Karamu High School Yearbook 2019

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The name Karamu has long been associated with the Hastings area. It is the name of the local stream and was the name of JP Ormond’s estate on the other side of the city. However, Karamu High School derives its name from the Karamu tree Coprosma lucida. The tree had great significance in early Maori belief. It symbolised life and all the goodness in the Earth and mankind. It had the power to cleanse both spiritually and mentally. THE SCHOOL MOTTO: Knowledge is Strength emphasises the role of knowledge in strong successful life and is the basis of citizenship. THE SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT: Karamu High School will provide co-educational learning opportunities that will inspire students to achieve a wide range of success and develop high standards and self-esteem to enable them to become successful members of society. Students will achieve this through a well-balanced education focusing on individual needs in a friendly, safe and attractive environment. SCHOOL VISION STATEMENT: Proudly Karamu: Proud of who we are and what we stand for Proudly Hastings: Actively supporting the community we are in Proudly Learning: Aiming to achieve to our full potential

Knowledge is Strength

- te Ma-tauranga He Mana to




Tira Ora 2019............................................................... 1

Canoe Polo................................................................. 44

Contents....................................................................... 2

Chess......................................................................... 46

Proudly Karamu.......................................................... 4

Clay Target Shooting.................................................. 47

Principal’s Report......................................................... 6

Cricket ....................................................................... 48

Board of Trustees Chairperson‘s Report...................... 7

Orienteering ............................................................... 49

Staff 2019..................................................................... 8

Cross Country ........................................................... 50

Welcomes................................................................... 12

Cycling ....................................................................... 51

Farewells.................................................................... 14

Duke of Edinburgh...................................................... 52

Head Students............................................................ 16

Swimming Sports....................................................... 54

Powhiri........................................................................ 19

Football....................................................................... 56

Cabaret....................................................................... 20

Kapa Haka.................................................................. 59

Year 13....................................................................... 22

Hockey....................................................................... 60

Equestrian Team......................................................... 29

Futsal.......................................................................... 62

House Sports.............................................................. 30

Ki O Rahi.................................................................... 64

Mr G............................................................................ 31

Softball....................................................................... 65

Athletics Day ............................................................. 32

Music.......................................................................... 66

Debating..................................................................... 34

Netball........................................................................ 68

Badminton.................................................................. 36

Student Council.......................................................... 72

Speech Exension....................................................... 38

Rugby........................................................................ 73

Big Day Out................................................................ 39

HB Science Fair......................................................... 74

Basketball................................................................... 40

Outward Bound.......................................................... 75

Tech Crew.................................................................. 76


Tennis......................................................................... 76

Music ................................................................... 122

Triathlon...................................................................... 77

Dance .................................................................. 123

Touch Rugby.............................................................. 78

Edible Fashion Awards......................................... 124

Weights Club.............................................................. 80

Year 9 & 10 Arts ................................................... 126

Volleyball.................................................................... 82

Level 10 Arts......................................................... 127

Blossom Day.............................................................. 84

Level 2 Arts........................................................... 128

Kaweka....................................................................... 86

Level 3 Arts........................................................... 129

Heretaunga................................................................. 88

Careers .................................................................... 131

Tuki Tuki .................................................................... 90

Languages Faculty................................................... 132

Te Mata....................................................................... 92

English Faculty..................................................... 132

Proudly Learning...................................................... 94

Social Sciences Faculty .......................................... 133

High Achievers........................................................... 96

Business Studies.................................................. 133

Iron Maori..................................................................110

Social Studies....................................................... 134

Anzac Day ................................................................111

Geography............................................................ 135

Cross Country...........................................................112

Technology Faculty................................................... 136

Mathematics Faciuty.................................................114

History Trip Europe................................................... 138

Science Faculty.........................................................116

Junior Prizegiving..................................................... 140

Science Faculty Report.........................................116

Senior Prizegiving.................................................... 147

Hawkes Bay Science Fair.....................................117

Class Photos............................................................ 151

The Arts Faculty........................................................118

Sponsors.................................................................. 165






children is critical to the success of our young people. Whether as a coach, manager, administrator, standing on the side lines or as an audience at production or performance, your support really makes a difference, and our students do appreciate it. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the engagement and participation of the student body, in particular our Year 13 students led by Ben Randle, Lucy McKay, Tia Ward and Tyler Boyes. Having started alongside this year group in 2015 it has been fantastic to see their growth and development as they have navigated their way through the teenage years. They are an exceptional group of people who represent our school vision and values. We wish them all the best and look forward to seeing their ongoing success in the future.

It is with mixed emotions that I write this, my final report as Principal of Karamu High School, after a five-year association with the school. It has been a real honour and privilege to have been given this opportunity and one that I will always reflect on fondly. I would like to begin by, once again, paying tribute and acknowledging the many people who help govern, lead, manage, organise and assist in making Karamu High School a successful place to learn and work. We have been fortunate to have maintained stability in our governance over a number of years thanks largely to our Board Chairman Mr Dave De Lange, who was again successfully elected to the role. His experience, and his calm and considered manner make him a real asset to this school and community and we cannot thank him and his family enough for the commitment he continues to make to our school. I would like to also acknowledge outgoing board representatives Mrs Kate Holden and Mr Ian Horsefield for their contribution over the past six years. At the same time, we welcome on newly elected members Mrs Tanya Douglas, Mr John Marks and Mr Nick Richards who join the board to guide and direct the strategic vision of the school into the future. We are fortunate to attract and retain fantastic staff here at Karamu, and 2019 has been no different with a commitment by the whole team to ensure our students receive a quality education with numerous opportunities to grow and develop. Alongside our teachers are our exceptional support staff, from the front office to the ground staff, who work tirelessly to ensure that the school runs smoothly. We are also grateful for the support our school receives from parents, caregivers, whanau and the community. The role parents, whanau and families play in the education of their

This year has seen a continued focus on student achievement through the Poutama Pounamu project and the integration of digital technologies curriculum across the school. We look to experiencing the ongoing benefits of this work in the coming years as our students progress through the school. Further work was also initiated under the Hautū review with a strategic plan developed for Māori student achievement. I would like to thank the whanau who engaged with us at the various hui to share their insights and knowledage. Also, this year the school has engaged with ‘Connect Futures’, a voluntary organisation that helps schools remain connected with ex-students. The formation of ‘Tira Ora’ database (branchlet of the karamu tree) is the first step with work underway to establish this database of all of our leavers. As Karamu moves into a new chapter of leadership, I know that there is much change ahead in the education sector. These are exciting times and I hope that the recent education reviews achieve what they aspire to achieve. In order to get transformational change, strong and determined leadership is required. This, however, needs to be matched with the physical and financial resourcing to support successful implementation. I sincerely hope that the Ministry of Education can step up in this regard to ensure we can achieve the goal of equity and excellence for all learners. In closing I would like to acknowledge my family, in particular my wife Angela and two boys Lachlan and Cameron. Their support and encouragement over the past four years in particular has been humbling and I look forward to the opportunity to spend more quality time with them. We are Proudly Karamu, Proudly Hastings and Proudly Learning and I sincerely wish the school and all associated the very best in the future. Have a safe and happy holiday season.


2019 has certainly been a busy year at Karamu, a visit from the Education Review Office, Board of Trustees Elections and the appointment of a new Principal has seen a lot of work by the Board and Senior Leadership team at Karamu. The ERO team visited Karamu as part of their regular evaluation cycle. This visit is an ideal opportunity for the school to receive independent feedback and assurance that we are meeting the needs of the students. ERO rightfully acknowledged the schools existing strength around school culture and a strong sense of belonging that promotes student social and emotional wellbeing and encouraging respectful relationships. It also noted that we care for growing staff professional capability through a strategic and coherent approach that is focused on improving outcomes for students. The positive feedback from ERO combined with another year of great NCEA and scholarship results reinforces that Karamu is continuing to provide a well-rounded education for the students while allowing them to develop as young adults ready to join the workforce or move on to further study. This is a real credit to all the staff across the school, the senior leadership team, teachers and support staff who collectively work very hard to provide the students with a great experience and opportunities at Karamu We also had the triennial Board of Trustees elections and I would like to thank the school community for their support of all the trustees who were elected onto the Board. We will continue to ensure our stewardship role ensures the staff have the support and resources to continue to deliver a robust education for the students. It was great to see new trustees elected from some of our neighbouring schools. I also acknowledge and thank Mrs Kate Holden and Mr Ian Horsefield for the contribution and work they have done over many years of committed service on the Board. 2019 also saw the appointment of a new Principal, Mrs Dionne Thomas who will begin as Principal at the start of the 2020 (yes that’s correct 2020). Mrs Thomas replaces Mr Michael Leitch who made the difficult decision to resign as Principal and pursue his passion for teaching as HOD Physical Education at Napier Boys’ High School. Mr Leitch has lead Karamu well ensuring we maintain momentum around student achievement and wellbeing across all areas as well as leading staff recruitment and development, we wish him all the best in the future. Mrs Thomas has a strong history with Karamu, firstly as a student, parent, teacher and most recently Deputy Principal. She is actively involved in various areas of the Hawkes Bay

community and I have no doubt that she will provide excellent leadership as principal at Karamu. The appointment of Mrs Thomas created a vacancy for a Deputy Principal with Mr Aron Noble been appointed to the position. Mr Noble will join our Senior Leadership Team in 2020 and will no doubt bring his own strengths to an already effective team. The stars of 2019 have however, again been the students, it’s incredible to see how these students grow during the year when provided with a great learning environment and staff that both support and challenge students. The students active involvement in learning, sport, cultural events and the community is a real credit to them, it’s difficult to recognise their achievements in this written report, I encourage readers to have a good look through this magazine to fully appreciate what talented students we are growing. What is really pleasing is how students take lead roles at various activities and events during the year 2019 was also the first time for thirteen years that we had to hold a ballot for students for the 2020 year. A difficult process that leaves some disappointed but essential to maintain the size and character of Karamu and a reflection of the schools ongoing popularity as a secondary school of choice for many families. I am sure 2020 will be the beginning of a great experience for the new and existing students at Karamu. Finally, thanks to the staff, numerous parents, caregivers, volunteers (including students) and community groups that support Karamu throughout the year, your support is greatly appreciated, and I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. Dave de Lange Chairperson Board of Trustees



STAFF 2019 Board of Trustees

Mr D de Lange (Chairperson) Mr J Brookes, Dip. Hort Tanya Douglas BAcc Ms S Gunn, B.Hort, Grad Dip.Tchg Mrs V Hantler (Secretary) Mr M Leitch, B.Ed., Dip.Tchg (Principal) Mr J Marks, B Tech (Hons) Abigail Kilkolly Shakoa Puketapu

Senior Management Team Principal, Mr M Leitch, B.Ed, Dip.Tchg

Deputy Principal, Mr D Hollands, B.Des, Grad Dip Tchg Deputy Principal Mr W W Wooster, Dip. P.E., Dip. Tchg Deputy Principal Mrs. D Thomas, M Ed, B PhEd, Dip Tchg

Heads Of Faculty

Science Mr R McDade, B.Sc.(Hons), PGCE Social Sciences Miss H Glenny, B.A., Grad. Dip. Tchg English and Languages Mrs A Price, B.B.S., Dip Tchg Health and Physical Education Mr G P Ross, B. Ph. Ed., Dip.Tchg Arts Mrs K Van Rijk, B.A. Grad Dip. Tchg Mathematics Mr K May, B.A., M. Sci (Hons). Dip. Tchg Technology Miss M Calkoen, B.Arch(Hons), Grad Dip Tchg

Teaching Staff


Mrs K Beaumont, B.Ed.(UK), B.A.(Massey Scholar), Year 13 Dean Mr T Blake, B.Ed.Tchg - TIC Sport Miss Ashley Blake, B.Spt Grad Dip Tchg Mrs J Burn, B. Des (Hons), Grad Dip. Tchg - Asst HOF Technology Mr P Chamberlain, B.Sc. (Hons), P.G.C.E. M.R.S.C. Ms Anna Coleman, B.Arts, Dip Tchg, LSB Mrs A Cooper, B.Mus., B Sc., Grad Dip. Tchg Mrs K Christian, B.A., Dip Ed Miss S Cornelius, M.Ed B.Tch B.Sc CIS Mr B Crawford, Dip.Tchg - Year 10 Dean Mrs N Crawford, Dip.Tchg - Year 9 Dean Mr C Cummins, Dip Audio Engineering, M.A. Grad Dip. Tchg SCT Miss J Dawson, Dip. Tchg B.Des Mr N P Field, B.Sc., Dip.Tchg Ms S Gunn, B.Hort - Year 10 Dean – Asst HoF Science Mr T Hunter, B.A., Dip. Tchg Mrs J Hunter, B. Ph. Ed., Dip. Tchg, Grad Cert Career Development Mr M Jamieson, Dip.Tchg. Dip Special. Needs Mr J Kite, B.VAD, Grad Dip. Tchg - Year 11 Dean Mrs F McDonald, B.A., Dip. Tchg Ms L McElwee, B.A, Grad Dip Tchg Mr J Mallory, B.A.,M.A.E. Mr. E Martin, B.VAD Grad Dip.Tchg Mr J Matthews, B.Ed., Dip. Tchg. Mr N R Moir, B.Sc., Dip. Ed. Studs., Dip. Tchg Mr Kane Nepe Apatu, BA Maori Dip Tchg Year 9 Dean Mr. Aron Noble, B.Ed, Dip.Tchg Mrs V Peffer, ADVTC Electrical..Dip Tchg Miss R Poirier, B.A., Dip Ed Miss J Primmer, B.RS.,Dip.Tchg, Asst HOF PE - Year 11 Dean Mr C Rafferty, B.A, Grad Dip Tchg

Mr J Read, B.A., Dip.Policing., Grad Di p. Tchg Mr. B Reay, B.ASci, Dip Tchg Ms V Redwood, B.A., Dip. Tchg Ms A Roberts, B.Sc (Hons). Grad Dip Tchg Mr D A Taylor, Dip Tchg - Asst HOF Mathematics - Year 12 Dean Mrs T Taylor, B.A., Dip.Tchg - Asst HOF Social Sciences - Year 12 Dean Mr B Tetley, Grad Dip.Tchg Mr C Thompson, B.Sc., Dip. Tchg Mrs R Tiuka, B.Ed Ms J Veen, B.A., Grad Dip. Tchg Mr B Wardrope, B.Arts, Dip.Tchg Mrs Wendy Wardrope, B Ed, CertTEAL Mrs V Watson, B.A.Dip.Tchg, L.T.C.L.(Drama) - Asst HOF Arts Mr L Weber, Grad Dip.Tchg, Grad Dip.Tsm Miss A Whitlow, B.FA, Grad Dip Tchg Ms E Wiggins, B.A., Dip Tchg Mr T Willis B.Comm, Grad Dip Arts, M Tchg (Secondary) Ms. Claire Woodhall, B.Arts Grad Dip Tchg Mrs Pauline Woodmass, B.Tchg Mr J Wright, B.VAD, Nat Cert Carpentry, Grad Dip Tchg

Instrumental Music Tutors Hilary Baker

Dave Boston (Guitar, Electric Bass) B.A, L.T.C.L (Perf), A.I.R.M.T Carol Della Barca Tessa-May Brown (Voice) Mary McHattie (Flute) Dip Tchg, A.I.R.M.T Sally Rutgers (Piano) Norma Smith (Violin) Brigitte Tiedemann (Flute) Taylor Vercoe

Guidance counsellor Mr. M Rolls M.Soc

Support Staff

Miss A Arnott, Teacher Aide Pippa Baines Ms B Butler, Gateway Coordinator Mrs. J Chamberlain Mr B Cottrell, Teacher Aide Mr. J Edmonds-Haronga Miss E Fraser B.A. Dip Tch Librarian Mrs F Gray, Receptionist/Cashier Mrs V Hantler, Principal’s PA Mrs J Harrison, B.Asci, Dip. Oenology - Lab Technician Mr R Jamieson Mrs S Jackson, Senior Canteen Assistant Mr R McLaren, Groundsman Miss S Maui, Teacher Aide Nicola Messer Mr R Poulgrain, Caretaker Ms M Radley, Accounts Clerk Mr M Strickland, NZCE (Ele Eng) - Computer Technician Lee Ann Tetley Mrs T Travers, Telephonist/Word-processing Mrs K Treneman, Administration Mrs M Whiting, Q.T.A. (Microbiology) Lab Technician


Mr B Crawford, Mrs E Wiggins, Mr J Wright, Mr B Wardrope, Ms A Roberts, Mr J Haronga, Mr C Thompson, Mr E Martin, Mr L Weber, Mr M Jamieson, Mr J Kite, Mr J Read, Mr P Chamberlain, Mr N Moir

Mrs R Tiuka, Mrs A Price, Mr G Ross, Miss M Calkoen, Mrs D Thomas, Mr D Hollands, Mr M Leitch, Mr W Wooster, Miss H Glenny, Mr R McDade, Mr K May, Mrs K van Rijk, Mrs K Beaumont

Third Row:

First Row:


Mr R McLaren, Mrs J Hunter, Ms C Della Barca, Mr K Nepe Apatu,

Second Row: Ms M Radley, Mrs N Messer, Ms L McElwee, Mrs T Travers, Ms K Baker, Mrs P Woodmass, Mrs B Butler, Mrs K Christian, Mrs F McDonald, Mrs V Hantler, Mr A Noble, Mrs V Watson, Mrs L Tetley, Miss J Veen, Miss S Maui, Mrs J Burn

Fourth Row: Mrs V Peffer, Mr B Tetley, Miss R Poirier, Mr C Rafferty, Ms S Gunn, Mrs F Gray, Mrs T Taylor, Mrs K Treneman, Mrs S Jackson, Mrs C Woodhall, Mr B Reay, Mrs E Fraser, Ms R Ryder, Miss A Blake, Miss J Primmer

Mrs T Crawford, Mr J Matthews, Mrs A Coleman, Mr T Blake, Miss J Dawson, Mr T Hunter, Mrs A Cooper, Mr D Taylor, Miss S Cornelius, Mr M Strickland, Mr J Mallory, Mr M Rolls, Mr N Field, Mr R Poulgrain, Miss V Redwood

Fifth Row:

Staff Photo 2019

WELCOMES Mr Tom Willis

Mr Willis completed his Master of Teaching through Auckland University to coincide with his move to Hawke’s Bay. He brings his background in teaching History, Media Studies and Social studies to Karamu. His previous career was in the film and television industry in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Prior to this, he was a tutor at the Wellingborough School in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom. He is a keen fly fisherman and that is one of the draw cards in moving to Hawke’s Bay. Mr Wills supported a wide range of activities at Karamu High School this year and has seamlessly become part of the Karamu whanau.

Mr Kane Nepe Apatu

Matua Kane joined us at the start of 2019 as our lead teacher in Te Reo Maori and Maori Performing Arts. He came from Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Ara Hou where he was part of a whanau with aims to celebrate and support the resurgence of the reo of Ngati Kahungunu. Matua Kane and his whanau have quickly become part of the Karamu whanau. He has been an integral part of school rugby and supported the school’s success at Kapa Haka. Matua Kane has taken on the responsibility of the Year 9 Dean and had a great impact on the wellbeing of our Year 9 boys. Mr Nepe Apatau studied at EIT where he gained his bachelor’s degree in Maori and then his Graduate Diploma of Teaching through Victoria University of Wellington.

Miss Ashley Blake

Miss Blake is a former student and we welcome her back into the Karamu whanau. She is a great addition to the Physical Education and Health Faculty and is currently working towards her full Teachers’ registration. A keen netballer and ex canoe polo player, she has supported the Karamu Netball and Canoe Polo programme this year, coaching the Year 9 A netball team and the Senior A Girls’ Canoe Polo team. Miss Blake gained her Bachelor of Recreation and Sport at EIT in Taradale and then went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Teaching at Palmerston North’s Massey University.

Ms Claire Woodhall

Ms Woodhall joined the Karamu English and Languages whanau from Auckland. She returns to Hawke’s Bay to be with her family. Ms Woodhall was most recently a Senior English teacher at Auckland Grammar and the eight years prior to that she was at Trident High School in Whakatane and Kawerau High School teaching English and Media Studies. Ms Woodhall has had a range of experience in the schools she has been in and has managed the Girls’ rugby teams in her previous roles. Ms Woodhall has formed some great relationships so far this year and has had a truly positive impact on the mentoring and the learning of her students.

Ms Anna Coleman

Ms Coleman joined us as a Speech Teacher helping students for whom public speaking is part of their future. Ms Coleman, an experienced speech and drama teacher, has a passion for boosting confidence. She moved to the bay, four years ago and started the Confidence Company, also working as a confidence coach and delivering bespoke courses for companies. She taught at King’s College for nine years and had various roles within the media, including radio - as an announcer a journalist and in sales in print media.

Rebecca Ryder

Miss Ryder joined our Mathematics Faculty at Karamu High School this year. Previous to joining our whanau she worked at Tawa College following her teaching Degree through Victoria University in 2015. She brings a vast and in-depth knowledge of the Mathematics curriculum and has shown her passion through the subject and has become a respected and valued member of the staff and Teacher to the students. Along with her talents in the academic area Miss Ryder is also has a keen interest in the preforming arts in particular Barber shop and musical production.



Mrs Messer joined us from Dannevirke on her return to Hawke’s Bay. Ms Messer brings a wide range of experience with her and that has enabled her to use those experiences to support some of our students. Her motivation to see our students succeed and her pride in herself to form positive and long-lasting professional relationships has been evident this year. She has an excellent sense of humour whilst remaining grounded and focused. Her positive and long-lasting relationships with our students will enable them to do their best in future years. All her students feel supported and their contributions welcomed.

Pippa Baines

Miss Baines returns to Karamu where she was a student from 2005 – 2007. Joining our support staff as a teacher aide, Miss Baines has been an integral part to the success of the students and she has developed a great rapport in her classes. With a background involving studying social work through EIT, Miss Baines brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the wellbeing of our students. Miss Baines has a passion to help others grow and to help them maintain their hauora.

Lee Ann Tetley

Mrs Tetley joined us from Heretaunga Intermediate where she had been a teacher aide from 2017. Prior to that she was a teacher aide at St Dominic’s College in Auckland. Mrs Tetley made the move from Auckland with her husband Mr Tetley when he joined our Science Faculty. As Mrs Tetley had been with several of our students at Heretaunga Intermediate, she has continued the strong relationships with students as they have transitioned through to Karamu High School. Mrs Tetley believes every student has the ability to succeed and overcome obstacles with support, and this has been evident in the way she has helped many students over the year.

Robbie Jamieson

Mr Jamieson has a wide range of experience prior to joining us at Karamu High School. His role as a teacher aide this year has enabled him to draw on his broad range of real-life experiences from his engineering background through to his work in residential support roles. Mr Jamieson has built some positive bonds with the students he supports and is making a big difference. He has a keen interest in sports and music and enjoys working with students and colleagues from a broad background.

Mrs Wendy Wardrope

Mrs Wardrope has been at Karamu since 2017 in a range of roles and now supports our ESOL students as they work towards gaining a greater understanding of the English language to support their Learning. Mrs Wardrope has a wide range of experience in education from the outskirts of Auckland to the high rises of Bangkok. This wealth of experience and understanding of cultures beyond New Zealand, has put her is a fantastic position to work with students to whom New Zealand is a new country and to help them with the intricacies of a new language.


FAREWELLS Michael Leitch

Michael came to Karamu in 2015 to be Deputy Principal, and it wasn’t long after that he made the move on to be our Principal, for the next four years. Mr. Leitch kept the momentum of the school going, which has then contributed to Karamu continuing to be the school of choice. Mr. Leitch has now headed back teaching and leading Physical education with the students at Napier Boys’ High School, looking for new challenges, achieving his vision, and striving to do his best for all his students. The Staff and students of Karamu High School have enjoyed working with you and I have appreciated the care and respect you have given us.

Murray Jamieson

Murray Jamieson announced his retirement after 45 years of dedicated service to teaching. Murray has taught at Karamu High School for the past ten years. He has been an integral part of the Enhanced Learning, English and Mathematics Faculty. Murray was the Special Needs Coordinator for many years working with and advocating for students who required extra assistance with their learning. Apart from his work in special education, Murray has also contributed to the co-curricular life of the school and is known for his shining and charismatic personality both as a teacher, sportsman and with all the coaching that he did, cricket mainly, but also hockey, rugby and cycling. Murray was often asked by other teachers to accompany them on school trips such as Geography, Physical Education and EOTC. In 1973 Murray graduated from Ardmore Teachers Training and his first year of teaching was in 1974 at Hastings Intermediate School. Throughout his career he also taught at Waimea Intermediate, Central Hawkes Bay College, Terrace School, Springhill Primary, Wallingford School (Principal), Taradale Intermediate (Deputy Principal), Mangateretere School (Principal), Rural Education Advisor, Heretaunga Intermediate (Deputy Principal), RTLB, Karamu High School. For the past 45 years Murray has been getting out of the house in the morning to teach, or be involved in education in some capacity, it has been part of his DNA. Throughout his career Murray has been passionate about serving the community and the learning and teaching of children and young people. Murray often recounts stories of past pupils that have approached him the community, on the streets or whilst he was shopping at the supermarket and tell him about their lives and what they were now doing. Murray can remember every single student he has ever taught. Murray is a proud grandfather, and, in his retirement, he aims to spend more time with his grandchildren, children and his wife Lynne who he credits as being the backbone and foundation of the family throughout his teaching career. He will love getting out on his bike more, spending time adventuring with his old teaching friends, reading, and travelling. Murray has been a much-loved colleague and teacher who will long be remembered for his friendly banter, practical jokes, sense of humour, and for wearing his heart on his sleeve. Karamu High School wishes Murray and his family all the best for an enjoyable and much deserved retirement. Thank you Mr Jamieson.

