Karamu High School Yearbook 2017

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The name Karamu has long been associated with the Hastings area. It is the name of the local stream and was the name of JP Ormond’s estate on the other side of the city. However, Karamu High School derives its name from the Karamu tree Coprosma lucida. The tree had great significance in early Maori belief. It symbolised life and all the goodness in the Earth and mankind. It had the power to cleanse both spiritually and mentally. THE SCHOOL MOTTO: Knowledge is Strength emphasises the role of knowledge in strong successful life and is the basis of citizenship. THE SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT: Karamu High School will provide co-educational learning opportunities that will inspire students to achieve a wide range of success and develop high standards and self-esteem to enable them to become successful members of society. Students will achieve this through a well-balanced education focusing on individual needs in a friendly, safe and attractive environment. SCHOOL VISION STATEMENT: Proudly Karamu: Proud of who we are and what we stand for Proudly Hastings: Actively supporting the community we are in Proudly Learning: Aiming to achieve to our full potential

Knowledge is Strength

- te Ma-tauranga He Mana to




Tira Ora 2017............................................................... 1

Triathlon...................................................................... 49

Contents....................................................................... 2

Cross Country............................................................ 50

Proudly Karamu.......................................................... 4

Swimming Sports....................................................... 51

Principal’s Report......................................................... 6

Cycling........................................................................ 52

Board of Trustees Chairperson‘s Report...................... 7

Cross Country Fun..................................................... 53

Staff 2017..................................................................... 8

Duke of Edinburgh...................................................... 54

Staff Welcomes, Farewells......................................... 12

The Green Team......................................................... 56

Big Sing...................................................................... 17

Equestrian Team......................................................... 57

Head Students............................................................ 18

Futsal.......................................................................... 58

Leaders...................................................................... 20

Football....................................................................... 60

Powhiri 2017............................................................... 21

Hockey....................................................................... 66

Year 13 2017.............................................................. 22

Ki O Rahi.................................................................... 68

Prime Ministers Visit................................................... 31

Kapa Haka.................................................................. 69

Cabaret....................................................................... 32

Music.......................................................................... 70

Year 13....................................................................... 34

Dance NZ Made......................................................... 66

Debating..................................................................... 36

Gymnastics................................................................. 67

Speech Extension...................................................... 38

Music.......................................................................... 72

Athletics...................................................................... 39

Netball........................................................................ 74

Badminton.................................................................. 40

Stage Challenge......................................................... 78

Big Day Out................................................................ 41

Rugby......................................................................... 80

Basketball................................................................... 42

Get to Go Year 9 & 10 Adventure Race...................... 82

Canoe Polo................................................................. 44

Petanque.................................................................... 83

Athletics Day.............................................................. 46

Touch Rugby.............................................................. 85

Clay Target Shooting.................................................. 47

Sporting Success....................................................... 86

Cricket, Chess............................................................ 48

Commonwealth Youth Games.................................... 88

Orienteering................................................................ 49

Softball....................................................................... 89

Weights Club.............................................................. 90

Geography, Social Studies.................................... 138

Volleyball.................................................................... 91

Tourism.................................................................. 139

Proudly Hastings...................................................... 92 Anzac Morning........................................................... 94

Business Studies................................................... 140 Spec Programme..................................................... 141

Relay for Life.............................................................. 95

Languages Faculty................................................... 142

Iron Maori................................................................... 96

The Library, Japan Trip.......................................... 142

Spec Programme....................................................... 94

English and Language Faculty.............................. 143

Blossom Day.............................................................. 98

Technology Faculty................................................... 144

Kaweka..................................................................... 100

Technology Faculty, Fashion and Textile Design... 144

Heretaunga............................................................... 102 Tuki Tuki................................................................... 104 Te Mata..................................................................... 106 Proudly Learning.................................................... 109

Food Innovation and Nutrition............................... 146 Hospitality.............................................................. 147 Product Design...................................................... 148 Design Technology, Product Design and Senior Workshop Classes,

High Achievers..........................................................110

Design and Visual Communication (DVC)............ 149


Physical Education and Health Faculty.................... 150

Academic Institute.................................................... 120

Outdoor Education................................................ 150

Mathematics Faculty................................................ 121

Run........................................................................ 151

The Arts Faculty....................................................... 122

Science Faculty........................................................ 152

Media Studies, Theatre Technology, Maori Performing Arts............................................ 123 Level One Arts....................................................... 124 Level Two Arts....................................................... 126 Level Three Arts.................................................... 129 Drama.................................................................... 131

Science Trip Europe.............................................. 152 Science Fair.......................................................... 153 Science Faculty Report, Science Visitors.............. 154 Health Careers Expo, Gannet Trip, Biology Trip... 155 Junior Prizegiving 2017............................................ 156

Music..................................................................... 135

Senior Prizegiving 2016........................................... 161

2017 History Trip to Europe...................................... 136

Trophies.................................................................... 168

Social Science Faculty............................................. 138

Class Photos............................................................ 170






Writing this report at the end of another school year, we once again reflect positively on all of the fantastic achievements of both the staff and students of Karamu High School. There have been a huge number of successes in a broad range of endeavours highlighted throughout the year in assemblies, through our newsletters and, most recently, at our Senior and Junior Prizegivings. Most importantly, academic achievement continues to be at the forefront of this success and, yet again, our students and staff have continued to raise the bar with record numbers of students achieving level endorsements. Learning and success encompass much more than NCEA results, however, and it has been fantastic to see growing numbers of students heavily involved in the extracurricular life of the school at regional, national and international level as well as in service to the community. As a result, there continues to be a strong demand for places at Karamu High School with a school zone required to control roll growth. At the beginning of this year, we acknowledged a significant event in the retirement of Mrs June Clark after 41 years of service. At the close of the year we also farewell another of our long serving and much loved staff, Mr Kevin Beaumont. Mr Beaumont’s association with the school dates back to 1975. He has made an outstanding contribution to the teaching of Science and Chemistry while also being heavily involved in coaching and managing many successful volleyball and canoe polo teams. I know that we, as do many of his past pupils and colleagues, hold Mr Beaumont in the highest regard and wish him all the very best in retirement. Also this year we will bid farewell to Mrs Julie Bewick (Science) and a number of our support staff in Mrs Janet Clarke (Accounts), Mrs Karen Hart (Guidance Counsellor), Mrs Judith Bartlett (Speech) and Mrs Jan Clothier (Librarian). We are very grateful for their commitment to Karamu High School. I have no doubt that those who were fortunate to work with them will be well aware of the quality of the professional practice that they have brought to this school, and we wish them all the best with their future endeavours. Our Board of Trustees once again led by Chairperson Mr Dave de Lange, has had another busy year. In 2017 the Board committed $1.2 million of ministry funding to new infrastructure in the school. There has been the redevelopment of EL1,

EL2, the building of a new disability toilet facility and, over the holiday period, work will begin on the upgrade of the exterior areas around the Arts and Technology blocks, and re-roofing of the administration block. With a focus to the future, the Board have also been working on how best they can support the integration of Technology across the curriculum. This year we saw the introduction of a BYOL (bring your own laptop) pilot programme at Year 9 with this set to expand in 2018. The goal is for every student to have access to a laptop as a tool for learning by 2020. As a school, we are working towards creating a blended learning environment where students have instant access to a device to ensure learning is flexible and responsive to their needs. With any significant change or new initiative we undertake, we often reflect on a metaphor of a cycling peloton, in that we don’t want to be on the front burning our energy nor do we want to be falling off the back of the pack. If we can tuck in near the front and learn from others, we will ensure our energy, expertise and resources are used to achieve the best results. I am confident that this is where we are positioned in regards to integrating technology as a tool for learning. Karamu High School is in good heart, thanks again to the engagement and participation of the student body led by our senior school leaders Toby Hunter, Holly Davison, Hannah Hemi-Robinson and Reuben Lyndon. In 2017 we held our first ever leadership camp where this group came together and shone. They have continued to demonstrate the vision and values of the school and lead by example. We know they, along with their peers, reflect with great happiness on their time at Karamu. We have a fantastic Senior Leadership Team at Karamu. Mr Wooster, Mrs Thomas and Mr Hollands continue to lead, inspire, motivate and innovate in a constant search for improvement. They are supported by an incredible teaching staff as well as numerous support staff led by Mrs Viv Hantler. There have been some incredibly challenging times this year. The support and unity of this team has provided great strength in overcoming the adversity we have faced and, for that we are truly grateful. In closing and reflecting on this year, I once again feel very fortunate and privileged to lead this great school. At Karamu, we realise that we have something very special which has been created over many years as a result of much hard work by staff, students and our incredible families and whanau. We look forward to 2018 with much excitement and anticipation but, for now, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia ō tātou māhi Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work Michael Leitch Principal


2017 started with an intake of really enthusiastic Year 9 students who were welcomed to Karamu by the senior students. This is

a real strength at Karamu, how the senior students and student

leaders actively get involved in welcoming and supporting junior and new students to the school. It is a great way to install positive values across the school. The students are well

supported by all the staff throughout the school, including the Deans for each year group, which ensures students get the best possible start at Karamu.

This interaction by students

across all year groups continues through-out the year from the “Big Day Out� to swimming sports, athletics day and various other events over the year.

It was again pleasing and rewarding to see that the 2016 academic results for the various NCEA levels were outstanding

at all levels, exceeding the national averages, with a significant

increase in Merit and Excellence endorsements for our

students. This is a real credit to the students, teaching staff

and the support the students get at home, that Karamu sets

I receive really positive feedback from people about what great facilities we have at Karamu and it certainly is a pleasure to walk through and look at the modern amenities we do have. It is also rewarding to see that the students really seem to appreciate and look after their school. To ensure all students have a modern learning environment, we have carried out major renovation work on two of the older classrooms and have further work planned to keep classrooms up to date. I believe it is important that the students at Karamu are provided at any given time with the best possible facilities and resources we can give them.

Next year we will be encouraging all Year 9 students to bring their own laptop to school, (BYOL). Many students already do this and it will better allow students to engage with digital learning in what is a fast changing world, both in the educational and work environments. Exciting and challenging times are ahead for students and staff.

tutorials at lunchtimes, after school and in the holidays. Again,

Finally, a sincere thank you to all the staff, students and trustees at Karamu for the commitment you have that makes Karamu a great place to be involved with. I hope you and your families all have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and New Year period.

of the teaching staff and students putting in additional time to

Dave de Lange

and achieves such high standards. The positive academic results reflect the extra work put in across the school with a reflection of a really positive culture at Karamu with many ensure the best possible preparation occurs as students work towards achieving their NCEA goals.

Board chairperson

A significant event at Karamu this year was the retirement of Mrs June Clark after 41 years at Karamu. Her contribution

to the school throughout that time has been substantial and she has had a really positive influence on many students. Her contribution was rightfully acknowledged by many people,

including the Prime Minister when he visited Karamu. Once again, I would like to thank Mrs Clark for the dedicated teaching, leadership and energy she gave Karamu over so many years.

Obviously, all the students are at the centre of what we do

at Karamu, and I must acknowledge the effort the students themselves put in to achieve in a wide variety of areas. Much

of the time and effort students put in is in their own time. There is a lot of pressure on people now, around how they use their

time, and it is really encouraging to see students prepared to engage in sports practice, cultural events, trips, major events

like Kapa Haka festivals, Stage Challenge and programmes

such as the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Awards in their own time. All these events provide Karamu with opportunities to

have a positive impact and profile in our community and I thank

the students, teachers, support staff, coaches, parents and whanau for making this happen.


STAFF 2017 Board of Trustees

Mr D de Lange (Chairperson) Mr J Brookes, Dip. Hort Dr L Buckley, B.A.(Hons), Ph.D. Ms Sarah Gunn, B.Hort, Grad Dip.Tchg Mr I Horsefield Mrs V Hantler (Secretary) Mrs K Holden, B.A., Dip.Tchg, AIRMT Mr M Leitch, B.Ed., Dip.Tchg (Principal) Amy Walford – Dip. Tchg ECE Liam Davies (Student Trustee)

Senior Management Team Principal, Mr M Leitch, B.Ed, Dip.Tchg

Deputy Principal, Mr D Hollands, B.Des, Grad Dip Tchg

Deputy Principal Mrs J B Clark, B.Sc., Post Grad.Dip.Ed.(Ed Admin),

Dip. Tchg

Deputy Principal Mr W W Wooster, Dip. P.E., Dip. Tchg Deputy Principal Mrs. D Thomas, M Ed, B PhEd, Dip Tchg

Heads Of Faculty

Science Mr K Beaumont, B.Sc. (Hons), Dip. Tchg Social Sciences Miss H Glenny, B.A., Grad. Dip. Tchg English and Languages Mrs A Price, B.B.S., Dip Tchg Health and Physical Education Mr G P Ross, B. Ph. Ed., Dip.Tchg Arts Mrs K Van Rijk, B.A. Grad Dip. Tchg Mathematics Mr K May, B.A., M. Sci (Hons). Dip. Tchg Technology Miss M Calkoen, B.Arch(Hons), Grad Dip Tchg

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Bartlett, BA, Dip Ed, Adv Dip Tchg, LTCL, LSB Speech, FSB Pub Spkg Mrs K Beaumont, B.Ed.(UK), B.A.(Massey Scholar), Year 13 Dean Mr M Belz, B.B.S., M. Ed Admin., Dip.Tchg Mrs. J Bewick, B.Sci Dip Tchg Mr T Blake, B.Ed.Tchg - TIC Sport Mrs J Burn, B. Des (Hons), Grad Dip. Tchg - Asst HOF Technology Mr P Chamberlain, B.Sc. (Hons), P.G.C.E. M.R.S.C. Mrs A Cooper, B.Mus., B Sc., Grad Dip. Tchg Mr B Crawford, Dip.Tchg - Year 10 Dean Mrs H M Crawford, T.T.C. Mrs N Crawford, Dip.Tchg - Year 9 Dean Mr C Cummins, Dip Audio Engineering, M.A. Grad Dip. Tchg SCT Miss J Dawson, Dip. Tchg B.Des Mr N P Field, B.Sc., Dip.Tchg Ms S Gunn, B.Hort - Year 10 Dean Mr L Harmer, B.Maori Performing Arts, B Maori Art & Design, Dip.Tchg Mrs K Hart, B.A.(Hons), L.S.B., L.T.C.L., P.G.Dip.Ed (counselling), Dip.Tchg,

M. Counselling

Ms P Hati, B.Maori Performing Arts, Grad D ip. Tchg Mr T Hunter, B.A., Dip. Tchg Mrs J Hunter, B. Ph. Ed., Dip. Tchg, Grad Cert Career Development Mr M Jamieson, Dip.Tchg. Dip Special. Needs Mr J Kite, B.VAD, Grad Dip. Tchg Mr R McDade, B.Sc.(Hons), PGCE – Asst HoF Science Mrs F McDonald, B.A., Dip. Tchg Ms L McElwee, B.A, Grad Dip Tchg Mr J Mallory, B.A.,M.A.E.


Mr. E Martin, B.VAD Grad Dip.Tchg Mr J Matthews, B.Ed., Dip. Tchg. Mrs S Mills, B.SocSc.(Hons), Grad Dip Tchg Mr N R Moir, B.Sc., Dip. Ed. Studs., Dip. Tchg Mr. Aron Noble, B.Ed, Dip.Tchg Mrs V Peffer, ADVTC Electrical..Dip Tchg Miss J Primmer, B.RS.,Dip.Tchg, Asst HOF PE Mr C Rafferty, B.A, Grad Dip Tchg Mr J Read, B.A., Dip.Policing., Grad Di p. Tchg Mr. B Reay, B.ASci, Dip.Tchg Ms V Redwood, B.A., Dip. Tchg Ms A Roberts, B.Sc (Hons). Grad Dip Tchg Mr D A Taylor, Dip Tchg - Asst HOF Mathematics Mrs T Taylor, B.A., Dip.Tchg - Asst HOF Social Sciences Mr B Tetley, Grad Dip.Tchg Mr C Thompson, B.Sc., Dip. Tchg Mrs R Tiuka, B.Ed Ms J Veen, B.A., Grad Dip. Tchg - Year 10 Dean Mr B Wardrope, B.Arts, Dip.Tchg Mrs V Watson, B.A.Dip.Tchg, L.T.C.L.(Drama) - Asst HOF Arts Mr L Weber, Grad Dip.Tchg, Grad Dip.Tsm Miss A Whitlow, B.FA, Grad Dip Tchg Ms E Wiggins, B.A., Dip Tchg - Year 12 Dean Mr J Wright, B.VAD, Nat Cert Carpentry, Grad Dip Tchg

Instrumental Music Tutors

Dave Boston (Guitar, Electric Bass) B.A, L.T.C.L (Perf), A.I.R.M.T Tessa-May Brown (Voice) Sarah Bryant (Cello) B.A, A.T.C.L, Grad Dip Tchg Cameron Budge (Drums) Mary McHattie (Flute) Dip Tchg, A.I.R.M.T Sally Rutgers (Piano) Norma Smith (Violin) Neville Stewart (Brass) Brigitte Tiedemann (Flute) Anton Wuts (Saxophone, Clarinet) BMus

Support Staff

Miss A Arnott, Teacher Aide Ms B Butler, Gateway Coordinator Mrs J Clarke, Accounts Clerk Mrs J Clothier, B.A., Dip. ILS, Dip.Tchg RLIANZA - Library Mr B Cottrell, Teacher Aide Mrs F Gray, Receptionist/Cashier Mrs V Hantler, Principal’s PA Mrs J Harrison, B.Asci, Dip. Oenology - Lab Technician Mrs S Jackson, Senior Canteen Assistant Mrs B McGill, Dip. Spt Rec Admin. - Administration Mr R McLaren, Groundsman Miss S Maui, Teacher Aide Mr R Poulgrain, Caretaker Ms M Radley, Administration/ Library Mr M Strickland, NZCE (Ele Eng) - Computer Technician Mrs T Travers, Telephonist/Word-processing Mrs K Treneman, Administration Mrs M Whiting, Q.T.A. (Microbiology) Lab Technician


Mrs J Bartlett

Absent Miss M Corbett, Miss D Arnott, Mrs M Whiting, Mrs J Harrison, Mrs J Clarke, Mrs K Hart, Mrs E Wiggins, Mrs H Crawford, Mr R Poulgrain, Mr R McLaren,

1st row Mrs R Tiuka, Miss M Calkoen, Miss H Glenny, Mr K Beaumont, Mr D Hollands, Mrs D Thomas, Mr M Leitch, Mr W Wooster, Mr K May, Mrs A Price, Mr G Ross, Mrs K van Rijk, Mrs K Beaumont

2nd row Mr B Tetley, Mr B Reay, Mr R McDade, Mr C Rafferty, Mrs V Watson, Ms S Gunn, Mrs F McDonald, Mr A Noble, Mrs S Mills, Ms J Veen, Mrs B Butler, Miss S Maui, Ms M Radley, Mrs T Travers

3rd row Mr J Wright, Mr B Wardrope, Mr J Kite, Mr M Jamieson, Mr C Thompson, Mr L Weber, Mr E Martin, Mr C Cummins, Mr J Read, Mrs A Roberts, Mr P Chamberlain, Mr N Moir, Mr B Crawford

4th row Mrs V Hantler, Mrs S Jackson, Mrs V Peffer, Mrs K Treneman, Mrs T Taylor, Miss V Redwood, Ms P Hati, Mrs J Hunter, Mrs J Clothier, Mrs B McGill, Ms L McElwee, Miss J Primmer, Mrs F Gray,

5th row Mr J Mallory, Mr D Taylor, Mr M Strickland, Miss A Whitlow, Mrs A Cooper, Mrs N Crawford, Mr T Hunter, Miss J Dawson, Mrs J Burn, Mr M Belz, Mr N Field, Mr J Matthews, Mr L Harmer, Mr T Blake

Staff Photo 2017


STAFF 2017


WELCOMES Mrs Dionne Thomas

We welcomed the return of Mrs Dionne Thomas to our school in the position of Deputy principal at the beginning of Term 2. Mrs Thomas a former Karamu High Teacher from 1998 – 2000 and prior to that a student and gained academic excellence in 1992 . Mrs Thomas has been the Assistant Principal for the past 6 of her 10 years at Woodford House where she also headed the physical education faculty and taught senior Physical education.

Mrs Thomas is an experienced teacher and completed her masters in Educational leadership in 2013. Mrs Thomas is heavily involved with Netball and Volleyball as a player, referee and administrator and most recently joined the board of Sport Hawkes bay.

We welcome Dionne and look forward to her being a key member of the Karamu High School Leadership team.

Mr Aron Noble

We welcome back Mr Aron Noble after a year at the Akina Activity Centre in Hastings. Aron is an experienced teacher who is passionate about our young people having successful, healthy and meaningful lives. He has rejoined the Health and Physical Education Faculty and is engaging students and providing opportunities for our students to succeed in these areas.

Prior to his previous teaching at Karamu High School, Mr Noble has taught at Taradale High School and Pakuranga College. He has a Bachelors Degree in Education and a Diploma in Teaching. He has also been a Senior and Junior Dean.

Many students have benefitted from having Mr Noble back in the school and the re-energizing effect of his passion for weight lifting and body building has seen the weights room return to its busy and energetic past. Mr Noble teaches both Junior and Senior Physical Education and Junior Health.

Mr Brett Wardrope

Karamu High School and, more specifically, the Languages Faculty have had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Brett Wardrope to the school this year. He has returned to Hawke’s Bay after working abroad in Bangkok for the previous 10 years. During his time in Bangkok, Mr Wardrope was the Assistant Head of Faculty and taught A levels with his students gaining global success. Prior to leaving New Zealand for his global adventure, Mr Wardrope worked at Napier Boys’ High School, Hastings Boys’ High School, and Mt Albert Grammar. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in History and English and has also completed a Diploma and certificate in Teaching. Mr Wardrope has also completed a certificate in School Middle Management. “The moment where you doubt whether you can fly, you cease being able to do it” - Peter Pan (J M Barrie)”. Mr Wardrope teaches both Senior and Junior English and has also taken on the management of our senior A Basketball Team who have had a positive season this year.

Mr Elijah Martin

Following his time as a student teacher in 2016, we have been able to welcome Mr Elijah Martin into our school as part of our staff and a Teacher in Technology. A recent Graduate with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design and a Diploma in Teaching, he brings a wide range of skills to the school. Mr Martin strives to create positive and trustworthy relationships with students that are safe, engaging and always honest. His enthusiasm and energy have been warmly welcomed into the Technology Faculty. His energy has been welcomed by the students and his ability on the volleyball and basketball courts and on the rugby field have been admired by students and staff alike. Mr Martin teaches Senior and Junior Hard Materials Technology alongside Junior Design and Visual Communication.


Mr Benjamin Reay

Hailing from Auckland we welcome Mr Benjamin Reay into our Science Faculty this year. He made the big move to settle here in the Hawke’s Bay and we can agree it was a good move for both the school and the students. He has excellent classroom management skills and this has enabled him to utilize his teaching style to fully engage with his students.

Most recently Mr Reay was at Avondale College and before that at Dilworth School. Previous to his teaching career he was a research and development Chemist and ran his own Martial Arts Club.

Mr Reay is well qualified in his specialist area of chemistry with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science, a Diploma in Coatings Technology, and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching. He also brings with him experience in Martial Arts, with which he has already engaged a group of willing and energetic students for after school training.

One of the great assets Mr Reay has brought to the school is his work in the area of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, already making several trips with students and working with other staff members.

Mr Reay teaches Both Junior and Senior Science and has a focus in chemistry.

Mr Bruce Tetley

Mr Bruce Tetley has made the move south of the Bombay Hills this year with his family. He has a wide range of experience both at high school and tertiary level at Auckland University.

Mr Tetley completed a Bachelors Degree in Ministries following a certificate in Engineering, then completed a post graduate Diploma in Theology and a Diploma in Teaching. He brings his vast knowledge and practical experience to our Maths and Science faculties with excellent knowledge of experimental procedure and technical skills related to equipment and apparatus. Mr Tetley teaches both Science and Mathematics at the Junior and Senior level.

In the past Mr Tetley has developed successful robotics competition robots with his students and has competed on the international stage with success on many occasions. He now has a focus on building his own holiday home and heading off on his holiday adventures.

Miss Meghann Corbett

Miss Corbett has returned to Karamu where she was a student from 2004 – 2009. She then went on to complete a Dipolma in Health Science and a Diploma in Science and Technology at Massey University. Miss Corbett is a National representative in Canoe polo and has been a great supporter for our current players.

Mrs Jillian Harrison

Mrs Harrsion has come to Karamu with a highly qualifies background in the viticulture industry. An award winning wine maker with her own wine “beach house wines”. It has been our fortune that she has stepped back from the wine industry and into our Science faulty as one of 2 Laboratory Technicians. Jillian is married with 2 adult children.

Brooke McGill

Ms. McGill studies at the Eastern institute of Technology from 2000 where she completed a business Administration level 4 Diploma. After this she moved to Plymouth England where she worked as a teller/Mortgage advisor at the Woolwich bank. After returning to New Zealand in 2001 she had her first daughter Brooke had a few more administration roles and in 2005 started relieving for little guppies childcare. In 2009 started her Sport and Recreation diploma and completed this in 2010 and also had her second daughter during which time she continued to relieve. Ms Mcgill has joined us in the area of Administration.

Sue Jackson

Mrs Sue Jackson is a local person and originally attended Hastings Girls’ High School. Prior to being part of the Karamu staff, Mrs Jackson was a very successful real estate agent. We had no hesitation in employing Mrs Jackson as our canteen person at the start of Term Three 2017 as she was bought up with a long family background in hospitality, so slotting in to the Canteen was seamless for her. We will all keep on enjoying her beautiful sammies in the future.


FAREWELL Mrs June Clark Mrs June Clark served Karamu first as a science teacher and then as a deputy principal for 41 years. During this time she had a huge influence on the numerous changes and growing reputation Karamu has earned as a quality co-educational environment. June will be remembered for her tireless work as the Principal’s Nominee, her comprehensive knowledge of the education system and transition to NCEA. Apart from overseeing all curriculum matters, she also contributed to the co-curricular life of the school. During the early years at Karamu, June was in charge of girls cricket and then teacher in charge of badminton, a position she held until her retirement. June steered the growth of the careers centre and was instrumental in the introduction of the new student management system, Kamar. June has seen all the environmental changes to the school buildings and grounds and following an upgrade the school assembly hall was renamed in her honour by past Principal Mike Purcell. In her time at Karamu, June has worked with five different principals, numerous deputy principals and staff. She has touched thousands of students’ lives with her focus and guidance in navigating their varied career choices. Her belief that teaching was about the students not the subjects was evident in her interactions with both staff, students and parents. June leaves a legacy at Karamu that is deserving of admiration for her drive and passion for students and education.


FAREWELL Kevin Beaumont Kevin Beaumont’s contribution to Karamu High school has spanned over 40 years and a number of diverse areas. Mr Beaumont is a born and bred Hawke’s Bay man who grew up on a dairy farm at Twyford. Here he gained practical skills and a strong work ethic to balance the academic promise he showed while attending Twyford Primary School and Hasting Boys High School. He carried on his academic career at Massey University gaining an Honours Degree in Science. Teachers College at Auckland followed then his first contact with Karamu. Karamu High School had opened in 1962 to cope with the large increase in the population known as the baby boom. Not all facilities were complete, so, as a new teacher, he was asked to use the back of the stage in the Hall to teach some classes. Mr Beaumont and his wife to be Janice, headed to Tokoroa to further his career. A few years in Tokoroa added more skills to his repertoire before heading back to more familiar territory of Central Hawke’s Bay. While teaching at Central Hawke’s Bay College, he built his own house, drove school busses and with Janice raised their children, Melissa and Adam. In 1991 he returned to Karamu commuting each day to Hastings. The opportunity to buy an orchard in St Georges Road just around the corner from Karamu arose, so the family relocated and so began his orcharding life. The skills involved in running an orchard complemented his teaching and administrative skills. He was appointed Assistant Head of Science followed by Head of Science now known as Head of Faculty. The Beaumont family were closely involved with all aspects of the school. Janice Beaumont served on the Board of Trustees of Karamu. Daughter Melissa has followed her father’s footsteps and is now teaching chemistry in Auckland while his son Adam has built a successful career in Australia in banking. In the sporting arena Mr Beaumont has a competitive streak and the teams of volley ballers and canoe polo players he has coached have gained national honours and some have gone on to International success. A calm but very focussed approach backed up with effective practice in the early morning before school and sharp game strategy proved to be the recipe for success. Teams would return from Nationals proudly bearing the fruits of the hard work with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. His contribution to Canoe Polo was recognised by Sport Hawke’s Bay with a Service Award. The attributes that made him a successful coach translated well to his role as Head of Science. He also brought financial skill to his many roles ensuring that they were able to operate efficiently. June Clark, the previous Deputy Principal in Charge of Curriculum, said “Kevin’s work ethic and the genuine helping of students striving for success has been a hallmark of his teaching career both in the classroom and on the sport field.” Kevin Beaumont was an integral part of the Quality Systems approach that Karamu ran in the 1990’s. This led to Karamu being nominated as one of five schools in New Zealand for the International Bertelsmann Prize in educational administration. Computers were new to education at that time and he was at the forefront in planning and implementing how the school responded to this challenge. He was an early adopter of new technology and skilled with the rapidly evolving software. As Head of Science, he was a key player in the upgrade of the school and particularly the new Science block. This created challenges right from the design stage to construction and commissioning. He used all his skills to ensure that the facility we see today is the envy of many schools. His advice and mentoring of staff is most appreciated by those who he has directly helped. Many lunchtimes were spent with students who sought him out for tutoring. There was often a buzz of positive students completing experiments or sometimes just coming to talk about problems, fears, aspirations and successes. There was an air of friendliness but respect for the advice given. The students trusted him to be frank but fair. The number of students gaining scholarships in Science to Universities around New Zealand and International awards to places like Antarctica are a testament to Mr Beaumont and the faculty he heads. Past students often come back to visit the Science Faculty during their vacations talking fondly of their time in Science. In the last few years he has led Science trips to Europe with the highlight being the Large Hadron Collider in Cern near Geneva. He is a grandfather now and in retirement he aims to be able to spend more time with grandchildren as well as keeping busy with other activities and wife Janice’s business. Karamu wishes Kevin and his family all the best for a long and enjoyable retirement and despite his modest height we know he leaves very large boots to fill.


