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VOL 1 | ISSUE 4 | OCTOBER 2013

Official Newsletter | Division 34 N | Region 17

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Future events Oct. 12 October DCM

Oct. 19 Fall Rally North Oct. 20 Division Project Color Run Oct. 26 Nike Marathon

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Hey Aqua Apes! We're finally in the month of October. We've already done APETASTIC service and started this GOLDEN year great. I hope all of you continue to do great service for this month. Remember to share your experiences with the rest of your fellow Aqua Apes by sending in a picture or a short article about your service. If you need any help or have any questions regarding the newsletter, feel free to ask me! :) Kayla Larot | D34N NE

School is back in session! I know that every single one of you is busy with the new school year, with many GOLDEN opportunities ahead of you all. October is one of the busiest months for Key Clubbers, especially for Seniors who have to balance service, school work, and college applications, along with other aspects of their lives. Please don’t stress too much, because you always have your D34N supporting you through all your endeavors! Fall Rally North is just around the corner, and I hope all of you are as pumped up as I am for it! It’s that time of year again to pull out the inflatable bananas, the aqua and yellow bandanas and paint, and show your Division 34 North pride! I hope to see all of your bright, shining faces out in the stands, screaming your hearts out for service, and for yourselves. You deserve! Remember, if you ever have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to talk to, I am always here for you, whether you need me as a Lieutenant Governor, or as a friend. Feel free to contact me at any time, I love hearing from you all! Aqua Apes Reign Supreme! Going Bananas for Service, Jeremy Jimenez | Division 34 North Lieutenant Governor



DIVISION UPDATES Task Coordinators! Hey everyone! I am Jimmy Yu and I am your new DCM Advertisement Coordinator! I am currently attending Lowell High School and from the moment that I have joined Key Club, I have always wondered in what ways I could involve myself more in this amazing club. I am also currently the Vice President of Public Relations at my home club and I believe that I can be of great assistance this year. With assignment of this new position, I hope to see an increase of attendance at DCMs and therefore build a larger and closer community of volunteers!

Hello there Key Club Ohana, My name is Christopher Matamoros. I am currently a freshman at South San Francisco High School, and I am thirteen years old. This will be my first year in Key Club and I would like to serve you all as much as possible. As PTP Fundraising Information Task Coordinator, I am looking forward to working with other coordinators on fundraisers and projects that could benefit the community! If you have any ideas on how we can accomplish this goal feel free to talk to me. I hope that everyone has BEEautiful year full of community service well done.

PTP Division Fundraising Coordinator Plan at least one division wide fundraiser Service Project Coordinator In charge of finding service projects in D34N and promoting it to the division Spirit Coordinator

Hey! My name is Breanna Pogue. I am a senior at Carlmont High in Belmont. I am really excited to be one of D34 North's Task Coordinator. I have been a member in Key Club since junior year and I look forward to plan social events for our division! If any Aqua Ape has suggestions for our division social events, please contact me through Facebook.

In charge of making cheers for D34N and other division wide spirit gear NOTE: You are not alone with these positions. You will ALWAYS have support from the D34N Leadership team and other aqua apes.

Funds raised so far for PTP:



Point System!

Banana Bonuses are a new reward system that encourages clubs to submit their work on time, with great efficiency. They can be earned by turning in submissions on time, like the MRF, or articles. There are different categories that you may earn points in and special categories that will vary month to month.

The club with the most points will get a Banana Key Blade! This Key Blade will be given to the club that has earned the most points each month, and whoever earns the most points by the end of the year will get to keep the Key Blade! It is a great spirit item, and it will show your Aqua Ape Pride!

CHALLENGE How have you been preparing for Fall Rally North? This includes spirit, fundraising, and service! Please feel free to post it on your club page, the division page, or personally email me your response! These are not mandatory, but I would love to hear some of the APEtastic things you have all been accomplishing and planning!

