create more.

styled protagonist take on fashion with photos of her version of the hottest styles. She’s upbeat and down-to-earth, and will give you inspiration for turning magazine photos to real street (and work) wear.

Mizhattan shares the most up-to-date info on luxury and fast fashion shopping for working women in the Big Apple. Forget Man-hattan, this site offers refreshing inspiration for feminine and sensible styles that take you from the office to happy hour to date night. Theory dedicates an entire section to chic suits and perfect pants. Working women from 0 to 10 swear by the fit of Theory clothes, calling them the opposite of business as usual.

offers inspiration from across the pond, now translated in English., as the name indicates, is the go-to portal for style.

The Bag Blog is fantastic for browsing bag options that meet the triple threat: fits all your stuff, looks sleek, and doesn’t break your back. Rags Against the Machine blogger Terri experiments with new looks that are casual and comfortable. Refinery29 has a sexy, refined collection of fashion trends. They also do a great job rounding up sales and deals across the web.

ion-forward–yet wearable–outfits for those professional women who work in more creative, progressive environments.

net-a-porter‘s Workwear boutique

is worth checking out, with smart separates and chic accessories. Their sophisticated and high-fashion looks don’t come cheap, but they do come in a signature Net-A-Porter black gift box.

Lands End shirts hold up quite well if

Employed Panache‘s Nicole is an

Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Emily hosts a lovely personal blog following her adventures in California style–from clothing to cooking to home decorating. I particularly love her sets of curated clothes from around the Internet. It’s a great way to stay on top of new fashions without perusing too many sites.

HR specialist who posts tips on being (drum-roll…) employed with panache. She doesn’t let the blah-colored cube walls drown out her personality or style. Jane Has A Job is a fashion, career and lifestyle blog for driven and working women in their 20s and 30s. They offer straight-to-the-point tips and tricks for new styles, as well as advice like finding a good walk-to-work shoe.

Garance Dore, a French style blog,

12:04 is a crisp blog featuring fash-

Shop It To Me is a godsend for women who love a good sale but don’t have time to search for one. You tell them your favorite designers and size, and they’ll send sales and promos to your inbox.


Style Underdog: Watch the very well-

you’re looking no-iron blouses that save time and money and keep their shape and size–unlike blouses that shrink (ahem, Banana Republic).

Halle Tecco is a social entrepreneur, writer and M.B.A. student at Harvard Business School. Follow her on Twitter at @halletecco. Clothing by Bandolera

In the twIlIght of generatIon me, one may be hard pressed to find a self-made entrepreneur whose sole desire is to give to others. However, that is exactly what Efrain Lozada has set out to do.

Born to a parent who was in and out of prison and another on the streets struggling with addiction, Lozada knew too well, what kind of life it is to live where those closest to you, choose themselves over everything else. Yet, it was his aunt, a single mom of 7, who adopted Lozada as one of her own and set into motion a force to be reckon with. Lozada’s struggles early on in life ignited him to start an organization that champions on behalf of today’s youth. He has set out to teach others the true meaning of self-sacrifice, overcoming adversity, and love beyond measure; qualities encapsulated by Lozada’s adopted mother.

“If I only help one chIld overcome adversIty then I wIll have left thIs world a lIttle better than when I arrIved.”

Lozada’s challenges early on in life is just one piece of the puzzle. Now 23, Lozada has started an organization that champions on behalf of today’s youth. Lozada used his own money to start his dream of a non-profit organization called L.I.F.E., which stands for Life In Full Effect. It is a gifted organization that takes young adults between the ages of 14-19 years old and prepares them for life outside of school. The organization couples each student with a mentor to teach them life-long skills such as career and financial planning, along with character education. Lozada lights up when he speaks of his organization and his undeniable passion for helping the future generation. He is truly a gentleman with a passion to give back to kids. “If I only help one child overcome adversity then I will have left this world better.” If we make this commitment now the investment will yield benefits for generations to come. Give now at


h t a e r B

Winters Last Photographer Charles Kovach

Hair & Makeup Melinda Clark Henry Designer Dianka DesignZ

Project Manager Francesca Greenwood

Model Eva Guisseppina Hinckley

Agency KPT Modeling Agency

FEATURED ARTISTS: Jay Mark Johnson • Barbara Sorensen • Josh Garrick Shanhu Hou • Douglas J. Nesbitt • Jenny Risher • Gregorii Rock Demarco • Marcos Cruz • Ed Feldman • Patricia Chute Michael Solomon • Michael M. Rothwell • Jeffrey Hoffman Sabine Pieper • Lucas Dulac • Doro Designs

