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February 13, 2014

Ke Alaka i Ke Alaka i February 13, 2014

Volume 105: 106: Issue Issue 9 5 Volume





Sweet&&Sour SourSmooches: Smooches: Sweet

Volume 106: Issue 5


Sweet & Sour Smooches:

BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8 BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8

BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8

MostEligible EligibleBachelors Bachelors Most & Bachelorettes: & Bachelorettes:

Most Eligible Bachelors & Bachelorettes:

Single and ready to mingle 11 Single and ready to mingle 11

Single and ready to mingle 11

FindingLove: Love: Finding

Finding Love:

Senior missionary couples share their stories 14 Senior couples share their love stories 14

Senior couples share their stories 14

February 13, 2014

Ke Alaka i Ke Alaka i February 13, 2014

Volume 106: Issue 5







Sweet & Sour Smooches: BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8

Most Eligible Bachelors & Bachelorettes:

Sweet & Sour Smooches: BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8

Most Eligible Bachelors

Single and ready to mingle 11

Single and ready to mingle 11

Finding Love:

Finding Love:

Senior couples share their stories 14

Volume 105: 106: Issue 9 5

Senior couples share their stories 14

February 13, 2014

Ke Alaka i Volume 105: 106: Issue Issue 9 5 Volume




Sweet&&Sour SourSmooches: Smooches: Sweet

BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8 BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8

MostEligible EligibleBachelors Bachelors Most Bachelorettes: &&Bachelorettes: Single and ready to mingle 11 Single and ready to mingle 11

FindingLove: Love: Finding

Senior missionary couples share their stories 14 Senior couples share their love stories 14

February 13, 2014

Ke Alaka i Volume 106: Issue 5



Sweet & Sour Smooches: BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8

Most Eligible Bachelors & Bachelorettes: Single and ready to mingle 11

Finding Love: Senior couples share their stories 14

February 13, 2014

Ke Alaka i Volume 106: Issue 5




Sweet & Sour Smooches: BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8

Most Eligible Bachelors & Bachelorettes: Single and ready to mingle 11

Finding Love: Senior couples share their stories 14

February 13, 2014

Ke Alaka i Volume 105: 106: Issue 9 5



Sweet & Sour Smooches: BYUH student’s best & worst first kisses 8

Most Eligible Bachelors & Bachelorettes: Single and ready to mingle 11

Finding Love: Senior couples share their stories 14





All are invited to celebrate the newly renovated game center renamed “The Hub.” For $2, guests can get a wristband for unlimited access all day for playing billiards, bowling, table tennis, video games, and refreshments until 1 a.m. Free churros and cookies will be available, along with a free T-shirt giveaway every hour. Super Smash Brothers Tournament is at 8 p.m. The Polynesian Cultural Center is hosting a Valentine’s Dinner and Concert, featuring Irie Love and her



News Headlines

Elder Aley K. Auna helps dedicates six new hales Sunday Beneath an overcast sky, a small gathering of students and administrators filled the chairs set up in front of Hale 8 for the dedication of Hales 7, 8, 9 and 10 and TVA buildings X and Z. Before giving the prayer, Elder Aley K. Auna gave a short message where he likened the dedication of the buildings to the individual life. “So it is with us as we re-commit and dedicate our lives,” he said. Before Elder Auna spoke, President Steven Wheelwright addressed future residents in opening remarks, saying “make sure the home you are establishing is the kind of home that the Spirit can dwell.” After those remarks, the audience heard an a capella rendition of the hymn “Because I Have Been Given Much,” by New Zealand students Juliet Arthur, an exercise and sports science 2


band. Dinner buffet begins at 6 p.m. followed by the concert at 8 p.m. Tickets are $30 per person presale and $35 at the door. Get your tickets early, last year’s event sold out. FEB


This upcoming Monday, Feb. 17 is President’s Day. There will be no classes held in observance of the national holiday but the library will remain open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Also, registration for the Summer 2014 Semester will open for students with 30+ credits.

freshman; Tiana Golder, a junior in music; and Kyla Greening, a sophomore in music. “At one point, we were all in the same ward as Laurels. We never thought we would all end up at BYUH,” said Greening. During the dedicatory prayer, Elder Auna expressed gratitude to God, pioneers, construction workers and designers, and asked a blessing on all the people who will maintain the buildings in the future. He said, “This campus serves as a beacon of light and purity to the Laie community, the State of Hawaii and to the entire world.” He dedicated and consecrated the six buildings from footings to roof, blessing every fixture and piece between to be protected from natural disasters, vandalism and evil influences. “We dedicate these facilities as a gathering place for Thy sons and daughters to live in peace, harmony, friendship and safety as they rest from their labors,” he said. The dedication represents progress in the school’s plan to expand the student body to 3,200 students. According to Dave Lewis, vice president of Construction Facilities and Sustainability, the plan’s phase 1A is now complete, as Hales 7, 8, 9, and 10 and TVA buildings X and Z are built and dedicated. In the following year, Hales 3 and 5 will be remodeled, according to phase 1B.


