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Katchaleaf ® Debris Cover


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for choosing our Katchaleaf Debris Cover system. The Katchaleaf is the custom-tailored solution for easy pool maintenance. Now you can spend more time in your pool and less time cleaning it! At Katchakid, our aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction with your Katchaleaf. To keep your Katchaleaf in good condition for many years to come, please refer to this manual as often as needed.

If any industry service provider contradicts the information in this manual, or you simply have questions about your new Katchaleaf, please contact Katchakid Corporate Office - Toll Free at 1-888-552-8242.


Never allow anyone to walk, play, climb, or crawl on the cover. Always remove your Katchaleaf completely before swimming. Non-secured or improperly secured covers can be a hazard. MOST IMPORTANTLY, NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED NEAR WATER. The best safety measure around pools is always undivided and competent adult supervision.


For service or maintenance of your Katchaleaf, always contact your distributor or local Katchakid regional office. It’s important you maintain a record of your sales agreement and original purchase documents for reference purposes.

For full product warranty terms and conditions, see your sales agreement or refer to Katchakid.com/warranty. Be aware your warranty does not extend to service calls or repair associated with, but not restricted to, the below conditions:

• Secondary ownership (not original owner).

• Acts of God (weather, natural events).

• Misuse, improper storage, vandalism, or accidents.

• Installation on a water feature for which the product

• Damage caused by animals chewing or nesting.

• Burns from chemicals or external heat sources.

• Any pool surround issues, such as loose coping or decking.

• Installation, service, or modifications done by any non-authorized was not originally installed. party, including do-it-yourself installation or repair.


Whenever around a body of water, there is always a risk of accidents or drowning. Failure to follow the below guidelines can create potential hazards and limit the Katchaleaf’s intended use.


Partially covered pools: Before using the pool, always completely remove the Katchaleaf and move it away from the pool’s edge. A partially covered pool poses an entrapment and drowning hazard. Never swim or play under the Katchaleaf.

Playing, jumping, or walking on or around the cover: Never allow anyone to play, jump, or walk on the Katchaleaf or its bindings.

Cover operations: Only properly instructed and responsible adults should operate the Katchaleaf. The Katchaleaf is a manual cover system, and its operation requires some strength. Caution should be used or medical opinion sought before operation of the Katchaleaf by individuals who are pregnant, or suffer from heart problems, weak or lower back problems, or any physically limiting disability or health condition.

Maintenance and cleaning of your pool: When properly anchored, the Katchaleaf will not interfere with most standard underwater pool cleaning equipment, such as Creepy Crawlies, Polaris, etc. To add chemicals to your pool, only a small section of the Katchaleaf needs to be pulled back. Please make sure your pool service provider is aware of the information in this manual.

Cleaning your deck: Pool chemicals and most cleaners will not hurt your Katchaleaf. However, strong acids used to clean your decking can damage or tarnish the hardware. We recommend using low acid cleaning solutions whenever possible.

Use only on the water feature for which the product was originally installed: Your Katchaleaf was custom sewn to fit to your pool only and is not intended for use on any other water feature.

Caring for and storing your Katchaleaf: Only Katchakid certified technicians should perform repairs or service on your Katchaleaf. Clean your Katchaleaf by gently brushing off or using a blower to remove leaves and debris. Store in a shaded area when not in use. For long term storage, remove any debris and place indoors at room temperature, away from chemicals, heat sources, or sunlight from windows, which can burn or misshape the fabric. The Katchaleaf may be taken off the roller and hung above ground to avoid contact with rodents or other pests that may nest in or otherwise cause damage to the material.


If the instructions below are unclear or you have any difficulty removing or replacing your Katchaleaf, please contact your local Katchakid distributor for assistance.


1. Always use your EZ-Roller to remove and replace your Katchaleaf cover. The roller is designed to ensure your cover comes off and goes back on in the proper order.

2. Find the EZ-Roller anchor, which will be in the middle on one side of the pool and set farther back. Position the roller so the square “funnel” faces the cover. Attach the EZ-Roller to its anchor.

3. Pull the carabiner through the funnel (as pictured) and clip it to the eyelet on the cover. The correct eyelet will not have a fastener in it.

4. After attaching the cover, walk to the other side of the pool and note the location of the Start Tag anchor. Then use the EZ-Clip tool to unclip all the fasteners from their anchors.

5. Once all the fasteners are unclipped, slowly turn the crank on the roller. When cranked properly, the cover material will be pulled through the funnel and onto the roller.

6. The section with the Start Tag will be rolled last. When the Start Tag is rolled in, the roller can be unclipped from its anchor and moved out of the way.

7. Place your Katchaleaf out of direct sunlight, away from any heat sources and in an area where pets or animals that may chew or nest in the material cannot access it.


• Refer to your Katchakid Pool Safety Net Owner’s Manual for complete instructions for removal of your Safety Net. Note that the roller location is different for each product.

• It is important you remove and store your Katchaleaf cover separately from your Safety Net.

• If your installation has two anchor rows, you are provided with two EZ-Rollers. Always use one roller for the Katchaleaf and one roller for the Katchakid.

• In installations with only one row of anchors, one EZ-Roller and one storage bag is provided. Always take your Katchaleaf completely off the roller before using the roller to remove your Safety Net. Gently shake your Katchaleaf free of debris before placing it in its storage bag.




1. Attach the EZ-Roller to its anchor and position it so the Start Tag faces the water.

2. Taking hold at the Start Tag, gently pull the cover material forward through the funnel.

3. Find the anchor for the Start Tag and continue pulling the material toward that anchor. Place the Start Tag fastener in its anchor first. Continue pulling out the remaining material until the entire cover is off the roller.

4. Use the EZ-Clip tool to fasten the cover at the corners (or perceived corners) of the pool.

5. Once the corner points are in their anchors, then work outward from each corner to clip all the fasteners to their anchors.

6. The final section to be fastened will most likely be holding some water. If this section is too heavy to pull up and fasten, wait 10 minutes to allow the water to drip through the mesh.

7. If floats are provided, position the floats as desired before anchoring the remaining fasteners.

8. Once all the fasteners are anchored, the EZ-Roller can be unclipped and set aside.


• Refer to your Katchakid Pool Safety Net Owner’s Manual for complete instructions for replacement of your Safety Net. Note that the roller location is different for each product.

• When two rows of anchors are installed, always use the exterior row of anchors for your Katchaleaf, even if you are replacing it without the Safety Net.

• Whenever safety is a concern, the Safety Net must be properly secured before the Katchaleaf is added. WHEN USED BY ITSELF, THE KATCHALEAF IS NOT A SAFETY PRODUCT

use of your Katchleaf will help reduce algae growth and water loss due to evaporation, and keep pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, out of the water.
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