Karamu High School Yearbook 2016

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The name Karamu has long been associated with the Hastings area. It is the name of the local stream and was the name of JP Ormond’s estate on the other side of the city. However, Karamu High School derives its name from the Karamu tree Coprosma lucida. The tree had great significance in early Maori belief. It symbolised life and all the goodness in the Earth and mankind. It had the power to cleanse both spiritually and mentally. THE SCHOOL MOTTO: Knowledge is Strength emphasises the role of knowledge in strong successful life and is the basis of citizenship. THE SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT: Karamu High School will provide co-educational learning opportunities that will inspire students to achieve a wide range of success and develop high standards and self-esteem to enable them to become successful members of society. Students will achieve this through a well-balanced education focusing on individual needs in a friendly, safe and attractive environment. SCHOOL VISION STATEMENT: Proudly Karamu: Proud of who we are and what we stand for Proudly Hastings: Actively supporting the community we are in Proudly Learning: Aiming to achieve to our full potential

Knowledge is Strength

- te Ma-tauranga He Mana to

The design for the 2016 Karamu High School Yearbook is a reflection of the welcoming, inclusive and proud school culture which has continued to grow over this past year. Two key events highlighted are the four major House events - Athletics, Swimming Sports, Cross Country, House Music - and past student Aimee Fisher representing New Zealand in the Rio Olympics. The lines featured throughout the Yearbook represent the four school Houses, Tukituki, Heretaunga, Kaweka and Te Mata, and embody the vital role each student played in the success of 2016. The rings surrounding various photos echo the Olympic Rings and how proud we are of Aimee Fisher. The circular theme also links back to the school circle at the heart of our school. The beautiful imagery on the cover and throughout the yearbook represents Hastings, its surrounding region and natural environment. We hope the students, staff and leaving Year 13s will look back on all that our Karamu family has accomplished together in 2016 with great pride, knowing that without their hard work none of the achievements, sports, trips or school events would have been possible. A special thanks must go to those who assisted in the 2016 yearbook. First our dedicated team of student writers who gathered and crafted information into articles. The staff for their huge input to the written and visual content. Ms Jo Morris for her experienced writing tips and advice. Mr Richard McDade for capturing hundreds of high quality photos. Mrs Kirsty van Rijk for proof-reading and correcting errors to improve accuracy. Miss Joni Dawson and Miss Ana Whitlow for the time they spent facilitating the creation of the cover art work and other key pages. Mrs Tina Travers and the office team for editing articles and captioning photos. Mr Michael Leitch and Mrs Viv Hantler for their continued involvement, support and guidance. Designer Kim Alves for bringing together all our ideas, photos, articles and artwork into this wonderful book. Finally, Miss Maiken Calkoen for the enormous amount of time, energy and dedication she put into overseeing the completion of the Yearbook for a second year. Without her, the enjoyment of the process, and quality of the final product you are holding, would not be of the high standard it is. Holly Davison Editor and member of the writing team, Tira Ora 2016




Tira Ora 2016............................................................... 1

Swimming Sports....................................................... 51

Contents....................................................................... 2

Cycling........................................................................ 52

Proudly Karamu.......................................................... 4

Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award................................ 54

Principal’s Report......................................................... 6

Karamu Green Team.................................................. 56

Board of Trustees Chairperson‘s Report...................... 7

Equestrian.................................................................. 57

Staff 2016..................................................................... 8

Futsal.......................................................................... 58

Staff Welcomes, Hello, Goodbye & Farewells............ 12

Football....................................................................... 60

Head Students............................................................ 16

Dance NZ Made......................................................... 66

Leaders...................................................................... 18

Gymnastics................................................................. 67

Powhiri 2016............................................................... 19

Hockey....................................................................... 68

Year 13 2016.............................................................. 20

Ki O Rahi.................................................................... 70

Cabaret....................................................................... 34

Music.......................................................................... 72

Debating..................................................................... 36

Netball........................................................................ 76

Speech Extension...................................................... 38

Orienteering................................................................ 80

Athletics...................................................................... 39

Cross Country............................................................ 81

Badminton.................................................................. 40

Guys and Dolls Production......................................... 82

Big Day Out................................................................ 41

Rugby......................................................................... 84

Basketball................................................................... 42

Girls Rugby................................................................. 86

Canoe Polo................................................................. 44

Swimming Team......................................................... 90

Athletics Day.............................................................. 41

Tennis......................................................................... 90

Clay Target Shooting.................................................. 46

Touch Rugby.............................................................. 91

Cricket........................................................................ 48

Sporting Successes.................................................... 92

Chess, Triathlon......................................................... 49

House Music............................................................... 96

Cross Country............................................................ 50

Volleyball.................................................................... 97

Proudly Hastings.................................................... 100

Social Science Faculty............................................. 146

Blossom Day............................................................ 102

Languages Faculty................................................... 150

Relay for Life............................................................ 104

Library................................................................... 150

Rescue Helicopter Fundraiser.................................. 105

Landed.................................................................. 151

Kaweka..................................................................... 106

English................................................................... 152

Heretaunga............................................................... 108

Te Reo Ma-ori, Writing Extension Group................ 154

Tuki Tuki....................................................................110

Japanese............................................................... 155

Te Mata......................................................................112

Languages Trip to Japan....................................... 156

Proudly Learning.....................................................114

Technology Faculty................................................... 158

High Achievers..........................................................116

Hard Materials Technology.................................... 158

Academic Institute.................................................... 126 Careers..................................................................... 127 Mathematics Faculty................................................ 128 The Arts Faculty....................................................... 130 Music..................................................................... 130 Drama.................................................................... 132 Media Studies........................................................ 133 Visual Art, Dance, Theatre Technology,

Junior Technology, Senior Technology, Building Industry, Automative................................ 159 Soft Materials Technology, Edible Fashion Awards, Food Technology and Food and Nutrition............. 160 Digital Technologies, DVC: Design and Visual Communication, Digital Graphic Design................ 162 Physical Education and Health Faculty.................... 164 Science Faculty........................................................ 168

Maori Permorming Arts.......................................... 134

Curious Minds ...................................................... 168

Junior Art............................................................... 136

Science Fair.......................................................... 169

Senior Painting...................................................... 138

Science Highlights................................................. 170

Senior Photography .............................................. 140

Senior Prizegiving 2016........................................... 172

Senior Sculpture.................................................... 142 Senior Printmaking ............................................... 143

Junior Prizegiving 2016............................................ 179

Senior Design........................................................ 144

Class Photos............................................................ 184

Painting Challenge................................................ 145

Sponsors.................................................................. 197






It is with great pride that I write this my first Principal’s report here at Karamu High School. 2016 has been another outstanding year for the school and I would like to begin by congratulating the whole school community for your contribution. On behalf of the parents, students and staff, I would like to thank the Board of Trustees for their genuine commitment to all aspects of school governance. The school requires clear vision and well considered decisions. The Board Chair Mr Dave de Lange has continued to lead this group, who have all provided considerable time, energy and expertise to a range of governance tasks and this in turn has supported the smooth operation and management of the school as a whole. During this year Board elections were held, and I would like to acknowledge those Board members moving on. Mr Iain Taylor, Mr Kahu Chadwick and Mrs Jan Clothier have all made a significant contribution over a number of years and their input has been invaluable. They have all sacrificed significant time and energy in the name of the school and for that we cannot thank them enough. At the same time, we welcome the newly elected Board Members Mr Jonathan Brookes, Mrs Amy Walford and Ms Sarah Gunn who I am sure will continue to provide strong governance and leadership moving forward. To the management team Mrs Clark, Mr Wooster and Mr Hollands, the teaching staff and support staff led by my PA Mrs Viv Hantler, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your energy and effort in the name of the school and, more particularly, those who have benefitted from your work. The willingness to go above and beyond to support our students and other staff is a hallmark of this group of professionals, and makes Karamu a truly unique and fabulous environment to be a part of. At the end of the year we will bid farewell to a number of staff, Ms Jo Morris (ex HOF English/Languages), Mrs Jacqui Symes (Assistant HOF Technology), Mr Roland Meijerink (Mathematics), Miss Julie Bolton (English), Miss Kate O’Malley (Physical Education), Miss Leanne Murphy (The Arts). We appreciate your commitment to teaching and the extra curricular life of the school. I have no doubt that those who have been fortunate to be in your classes and teams will be well aware of the quality of professional practice you have brought to this school. As an academic institution, our goal is to provide students with meaningful skills so that they can pursue fulfilling careers and actively contribute to their communities. I am pleased to report our students have enjoyed another exceptional year, with success celebrated across the board. Our academic achievement continues to grow from strength to strength with the majority of our students achieving NCEA at their respective levels. Our level endorsements are also trending upward along with more and more students achieving University Entrance, thus providing these students with the opportunity to seek further tertiary education. Karamu’s success, however, is not

limited to our academic achievement, but also extends to the extra-curricular opportunities provided in which we see our students excel. At the elite level we have seen Karamu students represented in a range of codes and activities regionally, nationally and even internationally in 2016. I would like to congratulate these students as they lead the way for the rest of our student body. I would like to acknowledge all of our students who participate, as we know that like a pyramid, without a strong base we cannot have a strong peak of top performers. Karamu High School is in good heart, thanks again to the engagement and participation of the student body led by our senior school leaders. Athletics, Swimming Sports, Cross Country, House Music, Production, Blossom Day and, of course, the annual Cabaret to name a few all add to positive culture that is growing here. It is infectious and each year our students continue to step up. ‘He mana to te matauranga - Knowledge is Strength’ and it is something that can never be taken from us. We all continue to build our knowledge and experiences and Karamu is a fantastic environment for our students to grow and learn. We are truly fortunate to live in a country that is generally well served by its education system, with students able to access resources and support to help their learning and development. I am confident that despite the Ministry of Education currently reviewing the funding systems of schools, at Karamu we are well positioned and are agile enough to continue to serve the needs of our students. We do, however, need the ongoing support of our fantastic families, whanau and wider community to ensure the needs of our students are met. It is truly a collective partnership that will provide our students with the best possible outcomes and an optimistic future. In closing, I would like to wish all students who are leaving Karamu this year every success in the future. You are now all officially Alumni of the school, who I’m sure will all hold many fond memories. You have formed many strong friendships and a common bond that is everlasting. Go well, and never forget: Proudly Karamu, Proudly Hastings and forever Proudly Learning. Michael Leitch Principal


The year again started with the release of outstanding NCEA results for Karamu students for the 2015 year. It is a real credit to the students and staff that each year the results around academic achievement continue to improve. This is certainly an accurate measure of how well a school is functioning and a great indicator of student engagement underlined by a positive school culture and environment. Particularly pleasing was an increase in the number of students gaining University Entrance which is very important in providing students with the option of university study if they wish to follow that pathway. 2015 saw Mr Martin O’Grady leave Karamu High School and Mr Michael Leitch step up as relieving principal at the end of 2015 and the start of this year. The position of principal was advertised in 2016 and, after a robust appointment process including interviewing a number of top candidates, Mr Leitch was officially appointed as principal at Karamu in June 2016. Since Mr Leitch has been in the position of principal, he has lead significant change around the school strategic plan and other important policy requirements. He has been well supported by a very committed leadership team across all faculties, as well as teaching and support staff, all of whom ensured the high standards set at Karamu continued through this period of change. 2016 also saw the appointment of Mr Damien Hollands as deputy principal, ensuring an effective and focused senior management team committed to student achievement at Karamu. A special mention must go to the student leaders who each year role model the good behaviour and great work ethos we expect from all students. These students play a really important leadership role in the school around all sorts of activities and endeavours. I also acknowledge those senior students who may not be a designated leader per se but who, by their deeds and actions, provide a positive example to all students at Karamu and the community as a whole, be it at the start of the year with the “Big Day Out” or various events spread throughout the school year. The effort and commitment of these students is really appreciated.

the Board will continue to work as hard as possible to ensure Karamu remains a school where students learn and develop into great people for life at and beyond school. On the sport, culture and arts fronts, Karamu students and staff again excelled in many areas at various levels locally, nationally and internationally. It seems that as a school, Karamu has a really diverse skill set where various students are supported to do well in all sorts of endeavours be it sport, science, debating, singing, drama, kapahaka or various other pursuits. Well done. I frequently meet many former Karamu students who are doing really well in a huge range of professions, careers and pursuits. These people are of various ages and all are proud to have been students at Karamu. What really stands out is the wide variety of occupations these people have, many excelling at very high levels all around the world. This clearly reassure me that Karamu is providing, and has for a long time provided, a really solid education for students and prepared them well for when they leave Karamu and set off on a career path in New Zealand and beyond. Finally, to all the parents, caregivers and family members who support Karamu so well, assisting with sports and cultural events and basically involving themselves in the school community to make things better for the students and staff: thank you, Karamu would not be the positive place it is without your support All the best to everyone as the year draws to an end and on into 2017 and beyond. Dave de Lange, Board of Trustees, Chairperson, Karamu High School

2016 also saw Board of Trustee Elections. Personally, I would like to thank the school community for the support Trustees receive in this role and it was a reflection of this community that the election of Trustees went to a vote with a large number of suitable candidates seeking election. A school cannot function without community support and Karamu certainly enjoys this support in many ways. Mrs Jan Clothier (Staff Trustee), Mr Kahu Chadwick and Mr Iain Taylor did not seek re-election onto the Board and I would like to thank them for the time and commitment they have given Karamu over a number of years. I also welcome new trustees, Mrs Amy Walford, Mr Jonathan Brooks and Ms Sarah Gunn (Staff Trustee) and assure you



STAFF 2016 Board of Trustees

Mr D de Lange (Chairperson) Mr J Brookes, Dip. Hort Dr L Buckley, B.A.(Hons), Ph.D. Ms Sarah Gunn, B.Hort, Grad Dip.Tchg Mr I Horsefield Mrs V Hantler (Secretary) Mrs K Holden, B.A., Dip.Tchg, AIRMT Mr M Leitch, B.Ed., Dip.Tchg (Principal) Amy Walford – Dip. Tchg ECE Miss E Bone (Student Trustee)

Senior Management Team Principal, Mr M Leitch, B.Ed, Dip.Tchg

Deputy Principal, Mr D Hollands, B.Des, Grad Dip Tchg

Deputy Principal Mrs J B Clark, B.Sc., Post Grad.Dip.Ed.(Ed Admin),

Dip. Tchg

Deputy Principal Mr W W Wooster, Dip. P.E., Dip. Tchg

Heads Of Faculty

Science Mr K Beaumont, B.Sc. (Hons), Dip. Tchg Social Sciences Miss H Glenny, B.A., Grad. Dip. Tchg English and Languages Mrs A Price, B.B.S., Dip Tchg Health and Physical Education Mr G P Ross, B. Ph. Ed., Dip.Tchg Arts Mr D Hollands, B.Des, Grad. Dip. Tchg Mathematics Mr K May, B.A., M. Sci (Hons). Dip. Tchg Technology Miss M Calkoen, B.Arch(Hons), Grad Dip Tchg

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Bartlett, BA, Dip Ed, Adv Dip Tchg, LTCL, LSB Speech, FSB Pub Spkg Mrs K Beaumont, B.Ed.(UK), B.A.(Massey Scholar), Year 13 Dean Mr M Belz, B.B.S., M. Ed Admin., Dip.Tchg Mr T Blake, B.Ed.Tchg - TIC Sport Miss J Bolton, BA, Grad Dip.Tchg Mrs J Burn, B. Des (Hons), Grad Dip. Tchg Mr P Chamberlain, B.Sc. (Hons), P.G.C.E. M.R.S.C. Mrs A Cooper, B.Mus., B Sc., Grad Dip. Tchg Mr B Crawford, Dip.Tchg - Year 10 Dean Mrs H M Crawford, T.T.C. Mrs N Crawford, Dip.Tchg - Year 9 Dean Mr C Cummins, Dip Audio Engineering, M.A. Grad Dip. Tchg Miss J Dawson, Dip. Tchg BDES (Design) Mrs Y Douglas, B.A, Grad Dip. Tchg Miss P Ferguson, Dip. Tchg Mr N P Field, B.Sc., Dip.Tchg Mrs K Greville, B.Ed, B.VAD, Dip Tchg, Grad Dip Ed Ms S Gunn, B.Hort Mr L Harmer, B.Maori Performing Arts, B Maori Art & Design, Dip.Tchg Mrs K Hart, B.A.(Hons), L.S.B., L.T.C.L., P.G.Dip.Ed (counselling), Dip.Tchg,

M. Counselling

Ms P Hati, B.Maori Performing Arts, Grad D ip. Tchg Mr T Hunter, B.A., Dip. Tchg Mrs J Hunter, B. Ph. Ed., Dip. Tchg, Grad Cert Career Development Mr M Jamieson, Dip.Tchg. D ip Special. Needs Mr J Kite, B.VAD, Grad Dip. Tchg Mr J Lynex, B.Sc., Dip. Tchg Mrs L McCaffrey, B.Ed. NZAMD Solo Dip. (Jazz, Hip Hop) (on leave) Mr R McDade, B.Sc.(Hons), PGCE – Asst HoF Science


Mrs F McDonald, B.A., Dip. Tchg Ms L McElwee, B.A, Grad Dip Tchg Mr J Mallory, B.A.,M.A.E. Mrs R Malton, B.Ed Mr J Matthews, B.Ed., Dip. Tchg Mr R Meijerink, M Sc. Med. Mrs S Mills, B.SocSc.(Hons), Grad Dip Tchg Mr N R Moir, B.Sc., Dip. Ed. Studs., Dip. Tchg Ms J K Morris M.A. Otago, M.A. Victoria, Grad Arts, Dip. Tchg Miss K O’Malley, B.PhEd, Grad Dip Tchg Mrs V Peffer, ADVTC Electrical..Dip Tchg Miss J Primmer, B.RS.,Dip.Tchg Mr C Rafferty, B.A, Grad Dip Tchg Mr J Read, B.A., Dip.Policing., Grad Di p. Tchg Ms V Redwood, B.A., Dip. Tchg Ms A Roberts, B.Sc (Hons). Grad Dip Tchg Mrs A Rogers, Adv.Nat Cert Carpentry, Dip .Tchg (on leave) Ms J Symes, Dip.HSC,Dip.Tchg, Asst HOF Technology Mr D A Taylor, Dip Tchg - Asst HOF Mathematics Mrs T Taylor, B.A., Dip.Tchg - Asst HOF Social Sciences Mr C Thompson, B.Sc., Dip. Tchg Mrs K Van Rijk, B.A. Grad Dip. Tchg, Year 11 Dean Ms J Veen, B.A., Grad Dip. Tchg - Year 10 Dean Mrs V Watson, B.A.Dip.Tchg, L.T.C.L.(Drama) - Asst HOF Performing Arts Miss A Whitlow, B.FA, Grad Dip Tchg Ms E Wiggins, B.A., Dip Tchg Mr J Wright, B.VAD, Nat Cert Carpentry, Grad Dip Tchg

Instrumental Music Tutors

Dave Boston (Guitar, Electric Bass) B.A, L.T.C.L (Perf), A.I.R.M.T Tessa-May Brown (Voice) Sarah Bryant (Cello) B.A, A.T.C.L, Grad Dip Tchg Cameron Budge (Drums) Mary McHattie (Flute) Dip Tchg, A.I.R.M.T Sally Rutgers (Piano) Norma Smith (Violin) Neville Stewart (Brass) Brigitte Tiedemann (Flute) Anton Wuts (Saxophone, Clarinet) BMus

Support Staff

Miss A Arnott, Teacher Aide Ms B Butler, Gateway Coordinator Mrs J Clarke, Accounts Clerk Mrs J Clothier, B.A., Dip. ILS, Dip.Tchg RLIANZA - Library Mr B Cottrell, Teacher Aide Mrs F Gray, Receptionist/Cashier Mrs V Hantler, Principal’s PA Mrs S Jackson, Senior Canteen Assistant Mr R McLaren, Groundsman Miss S Maui, Teacher Aide Miss M Parker, B.Sc (Hons) – Teacher Aide/Lab Technician Mr R Poulgrain, Caretaker Ms W Prescott, Senior Canteen Assistant Ms M Radley, Administration/ Library Mr M Strickland, NZCE (Ele Eng) - Computer Technician Mrs T Travers, Telephonist/Word-processing Mrs K Treneman, Administration Mrs M Whiting, Q.T.A. (Microbiology) Lab Technician


Absent Mrs J Bartlett, Mr B Cottrell, Miss M Parker, Mrs M Whiting, Mrs K Hart, Ms W Prescott, Mrs J Clarke, Mr R Poulgrain, Mrs N Crawford

Front row Ms J Veen, Miss M Calkoen, Miss H Glenny, Mr K May, Mr D Hollands, Mr W Wooster, Mr M Leitch, Mrs J Clark, Mrs A Price, Mr G Ross, Mr K Beaumont, Mr N Field, Mrs K van Rijk

2nd row Miss S Maui, Ms L McElwee, Mrs K Beaumont, Mrs S Mills, Ms M Radley, Mr R McDade, Ms J Symes, Mrs F Gray, Mrs F McDonald, Mrs V Hantler, Mrs V Watson, Mrs B Butler, Mrs T Travers, Ms S Gunn, Mrs J Clothier

3rd row Mr B Crawford, Mr P Chamberlain, Mrs A Roberts, Mr M Jamieson, Mr C Cummins, Mr R Meijerink, Mr C Thompson, Mr J Read, Mr J Kite, Mrs E Wiggins, Mr T Hunter, Mr L Harmer

4rd row Mrs V Peffer, Mr C Rafferty, Miss J Primmer, Mrs T Taylor, Mrs J Burn, Miss J Bolton, Mrs J Hunter, Mrs H Crawford, Ms J Morris, Miss V Redwood, Mrs K Treneman, Ms P Hati, Mrs R Malton

5th row Mr T Blake, Mr J Mallory, Mrs A Cooper, Miss J Dawson, Mr J Matthews, Mr R McLaren, Mr D Taylor, Mr J Wright, Miss A Whitlow, Mr M Strickland, Miss K O’Malley, Mr M Belz, Miss D Arnott


STAFF 2016


WELCOMES Richard McDade Trained at the Glasgow Caledonian University BSC (Hons), Mr Richard McDade taught in the United Kingdom for several years before emigrating to New Zealand in 2005. He has spent the last 11 years as the Head of Physics at Avondale College. We were very excited to appoint Mr McDade as assistant head of the Science Faculty as he brings with him a wealth of experience and academic success. His enthusiasm and passion for his specialist subject area (Physics) is infectious and we are enjoying having him on board as part of the team.

Stephanie Mills Originally from Napier (Tamatea High School), Mrs Stephanie Mills completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) from Waikato University, Diploma of Teaching (Massey). She completed her OE in the United Kingdom before returning to Auckland where she taught at Auckland Girls’ Grammar and Carmel College. In 2015 Mrs Mills returned to Hawke’s Bay and taught at St Joseph’s Maori Girls College, before being appointed to the teaching position of Geography and Social Science here at Karamu High School at the beginning of the year.

Justin Kite Originally from Hawke’s Bay and an old boy of Colenso College Mr Justin Kite has a Bachelor of Art and Design from EIT. He taught at Napier Girls’ High and Hastings Boys’ High before spending two years at the British International School in Shanghai. Mr Kite is a practising artist who is well known in Hawke’s Bay. These skills were particularly evident in his role as Set Designer for the school production of Guys and Dolls. The Technology Faculty has been very lucky to have him as part of the team this year with his creative and calm approach to teaching and his dedicated work with the students in the workshop.

Ana Whitlow Miss Ana Whitlow is another local who originally attended Sacred Heart College in Napier before gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massey University in Wellington. She worked as a Teacher Aide in Napier before heading to Asia where she spent four years teaching ESOL in Korea and China. Miss Whitlow then returned to NZ to complete her Diploma of teaching last year. Miss Whitlow’s creativity and dedication has meant students have been able to learn Sculpture and Printmaking from a very passionate and knowledgeable person and many have benefitted from her enthusiastic and positive approach to all she does.

Lucie-Jane McElwee Miss Lucie-Jane McElwee joined Karamu High School at the beginning of the year in place of Miss Leanne Murphy who had taken leave. Miss McElwee trained in Geography and Social Science gaining her Bachelor of Arts degree at Victoria University. Miss McElwee has always had a passion for teaching Theatre and Dance which led to a position at Flaxmere College, following teaching positions at Horowhenua College, Nelson College and Selwyn College. Miss McElwee has proven herself to be an excellent all round teacher of Dance who is well respected amongst both staff and students. Following the resignation of Miss Murphy, Miss McElwee has been appointed to the permanent teaching position of Dance from 2017.

Bronwyn Butler Mrs Bronwyn Butler joined us this year as our Gateway Co-ordinator. She has held a number of administrative roles and more recently spent four years at Palmerston North Boys’ High School as the co-ordinator of International Students and as a Careers Advisor assistant. Her ability to work amongst the community and alongside students makes her a great fit for us here at Karamu High School.


Colin Rafferty Mr Colin Rafferty joined the Social Sciences and Technology facilities in Term Three to help support Junior Social Studies, Business Studies and Year 9 Food Technology. Mr Rafferty is originally from Ireland and emigrated to NZ 16 years ago with his wife and two children. Mr Rafferty spent six years teaching at Wairoa College in the Business Studies and PE departments before moving to Hawke’s Bay in 2014. He spent time relieving in a variety of schools across the Bay before joining the Karamu family where he has fitted in seamlessly. He is a motivated and enthusiastic teacher who has shown a genuine interest in his students. When not planning interesting lessons for his classes, Mr Rafferty loves spending time with his family and enjoys taking part in anything outdoors particularly multi-sports, cycling and tramping.


Kerin Greville

There are probably not too many schools in Hawke’s Bay that Mrs Kerin Greville has not had some involvement with, and we were very fortunate to have gained her services for the 2016 academic year. She has always had that ability to be a ‘Mrs Fix It’ when it comes to staffing, with a tremendous skill to teach across a number of curriculum areas. Mrs Greville has taught in the Art Faculty this year and again has made a significant contribution to the school and the students who have been fortunate enough to have been taught by her. Mrs Greville leaves us at the end of the year to continue with her own business enterprises and we wish her all the best.

Madeleine Parker Miss Madeleine Parker joined the staff this year as a science technician and teacher aide. She came to Karamu on a GAP year after completing her Bachelor of Science (Hons) majoring in biotechnology and cell and molecular bioscience through Victoria University. Miss Parker has made a valuable contribution to the Science Faculty as well as mentoring a number of students in their studies. We wish Miss Parker all the best as she heads to Australian National University in Canberra to complete her Master of Science where she has received a scholarship valued between $35-45,000.

Yvette Douglas Originally from Wanganui attending Wanganui Collegiate, Mrs Yvette Douglas moved to Christchurch to complete her Bachelor of Arts in History and Classics with a Diploma in Teaching. She returned to her old school to teach between 2005 and 2012 before taking time away to start her own family. Mrs Douglas joined us as cover for Mrs Taylor for two terms, while she was on leave from the Social Science Faculty. Mrs Douglas proved to be a very competent practitioner and was well liked amongst the student body. Mrs Douglas left us at the end of Term Two to take up a position at Lindisfarne College.

Kate O’Malley It would take a super hero to replace Mr Noble, and we got one. On the day the school interviewed for this position, Miss Kate O’Malley was on the front page of the paper with an article about her involvement in saving multiple lives in large surf. She has come to Karamu after teaching two years at Hukarere Maori Girls’ College and her caring and supportive manner meant she quickly had positive impacts on both staff and students. Not only did Miss O’Malley teach four junior PE classes and one Level 1 NCEA PE, she taught one science. Add to this five junior health classes meaning she taught over half the junior school. Within weeks she knew over 200 students names. Miss O’Malley also showed skills as coach over a very successful Year 9 netball team and was working hard to build the profile of running at Karamu. Her effort and energy will be missed and we are sad to see her moving on but know she will do amazing things at Sacred Heart next year.


FAREWELL Jeff Lynex Nobody could be more passionate about Geography than Mr Jeff Lynex. He loved the subject area and took great pleasure talking with students about so many different features in our local and global landscape. He explored teaching about issues that were topical on an international scale such as people smuggling and also those closer to home with volcanic processes in the Tongariro National Park. Many a great field trip did Mr Lynex organize and run over the years. Always so knowledgeable and helpful, giving students an experience of a life time. Mr Lynex is now taking some time to be with family and friends and continue to explore different places in the world. He was also a key member of our management team for 20 years, his key responsibilities involved staff professional development and professional support, as well as the big challenge of timetabling and daily teacher relief. Mr Lynex had a vast knowledge of the Education Payroll Service and was the ‘go to person’ during the Novopay debacle. He was also highly regarded for his knowledge around policy and planning. In his early years at Karamu, Mr Lynex ran the Squash teams and built this up to a level he can proud of. In later years he became more involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Hilary awards and took numerous groups away on their expeditions. His love of the outdoors evolved through his passion for his subject area. He led many tramps through the Tongariro National Park as part of the Year 13 curriculum which was a highlight for many Year 13 Geography students. Mr Lynex had a calming influence around this place and many would seek his advice on all kinds of matters. He was a very caring and supportive member of our Karamu Family.

Jo Morris Ms Jo Morris began at Karamu in 1997 as an English and Media Studies teacher. In 1999, she became Head of the English Department and worked in that role, or as Head Of Faculty of English and Languages, until this year. During this time, she has been an inspiration to numerous teachers who have worked with her. In addition to her teaching and leadership roles, Ms Morris has been involved in a range of co- and extra-curricular activities. Her enthusiasm and skill base has been put to great use either directing or assisting with a number of school productions, producing Tira Ora, the Karamu High School yearbook and working with debating at a school and regional level. On top of all this, she also developed extension reading and writing programmes. Her involvement in the wider community of English teachers at a regional and national level has also been a huge asset to the school. She has been an active participant in the regional English teachers’ Association (HBETA) and has served as regional representative and then President of the National Association (NZATE). As well, she has been involved in providing professional development, resource development, and writing standards and tasks for both Media Studies and English, through NZQA and the Ministry of Education. Her many accolades over the years have included gaining a Masters in Creative Writing, a Masters in Poetry, a Woolf Fisher Scholarship and she has been recognised nationally as an English Teacher. Ms Morris has loved her time at Karamu and is proud of her long association with the school: an association which was strengthened through her children, Nic and Alex Harty-Morris, who both attended the school. She is extremely sad to be leaving and hopes to at least visit in the future.

Jacqui Symes Mrs Jacqui Symes has been a valued member of the Technology Faculty of Karamu High School for 12 years. She began as the Head of Department of Soft Materials and Food, then more recently has had the role of the Assistant Head of Faculty. Mrs Symes contribution to the Food Technology and Hospitality learning areas has been immense. Students have benefitted from the opportunities she has provided for them including supporting them in various cooking competitions, providing Hospitality class trips and having a number of industry chefs working with them over the years. A highlight was when her class auditioned and got a place on the Activate TV show in 2008! It was three Year 11 students who had to cook a healthy meal, answer questions about food and exercise, and the Karamu team made the semi final. Mrs Symes is a show jumper and has worked with the school Equestrian Team for many years as


well as recently supporting the Squash Team. Mrs Symes will fondly remember many fantastic students from her time at Karamu. She also considers the staff to be a real highlight as we have such a uniquely supportive and enjoyable staffroom and fabulous collegiality in the Faculty. We will miss Mrs Symes kind and caring nature, her laugh, and her excellent company. All the best for the future.

Julie Bolton Miss Julie Bolton began teaching English at Karamu High School in 2015. She came to the school as a second year teacher and has been an asset to both the English and Languages Faculty and the wider school community. She has taught a range of different year levels in English and has even taught in the Social Sciences Faculty. In the classroom, she has been able to draw on her rich experiences gained traveling and competing in canoe polo at an international level. She has enjoyed her time at Karamu and her passion for Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings bubbled over into her classroom, much to the delight of her students. Her experiences in the sporting arena provided her with an impressive and unique skill base to impart to the students. Among many sporting responsibilities, she coached the Karamu High School Senior Girls’ Canoe Polo team to a Gold Medal at the National Competition. She has also mentored Madison Gaiger, a Year 13 student, through to compete internationally for the Women’s Under 21 New Zealand team. We wish Miss Bolton luck with her future teaching practice. She will be missed both in and outside the classroom.