The Week In


“Yes, well, those were created in the 1930s by the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood, and I had nothing to do with it,”

-said Shirley Temple, a famous child star of the early ‘30s to NPR’s Scott Simon in an interview when asked about the popular ‘cocktail’ named after her. Temple, who later became a U.S. diplomat died this past Monday, Feb 10, at age 85.

“Actors are responsible to the people we play. I don’t label or judge. I just play them as honestly and expressively and creatively as I can,” -said Philip Seymour Hoffman back in 2000 to

Time magazine. The Academy Award winning actor died of a heroin overdose on Sunday, Feb. 9.

“I am disappointed. I hate the fact that I nailed [my run] in practice, but it happens. It’s hard to be consistent,” -said Shaun White, the American snowboarding

superstar, after failing to reach the podium following the halfpipe event at the 2014 Winter Olympic games held in Sochi, Russia.


Collect all four of BYU-Hawaii’s Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes; Andrea Lopez, Jen Amitoelau, Ajay Patha, and Jordan Tesimale, gracing the cover of this year’s special Valentine’s Day issue. CONTACT

E-mail: keal akai @by u h. ed u Ad Information: keal akai a d s@g m a i l . co m Phone: (80 8 ) 6 7 5 -3 6 9 4 Fax: (8 0 8 ) 6 7 5 -3 4 9 1 Office: Campu s, Al oha Cen te r 1 3 4 NEWS CENTER


BOX 1920 BYUH LAIE, HI 96762

Pr i n t S e r v i ce s

Edi t or i al , phot o su bmi ss i o n s & d i str i bu t i on i nqu i r i es: keal aka i @byuh . e d u. To su bscr i be t o t he RSS FE E D o r to v i ew addi t i onal ar t i cl es, go t o ke a l a k a i . byuh . edu .

The year after that, the plan is to remodel Hales 4 and 6 in what is known as phase 1C, said Lewis. SAMONE ISOM

Ke Alaka i February 13, 2014 • Volume 106: Issue 5 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


Je f f McLe o d

Le e An n Lam be r t

ART DIRECTOR Make n zie He ad



Make n zie He a d Mo rgan Bo uwh u i s On Ki Wo o Mo n ica Rubalcava

T ucke r Gr im s h aw Aus t in Me ldr um Alys s a Walh o o d PHOTOGRAPHERS Ke ls ie Carls o n Mo n ica Rubalcava Hailey Gardin e r

VIDEOGRAPHERS Ni Sh ipe n g Kat ie Bak Jam e s As t le Je f f Co llin s Allie Gardin e r AJ Eddy

MULTIMEDIA JOURNALISTS Rebecca Sabalones, Makaila Bergeson, Samone Isom, Matt Roberts, Samantha Spring, Lauren Steimle, Jeff Facer, Hannah Packard, Emily Halls, Leslie Owusu, Ben Halverson, Braden Wood, Hailey Gardiner, Reid Crickmore INTERNS Rebe cca Gulde n Gre g Er ick s o n

AD MANAGER Sh aro n Wo n g

Share with us your photo of the week and we may feature it in our next issue. e-mail us at

Freshman Guard Cory Lange goes up for the put-back dunk against HPU last Friday, Feb. 7. The Seasiders won 99-85 in front of the packed, white-out crowd for Spirit Week. Photo of the week by Kelsie Carlson

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CONTENTS [ 4] [11-13]

BYUH Cr ushes page: T he Real Campus Cupid

BYUH’S Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes

[14 &15] [18 &19]

Senior Missionar ies share love stor ies

Election Candidates f or BYUHSA’s new campaign f ormat

FEBRUARY 13, 2014


around campus no matter where they came from or what their first language is.” Students visit the page on a regular basis in hopes that someone has anonymously written about them. Jacqueline Tapia, a freshman in political science from Alexandria, Va., said, “Posts from the page started showing up on my newsfeed and I was really interested and wondered what it was about. After I started reading some of the posts, I started cracking up. I think it’s really entertaining to know about how some people feel about others on campus.” A lot of the posts on the page are about the admirable traits that students notice about each other. Some of the comments are humorous and suggestive while others are sincere and borderline creepy. Cupid said, “I don’t think that

any real relationships have started because of BYUH Crushes and I don’t really expect any to. I just think it’s fun to be able to post about who you are crushing on.” Ezra Rajahkumar, a sophomore in accounting from Hagen, Germany, has had a lot of posts written about him on the page. “It’s fun to read about the nice things people say about me, but I would like to know who it is,” he said. “It would be cool if they would tell me those things personally. Otherwise, it’s kind of awkward.” Cupid does not plan on revealing his or her identity any time soon but does want us to continue spreading the love through the BYUH Crushes page. -LE SLIE OWU SU


