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To reuse existing resources to build a sustainable design To develop cost effective technologies To practice sustainable stages of planning. To get inspired from the history of the context and propose a human centered design


In view of the technological education aspirations of lndia, In view of the given programme, In view of clients vision and In context of the site and In context of historical and modem architecture, we find our design guidelines. But most Importantly the focus of designing Is towards the students and the occupants of the bulldlngs.The architectural design approach complements, responds to, and thereby enhances the objectives enshrined In the master plan through approprlate use of building character, design vocabulary and Integration between the outside and the Inside through designed transition zones

The master plan lays out the locatlon for these bulldlngs In more or less central area of the faculty housing, but more closer to the main entrance of the campus. Though being close to the campus entrance, the plot Is set back approx 40 metres 1i�om the splnal campus road (N-S), thus ensuring minimum disturbance. Even though this minor access way physlcally divides the site, theentrance courtyards of the Director’s bungalow and that of the guest house havebeen lald out In such a way that vlrtually they appear to be one.



SUSTAINABLE STAGES OF PLANNING AND DESIGN 1.Utilze existing lnfrastruclure, laylng out buildlng blocks to benefit to from existing land, sun path and wind whlle minimizing damage prevalent soll,flora, water and air quality. 2.Approprlatelanclecaplng Plantlng the right way to conserve water and improve micro-climate. 3. Detailing building fenestration design and construction detalls to promote shading, lnsulatlon and heat loss. 4 Choosing materials which an, local,durable, utilize waste, have low embodied energy content, use less water for processing and help Insulate the buildlng. 5. Bulldlng energy Efficient electrical usage and usage of clean energy. 6. Bulldlng water saving water through efficient flxtures and augmenting water through rain water harvesting & wast& wast& treatment

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SHADING ANALYSIS OF BUILDING USING CRITICAL MONTH OF MARCH The terraces placed In the north-west part of the guest house building not just act as spill out areas for the guests but also help in breaking the monotony of a repetitive elements of the facade which is directly facing the entrance plaza. These area then shaded by pergolas making it climatlcally pleasant for use. There is use of shaded plaza and pervious edges for reduced heat island effect during all times of the day in summer months.

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