Roland Meijerink Mr Roland Meijerink joined Karamu High School two years ago from The Netherlands. He is a talented mathematician who readily gave up his time to help his students succeed. He coached girls’ football and we will miss his unique perspective of them playing. He was an avid supporter of Heretaunga House. The Faculty will miss his culinary skills, his upgrading of the mathematic resources and his computer skills. Mr Meijerink came to New Zealand alongside his partner and will be leaving with an additional member, a young son. We wish him and his young family all the best for the future.

Leanne Murphy Miss Leanne Murphy started at Karamu High School as a part time Dance teacher in 2009 while still a student. She took up a fulltime position at the start of 2010. During her time at Karamu, she not only established the Junior Dance and NCEA courses, but the students under her guidance had huge successes in the Inter School Dance Festival, Stage Challenge and Dance New Zealand Made competitions. She ran workshops for prospective Year 8 students from Hastings Intermediate and took the students to a ‘Royal Family’ Hip-hop workshop. Each year parents would delight in the concert that showcased the many talents that Karamu High School Dancers had. Her Dancers were also involved in the Blossom Parade in 2015. Each year, Miss Murphy would give the Year 13’s waltzing lessons in preparation for the School Cabaret.Miss Murphy’s friendly, enthusiastic and bubbly nature will be missed by staff and students alike. We would like to wish her all the very best in her new position.

Amber Rogers Mrs Amber Rogers taught in the Technology Faculty for 5 years. She was army trained, outgoing, collegial, friendly and had a good rapport with students. Her strengths were teaching construction and building industry courses. She contributed to the school through teaching a range of subjects such as Soft Materials, Health, PE, Sport and Junior Technology and by managing a rugby team. Mrs Rogers has been on maternity leave for the last two years and is not returning to Karamu.


HEAD STUDENTS Head Boy Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert When walking in on my first day of high school, I honestly thought I would be here forever and it is crazy now to think that forever has come to an end. I have had an amazing run at Karamu High School for the past five years and it was summed up by getting the honour of being the Head Boy for 2016. This honor, has helped me grow and learn valuable skills and lessons as I move forward into the big wide world. I have learnt to back myself and believe in my ability as a leader who can make a difference. I have learnt to take every opportunity that comes my way, as even the bad experiences have good value. I have also learnt the value of listening to what is said and what isn’t and to approach all situations with an open mind. My advice to the students of Karamu is don’t let fear control your decisions through life, be bold, be courageous, try new things that will help you discover who you are and your passions in life. I encourage every student to give something new a go, don’t leave Karamu saying “I wish I had”, leave with “I’m glad I did”. Get involved, make mistakes, learn from them, and grow from it. I would like to take this opportunity also to thank every teacher that has been a part of my journey over the past five years. I have gone from seeing teachers as adults that put us under pressure and stress to people who genuinely care about us and our success both now and in the future. That’s one thing I will miss the most about Karamu, the relationships I have built with many teachers and students. To my Year 13 group, it has been one hell of a ride but we made it. I have built many bonds with a lot of my year group and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope our paths met again soon. I have so many great memories of my time at Karamu and will cherish them. I am ready to move on and am excited for the next chapter in my life to begin in Auckland. I am looking forward to the many challenges that will come my way. I will continue to support Karamu and definitely will return one day. “You can take the boy out of Karamu but you can’t take Karamu out of the boy”. “HeHe mana to te matauranga.”

Head Girl Isla Christensen I am very grateful to have had the role of Head Girl this year and what a journey it has been! As I reflect on my time at Karamu High School, I can see how much I have learnt. One lesson is the importance of believing in yourself and taking a risk. Bobby Unser once said, “success is where opportunity and preparation meet,” which is so true. My advice for those yet to complete their time at high school is to work hard and take every opportunity you can. In doing so, you might just find what you are passionate about, which for others can take a lifetime to discover. My time at Karamu has helped me realise my passion for the environment and people, because what I stand for is what I stand on.


I also believe strongly in the school motto, knowledge is strength. Karamu is dedicated to education and supporting students to reach their potential. I have been exposed to a variety of subjects ranging from movie making in Media Studies to researching plastic pollution in the ocean in Chemistry. I know I leave Karamu with more knowledge than 12 year old me knew existed. One final lesson is the importance of friendship. Being surrounded with positive friends has a huge influence on me. I leave high school with life long friends, there for each other in rough times and great times. I would like to take time to congratulate my fellow Year 13s completing this year, it has been a privilege to see you grow and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. But remember, once a Karamu kid, always a Karamu kid. I would also like to thank the amazing staff of Karamu High School, for their constant support and encouragement. Also to the superheroes in the office and canteen, thank you for keeping me organised and well fed, served with a smile everyday.

Deputy Head Boy Ezra Cash So, Karamu High School… I’ve never been one to recount memories mainly because I can never remember them, even considering the fact these five years have gone so fast that it doesn’t feel like a distant memory at all. In fact, it feels like just, five years have passed actually. But one thing I do remember are the things I’ve learnt from my time here. I’m not just talking about everyday handy tips like how to survive a tiger attack from Mr Ross, how to set the school on fire from Mr Chamberlain, or even how to make a small bomb for a, ‘great’ party trick from Mr Beaumont. But instead, the two main things this school has taught me. If I’ve learnt anything from Karamu it’s that things never happened the way you expected, they don’t always go the way you thought they would. For example I never would have thought that me, the shy Year 9 who came to school with a bowl cut and never really talked to anyone, would have had any chance, at all, at being Deputy Head Boy. So no matter how down in the dumps you feel, how much of a failure you see yourself as, don’t be lured into the thinking that you weren’t meant for great things. If you are still reading this then well done, you are probably ‘the 1%’. Why? Because this writing has been pretty boring and your sheer perseverance must have gotten you this far. This brings me to the other most important thing I’ve learnt from Karamu, perseverance. Think of this writing as life, and the boring parts as tough times. There have been some pretty tough times, and there will probably be even more to come, just like with this writing (sorry). But without that perseverance you wouldn’t have gotten this far. This is like leaving school, going out into that big scary place, the place where Mr Wooster no longer patrols the corridors. I know, that’s hard to imagine. But as I continue to write and ‘persevere’ through the boring bits it would start to get better and you may even start to enjoy my writing. Now, hopefully, you’re a better writer than me and have fewer less boring parts. But from Karamu, I have found the more I push through the tough times, the better life has turned out for me. These tough times are what shape us, they are how we learn and become better. So next time you’re struggling through something, whatever you do, don’t give up, persevere and you will be rewarded. Finally to the staff. Thank you for all the opportunities I have been able to gain from this school. Outward Bound, Sport, music, education. Without this school, I wouldn’t be half the, pre-mature, man I am today. I couldn’t have done any of it without the support and kindness of the countless staff that have put up with me for five years. Keep up the good work and thanks for staying at school so I don’t have to. Thank you Karamu, you will be missed.

Deputy Head Girl Georgia Boyes The past five years in the Karamu family have flown by. When asked to reflect on these, I have realised that this time can pass by so fast, that we forget to be grateful for what the place and people have done for us. Karamu, I will never forget the lessons learnt, friendships made and memories built here. I don’t think any school has more fun than we do. Bomb competitions in swimming sports, bouncy castles at athletics and Friday sounds on the round are a few examples which show that Karamu is about everyone working together and having a great time. It has been an honour to represent the school as Deputy Head girl this year, and I have seen it as an opportunity to help as many students as I can. This is because Karamu is a family. Not one student achieves great success alone, but we all help and congratulate each other when it is deserved. I may be one of the oldest at Karamu now, but I have learnt endless amounts from all the students and have been constantly inspired by everyone’s individual talents. Something I cannot thank Karamu enough for is the amazing staff. The extra hours they put in to help all of us succeed is incredible and my journey at this school wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable without them. Their efforts mean so much to me and I hope to help as many people as they do in the future. Like myself, you may leave Karamu not knowing how to feel. But if anything, don’t have regrets. To make sure you have none, my one piece of advice is to do a variety of activities you are good and terrible at. Stand out in the areas you succeed in and have a laugh in the ones you don’t. We won’t always have choices in our lives when we can pick the options we are best at. So learn to deal with the hard times with a positive attitude in a place bursting with opportunity. I can’t wait to hear about all of Karamu’s future successes. To the younger students, always remember that good is the enemy of great.


House Leaders

Left to right Kendal Gowan, Tahl Southwick, Abigail Hussey, Madison Gaiger, Thomas Black, Logan Hughes, Taylor-John Ave, JonJoseph Scales, Morgan Nitschke, Ethan Murray, Waitawhara Tupaea, Laura Winstone, Cameron Woolley, Kate Jacobs, Grace Lyndon, Shanae Mullooly

Community Leaders

Back row Tyler McCourt, Emma Williams, Jeremy Stanton, Finn MacKenzie, Sophie Wells, Alex Hape-Tonihi

Front row Tanisha Fitzgerald, Mia Braddock, Shayne Brown, Darnah Chenery, Ashleigh Mosen, Tyler Wyllie-Cooper

Area Leaders Back row Mason Templeton (Academic), Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers (Cultural), Romaine Crawford (Academic), Grace Nolan (Sports), Sam ThorpeLoversuch (Sports), Zack Matthews (Academic), Emma Bone (Academic and Student Representative Board of Trustees) Front row

Zion Harris (Cultural), Mikel O’Connell (Performing Arts), Caitlyn Clark (Performing Arts), Jesca-Lee Bron (Academic), Ailsa Laurie (Performing Arts), Summer Wynyard (Sports)




Jesca-Lee Bron

Logan Hughes

1)Being a midget with attitude. 2)Le Bron James. 3)Mr Wooster.

2) Smurf.

Tyler McCourt

1)Knowing the words to every song ever. 3) Beauden Barret. 4) Penalty shootout in tournament final for football 2015 to still finish 8th and in the rain.

Tori Cowan-Smith

Ailsa Laurie

6) work successfully as an early childhood teacher. 9) Have a good laugh. 13) Pork Riblet

7) thin crust vegetarian, hold the cheese. 10) “this is true” – Mrs Taylor. 11)Gone too quickly.

Jeriel Sajan

Mason Templeton

Dominique Harmer-Higgins

1)Singing. 9) Stop overthinking, just do it. 15)free garlic bread for all year 13’s.

5)Engineering. 13) garlic bread. 15) multichoice exams .

1)Piercings and weird hair colour. 9) Do your work, listen to your teachers and get through it. 14) Koala.


Zack Matthews

James Lowe

1)Academic Leader. 4) Mr Wooster’s life lessons. 9) Keep it real.

1) Being a geo nerd. 4) Whenever there was an earthquake. 5)Be the CEO of a tourism operation.

Ellen Wykes

Alex Hape-Tonihi

2)Nelle, Melly. 4) Whale watching trip. 10)”Difficult often lead to beautiful destinations”

1)Being awkward. 9)Don’t procrastinate. Just don’t. DON’T DO IT. Don’t procrastinate! 15) Instead of detentions, make them do some good in the hood.

Brad Petitclerc

2) Limilord. 9) Sulpher Florine Hydrogen 11) Tuesday library day.


What are you most known for? Q1

Who do you consider to be your idol? Q3

What do you want to do in the future? Q5

Nicknames? Q2

High school memory? Q4

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Q6

If there is one piece of advice you could Q9 give to someone, what would it be?

Describe Karamu in 3 words? Q11

Felix Thornton

3)Jello Biafra 4) submission to an oppressive and elitist system 6) The horror.... The horror 11) Elitist class war

What is your ideal pizza? Q7

Quote? Q 10

Favourite snack bought at the canteen? Q13 If you could choose any animal as a Q14 school pet, what would you choose?

If you could choose one school rule Q15 to change, what would it be?



Jim Missen

Hannah Taylor

4) all of L2 PE. 9) Go hard or go home. 13) Lasagne Bun.

1)Always having days off. 10)interior design. 7) vegan pizza!!! 10) “do everything in love” Corinthians 16:14

Livi Broderick

1)Insane facial expressions. 2)Lulu 5)Win big with lotto.

Daniel Brown

Shayne Brown

1)Working in the library. 7) Homemade. 9) Comfort zones are there to be stepped out of.

2) nana. 7) chicken and camembert. 9) “short stories by Mr Chamberlain - The end.” - Mr Chamberlain, or go for gold.

Sam Thorpe-Loversuch

Amy Webber

Grace Lyndon

1)Bike boy. 2)Sam from Clive. 6) On a bike in Europe.

1) Always laughing. 2) Amux. 13)Whatever my friends bought me.

5)Early childhood teacher. 7) All pizza. 10) if a jobs worth doing, It’s worth doing well.


Ashleigh Blackman

Emma Bone

1)Never being present before 2nd period. 5)be the first bachelorette NZ. 7)Any pizza that has cheeseburgers and fries on top. through.

1)Being involved in everything. 3)Mr Thompson. 9) get your licence as soon as possible.

Cameron Lovell

Ezra Cash

1)A jawline more defined than your contour. 5) Olympics first ten pin bowling gold medallist. 10) “Bowling’s a sport?”

7)Cooked with a pinch of salt, served with a side of broccoli and chicken, hold the pizza. 9) With great brains, comes great gains. 10) “you can’t add apples with oranges!” – Mr Mallory 2014.

Kendal Gowan

1)Getting roasted by Mr May in 13 STATS. 9) Enjoy school while you can. 14) Fern is good enough.


What are you most known for? Q1

Who do you consider to be your idol? Q3

What do you want to do in the future? Q5

Nicknames? Q2

High school memory? Q4

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Q6

If there is one piece of advice you could Q9 give to someone, what would it be?

Describe Karamu in 3 words? Q11

Caitlyn Clark

6) Spend money to make money. 9)Winning Kahoot means everything. 13) Cheeky chocolate.

What is your ideal pizza? Q7

Quote? Q 10

Favourite snack bought at the canteen? Q13 If you could choose any animal as a Q14 school pet, what would you choose?

If you could choose one school rule Q15 to change, what would it be?



Tanisha Fitzgerald

Jon Joseph Scales

2) Tanish, Fitzy, T-Dawg. 10) “Chocolate comes from cacao which is a tree that makes it a plant…chocolate is a salad.” 14) Dinosaur, why not.

4)Kicks with Mr Reid on the field. 5) New Zealand Kabaddi player. 10) “A haka is not done well because of the colour of your skin but the will in your heart to do well.” - Mr Wooster.

Ashleigh Mosen

Josh Waite

6)Waite and see. 9) be happy 13) $1 meatballs.

Jaymie Wright

2)Ash, Smashly. 6) Working in a science lab. 10) “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

Brooke Hatton

Darnah Chenery

1)Best snapchat stories, having a smashed phone. 5) Be happy. 7) cheesy garlic.

1)Ginger. 2) DarnahBananah, Darnosaur. 11) milestones, stress, canteen.


Rangimarie Harrison

Ryan Lawson

Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert


1)Being head boy, having long hair.. 10) “My body is a temple.” - JJ Scales. 15)More P.E

Emma Williams

Georgia Boyes

1)being accident prone. 5) Become a teacher. 7) Cheese, cheese and more cheese.

2) Geo. 4)9VR. 5) Teacher. 10) “Why can I smell banana?” – Mr May.

Zoe Hannay

1) drawing, having short hair. 5) Finally get my learners. 10) “totes lit” - Miss Calkoen “a man is not a financial plan” - Miss Van Rijk


What are you most known for? Q1

Who do you consider to be your idol? Q3

What do you want to do in the future? Q5

Nicknames? Q2

High school memory? Q4

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Q6

If there is one piece of advice you could Q9 give to someone, what would it be?

Describe Karamu in 3 words? Q11

Dafydd Morrell

What is your ideal pizza? Q7

Quote? Q 10

Favourite snack bought at the canteen? Q13 If you could choose any animal as a Q14 school pet, what would you choose?

If you could choose one school rule Q15 to change, what would it be?



Emma Moat

Ethan Jacobs

1)Working at Macca’s. 5)Live in castle. 7) Hawaiian with cranberry sauce.

6) NZ Army. 9) have some fun with any subject even if it’s really, really boring. 14) Dragon or a Barn Owl.

1)Eyebrows. 5) a pediatric nurse. 9) Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Dominique Harmer-Higgins

Kendall Lucas

1)Piercings and weird hair colour. 9) Do your work, listen to your teachers and get through it. 14) Koala.

2) Kenny. 5) help save planet earth. 10) time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge.

Jane Hannam

Shanae Mullooly

1)Online shopping in class. 6) Winner of Lotto with 20 cats. 13) Warm brownie.

2)Shanaenae. 3) The great THunter. 12) Wagon Wheel.


Sarah Allen

Holly Foulkes

1)Crazy skinny girl. 5) Author or psychologist 10) #runlikeitsfiredchicken.

Kate Jacobs

Tyler Wyllie-Cooper

1)Loudest laugh. 2) KatieJ, Lady Kate. 5)become a badass chiropractor with lots of money.

1)Being a vegan and doing CrossFit. 3)Mr Hollands. 5) Accounting.

Parekura Simpson

2) Pare, Puddles 5) Early childhood teacher. 9) just be yourself.

Grace Nolan

Sophie Wells

1)100% attendance, sports leader. 3)Mr Wooster. 3) When Mr Blake kicked a bird out of the sky with a rugby ball.

5) Being a paramedic. 10) “you have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose.� 13) gooey caramel memphis.


What are you most known for? Q1

Who do you consider to be your idol? Q3

What do you want to do in the future? Q5

Nicknames? Q2

High school memory? Q4

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Q6

If there is one piece of advice you could Q9 give to someone, what would it be?

Describe Karamu in 3 words? Q11

Laura Winstone

1)Cab Queen, Curly. 5) Be successful in whatever I choose. 7) Meatlovers with no meat.

Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers

1) Being loud. 2) PouPou, Po. 9) Live your life to the fullest by taking every opportunity.

What is your ideal pizza? Q7

Quote? Q 10

Favourite snack bought at the canteen? Q13 If you could choose any animal as a Q14 school pet, what would you choose?

If you could choose one school rule Q15 to change, what would it be?



Gurkimal Bhangal

Mia Braddock

2)Gurkasarus, Gurky. 5) Neuro Surgeon. 6) Studying for the next 13 years.

4) 9VR. 5) Communications. 10)”if tomorrow isn’t the due date, then todays isn’t the do date”


Having a unique last name. 2) Morgs. 4) Every PE practical lesson.

Payton Grant

Kayla Pearse

2) P, Pay, Midget 
5) Work in the tourism industry.
 9) Don’t stress over the little things.

1) being a dancer, never leaving the art room, doing everything the hard way. 7) cheesy garlic.

Josh Nicol

Isla Christiansen

1)Top quality banter. 10) “keep calm and make excuses.”

1) Hugging trees. 10) Smile more. 11) fun, friendships and opportunities.


Morgan Nitschke

Finn Mackenzie

2) Dugald. 3) Barbara Streisand. 4) Falling over in the mud in year 9.

Keegan Beets

Cameron Wolley

2) Beetus. 9) Don’t take things so seriously. 13) Those potato ball things.

2) CammyWammy, Cammy Coo. 4) Swimming sports. 9) consistency is key.

Gagan Kalkat

Charlotte Rameka

1) for being one of the Indians 4) house music. 9) If something’s hard to do, it’s not worth doing.

1)spending too much time in the dance room. 2) Char. 4)Walking into doors.

Connor McGhee

1)Not being there. 2) Con, Lassy. Clarence, Connie. 9)Laminate your study notes so the tears roll of.


What are you most known for? Q1

Who do you consider to be your idol? Q3

What do you want to do in the future? Q5

Nicknames? Q2

High school memory? Q4

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Q6

If there is one piece of advice you could Q9 give to someone, what would it be?

Describe Karamu in 3 words? Q11

Wai Tupaea

3) My mum’s pretty cool. 4) Remembering to hand in my head boy application after the 3 o’clock deadline – I was at the TPPA protest when that happened. 5) Make sure the milk doesn’t go off...ever.

Nakitah Hall

1) Having too many meme stickers on my laptop. 4) Lunchtime on March 16 2014 – good times. 5) Own at least 5 lizards.

What is your ideal pizza? Q7

Quote? Q 10

Favourite snack bought at the canteen? Q13 If you could choose any animal as a Q14 school pet, what would you choose?

If you could choose one school rule Q15 to change, what would it be?



Alyssa Arkell

Stephanie Taka

1)Being mistaken for Hannah Taylor. 2) Hannah. 7) Cheesy garlic swirl.

1) Procrastinating. 9) Don’t procrastinate. 10) “It’s simple. Give thanks and use dove.” - DJ Khaled.

Kendall Laking

Tasia Pishief

1)My big smile. 4) Whale watching trip to Kaikoura. 9) the key to success is working for it.


Adidas Keepa

Max Ward

Summer Wynyard

1)100% attendance 2) Sums, Wynny 6) on my way to being wealthy 10) 2nd’s just a nice name for first loser

Zion Harris

1) Talking too much 5) travel the world as a flight attendant. 11) Peace, love and harmony

Jeremy Stanton

Dominic Cacace

Chris Sutton 1) Being a part-time Italian. 5) IT guy. 8) Ugly and live forever, who cares what others think.

Curtis Preston 1) Techie. 5) Software engineer. 7) Cheese pizza with extra cheese. Rose Stratton

Michael Sinclair 1) Big hair. 5) Nursing. 9)Listen to good music.

Sam Thompson 2) Sam, mama puddie. 4) Chamberlin getting the blame for every fire alarm. 9) dont throw a brick straight up.

Ryan Lawson

Liam Urquhart 1) Making dumb ideas work flawlessly. 13) pie. 14) Haast Eagle.

What are you most known for? Q1

Who do you consider to be your idol? Q3

What do you want to do in the future? Q5

Cate Laing 3) Doug the Pug. 5) be rich. 7) all pizza.

Nicknames? Q2

High school memory? Q4

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Q6

What is your ideal pizza? Q7

If there is one piece of advice you could Q9 give to someone, what would it be?

Describe Karamu in 3 words? Q11

Everard Paku 2) Everardical, 6) in front of a computer. 13) $1 Cookie.


Quote? Q 10

Favourite snack bought at the canteen? Q13 If you could choose any animal as a Q14 school pet, what would you choose?

If you could choose one school rule Q15 to change, what would it be?









DEBATING Oliver Chamberlain Inter-school debating Throughout the school year senior debaters have been representing Karamu through debating. Many debates were prepared requiring students to work together and build cases weeks before the debates. A range of complicated topics such as New Zealand’s position in the commonwealth, whether the Olympics should only be held in Greece, and performance enhancing drugs in sports were debated. The debaters’ skills were really put to the test in the limited preparation rounds. Here, they were given a moot (the idea they had to argue) and then given 30 minutes to prepare their entire case. This is with only pen and paper; no internet or book research could be done in this time. It is here where Karamu has really shone; the way in which students worked together enabled them to create solid cases and defend them during the debates effectively. A number of rounds have been won by Karamu and many students have received recognition for standing out as good speakers.

Russell McVeagh A record number of 22 teams were hosted at Karamu for the Russell McVeagh regional debates. Top teams from across Hawke’s Bay competed for the chance to represent the region at a national level. Thanks to the hard work of Ms Jo Morris, supporting staff, and the dedication students put in, the weekend was a big success. 7:00am practice sessions every Thursday morning leading up to the debates, ensured that the students were well prepared. The ongoing commitment and effort that both students and staff contributed to these practices, helped Karamu to win the regional competition overall. The winning team was KHS A comprising Georgia Boyes, Caitlyn Clarke and Mikel O’Connell. The runner up team was also a Karamu team, KHS B, comprising of Romy Crawford, Kate Jones and Abigail Hussey. Both promising speaker awards were given to Karamu students, Holly Davison and myself. To round things off, Caitlyn Clarke received the award for the best speaker, a great achievement. Karamu was also represented at a national level. Two of our students were selected to be a part of the Hawke’s Bay squad travelling to Wellington for the national competition. These students were Mikel O’Connell and Caitlyn Clarke.

Junior Debating Organised by Mrs Jan Clothier Junior Debating (Years 9 and 10) kicked off this year with a comprehensive workshop for new, budding debaters. This gave them a good springboard to start debating each other within the school. It was a great environment for them to learn in as they had the support, and could draw on the knowledge of, older debaters who were coaching them. It has been great to see how the debaters have improved throughout the year; they can all be confident that they have the skills to carry on debating in the future, senior competitions.


Debating Year 12/13

Back row Ms J Morris, Emily Kenny, Toby Hunter, Romaine Crawford, Oliver Chamberlain, Mrs A Price Front row Caitlyn Clark, Kate Jones, Georgia Boyes, Kassie Mercer, Holly Davison

Debating Year 11

Back row Ms E Wiggins, Liam Robson, Alex Ngui, Cameron Young, Benjamin Winterson, MacKenzie Sullivan, Front row Amy Griffiths, Michaela Harrison-Franco, Reanna Browning, Bayley Baxter-Kirby, Abigail Masengi  

Debating Junior

Back row Sydney Crawford, Tayla Simms, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Victoria Sammons, Tobi Wells, Dean Polak, Charli-Boston Wynyard, Renee Taylor, Abigail Kilkolly, Renee Saunders, Jacinta Foreman 3rd row

2nd row

Mrs J Clothier, Sami Rashid, Kate Jones, Holly Davison, Phoebe Hinton, Cameron Young, Oliver Chamberlain, Bethany Cox, Toby Hunter, Georgia Boyes, Erika Balestie-Diaz

Melody James, Lian Hontalba, Brooke Hemmings, Lexi Trotter, Keira Wilder, Alice Watts, Sophie Jones, Sara Renall, Rebecca Buckley, Pacey Torea, Hannah MacKay, Charlene Fun-nell

Front row Caitlyn Clark, Journey Campus, Hannah Bursnall, Christian Jordan, Lucy McKay, Jessica Shoemark, Romona Wainohu,Tiaki Mildon, Jamie Hollway, Abigail Masengi


SPEECH EXTENSION Cameron Young and Tayah-Daisy Coleman At Karamu we are lucky to have a New Zealand Speech and Drama course that runs through our school. Speech Extension is running incredibly strong this year with a record number of 55 students participating, from Year 9 right through to Year 13. Taught by Mrs. Bartlett, students learn great skills and get to achieve certificates in speech and drama and, eventually, diplomas. Speech Extension builds confidence and pride in your own personal skills. Students in top classes and/or students that participated in debating were given first priority for selection within Year 9. The Year 9’s begin the year with an eight week Youth Leadership Public Speaking Toastmasters programme. Toastmasters includes impromptu and prepared speaking, improvised dramas and formal meeting procedure. From there they move on to the New Zealand Public Speaking and Drama programme, which is examined two to three times throughout the year, in parts known as Modules. The year is jam-packed with learning skills that not only helped with the programmes, but skills that will be useful in their everyday lives. For each exam, professional examiners come into the school to adjudicate the students. The students in Year 10 begin with Grade 3 Speech, and made their way up to Grade 8. These grades include work on reading aloud, poetry, persuasive and informative talks, and speech theory. The Year 12 group this year started by completing their Youth Leadership Badge. This involved many vital skills to becoming a good leader in future roles and in future careers. Along with the Year 13 group, they have started working towards a Professional Speaking Certificate, Senior Communication and Leadership and Diplomas in Public Speaking. These are all great achievements that are globally recognized. After the completion of each certificate, the student is presented with a badge. It is amazing to see so many students wearing these with pride around school on their Jerseys or Blazers. We’d like to give a huge thanks to Mrs Judith Bartlett, a knowledgeable and experienced woman who takes her own time to teach us students at Karamu High School, as well as other surrounding schools. Without her we would not have the Speech Extension programme and we would not be able to develop our leadership, confidence and extemporaneous speaking.


Back row Jacinta Foreman, Hannah MacKay, Ruby Brett, Bayley Baxter-Kirby, Hannah Hemi-Robinson, Romona Wainohu, Journey Campus, Tamar Hoogendoorn, Erika Balestie-Diaz, Sahibpreet Kaur, Caitlyn Clark 3rd row

2nd row


Sydney Crawford, Isla Christensen, Dean Polak, Cameron Young, Tate Gorton, Liam Davies, Romaine Crawford, Abigail Kilkolly, Amber Flashoff

Melody James, Lian Hontalba, Charlene Fun-nell, Sara Renall, Gustav Hendricks, Sophie Jones, Lexi Trotter, Rilee Prebensen, Adam Brookes, Abigail Masengi, Mrs J Bartlett

Front row Lucy McKay, Jessica Shoemark, Tayla Simms, Tayah-Daisy Coleman, Georgia Boyes, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Renee Saunders, Hannah Bursnall, Tiaki Mildon

ATHLETICS Athletics is a growing sport here at Karamu High School. Team numbers attending the annual East Coast North Island Secondary School Athletics Championship competition are their largest in recent years. This competition takes place in March each year, with every secondary school within the region and as far north as Gisborne and Wairoa and as far south as Dannevirke putting forth their best athletes to compete in the various track and field events on the day. This year saw Karamu achieve some impressive results at this competition. Nick Palmer took the titles for Intermediate Boys shot put, hammer and discus. Attaining records in both the shot put and hammer, with distances of 15.40m and 51.66m, respectively. And further to these achievements, Nick was awarded the Male Athlete of the (entire) meeting, which saw him receiving a training grant from the Hastings Athletics Association. Ruby Brett achieved a podium finish in Junior Girls 200m, coming in second, with a time of 28.14 seconds and gained a third in the Junior Girls 800m, with a time of 2.31.85 seconds. Other mentionable results were Jonzelle Benipayo’s fourth placing in the Junior Boys 100m final, with a time of 12.75 seconds and Matthew Apperley’s fifth placing in the Junior Boys 3000m, with a time of 11.00.53 minutes. Many of these events had more than 20 competitors in them, some even an excess of 40, such as in the sprints, which required heats, semi finals and then finals (fastest two times of each heat went through to semi finals, fastest two times in each semi final went through to final). So to achieve a top five finish is an impressive accomplishment, to gain a podium finish is outstanding and, furthermore, to set new records is something quite exceptional.


Back row Samuel Walton-Sexton, Cortez Te Pou, Ioane Hopkins, Corbyn Jacobs, Nick Palmer, Hagar Keepa, Mr T Blake

Front row Jonzy Benipayo, Katie Scales, Sophie Chote, Charm Sandilands, Destiny Grace-Gilles, Ben Randle, Matthew Apperley


Karamu High School has had another successful Badminton season. This year two boys’ teams played in the inter school competition on Tuesday and six girls’ teams played in the interschool competition on Thursday. Teams are made up of four players who play singles and doubles against other Hawke’ s Bay schools generally playing a mixture of both home and away games. This has been a re-building year for Badminton with a number of young players joining the sport, particularly in the girls’ teams. It has been pleasing to see new players both junior and senior pick up a badminton racquet, learn a few skills, have great fun and taste victory as the season progressed. Over the season all of our players have improved significantly. Results: -B Grade Boys played in a combined A and B Grade competition. The boys had a very positive season finishing high in the top end of the competition. The boys appreciated the coaching from Kahurangi Stevens on Thursday Sports practice. C Grade Boys Greatly improving over the season as their confidence and skill level improved. It was good to see some very close scores. Results Girls: At the end of the season the final results were mixed across the different grades. Our B1 Grade girls’ team had some fiercely fought matches. It was great to see these girls focused on improving their skill level and demonstrating a real determination to win. The B2 Grade girls’ team had some close games and finished the season well improving their skill level and confidence. The C Grade girls’ teams saw some huge improvements to their game and towards the end of the season, started to win in a convincing manner. Lastly, our D Grade team did well to finished the competition mid field given that most of these girls have not played before.