Cell: 407-921-0693 | Ph:321-216-1646 |

Harold Garde

In the Master’s Studio

By: Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon, Curator/Director Jai Gallery

Entering Harold Garde’s home studio is a beautiful intimate experience….First you are taken by the light… a gorgeous balmy morning light bathes the room through a skylight and invades your spirits, bringing you a sense of renewal, peacefulness, and the feeling of being prepared for happy things to come. Then, you are greeted by the most amiable man, in wide-open arms, with such a wonderful smile and quick sharp eyes that reflect an admirable soul. 
Harold Garde is secretly a master. One of the few Maine master painters; Harold’s art, categorized as abstract expressionism is a journey through pure raw emotion, bold in shapes and colors and governed by the artist’s hand. Figures and faces emerge, in profile or full front, often round, some distorted, vulnerable, sometimes strong. 
 Conceptually his pieces involving figures are as powerful as Lacanian concepts of visual theory. His puppet series as well as his “Mirror” piece also entitled “Self-Portrait as an Observer” is a magnificent example of this. The artist is present and duplicates/ splits himself into two beings. He is at once, in the space of the same painting, present as a solid and quiet dark shadow, and as a semi-transparent fleeting, airy and almost intangible observer, surrounded by a crowd of others, insignificant but necessary to the piece to reinforce the importance of the two alter-egos. The artist observes himself. The artist thinks and reflects. 

In November 2013, a painting by Harold Garde was sold for the first time at a Sotheby’s auction. Master Painter Garde is finally being given the renown he deserves. 

Harold Garde thinks. A lot. He likes word play, and many of his pieces are titled with creative puns. Knowledgeable by nature, by experience too, with a life well-lived through seven decades of prolifically painting and representing life’s emotions in form, color and shapes, Garde has built an incredibly rich portfolio. In his studio are countless finished pieces on canvas of large sizes, works on papers bearing a series of his signature “strappos” (a technique he created consisting of painting on glass in reverse and sealing the paint with gesso, which, once dried, is peeled off the glass, peeling the paint with it, and has hardened to form a flexible membrane-like material bearing the finished painting); several paintings which he is currently working on also adorn the walls. 
His prolific career is there, should be seen, celebrated, revered even.

Harold Garde is now represented by Jai Gallery, 47 E Robinson St, Downtown Orlando, FL 32803. 105


Twins Photographer Lars Zimmermann Hair & Makeup Seven Assistant Lilu Shi Models Anissa and Sonia T. Posche model International Location Shanghai - Cool Docks



So the holidays are over and the New Year has finally arrived! Many people use this time to make ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for getting healthier and losing weight. However, for many people this is a knee-jerk reaction and many of the goals they set aren’t realistic and too often are difficult to maintain. Based on the latest scientific research the best estimate on getting a habit to form is about 66 days.

Here are a few tips to help you set some attainable goals and get you there! Choose a resolution that’s attainable and write it down. You’re not going to go from a size 14 to a size 4 in two months. Try setting a main goal of losing 10 lbs in 2 or 3 months and then set a mini-goal of about 1 pound a week. Its possible with these goals that you’ll loose more weight and you’ll actually feel that your goals are more within reach.

Start out with small changes. By exercising 15 mins for 2-3 days per week, or eating one piece of fruit a day. If you’re looking to quit smoking then start decreasing the number of cigarettes that you have on a weekly basis. Also do your research online and read what your putting into your body. Many times we think what we’re eating is healthy and more often times than not the opposite is true. 114

Get some peer support. This will help you meet your resolutions; a spouse,family members, friends or even Facebook buddies are all good candidates. Have them hold you accountable to your resolutions and help to keep you focused. If you slip up then you’ll have someone there to encourage you and keep you moving forward towards your goal(s). Its wonderful when you have the support in making healthy food choices, exercising, or quitting a ‘bad habit’. I’ve actually seen instances where some spouses will actually bake cakes, or give them unhealthy food in an attempt to sabotage their fitness goals.