FAREWELL Jan Clothier

At the end of 2017, we were sad to farewell Jan Clothier. Over the 18 years that she has been part of the Karamu family, she has been the heart and soul of the library. Although her current role is that of librarian, she has been so much more; from teacher, mentor, staff representative on the Board of Trustees, coach, debating coordinator and adjudicator, to friend and advisor. She has also produced the school newsletter and maintained Karamu’s online persona on both Facebook and the Website. She has been a fount of knowledge for students, providing the resources and tools to enhance their classroom learning. The encouragement she has given to students has been inspirational, because she nurtured their passion for reading and helped them to explore new worlds. Students have found the warmth and inviting atmosphere she created in the library both reassuring and reliable. Her drive to show students the success they can enjoy in reading was demonstrated in her continual enhancing of the displays, digital platforms and content in the library. She has transformed the archaic view of a library as a dusty and old domain, to a vibrant and interactive resource, that can be enjoyed in person and online. She has been at the forefront of new technologies in the library. We will miss her here at Karamu and wish her an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement where she can explore more new worlds of her own. Jan Clothier, who will always be known to us as the Doyenne of everything literary.

Judith Bartlett

It is with sadness that we farewell Judith Bartlett our extension speech teacher as she retires at the end of 2017. Judith has been the extension speech teacher at Karamu High School since 2002. Originally from Wairoa, she came to us from Tamatea High School where she had taught english, drama, classics and ran special programmes for about 12 years. She has lovingly given 17 years of dedicated service to her students and to Karamu High School. During her time at Karamu, her students under her guidance have attained huge success. We have had several winners of the RSA Speech competition. Many students have been awarded diplomas in public and in professional Speaking and the Grade 3 - 8 students have achieved honours in their speech and drama examinations. The success of the leadership skills course, the debating programme, as well as the introduction of oral communication for all Year 9 students can be attributed to Judith’s vision for confident Karamu communicators. Because the lessons are subsidized by the school, Judith only includes students who are prepared to give back to the school in some way. This proves that they are committed and reliable. Judith is a lifelong learner who keeps adding to her impressive list of qualifications and awards. She is a very proficient toastmaster and is the winner of many a speech competition. Just this year after 47 years of teaching, she gained the Excellence in Teaching award from the Fellows of the New Zealand Speech Board. She also completed the Diploma of Professional Speaking. Judith is also a Speech New Zealand examiner who travels all over the country in this capacity. Regardless of the many tight spaces they have been squeezed into over the years, her students have always felt safe in the knowledge that despite their environment, she would lead them to great heights. Affectionately known as Mrs B, no student of hers would ever forget the ‘articulation song’, ‘complihints ‘ and her warm, empathetic and calm way of getting the very best out of them. Although Judith will continue to teach privately, we trust that she will enjoy spending more time on her newest project, the St Columba’s Book Shop, reconnecting with Rex her supportive husband, and visiting her lovely family in Christchurch and Wellington. There is no doubt that we will be calling upon her for her expertise and advice. We thank her for her invaluable and selfless service to Karamu High School and know that she will be sorely missed by students and staff alike. Val Watson

Janet Clarke

Mrs Janet Clarke joined Karamu High School 28 years ago. During her long service at Karamu, she was an assistant in the finance and office areas and worked out of many different office spaces. During her time she saw many changes with the school almost having a complete rebuild. As Mrs Clarke is retiring from busy school life, we wish her well and hope she spends lots of time with her grandchildren and great grandchildren and of course I’m sure her knitting needles will get plenty of use. Thank you Mrs Clarke for your years of dedicated service.


This year’s New Zealand Choral Federation Big Sing Competition was held on 31 May at the Waiapu Cathedral in Napier. We had two choirs entered, Nga Korimako and Coro Notabile. This annual competition covers all secondary schools within the East Coast region with 35 choirs from 14 secondary schools from Central Hawke’s Bay all the way up to Gisborne. Each of the choirs is required to perform three songs of differing styles to compete. The categories are a New Zealand composition, a choral piece and then a piece of your own choice. Both of our choirs performed extremely well and represented Karamu with great pride. Coro Notabile received the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Music Teacher’s Trophy for their outstanding

performance of ‘One’ from A Chorus Line. This musical theatre number appealed to both the audience and the adjudicator with its ‘sassy entry’ and ‘great harmonies and technique’.

This year’s adjudicator, Pepe Becker, was very passionate about the enjoyment that student’s get from being a member of a choir and how wonderful singing is for musical development and discipline. Huge thanks must also go to Carol Della Barca (director of Coro Notabile) for her time, expertise and enthusiasm again this year. Also, big thanks to Mrs Uelese for assisting her son, Khalael Uelese (Year 12), with the direction of Nga Korimako, and Sarah Bryant, Sally Rutgers and Michelle Kloosterman as the accompanists for Coro Notabile.


HEAD STUDENTS Head Boy TOBY HUNTER As tradition dictates, I will start by saying that these past five years at Karamu have gone by faster than Mr Hunter (Dad) handing back marked work. However reflecting on what has comprised just under a third of my life so far, I have noticed how much we have become accustomed to Karamu. We don’t even begin to question things such as our unorthodox “siren bell” and having a dog just wander around from class to class. That’s when it hit me, we’ve been here a lifetime! I like to think the Year 13 story is the Karamu story, always under construction. We all started out in the traditional Year 9 way with chubby cheeks, pubescent mustaches and cracking highs. Now look at us: we are about to leave the only world we have ever known (school). Long gone are the days of dressing up as a nurse for Year 10 tabloids or my rap career as T-Swag Badass (don’t worry I’m still on soundcloud). And we have matured ….. mostly! Throughout the numerous exams, House events, sports matches and arts evenings, we have learned, shone and had fun. Now we emerge as leaders, hard workers and well-rounded individuals. However, what has always remained a constant amongst all this construction is the dedication, support and manaakitanga of the staff. They always go above and beyond what their pay cheque requires for our queries, extracurricular activities and, especially, House events (I’m looking at you, Crawfords!). Such commitment is admirable to say the least and we are forever lucky for having you. Lastly, thank you so much Karamu for giving me the opportunity to be your Head Boy, it’s been a privilege and will always be a proud memory in my life. So, students, make the most of your time at Karamu and do your best, because your best is good enough. For those of us leaving, please remember your time at high school and be proud to say you went to Karamu.

Head Girl HOLLY DAVISON It’s a little bit surreal saying goodbye to my second home and family at the end of five incredible years. Each year brought a new wave of opportunities and challenges which have pushed and stretched me beyond what I thought possible. Being able to serve the school this year as Head Girl has been an incredible experience, one I certainly would never have pictured in Year 9 walking into school with a bag bigger than I was, and not knowing a single person. For me, what ultimately makes Karamu so special really, is the people. Through the many sports, trips and competitions, I’ve made some invaluable friendships and received the best life advice. I’ve learnt that helping and caring for others truly is the greatest opportunity - one which we leaving students are now fully equipped for heading off into adulthood. To the remaining students, I would encourage you to continue putting yourselves in situations that allow you to support and inspire others. Whether that be helping out at the homework centre, volunteering during the week or simply asking someone how they’re doing. Believe me, you will gain a whole new appreciation of different perspectives and personalities. While students come and go, the staff at Karamu are the foundation that continue to support our school. The teachers have not only shared their knowledge about titration curves and thesis statements, but also an inexhaustible supply of wisdom and encouragement. Whether it be mid-week life advice during a lesson, a maths tutorial on the tennis courts (during a fire alarm), practice debates at 7am or kayaking around the Queen Charlotte Sounds – the teachers truly go above and beyond. I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am.


Finally to my fellow Year 13, thank you for the infinite supply of laughs, refill paper, tissues and muesli bars. We made it! It is such a privilege to finish school alongside some amazing friends. From dancing at cab, playing capture the flag, Te Mata winning the House Shield and everything in between - it would be worth nothing without you all. I’m so excited to see how you take all that we’ve learnt from Karamu and use it in the future.

Deputy Head Boy REUBEN LYNDON As I write this, I’m conflicted with the fear that I may have hacked time. That I have altered the fabric of space. This year has just gone so fast! Yet it seems the stress-filled days never ended. This illusion caused by all the stress, laughter, frustration, victories, and defeats that I have faced, not alone, but with friends and family this year, seems to have enveloped me till now. Now, I am struck with grief by the fact that I may never get to do this again in an environment such as Karamu. However, it is with this grief that I find hope, because I now know what support, respect, friendship, and fun should look like and what standard of support, respect, friendship, and fun I should strive for in my future life. It is with pleasure and pride that I can say I was Deputy Head Boy at Karamu for 2017. All the best to everyone in their future adventures.

Deputy Head Girl HANNAH HEMI-ROBINSON No words can even begin to explain my time at Karamu. From being a shy little Year 9, to blossoming into a non-stop smiling and confident Year 13; my growth has all been thanks to Karamu. Writing this, I truly understand why every year there’s always someone who says: “It felt like only yesterday I was a Year 9.” It truly feels like my time at Karamu has flown by and you know what they say, time flies when you’re having a good time! I have shared some of my best and most cringe moments at this school and I know that I will cherish them forever. Ah! I can feel myself tearing up just writing this. It has been an absolute honor being Deputy Head Girl for 2017 and representing Karamu as my way of giving back to a school that has given me so much. I have learnt so many things from my past 5 years at Karamu and one of the most important things is to “better your best” copyright from the school gym. Don’t settle for the ordinary or your ‘safe’ zone. Go above and beyond, challenge yourself and aim higher than you thought possible. You may not always get there, but you learn from your mistakes and you know who will be there to pick you up? The Karamu Fam. That’s right, Karamu is just like your second family who will always have your back and cheer you on. To me that is one of the most important things to have as a school, the feeling of Whanaungatanga (graciously shown in our WELCOME values). I would like to thank the amazing staff who have become more like friends and family rather than teachers. You have taught me so much (even when I didn’t want to listen) and put up with me for 5 years, you all deserve an award! To my fellow Year 13s, we made it! I can’t thank you enough for all the life-long friendships made and secrets shared. I will never forget all our times together. And lastly, to the rest of the students (if you’ve made it this far) you are capable of doing great things, and as the classic band Journey once said, ‘don’t stop believin.’ Thank you Karamu for everything.


Head Leaders

Academic Leaders

(L – R) Reuben Lyndon, Holly Davison, Toby Hunter, Hannah Hemi-Robinson

(L-R) Scarlett Garvey, Tayah-Daisy Coleman, Oliver Chamberlain, Bethany Cox, Ella McKay

Performing Arts Leaders

Sports Leaders

(L-R) Phoebe Hinton, Mathew Lindsay, Michaela Horsefield

Cultural Leaders

(L – R) Niko Slade and Tate Gorton

Harrison Keefe and Janine Kahukura

House Leaders

(L-R) Jadah Elers, Gabriella Wilson, Liam Frost, Martha Wilson, Daniel O’Donoghue, Keelia Johnston, Kyle Burlace, Luke Sinclair, Dylan Huata-Lucas, Kody Giddens, Benjamin Revell, Ethan Hakopa, Emily Hammond, Bianca Southey, Ashleigh Clay-Nicol, Georgina McCallum

Community Leaders


(L-R) Kate Jones, Shinae Lawrence, Josiah Barlow, Nathan Bryers, Liam Davies, Taiki Yoshino, Kassie Mercer




Aalliyah Halton

Alaina Robinson

Amy Burns

Ashleigh Clay-Nicol

Benjamin Revell

Beth Eastham

Bethany Cox

Brandon Le -Compte

Caleb Brothers

Callum Stewart

Celine Kaur

Cheyenne Horne

Delaney Bates

Destiny Smiler

Dylan Huata-Lucas

Elan Lee

Ella MKay

Emerald Flavell




Emily Burton

Emily Hammond

Emily Kenny

Emily-Rose Penberthy-Hutchins

Ethan Hakopa

Gabriella Wilson

Georgia Hopkins

Georgina McCallum

Hannah Hemi-Robinson

Harrison Compton

Harrison Keefe

Holly Davison

Jack Chamberlain

Jacob Fraser

Jadah Elers

Jazzmin Te Huia

Josiah Barolow

Kassie Mercer




Kate Jones

Kate van Ingen

Kathryn Botherway

Keelia Johnston

Kevin Karnbach

Kiara Pledger

Kirsten Rutten

Krista Walford

Kyle Burlace

Liam Davies

Liam Frost

Liam Tosh

Mackenzie Chase

Martha Wilson

Maruisa Hendricks

Michael Rix

Michaela Horsefield

Nathan Bryers




Niels Clayton

Niko Slade

Oliver Charmberlain

Olivia Abelson

Paige Lenz

Phoebe Hinton

Prestine Abejero

Reuben Lyndon

Ruby Mawley

Rutendo Sikupa

Rylee Munro-Wallis

Sage Templeton

Scarlett Garvey

Sem Hoogendoorn

Shannon Singer

Shayna Wilson

Shinae Lawrence

Simratpal Dhilon




Suitte Dane Presbitero

Tate Gorton

Tayah-Daisy Colman

Taylor Brown

Tegan Voice

Tegan Winter

Toby Hunter

Travis Eaton

Kingsley Robertson


A few weeks ago we were privileged to host a visit from Prime Minister Rt Hon Mr Bill English at a special senior assembly alongside the His Worship the Mayor Mr Lawrence Yule, MP for Tukituki, Mr Craig Foss and the National Nominee for Napier, David Elliot. During his address, the Prime Minister spoke about the role of young people in the future of New Zealand’s growth and success, encouraging us take up the opportunities available to us. A special acknowledgement was also made to Mrs June Clark following her retirement after an outstanding 41 years of service to Karamu.


The cabaret was held at the Cheval Rooms, Hastings Racecourse for the second year on Thursday 29 June. The venue looked amazing after all the decorating by the head students and cabaret committee. The photo shoot area was the brilliant idea of Kate Jones and helpers. The food was once again exceptional thanks to Tom and his team from Vertigo Catering.


Everyone looked the part all dressed up and the awards for King and Queen went to Nathan Bryers and Hannah Hemi-Robinson. Prince and Princess went to Rutendo Sikupa and Kevin Karnbach. Students danced the night away to the staff band ‘Rockmelon’ and then to the DJ ex-student Kyle Walton. Buses exited the venue at 12:15am with some very tired but happy Year 13’s and partners.

CABARET 2017 33




DEBATING Senior Debating 2017

Debating has a strong history, culture and tradition at Karamu High School and we are proud of it. Many students are involved in debating for a range of reasons. Whether it is to advance their speaking and communication skills, work together as a team or just enjoy the debate. Some of us are even budding lawyers who enjoy the opportunity to argue their point. 2017 was an outstanding year for debating as we have had some amazing debating achievements. During February and March, the senior debating teams arrived at school every Wednesday at 7:00am for intense preparation for Russell McVeagh Regional competition with Mrs Price. The weekend was very enjoyable because we could hear people’s different perspectives on thought-provoking, as well as silly moots and their approach to them. Our hard work resulted in an astonishing outcome at the competition for four Karamu teams that competed. Karamu 1 came second in the competition. This team included, Year 13s Oliver Chamberlain, Holly Davison, and Toby Hunter. While Karamu 2 competed at semi-finals. This team was made up of Year 13s Kate Jones, Phoebe Hinton and Year 11 Abigail Kilkolly. Oliver Chamberlain was selected as a reserve in the Hawke’s Bay team to compete in the Nationals, Toby Hunter was also selected to be the official third speaker for the Hawke’s Bay team and Year 12 Cameron Young was selected in the Hawke’s Bay Development Squad. In addition to this, Toby Hunter was also awarded Best Speaker of the Competition. With our super busy schedule as seniors, we also managed to fit in inter school debating. This year we entered three Year 12/13 teams and one Year 11 team. Our knowledge of debating was put the test each debate as the three rounds consisted of a prepared debate and a limited preparation debate. Most of us found limited prep fun as there was adrenaline and excitement in planning our points and tactics to beat the opposition. The best thing was we couldn’t use devices to research on, therefore, we needed to think on the spot. We had great fun facing other schools around Hawke’s Bay, meeting other debaters and sharing our passion for debating. Another great thing about the inter school debating is that it showed our developing relationship and cooperation with the people in our team throughout the year. Karamu 1 (Oliver, Holly and Toby) made it to the finals of the Inter School Competition as well. This year, three Karamu teams competed in the Hawke’s Bay Impromptu Cup. This form of debating is new to us, where instead of three speakers per team we had two. Never the less we took to the new style with open arms, with two of our teams making it into semifinals, where both would face off. Year 11 Amber Flashoff and Year 10 Jessica Shoemark’s team was successful and went on to debate in the finals and came second place. The Impromptu Cup was a great weekend for us to develop our new skills in a new form of debating and we are excited to watch our progress grow. We would like to wish the very best for our Year 13 debaters in their future endeavours particularly those that have been committed for the past five years including our future Lawyers. The Abigails

Debating Year 11

Debating Year 12 & 13

Front row Lucy McKay, Jacinta Foreman

Front row Sahibpreet Kaur, Holly Davison, Bethany Cox, Kate Jones, Abigail Masengi

Back row Mr J Read, Dean Polak


Back row Abigail Kilkolly, Oliver Chamberlain, Cameron Young, Toby Hunter, Mrs A Price

Junior Debating 2017 Year 9 and 10 debating was run as an internal competition this year in order to give as many students as possible the chance to participate. Over fifty students, divided into ten teams, gave debating a go and learned about the roles of each team member, constructing an argument, what rebuttal was and ways to construct it. The grand finale event was a limited preparation debate afternoon. All teams received the moot at the start of lunch, worked with their coach during lunch and debated during Period 5. Limited preparation debating is both terrifying and exhilarating! It’s great for getting people thinking on their feet. At Year 9, the winning team over the prepared debates competition was 9Red: Maia ColemanSavage, Beryl de Guizman, Gisella Edwards, Lisa Fraser, Paige Flashoff and Stella Hinton. The Best Overall Speaker prizes at Year 9 went to Samantha Eaglestone, with Keelan Heesterman runner-up. At Year 10, the winning team was 10Ruby: Erika Bailestie-Diaz, Sophie Jones and Jamie Hollway. There was a three-way tie for Best Overall Speaker between Jessica Shoemark, Sophie Jones and Tiana Edwards. An extremely huge thank you is due to the senior debaters who willing gave up many break times to coach a junior team and to share their experience with the juniors. Special thanks to Toby Hunter, Oliver Chamberlain and Holly Davison who not only coached but also ran some lunchtime workshops to share their experience at top level regional and, in Toby’s case, national debating.

Debating Junior

Fourth row Brooke Hemming, Erika Balestie Diaz, Lisa Fraser, Gabriel Lopez, Ondre Hapuku-Lambert, Emma Norman, Kade Lindsay, Hayley Smith, Aniah ChapmanRanfield, Romona Wainohu, Sophie Jones Third row ameron Young, Beryl De Guzman, Samantha Eaglestone, Amie Hazelwood, Rebecca Buckley, Jorja Connell, Tiana Edwards, Gisella Edwards, Maia Coleman-Savage, Amy Godwin, Rana Cetinturk, Aidan Eaglestone, Kendra Coombe

Second row Mrs J Clothier, Keelan Heesterman, Ethin Templeton, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Stella Hinton, Lawrence Henderson-Ereatara, Raniera Wairau, Jacob Reeve, Paige Flashoff, Jamie Hollway, Jessica Shoemark, Olivia Findon, Oliver Chamberlain, Dean Polak First row Toby Hunter, Lucy McCallum, Jacinta Foreman, Kassie Mercer, Kate Jones, Abigail Masengi, Sahibpreet Kaur, Holly Davison, Bethany Cox, Abigail Kilkolly, Phoebe Hinton Absent Wil Talagi, Renee Saunders


SPEECH EXTENSION Karamu High School’s Speech Extension group continued this year, taught once again by the brilliant teacher, Judith Bartlett. This programme challenged students to take their speech and communication skills to the next level. Students from Years 9 – 11 completed their Speech and Drama Grade Awards, from Grade 4 through to Grade 7, which tested and enhanced their skills of public speaking, speech craft, improvisation, and meeting decorum. Also, this year four Year 12 and four Year 13 students accomplished their ASB Public Speaking Diploma, an internationally recognized award extending the students’ talents in speech craft and theory even further than that of the Grade Awards. The year of 2017 has been the most successful in speech yet, with all senior students receiving Distinction in their Module 2 of their Diploma, and all Year 11 students who sat their Grade 7 receiving their Module 2 with Honours or Honours Plus. Judith Bartlett also received a Distinction in her Diploma of Professional Speaking which she sat this year, as well as the 2017 Fellows Award for Excellence in Teaching. These both rightfully celebrate how incredibly talented she is as a speechmaker, and teacher. The 2017 Speech Extension group would like to give their utmost gratitude to Judith Bartlett for her continued support and guidance in teaching communication skills to the students of Karamu High School. We will take all the skills she has taught us to our future careers, and wish her all the best for her future. Cameron Young


Fourth row Hannah Bursnall, Hayley Smith, Jessica Shoemark, Lucy McKay, Ella Lindsay-smith, Ethin Templeton, Amber Flashoff, Hannah Hemi-Robinson, Lisa Fraser Third row Gisella Edwards, Jacinta Foreman, Ruby Brett, Gabriel Lopez, Emma Norman, Romona Wainohu, Sophie Jones, Brooke Hemmings, Emily Brookes

Second row Abigail Kilkolly, Tobi Wells, Dean Polak, Cameron Young, Tate Gorton, Liam Davies, Raniera Wairau, Keelan Heesterman, Paige Flashoff, Mrs J Bartlett

First row Beryl de Guzman, Abigail Masengi, Amie Hazelwood, Rilee Prebensen, Rebecca Buckley, Maia Colman-Savage, Sahibpreet Kaur, Rana Cetinturk, Samantha Eaglestone, Kendra Coombe


ATHLETICS A group of 26, keen Karamu athletes took part in the annual East Coast North Island Secondary School Athletics Track and Field Championships, held at the Hawkes Bay Regional Sports Park, on Wednesday 8 March. It is a day where every secondary school within the region, reaching as far north as Gisborne and Wairoa and as far south as Dannevirke, bring together their best athletes to compete in the various track and field events. All of our athletes competed well and gave it their best but special mention goes to the following students, who placed in the top 4 for their event, with 2 of our athletes taking out East Coast titles; Nick Palmer: 1st Senior Boys Shotput 1st Senior Boys Discus 1st Senior Boys Hammer throw Ruby Brett: 1st Intermediate Girls 400m 3rd Intermediate Girls 800m

Sarsha Ramirez: 2nd Intermediate Girls Long Jump Regan Singer: 4th Intermediate Boys 800m Charm Sandilands: 4th Intermediate Girls Shotput

Both Nick and Ruby gained selection into the East Coast team that went on to compete at the North Island Secondary Schools Athletics Championships, held in Inglewood, in April. Here, Nick took out the Senior Boys Shotput title and gained a 2nd place in the Senior Boys Hammer throw. This meant further selection for Nick into the New Zealand Secondary Schools Athletics team, where his success continued. Next year, we look forward to seeing more of the same, in terms of the number of Karamu athletes competing in this event and the level of success- if not better.


Back row Regan Singer, Nick Palmer, Lucy McKay, Miss J Primmer

Front row Matthew Apperley, Amelia Brougham, Ruby Brett, Amy Griffin

Absent Aiden Arnott, Connor Auckram, Lucas Auckram, Rana Cetinturk, Maia Colman-Savage, Brock Coulbeck, Bree Gibson, Jordan Hume, Christian Jordan, Cherich Maui, James Miles, Brooke Orviss, Charm Sandilands, Katie Scales, Ruby Schmidt, Aimee Shaw, Manaakitanga Tumanako


BADMINTON This year Badminton has continued its long tradition of creating a social and enjoyable game for all players and skill levels. We had seven competitive teams and also learners who played on Fridays after school. Thanks to Mrs Taylor’s and Miss Glenny’s unyielding support for our teams through their coaching and organisation and to our drivers including Mrs McDonald , Mrs Hunter and Miss Redwood. Who knows if we won or lost overall – it doesn’t matter! The friendships being made on the court were success in itself. Well done to the cup winners. Tate Gorton won the Senior Boys’ Cup and Keelan Heesterman the Junior Cup. Sara Renall won the Junior Girls’ Cup and Holly Davison won the Senior Cup. Thank you everyone who played Badminton this year.

Badminton Boys A

Badminton Boys C

Front row Niels Clayton, Tate Gorton, Jacob Fraser

Front row Keelan Heesterman, Gabriel Lopez

Back row Mrs T Taylor, Cameron Young, Raturoa Vercoe

Badminton Girls B

Back row Sara Renall, Kahurangi Stevens, Miss H Glenny

Front row Shinae Lawrence, Holly Davison, Hannah Hemi-Robinson


Back row Mrs T Taylor, Jiale Zhou, John Fua

Badminton Girls C

Back row Kassie Mercer, Jacinda Grace, Ana Marks, Ashleigh Mildenhall, Reece Sullivan, Paige Flashoff, Tobi Wells, Danielle van Schaik, Amber Flashoff, Hannah Bursnall, Mikayla Harrison-Franco. Miss H Glenny

Front row Samantha Eaglestone, Rachel Wilson, Sahibpreet Kaur, Jayde Gartner, Amy Griffiths, Melinda Pope, Georgia Hopkins, Lian Hontalba, Stazia Hoskin, Prestine Abejero Absent Ellie McGhee, Kate van Ingen, Hannah Leynes, Abigail Masengi, Tayah-Daisy Coleman


The Big Day Out is the first opportunity for our Year 9’s to hang out with each other, learn names and make connections within their form classes. A number of students were asked what they thought about the day. Here are some of their comments: “I thought the big day out was totally awesome!” “It helped to boost my confidence with heights.” “I really enjoyed it and can’t wait till I’m Year 13 and get a chance to do it again.” “It was a great day and I learnt heaps of people’s names and felt more a part of the class.” “Loved everything even when I got dirty. I thank you for taking us.” “I believe that my time at the Big Day Out was a great experience. I learnt more about the students in my class and together we completed all the activities with smiles on our faces. This day was enjoyed by all of us and I think you should carry on doing this for the future Year 9’s.” When asked what they thought would be some good advice for the Year 9’s next year, they responded with; “Be prepared!” “Take as many opportunities as possible because if you don’t, you will regret it.” “You’ll have fun, trust me, don’t be shy and embrace the opportunity of being able to connect with your class.” “It’s a great opportunity to mix and mingle with your class mates and get to know them and the staff so you are comfortable around them.” “Have a go and try everything.” “Take this opportunity to learn more about your teachers, classmates, and yourself. It is a time to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. There is no danger or reason to be afraid so enjoy your day and learn something new.” To sum up, one student explained the Big Day Out like this; “The Big Day Out seems a little bit nerve racking at first but when you get there, you already start to feel part of the class. And whether or not you already have friends in your class, you will make new friends and get to know everyone! Definitely a worthwhile experience :)”


BASKETBALL Junior Boys’ Basketball

2017 saw Karamu field two teams in the local junior competition. Having two teams entered is a major coup for the school. If the boys can commit to all meetings and trainings, basketball surely looks good for the school in the future. The Green team coached by Mrs S Black and led by Dazzler Mulligan-Johnstone, had an up and down season showing improvement in their basketball skills and knowledge in every game. The Red team ably led by Gabriel Fa’alele, Tom Phillips and Wil Talagi, finished the season in third place only losing twice and one of those to Napier Boys, (eventual Winners). Overall, most of the 16 players were first timers and the learning from this year will be valuable to all of them as future Karamu players. A big thank you to all whanau and friends who supported us throughout this year. See you all next year.

Senior Boys’ Basketball “We have never been afraid to fail” - Michael Jordan, something that all of the brothers (Warriors) held near and dear while we played. The team consisted of boys who have different levels of experience in the sport, some high, some low, but we all had the same goal, to come off the court knowing that each night, regardless of how long you played, you gave your all. We had our toughest games against Central Hawke’s Bay College and Napier Boys’, in the first rounds having loses to both those teams. Central Hawke’s Bay College was a tough loss in the first round as well as taking a hard and controversial loss against Napier Boys by 1 point. But after drafting a valuable asset from Napier Boys’, it gave us a boost in morale which was carried into the remaining games. In our first rematch against Central Hawke’s Bay College after going down 16-0 in the first quarter, we came back to win by five in the fourth. We were now on a positive wavelength with our hardest match ahead against Napier Boys’ which took a lot out of the guys, facing both physical and mental challenges in the game but we managed to come out with a very close 1 point win. We are all Year 12 so we will able to continue building the chemistry into next year’s season, looking forward to not only make the playoffs but also the finals.

Basketball Junior Boys

Back row Ellis Fa’alele, Dazzler Mulligan-Johnstone, Brock Coulbeck, Corbyn Te Whaiti, Izaiah Te Wiata, Wil Talagi, Riley Gough, Zac Brooker, Memory Tangi


Front row Nazareth Fa’alele, Jonzy Benipayo, Jacob Tollison, Gabriel Fa’alele, Josh Clifton, Thomas Phillips, Riley Walton-Sexton Absent Mrs Black (Coach)

Basketball Junior Girls A

Back row Memory Tangi (Manager), Jorgia Walford-Bennett, Katie Tapara, Nastashia Ngawhika, Max Taiapa-Powell, Mr B Crawford

Front row Aretoula Barbarouses, Brooklyn Kennedy, Journey Campus, Willow Kohi, Mekhi White Absent Aiyahna Araia

Junior Girls Basketball This year KHS entered our Junior Girls team into the Monday night Hawkes Bay Division 2 championship . Our team consisted of 10 members – both Year 9 and 10, many who had never played competitive basketball before. The team started off the season well but needed time to improve our individual skills and team communication. Once we had a few games under our belt we started to gel as a team and began to play some good basketball. As each game passed the girls skills and effort improved. We managed to make the quarter-finals aftet winning 6 in a row, then the semi-finals and the girls were determined to go one step further and book a place in the finals. The finals were played at Centennial Hall in Napier against Taradale High. It was a very tough and tight game with the score 22-20 at half time. The pressure was on and it really came down to which team could handle that pressure the best. A very frantic last quarter saw us hold the lead and take out the finals for 2017. The end score 38 – 34. The girls were relieved and very happy to have had a great season and be the 2017 Champions A big thank you to all the girls and supports for helping us this year. Thanks to Memory and Ellis for their efforts in running the score bench each week. I look forward to following your progress next year in the senior school.