A N A N BA BONUSES MRF Early Bird: 3rd of the month = 75 points On Time: 5th of the month = 50 points Article Submissions Early Bird: 7th of every month = 25 per submission On Time: 13th of the month = 10 points per submission Visual Submissions Early Bird: 7th of every month = 25 per submission On Time: 13th of every month = 10 per submission Club Summaries Early Bird: 7th of the Month = 25 points On Time: 13th of the Month = 50 points Service Hours Good Hours: 100 hours = 25 points Great Hours: 125 Hours = 50 points APEtastic Hours: 200 hours = 100 points Funds Raised Good: $100 = 25 points Great: $200 = 50 points APEtastic: $400 = 100 Points DCM Attendance Good: 2 Apes = 25 points Great: 5 Apes = 50 points APEtasitc: 10 Apes = 100 points DCM Hosting = 20 points Member of Month = 20 points Club of the Month = 20 points Special Attendance (OTC, RTC, FRN, Conclave) 10 points per member


DISTRICT UPDATES When: October 19, 2013 Where: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Cost: $33 Pre-Registration; $37 on-site Why does CNH District have Fall Rally? Fall Rally North is to build Division and District spirit, and to celebrate being a Key Clubber, but that is not the only reason we attend. Fall Rally is also Cali-Nev-Ha’s biggest fundraiser for Pediatric Trauma Program. Every ticket we purchase for Six Flags sends a donation to PTP. It is really important to attend Fall Rally because it is one of very few events where you get to take pride with Key Clubbers from your district, and come together to celebrate your amazing Fundraising efforts!

To get you pumped for DCON 2014, here's a GOLDEN clip all about DCON: watch?v=J0F8K-olJ6U DCON 2014: April 11-13 Where? Sacramento

- Use social media to get support all around - Remember that our funds not only go to PTP, but also give financial assistance towards Key Club events, like DCON Remember to make this year a


Where can I find more information about Fall Rally? On the CNH Cyberkey! Here is the link for everything Fall Rally: http:// This link will show you how to donate to PTP, check previous year’s donations, and more rally information. Any other questions, comments or concerns? Contact your Lieutenant Governor for details!


Iris Hung South San Francisco Key Club has set up multiple service projects for it's members during the month of September. They continue to have meetings consistently, and had the most service hours for the month of August. They are keeping their members very active, and have doubled in size since last year. Great job Warrior Apes!

Iris helped as the major contributor in organizing the D34N Division Project for October. She was very proactive in planning, and communicates very effectively with the Lieutenant Governor. She also contributed to the Division TShirt Contest.

South San Francisco

Christopher Matamoros A Freshman in South San Francisco Key Club, this member has been working very hard in the club, attending multiple service projects in his first few weeks of service. His hardwork has shown, and earned himself a Task Coordinator Position!


CLUB SUMMARIES This year, our Key Club started recruiting members before school even started! Every year Lowell High School has a freshman orientation where clubs and sports get to promote themselves. Key Club got a booth this year and talked to freshmen about the club. To increase interest, we had one of our members wear our beautiful ape suit. Three weeks after freshman orientation, we held our first meeting of the year. We had a fair amount of new people show up! We started off with a little presentation that one of our fellow Key Clubbers in Nevada made. One of our first events of the school year was a class carwash. Our junior class asked for help with their free carwash, they fundraise money for an alumna’s funeral and junior prom (donations were accepted). The carwash was tons of fun; most of our members were at the drying station, we were glad to have so many people come and support us. The following day, we helped out at a local food bank. During our most recent fundraiser, we sold milk tea on the extremely hot days. Last but not least, since fall rally north is coming soon, we decided to teach our members cheers at our last meeting.

Aragon Key Club started the school year strong this month! We initially had around 30 people join our club, and we have had great meetings about what Key Club is all about, and planning upcoming service events. In addition, we had a Club Fair at our school, where school clubs advertised themselves during lunch to recruit new members. Within the limited 30 minutes that we had, we were able to get about 20-30 to sign up, and show interest in the club. We are hoping to see all of these new members attend our future club meetings. Our next scheduled volunteering event is a beach cleanup on the 21st of September! We hope to see a large improvement on the amount of service we do this year than the previous years.

George Washington Key Club has had a great month coming back to school! Our club has been picking up with our networking and service. We recently had our first meeting as a whole club. We were even lucky enough to have Jeremy attend and come visit our school for the first time. It was awesome to have him come to talk to our returning members and remind them of their club spirit! We also finished up with our second club fair where we recruited even more members who seem extremely excited to begin their year as aqua apes! In addition, we have started talking to our on- site neighborhood center about more events that happen in our district. We have been aiming toward these types of events to get our club more recognition from our school. We can’t wait to start these new opportunities!


Jeremy Jimenez Lieutenant Governor

Rachel Wong Executive Assistant

Mary Kim Delemos Executive Assistant

Kayla Larot Newsletter Editor

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I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions. { Aragon | Carlmont | El Camino | George Washington | Lowell | Mills | San Mateo |Sequoia | South San Francisco }

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