Dave Taylor

This year Karamu High Schoolsaid farewll to Mr. Dave Taylor who was assistant HOF Mathematics. Mr. Taylor had several different roles in his time at Karamu High Schoolincluding Year 12 Dean, Year 11 Dean, Junior and Senior Cricket Coach and at one time shared the Head of Department of Mathematics before the re-aligment of the school into Faculties. Hewas an avid supporter of Kawekahouse, any XV Rugby and happy to help any students who asked for extra assistance. But now Mr. Taylor has decided to hand in his whiteboard marker and take early retirement. We wish Mr. Taylor all the best for his future endeavours.


Vicky Peffer

Mrs. Vicky Peffer taught at Karamu High School13 years andwatched all her children come through the doors of the school. Mrs. Peffer started her teaching career in the Technology Faculty before migrating full-time to Mathematics and was a senior Statistics teacher.Sheseveral differet roles in her time at Karamu High Schoolincluding Girls Senior Football Coach and within School Co-ordinator for the Community of Schools to which KHS is a part of. She was an avid supporter of Te Mata house, proudly supported the students in their endeavours and gave up countless hours of her free time helping students in their journey through high school. Mrs. Peffer has taken up a new position as a senior mathematician for Hasting Girls High School and although we are sad to see her leave, we are happy to know that there will be many more young woman who will benefit from her teaching. We wish Mrs. Peffer all the best for her furture endeavours.

Craig Thompson

Mr. Craig Thompson was a member of the Mathematics Faculty and started with us for 12 years. He was a key teacher in the area of Calculus and initiated a two-year Scholarship program for strongest mathematicians. He had several different roles in his time at Karamu High School including running both the tennis and chess clubs. Craig will always be remembered for the minibus accident on his way to a chess competition in Napier in which everyone walked away safely. Mr. Thompson has taken up a new position as a senior mathematician for Havelock North High School where he will be able to watch his children progress through school. We wish him all the best and hope that he continues to develop as a successful teacher of mathematics.

Philip Chamberlain

Mr. Philip Chamberlain and his family emigrated from England and joined Karamu High School in 2010. As an experienced Chemistry teacher and previous Head of Faculty, he immediately brought to bear his considerable expertise and enthusiasm for teaching Science. His classes very much appreciated his dry sense of humour and his unfailing passion for helping them develop their learning potential. Mr. Chamberlain was a keen user of new technologies in the classroom and frequently drove the development of digital applications within the faculty. Colleagues appreciated his sage advice and the thoughtful contributions he made to helping implement the many changes to the curriculum in the past decade. The school was also very lucky to have Mrs. Chamberlain join the Karamu staff for a time as a learning support assistant. Their twin sons attended Karamu, leaving in 2017 to attend the Auckland University School of Engineering. We wish him and his family well for 2020 as he takes up his new position as Head of Science at Hastings Girls High School.


Showquest is a performance competition entailing dance, drama, music, theatre technology and art. 2019 was a whirlwind of performance events for all these subjects, Showquest brought all of them together. Starting in the summer holidays, a creative team of students met to discuss ideas and craft what the performance could be. With so many voices inputting their creative ideas we had a lot to work with. We settled on the importance of family support for those dealing with teenage depression. We chose this theme as it is a problem in New Zealand that isn’t talked about enough. Our aim through our performance was to breach a taboo subject and shine light on how family and friends can help those affected by depression. Our leaders throughout the entire process, from ideas to performance, were Jamie Hollway and Tia Ward. An amazing amount of effort was put in by these two, as well as by Mrs Cooper and Ms McElwee to produce our end result. We wanted to incorporate as many dance genres and acting opportunities as possible in our performance. Karamu High School received the award for the Best Theme. The large team of over 50 students performed extremely well. None of this could have been accomplished without the huge number of people who participated, led and supervised. By Amber Flashoff



This year’s Big Sing competition was heavily impacted by the strike action of teachers throughout the country. As a result, the competition was dramatically reduced in size and participation as schools were unable to staff the excursion. We were fortunate to be able to take Coro Notabile to participate and represent our school. The students performed extremely well and entertained the audience both during the daytime sessions and as part of the gala performance in the evening. It was a wonderful day of music making and performance experience. Amanda Cooper


HEAD STUDENTS From the freshmen year of 2015 to the end of an era 2019, Karamu High School, you have done me well. Time has travelled and has gone too fast where what seemed to have been endless hours of class time & homework to now, what only remains of a few short weeks before “adulthood”. I am grateful for all the experiences and opportunities that I’ve had over these 5 years from adventures of Outward Bound, ski trip, lunchtime schemes with Mr Ross, incubator programme, Friday night basket balling, early games of footy and of course the school events which show the true rivalry of friends and teachers: House sport (Kaweka for the win).

I have come to learn that Karamu High school is far more than just academics and sporting abilities, it’s about growth and building of character within a person. The hardships we experience inside and outside of the classroom are only something to learn and grow from. I know for sure these hardships have shaped the person I am today, safe to say after five long years of heartbreaks, 2nd place badges and sweat marks after every interval and lunch, I’ve made it.

As of course I would have never been able to make it without the help of the staff and my friends. First, to the people I have great respect and utmost admiration for. Constantly giving their time and effort for the students, that would be teaching, organising timetables, references, career interviews, cleaning the school grounds, making sure all IT is functioning and, of course, the help needed due to the lack of knowledge of not knowing how to tie a tie. I am thankful to each staff member who has helped guide me into the world of learning and shown that, with perseverance and belief, anything is possible.

Ben Randle Head Boy

To the students of KHS and especially to my own year group, the class of 2015, you lot are a crazy bunch. Getting to know you guys throughout the years, I have come to conclude that you all are individually unique in your own way. We have all been through many highs celebrating them as individuals or as a collective. We have all been through many lows but always had a shoulder for support. We’ve been there for each other and always will be, pushing one another to exceed our limits. I am truly grateful and blessed to have been surrounded by fantastic people on a daily basis. As always, study smart, dream big, set goals and always smile. - Ben Randle


When I started at Karamu, I remember looking up to the prefects, especially when I was in junior school, and knew I wanted to be in a position to make an impact on members of the school community when it was my chance. So when I was lucky enough to be announced Head Girl for 2019, I knew I was being set up for an amazing year. We often hear “what would you tell your Year 9 self now if you were able to change something?”, and although there are a few things I would do differently, I would have to say that my willingness to try all the endless opportunities that Karamu has to offer is a trait that I am proud I kept up, and is why I’ve been able to look back and say I’ve had an amazing 5 years at Karamu. I’ve lived through my high school years with the knowledge that you only regret the chances you don’t take, and through this I’ve had endless amazing experiences. From the extremes such as kayaking through Marlborough Sounds, getting a medal at the Grant Jarvis football tournament this year, ski trips, high ropes, completing a half marathon, to the more mellow things such as the feeling of getting a good grade on an exam you know you worked hard for, or the proud feeling of watching the juniors you coach win their debate. However, I can’t act as if all these things I’ve been lucky enough to partake in have been achieved simply because of my willingness to give things a go, but rather because of the amazing teachers, and school that have allowed the success of any student who should want it. Whether it’s been Mrs van Rijk organising all our Duke of Edinburgh trips, the PE staff pushing us to the limits on the skiing and Rotorua trips, Mr Rafferty coaching our team up to silver in our tournament, Mr Chamberlain printing out hundreds of pieces of paper to get the chemistry message across, Mr Blake setting up endless opportunities in the sports sector, and so many more teachers in so many different areas, all backed up by an amazing senior staff as well. So, if I can recommend something to every student at Karamu, it would be to take up as many opportunities as possible that Karamu has to offer in order to reach their full potential, because you won’t regret it. Knowing that very soon I’m going to have to say goodbye to the place that’s been a home for the last 5 years in order to chase my dreams is very bittersweet, but I know that I’ll live the rest my life remembering Karamu and everything it did for me. -Lucy McKay

Lucy McKay Head Girl

First, I would like to say a huge thank you to the students and staff for allowing me to be your Deputy Head Girl 2019. I will never forget the first day I walked into Karamu High School as a Year 9 and being greeted by the student leaders of 2015. Each year the leaders of Karamu would inspire me to always aim high and do my best in everything, this led to me wanting to inspire others someday by becoming a leader in Year 13. My life at Karamu has been an honourable experience I will never forget. One of my highlights at Karamu has been the many opportunities for students to utilize their skills and passion, especially in the Performing Arts area. From Show Quest to school productions to Stage Challenge to Dance NZ Made, Karamu has done it all and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it. If I have learnt one thing while being at Karamu, it’s that you will always be told to follow your dreams. But this doesn’t come easy, success takes a lot of time and dedication. So, if there is anyone reading this that has a dream in life that seems far-fetched, go for it! What’s stopping you? Is it the thought of failure? Because if you don’t try, then you’ve already failed. If I could give one final piece of advice to the students of Karamu High School it would be: Don’t let anyone stop you from following your dream no matter how big or small, if you put in the time and effort you will be rewarded with the success you deserve.

Tia Ward

- Tia Ward

Deputy Head Girl

Wowee, no words just that! What a wild ride the last 5 years of my life with Karamu High School has been. Karamu has allowed me to meet an amazing cohort of people, make friendships that will last a lifetime and has given me endless opportunities across all Academia, Sporting and Cultural fields. I have been given the chance to be a part of amazing experiences such as Whale Watching in Kaikoura, eating raw sardines and eggs for rugby tournaments in Whanganui, snowboarding trips, being a part of the performing arts groups that have won awards in Stage challenge and Showquest and competing in all the house events for the mighty Heretaunga.

Tyler Boyes

Deputy Head Boy

However, Karamu would not be the school it is today without it’s hard working staff. They put a mammoth amount of work into us students and without them we wouldn’t be able to succeed. I have formed many great relationships with different staff members over my years at Karamu. From Tina constantly having to fix my collar in the office, to singing along to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys with Mr Chamberlain and going for a round of golf with Mr Wooster. All the staff are always there for us students whether it’s to organise an extra tutorial or just for a chinwag. They are more like friends then teachers and this is what separates our school from the rest. One thing that I have learnt from being at Karamu is to get amongst what the school has to offer and to get outside of your comfort zone. As teenagers it is easy for us to stick to the same old boring routine and do what we know we like or are good at. But if I have any advice for you it is to break your daily routine and shake things up. Go and try your hand at something new and get involved in different groups whether it be signing up for a new sport, joining a new cultural group or signing up for a new subject. Get out there and give it your best shot, you never know, you may just love it. Another important life lesson I have learnt is that you need to work hard. In the famous words of William Waiirua “Do the mahi, get the treats”. If you want to succeed and achieve your goals, the only way to get there is by putting in the work and not cutting corners. No one else can do it for you, it is up to you to find the drive and put the work in so you can get those treats. Finally, thank you to the school for allowing me to be your Deputy Head Boy for 2019. This journey has been a once in lifetime experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. To all the students, get out there and get amongst what the school has to offer, work hard and stay humble. For now, it’s time for us Year 13’s to hang up our boots and begin the next chapter of our lives. -Tyler Boyes


Community Leaders

Head Students

Lucy McKay (Head Girl) Ben Randle (Head Boy), Tyler Boyes (Deputy Head Boy), Tia Ward (Deputy Head Girl)

Cultural Leaders

Dean Polak, Oliver Wiggins-Crowe, Dane Skogstad Shakoa Puketapu, Hannah Bursnall, Jacinta Foreman, Anna Barbridge, Ruby Brett

Sports Leaders

April Kihirini, Dylan Dempsey, Jemma Green

Performing Arts Leaders

Abigail Kilkolly, Isaac Hinton, Te Waiarani Randell

Academic Leaders

Te Au Skipworth, Lian Hontalba

Amber Flashoff, Thomas Steinmann, Xanthia Coombe, Ben Colquhoun (absent)

House Leaders


Sophie Williams, Boston Wynyard, Raegan Robinson, Kahurangi Stevens, Tadhg Stephens, Max Crossan, Shae McKenzie, Logan Seymour, Zac Burlace, Darian Culver, Dylan Bagley, Cortez Te Pou, Meg Ryan, Ereina Tonihi, Hope McCleland, Ella Tieman



The 2019 annual Karamu Cabaret “A Starry Night” was an unforgettable evening for Year 13 students. The students arrived in style, glamorously dressed to match the charmingly decorated Cheval Rooms at the Hastings Racecourse. When the students entered the venue, they walked through doors framed with ivy and fairy lights with subtle hints of glitter here and there. The tables were decorated with sparkly table runners and shimmering silver stars that lit beautiful ivy-covered candelabras, and this was all thanks to an amazing team of students who spent their time decorating the venue. It was a great night spent with friends, dancing and laughing while being accompanied by live music and a DJ. A scrumptious three-course meal was provided, and the night was all captured by a professional photographer, Neil Mackenzie, and of course a photo booth, to ensure the memories of this night would not be forgotten.

The King of the Cabaret, Daniel Stuart, was dressed in a navy-blue suit with a floral shirt, a striking maroon tie and a matching pocket square paired with classic brown dress boots. The Queen of the Cabaret, Briar Fraser, was dressed in a sky-blue fishtail gown with a lace bodice, paired with pink and blue floral strappy heels, and a classic art deco hairstyle. The Prince of the Cabaret, Te Au Skipworth, was dressed in a sheer black shirt with a dazzling golden suit jacket paired with classic black pants and dress shoes. The Princess, Tia Ward was dressed in a modern, rose gold, sparkly jumpsuit paired with 20 white platform heels and her hair was elegantly slicked back in a high ponytail.

It was a night for the Year 13 students to celebrate their last year and the time they have had at Karamu and it would not have been possible without Mr Wooster and the team of students that organized this unforgettable evening.

Article by Briar Fraser

CABARET 2019 21

Aaliyah Tangen-Wainohu

Abigail Kilkolly

Amber Flashoff

Amelia Hunt

Amy Richardson

Andrew Tong

Anna Barbridge

April Kihirini

Ashleigh Mildenhall

Ben Colquhoun

Ben Randle

Boston Wynyard

Breanna McRae

Brent Jay Bragancia

Briar Fraser

Briar McKinley


Brooke Foster

Cameron Spargo

Carl Henry Inguanzo

Charles Spooner

Charm Sandilands

Clayton Hughes

Cortez Te Pou

Dane Skogstad

Daniel Stuart

Danielle Finlayson

Danielle Van Schaik

Darian Culver

Dean Polak

Dylan Bagley

Dylan Dempsey

Ella Tieman




Ellie McGhee

Emma Varcoe

Ereina Tonihi

Ethany Gibson

Felicity Johnstone

Georgia Goodsell

Georgia Lawes

Hannah Bursnall

Hannah Le Monnier

Hastings Laau

Hope McCleland

Isaac Hinton

Jacinta Foreman

Jack Burns

Jack Garvey

Jacob Ansell

Jacob Astridge

Jade Ubels

Jake Snow

Jayden Griffiths

Jemma Green

Jessica Abelson

Jessica Rix

Jorja Fryer

Joshua Walford

Kahurangi Stevens

Kerinza Benjamin

Lachlan Costello

Lagi Magele-Timu

Lars Stevenson

Lauren Hunt

Leah Stanford




Liam Byers

Lian Hontalba

Libby O’Hanlon

Logan Seymour

Lucy McKay

Maddison Dender

Max Crossan

Meg Ryan

Miracle Wereta

Mitchell Raison

Molly Hooper-Gilmore

Monique Peard

Mya Stothers

Oliver Wiggins-Crowe

Piper Jones

Quinten Rutten

Rachel Torreno

Raegan Robinson

Rhian Hanara

Rhiannon Wooster

Rilee Prebensen

Ruby Brett

Samuel Bailey

Samuel Bradley

Samuel Raggett

Shae McKenzie

Shakoa Puketapu

Sophie Law

Sophie Williams

Stazia Hoskin

Sydney Crawford

Tadhg Stephens



Tamar Hoogendoorn

Te Au Skipworth

Te Waiarani Randell

Thomas Steinmann

Tia Ward

TK Smith

Travis Martin

Tyler Boyes

Tyrin Walker

Zak Wallace


Victoria Sammons

Zane Beckham

Xanthia Coombe

Jasmine Fannin

Zac Burlace

Lourdes Collier



Equestrian Team

Back row: Rhiannon Groen, Ms E Wiggins-Crowe, Hannah MacKay Front row: Taryn Derbidge, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Kayla Anderson Absent:

Emma Mansell

On a sunny but windy Wednesday, the school equestrian team of; Captain Ella Lindsay-Smith riding Charlie Farley, Hannah MacKay riding Angel in a Storm and Kayla Anderson riding Dollar, competed in the Havelock North Interschool Equestrian event. The girls each completed 2 show jumping rounds each and Ella and Kayla took on the Cross-Jump; a fun combination of cross-country and show jumping. Although not in the ribbons, the horses and their riders all had a fun and successful day. As a personal best, Hannah jumped her first ever clear 1.00 metre show jumps. Great work team.


Karamu High School was lucky, once again, with stellar weather on Swimming, Athletic and Winter Sports days.

Swimming Sports 2019 was held at the Frimley Swimming Pools and was well attended by all Houses. As always, there was a mix of ‘championship’ races featuring our fastest fish-like students, as well as alternative events such as ‘Over and Under’ and ‘Make a Splash.’ Ultimately, with 900 points, it was the mighty Kaweka House that took away the blue ribbon at the end of the day. Tuki Tuki was nail-bitingly close behind, with 890 points, followed by Te Mata and Heretaunga, with 790 and 750 points, respectively. What a fantastic day!

Athletic Sports, though slightly cooler on the day, was also a smashing success. In their final Athletic Sports Day of their high school careers, Year 13s Cortez Te Pou, Ruby Brett, and Head Girl Lucy McKay took out the top three spots in the Senior Girls race, while Head Boy Ben Randle headed up the Senior Boys, followed closely by Year 11s Joel Tawera and Cameron Orr. In the end, Tuki Tuki was able to snaffle the top prize away from last year’s winner, Kaweka, by a mere 65 points. In third and fourth place came Heretaunga and Te Mata. Well done to all involved!

Winter Sports, held in Term 3, was a windy, sunny day at Windsor Park. This afternoon of fun, unlike our Athletics Day, features sports like Ki o Rahi, football, rugby, volleyball, netball, capture the flag, and hockey, among others. This year, it was a tight race to first place. Sneaking up from third and fourth place earlier in the year, Te Mata swiped the winner’s seat with 262 points, followed by Tuki Tuki in second with 251 points, and a tie for third between Heretaunga and Kaweka, each with 250 points. Winter Sports will not be seen again until 2021; next year, we will tackle House Music!


Te Mata

Tuki Tuki





















X Country































900 points


Tuki Tuki

3565 points


Tuki Tuki

890 points



3500 points


Te Mata

790 points



2440 points



750 points


Te Mata

3425 points




Te Mata

262 points


Tuki Tuki







250 points


On Monday 1 April Mr Graham Hoete (aka Mr G) came to speak at a whole school assembly and share his experiences. His passion and general engagement of the students were inspirational to many through both his artistic talent and messages of hope. We would like to acknowledge Jenny Nilsson and Steve Lawson at the Hastings House of Travel for their support. Following on from this assembly on Friday 5 April our students got in behind Gumboot Day to raise funds to allow free counselling services for our youth. Our Community leaders did a fantastic job in promoting and running activities for the students to raise awareness of this event.





DEBATING Debating continues to thrive at Karamu High School. We have always had a strong representation regionally and even nationally when it comes to debating. It is exciting to watch our students showcase not only their speaking skills, but also their ability to think critically. 2019 was a great year in debating. The highlight of our debating calendar is the annual Regional Debating Competition. At the beginning of the year, our debaters arrive at school at 7am every Wednesday to prepare for this key competition. The competition weekend is intense, and sees many of the top debating schools in Hawke’s Bay gather to debate. As we do every year, Karamu High School shone. One of our teams, made up of Erika Balestie Diaz (Year 12), Thea Morton (Year 12) and Sophie Jones (Year 12), managed to maintain their winning streak, right up to the semi-final. Although we did not come away with the overall win, our students were extremely well represented in the list of accolades. Thea Morton was selected to represent Hawke’s Bay in the National competition. Sophie Jones was awarded a Most Promising Speaker award and was selected as a reserve for the Regional team. Jessica Shoemark was awarded a Promising Speaker award and Amber Flashoff was given a Highly Commended award. It was fantastic to see so many of our students recognised for their debating talent. On top of their busy academic schedule, our students then continued to compete in the inter school competition. This enabled the students to continue to develop their skills in this extremely competitive environment. The Karamu Teams presented some strong competition for the region and came away with several successes over the year. The future of debating at Karamu High School is very bright. Although we are sad to farewell some of our amazing Year 13 Debaters, the contingent coming through from Year 10, 11 and 12 present a force to be reckoned with. Farewell to 2019 and look out 2020.


Debating Coaches

Back row: Thea Morton, Blake Manson, Lucy McKay, Jamie Hollway, Kade Lindsay, Jessica Shoemark

Middle row: Ella Lindsay-Smith, Stella Hinton, Keelan Heesterman, Dean Polak, Ethin Templeton, Paige Flashoff, Abigail Kilkolly

Front row: Amie Hazelwood, Rana Cetinturk, Sophie Jones, Romona Wainohu, Erika Balestie Diaz, Sammi Eaglestone, Maia Colman-Savage

Debating Juniors

Back row: Leah Boyd, Toia Marsh, Jade Hemmings, Maddison Palmer, Elli Weber, Sascha MacDonald, Jess Webb, Cody Wilson

Middle row: Lilah Pruckmuller-Brown, Tyler Heesterman, Braden Cooper, Jack Arcus, John RoseSmissen, Daniel O’Connor, Chantelle Toko-Dyer Front row: Annahdale Laau, Victoria Hurndell, Emma Hope, Alicia Anasapi, Jessica Haerewa, Linda Norman, Hennah Nazneen, Brianna Connor

Debating Year 11

Back row: Stella Hinton, Ethin Templeton, Keelan Heesterman, Paige Flashoff, Miss C Woodhall

Front row: Amie Hazelwood, Maia Colman-Savage, Blake Manson, Rana Cetinturk, Sammi Eaglestone

Debating Year 12 & 13

Back row: Amber Flashoff, Dean Polak, Abigail Kilkolly, Jamie Hollway, Mrs A Price Front row: Sophie Jones, Erika Balestie Diaz, Thea Morton, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Jessica Shoemark, Romona Wainohu


BADMINTON Once again Badminton has been a successful sport at Karamu. We entered four girls’ and two boys’ teams playing in the Inter-School Competition. We are in a phase of rebuilding our strength in badminton with a high number of new players taking up the sport. Games are played at multiple venues each week – some were home games, while other teams headed off to Napier or Havelock or Flaxmere to face their opponents. Our returning players of B grade have consolidated the skills learnt over a number of years and were a formidable force against other teams. The newer players in the C and D grades learnt the basics of the game and by the end of their competition were starting to show a number of skills to find the win. Results for this year were: Girls’ KHS B came 3rd place Girls’ KHS C1 came 21st place Girls’ KHS C2 came 13th place Boys KHS C1 came in 10th place Boys KHS D1 came in 8th place Thank you to Miss Glenny for organising all of Badminton and to Mr Rolls for taking charge of the boys. Also, a big thanks to Mrs McDonald, Mrs Hunter and Miss Redwood for helping out driving teams to all of the different venues each week.


Badminton Boys C

Badminton Boys D

Front row: Gabriel Barlow, Blake Manson, Keegan Russell, Camden Bruce

Front row: Curtis McConaghty, Brydon Crossan, Jack Arcus, Cole Potts-Tyro

Back row: Mrs J Hunter, Samuel Somerville-Ryan, Ben Randle, Mr M Rolls

Back row: Mrs J Hunter, Zach Hatton, Mr M Rolls

Badminton Girls B

Badminton Girls C1 Grade

Front row: Emma Renall, Sara Renall, Sammi Eaglestone

Front row: Alia Polon, Phimwaree Toanchalee, Jessica Shoemark, Jennifer Boyd

Back row: Tobi Wells, Kahurangi Stevens, Ms H Glenny

Back row: Mrs F McDonald, Amber Flashoff, Paige Flashoff, Ms H Glenny

Badminton Girls C2 Grade

Badminton Girls D Grade

Front row: Shayleah Pritchard, Amie Hazelwood, Hayley Smith, Nicole Thomson

Front row: Natalie Darl Lawas, Hayley Austin, Pippa Osborne, Kate Moore,

Back row: Mrs F McDonald, Ms H Glenny Absent: Emma Norman

Back row: Mrs F McDonald, Jodi Coombs, Ms H Glenny Absent: Katelyn Church



Year 12’s

‘B D G’

The year 12’s finished off grade eight and Jess Shoemark and Sophie Jones worked towards their ASB’s. (Diploma with Speech NZ)

Horse breath -breath out through your lips like a horse ‘Cheese and ham sandwich’ What is it? Speech is designed to boost your confidence and take the fear out of getting up to speak. Karamu has a proud history of the highest exam marks of any state school as well as talented public speakers and debaters. What is covered? Zealand exams.