Basketball Senior Boys A

Basketball Senior Girls A

Mr B Wardrope

Front row Charli-Boston Wynyard, Kahurangi Stephens, Destiny Smiler (Captain), Raegan Robinson,

Back row Ethan Hope, Samuel Walton-Sexton, Joshua Matthews, Christian Walker, Luke Kupa, Front row Jake Kelly, Tadhg Stephens, Dylan Dempsey, Ethan Hope, Isaac Hinton, Manaaki Whatarau Absent Jasper Temburu

Back row Maz Taiapa-Powell, Jorgia Walford-Bennett, Kerinza Benjamin, Miss T Hapi


CANOE POLO Karamu High School Performs Well at NZ Nationals Canoe Polo Karamu High School travelled to Makino Aquatic Centre in Fielding to compete in the NZSS Canoe Polo Nationals. It was a jam-packed competition with all teams representing their respective schools from all over New Zealand having early starts, long days and tough competition across all grades over the three days. Karamu Junior Girls (who finished 3rd at Regionals) fought hard in their 3rd/4th playoff pushing the game into two sets of extra time before the unlucky golden goal was scored against them. Played 6. Won 2. Drew 1. Lost 3. Senior Girls (1st at Regionals) after a tough playoff for the final, finished with Bronze overall. Played 5. Won 4. Lost 1. Junior Boys (2nd at Regionals) continued their Silver streak, finishing with a very creditable second. Played 7. Won 4. Drew 1. Lost 2. The highlight of the weekend was the Senior Boys. After placing 5th at Regionals and wildcarding into Division 2, the team outplayed the competition to end with an undefeated Gold medal. Played 5. Won 5. All in all a very successful Nationals weekend for Karamu High School. The teams would like to firstly congratulate all other Hawke’s Bay schools that participated and, secondly, thank all the supporters for the support they received throughout the campaign and special thanks to all coaches and managers and those who travelled with and cared for Karamu Canoe Polo over the weekend.

National Division 2 Champions. Karamu Senior Boys

Bronze Medal Winners. Karamu Senior Girls

Silver Medal Winners. Karamu Junior Boys

Canoe Polo Winter League

Fourth row Lachlan Cooper, Sam Williams, Flynn Mercer, Ashleigh ThorpeLoversuch, Isaac Hinton, James Morley, Ethan Popplewell, Jacob Reeve, Cameron Orr, Kael Williams Third row Charlotte Leigh, Amy Saunders, Karsyn Wylie, Isaac Robertshaw, Marcus Krekler, Renee Saunders, Tia Lewis, Taylor ThorpeLoversuch, Megan Godwin

Second row Miss M Corbett, Lawrence Henderson-Ereatara, Mitchell Heney, Millie Hannam, Ethan Hope, Jacob McNeil, Taine Doyle, Caleb Williams, Elijah Casson, Phoebe Hinton, Mr G Ross


First row Amy Godwin, Adam Brookes, Tiana Edwards, Meg Lindsay, Hannah Hunt, Cameron Sewell, Lexi Trotter, Hazel Millar, Logan Mason, Benjamin Ward

Canoe Polo Junior Boys

Back row Elijah Casson, Mitchell Heney, Lawrence Henderson-Ereatara

Front row Jacob Reeve, Ethan Popplewell, Adam Brookes Absent Michael Garland

Canoe Polo Junior Girls

Back row Tia Ward, Renee Saunders, Megan Godwin, Miss M Corbett

Front row Meg Lindsay, Tiana Edwards, Hannah Hunt, Charlotte Leigh

Canoe Polo Senior Boys

Back row Taine Doyle, Jacob McNeil, Ethan Hope

Front row James Morley, Caleb Williams, Romayne Araia, Isaac Hinton, Karsyn Wylie

Canoe Polo Senior Girls

Back row Phoebe Hinton, Millie Hannam, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Miss M Corbett

Front row Amy Saunders, Sharni O’Connor, Michaela Horsefield, Tia Lewis, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch




CLAY TARGET SHOOTING This year’s team of Daniel Stuart, Year 11, Cameron Spargo, Year 11, Oliver Wiggins-Crowe, Year 11, Max Crossan, Year 11 and Jesse Kereru, Year 10, carried on the strong tradition of Karamu High School Clay Target Shooting that goes all the way back to 1980’s with the late Don Burgess.

placed 2nd in New Zealand. These outstanding results capped off a very successful season for the Clay Target Team and we look forward to next year.

The Karamu Team won the Central and North Island competition. To do this, they had to beat strong opposition in Lindisfarne, Palmerston North Boys High, Napier Boys High, Rathkeale, Wairarapa College as well as visiting Tauranga Boys High and New Plymouth Boys High.

Sue Field has been integral part of the organisation over the last 14 years however she has decided to step down from her various rolls next year. We thank her for her contribution over the years.

Overall in the series, Daniel Stuart was 3rd in the Single Rise. Oliver Wiggins-Crowe was 2nd in both the Single Barrel and Points Score events. Jesse Kereru won the High Gun for Junior shooters (Year 9 & Year 10) at Hawke’s Bay. Throughout the series all shooters got into shoot-offs in a range of events illustrating the strength of the team across the range of events. Cameron Spargo travelled with his family to Dunedin to compete in the South Island Championships where he placed 3rd in the Single Rise event. This year Karamu entered a National Postal Competition sponsored by Kilwell. This competition is open to all school teams in New Zealand and Karamu was placed 3rd. At the New Zealand Championships, both Jesse and Cameron qualified for the Hawke’s Bay Regional Team chosen from the best 5 shooters in the province. The Hawke’s Bay Team was

Clay Target Shooting

Back row Oliver Wiggins-Crowe, Daniel Stuart, Mr N Field

Front row Ryan Coombs, Max Crossan, Jesse Kereru, Cameron Spargo

Teams do not get to this level of competition without a huge effort from all involved.

The parents group have been incredibly supportive of the team members, driving the team all over the country, sponsoring their expenses and taking them to practice every Wednesday. Mitchell Davis, who was the captain of the Karamu team in the previous year, qualified for the New Zealand 2017 Junior Clay Target Shooting Team. Mitchell is the second Karamu student to be selected for the New Zealand Junior Team joining James Fulford (2014). Mitchell qualified for the Open New Zealand team but elected to shoot for the New Zealand Junior Team. Mitchell was the top qualifier winning the Tim Williams Trophy and he competed internationally against the Australian Junior Team. He is currently training to shoot in Australia in 2018. Thanks also to Mitchell who came to the Nationals to support this years’ team. Finally thanks to Karamu High School who support the team with a subsidy for ammunition and recognition at assemblies.


CRICKET The Karamu High School Junior Cricket team, “The Green Machine,” (comprising Year 9/10 students) enjoyed a successful Term One season. The record showed - seven games played, winning five games, and losing two. One of the losses was a close two run loss to Rudolf Steiner in a very exciting game. The group was keen and enthusiastic with each member encouraged to have a go with both bat and ball, and play for enjoyment. It was common practice for each player to bowl at least two overs per game, hence a team effort. The team was ably led by Flynn Mercer who was an aggressive opening batsman and vocal wicket keeper. Jacob Reeve proved a valuable all rounder, and his stylish batting and accurate bowling proved to be a real asset to the team.

Cricket 1st XI

Back row Taine Doyle, Christian Walker, Zachary Burlace, Caleb Williams, Mr K May Front row Toby Hunter, Tyler Boyes, Benjamin Revell, Kyle Burlace, Isaac Hinton Absent Jorge Fothergill, Mitchell Heney

Molly Fothergill (a CD U15 Womens Rep) showed her experience and took 10 wickets - a great effort when each bowler can only bowl a maximum of three overs per game. The highlight of the season was the victory over Lindisfarne A. Lindisfarne A scored 148 and Karamu replied with 150/4 off 16 overs thanks to some power hitting from Flynn Mercer and Molly Fothergill who both scored 50’s and set the team up for a great victory. There were a number of boys playing cricket for the first time and their progress and willingness to learn was evident. Keep it up guys.

Cricket Junior Boys

Back row Mr M Belz, Tyler Boyes, Zachary Burlace, Caleb Williams, Isaac Robertshaw, Mr D Taylor

Front row Raturoa Vercoe, Molly Fothergill, Flynn Mercer, Traylan Hansen, Tuhoe Vercoe Absent Ryan Hannam, Dylan Head, Shauntayne Howie, Jacob Reeve, Blake Tresidder, Jonty Tresidder

CHESS Back row Te Analee Hooper, Caitlin Mannell, Lawrence Goodburn-Watene, James Gowan, Joel Tawera, Luca Dunstan, Jacob Reeve, Nathan Parkins, Mr C Thompson

Front row Jacob Tollison, Dylan Head, Samuel Robertson, Gustav Hendricks, Macayla Parkins, Gabriel Lopez, Aiden Eaglestone, Jessika Peterson, Tuhoe Vercoe

Absent Bayley Baxter-Kirby, Callum Davison, John Fua, Declan Galbraith, Janaia Greening, Cyprus Kendrick, Dane Skogstad, Luka Skogstad, Logan Wells, Maddison Winter, Jiale Zhou


ORIENTEERING Orienteering is very strong in Hawke’s Bay and Karamu orienteers have had a busy year competing in regular club events, the three Hawke’s Bay interschool events as well as travelling away to both the NISS and the NZSS Championships. Starting in February, many students competed in the local club summer sprint series leading up to the Hawke’s Bay Schools Sprint Championships in March. This event was held inside Splash Planet with over 200 competitors and our best results were Pierson Clement who was 4th in Junior Boys and Thomas Steinmann who was 7th in Intermediate Boys. In May the HB Schools Individual Championships were held on the complex, rocky terrain of Maraetotara and our best result on the day was James Miles who was 5th in the Junior Boys Championship grade. The final inter-school event of the year was the NZSS Championships in July, held in the Masterton area with over 300 competitors from more than 50 schools. Ella McKay, Caroline Glen and Pierson all gained valuable experience in this large event, especially running in the extremely muddy conditions in Ngaumu Forest for the Long event. A big thank-you to all students who represented Karamu at the interschool events, and the parents who have supported them as well as a special thank-you to Ella for her involvement, enthusiasm and support for Karamu orienteering over the last four years.


Back row James Miles, Cameron Young, Caroline Glen, Mrs F McDonald Front row Brooke Wilson, Ella McKay, Piers Clement

Absent Thomas Steinmann, Sophie Maddox, Vinnie Harrison


CROSS COUNTRY The first event of the season is always the Hawke’s Bay – Gisborne Relays, this year held at Anderson Park, Havelock North, on 15 May. We had four teams compete in this annual event, which is for fourperson relay teams, with each runner individually timed. This allows a direct comparison between all runners as everyone, from Year 7 to Year 13, runs the same 2.2 km course. Our four teams were Senior Boys’, Junior Boys, Year 9 Boys’ and Junior Girls’. The best individual performance by a Karamu student was Ruby Brett in the very competitive Junior Girls’ race, with the 5th fastest time in this grade (8.40). In June, the annual East Coast North Island Cross Country Championship was held in Gisborne and six Karamu students joined over 200 other secondary students from the region. The best run of the day was again by Ruby Brett who was 3rd in the 3km Junior Girls’ race (11.41) but Aimee Shaw and Matthew Apperley also had good runs to both finish 14th in the Junior Girls’ and Boys’ grades respectively. The last inter-school event for the year was in October when the East Coast North Island Road Race was held at the new venue of Frimley Park. Eleven Karamu students were selected to represent the school and we had runners in the Year 9 Boys’, Junior Boys’ and Junior Girls’ grades. Again, our best performers were Ruby Brett, 5th in the 4km Junior Girls’ race (15.59), Aimee Shaw (7th in the same race) and Matthew Apperley (9th in Junior Boys’).

Cross Country

Back row Zac Brooker, Lucy McKay, James Miles, Joel Tawera, Lucas Auckram, Regan Singer, Mrs F McDonald

Front row Matthew Apperley, Max Taiapa-Powell, Connor Auckram, Ruby Brett, Aimee Shaw, George Christieson Absent Vinnie Harrison, Hagar Keepa, Zane Beckham, Jordan Auckram



Place Jun Girl

Jun Boy

Sen. Girl

Sen. Boy


Jade Edmonds

Michael Garland

Emily Burton

Matt Jones


Georgia Wilson

Adam Brookes

Jadah Ehlers

Josh Matthews


Tiana Edwards

Ethan Popplewell

Mindy Pope

Travis Eaton


Swimming sports sets the scene for house events for the year – full of colour, music, energy and lots of competition. Tuki Tuki regains the swimming sports trophy after winning the flying 10 (final event) of the Karamu High School Swimming Sports House 1 Tuki Tuki 2 Te Mata

3 Heretaunga 4 Kaweka

Yes the house competition is a big part of swimming sport but we also need to find our school school individual champs

Senior boys was a clean sweep to Matt Jones winning all 5 events. The senior girls was a much closer contest with Emily Burton needing to win the 5th event to take the points lead. Michael Garland showed his dominance winning all 5 events in the Junior Boys grade and Jade Edmonds winning the junior girls.

The day always ends with the staff giving the year 13’s a lesson on how to win with grace.



Luke Shaw, Jacob Coady, Aimee Shaw, Jamie Hollway and Ben Gouldsbrough represented Karamu High School in the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Cycling Championship in 2017. All took part in the various age group road races. Aimee placed 1st in the Under 16 Girls. Jamie was 3rd in the Under 15 Boys, Ben 2nd in the Under 14 Boys, and Jacob 4th in the Under 19 Boys race. We had Aimee, Ben and Jamie racing in the Under 16 Team Relay. The time of the team was taken on the 3rd rider across the line. In an exciting finish, we finished a close second to Napier Boys High School. All the above ride for The Ramblers Cycling Club. This is the second largest club in New Zealand. Luke is an A Grade rider. At the time of writing, he is leading this grade which effectively makes him the top rider in the club. A tremendous effort for a very talented rider. Other achievements for this year include 10th in the Under 23 Ricoh Gentle Annie ride, 20th in the Under 19 Age Group Nationals and 15th overall in the 1st race of the Elite North Island series and 4th in the Under 23 category. Both Aimee and Luke are representing the school at the National Secondary Championships. Luke in the U19 Road and Point’s race and Aimee in the Girls U16 Road and Points race. There are a number of budding cyclists that join us at sports period. We are always looking for new riders, so come and have a try next year.


Back row Ben Gouldsbrough, Aimee Shaw, Mr M Jamieson

Front row Jacob Coady, Luke Shaw, Jamie Hollway




DUKE OF EDINBURGH This year started off great for us Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Silvers - with all our volunteering, sports, and skills underway, we only had our outdoor adventures left to do. In Term Two both Silver and Gold groups spent four days at camp Kaitawa, Te Urewera, for our Practice Journey. We learnt how to kayak and went on a bush walk up Ngamoko as well as bonding with our beloved Golds and eating some pretty darn good food (thanks to the ‘phat chef’). After our practice was done, we all spent the next couple of months preparing and planning the Qualifying Journey: Three days kayaking Queen Charlotte Sound. The dates crept closer and excitement kicked in for leaving on Thursday night, 21st September (and, yes, we did play Earth Wind and Fire that whole night). We slept on the ferry and early on the Friday morning we met with our kayak instructors and

had our introduction and safety briefing. Then we were ready to go! We were greeted by many seals at the start of our journey and went on to continuously see the cheeky creatures along the whole trip. A million jellyfish and lots of fish too. After driving back late on the Sunday night, we all got the Monday blues itching to be back in the South where our biggest issue was being hit by a flying octopus that a seal was eating. The Duke of Edinburgh Hillary programme is an amazing experience that I definitely recommend to anyone. Thank you to all the teachers, Mr Wright, Mr Reay and Mrs van Rijk for putting up with our jellyfish obsessions, Weka hunting, and allowing us to have such an invigorating experience. Abigail Kilkolly

Duke of Edinburgh

Fourth row Amelia Brougham, Hannah Bursnall, Jessica Shoemark, Jaime Mossman, Amber Flashoff, Jaime Hollway, Lucy McKay, Monique Peard, Kate Jones

Third row Kayla Winter, Ella McKay, Jacinta foreman, Tia Tahau, Ondre Hapuku-Lambert, Hannah Hansen, Charlotte Leigh, Brook Hemmings, Sophie Jones, Mr B Reay

Second row Mrs K van Rijk, Sarah Weaver, Ethany Gibson, Benjamin Colquhoun, Millie Hannam, Cameron Young, Shani Ross, Andrew Tong, Abigail Kilkolly, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Mr J Wright First row Amy Godwin, Ryley clark, Madison Jack, Scarlett Garvey, Tiana Edwards, Adam Brookes, Melinda Pope, Alice Liu, Lian Hontalba, Portia Sutherland Absent Lily Burns, Taniya Dawson, Elise Keehan, Martha Wilson, Ben Revell, Bayley Baxter-Kirby


Duke of Ed – Gold When you think “go for gold!” your mind automatically wanders to the intense commitment and scary seriousness of the task ahead. How about, instead, we look forward to an adventure and a highly recognized accomplishment? In 2017, Karamu Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award Gold group set off for Camp Kaitawa, Te Urewera. We practiced our team work on the obstacle course, along with the Silver group, and ended the day feeling empowered and united by our “compliment circle”. Our group of Golds ventured out into Te Urewera where we looked into kaitiakitanga: guardianship of our natural resources; while also exploring the values and practices of the Tuhoe people. We will later compare our findings with the experiences, history and protocols we explore at Tongariro National Park. That will be our Qualifier Journey for our Gold Award next year. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to make a difference, starting with our own culture and environment, to join DoEH at any level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and join the fun and family of KHS DoEH! Bayley Baxter-Kirby


THE GREEN TEAM This is the third year that our Green Team has been running and this year has been a development year for us. The Green Team has been heavily student led by enthusiastic environmentalist Year 13 Kate Jones and Year 12 Portia Sutherland as well as supervised by Mrs Roberts. We have yet again been involved in the beach clean-up. This year’s clean-up was at the Waitangi Reserve. This was the highlight of our year as we had so much fun restoring our green environment. Along the way we also had help from Mrs Roberts and Mr Cummins. Rubbish ranged from basic plastic bags, alcohol bottles to weird things like car parts. Nevertheless, a lot more people than just our Green Team participated in this event as there were other schools, the old, the young, families and even tourists who were wandering around that area. This year we collected 580kg of rubbish, which was a lot less than last year’s 650kg. The big improvement made us very happy.

Another event that some of us participated in was the Climate Change Conference held at Victoria University, Wellington. Kate Jones, Portia Sutherland and Abigail Masengi were immersed in a fun, green and awesome weekend. We learned about the causes and the long-lasting consequences of climate change and what would happen if nothing is done. The conference was fascinating with interesting guest speakers speaking about climate change, prevention, protesting and our environment. A range of electives were also held that involved ways to mitigate climate changes and our role to do so. 2017 has been a fantastic year for us as we have seen more students joining us, especially the juniors. We hope that next year we can do more things to help community while maintaining our clean and green image.





Back row Mrs E Wiggins, Ella Lindsay-Smith Front row Kayala Anderson, Hunter Durrant

It has been a quiet year for the Karamu Equestrian Team, what with Lucy Holden busy with Level 3 work and Hunter Durrant leaving us to take up his jockey apprenticeship full time, we were a bit thin on the ground. However, our newest member, Kayla Anderson, had her first outing with the team for Hunter’s final competition; the Havelock North High School Equestrian event. Not only did Kayla and Monie improve with each round they did, but Kayla managed to get Monie through a water jump for the first time ever. Hunter, too, had a great final ride on Kate, who will, I’m sure, miss the school events. Thanks to Ella LindsaySmith who came to groom for the team. It was with mixed emotions that we farewelled Hunter from the team, as he has been our most consistent competitor in his years on the team. However, in 2018 when Hunter has his first outing as a fully qualified jockey, all of those early morning starts will have been worth it. Looking towards 2018, hopefully the team will have a few more outings. We are already planning on attending the Taupo Horse Trials competition, with Ella Lindsay–Smith keen to try some eventing on her gorgeous big horse. Kayla too is trialing a bigger pony and is also keen to try eventing. We are always looking for new members for our team, so if you have a horse and transport and a ‘can do’ attitude, we would love to meet you. Until next year, giddy up from the Equestrian Team.



FUTSAL Girls Futsal

Girls futsal is a growing sport currently at Karamu. With two girl’s teams, currently we are looking forward to having more. Although, our recent season wasn’t our most successful, both teams are developing and progressing well considering the sport is new to almost all the teams players. Even though our results from the season didn’t reflect our development and improvement, the girls held their heads high and kept working hard. The girls have a main goal of being able to attend futsal nationals in March. With further coaching and development I am confident that we will be able to achieve this goal. With such hard-working athletes, I’m sure that the future will be bright for the sport at Karamu

Boys Futsal Karamu entered three boys’ teams into the Term One Futsal League that takes place on Friday nights at Pettigrew Green Area. In the competitive team, the standout players were Nathan Bryers, consistently anchoring the team when the pressure came on, while Liam Robson and James Morley went from strength to strength in their playing ability. The social team came first in the second division and the competitive team placed a respectable second. This team went on to play in the Regional Tournament, which, despite being a difficult day playing against bigger schools, was a good day of learning and improvement. We are grateful to the parent coaches, Koos Hoogendoorn and Sean Frost, for sacrificing their Friday afternoons and evenings to develop the sport at Karamu. Jeff Robson also provided additional training sessions this year, which helped the boys to transfer their football skills to the smaller, more intense game on the court.

Futsal Girls

Back row Paige Tregonning, Jacinta Foreman, Katie Scales, Georgia Springer, Ethany Gibson, Abigail Kilkolly, Caitlyn Lenz, Miss A Whitlow

Front row Macayla Parkins, Emily Brookes, Sophie Williams, Hazel Millar, Emily Elridge, Ellie Panton, Sophie Jones, Kayla Winter Absent Katherine Levick, Lian Hontabla, Paige Flashoff, Sophia Pottinger, Hannah Rikkers, Tyla Dillon,

Futsal Boys

Back rowJayden Taylor, Logan Seymour, Jacob McNeil, Sem Hoogendoorn, John Rouse, Mr C Cummins

Front row Benjamin Ward, Kory Morgan, Lennon Chenery, Liam Frost, Liam Robson, Robert Bailey, Sam Williams





Under the guidance of Mr Morgan the Junior Boys Football team showed throughout the season that, when body and mind combine, we show football skill worthy of gaining a higher placing than we did. Scores against some tough opposition back this up in a very competitive competition. We played 11 games winning five by some great margins 7-1 v CHB, 8-1 v HNHS , 9-2 v St Johns C and 4-2 twice against Lindisfarne and St Johns B. This season, for most us, was a learning one with nine of the 15 players Year 9s. The boys would like to thank Mr Morgan for his coaching expertise and to all of the loyal supporters for cheering us on those early Saturday mornings. We are looking forward to next year’s season.

Football Boys 1st XI

Back row Ben Randle, Linkin Smith, Zachary Burlace, Nathan Byers, Sem Hoogendoorn, Logan Seymour, Flynn Mercer, Mr C Rafferty Front row Lennon Chenery, Liam Robson, Ben Winterson, Keelan Heesterman, James Morley, Bradley Wroe, Liam Frost

Football Boys 2nd XI

Back row Xavier Te Tonga, Kory Morgan, Robert Bailey, Charles Spooner, Jesse Soanes

Front row Jack Garvey, Dylan Dempsey, Ricky Samways, John Rouse, Jack Burns Absent Charlie Brooker, Mr M Brooker (Coach)

Football Junior Boys

Back row Logan Mason, Mathew Apperley, Kory Morgan, Kael Williams, Marcus Le Monnier, Alexander Withington, Benjamin Ward

Front row Cameron Sewell, Lachlan Cooper, Cameron Dryden, Samuel Ramsay, Jacob Reeve, Sam Williams, James Miles, Justin Liu Absent Jason Robin, Mr K Morgan (Coach)


Football Girls 1st XI

Back row Piper Jones, Rutendo Sikupa, Hazel Millar, Annie Wykes, Melinda Pope, Alys Jeffries, Mrs V Peffer Front row Ruby Brett, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Paige Morgan, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Abigail Kilkolly, Maddison Alve, Tia Tahau, Jacinta Foreman

Football Girls 2nd XI

Back row Ashleigh Clay-Nicol, Amy Burns, Katie Scales, Holly Davison, Lucy McKay, Mr C Cummins Front row Portia Sutherland, Ryley Clarke, Milly Scott, Kayla Winter, Sophie Williams, Tyla Dillon

Football Girls 3rd XI

Back row Lucy McCallum, Amber Flashoff, Ethany Gibson, Sydney Crawford, Monique Peard, Mr J Kite

Front row Lian Hontalba, Felicity Johnstone, Shayla Finch, Georgina McCallum, Ella Tieman


Football Girls 4th XI

Back row Teagan Voice, Jadah Elers, Shaylah Princeton, Kate Jones, Katherine Levick, Mr R Levick

Front row Rachel Hunt, Hannah Bursnall, Ellie McGhee, Brooke Orviss, Kahlee Cameron, Danielle van Schaik

Football Girls 5th XI

Back row Kayla Anderson, Kendall Hansen, Nikita Powell, Ruby Schmidt, Lashana Gempton, Mr T Hunter

Front row Beverley Hussey, Hannah Hunt, Emma Varcoe, Amelia Hunt, Nicole Thomson

Football Girls Junior A

Back row Sophie Jones, McKenzie Harding, Georgia Wilson, Georgia Springer, Kate Browning, Tiana Edwards, Megan Godwin, Mr M Leitch

Front row Amber Bisley, Romy Luxford, Brooke Boden, Madison Jack, Emily Brookes, Amber Hollings Haddon, Aysha Saunders

Football Girls Junior B

Back row Brooke Hemmings, Aretoula Barbarouses, Tegan Wroe, Paige Flashoff, Annabel McCallum, Mr A Eaglestone

Front row Olivia Cacace, Shyla Jones, Samantha Eaglestone, Honore Pirret, Caitlin Lenz, Emily Eldridge, Hayley Jones Absent Zedina Sedgwick


FIRST XI FOOTBALL It has been a very interesting year for the First XI. Having made the decision to come down from Division 2 to Division 3 because several of the senior players had moved on and results last year did not quite go to plan. They started the season off with a hard fought game against Napier Boys only to go down 2-1. That would be the last time the team would taste defeat until their final game of the season. The team has gelled so well over the season, and have played some wonderful football, with some very impressive score lines. Bradley would finish the season on 20 goals with a great splattering of scorers across the remainder of the midfield. This was a team that just grew in ability and belief as the season went on, and at no point did they believe that they were not good enough to take out the title. Although they would need games to go in their favour to overhaul Napier Boys’ at the end of the season, these were two teams, alongside Hastings Boys’ that would be viewing one another week in and week out filling those top three positions. It would come down to a three way round robin to decide the eventual winners. Karamu had a wonderful performance against Hastings Boys’ taking a well-deserved 4-1 win. It would come down to one last game against Napier Boys’. Unfortunately the boys would go down in their last game, ensuring they finish the season in second place. It has been a great season of development both as a team and on individual performances. Most Valuable Player – Liam Frost Golden Goal – Bradley Wroe



Hockey Boys 1st XI

Back row Christian Jordan, Ethan Hakopa, Sam Williams, Jayden Griffiths, Mr D Mills

Front row Adam Brookes, Jayden Taylor, Callum Stewart, Jorge Fothergill, Charles Spooner, Oliver Christieson

Absent Ben Revell,Daniel O’Donoghue, Shae McKenzie, Regan Singer

Hockey Girls 1st XI

Back row Rana Centinturk, Jahnna Boden, Annabel McCallum, Brooke Foster, Jade Ubels, Amy Shaw, Chontelle Leitch, Mr D Mills

Front row Kayla Winter, Micaela Beukes, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Tamar Hoogendoorn, Ella McKay, Lucy McCallum, Georgina McCallum

Hockey Girls 2nd XI

Back row Scarlett Bradley, Martha Wilson, Phoebe Hinton, Victoria Sammons, Tamar Hoogendoorn, Mrs K Sammons Front row Amelia Wigzell, Sophie Law, Emily Kenny, Kaytlin Smith-Street, Paige Tregonning, Samantha Eaglestone

Hockey Junior Boys

Back row Kade Lindsay, Jack Gilchrist, Samuel Ramsay, Tack Williams, Jaidyn Russell, Blake Manson, Mr M Belz (Manager)

Front row Pierson Clement, Joshua Metelerkamp, Keegan Russell, Jace Chenery, Finlay Murdoch Absent Mr L Hapi (Coach)


HOCKEY Girls 1st XI Hockey 2017

Following an exciting and successful intraschool summer hockey league in the 2016 ‘off-season’, the interest in hockey at Karamu High School increased substantially. The 2017 hockey season saw four teams suit up in Karamu colours. Both the girls’ and boys’ section fielded two teams each. The season started with a new grading round format where teams qualified for their league places by virtue of their performances in a short round-robin competition. The Girls’ 1st XI continued to strengthen with the addition of new students Rana Cetinturk, Sophie Maddox, Annabel McCallum and Micaela Beukes and the promotion of former 2nd XI players Brooke Foster and Kayla Winter, all of whom contributed to a very Boys positive season. The team was well lead by co-captains Ella McKay and Taylor 1st XI Hockey 2017 Thorpe-Loversuch who were instrumental in maintaining a nurturing and friendly environment for players new and old. The girls’ team found goals The Boys 1st XI found wins harder to easy to come by in their five wins from ten regular season games, with come by with only three wins from their ten league Micaela Beukes and Aimee Shaw seemingly scoring at will. All of our games. Highlights included two regular season wins forwards were well supported by creative dynamos Rana Cetinturk against Napier Boys High School Colts XI, including a 7-0 and Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch. Particular highlights of the season victory. The team was well lead by Captain Jorge Fothergill included the wins against Iona College 2nd XI (6-0) and Napier who continued to evolve as a player with his transition into Senior Girls High School 3rd XI (6-1). It was also very pleasing to Club hockey this year. As with previous seasons, the boys’ form see the transition of so many girls into the local Senior Club lacked consistency. When the team played well, they played very competition this year. The benefits of playing in the senior well. However, the inability to rely on a regular line-up meant a lack of grade was obvious in their development. We farewell on-field synchronisation. Ben Revell led the line expertly and finished some wonderful characters this year. Both Ella McKay as top goal-scorer and was supported well by newcomers Oliver and Georgie McCallum graduate as Year 13 and have Christieson, Ethan Hakopa, Jayden Taylor, Sam Williams and Regan been central to the friendly, supportive environment Singer. Ethan, Jayden and Sam were especially impressive in their of the Girls’ 1st XI team over the last four years. first season of hockey. The boys farewell some tremendous Micaela Beukes also leaves to continue her servants to Karamu High School Hockey this year with studies in Christchurch, leaving large goalDaniel O’Donoghue, Callum Stewart and Ben Revell scoring shoes to fill in the 2018 season. graduating. By Doug Mills, Coach

Girls 2nd XI Hockey 2017

Rain or shine we were out on that turf playing our hearts out. I must say hockey this year has had its fair share of ups and downs. From winning games and scoring goals to playing tribute games for a past team member, this for sure brought our team together, or should I say family? I have always said, and will continue to say, that it shouldn’t be a team. It should be a family. There is no I in team and this was continuously taught this year in the 2nd XI Girls Hockey team. Again, this year coached by the Sammons family, a massive thank you from all the team for your commitment to us, also to our Captain Emily Kenny who has shown such passion and love to our team every game and of course to every other team member for giving up time and committing to our family. I hope we made you proud Alice, sure was hard to play without our star player on the wing. I hope you’re resting easy, stick in hand. By Victoria Sammons

KHS Junior 1st XI Boys Hockey 2017

This year for the first time in three years we have had a 2nd XI Boys team, they happened to be all Year 9 and 10 boys. The team was entered into the Hawke’s Bay Secondary schools competition as KHS Junior Boys 1st XI, with 13 players initially. This team is a development team for the future of boys hockey at Karamu High School, Sam Ramsay reports that the team had a tough season and not having too much luck at the start but at the end having better games and even winning. Throughout the season, our coach Laikyn Hapi (Former 1st XI Boys Captain and KHS Student) was a great coach helping us improve our skills and having a joke with us on the way. We enjoyed the season playing at the Sports Park and Park Island. Many thanks to Laikyn, Mr Belz for managing our team, parent supporters and Mrs Mills our Hockey Coordinator. By Sam Ramsay and Mrs Mills


KI O RAHI Ki o Rahi was well supported again this year with a growth in numbers of junior players as well as students wanting to be officials for our sport. Our two teams that entered into the regional competition were very competitive in their respective competitions. Our junior team placed first in the social grade, and our team that played in the competitive grade only just missed out qualifying for the Nationals. Although disappointed in not making the National Secondary School’s Tournament as a playing team we took a van load of our officials to the tournament to referee games. The organisers, coaches, players and other officials were very impressed with the high quality of officiating and dress standard of our team that all of our students were asked to control the Grand Final. Lead by staff member Sharlena Maui as head referee for the second year running, the team did an exceptional job. So much so that we have been asked to officiate at the Auckland and Tolaga Bay area national qualifying tournaments, as well as an invite back to the 2018 National Secondary School’s Ki o Rahi Tournament. Special mention to Jemma Green, Sela Tupou and Brooke Gude for their outstanding efforts representing our school and our sport at a national level.


