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To respect our Mother Earth, while using its natural resources to build a sustainable future. To develop cost effective technologies, affordable to all. To practice sustainable resource management (human and natural resources). To learn entrepreneurial skills for leadership in the construction sector.

AUROVILLE EARTH INSTITUTE AUROVILLE,INDIA The Auroville Earth Institute is 27 year old institute non-profit organisation, educaing and empowereing people to build their own dwellings using the earthern techniques. It is recognised by the Goverment of India. The aim of the institute is to revive tradtional skills and link it back to the ancestral and vernacular methids of raw earth construction, however combine it with modern technology of stabilised earth. The workshop is 6 days long, where each day is spent in constructing one of the few architectural elements of a building. It requires hands on work and a pre-construction classroom learning in which the experts help in calculating the strength and measuring the accurate amount of gravel, silt sand and clay required to make the bricks.


Compressed stablised earth blocks  
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