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happy Mills Key Club helping to prepare food for the holidays.


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Hey Aqua Apes! It's that time of the year Apes! Christmas lights sparkling, hot chocolate, and lots of winter gear. Remember to give thanks and try to give something back to your community: whether it be service or any donations. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and winter break. If you need to talk about anything, come contact me! Kayla Larot | D34N NE

Future events Dec. 7, 2013 December DCM

Dec. 14, 2013 Candidate Training Conference Jan. 18, 2014 Executive Candidate Training Conference April 11-13 DCON

Aloha Aqua Apes! November was such a good month for Division 34 North! Lots of service, a very successful DCM, and a better home school, and community! I want say that I am very happy with the beginning of quarter 3 for the 2013-2014 term. Keep up the APEtastic work! Keep in mind, that even though you already submitted your club’s dues, you may send dues in a second bunch of dues! Dues can be sent throughout the term, to the same place. Make sure to update the Member Update Center account as well! If your club has not submitted dues, get those in as soon as possible! The deadline has passed, and all dues were supposed to be submitted by December 1st. Keep serving your communities, and building up your service records! It is member recognition, and contests season, so be sure to start working on them! If you have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to talk to, I am always here for you. Whether you need me as a Lieutenant Governor or as a friend, feel free to contact me. I love hearing from all of you! Keep Calm, and Ape ON! Going Bananas for Service, Jeremy Jimenez Division 34 North Lieutenant Governor

For the month of December, email me/ message me one thing you plan on doing this holiday season to serve your home, school, or community. This doesn’t have to be a formal email, or a formal message, but it’s a great way to start planning for your winter service season!



Funds raised so far for PTP:



The Ap e

UPDATES Banana Bonuses

Accou n


Club Hi! We're the Burlingame High School Key ers. We're presidents- Alex Harrigan and Madeline Som has been super excited that the Burlingame Key Club all the other Key chartered and we can't wait to work with 's some information on Clubs! In order to introduce ourselves, here

Aragon - 140 both of us. El Camino - 270 South San Francisco - 400 both play tennis :). We decided to Lowell - 380 We are both seniors in high school and we really wanted to make a club based George Washington start a club when we were sophomores. We advisor and we got our friends to join. We on service, so we asked Mrs. Riley to be our 165 e used sports equipment. It was Mrs. Riley ed by donating 15 tennis racquets and som start Mills - 185 the idea of Key Club and then we who actually introduced us to Kiwanis and San Mateo - 0 was a long one but we're really started from there. The chartering process Carlmont excited! 250 iting Even though we are seniors, we are recru Sequoia some younger members and we are r? o t a n i 75 Club Key confident that the BHS ord


s Co d r a Aw n o i s i new There is r Div o f C a Task o n ordin ru Nort availab o a t t o t w le fo h! It r i l l be rewa r any position is the wa n in m will be here for years to come!

rd cha on mem Di v i s Jere rge ion A my J th! App Banana ber of d licat of D imen B w evel onus ards ivis ions ez, D o w C p w i i o n n ordin ion 34 34N ners i l l be g ne , Lieu w, c ator as w tena open u reat ! ell a ntil D ive w You nt G s M emb ece over a ys mbe er a nor, nd O to r 10, i f yo u ha 2013 f ve a ! Ple ficer of t ny q as e he con uest tact ions. Host: Mills, at Millbrae Park & Rec




ber When? Decem atients, rds for hospital p ca ng ki a m e b We will e earn some the needy. Com military, and all Key meet lots of new nd a s, ur ho e ic serv Clubbers!


SERVICE IDEAS sing holiday carols to senior citizens volunteer at a soup kitchen have a toy drive with your school or your local fire department

make holiday cards to send out to troops overseas

have a baking party & donate the baked goods to a homeless shelter make tie blankets to donate to shelters

hold a coat drive

gift wrap at a local mall and donate the money to PTP gather

canned foods for homeless families for the holidays

raise money for the hurricane survivors in the Philippines PAGE 4

GOLDEN APES For being GOLDEN during the month of December!

GINA TU Not only has this Secretary from Lowell turned in every MRF on time (and many times EARLY!), she has continued to serve her members, and her community. She shows great leadership qualities, and always wears a smile on her face whenever participating in events like DCMs or club meetings. Great job Gina, and keep up the APEtastic work!


Welcome a new member to the Aqua Ape Ohana, Buringame Key Club! They are a wonderful group of bright, future leaders of the division we all serve, and they deserve to be club of the month for their hard work put into chartering. Even though they weren’t officially chartered, they continued to serve their home, schools, and communities. Good Job Burlingame!

ERIN CHAZER Erin Chazer recently attended Key Leader November 15-17, 2013. She learned lots of new skills, met lots of new people, and learned how to become a better leader. She hopes to spread this knowledge to the members she serves with. It takes a lot of courage to step out of your comfort zone, and attend a conference far away for a whole weekend. Great Job Erin!


interested in a

leadership position?


want to run for CNH DISTRICT BOARD?

When? January 19, 2013 Where?

Kiwanis District Office, Rancho Cucamonga, CA If you are interested in running for any executive office, whether it is District Governor, Secretary, or Treasurer, you MUST attend this training conference. It is mandatory for all candidates to attend. If you are interested in seeking endorsement for International Office, whether it be International President, Vice President, or Trustee, you must also attend. It is from 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM. Please contact D34N Lieutenant Governor Jeremy Jimenez if you have any questions regarding this event. Also, more information is available on the CNH Cyberkey at



When? December 14, 2013 This event is for all members interested in running for Lieutenant Governor, and want to know more about the duties and responsibilities. This event is NOT MANDATORY but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are running for Lieutenant Governor. If you attend this event, it does not mean you have to run for the position. It is open to all members. It will take place in Sunnyvale. Please contact D34N Lieutenant Governor, Jeremy Jimenez, for more information.



Jeremy Jimenez Lieutenant Governor


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Rachel Wong fromgroups#!forum/d34naquaapes

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Mary Kim Delemos Executive Assistant

D34N | December 2013 | Official Newsletter  

Tis the season to be jolly with this month's christmas edition! Hope you all enjoy!