KAPA HAKA Te Rau Karamu had an outstanding year in 2017. Lead by former students Sharlena Maui and Renata Nepe assisted by Te Rina Paringatai and Pikihoro Stewart, the group went from strength to strength. The dedication to the kaupapa and the commitment to each other demonstrated how much the students enjoyed learning with and from each other. Many weekends and after school hours were put into perfecting the performance items that had been composed by the tutors and the students. On competition day Te Rau Karamu was ready to command the stage. The tutors, staff and whanau were absolutely blown away by the quality of performance that our students delivered on the day and everyone went home buzzing and very tired. 2018 will be another chance to grow the group and reach yet another level. The support by junior members was fantastic in 2017 so in the years to come we can only expect to get better and better and push for national qualification. Our Kaitataki Tane Raturoa Vercoe Wahine Celine Kaur gave rangatiratanga to uplift the group to achieve success in their performances. The group competed in the regional competition and had success in with a third in the Kakahu section. ‘Ko te manu kai te mātauranga nōna te ao. Ko te Rau Karamu, he mana tō te mātauranga’ Matatini held in Hastings also enabled our students to see greatness at their doorstep. To see the possibilities and the positive opportunities Kapa Haka can bring. A big thank to Matua Leon, Whaea Pene and all the supporters and whanau of our students.

Te Rau Karamu (Kapa Haka)

Third row Te Waiarani Randell, Jemma Green, Janine Kahukura, Jade Gude, Raturoa Vercoe, Tyla-Rose Halton, Rawinia Hekau, Nicole Thomson, Pacey Tomoana-Paku Second row Kaylee Martini-Hohaia, Kaea Kershaw-Horua, Desrae Houia-Moke, Te Wairama Te Aho-Chapple,Celine Kaur, Jacob KershawHorua, Raturoa Munro, Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins, Pierre Byrne First row Jazzmin Te Huia, Te Aatakura Smith, Anecia Ave, Tamara-lee Richards, Raegan Robinson, Memory Tangi, Romona Wainohu, Myrakyll Keelan-Heke, Karalea Halton


MUSIC This year’s NZCF Big Sing Competition was held on 31 May at the Waiapu Cathedral in Napier. We had 2 choirs entered, Nga Korimako and Coro Notabile. This annual competition covers all secondary schools within the East Coast region with 35 choirs from 14 secondary schools from Central Hawke’s Bay all the way up to Gisborne. Each of the choirs is required to perform 3 songs of differing styles to compete. The categories are a NZ composition, a choral piece and then a piece of your own choice. Both of our choirs performed extremely well and represented Karamu with great pride. Coro Notabile

received the HB Secondary Music Teacher’s Trophy for their outstanding performance of ‘One’ from A Chorus Line. This musical theatre number appealed to both the audience and the adjudicator with its ‘sassy entry’ and ‘great harmonies and technique’. This year’s adjudicator, Pepe Becker, was very passionate about the enjoyment that student’s get from being a member of a choir and how wonderful singing is for musical development and discipline. Huge thanks must also go to Carol Della Barca (director of Coro Notabile) for her time, expertise and enthusiasm again this year. Also, big thanks to Mrs. Uelese for assisting her son, Khalael Uelese (year 12), with the direction of Nga Korimako and Sarah Bryant, Sally Rutgers and Michelle Kloosterman as the accompanists for Coro Notabile.

Orchestra This year has been a very rewarding year for our School Orchestra. With our intake of new Year 9 for 2017, we were very grateful to have a large number of music students who were keen to join our orchestra. We have grown significantly and continue to grow as the year goes on. Our first big event for the year was to participate in the HBSME Orchestra Play-In Day which was held at Karamu and involved over 100 local secondary music students. It


was so exciting for us to be able to play as part of a large group and cover a wide range of different musical styles. This event got us all fired up and ready to attack some new repertoire for the year and challenge ourselves to really achieve some great things. We then followed up with some performances later in the year which were a real success and showed the huge amount of progress and learning that had occurred throughout the year.

Stage Band

This year’s stage band decided to ditch their pop repertoire, to experiment with the niche ethiopian jazz styles of the 60’s and 70’s and also a jazz rendition of ‘Teenagers’ by ‘My Chemical Romance’. Thomas Steinmann (Trumpet), Tobi Wells (Clarinet), Sara Renall (Organ/Keyboard), Chevy Abraham (Guitar), Taiki Yoshino (Guitar), Toby Hunter (Bass), Flynn Mercer (Drums) and Kavarn Kerisiano (Drums) were able to produce a unique and tight groove that was well received by fellow students and audiences.

Coro Noble

Yet another extremely successful year is coming to an end for our elite school choir, Coro Notabile. It has been a very busy year with a number of very impressive performances completed. Our biggest success this year was our award-winning performance at the Big Sing competition where we received the award for the best performance of the ‘Other Styles’ category. Coro Notabile has a long history of success with this award and it is great to see this success continuing.

The group improvised, blended and entertained at many performances such as the Havelock North Community Centre Concert, the Blossom Festival Concert at St Matthew’s Church and the Hawke’s Bay secondary schools jazz evening at the Napier Boating Club. The group is very grateful to be led by director Mr Anton Wuts, who mentored, held the group together and, above all, inspired them to love and play music.

Huge thanks need to go to Mrs Carol Della Barca (our choir director) for her unwavering enthusiasm and drive, especially at our early morning rehearsals. Her positive attitude and high expectations push us to achieve continuing success in all performances.


Nga korimako


Nga Korimako Back row

Mrs A Cooper, Memory Tangi, Desrae Houia-Moke, Ellis Fa’alele, Cameron Young, Khalael Uelese, Te Wairama Te Aho-Chapple, Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins, Celine Kaur, Charm Sandilands Front row

Pacey Tomoana-Paku, Kaylee Martini-Hohaia, Romona Wainohu, Janine Kahukura, Tyla-Rose Halton, Myrakyll Keelan-Heke, Karalea Halton, Jazzmin Te Huia, Luana McKee-Warner, Sela Tupou

Absent Henare Makoare, Rylee Munro-Wallis, Ani Gillespie


Back row Hannah Mackay, Emma Norman, Jaime Mossman, Sarah Weaver, Stella Hinton, Flynn Mercer, Toby Hunter, Tobi Wells, Ethin Templeton, Romona Wainohu, Mrs A Cooper Front row Kendra Coombe, Hayley Jones, Ryley Clark, Sara Renall, Lily Burns, Alice Liu, Amber Bisley,

Abigail Masengi, Olivia Findon, Finlay Murdoch

Stage Band

Back row Mrs A Cooper, Flynn Mercer, Chevy Abraham, Toby Hunter Front row Tobi Wells, Thomas Steinmann, Sara Renall

Choir - Coro Notabile

Back row Mrs A Cooper, Phoebe Hinton, Harrison Keefe, Nick Palmer, Cameron Young, Khalael Uelese, Mackenzie Vercoe, Romayne Araia, Toby Hunter, Tobi Wells Front row Lian Hontalba, Lily Burns, Amber Flashoff, Victoria Sammons, Stella Hinton, Paige Flashoff, Shakoa Puketapu, Jessica Shoemark, Romona Wainohu, Karsha Radonich Absent Bayley Baxter-Kirby


NETBALL This year Karamu netball has had yet another successful season. With teams in Saturday’s weekly competition and one team, Aoraki (Senior A) in the super 12 grade in the weekly Tuesday competition. This Netball season for the Karamu Senior A team was a fresh start. The majority of the team was new, so I was extremely proud of the girls for persevering this season and working hard at every training to improve and learn off our mistakes. Karamu hopes to see the Netball Senior A team making it to the trophy finals in the Super 12 Hawke’s Bay Schools competition in the years to come and from the talent of the juniors I have seen, the future is looking bright. A big thanks to all coaches because without you, this year would not have been successful. Thank you for your commitment and your passion towards this sport to help develop young netball players to better their best. Another thank you to the parents for their commitment to early, frosty, Saturday mornings. Without your help netball at Karamu wouldn’t have been possible. To all the girls, well done on the tough season, enjoy your well-earned break. Keep up the training and we look forward to seeing you back at trials. We are all looking forward to Karamu Netball 2018. School Year book, Netball Karamu A. -Michaela Edwards & Tia Lewis

Netball Senior A

Left to Right Phoebe Hinton, Keelia Johnston, Lyrik Hepi, Cherish Kotuhi, Nastashia Ngawhika, Charli-Boston Wynyard, Timara Stevens-Lett, Michaela Edwards, Tia Lewis, Ereina Tonihi, Miss J Primmer, Mrs T Crawford

Netball Tasman

Back row Raiha Winterburn, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Millie Hannam, Raegan Robinson, Michaela Horsefield, Mrs D Thomas

Front row Te Waiarani Randel, Amy Saunders, Tetris Mohi, Te Aatakura Smith, Paige Morgan, Annie Wykes


Netball Erin Back row

Jade Graham, Emma Varcoe, Reanna Browning

Front row

Ashlee Cunningham-Johnston, Katie Jarvis, Taylor ThorpeLoversuch, Sela Tupou

Netball Hikurangi

Back row Mrs P McKinley, Georgia Cutry, Amelia Hunt, Mrs S Hunt

Front row Xanthia Coombe, Rhiannon, Honey McLean, Briar McKinley, Amber Flashoff

Netball Ruapehu

Back row Tiana Edwards, Willow Kohi, Emily Burns, Shantalia Dunn, Brooklyn Kennedy, Mrs T Crawford

Front row Journey Campus, Pierre Byrne, Te Raumati Te Aho, Amelia Brougham, Mekhi White


Netball Tauhara

Back row Romy Luxford, Sophie Jones, Olivia Cacace, Mrs L Richards

Front row Meg Lindsay, Kate Browning, Samantha Makris, Tamara-Lee Richards, Millie Scott

Netball Kahuranaki

Back row Mrs K Saunders, Anecia Ave, Victoria Priest, Sarah Weaver, Kayla Stephens, Grace Mentzer

Front row Lily Burns, Cassia Rosvall, Renee Saunders, Shaiann Halstead, Tyler Mumby

Netball Cook

Back row Sarah Purcell-Rogers, Maru Arkell, Bree Gibson, Tia Lewis (Coach) Front row Shadae Stevens, Cherish Maui, Hannah Hunt, Tegan McGhie, Jade Edmonds

Netball Wharite

Back row Michaela Edwards (Coach), Ella Hope, Laura Walker, Puhi Gotty-Smith, Hannah McKinley, Sophie Brookes, Millie Hannam (Coach) Front row Erena Clarke-Boyle, Ellie Panton, Aaliah Flanders-Newton, Holly Alve, Georgia Perry


Netball Taranaki Back row

Sela Tupou (Coach), Paige Treneman, Stella Hinton, Kaea Kershw-Horua, Emily Morgan

Front row

Lily Skews, Emily Hunt, Brooke Wilson, Paige Holmes, Kiriwera Hereaka, Brooke Boden

Netball Tutoko

Back row Ashlee Healey, Courtney Jack, Karsha Radonich

Front row Caroline Glen, Hannah Hansen, Ella-Lindsay-Smith, Rebecca Buckley

Netball Aspiring

Back row Ashlee Cunningham-Johnston (Coach), Hayley Smith, Jorjah Harvey, Jacqueline Orviss (Coach)

Front row Jennifer Boyd, Gemma Danrell, Alana Hughes, Gabriella Hanaray, Karis Soanes




Karamu High School has had another successful year at the Regional Stage Challenge for 2017, receiving multiple awards including Second Place Overall. This year, more than 50 students had the challenge of upholding expectations set from the previous Stage Challenge performance, A Century to Remember which earned the school 1st place two years ago. 2017’s performance revolved around a student, portrayed by Harrison Keefe, who comes face to face with destiny and fate. Both dance and drama was incorporated into a performance which encourages students leaving school to pursue what best suits them, regardless of external expectations. The performance was directed, choreographed and coached by the following student leaders: Harrison Keefe, Ashleigh Clay-Nicol, Niko Slade, Emily Coppell, Jaime Mossman, Hannah Foulkes, Ashlee Johnston, Reanna Browning and Dylan Huata-Lucas. Supporting the stage performers were other students who excelled in make-up design and application, sound editing, lighting design, stage management, set construction, set painting, costume design and manufacture, and props. A big thank you to all staff members, students and parents involved in Stage Challenge for 2017! Your contributions have allowed Karamu High School to receive Awards of Excellence in Performance Skill, Choreography, Stage Use, Soundtrack, Stage Crew, Set Design and Function, Concept, Visual Enhancement, Costuming, Character, Drama and Second Place Overall.


Tech Crew

Back row Megan Entwistle, Anecia Ave, CJ Solomona, Raturoa Munro, Karsha Radonich

Front row Jahnie Chatterton, Keelan Heesterman, Clayton Hughes, Michael Tapson, Jaidyn Russell Absent Mr L Harmer


RUGBY 1st XV Rugby The 1st XV rugby squad started in the B Grade division of the revamped competition, and the entire squad can be proud of their achievements throughout the season. The group was made up of both experienced and new players, who showed genuine character by always remaining competitive. As captain, Kody Giddens led by example through his physicality and was awarded ‘Most Outstanding Player’. Further senior players; co-captain Kyle Burlace, Liam Tosh, Mathew Lindsay, Reuben Lyndon and Nathan Bryers displayed their skill and competitiveness each week, and can be pleased with their final seasons of secondary school rugby. Reuben also showed his versatility while playing well at either halfback or 1st Five. Prop, Isaac Thompson consistently showed his scrummaging ability, and was one of the anchors in the forward pack. New players, Daniel Stuart and Jae Paipa made an impact in the forwards pack and developed well as the season unfolded. Despite having aspirations to play in the backline, both Blake and Jonty Tresidder were outstanding with their consistency and commitment amongst the forwards. Although unable to play most of the season due to injury, 2nd Five: Isaac Hinton had some strong outings at the beginning and end of the competition. The squad was strengthened mid-season by the arrival of several Flaxmere College players who are to be congratulated for the way they slotted into the team with such ease. The squad also welcomed the return of valuable backs, Sam Walton-Sexton and Luke Kupa. In terms of results, the team did well to reach a semi-final against the Hastings Boys’ High School U15 team. Many thanks to Head Coach, Mr Shannon Sexton and Assistant Coaches, Mr Tom Iosefo and Mr Jon Read.

E Grade Rugby After a positive 2016 season the returning E Grade players were keen to get underway with a whole new management team and ten year 9 students backing them, Mr Elijah Martin, Mr Adam Blake and Mr Tom Blake, the new management, started with setting the a training pattern and a game plan structured around the size and the ability of the team. After an absolute cracker of a win first up, over a much larger HBHS team, the tone was set for the team to do well throughout its 2017 campaign. For the record the team played 8 won 5 and lost 3 The team struggled to recapture the form they showed in their first win and it wasn’t until the back end of the season were pattern and plan fell into place, with huge wins over Wairoa 31 to 23, Ahuriri 55 to 37, and Taradale 29 to 12. The team’s most outstanding player was captain Zac Brooker who led the team well, and scored some outstanding individual tries. Other backs that showed promise were some year 9’s. Halfback, Kalin Painter-Dudley, midfielders Issac Winterson and Joel Tawera who along with senior member Dante Irving showed attacking flare beyond their years. In the forwards, hardworking Mana Wichman was outstanding and a huge loss when he transferred to Rotorua. This meant others had to fill the boots of leadership that he left behind. The two seniors, Tyler Boyes and Amon Kaio certainly did this and they were ably followed by Corbyn Te Whaiti, Izaiah Te Wiata, Riley Walton-Sexton and most improved player of the year Bo Rolleston-Wepa. All in all, a very good fun filled season was had, and although it was disappointing to not make the top 2 when it was definitely in reach, a top 4 four finish shows that the future of Karamu rugbyis in good hands. Finally a huge thank you to Mr Martin, Mr A Blake and Mr T Blake, all of our supporters, whanau, and friends for their loyal support throughout 2017. We all believe that a “watch this space” is in order for 2018.


Rugby 1st XV

Back row Mr S Sexton, Jae Paipa, Manaakitangs Tumanako, Luke Kupa, Nathan Bryers, Daniel Stuart, Liam Tosh, Isaac Thompson, Jake Perry, Kyle Burlace (Co-captain), Mr J Read (Assistant Coach/Manager)

Front row John McLean, Reuben Lyndon, Blake Tresidder, Isaac Hinton, Samuel Walton-Sexton, Brandon Le Comte, Mathew Lindsay, Jonty Tresidder, Manaaki Whatarau

Absent Kody Gidden (Captain), Jordan Auckram, Louis Makiora (Flaxmere), Donald Taufa (Flaxmere), Junior Auora (Flaxmere), Stevie Wairama (Flaxmere), Sanchez Tamati (Flaxmere), Tom Iosefo (Assistant Coach-Flaxmere)

Rugby E Grade

Back row Mr T Blake, Dante Irving, Riki Timu, Kassius Downes, Lucas Auckram, Izaiah Te Wiata, Joel Tawera, Cruiz Tangen-Wainohu, Ammon Kaio, Corbyn Te Whaiti, Iraia Tonga, Mr E Martin Front row Ashton Anderson, George Christieson, Oliver Chilton, Connor Auckram, Tyler Boyes, Zac Brooker (Captain), Mason Clark, Isaac Winterson, Bo Rolleston-Wepa, Riley Walton-Sexton, Karlin Painter-Dudley Absent Mr A Blake, Mana Wichman

Rugby Girls

Back row Mr T Blake, Aaliyah Tangen-Wainohu, Journey Campus, Charm Sandilands, Katie Tapara, Raegan Robinson, Memory Tangi, Michaela Horsefield, Miss S Maui Front row Pacey Tomoana-Paku, Crystal Hapuku-Te Nahu, Te Aatakura Smith, Cortez Te Pou, (Co-captain), Max Taiapa-Powell, Brooklyn Kennedy, Te Waiarani Randell

Absent Tyla-Rose Halton, Karalea Halton, Ani Gillespie, Molly Fothergill

Rippa Rugby Girls

Back row Holly Alve, Journey Campus, Katie Tapara, Memory Tangi, Maddison Alve

Front row Rana Cetinturk, Erena Clarke-Boyle, Crystal Hapuku- Te Nahu, Willow Kohi, Aaliah Flanders-Newton, Ashlee Healey Absent Kaylee Martini-Hohaia


Get to Go Year 9 & 10

ADVENTURE RACE This was Karamu’s first endeavour into the Get to Go Adventure Race, and we knew that we would be up against the powerhouses of Taradale and Havelock North High Schools. Having won each of the last 12 editions of the event these two have repeatedly represented Hawkes Bay in the national finals on Great Barrier Island, and the Karamu team were keen to muscle in on that accolade and make it to Great Barrier this year as regional champions. With an inexperienced group, yet with some real quality the team of Sophie Jones, Tiana Edwards, Aimee Shaw, Hannah Hunt, Adam Brookes, Connor Auckram, James Miles and Pierson Clement would take on numerous tasks including Mountain biking, Kayaking, Team Building and Orienteering. As relative unknowns at the sport the team took to it with real gusto and worked well as a team, supporting one another in every event and representing the school with pride. One of the stand out moments was seeing the two Year nine students of James and Pierson leading the orienteering leg with the senior members of the group defaulting age to experience. Finishing a very credible 5th behind the very strong Havelock and Taradale 1st and 2nd teams that have been competing for several years at this was a good result, and something that the school can now build on.


PETANQUE This year signaled the first time Karamu entered into the sport of Petanque – or French bowls. A small group of students regularly headed over to Frimley Park with Mr Belz to try their hand on a Thursday afternoon. Each practice session consisted of a number of drills involving pointing (getting close to the cochonet or jack) and shooting – to remove the opposition’s boule. These were always followed by a game or two. For most of our students this was a very different sport requiring concentration and precision rather than aerobic capacity. The aim of the game, though, was to have fun! With more students getting involved with this sport we look forward to competing against other schools!


Back row Ethany Gibson, Shani Ross, Liam Walker, Zac Wallace, Mr M Belz

Front row Tyler Dillon, Claire Barrett, Danielle van Schaik, Rhian Hanara



Imagine waking up at 5:45 in the morning when it’s negative 1 degrees and having to go for a 3.2km run, then having to jump in the freezing cold ocean before running through a cold outside shower. That’s what Jayden and I had to do most mornings, while we were lucky enough to be chosen to travel to anakiwa for a 21 day outward bound course. During our time there we were pushed past our comfort zones, earned leadership skills and made lifetime bonds with our watch mates.

We faced challenges like tramping off track up mountains over 1000m above sea level which meant walking for over 13 hours each day. This was challenging for me as I’ve never hiked this high or far with heavy backpacks so I struggled at the start but pushed myself so I could get through the day. Each night we met as a watch and reflected on our day. This was a great way to share my worries and thoughts and find out that I wasn’t alone. We lived by the quote “challenge equals opportunity”, so my opportunity for this challenge was being able to bond with other people in my watch. One of my highlights of my course was a day where we got

the opportunity to help out the community. We headed down to a farm where we bagged up sheep poo which you may think is yuck because I did, but after finding out that they then sell these bags of poo the money went towards someone else to be able to live the opportunity of going to outward bound, it wasn’t all that bad. This opportunity allowed me to gain more team building skills and even though it wasn’t a pleasant job to do, working as a team and getting involved made it so much more enjoyable and we got the job done so much faster. We then got to plant over 400 plants which helped stop flooding in the rainy season. It was a good time to relax from all the physical activities, and gave us the chance to connect with our watch mates more. I also really enjoyed are solo. We were given a private spot in the bush, where we had to stay alone for two nights, which involved peeing in a bucket, and fending off weka birds. But lucky for me I slept most of the time. Even though we only given 3 flapjacks, 2 carrots, 3 apples and a bag of scroggin it was my time to reflect on my journey at outward bound and how I have grown as a person. I miss Kupe watch 630, but we made so many great memories. You should all remember to push yourself and challenge yourself because challenge equals opportunity.


This year Karamu entered a Senior Boys’ team, a Senior Girls team, two Junior Boys’ teams and four Junior Girls teams into the Hawke’s Bay Term One Interschool Tennis competition. Most players were new to the game and so played in the novice grade. However, we achieved significant success. Our most standout achievements were as follows: Tuhoe Vercoe, Matthew Apperley, George Christieson, Jamie Hollway and Gabriel Lopez were the winners of the Junior Boys’ Novice grade.

Tennis Junior Girls

Back row Sara Renall, Romona Wainohu, Hannah Hansen, Tobi Wells, Kayla Stephens, Amelia Brougham, Mr C Thompson


Front row Jessika Peterson, Madison Jack, Tiana Edwards, Georgia Wilson, Sophie Jones, Meg Lindsay, Caroline Glen

Marcus Le Monnier, Marcus Krekeler, Keelan Heesterman, Finn Jackson and Daniel Stuart were second in the Junior Boys’ Novice grade. Ella Lindsay-Smith, Sophie Jones, Madison Jack, Hannah Hansen, Tiana Edwards and Amelia Brougham were runners up in the Girls’ Junior Novice grade. Ethan Hope, Isaac Hinton and Regan Singer were winners of the Senior Boys’ Novice grade. This was a successful season and we look forward to building upon this in the future.

Tennis Junior Boys

Back row Mrs J Hunter, Marcus Krekeler, Keelan Heesterman Front row Gabriel Lopez, Matthew Apperley


- Senior Girls

The Senior Girls had a few returning players for 2016, along with a mixture of new players and a few juniors that made up a strong squad for 2017. The team was led by Cortez Te Pou but was strongly support by our experienced representative players. The girls found their groove early on in the season and had some very good wins against the other high schools. Our two strongest opponents in the round play being HGHS and NGHS. The team made it comfortably through to the semi -finals vs HGHS and managed a good win against HGHS. This put as through to the final game against a very strong NGHS team, which included may representative players as well. The game was a hard fought battle with some good exchanges along the way. NGHS just in front at halftime. Unfortunately, things didn’t go our way in the second half and NGHS pulled away for a good win. Many of the girls in both teams know each other and it was nice to see the way they all came together at the end. A strong season from all the squad and with many girls returning it looks like a promising season ahead in 2017.

Touch Senior Girls

Mr B Crawford

Absent Crystal Hapuku-Te Nahu, Moki Beckham, Annie Wykes, Te Waiarani Randell

Back row Aiyahna Araia, Keelia Johnston, Katie Scales, Mr B Crawford

Front row Eriena Tonihi, Cortez Te Pou, Raegan Robinson, Te Aatakura Smith

- Senior Boys Karamu fielded one senior team this year which showed some promise in nearly every game played. We started the season well collecting some well fought wins and some close loses. Players to standout were NZ Maori rep Hagar Keepa and provincial rep, year 10 Zac Brooker. These two showed their class in every game controlling the middle and attack zones of the game. They were ably assisted by Isaac Hinton, Linkin Smith and the Tressider boys Blake and Jonty. Unfortunately with the lack of depth in the school we are looking at a senior mixed team to take us through and lead the way, hopefully to regionals and then on to nationals, WATCH THIS SPACE.

Touch Senior Boys

Back row Isaac Hinton, Linkin Smith, Mr T Blake

Front row Blake Tresidder, Regan Singer, Jonty Tresidder

Absent Zac Brooker, Hagar Keepa, John McLean, Mana Wichman


SPORTING SUCCESSES GROWING LEADERS THROUGH SPORT This year Karamu High School hosted the Growing Leaders Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Sport Student Workforce Event. Over 180 students from all over Hawke’s Bay, including 50 from Karamu, spent a whole day in workshops that included Code Training, Communication, Management, Mental Skills, Sportsmart, Physical Literacy and Planning. All presenters imparted their wealth of knowledge to the students involved. Participants especially enjoyed the way messages were passed on and how easily relatable they were to all the different sports codes. We would like to thank Junior Armstrong, Sport Hawke’s Bay Team Leader, and Chris McIvor, Director of Macca Sports Leadership and all the presenters, especially New Zealand Olympic Ambassador and former Black Sticks Captain Kayla Whitelock, for their time, effort and information sharing. We look forward to next years’ event.


Hawke’s Bay/New Zealand WEETBIX TRY-athlon For the fifth year in a row, Karamu High School were involved in the Hawke’s Bay “WEETBIX Try-athlon”. Fifty selected senior students were given the opportunity to be involved in one of Hawke’s Bay’s largest sporting events on the 2017 calendar. All students enjoyed a day full of officiating, marshalling, erecting and packing down tents to operating and organizing breakfast, water stations, mini games and finish line cheerers and high fivers for every single primary and interme-

diate competitor. It was a very busy but most satisfying day, students understanding how much learning is done when giving back to the Community showing Whanaungatanga, Excellence, Leadership, Creativity, Overcoming Adversity, Manaakitanga and Embracing Diversity. Huge thanks to Sanitarium for inviting us to help and support such an amazing cause.