Badminton Boys A

Back row Benjamin Tresidder, Jacob Fraser, Mrs J Clark Front row Daniel Brown, Tate Gorton

We say good bye to our reliable Year 13 students who have played for the duration of their time at school and have been committed to the sport for the last five years. We thank those teachers who have be managers for our badminton teams.


Back row Taiki Yoshino, Ethan Hakopa, Te Au Skipworth, Mrs J Clark Front row Logan Wells, Niels Clayton, Cameron Young, Josiah Barlow

Badminton Girls C Grade

Badminton Girls B Grade

Middle row Sara Renall, Danielle Van Schaik, Ellie McGhee, Reece Sullivan, Shinae Lawrence, Tobi Wells, Hannah Hemi-Robinson, Ashleigh Mildenhall, Miss H Glenny

Front row Cerys Sanders-Jones, Tayah-Daisy Coleman, Kahurangi Stevens, Sophie Wells, Holly Davison, Mikayla Harrison-Franco

Back row Melinda Pope, Sahibpreet Kaur, Ana Marks, Kate van Ingen, Amber Flashoff, Kassie Mercer, Amy Griffiths, Annabelle Andrews

Front row Sophie Jones, Prestine Abejero, Georgia Hopkins, Abigail Masengi, Jessica Abelson, Sage Templeton, Libby O’Hanlon


Badminton Boys B

Back row Taylor Brown, Olivia Broderick, Darnah Chenery, Lian Hontalba, Miss H Glenny

BIG DAY OUT Shanae Mullooly Big Day Out is basically Karamu initiation and marks the beginning of every student’s integration into our school family. Each Year 9 form class takes part in an excursion to Pakowhai Reserve within the first few weeks of Term One, where they participate in a number of team building activities. A few of these activities include; climbing the Pakowhai Bridge, name games and a canoe race down the Pakowhai creek. The purpose of this day is to welcome our new students by helping them to form bonds with some of the teachers, Year 13s, and their form class. As a Year 9, I remember the Big Day Out was an incredible day filled with crazy experiences. While taking part in the canoe race down Pakowhai creek, I was amazed at what, essentially, a bunch of strangers could achieve with the encouragement and energy of those around them. It was my memory of this that inspired me to volunteer as a Year 13 helper for 2016. I wanted to be a part of creating the hospitable and friendly atmosphere that I was exposed to on my first few days as a Karamu student. By far the best and most rewarding part of being involved with Big Day Out is witnessing the development of the Year 9’s from reserved individuals to confident members of the Karamu community. For all the year 13’s involved, Big Day Out is a very nostalgic way to start our final year, by reflecting on our first days as a Karamu student. Volunteering as a Year 13 helper is something I would strongly encourage for up and coming Year 13’s, and attending Big Day Out is a must for all Year 9’s. As always, a massive thank you goes out to Mr Leitch, the staff, and student volunteers involved in organising and taking part in one of Karamu’s most significant days on the event calendar.


BASKETBALL Junior Basketball

This was an exciting year for Karamu junior Basketball as we fielded one boys and two girls teams. All teams shared wins and losses throughout the competition but at crossover playoff time, all teams made it into their respective semi-finals with the Boys making the extra step into the finals, unfortunately, losing to Te Aute by three points. A highlight of the season was that most players were giving basketball a go for the first time and it was good to see the trainings and effort put in to gain a better knowledge and understanding of the game. Thanks must be given to all coaches, Sharlena Maui, Sabrina Smith, Roshan Uelese, Maesey Ihimaera-Smiler and Mr T Blake. To the parents that supported and drove teams to games, a special thanks to you all. We are all looking forward to Karamu Basketball 2017‌

Girls’ Basketball Mr Byron Crawford This year the school decided to enter a girls social team in the 2/3 Division. This was partly due to the number of first time players but also the fact that a lot of the girls played in several other sports and had other commitments. This meant the focus could be on fun, participating and playing the game of basketball, while along the way improving basic skills and gelling as a team. Despite most of the squad not having played basketball before at this level, the team was very competitive and won the majority of our games. The team was led by Captain Grace Nolan who showed her leadership by involving all the girls in the squad and encouraging them to keep trying and improving. Along with Tia Ward, these two girls provided some good offence for us. One of the standout improvers was Y13 Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers. In her first year of basketball for the school, her effort in and around the basket and keyhole area was huge for us. She played with determination and also expressed enjoyment and energy out on the course. All girls played well throughout the season and showed improvement in their understanding and tactical play. It was a pleasure to take the girls and look forward to next season. A special mention to Grace Nolan who has been a standout performer for the A team over her five years at Karamu. Her efforts on and off the court have been appreciated and I hope she continues playing in the future.


Basketball Junior Boys

Back row Isaac Hinton, Gabriel Fa’alele, Dylan van Heerden, Cruz Eden, Ioane Hopkins, Dylan Dempsey, Miss R Uelese Front row Riley Walton-Sexton, Jonzy Benipayo, Ngahau Taiapa, Tadhg Stephens, Zac Brooker, Hagar Keepa, Dazzler Mulligan-Johnstone

Basketball Senior Girls A

Back row Mr B Crawford, Katie Scales, Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers, Cortez Te Pou

Front row Sydney Crawford, Alex Hape-Tonihi, Grace Nolan, Charli-Boston Wynyard

Basketball Junior Girls

Back row Journey Campus, Katie Tapara, Te Raumati Te Aho-Chapple, Miss S Maui

Front row Hinemauira Puna-Swan, Jorjia Walford-Bennett, Hineawe Crawford, Willow Kohi, Max Taiapa-Powell


CANOE POLO Phoebe Hinton This year Karamu Canoe Polo had a tough season with some unfortunate results at the Regional Competition, meaning that only our Senior A Girls’ team travelled to Palmerston North to compete in NZ Secondary School Nationals. Meaning, for the first time in years, we had a team attending nationals without the support and family vibe we have all grown to associate with Karamu High School Canoe Polo. After many weeks of chilly morning pool trainings and on land fitness training, however, we ended up beating Havelock North Senior Girls 8-3 in the Division 1 final to win Gold at Nationals and maintain our status of being undefeated throughout the entire school season. Although it was tough being there without the other Karamu teams, a handful of members from our Karamu Senior Boys’ team surprised us before our semi-final by showing up to watch and support. This was a moment of true KHS polo spirit that meant a lot to us and displayed the true essence of what it is to be a part of KHS Canoe Polo. I think I can safely assume that the rest of the girls’ team would agree when I say it was a very different nationals from those that we have previously been to, but also an amazing experience paired with an amazing result. Special congratulations should be made to Madison Gaiger-Grove, Michaela Horsefield, and Sharnie O’connor who all made the New Zealand Secondary School tournament team. Looking forward from this year, we are sad to say our goodbyes to Madison Gaiger-Grove, Kendal Gowan, Zack Matthews and Jaymie Wright. These seniors have been

a part of Karamu Canoe Polo for a long time and will be sorely missed. A huge thank you is in order for everybody who has been involved with canoe polo this year and made it all happen. This includes coaches: Julie Bolton (Senior Girls), Greg Ross (Junior Boys and Girls), Erin Bolton (Assistant coach Senior Girls) and Wilson Pearse (Senior Boys). Also managers and camp cooks: Meghann Corbett, Adie Grove, Matt Saunders and Karen Saunders. Our thanks also goes to all of the parents and families that get their kids to trainings and come along to support us. None of what we do would be possible without this enormous team, thank you all.

Canoe Polo Winter League

Back row Jorja Fryer, Tia Lewis, Karsyn Wylie, Michaela Horsefield, Isaac Hinton, Mathew Lindsay, James Morley, Ethan Popplewell, Sharnie O’Connor, Amy Saunders 3rd row

2nd row

Mr G Ross, Taine Doyle, Millie Hannam, Ethan Hope, Jacob McNeil, Romayne Araia, Phoebe Hinton, Caleb Williams, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Miss J Bolton Adam Brookes, Amy Godwin, Madison Jack, Meg Lindsay, Rawinia Hekau, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Lexi Trotter, Tiana Edwards, Hazel Millar, Cameron Sewell

Front row Charlotte Leigh, Hannah Hansen, Pearl Burrell, Renee Saunders, Tia Ward, Flynn Mercer,


Georgia Wilson, Michael Garland, Tyler Boyes




Mr Nigel Field

The Clay Target Team of Mitchell Davis Year 12, Oliver Wiggins-Crowe Year 10, Daniel Stuart Year 10, Max Crossan Year 10, Cameron Spargo Year 10 and Jesse Kereru Year 9 had one of the most successful years in Karamu Clay Target Shooting history. The year started with a shoot in Taupo then on to the Central and Lower North Island competition which consisted of six shoots. Over 60 shooters from as far away as Wellington were involved. Mitchell Davis gained High Over All in this competition with 473/500 and was second in the Skeet event. Oliver and Max had very creditable 402/500. The team was shooting well enough to ask the parents to support their sons going to the North Island Championships held in Hamilton in the first weekend of the holidays between Terms Two and Three. There were 45 teams and over 200 shooters competing from all over NZ. The first day was an interschool shoot. Cameron Spargo achieved a personal best in the Point Score event with 20/20 targets shot. He used the second barrel only once to gain 59/60 points. Cameron was one point ahead of Mitchell who also shot 20/20 targets. Oliver shot 10/10 in the single barrel event. Mitchell finished 4th overall for this day with 87/90. The Karamu team was 5th . The second day was the North Island Championships and we started very strongly with Mitchell, Oliver and Cameron all shooting 19/20 targets in the first event. In the team event, Daniel and Max added to the success of the others to place our team 6th out of 45 teams in the North Island. This result was well above what could be expected from a young and inexperienced team competing against teams mostly made up of seniors. The top individual performance was Mitchell winning the North Island Single Barrel Championship in a close fought shoot off. The South Island and NZ championships were held in Christchurch with 315 competitors. Cameron had injured his wrist at the Blossom Festival Go-Cart event and was unable to shoot. Jesse stepped up to the mark and filled his place with an excellent performance. Every member of the team produced a personal best or broke a record, making this one of the most successful Nationals that Karamu has been involved in. The team was ranked 7th out of 40 teams in the South Island with personal best scores to Daniel 59/60 and Max 58/60. In the NZ champs we were 9th out of 41 teams in NZ. We had multiple team members in the final shoot-offs. Mitchell, Oliver and Max in the NZ single rise, Mitchell, Daniel and Max in the NZ single barrel with Jesse only missing out by one target (a personal best for him). Oliver and Max made the South Island single barrel shoot-offs. In the South Island Championship, apart from Mitchell, the outstanding result was Max Crossan who scored 87/90 for the day to be only one point behind Mitchell. This put Max 18th equal out of the 315 shooters. In the NZ Championship, Mitchell, Oliver and Max qualified for the Single Rise shoot-off with Oliver going on to be placed 6th in NZ, another personal best. Mitchell went on further to be involved in a record breaking 230 target shoot-off, which took so long it had to be completed on the next day. Although he did not win the shoot-off he did qualify for a very sought after 300 straight badge. This is the first time a Karamu shooter has done this while at school. Mitchell had shot the perfect score for the NZ championships with two others. He shot-off for the NZ High Gun in which he came second. Mitchell won medals in six events and was selected for the North Island Team made up of the top five shooters in the North Island. He was the top qualifier for the Regional HB Team who were 1st in NZ, winning the Fish & Game Trophy. Over the two days of Down the Line shooting, Mitchell was placed 2nd in NZ, the highest place any Karamu Shooter had achieved. This adds to his impressive record of also being a member of the NZ Champion Secondary Schools Two Man Skeet Team with Cody Gill from 2015. The success of a team like this is not accidental, it is the result of lots of things coming together in an organized way. The parents of the shooters have been a constant source of encouragement, transport, time and money to enable their children to participate in this sport. Sue Field has been a tireless fundraiser with catering at shoots and is the “Aunty Sue” who organizes details, tidies up the shooters for photos and keeps track of results so team members can get long run badges. She publishes all the results from the various shoots. Sue also ran the office at Christchurch for the Nationals and so missed seeing some of the victories of the team. The Hawke’s Bay Clay Target Club, and particularly the secretary Hardin Bird, have enabled the team to practice each Wednesday afternoon throughout the year. Thanks must also go to Mr Leitch, the Principal who is supportive of the Clay Target Shooting team. Without the support of the school, we would not be able to maintain this level of performance.


Clay Target Shooting

Back row Oliver Wiggins-Crowe, Daniel Stuart, Mr N Field Front row Ryan Coombs, Max Crossan, Mitchell Davis, Cameron Spargo, Jesse Kereru


CRICKET The 1st Eleven cricket team joined the Hawke’s Bay Cricket competition in Men’s Division III for the first time playing against other high school teams and local club sides. This was a first for the side as they played against club teams composed entirely of adults. The team enjoyed success and just narrowly missed the top half of the table, despite beating teams above us. Unfortunately, during the playoffs we lost to a team we had beaten previously in the draw. The 1st Eleven hosted Feilding High School for our annual sporting exchange with the school. The game started extremely as we bowled Feilding out for 105 runs. However, under the presence of our ex-Principal, Martin O’Grady and coincidentally Feilding’s new Principal, we suffered a batting collapse and couldn’t meet the target. The side visited Kapiti College on an end of year tour. Unfortunately, lightening struck twice and we suffered a same fate despite our bowlers best effort. We are looking forward to starting fresh in the new year.

The Karamu Junior Cricket team, comprising year 9/10 students, enjoyed a very successful Term 1. Record - Played 7, won 6, lost 1. The team beat every other team in the Hastings / CHB area. Highlight was a great victory over HBHS on their No.1 ground. Karamu 172 - 4 Ioane Hopkins 83 Zac Burlace 52 HBHS Junior A 138 all out. Wickets were shared between all bowlers. The team was ably captained by Zac Burlace, a very promising cricketer, who would play both in the morning for the Karamu Juniors and then for the Karamu 1st XI in the afternoon. Zac consistently scored big runs against all opposition. Flynn Mercer proved to be a real asset to the team with his wicket-keeping, and he opened the batting. Ioane Hopkins was a hard hitting middle order batsman who could be relied upon to score quick runs when required. All players were encouraged to contribute to the team effort. It was common practice for every member of the team to bowl at least 2 overs/games. The positive attitude and general improvement shown by all the players augurs well for the future of cricket at KHS. We hosted the exchange with Fielding High School. In an exciting but very even contest Karamu lost narrowly by 5 runs. We are looking forward to the rematch in 2017 down in Fielding. A big thankyou to Mr Taylor and Mr Belz for coaching the “Green Machine”, and to all the parents who supported the team throughout the season.

Cricket 1st XI

Back row Isaac Fothergill, Zachary Burlace, Christian Walker, Finn MacKenzie, Ioane Hopkins, Mr K May

Front row Tiaan Jarman, Kyle Burlace, JonJoseph Scales, Taine Doyle, Benjamin Revell

Cricket Junior A

Back row Mr M Belz, Katie Scales, Daniel Stuart, Ioane Hopkins, Caleb Williams, Flynn Mercer, Molly Fothergill, Mr D Taylor Front row Matthew Apperley, Tyler Boyes, Liam Mitchell, Zachary Burlace, Shauntayne Howie, Raturoa Vercoe, Benjamin Ward



Back row JT Pemberton, Bayley Baxter-Kirby, Tiaki Mildon, Gustav Hendricks, Scarlett Garvey, Mr C Thompson Front row Dane Skogstad, Jacob-Lee Bull, Luca Dunstan, James Gowan, Cyprus Kendrick


Triathlon Junior Girls Triathlon Senior Boys

Back row Mr W Wooster

Front row Cameron Woolley, Jim Missen, Sam Thorpe-Loversuch

Back row Mr W Wooster

Front row Lucy McKay, Sydney Crawford, Felicity Johnstone


CROSS COUNTRY Mrs Faye McDonald Cross country at Karamu involves students competing at various interschool events held throughout the year. In May, we competed at the ECNI Cross Country Relays which are always held at Anderson Park in Havelock North. This event is for teams of four students of the same sex running the same grade and all grades run the same 2.2km course. This year we had three teams; Year 9 Boys (finished 5th) , Junior Girls (5th) and Senior Girls (10th). Top finishers were Ruby Brett (2nd equal in Junior Girls) and Matthew Apperley (7th in Year 9 Boys). In June, six students made the long trip to Gisborne for the ECNI Cross Country Championships and again our best runner was Ruby who completed the 3km Junior Girls course in 11.36 for 4th place. This result meant that Ruby was selected for the ECNI Junior Girls regional relay team to compete in an interregional relay being held for the first time as part of the NZSS Cross Country Championships. Both Ruby and Matthew attended the NZSS Championships in Rotorua in June, with Ruby placed 59th ( out of 107) in Junior Girls and Matthew 97th (out of 164) in Year 9 Boys, while Ruby’s ECNI relay team came 10th. Karamu students also competed at the annual ECNI Road Race Championships at the regional Sport’s Park in October. We had students running in the Year 9 Boys and Year 9 Girls grade 3km), the Junior Boys and Junior Girls grade ( 4km) and the Senior Boys grade (6km). All our students ran well but the stand out runner for Karamu was again Ruby, who easily won the Junior Girls event. Ruby led from early in the race and opened up a commanding lead which saw her win in 16.04, 9 seconds ahead of second place. This was a fantastic result for Ruby and the first time a Karamu student has won a title at the ECNI Road Race.

Cross Country Back row Front row Absent


Ruby Brett, Lucy McKay, Isla Christensen, Martha Wilson, Ella McKay, Mrs F McDonald Logan Mason, Connor Auckram, Felicity Johnstone, Aimee Shaw, Matthew Apperley Lucas Auckram, Amber Ray



CYCLING 2016 Mr Murray Jamieson The Secondary School’s Cycling Championships were held over the weekend of the 3 and 4 July. All boys performed exceptionally well. This is reflected in the results. Senior Boys Time Trial. 1st. Sam Thorpe-Loversuch, Cadell Heney, Luke Shaw, Jacob Coady. Junior Boys Time Trial. 2nd Jamie Hollwell, Mack Coady, Mauro Cattaneo. 1st Under 20 Road Race. Sam Thorpe-Loversuch. 1st Under 17 Road Race. Luke Shaw. 4th Under 17 Road Race. Jacob Coady. 3rd Under 15 Road Race. Jamie Hollway. 4th Under 15 Road Race. Mack Coady. 5th Under 15 Road Race. Mauro Cattaneo. Luke Shaw has recently competed in the North Island Secondary Championships and both he and Sam Thorpe-Loversuch competed in the New Zealand Secondary Championships in September. Sam also won the Motu Challenge, a combined mountain and road bike race. All the boys have experienced riding with the Ramblers Cycling Club. Sam is in A Grade, Luke in B Grade, Jacob C Grade, Jamie E Grade, Mack F Grade, and Ethan G Grade. Looking good guys.


Cycling Senior Boys Back row Mr M Jamieson Front row Jacob Coady, Sam Thorpe-Loversuch, Luke Shaw

Cycling Junior Boys Back row Jamie Hollway, Ethan Poppelwell, Mr M Jamieson Front row Mauro Cattaneo, Mack Coady



The Duke of Edinburgh programme expanded even further this year with the Bronze, Silver reaching record numbers and the very first Gold group tackled the award. The groups tramped, camped and kayaked in locations all across the Hawke’s Bay region as well as venturing further to Queen Charlotte Sound in September to complete their qualifying trip, Camp Kaitawa as well as Tongariro National Park. These trips allow students to broaden their comfort zones, experience new things as well as learn valuable teamwork, communication and planning skills. Many students gain more independence and confidence as a part of the programme as well as make new connections with groups of people with similar interests. Year 11 student Portia Sutherland was one of many who gained something from the award; “The award has helped to shape me into the person I am today, exposing my strengths and passions. I have become more involved in our school and community and have gained a fresh perspective of myself and the country that we live in while making lasting memories and friendships.” This year was the first year that Karamu had a group working toward their Gold Award. This group was made up of seven enthusiastic adventurers who have put in three years of work into attaining the award. Year 12 student Tate Gorton reflected on the three years as he stated “I met a variety of people from different year groups and made new friends that I even spent time with after the tramps. We have become such a close group and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.” Members of all three groups took time out of their busy schedules to select and work on a service, sport and a skill. The dedication shown by students has led to them becoming further associated with various organisations. However, the effort from the students is only half of the matter as the award could not go ahead without the organisation of Mrs Kirsty Van Rijk as well as the extra help from Mr Jeff Lynex and Mr Jeremy Wright. For this we thank them sincerely for their commitment as well as valuable experience.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

Back row Piper Jones, Lian Hontalba, Felicity Johnstone, Xanthia Coombe, Meg Ryan, Amy Richardson, Jacinta Foreman, Te Aatakura Smith, Lucy McCallum, Sophie Williams Middle row Abigail Kilkolly, Ethany Gibson, Lewis Fun-nell, Dylan Dempsey, Angus Christieson, Jake Perry, Reon McKeesick, Benjamin Colquhoun, Jack Garvey, Mrs K van Rijk Front row Kayla Winter, Amelia Farley-Pye, Andrew Tong, Georgia Lawes, Danielle Bailey, Lucy McKay, Hannah Bursnall, Ruby Brett

Duke of Edinburgh Gold

Back row Isla Christensen, Tate Gorton, Mrs K van Rijk Front row Ella McKay, Emma Bone, Caitlyn Clark, Scarlett Garvey

Duke of Edinburgh Silver

Back row Ryley Clark, Renee Blackman, Annie Wykes, Zara Blake, Jahnna Boden, Melinda Pope, Portia Sutherland

Middle row Millie Hannam, Josiah Barlow, Liam Davies, Cameron Young, Shani Ross, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Mrs K van Rijk

Front row Bayley Baxter-Kirby, Taiki Yoshino, Michaela Edwards, Holly Davison, Ethan Hakopa, Jaime Mossman, Martha Wilson, Ailsa Laurie



Back row Portia Sutherland, Melinda Pope, Camryn Toki, Mia Braddock, Zara Blake, Caitlyn Clark, Shayne Brown, Sophie Jones, Madison Jack

Middle row Renee Saunders, Christian Jordan, Isla Christensen, Ezra Cash, Jacob McNeil, Ethan Hope, MacKenzie Vercoe, Mason Templeton, Emma Bone, Mrs A Roberts

Front row Ana Marks, Summer Wynyard, Laura Winstone, Georgia Lawes, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Kate Jones, Ailsa Laurie, Holly Davison, Ella McKay



The Karamu High School Green Team, now in its second year of operation, has participated in many community events this year. With a strong focus on preserving our local environment and continuing to keep Hastings beautiful, Ms Roberts and the Green Team have brought together students from all year levels that have a passion for environmental work. This year we have again participated in the Awatoto beach clean ups held by the Napier Environment Council, gathering over 1200kgs of rubbish and 150kgs of recycling from two separate clean ups in February and September. We have also attended multiple planting days along the Karamu Stream in order to reintroduce native species of plants along the riverbeds and enhance the soil. Alongside these community events, the team also participated in an inter-school ‘Green Games’ day where local environmental specialists gathered to educate school groups on the effect that our actions have on our environment and the work that their organisations are doing around Hawke’s Bay. With a school worm farm in the works and a strong group of Year 12s ready to take the lead next year, it can only be onwards and upwards for the Green Team in years to come.

EQUESTRIAN TEAM Hunter Durrant The Karamu Equestrian Team is a small but talented group made up of Hunter Durrant, Lucy Holden, Holly Hughes, Ella Lindsay-Smith and Kate Browning. This year we have had a very quiet season only going to two events, Dannevirke High School event and the Woodford House event. The best team result we gained was placing 5th in showjumping at the Dannevirke equestrian event, but everyone came away with lots of positive personal results. Holly Hughes aboard Alfie had a dressage score of 65% at the Woodford event, which is very good. Hunter Durrant placed 2nd and 5th in two Show Jumping classes at the Dannevirke High event. Ella LindsaySmith placed 6th at the Woodford House event. The school team events are some of the most challenging events for horse and rider. These type of events are designed for the horse and rider to compete in as many disciplines as possible. The horses in this team normally only compete in one or two disciplines, so it is a huge challenge for horse and rider in these school team equestrian events. The Karamu team has had a good year from only having a small amount of training as a team. Thanks to Ms J Symes and Mrs E Wiggins.

Back row Mrs E Wiggins, Holly Hughes, Ms J Symes

Front row Kate Browning, Hunter Durrant, Ella Lindsay-Smith



FUTSAL Shanae Mullooly

Futsal was a new sport to Karamu this year, with one girls’ team and two boys’ teams in the first season. The boy’s top team did an outstanding job qualifying for the 1st division where they faced very competitive teams. Our girls’ team also had a strong season and placed second in their grade. For many of the players it was an exciting adaption from the outdoor football they usually played, and for others it was an opportunity to pick up a new sport. Year 12 student, Ben Revell, compared the intensity and involvement of the sport to Football saying, “…in Futsal you can’t exactly hide out on the wing.” Since the first season there has been a significant amount of interest surrounding the sport and we expect to see greater numbers in our second season. This sport emerged from student interest and organization, and we are thankful to have received the support of parents and Miss A Whitlow to make it happen.

Futsal Girls Back row Samantha Richards, Katie Scales, Tyler McCourt, Isla Christensen, Miss A Whitlow Front row Jacinta Foreman, Abigail Kilkolly, Shanae Mullooly, Tamar Hoogendoorn

Futsal Boys A Back row Benjamin Tresidder, Sem Hoogendoorn, Mason Templeton, Mr K Hoogendoorn Front row Lennon Chenery, Liam Frost, Benjamin Revell

Futsal Boys B Back row Caleb Hussey, Tyler Ernst, Cullen Mills-Scott, Mr S Frost Front row Benjamin Ward, Flynn Mercer, Nathan Bryers, John Rouse



Football at Karamu continues to be a popular sport, with a record number of girls playing for the school this year. With six girls’ teams and three boys’ teams, football certainly is alive and kicking. Several of the girls’ teams benefitted from an influx of talented young Boys’ players, with many of the girls playing above their age First Eleven grades and bolstering the senior teams. This was Mr Clancy Cummins particularly the case for the Girls’ First Eleven, with half of the squad coming from the Junior This year was a difficult year for the Karamu Boys’ First School. A special mention should also be Eleven. We fielded a relatively young side playing against made for Mr Leitch’s Junior A Girls, who teams who were often older, more experienced and more physical made the top four of the Junior Girls’ on the ball. However, throughout the year the boys developed as a team Competition; clearly showing the and, as individual players, made the step up required for the Senior Boys’ potential we have rising through the league. Games were often a lot closer than the scorelines indicated and, with ranks. luck frequently not falling on our side, the boys did well to turn up with a positive

attitude and play hard every week.

Liam Robson was the most improved player of the year, demonstrating a growing awareness of how to defend and close down the opposition in our own half. Captain Liam Frost led by example in the midfield, playing tirelessly week after week and opening up the opposing side’s defences with some magnificent through balls. Three Year 13 boys also deserve a special mention: Ezra Cash, Mason Templeton and Jaymie Wright finished their third year on the team this year, and were invaluable in the backline, playing with maturity under pressure. Ezra Cash was the most valued player of the year, frustrating our opponents by relentlessly holding them at bay and clearing the ball to the midfielders. I’m proud of how the boys turned up week after week, building a positive culture despite some frustrating scores and results. I’m also optimistic that we can turn the challenges of 2016 to build a stronger and more competitive team for 2017.

Girls’ Football Tournament 2016 Mrs Vicky Peffer We travelled to Rotorua on Sunday afternoon (28 August) for the National football tournament. The team was made up of seven juniors and seven seniors. All players represented Karamu well, playing with spirit and positive attitudes. The girls all made great progress with their individual and team work skills. During pool play, the team had three wins and two losses, placing them in the middle eight of 24 teams. Energy levels were low after the first five games of pool play and, even though the girls gave their all, it wasn’t enough to secure any more wins for the tournament. The final game on Friday saw the girls go into a penalty shootout for positions 15 and 16. Thanks to the school for allowing girls football this fantastic opportunity for player development.


Junior Football Mr Tom Hunter

This year, the Junior footballers had two teams in the Hawke’s Bay Schools, competition: the Junior A made up entirely of Year 10’s and the B’s entirely Year 9’s. Both sides improved markedly, with impressive wins at the tail end of the season. Particular thanks needs to go out to parents who assisted in the running of the teams. Mr Martyn Brooker coached the Junior A team for a second year, with players across the field showing improvements in their skill levels. Player of the year was Robbie Bailey, who was outstanding in Goal. In the Junior B team, Mrs Dawn Ward was a superb motivator and team ‘mum’, and the side responded with excellent performances against Lindisfarne, St Johns and Havelock North. Player of the year for Junior B was Bradley Hughes, who controlled the defence with skill and strength. Both sides finished in the top half of their respective leagues. We are looking forward to the 2017 season.

Football Boys 1st XI

Back row Mr C Cummins, Sam Thorpe-Loversuch, Logan Hughes, Ezra Cash, Nathan Bryers, Mason Templeton, Sem Hoogendoorn, Jamie Nitschke, Mr G McCarthy

Front row Bradley Wroe, Liam Robson, Corey Anderson, Liam Frost, Jaymie Wright, James Morley, Lennon Chenery

Football Girls 1st XI

Back row Kate Browning, Amy Burns, Isla Christensen, Tyler McCourt, Abigail Kilkolly, Laura Burns, Mrs V Peffer Front row Piper Jones, Shanae Mullooly, Ruby Brett, Adidas Kepa, Rose Stratton, Hazel Millar, Alys Jeffries Absent Madison Gaiger, Tia Tahau

Football Girls 2nd X1 Back row

Taylor Brown, Samantha Richards, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Paige Morgan, Ashleigh Clay Nicol, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Mr R Meijerink

Front row Annie Wykes, Rutendo Sikupa, Bradey Flemming, Kendal Gowan (C), Shayne Brown (C), Melinda Pope, Hannah Foulkes Absent Camryn Toki, Stephanie Taka


Football Girls 3rd X1

Back row Shannon Singer, Laura Winstone, Ruby Mawley, Holly Davison, Jacqueline Orviss, Kate Jarvis Mr J Kite Front row Portia Sutherland, Ryley Clark, Tegan Voice, Krista Walford, Nicole Fincham, Amethyst-Rose Halford, Georgia Hopkins Absent Brooke Hatton

Football Boys Junior A

Back row Dane Skogstad, Ben Randle, Ricky Samways, Zachary Burlace, Dylan Dempsey, Logan Seymour, Liam Bryers, Mr M Brooker Front row Jack Burns, Trent Beale, Jacob Astridge, Charlie Brooker, Jack Garvey, Robert Bailey, Charles Spooner

Football Boys Junior B

Back row Mrs D Ward, Benjamin Ward, Matthew Apperley, Raturoa Vercoe, Cameron Sewell, Alex Withington, Connor Auckram, Logan Mason, Mr T Hunter Front row Hikaro Yoshino, Stefan Marsh, Christian Jordan, Flynn Mercer, Michael Garland, Bradley Hughes, Alex Weaver


Football Girls Junior A

Back row McKenzie Harding, Amelia Farley-Pye, Lucy McKay, Kahlee Cameron, Ethany Gibson, Hannah Rikkers, Amelia Brougham, Mya Stothers, Mr M Leitch

Front row Tyla Dillon, Lian Hontalba, Kayla Winter, Jacinta Foreman, Alice Watts, Sophie Williams, Amber Hollings-Haddon

Football Girls Junior B

Back row Ellie McGhee, Amber Flashoff, Sydney Crawford, Georgia Springer, Tegan Wroe, Danielle van Schaik, Mr R Levick

Front row Lily Hall, Brooke Hemmings, Katherine Levick, Sophie Law, Tiana Edwards, Megan Entwistle, Georgia Wilson

Football Girls Junior C

Back row Payton Mills-Scott, Monique Peard, Hannah Bursnall, Victoria Sammons, Shaylah Princeton, Rachel Hunt, Brianna Barrett-Chase, Mr J Mallory Front row Ella Tieman, Felicity Johnstone, Hope McCleland, Charlotte Hopkins, Milly Scott, Chelsea James, Olivia Cacace Absent Kayla Lowe




DANCE NZ MADE Twenty one of our students competed in the Dance NZ Regional Competition on Friday 5 August at the beautiful Napier Memorial Theatre. They were Kayla Pearse, Bailee Kennedy, Rangimarie Harrison, Ashleigh Clay-Nicol, Emerald Flavell, Jayde Badger, Jorja Connell, Brookelyn Kennedy, Georgia Boyes, Charlotte Rameka, Emily Coppell, Jaime Mossman, Ana Marks, Bethany Cox, Briar Fraser, Hannah Norfolk, Amy Griffin, Tia Ward, Libby O’Hanlon, Erika Balestie Diaz and Hope McCleland We entered both a Hip Hop and Contemporary Dance in the Open division. The Hip Hop dance placed first and contemporary second!! This success was followed by the Hip Hop dance winning the overall competition prize. Michaela Pearse also won an award for her choreography of this dance Charlotte Rameka choreographed the Junior Contemporary and Georgia Boyes choreographed the Open Contemporary. The Open Contemporary was up against some tough competition but the high level of skill and artistic abilities put the team ahead of other schools. The Junior Contemporary entry placed second. The dancers performed this dance with excellent technical and interpretative skills. Their timing was awesome. The entries were student led and the dancers rehearsed for many weeks to ensure the high performance standard clearly evident on the night. The costuming and make-up were fantastic and really enhanced the performances. Our Hip-Hop team competed in September’s Nationals in Palmerston North. Their performance was totally dynamic and, against tough competition, they placed third. A huge effort from the dancers themselves and also their families and caregivers.


