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Pool Cover

The custom-tailored solution for easy pool maintenance.

We cover swimming pools, spas, split decks, and rockeries. Each Katchaleaf cover is custom-shaped and installed to suit the water feature.

Spend More Time in Your Pool and Less Time Cleaning It Your swimming pool offers you, your family, and friends a great place to relax, exercise, and beat the heat. But ask pool owners what they don’t like about pool ownership and chances are they’ll bring up maintenance. While everyone wants a clean and tidy pool, few owners want to spend valuable leisure time fishing and scooping out leaves and other debris by using a net on a pole. It’s tedious, time consuming, and generally hard work. Katchaleaf has the solution: our fine mesh, custom-shaped pool leaf cover.

DESIGNED WITH EASE AND EFFICIENCY IN MIND The Katchaleaf pool cover is designed to be installed on virtually any surface, including flagstone, concrete, gravel/aggregate, brick, tile, and wood decks. Fabricated from a special blend of lightweight, UV stabilized knitted polyethylene mesh, the Katchaleaf allows rainwater to drain through the cover while it keeps debris such as leaves, twigs, pine needles, and bugs out. The supple Katchaleaf cover can withstand winds and storms and will not dry or crack with age. And, the lightweight Katchaleaf pool leaf cover is one of the only covers on the market that can be fitted to your pool’s exact dimensions.

SIMPLE CONCEPT, EASY CLEANING Unlike conventional pool covers, the Katchaleaf has no standing water to pump. Puddles cannot accumulate on the surface, so you won’t end up with a slimy, decomposing mess to attract mosquitoes. Spring cleanup is fast and easy – just vacuum out the fine silt and your Katchaleaf is ready for a new season. Just vacuum out the fine silt and your Katchaleaf is ready for a new season.

Why Katchaleaf is the Pool Owner’s Best Choice

Fittings and Components

Fine materials and meticulous manufacturing process make all the difference.

Katchaleaf’s insistence on fine materials and a meticulous manufacturing process adds all the difference in quality and ease.




The EZ-Off roller makes it a snap to remove your Katchaleaf pool cover. It generally takes just 3 to 5 minutes to remove the Katchaleaf and replaceable by one person in under 8 minutes on an average pool. The EZ-Off lightweight portable storage roller is constructed from high quality furniture tubing in attractive bright white. You can move your EZ-Off Roller and Katchaleaf cover from the pool area and store them out of sight, until you need them.

The Katchaleaf’s tangle-free fasteners are precision engineered from high-grade, rust-free stainless steel.

The Katchaleaf cover is made by Katchakid Inc – makers of customized pool covers for over 40 years. From design and materials to installation and maintenance, every element of the Katchaleaf has been studied, fine-tuned, tested and proven. You can count on it.

ATTRACTIVE PROFILE Katchaleaf’s attractive cover will brighten your yard in the fall and winter while providing superior protection from debris. Available in Adriatic or Alpine, the Katchaleaf’s low profile means the mesh cover will not block views from your pool area.

FITS ANY POOL SHAPE The Katchaleaf easily shapes to garden walls, spas, boulders, rockeries, water features, fountains, and irregular pool shapes. We’re experts at producing the proper cover to fit any pool and our trained technicians are experts at installing it.

PRODUCT DETAILS Our mesh pool covers are fabricated with a unique blend of lightweight, tensilized, UV-stabilized, knitted polyethylene for inherent tear resistance and all directional strength. They are twice-stitched with bonded triple threads and reinforced with webbing on both the top and underside for extra strength and reliability. They are then completed with solid premium quality brass eyelets and anchors — secured with stainless steel fasteners.

These high quality covers can withstand winds and storms and will not dry or crack with age. They are resistant to sunlight, mildew, rotting, and chlorine damage and their design inhibits algae growth by reducing their food sources (such as leaves, and sunlight). The fabric that makes up all Katchaleaf covers gives you longevity, durability, and resistance to abrasion, all virtually unequaled in materials of this type. It does not unravel or fray under normal use.

IS A SWIMMING POOL DEBRIS COVER RIGHT FOR YOU? If the attractiveness of your pool area, less maintenance time, savings in chemical usage and water depletion are important to you, Katchaleaf is the correct choice. * Katchaleaf is a leaf & debris cover only and should not be used as a swimming pool safety cover.