Students work towards Speech New

Who did what? This year Esta Chaplin in year nine, sat grade three Public Speaking and Annabel Elmsly in year ten, sat Grade four. Esta says - ‘Speech has helped in all areas of my learning from presenting a project in class or leading a group of people. Learning this skill very helpful in my daily life’. Annabel comments – ‘Speech has given me many opportunities to get experience speaking in front of people and to gain confidence. I feel that now after completing a speech exam I am more comfortable speaking in front of an audience’. Junior debaters had the option to attend speech classes to help them with their confidence, voice, delivery and structure. Year 11’s Amie Hazelwood, Ethin Templeton and Sammi Eaglestone completed their red bar in OCA’s and grade seven modules. Ethin says ‘Speech this year has helped me to extend my communication skills and study a board range of topics. I personally enjoyed sitting a higher form of OCA, as it was already something I was familiar with and came naturally to me. The skills I’ve learnt this year will definitely help me next year, when I seek to complete Grade 7 and move onto ASB. These skills I can learn in my future career, whatever that may be. I’ve enjoyed Speech a lot this year, and can’t wait to continue in 2020.’

Brooke Hemmings sat grade eight speech and drama and Thea Morton and Romona Wainohu also sat grade eight but public speaking. Brooke says ‘What I have got out of speech is confidence, as taking it gives you techniques of how to deliver a public performance. This then as a drama student helped me to improve my skills in both areas. Speech is fun and allows you to play around with characters while learning important elements of the subject. Speech is an essential skill and I would encourage everyone to do it’. Year 13’s Lucy Mckay, Abigail Kilkolly, Hannah Bursnall, Jacinta Foreman and Ruby Brett all passed their ASB’s. Ruby passed her Advanced ASB teaching exam with distinction and Abigail also passed the Advanced Certificate in Professional Speaking. Ruby says ‘Completing the teaching module has helped me take a step closer to being a primary school teacher. This also creates doors in the future where I can carry on speech teaching and complete my other modules outside of school’. A big thank you to our extremely supportive librarian, Mrs Fraser, who has proudly hung the diplomas on the library. Please go and check them out as they represent a lot of grit, determination, hard work and talent. And another Big thank you to the students who have helped with the Hillmac Speech Contest at the National Aquarium of New Zealand. It’s been a privilege to teach Speech Extension for the last two years, taking over from Mrs Bartlett in 2018. Ms Coleman has left to move to Wairoa and has been replaced by Mrs Watson. Ms Coleman


BIG DAY OUT 2019 The BIG DAY OUT always provides a great opportunity for Year 9’s to get to know their form class and build positive relationships with each other. The students enjoy activities around games of trust and teamwork to help them build relationships and skills that they can take back to the classroom. The students are quiet and unsure at the start of the day but the buzz at the end, the friendships made show the unique social confidence and positive self-esteem the BIG DAY OUT provides for students. Here are some student reflections of the day: • We got the opportunity to bond with each other and I really got to know my form class. • The amazing race activity really tested our teamwork and problem-solving skills. • All the activities helped to build my trust in others, my communication skills and confidence. • What an awesome way to start the year. • Lots of fun had by all. The Year 13’s also come along and support the Year 9’s and introduce them to our school values of Whanaungatanga and Manaakitanga. Thanks also goes to the teaching staff, Miss Blake, Mr and Mrs Crawford, and in particular, Mr Ross for what he does to make the BIG DAY OUT a success.


BASKETBALL The Junior Boys’ A team had a great season in Division 2. They started with a bang and went through to the semi-finals at the end of the season. With the season came a range of injuries and that meant the semi-final was played with no bench. They went all the way with a fully loaded St Johns bench (the eventual winners) but ended up short with a minute to go. Great leadership from Jacob Matthews and the rest of the team. Mr Hollands the coach enjoyed the season and looks forward to seeing them as Seniors in 2020. The Junior B Team, under the guidance of Mr Wardrope, had a great season with some wins and losses and they had a very close few games. This was also the pattern in the Senior Boys B and C teams who gave it their best every week and ended up in the mix at the end of the season. The Senior A Boys’ team played well, and they continue to develop as a young team. Most of the players will be returning to Karamu in 2020 and we look forward to them being joined by the Junior players moving up to the next level. Brock Coulbeck was the high scorer for the season, and this would not have been possible without the support of his team. The Senior Girls’ team under the leadership of Max Taiapa-Powell and coached by Lilly Bartlett, continued to develop over the season, while they did not have a great success on the score sheet, they all played well and enjoyed what was for many their last year at school. Congratulations to Max who went on to play for the Hawke’s Bay U18 team and represented the school in the women’s league.


Junior Girls Basketball The Junior Girls’ basketball team was led by our two returning Year 10 students Briar McGrail-Timms and Leilani Williams. Added to this was an exciting mix of athletes, some of whom had only taken up basketball in Year 9 but were successful in other sports. The season started well with the team entered into Division 2 of the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Basketball Championship. As we progressed through the first five weeks of games you could see the girls’ communication and basketball skills improving. This helped with the girls’ confidence to play hard and shoot the ball. Moving into Term 3, the girls’ ultimate goal was to go through the regular season unbeaten. Having achieved this, we knew we had some tough games coming up to reach the play-offs. The girls managed to win our quarter final, and semi-final games and this gave us the right to compete in the finals, a first for this young team. The final game was against Taradale High School, who had played really well against us earlier in the year. The girls’, however, were determined to finish on top and, with a huge defensive effort, really put the pressure on Taradale. The game was close at the half but we lifted our intensity in the 3rd and 4th quarters, and came away with a great team win. All the team played well and, again, were led by Briar and Leilani. The girls and coaching staff were over the moon with the win as it represented the hard work we had put in all year. It was a special year with this team of girls going unbeaten, winning 14 straight games. Also a special mention to our Bench officials - Shayleah Pritchard and William Wepa-Hazel for their commitment and great help in running the bench each Monday. It was really appreciated. Congratulations girls – Mr Crawford


Basketball Junior Boys A

Back row: Connor McAneney, Mr D Hollands, Jared Anderson

Front row: Sebastian Theobald, Jakob Mathews, Keerat Singh, Jack Goodley, Corey Sullivan Absent: Kingston Mahia, Kamau de Thierry

Basketball Boys Junior B

Back row: Riley Tane, Daniel Mansell, Mr B Wardrope

Front row: Journey Bell, Uzmine Alam, Jackson Young

Absent: Dean Te Huna, Wyatt Taiapa-Powell, Samuel Talagi

Basketball Boys Senior A

Back row: Mr J Haronga, Jakob Mathews, Corbyn Te Whaiti, Brock Coulbeck Front row: Alexander Rabanal, Mahara NathanPene, Gabriel Fa’alele, Zac Brooker, Jonzy Benipayo

Absent: Thomas Phillips, Nazareth Fa’alele, Steven Fungsoongnern, Boston Walsh

Basketball Boys Senior B

Back row: Mr J Haronga, Joel Tawera, Malachi Taiapa, Riley Gough, George Christieson, Mr D Hollands

Front row: Josh Clifton, Boston Walsh, Traylan Hansen, Oliver Christieson, Lachie Carter, Aiden Arnott, Jacob Tollison

Absent: Dazzler MulliganJohnstone, Jobe Ngamotu, Izaiah Te Wiata


Basketball Boys Senior C

Back row: Ben Randle, Elijah Casson, Rhys Tamanui, Andre Carter, Tyler Boyes, Mr D Hollands

Front row: Riley Walton-Sexton, Flynn Mercer, Isaac Hinton, Adam Brookes, Tadhg Stephens, Michael Garland

Basketball Junior Girls

Back row: Mr B Crawford, Ella Willacy-Kaka, Dante Taylor, Harmony Kautai, Ariel Henderson-Ereatara, Max Taiapa-Powell

Front row: Phimwaree Toanchalee, Ranche Honotapu, Briah McGrail-Timms, Lena Ormsby, Shayleah Pritchard

Basketball Senior Girls

Back row: Ms L Bartlett, Jemma Green, Raegan Robinson, Kahurangi Stevens, Boston Wynyard, Max Taiapa-Powell, Mrs A Price Front row: Kerinza Benjamin, Cherish Maui, Tia Ward, Michelle Sikupa, Briah McGrail-Timms


CANOE POLO REGIONALS Twenty-four games played for twenty wins and four loses. What an awesome build up leading into Nationals at the Canoe Polo Regional’s held at “Back Paddocks” Waipukurau. Throughout the day it was total team commitment, communication and outstanding effort by all Karamu players, coaches, managers and supporters. Below are the amazing individual team results. Senior Girls Beat HNTH 4-2 Beat Sac H. 9-0 Beat NGHS One. 4-2 Lost to Tara HS. 2-3 Beat HNTH. 5-2 Lost to Tara HS. 3-6 (Final) Silver Medalists Senior Boys Beat HNTH. 4-1 Beat NBHS One. 2-1 Beat HBHS Akina. 4-3 Lost to St.J. 3-4 Beat NBHS.B. 7-2 Beat HBHS Akina. 4-3 Lost to St.J. 2-7 (Final)..Silver Medalists. Junior Girls Beat HNTH. 5-3 Beat NGHS.A. 5-3 Beat Tara.blue. 4-2 Beat Tara. yellow. 11-0 Beat Tara HS. 5-2 (FINAL) GOLD MEDAL WINNERS. Junior Boys Beat Tara.blue. 6-3 Beat NBHS.B. 10-0 Beat HBHS. 8-3 Beat Tara. yellow. 9-2 Beat HNTH. 4-3 Golden Goal Beat St.J. 6-5 Golden Goal (FINAL) GOLD MEDAL WINNERS.

NATIONALS This year’s National tournament has to be one of the toughest Nationals to date. The scores tell the truth with onepoint wins and losses, draws and golden goal crossovers and finals. However, Karamu performed to the best of their abilities both on and off the water throughout the weekend. Thanks must be given to the many whanau supporters, volunteers, helpers and the coaching and managing staff for the time and effort put into all the teams. Karamu can also be proud of the way the students conducted themselves and went above and beyond being Proudly Karamu, Proudly Hastings. Special mention to senior players Hannah Hunt and Andre Carter on their selections in the tournament teams. All the players are looking forward to a well earnt break over the next few weeks. Senior girls overall placed 5th and senior boys overall placed 3rd. Congratulations to all that gained Hawke’s Bay and Eastern honours this year and special mention to six students who went on to represent New Zealand at the Oceania Canoe Polo Championships in Penrith, Sydney. Hawke’s Bay Reps B1 Girls: Hannah Hunt and Hayley Austin. B2 Girls: Renee Saunders, Megan Godwin, Tiana Edwards and Maddie Hughes. B3 Girls: Amy Godwin, Lexi Trotter, Sierra Poppelwell and Courtney Walker. A2 Boys: Andre Carter B1 Boys: Adam Brookes and Issac Hinton. B2 Boys: Michael Garland, Elijah Casson and Ethan Poopelwell. B3 Boys: LJ Henderson and Jacob Reeve. C1 Boys: Bryn Nelson, Jack Brookes and Quinn Trotter C2 Boys: Sam Williams. Eastern Reps SENIOR WOMEN: Hannah Hunt U21 MEN: Andre Carter U21 WOMEN: Tiana Edwards and Hayley Austin U18 WOMEN: Megan Godwin and Renee Saunders U18 MEN: Andre Carter (VC), Adam Brookes and Ethan Popplewell New Zealand Reps Hannah Hunt and Andre Carter (New Zealand Secondary Schools Rep). Women’s U18A: Hannah Hunt, Hayley Austin. Women’s U18B: Renee Saunders (Captain), Megan Godwin. Men’s U18A: Andre Carter Men’s U18B: Adam Brookes Lastly, a HUGE thank you to all the coaches and managers for all your hard work throughout the year. Have a great break, and a happy and safe Christmas/New Year. We look forward to catching up with you all in 2020.


Canoe Polo Nationals

Back row: Jack Brookes, Adam Brookes, Sierra Poppelwell, James Dillon, Jacob Reeve, Renee Saunders, Bella Casson, Hannah Hunt

Middle row: Mr T Blake, Bryn Nelson, Jack Arcus, Sam Williams, Elijah Casson, Ethan Poppelwell, Andre Carter, LJ Henderson-Ereatara, Michael Garland, Isaac Hinton, Miss A Blake Front row: Callum Teddy, Hayley Austin, Amy Godwin, Lexi Trotter, Maddison Hughes, Megan Godwin,Tiana Edwards, Ariel Henderson-Ereatara, Courtney Walker Absent: Blaise Coulbeck, Harmony Kautai Canoe Polo Winter League

Fourth row: Thomas Haszard, Thomas Bush, Isaac Hinton, John Rose-Smissen, Michael Garland, Bryn Nelson, Jack Arcus, Ashleigh Cooper, Jack Brookes Third row: Callum Teddy, Megan Orr, Sierra Poppelwell, James Dillon, Renee Saunders, Nicholas Evans, Bella Casson, Hannah Hunt, Adam Brookes Second row: Flynn Mercer, LJ Henderson-Ereatara, Cameron Orr, Andre Carter, Jacob Reeve, Ethan Poppelwell, Elijah Casson, Sam Williams, Brock Coulbeck, Miss A Blake First row: Shona Jenkinson, Amy Godwin, Tiana Edwards, Maddison Hughes, Quinn O’Gorman, Hunter Topham-MacKenzie, Megan Godwin, Courtney Walker, Hayley Austin Absent: Blaise Coulbeck


CHESS Congratulations to our 2019 Karamu chess champions: Ben Randle (Senior Champion) and Anaru Wairau (Junior Champion). This year we attended the Hawke’s Bay Secondary School’s Chess Championships with a dozen students, making Karamu High School very well represented. Our stand-out performers were Dane Skogstadt and Ben Randle, who placed third and fourth respectively in the open category. Ruby Faulkner and Dylan Head were also strong performers within their age groups. All in all, there is good strength coming through within the team and we are optimistic about the development of this team in the future.

Back row: Callum Davison, John Rose-Smissen, Henry Wiggins-Crowe, Jacob Player, Ben Randle, Anaru Wairau, Mr C Thompson Front row: Kendra Coombe, Nicholas Evans, William Wepa-Hazel, Kade Lindsay, Caroline Glen, Dylan Head, Frasier Willan



2019 has been a year of triumph and trial for the clay target team. The team of Daniel Stuart, Cameron Spargo, Oliver Wiggins-Crowe, Max Crossan and Jesse Kereru started well with a win at Taupo in the Murray Luke Memorial competition. 200 secondary school competitors had arrived at Taupo for this prestigious trophy shoot. They followed this up with a win in round two of the Central & Lower North Island Series. The series involves over 60 secondary school competitors from Gisborne across to Taranaki and down to Wellington. Cameron Spargo had to miss one event while qualifying for the NZ Junior Universal Trench Team who will compete in Australia next year. Our congratulations to Cameron on this outstanding result. Cameron was second in the skeet for the series and was a member of the HB Clay Target team along with Mr Field which won the Gunn Cup, a regional interclub competition. Henry Wiggins-Crowe, younger brother to Oliver, stepped up to the main team to replace Cameron and performed solidly. Occasionally, Lakiya Neill shot for the main team with very credible results. The next trial for us came in the form of a rugby injury to Daniel Stuart. This put him out of action for the rest of the series and the National Championships. This meant that Daniel, the current North Island Single Rise champion, could not defend his title. Henry became a permanent member of the team. The remainder of the team still managed to gain second place over the whole series, beating strong teams from Palmerston North Boys’ High, Napier Boys High and Rathkeale. The outstanding shooter of this series was Oliver. For the second year running, he was the High Gun of the whole series, winning the McCormick cup. He also won the Dean Family cup in Point Score and the McLanachan Family cup in Single Barrel also for the second year running.

Another trial for the team was to hit just as we arrived in Hamilton for the Nationals in the form of a phone call from Oliver’s dad. Oliver was bed ridden, poleaxed by a virus and unable to get to Hamilton. His brother, Henry, was marooned in Hastings. The remaining three team members would have to battle on with hopes of a competitive team score a distant memory. Cameron, however, responded in the most positive way, going on to become the NZ Champion in Point Score and 2nd in Single Rise. He was selected for the HB regional team which won the NZ Fish & Game trophy, and the North Island team which won the interisland challenge. Cameron had the top score of the two teams. He followed this with a 4th place in the NZ skeet competition. This has been an outstanding year for Cameron who will join the other members of the Junior NZ Universal Trap team in Australia next year. Cameron is the 4th Karamu shooter to represent NZ along with Kirsten Birrell, James Fulford and Mitchel Davis. This team has been together for four years and formed strong bonds within the parents group who supported their sons with fundraising, transport and encouragement. Next year will see a rebuilding with the development squad of Henry WigginsCrowe, Alex Corbishley, Lakiya Neill, Sophie Maddox, Kaleb Bardell and Seb Theobald moving into full competition. Mr. Nigel Field Clay Target Shooting Back row: Max Crossan, Cameron Spargo, Daniel Stuart, Oliver Wiggins-Crowe, Mr N Field Front row: Lakiya Neill, Alex Corbishly, Seb Theobald, Jesse Kereru, Kaleb Bardell, Henry Wiggins-Crowe


CRICKET Junior Cricket

Back row: Mr D Taylor, James Dillon, Robert Sayer, Tyler Howie, Flynn Mercer, Bryn Nelson, Ruby Faulkner, Mr M Leitch

Front row: Jordyn Nicholson, Hunter Topham-MacKenzie, Blake Setford, Jack Haycock, Joshua Anderson, Samuel Talagi, Caitlin Allan

There was a lot of Cricket played in 2019 for Karamu High School. This year was to be the last for Mr Taylor Who has been a valuable asset to Karamu High School Cricket for a number of years. The Karamu Ist XI Cricket team were i invited to participate in a Hawkes Bay Co-ed Cricket tournament in Hastings The following players were involved - Zac Burlace, Flynn Mercer, Jacob Reeve, Tyler Boyes, Tyler Howie, Ryan Hannam, Bryn Nelson, Molly Fothergill, Blake Setford, Sam Talagi, Isaac Hinton, Sam Somerville-Ryan. They had a successful day with a number of players having personal success. This was followed up with the annual cricket exchange v Feilding High School on the 19th of March. We had 22 students involved in the exchange with 2 teams playing. Unfortunately both teams lost their matches but there were some good individual performances. Ist XI game - Feilding 166 Karamu 118

Zac Burlace 5 wickets (5-18)

Isaac Hinton 57, Flynn Mercer 43

A big thanks to Mr. Leitch, Mr Mallory and Mr. Taylor for their support in 2019


ORIENTEERING Orienteering is very strong in Hawke’s Bay and Karamu orienteers have had a busy year competing in regular club events as well as Hawke’s Bay and National interschool Championships. Starting in February, many students came along to try out orienteering in the local club summer sprint series which led up to the Hawke’s Bay Schools Sprint Championships in March. This event was held on a lovely Wednesday evening at Pakowhai Park, with 10 students running for Karamu. Our best results were Pierson Clement who was 8th in Intermediate Boys and Hamish Wood, 6th in Year 9 Boys. In May the HB Schools Individual Championships were held on the very wet, rolling farmland of Craggy Range with podium finishers being Caroline Glen (1st in Senior Girls Novice) and Cameron Orr (3rd in Intermediate Boys Standard). In the HB School Relay Champs at Arborfield, our Intermediate Boys team of Cameron, Pierson and Rory McKay were 6th. Hawke’s Bay hosted the NISS Champs in the July holidays and Rory, Cameron and Pierson competed in both the Sprint Championships at Te Aute College and the Individual Championships on the Hautope map. Such a big event is great experience for these orienteers and well done to Pierson with strong results in the Intermediate Boy’s Championship grade over both events. Pierson was our only representative at the NZSS Orienteering Championships hosted by Auckland’s North West Club in August. Again he ran well in very strong fields for mid-field finishes in both the IB sprint and long distance Championship events. A big thank-you to all students who have come along to club events and especially to those who have represented Karamu at the interschool events and, of course, the wonderful parents who have supported them.


Back row: Keelan Heesterman, Cameron Orr, Caroline Glen, Mrs F McDonald

Front row: Rana Cetinturk, Rory McKay, Pierson Clement, Brooke Wilson, Hamish Wood


CROSS COUNTRY Terms Two and Three are when interschool cross country events are held and, as usual, we had a group of keen Karamu students competing. In May we had two teams of four competing in the East Coast North Island Cross Country Relays run at Anderson Park, Havelock North. Our Junior Boys team was 6th and our Senior Boys team was 9th, with the best run of the day from Year 13 Ben Randle. Hamish Wood (Year 9) and Pierson Clement (Senior Boys) both travelled to Gisborne for the ECNI Cross Country Champs, and both had strong performances with a 15th and 21st placing respectively. The ECNI Road Race was held at Frimley Park in late August and our team of five all ran strongly with the best results on the day by Ruby Brett (5th in Senior Girls) and Hamish Wood (10th in Year 9 Boys). The road race was Ruby’s last cross country race for the school and we have been fortunate to have such a talented runner at Karamu. Ruby was Karamu’s first winner of an ECNI Road Race title when she won the Junior Girls event in 2016. This year injury has not allowed her to perform distance events at the level she has in the past, however, she is still a competitive runner and I thank her for her contribution to Karamu Cross Country.


Cross Country

Back row: Cameron Orr, Joel Tawera, Ben Randle, Mrs F McDonald

Front row: Rory McKay, Hamish McKay, Pierson Clement, Hamish Wood

Absent: Ruby Brett, James Dillon

CYCLING The Hawke’s Bay Secondary Cycling Championships were held on Sunday 30 June. Jack Gilchrist was 3rd in the U17 boys road race. Aimee Shaw was 1st in the girls U20 road race. Aimee is also competed in the North Island Secondary Road Race championships in Cambridge, competing in the U20 criterion and the road race. Aimee has been included in the Cycling New Zealand Development Squad. From this, a team will be selected to compete in the Elite Women’s Dynamo Series. This is a series of races that are held around the North Island.


Back row: Mr M Jamieson

Front row: Aimee Shaw, Jack Gilchrist



Since year 10, I’ve had some amazing experiences through Duke of Edinburgh Hillary award, with this year being no exception. All the hard work was really put to the test in Year 12 and this year, Year 13, whilst completing my Gold award. This included a year’s worth (52 hours) each of learning a skill (gaining my speech diploma), participating in a sport, (being part of the AUT path to podium gym programme), and completing some sort of service (volunteering at the Hawke’s Bay hospital). This programme has taught me the value of hard work like no other experience, and how not everything has an immediate pay off, but rather something you must work towards. The hard work was definitely made valuable by the adventurous journeys I’ve been able to participate in. Over the years these have included Sunrise Hut, Te Puia Springs (including the hot springs), Lake Waikaremoana, and kayaking through the Marlborough sounds. The connections and memories made on these trips are incomparable, and I’m so thankful to Mrs Van Rijk, Mr Wright and the other support staff who came on these trips that have made them possible.


Lucy McKay

The Marlborough sounds offers some of the most beautiful scenery in this country, with secluded coves, picturesque waters and an array of wildlife unparalleled to anywhere else I’ve been; this was the perfect destination for the 2019 DOE-Silver Trip. After an evening drive to Wellington we boarded the late-night ferry and attempted to get some sleep before tackling the sounds in the morning. This was made difficult by the droning of the ferry engine at a convenient 2am so, with bags the size of oranges under our eyes, we departed for the Kayak base at around 6am. After the briefings we were ready to head out onto the water; embarking at around 10am, we set off southward into the sounds along the west side, in order to avoid the wind (in theory). The weather did what it does best and changed – presenting us with a headwind that was responsible for the painful journey that ensued. With aching muscles, wet bums and a mission, we trucked forward, very conscious of how important it was to look after one another. The wind got to the point where if we stopped paddling, even for a mere 30 seconds, we floated backwards. The situation forced us to transform our frustrations into encouragement in order to rally our friends and co-kayakers on. Eventually, we made it to the point we were aiming for, crossed the sound (another challenge in and of itself) and relished in the calmer waters of Mistletoe Bay. The second day provided far better weather, which lifted our spirits. We could enjoy the environment more and take time to soak up the views. By then we were really getting the hang of things, our muscles adjusted to paddling. We were greeted by more great weather at Davies Bay, and arrived there earlier in the day, allowing for a scenic walk up to a lookout over the sounds. As we were crossing the sounds to head back home on the third day, Mr Wright with his attuned outdoor eyes spotted a pod of dolphins making their way past. We didn’t get too close but this was a first-time experience for many of us. The saturation of wildlife in the sounds was spectacular. Ultimately, this trip was a challenging one. It required perseverance, teamwork and an almost invincible work ethic. Every single one of us developed as a person, especially in the humility that comes with doing everything as a team – no one rushed ahead, everyone had a turn navigating and group decisions were ‘majority-rules’. It took discipline and will power to accomplish what we did, and thus the reward was sweeter. This trip was a wholesome experience, and one that I will cherish for a very long time!