GYMNASTICS At the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools’ Gymnastics Festival on 11 August, four gymnasts competed with pleasing results. Although we only managed a handful of practices, the team did train hard. The team included: Libby O’Hanlon, Milly Scott, Hannah Foulkes and Katherine Levick. We did well placing 2nd overall and two individuals coming 1st and 2nd in the competition. Those girls being Libby O’Hanlon (1st) and Milly Scott (2nd). A big congratulations to the girls for persisting and gaining the best results they could. Also a massive thank you to Brittny O’Hanlon for stepping up and organising the team, and Mr Rick Levick for giving a guiding hand. We would not have been able to compete and gain the results we did without them. Roll on 2017.

SQUASH Holly Davison

A new sport to Karamu this year has been squash. Five boys took part in the sport, Ben Revell, Year 12, started this year “It was great seeing improvements within the team from when we first started compared to near the end of the season. The high intensity fast paced games really help build up fitness and are a great challenge for anyone. I’m looking forward to seeing how the sport grows at Karamu in the future.” Many thanks to Miss Ferguson and Mrs Symes for helping organise and put together teams.

Squash Senior Boys

Back row Ms J Symes, Clayton Hughes, Ms P Ferguson

Front row Tyler Boyes, Daniel Stuart, Benjamin Revell, Campbell McGrannachan


HOCKEY Hockey Boys 1st XI

Back row Christian Jordan, Jayden Griffiths, Daniel O’Donoghue, Shae McKenzie, John Rouse, Jorge Fothergill Front row Jace Chenery, Charles Spooner, Laikyn Hapi, Ben Revell, Callum Stewart, Adam Brookes, Finlay Murdoch

Hockey Girls 1st XI

Back row Jade Ubels, Ella McKay, Georgina McCallum, Zara Blake, Aimee Shaw, Lucy McCallum,Jahnna Boden

Front row Caitlyn Clark, Tamar Hoogendoorn, Isla Christensen, Tahl Southwick, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Molly Fothergill, Chontelle Leitch Absent Mr D Mills, Sophie Chote, Bailee Kennedy,

Hockey Girls 2nd XI

Back row Scarlett Bradley, Courtney Orviss, Emily Kenny, Renee Saunders, Victoria Sammons, Tennille Hellyer, Mrs K Sammons

Front row Amelia Wigzell, Scarlett Garvey, Renee Blackman, Alice Watts, Lily Hall, Brooke Foster, Kayla Winter Absent Jesca-Lee Bron


Boys’ and Girls’ 1st XIs Mr Doug Mills In 2016, Karamu High School fielded two 1st XI Hockey sides. The Girls’ 1st XI retained their place in Division 1 of the Hawke’s Bay competition after a very strong 2015 season. Meanwhile, the Boys’ 1st XI were competing in Division 2. Whilst both teams finished their respective 2016 seasons fighting to avoid last place, the future of Karamu hockey remains bright due to the school regularly attracting strong newcomers into Year 9. The group as a whole can also be proud of the 12 Karamu High School players who qualified as junior hockey umpires this season. The Girls’ 1st XI retained the core of a very young 2015 team for the new season and were joined by two new Year 9 players, Molly-Jane Fothergill and Aimee Shaw and the mantle of captain was taken up by Tahl Southwick. Whilst the overall ability of the team remained high, the 1st XI’s season was disrupted by regular injuries and absences of key players, preventing any rhythm or consistency. The Boys were led by co-Captains Laikyn Hapi and Ben Revell. As with the Girls’ season, the performances were exciting, if still inconsistent. The team was able to produce some wonderful hockey at times, but the inability to train regularly as a group led to some disappointing results. Laikyn Hapi finished the season as top scorer, closely followed by Jorge Fothergill and two members of the team, Christian Jordan and Adam Brookes, went on to represent Hawke’s Bay in the Under 15B Boys’ team.

Girls’ Second XI Victoria Sammons It didn’t matter if we won or lost, to our Second XI Girls Hockey team it mattered more that we worked together and all put in an effort. Don’t get me wrong, we loved it when we won but we could only win if we played as a family. My name is Victoria Sammons and hockey is my number one sport. I love walking onto the crisp turf every season, I love the breeze of competitiveness, I love winning and the weight that gets lifted off when you score that winning goal but what I also love about hockey is the amazing connections I make every season, the family we build and the trust we create. This year with hockey I had my fair share of struggles, including my mum Karen Sammons, my dad Sean Sammons and my older sister Danielle Sammons being the 3-way coaches. Let’s just say, with your real family it doesn’t always come easy but I’m happy they got to be a part of the Karamu hockey experience. I definitely encourage everyone who wants to give a new sport a try to try hockey, it’s an amazing sport and is worth the blood, sweat and tears. I’d like to do a huge thanks to the one and only Sammons family for giving up their time and committing to us as a team. We couldn’t have done it without you.


KI O RAHI Whaea Pene Hati

He mihi manahau ki nga manu hakahaka, nga manawa titi o te Taakaro me te hoea nei i te waka eke noa. Whaia nga iti kahurangi, ururoatia, he toa takitini. It was an outstanding Ki o Rahi 2016 season for our Karamu teams. In the Hawke’s Bay/Ngati Kahungunu Regional Competition we were able to field three teams. A mixed team, a boys and a girls team. Both the boys and girls teams came first in the round robin competition. The mixed team played with heart and spirit and placed 6th overall. For the first time a tournament was held to determine the two schools that would represent our region in the Ki o Rahi National Championship. All schools who played in the tournament played outstandingly. It was a tough competition and forced our Karamu Mixed A team to play with skill, determination, and heart. Fortunately, the team won and we represented Hawke’s Bay/Kahungunu at the Ki o Rahi National Championship. The Ki o Rahi National Championship heralds the two top teams in 12 regions from Aotearoa. The calibre was extremely high. This year our Karamu team made it to the top tier for the first time, the championship pool, the top 8 schools vying for first place, a position we had always narrowly missed out on. In the end, out of 24 schools, we placed 6th overall. Although it was not 1st, we were very pleased with the result. MVP for the National Ki o Rahi team was Jacob Kershaw, a well-deserved title for his work on and off the field. Congratulations to Cortez Te Pou for being selected for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Maori team. Also, to the cocaptains, Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert and Talon Robinson, who both did an exceptional job in leading all the teams this season. Also special mention to Saelem Watson and Samuel WaltonSexton for the experience, leadership and support they gave to the captains and the team.


Ki o Rahi Boys

Back row Mr J Matthew, Karauria Akurangi, Saelem Watson, Manaakitanga Tumanako, Mr L Harmer Front row Connor Auckram, Hagar Keepa, Jacob Kershaw-Horua, Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert, Samuel Walton-Sexton, Zane Beckham, Riley Walton-Sexton

Ki o Rahi Girls

Back row Ms P Hati, Mr L Harmer, Summer Wynyard, Sela Tupou, Supreme Smith, Charm Sandilands, Nastashia Ngawhika, Zion Harris, Mr J Matthews

Front row Dahlia Cripps-Gazzard, Te Aatakura Smith, Raegan Robinson, Talon Robinson, Cortez Te Pou, Hineawe Crawford, Moki Beckham

Ki o Rahi Mixed

Back row Mr L Harmer, Dazzler Mulligan-Johnstone, Ngahau Taiapa, Lucas Auckram, Tristan Harmer, Te Au Skipworth, Mr J Matthews Front row Jobe Ngamotu, Sivia Roberts, Iraia Tonga, Jaedyn Wharepapa-Gray, Gabriel Fa’alele, Ondre Hapuku-Lambert, Tyla-Rose Halton


MUSIC Ailsa Laurie The Big Sing This year’s New Zealand Choral Federation Big Sing Competition was held on the 1st of June at the Waiapu Cathedral in Napier. We had four choirs entered this year with our newly formed male choir ‘Coro de Ninos’ joining Nga Korimako, Ultimately Vocal and Coro Notabile. This year had the largest number of participating choirs ever for the East Coast region with 32 choirs from 14 secondary schools from Central Hawke’s Bay all the way up to Gisborne. Each of the choirs is required to perform three songs of differing styles. The categories are a New Zealand Composition and a choral piece as well as another of your choice. All of our four choirs performed extremely well and represented Karamu with great pride. Coro Notabile received special mention from the adjudicator for their performance of Tim Finn’s ‘Six Months In A Leaky Boat’ arranged for the choir. This year’s adjudicator mentioned how exciting it was to see schools at the event with several competing choirs as this is a great sign that choir, and music itself, is alive and well within schools. A huge thanks must go to Mrs Carol Della Barca for her time, expertise and enthusiasm again this year. Also a big thanks to Miss Sharlena Maui for taking over the direction of Nga Korimako and Ms Sarah Bryant and Mrs Sally Rutgers as the accompanists for Ultimately Vocal and Coro De Ninos.

Stage Band The stage band continued to thrive this year as a group of talented students led by director, Mr Anton Wuts, continued to expand their repertoire. Later in the year, they performed at the Havelock North Community Centre Concert as well as the Blossom Festival Concert at St Matthew’s Church at which they were well received by the audience. They continued to experiment with different styles as students from a variety of year groups worked tirelessly to create and blend a well-rounded sound.

Rock Quest In July of this year a group was entered into Rock Quest, held at Napier Boys’ High School. The group consisted of Taiki Yoshino, Toby Hunter, Alex Ngui and Henry Hosford and they named themselves the ‘Bill Clinton Experience.’ The enthusiastic group performed an original song written by Toby Hunter. There was some tough competition and, although they did not come away with an award, the group were well received by fellow competitors as well as the audience. The committed and motivating spirit that this group delivered is highly commendable.



Chamber Music

Back row Sophie Wells, Liam Davies, Mrs A Cooper

Front row Ryley Clark, Ella McKay, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Isla Christensen

Coro Notabile

Back row Lian Hontalba, Caitlyn Clark, Ailsa Laurie, Taiki Yoshino, Amber Flashoff, Romona Wainohu, Jeriel Sajan

Middle row Nick Palmer, Ezra Cash, Liam Davies, Khalael Uelese, Romayne Araia, MacKenzie Vercoe, Phoebe Hinton, Mrs A Cooper Front row Rachael Hagenow, Jessica Shoemark, Henry Hosford, Sophie Wells, Charlotte Rameka, Toby Hunter, Alex Ngui

Coro de Ninos

Back row Romayne Araia, Cameron Young, Khalael Uelese, Liam Davies, Harrison Keefe, Mrs A Cooper Front row Taiki Yoshino, Toby Hunter, Henry Hosford, Nick Palmer, Ezra Cash, Alex Ngui


Nga Korimako

Back row Zion Harris, Celine Kaur, Aaliyah Halton, John McLean, Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers, Te Wairama Te Aho-Chapple, Alex Hape-Tonihi, Arahi Edwards, Miss S Maui

Front row Rylee Munro-Wallis, Charley Ropitini, Karalea Halton, Awatea Dougherty, Tyla-Rose Halton, Janine Kahukura, Sela Tupou

String Orchestra

Back row Mrs A Cooper, Sarah Weaver

Front row Joy Song, Tamara-Lee Richards, Jaime Mossman, Rilee Prebensen

Stage Band

Back row Toby Hunter, Tobi Wells, Ezra Cash, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Isla Christensen, Amber Flashoff, Mrs A Cooper

Front row Jeriel Sajan, Xanthia Coombe, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Taiki Yoshino, Ella McKay, Rilee Prebensen

Ultimately Vocal

Back row Lian Hontalba, Amy Griffiths, Romona Wainohu, Amber Flashoff, Aaliyah McRae, Janaia Greening, Holly Davison, Ailsa Laurie, Bayley Baxter-Kirby, Jeriel Sajan, Karsha Radonich

Middle row Ezra Cash, MacKenzie Vercoe, Romayne Araia, Cameron Young, Khalael Uelese, Liam Davies, Harrison Keefe, Nick Palmer, Mrs A Cooper

Front row Toby Hunter, Henry Hosford, Jessica Shoemark, Tobi Wells, Sophie Wells, Shani Ross, Charlotte Rameka, Taiki Yoshino, Alex Ngui


NETBALL Netball at Karamu High School continues to be a popular winter sport. This was evident by the 12 teams enthusiastically competing on Saturday mornings down at the Hastings Sports Park. All girls who participated represented the school with pride and played with focus and determination. A big thank you to all the parent/student coaches this year, your efforts and time commitment was much appreciated. You have done a wonderful job with your teams who were very competitive in their respective grades. Congratulations to Erin and Tauhara teams for winning their grade outright for 2016. Thanks also must go to the parents and family supporters who have transported and encouraged the girls throughout the year. We look forward to another successful season in 2017.

Mrs Crawford

The netball season for the Karamu Senior A team was certainly challenging and, despite some losses, we still had a decent amount of wins. This year the Aoraki netball team competed in the Hawke’s Bay Super 12 Secondary Schools Competition and after some trying games placed 6th. Although it wasn’t the result hoped for, the team fought hard every Tuesday evening and gave their all. With many injuries and disruptions within the team, the girls still pushed on till the very end. A special thanks to our coach Mrs Natasha Crawford and manager Miss Jasmine Primmer for their ongoing support throughout this journey and your knowledge of the game. Also a big thank you to Sydney Crawford for scoring our games. Your dedication to the team is something we all appreciate. Thank you.

Tia Lewis

Netball A

Back row Miss J Primmer (Manager), Raegan Robinson, Phoebe Hinton, Grace Nolan, Charli-Boston Wynyard, Mrs T Crawford (Coach) Front row Summer Wynyard (Co Captain), Michaela Edwards, Tia Lewis (Captain), Cortez Te Pou, Talon Robinson

Netball Tasman

Back row Jesca-Lee Bron, Amy Saunders, Amber Ray, Kendal Gowan, Miss J Primmer Front row Michaela Horsefield, Emma Bone, Romaine Crawford, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Georgia Boyes


Netball Erin

Back row Reanna Browning, Jaime Mossman, Millie Hannam, Paige Morgan, Miss J Primmer

Front row Kate Jarvis, Ana Marks, Shannon Minogue, Jacqueline Orviss, Camryn Toki

Netball Tongariro

Back row Olivia Wilkins, Emily Burton, Anna Lawrence, Jade Graham, Ashlee Cunningham-Johnson, Ms Karena (Coach)

Front row Sela Tupou, Gabriella Wilson, Angel Thompson, Natasha Roselli, Caitlin Robin

Netball Hikurangi

Back row Lilly-Belle Pohatu, Tanisha Fitzgerald, Jane Hannam, Nikora Fitzgerald, Miss J Primmer

Front row Gurkamal Bhangal, Dahlia Cripps-Gazzard, Tayla-Lee Boag, Olivia Smith, Parekura Simpson


Netball Ruapehu

Back row Raiha Winterburn, Kahurangi Stevens, Courtleigh Julius, Miss J Primmer

Front row Serenatie Kokaua-Smith, Te Aatakura Smith, Te Waiarani Randell, Rhian Hanara, Ereina Tonihi

Netball Tauhara

Back row Lucy McKay, Briar McKinley, Hannah Rikkers, Courtney Thompson, Miss J Primmer Front row Jade Gude, Miracle Wereta, Emma Varcoe, Brooke Gude, Sophie Williams

Netball Kahuranaki

Back row Hannah Bursnall, Georgia Lawes, Amelia Hunt, Amber Flashoff, Meg Ryan, Miss J Primmer

Front row Lian Hontalba, Brooke Foster, Chelsea James, Breanna McRae, Jemma Green

Netball Cook

Back row Miss O’Malley, Nastashia Ngawhika, Te Raumati Te Aho, Cherish Kotuhi, Pierre Byrne

Front row Tiana Edwards, Molly Fothergill, Brooklyn Kennedy, Journey Campus, Willow Kohi


Netball Wharite

Back row Laura Winstone (Coach), Hannah Mackay, Shantalia Dunn, Amelia Brougham, Tamara-Lee Richards, Milly Scott, Kendal Gowan (Coach)

Front row Olivia Cacace, Kate Browning, Samantha Makris, Romy Luxford, Alys Jeffries

Netball Taranaki

Back row Jayde Gartner, Anecia Ave, Hannah Hansen, Grace Mentzer, Meg Lindsay, Miss D Arnott (Coach)

Front row Lily Burns, Madison Jack, Tyler Mumby, Sophie Jones, Summer Painter

Netball Tutoko

Back row Emma Bone (Coach), Shaiann Halstead, Emily Burns, Sarah Weaver, Jorgia Walford-Bennett, Caitlyn Lenz, Jesca-Lee Bron (Coach)

Front row Nicole Paramore, Elise Keehan, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Amy Godwin, Georgia Grant

Netball Aspiring

Back row Caroline Glen, Hena Thompson, Scarlett Bradley, Parekura Simpson (Coach)

Front row Ashlee Healey, Brianna Barrett-Chase, Lily Byford, Rebecca Buckley, Courtney Jack


ORIENTEERING Mrs Faye McDonald Orienteering is a year round sport and Karamu students start the year orienteering at Hawke’s Bay Club events in January with the Wednesday night ‘Summer Series.’ This is always a great introduction to the sport and this year included an event around Karamu High School. Students carried on to compete in the HB School Sprint event on March 23, with our best result being Ella Mackay getting 5th in the Senior Girls race. In the April holidays the NISS Champs were held here in HB and our students competed in the sprint, individual and relay events. Again Ella had our best result with 9th in the Senior Girls Standard Individual Champs. During Term Two the HB Schools Individual Champs were held at Craggy Range and Ella was again our top performer, coming 3rd in the SG Standard grade. Ella also travelled to compete in the NZSS Champs held in the Waikato in the July holidays and did very well, getting 12th in the SG Open Sprint and 2nd in the SG Standard grade for the Individual Champs, showing just how much she has improved throughout the year. As well as the interschool events, we have a keen group of students (with their families and some staff) who regularly attend the fortnightly orienteering events held by the HB Club. These events are held all year long and include a range of orienteering styles, all great for improving fitness and navigation. I encourage all students to come along and give it a go; it’s a fantastic sport.


Orienteering Back row Taiki Yoshino, Ethan Popplewell, Caroline Glen, Mrs F McDonald Front row Michael Garland, Bayley Baxter-Kirby, Ella McKay, Mikayla Harrison-Franco, Adam Brookes Absent Thomas Steinmann




GUYS AND DOLLS PRODUCTION Ailsa Laurie Term One ended on a high, as Karamu’s biannual school production this year ‘Guys and Dolls’, was performed for a short but well received run. The cast and crew worked hard and gave up evenings, weekends and afternoons over the term to put on a quality performance. This comedic production emerged from the streets of 1950’s New York, and travelled from Manhattan to Cuba as it followed the unlikeliest of pairings. Essential to the process were the directors Miss Veen and Mrs Watson, musical director Miss Cooper and choreographer and Ms McElwee. Many hands made light work, with contributions made from all across the school. Staff and students contributed their evenings, weekends and holidays to attend rehearsals and, although some lost their voices and others were subject to the odd rolled ankle, the persistence and dedication from all did not go unnoticed. Year 11 student Ashlee Johnson reflected on her experience when she stated, “I never thought the day would come that I would be given this amazing opportunity. The opportunity to stand on stage for the first time doing a show with people that have the same passion, and bringing an amazing and memorable performance. I have been inspired to believe that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it.” It is fair to say that the production was a success and many look forward to others in future years.


RUGBY Rugby boys

The Karamu High School 1st XV started the season with a smaller forward pack than previous years. This meant a change of strategy with a more mobile group of forwards. The forwards this year can be very pleased with their efforts with regular contributions in our front row by Ethan Murray, most improved player Maki Kelly and our youngest player Isaac Thompson. The loose forwards continued to operate with the ever mobile Matt Lindsay, with grunt being provided by Kody Giddens and speed and guile from Samuel Walton-Sexton who moved into the backs later in the season. The power to the scrum came mostly from Finn MacKenzie, Morgan Nitschke and Taylor Walton-Sexton. Taylor also played number eight and scored our most outstanding individual forward try for the season against Taradale High School. The half-back position this year needed to be shared between Reuben Lyndon, who was unfortunately injured early on, and Saelem Watson who shifted from the wing and ably covered the role for most of the season.


Amongst the backs, Kyle Burlace made many try saving tackles at full back and was a strong runner on attack. In the midfield, “veteran” Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert provided much of the spine at either second five or centre. In terms of results, the team managed to achieve their goal of being the No 1 co-ed college team in Napier and Hastings with wins against Taradale and Havelock North. Representative honours for the team were outstanding player for the season, Samuel Walton-Sexton, Hawke’s Bay U16 and most improved player, Maki Kell, Hawke’s Bay Saracens. Many thanks to Mr Andy Green, forwards coach, Mr Shannon Sexton, the backs coach, and team Manager Mr Maurice Belz. Contributions also from Mr Richard Jarman and Mr Matui Te Pou.

E Grade The E Grade team made a positive start to the season long before the first competition game with the pre-season programme getting underway during Term One. The commitment from all of the players and their attitude towards training throughout the season was outstanding. The squad started the competition well and was competitive in all three grading games before being placed in the 2nd division of the E Grade competition. As captain, Blake Tresidder led by example all season and the forward pack consistently laid a promising platform for their backs to work off. Year 9 front row players Corbyn Te Whaiti, Riley Walton-Sexton and Ondre Hapuku-Lambert rose to the challenge of E Grade rugby and developed well over the season. Izaiah Te Wiata, also a Year 9 player, displayed his ball skills and ability to ‘go forward’ each week. The senior forward players, including Dylan Beckham and Liam Hansen led from the front and always maintained high work rates on the field. Both Blake and Jonty Tresidder showed their versatility while playing in different forward positions which was an asset for the squad.

Half backs, Tadhg Stephens and Jordan Auckram shared their roles admirably and they allowed 1st Five, Linkin Smith to display his flair. The reliability of Isaac Hinton on both attack and defence at 2nd Five, and also 1st Five at times, was outstanding. Iraia Tonga regularly showed his power and strength at centre, and on the wing. The speed of winger, Dante Irving was also an asset during the season. Young fullback, Zac Brooker did have to battle with an ongoing injury, but showed courage and skill. During the season the squad was promoted to the 1st division of the competition and remained competitive. The overall strength of the squad was the willingness of all 26 players to contribute in some way. This commitment was highlighted during the concluding Under 15 tournament at Lindisfarne College where the squad faced strong opposition including teams from Lindisfarne, St Peter’s (Cambridge), Palmerston North Boys High School and Central Hawke’s Bay. Izaiah Te Wiata and Isaac Hinton were awarded ‘Most Outstanding Player’ and ‘Most Consistent Player’ respectively, at the team prizegiving. A huge thank you to Head Coach, Mr Nathan Bruce, who has coached for the past two seasons.


Karamu Girls’ Rugby 1St XV If you thought the unbeaten 2014 season and the unbeaten 2015 season were outstanding, well, the 2016 UNBEATEN joins the previous two to create history for the Karamu Girls’ Rugby 1st XV. This season has to be the most outstanding in Karamu Girls’ Rugby history as the make-up of the team was a majority of Year 9 and 10 players. Seven Year 9’s, seven Year 10’s, one Year 11, two Year 12’s, Three Year 13’s made up our 2016 championship winning team. Not only did we go through the season unbeaten, but players were selected for rep honours; Moki Beckham, Talon Robinson, Raegan Robinson, Tetris Mohi, Cortez Te Pou and Charm Sandilands, all from Karamu. Manae Feleu and Tui Aupouri from Woodford. Ashley Palu and Dejah Tuliu from HGHS and Niamh Jefferson from Taikura. Talon and Niamh also received higher honours when they represented the Tui’s Women’s side. This year’s team was well lead by Year 12 student Moki Beckham who was well supported by Tetris, Niamh, Manae, and at times, Talon. Due to us winning the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Comp, we were invited to the Wellington Under 15 Festival of Rugby Tournament where the team showed their true class in their final three crossover games, winning 66-12, 61-0 and 56-12 respectively. The first two games we played were well under par, however, we recorded the three highest scores of the tournament and gained fifth place. Cortez Te Pou was named our MVP of the tournament. HB SECONDARY SCHOOLS 15’s CHAMPIONS For the record Played 7 Won 7 v’s Flaxmere

won 56 to 15

v’s Wairoa

won 18 to 12

v’s Napier Girls v’s Flaxmere v’s Ahuriri

won 36 to 17 won 42 to 17 won 105 to 10

v’s Wairoa “Semi Final” won 58 to 15 v’s Flaxmere “Final” WON 55 to 12 Points for 370 Points against 98 We are looking forward to 2017 and will be aiming for nothing less than the achievements of 2014/15 and 16 (a fourth unbeaten season). A huge thank you to Mr Blake and Sharlena Maui for their coaching expertise and their managerial skills that helped us get to the position of retaining our number ONE status. Champion management equals Champion team.



Rugby 1st XV

Back row Isaac Thompson, Decodah Purcell, Kody Giddens, Saelem Watson, Seth Chambers, Manaakitanga Tumanako, Mathew Lindsay

Middle row Mr M Belz, Mr S Sexton, Nick Palmer, Finn MacKenzie, JonJoseph Scales, Morgan Nitschke, Taylor Walton-Sexton, Mr A Green Front row Luke Sinclair, Kyle Burlace, Samuel Walton-Sexton, Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert, Harrison Klempel, Luke Kupa, Reef Liddington

Rugby E Grade

Back row Jordan Auckram, Dylan Beckham, Jonty Tresidder, Hagar Keepa, Te Hihiko Edwards, Corbyn Te Whaiti, Manaaki Whatarau, Mana Wichman Middle row Mr J Read, Isaac Hinton, Liam Hansen, Ammon Kaio, Linkin Smith, Izaiah Te Wiata, Mitchell Knowles, Iraia Tonga, Dante Irving Front row Jason Nande, Thomas Steinmann, Ondre Hapuku-Lambert, Blake Tresidder, Tadhg Stephens, Zac Brooker, Riley Walton-Sexton

Rugby Girls

Back row Mr T Blake, Charm Sandilands, Charli-Boston Wynyard, Katie Tapara, Melanie Peploe, Katie Scales, Raegan Robinson, Tetris Mohi, Miss S Maui Front row Hinemauria Puna-Swan, Crystal Hapuku-Te Nahu, Molly Fothergill, Talon Robinson, Moki Beckham, Cortez Te Pou, Ereina Tonihi, Max Taiapa-Powell


Blackferns Visit



Our competitive Swimming Team have once again had another successful night at the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Swimming Competition held at Flaxmere Waterworld; cheering each other on and racing against Hawke’s Bay’s top swimmers. Our fastest swimmers from our Karamu swimming sports were selected to then go on to represent our school at this competition. Many of our swimmers placing in the top three in various races, and achieving some awesome personal best times. We have had many juniors come into our school this year with a talent in swimming, making the team grow even more than last year. Karamu hopes to see our swimmers making it to the national or international level in their years to come as competitive swimmers. Ms Sarah Gunn, who is in charge of the team, hopes to see Karamu continuing to succeed at the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools competition in the years to come and, from the talent we have, it’s sure looking hopeful.

Swimming Hawke’s Bay Regional Championships

Back row Emily Burton, Ashleigh Mosen, Shayna Wilson, Ms S Gunn

Front row Jadah Elers, Sydney Crawford, Jim Missen, Georgia Wilson, Michael Garland

TENNIS Back row Mrs J Hunter, Lexi Trotter, Te Au Skipworth, Lucy McKay, Ioane Hopkins, Zachary Burlace, Quinten Rutten, Sydney Crawford, Amelia Brougham, Mr C Thompson

Middle row Tyla Dillon, Alice Watts, Ella Tieman, Sara Renall, Liam Mitchell, Shannon Minogue, Caitlin Nicol, Felicity Johnstone, Monique Peard, Elise Keehan Front row Chelsea James, Shayla Princeton, Sophie Law, Sophie Jones, Meg Ryan, Hope McCleland, Emily Burns, Kayla Winter, Matthew Apperley



Karamu High School entered one Junior Boys team and one Junior Girls team in the Hawkes Bay Secondary School Touch Competition. Both teams are playing well enough to make their respective semis and with more intensity could be potential finalists as they have won a fair share of their games to date. We are proud of the following students who have gained representative honours throughout 2016: Crystal. Hapuku-TeNahu HB Under 15 Girls Te Wai Randell

HB Under 15 Girls

TK Smith

HB Under 15 Girls

Cortez Te Pou Hagar Keepa

Sam Walton-Sexton Zac Brooker

Saelem Watson Talon Robinson

Hagar Keepa

Back row Ella Lindsay-Smith, Nora-Heavenly Paul-Hapuku, Katie Scales, Miss K O’Malley Front row Tyler Mumby, Grace Menzter, Destiny Grace-Gilles, Crystal Hapuku-Te Nahu, Sivia Roberts

HB Under 15 Boys HB Under 15 Boys HB Under 15 Boys

HB Under 17 Mixed HB Open Mixed

New Zealand Representatives:

Talon Robinson Development Team.

Touch Junior Girls

HB Under 15 Girls





NZ Under 15 Boys

Also a special mention to Talon for her Sport HB Award as Female Touch Player of the Year. Congratulations to you all for your contribution to Karamu Touch and for your Representative selections.

Touch Mixed Senior

Back row Tiaan Jarman, Tytin Hickmott-Smith, Hagar Keepa, Taylor Walton-Sexton, Samuel Walton-Sexton, Raegan Robinson, Mr B Crawford Front row Te Waiarani Randell, Te Aatakura Smith, Saelem Watson, Cortez Te Pou, Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert, Moki Beckham, Annie Wykes


SPORTING SUCCESSES Aimee Fisher The determination and commitment Aimee Fisher displayed throughout her years at Karamu was an inspiration to both staff and her fellow students. Now an ‘old girl’, 2016 saw Aimee competing fiercely on both the National and International stage in both individual and team kayak races. Her individual speed in the kayak was displayed early in the year with two consecutive personal bests and a fifth place finish in the World Cup meet in Germany in May. In the team’s events, Aimee’s dedication culminated in the final race for the Women’s K4 at the Olympics in Rio. Aimee continues to show us what it means to give your best, both on and out of the water. Recognised as the Hawke’s Bay Sportsperson of the Year, Aimee returned the honour by being the guest speaker at the Hawke’s Bay Secondary School Sports Awards. Aimee has also given up her time to support Karamu School and its students; coming back to speak at assemblies as well as participating in the junior cross-country run dressed in her bright yellow Kaweka colours. Aimee’s dedication to her sport and competitive drive was apparent right from her first years at Karamu. Aimee the “athlete,” was a fierce force to be reckoned with. Mr Ross vividly remembers the fear in her opponent’s eyes as they lined up to charge for the ball at the start of canoe polo games. However, as soon as the game finished, the same opposition player would meet the other side of Aimee, joking, laughing and befriending her former opponent. We are delighted to call Aimee an ‘old girl,’ one who wears her heart on her sleeve and gives back to her community wherever she can. Not only does Aimee personify the message of being Proudly Karamu, we are also fiercely proud of her.