ith nearly 1,000 likes and counting, the Facebook page, BYUH Crushes has become the campus hub for entertainment and matchmaking. Facebook users can submit anonymous posts about the people they notice, comment about the people they sneak stares at, or those secretly admired around campus. Unless a person reveals him or herself, their identity will remain unknown. The unidentified host who runs BYUH Crushes, whom we will refer to as Cupid, explained how they created the page after seeing how much attention BYU in Provo’s Crushes page received within its first week. Cupid said they saw how much fun BYU students were having and wanted the same for our students. When asked about the reason behind starting the page, Cupid said, “Have you ever seen someone around campus and just wanted to tell everyone about it? I know I sure have. I was really excited to start the page and see how many people I could involve in it. I wanted to connect students from 4


Students at BYUH anonymously identify their crushes around campus using the BYUH Crushes Facebook page. Facebook screenshot by On Ki Woo.

What’s My Type? Still unsure of who your valentine should be? Want to see if your loved one matches up to your result? Answer the questions below and see who is your best match! 4. Your mantra is...

1. Where would someone find you on a Friday night?

a. Never judge a book by its movie b. Pain is weakness leaving the body c. Let’s get down to business d. Life is beautiful e. Go with the flow

a. At the beach b. At 7 Bros with friends discussing music c. At the library d. Playing capture the flag at the rugby fields e. At home reading Forbes magazine

2. What is your favorite Disney movie?

5. Which Pandora station are you most likely to listen to?

a. Hercules b. Lilo & Stitch c. Beauty & the Beast d. No one has seen it yet because it’s still being made e. Aladdin

a. Jack Johnson radio b. Classical for Studying radio c. Bon Iver radio d. Political Talk radio e. Power Work Out radio

3. What’s your favorite form of social media?

6. Where do you eat most in Laie?

a. Instagram b. Facebook c. Linked In d. Twitter e. Myspace...yes, it still exists

a. Taco Bell - It’s cheap and quick b. 7 Bros - it has unique flavors and sweet vibe c. At home - eating out is an unnecessary expense d. Rides and Grinds - acai bowls rule e. L&L - I have to pack in calories before my active day

1. a)6 b)7 c)3 d)8 e)2 2. a)8 b)3 c)2 d)6 e)1 3. a)5 b)4 c)1 d)7 e)3 4. a)2 b)9 c)1 d)8 e)5 5. a)4 b)3 c)7 d)1 e)8 6. a)2 b)7 c)1 d)5 e)8





The Adventurer

50-40 pts

You would be best suited with someone as active and energetic as you are. This person will accompany you on hikes, attend a Seasider sporting event or just a game of catch. Staying home and vegging on the couch isn’t for you. You want a someone who will be on your team.

The New Age Bohemian

The Kamaaina

The Bookworm

40-30 pts

30-20 pts

20-10 pts

You feel most at home by the beach or in the water. Your significant other will share that love and want to spend all their time in the ocean and with you. Surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling or just admiring the ocean from the shore are activities that you can both enjoy doing.

You love art, culture, music and would match with someone who can enjoy those things with you. Your ideal partner will take you to a concert, a trip to a museum or spend the day taking beautiful pictures of the island. Finding beauty in everyday life is an important trait for your love interest to have.

You are serious about your school work and won’t let anything get in the way. Your type is someone who will test you on your flashcards, sit with you in the library or celebrate your latest A+! Learning and reading is how they enjoy spending time and won’t mind watching the latest documentary with you.

The Entrepreneur

10-0 pts

You get right down to business and you will be best with someone who can help you make a plan to become the youngest billionaire. This person will be interested in the stock markets, the rise and fall of gas prices and their newest business plan.

FEBRUARY 13, 2014







ingle or taken, it doesn’t matter. After interviewing 10 guys and 10 girls at BYU-Hawaii, results showed that Valentine’s Day was favored and celebrated by more men than women, regardless of their relationship status. Nine out of 10 men said they enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day or don’t mind the holiday. Surprisingly, seven of the 10 men interviewed were not currently in a relationship.    Women, however, had a different perspective than the men. Seven of the 10 women interviewed found the holiday “pointless.” Among those seven who did not enjoy Valentine’s Day, six of those women were single. “Valentine’s Day is the most beautiful day that has ever kissed civilization,” said Doug Bush, a junior in business from California. “Valentine’s is just a good day to show appreciation to the women of my life. That’s what Valentine’s is about.” Monika Garner, a freshman in political science from Idaho, is single and skeptical of Valentine’s Day. “I think it’s a waste. It’s excessive and it’s not really necessary. It’s just making people who are single feel really bad, and every year it’s a reminder that you’re alone.” Garner felt the holiday has become a too commercialized. Ashanti Bruce, a sophomore in graphic design and marketing from Idaho, observed that other holidays such as Christmas, 6