Keelan Heesterman

This year I was fortunate enough to go on the Bronze trip for the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary award. Friday afternoon we travelled via the school vans to Sunrise Hut carpark. With our bags over packed with stuff we would later discover we didn’t need, we walked to the hut at the base of the Ruahine range. As night fell, we set up our tents and began to cook our dinner. The wind whistled violently through the trees, as one by one we dozed off. In the morning we packed our gear into our packs and prepared for the hill that stood before us. We began to climb Sunrise Hut. Stopping every now and then to learn about the forest around us, the hours ticked by. Due to some problems (or “lemons” as Miss Van Rijk called them), we didn’t have time to reach the top, as we needed to be back at school by 3pm. We found a place to stop and learnt what to do if a bad lemon occurred. After a few practices of people pretending to get injured and us caring for them, we started our descent. The rest of the walk was mostly downhill, so we reached the bottom quickly. Excited to get the heavy packs off our shoulders, we jumped into the vans and headed back to school. I learnt some very valuable lessons throughout that trip and the whole Duke of Edinburgh Hillary experience. One section requires you to do at least 13 hours of volunteer work. I wasn’t doing anything before DoEH, but having this opportunity taught me a valuable lesson. You must work hard to get something you want, and you must keep your mind focused on the end goal. If I want to finish the award (Bronze, Silver and Gold), I will do at least 91 hours of volunteer work. That’s a lot of work, but I feel like it’s a good experience that will make me a better person. But at the end of it, I can say that I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary award. I did 91 hours of volunteer work; I can feel good about myself. This award has shown me that you’ve got to put in the hard work before you can get the reward.


Jack Arcus

Duke of Edinburgh

Fifth row: Milly Neighbours, Esta Chaplin, Maia Bassett, Caroline Glen, Blake Manson, Kade Lindsay, Hayley Smith, Abigail Kilkolly, Dante Taylor, Hannah Bursnall Fourth row: Molly Jensen, Tiana Edwards, Cole Potts-Tyro, Rory McKay, Jack Brookes, Amelia Brougham, James Dillon, Gabriel Barlow, Tia Tahau, Romona Wainohu, Sophie Jones, Lena Ormsby

Third row: Mr J Wright, Thomas Bush, Alyssa Apatu, Braden Cooper, Jack Arcus, Robbie Sayer, Keelan Heesterman, Henry Wiggins-Crowe, Grace Sayer, Corbin Lee, Lucy McKay, Mrs K van Rijk Second row: Phimwaree Toanchalee, Joe Gilmour, Nikita Steffert, Brianna Connor, Sammi Eaglestone, Brooke Hemmings, Amy Godwin, Alice Liu, Gemma Cox, Ellie Panton First row:

Kelly Littlechild, Jennifer Boyd, Sasha Sharma





FOOTBALL Girls’ Football Girls’ football this year for Karamu has been an absolute rollercoaster with some of the most exciting football we’ve played within the past five years. This year our XI walked into our season with new goals and new attitudes towards what our team was capable of achieving. We went into our season with the goal of top three and, although we ended up 4th on the table we definitely gave the complacent top three a much needed run for their money. Top four on the table is the highest us girls have been on the division 1 table in many years, and the girls were still proud to compete at such a high level. This league excitement was just the beginning of what our team would go on to achieve. Tournament week in Wellington became the dream run that no one expected. We started our first day off with two 4-0 wins and then we went on to have a loss and a draw. We were in the ‘pool of death’ as our coach Mr Rafferty would put it, and by our final pool game, the only thing between us and the top of the table was our local rival, Woodford. Our team managed to walk away with a 1-0 win and a new outlook on what we could achieve. This winning streak continued as we faced off Wanganui Collegiate on Thursday with a 4-1 win. The hustle wasn’t over yet for us girls and that afternoon we were really put to the test when our semi-finals were against Havelock North High, a team we haven’t won against in the past five years, but by this point, our team had forgotten the losses that we faced at home and we were ready to keep doing the unthinkable. The girls walked away from this game with another 4-1 win. I will never forget that moment when the final whistle blew and we did what no other Hawke’s Bay team had done. Made it to the finals. In finals, we faced an outstanding


Hutt Valley High side and we walked away with Silver. I would say that it’s a disappointing end to an incredible week but that’s not true, regardless of that final result, our girls played incredible football and challenged everything anyone had ever thought about Karamu football. I am so proud to have been able to captain this side, and the memory and feeling of walking out onto the pitch on that warm Friday morning continues to put a smile on my face. I was always told if you believe less, less is what you undoubtedly deserve, but this team never stopped believing. I can’t speak about this memorable season without acknowledging the time, effort, and support our coach Mr Rafferty (Raffers) put into our team and I know each of us girls are so grateful that he chose to coach us. Also a special thanks to Mrs Christian for being the camp mum that everyone needs and tournament would’ve have run as smoothly without your brilliant organization skills. #UPTHEMU Abigail Kilkolly

Football Boys Junior A

Back row: Samuel Somerville-Ryan, Bryn Nelson, Connor McAneney, Jared Anderson, Cory Sullivan, Chase Baker

Front row: Amos James, Callum Teddy, Hunter Topham-MacKenzie, Cameron Browning, Brayden Stok, Bronson Mansell, Oscar Wilkinson Absent: Ethan Lovie

Football Junior B

Back row: Jack Brookes, Rory McKay, Declan Jeffers, Luke Stewart, Royden Hoggett, Mr N Haszard

Middle row: Connor Carmichael, Tyler Heesterman, Robert Sayer, Thomas Haszard, Leo Hill, William Wepa-Hazel

Front row: Joe Gilmour, Curtis McConaghty, Quinn O’Gorman, Blake Setford, Taylor Cooper, Bodie Scott

Football Boys 1st XI

Back row: Braden Cooper, Samuel Ramsay, Dylan Dempsey, Logan Seymour, Zac Burlace, Sam Williams, Flynn Mercer, Mr P Thorburn

Front row: Hamish Thorburn, Logan Mason, Corbin Lee, Michael Garland, Ben Randle, Bradley Hughes, James Dillon, Benjamin Ward Absent: Mr D Jones, Jack Burns, Vinnie Harrison, Kory Morgan, Jacob Reeve, Xavier Te Tonga


Football Girls Junior

Back row: Katie Law, Ava Herrington, Megan Orr, Jorja Wigzell, Charlotte Orr, Crysire-Jade Kaimoana, Jade Hemmings, Mr T Willis

Front row: Keisha Eagan, Cora Davison, Rangimarie Brown, Scarlett Stephens, Maggie McCallum, Ella Burbury, Michelle Sikupa, Amy Rose Costello Absent: Miss S Cornelius

Football Girls 1st XI

Back row: Emma Jarvis, Abigail McEvoy, Abigail Kilkolly, Lucy McKay, Tia Tahau, Mr C Rafferty Front row: Alys Jeffries, Jordyn Nicholson, Ellie Panton, Ruby Schmidt, Maddison Hughes, Tiana Edwards, Hayley Austin Absent: Kate Browning, Emily Eldridge

Football Girls 2nd XI

Back row: Sophie Brookes, Amelia Hunt, Paige Flashoff, Amber Flashoff, Amber Bisley, Mr J Kite Front row: Kayla Anderson, Emily Brookes, Milly Scott, Rachel Hunt, McKenzie Harding, Caitlyn Lenz


KAPA HAKA Ngā Manu O Te Rau Karamu, Koia HA!

( N g a t i

Kapa Haka 2019 saw a strong rōpū take the stage at Te Matau-a-Māui Regional kapa haka ahurei. The rōpū consisted of both senior and junior students. The skill and after-hours commitment of the group allowed our kaitātaki to shine, the vocalists to demonstrate their talent and everyone to haka to their full potential.


It was an awesome effort by everyone placing 5th overall, unfortunately nine points away from the National Secondary Competition. All members of Ngā Manu O Te Rau Karamu should be proud of their efforts. The group was such an inspiration that the 2020 bracket is already underway.


Sports and




Green(Ngati Kahungunu) Cultural

Leader for their extra commitment with all the organisation

and leadership in the background for this year’s kapa haka A big mihi to Koka Sharlena Maui and Koka Pikihoro Stewart

for putting in all their time and effort to compose waiata and haka for the rōpū to perform.

Special mihi to two of the school leaders, Te Waiarani Randell

Ngā Manu o Te Rau Karamū Kapa Haka Rōpu

Back row: Myrakyll Keelan-Heke, Ashanti Wallace, Bridie-Rose Bradley, Calais Byrne, Scarlett Bradley, Cherish Maui

Middle row: Miss P Stewart (Kaitataki Tane), Jakob Matthews, Xavier Te Tonga, Miss S Maui Front row: Teina Kihirini, Ezra-Jade Tomoana, Georgia MacGregor, Jemma Green, Kerinza Benjamin, Romona Wainohu, Kaiya AndersonMaui Absent: Te Waiarani Randell (Kaitataki Wahine), Paia Williams, Kavarn Kerisiano, Timira Ahmed, Katelyn Church, Karlee Church, Cheydon Mulligan-Johnstone


HOCKEY In 2019 Karamu High School fielded three Hockey teams. The Girl’s 1st XI were fortunate to have expertise of Deborah Parkinson as coach. Deborah and her daughter Jerree Waerea were generous with their time, taking the trainings early on Tuesday mornings. With a large number of junior players joining, the growth and development as a team throughout the season was fantastic. They finished the season placing 3rd in Division 2. As a young team, this is an achievement to be proud of and the future is looking bright for this team. The Boys 1st XI were also lucky to have the expertise of an outside coach, Ben Taylor, a former student of the school, and his father, Iain Taylor, umpired. The boys who are a young side developed well over the season. It was great to see a large contingent of parents on the sidelines supporting their sons week after week. The 2nd XI Girls team was a young side that grew together as a team over the season. Early morning practices in the cold and a new goalie every game allowed lots of opportunities to play different positions and become familiar with the game. Despite big early loses, the goal differential lessened as the season wore on and we started being competitive towards the end of the season in which the loses turned to wins. They were able to walk away with a sense of achievement.


Hockey Boys 1st XI

Back row: Mrs T Taylor, Oliver Christieson, Robbie Sayer, Cameron Orr, Elijah Casson, Andre Carter, Samuel Ramsay, Mr B Taylor

Front row: Blake Setford, Jack Brookes, Pierson Clement, Sam Williams, Adam Brookes, Josh Stephens, Joe Gilmour Absent: Kory Morgan

Hockey Girls 1st XI

Back row: Exzodia Cashmore, Cassy Lemon, Aimee Shaw, Jordyn Fitness, Pashence Schneider-Aranui, Brooke Foster, Ms A Whitlow Front row: Grace Farrand-Hill, Rana Cetinturk, Caitlin Allan, Shana Curtin, Rebekah Metelerkamp, Sophie Maddox, Victoria Hurndell Absent: Amy Bagley

Hockey Girls 2nd XI

Back row: Mr K May, Jade Hemmings, Bridie-Rose Bradley, Esta Chaplin, Scarlett Bradley, Elli Weber, Mrs K Christian Front row: Kelly Littlechild, Paige Tregonning, Kaytlin Smith-Street, Jolie McLean, Jess Webb, Cody Wilson




Futsal Girls U16

Back row: Sienna Jones, Paige Flashoff, Emily Eldridge, Sophie Brookes

Front row: Jordyn Nicholson, Emily Brookes, Maddison Hughes, Ellie Panton

Futsal Girls U19

Back row: Abigail Kilkolly, Emily Eldridge

Front row: Lian Hontalba, Maddison Hughes, Ellie Panton

Futsal Boys U16

Back row: Kory Morgan, Jacob Reeve, Flynn Mercer (Coach), Sam Williams, Corbyn Lee Front row: Amos James, Brayden Stok, Cameron Browning, Bronson Mansell, William Wepa-Hazel


KI O RAHI He mihi manahau ki ngā manu hakahaka, ngā manawa titi o te Tākaro me te hoea nei I te waka eke noa. Whaia te iti Kahurangi, ururoatia, he toa takitini. It was an outstanding Ki o Rahi season for our Karamu teams. In Hawke’s Bay/ Ngāti Kahungunu Regional Competition we were able to field two teams with a mixture of both junior and senior students. This year Karamu worked very hard at our regional qualifying competition and were fortunate enough to make the top three to represent Hawke’s Bay/ Kahungunu at the Ki o Rahi National Competition. The Ki o Rahi National Competition heralds the top three teams in 12 regions from Aotearoa. The caliber was extremely high. This year our Karamu team made it to the top tier, which is the championship pool, the top eight schools vying for first place, a position we had always narrowly missed out on. In the end, out of 36 schools we placed 6th overall. Although it was not 1st we were very pleased with the result. Congratulations to Raegan Robinson for making the New Zealand Secondary Māori Secondary Team for the second time.

Ki o Rahi Tournament Team

Back row: Ms S Gunn, Mr E Martin, Jakob Matthews, Cruiz Tangen-Wainohu, Connor McAneney, Raegan Robinson, Harmony Kautai, Mr J Matthews, Mrs R Ryder, Miss S Maui Front row: Innika Hapuku-Lambert, Riley Walton-Sexton, Harris Robinson, Aaliyah Tangen-Wainohu, Jemma Green, Cherish Maui, Alexander Rabanal, Brianna Sunley


Absent: Scarlett Bradley, Steven Fungsoongnern, April Kihirini, Dazzler Mulligan-Johnstone, Nastashia Ngawhika, Te Waiarani Randell, TK Smith, Cortez Te Pou, Xavier Te Tonga

SOFTBALL It is best to start with a person who has been supporting our students to do their best. We had the pleasure of James Ngawhika Winning the the Bill Elers Memorial Cup this year. James has supported softball at Karamu High School for the past 4 years. Prior to this he has been heavily involved with coaching and supporting club softball in our local community. James has been instrumental in the resurgence of softball at Karamu High School. He is a valued member of our sc hool community. I appreciate that James and his whanau give up their time on Saturday to support our teams. He has a wealth of practical knowledge, experience and expertise. He is a huge advocate for the teams, players and the softball administrator of Karamu High School. I believe he is a worthy recipient of the “Bill Elers Trophy”. He is passionate about the game of Softball and a very important part of the Hawkes Bay Softball Community. Some of our outstanding results for the season are as follows. U15 Division 2 CHAMPIONS 2019 and in the final its was Karamu High School vs Lindisfarne with the final score 18-2 The other Teams in this Division were Lindisfarne, CHB, Woodford House, HGHS/NGHS)

Softball Division One

Back row: Nastashia Ngawhika, Brock Coulbeck, Sam Williams, Cameron Orr, Mrs R Tiuka

Front row: Te Waiarani Randell, Jemma Green, Kory Morgan, April Kihirini, Pierson Clement Absent: Charm Sandilands, Katie Tapara, Calena Wilson

We were also the U15 Division 1 Runner Ups 2019 with the Final score

Final Score 2-8 to Fast Pitch. The other teams in this Division – NBHS, Saints, Fast Pitch, Dodgers)

We had many Softball High Achievers this year with Innika Hapuku-Lambert and Jasmine Ngawhika making the HBU15 Girls and the NZ Developing Sox Tour to Australia July 2019) Riley Tane Makin the HBU15 Boys and Cruz Hapuku the HBU13 Boys as well as the NZ ISA Tour to Australia U14 iun March

The following girls made the HBU18 Girls Jemma Green, Innika Hapuku-Lambert, Nastashia Ngawhika, Te Wai Randell and Charm Sandilands Brock Coulbeck also made the HBU18 Boys team.

Softball Division Two

Back row: Mr M Rolls, Ivan Hapuku-Te Nahu, Rieff Andersen, Braden Cooper, Henry Wiggins-Crowe, Thomas Haszard, Tiaho O’Brien, Mrs R Tiuka Front row: Kate Moore, Quinn O’Gorman, Jordan Connolly, Quinn Trotter, Anaru Wairau, Alex Horne, William Wepa-Hazel, Abad Miah Absent: Corey Sullivan, Kadence Wilson


MUSIC Karamu Chorus

Chamber Music

Back row: Braden Cooper, Mrs A Cooper

Front row: Alice Liu, Sara Renall, Sascha MacDonald, Kendra Coombe

Coro Notabile

Back row: Romona Wainhou, Riley Acraman, Luke Stewart, Cody Baker, Gabriel Barlow, Amber Flashoff, Krystal Mathews

Middle row: Jamie Hollway, Tobi Wells, Braden Cooper, Mackenzie Vercoe, Jack Arcus, Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins, Paige Flashoff, Rilee Prebensen, Mrs A Cooper Front row: Kendra Coombe, Jessica Shoemark, Emily Brookes, Sara Renall, Georgia Goodsell, Liam Hontalba


Absent: Van Acraman, Lily Burns, Jaimee Gregory, Emma Norman, Kali Park

Flute Choir

Back row: Romona Wainohu, Mrs A Cooper, Grace Sayer

Front row: Tamsyn Mercer, Megan Harvey, Katrina Marks, Shona Jenkinson, Alice Liu Absent: Lily Andrews

Karamu Chorus

Back row: Sascha MacDonald, Riley Acraman, Krystal Mathews, Cody Baker, Jessica Shoemark, Amber Flashoff, Luke Stewart, Romona Wainohu

Middle row: Esta Chaplin, Tobi Wells, Braden Cooper, Mackenzie Vercoe, Jack Arcus, Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins, Paige Flashoff, Jamie Hollway, Mrs A Cooper Front row: Kendra Coombe, Lian Hontalba, Rilee Prebensen, Sara Renall, Jodi Coombs, Georgia Goodsell,


Back row: Katrina Marks, Grace Sayer, Tobi Wells, Braden Cooper, Ethin Templeton, Megan Harvey, Romona Wainohu, Mrs A Cooper Front row: Kendra Coombe, Alice Liu, Sascha MacDonald, Shona Jenkinson, Sara Renall, Tamsyn Mercer, Emma Renall

Rock Bands

Back row: Christopher Harbord, Keelan Heesterman, Robert Sayer, Jack Arcus, Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins, Mrs A Cooper Front row: Azalea Kelly-Tyler, Darian Culver, Lian Hontalba, Jonathan Harbord, Ana Robertshaw Absent: Shakoa Puketapu, Shae McKenzie


NETBALL The 2019 Karamu High School netball season has yet again been successful. This year we had nine teams, of which eight played in the Saturday competition and one in the super 12 competition, which played on Tuesdays. For Karamu A, we started off strong making it to the top six in the first round but played against much more experienced and developed teams and we were then put into the middle grade and finished placing 8th. This year we finished two placings lower than our previous year. We were extremely happy to have three juniors in the team so we could develop their skills for future years to come. This team put in the hard work and persevered, not only physically and mentally on the netball court, but in trainings also. The Karamu A team has so much potential and we hope that in future years the team does not only maintain their position in the Super 12 competition but improves it’s placing. The Karamu senior B team (Tasman), had a very challenging season, placing 4th in the Saturday competition. Cook took out 1st place in their Saturday grade, which is a huge achievement. They also travelled to Palmerston North for the Mike Pero Manawatu Junior School Tournament where they faced some hard teams but, despite that, still managed to come out with 2nd place - very impressive. A huge thank you to all the coaches and managers this year. We couldn’t have done it without your hard work and commitment to our teams. Thank you for all the extra hours you put in to help improve our players’ skills and fortitude to better their best. A huge thank you to all the parents that come down in all weather conditions to be our sideline support. We really appreciate it and netball would not have been possible without your help To all our players: well done on the challenging season. You were all amazing and should be proud of yourselves! Keep up all the hard work and trainings and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s trials. -Timara Stevens-Lett (Karamu A player) 2019


Netball Senior A

Left to right: Mrs T Crawford (Manager), Briah McGrail-Timms, Dakota Simpson, Timara StevensLett, Cherish Kotuhi,

Boston Wynyard (Captain), Emma Varcoe, Raegan Robinson, Te Raumati Te Aho-Chapple,

Harmony Kautai, Hannah Hunt, Hannah Hibbert, Miss J Primmer (Coach)

Netball Tasman

Back row: Ms T Peters, Thea Morton, Lyrik Hepi, Mrs D Thomas

Front row: Shadae Stevens, Tegan McGhie, Cherish Maui, Aaliah Flanders-Newton

Absent: Bree Gibson, Brooklyn Kennedy, Te Waiarani Randell, Nastashia Ngawhika, Ereina Tonihi

Netball Erin

Back row: Cypress Miller-Rapaea, Briar McKinley, Abigail Kilkolly Front row: Gabriella Hanaray, Amelia Hunt, Rhiannon Wooster, Calena Wilson, Karsha Radonich

Netball Wharite

Back row: Jade Edmonds (Coach), Aria Remihana, Rylee Fraser, Bridie-Rose Bradley, Cherish Maui (Coach) Front row: Gemma Cox, Alicia Anasapi, Xiah-Lee Collier, Lena Ormsby, Shontae Kelly


Netball Hikurangi

Back row: Shantalia Dunn, Samantha Makris, TamaraLee Richards, Mrs L Richards

Front row: Milly Scott, Meg Lindsay, Sophie Jones, Tiana Edwards, Romy Luxford

Netball Ruapehu

Back row: Salati Vili, Rhiannon Groen, Kyra Byers Front row: Kaitlyn Cornelissen, Reiley Bartlett, Maia Bassett, Holand Marsh, June Sheardown Absent: Mrs Bassett

Netball Tauhara

Back row: Shadae Stevens (Coach), Emma Hope, Simi Noa-Thompson, Kavarn Moka, Priscillaroze Kiwara, Ms T Peters

Front row: Xzayvia Stevens, Exzodia Cashmore, Grace Spooner, Ahorangi Gibson, Tessa Hollway, Litisha Eru-Kennedy

Netball Kahuranaki

Back row: Briar McKinley (Coach), Lilah Pruckmuller-Brown, Alyssa Apatu, Chante-Sophia Toko-Dyer,

Rhiannon Wooster (Coach)

Front row: Kadence Wilson, Katelyn Beck, Kate Weaver, Jordyn Nicholson, Milly Neighbours, Sienna Jones, Ashanti Wallace


Netball Cook

Back row: Keighan HikawaiMcIntyre, Harris Robinson, Dante Taylor, Miss A Blake

Front row: Caitlin Allan, Skyela Morrell, Innika Hapuku-Lambert, EzraJade Tomoana, Hera Paikea

Netball Taranaki

Back row: Aaliah Flanders-Newton (Coach), Taryn Derbidge, Calais Hapuku-Lucas, Paige Horn, Samantha Makris (Coach)

Front row: Kaiya Anderson-Maui, Zirron Worthington, Unique Williams, Ella Willacy-Kaka, Brianna Sunley

Netball Tutoko

Back row: Laura Walker, Maddison Alve, Sarah Purcell-Rogers Front row: Georgia Perry, Holly Alve, Hannah McKinley, Erena Clarke-Boyle, Ashlee Oliver Absent: Mrs McKinley

Netball Aspiring

Back row: Jodi Coombs, Grace Sayer, Bella Casson, Emma Bush Front row: Evangelina Pritchard, Greer Lane, Leah Boyd, Brianna Connor, Michelle Sikupa Absent: Grace Mentzer (Coach)


STUDENT COUNCIL The student council is an initiative to help share ideas, interests and concerns around the school through the students across all year groups. Our council meetings are the place where we discuss the suggestions and decide on the best way to move forward. As Year 10 councillors we have created a suggestion box. The suggestion box has a home in the library where the students can write their issues or queries. This is an easy way for our peers to contact us and even write anonymously. Our emails are also available, and we are happy to chat in person. As students we think the council is a great way to communicate between the student body and school management. Sasha Sharma and Cody Baker


RUGBY Rugby 1st XV

Back row: Isaac Winterson, Flynn Mercer, Tyler Boyes, Riley Gough, Tadhg Stephens

Middle row: Mr S Sexton (Coach), Cruiz Tangen-Wainohu, Joel Tawera, Daniel Stuart, Ethan Poppelwell, Corbyn Te Whaiti, Zac du Plessis, Mr J Read (Assistant Coach/ Manager)

Front row: Karlin Painter-Dudley, Mahara Nathan-Pene, Riley Walton-Sexton (Vice Captain), Isaac Hinton (Captain), Treydon Chadwick-White, Olly Chilton, Zac Brooker

Rugby Girls

Back row: Mr T Blake, Dante Taylor, Shana Curtin, Katie Tapara, Raegan Robinson, Bridie-Rose Bradley, Miss S Maui

Front row: Briah McGrail-Timms, Ranche Honotapu, Olivia Thomas, Cherish Maui, Innika Hapuku-Lambert Absent: Molly Fothergill, Jemma Green, Harmony Kautai, Charm Sandilands, Te Waiarani Randell, Ereina Tonihi, Cortez Te Pou

Rugby Sevens Junior Girls

Back row: Maddison Hughes, Olivia Thomas, Dante Taylor, Harmony Kautai (Captain), Mr T Blake

Front row: Briah McGrail-Timms, Ranche Honotapu, Bryhdie Albert, Innika Hapuku-Lambert Absent: Poppy Fee, Reiley Bartlett, Keighan Hikawai-McIntyre, Harris Robinson


HB SCIENCE FAIR Hawke’s Bay Science Fair

Fourth row: Jessica Shoemark, Olivia Thomas, Nicholas Evans, Kade Lindsay, Esta Chaplin, Calais Bryne, Matthias Hansen, Cameron Trass

Third row: Brianna Sunley, Miriam Kupa, Emma Bush, Charlotte Orr, Megan Orr, Sophia Talagi, Chase Baker, Unique Williams, Maggie McCallum Second row: Conner Carmichael, Grace Sayer, Lachlan Costello, Matt Cuckow, Marcus Krekeler, Isaac Robertshaw, Keelan Heesterman, Paige Flashoff, Zachary Bibby, Ms S Gunn Front row: Bodie Scott, Maddison Munroe, Mikayla Morrell, Izabella Hanz, Lexi Trotter, Lena Ormsby, Emma Renall,Amie Chatterton, Jemma Moffitt