New Initiatives In Sport at Karamu Sport at Karamu has seen some exciting initiatives that all students can benefit from if they are keen to further their involvement in the area of sport. Below are a list of the new and some improved initiatives that happened throughout 2017. *Over fifty 16 year old Students involved in Volunteer Services for Hawkes Bay Weetbix TRYathalon. *Twenty seniors and juniors involved in officiating at the local Super Six Primary School Sports day. *Twenty boys and girls involved in the EIT/HBRFU Magpies one day training camp. *Connecting coaches with Hastings Intermediate netball teams. *22 Junior officials supplied for the Hawkes Bay primary schools Rippa Rugby Competition. *13 Senior students involved in early morning HB Student Workforce for Coaching and Leadership sessions with Sport Hawkes Bay “ *HBSS Sport Growing Leaders conference held at Karamu High School. Over 180 students from Hawkes Bay High Schools attended. *21 junior students involved in the Inugural CO-ED Cup held at PGA. Officiated by Senior High School Sport Leaders. *Cape Physio and Karamu High School partnership begins. Available onsite for all students “free” of charge. All the above will now be a part of the 2018 Karamu school calendar and no doubt there will be further initiatives introduced.


COMMONWEALTH YOUTH GAMES Nick Palmer To qualify and be selected to compete for New Zealand at an international competition is a great feeling. When I got the email to say I had been selected in the team, it all became real. Then the uniform arrived along with a mountain of clothes and gear. It was awesome. The Team all met in Auckland before flying to the Bahamas. Being a part of that team was incredible. We all clicked immediately. We couldn’t get over how well we all got on. I train six days a week but I couldn’t come close to keeping up with these guys, they were workhorses. It was incredible. Arriving in the Bahamas to 35 degrees every day and only dropping to about 26 at night made it tough to train and compete. The trip took about 30 hours, as we had to cross eight time zones to get to the Bahamas, so Jet Lag was an issue. It took a couple of days to acclimatise but with those white sand beaches and water like a bath, the 30 hours flying were already forgotten. After coming off the high of winning gold at New Zealand National champs then gold at the Australia champs by beating my biggest rival the Australian top thrower, I set off to the Commonwealth Youth Games convinced I would take the gold there too. My lead up was great but it got pretty sketchy


because four weeks into my training programme, I did my back and that put me behind a lot. I couldn’t walk for two days. I had to slog it out every day while doing physio three times a week, and having to keep up with school work. But I persevered and ended up coming through it. From then on the whole build up was centered around believing in myself and the programme. On the day of the competition at warm up I threw big. Real big. In the competition, I was throwing relatively badly but I still led all the way by over a metre. Then the Australian beat me on his last throw. I was pretty gutted. But you can’t dwell on the negatives. Although I didn’t win, I had a fantastic time and learnt so much from the experience. The Commonwealth Youth Champs were not the end goal for my age group career, and we still have big goals for the rest of the year, in fact bigger than ever after that loss. The Commonwealth Youth Champs were just a step on a big journey. My goal is to be the World No. 1 U18 by the end of 2017. However, the trip was none the less incredible and was truly a trip of a life time. Not only did I see some sights and make some friends, but I also learnt a lot about myself.

SOFTBALL Junior Softball – U15 Division 3 Champions This year we had a talented team of Year 9 and 10 students playing softball for Karamu High School with several achieving Hawkes Bay Representative Honours. On Saturday mornings, in term one and four we played in a local secondary school competition at Akina Park, Hastings. The team performed extremely well, developed their skills and worked together to develop a supportive team culture. The team was managed by Whaea Racheal Tiuka with coaching support from James Ngawhika, Glen Coulbeck and Jemma Green. We are hugely appreciative of their contribution of time, knowledge and expertise to our school and community. In Term Four we entered the New Zealand Secondary School Junior Championship held at Akina Park in Hastings. This tournament provided an opportunity for our players to experience a higher level of competition - compared to the domestic games played on Saturday mornings. This season our Most Valuable Player was Nastashia

Ngawhika for her outstanding season as pitcher. Our Most Improved player was Sam Williams for his perseverance, committment and contribution to the team. This is an exciting team to watch out for in the future. 2017 Softball Season Highlights • Nastashia Ngawhika U17 Waikato Representative • Brock Coulbeck U15 HB Representative • Sam Williams, Kory Morgan, Lachlan Cooper U13 HB Representatives • NZSS Tournament MVPs – Nastashia Ngawhika/Brock Coulbeck • Term 1 2017 Winners of Division 3

Softball Juniors

Back row Sam Williams, Katie Tapara, Iraia Tonga, Nastashia Ngawhika, Alys Jeffries, Mrs R Tiuka Front row Kory Morgan, Brock Coulbeck, Cameron Orr, Ondre Hapuku-Lambert, Pierson Clement



Weight training has many benefits for health and fitness, so it was great to see a wide range of the school population using the weight room to work towards their health and fitness goals. There were around fifty members in 2017 and it has been rewarding to witness the progress obtained by all the students involved. A special thanks to Mr Leitch, Mr Wooster and Mr Ross for their contributions in upgrading our weight room this year. The new flooring and the covered extension area has provided students with a fit-for-purpose training facility for many years to come.


Back row Kayden Lomas, Jae Paipa, Tyrin Walker, Kree Allen, Justin Parker, Mr A Noble

Front row Ondre Hapuku-Lambert, Beverley Hussey, Anna Barbridge, Courtney Hatton, Jessica Young, Te Hihiko Edwards



2017 saw another great year for Karamu Volleyball. With the newest addition of Mr Martin and his expertise, we were able to develop some wonderful skills in the Term 1 Sports period that translated onto the courts. Intermediate Girls were a strong team often competing against the Senior Girls 1, however, the Senior Girls 1 managed to remain at the top of the division taking the first spot for Division 3. Intermediate Girls came in second. Senior Boys remained near the top of their division and came second in Division 5. “A fantastic way to get involved with different people while competing in a sport that is so super enjoyable! Never a dull moment and found myself always looking forward to Wednesday night games.” Phoebe Hinton. “I’ve really enjoyed the last five years of playing volleyball and meeting new students and teachers. It’s been awesome getting to progress from our more social games in Year 9 to this year having a strong competitive senior girls team - both having been equally as fun.” Holly Davison. Mathew Lindsay summed it up, “That was totally wicked!” Big thanks to Mr Martin, Mr Hollands, Mrs Burn and Miss Dawson for driving, changing radio stations, umpiring, scoring and supporting us courtside. The Junior teams are well underway in the Term Four divisions and are looking good to come through into the senior division in 2018.


Back row Miss J Dawson, Xanthia Coombe, Honey McLean, Hastings Laau, Nora Paul-Hapuku, Khalael Uelese, Kahurangi Stevens, Rasharn Epere, Lagi Magele-Timu, Ella McKay, Mr E Martin Front row Abigail Masengi, Melinda Pope, Ereina Tonihi, Havila Brown, Katie Scales, Ethan Hakopa, Raegan Robinson, Ethany Gibson, Te Au Skipworth. Ana Marks






ANZAC MORNING A small group of our student leaders represented Karamu High School at the Hastings ANZAC Dawn Parade which started at 5:15am at the Fountain Town Clock in Hastings on ANZAC day this year. Our head students Toby Hunter and Holly Davison laid a wreath on behalf of the school in a moving and well attended service. Most of us are in some way connected to the wars of the past or know someone in the services, so this is a time to remember them.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.

Ka mahi te tawa uho ki te riri.

Well done, you whose courage is like the heart of the tawa tree.

Futurecol visit



We had an amazing response to Relay for Life with 66 students signing up to be members of our school team. This is the biggest team yet and they are SUPER enthusiastic.

A big thanks to all the teachers and parents who supported with supervision and participation on the day. The year 13 students will lead the team on the day and it was great to see everyone do a few laps with the students The event was on Saturday 4 March and goes from 11am – 11pm at the Hastings Sports Park. After assembling at 10am to help get things set up and organised the event went off without a hitch. We look forward to another big event in 2018.



IronMaori is a triathlon event aimed at improving individual and collective “Hauora” or wellbeing. IronMaori is an annual event that is held at Pandora Pond in Napier. This year Karamu High School entered seven teams in the ¼ IronMaori event in November and two teams in the ½ IronMaori in December. It was great to see so many staff coming together to support this event. Matua Leon Harmer accepted the wero this year and entered as an individual participant Swimming 1 Km, Cycling 45km and running 10.5Km. This was an amazing accomplishment that has inspired other teachers to give it a go in 2018. Mrs June Clark also joined a team and it was great to see the friendly competition between her and Mrs Viv Hantler in the walk. Special mention must be given to our top competitors Colin Rafferty (cycling), Sarah Gunn (Swimming) and Clancy Cummins (Running) and our Top Mixed Team Ana Whitlow, Craig Thompson, Matt Strickland, and Top Male Team Elijah Martin, Wayne Wooster and Lutz Weber. IronMaori is a Kaupapa which encourages working together and supporting each other to achieve ‘personal best’. It was great to see so many staff, family and friends from Karamu High School come support the participants in these events. We look forward to continuing the IronMaori Wero in 2018. Thank you to the BOT for your ongoing support.

















Romayne Araia Canoe Polo: National Sec Schools B Grade Champion

Ruby Brett East Coast North Island Secondary Schools’ Intermediate 400meters placed 1st East Coast North Island Secondary Schools’ Intermediate Girls 800 meters placed 3rd Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne Club Nationals 4 x 400 meters Senior Open Girls Relay placed 1st Potts Classic Athletics Meeting 100 meters and 200 meters U14’s placed 1st Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne Athletics Club Championships 800 meters Junior

Girls placed 2nd 3rd Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne 3km Steeplechase Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne Cross Country Championships U16 placed 2nd Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne Road Race Championships U16 placed 3rd Selected for Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne for Nationals 5km Road Race U18 Selected for Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne for Nationals 4km U18

Adam Brookes Hawke’s Bay Canoe Polo C1 Team

Zachary Burlace Sport HB Growing Coaches Team Member


Dylan Bagley Selected to represent Hawke’s Bay Senior Men at the Toro Golf InterProvincials Selected to represent Hawke’s Bay Junior Men at the Golf Inter-Provincials One of only two Hawke’s Bay Players to make the cut during the New Zealand U19 Stroke Play One of only two Hawke’s Bay Players to make the cut during the New Zealand Open Stroke Play Selected for the Hawke’s Bay Development Squad

Zac Brooker Selected and played for Manawatu Touch U15 team

Kate Browning Equestrian 1st in the B Final at the North Island Secondary Schools Event 3rd in the A Final of the Hawke’s Bay pairs U17s 4th NI Regional teams (Representing Hawke’s Bay) 4th Hawke’s Bay individual in U17s A Final 3rd in the pairs at Horse of the Year 4th at Horse of Year in the U17s teams Trialling for New Zealand U17 Team to travel to Belgium 2018

Hannah Bursnall Art: 2nd place “Create 1 World” Massey University

Lachlan Cooper Softball Hawke’s Bay U13 Boys Team

Rana Cetinturk Hockey Hawke’s Bay U15 Girls B Team

Brock Coulbeck Softball Hawke’s Bay U15 Boys Team

Bethany Cox Winner of Senior Project Section in Hawke’s Bay Science Fair Selected as a finalist in the Prime Minister’s Future Science Award Selected to Represent New Zealand at the Taiwan International Science Fair in January 2018

Holly Davison Winner of Senior Project Section in Hawke’s Bay Science Fair Max Crossan Canoe Polo: Silver Junior Boys Regionals Silver Junior Boys Nationals

Taine Doyle Canoe Polo: Selected for Hawke’s Bay C1 Canoe Polo National Secondary Schools B Grade Champion Dylan Dempsey Sport HB Growing Coaches Team Member



Molly Fothergill Cricket: Selected and player for Hawkes Bay Senior Women. Selected and played for Hawkes Bay Under 18.

Tate Gorton Selected to go to Globe Theatre in 2018 as Sheila Winn Shakespeare Hawke’s Bay and New Zealand Winner

Jade Gude Sport Hawke’s Bay Growing Coaches Team Member

Millie Hannam Canoe Polo: Selected for B3 Team Karamu High School Senior Girls Regional Gold winning team


Michael Garland Member of the Junior Boys Canoe Polo Silver Medalists at Regionals Member of the Junior Boys Silver Canoe Polo Medalists at NZ Nationals

Jemma Green Sport Hawke’s Bay Growing Coaches Team Member

Brooke Gude Sport Hawke’s Bay Growing Coaches Team Member National Secondary Schools Ki O Rahi Referee (Kaiwawao)

Crystal Hapuku-Te Nahu Rugby: Selected and Played for the Southern Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools

Lawrence Henderson-Ereatara Canoe Polo: Silver Junior Boys Regionals Silver Junior Boys Nationals

Isaac Hinton Canoe Polo: National Secondary Schools B Grade Champion Sport Hawke’s Bay Growing Coaches Team Member

Michaela Horsefield Canoe Polo: Selected for B1 Team Karamu High School Senior Girls Regional Gold winning team Karamu High School Senior Girls National team placed 3rd Rugby: Selected and Played for the Southern Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Selected and Attended HBRFU Development Camp

Mitchell Heney Canoe Polo: Silver Junior Boys Regionals Silver Junior Boys Nationals

Ethan Hope Canoe Polo: Selected for Hawke’s Bay B3 Canoe Polo National Secondary Schools B Grade Champion

Toby Hunter Represented Hawke’s Bay in the New Zealand Russell McVeagh Debating Competition Named Best Speaker at Regional Russell McVeagh Competition Part of the Senior Karamu High team that won the Hawke’s Bay Secondary School Championships

Abigail Kilkolly Sport Hawke’s Bay Growing Coaches Team Member Jesse Kereru Clay Target Shooting: HB Regional Team at Nationals. A member of the KHS Team that won the Central & Lower North Island competition. High Over All junior round 5 of the CLNISS



Tia Lewis Canoe Polo: Selected for B2 Team Karamu High School Senior Girls Regional Gold winning team. Karamu High School Senior Girls National team placed 3rd

Lucy McKay Athletics: ECNI Intermediate Girls Pole Vault placed 3rd Cheerleading

Kory Morgan Softball: Hawke’s Bay Under 13 Boys Team

Jamie Mossman Year 12 Best Academic result – Level 1 2016


Ella McKay Duke of Edinbrugh – Gold Award

Jacob McNeil Canoe Polo: Selected for Hawke’s Bay B1 Canoe Polo National Secondary Schools B Grade Champion Sport Hawke’s Bay Growing Coaches Team Member

James Morley Canoe Polo: National B Grade Champion Canoe Polo National Secondary Schools B Grade Champion

Nastashia Ngawhika Co-captain of the Karamu Softball team placed 1st in the Sec School Competition. Co-captain of the Junior National Tournament Team. Named MVP at Junior Nationals Selected to represent Waikato under 17 Softball (as a pick up player)

Sharnie O’Connor Canoe Polo: Selected for Hawke’s Bay B1 Team Karamu High School Senior Girls Regional Gold winning team Karamu High School Senior Girls National team placed 3rd

Nick Palmer Regional Achievements East Coast Secondary Schools - Boys Shotput with record throw of 19.17m 1st Senior Boys Hammer with record throw of 55.61m 1st Senior Boys Discus North Island Secondary Schools’ - 1st Senior boys Shotput 2nd Senior Boys Hammer Hawke’s Bay Gisborne Centre Competition Shotput Records: 16 & 17 year old mens (5kg) record 19.97m 19 year old mens (6kg) record 17.91m (previous 15.56 1985) Hammer: 16 & 17 year old mens (5kg) record 59.66 (previous 51m 1981). Discus: 16 year old mens (1.5kg) record 44.47m National Achievements 1st U18 Shotput at New Zealand National Championships 2nd U20 Shotput at New Zealand National Championships Currently ranked New Zealand’s 1st U18 Shotput, 2nd U20 Shotput and 2nd U18 Hammer Throw International Achievements Flag Bearer and Athletic Team Captain at the Bahamas Commonwealth Youth Games Silver Medalist Shotput at the Bahamas Commonwealth Youth Games 3rd U20 (6kg) at the Christchurch Trans-Tasman Big Shot Event 1st U18 Men’s Shotput and Third U20 Men’s Shotput at the Australian National Championships Currently ranked 1st in the U18 Shotput and Third in the U20 Shotput in Australasia Currently ranked 2nd in the Commonwealth and Sixth in the World U18 Shotput rankings

Libby O’Hanlon Cheerleading: Cheer fest Championship Competition held in Auckland Placed 2nd in the Level 3 individual routine Placed 2nd with the “Cheer Dynamics Hastings” in the Level 3 Team Cheer Competition

Ethan Popplewell Canoe Polo: Silver Junior Boys Regionals Silver Junior Boys Nationals

Sarsha Ramirez Athletics: ECNI Intermediate Girls Long Jump placed 2nd

Raegan Robinson Rugby: Selected and Played for the Southern Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Selected and Attended HBRFU Development Camp Selected and Played for Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Team



Amy Saunders Regional Achievements Selected for Eastern Regions U18 Team and the Eastern Regions U21 Team Selected for the Hawke’s Bay A1 Women’s Canoe Polo Team Member of the Karamu high School Senior Girls Regional Team winning GOLD Member of the Karamu High School Senior Girls National team winning BRONZE National Achievements Selected in the National Secondary Schools girls Tournament Team International Achievements Selected for the New Zealand U18 Women’s Canoe Polo Team named as Captain Won Gold at the Oceania Championships with the New Zealand U18 Women’s Canoe Polo Team

Aimee Shaw “Ramblers Cycling Club… Overall Most Improved Junior for 2017 1st Female in the U16 42km Road Race in the Hawke’s Bay Road Cycling Championships Placed 2nd in the U16 HB Road Cycling Championship Team Time trial

Destiny Smiler Selected for the Hawke’s Bay U 19 Basketball Team


Renee Saunders Canoe Polo Hawke’s Bay C Grade team. Won “Gold” at the NZ Canoe Polo Championships.

Luke Shaw Cycling Under 19 2nd Overall “Hawkes Bay Tour”

Te Au Skipworth Represented Hawkes Bay with the Rezpect Dance Academy at Street Dance New Zealand

Cameron Spargo Third in the Single Rise at the South Island Championships A member of the Karamu High School Team that won the Central and Lower North Island Competition Selected for the Hawke’s Bay Regional team at Nationals

Daniel Stuart A member of the Karamu High School Team that won the Central and Lower North Island Competition

Memory Tangi Rugby Selected and Played for the Southern Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools

Ashleigh ThorpeLoversuch Canoe Polo: Selected for B3 Team Karamu High School Senior Girls Regional Gold winning team Karamu High School Senior Girls National team placed 3rd

Aaliyah Tangen-Wainohu Selected and Played for Southern Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Rugby Team

Cortez Te Pou Rugby: Selected and Played for the Southern Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Selected and Attended HBRFU Development Camp Selected and Played for Hawke’s Bay Secondary School Team

Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch Canoe Polo: Selected for B3 Team Karamu High School Senior Girls Regional Gold winning team Karamu High School Senior Girls National team placed 3rd

Blake Tresidder Sport HB Growing Coaches Team Member Jonty Tresidder Sport HB Growing Coaches Team Member



Christian Walker Selected to represent Hawke’s Bay Junior Men Selected for the Hawke’s Bay Development Squad

Oliver Wiggins-Crowe Third Overall Shooter in the CLNISS series Second Overall in Points Score in the CLNISS series Highest Overall Shooter in Round 2 for Karamu High School A member of the Karamu High School Team that won the Central and Lower North Island Competition Hawke’s Bay Open C Grade Skeet Champion

Caleb Williams Canoe Polo: National Secondary Schools B Grade Champion Sam Williams Softball Hawke’s Bay Under 13 Boys Team

Karsyn Wylie Canoe Polo: National Secondary Schools B Grade Champion


Cameron Young Speech: Runner-Up in the “Race for Unity Speech Competition Debating: Selected for Hawkes Bay Development Squad Ambassador fot Hawkes Bay Arts Festival.


Our focus within the Careers and Gateway departments is to offer a wide range of opportunities for students to test out their career aspirations and find out more about areas of interest. We know that this experiential learning is very effective in terms of helping students to make decisions about their future pathway.

The Gateway programme allows students to earn credits and learn relevant skills in a workplace of their choice. We have had 27 students placed out on Gateway this year. Placement locations have included industries in retail, travel, construction, racing stables, vet clinic, art gallery, automotive and panel beating. Some of these placements have also included students gaining their First Aid or Health and Safety Certificates. We also offer work-ready skills such as learner driver licensing and barista certificates. We have a close relationship with our local provider – EIT and make many trips with selected groups in order to see what is available and the facilities on offer.

The Careers Centre continues to host university liaison visits from most universities and we take school trips to some of the open days. Other events we attend are the Horticultural Expo, the Careers Expo, the BCITO Tour and the Health Careers Expo. Where relevant, we bring in speakers from areas our students have expressed interest in, so they are able to gain a more realistic idea of the study and job opportunities available.

Students from Year 12 and 13 who are interested in health related careers are able to join the Incubator Programme, run by the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board. Through this programme, students participate in interactive workshops, run by a diverse range of hospital professionals. This year, the students have heard from pharmacy technicians, registered nurses, physiotherapists, a health gains advisor, an early intervention clinician, a general practitioner, dental therapists and a diabetes specialist nurse.

The Careers Centre runs an ‘open door’ policy, where students can drop in at any time to get career advice. We aim to support our students in their career decision making. as well as helping them with CVs and subject selection. Transition support can include assistance with scholarship, enrolment and accommodation applications as well as applying for studylink.


The Academic Institute is for members who gain an Excellence Endorsement at Level One or Level Two. It has two key roles; to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding academic achievement and encourage and support further academic achievement. The Academic Institute members are also encouraged to give academic tutoring and mentoring to other students around the school. In its fifth year the Academic Institute took a slightly different focus from Term Three onwards, running separate events for Year 12 and 13 students before combining for a final breakfast in Term Four. Year 13 members were treated to a breakfast workshop in Term Three with 1988 Head Girl Wanda Douglas. Wanda is an Industrial-Organisational Psychologist with professional consulting experience across public and private sectors, and runs HB business, Wands Psychology Services. Her first role as a Psychologist was with the RNZAF (19952002), nearly half of that time as the Director of Psychology, and continues to work in a part-time capacity for the New Zealand Defence Force as an Army Territorial Force Psychologist (rank of Major). She is currently the Mental Skills consultant for the Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union and works with Sport Hawke’s Bay and Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti (via the Pathway to Podium initiative), Winsborough Consulting, and with Helicopter New Zealand Group Inc. (Aircrew and Engineer selection). Wanda ran the workshop on the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). While the Year 13 Academic Institute members

clearly hold high intellectual intelligence, often referred to as IQ, there is much discussion today around the value of EQ. EQ is the capacity and ability to have high levels of emotional self and social awareness, as well as relationship and self-management. Emotional intelligence, a different way of being smart, is key to high performance at all levels, particularly for outstanding leadership. Highly important for the Year 13 moving out into a competitive and open world. The Year 12’s second event for the year was a visit to international company Furnware. The rationale behind this trip was to expose students to a highly successful international company, showcasing many aspects of entrepreneurial success including marketing, management, leadership and innovation within one organisation. While touring the company in action, key personnel also presented the diverse skill set/career opportunities available. Furnware is not unlike Karamu, ‘Proudly Hastings’. Established in Hastings in 1934, Furnware has always kept its customers (most often children and teachers) at the heart of what they do. However, now an international company, with products marketed in the USA, Europe and Australia and offices in Australia and Singapore, the establishment of the Bodyfurn® range in the early 2000’s (which was awarded the Designer Institute of New Zealand’s Design Innovation Award in 2005) has seen school furniture being created and looking like it has never before. Behind this creation are designers, innovators, marketers and leaders that will be inspirations to our Institute members.

The 2017 Academic Institute members are:Year 13 Jack Chamberlain, Oliver Chamberlain, Bethany Cox, Tayah Daisy Coleman, Holly Davison Tate Gorton, Scarlett Garvey ,Hannah Hemi-Robinson, Phoebe Hinton, Georgia Hopkins, Toby Hunter, Kate Jones, Reuben Lyndon, Ella McKay, Kassie Mercer, Niko Slade, Martha Wilson Josiah Barlow, Emily Hammond, Michaela Horsefield, Kevin Karnbach, Harrison Keefe, Shinae Lawrence, Sage Templeton, Benjamin Revell, Bianca Southey. Year 12 Bayley Baxter –Kirby, Laura Burns, Ryley Clark, Michaela Edwards, Acacia Fairweather, Amy Griffiths, Sahipreet Kaur, Tia Lewis, Caitlin Mannell, Ana Marks, Abigail Masengi, Jacob McNeil, Jaime Mossman, Hannah Norfolk, Nicholas Palmer, Melinda Pope, Liam Robson, Amy Saunders, Jayden Taylor, Jasper Temburu, Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch, Cameron Toki, Cameron Young.


The 2017 academic year started very well with the success of Isla Christensen gaining Scholarship in Statistics – our third successive year in a row. This was followed the success of ALL our students who gained results in NCEA, both at the end of the year and in the MCAT (Mathematics Common Assessment Task in Algebraic Methods). As with last year, the faculty ran two weeks’s worth of tutorials at lunch and an evening session before the exam. As the main entry requirement for Year 12 Mathematics with Calculus, the students worked hard and the tutorials were well attended. Hopefully, their efforts will be rewarded and improve upon the results garnered last year. In addition, a group of Year 9’s took part in the University of Otago Junior Mathematics Competition and in the CEM Great Kiwi Mathematics Competition.

Every year, Karamu High School is asked by Hastings Intermediate to be judges for the Mathletics competition. Each judge is responsible for two teams of three primary or intermediate school students. It gives an opportunity for some of our students to return to familiar haunts and meet potential members of Karamu High School. The faculty is proud of this tradition and every year we gladly send 25 potential leaders from the senior school to participate in the event. The Faculty of Mathematics is very proud of what we offer students both in and outside of the classroom. We are looking forward to the changes in 2018 with the introduction of mixedability groups in Year 9, students with their own computers and a redesign of the learning program for our new Year 9’s to foster long-term learning.


THE ARTS FACULTY 2017 has been another successful year in the Art department with all classes producing a range of creative outcomes in Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture. This totalled over 200 senior Portfolio submissions. We had an enthusiastic bunch of Year 9s who showed good talent in tonal drawing, painting and lino printmaking. The Year 9’s worked well collaboratively, producing some great threedimensional dioramas. The Year 10 course gave a large number of students the chance to show their incredible Art-making skills with Observational Drawing. They also produced some well executed Cubist Portraits that will be gracing the school walls. We look forward to seeing these students develop their creative ideas in the following years. This year also saw the introduction of the new Level 1 Digital Art class where students produced a 2-minute animation of design getting them ready for Photography and/or Design in Level 2 & 3. At the beginning of Level 2 Photography, students attend a camp out at Blackhead Beach, where they explore a range of photography - sunrise, midday, sunset and night time


photography, this is always so much fun and so many awesome shots. As well as senior class trips to the Hastings’s City Art Gallery, Toi Mairangi Campus and the NZQA Top Art Exhibition, we were fortunate to have Artist visit’s from Flox and Emily Hartley Skudder. Level 2 Art students had the opportunity to display their work alongside other Level 2 Art students from around Hawke’s Bay in the ‘Hastings Schools Y12 Art Exhibition’ where Maja Sanders came away with ‘Best Painting’ and Havila Brown with ‘Best Print’, and a number of photographs were sold. It was a wonderful exhibition and the opening evening was bustling with proud Karamu students, teachers and parents. The quality of work this year has been outstanding and this is a reflection of the art students extra hard work put in at lunch times and after school. It was fantastic to see all this work displayed at the Karamu High School Art’s Evening at the end of October. We are very proud of all of our leavers and those going on to become creatives in any field they choose, we wish them well!


Year 9 Students new to Media Studies had a good chance to show their creative skills in some entertaining ways: a green screen news item, some stop motion animation and a short film involving the school bully and egg sandwiches. Mr Hunter was really pleased with the effort and enthusiasm of the students and looks forward to seeing more creative brilliance next year. Year 10 Media studies in Term Two were fortunate to have a visit from Herve Kern, a French cameraperson and assistant film director. Herve has worked with famous French Documentary maker Jan Arthus-Bertrand. Students were able to ask him questions about documentary making, get tips on interviewing, and watch the film Human to learn techniques and styles of documentary. They went on to make their own documentaries and Herve viewed them and emailed very positive feedback. Genre films were also made and all classes created Magazine Covers that looked like the real thing. A great group of students who did everything with enthusiasm. Year 11 Media Studies had a successful year as well. Students completed their internals with good results reflecting their hard work and creativity. Short films were unique, innovative and amusing. Some students spent a great deal of time upskilling in techniques such as green-screening in order to produce their final film. This year both Benchmark and NCEA external Examination was done digitally. The students were confident and embraced the change from pen-and-paper to screen. Year 12& 13 Year 12 Media Studies produced a wide range of interesting films, with ideas ranging from a depressed Vampire to a crazy bake-off. The Year 13 group produced some great comedy films and some carefully constructed and thoughtful dramas, including an eagerly awaited sequel to ‘A Night at Davies’. The quality of all films made was most pleasing. On the academic side of the subject, a greater number of students than ever participated in the Scholarship programme and sat the external examination. Thanks for the effort and the engagement you showed this year.


Senior Theatre Technology has continued to assist performance of Music, Dance, Drama and Maori Performing Arts in the areas of Sound, Lighting, Set Design/Construction, Props, Make-up and Costume. This year has been busy with events happening though-out all four terms. Students have taken on leadership roles within each of the production areas. A special mention and acknowledgement to the following students for their efforts this year. Harrison Keefe, (stage management) and Clayton Hughes (sound/lighting and projector set up and operation) also our junior sound crew that ran assemblies and helped out this year. 2018 will be a big year with our bi-annual school production happening in Term One.