Sports Awards SERVICE TO HAWKE’S BAY SECONDARY SCHOOL SPORT AWARD This is an award given to those who have given at least 10 years of service to secondary school sport and who are deemed to be exceptional over a long period of time. They have held offices and have made a substantial contribution within their sport. Congratulations to: June Clark (Cricket and Badminton) 35 years, Wayne Wooster (Rugby) 30 years and Nigel Field (Clay Target Shooting) 20 years.

Nick Palmer Sports Award 2016 Male Athletics Athlete of the Year

Talon Robinson Sports Award 2016 Female Rugby Player of the Year

Outward Bound 93


Mr Tom Blake TIC All Sports, Karamu High School

NEW ZEALAND SECONDARY SCHOOLS SPORTS COUNCIL - CONNECTING COACHES CONFERENCE SKY CITY AUCKLAND Leadership, collaboration, working with others, being athlete focused, and continuous learning were the areas as a coach you would have been wowed by at the 2015 “Connecting Coaches Convention” held in Auckland recently. I, along with two Year 12 students from Karamu High School, Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert and Emma Bone, and 557 other coaches from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, all from different stages of coaching levels from grassroots to world championship winners, were lucky enough and honoured to attend the convention. After finding out who the key note speakers were, we knew we were in for a very special treat of “coach knowledge sharing” and we were not disappointed. The biggest thing that stood out for me was the high level of eagerness to learn and the passion shown by other coaches attending convention. Highlights were obviously being entertained by all the keynote speakers. From Steve Hansen sharing with us lessons and insights as a coach and his journey to success to Janine Southby sharing her coaching journey to her recent appointment as New Zealand Silver Ferns coach. An interesting reveal from Michael Henderson (Cultural Anthropologist) at what it means to coach the New Zealand way. We were treated to VIP guest Prime Minister John Key and his insight on the importance of coaches and coaching. Baroness Sue Campbell and Ali Oliver both representing the Youth Sport Trust (UK), spoke about recruiting, developing and deploying coaches. Stephen Kerney and Wayne Bennett (via video) spoke about the crucial role collaboration and openness to change plays in coaching and Anthony Hudson spoke on his journey to the All Whites coaching job and an interesting insight on a winning culture when players are all over the world. I kid you not, we were definitely treated to an array of inspirational coaches/speakers. I would like to thank Junior Armstrong and Sport Hawke’s Bay for making this experience possible for us and I can honestly say with 25 plus years of coaching experience behind me, I came away with a new found inspiration to further increase my learning and development as a coach. In closing, if the opportunity arises for you to attend the next “Connecting Coaches Convention”, I thoroughly recommend you attend.

The past few days has been mind blowing! Travelling to Auckland and listening to our nation’s best coaches, my mind was starting to explode. These speakers also gave me a newfound excitement, an eagerness to give back to a community that has given me so much. Being at the Connecting Coaches Conference allowed me to meet other passionate coaches but one thing was always the same, they cared. It makes me hope that any team I coach in the future can say that about me too. I just want to say a huge thanks to Junior Armstrong and Sport Hawke’s Bay who allowed Yvaan and I to attend the coaching conference and to Mr Blake who has opened my eyes to the world of coaching and I know will continue helping throughout our coaching careers. Looking forward to so much in the future. Emma Bone Karamu High School


Just had the best weekend working with some of the best coaches in New Zealand. I have learnt so much and it’s been an amazing opportunity being able to learn with many different coaches across New Zealand. I’d like to thank Junior Armstrong and Sport Hawke’s Bay and Karamu High School for making this possible. But the biggest thank you goes to Mr Blake for giving me the opportunity, if it wasn’t for him, Emma and I would not have had the chance to rub shoulders and share stories with all the other passionate coaches. Definitely a weekend I’ll never forget. Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert Karamu High School




VOLLEYBALL Holly Davison Senior students enjoyed another exciting season of volleyball at the start of the year with six senior teams. Along with four enthusiastic junior teams in Term Four. Senior Boys’ Captain, Ezra Cash (Year 13), summed up his experience of volleyball: “Volleyball this year has been one of my favourite sports. The unique thing about this sport is that when the team gains a point, everyone feels as if they have played a part. The high scores and interludes between points allow for numerous strategy discussions and signature team chants. This sport is suited to players of any skill level and easy to pick up, as I found when I started in Year 12.” Another student, Abigail Masengi (Year 11), also loves volleyball, “Because of the friendly vibe from the people in your team, other teams and the lovely support staff. Particularly when I started in Year 9, it was a great way to bond with new people. I reckon everyone who is competitive or social should give volleyball a go as it is for all levels and volleyball is not as super hardcore like other sports but a more relaxing activity to stay fit. The coaches and players helped me improve my volleyball skills each time we played, which also led me to ref volleyball games, which is super fun. The key to win victory according to Mr Hollands is “Knees bent, bums out and arms ready.” From his philosophy, this is how we won most of our games.” Because all volleyball games are played in Napier, the sport is very reliant on the support of staff for transport. However, as usual the teachers involved went above and beyond - whether it was choosing the best radio stations, scoring games or calling out moral support - they all contributed to the success and fun of a season. In particular a big thanks goes to Miss Dawson who took up the enormous role of being chief organizer of practices and games.


Volleyball Senior Boys

Back row Luke Sinclair, Khalael Uelese, Ruia Waite, Miss J Dawson Front row Laikyn Hapi, Max Ward, Ezra Cash, Mason Templeton, Harrison Klempel

Volleyball Senior Girls

Back row Mrs A Price, Isla Christensen, Romaine Crawford, Tasia Pishief, Georgia Boyes, Mrs K van Rijk Front row Kendal Gowan, Hannah Taylor, Grace Nolan, Tahl Southwick, Shayne Brown

Volleyball Year 12 Girls

Back row Holly Davison, Phoebe Hinton, Michaela Horsefield, Miss J Dawson Front row Margaret O’Brien, Emily Hammond, Amy Burns, Bianca Southey, Ashleigh Clay-Nicol


Volleyball Year 11 Girls

Back row Mrs J Burn, Charlie Ropitini, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Hannah Norfolk, Ana Marks, Miss J Dawson Front row Melinda Pope, Natalie Pakoti, Abigail Masengi, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Portia Sutherland

Volleyball Intermediate Boys

Back row Darien Culver, Te Au Skipworth, Miss J Dawson

Front row Liam Walker, Cameron Young, Jaedyn Wharepapa-Gray, Samuel Walton-Sexton  







RELAY FOR LIFE Mia Braddock Relay for Life is an annual event run by the Cancer Society of New Zealand with the purpose of “celebrating cancer survivors and carers, remembering loved ones lost to cancer, and raising awareness and funds to support the Cancer Society.” This year the large group of Karamu students participating were honoured to join our community in running continuously for the new time of 12 hours. This shortened time was selected to celebrate a phenomenal 12 years of the Relay for Life event. Arriving bright and early at 9:00am, the team geared up for a very long day. We had a few logistical dramas early on with a missing gazebo combined with what was shaping up to be an extremely hot day, but Mrs Cooper was an absolute star and managed to get the two most important things sorted for us: shade and snacks. Starting at 10:00am with the hundreds of cancer survivors present doing a lap on their own, followed by everyone taking to the track at once to kick off the day, the sports park was alive with music, laughter and love. There were plenty of activities to participate in during the day such as the great tug of war challenge, a win that Karamu took very proudly. As morning changed to afternoon and then slowly night time crept in, everyone’s muscles were starting to ache. But spirits were high and we had no problem pushing on through until 10:00pm in honour of everyone in our community and around New Zealand who have been affected by cancer. Participating in this event with such a large number of Karamu students was a truly amazing feeling, it was a great way to kick off the year and to show how ‘Proudly Hastings’ us Karamu kids really are.


RESCUE HELICOPTER FUNDRAISER Isla Christensen When organizing the annual school fundraiser, we couldn’t think of a better organization than the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter to support. Our school saying, “Proudly Hastings” is represented by this group, who assist with over 300 missions a year. The selfless actions by the crew have saved many Hawke’s Bay lives. Even some of our students have used their services. Our fundraiser included a helicopter coin trail and a mighty sausage sizzle lead by the Year 13 leaders, with Jeremy Stanton being head chef on the bbq. Yvaan and JJ also organized a sponge throw, where students were able to pay a dollar to try and soak the school leaders. From these events we were able to raise $1,000, which the head students delivered to fulltime crewman, Geoff Taylor and pilot, Jeremy Bruce at the hangar. When we were shown around the helicopters we realized how important the skills of the crew and the technology is, in saving so many lives. Fundraising for a local organization was a way to bring the school body together to remember our responsibility and ability to make a positive difference in our community. Geoff has commended our efforts, saying, “we are very grateful to the student’s for their amazing fundraising effort and for helping to support our lifesaving services.”


Kaweka Junior House Leaders L to R Isaac Hinton, Tadhg Stephens, Lucy McCallum, Tia Ward

Kaweka Senior House Leaders L to R Morgan Nitschke, Wai Tupaea, Kate Jacobs, Grace Lyndon



Heretaunga Junior House Leaders L to R Tyler Boyes, Amelia Farley-Pye, Tamar Hoogendoorn, Thomas Steinmann

Winners House Cup 2016 108

Heretaunga Senior House Leaders L to R JonJoseph Scales, Tahl Southwick, Kendal Gowan, Tom Black


Tuki Tuki Junior House Leaders L to R Dylan Dempsey, Blake Tresidder, Felicity Johnstone, Abigail Kilkolly


Tuki Tuki Senior House Leaders L to R Logan Hughes, Madison Gaiger, Abigail Hussey, Taylor-John Ave



Te Mata Junior House Leaders L to R Kahurangi Stevens, Lucy McKay, Max Crossan, Zac Burlace

Te Mata Senior House Leaders L to R Ethan Murray, Laura Winstone, Shanae Mullooly, Cameron Woolley





Kate BROWNING Year 9 EQUESTRIAN Selected to the Hawkes Bay B Team Placed third in the NZ Mounted Games

Adam BROOKES Year 9 HOCKEY Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 15 Boys’ Hockey Team CANOE POLO Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 14 Boys’ Canoe Polo Team

Tia TAHAU Year 9 FOOTBALL Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Football Team

Crystal HAPUKU -Te NAHU Year 9 TOUCH Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Touch Team


Hineawe CRAWFORD Year 9 SOFTBALL Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 13 and Under 15 Girls’ Softball Team Selected for New Zealand Under 15 Girls’ Softball team

Christian JORDAN Year 9 HOCKEY Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 15 Boys Hockey Team

Molly FOTHERGILL Year 9 CRICKET Selected and Played for Central Districts Under 15 Cricket team. Captain Hawkes Bay Under 15 Cricket team. Selected and Played for Hawkes Bay Under 18 Representative Cricket team. Selected and Played for Hawkes Bay Premier Women’s Cricket team

Zac BROOKER Year 9 TOUCH Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 15 Boys’ Touch Team

Alys JEFFRIES Year 9 SOFTBALL Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 13 Girls’ Softball Team

Riley WALTONSEXTON Year 9 TOUCH Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 13 Mixed Touch TeamA

Georgie BROOKER Year 9 KARATE Placed second in NZ U14 Kyokushian National Spar Tournament

Hagar KEEPA Year 10 TOUCH Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 15 Boys Team Selected and played for NZ Under 15 Boys Team

Amy SHAW Year 9 HOCKEY Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 13 Girls’ Hockey Team

Nastashia NGAWHIKA Year 9 SOFTBALL Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Softball TeamA

Dylan BAGLEY Year 10 GOLF Member of the Hawkes Bay Golf Academy Placed Second Under 19 NZ Maori Championship Placed second in South Pacific Junior Open Golf competition in Noumea

Cortez TE POU Year 10 KI O RAHI Played for Karamu High School team at Nationals Selected for the New Zealand Maori Secondary Schools team



Max CROSSAN Year 10 CLAY TARGET SHOOTING Member of Karamu High School team placed 9th in New Zealand Shoot off in NZ Championships for Single Rise and Single Barrel South Island Single Barrel…………….

Charm SANDILANDS Year 10 RUGBY Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Secondary School Girls’ Rugby Team SOFTBALL Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls Team

Cortez Te POU Year 10 RUGBY Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Secondary School Girls’ Rugby Team TOUCH Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Touch Team

Raegan ROBINSON Year 10 RUGBY Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Secondary School Girls’ Rugby Team


Oliver WIGGINS-CROWE Year 10 CLAY TARGET SHOOTING Placed sixth in NZ for Single Rise Member of Karamu High School team placed 9th in New Zealand In Shoot off for NZ Single Rise

Tetris MOHI Year 10 RUGBY Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Secondary School Girls’ Rugby Team SOFTBALL Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Softball Team

Te Waiarani RANDELL Year 10 TOUCH Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girl’ Touch Team SOFTBALL Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Softball Team

Jemma GREEN Year 10 SOFTBALL Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Softball Team

Te Aatakura SMITH Year 10 TOUCH Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Touch

Katie SCALES Year 10 FUTSAL Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Futsal Team

Abigail KILKOLLY Year 10 FUTSAL Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Girls’ Futsal Team

Christian WALKER Year 11 GOLF Member of the Hawkes Bay Golf Academy Placed First Under 19 NZ Maori Championship

Libby O’HANLON Year 10 CHEER LEADER Represented Hawkes Bay with the Bay City Comets at Nationals.

Ruby BRETT Year 10 CROSS COUNTRY Hawkes Bay/Gisborne Champions placed third in Junior Girls’ Cross Country, second in Road Race and third in Steeple Chase HARRIERS Placed first overall in Girls 13-14 Age Group at Hastings Harriers Championship ATHLETICS ECNI (East Coast/ North Island) Athletics Championships placed second in Junior Girls’ 200m Final and third in Junior Girls’ 800m final. At Alan Potts International Track & Field Open Classic event placed first in 200m, 400m, 800m and second in 1500m ROAD RACE ECNI ((East Coast/ North Island) Road Race placed first in the Junior Girls’ competition

Tyla DILLON Year 10 BRAZILLIAN JUIJITSU NZ U15 Under 50kg “NO Gi” placed first at Nationals NZ U15 Under 50kg “ Gi” placed second at Nationals

Nick PALMER Year 11 ATHLETICS Alan Potts “international” Track & Field Open Classic event placed first in Shot put; second in Hammer and Fourth in Discus ECNISS (East Coast/North Island Secondary Schools 1st Intermediate Boys Hammer “RECORD”51.66m 1st Intermediate Boys Shot Put “RECORD”15.40m 1st Intermediate Boys Discus SELECTED as ECNISS “MALE OF THE MEET” Placed first in NZ Under 16 Shot Put Champion Placed third in NZ Under 18 Shot Put *At the moment Nick is Currently New Zealand’s No 1 under-18 shot putter with a personal best of 18.28m.



Samuel WALTON - SEXTON Year 11 TOUCH Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 15 Representative Touch Team RUGBY Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 16 Representative Rugby Team

Maki KELLY Year 11 RUGBY Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 16 Rugby Development Team

Amy SAUNDERS Year 11 CANOE POLO Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Women’s B2 Grade Canoe Polo Team

Sharnie O’CONNOR Year 11 CANOE POLO Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Women’s B Grade Canoe Polo Team


Tia LEWIS Year 11 NETBALL Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 17 Representative Netball team

Jacob McNEIL Year 11 CANOE POLO Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Men’s C Grade Canoe Polo Team

Taylor THORPE LOVERSUCH Year 11 CANOE POLO Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Women’s C Grade Canoe Polo Team CANOE POLO Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Women’s B2 Grade Canoe Polo Team

Chontelle LEITCH Year 11 HOCKEY Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Women’s Invitation Team for NSW Cup

Millie HANNAM Year 11 NETBALL UMPIRE Qualified as a Hawkes Bay Netball Umpire

Luke SHAW Year 11 CYCLING Placed first in Hawkes Bay Under 17 Road Race Place first in Hawkes Bay Under 17 Time trial

Mitchell DAVIS Year 12 CLAY TARGET SHOOTING NZ Secondary Schools Skeet champion – two man team Selected to HOA Central and Lower North Island and North Island secondary school team Top qualifier in Hawkes Bay team winning NZ Fish and Game Trophy Awarded 300 straight target badge

Ben REVELL Year 12 RUGBY Hawkes Bay Referees association (qualified as a Rugby Referee) Awarded Hawkes Bays best first time

Jacob KERSHAW Year 11 Crossfit Placed third in NZ Teen Gauntlet Gathering

Maja SANDERS Year 11 SQUASH Member of the Hastings Squash Club’s National title winning F Grade team

Scarlett GARVEY Year 12 ACADEMIC Winner of Senior Project section in Hawkes Bay Science Fair Scholarship to attend Hands on Science week at Otago University

ELLA McKAY Year 12 ORIENTEERING Placed second at NZ Nationals “Standard Division”



Michaela HORSEFIELD Year 12 SURF LIFE-SAVING Placed third at the NZ Nationals in the Open Women’s Canoe CANOE POLO Selected for the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Canoe Polo Tournament Team

Moki BECKHAM Year 12 RUGBY Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Secondary School Girls Team

Oliver CHAMBERLAIN Year 12 Debating Named most promising speaker at the 2016 Russell McVeagh competition

Emma BONE Year 13 ACADEMIC Selected as sole NZ student to attend International Science Camp in Germany with week at Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine

Saelem WATSON Year 12 TOUCH Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under 17 Mixed Touch Representative team

Holly DAVISON Year 12 Debating Named most promising speaker at the 2016 Russell McVeagh competition

Romaine CRAWFORD Year 13 Speech Placed second in the 2016 Hawkes Bay Lions Young Speech Maker Contest Selected for Youth UN New Zealand Global Development Tour – Representative of the NZ Youth Forum 2016/2017

Kendal GOWAN Year 13 NETBALL UMPIRE Qualified as a Hawkes Bay Netball Umpire

Jim MISSEN Year 13 SWIMMING Selected to Represent HBPB for Rio Olympic Trials at the NZ Opens in Auckland


Talon ROBINSON Year 13 TOUCH Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Open Mixed Representative team Selected for NZ Under 20 Mixed Development team RUGBY 7’s Selected for the Hawkes Bay Women’s 7’s Representative team RUGBY Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Secondary School Girls Team Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Senior Women’s Rugby Tuis team

Madison GAIGER Year 13 CANOE POLO Selected for New Zealand Under 21 Canoe Polo team to compete at Worlds in Italy

Ezra CASH Year 13 ACADEMIC Highly commended in Senior Project section in Hawkes Bay Science Fair

Holly FOULKES Year 13 WRITING 2015 Winner of the HBETA John McKenzie Writing Competition

Sam THORPE-LOVERSUCH Year 13 CYCLING First in Under 20 section at Hawkes Bay Schools Champions in Road Race and Team Time Trial First in Under 20 section at Cambridge Cycling Carnival in Road Race, Hill Climb Overall placement in Year 20 section Selected for the NZ U19 Development Team over the last 4 years

Caitlyn CLARK Year 13 DEBATING Represented Hawke’s Bay in the New Zealand Russell McVeagh Debating competition Named Best Speaker at Regional Russell McVeagh Competition & member of winning team

Mason TEMPLETON Year 13 ACADEMIC Highly commended in Senior Project section in Hawkes Bay Science Fair

Michaela PEARSE Year 13 DANCE Choreographer and member of Karamu High School Senior Hip Hop Dance NZ Made team that was placed first in the regional open division. a member of the SALT Dance Crew who were placed 1st in the Street Dance New Zealand Regional Adult Competition, 3rd in the ‘Versus’ North Island competition, 1st in the adult division of the Urban Dance ‘Project’ competition (North Island)



Hundred Club Badges

Back row L - R Bethany Cox, Ezra Cash, Tate Gorton, Taylor Epplett-Fletcher, Mason Templeton, Holly Davison

Third row L - R Zoe Hannay, Kassie Mercer, Ethan Hakopa, Zack Matthews, Oliver Chamberlain, Jack Chamberlain, Kate Jones Second row L - R Sam Thorpe-Loversuch, Zara Blake, Mikel O’Connell, Reuben Lyndon, Tayah-Daisy Coleman, Niko Slade, Michaela Pearse Front row: Georgia Boyes, Jesca-Lee Bron, Georgia Hopkins, Jeriel Sajan, Shayne Brown, Kendal Gowan,Ella McKay Absent: Bianca Southey

NCEA Level Cups

Jaime Mossman Cup for Best NCEA Results from Year 10 Holly Davison, Cup for Best NCEA Results at Level 1 and Ezra Cash, Cup for Best NCEA Results at Level 2

Coco Kerckhoffs Cup for Best NCEA Results at Level 3

Level 1 Excellence Endorsements Back row (L-R) Niels Clayton, Phoebe Hinton, Tate Gorton

Third row (L-R) Jack Chamberlain, Paris Kendrick, Caleb Brothers, Taylor EpplettFletcher, Bethany Cox, Oliver Chamberlain Second row (L-R) Sage Templeton, Toby Hunter, Tayah-Daisy Coleman, Reuben Lyndon, Hannah Hemi-Robinson, Niko Slade, Martha Wilson

Front row (L-R) Kate Jones, Scarlett Garvey, Georgia Hopkins, Holly Davison, Ella McKay, Kassie Mercer

Level 1 Merit Endorsements

Back row (L-R) Hollie Thompson, Emily Burton, Sem Hoogendoorn, Harrison Compton, Bailey Seymour, Bradley Carrington, Liam Davies, Josiah Barlow, Cerys Sanders-Jones, Shinae Lawrence

Third row (L-R) Kody Giddens, Michaela Horsefield, Jacob Fraser, Shannon Singer, Benjamin Tresidder, Greer Curran, Ethan Hakopa, Tegan Winter, Kyle Burlace, Kirsten Rutten Second row (L-R) Kingsley Robertson, Taiki Yoshino, Briana Hasler, Mathew Lindsay, Ruby Mawley, Benjamin Revell, Zara Blake, Kevin Karnbach, Emerald Flavell, Liam Frost, Peyton Douglas-Puna

Front row (L-R) Taylor Brown, Suitte Presbitero, Olivia Abelson, Emily Rose Penberthy-Hutchins, Georgina McCallum, Natasha Roselli, Rylee Munro-Wallis, Kate van Ingen, Delaney Bates, Ashleigh Clay-Nicol Absent Amy Burns, Janine Kahukura, Bianca Southey, Ruia Waite, Jamie-Tyla Wharepapa-Gray

Level 2 Excellence Endorsements

Back row (L-R) Ezra Cash, Zack Matthews, Jim Missen, Mason Templeton

Third row (L-R) Mikel O’Connell, Emma Bone, Isla Christensen, Abigail Hussey, Sam Thorpe-Loversuch Second row (L-R) Georgia Boyes, Kate Jacobs, Summer Wynyard, Ailsa Laurie, Zoe Hannay

Front row (L-R) Jesca-Lee Bron, Shanae Mullooly, Caitlyn Clark, Mia Braddock, Kendal Gowan, Jeriel Sajan


Level 2 Merit Endorsements

Back row (L-R) Sophie Wells, Logan Hughes, Romaine Crawford, Finn MacKenzie, Morgan Nitschke, Tyler McCourt, Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert, Alex Hape-Tonihi Third row (L-R) Serena Newton-Clark, Michaela Pearse, Dominic Cacace, Kendall Laking, Brad Petitclerc, Tasia Pischief, Felix Thornton, Tanisha Fitzgerald, Cameron Woolley

Second row (L-R) Olivia Broderick, Ellen Wykes, Grace Lyndon, Jamie Thompson, Kendall Lucas, Georgia Williams, Laura Winstone, Ashleigh Blackman, Hannah Taylor Front row (L-R) Tori Cowan-Smith, Holly Foulkes, Shayne Brown, Ashleigh Mosen, Nakita Hall, Olivia Smith, Stephanie Taka Absent Darnah Chenery, Madison Gaiger, Cate Laing, Grace Nolan, Max Ward

Year 10 NCEA Subject Endorsements

Back row (L-R): Jacob McNeil, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Benjamin Winterson, Henry Hosford, Nicholas Palmer, Tyler Ernst, Cameron Young, Matthew Jones, Romayne Araia, James Gowan, Luca Dunstan, Khalael Uelese

Middle row (L-R): Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Liam Robson, Jorge Fothergill, Gustav Hendricks, Caitlin Mannell, Tia Lewis, Ana Marks, Paige Morgan, Reanna Browning, Amy Saunders, Hannah Norfolk Front row (L-R): Mikayla Harrison-Franco, Acacia Fairweather, Bayley Baxter-Kirby, Camryn Toki, Amy Griffiths, Sara Hazelwood, Sahibpreet Kaur, Melinda Pope, Chontelle Leitch, Abigail Masengi Absent: Jaime Mossman

Level 3 Excellence Endorsements

L-R: Coco Kerckhoffs, Yahaira Williams, Tiffany Buckley, Sarah Davison, Tahlia Hopkins, Jasmin Rorrison Absent: Chantel Slade

Year 13 Scholarship Winners

L-R: Yahaira Williams, Te Moana Bartlett, Coco Kerckhoffs, Jasmin Rorrison

The Karamu High School Arts and Humanities Scholarship for Tertiary Study and the Cup for Level Three Humanities was awarded to Jasmin Rorrison The Joan Wiffen Memorial Science Scholarship for Tertiary Study and the Cup for Level Three Sciences, was awarded to Coco Kerckhoffs Coco Kerckhoffs, Karamu High School Cup for Best Level 3 NCEA results



Mrs June Clark

This is the fourth year that the Academic Institute has operated. Students who gain an Excellence Endorsement at Level One or Level Two the previous year are invited to be part of the Academic Institute. The Academic Institute has two key roles; to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding academic achievements and encourage and support further academic achievement. As part of the programme, a number of the Academic Institute members have given academic tutoring and mentoring to other students around the school. Academic Institute students have meetings and workshops with successful business people who explain to them their career journey but also talk about life balance, highs and lows. This year the students have enjoyed meetings with three past students. Our Patron Dr Karen Cooper continues to support the Institute as well as suggesting some very suitable speakers. We are grateful to our sponsor(s) for their on-going support and especially Kukri New Zealand for their sponsorship this year. At our first meeting Napier Lawyer Jonathan Krebs, who specialises in Criminal and Civil Law, spoke about his experience as a lawyer which involved work throughout New Zealand but particularly in Auckland and Napier as well as overseas.

He included his experiences with the Privy Council. Jonathan also outlined to the students the importance of having interests outside his professional life. For Jonathan this includes Music and Drama.

1990 Head Boy and Sportsman of the year, Byron Roff, spoke about playing semi-professional rugby in the UK and Japan. Along with his sporting achievements, he focussed on his professional career firstly as an Engineer, and then later specialising in Project Management managing the design and construction of many buildings and public space projects around NZ. He now owns one of NZ’s leading Project Management consultancies with over 60 staff. Byron emphasised that not only do employers look at academic results but equally important is your personal brand (image) which includes attitude, aptitude, attendance, communication and initiative. Past student Stacey Ireland left Karamu High School to study at Otago and is now completing her thesis on Risk of Low Energy in Young Athletes. She used some of our students to gain data for her thesis. Stacey reflected on the various paths her Karamu High School peer group have taken as well as what is required to be a successful university student.

The 2016 Academic Institute members are:Year 12: Jack Chamberlain; Oliver Chamberlain; Niels Clayton; Bethany Cox; Caleb Brothers; Tayah-Daisy Coleman; Holly Davison; Taylor Epplett-Fletcher; Tate Gorton; Scarlett Garvey; Hannah HemiRobinson; Phoebe Hinton; Georgia Hopkins; Toby Hunter; Kate Jones; Reuben Lyndon; Paris Kendrick; Ella McKay; Kassie Mercer; Niko Slade; Sage Templeton; Martha Wilson. Year 13: Emma Bone; Caitlyn Clark; Mia Braddock; Georgia Boyes; Ezra Cash; Romaine Crawford; Kate Jacobs; Kendal Gowan; Ailsa Laurie; Jim Missen; Mason Templeton; Jeriel Sajan; Mikel O’Connell; Shanae Mullooly; Abigail Hussey; Isla Christensen; Sam Thorpe-Loversuch; Jesca Lee- Bron; Zack Matthews; Summer Wynyard.


Farming students Moki Beckham and Janine Kahukura teach Rams Year 10 Health Day

to lead

Mrs June Clark This year we were pleased to welcome Mrs Bronwyn Butler as our new Gateway Co-ordinator. Under our Gateway Programme, we have had over 25 students placed with Briscoes, CC Hair, Hastings Demolition, House of Travel, Lollipops Educare, Peak Fitness, Rebel Sport, Warehouse Stationery, World Travellers Best Travel; Taratahi Agriculture; Farmers, gaining credits and learning relevant skills in the work place. Careers continues to support students doing Early Childhood through PORSE as well as the school based Tourism, Hospitality, Automotive and Building programmes. The Careers Centre has an open door policy where students may drop in at any time to get Career advice. We aim to support our students in their career decision making. We also aim to support our students in their last year at school by hosting liaison visits from each of the universities followed by course planning days. Year 12 and 13 students have individual careers interviews. Year 13 are taken to Open Days as well as supported in applying for scholarships and accommodation. A number of our students have benefitted from a barista course

providing them with an employable skill while at university. A number of our students have benefited from trips to EIT to investigate either Bachelor degrees or diploma courses such as the Trade Courses. These trips have given students a good insight into what tertiary study is available once they leave school. Karamu High School has continued its partnership with the Hawke’s Bay Hospital with two Incubator Programmes this year. These Year 12 and 13 students hear first hand about the career journeys of hospital staff. This year this has included:Medical Laboratory technician, Junior Doctor, Alcohol & Drug Counsellor, Medical Radiation Technologist, Clinical Nurse, Speech Language Therapist, Pediatrician, a Play Specialist and a Physiologist. In addition, our Year 10 students have had a morning at the Year 10 Health Expo. Other visits this year have included Year 10 students visiting a number of businesses and industries as well as a group of students going to the Horticultural Field Day.


The 2016 academic year started very well with the success of Yahaira Williams gaining Scholarship in Statistics. This followed the success of our Year 11 students who gained our best results in NCEA, both at the end of the year and in the MCAT (Mathematics Common Assessment Task in Algebraic Methods). As with last year, the faculty ran two weeks' worth of tutorials at lunch and an evening session before the exam. As the main entry requirement into both courses in Year 12 Mathematics, the students worked hard and the tutorials were well attended. Hopefully, their efforts will be rewarded and improve upon the results garnered last year. In addition, Andrew Alves and Flynn Mercer gained a Merit placing in the University of Otago Junior Mathematics Competition. Both students just missed out in being the Top 200 in the country. Mathematics has continued a programme, started three years ago, which involves Year 13 Calculus and Statistics students


tutoring struggling students in the junior school. This has been taking place after school in the faculty and in Homework Club. Every year, Karamu High School is asked by Hastings Intermediate to be judges for their Mathletics competition. Each judge is responsible for two teams of three primary or intermediate school students. The faculty is proud of this tradition and every year we gladly send 25 of our brightest Year 11 and Year 12 leaders to particitpate in the event. As a new initiative, both schools have decided to work more closely with each other in 2017 to foster better relationships between teachers and the new students who will eventually be attending Karamu High School. The Faculty of Mathematics is very proud of what we offer students both in and outside of the classroom. We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities for the students and are already looking ahead to 2017.