Hawke’s Bay Science Fair Competition

Back row: Hayley Smith, Anaru Wairau, Lachlan Costello, Jack Arcus, Dean Polak, Andrew Tong, Braden Cooper, Blake Manson, Ms S Gunn Front row: Samuel Rountree, Lexi Trotter, Cody Baker, Jamie Hollway, Jessica Shoemark, Paige Hunter, Riley Acraman, Kendra Coombe Absent: Journey Bell, James Karnback, Brooklyn Lenz


OUTWARD BOUND It was an absolute privilege to travel to Anakiwa and partake in the Outward Bound course with Corbyn Te Whaiti. We spent 21 days challenging ourselves mentally and physically and gained so much from it. From the stunning daily views and wild outdoor activities to the relationships we made with a bunch of new people, everything was thoroughly enjoyable. We spent our time tramping, sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, reflecting and more. Each activity taught something different to the last, and on behalf of everyone who participated I can say we all developed so much as individuals! Tiana Edwards (Ngāti Pahauwera, Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki, Ngāti Kahungunui)



Back row: Mrs A Cooper, Isaac Robertshaw, Keelan Heesterman, Mr M Rolls

Front row: Blake Manson, Jaidyn Russell, Michael Tapson, Jahnie Chatterton


Back row: Rana Cetinturk, Hamish MacKay, Rory McKay Front row: Emma Renall, Sara Renall, Emma Hope Absent: Javier Santander Narvaez, Samuel Somerville-Ryan




Back row: Shana Curtin, Cameron Orr, James Miles, Hamish MacKay, Ms S Gunn

Front row: Annabel Elmsly, Aimee Shaw, Ben Gouldsbrough, Jamie Hollway, Pierson Clement, Lachie MacGregor

Triathlon – Junior Mixed Team Back row: Ms S Gunn

Front row: Hamish MacKay, Annabel Elmsly, Lachie MacGregor


TOUCH RUGBY 2019 Touch Junior Girls

Back row: Miss S Cornelius, Keighan Hikawai-McIntyre, Harris Robinson, Dante Taylor, Mr T Blake

Front row: Innika HapukuLambert, Reiley Bartlett, Ranche Honotapu, Hera Paikea, Briah McGrail-Timms Absent: Harmony Kautai, Holand Marsh, Te Atawhai NiaNia

Touch Mixed

Back row: Miss S Cornelius, Aaliyah Tangen-Wainohu, Raegan Robinson, Steven Fungsoongnern, Cruiz TangenWainohu, Brock Coulbeck, Cortez Te Pou (Captain), Mr T Blake

Front row: Te Waiarani Randell, Reiley Bartlett, Riley Walton-Sexton, Zac Brooker, Ranche Honotapu, Briah McGrail-Timms

Absent: Harmony Kautai, Shana Curtin

Touch Senior Girls

Back row: Miss S Cornelius, Aaliyah Tangen-Wainohu, Harris Robinson, Cortez Te Pou (Captain), Raegan Robinson, Keighan Hikawai-McIntyre, Mr T Blake Front row: Te Waiarani Randell, Ranche Honotapu, Reiley Bartlett, April Kihirini, Briah McGrail-Timms, Innika Hapuku-Lambert

Absent: Harmony Kautai, Shana Curtin, Dante Taylor





Weights Club

Back row: Zach Hatton, Brydon Crossan, Henry Wiggins-Crowe, Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins, Hayden Hunt, Jahnie Chatterton

Middle row: Ben Randle, Oliver Wiggins-Crowe, Logan Seymour, Rhys Tamanui, Joel Tawera, George Christieson, Mr A Noble Front row: Dante Taylor, IIiya Sorkin, Josh Clifton, Thomas Bush, Joshua Savage, Lionel McGhie, Mia McLeish

Absent: Jacob Astridge, Jahrome Bryan, Jack Burns, Elijah Casson, Mason Clark, Mack Coady, Braden Cooper, Cameron Dryden, Steven Fungsoongnern, Ondre Hapuku-Te Nahu, Ranche Honotapu, Harmony Kautai, Matariki Lauder, Briah McGrail-Timms, Cameron Orr, Joseph Roberts, Jason Robin, Uzmine Alam, Keerat Singh, Dane Skogstad, CJ Solomona, Mack Stevens, Lars Stevenson, Cruiz Tangen-Wainohu, Xavier Te Tonga, Jacob Tollison, Tyrin Walker, Riley Walton-Sexton, Alex Weaver, Jackson Yang


Volleyball Year 13 Mixed

Back row: Kahurangi Stevens, Wil Talagi, Ben Randle, Mr B Tetley

Front row: Te Au Skipworth, Darian Culver, Raegan Robinson, Jack Burns, Hastings Laau

VOLLEYBALL Another great couple of seasons of Volleyball in 2019. Senior teams did well in the first term and the juniors have showcased some promising talent in the fourth term. The Mixed team had a lot of fun in the Boy Division, playing against a range of Hawke’s Bay Boys teams. The Social Girls did well with great internal (quiet) team spirit, thank you Miss Poirier for looking after us. The Intermediate Girls had a lot of trainings and developed some great play throughout the season, finishing strong. The Junior Season in Term 4 was a big term for our five Junior Teams. Mr Weber stepped up as a coach for the Year 9 team and his influence was evident in their confidence and positive attitude. Even when the games did not go their way, they were positive and enjoyed the season. The other Year 9 and Year 10 Girls team had a mixed season but enjoyed every game and had some good wins. The Junior A Boys were coached by Verona Sio and they played in division 1. Their climb to the top of the rankings was down to their hard work and determination to do their best. They responded to hard work and long training schedules and two of the team, Jared Anderson and Jakob Matthews, made the Hawke’s Bay U16 team. The Junior B Girls had a successful season finishing in the top of the junior competition, they also had success with three girls making the Hawke’s Bay U16 team, Paia Williams, Lelani Williams and Harmony Kautai all representing the region. They were coached by Thelma Vilo. All this would not be possible without the support of a range of staff who drive every week. Thank you.


Volleyball Intermediate Girls

Volleyball Social Girls

Front row: Leilani Williams, Timara Stevens-Lett, Lyrik Hepi

Front row: Xanthia Coomb, Milly Scott, Shana Curtin, Georgia Godsell

Back row: Sara Renall, Miss J Dawson, Maia Colman-Savage Absent: Pierre Byrne, Cherish Kotuhi, Kaylee Martini-Hohaia, Te Raumati Te Aho-Chapple

Back row: Romona Wainohu, Ethany Gibson, Emily Burns, Miss R Poirier
















Kilkolly, Abigail 13JOD FOOTBALL HB U16 Coach/ Sport HB Student Council Member

Godwin, Amy 12NFI CANOE POLO HB B3

Elmsly, Annabel 10HGL TRIATHLON:Hawkes Bay teams junior champion

Colquhoun, Ben 13MAC NCEA Cups Best Results at Level 2 2018 Scholarship Geography


Shaw, Aimee 12AWH CYCLING National U19 Road Race 8th/ Bev May Elite Womens tour 18th/ CHB Junior Tour Hill Climb 1st (Polka dot jersey)/ Manawatu Novice Tour 1st in all 3 stages (Yellow Jersey) 2019/20 CYCLING NEW ZEALAND Development Squad.

Carter, Andre 12BRW CANOE POLO HB A2/Eastern U18 V-Capt/Eastern U21/ HB U14 Coach/NZ Sec Schools National Tournament team/ NEW ZEALAND U18A. ATHLETICS ECPB 1st Snr Boys Discus

McMillan,Ashlee 9ARO GYMNASTICS Hawkes Bay/Poverty Bay Club Comp 1st step 5 Teams Event... HBManawatu Club Comp 1st Uneven Bars

Randle, Ben 13ARN ATHLETICS KHS Senior Boys Champion

Setford, Blake 9EMW SWIMMING KHS Junior Boys Champion

McGrail-Timms, Briah 10STC TOUCH Hawkes Bay U16 New Zealand Touch Identification U16 Squad.

Hemmings, Brooke 12FMC Arts HB Arts Festival Ambassador Coulbeck, Brock 11EMA SOFTBALL HB U18

Nelson, Bryn 10CRT CANOE POLO Hawkes Bay C1... ATHLETICS KHS Y10 Champion

Orr, Cameron 11JWR ATHLETICS ECNI Intermediate Boys Javelin 3rd. FLAG FOOTBALL Hawkes Bay “Heat” Men.

Teddy, Callum 10STC CANOE POLO Hawkes Bay C2

Spargo, Cameron 13VIP CLAY-TARGET SHOOTING: Member of the Karamu team: 1st at CLNISS Round 3, 2nd overall Skeet in CLNISS Series



Orr, Charlotte 9KMA Academic Outstanding Award HB Science Fair

Whateley, Cole 9ARO ATHLETICS KHS Year 9 Boys Champion

Walker, Courtney 10STC CANOE POLO Hawkes Bay B3

Stuart, Daniel 13ARN CLAY-TARGET SHOOTING: Member of the Karamu team: 1st at CLNISS Round 3


Sandilands, Charm 13JOD RUGBY HB U18/NEW ZEALAND U18 Maori ...SOFTBALL HB U18 ...ATHLETICS ECPB 3rd Snr Girls Hammer.

Davison, Cora 10HGL SWIMMING: KHS Junior Girls Champion... Represented Hawkes Bay/ Poverty Bay Long course... Represented Hawkes Bay/Poverty Bay Short course

Hapuku, Cruz 9PWO SOFTBALL Hawkes Bay U13/ NEW ZEALAND ISA U14 (Tour to Australia March 2019)/Hastings Young Softballer of the Year

Bagley, Dylan 13MAC GOLF: 1st Hawkes Bay High School Champs/ 1st Maraenui OPEN/ 3rd Waipawa OPEN/ 6th Hastings OPEN.

Casson, Elijah 11MCD CANOE POLO HB B2

Balestie Diaz, Erika 12PCH Cheridah Sewell Dance Scholarship

Lindsay-Smith, Ella 12NFI EQUESTRIAN Winner of the Kinross Challenge Cup at the Havelock Nth Pony clubs Euchre Flats Bonanza meeting/Winner of the Bill Dooney Cup for the MOST VALUED HB Pony Club Member

Goodsell, Georgia 13 JOD Arts HB Arts Festival Ambassador

HB Ballet and Dance NZ School of Dance Scholarship 2018 and 2019 Nominated for NZ School of Dance Scholarship

Sayer, Grace 9KMA Academic Highly Commended Award HB Science Fair

Hibbert, Hannah 9APR NETBALL Hawkes Bay U15B...ATHLETICS KHS Year 9 Girls Champion

MacKay, Hamish 10HGL TRIATHLON: Hawkes Bay teams junior champion

Hunt, Hannah 11KIV CANOE POLO HB B1/ Eastern Women/ NEW ZEALAND Sec Schools National Tournament team/ NEW ZEALAND U18 A



Mackay, Hannah 12PCH EQUESTRIAN: Winner of the ESNZ Jump Start Scholarship ($320)/ Selected for Heretaunga Pony Club Show Hunter team as captain.

Austin, Hayley 10CRT CANOE POLO Hawkes Bay B1/ Eastern U21/NEW ZEALAND U18 A.

Marsh, Holand 10GRR

Hinton, Isaac 13MAC CANOE POLO HB B1/ Sports HB Student Council Member


Kautai, Harmony 10BRT NETBALL HB U15A /RUGBY NZ U18 Maori Trialist / ECPB 1st Int Girls Shot Put, 2nd Int Girls Discus, 1st Int


Hapuku-Lambert, Innika 9ARO TOUCH Hawkes Bay U14 Mixed... SOFTBALL HB U15 (HB U15 MVP)/ Hawkes Bay U18/ NEW ZEALAND Developing Sox (Australia Tour July 2019)

Brookes, Jack 10NEM CANOE POLO Hawkes Bay C1

Buckrell, Jacob 10VWA MINI STOCK CAR *2nd Overall at the North vs South Challenge *3rd Overall HB best pairs *1st place at Battle of the Stock (Christchurch) *2x 1st place at Speed Fest (Huntly) * 2x 2nd and 1x 3rd Places at the Manawatu Champs *Best presented car and crew 2019 season

Reeve, Jacob 11KIV CANOE POLO HB B3

Ngawhika, Jasmine 9APR SOFTBALL Hawkes Bay U15 (HB U15 Top Batter)

Hollway, Jamie 12 PCH Arts HB Arts Festival Ambassador

Green, Jemma 13JOD SOFTBALL HB U18

Kereru, Jesse 12THU CLAY-TARGET SHOOTING:Member of the Karamu team: 1st at CLNISS Round 3

Tawera, Joel 11KIV ATHLETICS ECPB 2nd Int Boys 100m Hurdles Shoemark, Jessica 12 PCH Academic Highly Commended Award HB Science Fair



Curry, Joesph

9 MJA HB Field Athletic Team

HB Rugby Representative Bronze Medal National Shotput competition

Silver Medal 100m and 50m

Bronze Medal Discus

Silver Medal Long Jump Nationals

Lindsay, Kade 11MCD Academic Outstanding Award HB Science Fair

Heestermann, Keelan 11MCD Academic Outstanding Award HB Science Fair

Coombe, Kendra 11MCD NCEA Cups Best Results at Year 10 2018


Fryer, Jorja 13JOD Fashion Winner Keep Hastings Beautiful Award at Hawkes Bay Edible Arts

Browning, Kate 12FMC EQUESTRIAN/ MOUNTED GAMES: Member of the NEW ZEALAND under-17 team for the July 15-21 world championships in Carmarthen, Wales.

Hikawai McIntyre, Keighan 9JMA TOUCH Hawkes Bay U16 and U14... RUGBY 7s Hawkes Bay U18

MacGregor, Lachie 10STC TRIATHLON: Hawkes Bay teams junior champion

Trotter, Lexi 12PCH CANOE POLO HB B3 Ormbsy, Lena 9RRY Academic Outstanding Award HB Science Fair

Henderson-Ereatara, LJ 11KIV CANOE POLO HB B3 Hontalba, Lian 13 Music Member of Project Prima Volta 2018/19

McKay, Lucy 13MAC ATHLETICS ECPB 2nd Snr Girls Pole Vault,2nd Snr Girls 100m Hurdles, 3rd Snr Girls 4 x 100m Relay.

Bassett, Maia 10HGL ATHLETICS ECPB 1st Int Girls Polevault

Hughes, Maddison 10STC FOOTBALL HB U16... ATHLETICS KHS Year 10 Girls Champion/ HBPBEC 1st 100m, 1st 200m, 1st 4x100m reley/ HBPBEC Team...CANOE POLO HB2

Colman-Savage, Maia 11MCD BMX Wellington Regionals 2nd 16-24 Elite...NZ Nationals 2nd 16years /4th 16-24years Elite...Oceania 2nd 16 years...HB Open Grand Podium 3rd...



Crossan, Max 13JOM CLAY-TARGET SHOOTING: Member of the Karamu team: 1st at CLNISS Round 3

Orr, Megan 9KMA Academic Outstanding Award HB Science Fair

Garland, Michael 12BRW CANOE POLO HB B2

Ngawhika, Nastashia 12AWH SOFTBALL HB U18


Godwin, Megan 11RPO CANOE POLO HB B2/ Eastern U18/ NEW ZEALAND U18 B

James, Melody 12PCH NCEA Cups Best Results at Level 1 2018

Fothergill, Molly 12FMC RUGBY HB U18

Steffert, Nikita 10HGL GYMNASTICS Hawkes Bay/ Poverty Bay Rep Nationals Team/HBPB 3rd Juniors Beam/Hastings Champs 2nd Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor, 2nd Overall/ Manawatu Jnr Champs 3rd Bar,1st beam, 3rd Floor/ Wellinton Jnr Champs 2nd Floor/ HBPB 3rd Seniror Beam, Manawatu Champs 1st Senior Beam...ATHLETICS ECPB 1st Junior Girls Polevault.

Wiggins-Crowe, Oliver 13MAC CLAY-TARGET SHOOTING: · 2nd High overall Luke Murray Memorial shoot/· High overall at CLNISS Round 2/· 1st Point score at CLNISS Round 3/· 1st Single barrel at CLNISS/Round 5/· 1st Point score at CLNISS Round 6/· High overall at CLNISS Round 6/· 1st Point score at CLNISS Round 7/· High overall at CLNISS Round 7/· 1st Point score in CLNISS Series/· 1st Single barrel in CLNISS Series/· High overall in CLNISS Series/· Member of Karamu team 1st at CLNISS Round 3

Flashoff, Paige 11MCD Academic Outstanding Award HB Science Fair

Kelly-Harmer, Parish 10BRT TOUCH HB U16 and U14

Williams, Sam 11JWR CANOE POLO HB C2 Brookes, Adam 12PCH CANOE POLO HB B1/ Eastern U18/ NEW ZEALAND U18B

Poppelwell, Sierra 10STC CANOE POLO Hawkes Bay B3 Curtin, Shana 12FMC RUGBY HB U18



Jones, Sophie 12PCH Debating Selected #4 Member HB Regional Debating team

Tane, Riley 10NEM SOFTBALL Hawkes Bay U15

Tahau, Tia 12PCH FOOTBALL Hawkes Bay U16

Edwards, Tiana 12PCH CANOE POLO HB B2/ Eastern U21


Summer Painter 12ACO Art Won Painting Award HB Yr 12 Art Exhibition

Thea Morton 12ACO Debating Selected #1 Member HB Regional Debating team

Tia Ward 13ARN Music Winner Peoples Choice Rock Quest

Tobi Wells 12PCH Cadets Awarded top of syndicate at Waiouru Military Camp National Senior leadership course

Brooker, Zac 12THU TOUCH Manawatu U18 Mixed

Randell, Te Waiarani 13ARN RUGBY 7’s HB U18... SOFTBALL HB U18 (U18 Team MVP)

Saunders, Renee 12NFI CANOE POLO HB B2/Eastern U18/ NEW ZEALAND

Olivia Thomas 9KMA Academic Highly Commended Award HB Science Fair

Poppelwell, Ethan 12BRW CANOE POLO HB B2/ Eastern U18

Robinson, Raegan 13VIP RUGBY HB U18/ NEW ZEALAND U18 Maori...RUGBY 7’s HB U18....KI O RAHI NEW ZEALAND Maori Sec Schools/ ATHLETICS ECPB 3rd Snr Girls 4 x 100m Relay.

Maia Bassett 10HGL Dance Won Solo section at the Hawkes Bay Regionals (Dance NZ Made)

Lexi Trotter 12PCH Academic Outstanding Award HB Science Fair; University of Otago Prize for best application of Scientific Method; Best Senior Project in Fair; Nomination for Prime Ministers Future Science Award



Torreno, Rachel 13JOM Speech Winner Race for Unity Speech

Bartlett, Reiley 10JOV TOUCH Hawkes Bay U16 Girls New Zealand Touch Identification U16 Squad.

Cetinturk, Rana 11MCD HB U15 Girls Hockey, U18 HB Girls Hockey

Metelerkamp, Rebekah 10CRT HOCKEY Hawkes Bay U15B

Wooster, Robert 11JWR KARATE “KYOKUSHI” 1st NZ Intermediate Champion U18


Honotapu, Ranche 9RRY TOUCH Hawkes Bay U16 and U14... RUGBY LEAGUE Hawkes Bay U13... RUGBY Hawkes Bay U18

Wooster, Rhiannon 13ARN KARATE “KYOKUSHI” 1st NZ Senior Woman Champion

Te Pou, Cortez 13ARN TOUCH Wanganui U18 mixed/NZ U20 Trialist (TBC)...RUGBY 7s HB U18/HB Womens ...RUGBY HB U18/HB Tui’s “Womens” /NEW ZEALAND U18 Maori ...ATHLETICS KHS Senior Girls Champion/ ECPB 3rd Snr Girls 4 x 100m Relay.

Taiapa-Powell, Max 12AWH BASKETBALL HB U19 Trotter, Quinn 10GRR CANOE POLO Hawkes Bay C1





ANZAC DAY ANZAC Day on 25 April marks an important commemoration of those who fought in WWI and all wars New Zealand has been engaged in since. This year, the event took on a special meaning as 2018 marks the 100th year since Armistice, the official end of the ‘Great War’. Although Armistice was not to be commemorated until the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month (11th November), our School Leaders represented Karamu on ANZAC morning this year at the Dawn Parade. They marched to the Hastings cenotaph with returned servicemen and servicewomen, Scouts and other school groups. As is our tradition, we gather to commemorate, or share our memories. For this generation, we fortunately have no memories of war, but appreciate the experiences of some of the people who attended and spoke at the dawn ceremony. The memorial attracted many people. It was a moving event.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.





MATHEMATICS FACULTY REPORT 2019 The 2019 academic year started strongly with our teachers continuing the brand-new learning program to the Year 10 students with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of the many ideas in mathematics and the fostering of long-term learning. Throughout the year, our senior students gained results and success in NCEA and a new group of Year 12 students started their journey towards Scholarship Calculus. Every year, Karamu High School is asked by Hastings Intermediate to be judges for the Mathletics competition. Each judge is responsible for two teams of three primary or intermediate school students. It gives an opportunity for same of our students to give back to the community, return to familiar haunts and meet potential students for

Karamu High School. The faculty is proud of this tradition and every year we gladly send 25 potential leaders from the senior school to participate in the event.

The Faculty of Mathematics/Ko te Pangarau is very

pround of what we offer students both in and outside

of the classroom. As with students, our learning never stops as we continually trying to find ways to improve

the learning experience of our ākonga. We are looking forward to the changes in 2020 with the addition of 3

new members to the Faculty, due to the retirement and movement of 3 long-time serving teachers, and the

ongoing development of the learning program for the Year 9 and Year 10 to foster long-term learning.


SCIENCE FACULTY REPORT 2019 Another year has passed and we can be satisfied that our industrious Science Department has nurtured and supported our students on their way to achieving not only academic distinction, but also success in a wide range of activities outside the classroom. Our trips to the National Aquarium and the Holt Planetarium allow us to integrate local resources into our teaching programs.

Some of our Y10 students had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with local Iwi on the Te Awa Rivers Project while our entire Y9, with the support of the Hawke’s Bay District Council, carried out some environmental assessments at the Ahuriri Estuary. The biennial Science Europe Trip saw 18 students spend 21 days in 4 different countries, including visiting the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Romona Wainohu (Y12) got accepted into the Biology Olympiad Training tutorial group. We had a record 37 Karamu students enter projects in the Hawke’s Bay Science Fair, gaining 17 awards. Notably, Lexi Trotter (Y12), was awarded Best in Fair and a scholarship to


attend the “Hands on Otago” university experience. She was also nominated as a candidate for this year’s Prime Minister’s Science Award. We are particularly proud as this is the second time in the last 3 years that a Karamu student has been nominated for this prestigious award. Our Y12 and Y13 welcomed back a number of ex-Karamu students who shared their experiences. This included attending the New Zealand Air Force training academy, Auckland University’s Engineering School and the Bio Medical Sciences Faculty. 2020 is going to be especially busy for our Science teachers as they prepare to implement the new changes to the Level 1 NCEA curriculum. The NZQA’s “Change Package” has implications that will alter not only the content of the Science curriculum but also its delivery to our learners, over the next three years. The department relish’s the challenge and is looking forward to working closely with our school’s senior leadership team to gain the most from the proposed changes.

HAWKES BAY SCIENCE FAIR Karamu High School continued its tradition of record number of entries for the Hawke’s Bay Science Fair, with over 50 students this year competing in a range of science related competitions. The Seriously Fun Science Quiz involves a team of three students answering eight rounds of science related questions. This event is hosted at Karamu by the Science Faculty. EIT host three of the competitions, the Technology Challenge which is a hands-on competition where students work as a team using simple materials to solve problems; the Titration Challenge, which is a senior competition where students put their quantitative chemistry skills learnt in the classroom in to practice identifying a mystery substance; and the pinnacle event is the Project Section where the goal is for students to answer a question based on a hypothesis by using the scientific method. This work is mostly completed outside the classroom over several weeks. Our greatest success came in the project section where we had 17 winners including Lexi Trotter, Year 12, taking the Best Senior Project and Best Application of Scientific Method. Other Outstanding Project winners were Lena Ormsby, Charlotte and Megan Orr from Year 9, and Paige Flashoff, Keelan Heesterman and Kade Lindsay from Year 11. Congratulations to all our winners and we look forward to another successful year in 2020.



It has been another action packed year for the Drama Department.

SENIOR DRAMA Level 2 and 3 Drama ‘Daughters of Heaven’ In term one, the senior drama class performed Daughters of Heaven, a dramatised version of the 1954 Parker-Hulme murder case. The play was a lot of work and the cast rehearsed nonstop to do justice to the story. It was interesting to learn the history behind the murder, and then have an opportunity to do our own take on it. Making our own decisions about the characters was tough knowing they are real people, most of whom are still alive. However, overall the cast enjoyed the challenge and we were able to put on a good show. Jessica Shoemark We visited the Napier Prison as inspiration for our Devised Dramas at the beginning of term 2. We also had the pleasure of seeing Red Leap’s Production of Kororareka at the MTG theatre. In term 3 we studied Epic Theatre and presented scenes from the play ‘Children of the Poor.’