Make your resolution a priority for yourself. We live in a busy society and many of us have full time jobs, families to support, kids to care for… the list goes on. Your health is paramount in almost every facet of your life. You want to live a long, healthy prosperous life and enjoy your family and friends. If you slip up, pick yourself up and get back on track! When you reach your goal, Celebrate! Treat yourself and go buy that new dress, get those new pair of shoes! Stay Healthy! Tony Edge, C.P.T.

hana SUShI Ja pa n e s e R e s tau R a n t

3 9 7 e . a lta m o n t e D R . s u i t e 1 2 0 0 a lta m o n t e s p R i n g s , F l 3 2 7 0 1 t el : 4 07- 8 3 0 -9 23 3



Photographer Michael Giragosian Stylist Tammara Kohler

Graphic Artist Zachary Scheffer Makeup Sheri Michelle Hair Angel Cardona Model Ariana Lopez Agency AB Fab Management


Dress Peter Pilotto - Neiman Marcus Sunglasses Prada - Neiman Marcus

Top Jean Paul Gaultier - Neiman Marcus Skirt Alice & Olivia - Neiman Marcus

Top & Skirt Tuni Winter Park Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings & Belt Neiman Marcus

Leather Sweatshirt & Leggings Tuni Winter Park Booties Prada - Neiman Marcus

Leather Skirt Escada - Neiman Marcus Jacket Escada - Neiman Marcus

Leather Bustier Top & Graphic Skirt Tuni Winter Park Booties Prada - Neiman Marcus Earrings Neiman Marcus

CREDITS Celebrity Style pg 12-13 Photos of Chloe Moretz Courtesy of AP, Getty Images, Elle, and MGM Mens Style pg 14-15 Photos Courtesy of: Richard James Giorgio Armani Viktor & Rolf Monsier Bottega Venetta Wooyoungmi Canali


Women’s Style pg 36-37 Photos Courtesy of: Burberry Celine Haider-Ackermann Dolce-Gabbana Salvatore Ferragamo Zara

Pamper Your Pooch

with a luxurious Bowser Bed, available in over 60 washable designer upholstery fabrics. Bed sizes fit Chihuahua to Great Dane. AvAilAble At:

BACK ON PARK AVENUE, Near Panera Bread 329 Park Avenue North • Winter Park • 407-644-2969 • STOP BY AND SEE US: Monday - Saturday: 10-7 • Sunday: 12-5 • Free all day parking in the park place parking garage

Coiffure pg 60 Photos Courtesy of: Getty Images

Harold Garde pg 103 Photos Courtesy of:

Beauty Counter pg 82 Photos Courtesy of: Getty Images

Fit & Fab pg 112 Photos Courtesy of:

20 Best pg 94 Photos Courtesy of:

STAYCATION SHAKE-UP RATES START AT $89 Switch up the vibe with an #aloftstaycation. Stay local while stepping away from the everyday. Your Aloft adventure awaits. Book now at, or call 1 877 GO ALOFT and mention rate plan Staycay.

Aloft Orlando Downtown 500 Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32801 W XYZ SM bar • Fast & free WiFi • Splash pool • Re:charge SM gym & more

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the absolute opposite of Ordinary


intrOducing the new ghibli frOm $65,600*


The new MaseraTi Ghibli is powered by a choice of Two advanced v6 enGines wiTh up To 404 hp, equipped wiTh 8-speed Zf auToMaTic TransMission and available q4 inTelliGenT all-wheel drive.

Maserati of CeNtral floriDa

Schedule a test drive: 407.667.4300 | | 525 South Lake Destiny Drive, Orlando, FL 32810

*Maserati Ghibli base MSRP $65,600; Ghibli S Q4 base MSRP $75,700. Not including dealer prep and transportation. Actual selling price may vary. Taxes, title, license and registration fees not included. Š2013 Maserati North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Maserati and the Trident logo are registered trademarks of Maserati SpA. Maserati urges you to obey all posted speed limits.

The key To an exTraordinary life is quite literally a key.

LAPALME MAGAZINE Winter 2014 Issue  

This Issue features editorials from China, France, Ireland, Italy, Chicago, San Francisco, Kansas City, South Carolina, Tampa and Orlando.

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