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SUST 708—Sustainable Materials Fall 2016 John Schaffeld





B.Arch Architecture MA Design for Sustainability

BFA Historic Preservation MFA Design for Sustainability

BS Interior Design MFA Design for Sustainability

Mumbai, India

Roswell, New Mexico

San Antonio, Texas

OPPORTUNITY Around the world, and specifically in the U.S., the middle class is expanding by 80 million people every year. As the middle class expands, more and more families are able to move into houses that have built-in green spaces. Having a yard presents an opportunity for outdoor hobbies like gardening and woodworking.

When family members take up outdoor hobbies, naturally they will need a space to store their equipment. If they do not have a garage or extra space, a backyard shed is a good storage option.

Often, storage sheds are made from hard-to-assemble, unnatural materials that are not meant to last. When the family moves, or if they no longer need the shed, it is thrown away into a landfill.

PRECEDENTS • Synthetic materials • Difficult to construct & take apart • End up in landfills • Cannot decompose in nature

PROPOSAL We propose a shed that is made from sustainable materials, incorporates sustainability features, and is a pleasant place to practice hobbies. Additionally, the shed will be easy to assemble and disassemble, requiring little to no tools. The shed is not merely a storage shed—it can be used as a workshop/studio, children’s playhouse, or as a place to relax. Because it is a versatile space, it can have an infinite lifespan. When the family moves, they will be able to take the shed along with them. If they decide to leave it behind, it will not negatively impact the environment and will in fact add to the property value.

TARGET USER Families • Middle-class • Family involvement • Heirloom piece • Specialty retailer



• First ideation was a playhouse with educational components to teach children about sustainability. • Would include things like a recycling bin, compost bin, water collector, and plants. • Potentially a tree house—however, that would ultimately destroy the tree, and wouldn’t be easily accessible for anyone other than children. • In the end, we decided against a children’s playhouse because we wanted the product to be utilized by all family members. • We wanted a versatile space that could have as long of a life cycle as possible.

• Joinery to aid in ease of assembly • Little to no tools required to assemble • Lincoln Logs • Traditional joinery • Japanese joinery

EZ Log Structures

Reclaimed Lumber • Already proven durable • Rot-resistant • Bug-resistant • Flame retardant • Beautiful—a story piece



Standard Features: 1. Wall cistern as an alternative to traditional cistern 2. DIRTT denim insulation so shed can be used in winter 3. Blinds to control sunlight 4. CPC pegboard for tool and accessory storage 5. Natural, VOC-free wood sealant to protect reclaimed lumber





Early sketches • Form • Modular pieces


Panel sections for easier shipping and transporting

Floor Plan



Aluminum Roof

Fiberglass Louvre Window

WPC Pergola

Fiberglass Windows

CPC Pegboard

Fish Scale Counter Reclaimed Wood Walls

Tomato-based Bioplastic Cistern Fiberglass Window Aluminum Door Panel

WPC Flooring

WPC Plinth Frame


Aluminum Turbine

Artichoke Pulp Chair Artichoke Pulp Stool Seat Aluminum Stool Base


West-facing sunlight










Packaging • ECORRCRATE: Made from ECORRBOARD (100% recycled paper corrugation, glues, coating) which is water-resistant & lightweight • Mycelium inserts

Upgrades • Wrap-around porch & pergola • Composter • Non-toxic, VOC-free paint • Wind turbine for energy generation • Overhead fan


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