Easter, or Independence Day, are celebrating something more important, such as the life of the Savior or the founding of our country. To Bruce, Valentine’s Day is just a flashy holiday. “I think that it’s kind of a cheesy holiday that was made for commercial aspects only. It’s fun but there is really no deeper meaning to Valentine’s Day,” said Bruce. “You should just be loving people all the time. You don’t need a holiday to do that.” Jeremie Oliver, a junior in biology and psychology from Washington, still believes Valentine’s Day is a special day. He said, “I think it’s a good way for people to have a reason to show expressions of love or appreciation for each other, and I feel like every relationship needs that every once and a while.” Doing something special or out of the ordinary on Valentine’s Day can make it different from your average day routine, suggested Oliver. “Every couple is going to be different,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be something expensive at all, just something creative, cute and romantic that the girl is going to love. That is the most important part.” - M AKAILA BE RGE SON

Guys at BYUH enjoyed Valentine’s Day whether single or taken, Girls... not so much Seven of the 10 women interviewed found the holiday “pointless.” Among those seven who did not enjoy Valentine’s Day, six were single.

Nine out of 10 men said they enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day or don’t mind the holiday. Surprisingly, seven of the 10 men interviewed are single.

Graphics by MaKenzie Head FEBRUARY 13, 2014




VS forg


e t a ble

Students share their sweet, and bitter-sweet, first kiss stories veryone remembers their first kiss, but some people said they wish they didn’t. BYU-Hawaii students confess their best and worst first kisses to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. “When I was a sophomore in high school, I went to prom without a date because I wasn’t 16 yet, and so did the guy I liked who was a senior. After the dance, he took me to one of the most beautiful views in Provo and as we got out of the car, he started saying really cute things to me. I was super nervous. I remember looking over at him, and then we kissed and it wasn’t awkward like I thought it would be. I was expecting it too, but it was really sweet.” -Jordan Lenhart, a senior majoring in social work from Utah. “My first kiss was on the night of a lunar eclipse, so I was with a group of my friends and we all drove down to the lake. I was with this guy who had been one of my really good friends for a long time, but we knew we liked each other. I was so nervous, and when he went in to kiss me, I was shaking so much that he asked me if I was 8


feeling okay. I just told him it was because I was really cold, but it wasn’t cold at all. Then he kissed me and it was all good!” -Ashanti Bruce, sophomore majoring in graphic design from Idaho “I liked this boy who was on student council at our school and they were hosting a movie night. He asked me to come and we went off alone at one point. It was pretty simple. He just went for it and it was sweet.” -Caroline Byrd, freshman majoring in graphic design from Arizona “When I was 15, I worked up the courage to ask a girl I thought was cute to be my girlfriend and we dated for a couple weeks before I decided it was time for me to kiss her. One night when we were sitting on a trampoline and surrounded by friends, I kissed her and I thought it was perfect. The next day, when her friends asked her about the kiss, she panicked and lied and said she was asleep when I kissed her. Needless to say everyone believed her and laughed at me! I dumped the girl and we didn’t talk for a very long time.” -Anonymous

“My first kiss was so awkward. My buddy had dated this girl before, and we were all at a bonfire together. She made a move on me and my friend was right across from us on the other side of the fire, but it looked like he was sleeping. It put me between a rock and a hard place and I didn’t want to tell her not to kiss me, but it was a low blow to my friend who was sitting right there. It was just bad.” -Jordan Eror, a senior studying EXS from Kailua








s Valentine’s Day fast approaches and the winter rain continues to pour down, students at BYU-Hawaii shared their insights on how to help keep relationships strong. “The best way to maintain a healthy relationship is to always think of the other person and not yourself,” said Michael Mallory, a sophomore in English from Utah. “If you’re thinking of them more than yourself, there is constant progression rather than a constant take-take-take attitude.” Mallory explained when someone becomes so focused on themselves, they are unable to see their companion’s point of view, thus causing contention. “If you’re unselfish and you’re thinking about the other person and their side of the story, then you’ll come to understand them better, both in arguments and in everyday life.” Aside from being selfless, learning to understand and communicate is a key factor in maintaining a working relationship, according to Denise Davis, a freshman in exercise science from New York. “Communicate. Communicate everything,” said Davis. “Communication is just big because if people aren’t willing to talk, then nothing gets resolved.” Davis emphasized that communication will also avoid contention. Harland Reist, a junior in exercise sports science from Utah, also said he felt communication is key, especially in maintaining a successful long-distance relationship. “I’d say communication and trust are two of the most important things. You have to be on the same page with the other person. You have to know each other’s expectations and also trust the other person.” Learning to trust takes time and effort, said Reist, but it all comes down to putting the other person above yourself.