Maori Performing Arts was given a huge boost this year by the commitment and effort displayed in Term One for the build up to the Te Matau a Maui Secondary Schools Kapa Haka competition. Students spent weekends, after school and even practised online with each other. This gave students a fantastic performance base for the assessments through-out the year. Congratulations to the senior students for their organisation and creativity, enabling us to perform for local primary schools with a Matariki presentation. A performance to family and friends in Term Three that helped celebrate Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori and was a highlight of student knowledge and skill. Term Four enabled our class to research, create and choreograph performance pieces that were very well received at the annual Karamu Arts Evening. A special mention and acknowledgement to the following students for their efforts this year. Janine


Brooke Wills Year 10

Sara Renall Year 10

Jasper Johns - Painting Year 10

Year 10 Maddison Jack

Year 10 Melody James

Year 10

Maddison Jack Year 10

Year 10 Year 10 Sophie Maddox


Year 10 Sara Renall

Year 10 Brooke Wills

Year 10 Sara Renall

Year 10


Y11 Charles Spooner Y11 Ben Randle

Y11 Hastings Laau Y11 Ellie McGhee Y11 Camryn Watson

Y11 Libby O’Hanlon

Y11 Pearl Burrell

Y11 Jemma Green

Y11 Hannah Bursnall

Y11 Shayla Finch

Y11 Mitchell Raison

Y11 Amelia Hunt

Y11 Te Otane Harrison

Y11 Danielle Van Schaik

Y11 Luke Berry


Y12 Photography Camp 2

Year 12 Painting Maja Sanders

Y12 Jorge Fothergill PHOTO

Y12 Matthew Mildenhall PHOTO


Year 12 Painting Rhiannon

Year 12 Painting Jessica Horsefield


Y12 Ashlee Cunningham-Johnson PHOTO

Y12 James Collecutt PHOTO

LEVEL 2 ARTS Y12 Reece Sullivan PHOTO 2


Y12 Reece Sullivan PHOTO 1

Y12 Photography Camp 1

Y12 Mia Sutton PRINT

Y12 Reene Blackman SCULPTURE

Y12 Maja Sanders SCULPTURE


Y12 Photography Camp 3

Y12 Photography Camp 3

Y12 Laura Burns PHOTO

Y12 Photography challange

Y12 Havila Brown

Y12 Lawrance Goodburn-Watene PRINT

Y12 Zac Linnell PHOTO


Y12 Annie Wykes PHOTO


Y12 Photography Challange 2

Y12 Karalae Halton PHOTO

Y12 James Bailey PHOTO

Y13 Shinae Lawrence PRINT

Y13 Cheyenne Horne PAINT.


Y13 Dylan Huata-Lucas PAINT

Y13 Krista Walford

Y13 Elan Lee PAINT

Y13 Ethan Hakopa SCULPTURE

Y13 Ben Revell PHOTO




Y13 Paige Lenz PAINT

Y13 Suitte Dane Presbitero PAINT


Y13 Suitte Dane Presbitero PHOTO

Y13 Tayah-Daisy Coleman PAINT

Y13 Liam Frost PHOTO

Y13 Liam Tosh PHOTO

Y13 Paige Lenz PHOTO

DRAMA Shella Winn Tate is off to The Globe in London Performing Art’s leader Tate Gorton entered the Sheila Winn Shakespeare festival in April this year. He delighted both the audience and adjudicator with his performance of Macbeth’s Porter. He was selected along with 47 other students’ country wide to attend a week long course consisting of lectures, workshops and public performances at the National Shakespeare School’s Production in Wellington in the October holidays. After his return, he learned that he was one of 24 students selected to represent New Zealand on behalf of the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand at a three week intensive course at The Globe Theatre in London. This is an amazing achievement considering that there were about 7,200 students who took part in the Sheila Winn Festivals nationwide in 2017. The Karamu High School community is extremely proud of Tate and we all look forward to hearing about his trip in July next year.


DRAMA The Crucible The Salem Witch trials of 1692 saw 19 people executed and over 200 accused of witchcraft. The 2017 Senior Drama Class made up of year 12’s and 13’s had the task of mirroring this event in the play, ‘The Crucible,’ written by American Playwright Arthur Miller. This well-known play incorporates fear and hysteria in a twist of love, jealousy and envy. The students, worked tirelessly over the term of 10 weeks preparing for what was an amazing performance shared over the course of two nights.

Improvisation On Wednesday evening, 22 November, the Karamu Junior Improvisation Team: ‘1984 Ping Pong ball Champions of the World’ took part in the Hawke’s Bay interschool Improv Battles at Woodford House. The team of Jessica Shoemark (Captain), Amie Hazelwood, Emily Brookes, Ethin Templeton and Emma Norman all performed very well in front of an enthusiastic crowd.


Drama Ambassadors Hawke’s Bay Festival Two Level 2 Drama students, Amy Griffiths and Cameron Young, were selected to be Ambassadors for the annual Hawke’s Bay Art’s Festival. This programme, directed by Daniel Betty, was designed to open the door for Hawke’s Bay students to the world of theatre. The students were put through a variety of workshops – including acting, dancing, directing, song writing, sound-scaping, and more – and were also given free tickets to attend evening shows. The most interesting parts were the talks and interviews with the performers during the Festival. They inspired and challenged the Ambassadors to use theatre in their lives as a way of expression, creativity and individuality. A huge “thank you” is owed to Festival Director, Pitsch Leiser, and his incredible stage crew – without them, this event would not have been possible. We thank Daniel Betty for his superb organization of the Ambassador’s Programme, as well as providing young people in Hawke’s Bay the opportunity to experience the fantastic world of theatre. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Anne Frank and Me


EL1AND EL2 NEW BUILD Day One, Term Four, Monday 16 October 2017. The grand opening of the newly refurbished Enhanced Learning classes one and two. What a difference! Both teaching spaces are bigger. This, coupled with the superb natural lighting, huge L.E.D television (which is used as a data projector and connector to I.T.), and new carpets and wall cladding gives us a magnificent teaching environment. The kitchen area is now compact and very efficient. To go with this, we now have our own break-out room complete with bean bags and Computers on Wheels. But wait, there is more. Look at the office space. Light, airy, with loads of work bench area for both teachers and teacher


aides. This is complemented by the storage landia where all our resources can be stored. We now have a modern and well equipped teaching space which our students are very proud of and able to show we are Proudly Karamu

MUSIC 2017 What a year it has been.

Music has been flourishing this year. Every area of the subject has been undergoing changes and exciting things are happening all the time. There has been a focus on integrating technology into all of our learning in the Music Department this year, and so a lot of new discoveries have been made about online software and recording equipment. These facilities are being used to enable all of our students to achieve success in NCEA assessments with a range of options for presenting assessments. Our junior classes have been experimenting with writing their own music, both in groups and individually. Our senior classes have been learning how to use online software applications for their arrangements and compositions while also making use of the recording studio facilities here at school. This year our Year 11 class had a fantastic opportunity to attend opera workshops and a performance of Bizet’s opera ‘Carmen’. This opera was presented by Festival Opera and funding was provided by some very generous sponsors. This programme will be repeated again in 2018 for the Year 11 class. We look forward to yet another successful and exciting year in 2018.


Salient from the belfry of the Flanders Field Museum, and viewing the Vatican City and Rome from the dome of St Peter’s, although of course when we had the chance we took the lifts ( the Eiffel Tower) or the train ( Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.) We also spent a lot of time underground; the tube in London, the WW1 tunnels of Arras in France, the Paris catacombs, Hitler’s bunkers under his Berghof in the Bavarian Alps and the 500 year old salt mine in Berchtesgaden. As well as the museums, churches and famous sights of the big cities of London, Paris, Rome and Hong Kong we also visited the smaller towns of Ypres in Belgium; Rothenburg, Nuremburg, Dachau and Berchtesgaden in Germany and Salzburg in Austria. For each person every place had its own appeal and every destination was a favourite for someone in the group.

Imagine driving through the peaceful fields around Ypres in Belgium knowing that 100 years earlier this area was where there were over 18,000 New Zealand casualties in World War 1. One week later we were in the Nuremburg Rally Grounds standing in the exact spot Hitler stood to address thousands of his Nazi followers. Bringing History alive is the reason Karamu made its fifth successful History trip to Europe in the April school holidays. On Good Friday Mrs McDonald, Mr Belz and 14 Year 12 and 13 students started a fantastic trip that covered eight countries in 22 days. Students were excited to see and explore so many famous places for themselves; Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the Tower of London, the Globe Theatre, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Imperial War Museum…and that was only some of the places we visited in our 6 days in London! We became expert at climbing stairs to experience wonderful views such as looking over London from Tower Bridge and Monument, seeing the Ypres

All the things that make a trip memorable were in our favour. The weather was mostly fine and when it did get cold it did it properly and we had snow for our visit to Dachau and our day in the Bavarian Alps at Berchtesgaden. Our accommodation was comfortable, warm and in some great locations, our breakfasts were wonderful and our dinners were always interesting with only one bad experience, being very sad pizzas on our first night in London but fittingly ending on a high with the most magnificent margherita pizzas on our last night in Rome. We travelled by plane, train and coach plus a lot of walking - this last transport method did cause a few complaints at the start as students got used to my fast walking pace! The students discovered that the crazy looking tube map for London is actually easy to follow once you get the hang of it and they then found it easy to work out the metro maps once we were in Paris and Rome. For some, multi-national foods were eagerly compared to the New Zealand equivalents whether it was McDonalds burgers (some better, some worse) or Fanta ( yellow in Europe) but it was great to see the students enjoy the local food although the jury’s still out on whether snails get a tick of approval. The students on the trip were fantastic and did everything that was asked of them. It’s a steep learning curve spending three weeks overseas, sharing a room with people you didn’t know well beforehand, travelling through countries where people don’t speak English and where things are very different from back in New Zealand. That is what made it so exciting and is why nearly all the students caught the travel bug and are keen to travel again. Awakening both a love of travel and a love of History within the students meant it was a really successful trip.

2017 136


SOCIAL SCIENCES The faculty that really goes about its business PROUDLY!

We are a mix of different subjects ranging from Social Studies and Business Studies in the junior school, to History, Geography, Business Studies and Tourism in the senior school. The teachers are all very passionate about their subject areas and always support each other and work hard for the students. We are always Proudly Learning and Proudly Karamu in all we do.

GEOGRAPHY Nothing tests your patience more than having to wait around at the Hawke’s Bay Airport for 5 and a half hours before finally being able to board a flight to Auckland for the Muriwai Beach field trip. But we did. And it was actually not as bad as you might have thought. Air New Zealand were very helpful and accommodating which we were all very thankful for. Once in Auckland, there was time to explore Auckland CBD before settling in at the hostel that was to be home for the next two nights. We travelled out to Muriwai Beach the next day with a number of objectives, the first being experiencing the sea arch before the tide came in. We managed to get there just in time to run in as the waves retreated and run a little faster out as the waves swept back in, each time a little faster and bigger. The students then split into their groups and began the task of collecting data from various sites along Maori Bay, Otakamiro Point and Muriwai Beach for their coastal research. The windy west coast delivered some great strong wind to test for saltation – a success for many groups. The rest of the trip went really well (except for the rather turbulent flight back) and the students were able to produce some quality research assessments upon their return to school. Thanks to Mrs Mills for coming away on the trip and Mr Cummins for helping out at the beach on the day. For the past few years the Year 12 Geographers have really soared high in their studies – and I mean really high – like 2000m high! After a presentation from planners at the Hastings District Council, the class headed out to the Hawke’s Bay Aero Club to hop into much littler planes than the Year 13 class and fly across the bay looking at urban planning as part of their research project. From some first timers to seasoned flyers, all students in the class headed up and away and a

lucky few in the front were even handed the controls for a quick fly themselves. This is a fabulous experience for all involved and is just one of a number of interesting topics studied in the Year 12 course. The Level 1 Geographers were also treated to a great day of learning about coasts during the research trip from Clifton to Westshore. Lots of co-operative group work took place to take measurements and make observations at different beach sites throughout the day. It was a great day looking at our own back yard. Other notable topics taught in the Level 1 course included sustainable tourism in the Maldives. What different tourism companies are doing to maintain this stunning environment and asking the question – is it enough? Across the world, there are numerous extreme events taking their toll on people and their environments. From the many recent examples of Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Flooding and Landslides we are able to look at how Christchurch was affected in the 2011 earthquake and think about how best to prepare and mitigate such impacts.

SOCIAL STUDIES This year, during our study of Savage Earth students looked at different extreme natural events and their impact on people. As part of this, all the Year 9 students headed to Napier to visit the Aquarium and the Napier Museum. At the Aquarium, students were able to get hands on and cause liquefaction and experiment with the tsunami simulation tank to reinforce the processes and effects of earthquakes. At the Museum students completed a treasure hunt around the 1931 Napier Earthquake exhibition. While all agreed we weren’t out and about for long enough – it was a nice taster. The 23 September became a pretty important day for Social Studies this year as classes learnt about politics and government in the lead up to the election! In the week before, students were all given the opportunity to cast their own votes just like the real thing. We had voting booths set up, official voting ballot boxes and even the sticker “I voted today” to

SOC 138

display proudly. The election this year was very interesting and it was no different in the Year 9 classes. After all the votes were in and counted – the student body at Karamu overwhelmingly voted Labour – for both the party and the person. This then led to students arranging themselves into their own political parties and campaigning against each other for class elections. There is so much relevant and real life learning that goes on in this subject area where students are able to think critically about their world and their place in it.

TOURISM Tourism is offered to students in Year 12 and 13 and has been taught at Karamu for 20 years now. Students enjoy learning about the importance and impact of Tourism in the world today and also learning about the wonderful tourist destinations

available both within New Zealand and around the world. During the year we had visiting speakers from tertiary providers such as Queenstown Resort College, International Pacific University and the New Zealand School of Tourism, ensuring students know the options for further study once they leave school. It was particularly exciting to have past students come back and speak to the class about their experiences; we welcomed both Larissa Hoogendorn, who is studying at QRC, and Olivia Smith, who is at the Wellington campus of the NZST. Other speakers included an International Flight Attendant and a local Travel Agent, both realistic job options for our students. With around 10% of all employment worldwide linked to travel and tourism, taking Tourism at Karamu is ensuring students have a good knowledge base for a career in this exciting industry.


BUSINESS STUDIES 2017 2017 has seen another busy year at Karamu High School,

with many small businesses and budding entrepreneurs embarking on their journey of innovation.

Junior Business Studies Year 9 and Year 10 students have thought “BIG” about what

sort of business they would look to develop if they had the opportunity. This has meant researching and developing their ideas to the point where they have developed business

plans, proposals, creating promotional adverts and pitches to would-be investors.

An exciting development for next year is that we hope to

reintroduce the BP Business Challenge to our Year 10 and

11 students. The BP programme involves 3 days of intense product development and should help students think about

ideas for what they might like to do when they carry out a Market Day in Year 11, or Young Enterprise in Years 12 & 13.

Year 11 Market Day 2017 involved introducing Market Day at Year 11 for the first time! This gave our Year 11 students a more practical and ‘hands on’ programme that in the past. Previously we have done this at Year 10 but moving it to Year 11 allowed more students to access the credits that were available.

This year we had fidget spinners, waffles, sausage sizzle and hot chips amongst the products that were available.

Young Enterprise – Year 12 and 13 Karamu High School has enjoyed good success in Young Enterprise. This year was no exception. With 7 teams

competing, the Year 13 Doughco team securing 2nd place

at the Dragon’s Den Regional Finals. In addition to this the

Year 13 Saucy Boys team won “Best Marketing Strategy” and the Year 12 Hawke’s Bay Superior Clothing team won 2nd place for “Best Stall at Farmers Market”.

With innovative products from the MackB team developing

their ‘Milksnapz’ product for mums and babies, Chillie

Sauce, T-shirts, Face Scrub, Doughcones and Take home curry, the Young Enterprise programme continues to provide valuable learning for


SPEC PROGRAMME 2017 has been a positive year for the SPEC Programme with the accreditation of a brand new qualification called the ‘Certificate in Foundation Skills’ Level 1 (60 Credits). This programme focuses on the development of key competencies such as self-management strategies to organise personal life, maintain wellbeing and continue learning. It encourages students to interact positively with people from their own and other cultures, both individually and in group environments, including work and community. It also contains a component of goal setting and developing functional literacy and numeracy. We had small but ‘tight knit’ class group this year who have achieved several successes with Simratpal Singh and Jaimz Horne achieving the NZ Foundation Skills Certificate. Highlights for the year include the Taradale High School visit, end of term celebrations, shared lunches, going into the community to learn within real life contexts, visits to EIT, Trade & Commerce and FutureCol so that the students can check out what courses are available in the community. JAIMZ HORNE IS THE FIRST PERSON IN NZ TO ACHIEVE THE -NZ CERTIFICATE IN FOUNDATIONS SKILLS Level 1 (60 Credits) Jaimz achieved this Certificate through the SPEC Programme which focuses on the development of key competencies such as Relating to Others, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing. Carolyn Baines the creator of SPEC and former teacher from Karamu High School was present to celebrate his success. Jaimz is now attending EIT doing an Allied Trades Course on Automotive and Fabrication. Jaimz has been offered an apprenticeship at the Saw Doctor on Omahu Road. He is currently working at Dusk 2 Dawn as a sound and lighting technician.


THE LIBRARY The library is a busy place, with hardly a period in the week when it isn’t booked by at least one class. Even then, it is never empty. It was even busier during Term Three when Mr Jamieson occupied the English break out room in the corner of the library for his classes while EL1 was being renovated. Sometimes, his classes spilled out into the main library so we occasionally doubled as a maths room. Our on-line library access is continuing to develop. The library homepage contains many quick links to valuable online databases and other digital sources such as on-line Encyclopedia Britannica56. Our membership of Wheelers OnePlatform, an e-book consortium for schools, has made many more e-books available for our students. This includes many new releases and e-book borrowing is growing. Remember, you can borrow an e-book from us at any time of the day or night, from anywhere with an internet connection. Many more students are taking advantage of renewing or reserving books on line and some have even added reviews of books they have read to OPAC. Homework Centre is running well two nights a week under the guidance of the Year 13 Academic Leaders. Lunchtimes and intervals are busy with students reading, changing books,

getting a head start on homework, taking the chance for some group work or just quietly gaming. The Annual Choco-Lit Quiz was another highlight with the maximum number of teams competing for the honour of being top team - and winning the chocolate. The level of book knowledge was stunning, with some students correctly identifying a book after hearing a single sentence of it. Some teams scored 100% in the Harry Potter round and others displayed nimble minds by correctly untangling the author anagrams. After a tense tie-break, the winning team was a team of Year 13s: Tayah-Daisy Coleman, Ella McKay and Holly Davison. The losing tie-break team, Mikayla HarrisonFranco, Amy Griffiths and Acacia Fairweather were second. Another tie-break was required to determine the third placed team as well. Third place went to Year 9s Jack Brough, Isaac Robertshaw and Keegan Russell over Year 13s Hannah HemiRobinson, Liam Frost and Kate van Ingen. Keep reading and be ready to sign up next year! A big thank you to Ms Radley, Miss Arnott and Miss Corbett, for the work they do during their library time and also to Ondre Hapuku-Lambert who has been working in the library for Duke of Edinburgh service.

JAPAN TRIP Festival Matsuri Trip Undoubtedly, the highlight of 2017 for the senior Japanese and Maori class, was to attend the Omatsuri Festival at International Pacific University, Palmerston North. This trip allowed students who will travel to Japan in 2018 to prepare for immersing in Japanese culture, language and food. From this trip we became more familiar with the Japanese culture. Bright red lanterns hung above, authentic yukata everywhere you looked and colourful streamers galore. This year’s Matsuri was a Summer themed festival, which is why there were many people. Most importantly, we could indulge in おいしい Japanese food! We received festival vouchers, so we could pick and choose what to buy and do with our time. I thought this was an awesome way to prepare us to be independent for next year’s trip. Crowd favourites were doing the photo shoot with the famous Kyoto Shrine backdrop and eating チ


ョコバナナ-Chocolate Banana. It was some people’s first time eating Japanese curry rice and たこ焼き- octopus balls. The activities we enjoyed the most were playing the traditional Taiko drums and learning a traditional martial arts dance called Soran. This wonderful festival concluded with a performance of a Koto traditional Japanese stringed musical. This festival was a neat and fun way of bonding for the senior Japanese and Maori class, we hope that we can do this again next year! ありがとうございました Sensei Veen for organising this trip and to Whaea Pene and Matua Leon for supervising us.

ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES FACULTY - 2017 2017 has been another busy, productive year full of learning opportunities both in and outside of the classroom. This year has seen the English and Language Faculty move towards embracing the meaningful use of technology in the classroom. To this end, many different aspects of technology has been explored by both the staff and the students. From using new educational apps and digital feedback, to simply making the most of the technology we have available to students, the English and Languages Faculty are always looking ahead. The Japanese and Maori language students have used e-portfolios this year, with great success as this allows then greater freedom and access to their work at any time. All the staff and students have worked hard to integrate many different aspects of technology to enhance their learning and their achievement. In May of 2017 we were lucky enough to take 25 students to the Auckland Readers and Writers festival. We attended the Schools Programme and experienced the best the festival had to offer. The students enjoyed attending workshops and seminars with both New Zealand and international writing talent. This trip provided students with rich experiences to stimulate writing and exposed them to ‘real’ writers through the writers’ events. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we are now looking to 2018 and what opportunities we can offer for next year’s English Trip. The Maori and Japanese students have also been busy working and saving for their next trip to Japan in 2018 where they will be hosted by our friends at Kobe Noda High School and explore other famous sights throughout Japan. There have also been several notable successes in the field of debating this year. The senior team of Oliver Chamberlain, Holly Davison and Toby Hunter won the Jaycee Shield for the Year 12/13 inter school debating competition for Hawke’s Bay and with many keen and able junior students coming through, Karamu can look forward the future of debating. As our classrooms and lives become increasingly digital, our English and Language teachers work to equip our students to live and succeed in this world. Having both the ability and confidence to articulate yourself in a range of settings remains a key ingredient for success. We know that language and communication is the cornerstone of any industry and our vision is to instil a love for language, communication and literature in every one of our students.


TECHNOLOGY FACULTY 2017 In 2017 we welcomed two new members of staff to the Technology Faculty. Mr Lutz Weber came from Hastings Intermediate and has brought his expertise as a chef to enhance our Food and Hospitality area. Mr Elijah Martin joined us as a new teacher in the workshop teaching Product Design and Building as well as Design and Visual Communication. The year began by celebrating the success of Ella McKay and Zoe Hannay who both gained DVC Scholarships. Being two of 44 students nationwide to achieve at this level is very impressive, especially for Ella who did this as a Year 12 student. This year in Technology, we have been particularly proud of the students who have worked with determination and focus to achieve the best they can. It is great to see the students who really make the most of this unique learning area within Karamu High School. We wish Mrs Julie Burn all the best as she takes maternity leave. The staff and students will miss you and look forward to your return!

FASHION & TEXTILE DESIGN Four students entered ‘Redefine’, a recycling competition run through Presbyterian Support Hawke’s Bay. No prizes were won but Tegan Winter’s paper dress was chosen to be put on display at the Napier Op Shop store on Carlyle Street. Entries were; Tegan Winter with a paper dress from old books, Rutendo Sikupa with a bag from scrap fabrics, Jessica Horsefield with a reinvented dress with embroidery and Ethany Gibson with a teddy bear out of old shirts. This year we also had seven entries to the Edible Fashion Awards with the theme ‘Myth and Legend’. Four entries were from Senior Fashion and Textile Design students who entered as part of their studies towards gaining NCEA credits. All completed very creative and individual garments ready for judging in the Senior Designer Category. After a fun pre-judging night where students paraded their garments, five were chosen as finalists for the Saturday evening show, with Mia Sutton’s (Year 12) garment and model specially asked to welcome guests at the front door. Karamu students represented our school well with Aiden Arnott (Year 9) gaining a place in the Keep Hastings Beautiful and Unio Jewellery and Accessories categories. Jorja Fryer (Year 11) and Kate Browning (Year 10) also gained places in the Keep Hastings Beautiful category. Jorja Fryer, Kate Browning, Sharnie O’ Connor (Year 12), Tayah Daisy Coleman (Year 13) were all finalists in the Senior Designer category with Tayah-Daisy winning 2nd place overall. The event was most enjoyable and the school is very proud of their efforts. We look forward to continued participation in this great local showcase of talent. The Year 9’s enjoyed making their own uniquely designed bag and achieving their sewing machine licence. We also learned embroidery this year and made soft toys. The Year 10’s have enjoyed achieving their advanced sewing machine licences and learning how to make a cushion with a zip or buttons. They are also learning new fashion drawing skills which will help them next year in the senior classes. The students are well prepared with a big knowledge base of skills which will take them into an easy transition into NCEA Level 1.



FOOD INNOVATION AND NUTRITION In 2017 our students had the opportunity to study Food Innovation in Year 9 and 10 and Food and Nutrition in Year 11 and 12. In Food Innovation, the Year 9 students produced a frozen dessert and developed their skills in writing a brief, concept design and evaluations. They also learned important food safety skills when working in the kitchen. It was impressive to see the Year 9 students raising the bar with their presentation which was demonstrated by the high calibre of their frozen desserts. The Year 10 students were introduced to healthy nutrition. They developed some new practical skills and practised and consolidated others they had acquired before. A highlight of the course was the burger competition where the students got to show off their creative flair and food presentation. The Year 11 and 12 students strived to gain NCEA credits for Food Safety, Nutrition, Hauora, Cultural Food, Influences on food choices and Sustainability to name a few. The Year 11 students enjoyed learning about Indian culture and trying out different cultural foods and learning to cook Indian curries and breads. A highlight for the Year 12 students was utilising local produce to make healthy and nutritional meals. The senior students developed important life skills and cooking skills which will be help them to achieve their personal and vocational goals in the future.


HOSPITALITY We have had one Level 2 and one Level 3 Hospitality class this year. The students gained credits for food safety, nutrition, baking, frying, roasting, making pasta and other important skills. Highlights for our students were catering for school events such as the Year 9 parent evening and a parent evening for our Te Reo Maori students. For this particular engagement, our Year 12 students had to organise everything about the evening, from liaising with the Te Reo Maori teachers to deciding on the appropriate food to be served, trying out recipes, choosing which dishes made the cut to writing shopping lists and of course preparing and serving the food. The evening was a great success overall and we thought that we played our part very well. Earlier this year, we tried selling some of our dishes to staff and students as this is a required part of the course. We had mixed success and see this as work in progress to be fine-tuned for 2018. We also had three students compete in the Hawke’s Bay Salon, the premier regional cooking competition, earlier in the year. Maya Mason-Te Tau, Cheyenne Horne and Callum Stewart entered all different categories and came away with many experiences and some Silverware. Maya improved on last year’s Bronze medal and was awarded the Silver medal for her Chicken and Kumara curry. In Term Four, things were winding down for us so all students had the opportunity to attend an-end-of year lunch at Vidal’s to experience local cuisine and fine dining for a customer’s perspective.




DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY This year Mr Moir has been particularly impressed with the skill levels and enthusiasm of the Year 9s as they arrive from their intermediate schools with a range of knowledge and experience. The success of the most senior of our students in Year 13 should be noted as they have completed five years of a high standard of work in this specialist area. The future is bright as the changes to the Digital Technologies Curriculum will begin to be implemented in 2018, which means the promise of new contexts for learning and excitement all round.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND SENIOR WORKSHOP CLASSES The range of projects coming out of the workshop this year has continued to become more innovative and diverse. Students are keenly taking up the learning opportunities in order to create well-considered products made from a range of materials and processes. This year’s Year 10s have shown their skills and enthusiasm by designing and making device holders utilising software, such as illustrator, and the laser cutter as well as working with hand tools with care. The seniors participated in classes such as Automotive, Product Design and Building. The workshops have become a hub of busy and productive creativity which is set to become even better in 2018 with new CNC technology and learning contexts.

DESIGN AND VISUAL COMMUNICATION (DVC) This year we have been very fortunate to gain a class set of computers and new furniture in the DVC classroom. This has greatly improved the possibilities for learning and prospects for success for the DVC students. Projects utilising 3D digital modelling and representation have grown and are extremely effective in communicating the innovative design ideas for spatial and product design that come out of all levels of DVC at Karamu. We wish the Year 13s well in their design-orientated pathways into tertiary courses.


OUTDOOR EDUCATION 2017 Outdoor Education was all about pushing yourself to the limit. Physically and mentally Mr Ross challenged us with 4 main different activities. The first was Adrenalin Forest. Remember the ole’limbo saying, “How low can ya go?” Well the new saying that the Year 12 students embraced during this particular activity was “How high can ya go!” This was the challenge put to this year’s group upon their arrival of Adrenalin Forest in Rotorua – a six level high-wire obstacle course among the trees, each level harder than the last and level 6 being 20 metres up in the air!

stomachs churning was a 7 metre waterfall, which we rafted down, six to a raft, as part of white-water rafting down the Kaituna River. Being successful and safe down the rapids requires every member of each raft to do their part and work together, building trust within each other. Both of these activities provided students with lifetime experiences and memories, which I’m sure will last a life time. It also provided students a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate valuable interpersonal and leadership skills that are extremely important to the successful functioning of a group.

This proved to be a breeze for some, while more challenging for others. It was impressive to see everyone embracing the high excitement and pushing themselves, with some even able to claim bragging rights to conquering the entire six levels.

As a student who completed and participated in the year 12 Outdoor Education course, I highly recommend others to consider taking this course, it’s the one subject I haven’t regretted taking this year.