2016 has been a great year in the Arts. We welcomed Miss McElwee in Dance and she is now here in a permanent capacity. We also welcomed Miss Whitlow to Visual Art this year following on from the permanent appointment of Miss Dawson late in 2015. We are also welcoming Mr Kite in a permanent position in 2017 in Visual Art. It is also with great pleasure that the Faculty will be lead by Mrs van Rijk in 2017 and Mr Hollands continues in his new role as Deputy Principal but he will take the Senior Design class.


This year has been yet another successful and event-filled year in Music. A very busy co-curricular programme kept all our musicians busy and supported the work going on in the classroom. This year we have introduced a lot of new technology and computer software into our classroom Music programmes, allowing all students to write their own music and build on their creativity. This opens the doors to success in Music for a lot more students in the school and is an area we are continuing to build on.

The junior classes are focused on performance skills and group song The 2015 year culminated with the Arts Faculty writing. Year 10 are currently working towards writing their own movie themes receiving four Scholarships, two in Drama, one in groups using loop based software. in Media studies and one in Design, the Our senior classes have produced some outstanding performances and fantastic highest number in any Faculty in results throughout the year. We continue to receive compliments about the standard 2015. of performance and variety of styles we present in all public appearances.


MUSIC Yr 9 solo Gabriel Faalele

Yr 9 solo JT Pemberton

Guitar group

Yr 9 solo Sophie Jones

Yr 10 group band

Yr 10 composition

Jeriel solo

Toby Hunter Harrison Keefe banjo

Yr 11 Alex Ngui


DRAMA The highlight of any Drama student’s year is the class play. This is the culmination of the year’s work in a production. Both senior classes embraced the ambitious challenges set before them. Mikel O’Connell directed the Level 1 students in ‘Wonderland’ and the Level 2/3 class performed Mervyn Thompson’s play ‘Children of the Poor.’ The students performed to a high standard, and both plays were well received by family and friends. In Year 9 and 10, we learn the skills required for NCEA Drama through creative play. Once again this year we entered a team


of enthusiastic Drama students into an interschool improvisation competition ‘Improv Wars’. This was a wonderful forum to test our quick thinking skills, meet students from other schools and, above all, have fun. We were delighted to host a Hawke’s Bay Festival Show this year. “Te Mahara” was co-devised and performed by Kristyl Neho, a past student of Karamu.

MEDIA STUDIES Year 10 Media Studies involved learning about advertising, film genres and film making. One class developed their own project after studying the documentary genre, and made their own

documentary about dance. This meant following the progress of a Year 10 Dance class and documenting the development

and performance of small groups of dancers. The documentary answered the question “Why We Dance”, and used interviews,

were “How Tos” were completed, ranging from how to make a pop up card to how NOT to talk to the police. Some were really informative and some very funny. The year ended with preparation for the exam’s two essays, which meant revising the Western Genre film (and watching a lot of Westerns) and Media Coverage.

behind the scenes footage, hand held camera footage

Year 12/13: Another fun-filled and enjoyable year, with senior

commitment, organisation, group work and creativity and a lot

creative pieces. A highlight included a trip to Wellington to

and selective editing to create meaning. The task required

students producing an excellent range of short films and other

of trust. The end result was great!

experience the NZ International Film Festival. We visited Weta

Year 11 Media this year completed all the internals required

and then focused on preparing for the exam. Short films that

Workshop and also a variety of cinemas, including the Roxy, Penthouse and the Embassy.

Media Studies Trip

A group of excited Media Studies students headed down to Wellington on the 29th July, for the New Zealand International Film Festival. As we arrived we were greeted by the windy Wellington weather but did not let that dampen our mood. We started off our trip with a visit to the New Zealand Film School, where Sashi Meanger, the executive director, gave us important insights into the school. With a quick tour around the school we got to see the equipment and facilities that the school provides for its students. We then settled down in the viewing room to watch a short film made by the students. It was amazing to see the level of skill produced by the students. Once finished, we used our free time to hit the shops. As night fell we excitedly headed off to our first movie at the Penthouse theatre. “The Clan”, an Argentinian crime film based on a real story, had mixed responses. It was a very intriguing film and it was interesting to watch a non-English speaking film. Our second day was just as fun and adventure packed. First we travelled to Weta Workshop. After many selfies with the life-size Orcs (from The Hobbit), we huddled inside to watch a video. Then, as a small detour, we visited the War Memorial Museum. The life-like statues of soldiers towered above us and we all took many photos. After an hour of shopping, we met up again at the Craft Inc. Studios. Two independent film producers talked to us about the reality of the film industry in New Zealand, including important facts on money, funding within New Zealand, gender statistics within the industry and likeliness of success. We were then able to reflect on this while watching a film that they had produced “The Last Night”, selected for six different film festivals internationally. In the afternoon, we headed to the Roxy Cinema to watch “Sunset Song”. It was a very long and emotional war story, that resulted in a few tears. Then we raced over to The Embassy Theatre to watch our second film for the night, “The Rehearsal”. This New Zealand film was a more light-hearted film about young actors. The two movies were extremely different in not only plot but film style as well. On Sunday morning, we reluctantly got back into the school vans and drove home. Overall, it was an incredible trip. It opened many of our eyes to the world of Film and what it would be like to go into Film as a career choice, giving us all plenty to think about. The films were also helpful in showing the diversity in films in different countries and the videos from the Film school, Weta and Craft Inc. showed us what we could one day produce. This was a new and exciting experience that I would definitely recommend to all Media Studies students.



2017 has been another successful year in the Visual Arts department. With record numbers of students taking the opportunity to express their ideas through Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture and Design, we have over 200 portfolios completed. The quality of the work has been outstanding and this is a reflection of the hard work by both students and staff. The main focus is to create an environment in which students feel safe and comfortable to express their ideas through their Art, learn from each other and be proud of their achievements (and Excellences). We are also very proud of the students leaving us and, for a large majority, they are off to continue their pursuits in the Visual Arts, enrolling in a range of tertiary fields from Design to Photography through to the Fine Arts. We wish them well.


Karamu students embrace dance. In 2016 the Year 9 and 10 students have experimented with ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip hop. Learning about the basics of choreography, the students have created some stunning sequences that incorporate a range of themes and ideas. There is a lot of talent at junior level which will develop and grow at senior level. Our senior students have experienced a high degree of success this year at NCEA level. They have developed their dance and choreography skills and taken on new forms of dance such as Indian traditional dance, which they excelled at. Twenty-one of our students competed in the Dance NZ Regional this year. Our two contemporary dance teams placed well. Our Hip Hop dancers won the overall regional competition prize. Kayla Pearse also won an award for her choreography. Our Hip-Hop team competed in September’s Nationals in Palmerston North. Their performance was totally dynamic and, against tough competition, they placed third. Our school musical, Guys and Dolls, involved many of our dance students. From Year 9 – 13, their professionalism and high level of energy was outstanding. They did a superb job.


Year 11 Theatre Technology students have made significant contributions to The Arts Faculty in the area of Performing Arts, from the school production “Guys and Dolls”, to student directed senior drama play of “Wonderland” to our annual Arts Faculty Evening, showcasing student work from the 2016 academic year. Students have applied the theatre skills of set design and construction, lighting and sound, props, make up and costume design, stage management and stage crewing to help make these events successful. Our senior students in Years 12 and 13 have also had the opportunities to lead and manage many of the areas in these events and productions. It has been great to see the interest in sound and lighting from Year 9 and 10 students that volunteer to help out in school events as well as weekly assemblies, sporting and cultural events.


MPA students have continued to support school and community events with haka, waiata, powhiri and performances throughout 2016. Highlights have been helping in the National Secondary Schools Kapahaka Competition held at the Pettigrew-Green Arena in Taradale and hosted by Te Matau a Maui Maori Teachers Incorporated; supporting staff learning Te Reo Maori at their powhiri and final assessment at Te Urunga waka, E.I.T; as well as performing at the Karamu High School Open Evening and The Arts Faculty Evening. There is good interest from the junior school in Maori Performing Arts and kapahaka, so we are looking forward to bigger and better things in 2017.












Y12 David Bailey

Y12 Painting Challange “American Gothic”

Y12 painting Challange “ The Son of Man”

Y12 Holly Davison



Y12 “Dali” Challange 2


Why study the Social Sciences? It is important because History, Geography, Business, Tourism and Social Studies are subjects that teach us about what it means to be human living in this great big world we call home. We focus on the study of society and the relationships among individuals. When we better understand ourselves, we are then in a better position to understand how the world works. From there we are able to identify the root causes of different problems and find more effective solutions going forward. Social Scientists are equipped with analytical and communication skills that are important throughout industries and organisations worldwide. We are involved with solving many of the world’s biggest issues, such as violent crime, alternative energy, and cyber security. The Social Scientist has a profound effect on every part of society. At the junior level in Social Studies, we explore a range of broad topics from our own identities and how we belong, to different cultures living nearby and far away. We study the ways in which people are organised and guided by ethics and laws and consider a range of different places and environments both, within New Zealand and globally. We aim to teach students skills necessary to compliment other subject areas in order to become informed, responsible citizens. As part of our People and Power topic at Year 9, this year we were able to showcase the differing level of governance our democratic country has to offer. We had visits with the local mayor Lawrence Yule, local MP Craig Foss and, a highlight, meeting the Right Honorable Prime Minister of New Zealand – John Key. In the senior school students study more specific aspects in detail, learning to view events from different perspectives in History and how people engage with their natural and cultural environments to plan for tomorrow in Geography and Tourism. Team work and financial management are incorporated into our Business Studies programmes which allows for realistic, real life companies to grow, evolve and succeed. 2016 has been yet another successful year for the Social Sciences team. The staff are always working to create interesting and varied programmes to incorporate fieldtrips and other topics for authentic learning experiences. The Level Three Geography programme made some changes to incorporate a new topic studying the Muriwai Coastal

SO 146

Environment. On the 20 – 24 May, 37 students and four staff headed to Auckland to visit the beach and conduct research for two NCEA assessments. The weather was as wild as we knew it could be but the students were all able to appreciate the beauty of this dynamic landscape. And while in Auckland the students were able to explore the central city, a highlight for many. At Level Two the flight across Hawke’s Bay was another great experience. Getting a bird’s eye view of the environment meant students were able to identify different land uses for their urban planning research project. Level One Geography students spent a beautiful day exploring the Hawke’s Bay Coastline for their research project, starting at Clifton and working their way north to finish up at Westshore in Napier. Lots of great data was collected during this trip. In Year 12 Tourism, students learn about a wide variety of topics and also look at opportunities beyond school, as Tourism now supplies about one in ten jobs in New Zealand. During the year we had several guest speakers from tertiary providers such as the NZ School of Tourism, Queenstown Resort College and the International Pacific University who explained about the many pathways in this industry. The Year 13 students had the opportunity to spend two days at the NZ School of Tourism in Wellington in July having a ‘taster course’ just for Karamu students learning about exciting careers such as flight attending and working on cruise ships. In September, as part of our Destination Rotorua topic, we had a great two days in Rotorua visiting Te Puia geothermal area, Agroventures, Skyline Gondola and Luge and jet boating on Lake Rotorua. The Year 12 and 13 Business Studies students took a trip down to Kaikoura to look at the Whale Watch business model where we learnt from Operations Manager Teri Sonal about the early days of the company. For many of our students, this was their first trip to the South Island boarding the ferry and going through Queen Charlotte Sound. At Kaikoura we were able to observe firsthand the impact that tourism and the Whale Watch in particular had made on the town. Of course we had to go on the Whale Watch venture where we managed to see one of the whales surfacing and diving. And those studying History are busy preparing for the fifth international trip to Europe in 2017. In the Social Sciences – we go places! Will you join us?


SO 148


Second place Jane Hannam, Holly Foulkes and Shayne Brown

Winners Charlene Fun-nell, Romona Wainohu and Jessica Shoemark

LIBRARY 2016 Reading, reading and more reading. That’s one thing that’s always going on in the library. Whether it’s juniors finding and reading books to complete their Reading Bingo Challenge or seniors looking for texts to support their assessments, there’s lots going on. Students also have the option of browsing our growing e-book collection too, although they can do this from home without coming in. Plenty of keen readers signed up for the annual Choc-o-Lit Quiz, with record entries this year. The eventual winners were Year 9 students Jessica, Romona and Charlene who narrowly beat Year 13s Holly, Jane and Shayne. The tie-breaker for third place meant that Abi, Cameron and Tayah won the chocolate ahead of Daniel, Scarlet and Jacob. The Spine Poetry Competition was also very popular with lots of entertaining entries. Researching, researching and researching. That’s another thing that happens a lot in the library, whether it’s from our well selected book stock, our range of on-line databases and curated content or just the sometimesreliable Mr Google. The library is a student work space, with access to colour photocopying and printing as well as the afterschool Tutorial and Homework centre. Breaktimes see plenty of students here, reading and changing books, getting a head start on their homework, tutoring each other, joining in with Book Club, having debating coaching meetings or quietly gaming. This winter, the communal 1000 piece jigsaws have been a popular addition to the mix. A big thanks to Ms Radley and Miss Arnott for helping out Mrs Clothier in the library and to the student librarians Daniel, Jane, Holly, Cameron and Scarlett for their contribution. Daniel Brown, Jane Hannam and Holly Foulkes have been librarians since Year 10 and we wish them well as they move on from school. Their cheerfulness and friendly helpfulness will be really missed next year.

Third place Abi Masengi, Tayah-Daisy Colemen and Cameron Young


The John MacKenzie Writing Competition is run annually by the Hawke's Bay English Teachers' Association. The competition is open to all senior students who attend any of the 19 Secondary Schools across the region. There were close to 40 entries in 2016 and the prize was hotly contested. We are of proud of Oliver Chamberlain, who took out first place for this competition with his poem 'Landed'.

Landed I came from a place Of sirens peaking and rebounding off concrete the Doppler effect? Of bleak skies a pall draped over monochrome buildings Of constricted veins commuters get stuck in the clots Of busied people spitting sentences like tape recorders

I came on an aircraft An Airbus A380, jets echoed through my temples for hours At the click of my belt the car pulled away my reflection looked over my shoulder, it was still thinking of lions

I come from a place Of fields breathing breezing through grass Of curved skies I strain my eyes to take in the colour Of wide, country roads cars float like small barges down them Of hatted people a slight twang in their accents. I’m used to that now.


Russell McVeagh

Wellington Arts Trip

Poetry Day Writers Conference


ENGLISH 2016 has been a busy, invigorating year for the English Faculty. The students have had a myriad of opportunities to broaden their interest in literature and the language of communication. The staff continue to challenge and extend students’ knowledge and passion while reinforcing the skills and learning being developed across all levels. Communication is considered one of the top skills a student needs to ensure success in our ever evolving world. As the cornerstone of our subject, we offer programmes that enable students to communicate orally, visually and through written forms. English is about developing thinking, being able to communicate coherently and developing an understanding of what it means to be a part of this world. Literature can enlighten us about our communities, our nation, our world and the challenges offered by them. Language enables us to communicate our beliefs and responses effectively and with meaning. Throughout the year, there are many co-curricular opportunities available, including Debating, Extension Writing and the Accelerate Reading Club. At the start of the year, a group of senior students attended the Wellington Arts Festival. The trip to the Wellington Arts Festival was timed to coincide with ‘Writers Week.’ This provided the students with the opportunity to learn from some amazing literary talent as well as experience live performance of international standard. We not only enjoyed discussions and presentations from a variety of authors, we also learnt about the history of Jazz from Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Orchestra, we saw the two-time US National Poetry Slam Champion Anis Mojgani, we watched a cutting-edge multimedia dance theatre for digital natives, we attended a play reading and finally we were able to attend a discussion about Weta Workshops contribution to the film, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. The students were inspired by such an impressive and wide variety of talent. Junior debating is offered within school and the senior teams participate in the Hawke’s Bay Inter School Debating competition. This year there were nine Junior and six Senior teams involved in the competitions, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to promoting this essential skill. Karamu again hosted the annual Russell McVeagh Regional Debating Competition. This year twenty-two teams participated in what was a hotly contested weekend challenge to find the Regional Team representatives. Our extension writing students have met on a regular basis throughout the year and in Term Three we hosted our third Annual Writers’ Conference. The students listened to three keynote speakers, Marty Smith, Sonya Clark and Saskia Van Rijk and then participated in a range of workshops that enabled them to engage with, and explore, a variety of writing styles. Comments from the students focussed on the effectiveness of workshopping their ideas with such talented writers, and the advantages of seeing writing from students across all year levels. The Accelerate Reading Club (ARC) is offered to students from Year 10 onwards. This group have open discussions on literary classics and the timeless themes of contemporary works. A love for literature is alive and well at Karamu, with students reading increasingly sophisticated and complex narratives. ARC continues to stretch and extend students with a passion for literature and challenges them to roam into new territory. At the end of Term Three, we celebrated National Poetry Day with a variety of activities both in and outside of the classroom. The library bookshelves were empty as students and teachers engaged in creating Book Spine poems. At lunchtime the circle was awash in paper as everyone battled against the wind to keep hold of their words and set about devising Found Word poems. Student engagement and interaction was high and this will no doubt become a regular addition to the English and Languages Faculty calendar. After an amazing year we are already looking forward to 2017, but we also end on a sad note as we make a few farewells. Ms Julie Bolton is leaving Karamu to take up teaching in Australia and, after twenty years in the faculty, Ms Jo Morris is leaving the teaching profession to explore new horizons. We know it will not be too long before we are crossing paths with these new adventures Jo, and wish you both all the best in your new endeavours.


TE REO MAORI 2016, another busy year. Organized events, education outside the classroom, a cultural trip to Japan, as well as learning Te Reo Ma- ori me ona Tikanga. It is humbling thinking back over the year. So many of events have been student driven; Matariki, Ma- ori Language Week, and Po whakanui. Thanks to Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers, Zion Harris, Alex HapeTonihi and Summer Wynyard who have been at the helm.

A highlight for some senior students was the cultural trip to Japan, it was definitely a learning experience no one will forget. Japan is simply beautiful. The people, the sights, the culture, and the food. It is an experience that we encourage any students to make. And remember, you are never lost, you are on an adventure! Another year has gone by too quickly, but soon enough it will be 2017, and the Karamu WhÄ nau will be back to mahi, mahi, mahi.

WRITING EXTENSION GROUP Back row Holly Foulkes, Scarlett Garvey, Rilee Prebensen, Amber Flashoff, Cole Vujcich , Sara Renall, Charlene Fun-nell

Middle row Ms J Morris, Holly Davison, Oliver Chamberlain, Cameron Young, Jack Chamberlain, Jessica Shoemark, Mrs K Beaumont Front row Kate Jones, Mikayla Harrison-Franco, Caroline Glen, Martha Wilson, Romona Wainohu, Amy Griffiths




2015 has been another exciting and fulfilling year both in and out of the Japanese classroom. The biggest highlight has been the trip to Japan which saw 25 Maori and Japanese language students travel to Japan for 20 hot days. About a month before that trip we also had the pleasure of hosting three Japanese exchange students here for two weeks. It was a pleasure having Minami, Natsumi and Haruka and the students loved making friends with new people from far away lands. The junior students recently celebrated Spring with a traditional Japanese party called “Hanami: - flower-viewing”. All of these exciting cultural activities give the students many opportunities to use their Japanese in real-life situations. It is great to see their confidence in Japanese grow every day. We are looking forward to another full year in 2017.


Mia Braddock There was no way to know that when we arrived at Napier Airport on the 15th of September, ready to embark on one of biggest trips of our lives, that we would return to New Zealand three weeks later as a 25 person-strong family. I remember feeling nervous sitting on the plane next to someone I barely knew and realising that I was about to spend three weeks in a foreign country with 25 students, some of whom I had never had a conversation with. But 24 hours of travelling through Hong Kong and into Japan, followed by an entire day of sightseeing the minute we landed, really pushed us to our limits and allowed us to bond on the very first day. Landing in Osaka was a bit of a shock as we realised we had left wintery New Zealand behind and entered a country offering 30 degree temperatures with 90% humidity. Our first day of sightseeing took us to the beautiful Osaka castle, but what we were really looking forward to would come the next day; Universal Studios. Rides, food and entertainment kept us busy for a whole 12 hours, with a surprise at the end when actors roamed the ‘streets’ dressed up as zombies in celebration of Halloween. Heat aside, Universal Studios was one of the most exciting days of the trip. The next day we headed to Kyoto, slowly becoming more confident with the trains, and spent two nights in a Ryokan, a Japanese style inn. This was our only chance to stay in a traditional Japanese hotel where we got to sleep on futons, eat traditional breakfasts and practice customs that we would be expected to uphold for the entire trip. Kyoto is famous for its beautiful temples, castles and shrines, and we were lucky enough to spend a few days exploring this city before we moved on to Hiroshima. Hiroshima was a fast favourite with the group as there was so much to explore, including the incredible Atomic Bomb Dome, Peace Park and Miyajima Island which is home to hundreds of wild deer. A 4:00am start on the 23rd of September was necessary for us to reach our next destination on time. We headed straight to Kobe Noda High School and spent the next two days getting to know the students and seeing how a Japanese school operates. Our hosts at the school were incredibly kind and generous, and we all exchanged details to keep in touch. The most special part of our time in Kobe was getting the opportunity to spend three nights with families who had kindly volunteered to host us. Getting to participate in typical day-to-day life in Japan was one of the most valuable experiences our group was offered. We were very fortunate to be invited into people’s homes and make connections across the world with families we will never forget. Our last six days in Japan were spent in Tokyo. It is hard to explain the incredible size of the capital city, and each day we spent there was packed full of vastly different activities. Because there were so many options available, we were allowed to head off in small groups to explore the parts of Tokyo which most interested us. From the famous Harajuku area to Disneyland and one final Shrine, our week in Tokyo was the perfect way to end the trip. Visiting Japan taught us so much about culture, communication and perspective. But, perhaps even more importantly, we learned to push through when we were tired, hungry and sore so that we didn’t miss out on an irreplaceable experience. We left Japan with new friends, new knowledge and a massive appreciation for our own beautiful country. A huge thank you is necessary for our amazing teachers Ms Veen, Whaea Pene and Matua Leon. You took care of us every single day and without you, this trip never would have been possible. To our parents, thank you for all the help and support you offered in the two years leading up to Japan. And last of all, thank you to everyone on the trip for bringing the laughs, bants and love and making this trip unforgettable.

LAN 156


2016 started with a bang for the Technology Faculty with William Wilks gaining an Outstanding Scholarship for his Kea Cavatometer project. Design and Visual Communication student Zoe Hannay also gained a Scholarship for her Architecture project. For both students this success is extra special as they were up against the country’s leading Year 13s and they were both Year 12 students at the time. This year saw a new Head of Faculty with Miss Maiken Calkoen stepping into the shoes of Mr Dale Prebble who retired at the end of 2015. Mr Justin Kite joined the Faculty in the Hard Materials Technology area, and Mrs Julie Burn took over from Mrs Leanne McCaffery in Soft Materials Technology.

HARD MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY Hard Materials Technology as it has been known, will no longer exist in 2017. Going forward it will be known as Product Design. This change to a more appropriate name will coincide with some updating of current programmes and focus on new technologies. These new technologies will not take the place of traditional materials and techniques, but simply add to the “toolbox” so to speak. This will enhance the potential and possibilities for our students’ creativity, and better prepare them for an ever evolving future.


JUNIOR TECHNOLOGY L1 JorgeFothergill L1 Hannah Norfolk

L1 Marsellus Whaanga L2 Mitchell Davis

L1 Liam Hansen

L2 Taylor Walton-Sexton

Year 9s this year were taught by Mr Justin Kite, who introduced the students to a range of materials and techniques. They completed two main projects, a small personalised wooden box and a Pewter Taonga (Treasure), which would go inside it. The students created a range of wonderful products with many excited to move on to Year 10. Deputy Principal Mr Damien Hollands joined us in the workshops this year, initiating a new project for the Year 10s which involved designing a Device Holder made from acrylic on Adobe Illustrator and utilising the laser printer to cut it out. Students were also introduced to 3D printing as part of their second project, Accessory.

SENIOR TECHNOLOGY The senior technologists have created a wide range of individualised products. Cyprus Kendrick and Jorge Fothergill in Level 1, in conjunction with the school as stakeholders, have designed and manufactured subject associated signs for the Technology hallway. Other products include, Dog Kennels, Motorbike Stands, Clocks, Skateboard holders, Bookshelves, Outdoor and Indoor Tables, Multi Configuration Work Benches, Watch Holders, Speaker Boxes, Vertical Chess Boards, Bedside Cabinets, and Totem Pole Hat Stands just to name a few. The enthusiasm, imagination and creativity of the students is always impressive and this should only be heightened by the upcoming initiatives proposed by our Technology team.


L2 David Bailey

L2 Reuben Lyndon.

L3 Connor McGhee L2 Bradley Carrington

The Level 1, 2 and 3 Building Industry courses were again very popular this year. Students at all levels complete various theory modules and also use set plans to complete construction projects. Mr Jeremy Wright took a group of students on the BCITO’s Big Construction Tour, where they visited numerous local construction sites and factories, this was a great insight into possible career pathways. At Level 1 students made a small Macrocarpa and Rimu Chopping Board and a Bedside Cabinet. Level 2 completed a set of Outdoor Furniture. The Level 3 students worked with the business studies class, and were contracted to produce 30 small herb boxes from recycled wooden pallets. They also constructed a small nonconsent building, which was a Play House for a real life stakeholder/ client. These students demonstrated excellent communication skills, the ability to find solutions to problems, improve their knowledge, and versatility with tools and construction techniques.

AUTOMOTIVE L3 Grace Lyndon

L3 Joshua Waite

In our Level 2 Automotive class this year students worked through a series of theory modules to gain industry recognized Unit Standards, this coincided with the fabrication of a small 50cc powered Mini Bike. The effort and attention to detail that the class showed in 2016 are evident in the finished products.


SOFT MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY Changes were ahead for Soft Materials Technology in 2016 with the most noticeable being the new course title name change to ‘Fashion and Textile Design’. We also incorporated some new events into our senior programme with our school being the first to recognise garments made for entry into the Edible Fashion Awards as part of assessment towards gaining NCEA credits. With support from Miss Calkoen, we stepped into the ‘Fashion Drawing’ territory with students working towards gaining external credits with a portfolio of drawing. This is now a compulsory part of the course to enable students to gain course endorsement. We also tried our hand at costume designing and successfully supported the Drama Faculty with three costumes for the ‘Wonderland’ play – White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts and Alice. This whole process was student led and was well appreciated by audiences. We followed in last year’s successful footsteps of entry into Design, Make and Model competition at the Hawke’s Bay A & P show. This year we entered into the new ‘Costume Making’ category, with the White Rabbit costume and Queen of Hearts costume gaining some excellent feedback. The junior programme was more popular than ever, with higher student numbers attending the Year 10 course. 100% of the Year 10 students gained their advanced sewing machine licence and over locker licence. We had some original cushions and T-shirts invented. Year 9 groups 2016 was the year of tie-dye! Lots of tiedye bags and some really great mouse pin cushions, Tiki dolls and mini monsters made.


On the 11th of the June, 12 Designers from Karamu High School entered in the Edible Fashion Awards for 2016. This was a big step up from the three entries our school produced the year before. The theme for this year was ‘Fantastical’ so designers could let their imaginations go wild. Within our school, there were creatures of all shapes and sizes, with fairies, queens and warriors. These creations took up to four months, with designers spending hours on end folding, gluing and sewing. Once again it was held at the Hawke’s Bay A&P Showgrounds. The morning show was jam packed due to the large number of entries. With an overwhelming 130 designers entered overall, the Karamu students were up against some tough competition. However, they were filled with excitement when it came to judging time. The wonderful talent of model and presenter Colin MathuraJeffree, local WOW winner Kate MacKenzie and the founder and designer from KILT, Melissa Williams-Lamb made up the judging panel. Out of all the amazing designs produced from our school, Year 11 Sharnie O’Connor’s ‘Queen of Hearts’ made it through


to the final show. Her design was based off Alice in Wonderland’s Queen and was created by folding and gluing hundreds of napkins onto a dress. Even though no Karamu entries gained a placing, it was a big learning experience for many budding designers. Not only were they able to create amazing designs, but also showcase them on an actual runway. This gave both the designers and the models a chance to understand what the real fashion and design industry is like. Also, for the students taking Soft Tech as a NCEA subject, they were able to gain credits from this. All of this would not have been possible without the help of Mrs Burn, who helped organize and support the designers before and during the awards.


This has been another busy year for both teachers and students in our faculty. We have collaborated with other faculties for school activities such as the Business Studies market day and Maori Department Po Whakanui. In Year 9 Food Technology Mrs Malton, Mrs Harlen, Mrs Greville and Mr Rafferty taught the classes. The frozen desserts the students planned, developed and produced in groups were of a very high standard. The presentation and taste of some of these was outstanding. Some Year 9 students did a great job helping with the catering for the Year 9 meet the parents evening during Term One. Year 10 Food and Nutrition was taught by Mrs Burn and Mrs Symes. We have trialled some new ideas to get students engaged with learning about nutrition concepts. There was more hands on learning activities and more choice for students during practical work. The highlight was the third topic – develop and produce a gourmet hamburger. There was a hotly contested burger competition with outstanding judges! Most students used beef mince for their patty but a few developed a vegetarian patty using chick peas which was an interesting development. Year 11 and 12 Food and Nutrition was taught by Mrs Symes. Students had fantastic NCEA results this year. Year 12 Students completed research assessments for their internals. They learnt about using local food, veganism and obesity. The class trip to Telegragh Hill and the Strawberry Patch was interesting looking at local food grown, processed and marketed. Highlights were the tasting room at Telegraph Hill, real fruit ice creams and picking strawberries to make fresh strawberry jam at the Strawberry Patch. Year 13 Food and Nutrition had a small group of students completing the course by correspondence. They worked well independently and gained pleasing results. Staff have been working hard during the last few weeks of school with the senior students preparing them for their NCEA external exams. We wish students well for these and hope everyone has an enjoyable summer holiday.

HOSPITALITY We have had two Level 2 Hospitality classes and a Level 3 class this year with Miss Malton and Mrs Symes. Students covered a range of topics including food safety, using knives, grilling, salads, baking, boiling and steaming. We were very pleased to have visiting chefs helping students in the class. Norka a tutor from Future Col, helped students with their knife skills and vegetable cuts. Raymond van Rijk helped students grill the perfect steak. Students gained confidence and improved their skills with the help of these chefs. Highlights were the Hawke’s Bay cookery competition held at EIT. Two students competed Maya Mason-Te Tau - bronze medal in the cheesecake section. Maya made a white chocolate and berry cheesecake. Jamie Bainbridge – bronze medal in the pasta section. Jamie made a creamy pasta with bacon and prawns. We were very pleased

that most students gained a National Certificate in Cookery, the Service IQ Level 2 Certificate of Achievement in Cookery, which recognised their skills in Food Safety, using knives, grilling and salad making. We had a well supported baking stall during Term Three. Students worked in groups to sell a selection of baked products to help raise funds for our Hospitality course. Students enjoyed the challenge of planning, preparing, baking and finishing their chosen products. We sold a wide variety of delicious products including mini meat pies, sausage rolls, apple turnovers, rolled sponges, banoffee pies, cup cakes and muffins. Towards the end of Term Four we went to Off The Track restaurant for lunch to experience a local restaurant dining experience. We are lucky to live in Hawke’s Bay where there are so many restaurants, it is great to support our local region.



For many juniors and seniors Computing has been an interesting subject this year as usual under the guidance and wisdom of Mr Moir. The Year 9s in particular enjoyed Scratch (Game coding), as it gave them the freedom to use their creativity alongside practical skills. One student said that they were influenced by the Online Safety topic saying “I now know not to cyber bully or do something silly because even if I delete anything it will always be there, reminding me to do safer things online.” This is extremely important in this day and age to be careful online as we move more into a digitally oriented world, so well done Year 9! The Year 10’s focused mainly on developing these skills learned in Year 9, but also developing knowledge around HTML coding (Web site making). This allowed them to create their own web sites for their favourite sport or hobby. The Senior school dove right into the hard practical topics, including Databases and Programming. As part of the Year 11 programme, I thoroughly enjoyed making my brochure which focused on the transformation of our school from the old buildings to what it is today, as I wasn’t able to experience this up close. Year 12 students improved their skills with Advanced Databases, Python Programming and Advanced Photoshopping while the Year 13 students covered similar ground though using Complex skills. All in all the Computing subject had a good year.