Sugar cookies cool out of the oven while hearts warm with communication and understanding this winter. Ke Alaka’i file photo

Reist also agreed with Mallory that it’s the little things that really matter. “Just work to make them happy. It’s the small things that help keep a relationship warm, in the winter months especially.” - M AKAILA BE RGE SON

FEBRUARY 13, 2014



BEST dates


from Utah. “You know, it’s basically Halloween with hearts for me. You get tons of candy, and people act foolishly.” Other students said they have had the perfect Valentine’s experience and don’t plan on it being outdone anytime soon, such as Hikari Sasaki, a freshman from Japan majoring in music. “In Japan, the girls give chocolate to boys on Valentine’s Day, and so when I was 6 years old on Valentine’s Day, I gave chocolate to my favorite boy. On March 14, it is the boys turn to respond with chocolate to the girl, but he gave me chocolate only a week later,” she said with a smile.


ROMANTIC Valentine’s Day



ith pressure to make the most of Valentine’s Day, students at BYU-Hawaii shared their personal stories, feelings, and desires for this upcoming holiday. Students, such as Meaka Avea, a senior studying elementary education from Papua New Guinea, said simple beauties help him appreciate love. He said, “My best Valentine’s Day was seeing the sunrise at Laie Point with my date.” Other students have different ideas about the holiday, such as Justine Cadayong, a freshman studying artistic psychology from Colorado. She said she wants, “A picnic on the beach with ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate syrup on pancakes, and someone serenading me of course. Ooh, shooting stars and lots of chocolate would be good.” When asked if she wanted a date there, she replied, “Yeah, a man can come too.” Not everyone said they feel the same magic about the holiday. “My favorite Valentine’s Day date? They all kind of blend together,” said Samantha Wagstaff, a junior studying marine biology



A BYU-Hawaii couple can share an indoor picnic complete with a fort and oreos for dessert. Ke Alaka’i file photo.

Still trying to find your Valentine? Look no further‌

Noticing how single you are during the season of cupid and love? Great options are currently roaming the halls of BYU-Hawaii free are unattached. The Ke Alaka‘i staff nominated these ladies and gentlemen as the most eligible and charming Bachelors and Bachelorettes on campus.


Age: 24 Height: 5’6” Hometown: Midlothian, Virginia Major: Business Finance Future Career: Corporate Finance for a tech company Mission: Ecuador, Guayaquil Most important trait in a woman: “Caring and loving. Those two words together as pairs, like mothers have to be caring and loving. It makes me happy.” When I grow up I want to live: “In the Bay Area of California.” No. 1 turn off: “Immaturity.” Hidden talent: “Cinematography.” What I think about my mom: “My mom is a spiritual woman, yet she has the greatest sense of humor and she knows how to be kind. She’s a counselor for the church so she really can understand people from their perspectives so that allows her to be more loving and caring. She’s a great woman.” What I would like to say to the single women to the BYU-Hawaii: “Let me know if you want to have a good time.” 12





Age: 24 Height: 5’11” Hometown: Taylor, Arizona Major: Pre-professional Biology Future Career: Ophthamologist Mission: Ghana, Accra

Age: 25 Height: 5’11” Hometown: San Diego, Calif. Major: English Future Career: Journalist Mission: Winnipeg, Canada

Age: 26 Height: 5’7” Hometown: Hyderabad, India Major: Biochemistry Future Career: Doctor Mission: India, New Deli

Favorite cartoon character: “He’s not just a cartoon, he’s real, and it’s Batman.” Most important trait in the women: “She has to put up with me so you can put forgiving, understanding, caring, maybe sometimes forgetful.” Favorite scripture: Alma 30:40 Hidden talent: “I’m really good at breaking into things. I can break into people’s cars and houses. I can’t tell you how many times friends have called me and been like, ‘Dude I locked my keys in my car.’” Where I want to live: “By the ocean, but I think home is where you make it. I’d rather have a happy wife and a great family and live anywhere in the world. My women gets what she wants, where she wants to live we’ll go. I want to get my private plane license too so we can go anywhere.”

Favorite cartoon character: “Superman because he is humble yet strong.” Favorite scripture: Alma 7:11-12 Favorite movie: “The Goonies.” What I think about my mom: “My mom is my hero because she is a strong woman who raised six rowdy boys into six stong men.” Hidden talent: “Singing.” First thing I notice in a girl: “Her eyes and smile.” No. 1 turn off: “Too much texting on dates.” What is going to make me a good husband: “I floss and I like to run on the beach.” Where I want to live: “My homtown, San Diego.”

Most important trait in a woman: “Peacemaker.” What will make me a good husband: “I’m a hard worker and I genuinely love people, so if I love a girl, I’ll really love her.” Favorite color: “Green.” What I think about my mom: “My mom is amazing. She works as a public health nurse. She’s still working. My dad just retired so she is making money for the home. She is the most hardworking woman I’ve seen in my life and she makes breakfast for us and lunch and dinner and still goes to work. She takes care of us and never complains.” What I’d like to say to the single women of BYU-Hawaii: “If any girls want a good husband who is a good cook and who wants to become a doctor, ask me on a date. My number is (808) 4924499.”