The second activity of the two day camp that had student’s

-Tia Lewis


RUN This year both year 12 Outdoor Ed classes aimed to train towards and run a half marathon from Karamu to Ocean Spa in Napier. This was as part of an NCEA internal standard, where we learnt how different forms of training are most effective for our 21.7km endurance run and how the body changes and adapts to cope with such an event. This event was a huge challenge to everyone, not only completing the run but also committing to a 10-week training programme prior to the event. On the day of the event we were lucky enough to have some sunny Hawkes Bay weather on our side. After being briefed on where we were running and how far to the next water and lolly stop we were off. The run allowed our year 12 running champs and chance to shine and gave everyone else a massive goal to achieve. I am proud to say that every single person that started the run finished the course with a smile on their face. I think that being given the opportunity to run a half marathon with your mates is fantastic. I can safely say that all of the blisters, sweat, cramp and soreness we all experienced was well worth it once we crossed the finish line. Although many

dreaded the run, it ended up being a major highlight of the school year. Climbing/Abseiling Learning how to rock climb and abseil was a big part of the year 12 PE course this year and was part of gaining NCEA internal credits. We began by learning how to tie the correct knots and setup safe belaying devices. We practiced rock climbing and abseiling on the school climbing wall in the gym until we were confident enough to begin abseiling off the Pakowhai Bridge. This was a practical lesson that we all looked forward to each week. The final challenge was to abseil off a huge cliff face at Te Mata peak. This was an adrenalin rush for some, and a massive opportunity for others to face their fears and push past their comfort zone. I personally really enjoyed this activity as I’ve never had the opportunity to do anything like it before. Outdoor Ed has been one of my favourite subjects this year and I highly recommend the course to anyone who likes the outdoors and pushing themselves mentally and physically. -Amy Saunders


SCIENCE TRIP EUROPE - APRIL 2017 On the 14th of April, 18 students embarked on a 20-day journey across the globe. This journey took us to Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Our journey started with 24 hours of flying; 1 hour to Auckland, 11 hours to Singapore and 12 hours to Munich, Germany. In Munich, we visited the Deutsches Museum, it is the largest science and technology museum in the world. We were lucky enough to have an enthusiastic guide who discussed the possibility of growing organs and the effect of technology on the future of our generation. In Geneva, we visited Cern’s Large Hadron Collider. Cern is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, it is an organization that is examining the fundamental structure of the universe. The Large Hadron Collider is a 27km ring that crosses the Switzerland-France border and is the most powerful particle accelerator to date. We visited one of the many particle collision sites, the CMS which is 100m underground and the sheer size of the equipment was impressive. If the physicists succeed in proving the theories such as The String Theory and The Higgs Boson Particle, it will have a huge impact on our future. During our stop in Paris, we were lucky enough to go to the Natural history museum and the catacombs. This trip was a once in a lifetime experience, and I think I can speak for all the students in saying we are all immensely grateful to the people who made this opportunity possible. Thank you to the amazing teachers Jan Torrey, Kevin Beaumont, Sarah Gunn, thank you to the parents and thank you to the school.



The Hawke’s Bay Science and Technology Fair took place over August 24th and 25th. Students across the region in Years 7 to 13 took part in four events; Science Projects, Titration Competition, Technology Challenge and Science Quiz. This event celebrates the importance of an early understanding of science and its ever increasing influence on our daily lives. 56 Karamu students worked hard throughout the year to complete Science Fair projects and present their findings to a judging panel at EIT. Along with gaining valuable investigation and communication skills, 14 of our science students came away with prizes after competing against many other students in the region in the various sections. Year 9 – Commended - Keelan Heesterman for a ‘Student Showing Great Promise’ Year 9 – Outstanding - Jack Brough for an ‘Exhibit Showing the Best Engineering Ingenuity, Interest and Content’ Year 10 – Commended – Erika Balastie-Diaz and Amelia Brougham for ‘Students Showing Promise’ Year 10 – Highly Commended – Jamie Hollway for ‘Endeavor at Year 10’ Year 10 – Highly Commended – Lexi Trotter – for ‘Excellent Contribution to Environmental Awareness’ and ‘Understanding and Best Exhibit Related to Aquatic Animals’ Senior projects – Outstanding – Holly Davison and Bethany Cox for ‘Best Senior Project’, ‘Best Project Involving Study or Research on an Animal Based Project’, and ‘Exhibit Demonstrating Excellence in the Application of Statistical Methods and Reasoning at a Senior Level’. Technology Challenge: Year 9 & 10 – Third Place – Joshua Metelerkamp and Ethan Fairweather Senior Third Place – Oliver Chamberlain and Neils Clayton First Place – Kevin Karnbach and Reuben Lyndon The Science Quiz hosted here at Karamu High School was a great success hosting groups from 24 different schools. We are grateful to our generous sponsors Apples & Pears New Zealand, and the many staff and students who helped to make the event an enjoyable one.



Once again the Science faculty has had an exciting and productive year. First, we welcomed two new staff members; Mr Ben Reay (Science and Chemistry) and Mr Bruce Tetley (Science and Physics) into the faculty.

The inaugural year for the Te Awa project, led by Mr Matthews and Ms Roberts, enabled students to use their science skills to explore the health of rivers and streams around Hawke’s Bay.

Ms Gunn oversaw the Science Fair projects, quizzes and technology challenges in which we had a high rate of student participation and a great deal of success. We were privileged to have two esteemed scientists (Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger and Dr Catherine Whitby) visit and discuss their work with our students. Some of our Year 10 students were able to explore the variety of jobs available in the health sector at the Health Expo. A group of junior scientists helped Ms Roberts with a Bioblitz for students at Te Mata Primary school. This year the Year 9 classes enjoyed more enquiry-based learning especially in the Survivor science topic. 18 Senior students travelled to Europe with Mr Beaumont, Ms Gunn and Ms Torrey to observe some major international science projects. This was an experience they will treasure. Students that experienced Regional and National recognition were: Bethany Cox – finalist for the Prime Minister’s Science Award and is one of two New Zealand students to be fully funded to present at the Taiwan International Science Fair. Holly Davison and Bethany Cox – Best Senior Project in the Hawke’s Bay Science Fair.

SCIENCE VISITORS The Karamu Science Department was privileged to host two distinguished academic visitors this year. In Term One, Massey University Distinguished Professor and Rutherford Medal winner, Peter Schwerdtfeger, presented to our Year 13 Physics and Chemistry students on the subject of Quantum Structural Theory. In Term Three, The MacDairmid Institute’s Dr Catherine Whitby discussed, as part of this year’s Women in Nanoscience tour, the nature of “Little materials, big stories”. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to hear about cutting edge science from researchers at the forefront of their respective fields.


HEALTH CAREERS EXPO Each year we attend the Health Careers Expo HBDHB to give Year 10 students a taste of the diversity and range of health careers available, before they make subject choices for the future.

GANNET TRIP For the second year, as part of the Year 13 Biology programme at Karamu High School, students were offered the rare opportunity to do research on territoriality in the Australasian Gannet at the Plateau Colony, Cape Kidnappers. The way students investigated this was to look at nest distribution patterns in the colony whilst the birds were absent in their winter feeding grounds. It was hypothesised that because the birds exhibit highly territorial behaviour in terms of protecting the nest, more dominant birds would have a better/safer nest site more toward the centre of the colony and the space in between the nests of more dominant birds would be greater. This valuable and locally relevant learning experience was also special because the students were working with native species on a project that has never been done before. Findings from the students’ work will provide insight into these birds breeding biology that DOC, the landowner, tourists and the gannet tour operators are all interested in. Students will be able to share their experience with family and friends to increase everyone’s understanding and love of these fascinating birds. This project also has the added bonus of giving students a sense of being part of something important for understanding our Biodiversity in Hawke’s Bay and kaitiakitanga for this iconic site. A big thank you to DOC staff Robyn, Moana and Denise, for all the help with gaining the permit for the students to work at the site; Gannet Beach Adventures for taking us to the site and for sharing your valuable knowledge with the students; Kris Sheppard for giving us permission from the Landowner to access the site out of season; Mr Ross for ensuring student safety at the site.




Canoe Polo Renee Saunders


Karamu High School Cup for Junior Boys’ Tennis Champion Keelan Heesterman

Trophy for Excellence in Junior Boys’ Canoe Polo Adam Brookes Karamu High School Cup for Junior Girls’ Cross Country Champion Aimee Shaw Best Junior Female Ki o Rahi Player Anipairakau Gillespie Karamu High School Cup for the Most Outstanding Junior Netball Player Cherish Kotuhi Best Junior Male Ki o Rahi Player Connor Auckram Best Junior Girl Touch Player Crystal Hapuku-Te Nahu Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Boy Basketball Player Gabriel Faalele Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Boy Hockey Player Jack Williams Best Junior Shooter Jesse Kereru Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Girl Volleyball Player Lyrik Hepi Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Girl Basketball Player Max Taiapa-Powell Nilsson Cup for Junior Girls’ Swimming Champion Jade Edmonds Softball Most Valuable Player Natashia Ngawhika Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Girl Hockey Player Rana Cetinturk Trophy for Excellence in Junior Girls’


Quality Engraver’s Cup for Best Junior Girl Soccer Player Tia Tahau

Shares the Karamu High School Cup for Best Juniro Speech Board Results Jessica Shoemark


Karamu High School Cup for Junior Girls’ Tennis Champion

First in 9KMA Mathematics

Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Girl Badminton Player Sara Renall

Keelan Heesterman

Karamu High School Cup for Best All Round Junior Boy Cricket Player Quality Engraver’s Cup for Best Junior Boy Football Player Flynn Mercer Most Promising Junior Boy Cricket Player Karamu High School Trophy for Karamu High School Junior Chess Champion Jacob Reeve Most Outstanding Player in E Grade Team Best Junior Boy Touch Player Karamu High School Cup for Most Outstanding Junior Rugby Player Zac Brooker

First in 9KMA Social Sciences

First in 9KMA Science Kendra Coombe 9MCD AWARDS First in 9MCD English Joel Tawera

First in 9MCD Mathematics Jacob Reeves

First in 9MCD Social Studies Olivia Findon

First in 9MCD Science Kade Lindsay

9MJA AWARDS First equal in 9MJA English Amber Kenny

First equal in 9MJA English Joseph Roberts


First in 9MJA Social Studies

Young Cup for Best Junior Co-Curricular Music Performer Sara Renall

First in 9MJA Science

Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Dance Performer Amy Griffin Shares the Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Speech Board Results Sophie Jones Karamu High School Cup for Best Junior Debater

Traylan Hansen

Vincent Harrison 9LUW AWARDS

First in 9LUW English Aiyana Araia

First in 9LUW Social Studies Hannah McKinley

First in 9LUW Science Luka Skogstad


Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins

Marcus Krekeler

First in 9ARO Mathematics Jiale Zhou


Distinction and First in Year 9 Business Studies Marcus Le Monnier

First in 9ARO Social Studies Georgia Perry First in 9ARO Science Chloe Peterson 9BRW AWARDS

Distinction in Year 9 DVC Aidan Eaglestone Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Aiyahna Araia

First Equal in 9BRW English

Distinction in Year 9 Science Zachary Bibby

First in 9BRW Science Lawrence Henderson-Ereatara

Distinction in Year 9 Music Anipairakau Gillespie

First equal in 9BRW English

Distinction in Year 9 Product Design Annabel McCallum

First in 9BRW Social Studies Emily Morgan 9GRR AWARDS

Distinction and First in Year 9 Media Studies Bree Gibson

First in 9GRR English Celine Berry

Distinction in Year 9 Dance Brooke Wilson

First in 9GRR Mathematics

Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Cherish Maui

First in 9GRR Science Jaidyn Russell First in 9GRR Social Studies Tegan McGhie 9JBE AWARDS First in 9JBE English Hamish Hemopo-Hartley First in 9JBE Mathematics First in 9JBE Social Studies Molly Jensen First in 9JBE Science Alana Hughes 9VIP AWARDS First in 9VIP English Ruby Schmidt First in 9VIP Mathematics First in 9VIP Social Studies Annabel McCallum First in 9VIP Science

Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Gabriel Lopez Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Hannah Hunt Distinction in Year 9 Product Design Holly Alve Distinction and First in Year 9 Physical Education Jacob Reeves Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technology Jaidyn Russell Distinction in Year 9 Fashion and Textile Design Kayla Anderson Distinction and First in Year 9 Dance Lily Skews Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Lyrik Hepi Distinction and First in Year 9 Product Design

Distinction in Year 9 Science Matt Cuckow Distinction in Year 9 Science Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins Distinction in Year 9 Te Reo Maori Myrakyll Keelan-Heke Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technology Sam Williams Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Ethin Templeton Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technology Samuel Robertson Distinction and First in Year 9 Digital Technology Sebastian Te Kani Distinction in Year 9 Te Reo Maori Tuhoe Vercoe Distinction and First in Year 9 Health Sophie Brookes Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Distinction in Year 9 Fashion and Textile Design Emily Morgan Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Distinction in Year 9 Science Emma Norman Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies Jennifer Boyd Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Joel Tawera Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technology Distinction in Year 9 Science Isaac Robertshaw


Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology

Hannah Hansen


Distinction in Year 9 English

First in 10KEB Social Studies

First in 10EMA English Caitlyn Lenz

Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology

First in 10KEB Science

First in 10EMA Mathematics Tegan Wroe

Lawrence Henderson-Ereatara


Distinction in Year 9 English

First in 10SMI English

First in 10EMA Social Studies Katie Tapara

Lisa Fraser

Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education

Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Stella Hinton

Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Distinction in Year 9 Business Studies Rana Cetinturk

Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Timara Stevens-Lett

Distinction in Year 9 English Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Amie Hazelwood

Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Distinction in Year 9 Media Studies Distinction in Year 9 Science Paige Flashoff

Distinction and First in Year 9 Extension Music

Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Olivia Findon

Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology Distinction in Year 9 Science Distinction in Year 9 English Maia Coleman-Savage

YEAR 10 ACADEMIC MERIT AWARDS 10KEB AWARDS First in 10KEB English Erika Balestie Diaz

First in 10KEB Mathematics


Tiana Edwards Jamie Hollway

First in 10SMI Mathematics First in 10SMI Social Studies Rebecca Buckley

First in 10EMA Science Mia McLeish 10PHA AWARDS

First in 10SMI Science

First in 10PHA English Jayde Gartner


First in 10PHA Mathematics Max Taiapa-Powell

First in 10NEM English

First in 10PHA Social Studies

Joshua Metelerkamp

Keira Wilder

First in 10NEM Mathematics

Sophie Maddox

First in 10NEM Social Studies First in 10NEM Science

Rachel Hunt

10CRT AWARDS First in 10CRT English Jayde Badger

First in 10CRT Mathematics First in 10CRT Social Studies Rhys Tamanui

First in 10CRT Science Maddison Harding 10PCH AWARDS

First in 10PHA Science Aimee Shaw 10TBL AWARDS First in 10TBL English First in 10TBL Science Logan Mason First in 10TBL Mathematics First in 10TBL Social Studies Bo Rolleston-Wepa

YEAR 10 DISTINCTION AWARDS Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Adam Brookes

First in 10PCH English

Distinction in Year 10 Digital Technology Alex Whitington

First in 10PCH Mathematics

Distinction in Year 10 Japanese Georgia Brooker

Olivia Cacace Mack Coady

First in 10PCH Social Studies Milly Scott

First in 10PCH Science McKenzie Harding

Distinction and First in Year 10 Dance Amy Griffin Distinction in Year 10 Health Anecia Ave Distinction and First in Year 10 Physical

Education Bo Rolleston-Wepa

Mitchell Huisman

Distinction in Year 10 Art Brooke Wills


Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics

Distinction and First in Year 10 Health

Distinction in Year 9 Science

Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Connor Auckram Distinction in Year 10 DVC Ethan Fairweather Distinction in Year 10 Product Design Hannah McKay

Distinction in Year 10 Physical

Ondre Hapuka-Lambert

Distinction in Year 10 Drama Distinction in Year 10 Te Reo Maori

Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Elijah Casson Distinction and First in Year 9 Drama

Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology

Distinction and First in Year 9 Music

Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies

Distinction in Year 9 Food Technology

Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies

Distinction in Year 9 DVC Beryl De Guzman

Distinction in Year 10 Physical

Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics

Distinction and First in Year 10 Digital Technology Jahnie Chatterton Distinction in Year 10 Health Janaia Greening


Distinction and First in Year 10 Fashion and Textile Design Kate Browning

Distinction in Year 9 English

Romona Wainohu

Madison Jack

Distinction in Year 10 Dance Jorja Connell

Distinction in Year 9 Japanese Jack Brough

Te Raumati Te Aho Distinction in Year 10 Art Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Distinction in Year 10 Science

Distinction in Year 9 Art Distinction and First in Year 9 Fashion and Textile Design Distinction and First in Year 9 Science

Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Kayla Stephens

Distinction in Year 10 Science

Karamu High School Cup for First in Year 9 Science Kendra Coombe

Distinction in Year 10 English

Distinction in Year 9 Drama

Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Max Taiapa-Powell

Distinction in Year 10 Japanese

Distinction in Year 9 Health

Distinction in Year 10 Art

Distinction and First in Year 9 Social Studies

Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics

Distinction in Year 9 Physical Education

Distinction and First in Year 10 Product Design Rhys Tamanui

Distinction in Year 10 Science

Distinction and First in Year 9 English

Distinction and First in Year 10

Karamu High School Cup for First in English

Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Romy Luxford

Extension Music

Distinction in Year 10 English Rebecca Buckley

Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Samantha Makris Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Amelia Brougham

Sara Renall

Tia Tahau

Lexi Trotter

Distinction in Year 10 Japanese Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Alice Liu

YEAR 9 OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC AWARDS Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics

Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies

Distinction in Year 9 Digital Technology

Distinction in Year 10 Science

Distinction in Year 9 Science

Distinction and First in Year 9 Mathematics Karamu High School Cup for First in Year 9 Mathematics Keelan Heesterman Distinction in Year 9 Drama Distinction in Year 9 English Distinction in Year 9 Social Studies Distinction in Year 9 Health Emily Brookes


Distinction in Year 9 Art

Distinction in Year 10 Science


Distinction and First in Year 9 Food Technology

Distinction in Year 10 English

Karamu Junior High House Cup

Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Jessica Shoemark

Fourth placing: Te Mata (66 points)

Distinction and First in Year 10 Media Studies

Second placing: Kaweka (70 points)

Distinction in Year 9 Product Design Distinction in Year 9 DVC Distinction in Year 9 Mathematics Distinction in Year 9 English Hayley Smith

YEAR 10 OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC AWARDS Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction and First in Year 10 English Distinction in Year 10 Japanese Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Distinction and First in Year 10 Business Studies Erika Balestie Diaz Distinction in Year 10 Food Technology Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Distinction and First in Year 10 Mathematics Karamu High School Cup for First in Year 10 Mathematics Hannah Hansen Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction and First in Year 10 Drama Distinction and First in Year 10 DVC Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Distinction and First in Year 10 Science Karamu High School Cup for First in Year 10 Science Jamie Hollway

Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Sophie Jones Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics Distinction and First in Year 10 Food Technology Distinction in Year 10 Physical Education Distinction in Year 10 Science Distinction in Year 10 Business Studies Distinction and First in Year 10 Social Studies Karamu High School Cup for First in Year 10 Social Studies Tiana Edwards Distinction and First in Year 10 Art Distinction in Year 10 Media Studies Distinction in Year 10 English Distinction in Year 10 Social Studies Melody James

SPORTS HONOURS Honours in Cricket Molly Fothergill Honours in Softball Natashia Ngawhika Honours in Shooting Jesse Kereru Honours in BMX Maia Coleman-Savage

Third placing: Tuki Tuki (68 points)

First placing: Heretaunga (72 points) Turner Family Trophy for general excellence outside the classroom in cultural and sporting pursuits Sara Renall Karamu High School Cup for the Junior Sportswoman of the Year Nastashia Ngawhikia Karamu High School Cup for the Junior Sportsman of the Year Zac Brooker

YEAR 9 PRESTIGIOUS ACADEMIC PRIZES RSA Scholarship for a Year 9 student who is performing well and does not currently hold a Scholarship Hayley Smith Karamu High School General Excellence Cup for all round Excellence in Year 9 Beryl De Guzman Karamu High School Cup for Year 9 Academic Excellence Keelan Heesterman

YEAR 10 PRESTIGIOUS PRIZES Karamu High School General Excellence Cup for all Round Excellence Tiana Edwards Karamu High School Cup for Year 10 Academic Excellence Jamie Hollway

Distinction in Year 10 Mathematics


SPORTS AND CULTURAL DISTINCTIONS SPORT DISTINCTIONS Karamu High School Trophy for Most Outstanding Golfer Dylan Bagley

I.G. Field Cup for the Best Overall Shooter Oliver Wiggins-Crowe

Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Debater Toby Hunter

Best Senior Male Ki o Rahi Player Jacob Horua-Kershaw

Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Dance Performer Harrison Keefe

Best Senior Girl Touch Player

Mills Trophy for Senior Girls’ Swimming Champion Emily Burton

Shares the Blake/Caccioppoli Cup for Most Outstanding Girls’ Rugby Player Cortez Te Pou

Allen Grey Silver Jubilee Cup for the Best Cricket Player Kyle Burlace

Shares the Blake/Caccioppoli Cup for Most Outstanding Girls’ Rugby Player Raegan Robinson

Karamu High School Cup for the Most Valued Senior Girls’ Basketball Player Destiny Smiler

Karamu High School Cup for the Senior Girls’ Cross Country Champion Ruby Brett

Clark Cup for the Boys’ Badminton Champion Tate Gorton

Karamu High School Cup for the Senior Boys’ Cross Country Champion Zac Burlace

Karamu High School Cup for the Best Senior Boys’ Football Player Liam Frost

Karamu High School Trophy for the Chess Champion Luca Dunstan

Karamu High School Trophy for Excellence in Girls’ Canoe Polo Amy Saunders

Best Senior Female Ki o Rahi Player Charm Sandilands

Karamu High School Trophy for Excellence in Boys’ Canoe Polo Jacob McNeil

Karamu High School Cup for the Most Valued Senior Netball Player Tia Lewis Griffiths Cup for the Girls’ Open Singles Tennis Champion Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch Taylor Trophy for the Most Outstanding Senior Hockey Player Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch Karamu High School Cup for the Best Boys’ Hockey Player Jorge Fothergill Griffiths Cup for the Boys’ Open Singles Tennis Champion Karamu High School Cup for the Most Valued Senior Boys’ Basketball Player Joshua Matthews

Clark Cup for the Girls’ Badminton Champion Holly Davison

CULTURAL DISTINCTIONS Toastmasters Trophy for Leadership and Communication Abigail Masengi Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Music Performance Nick Palmer Judith Bartlett Cup for Best Senior Speech Board Results Cameron Young Collins Cup for the Most Outstanding Drama Performance Tate Gorton

Karamu High School Cup for Best Intermediate Debater Karamu High School Cup for Best Intermediate Speech Board Results Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Bronze Award Abigail Kilkolly Allan Cup for Best Senior Writing Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Silver Award Holly Davison

ACADEMIC DISTINCTIONS LEVEL ONE Distinction in Level One Art Hannah Bursnall Distinction and First in Level One Digital Art Mitchell Raison Distinction and First in Level One Theatre Technology Shae McKenzie Distinction and First in Level One Maori Performing Arts Jade Gude Distinction and First in Level One Dance Briar Fraser Distinction and First in Level One Food Technology Molly Hooper-Gilmore Distinction in Level One Food Technology Savannah-Lee Stevenson Distinction in Level One Product Design Shakoa Puketapu Distinction in Level One Product Design Jayden Griffiths


Distinction in Level One Product Design Blake Tresidder Distinction in Level One Building Industry Anna Barbridge Distinction in Level One Physical Education Cortez Te Pou Distinction and First in Level One Sport Ammon Kaio Distinction in Level One Sport Te Hihiko Edwards Distinction in Level One Mathematics Te Au Skipworth

Distinction in Level One Business Studies Distinction in Level One Mathematics Liam Walker Distinction in Level One Art Distinction in Level One Food Technology Camryn Watson

Karamu High School Cup for Best Student in Level One Computing Darian Culver

Distinction and First in Level One Japanese Georgia Goodsell

Distinction in Level One Mathematics Te Au Skipworth

Distinction in Level Two Photography Emily Coppell Distinction in Level Two Photography Annie Wykes

Karamu High School Print for Best Level One Composer Tadhg Stephens

Distinction and First in Level Two Design

Distinction in Level One Physical Education

Distinction in Level Two Design

Distinction in Level One Mathematics Ruby Brett Distinction in Level One English Distinction in Level One History Abigail Kilkolly Distinction in Level One Science Distinction and First in Level One Building Industry

Distinction in Level One Science Samuel Raggett

Distinction and First in Level One Product Design Jake Snow

Distinction in Level One History


Distinction in Level One DVC

Distinction in Level One Mathematics Declan Galbraith

Distinction in Level One English Jessica Rix

Distinction in Level One English

Distinction in Level One Art

Distinction in Level One Science Samuel Raggett

Distinction in Level One Japanese Lauren Hunt

Karamu High School Cup for First in Level One in DVC Danielle van Schaik

Distinction and First in Level One Digital Technology

Distinction and First in Level One Drama

Distinction and First in Level One Te Reo Christina Nikera-Winitana

Distinction and First in Level One DVC

Distinction in Level One DVC Ellie McGhee

Distinction in Level One Science Lucy McKay

Distinction in Level One English Jasmine Fannin

Distinction in Level One Art

Distinction in Level One Media Studies

Distinction in Level One DVC Amelia Hunt

Distinction in Level One English Jessica Rix

Di Fairley Cup for First in Level One Music Thomas Steinmann

Distinction in Level One Art

Distinction in Level One Mathematics Max Crossan

Distinction in Level One Science Sophie Williams


Lian Hontalba

Distinction in Level One English Distinction and First in Level One Music

Jacob McNeil

Mia Sutton Distinction and First in Level Two/Three Maori Performing Arts Tyla-Rose Halton Karamu High School Print for Best Level Two Composer Romayne Araia Distinction and First in Level Two Sport Jacinda Grace Distinction in Level Two Mathematics Khalel Uelese Distinction in Level Two English Mikayla Harrison-Franco

Distinction in Level Two DVC

Hannah Leynes

Caitlin Mannell

Distinction and First in Level Two Te

Distinction in Level Two Mathematics James Gowan Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics


Prebble Trophy for Best Craftsmanship Skills in Wood Technology Rhiannon Eaves

Nesha Mete

Distinction in Level Two English

Distinction and First in Level Two

Distinction in Level Two DVC

Sara Hazelwood


Ryley Clark

Distinction in Level Two Physics

Distinction and First in Level Two Art Sculpture Ana Marks

Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics

Distinction and First in Level Two

Distinction in Level Two English

Gustav Hendricks

Jorge Fothergill


Distinction in Level Two History

Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics

Distinction and First in Level Two

Distinction and First in Level Two Biology Acacia Fairweather

Portia Sutherland

Karamu High School Print for First in

Distinction in Level Two Product Design Paige Morgan Distinction in Level Two Tourism Laura Burns Distinction and First in Level Two Science Havila Brown Distinction in Level Two Science Sela Tupou Distinction in Level Two Science Christian Walker Distinction and First in Level Two Food Technology Caitlin Robin Distinction and First in Level Two Building Industry Ricky Samways Distinction in Level Two Building Industry Taine Doyle


Level Two Photography Reece Sullivan

Distinction and First in Level Two Business Studies

Distinction and First in Level Two Media

Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics Distinction in Level Two Chemistry Distinction in Level Two English Amy Griffiths


Distinction and First in Level Two/Three Theatre Technology

Distinction and First in Level Two Dance

Distinction and First in Level Two Art Painting

Bayley Baxter-Kirby

Distinction and First in Level Two Hospitality

Ashlee Cunningham-Johnson Distinction in Level Two Physical Education

Karamu High School Print for Best Overall Student in Level Two Art Maja Sanders


Distinction in Level Two Geography

Distinction in Level Three Photography Suitte Presbitero

Distinction in Level Two Physical

Distinction in Level Three Biology Martha Wilson

Distinction in Level Two Geography

Distinction in Level Three Biology Caleb Brothers

Distinction in Level Two Physics

Distinction in Level Three English Kassie Mercer

Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch Education

Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch

Distinction and First in Level Two ICT Jacob Coady

Distinction and First in Level Two

Distinction and First in Level Two Fashion and Textile Design Jessica Horsefield

Karamu High School Cup for Best

Distinction and First in Level Two DVC

Distinction in Level Two Product Design

Product Design

Senior Technology Student Liam Robson

Distinction and First in Level Three Design Olivia Abelson Distinction and First in Level Three Drama Tate Gorton


Distinction and First in Level Three Hospitality

Cheyenne Horne Distinction and First in Level Three Physical Education Destiny Smiler

George Seymour Trophy for First in Level Three Tourism Kathryn Botherway Distinction in Level Three Chemistry

Distinction in Level Three Business

Distinction in Level Three Media Studies

Ruby Mawley

Distinction and First in Level Three English Holly Davison


Distinction in Level Three Tourism Rylee Munro-Wallis

Best Enhanced Learning Student Simratpal Dhillon


Distinction and First in Level Three Art -



Distinction and First in Level Three DVC

Distinction in Level One Digital Art

Distinction in Level One Music Distinction in Level One Mathematics Distinction and First in Level One Physical Education

Karamu High School Cup for First in Level One Physical Education Tia Ward

Distinction in Level One English Distinction in Level One History Distinction in Level One Media Studies Distinction in Level One Science Distinction and First in Level One Art Karamu High School Print for First in Level One Art

Distinction in Level One English

Rilee Prebensen

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Maori Performing Arts

Distinction in Level One Media Studies

Distinction in Level One Science

Haka a Tane Rore Trophy for Best

Distinction and First in Level One

Student in Senior Maori Performing Arts

Distinction and First in Level One Geography

Celine Kaur

Distinction and First in Level One

Distinction and First in Level Two/Three

Distinction and First in Level One Science Steel Cup for First in Level One Science Xanthia Coombe

Karamu High School Cup for Best Level

Ella McKay

Distinction and First in Level Two/Three


Distinction and First in Level Two/Three Theatre Technology Harrison Keefe

Distinction in Level Three Physics Shares the Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Computing Student Jack Chamberlain

Distinction in Level Three Physical

One in Technology

Distinction in Level One Geography

Distinction in Level One Geography

Distinction in Level One Mathematics

Distinction in Level One Science

Distinction in Level One Science Benjamin Colquhoun

Distinction in Level One Digital

Distinction in Level One History

Distinction and First in Level One

Distinction in Level Three Mathematics

Distinction in Level One Science

with Statistics

Phoebe Hinton

Distinction and First in Level One Media Studies

Distinction and First in Level Three

Distinction and First in Level One English

Michelle Smith Cup for the Best Senior

Karamu High School Cup for First in Level One English Amber Flashoff

Emily Hammond

Fashion and Textile Design

Ethany Gibson

Distinction in Level One Music

Business Studies Student


Distinction in Level One English


Business Studies


Distinction and First in Level Three Tourism



Karamu High School Cup for First in Level One Mathematics Lachlan Costello

Distinction in Level One English Distinction in Level One Geography Distinction in Level One Physical Education

Distinction and First in Level One

Business Studies Ryan Olsen Memorial Cup for First in Level One Business Studies

Karamu High School Cup for Best

Social Science Student in Level One

Karamu High School Trophy for First in Level Two Physical Education/Outdoor Education Nick Palmer Distinction in Level Two English

Tyler Boyes

Distinction in Level Two Biology


Distinction in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics

Distinction in Level Two Biology Distinction in Level Two Chemistry Distinction in Level Two History Distinction and First in Level Two Drama Distinction and First in Level Two