DVC: DESIGN AND VISUAL COMMUNICATION DVC has grown in popularity this year as more students elected to study the subject at all levels. An increase in the number of computers in the classroom has meant more students have utilised Sketch Up and Photoshop within their design project work. This runs alongside the more traditional instrumental drawing techniques and freehand drawing emphasis. This range of skills and possibilities within DVC has lead to an even more diverse collection of project work which has been impressive. Mrs Burn was a welcome addition to the subject as she taught most of the Year 9 classes. Students enjoyed the creative design exercises and skills gained. Year 10 students designed innovative shelters for the school, and Year 11 were challenged to design small houses that could provide a home in a compact and creative way. Zoe Hannay, DVC Scholarship Recipient Year 12 came up with café and restaurant designs to add to the vibrancy of Albert Square in Hastings. Year 13 projects varied from lighting, furniture, drink bottles, restaurants, train stations and seating designs. Students have commented on their many highlights within DVC. These include: “ “DVC is fun, everyone should do it!”

DIGITAL GRAPHIC DESIGN This year we trialed a Year 9 course focusing on Photoshop, art and design skills. The students who participated were extremely enthusiastic about the learning and fun they experienced. Highlights included Andy Warhol styled “selfies” and redesigning Packaging for Watties using Photoshop and Google SketchUp. It is great to see more digital design incorporated into learning at Karamu High School.


Amelia Hunt Y10

Zoe Hannay L3

Danielle van Schaik Year 10

Max Crossan Year 10

Melody James Y9

Ella McKay L2

Paige Lenz L2

Georgia Hopkins L2

Caitlin Mannell L1

Hannah Taylor L3

Piper Jones Year 10




How high can you go! This was the challenge put to the group of Year 12 Outdoor Education students upon their arrival to Adrenalin Forest - a six level high-wire obstacle course among the trees, each level harder than the last and level 6 being some 20m up in the air! This was one of the two adventure based activities that made up the last of many of its kind within the Level 2 NCEA Physical Education course here at Karamu High School, also referred to as Outdoor Education. The students fully embraced the high excitement, at times stomach churning, challenge, with some even able to claim bragging rights to conquering the entire six levels! If that wasn’t enough to get the blood pumping, the second activity of the two day camp had fears put to the test again. This time it wasn’t up that we were going, but down…. a 7m waterfall that is, in a six man raft, as part of whitewater rafting down the Kaituna river, Rotorua. Successful navigation down the rapids of the Kaituna required every member of each raft to do their part and trust their fellow crew members to do the same, such as keeping the raft steered in the right direction and at the right speed, so as to not end belly up. It provided students a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate valuable interpersonal and leadership skills that are extremely important to the successful functioning of a group, whatever the situation or circumstance may be. Aside from offering students what would be for many once in a life time experiences, these, along with the various other outdoor adventure based activities, such as surfing, rock climbing and abseiling, are examples of the extended learning that takes place, beyond the classroom, in Level 2 NCEA Physical Education at Karamu High School. The following are testimonials provided by some of the Year 12 Outdoor Ed. students who participated in the recent Adrenalin Forest and Whitewater rafting activities which convey the true value gained from such experiences that are unique to Physical Education……


“Adrenalin Forest was exhilarating and made me push myself. ” “Adrenalin Forest activity was out of my comfort zone but still very enjoyable. ” “The most worthwhile trip of my schooling life. ” “The best part of the trip for me was the rafting…..It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.” “My fav part about the trip was the rafting. Going down the 7m waterfall. Being the group that was scared to flip the raft and then being the group to flip it, was a good laugh.”


CURIOUS MINDS Cameron Young This year, Karamu was privileged to be selected as a ‘guinea pig’ for a new programme named Curious Minds: Discover Fungi. As well as an Intermediate from Kaikohe and Rongomai Primary (Auckland), 30 students from Karamu were selected at random to take part. Our mission was to try discover a new fungi species. The organization funding this project was the Landcare Research Centre, who had commissioned a team of Mycologists (people who study fungi) to promote their work. In the team were Peter Buchanan (Science Team Leader), Maj Padamsee (Fungarium Curator, Research Mycologist), and Susan van der Spuy (Teacher) from Auckland who would come to direct the thirty students. Less than 50% of fungi has been recorded in New Zealand, so their hope was to add to the New Zealand Fungi Database. The three schools were to take part in a three step programme, which would finish with a scientific paper detailing and describing a new species of fungi (hopefully). We began early one morning, at a well-known site; White Pine Bush. In groups of four we followed the ferny track and collected samples of interesting looking of fungi. Along the way, a swarm of wasps attacked us, leaving six of us injured. The clouds opened and showered upon us, and though nature seemed against us, we still persevered, and arrived back at school with bags full


of yeasts, molds and mushrooms. As a team, we antiseptically swabbed the mushrooms, and collected samples of them in agar dishes. Our job done, we bade farewell to Peter, Maj and Susan as they left to Auckland with the swabbed plates. On April 12th, ten students from Karamu were selected to fly up to Auckland and attend the Landcare Research Laboratories Open Day. Whilst there, the students learned aseptic techniques to subculture fungi. We were also joined by ten students each from Rongomai Primary and the Kaikohe Intermediate. We were given tours around the laboratories, and were allowed access to their Fungarium, their collection of dried strains of fungi. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and really piqued the interest of those of us who were planning on becoming scientists later in life. A huge thank you goes out to Peter Buchanan and the entire team for teaching us all about fungi, and the joys of being a Mycologist. Also, thank you to Landcare Research Centre, who funded this Curious Minds Project. Another big thank you to Miss Andrea Roberts, one of our Karamu High School’s biology teachers, who led the entire team through pouring rain and a swarm of wasps, all to widen our knowledge and love of science.

SCIENCE FAIR Oliver Chamberlain Karamu has been well represented across the board in this year’s Hawke’s Bay Science Fair with several students continuing and building upon last year’s success. A class of Year 9s carried out scientific investigations and five awards were given; one of them being an ‘Outstanding’ award, the highest available. Additionally, a number of Year 10s and seniors entered and together received one ‘Outstanding’ award and three ‘Highly Commended’ awards. Scarlett Garvey also received the University of Otago ‘Hands on Science’ award. Two teams were also entered into the titration competition, hosted at EIT. It involved performing a titration, an experiment used in many industries, such as viticulture, to work out the proportions of each given chemical in a reaction. Students needed to put their scientific skills to the test as they had to produce accurate results with an extremely fine margin for error. A team consisting of Holly Davison, Bethany Cox and Taylor Epplett-Fletcher came second, an outstanding achievement considering the tough criteria. For the third year, the Pipfruit NZ Science Quiz was hosted at Karamu. Whilst no placings were gained Karamu gave a good performance with two junior teams and two senior teams entered. Thanks to the organisation and support put forward by the Science Faculty, the evening was a success. Students involved thoroughly enjoyed the event. For example, here are Mason and Ezra’s thoughts on the Fair: Science fair is a fantastic experience. It’s a great way to take advantage of school internals to get lots of free stuff without too much additional work. So give it a go. We enjoyed being able to turn a school investigation on bird nests into something helpful for HB. Although we spent most of our time just chasing ‘birds’. But in the end we... tried our Nest.

2016 HB Science Quiz

It was great to see Karamu building on previous years of success in the various areas the Science Fair had to offer.



Curious Minds (a $90,000 National Initiative) – Karamu students, in conjunction with Auckland University staff, collected, identified and named new species of fungi.

Open Evening Fun Experiments – Dry Ice and Air Pressure.

A Level 3 Biology Internal assessment investigating the nesting behaviour of gannets has been developed by Ms Roberts. It is now being used nationally as an exemplar of education outside the classroom (EOTC) by Ruud Kleinpaste (the “Bug” man) on a national lecture series to the education sector and he is soon to present it to parliament. The Environmental Education Forum is also using the resource.

16 projects from the accelerate year 9, 1 project from year 10 and 2 senior projects have been entered in the project section of the fair. Other activities are the technology challenge and the titration competition where Karamu is well represented. Scarlett Garvey won an all expenses paid trip to Otago University to attend the 2017 Hands On Conference.

Science Trip to Europe 2017 – 19 senior students off to Europe for 3 weeks on the biennial science trip.

The Science Faculty is once again actively involved in the HB Science Fair as hosts of the Seriously Fun Quiz. Over 200 students from 25 schools will participate in the quiz. Led by Ms Gunn

National and International Scholarships. Isla Christensen gained a scholarship to travel to Antaractica and Emma Bone was the only NZ student to win a scholarship to Xlab in Germany.

Coco Kerckhoffs gaining a Scholarship in Chemistry in 2016. Scholarship tutorials are continuing led by Mr McDade, Mrs Clark and Mr Beaumont. Ms Roberts was awarded a fully paid scholarship to attend an International Biology Conference in Nelson. She was immersed amongst leading scientists and educators for 4 days Miss Parker, the science technician, has been assisting with tutorials and teaching. She is very passionate about science and as a recent university graduate has much to offer our students. Mr Matthews competed in the Waka World Championships in Australia.

Science Faculty welcomed Mr McDade as Assistant HOF, teaching senior Physics.





Karamu High School Cup for the Best Contribution to Sound and Lighting Curtis Preston


Contribution to Intermediate Debating Abigail Masengi Karamu High School Cup for Contribution to Extra Curricular Music Shares the Jill Allan Memorial Cup for service to Debating Toby Hunter Shares the Jill Allan Memorial Cup for service to Debating Oliver Chamberlain Shares the Bowey Cup for Contribution to Extra – Curricular Dance Charlotte Rameka Shares the Bowey Cup for Contribution to Extra – Curricular Dance Michaela Pearse Karamu High School Cup for Senior Maori Oratory Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers Toastmasters Trophy for Leadership and Communication Liam Davies Judith Bartlett Cup for Best Senior Speech Board results Tate Gorton Karamu High School Cup for the Best Dance performer Michaela Pearse Karamu High School Cup for the Best Music Performer Jeriel Sajan Karamu High School Cup for the Best Senior Debater Caitlyn Clark Karamu High School Cup for the Best Intermediate Debater Karamu High School Cup for Best Intermediate Speech Board results Cameron Young



HONOURS MEDALS FOR CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Honours for Debating Caitlyn Clark Honours for Dance Michaela Pearse

GOLD HONOURS MEDALS FOR SPORT Gold Honours for Speech Romaine Crawford

SPORTS DISTINCTION AWARDS Most improved E Grade Rugby player Dylan Beckham Sutherland Trophy for Contribution to Girls’ Football Adidas Kepa Karamu High School Cup for the Best Intermediate Boys’ Badminton player Josiah Barlow Karamu High School Cup for the Best Intermediate Girls’ Badminton player Shinae Lawrence Karamu High School Cup for the Best Senior Boys’ Badminton player Tate Gorton Karamu High School Cup for the Best Senior Girls’ Badminton player Holly Davison

Karamu High School Cup for Contribution to Extra –Curricular Drama

Karamu High School Trophy for the Chess Champion Levi Hawkins

Collins Cup for the Best Drama Performer Ailsa Laurie

Karamu First XV Rugby Cup for the most improved First XV player Maki Kelly

Griffiths Cup for the best Senior Girl Tennis player Ella McKay Griffiths Cup for the best Senior Boy Tennis player Liam Frost Karamu High School Cup for the Senior Girls’ Cross Country Champion Paige Morgan Karamu High School Cup for the Senior Boys’ Cross Country Champion Jordan Auckram Taylor Trophy for the Most Outstanding Girl Hockey player Chontelle Leitch Karamu High School Cup for the Best Senior Boy Football player Ezra Cash Field & Thompson Trophy for all round contribution to Cricket Benjamin Revell Mills Trophy for the Senior Girls’ Swimming Champion Jadah Elers Mills Trophy for the Senior Boys’ Swimming Champion Jim Missen Karamu High School Trophy for Excellence in Senior Boys’ Canoe Polo Jacob McNeil Blake & Caccioppoli Trophy for the most Outstanding Girls’ Rugby player Moki Beckham Ki o Rahi Trophy for the Best Male player Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert I.G. Field Cup for the best Overall shooter Mitchell Davis Shares the Karamu High School Trophy for Commitment to Canoe Polo Phoebe Hinton Shares the Karamu High School Trophy for Commitment to Canoe Polo Michaela Horsefield Waters Family Cup for the Best Boys’

Honours for Rugby Refereeing Benjamin Revell

1st Intermediate Boys Hammer “RECORD”51.66m;

Honours for Orienteering Ella McKay

1st Intermediate Boys Shot Put “RECORD”15.40m;

Helen Fitzpatrick Cup for Service and Leadership to Netball

Honours for Surf Life-Saving Michaela Horsefield

1st Intermediate Boys Discus

Karamu High School Cup for the Most Valued Senior Netball player Tia Lewis

Honours for Canoe Polo Michaela Horsefield

Hockey player Karamu High School Cup for the Best Contribution to Boys’ Hockey Laikyn Hapi

Karamu High School Cup for the Most Valued Senior Girl Basketball Player Brent Dark Memorial Cup for the Best Senior Volleyball player Grace Nolan Allen Grey Silver Jubilee Cup for Cricketing Efficiency Rex Wilson Trophy for the Senior Boys’ Athletics Champion Jon-Joseph Scales

Honours for Touch Samuel Walton-Sexton Honours for Rugby Samuel Walton-Sexton

GOLD HONOURS MEDALS FOR SPORT Gold Honours for Golf Christian Walker Gold Honours for Clay Target Shooting Mitchell Davis

Best Senior Girl Touch player

Gold Honours for Cycling

Karamu High School Ki o Rahi Trophy for the Best Female player

Placed first in Under 20 section at Hawkes Bay Schools Championships in Road Race and Team Time Trial

Karamu High School Trophy for the Most Outstanding Girls’ 7s Rugby player Talon Robinson Karamu High School Trophy for Excellence in Senior Girls’ Canoe Polo Baxendine Trophy for the Senior Girls’ Athletic Champion Madison Gaiger Best Senior Boy Touch player Karamu High School Cup for the Most Outstanding First XV Rugby player

Placed first in Under 20 section at Cambridge Cycling Carnival in Road Race, Hill Climb and Overall placement Selected for the NZ Under 19 Development Team over the last 4 years Sam Thorpe-Loversuch Gold Honours for Canoe Polo Selected for New Zealand Under 21 Canoe Polo team to compete at World Chamionships in Italy

Samuel Walton-Sexton

Bronze Medalist at the Canoe Polo World Championships in Italy


Top Junior Girls Goal Scorer Madison Gaiger

HONOURS MEDALS Honours for Squash Maja Sanders Honours for Netball Tia Lewis Honours for Swimming Jim Missen

Gold Honours for Athletics Placed first in Shot put; Second in Hammer and Fourth in Discus at Alan Potts “international” Track & Field Open Classic event ECNISS (East Coast/North Island Secondary Schools Championship placed:-

and was selected as “Male of the Meet” Placed first in NZ Under 16 Shot Put and third in NZ Under 18 Shot Put Qualified for World Youth Games 2017 Qualified for World Youth Commonwealth Games in Bahamas (SHOTPUT) for 2017 Selected to Represent New Zealand at the Australian National Athletics Championships Selected in the New Zealand Athletics Development Programme Nicholas Palmer Honours for Girls’ Rugby 7’s Selected for the Hawkes Bay Women’s 7’s Representative team Honours for Girls’ Rugby Selected to the Hawke’s Bay Secondary School Girls’ Rugby team Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Senior Women’s Rugby Tui’s team Gold Honours for Touch Selected and played for the Hawkes Bay Under Open Mixed Representative Touch team Selected for the Under 20 Mixed Development team Talon Robinson

LEVEL ONE ACADEMIC DISTINCTION AWARDS First in Level One Sport Justin Parker First in Level One Building Dylan Beckham Distinction and First in Maori Performing Arts Charley Ropitini


Distinction and First in Level One Te Reo Maori Awatea Dougherty

Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Level One Mathematics Acacia Fairweather

Distinction in Level One Art Samuel Walton-Sexton

Distinction in Level One Food Technology

Distinction and First in Level One Dance Hannah Foulkes

Distinction in Level One Physical Education Michaela Edwards

Distinction and First in Level One Hard Materials Technology Paige Morgan Distinction and First in Level One Soft Materials Technology Karamu High School Cup for Level One Technology Mia Sutton Distinction in Level One English Reanna Browning Distinction in Level One English Jasper Temburu Distinction in Level One Art First in Level One Theatre Technology Maja Sanders Karamu High School Print for the Best Level One Music Composer Romayne Araia

Distinction and First in Level One Food Technology Laura Burns Distinction in Level One Mathematics Shares the Karamu High School Cup Distinction and First equal in Level One DVC Caitlin Mannell Shares the Karamu High School Cup Distinction and First equal in Level One DVC Ana Marks Distinction in Level One Science Distinction in Level One English Mikayla Harrison-Franco

Distinction and First in Level One History Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Level One English Cameron Young Distinction in Level One History Distinction in Level One Science Distinction in Level One English Distinction and First in Level One Japanese Abigail Masengi Distinction in Level One Physical Education Distinction in Level One Mathematics Distinction and First in Level One Geography Steel Cup for Distinction and First in Level One Science Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch Distinction in Level Two Photography Distinction in Level One Science

Distinction in Level One Science

Distinction in Level One Geography

Di Fairley Cup for First in Level One Music Khalael Uelese

Distinction in Level One English Liam Robson

Distinction in Level One History

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Distinction in Level One Media Studies Tyler Ernst

Distinction in Level One Physical Education Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch

Karamu High School Cup for Level One Social Sciences Jaime Mossman

Distinction in Level One History Ryley Clark Karamu High School Print for Distinction and First in Level One Art Reece Sullivan Karamu High School Cup for First in Level One Digital Technologies Keagan Klempel Distinction in Level One Science Melinda Pope Distinction in Level Two Photography Solomon Bakker-Reynolds Distinction in Level One Mathematics Jorge Fothergill


Distinction in Level One Art

One Drama


Distinction in Level One English

Distinction in Level One Science Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Distinction and First equal in Level One Media Studies Bayley Baxter-Kirby

Distinction in Level One English

Distinction in Level One Science

Distinction in Level One Art

Distinction and First equal in in Level One Drama

Shares the Karamu High School Cup Distinction and First equal in Level One DVC Ana Marks

Ryan Olsen Memorial Cup for First in Level One Business Studies Amy Griffiths

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Distinction in Level One Science

Distinction and First equal in in Level

Distinction in Level One English

Karamu High School Trophy for Distinction and First in Level One Physical Education Nicholas Palmer Distinction in Level One Business Studies Distinction in Level One Mathematics Distinction in Level One Science Jacob McNeil

LEVEL TWO ACADEMIC DISTINCTION AWARDS Outstanding Effort in SPEC Ethan Colquhoun Distinction in Level Two Hospitality Jacobi Farmer Distinction in Level Two Hospitality Aaliyah Halton Distinction and First in Level Two Building David Bailey Distinction in Level Two Tourism Emily-Rose Penberthy–Hutchins Distinction and First in Level Two Tourism Deanna Clafferty-Painter Distinction and First in Level Two Dance Dylan Huata-Lucas Distinction and First in Level Two Hard Materials Technology Distinction and First in Level Two Automotive Laikyn Hapi Distinction in Level Two Photography Zara Blake Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics Emily Hammond Distinction in Level Two English Kate Jones Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics Sem Hoogendoorn Distinction in Level Two Business Studies Sage Templeton

Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics Mathew Lindsay Distinction in Level Two History Ethan Hakopa Distinction and First in Level Two Art – Painting Cayli Corlett Distinction and First in Level Two Soft Materials Technology Peyton Douglas-Puna Distinction and First in Level Two Te Reo Maori Janine Kahukura Distinction and First in Level Two Japanese Suitte Presbitero Karamu High School Trophy for Distinction and First in Level Two Physical Education Reuben Lyndon Shares the Karamu High School Cup for First equal in Level Two Digital Technologies Jack Chamberlain Shares the Karamu High School Cup for First equal in Level Two Digital Technologies Oliver Chamberlain Distinction in Level Two Physics Distinction in Level Two DVC Georgia Hopkins Distinction in Level Two History Distinction and First in Level Two Food Technology Kassie Mercer Distinction in Level Two Photography Distinction in Level Two English Shinae Lawrence Distinction in Level Two Biology Distinction in Level Two Physics Kirsten Rutten Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics Distinction in Level Two Physical Education Michaela Horsefield

Distinction in Level Two Physics Distinction and First in Level Two Art Design Scarlett Garvey Distinction in Level Two Biology Distinction in Level Two English Distinction in Level Two Physical Education Phoebe Hinton Distinction in Level Two English Distinction in Level Two Chemistry Distinction and First in Level Two History Niko Slade Distinction in Level Two Chemistry Distinction in Level Two Biology Distinction and First in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics Taylor Epplett-Fletcher Distinction in Level Two Media Studies Distinction in Level Two Mathematics Esme MacDonald Cup for Distinction and First in Level Two Music Karamu High School Print for the Best Level Two Composer Toby Hunter Distinction in Level Two English Distinction and First equal in Level Two Drama Distinction and First in Level Two Business Studies Tate Gorton

LEVEL TWO ACADEMIC OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Distinction in Level Two Mathematics Distinction in Level Two Chemistry Distinction in Level Two English Distinction and First in Level Two Geography Bethany Cox


Distinction in Level Two Physics


Distinction and First in Level Two Art Sculpture

Distinction in Level Three Tourism Olivia Smith

Distinction and First in Level Two DVC Ella McKay

First in Level Three Theatre Technology Curtis Preston

Distinction in Level Two History

First in Level Three Building Corey Anderson

Distinction in Level Two Geography

Distinction in Level Two English Distinction and First equal in Level Two Drama Distinction and First in Level Two Theatre Technology Hannah Hemi-Robinson Distinction in Level Two Chemistry Distinction and First in Level Two Biology Distinction and First in Level Two Media Studies Karamu High School Print for Distinction and First in Level Two Photography Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Level Two English Holly Davison Distinction in Level Two Geography Shares the Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First equal in Level Two Digital Technology Distinction and First in Level Two Chemistry Distinction and First in Level Two Physics Karamu High School Cup for Level Two Sciences Distinction in Level Two English Allan Cup for Senior Writing Oliver Chamberlain Distinction in Level Two English

Karamu High School Trophy for the Best Technology student Grace Lyndon The Prebble Trophy for Outstanding Craftsmanship Dominic Cacace Distinction and First in Level Three Dance Michaela Pearse Distinction in Level Three History Ashleigh Mosen Distinction in Level Three Business Studies Distinction in Level Three Statistics and Modelling Summer Wynyard Distinction in Level Three English Holly Foulkes Distinction in Level Three Physical Education Sam Thorpe-Loversuch Distinction in Level Three Physical Education Zack Matthews Distinction in Level Three English Mia Braddock Distinction in Level Three Photography

Distinction and First in Level Three Physical Education Jesca –Lee Bron Distinction and First in Level Three DVC Distinction and First in Level Three Art – Design Zoe Hannay Distinction and First in Level Three Te Reo Maori Distinction and First in Level Three Maori Performing Arts Haka a Tane Rore Trophy for the Best Maori Performing Arts student Pounamu Tipiwai–Chambers George Seymour Trophy for Distinction and First in Level Three Tourism Distinction and First in Level Three Photography Distinction in Level Three Geography Distinction in Level Three Statistics and Modelling Darnah Chenery Distinction in Level Three English Distinction in Level Three Geography Distinction in Level Three History Caitlyn Clark Distinction in Level Three English Distinction and First in Level Three Drama Anna Couchman Memorial Cup for Distinction and First in Level Three History Ailsa Laurie Distinction in Level Three Business Studies

Distinction in Level Two Art – Painting

Bignell Cup for best overall Level Three Art student Shanae Mullooly

Karamu High School Print for First overall in Level Two Art

Distinction and First in Level Three Soft Materials Technology

Ellison Cup for Distinction and First in Level Three Music

J & C Struthers Print for Distinction and First in Level Two Mathematics Tayah-Daisy Coleman

Michelle Smith Cup for Distinction and First in Level Three Business Studies Tasia Pishief

Karamu High School Print for the Best Level Three Music Composer Jeriel Sajan

Distinction in Level Two Photography


Distinction and First in Level Three Hard Materials Technology Connor McGhee

Distinction in Level Three Statistics and Modelling

Distinction in Level Three English

LEVEL THREE ACADEMIC OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Distinction in Level Three Media Studies Distinction in Level Three Geography Distinction and First in Level Three Statistics and Modelling Isla Christensen Distinction in Level Three Biology Distinction in Level Three Chemistry Distinction in Level Three Physics Distinction in Level Three Statistics and Modelling Tyler McCourt Distinction in Level Three English Distinction in Level Three Chemistry Distinction in Level Three Biology Distinction in Level Three Physics Emma Bone Distinction and First in Level Three Geography Distinction and First in Level Three Biology Distinction and First in Level Three Chemistry Distinction and First in Level Three Physics Distinction and First in Level Three Calculus Somerville Cup for Level Three Mathematics Ezra Cash Distinction in Level Three Geography Distinction in Level Three Calculus Distinction in Level Three Biology Distinction in Level Three Chemistry Distinction in Level Three Physics Mason Templeton Distinction in Level Three Statistics and Modelling Distinction in Level Three Biology

Distinction and First in Level Three Media Studies Distinction and First in Level Three English Georgia Boyes

ACADEMIC John McKenzie Trophy and Prize for first place in the 2016 Hawkes Bay English Teachers Writing competition Oliver Chamberlain

HONOURS MEDALS FOR ACADEMIC Science Honours Ezra Cash Science Honours Mason Templeton Science Honours Scarlett Garvey Honours for Writing Holly Foulkes

EIT Scholarships Bachelor of Nursing Sophie Wells Bachelor of Nursing Gurkamal Bhangal Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) Parekura Simpson Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) Grace Lyndon Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) Tori Cowan-Smith Bachelor of Recreation and Sport Brad Petitclerc Bachelor of Business Studies Samuel Thompson Bachelor of Business Studies Connor McGhee Bachelor of Business Studies Tanisha Fitzgerald

Gold Honours for Academic

Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design Bodean Colquhoun

Gold Honours for Science Emma Bone

Bachelor of Nursing Rangimarie Harrison


Bachelor of Nursing Michael Sinclair

Principal’s Prize for the Deputy Head Girl Georgia Boyes Principal’s Prize for the Deputy Head Boy Ezra Cash Principal’s Prize for the Head Girl Isla Christensen Principal’s Prize for the Head Boy Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert Matua Bill Whaitiri Memorial Trophy for Leadership Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert


Bachelor of Computing Systems Chris Sutton Bachelor of Business Studies Jeriel Sajan Massey University Vice Chancellor’s High Achievers Scholarship for Excellence in the Arts Zoe Hannay Victoria University Achievers Scholarship Holly Foulkes Victoria University Achievers Scholarship Shayne Brown

George Seymour Scholarship Olivia Smith

Victoria University Academic Excellence Scholarship Caitlyn Clark

France Trust Tertiary Scholarship Summer Wynyard

Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Emma Bone


Barker Cup for Sportsmanship Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert Shares the Karamu High School Cup and miniature for Sporting Excellence Nicholas Palmer

Otago Vice –Chancellors Scholarship Jesca Lee Bron Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Otago Vice Chancellors Scholarship Georgia Boyes Otago – Maori Scholarship Romaine Crawford Lincoln College – Global Challenges Scholarship Tasia Pishief AUT Maori Leadership Scholarship Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert Auckland Academic Potential – Tier 3 Isla Christensen Auckland Academic Potential – Tier 1 Mason Templeton Auckland University Top Achievers Scholarship Ezra Cash

PRESTIGIOUS SPORTS AWARDS McLeod Cup for Service to ExtraCurricular activities Kendal Gowan


Shares the Karamu High School Cup and miniature for Sporting Excellence Madison Gaiger

Karamu High School Year 12 General Excellence Cup for Excellence in Academic, Sport and Culture Holly Davison

Roff Cup and miniature for the Senior Sportsman of the Year Sam Thorpe-Loversuch

Karamu High School Year 12 Academic Cup Oliver Chamberlain

Lucas Cup and miniature for the Senior Sportswoman of the Year Talon Robinson



Karamu High School Year 11 Academic Cup Jaime Mossman

Karamu High School Cup and miniature– for contribution and Cultural Excellence in a range of cultural activities Toby Hunter Shares the Te Taonga Trophy for Contribution to Maoritanga Zion Harris Shares the Te Taonga Trophy for Contribution to Maoritanga Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers Duke of Edinburgh’s HILLARY GOLD AWARDS

Karamu High School Prize for the Year 13 General Excellence Sir Paul Holmes Memorial Cup for the Year 13 General Excellence Georgia Boyes Karamu High School Prize for the Proxime Accessit to the Dux Clark Cup for the Proxime Accessit to the Dux Mason Templeton Karamu High School Dux Cup Michael Hill Watch for the Dux Karamu High School Prize for the Dux The J Mills Family Scholarship for the Dux Ezra Cash

Gold Duke of Edinburgh GOLD Award Caitlyn Clark Gold Duke of Edinburgh GOLD Award Emma Bone Gold Duke of Edinburgh GOLD Award Ella McKay Gold Duke of Edinburgh GOLD Award Isla Christensen

PRESTIGIOUS ACADEMIC AWARDS YEAR 11 PRIZES Karamu High School Year 11 General Excellence Cup for Excellence in Academic, Sports and Culture Nicholas Palmer


CULTURAL DISTINCTION AWARDS Marion Stronach Cup for the most improved string player Sara Renall Karamu High School Cup for Contribution to Junior Extra – Curricular Music Romona Wainohu Karamu High School Cup for the Best Junior Debater Abigail Kilkolly Karamu High School Cup for the Best Junior Speech Board Results Amber Flashoff Mark Young Cup for the best Music Performer Shae McKenzie Karamu High School Cup for the best Dance Performer Briar Fraser

SPORTS MERIT and DISTINCTION AWARDS MERIT AWARDS Most Outstanding player in the E Grade Rugby team Izaiah Te Waita Outstanding Defender in Junior Girls’ Football Tia Tahau Taylor Trophy for the Most Improved Girl Hockey player Alice Watts Most promising Junior Cricket player Flynn Mercer

DISTINCTION AWARDS Best Year 9 Clay Target Shooter Jesse Kereru Karamu High School Cup for the Best Junior Girl Hockey player Lucy McCallum Best Junior boy Ki o Rahi player Connor Auckram

Karamu High School Cup for Most Outstanding Junior Netball player Charli- Boston Wynyard Karamu High School Cup for the Best Junior Boy Badminton player Te Au Skipworth Quality Engravers’ Cup for the Best Junior Boy Football player Robert Bailey Quality Engravers’ Cup for the Best Junior Girl Football player Abigail Kilkolly Nilsson Cup for Junior Girls’ Swimming champion Georgia Wilson Nilsson Cup for Junior Boys’ Swimming champion Ethan Poppelwell Karamu High School Cup for the Junior Boys’ Tennis Champion Matthew Apperley Karamu High School Cup for the Year 9 Girls’ Athletics Champion Aimee Shaw

Karamu High School Cup for the Best Junior Girl Badminton player Karamu High School Cup for the Junior Girls’ Singles Tennis Champion Sara Renall Karamu High School Trophy for Excellence in Junior Boys’ Canoe Polo Karamu High School Cup for the Best Junior Boy Hockey player Adam Brookes Karamu High School Cup for Junior Boys’ Cross Country Champion Karamu High School Cup for the Best All Round Junior Cricket player Zachary Burlace Best Junior Girl Ki o Rahi player Best Junior Girl Touch player Karamu High School Trophy for the Most Promising Girl Rugby player Cortez Te Pou Karamu High School Cup for the Year 10 Girls’ Athletics Champion