Age: 26 Height: 5’9” Hometown: West Jordan, Utah Major: Business Management – Marketing Future Career: Marketing for Adobe, Disney or Nike Mission: Texas, McAllen Dream Vacation Spot: “Greece.” No. 1 turn off: “One uppers. When others think they are better than you.” Celebrity Crush: “Blake Griffin.” A book you would find me reading: “Facebook.” Favorite beach: “Lanikai.” My favorite thing about my dad: “His unconditional love for everyone no matter their flaws.” Hidden talent: “Boxing.” Favorite scripture: Alma 26:12




Age: 24 Height: 4’11” Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Major: Elementary Education Future Career: Cheer Coach

Age: 20 Height: 5’10” Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa Major: Marine Biology Future Career: Marine Research

Hidden talent: “I eat like a man. I think that looking at me you wouldn’t be able to tell, but I eat like a man. I eat more than most of my guy friends so they’re kind of amazed by it.” Dream vacation spot: “I know I want to kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower.” A book you would find me reading: “Romance book, I’m hopelessly romantic. So I like cliché Nicholas Sparks, any type of hopelessly romantic books.” My favorite thing about dad: “He has a really good sense of humor. He’s always cracking jokes. He is hilarious. A sense of humor is so important to me. I love to laugh and I’m goofy myself.” No. 1 turn off: “Narcissism. If he’s too into himself, he won’t be into getting to know the other person.”

Celebrity crush: “Johnny Depp.” Favorite beach: “Keikis.” Dream vacation spot: “A secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere in the woods.” What will make me a good wife: “My dependability.” What I first notice in a guy: “A positive attitude.” Where I want to live: “On the coast.” What did your dad have that you look for in a guy: “He was brilliant. He was a really, really smart man.” No. 1 turn off: “Inconsistency.” Favorite scripture: “D&C 98:1-2”

Age: 26 Height: 5’ Hometown: Originally Guatamala and grew up in North Carolina Major: Interdisciplinary Studies with Peacebuilding and Entrepreneurship Future Career: Self-employed Health & Life Coach Mission: Arizona, Mesa No. 1 turn off: “If he’s always on his phone texting.” A book you would find me reading: “Self-improvement books.” Celebrity crush: “Leonardo DiCaprio.” My favorite thing about my dad: “He’s good with people, outgoing and funny. It’s very important that a guy is outgoing and personable and isn’t afraid of people.” What will make me a good wife: “I’m very passionate and compassionate, temporally and spiritually.” Hidden talent: “Not to boast or anything, but I’m a really good cook.”

FEBRUARY 13, 2014




The couple missionaries at BYU-Hawaii are teaching people more than just the gospel. They’re teaching people about eternal love, and they’re doing it by example. Students often wonder when they will find “the one,” and when they do, how will they know? The Pollocks and the Fullers, two pairs of senior missionaries serving on campus, share their love stories which they said have only deepened throughout the years.







rother and Sister Pollock have been married for 39 years. They first met as juniors in the same ward at Southern Utah College and spent a lot of time together as friends. “I would bring him brownies and watch him play basketball,” recalled Sister Pollock. Although it wasn’t love at first sight for the Pollocks, they still have fond memories of dating. “He saw me at my worst right off the bat,” Sister Pollock recalled. The couple went on their first official date in February and got engaged soon after. “We were just really good friends, and we had a lot of fun,” said Sister Pollock. They married shortly after in May of 1975. But Sister Pollock remembers a particular event that let her know she had found “the one.” Brother Pollock told Sister Pollock that his ultimate goal in life was to “return to Heavenly Father.” Immediately, Sister Pollock said she knew he was the one for her. Left to right: Brother and Sister Pollock’s friendship blossomed into a 39-year marriage. Hearing Sister Fuller speak in church was all that was needed to create a spark of interest on Brother Fuller’s end. Photos by Kelsie Carlson



or Brother and Sister Fuller, it was love at first sight. Brother Fuller wasn’t a member of the church at the time they met, but he often would attend church with his sister, who was a member. Sister Fuller was giving a talk in her ward one day when Brother Fuller decided to attend. When Sister Fuller got up to speak, Brother Fuller turned to his sister and asked, “Who is that girl speaking?” After the church meeting concluded, Brother and Sister Fuller were formally introduced and went on their first date a few days later. Immediately, the young couple felt a connection. They dated throughout the summer, and when Sister Fuller came home for Thanksgiving, Brother Fuller announced his decision to get baptized. They were married in the temple a year and a half later in 1968. Both couples agreed that the key to a lasting relationship is to marry your best friend. “Find things you enjoy doing together,” said Sister Pollock. When selecting an eternal companion, Sister Fuller advised, “Marry someone that brings out the best in you and make sure you bring out the best in him. Treat your woman like a queen, and she will treat you equally as good.” -E MILY HALLS