Distinction in Level Two Physical Education Distinction and First in Level Two Geography Amy Saunders

Chemistry Bethany Cox Distinction in Level Three Drama Distinction in Level Three History Distinction and First in Level Three Media Studies Distinction and First in Level Two/Three Music Karamu High School Print for the Best Year 13 Composer Ellison Cup for Best Level Three Music Student Toby Hunter


Distinction in Level Two Drama

Distinction in Level Three Chemistry

Karamu High School Cup for First in

Distinction in Level Two Chemistry

Level Two English

Distinction in Level Three Geography

Distinction in Level Two English

Distinction in Level Two English Distinction in Level Two Biology

Distinction and First in Level Two Mathematics with Statistics Abigail Masengi

Distinction in Level Three Mathematics with Statistics

Distinction in Level Two Physics


Distinction and First in Level Two

Distinction in Level Three English

Distinction and First in Level Two

Distinction and First in Level Three Mathematics with Calculus

Karamu High School Cup for Best

Distinction and First in Level Three Physics

Cameron Young



Overall Student at Level Two in Science Two Mathematics

Shares the Karamu High School Cup for Best Senior Computing Student Oliver Chamberlain

Distinction in Level Two Chemistry

Distinction and First in Level Three Geography

J & C Struthers Print for First in Level Jaime Mossman

Distinction in Level Two Mathematics Distinction and First in Level Two Physics

Distinction and First in Level Two/Three Music

Esme McDonald Cup for Best Level Two Music Student

Distinction and First in Level Two Physical Education

Distinction in Level Three Mathematics with Calculus Distinction and First in Level Three Mathematics with Statistics Somerville Cup for First in Level Three Mathematics Distinction and First in Level Three Biology Distinction and First in Level Three

Distinction and First in Level Three History Anna Couchman Cup for Best Level Three History Student Niko Slade Distinction in Level Three English Distinction and First in Level Three Art – Painting Distinction and First in Level Three Photography Bignell Cup for Best Student in Level Three Art Tayah-Daisy Coleman

HONOURS AWARDS ACADEMIC HONOURS Wnner of Senior Project Section in Hawkes Bay Science Fair Holly Davison

CULTURAL HONOURS Honours for Debating Represented Hawke’s Bay in the New


Zealand Russell McVeagh Debating Competition

Named Best Speaker at Regional Russell McVeagh Competition

Part of the Senior Karamu high team

that won the Hawkes Bay Secondary School Championships Toby Hunter

SPORT HONOURS Honours for Basketball Selected for the Hawkes Bay U 19 Basketball Team Destiny Smiler

Honours for Golf Selected to represent Hawkes Bay Senior Men at the Toro Golf InterProvincials

Selected to represent Hawkes Bay

Junior Men at the Golf Inter-Provincials Was one of only two Hawkes Bay

Players to make the cut during the New Zealand U19 Stroke Play

Was one of only two Hawkes Bay

Players to make the cut during the New Zealand Open Stroke Play

Selected for the Hawkes Bay

Honours in Harriers 3rd Hawkes Bay/Gisborne 3km Steeplechase Hawkes Bay/Gisborne Cross Country Championships U16 placed 2nd Hawkes Bay/Gisborne Road Race Championships U16 placed 3rd Selected for Hawkes Bay/Gisborne for Nationals 5km Road Race U18 Selected for Hawkes Bay/Gisborne for Nationals 4km U18 Ruby Brett Honours in Shooting Third in the Single Rise at the South Island Championships A member of the Karamu High School Team that won the Central and Lower North Island Competition Selected for the Hawkes Bay Regional team at Nationals Cameron Spargo Honours in Shooting

Development Squad

Third Overall Shooter in the CLNISS series

Honours in Athletics

Second Overall in Points Score in the CLNISS series

Dylan Bagley

East Coast North Island Secondary

Schools’ Intermediate 400meters placed 1st

East Coast North Island Secondary

Schools’ Intermediate Girls 800 meters placed 3rd

Hawkes Bay/Gisborne Club Nationals 4 x 400 meters Senior Open Girls Relay placed 1st

Potts Classic Athletics Meeting 100

meters and 200 meters U14’s placed 1st


Hawkes Bay/Gisborne Athletics Club Championships 800 meters Junior Girls placed 2nd Ruby Brett

Highest Overall Shooter in Round 2 for Karamu High School A member of the Karamu High School Team that won the Central and Lower North Island Competition Hawkes Bay Open C Grade Skeet Champion Oliver Wiggins-Crowe


ACADEMIC GOLD HONOURS Winner of Senior Project Section in Hawkes Bay Science Fair Selected as a finalist in the Prime Minister’s Future Science Award Selected to Represent New Zealand at the Taiwan International Science Fair in January 2018 Bethany Cox

CULTURAL GOLD HONOURS Gold Honours in Drama Selected to go to Globe Theatre in 2018 as Sheila Winn Shakespeare Hawkes Bay and New Zealand Winner Tate Gorton

SPORT GOLD HONOURS Gold Honours in Canoe Polo Regional Achievements Selected for Eastern Regions U18 Team and the Eastern Regions U21 Team Selected for the Hawkes Bay A1 Women’s Canoe Polo Team Member of the Karamu high School Senior Girls Regional Team winning GOLD Member of the Karamu High School Senior Girls National team winning BRONZE National Achievements Selected in the National Secondary Schools girls Tournament Team International Achievements Selected for the New Zealand U18 Women’s Canoe Polo Team named as Captain Won Gold at the Oceania Championships with the New Zealand

U18 Women’s Canoe Polo Team



Gold Honours in Athletics


Celine Kaur

Tayah-Daisy Coleman

Excellence Cup for Excellence in

Amy Saunders

Regional Achievements East Coast Secondary Schools Boys Shotput with record throw of 19.17m

First Senior Boys Hammer with record

Hannah Hemi-Robinson

Academic, Sports and Culture

Tate Gorton

Ethany Gibson

Liam Davies

throw of 55.61m

Cameron Young

First Senior Boys Discus

Sahibpreet Kaur

North Island Secondary Schools’ First Senior boys Shotput

Karamu High School Year 11 General

Bayley Baxter-Kirby Abigail Masengi

Karamu High School Year 11 Academic Cup Xanthia Coombe Karamu High School Year 12 General Excellence Cup for Excellence in

National Achievements


First U18 Shotput at New Zealand

Wi Rangi Wiremu Whaitiri Memorial Trophy for demonstrating Leadership across the School

Nick Palmer

National Championships

Harrison Keefe

Jaime Mossman

Currently ranked New Zealand’s

MacLeod Cup for Service to ExtraCurricular Activities

Karamu High School Prize for the Year

2 U20 Shotput and Number 2 U18

Holly Davison

National Championships

Second U20 Shotput at New Zealand

Number 1 in the U18 Shotput, Number Hammer Throw

International Achievements Flag Bearer and Athletic Team Captain at the Bahamas Commonwealth Youth Games

Silver Medalist Shotput at the Bahamas Commonwealth Youth Games

Third U20 (6kg) at the Christchurch Trans-Tasman Big Shot Event

Barker Cup for Sportsmanship Reuben Lyndon Karamu High School Cup and Miniature for Sporting Excellence

Nick Palmer

Currently ranked First in the U18

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Shotput and Third in the U20 Shotput in

Tate Gorton

Currently ranked Number 2 in the

Karamu High School Cup for Cultural Excellence

Nick Palmer

Year 13 General Excellence Tate Gorton Karamu High School Prize for the

Clark Cup for Proxime Accessit to the

Phoebe Hinton

U18 Shotput rankings

Sir Paul Holmes Memorial Cup for the

Roff Cup and Miniature for the Senior Sportsman of the Year


Commonwealth and Sixth in the World

13 General Excellence

Proxime Accessit to the Dux

First U18 Men’s Shotput and Third U20


Karamu School Year 12 Academic Cup

Nick Palmer

Lucas Cup and Miniature for the Senior Sportswoman of the Year

Men’s Shotput at the Australian National

Academic, Sport and Culture

Toby Hunter

Dux Niko Slade Karamu High School Dux Cup Michael Hill Watch for the Dux Karamu High School Prize for the Dux The J Mills Family Scholarship for the Dux Bethany Cox

Te Taonga Trophy for Contribution to


KARAMU HIGH SCHOOL DUX CUP Michael Hill Watch for the Dux Karamu High School Prize for the Dux The J Mills Family Scholarship for the Dux Bethany Cox

KARAMU HIGH SCHOOL PRIZE FOR THE YEAR 13 GENERAL EXCELLENCE Sir Paul Holmes Memorial Cup for the Year 13 General Excellence Tate Gorton







9ARO Back row Chloe Petersen, Nicole Thomson, Lisa Baker, Cherish Maui, Megan Godwin, Ruma Miah, Timira Ahmed, Pieta Offord, Thomas Phillips

Middle row Jack Gilchrist, Gemma Danrell, Brooke Orviss, James Miles, Waimea Craig, Lachlan Cooper, Cameron Dryden, Matariki Lauder, Mrs A Roberts Front row Georgia Perry, Brooke Boden, Xavier Te Tonga, Marissa Hawthorn, Tori Knox, Jason Robin, Jiale Zhou, Jennifer Boyd Absent Braeden Foster, Cruiz TangenWainohu


Back row Chase Winter, Isaac Winterson, Brooke Wilson, Brodie Mathieson, Macayla Parkins, Laura Walker, Emily Hunt

Middle row Emily Morgan, Myrakyll Keelan-Heke, Samuel Ramsay, LJ Henderson-Ereatara, Brad Good, Alex Tangi, Jack Williams, Maddison Alve, Mr B Wardrope

Front row Sebastian Te Kani, JamieLee Harrison, Jessika Peterson, Emily Eldridge, Ashlee Oliver, Ani Gillespie, Shiloh Pope, Finn Jackson Absent Jared Baker, Christopher Harbord, Mary Arkell,


Back row Tegan McGhie, John Fua, Jaidyn Russell, Michael Tapson, Kael Williams, Ava Maxwell, Liam McRae

Middle row Jahrome Bryan, Jason Dutton, Desrae Houia-Moke, Emma Mansell, Vencent Gray, Erika Richmond, Amber Bisley, Mr G Ross Front row Kendell Hansen, Alex Corbishley, Celine Berry, Marcus Le Monnier, Kayla Anderson, Sienna Holdaway-Stevens,

Absent Jesharun Houia, Densil Phillips, Nish-had Saiyad


9JBE Back row Hannah Kerr, Breanna Dacombe, Moira Karaitiana, Hayden Moss, Lachie Carter, Hamish Hemopo-Hartley

Middle row Riley Gough, Isabel Valdez, Malachi Taiapa, Trent McCann, Kaea Kershaw-Horua, Mrs J Berwick Front row Oliver Christieson, George Christieson, Chance Middleton, Aaliah Flanders-Newton, Alana Hughes, Molly Jensen


Back row Chalyse Torea, Maia ColmanSavage, Emily Brookes, Zachary Bibby, Lisa Fraser, Ethin Templeton, Emma Norman, Paige Dempsey, Keegan Russell

Middle row Matt Cuckow, Keelan Hesterman, Stella Hinton, Raniera Wairau, Elijah Casson, Isaac Robertshaw, Paige Flashoff, Marcus Krekeler, Hayley Smith, Mr K May

Front row Jack Brough, Kendra Coombe, Samantha Eaglestone, Blake Manson, Amie Hazelwood, Rana Cetinturk, Beryl De Guzman, Dylan Head, Brooklyn Woodcock Absent Gisella Edwards

9LUW Back row Aiyahna Araia, Ben Gouldsbrough, Kiri Hereaka, Luka Skogstad, Jordan Amy, Haipeng Jiang, Karlin Painter-Dudley

Middle row Hannah McKinley, Cypress Miller-Rapaea, Gabriella Hanaray, Jaden Prest, Mary Arkell, Mason Clark, Gisella Edwards, Mr L Weber

Front row Shane Tran, Ashton Anderson, Nazareth Fa’alele, Lashana Gempton, Nikita Powell, Hayley Jones, Tuhoe Vercoe, Alana Summers Absent Zedina Sedgwick, Lyric Roberts, Callum Davison, Sarah Purcell-Rodgers



Back row Olivia Findon, Gabriel Lopez, Bree Gibson, Hannah Hunt, Kade Lindsay, Holly Alve, Ella Hope, Sophie Brookes, Aidan Eaglestone

Middle row Aniah Chapman-Ransfield, Timara Stevens-Lett, Lyrik Hepi, Wil Talagi, Joel Tawera, Jacob Reeve, Paige Treneman, Shadae Stevens, Te Analee Hooper, Mr R McDade

Front row Karis Soanes, Treydon Chadwick-White, Lily Skews, Jacob Tollison, Aysha Saunders, Samuel Robertson, Lakiya Neill, Olly Chilton, Erena Clarke-Boyle Absent Flynn Duley


Back row Justin Liu, Kavarn Kerisiano, Joseph Roberts, Aretoula Barbarouses, Ryan Hannam, Mr M Jamieson Front row Amber Kenny, Ashley McGrannachan, Jordan Hume, Vinnie Harrison, Traylan Hansen, Sebastian Jennings


Back row Hamish Thorburn, Paige Holmes, Brodie Harris, Brock Coulbeck, Jade Edmonds, Caitlyn Pincock, Josh Clifton

Middle row Sasha Terry, Cameron Orr, Blake Harbord, Aiden Arnott, Sam Williams, Rameka Pohatu-Hawkins, Honore Pirret, Mrs V Peffer

Front row Pierson Clement, Robert Wooster, Paige Tregonning, Nikitah Jardine, Kory Morgan, Annabel McCallum, Boss Kendrick, Ruby Schmidt Absent Dylan Baker, Max Craft, Jocelyn Love


10CRT Back row Maddison Harding, Charlotte Hopkins, Paige McLaren, Daniel Fraser, Jahnie Chatterton, Jayde Badger, Lee Paku-Mokau, Cole Vujcich, Charlotte Leigh

Middle row Shaiann Halstead, Payton Mills-Scott, Sarah Weaver, Janaia Greening, Izaiah Te Wiata, Rhys Tamanui, Dallas Martini-Hohaia, Ngahau Taiapa, Anecia Ave, Mr C Thompson Front row Taylor Wakely, Maia Owen, Tyler Mumby, Elise Keehan, Hannah Fua, Shyanne Welch-Olsen, , Summer Painter, Georgie Brooker

10EMA Back row Jordan Heeney, Nakita Hildreth, Mia McLeish, Erana KawaWhatarau, Daeshana Winiata, Jessica Snow, Scarlett Bradley, Dazzler Mulligan-Johnstone

Middle row Karsha Radonich, Tegan Wroe, Katie Tapara, Gabriel Fa’alele, Lucas Auckram, Georgia Springer, Aaliyah McRae, Bostan Atkenson, Mr E Martin Front row Ellissa Harris-Kristiansen, Caitlyn Lenz, Jobe Ngamou, Briana Barrett-Chase, Paige Nordstrom, Finlay Murdoch

Absent Cullen Abraham-Smith, Metuarosa Kopelani, Shantelia Napia, Tanyalia Tuhi

10KEB Back row Erika Balestie Diaz, Tia Tahau, Hannah Mackay, Romona Wainohu, Mitchell Huisman, Ondre HapukuLambert, Lexi Trotter, Sophie Jones, Jamie Hollway

Middle row Sara Renall, Kayla Stephens, Amelia Brougham, Cherish Kotuhi, Tobi Wells, Van Acraman, Flynn Mercer, Hannah Hansen, Caroline Glen, Jessica Shoemark, Mr K Beaumont Front row Melody James, Charlene Glen, Hazel Millar, Adam Brookes, Tiana Edwards, Madison Jack, Alice Liu, Luke Barlow, Joshua Metelerkamp Absent Andrew Alves


10NEM Back row Molly Fothergill, Alex Weaver, Grace Mentzer, Zac Brooker, Kate Browning, Michael Garland, Lily Hall, Rachel Hunt, Keira Wilder

Middle row Caitlin Davis, Micaela Beukes, Tamara-Lee Richards, Christian Jordan, Ethan Crosbie, Georgia Wilson, Megan Entwistle, Shantalia Dunn, Brooke Wills, Mr N Moir Front row Alys Jeffries, Jonzy Benipayo, Amy Griffin, Acacia Ramirez, Amber Hollings Haddon, Cassia Rosvall , Brooke Hemmings Absent Markis Walsh-Kingi, Jorgia Walford-Bennett


Back row Lily Byford, Milly Scott, Samantha Makris, Mack Coady, Willow Kohi, Lily-Belle Heremaia, McKenzie Harding, Kaylee Martini-Hohaia, Luana McKee-Warner

Middle row Journey Campus, Victoria Priest, Yasmine Hassan, Zenith Logan, Ellis Fa’alele, Iraia Tonga, Nastashia Ngawhika, Memory Tangi, Taniya Dawson, Mr P Chamberlain

Front row Brooklyn Kennedy, Ashlee Healey, Nicole Paramore, Hineawe Crawford, Crystal Hapuku-Te Nahu, Emma Morrison, Sophia Pottinger, Olivia Cacace Absent Bostan Atkenson, Toby Kupa

10PHA Back row John Tapalla, Bradley Hughes, Jayde Gartner, Tiaki Mildon, Courtney Orviss, Jesse Kereru, Cherish-Lee Kyle

Middle row Ramon Boyce, Sean Marshall, Shayden Arahunga, Nikau MacGregorBishop, Hera Thompson, Shantelia Napia, Stefan Marsh, Ms P Hati

Front row Riley Walton-Sexton, Max TaiapaPowell, Aimee Shaw, Hikaru Yoshino, Rachel Wilson, Jaden Kaimoana-Kotuhi, Jace Chenery Absent Mahara Nathan-Pene, Oshiajn Roberts



Back row Lily Burns, Cameron Sewell, JT Pemberton-Kohiti, Emily Burns, Meg Lindsay, Harrison Small, Amy Godwin, Raturoa Vercoe

Middle row Maggie Costello, Pierre Byrne, Te Raumati Te Aho, Ryan Coombs, MacKenzie Vercoe, Renee Taylor, Ella Lindsay-Smith, Renee Saunders, Mrs S Mills Front row Benjamin Ward, Alexander Withington, Romy Luxford, Rebecca Buckley, Ethan Fairweather, Courtney Jack, Pacey Torea, Matthew Apperley Absent Shylah Jones, Ben Westerlaken,

10TBL Back row Shauntayne Howie, Ethan Popplewell, Kassius Downes, Samuel Tumanako, Larissa O’Driscoll, Mr T Blake Front row Sativa Wichman, Connor Auckram, Calena Wilson, Bo RollestonWepa, Logan Mason

Absent Liam Clarke, CJ Solomona, Riki Timu


Back row Hagar Keepa, Jae Paipa, Rylee Clayton, Kree Allen, Mr A Noble

Front row Jeremy Bixley, Kade Jacobs, Lewis Filipo, Mauro Cattaneo Absent Ethyn Georgetti-Brown



Back row Xanthe Baker, Georgia Gutry, Courtney Hatton, Rasharn Epere, Khalee Cameron, Miss A Whitlow

Front row Ayla Miller, Kayla Lowe, Shaylah Princeton, Lagi Magele-Timu, Jorja Fryer, Honey McLean Absent Ngapera Pakoti, Aaliyah Tangen-Wainohu


Back row Andrew Tong, Cooper Jackson, Dane Skogstad, Cameron Spargo, Zak Wallace, Lars Stevenson, Jacob Ansell Middle row Ben Randall, Quinton Rutten, Mitchell Raison, Joshua Walford, Zachary Burlace, Logan Seymour, Jake Perry, Mr C Cummins Front row Blair Berg, Trent Beale, Travis Martin, Sharn Hessell, Jack Raggett, Kade Hall Absent Tyrin Walker, Charles Spooner

11HGL Back row Angelika Miel Boac, Amelia Hunt, Jayden Griffiths, Abigail Kilkolly, Hannah Rikkers, Samuel Raggett, Tyler Boyes, Meg Ryan

Middle row Briar McKinley, Reon McKeesick, Shae McKenzie, Dylan Dempsey, Cian Stafford, Mitchell Knowles, Raegan Robinson, Jacob Astridge, Miss H Glenny

Front row Jessica Abelson, Jade Ubels, Lucy McCallum, Ereina Tonihi, Tamar Hoogendoorn, Breanna McRae, Jasmine Fannin, Rhian Hanara

Absent Katherine Levick, Cortez Te Pou, Courtney Thompson, Charli-Boston Wynyard



Back row Lauren Hunt, Brooke Gude, Kerinza Benjamin, Miracle Wereta, Beverley Hussey, Ashleigh Mildenhall Middle row Danielle Bailey, Jessica Young, Savannah Stevenson, Raiha Winterburn, Mya Stothers, Mrs J Burn Front row Jemma Green, Sophie Law, Leah Stanford, Kayla Winter, Te Wai Randell Absent Serenatie Kokaua-Smith

11JOD Back row Sarsha Ramirez, Tetris Mohi, Charm Sandilands, NoraHeavenley Paul-Hapuku, Miss J Dawson

Front row Pacey Tomoana-Paku, Christina Nikera-Winitana, Hastings Laau, Chelsea James, Meadow Georgetti Absent Courtleigh Julius


Back row Brooke Foster, Ruby Brett, Erin Fraser, Hannah Bursnall, Briar Fraser, TK Smith, Shayla Finch

Middle row Ellie McGhee, Tia Ward, Danielle van Schaik, Emma Varcoe, Sydney Crawford, Amy Richardson, Miss J Primmer Front row Piper Jones, Tyla Dillon, Georgia Goodsell, Libby O’Hanlon, Molly HooperGilmore, Stazia Hoskin Absent Rhiannon Wooster



Back row Zac Arkell, Steven Heke, Samuel Bradley, Mitchell Heney, Kayden Lomas, Liam Watt, Blake Tresidder

Middle row Angus Christieson, Caleb Williams, Daniel Stuart, Azaleas Quinton, Cairo Taiapa, Declan Galbraith, Mr J Kite Front row Ethan Hope, Luke Berry, Max Crossan, Zane Beckham, Dante Irving, Jesse Soanes Absent Logan Hunter, Regan Singer


Back row Raturoa Munro, Te Otane Harrison, Clayton Hughes, Lewis Funnell, Robert Bailey, Alexander Fraser Middle row Reagan Singer, Ammon Kaio, John Mclean, Linkin Smith, Isaac Thompson, Mr L Harmer

Front row Charlie Brooker, Abdul Khan, Nathan Parkins, Jonty Tresidder, Te Hihiko Edwards


Back row Jade Gude, Monique Peard, Anna Barbridge, Georgia Lawes, Alice Watts, Rawinia Hekau,

Middle row Victoria Sammons, Pearl Burrell, Katie Scales, Morgan Macaulay, Camryn Watson, Miss L McElwee

Front row Hope McCleland, Olivia Cherry, Autumn Bates, Ella Tieman, Annabelle Andrews, Nerida Marshall Absent Christine Lenz



Back row Thomas Steinmann, Jack Burns, Dylan Bagley, Darian Culver, Isaac Hinton, Te Au Skipworth, Tadhg Stephens, Jack Garvey, Amber Flashoff

Middle row Shakoa Puketapu, Samuel Bailey, Liam Walker, Oliver Wiggins-Crowe, Dean Polak, Kahurangi Stevens, Jake Snow, Liam Byers, Lachlan Costello, Ethany Gibson, Miss M Calkoen

Front row Lian Hontalba, Rilee Prebensen, Sophie Williams, Jacinta Foreman, Lucy McKay, Ben Colquhoun, Xanthia Coombe, Felicity Johnstone, Jessica Rix

11,12, 13 RTI

Back row Jacinda Grace, Manaaki Whatarau, Huirangi Khan, Jason Nande, Tennille Hellyer, Sean Bainbridge

Middle row Robert Foster, Lucas HemiRobinson, Jacob-Lee Bull, Jaimz Horne, Simratpal Dhillon, Mana Wichman, Mrs R Tiuka

Front row Jasmine-Grace Manley, Chanelle Bond, Ripeka Edwards, Hannah Le Monnier, Amelia Wigzell, Shanya Bills Absent Zofika Rehana, Sivia Roberts


Back row Jahanna Boden, Jacqueline Orviss, Claire Barrett, MacKenzie Sullivan, Ngaire Tonihi, Shannon Minogue

Middle row Kate Jarvis, Galilee Marsh, Havila Brown, Millie Hannam, Michaela Edwards, Emily Coppell, Mrs A Cooper

Front row Caitlin Robin, Nesha Mete, Annie Wykes, Renee Blackman, Natasha King, Jessica Horsefield Absent Sharnie O’Connor, Maja Sanders, Anthea Woittequand



Back row Kurt Bentley, Lawrance Goodburn-Watene, John Rouse, Phoenix Gibson-Pay, Justin Parker

Middle row Luke Shaw, Jacob KershawHorua, Chevy Abraham, Matthew Mildenhall, Ethan Bird, Mr J Matthews

Front row Zane Mathieson, James Morley, Marsellus Whaanga, Jake Kelly, Reef Liddington Absent Jason Yan


Back row Liam Hansen, Henare Makoare, Logan Wells, Rome Nicholson, Te Wairama Te Aho-Chapple

Middle row Luke Kupa, Ricky Samways, Christian Walker, Matiu McRae, James Bailey, Mr J Mallory Front row James Collecutt, Zac Flowers, Hunter Durrant, Quinn Heeney, Tanner McGhie-McIntyre, Keegan Bowey Absent Solomon Bakker-Reynolds, Jacob Coady


Back row Ashlee Cunningham-Johnson, Alyssa McKenzie, Sasha Attwood-Groom, Shani Ross, Olivia Wilkins, Karalea Halton, Rhiannon Eaves, Miss J Veen

Front row Portia Sutherland, Tyla-Rose Halton, Hannah Foulkes, Nicole Fincham, Caitlin Nicol, Dahlia Cripps-Gazzard



Back row Trinity Hape, Hamish Funnell, Corbyn Jacobs, Maki Kelly, Mr J Wright Front row Manaaki Tumanako, Azariah Sebley-Newton, Oliver Wilkinson, Bradley Wroe, Campbell McGrannachan


Back row Ana Marks, Caitlin Mannell, Liam Robson, Jaime Mossman, Benjamin Winterson, Todd Culver, Keagan Klempel, Reece Sullivan, Lennon Chenery, Mia Sutton Middle row Nathan McCourt, Henry Hosford, Nick Palmer, Cameron Young, Jacob McNeill, Luca Dunstan, James Gowan, Jorge Fothergill, Mrs K van Rijk

Front row Ryley Clark, Acacia Fairweather, Amy Griffiths, Amy Saunders, Camryn Toki, Sara Hazelwood, Sahibpreet Kaur, Melinda Pope Absent Ashleigh Thorpe-Loversuch, Taylor Thorpe-Loversuch


Back row Reanna Browning, Zac Linnell, Laura Burns, Jayden Taylor, Cyprus Kendrick, Karsyn Wylie, Tia Lewis, Jasper Temburu, Amethyst-Rose Halford

Middle row Hannah Norfolk, Finn Wotherspoon, Romaine Araia, Ethan Hope, Khalael Uelese, Taine Doyle, Matthew Jones, Alex Ngui, Mr N Field

Front row Hannah Leynes, Bayley BaxterKirby, Gustav Hendricks, Mikayla HarrisonFranco, Paige Morgan, Maddison Winter, Chontelle Leitch, Abigail Masengi Absent Edith Nee Harland



Back row Mrs J Clark, Cezanne Boyce, Elissya Robinson, Destynee Flanders, Jade Graham, Mrs V Watson Front row Charley Ropitini, Madeisha Kaimoana, Lily-Belle Pohatu, Monique Boyd, Sela Tupou


Back row Ashleigh Clay-Nicol, Kate Jones, Shayna Wilson, Emily Burton, Lucy Holden, Shinae Lawrence, Martha Wilson, Kassie Mercer

Middle row Harrison Klempel, Dylan Huata-Lucas, Caleb Brothers, Bradley Carrington, Josiah Barlow, Khalais Waerea, Mrs A Price

Front row Olivia Abelson, Rylee Munro-Wallis, Cayli Corlett, Reuben Lyndon, Delaney Bates, Natasha Roselli, Emily-Rose PenberthyHutchins, Rutendo Sikupa

13BER Back row Michaela Horsefield, Kirsten Rutten, Kingsley Robertson, Mathew Lindsay, Bethany Cox, Amy Burns, Ruby Mawley Middle row Jack Chamberlain, Phoebe Hinton, Sem Hoogendoorn, Niels Clayton, Michael Rix, Oliver Chamberlain, Kody Giddens, Mr B Reay

Front row Alaina Robinson, Rachael Hagenow, Shannon Singer, Briana Hasler, Caitlin Carr, Scarlett Garvey, Georgia Hopkins


13FMC Back row Celine Kaur, Levi Hawkins, Keelia Johnston, Cheyenne PurcellPorter, Maya Mason-Te Tau, Aaliyah Halton, Jazzmin Te Huia, Mrs F McDonald

Front row Emily Kenny, Tegan Winter, Janine Kahukura, Kathryn Botherway, Emerald Flavell, Tegan Voice, Moki Beckham, Elan Lee Absent Mackenzie Chase, Pheonix Corbett, Greer Curran, Arahi Edwards, Kauranga Edwards, Sophie Johnstson

13MAB Back row Taylor Brown, Peyton DouglasPuna, Travis Eaton, Kiara Pledger, Samantha Richards, Deanna ClaffertyPainter Middle row Benjamin Revell, Nathan Bryers, Liam Tosh, Brandon Le Comte, Ethan Hakopa, Mr M Belz

Front row Gabriella Wilson, Sime Presbitero, Emily Hammond, Jadah Elers, Georgina McCallum, Maruisa Hendricks Absent Liam Frost

13THU Back row Taiki Yoshino, Tayah-Daisy Coleman, Holly Davison, Kevin Karnbach, Niko Slade, Cheyanne Horne, Hannah Hemi-Robinson

Middle row Daniel O’Donoghue, Kyle Burlace, Liam Davies, Tate Gorton, Harrison Keefe, Toby Hunter, Mr T Hunter Front row Jacob Fraser, Sage Templeton, Krista Walford, Callum Stewart, Paige Lenz, Beth Eastham, Prestine Abejero

Absent Luke Sinclair, Bianca Southey


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