Drama Scholarship: Scholarship Drama is an NZQA exam that Year 12 and 13’s can choose to take to extend themselves in the subject. It involves three pieces, scripted, self-devised and improvisation that all


require analysis. This year, three karamu students took part of the exam, Jessica Shoemark, Jamie Hollway and Jack Garvey. To help us prepare for the exam, drama students and teachers from around Hawkes’ Bay for a workshop and sharing of work. This familiarised us with the requirements of the exam and then allowed us to give and get feedback about our pieces. Both events were invaluable to our performances, and we are all very thankful for the experiences. Thanks to Havelock High School and Napier Girls’ for hosting the events, Amy Edwards from NGHS for co-ordinating and all drama teachers and students involved. Jamie Hollway

LEVEL 1 DRAMA Anne Frank and Me A highlight for the 2019 Level 1 Drama class this year was taking part in this year’s class play “Anne Frank and Me” written by Cherie Bennett under the direction of Year 13 student, Georgia Goodsell. The entire class enjoyed the experience of being in “Anne Frank and Me.” We all bonded together and it’s because of this experience, we’re more of a family as opposed to a class. It allowed us not only to gain theatrical experience, but we gained historical knowledge. Personally, I will take the experiences and lessons learnt from “Anne Frank and Me” and apply them to future endeavours. -Ethin Templeton.

ShowQuest Every second year, KHS is involved in a performance competition. This is a great opportunity for Dancers, Actors, Singers, Designers, Techies, Musicians and anybody with love for the performing arts to come together to produce and perform a piece that Karamu can be proud of. This year, for the first time, we were involved in ShowQuest, a performing arts platform for schools, consisting of a nationwide series of events produced by Rockquest. A group of seniors came together early in the year to come up with a narrative, which was then put into action by choreographers, designers and directors. Our piece this year was called “Without a smile”, about a young boy and his experiences with depression and opening up about it with his family. By using the everyday activity of watching T.V as a family, we portrayed the boy’s emotions and thoughts through dance on the ‘T.V screen’. Karamu won the ‘theme’ award with this this performance. Jamie Hollway

The Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival is

an annual festival where schools perform scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. Earlier in the year two teams from Karamu participated in this festival. One team performed a student directed five-minute extract from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the scenes where the lovers plan their escape to the forest. The other team performed a teacher directed ten-minute modern adaption of Othello.

The Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival Ambassador Programme. Karamu was proud to have three students involved in the Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival this year. The Ambassadors faced their first challenge on the 24th of September, this being the Festival of Youth. Twenty primary and intermediate schools from around Hawke’s Bay participated in this festival. Each ambassador was given a school to manage for the day. This was an amazing opportunity for us as we were able to connect with the youth in Hawke’s Bay and also experience the stress and excitement of running a festival. Part of being a Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival Ambassador is getting to perform in the festival. Daniel wrote our play titled “Beneath the Surface” inspired by Shakespeare. The Ambassadors were also given the opportunity to watch numerous shows in the festival and were also able to have discussions with some of the performers in the festival. Overall, being a Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival Ambassador was a thrilling opportunity. We all learnt about the arts industry and how to be better performers and at the same time we also learnt a lot about ourselves. Georgia Goodsell

Both teams had an enjoyable time putting the performances together and participating in this festival. Georgia Goodsell


Halloween Heroes


On the 31st of October, a crayon, a businessman, two nuns and a monk, among others, took on 700 kids racing the Halloween hunt track. Just after 6:00, the kids took off running and after that, it was nonstop for the rest of the night. After an hour and a half of ‘pin the hat on the witch’, the kids were exhausted. So were we. A hectic but rewarding experience I can’t wait to return next year.

Dare to Devise Competition held October 18th to 20th October

Jessica Shoemark

Arts Evening The Level 1 Drama students: Paige Flashoff, Emily Brookes, Cypress Miller, Sam Robertson and Jocelyn Love present a Melodrama called ‘A Letter to the Wind’.

‘As you Like It’ Georgia Goodsell and Brooke Hemmings are Ambassadors for the Hawkes Bay Arts’ Festival. They performed an extract extract from ‘As you Like It’.

Open Night The Improv Club entertained prospective students at Open Night giving them a taste of Drama at Karamu.

JUNIOR DRAMA Year 10 The year 10 students performed the court room Drama Porky Pies to an appreciative audience.

Year 9 The students worked co-operatively to devise and perform plays using the Techniques of Drama.

Two teams from the Karamu Junior school entered the 48 Hour Dare to Devise competition which was held last weekend. The students were given 4 elements to include in their Devised Drama on Friday afternoon and by Sunday evening they had to have created a play to perform at the Little Theatre in Napier. Both teams demonstrated all our WELCOME values throughout the weekend and at the performance. The organiser said that were ‘amazing students’ and an absolute credit to the school. The team ‘Dramatic Dragonflies’ received an award for the Most creative use of Dialogue and the team called ‘Starfish’ received an award for The Funniest Moment in a play. Team members: “Dramatic Dragon Flies’ : Jess Webb, Jorja Wigzell, Amy-Rose Costello and Tyler Heesterman ‘Starfish”: Krystal Mathews, Cody Baker, Corey Sullivan, and Anna- Lysse Richards

Improv Club Two senior Drama students Jessica Shoemark and Jack Garvey showed wonderful leadership skills in the running of the very popular Improv Club this year. An improvisation is a form of drama created spontaneously by the actors onstage. It aims to be funny, thrilling and most importantly, make sense. The club includes students from year 9-13 and is a great way to release energy after a long day at school. This year we are sending seven of our top improvers to compete in the impromptu games. The ‘brunch club’ have been working hard for the last term training for a shot at the infamous troll trophy. Jessica Shoemark


Performing Arts Tour Wellington is renowned for being the Arts hotspot in New Zealand so having the 2019 Performing Arts Tour there was the perfect combination of learning, inspiration and so much fun. We toured many arts facilities and places to study after school such as Toi Whakaari, Massey Creative Arts Centre and Te Auaha as well as a healthy dose of retail therapy. Needless to say, there was something for everyone. We had a tour through Toi Whakaari which is one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the country. This was followed by another great tour of Massey University Creative Arts Centre. It was a very modern, high-tech place which offered a lot for anyone wanting a career in arts or media. That evening we got ready for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. We dressed to the nines and had a magical experience listening to some of New Zealand’s finest classical musicians. We also attended a fabulous Matariki festival on the Oriental Bay waterfront. There were lights, music and action everywhere you looked, and it proved a great photo location. It was great to get a front row seat on some great performances enriched with culture. At Weta Workshops we saw real props used in Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and many other Sir Peter Jackson films. We finished with a prosthetics demonstration where we got some very realistic wounds, amplified with fake blood, on our hands. Ella Lindsay-Smith


MUSIC 2019 This year has been another wonderful success for the Music department. As we do every year, we have participated in many community performances, competitions and school events. Some new events this year were a visit from some of the tutors of Otago University’s Performing Arts Faculty. This visit gave the senior music students an opportunity to perform in a masterclass environment and receive feedback from internationally experienced performers. This was a hugely valuable tool for those students completing the performance aspect of the Music courses as they were able to use this feedback to improve their performances for assessment. We were very fortunate to have been accepted as a participant in the NZ Music Commission’s Music Mentor Program which provides a professional NZ musician to be a mentor for our students in the music class. We had APRA Silver Scroll winner Thomas Oliver spend the day with our senior students working on songwriting and discussing the ‘where to after school’ question. His experience and advice were of great value to our students and gave them more confidence in their abilities. We had many performances in the community which allowed us to demonstrate the diversity of our musical performance abilities. We took a group of senior students to perform at the Havelock North Community Centre, Coro Notabile participated in the Big Sing competition, a selection of instrumentalists and vocalists provided a lunchtime concert for Summerset in the Orchard and a number of our groups performed as part of the St Matthew’s Blossom week concert series. Our junior program in the music department focusses on the aspect of performance. To reinforce the skills required for this to develop we had a visit from Australian percussion duo ‘Kaboom’. They visited our school and performed a show for all junior music students and then held two classroom workshops. These were great interactive fun which got the students tapping, clapping and stomping. In summary, it has been another busy and rewarding year for the music department and plans are well underway for even more exciting musical events in 2020. Watch this space! Amanda Cooper



Dance workshop – Karamu

High School Dance Aotearoa New Zealand (DANZ), with support from Hawkes Bay Arts Festival brought, ‘A Taste of Tu Move’ to our school. A lot of students turned up and participated in this fantastic workshop of hip-hop, street and contemporary dance. The graduates of the New Zealand School of Dance who ran the workshop were amazing. School Based Performances – Karamu High School Performance Assessment Evenings - In term 1 our year 10 – 13 dance students performed for family and friends. Performing in front of a large audience was a new experience for many of the students and they did so well. The student performed set dances and also their own creative choreography. Open night – It was a beautiful calm night to perform in the circle. The Level 1 students performed their vibrant Havana dance, a lively Indian dance and their contemporary dance “Hope”. The students received lots of positive feedback which was wonderful. Arts Faculty Evening – our senior students performed an Indian dance and Jennifer Boyd and Amber Bisley performed a beautiful interpretation of the contemporary dance “Hope”. The Karamu High School Dance NZ Made team also performed their stunning contemporary dance.

Dance NZ Made – Hawkes Bay

Nationals Regionals and Palmerston North On Monday the 5th of August, a team of eight passionate dancers headed over to the Napier Municipal Theatre for the Dance NZ Made 2019 Interschool Competition. We had one team entered into the Open Division, for teams that have students from year 9 through to year 13, which included Thea Morton (y12), Sarah Weaver (y12), Jennifer Boyd (y11), Kate Weaver (y10), Maia Bassett (y10), Nikita Steffert (y10), Lena Ormsby (y9) and was choreographed and organised by Erika Balestie Diaz (y12). The dance was executed with precise timing and passion from all of the girls. The team placed second overall in the Open Category.This was an excellent result for the school and the girls, as they qualified for the National competition as well, being the second highest scoring team of the night. Also competing in the Year 10 solo competition, Maia Bassett placed first in her category and was also selected as one of the three nominees from all the soloists that performed who will go on to represent Hawkes Bay at Dance NZ Made Nationals. In September, the dancers travelled down to Palmerston North and performed at the Nationals. The Karamu team performed against many other talented teams and our dancers should be extremely proud of their performance. Maia Bassett performed her unique solo beautifully. Thanks to supportive families and teachers.


EDIBLE FASHION AWARDS After months of anticipation, the Edible Fashion Awards arrived. This event encourages creators and designers of all ages to participate. Each design entered must be made of food, food packaging or food related items. These awards are in their 16th year, and are held at the Peak Vision Church in Havelock North. This year there were some changes to the event, as in previous years there was just one theme, but this year all age groups had different sub themes under the main theme of WILD. This year the senior category (Years 9 - 13) had the theme of “Wild Future”.

modelled moving on the runway. Following this judging, the finalists were selected. In the senior category, there were initially twentyone entrants, from these ten finalists were chosen. Of these ten, six were from Karamu, a great representation of our school. Six made it through to the finals of the Senior Design Category.

While the event was only on for two days, the designs entered take months of planning and preparation. In my case, I started collecting materials in December 2018. The materials I was working with required drying, flattening and storing to ensure they stayed dry. I am sure that many other designers also started to work on their outfits months before the event.

Abigail McEvoy with ‘Techno Takeover’

As with any design process, my outfit evolved. As I started to work with the material, changes were made as it became clear that there were more efficient ways of design and construction. While I worked on my design at home, I know some of the other participants from our school made use of the fabric room after school to design and assemble their outfits with the support and guidance of our fabric teacher, Mrs Julie Burn.

Jorja Fryer was placed 3rd in the senior design category and won the ‘Keep Hastings Beautiful’ Award.

The awards event is run over two days following many months of preparation. All designs were judged on the runway with a static display where the judges could talk to designers and models about the outfits. A second judging then took place with the designs


Jorja Fryer with her garment ‘Vision’ Jodi Coombs and Amie Chatterton with ‘Recycled Future’ Grace Sayer with ‘Allcorn Tigflyer’ Ruby McEvoy with ‘Wild Weather’ (Modelled by a friend) Aiden Arnott with ‘Clan Leader Sloan’ (Modelled by a friend) Isabel Valdez with ‘Gillies of the Grape’ (Modelled by Jamie Hollway)

The finalists had to return for the sold-out show on Saturday night, following a dress rehearsal on Saturday afternoon. As well as all the finalists showing off their designs, there were performers including dancers, acrobats, and singers, making the event very popular, and well known in the Hawke’s Bay region. With a mainly young group of talented designers, the future looks promising for next year’s competition. Grace Sayer


Thomas Bush Yr10

Braden Cooper and Sascha MacDonald Yr10

Cameron Trass Yr9

Chase Baker Yr9

Jack Haycock Yr9

YEAR 9 & 10 ARTS

Aaliyah Downes Yr9

Jemma Moffitt Yr9

Tessa Hollway Yr10

Manu Edwards Yr10

Nicole Lawas Yr 10

Dante Taylor Yr9

Ephraim Tawera Yr 10

Miriam Kupa Yr9

Mya-Bella Hape Yr10

Paige Hunter Yr10

Polly Colquhoun Yr10

126 Cora Davison Yr10

YEAR 9 & 10 ARTS

Anna Van Yr10

L1 Visual Art James Miles

Sienna Jones Yr10

Maddison Hughes Yr10

Aniah Chapman-Ransfield L1DIGART

Kyla Morton - Yr 10

Lily Skews L1DIGART


L1 Visual Arts Waimea Craig

127 L1 Visual Art Kendra Coombe 2

L1 Visual Arts Hayley Smith

L1 Visual Arts Annabel McCallum

L2 Painting Kalena Wilson

L2 PHOTO Charlotte Hopkins

L2 PHOTO Emma Morrison

L2 PHOTO Ethan Fairweather

LEVEL 2 ARTS L2 Painting Melody James L2 PHOTO Rachel Wilson

L2 Painting Sophie Maddox L2 PHOTO Mackenzie Vercoe

L2 Photo Ellis Fa’alele

L2 Painting Jessica Snow

L2 Painting Summer Painter

L2 Printmaking Lee Paku

L2 Photo Nakita Hildreth

L2 Photo Britney Gene Bragancia

L2 Photo Taniya Dawson

128 L2 PHOTO Lily Byford

L2 Photography Victoria Priest

L2 Printmaking Brooke Wills

L2 Printmaking Kayla Stephens

L3 DESIGN Briar McKinley


L3 PAINT Max Crossan

L3 SCULPTURE Stazia Hoskin

L3 DESIGN Emma Varcoe

L3 DESIGN Meg Ryan

L3 PAINT Libby O’Hanlon

L3 PAINT Ellie McGhee

L3 DESIGN Jessica Rix

L3 PAINT Lourdes Collier

L3 DESIGN Hannah Bursnall

L3 PAINT Amelia Hunt

L3 DESIGN Darian Culver

L3 DESIGN MItchell Raison

L3 DESIGN Rachel Torreno

L3 DESIGN Tadhg Stephens

129 L3 PAINT Hannah Bursnall

L3 PAINT Hastings Laau

L3 PAINT Jessica Rix

L3 PAINT Leah Stanford

L3 PAINT Rilee Prebensen

L3 DESIGN Briar Fraser

L3 PHOTO Briar McKinley

L3 PHOTO Ellie McGhee

L3 PHOTO Tamar Hogendoorn

L3 PAINT Sophie Law

L3 PAINT Rachel Torreno

L3 PHOTO Mya Stothers


L3 SCULPTURE Briar Fraser

L3 Photo Sophie Law

L3 PHOTO Libby O’Hanlon

L3 PRINT Dylan Dempsey

L3 PHOTO Ellie McGhee

L3 PHOTO Stazia Hoskin

130 L3 Photo Briar Fraser

L3 SCULPT Jasmin Fannin

L3 SCULPTURE Jorja Fryer

L3 PHOTO Sydney Crawford

CAREERS The Careers Department offers many different opportunities to discover work related experiences. There are work experiences within the Gateway programme whereby a student spends one day a week with an employer in their area of interest. We also have a group called ‘Incubator’ where we take students to the hospital to showcase a variety of health careers. For those wanting experience in customer service roles, we have programmes based at ‘The Warehouse’ and ‘Countdown’. We also offer students the opportunity to do a barista certificate which can help students get jobs in hospitality. We also take students on many trips to expose them to different areas such as the horticultural expo, farming day out and open days at universities and EIT.


ENGLISH FACULTY 2019 It has been another busy year in the English department. We were very lucky to welcome new staff members, Claire Woodhall and Tom Willis into our department at the start of the year. We have all appreciated Mr Willis’ interesting and varied examples of cheese cutter caps. One of the memorable things from this year were the awesome waka hoi the Year 9 students created as part of their introduction to Karamu. The students created beautiful paddles, decorated with colours and symbols that signified their ‘journey’ in education so far. They also shared words and phrases that were important to them. Photos of the students with their waka hoi were then emailed to their whanau with a wee note to accompany it. These colourful paddles have decorated our English classrooms for the whole year; a daily reminder of the students’ first year at high school. Another memorable unit of work was the Haiku unit that the year 9s did. This was a challenging and at times hilarious exercise. Ensuring that the three line poem both made sense and fitted into the 5 – 7 – 5 syllable pattern was tough, but some students really excelled. Karamu continues to produce a large number of fabulous and successful public speakers. This year, Year 13s Rachel Torreno won the regional Race For Unity speech competition; beating at least 15 of Hawke’s Bay’s best young orators to take out the win. She was also the winner of the local Lion’s speech competition. Abigail Killkoly also took out regional honours, winning the RSA speech competition with a thought-provoking speech about the impact of the war on women. She was then invited to present this speech at the RSA Anzac day celebrations. One of our young writers, Izabella Hancz, in Year 9 had a story called ‘Runaway’ published in A Journal for Young Writers and Artists – Toitoi. Being published so young bodes well for Izabella’s future as a writer. So, onwards and upwards towards next year. We welcome back Mr Cummins from paternity leave and farewell Mrs Price; temporarily, for her years leave. As a department we’re already planning all sorts of new, fun things to do with our fresh cohort of Year 9 students for 2020.


BUSINESS STUDIES Year 9 and 10 Social Studies continues to be a popular core subject area for many students. The topics are well received with Savage Earth at Year 9 and Human Rights at Year 10 being two of the most popular topics to learn about. Year 9 students were again able to visit the Napier Aquarium and MTG as part of their study of the Savage Earth to look at the causes and impacts of the 1931 Hawke’s Bay Earthquake. At the Aquarium, students had a hands on opportunity to create a tsunami in the tsunami tank, cause liquefaction and watch the effects on model cars. At the MTG students visited the 1931 Earthquake gallery filled with preserved items from this day and had a walking tour of the nearby streets and Soundshell area to look at the new Art Deco buildings that were constructed in the rebuild of Napier. Group work and creative model making opportunities were encouraged this year and we had a focus on writing paragraphs to help the transition from the junior school into NCEA where thinking of and writing an answer is a necessary skill. The teachers were all very pleased with the progress students made with their writing.


SOCIAL STUDIES Year 9 and 10 Social Studies continues to be a popular core subject area for many students. The topics are well received with Savage Earth at Year 9 and Human Rights at Year 10 being two of the most popular topics to learn about. Year 9 students were again able to visit the Napier Aquarium and MTG as part of their study of the Savage Earth to look at the causes and impacts of the 1931 Hawke’s Bay Earthquake. At the Aquarium, students had a hands on opportunity to create a tsunami in the tsunami tank, cause liquefaction and watch the effects on model cars. At the MTG students visited the 1931 Earthquake gallery filled with preserved items from this day and had a walking tour of the nearby streets and Soundshell area to look at the new Art Deco buildings that were constructed in the rebuild of Napier. Group work and creative model making opportunities were encouraged this year and we had a focus on writing paragraphs to help the transition from the junior school into NCEA where thinking of and writing an answer is a necessary skill. The teachers were all very pleased with the progress students made with their writing.


GEOGRAPHY On Tuesday 18th June, the Level One Geography class headed out to the beach as part of a research project on the Napier Coastline. We made four different site visits to conduct collection of data that included changing sediment size, wave types, beach profiles and how people interact with the coast. We had great weather and conditions for the day and had a lot of fun. The Level 2 Geographers took to the skies this year to complete their data gathering for a research project looking into River Environments within Hawkes Bay. At the river sites, students tested for a variety of things to help determine the overall health of the river and then had a birds eye view of the landscape from flights across the Bay to note human activities taking place in the catchment areas that might contribute to changing water quality. It has been a great experience to take learning to such great heights! From Thurs 16th - Sat 18th May the Level Three Geographers headed up to Auckland as part of a study of Muriwai Beach. Students spent time collecting a range of data from different sites along this wild west coastline. The weather was typically Auckland. Rain then sun, warm then cold, calm then windy. But with the tide on its way out - the class had the opportunity to explore some of the key features this part of the coast had to offer.





In April of this year, a group of 16 students accompanied by Mrs McDonald and Mr Rafferty set off on a three-week journey across Europe.

the New Zealand Memorial in Hyde Park Corner where we saw flowers laid in commemoration of the victims of the Christchurch mosque attack.

Our first stop on our adventure was six days in London. From the moment we landed it was all go. London is an amazing city, where historic buildings and modern giants stand side by side. We were lucky enough to visit many of these landmarks such as the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the Monument to the Great Fire of London, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Globe Theatre and, of course, Buckingham Palace. We also visited the Shard, the London Eye, Big Ben, History, National Art and V&A museums. We came across

With a quick trip on the Eurostar, we arrived in Paris, the city of love and the city of light. Three days to explore the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees and the Sacre-Coeur, these were definite highlights of our time in Paris. Of course, while we were there we had to go see the iconic Eiffel Tower. However, the defining memory of Paris is the day Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames. We were there only hours before, admiring this historical building with its medieval architecture and stained glass windows.

After a long bus ride, we found ourselves in the medieval town of Rothenberg ob der Tauber, Germany. The village was charming and quaint, encircled by a timeless wall filled with colourful buildings and cobblestone lanes. Rothenberg is a place where even the most avid Christmas hater will fall in love as its spirit is immersed throughout the town. While in Germany we also visited the Nazi rally grounds in Nuremberg and the Dachau concentration camp. This was a very sombre but moving experience and gave us all an insight into the horror of war. Our last few days were spent in Munich, where we visited the BMW museum and celebrated Easter.

historical monuments such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon,

Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps and the Vatican City. Lastly, we visited the beautiful renaissance building of the Roman Catholic church, St Peter’s Basilica.

After a long trip home, we were all very tired but extremely

grateful for this experience and the memories we created. A huge thank you goes to Mrs McDonald and Mr Rafferty for becoming our substitute parents and providing us with this rare opportunity.