FEBRUARY 13, 2014





Here are some great celebrity Valentine’s Day one-liners




alentine’s Day at BYU-Hawaii may not be the most celebrated holiday but that doesn’t stop students from daydreaming about whom they would most want to spend the occasion with. Miranda Lee, a freshman studying English from Oregon, noted that her Valentine would be none other than a charming English actor who stars in the popular TV series, ‘Merlin.’ “My dream Valentine would be Bradley James,” said Lee. “He’s attractive and he’s a really great actor and hopefully a nice person.” Addison Kirk, a senior majoring in music from Idaho, described his ideal date as someone who shared his love of music. “I would want to take AJ Michalka on a Valentine’s Day date because she has an amazing voice and we would have so much fun jamming,” he said. Another female artist known for her soothing, ethereal music was the selected date of Arthur Chiona, a senior majoring in international cultural studies from Zimbabwe. “I would want to spend my Valentine’s Day with Enya,” said Chiona. “She has good taste and music and I love that Celtic genre of music.” Celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone who lives ‘la vida loca’ was the response of Cameron Crook, a junior studying business from Oregon. “My dream Valentine’s Day date would be in the Galapagos islands, where Jurassic Park happened because there are probably still dinosaurs there,” said Crook. “I would take Shakira because she would be down for an adventure.” No fantasy Valentine’s date would be complete without the sweet romance that Kaycee Higa, a senior majoring in elementary education described. “I would go with Justin Timberlake if he wasn’t married,” said Higa. “He would bring me flowers and take me to an expensive restaurant for dinner. Then my dream would be for him to serenade me on guitar.” -H A I L E Y GARD IN ER



* I go C-LOONEY when you’re around * My love for you TRUMPS all! * Our love is just a GOSLING, but someday it will be a swan. * Life is the PITTs when you’re not around * Let me be the Kanye to your Kim - ALYSSA WALHOOD

Where is my other Half-Heart?


here are 500 pre-released copies of BYU-Hawaii alumna, Kealohilani Wallace’s novel, “Half-Hearts,” that have been printed just in time for Valentine’s Day and a limited number of those copies will be available at the bookstore on Valentine’s Day. “Half Hearts” is a fantasy novel, which centers on the notion of finding true love in the midst of affliction and chaos—not to mention magic and sword fighting. Wallace adds a twist to the search of love, with an LDS theme, putting forth the idea that individuals have multiple soul mates. “Half-Hearts” takes place on Earth and in the magical world of Alamea. “The original inspiration came from Spencer W. Kimball’s talk where he made the statement that there are a hundred people that any given individual could have a celestial marriage with. I believe in this statement,” said Wallace. In the novel, there are 24 “Half-Hearts,” from Alamea, 12 men and 12 women, who are instinctively in search for one another. The world of Alamea is in danger of being controlled by the evil Vrana and if it falls, so will Earth. If any two Half-Hearts can find one another and marry in the special magically prepared marriage room, the balance of power will shift so that Vranah may be defeated, and peace will be found. The problem is, only Vranah knows who the “Half-Hearts” are, so even the Half-Hearts themselves don’t even know that Half-Hearts exist. One reason why Wallace wrote the book was to give courage to her readers to keep fighting to find their other Half-Heart. “There is hope, romantically speaking, no matter what has happened in the past,” said Wallace. She is a proponent of young love and especially young marriage. Regarding celestial marriage, Wallace believes that opposition swirls around the sealing of righteous couples, just like it does around baptisms, as it is a saving ordinance as well. Recently single again, Wallace wants readers to feel comforted in the

search for love. “[‘Half-Hearts’] has helped me with my heartaches, and I want to help others with theirs as well.” The novel is not all romance. Wallace said, “I’m not afraid to kill main characters. Although, when I initially type their death scene, I have to look away from the computer screen. They are like my friends.” Wallace is already in talks with Hollywood, about making the novel into a movie. The novel is the first book of The HalfHearts Trilogy. Wallace’s novel has already received praise. Mark Kubr, stuntman and actor from the Iron Man movies called Wallace, “The female Tolkien.” Constant encouragement from Director Sean McNamara, director of Soul Surfer, is one of the reasons Wallace finished writing the book, and he gave her the motivation to take it to Hollywood in the first place, where it has been received enthusiastically. Wallace will be signing copies from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 14. The book will officially be released on May 3 at the Hawaii Book and Music Festival in Honolulu. To keep up to date on signing events etc., go to www. and like The Half-Hearts Trilogy on Facebook.


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Nowah Afangbedji

Marc Gardner

Robert Kahawaii

Major: Pre-professional Biology Hometown: Lome, Togo (West Africa) Graduating: April 2015

Major: Social Work Hometown: Sydney, Australia Graduating: December 2015

Major: ICS—Communication Hometown: Laie, Hawaii Graduating: April 2015

Service Commitment: If selected, I plan to address the persisting issues that face BYU-Hawaii such as working with the student body and BYUH administration on an agreement for the 9-semester rule, create more service opportunities that expand beyond the walls of this campus. Also, I want to empower cultural chapters, academic clubs, and SLAS departments by providing them with resources that will enable them to reach their goals, both satisfying and strengthening their members. In brief, I want to create a better and enjoyable environment of learning and growth for every single student.

