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To revive ecology and environment of the city which is lost at the cost of urban sprawl. To make a masterplan by successful pilot interventions and understand back-casting.

DAHISAR RIVER REVITALISATION MUMBAI,INDIA River March is a movement seeks to rejuvenate our Rivers, free from encroachments, non-polluted green environment and save remaining Mangroves.The Dahisar River on the edge of Mumbai city was once so scenic tat people built holiday homes along its bank. The river now reeks and is choked by the plastic and garbage. The river is engorged by small rivulets and begins to flow at rhe peak of Sanjay Gandhi National Park , passes through the slums and other unorganised structures , cuts across the western edge of the Suburb and finally empties into the Mira-Bhayander creek.Along the way it picks us plastic from the slums, effluents of the workshops and Muncipal storm-water drains also empty into it polluting the river.

IMAGINATION OF THE RIVER EDGE The project identifies a number of potential sites along the river edge for pilot interventions, one connected to the other in order to sequentially cleanse the river and its surroundings. Since it is primarily a citizen driven project, it creates awareness among people and sets up an example for rejuventating the other rivers of the city.There are mutiple stake holders invovled such as the Muncipal commision of the city, NGOs, free-lancing architects and urban planners, local schools, environmental activists and local citizen of the area. The process began with a few citizens intiative and slowly grew into a movement invovling the experts at appropriate time over the span of the project. It teaches step wise methodologies and enterprenual skills needed for a pro-bono movement.

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1C. SANJAY GANDHI NATIONAL PARK The national park is the origan of the river, the contoured site and is fenced along the river edge, the intervention seeks to provide a more gentle edge to the river which can also act as filter for cleaning the water and can be used as a public space.

1A. DHOBI GHAT(THE WASHERMEN AREA) The intent is to redesign the dhobi ghat area to accomodate maximum drying space,treatment trench,proposing dewat system to clean the detergent water before letting out into the river , providing proper drainage and garbage free space

1B. URBAN FORESTERY Urban forest is a design which sets up an example for recreating natural eco-system . Building an green oasis in the middle of dense urban fabric .The method adopted is called ‘Miyawaki method’.The project which forms the back drop for the revived river.

Dahisar river revitalisation  
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