EYELETS The Katchaleaf is further reinforced with solid, premium quality brass eyelets for durability.

SPECIFICATIONS Physical Property

Test Method




ASTM D-3776

10.0 oz

340 gsm

Lead & Phthalate Tests*


Lead- All Colors


CPSIA Section 101(a)(2)

Not Detected




ASTM D-5199

61 mils

1.6 mm

CPSIA Section 108

Not Detected

Tensile Strength

ASTM D-5034 (grab test)

Warp: 208 lbs Weft: 486 lbs

Warp: 925 N Weft: 2161 N

Flammability Tests*


ASTM E84, Class A



ASTM D-5034 (grab test)

Warp: 134% Weft: 94%

Warp: 134% Weft: 94%

-Flame spread index


-Smoke developed index


Tear Strength

ASTM D-2261 (tongue test)

Warp: 51 lbs Weft: 52 lbs

Warp: 227 N Weft: 231 N

Burst Pressure (Mullen)

ASTM D-3786 (diaphragm test)

487 psi

3358 kPa

Burst Strength

ASTM D-3787 (ball burst test)

353 lbs

1570 N

-22˚ F to +167˚ F

-30˚ C to +75˚ C

Temperature Range





9 ft 10 in



131 ft

40 m

Roll Weight

97 lbs

44 kg

Roll Diameter

14 in

0.35 m

Core Diameter

1.4 in

35 mm

* Test Results available upon request ** Note product is center folded when packaged

Fittings and Components (cont’d) KATCHALEAF EZ-CLIP HAND TOOL The EZ-Clip hand tool makes securing the Katchaleaf to its anchors even easier. Just insert the EZ-Clip into the eyelet and use it to pull the Katchaleaf fastener into its anchor.

ANCHORS The Katchaleaf pool cover is secured to the swimming pool’s surround by attaching the fasteners into a series of anchors. These anchors are normally placed approximately 30 inches apart or less when needed, around the pool’s perimeter and approximately 10 to 15 inches from the waters edge depending on your pool’s requirements. Katchaleaf Inc. offers two anchor options: Nylon Anchors Low profile, durable high-density nylon anchors are available in terracotta (red/orange), gray, or cream. A diamondtipped cord drill is used to make a small 3/4” inch hole in the pool surround, after which the anchor is installed. Brass Anchors For an exclusive look we offer counter-sunk high quality brass anchors. When acid washed, the brass anchor blends with the color of flagstone, pebble, and pea gravel decks, making the anchor almost invisible. We use a diamond-tipped cord drill to make a small 3/4” inch hole in the pool surround, then we insert the counter sunk brass anchor.

All of Katchaleaf’s anchors are feet-friendly and specifically designed so that they are barely noticeable.

KATCHALEAF POOL COVERS COLOR OPTIONS The Katchaleaf pool covering material is available in Adriatic and Alpine, two colors that complement the attractiveness of any pool area.



For more information on how the Katchaleaf can help keep your pool clean while it saves you valuable time, please call us toll free at 1-888-5-katcha.

� Saves your valuable time � Removable off an average pool by one person in under 5 minutes � Replaceable by one person in under 8 minutes � Installs on virtually any surface � Allows rain and snow to filter through so there is no slimy, decomposing seasonal debris to clean up � Shapes to garden walls, spas boulders and irregular pool shapes � Keeps your pool area attractive throughout the year � Can be easily removed and stored for later use � 40 years of quality pool cover experience behind it � 5 Year Warranty

PLEASE CALL US FOR YOUR FREE KATCHALEAF ESTIMATE. Toll-Free at 1-888-552-8242 Email info@katchakid.com www.katchakid.com

KATCHAKID INC. 1330 Sherwood Forest Street Ste. 301 Houston, Texas 77043 Toll-Free 1-888-552-8242 Fax (713) 463-8307 Email info@katchakid.com California 1-866-333-6387 Texas 1-888-552-8242 Arizona 1-888-552-8241 Florida 1-877-796-7879 www.katchakid.com

Remember, the KatchakidŽ net is a supplementary pool safety aid. The best safety around pools is undivided and competent adultsupervision. A Katchakid net can never replace adult supervision. Nor can it be a guarantee against drownings or other accidents. Complies with ASTM F1346-91 Manual Pool Safety Cover Š2015 Katchakid, Inc. All rights reserved.

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