Service Commitment: If selected as BYUHSA president, I would want to be remembered for being a “hands on” leader who was active in serving the student body. As a student, I have found it rewarding to serve my peers by resolving their concerns and linking services to students. My commitment and desire is to extend that service to all the student body. I am convinced that we have unlimited and untapped value existing in this school because of our cultural diversity. My goal and desire is that we can become more unified in purpose and action.

Service Commitment: I am committed to serving this school in a way that makes President McKay’s vision a reality— “to be an influence for good… going forth to serve and establishing peace internationally.” I believe in this vision and want to help perpetuate its profound effect by serving as BYUHSA president. Since I was young, I have witnessed the impact BYU-Hawaii has made in the lives of those who have attended here, including relatives and friends. My dream and goal is to be a part of how this vision is perpetuated at BYU-Hawaii for current students and its continuing influence for future generations who come here.



s the presidential term for BYUHSA President John Fishetau and Vice President Raife Campbell comes to a close, the student association prepares for this year’s new election process. Instead of the traditional voting method, the student association presidency has announced that the election format will be changed to more of a merit-based system. Candidates were required to include a letter of recommendation, be cleared by the Registrar and Office of Honor,

Kjestine Tatarata Major: Business Management, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark Graduating: April 2015 Service Commitment: My key goal is to improve the communication between departments and to make the daily processes students have to go through more effective and efficient. I believe that implementing electronic standard procedures for endorsements, add/drop forms, and such would be less time consuming for everyone. Another goal is to improve the infrastructure in regards to bikes on campus. Simple, painted bike paths could be made for a low cost and make it safer for everyone to move around, especially in the dark. My aim is for students to have a great experience attending BYUH.

and have a 3.0 grade point average or higher. While students will no longer have the opportunity to vote individually, according to Fishetau, they will still have their voices heard through representatives who will attend a student forum. The forum will be held on Saturday Feb. 22 when candidates will have time to explain their service commitment and goals, as well as answer questions. Fishetau said a panel consisting of chapter presidents, academic club presidents,

Benjamin Makana’Okalani Errico

representatives from the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and other department representatives will make up the voting panel. Candidates’ applications, interviews with the current BYUHSA presidency, and their forum performance will be the criteria to determine the selected candidate. Students are encouraged to contact their club, organization, and BYUHSA representatives, to share their input about which candidate they feel will best represent the student body.

Spencer Hayter

Major: Accounting Hometown: Henderson, Nevada Graduating: April 2015

Major: Management-Finance Hometown: Kennewick, Wash. Graduating Date: April 2015

Service Commitment: I promise to represent you, the BYUH students, to the fullest degree possible. As your student body president, I will identify and prioritize what you want, develop a plan with measurable results to achieve it, and then deliver. I am not going to promise what cannot be done and I will call out anyone who does. I work two jobs while taking a full class load because I am supporting myself through school. I understand what you are going through. My mission is to help you.

Service Commitment: “One is not born in the world to do everything but to do something.” Henry David Thoreau. I want to do something. I want to give back to our amazing university and be a part of creating a better BYU-Hawaii through serving my fellow students. - GRE G E RICKSON

Candidates have the opportunity to run for a position in the BYUHSA presidency in an all new election format. Photos by Kelsie Carlson FEBRUARY 13, 2014


Overwhelmed – Tim McMorris

“It’s just the cutest song. This was my wedding song and it really describes how it feels to be in love.” -Sunni Zufelt, senior studying university studies from Utah

Impregnable Question – The Dirty Projectors

“This is a really good song I have been listening to lately. It is nice and simple with a simple message you can feel.” -Sean Crapo, junior studying music therapy from Canada

Love Shack – B-52’s

“This song is so good. It has a rad melody and not too touchy feely.” -Dana Balsley, a senior studying EXS from California

Hearts Content – Brandi Carlile

“This song really makes me want to bask in the feeling of hope and promise of love. It’s a great song!” -Adrienne Patton, freshman studying English from Florida

Stay High – Hippie Sabotage

“This is a really chill song that describes when someone loves someone and relies on that person for their happiness.” -Hector Periquin, senior majoring in ICS from the Philippines

Taylor Swift – Love Story

“Taylor Swift hits the soul. There is nothing else to say about her music. I love it.” -Kami Dixon, freshman studying social work from Utah - RE ID CRICKMORE Photos by Monica Rubalcava



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BYUH Crushes: The real campus cupid, Senior Missionaries share their love stories, BYUH's most eligible bachelors and bachlorettes, election...

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