The final destination of our trip was Rome. We visited several


Braden Cooper

Bryn Nelson

Maddison Hughes


Karamu High School Cup for Junior Girls’ Cross Country Champion Dante Taylor Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Boy Hockey Player Robert Sayer Karamu High School Cup for Best All Round Junior Girl Cricket Player Caitlin Allan Karamu High School Cup for Junior Girls’ Tennis Champion Emma Renall Most Outstanding Boy in E Grade Team Hamish Wood Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Boy Badminton Player Camden Bruce Karamu High School Cup for Year 9 Boys’ Athletics Champion Cole Whateley Trophy for Excellence in Junior Boys’ Canoe Polo Jack Brookes Best Junior Girl Touch Player Reiley Bartlett Boys Most Valuable Softball Player Corey Sullivan Girls Most Valuable Softball Player Kate Moore Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Girl Hockey Player


Emma Renall

Lena Ormsby Rebekah Metelerkamp Best Junior Shooter Henry Wiggins-Crowe Nilsson Cup for Junior Girls’ Swimming Champion Cora Davison Karamu High School Cup for Junior Boys’ Tennis Champion Samuel Somerville-Ryan Quality Engraver’s Cup for Best Junior Boy Football Player Corbyn Lee Karamu High School Trophy for Karamu High School Junior Chess Champion Anaru Wairau Karamu High School Cup for Most Outstanding Junior Rugby Player Quinn Trotter Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Girl Badminton Player Trophy for Excellence in Junior Girls’ Canoe Polo Hayley Austin

Sasha Sharma Girl Volleyball Player Shares the Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Girl Basketball Player Leilani Williams Quality Engraver’s Cup for Best Junior Girl Football Player Karamu High School Cup for Year 10 Girls’ Athletics Champion Maddison Hughes Nilsson Cup for Junior Boys’ Swimming Champion Most Promising Junior Boy Cricket Player Most Improved Boys’ Hockey Player Blake Setford Karamu High School Cup for the Most Outstanding Junior Netball Player Karamu High School Cup for Most Valued Karamu A Netball Player Karamu High School Cup for Year 9 Girls’ Athletics Champion Hannah Hibbert

Blake Trophy for Most Promising Junior Girl Rugby Player Best Junior Female Ki o Rahi Player Harmony Kautai

Karamu High School Cup for Best All Round Junior Boy Cricket Player Karamu High School Cup for Year 10 Boys’ Athletics Champion Karamu High School Cup for Junior Boys’ Cross Country Champion Bryn Nelson

Shares the Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Boy Basketball Player Best Junior Male Ki o Rahi Player Jakob Matthews

Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Dance Performer Maia Bassett


Shares the Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Girl Basketball Player Briah McGrail-Timms

Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Drama Performer Cody Baker

Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior

Anna MacKenzie Junior Writing Cup for

Best National Writing Award Izabella Hancz Young Cup for Best Junior Co-Curricular Music Performer Lily Andrews

First in 9JMA English First in 9JMA Social Studies Mackenzie Acraman First in 9JMA Mathematics Kaleb Thomson

Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Debator Sascha MacDonald

9RRY AWARDS First in 9RRY Science Megan Harvey

Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Speech Board Results Esta Chaplin

First in 9RRY English First in 9RRY Social Studies Lena Ormsby


First in 9RRY Mathematics Alexander Dubery

Won solo section at the Hawke’s Bay Regionals Dance New Zealand Made Maia Bassett

9PWO AWARDS First in 9PWO Science First in 9PWO Mathematics Taryn Derbidge

Member of Prima Volta June Sheardown

First in 9PWO English First in 9PWO Social Studies Caitlin Allan




Selected and played for Hawke’s Bay U16; selected for New Zealand Touch Identification U16 Squad Reiley Bartlett Selected and played for Hawke’s Bay U16; selected for New Zealand Touch Identification U16 Squad Briah McGrail-Timms


Selected and played for Hawke’s Bay U15 (HB U15 MVP); Hawke’s Bay U18; New Zealand Developing Sox (Toured to Australia in July 2019) Innika Hapuku-Lambert Selected and played for Hawke’s Bay U13; New Zeland ISA U14 (Toured to Australia in March 2019); named Hastings Young Softballer of the Year Cruz Hapuku


Selected and played for Hawke’s Bay B1, Eastern U21 and New Zealand U18 A Hayley Austin

YEAR 9 ACADEMIC MERIT 9JMA AWARDS First in 9JMA Science Victoria Hurndell

9MJA AWARDS First in 9MJA English Ezekiel Stichbury Penhall First in 9MJA Mathematics Rama Taunoa First in 9MJA Social Studies Samuel Chilton First in 9MJA Science Miya Clark 9EMW AWARDS First in 9EMW English Leah Boyd First in 9EMW Mathematics First in 9EMW Social Studies Bella Casson First in 9EMW Science Elli Weber

First in 9LUW Social Studies Katelyn Church First in 9LUW Science Jodi Coombs 9KMA AWARDS First in 9KMA English Grace Sayer First in 9KMA Social Studies Amie Chatterton First in 9KMA Science Cameron Trass First in 9KMA Mathematics Mathias Hansen 9APR AWARDS First in 9APR Science Blaise Coulbeck First in 9APR English First in 9APR Mathematics First in 9APR Social Studies Karlee Church

YEAR 9 ACADEMIC DISTINCTION Distinction in Year 9 Art Phimwaree Toanchalee

Distinction in Year 9 Art Kieana Waiwiri-Hetaraka Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Keira Waiwiri Distinction in Year 9 Dance Jemma Moffit Distinction in Year 9 Dance Shontae Kelly Distinction in Year 9 Drama Amy-Rose Costello Distinction and First in Year 9 Music Megan Harvey

9ARO AWARDS First in 9ARO Science Ashlee McMillan

Distinction and First in Year 9 Extension Music Katelyn Church

First in 9ARO Social Studies Innika Hapuku-Lambert

Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology Seren-Rose Williams

First in 9ARO English Cole Potts Tyro

Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology Ariel Henderson-Ereatara

First in 9ARO Mathematics Jayden Cornelissen

Distinction in Year 9 Fashion and Textile Design Ashlee McMillan

9LUW AWARDS First in 9LUW English First in 9LUW Mathematics

Distinction in Year 9 Fashion and Textile Design


Dallas Gray Distinction in Year 9 Product Design Megan Orr Distinction in Year 9 Product Design Aden Spears Distinction in Year 9 Product Design Alyx Douglas Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technology Nicholas Haynes Distinction and First in Year 9 Digital Technology Kali Park Distinction in Year 9 DVC Xiah-Lee Collier Distinction in Year 9 DVC Kelly Littlechild Distinction and First in Year 9 Physical Education Hannah Hibbert Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Ashlee Bird Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Blaise Coulbeck Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Innika Hapuku-Lambert Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Keisha Eagan Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Scarlett Stephens Distinction in Year 9 Science Taryn Derbidge Distinction and First in Year 9 Te Reo Maori Nevaeh Ferguson Distinction in Year 9 Te Reo Maori Kaiya Anderson-Maui Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Miriam Kupa Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies Dante Taylor Distinction in Year 9 Health Luke Wilson Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technology Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Ahorangi Gibson Distinction in Year 9 Health Distinction and First in Year 9 Media Studies Victoria Hurndell


Distinction in Year 9 Drama Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Ruby Faulkner Distinction in Year 9 Music Distinction in Year 9 DVC Chase Baker Distinction in Year 9 Music Distinction in Year 9 English Leah Boyd Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology Distinction in Year 9 Product Design Charlotte Orr Distinction in Year 9 Health Distinction in Year 9 Science Jodi Coombs Distinction in Year 9 Science Distinction in Year 9 English Mikayla Morrell Distinction in Year 9 Science Distinction in Year 9 Te Reo Maori Unique Williams Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technology Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Bodie Scott Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technology Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 9 Mathematics Mathias Hansen Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Distinction and First in Year 9 DVC Kean Benipayo Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology Distinction in Year 9 Fashion and Textile Design Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies Ava Herrington Distinction in Year 9 Drama Distinction in Year 9 Science Distinction in Year 9 English Tyler Heesterman Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Distinction in Year 9 English Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Nicholas Evans Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Distinction and First in Year 9 Product Design Caitlin Allan Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies

Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Distinction in Year 9 Science Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Emma Bush

YEAR 10 ACADEMIC MERIT 10CRT AWARDS First in 10CRT Mathematics Jacob Player First in 10CRT Social Studies Kate Moore First in 10CRT English Hayley Austin First in 10CRT Science Rebekah Metelerkamp 10STC AWARDS First in 10STC Social Studies First in 10STC Science Brianna McNaught First in 10STC English Jess Webb First in 10STC Mathematics Corbin Lee 10HGL AWARDS First in 10HGL Social Studies Kyra Byers First in 10HGL English First in 10HGL Science Sasha Sharma First in 10HGL Mathematics Rhiannon Groen 10NEM AWARDS First in 10NEM English First in 10NEM Social Studies Mollie Motley First in 10NEM Science Brodee Thomson First in 10NEM Mathematics Troy Volman 10JOV AWARDS First in 10JOV Mathematics Hamish Wills First in 10JOV Science First in 10JOV Social Studies First in 10JOV English Polly Colquhoun 10GRR AWARDS First in 10GRR English Julia Lee First in 10GRR Mathematics First in 10GRR Social Studies

Thomas Marett

Amy Bagley

First in 10GRR Science Quinn Trotter

Distinction in Year 10 Product Design Daniel Inwood

10VWA AWARDS First in 10VWA Mathematics Toby Bryan

Distinction in Year 10 Building Jacob Buckrell

First in 10VWA Social Studies Sammy-Lee Christie First in 10VWA Science Daniel O’Connell First in 10VWA English Emma Hope 10BRT AWARDS First in 10BRT English Liana McGregor First in 10BRT Social Studies First in 10BRT Science Nicole Lawas First in 10BRT Mathematics Dylan Costello 10TBL AWARDS First in 10TBL English Mack Stevens

Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology Quinn Trotter Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology Ezera Faiumu Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology William Wepa-Hazel Distinction and First in Year 10 Physical Education Teddy Callum Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Maddison Hughes Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Briah McGrail-Timms Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Hayden Hunt Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education June Sheardown

First in 10TBL Mathematics First in 10TBL Social Studies First in 10TBL Science Mitchell Jones

Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Kaitlyn Cornelissen


Distinction in Year 10 Health Brodee Thomson

Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Grace Puhara Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Shona Jenkinson Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Ava Linnell Distinction and First in Year 10 Music Lily Andrews Distinction and First in Year 10 Extension Music Chiraag Chhura Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Liana McGregor Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Rory McKay Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Katelyn Beck Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Rebekah Metelerkamp Distinction in Year 10 Product Design

Distinction and First in Year 10 Health Ashleigh Cooper

Distinction in Year 10 Health Krystal Mathews Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Troy Volman Distinction in Year 10 Science Hamish MacKay Distinction in Year 10 Science Calvin Millar Distinction and First in Year 10 Te Reo Maori Jakob Matthews Distinction in Year 10 Te Reo Maori Paia Williams Distinction and First in Year 10 Japanese Maddie Palmer Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Gabriel Barlow Distinction in Year 10 Product Design Distinction in Year 10 English Emma Hope

Distinction in Year 10 Building Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Josh Stephens Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction and First in Year 10 Digital Technology Dylan Costello Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology Distinction in Year 10 English Sam Holloway Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Corbin Lee Distinction in Year 10 DVC Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Sebastian Theobald Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Janine de Wit Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Jack Arcus Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Keerat Singh Distinction in Year 10 Dance Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Chante-Sophia Toko-Dyer Distinction in Year 10 Drama Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Hayley Austin Distinction in Year 10 Drama Distinction and First in Year 10 Food Technology Jess Webb Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction and First in Year 10 Fashion and Textile Design Ruby McEvoy Distinction in Year 10 Art Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Katrina Marks Distinction in Year 10 Art Distinction in Year 10 DVC Distinction in Year 10 Science Sascha MacDonald Distinction in Year 10 Art Distinction and First in Year 10 Dance Distinction and First in Year 10 Business Studies Maia Bassett


Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 English Annabel Elmsly Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 10 Social Studies Kyra Byers

YEAR 10 ACADEMIC DISTINCTION Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Grace Puhara Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Shona Jenkinson Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Ava Linnell Distinction and First in Year 10 Music Lily Andrews Distinction and First in Year 10 Extension Music Chiraag Chhura Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Liana McGregor Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Rory McKay Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Katelyn Beck Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Rebekah Metelerkamp Distinction in Year 10 Product Design Amy Bagley Distinction in Year 10 Product Design Daniel Inwood Distinction in Year 10 Building Jacob Buckrell Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology Quinn Trotter Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology Ezera Faiumu Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology William Wepa-Hazel Distinction and First in Year 10 Physical Education Teddy Callum Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Maddison Hughes Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education


Briah McGrail-Timms Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Hayden Hunt Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education June Sheardown Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Kaitlyn Cornelissen Distinction and First in Year 10 Health Ashleigh Cooper Distinction in Year 10 Health Brodee Thomson Distinction in Year 10 Health Krystal Mathews Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Troy Volman Distinction in Year 10 Science Hamish MacKay Distinction in Year 10 Science Calvin Millar Distinction and First in Year 10 Te Reo Maori Jakob Matthews Distinction in Year 10 Te Reo Maori Paia Williams Distinction and First in Year 10 Japanese Maddie Palmer Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Gabriel Barlow Distinction in Year 10 Product Design Distinction in Year 10 English Emma Hope Distinction in Year 10 Building Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Josh Stephens Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction and First in Year 10 Digital Technology Dylan Costello Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology Distinction in Year 10 English Sam Holloway Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Corbin Lee Distinction in Year 10 DVC Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Sebastian Theobald Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Janine de Wit

Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Jack Arcus Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Keerat Singh Distinction in Year 10 Dance Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Chante-Sophia Toko-Dyer Distinction in Year 10 Drama Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Hayley Austin Distinction in Year 10 Drama Distinction and First in Year 10 Food Technology Jess Webb Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction and First in Year 10 Fashion and Textile Design Ruby McEvoy Distinction in Year 10 Art Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Katrina Marks Distinction in Year 10 Art Distinction in Year 10 DVC Distinction in Year 10 Science Sascha MacDonald Distinction in Year 10 Art Distinction and First in Year 10 Dance Distinction and First in Year 10 Business Studies Maia Bassett Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 English Annabel Elmsly Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 10 Social Studies Kyra Byers


Bryhdie Albert Gemma Cox Alex Faamita Joe Gilmour Brooklyn Lenz Claire Morrison Javier Santander Narvaez

Brayden Stok Brianna Sunley


Emma Jarvis Milly Neighbours Quinn O’Gorman Shayleah Pritchard Grace Puhara Emma Randle Nikita Steffert Ephraim Tawera Kate Weaver

YEAR 9 OUTSTANDING AWARDS Distinction in Year 9 Art Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Distinction in Year 9 English Distinction and First in Year 9 Food Technology Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 9 Social Studies Amie Chatterton Distinction in Year 9 Art Distinction in Year 9 Food Technolgy Distinction in Year 9 DVC Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 9 Science Cameron Trass Distinction in Year 9 Art Distinction in Year 9 Fashion and Textile Design Distinction in Year 9 DVC Distinction in Year 9 English Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Isabella Hancz Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Distinction in Year 9 Health Distinction in Year 9 English Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Distinction and First in Year 9 Dance Lena Ormsby Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Distinction in Year 9 Food Technolgy Distinction in Year 9 Science Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Distinction and First in Year 9 Business Studies Distinction and First in Year 9 Health Esta Chaplin Distinction in Year 9 Art

Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Distinction in Year 9 Te Reo Maori Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Distinction and First in Year 9 Drama Olivia Thomas Distinction in Year 9 Art Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Distinction in Year 9 Science Distinction in Year 9 English Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies Emma Renall

YEAR 10 OUTSTANDING AWARDS Distinction in Year 10 Art

Distinction in Year 10 DVC Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction in Year 10 English Braden Cooper Distinction in Year 10 Art Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Distinction in Year 10 Fashion and Textile Design Nicole Lawas Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction and First in Year 10 Art Polly Colquhoun Distinction in Year 10 Building Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 10 Mathematics Rhiannon Groen Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 Japanese Distinction and First in Year 10 Drama Distinction and First in Year 10 Music Riley Acraman Distinction in Year 10 Dance Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Ryleigh Monk

Distinction and First in Year 10 Media Studies Cody Baker Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction and First in Year 10 Product Design Distinction and First in Year 10 DVC Cora Davison Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Distinction and First in Year 10 Building Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 10 Science Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Year 10 English Sasha Sharma

PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS Karamu High School Cup for the Junior Sportswoman of the Year Maddison Hughes Karamu High School Cup for the Junior Sportsman of the Year Byrn Nelson Karamu High School General Excellence Cup for All Round Excellence in Year 9 Lena Ormsby Karamu High School Cup for Year 9 Academic Excellence Emma Renall Turner Family Trophy for General Excellence Outside the Classroom Braden Cooper Karamu High School General Excellence Cup for All Round Excellence in Year 10 Cora Davison Karamu High School Cup for Year 10 Academic Excellence Sasha Sharma

Distinction in Year 10 Drama Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies


Dylan Bagley

Hannah Bursnall

Benjamin Colquhoun

Lachlan Costello

Tiana Edwards

Amber Flashoff

Jemma Green

Keelan Heesterman

Isaac Hinton

Abigail Kilkolly

Lucy McKay

Thea Morton

Ben Randle

Cortez Te Pou

Tia Ward


Karamu High School Cup for the Best Boys’ Hockey Player Adam Brookes Te Tama a Rahi Taonga Ki o Rahi Trophy for the Best Senior Male player Alexander Rabanal Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Boy Football Player Bradley Hughes Shares the I.G. Field Cup for Best Overall Shooter Cameron Spargo Shares the I.G. Field Cup for Best Overall Shooter Oliver Wiggins-Crowe Karamu High School Trophy for Most Outstanding Golfer Dylan Bagley


Karamu High School Trophy for Excellence in in Senior Girls’ Canoe Polo Hannah Hunt Mills Trophy for Senior Girls’ Swimming Champion Jade Edmonds Mills Trophy for Senior Boys’ Swimming Champion Jamie Hollway Clark Cup for Girls’ Badminton Champion Kahurangi Stevens Griffiths Cup for Boys’ Open Singles Tennis Champion Keelan Heesterman Shares the Brent Dark Memorial Cup for Best Senior Volleyball Player Lyrik Hepi Shares the Brent Dark Memorial Cup for

Best Senior Volleyball Player Cherish Kotuhi Karamu High School Cup for Girls’ Most Valued Senior Basketball Player Max Taiapa-Powell Karamu High School Trophy for Most Outstanding Girls’ Softball Player Nastashia Ngawhika Te Tohu a Ti Ara Ki o Rahi Trophy for the Best Senior Female player Raegan Robinson Taylor Trophy for Most Outstanding Senior Girls’ Hockey Player Rana Cetinturk Karamu Cup for Senior Girls’ Cross Country Champion Ruby Brett Griffiths Cup for Girls’ Open Singles Tennis Champion Sara Renall

Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Girl Football Player Tia Tahau

Awards Amber Flashoff

Best Senior Boys’ Touch Player Zac Brooker

Judith Bartlett Cup for Best Senior Speech Board Result Sophie Jones

Zac Burlace Allen Grey Silver Jubilee Cup for Best Boys’ Cricket Player

Karamu High School Cup for Best Intermediate Speech Board Results Ethin Templeton

Karamu High School Trophy for Most Outstanding Boys’ Softball Player Karamu High School Cup for Boys’ Most Valued Senior Basketball Player Brock Coulbeck

Toastmasters Trophy for Leadership and Communication Jessica Shoemark

Karamu High School Cup for Most Outstanding Rugby Player Karamu High School Trophy for Excellence in in Senior Boys’ Canoe Polo Isaac Hinton Best Senior Girls’ Touch Player Karamu High School Trophy for Best Girl 7’s Player Baxendine Trophy for Senior Girls’ Athletics Champion Blake/Caccioppoli Cup for the Most Outstanding Girl Rugby Player Cortez Te Pou Clark Cup for Boys’ Badminton Champion Karamu High School Trophy for Senior Chess Champion Karamu Cup for Senior Boys’ Cross Country Champion Rex Wilson Trophy for Senior Boys’ Athletics Champion Ben Randle

CULTURAL DISTINCTIONS Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Dance Performer Sarah Weaver

Shares the Collins Drama Cup for Best Senior Drama Performer Ella Lindsay-Smith Shares the Collins Drama Cup for Best Senior Drama Performer Jamie Hollway Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Debater Thea Morton Karamu High School Cup for Best Intermediate Debater Keelan Heesterman Allan Cup for Best in National Writing

Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Music Performance Tia Ward Karamu High School Cup for Senior Maori Oratory Romona Wainohu

ACADEMIC DISTINCTION AWARDS – LEVEL ONE Distinction in Level One Art Annabel McCallum Distinction in Level One Digital Art Aysha Saunders Distinction and First in Senior Maori Performing Arts Myrakyll Keelan-Heke Haka a Tane Rore Trophy for Best Student in Senior Maori Performing Arts Cruiz Tangen-Wainohu Distinction in Level One Media Studies Te Analee Hooper Distinction in Level One Music Ruby Schmidt Karamu High School Print for Best Level One Composer Jade Edmonds Distinction and First in Level One Hospitality Cherish Maui Distinction in Level One Hospitality Karis Soanes Distinction and First in Level One Product Design Megan Godwin Distinction in Level One Physical Education Lyrik Hepi Distinction and First in Level One Sport Ben Gouldsbrough

Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Level One Mathematics Keegan Russell Distinction in Level One Mathematics Emily Eldridge Distinction in Level One Science Olivia Findon Distinction in Level One English Sammi Eaglestone Distinction in Level One English Raniera Wairau Distinction in Level One English Aiden Eaglestone Best Lifeskills Student Nicole Thomson Shares Best Enhanced Learning Student Amber Kenny Shares Best Enhanced Learning Student Vinnie Harrison Distinction in Level One Geography Emily Morgan Distinction in Level One History Amie Hazelwood Distinction in Level One Digital Art Distinction in Level One Dance Lily Skews Distinction and First in Level One Food Technology Distinction and First in Level One Dance Jennifer Boyd Distinction and First in Level One Fashion and Textile Design Karamu High School Cup for Best Level One Technology Student Abigail McEvoy Distinction in Level One Product Design Distinction in Level One Building Industry Marcus Le Monnier Distinction in Level One Product Design Distinction in Level One Mathematics Haipeng Jiang Distinction and First in Level One Building Industry Prebble Trophy for Best Craftsmanship Skills in Wood Technology Alex Corbishley


Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Level One Physical Education Distinction in Level One English Maia Colman-Savage

Distinction in Level Two Design Lexi Trotter

Distinction in Level One Physical Education Ryan Olsen Memorial Cup for Distinction and First in Level One Business Studies Rana Cetinturk

Karamu High School Print for Best Level Two Composer Mackenzie Vercoe

Distinction in Level One Food Technology Distinction in Level One Physical Education Maddison Alve Distinction in Level One Mathematics Distinction in Level One Business Studies Paige Holmes Distinction in Level One Drama Distinction in Level One Science Emily Brookes istinction in Level One Mathematics Distinction in Level One Science Marcus Krekeler Distinction in Level One Art Karamu High School Cup for Distinction and First in Level One DVC Waimea Craig Distinction in Level One Product Design Distinction in Level One Physical Education Distinction in Level One Business Studies Joel Tawera Distinction in Level One Science Distinction in Level One English Karamu High School Print for Distinction and First in Level One Art Kendra Coombe Distinction in Level One Media Studies Distinction in Level One Science Di Fairley Cup for Distinction and First in Level One Music Ethin Templeton


Distinction and First in Level Two Art - Printmaking Brooke Wills Distinction in Level Two Design Hannah McKay


Esme McDonald Cup for Distinction and First in Level Two Music Alice Liu

Distinction in Level Two Physical Education Adam Brookes Distinction and First in Level Two Sport Gabriel Fa’alele Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics Charlene Funnell Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics Maddison Harding Distinction in Level Two Science Jahnnie Chatterton Distinction in Level Two Hospitality Janaia Greening Distinction and First in Level Two Building Industry Daniel Fraser Distinction in Level Two Building Industry Dazzler Mulligan-Johnstone Distinction and First in Level Two DVC Natassja Lawas Distinction and First in Level Two Automotive Rhys Tamanui Distinction in Level Two English Tobi Wells Distinction and First in Level Two Tourism Caitlin Davis Distinction in Level Two Tourism Markis Walsh-Kingi Distinction in Level Two Tourism Rachel Hunt Distinction in Level Two Tourism Boston Walsh Distinction in Level Two History Kiera Wilder Distinction in Level Two Geography Ella Lindsay-Smith Karamu High School Print for

Distinction and First in Level Two Photography Distinction and First in Level Two Science Ethan Fairweather Distinction in Level Two Photography Distinction in Level Two Chemistry Britney Gene Bragancia Distinction in Level Two Photography Distinction and First in Level Two Dance Amy Griffin Distinction in Level Two Media Studies Distinction in Level Two History Jorja Connell Distinction and First in Level Two Product Design Best EIT Trades Academy Student Victoria Priest Distinction in Level Two Product Design Distinction in Level Two Automotive Joshua Metelerkamp Distinction in Level Two Physical Education Distinction and First in Senior Te Reo Ondre Hapuku-Lambert Distinction in Level Two Media Studies Distinction in Level Two English Distinction in Level Two History Rebecca Buckley Distinction in Level Two Mathematics Distinction in Level Two Chemistry Distinction in Level Two Physics Romona Wainohu Distinction in Level Two Mathematics Distinction in Level Two Physics Distinction in Level Two English Sara Renall


Distinction and First in Level Three Art - Painting Hannah Bursnall Distinction in Level Three Art - Sculpture Jorja Fryer Distinction and First in Level Three Design Jessica Rix Distinction in Level Three Design Tadhg Stephens Ellison Cup for Best Level Three Music Student

Lian Hontalba Distinction and First in Level Three Dance Hope McCleland Distinction in Level Three Physical Education Tyler Boyes Distinction in Level Three Mathematics with Statistics Emma Varcoe Distinction and First in Level Three Biology Samuel Raggett Distinction in Level Three Business Studies Jacinta Foreman George Seymour Trophy for Distinction and First in Level Three Tourism Mya Stothers Distinction in Level Three Tourism Briar McKinley Distinction in Level Three History Molly Hooper Gilmore Distinction in Level Three English Darian Culver Distinction and First in Level Three Japanese Lauren Hunt Distinction and First in Level Three Media Studies Xanthia Coombe Distinction in Level Three English Distinction and First in Level Three Drama Georgia Goodsell Distinction and First in Level Three Product Design Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Technology Student Zac Burlace Distinction and First in Level Three Physical Education Distinction and First in Level Three Mathematics with Statistics Dylan Bagley Distinction in Level Three Mathematics with Statistics Distinction in Level Three Biology Lucy McKay Distinction in Level Three Mathematics with Statistics

Clothier Cup for Distinction and First in Level Three English Amber Flashoff Distinction in Level Three Biology Distinction in Level Three English Maddison Dender Distinction in Level Three Art - Painting Distinction in Level Three Photography Ellie McGhee Distinction in Level Three Art - Painting Distinction in Level Three Physics Max Crossan Distinction in Level Three Photography Distinction and First in Level Three Hospitality Stazia Hoskin


Member of Project Prima Volta 2018/19 Lian Hontalba


Selected #1 Member of Hawke’s Bay Regional Debating Team Thea Morton


Winner Keep Hastings Beautiful Award at Hawke’s Bay Edible Arts Jorja Fryer


Awarded ‘Outstanding’ at Hawke’s Bay Science Fair Won the University of Otago Prize for best application of Scientific Method Best Senior Project in Fair Nomination for Prime Ministers Future Science Award Lexi Trotter


Karate “KYOKUSHI” Placed First New Zealand Intermediate (U18) Robert Wooster

World Championships in Carmarthen, Wales Kate Browning


Represented and played Hawke’s Bay B1 Eastern Women New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Nationals Tournament Team New Zealand U18 A Hannah Hunt


Represented and played Hawke’s Bay A2 Eastern U18 V-Captain Eastern U21 and New Zealand U18A Selected for the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ National Tournament team Coach of the Hawke’s Bay U14’s Andre Carter


Advanced Certificate in Professional Speaking ASB Performance in Public Speaking Abigail Kilkolly ASB Performance in Public Speaking Ruby Brett Hannah Bursnall Lucy McKay Jacinta Foreman


Stortford Lodge Rotary Club Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award Scholarship Ellie Panton



Victoria University of Wellington Tangiwai Scholarship


Darian Culver Victoria University of Wellington Tangiwai Scholarship


Ben Randle Otago University Foundation Tukahika Scholarship

Karate “KYOKUSHI” First New Zealand Senior Women Champion Rhiannon Wooster Represented and competed for New Zealand in the U17 team at the July