Karamu High School Cup for the Year 9 Boys’ Athletics Champion Christian Jordan

Karamu High School Cup for Junior Girls’ Cross Country Champion Ruby Brett

Karamu High School Cup for the Best Junior Girl Basketball player Tia Ward


Karamu High School Cup for the Best Junior Boy Basketball player Cruz Eden Karamu High School Trophy for Excellence in Junior Girls’ Canoe Polo Renee Saunders Karamu High School Cup for the Most Outstanding Junior Rugby player Isaac Thompson Best Junior Boy Touch player Karamu High School Cup for the Year 10 Boys’ Athletics Champion Hagar Keepa Karamu High School Cup for contribution to Badminton Karamu High School Cup for the Best Junior Girls’ Volleyball player Kahurangi Steven

Honours in Ki o Rahi Cortez Te Pou Honours for Clay Target Shooting Oliver Wiggins-Crowe Honours for Clay Target Shooting Max Crossan Honours for Girls’ Cricket Katie Scales Honours for Softball Hineawe Crawford Honours for Equestrian Kate Browning Honours for Cricket Molly Fothergill Honours for Athletics Ruby Brett Honours for Road Race Ruby Brett



First in 9MCD Mathematics

Gold Honours for Touch Hagar Keepa

First in 9MCD Science

Gold Honours in Golf Dylan Bagley

YEAR 9 MERIT AWARDS 9ARO First in 9ARO Mathematics Benjamin Ward First equal in 9ARO English Jorgia Walford-Bennett First equal in 9ARO English Amy Godwin

9SMI First in 9SMI Mathematics Meg Lindsay

9VIP First in 9VIP Social Studies Hineawe Crawford First in 9VIP Science Aimee Shaw First in 9VIP Mathematics First in 9VIP English Max Taiapa–Powell

9MJA First in 9MJA Social Studies Nikau MacGregor-Bishop First in 9MJA Mathematics

Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technologies Cole Vujcich Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technologies Ethan Fairweather Distinction in Year 9 Music Kaylee Martini-Hohaia Distinction in Year 9 Music Keira Wilder Distinction in Year 9 DVC Summer Painter Distinction in Year 9 DVC Charlene Fun-nell Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technologies Christian Jordan

First in 9SMI Science

First in 9MJA Science

First in 9SMI Social Studies Jorja Connell

First in 9MJA English Ethan Poppelwell

Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technologies Cameron Sewell



Distinction in Year 9 Hard Materials Technology Hannah Mackay

First in 9JMA Mathematics McKenzie Harding First in 9JMA Science Tiaki Mildon First in 9JMA Social Studies Olivia Cacace First in 9JMA English Journey Campus

9NFI First in 9NFI Mathematics Dallas Martini-Hohaia First in 9NFI Science Rhys Tamanui First in 9NFI Social Studies Jayde Badger First in 9NFI English Paige McLaren


First in 9MCD English Mack Coady

Distinction in Year 9 Dance Brooklyn Kennedy

Distinction in Year 9 Health Mackenzie Vercoe Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Adam Brookes

Distinction in Year 9 Hard Materials Technology Pacey Torea

Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Connor Auckram

Distinction in Year 9 Hard Materials Technology Payton Mills–Scott

Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Crystal Hapuku-Te Nahu

Distinction in Year 9 Te Reo Maori Raturoa Vercoe

Distinction in Year 9 Dance Jayde Badger

Distinction in Year 9 Te Reo Maori Ondre Hapuku-Lambert

Distinction in Year 9 Art Hineawe Crawford

Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Lily Burns

Distinction in Year 9 Art Amber Hollings-Haddon Distinction in Year 9 Art Ngahau Taiapa


Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Kate Browning

First in 9MCD Social Studies Sarah Weaver

Distinction in Year 9 Dance Sarah Weaver

Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Joshua Metelerkamp Distinction in Year 9 Drama Distinction in Year 9 Dance Amy Griffin Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology Grace Mentzer

Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education

Distinction in Year 9 Drama

Distinction in Year 9 Science

Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies Cherish Kotuhi

Distinction in Year 9 English Tiana Edwards

Distinction in Year 9 Soft Materials Technology

Distinction in Year 9 Health

Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 9 English Jessica Shoemark

Distinction in Year 9 Art Distinction in Year 9 DVC Brooke Wills Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Pierre Byrne Distinction in Year 9 English Lexi Trotter Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Caroline Glen Distinction in Year 9 Science Mitchell Huisman Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Hannah Hansen Distinction in Year 9 English Renee Taylor Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Harrison Small

Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Distinction in Year 9 Music Extension Distinction in Year 9 Science Tobi Wells Distinction in Year 9 Soft Materials Technology Distinction in Year 9 DVD Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology

Distinction in Year 9 English Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 9 Mathematics Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 9 Science Jamie Hollway Distinction in Year 9 Health


Distinction in Year 9 DVC

Distinction in Year 9 Soft Materials Technology Distinction in Year 9 Music Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies Distinction in Year 9 Japanese

Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Kayla Stephens

Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Alice Liu

Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies

Distinction in Year 9 Health

Distinction in Year 9 Science Benjamin Ward

Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology

Distinction in Year 9 Science Andrew Alves

Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology

Distinction in Year 9 Science Melody James

Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies

Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics

Distinction in Year 9 Art

Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Distinction in Year 9 Drama Distinction in Year 9 English

Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology Distinction in Year 9 Music Extension Distinction in Year 9 English Distinction in Year 9 Science Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Sara Renall

YEAR 10 MERIT AWARDS 10AWAH First in 10AWH Mathematics Raegan Robinson

10FMC First in 10FMC Mathematics Joshua Walford

Distinction in Year 9 Japanese

Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 9 Social Studies Sophie Jones

Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Erika Balestie-Diaz

Distinction in Year 9 Hard Materials Technology

Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education

Distinction in Year 9 Te Reo Maori

Distinction in Year 9 DVC

Distinction in Year 9 Science

Distinction in Year 9 Japanese

First in 10FMC English Molly Hooper-Gilmore

Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Romona Wainohu


Distinction in Year 9 Dance

Distinction in Year 9 English Tia Tahau

Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies

Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education

Distinction in Year 9 Drama

Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies

Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics

First in 10FMC Social Studies Hannah Bursnall First in 10FMC Science Briar Fraser

First in 10JUB Social Studies Zachary Burlace First in 10JUB Science Alice Watts


First in 10JUB Mathematics First in 10JUB English Anna Barbridge

10LMC First in 10LMC Science Jack Raggett First in 10LMC Mathematics First in 10LMC Social Studies First in 10LMC English Danielle Van Schaik

10TRT First in 10TRT Mathematics Max Crossan First in 10TRT Science Lauren Hunt First in 10TRT English Mya Stothers First in 10TRT Social Studies Beverley Hussey

10THU First in 10THU Mathematics Ethyn Georgetti-Brown First in 10THU Social Studies Kade Jacobs First in 10THU Science Jonty Tresidder First in 10THU English Kayla Lowe

10PHA First in 10PHA Mathematics First in 10PHA Science John McLean First in 10PHA Social Studies First in 10PHA English Ra Munro

10LHA First in 10LHA Mathematics First in 10LHA Science Te Hihiko Edwards First in 10LHA Social Studies


First equal in 10LHA English Sivia Roberts

Distinction and Year 10 Media Studies Amelia Farley-Pye

First equal in 10LHA English Courtleigh Julius

Distinction in Year 10 Te Reo Maori Raegan Robinson


Distinction in Year 10 Te Reo Maori Te Aatakura Smith

Distinction in Year 10 Health Morgan Macaulay Distinction in Year 10 Health Annabelle Andrews Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Zachary Burlace Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Dylan Dempsey Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Cian Stafford Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Charli-Boston Wynyard Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Rhian Hanara Distinction in Year 10 Art Luke Berry Distinction in Year 10 Art Danielle Van Schaik Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Beverley Hussey Distinction and First in Year 10 Art Hannah Bursnall Distinction in Year 10 DVC Amelia Hunt

Distinction in Year 10 Dance Briar Fraser Distinction Year 10 Drama Zane Beckham Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technologies Zak Wallace Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technologies Jack Garvey Distinction in Year 10 Music Lian Hontalba Distinction in Year 10 Hard Materials Technology Kade Jacobs Distinction in Year 10 Drama Tamar Hoogendoorn Distinction in Year 10 Drama Ruby Brett Distinction in Year 10 DVC Pearl Burrell Distinction in Year 10 Japanese Jasmine Fannin Distinction in Year 10 Health Distinction in Year 10 Dance Tia Ward

Distinction in Year 10 Art Leah Stanford

Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education

Distinction in Year 10 Hard Materials Technology Isaac Thompson

Distinction in Year 10 Hard Materials Technology Cortez Te Pou

Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Amy Richardson

Distinction in Year 10 English Jade Ubels

Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Kayla Lowe

Distinction in Year 10 English Meg Ryan

Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Lucy McCallum

Distinction in Level One Social Studies Ethany Gibson

Distinction in Level One Mathematics Te Au Skipworth Distinction in Level One Science Lucy McKay

Distinction in Level One Science Distinction in Level One Social Studies Tyler Boyes

Distinction in Level One Mathematics Lachlan Costello


Distinction in Level One Mathematics Dean Polak

Distinction in Year 10 Music Extension

Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technologies Distinction in Level One Science Liam Walker Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Distinction in Level One Science Isaac Hinton Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education

Distinction in Year 10 Health Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 10 English Amber Flashoff Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Distinction in Year 10 Art Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction in Level One Social Studies Rilee Prebensen Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies

Distinction in Level One Science Ereina Tonihi

Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies

Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies

Distinction in Level One Science Darian Culver

Distinction in Level One Social Studies Sami Rashid

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Distinction in Level One Social Studies

Distinction in Year 10 Music

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Distinction in Year 10 English Abigail Kilkolly

Distinction in Year 10 English Sophie Williams

Distinction in Year 10 Japanese

Distinction in Year 10 Soft Materials Technology

Distinction in Level One Science Samuel Raggett

Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Level One Social Studies Benjamin Colquhoun

PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS Karamu Junior High House Cup Tuki-Tuki Karamu High School Cup for Year 9 Speech Jessica Shoemark Karamu High School Cup for Year 10 Speech Amber Flashoff

PRESTIGIOUS SPORTS AWARDS Turner Family Trophy for general excellence outside the classroom Amber Flashoff Karamu High School Cup for the Junior Sportswoman of the Year Cortez Te Pou Karamu High School Cup for the Junior Sportsman of the Year Zac Burlace

YEAR 9 PRESTIGIOUS ACADEMIC PRIZES Karamu High School General Excellence Cup for all round Excellence in Year 9 Sara Renall

Distinction in Level One Social Studies

Distinction in Year 10 English

Distinction in Level One Science Thomas Steinmann

Karamu High School Cup for Year 9 Academic Excellence Jamie Hollway

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

RSA Scholarship

Distinction in Year 10 DVC

Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Level One Science Xanthia Coombe

Distinction in Level One Social Studies Tadhg Stephens

Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technologies

for a Year 9 student who is performing well and does not currently hold a Scholarship Jamie Hollway

Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology

Distinction in Year 10 Japanese

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Distinction in Level One Science

Distinction in Year 10 English Jacinta Foreman

Distinction in Year 10 English

Distinction in Year 10 Japanese

Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies

Distinction in Level One Social Studies

Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Level One Mathematics

YEAR 10 PRESTIGIOUS PRIZES Karamu High School General Excellence Cup for all Round Excellence Sophie Williams Karamu High School Cup for Year 10 Academic Excellence Benjamin Colquhoun


9ARO Back row Alice Liu, Shylah Jones, Maggie Costello, Renee Saunders, Ryan Coombs, Mitchell Huisman, Lily Burns, Amy Godwin

Middle row Mrs A Roberts, Ella LindsaySmith, Cherish Kotuhi, Te Raumati Te Aho, MacKenzie Vercoe, Tobi Wells, Taylor Simms, Pierre Byrne, Ben Westerlaken Front row Benjamin Ward, Raturoa Vercoe, Jahvarliann Pemberton-Kohiti, Romy Luxford, Courtney Jack, Harrison Small, Alexander Withington, Matthew Apperley


Back row Milly Scott, Samaiya de Thierry, Scarlett Bradley, Michael Garland, Samantha Makris, McKenzie Harding, Willow Kohi

Middle row Mr J Matthews, Tiaki Mildon, Memory Tangi, Nastashia Ngawhika, Ngahau Taiapa, Iraia Tonga, Yasmine Hassan, Taniya Dawson, Journey Campus Front row Olivia Cacace, Ashlee Healey, Emma Morrison, Kaylee Martini-Hohaia, Jessica Snow, Crystal Hapuku Te Nahu, Lily Byford, Nicole Paramore, Brooklyn Kennedy Absent Lily-Belle Heremaia, Toby Kupa, Sophia Pottinger


Back row Sara Renall, Erika Balestie Diaz, Tia Tahau, Andrew Alves, Emily Burns, Sophie Jones, Hannah MacKay, Ondre Hapuku-Lambert, Lexi Trotter

Middle row Mr K May, Jessica Shoemark, Kayla Stephens, Amelia Brougham, Hannah Hansen, Van Acraman, Flynn Mercer, Caroline Glen, Romona Wainohu, Charlene Fun-nell

Front row Ethan Fairweather, Luke Barlow, Adam Brookes, Hazel Millar, Tiana Edwards, Madison Jack, Jamie Hollway, Cameron Sewell, Melody James


9MCD Back row Jobe Ngamotu, Brianna Barrett-Chase, Jordan Heeney, Dazzler Mulligan-Johnstone, Sarah Weaver, Bostan Atkenson, Mack Coady, Nakitah Hildreth, Kaytlin Smith-Street,

Middle row Mr R McDade, Tegan Wroe, Shayden Arahanga, Lucas Auckram, Gabriel Fa’alele, Janaia Greening, Georgia Springer, Ellis Fa’alele, Ramon Boyce

Front row Georgia Grant, Karsha Radonich, Ellissa Harris-Kristiansen, Paige Nordstrom, Cole Vujcich, Chloe-Jade Baylis, Hinemauria Puna-Swan, Caitlyn Lenz, Finlay Murdoch

Absent Aaliyah McRae, Erana-Kawa Whatarau


Back row Mrs H Crawford, Aimee Simpson, Calena Wilson, Kassius Downes, Nikau MacGregor-Bishop, Canice Solomona, Larissa O’Driscoll, Mr M Jamieson Front row Bo Rolleston-Wepa, Liam Clarke, Shauntayne Howie, Samuel Tumanako, Ethan Popplewell, Connor Auckram, Logan Mason

9NFI Back row Shyanne Welch-Olsen, Paige McLaren, Payton Mills-Scott, Charlotte Leigh, Maddison Harding, Jayde Badger, Hannah Fua, Lee Paku-Mokau

Middle row Mr N Field, Caitlin Davis, Dallas Martini-Hohaia, Izaiah Te Wiata, Rhys Tamanui, Dylan van Heerden,Corbyn Te Whaiti, Anecia Ave, Charlotte Hopkins

Front row Tyler Mumby, Shaiann Halstead, Maia Owen, Daniel Fraser, Zenith Logan, Jahnie Chatterton, Elise Keehan, Georgie Brooker, Summer Painter Absent Taylor Wakely



Back row Brooke Hemmings, Alex Weaver, Meg Lindsay, Zac Brooker, Grace Menzter, Shantalia Dunn, Rachel Hunt, Keira Wilder, Kate Browning

Middle row Mrs S Mills, Molly Fothergill, Megan Entwistle, Markis Walsh-Kingi, Christian Jordan, Ethan Crosbie, Renee Taylor, Tamara-Lee Richards, Brooke Wills, Georgia Wilson

Front row Amy Griffin, Pacey Torea, Jorja Connell, Rebecca Buckley, Cassia Rosvall, Acacia Ramirez, Jonzy Benipayo, Amber Hollings-Haddon, Alys Jeffries


Back row Hineawe Crawford, CherishLee Kyle, Bradley Hughes, Jesse Kereru, Mahara Nathan-Pene, Sativa Wichman Middle row Mrs V Peffer, Jayde Gartner, Stefan Marsh, Katie Tapara, Hena Thompson, Shantalia Napia, Courtney Orviss Front row Jace Chenery, Max TaiapaPowell, Rachel Wilson, Aimee Shaw, Hikaru Yoshino, Riley Walton-Sexton


Back row Tyler Boyes, Ereina Tonihi, Amelia Hunt, Abigail Kilkolly, Courtney Thompson, Jacob Astridge, Jayden Griffiths, Samuel Raggett, Angelika Miel Boac

Middle row Miss A Whitlow, Cortez Te Pou, Charli-Boston Wynyard, Raegan Robinson, Dylan Dempsey, Cian Stafford, Mitchell Knowles, Reon McKeesick, Briar McKinley Front row Lucy McCallum, Jade Ubels, Jasmine Fannin, Breanna McRae, Meg Ryan, Tamar Hoogendoorn, Rhian Hanara, Jessica Abelson, Katherine Levick Absent Shaye McKenzie, Hannah Rikkers


10FMC Back row Amy Richardson, Tetris Mohi, Jacob Ansell, Courtleigh Julius, Tia Ward, Hannah Bursnall, Middle row Mrs F McDonald, Andrew Tong, Logan Seymour, Mitchell Raison, Joshua Walford, Quinten Rutten, Lars Stevenson, Lagi Magele-Timu,

Front row Georgia Goodsell, Autumn Bates, Briar Fraser, Rawinia Hekau, Molly Hooper-Gilmore, Tyla Dillon Absent Travis Martin, Cooper Jackson, Sharn Hessell, Azaleas Quinton, Zak Wallace

10JUB Back row Jade Gude, Leah Stanford, Monique Peard, Sydney Crawford, Victoria Sammons, Aaliyah TangenWainohu, Ashleigh Mildenhall, Anna Barbridge, Charles Spooner

Middle row Miss J Bolton, Camryn Watson, Liam Watt, Lewis Fun-nell, Zachary Burlace, Jake Perry, Mitchell Heney, Ben Randle, Morgan Macauly

Front row Mauro Cattaneo, Jesse Soanes, Kade Hall, Christina Nikera-Winitana, Alice Watts, Hope McCleland, Ella Tieman, Annabelle Andrews, Nerida Marshall

10KOM Back row Rilee Prebensen, Tadhg Stephens, Dylan Bagley, Te Au Skipworth, Liam Byers, Benjamin Colquhoun, Samuel Bailey, Amber Flashoff, Thomas Steinmann, Jessica Rix Middle row Miss K O’Malley, Isaac Hinton, Lachlan Costello, Kahurangi Stevens, Jake Snow, Dean Polak, Oliver WigginsCrowe, Ethany Gibson, Darian Culver, Jack Garvey, Ms J Morris

Front row Lian Hontalba, Felicity Johnstone, Sami Rashid, Amelia FarleyPye, Lucy McKay, Jack Burns, Jacinta Foreman, Xanthia Coombe, Sophie Williams



Back row Mr L Harmer, Te Hihiko Edwards, Huirangi Khan, Jacob-Lee Bull, Jasmine-Grace Manley, Sivia Roberts Front row Mana Wichman, Amelia Wigzell, Hannah Le Monnier, Tennille Hellyer, Ripeka Edwards, Chanelle Bond Absent Manaaki Whatarau

10LMC Back row Brooke Gude, Ellie McGhee, Danielle van Schaik, Steven Heke, Georgia Lawes, Jack Raggett, Erin Fraser, Luke Berry

Middle row Miss L McElwee, Zac Arkell, Jessica Young, Dane Skogstad, Declan Galbraith, Cairo Taiapa, Seth Chambers, Emma Varcoe, Trent Beale

Front row Te Waiarani Randell, Piper Jones, Brooke Foster, Te Aatakura Smith, Miracle Wereta, Ruby Brett, Shayla Finch, Libby O’Hanlon, Stazia Hoskin Absent Jemma Green, Olivia Cherry


Back row Ms P Hati, Jeremy Bixley, Kree Allen, John McLean, Ammon Kaio, Hagar Keepa, Charm Sandilands Front row Serenatie Kokaua-Smith, Tia Tangiora, Charlie Brooker, Robert Bailey, Hastings Laau, Pacey Tomoana-Paku Absent Ngapera Pakoti, Raturoa Munro



Back row Nathan Parkins, Alexander Fraser, Clayton Hughes, Courtney Hatton, Kahlee Cameron, Ethyn Georgetti-Brown

Middle row Katie Scales, Lewis Filipo, Jae Paipa, Cruz Eden, Caleb Williams, Isaac Thompson, Kade Jacobs

Front row Meadow Georgetti, Kayla Lowe, Dante Saddlier, Jonty Tresidder, Jorja Fryer, Honey McLean, Ayla Miller Absent Mr T Hunter

10TRT Back row Zane Beckham, Rasharn Epere, Mya Stothers, Samuel Bradley, GeorgiaRose Gutry, Danielle Bailey, Lauren Hunt, Ethan Hope

Middle row Mrs T Taylor, Kayden Lomas, Te Otane Harrison, Angus Christieson, Daniel Stuart, Ioane Hopkins, Rylee Clayton, Cameron Spargo, Pearl Burrell Front row Chelsea James, Kayla Winter, Shaylah Princeton, Beverley Hussey, Aaliyah Hume, Blair Berg, Blake Tresidder, Max Crossan, Sophie Law Absent Linkin Smith, Dante Irving, Nora-Heavenly, Paul-Hapuku


Back row Mr C Cummins, Matiu McRae, Ricky Samways, Solomon Bakker-Reynolds, Christian Walker, Luke Kupa, Logan Wells

Front row Hunter Durrant, Tanner McGhieMcIntyre, Phoenix Gibson-Pay, Te Wairama Te Aho-Chapple, Liam Hansen, Keegan Bowey, Quinn Heeney



Back row Mr D Hollands, John Rouse, Luke Shaw, Chevy Abraham, Justin Parker

Front row Jake Kelly, Zane Mathieson, James Morley, Kurt Bentley, Taine Owen Absent Lawrance Goodburn-Watene, Matthew Mildenhall

11HGL Back row Jaime Mossman, Jorge Fothergill, Keagan Klempel, Nathan McCourt, Benjamin Winterson, Liam Robson, Caitlin Mannell, Reece Sullivan, Ana Marks, Lennon Chenery

Middle row Miss H Glenny, Todd Culver, James Gowan, Luca Dunstan, Cameron Young, Jacob McNeil, Tyler Ernst, Nicholas Palmer, Ashleigh ThorpeLoversuch, Henry Hosford

Front row Sara Hazelwood, Acacia Fairweather, Camryn Toki, Taylor ThorpeLoversuch, Amy Saunders, Mia Sutton, Amy Griffiths, Sahibpreet Kaur, Melinda Pope, Ryley Clark


Back row Miss J Dawson, Grace Williams, Destynee Flanders, Lily-Belle Pohatu

Front row Maiden Fox, Monique Boyd, Cezanne Boyce, Rhiannon Eaves

Absent Caitlin-Tomairangi Kireka-Waikato, Natalie Pakoti



Back row Sharnie O’Connor, Kate Jarvis, Ngaire Tonihi, Jacqueline Orviss, Shannon Minogue, Claire Barrett

Middle row Miss J Primmer, Emily Coppell, MacKenzie Sullivan, Havila Brown, Millie Hannam, Michaela Edwards, Galilee Marsh Front row Caitlin Robin, Nesha Mete, Jahnna Boden, Annie Wykes, Renee Blackman, Natasha King, Jessica Horsefield

Absent Taleeha Marsh, Maja Saunders  


Back row Mr J Kite, James Bailey, Jaedyn Wharepapa-Gray, Henare Makoare, Jacob KershawHorua, Oliver Wilkinson, Campbell McGrannachan

Front row Dylan Beckham, Jacob Coady, Ethan Bird, Rome Nicholson, Manaakitanga Tumanako, Marsellus Whaanga, Reef Liddington Absent Zac Flowers, Decodah Purcell


Back row Mr J Wright, Cobyn Jacobs, Maki Kelly Front row Trinity Hape, Bradley Wroe, Jamie Nitschke, Hamish Fun-nell Absent Azariah Sebley-Newton, Samuel Walton-Sexton


11KEB Back row Zac Linnell, Tia Lewis, Laura Burns, Jayden Taylor, Karsyn Wylie, Paige Morgan, Reanna Browning, Bayley Baxter-Kirby

Middle row Mr K Beaumont, Hannah Norfolk, Joshua Matthews, Romayne Araia, Khalael Uelese, Taine Doyle, Alex Ngui, Cyprus Kendrick Front row Edith Nee Harland, Chontelle Leitch, Gustav Kendrick, Maddison Winter, Jasper Temburu, Finn Roark, Abigail Masengi Absent Amethyst-Rose Halford, Ethan Hope, Mikayla Harrison-Franco, Finn Wotherspoon


Back row Miss M Calkoen, Ashlee Cunningham-Johnson, Olivia Wilkins, Elissya Robinson, Jade Graham, Sasha Attwood-Groom, Alyssa McKenzie, Sela Tupou

Front row Portia Sutherland, Nikora Fitzgerald, Charley Ropitini, Karalea Halton, Tyla-Rose Halton, Caitlin Nicol, Dahlia Gripps-Gazzard

Absent Nicole Fincham, Hannah Foulkes, Madeisha Kaimoana, Shani Ross


Back row Mrs R Malton, Robert Foster, Lucas Hemi-Robinson, Jaimz Horne, Brandon Torea, Ethan Colquhoun, Simratpal Dhillon

Front row Shanya Bills, Jacinda Grace, Bradley Lomas, Jacobi Farmer, Sean Bainbridge, Jordan Auckram, Jason Nande

Absent Awatea Dougherty, Nicholas Yule



Back row Mr G Ross, Kyle Burlace, Tazman Kaio, Nathan Bryers, Liam Tosh, Karn Slade

Front row Tegan Winter, Ashleigh ClayNicol, Jadah Elers, Rutendo Sikupa

Absent Emily Burton, Bradey Flemming, Taylor Walton-Sexton, Saelem Watson


Back row Mrs J Burn, Holly Hughes, Hope Harbord, Harrison Keefe, Anna Lawrence, Dylan Huata-Lucas, Lucy Holden, Travis Eaton, Daniel O’Donoghue

Front row Prestine Abejero, Janine Kahukura, Krista Walford, Brooke Williams, Laikyn Hapi, Deanna Clafferty-Painter, Cayli Corlett Absent Aaliyah Halton, Anna Lawrence, Emma Ludeman, Nina Osborne, Suitte Dane Presbitero, Natasha Roselli


Back row Braedyn Wereta, MacKenzie Chase, Melanie Peploe, Mitchell Davis, Levi Hawkins, Jamie Bainbridge

Middle row Mrs J Clark, Karauria Akurangi, Keelia Johnston, Benjamin Wright, Cullen Mills-Scott, Khalais Waerea, Joshua Lett Front row Brookelyn Parker, Bree Gundry, Supreme Smith, Arahi Edwards, Moki Beckham, Alaina Robinson

Absent Delvin Doak, Tytin Hickmott-Smith, Cheyenne Porter-Purcell



Back row Mr N Moir, David Bailey, Luke Sinclair, Liam Davies, Harrison Klempel, Maya Mason-Te Tau, Caitlin Carr

Front row Kauranga Edwards, Paige Lenz, Kathryn Botherway, Hannah Hemi-Robinson, Callum Stewart, Tegan Voice, Maruisa Hendricks

Absent Angel Thompson, Kiara Pledger, Jade Ferrier-Black, Celine Kaur, Elan Lee

12PCH Back row Benjamin Tresidder, Taiki Yoshino, Peyton Douglas-Puna, Ruby Mawley, Benjamin Revell, Kingsley Robertson, Zara Blake, Shannon Singer, Taylor Brown

Middle row Mr P Chamberlain, Kevin Karnbach, Paris Kendrick, Sem Hoogendoorn, Bailey Seymour, Harrison Compton, Ethan Hakopa, Shinae Lawrence

Front row Georgia Hopkins, Olivia Abelson, Liam Frost, Kassie Mercer, Kirsten Rutten, Georgina McCallum, Rylee Munro-Wallis Absent Greer Curran, Emerald Flavell, Bianca Southey, Hollie Thompson


Back row Mr R Meijerink, Shayna Wilson, Pheonix Corbett, Joshua Ratcliffe, Michael Rix, Caleb Hussey, Brandon Le Comte, Emily Kenny, Zachary Wakefield

Front row Cheyenne Horne, Briana Hasler, Samantha Richards, Delaney Bates, Maisie Wright, Erica Wakelin, Amy Burns, Gabriella Wilson Absent Beth Eastham, Dryden La Monte, Abby Lenz


12SGU Back row Reuben Lyndon, Tayah-Daisy Coleman, Holly Davison, Niko Slade, Jacob Fraser, Toby Hunter, Cerys Sanders-Jones, Bethany Cox, Michaela Horsefield, Mathew Lindsay

Middle row Ms S Gunn, Kody Giddens, Oliver Chamberlain, Taylor Epplett-Fletcher, Niels Clayton, Tate Gorton, Caleb Brothers, Josiah Barlow, Phoebe Hinton, Jack Chamberlain Front row Sage Templeton, Jazzmin Te Huia, Kate van Ingen, Kate Jones, Rachael Hagenow, Martha Wilson, Emily Hammond, Ella McKay, Scarlett Garvey Absent Bradley Carrington, Ella McKay, Emily Penberthy-Hutchins


Back row Mrs A Cooper, Rangimarie Harrison, Tyler Wyllie-Cooper, Madison Gaiger, Emma Williams, Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers, Zoe Hannay, Shanae Mullooly, Gagan Kaur

Front row Jeriel Sajan, Ailsa Laurie, Alex Hape-Tonihi, Hannah Taylor, Sophie Wells, Ellen Wykes, Stephanie Taka

Absent Michaela Pearse, Charlotte Rameka, Talon Robinson, Waitawhara Tupaea

13CRT Back row Dominic Cacace, Grace Nolan, Logan Hughes, Tyler McCourt, Emma Bone Middle row Mr C Thompson, Jim Missen, Zack Matthews, Morgan Nitschke, Mason Templeton, Keegan Beets, Bradley Petitclerc

Front row Mia Braddock, Holly Foulkes, Olivia Broderick, Georgia Boyes, Shayne Brown, Jesca-Lee Bron, Gurkamal Bhangal Absent Felix Thornton, Liam Urquhart, Cameron Woolley


13JOM Back row Curtis Preston, Isla Christensen, Jaymie Wright, Sam Thorpe-Loversuch, Jane Hannam, Nakitah Hall Middle row Mr J Mallory, Ezra Cash, Joshua Nicol, Finn MacKenzie, Max Ward, Romaine Crawford, Jeremy Stanton Front row Joshua Waite, Caitlyn Clarke, Christopher Sutton, Corey Anderson, Grace Lyndon, Laura Winstone, Kendal Gowan Absent Ryan Lawson, Michael Sinclair, Kelton Stewart-Whiting

13MAB Back row Mr M Belz, Ashleigh Blackman, Summer Wynyard, James Lowe, JonJoseph Scales, Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert, Amy Webber, Adidas Kepa Front row Dafydd Morrell, Daniel Brown, Emma Moat, Tasia Pishief, Connor McGhee, Cameron Lovell, Tori Cowan-Smith Absent Bodean Colquhoun, Kendall Laking, Everard Paku, Amber Ray, Samuel Thompson, Aquila Whaanga


Back row Mrs V Watson, Tanisha Fitzgerald, Brooke Hatton, Ethan Jacobs, Ashleigh Mosen, Sarah Allen, Payton Grant Front row Olivia Smith, Darnah Chenery, Kendall Lucas, Zion Harris, Alyssa Arkell, Rose Stratton, Parekura Simpson Absent Dominique Harmer-Higgins, Kate Jacobs, Bailee Kennedy, Cate Laing



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