Lucy McKay Otago University Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Abigail Kilkolly Otago University New Frontiers Entrance Scholarship Sydney Crawford New Zealand School of Tourism Scholarship Larissa O’Driscoll EIT Youth Scholarship Ella Tieman EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship Shakoa Puketapu EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship Molly Hooper-Gilmour EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship Max Crossan EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship Amelia Hunt EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship Felicity Johnstone EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship Ruby Brett EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship Ayla Miller EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship

PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Lucy McKay Hannah Bursnall

Wi Rangi Wiremu Whaitiri Memorial Trophy for demonstrating Leadership across the School Dylan Dempsey Barker Cup for Sportsmanship Ben Randle Karamu High School Cup and Miniature for Sporting Excellence Dylan Bagley Roff Cup and Miniature for the Senior Sportsman of the Year Isaac Hinton Lucas Cup and Miniature for the Senior Sportswoman of the Year Cortez Te Pou

Karamu School Year 12 Academic Cup Thea Morton Karamu High School Prize for the Year 13 General Excellence Sir Paul Holmes Memorial Cup for the Year 13 General Excellence Tia Ward Karamu High School Prize for the Proxime Accessit to the Dux Clark Cup for Proxime Accessit to the Dux Lachlan Costello Karamu High School Dux Cup Michael Hill Watch for the Dux Karamu High School Prize for the Dux Benjamin Colquhoun

MacLeod Cup for Service to CoCurricular Activities Abigail Kilkolly Karamu High School Cup for Cultural Excellence Amber Flashoff Te Taonga Trophy for Contribution to Maoritanga Jemma Green

Kayla Lowe EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship

Karamu High School Year 11 General Excellence Cup for Excellence in Academic, Sports and Culture Paige Flashoff


Karamu High School Year 11 Academic Cup Keelan Heesterman

Tia Ward Tyler Boyes Lucy McKay Ben Randle

Tiana Edwards

Karamu High School Year 12 General Excellence Cup for Excellence in Academic, Sport and Culture


9APR Back row: Arwen Snowden Antonievic, Karlee Church, Hannah Hibbert, Ava Herrrington, Paige Horn, Cameron Trass

Middle row: Joshua Savage, Leo Hill, Jasmine Ngawhika, Tyler Heesterman, Megan Harvey, Ashlee Bird, Rylee Fraser, Mrs A Price

Front row: Gemma Cox, Brianna Connor, Lucian Karaitiana, Lionel McGhie, Ezra-Jade Tomoana, Kali Park, Xiah-Lee Collier

Absent: Blaise Coulbeck, Brydon Crossan, Jaimee Gregory, Jennifer Hatata-Dasent, Nevaeh Kama, Bronson Mansell, Joshua Savage, Hamish Wood, Zirron Worthington

9ARO Back row: Cameron Kyle, Shontae Kelly, Dakota Linton-Jennings, Taylor Cooper, Rangimarie Brown, Tihema Reed, Innika Hapuku-Lambert, Armeen Kaur

Middle row: Mrs L Tetley, Jayden Cornelissen, Dallas Gray, Cade Nicholson, Ahorangi Gibson, Cole Whateley, Ruby Faulkner, Raiden Pruckmuller-Brown, Joe Gilmour, Ms A Roberts

Front row: Astella Bare-Holloway, Ashlee McMillan, Vaughan Roper, Cairo Duff, Ester Missen, Jolie McLean, Cole Potts Tyro, Alia Polon Absent: Ariel Henderson-Ereatara, Paige Jardine


Back row: Zachery Maclean, Katie Law, Zaine Falp, Rhyzia Nathan, Seren-Rose Williams, Poppy Fee, Blake Setford Middle row: Elli Weber, Cole Smith, Connor Meldrum, Jack Brown, Cameron Browning, Bryan Gray, Pashence Schneider, Mrs Wiggins

Front row: Alex Oliver, Kean Benipayo, Leah Boyd, Supakiat Khunphet, Brydie Albert, Scarlett Stephens, Alyx Douglas Absent: Abel Barrett, Kieana Waiwiri-Hetaraka, Brianna Lawrence, Bella Casson


9JMA Back row: Jordan Barber, Jada Luke-Sorenson, Jade Hemmings, Te Atawhai Nia Nia, Nate Mathieson, Toia Marsh,

Keighan Hikawai McIntyre, Brayden Stok

Middle row: Benjamin Holdsworth, Liam Mathews, Camden Bruce, Carter Ramsay, Flynn Ramsay, Jack Haycock, Joshua Powell, Makayla Read, Mr J Matthews

Front row: Nicholas Haynes, Kahn Stowe, Kaleb Thomson, Mackenzie Acraman, Alicia Anasapi, Brooklyn Pitman, Amy Rose Costello, Victoria Hurndell, Oscar Wilkinson

9KMA Back row: Bodie Scott, Jemma Moffitt, Maddison Munro, Izabella Hancz, Brianna Sunley, Mikayla Morrell, Amie Chatterton, Mr K May

Middle row: Olivia Thomas, Calais Byrne, Harris Robinson, Tristan Marsh, Grace Sayer, Brydon Crossan, Esta Chaplin, Joshua Anderson

Front row: Emma Bush, Unique Williams, Mathias Hansen, Charlotte Orr, Sophia Talagi, Nicholas Evans, Megan Orr, Maggie McCallum

Absent: Miriam Kupa, Connor Carmichael, Cameron Trass

9LUW Back row: Hennah Nazneen, Natalie Darl Lawas, Aden Speers, Aradia Cornes, Kaiya Anderson-Maui, Keisha Eagan, Mr L Weber

Middle row: Kamau de Thierry, Luke Wilson, Katelyn Church, Cheniqua Gasolo, David Fraser, Jolie Stothers, Dean Te Huna

Front row: Alex Faamita, Hera Paikea, Pippa Osborne, Jodi Coombs, Nevaeh Ferguson, Kaylee Denham-White, Michelle Sikupa Absent: Christopher Dunn, Amos James, Faith Nathan-Pene, Michael Newton, Samuel Talagi



Back row: Mr J Haronga, Timothy Arnold-Grey, Brodin Thomson, Chiefy Tahuri, Kingston Mahia, Joesph Curry, Joshua Mills, Mr R Jamieson, Mr M Jamieson

Front row: Samuel Rountree, Brooklyn Lenz, Miya Clarke, Samuel Chilton, Ezekiel Stichbury Penhall, Nikita Graham Absent: Narsyr Duncan, Marcus Steff


Back row: Claire Morrison, Ella Willacy-Kaka, Aria Remihana, Joshua Groen, Hanna Gaston-Boyle, Skyela Morrell, Caitlin Allan

Middle row: Greer Lane, Venessa Nikora, Taryn Derbidge, Crysire-Jade Kaimoana, Calais Hapuku-Lucas, Bailey Smith, Bridie-Rose Bradley, Dante Taylor, Mrs P Woodmass

Front row: Cruz Hapuku, Ngahere Greaves, Briana Hayes, Ana Robertshw, Nikki Kyle, James Anstis, Wyatt Taiapa-Powell Absent: Schnell Christie, Jayr Haronga

9RRY Back row: Phimwaree Toanchalee, Ella Burbury, Ranche Honotapu, Javier Santander Navaez, Ashden Wiffen, Lena Ormsby, Unique Tumataroa Middle row: Dante Kotuhi, Aaliyah Downes, Eaamon Hunt, Robert Sayer, Te Tahi Wairau, Seamus McCann, Alexander Dubery, Miss R Ryder

Front row: Evangelina Pritchard, Madison Mildon, Maia Flanders-Nikora, Grace Farrand-Hill, Cody Wilson, Hannah Cherry, Kelly Littlechild

Absent: Danni-Lea Boyd, Flynn Rivers, Harley Solomon


10BRT Back row: Kadence Wilson, Robyn Hereaka, John Tapalla, Milly Neighbours, Kavarn Moka, Annahdale Laau, Liana McGregor,

Middle row: Kaleb Bardell, Jakob Matthews, Daniel Mansell, Jacob Talagi, Dylan Costello, Jack Goodley, Seb Theobald, Mr B Tetley

Front row: Caleb Butler, Kane McGregor, Josh Stephens, Jessica Haerewa, Litisha Eru-Kennedy, Raeesah Saadiqhah, Nicole Lawas

Absent: Harmony Kautai, Parish Kelly-Harmer, Mya-Bella Hape

10CRT Back row: Kelly Wallace, Royden Hoggett, Harper Elliot, Maddison Palmer, Emily Martin

Middle row: Tiaho O’Brien, John Rose-Smissen, Jacob Player, Connor McAneny, Jared Anderson, Kate Hastings, Mr C Thompson

Front row: Curtis McConaghty, Myrtle Ihaka, Ashlee Cameron-Forsyth, Paia Williams, Kate Moore, Frasier Willan Absent: Hayley Austin, Emma Jarvis, Ethan Lovie, Nikitah McGrail-Timms, Rebekah Metelerkamp, Bryn Nelson


Back row: Benson Chase, Manu Edwards, Thomas Marett, Tehya Te Puke Cameron, alex Horne, Asha Taumata, Brylee Nilsson

Middle row: Dylan Summersby, Quinn Trotter, Ivan Hapuku-Te Nahu, James Dawson, Emma Randle, Rieff Anderson, Dylan Cooper, Salati Vili

Front row: Chantelle Foreman, Julia Lee, Tamsyn Mercer, Fuisami Time, Brodie Hellyer, Shyzeia Paul, Xzayvia Stevens

Absent: Holand Marsh, Adrielle Gillespie, Azalea Kelly-Tyler, Mr G Ross


10HGL Back row: Nikita Steffert, Amy Bagley, Riley Acraman, Sascha MacDonald, Gabriel Barlow, Shona Jenkinson, Ryleigh Monk, Cora Davison

Middle row: Mia Bassett, Anaru Wairau, Ashleigh Gouldsmith, Rhiannon Groen, Braden Cooper, Henry Wiggins-Crowe, Corey Sullivan, Suzanna Brandt, Kyra Byers, Ms H Glenny

Front row: Janine de Wit, Calvin Millar, Annabel Elmsly, Chante-Sophia Toko-Dyer, Lilah Pruckmuller-Brown, Ruby McEvoy, Cody Baker, Katrina Marks, Sasha Sharma Absent: Paige Hunter, Hamish Mackay, Jack Arcus

10JOV Back row: Anna Van, Brooklyn Walker-Gifkins, Frankie Foote, Jonathan Harbord, Jordyn Nicholson, Hamish Wills

Middle row: Samuel Somerville-Ryan, Polly Colquhoun, Jackson Yang, Vaan Burlace, Journey Bell, Kate Weaver, Reiley Bartlett, Miss J Veen Front row: Samantha Fargher, Jorja Robertson, Kyla Morton, Ashanti Wallace, Luke Stewart, Alexx Godschalk

Absent: Dylan Cooper, James Karnbach, Daniel Lagaaia, Stuart Morrell,


Back row: Christopher Carr, Jordyn Fitness, Ezera Faiumu, Iliya Sorkin, Cameron Fausett-Carrell

Middle row: Daniel Inwood, Riley Tane, Keerat Singh, Troy Volman, Uzmine Alam, Mr N Moir

Front row: Cheydon Mulligan-Johnstone, Hailie Hollows, Kaitlyn Cornelissen, Emma Hocking, Mollie Motley

Absent: Moe Harleen Singh, Hamesha Chhura, Brodee Thomson, Grace Puhara, Jazmyn Johnstone, James Dillon, Jack Brookes


10STC Back row: Abad Miah, Ava Linnell, Thomas Bush, Brianna McNaught, Sienna Jones

Middle row: Hayden Hunt, Alyssa Apatu, Tyler Howie, Leilani Williams, Zach Hatton, Corbin Lee

Front row: Elsa Youthed, Shayleah Pritchard, Katelyn Beck, Jess Webb, Lachie MacGregor, Erin Berg Absent: Maddison Hughes, Briah McGrail-Timms, Paige McRoberts, Barry Pirret, Sierra Poppelwell, Anna-Lysse Richards,

Callum Teddy, Hunter Topham-MacKenzie, Courtney Walker, Akaysha Williams, Ryan Hannam


Back row: Mitchell Jones, Mack Stevens, Spencer Greening, Simi Noa Thompson, Caleb West, Connor Byford Front row: Joel Dunstan, Sophie Ward, Gianni Akuhata, Exodia Cashmore, Alisha Crake Absent: Priscillaroze Kiwara, Quinn O’Gorman, Mr T Blake

10VWA Back row: Krystal Mathews, Toby Bryan, William Wepa-Hazel, Lily Andrews, Jorja Wigzell, Maxine Mita, Declan Jeffers, Brenna Garland

Middle row: Gabriel Moanaroa, Daniel O’Connell, Thomas Haszard, Jacob Buckrell, Ephraim Tawera, Sammy-Lee Christie, Sam Holloway, Mrs V Watson Front row: Harrison Saunders, Linda Norman, Tessa Hollway, Rory McKay, June Sheardown, Grace Spooner, Emma Hope

Absent: Chiraag Chhura, Jordan Connolly, Rea Edmonds-Rameka, Tumoana Tauranga,



Back row: Jordan Amy, Ben Gouldsbrough, Nicolas Sopharux, Finn Jackson, Jaidyn Russell Middle row: Michael Tapson, Kael Williams, Waimea Craig, Jaden Prest, Callum Davison, Mr B Reay Front row: Oliver Christieson, Luka Skogstad, Ashton Anderson, Marcus Le Monnier, Haipeng Jiang Absent: Malachi Taiapa, Shane Tran


Back row: Brooke Wilson, Emily Morgan, Laura Walker, Emily Eldridge, Celine Berry

Middle row: Jade Edmonds, Maddison Alve, Dakota Simpson, Jocelyn Love, Macayla Parkins, Ms C Woodhall

Front row: Ruby Schmidt, Emily Hunt, Honore Pirret, Annabel McCallum, Paige Holmes Absent: Chloe Peterson, Ellie Panton, Myrakyll Keelan-Heke


Back row: Boss Kenrick, Shiloh Pope, Mason Clarke, Jordan Hume

Middle row: Steven Fungsoongnern, Hayden Moss, Brad Good, Brock Coulbeck, Mr E Martin

Front row: Nazareth Fa’alele, Jason Robin, Treydon Chadwick-White, Karlin Painter-Dudley, Xavier Te Tonga Absent: John Fua, Jack Williams



Back row: Kaea Kershaw-Horua, Isabel Valdez, Emma Mansell, Erika Richmond, Mrs J Burn

Front row: Jennifer Boyd, Alana Hughes, Lisa Barber, Tegan McGhie, Katana Cherrington

Absent: Timira Ahmed, Aretoula Barbarouses, Breanna Dacombe


Back row: Josh Clifton, Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins, Max Craft, Christopher Harbord, Isaac Winterson Middle row: Zac du Plessis, Aiden Arnott, Cruiz Tangen-Wainohu, Sam Ramsay, Brodie Mathieson Front row: Seb Te Kani, Pierson Clement, Brodie Harris, Hamish Thorburn, Jared Baker

Absent: Mr J Wright, Alex Corbishley, Kory Morgan, Cameron Orr, Sam Williams, Robert Wooster


Back row: Amber Bisley, Pieta Offord, Yasmin Bishop, Kendell Hansen, Kiri Hereaka

Ava Maxwell, Sasha Terry, Cypress Miller-Rapaea, Sarah Purcell-Rogers, Mrs K Christian

Middle row:

Front row: Charlene Inguanzo, Kayla Anderson, Aaliah Flanders-Newton, Nish-had Saiyad, Sienna Holdaway-Stevens Absent: Paige Tregonning, Mary Arkell, Pieta Offord


11KIV Back row: Holly Alve, Sophie Brookes, Te Analee Hooper, Jacob Tollison, Aidan Eaglestone, Shadae Stevens, Ella Hope

Middle row: Paige Treneman, Dylan Head, Timara Stevens-Lett, Flynn Duley, Joel Tawera, Wil Talagi, Lyrik Hepi, Lilly Powell, Mrs K van Rijk Front row: Kari Soanes, Lakiya Neill, Aysha Saunders, Bree Gibson, Erena Clarke-Boyle, Lily Skews, Cassy Lemon Absent: Hannah Hunt, Aniah Chapman-Ransfield, LJ Henderson-Ereatara’ Jacob Reeve, Samuel Robertson, Chalyse Torea


Back row: George Christieson, Liam McRae, Riley Gough, Lachlan Cooper, Lachie Carter, Mr K Nepe Apatu

Front row: Thomas Phillips, Hamish Hemopo-Hartley, Matariki Lauder, Jahrome Bryan, Olly Chilton, Jiale Zhou

Absent: James Miles, Cameron Dryden, Jack Gilchrist

11MCD Back row: Paige Dempsey, Emma Norman, Kade Lindsay, Abigail McEvoy, Blake Manson, Hayley Smith, Keegan Russell, Gisella Edwards

Middle row: Ethin Templeton, Zachary Bibby, Keelan Heesterman, Isaac Robertshaw, Raniera Wairau, Matt Cuckow, Paige Flashoff, Mr R McDade

Front row: Beryl de Guzman, Brooklyn Woodcock, Sammi Eaglestone, Maia Colman-Savage, Emily Brookes, Olivia Findon,Rana Cetinturk, Amie Hazelwood, Kendra Coombe Absent: Elijah Casson, Stella Hinton



Back row: Brooke Boden, Georgia Perry, Ashlee Oliver, Zedina Sedgewick, Gracie Kohi

Middle row: Hannah McKinley, Nikitah Powell, Jorjah Harvey, Gabriella Hanaray, Cherish Maui, Miss R Poirier

Front row: Marissa Hawthorne, Hayley Jones, Lashana Gempton, Molly Jensen, Teina Kihirini


Back row: Mrs N Messer, Kavarn Kerisiano, Vencent Gray, Jason Dutton, Alex Tangi, Traylan Hansen, Mrs R Tiuka Front row: Jessika Peterson, Vinnie Harrison, Sebastian Jennings, Ashley McGrannachan, Nicole Thomson, Jamie-Lee Harrison Absent: Justin Liu, Joseph Roberts, Amber Kenny, Nikitah Jardine


Back row: Charlotte Leigh, Grace Mentzer, Payton Mills-Scott, Maddison Harding, Charlotte Hopkins

Middle row: Samantha Makris, Taniya Dawson, Poppy Wilkinson, Sarah Weaver, Georgie Brooker, Mrs A Cooper Front row: Elise Keehan, Tyler Mumby, Thea Morton, Paige McLaren, Hannah Fua, Summer Painter

Absent: Shaiann Halstead, Crystal Hapuku-Te Nahu, Cassia Rosvall, Cassie Woolrich


12AWH Back row: Nastashia Ngawhika, Aaliyah McRae, Katie Tapara, Yasmine Hassan, Miss A Whitlow

Front row: Lily Byford, Rachel Wilson, Anecia Ave, Aimee Shaw, Brianna Barrett-Chase

Absent: Brooklyn Kennedy, Willow Kohi, Kaylee Martini-Hohaia, Max Taiapa-Powell, Memory Tangi, Tanyalia Tuhi


Back row: Daniel Fraser, Markis Walsh-Kingi, Boston Walsh, Jahnie Chatterton, Mack Coady

Middle row: Christian Jordan, Alex Weaver, Ethan Crosbie, Izaiah Te Wiata, Gabriel Fa’alele, Mr B Wardrope

Front row: Taylor Wakely, Alexander Rabanal, Lee Paku-Mokau, Cole Vucjcich, Jayden Gartner, Jonzy Benipayo

Absent: Michael Garland, Cullen Abraham-Smith, Stefan Marsh, Andre Carter, Toby Kupa, Logan Mason, CJ Solomona, Ethan Poppelwell

12FMC Back row: Olivia Cacace, Rachel Hunt, Brooke Wills, Britney Bragancia, Brooke Hemmings Middle row: Georgia Wilson, Calena Wilson, Shana Curtin, Caitlin Davis, Larissa O’Driscoll, Mrs F McDonald

Front row: Alys Jeffries, Sophie Maddox, Keira Wilder, Jorja Connell, Amy Griffin Absent: Kate Browning, Shantalia Dunn, Molly Fothergill, Tashi Gracefield, Amber Hollings Haddon, Tamara-Lee Richards


12LMC Back row: Milly Scott, Mia McLeish, Tegan Wroe, Janaia Greening, Jessica Snow, Courtney Orviss, Miss L McElwee

Front row: Natassja Lawas, Nelle Lawas, Nakita Hildreth, McKenzie Harding, Emma Morrison, Karsha Radonich

Absent: Scarlett Bradley, Jordan Heeney, Caitlin Lenz, Victoria Priest, Kaytlin Smith-Street, Erana-Kawa Whatarau


Back row: Benji Ward, Joshua Metelerkamp, Ethan Fairweather, Pierre Byrne, Maggie Costello, Meg Lindsay Middle row: Harrison Small, Alex Withington, Renee Taylor, Mackenzie Vercoe, Te Raumati Te Aho-Chapple, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Mr N Field

Front row: Rebecca Buckley, Romy Luxford, Pacey Torea, Lily Burns, Shylah Jones, Courtney Jack Absent: Emily Burns, Ryan Coombs, Amy Godwin, Renee Saunders


Back row: Libby Bush, Romona Wainohu, Ondre Hapuku-Lambert, Jamie Hollway, Amelia Brougham, Jessica Shoemark, Erika Balestie Diaz

Middle row: Kayla Stephens, Luke Barlow, Cherish Kotuhi, Van Acraman, Tobi Wells, Mitchell Huisman, Caroline Glen

Front row:

Melody James, Charlene Fun-nell, Sara Renall, Hannah Mackay, Sophie Jones, Madison Jack, Alice Liu

Absent: Adam Brookes, Tiana Edwards, Flynn Mercer, Hazel Millar, Tia Tahau, Lexi Trotter


12THU Back row: Jesse Kereru, Connor Auckram, Jaden Kaimoana-Kotuhi, Tiaki Mildon, Zac Brooker Middle row: Bradley Hughes, Dallas Martini-Hohaia, Rhys Tamanui, Corbyn Te Whaiti, Sean Marshall, Mr T Hunter

Front row: Bo Rolleston-Wepa, Mahara Nathan-Pene, Hikaru Yoshino, Riley Walton-Sexton, Raturoa Vercoe

Absent: Jackson Whitfield, Jace Chenery, Jobe Ngamotu, Dazzler Mulligan-Johnstone, Ellis Fa’alele


Back row: Libby O’Hanlon, Ashleigh Mildenhall, Sydney Crawford, Briar McKinley, Cortez Te Pou, Tia Ward

Middle row: Charles Spooner, Tyler Boyes, Zac Burlace, Daniel Stuart, Tyrin Walker, Logan Seymour, Ben Randle, Mr A Noble Front row: Piper Jones, Tyla Dillon, Maddison Dender, Ruby Brett, Jade Ubels, Ella Tieman Absent: Zane Beckham, Te Waiarani Randell, Aaliyah Tangen-Wainohu, Rhiannon Wooster


Back row: Hastings Laau, April Kihirini, Hannah Le Monnier, Lagi Magele-Timu, Georgia MacGregor, Jasmine Fannin Middle row: Kerinza Benjamin, Breanna McRae, Amelia Hunt, Abigail Kilkolly, Hannah Bursnall, Meg Ryan, Jorja Fryer, Miss J Dawson

Front row: Briar Fraser, Georgia Goodsell, Hope McCleland, Sophie Law, Leah Stanford, Brooke Foster, Stazia Hoskin Absent: Jemma Green, Nerida Marshall, Charm Sandilands, TK Smith



Back row: Jayden Griffiths, Jacob Ansell, Andrew Tong, Dylan Dempsey, Mitchell Raison, Lars Stevenson, Max Crossan, Victoria Sammons, Mr J Mallory

Front row: Rachel Torreno, Jessica Abelson, Lauren Hunt, Anna Barbridge, Ellie McGhee, Samuel Raggett, Brent Jay Bragancia, Ereina Tonihi

Absent: Tamar Hoogendoorn, Danielle Finlayson, Rhian Hanara, Molly Hooper-Gilmore, Georgia Lawes, Travis Martin, Monique Peard, Mya Stothers

13MAC Back row: Lucy McKay, Te Au Skipworth, Jack Garvey, Sam Bailey, Tadhg Stephens, Kiam Byers, Ethany Gibson, Jack Burns, Shakoa Puketapu

Middle row: Darian Culver, Lachlan Costello, Ben Colquhoun, Dean Polak, Thomas Steinmann, Oliver Wiggins-Crowe, Jake Snow, Kahurangi Stevens, Dylan Bagley, Miss M Calkoen Front row: Lian Byers, Sophie Williams, Felicity Johnstone, Amber Flashoff, Jacinta Foreman, Xanthia Coomb, Jessica Rix, Rilee Prebensen Absent: Isaac Hinton,


Back row: Dane Skogstad, Clayton Hughes, Quinten Rutten, Joshua Walford, Cameron Spargo, Zak Wallace, Samuel Bradley, Mrs V Peffer

Front row: Carl Henry Inguanzo, Lourdes Collier, Boston Wynyard, Raegan Robinson, Emma Varcoe, Amy Richardson, Miracle Wereta Absent: Jacob Astridge, Ayla Miller, Kayla Lowe, Shae McKenzie, Christina Nikera-Winitana


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