Telephone Directory: Camp Verde / Clarkdale / Cottonwood / Jerome 1958

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‘Yellow Pages’


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JUNE 1958


Revised to May 21, 1958

EMERGENCY CALLS IMPORTANT! Make certain now how to use your telephone to report fire, marauders; or accident. Stay on the line until sure that someone understands the address at which help is needed. Calls in the dark may be made by locating the finger stop on the dial and placing your finger in the first opening below it. Remove the receiver, wait for dial tone, and turn the dial around to the finger stop. Then release the dial and when the operator answers report the emergency to her and she will assist you. For Police Assistance

To Report A Fire . MEdford 4-2234 or MEdford 4-2941 or MEdford 4-2952

MEdford 4-2235 or MEdford 4-2222

Sheriff MEdford 4-2222 or MEdford 4-2235


MEdford 4-2221

MEdford 4-2921

MEdford 4-2222


MEdford 4-2244

MEdford 4-2245

MEdford" *$-2222


Medford 4-5142 or MEdford 4-5153 or MEdford 4-2306

MEdford 4-2222

MEdford 4-


If unable to complete Fire, Police, or other Emergency calls by dialing the number, dial Operator (figure "0”) — ask for “FIRE” or “POLICE” and give her the address where the assistance .is desired, your name and telephone number. Arizona Highway Patrol — To Report An Accident Dial The Operator And Ask For.............. ................................................... For the Telephone Number or Address of the nearest Federal Bureau of Investigation Office (FBI), call..!.

Enterprise 123 Information

TELEPHONE SERVICE CALLS Dial Operator (figure **0”) Long Distance.................. ................................... .................................. Information — For numbers not listed in this directory................... Assistance Operator — For assistance in reaching the number you are calling........................... ..................-..........•......—.......-...... Business Office — Service applications, moves, bills, listings, etc. Repair Service — To report a telephone out of order. Time-of-Day Service ......... .............. G. A. Bradley, District Manager 228 W. Adams Street, Phoenix, Arizona This Directory Is the property of

Place call with Operator Ask for Information Ask" the Operator Dial MEdford 4-2211 Ask for Repair Service Ask for Time

F. W. Moss, Arizona Commercial Manager 16 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, Arizona



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Local & Out-of-Town Numbers Frequently Called PLACE YOUR LONG DISTANCE CALLS BY NUMBER —/T'S FASTER! N^ME




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Attachments to Directories

Service Suggestions

Aftpr vou place a call, be sure to allow ‘ u t vou consider a sufficient length of wfta to enable the called person to reach timetpleohone, before concluding there is nne there to answer. ‘ ^Answering your telephone promptly •li assure you better service and avoid Abandoned calls or other attempts to reach ayOU Time is saved by identifying yourCompany, or your Department

sell ygjtf j

lB1?neak slowly, clearly and directly into thP telephone with your lips about onei nif inch irom the mouthpiece. Otherwise ' f will not be heard distinctly. y Re sure the receiver is properly restored ; ot the close of a conversation. Otherwise vour line may be “out-of-order” when someone is trying to call you.

To insure the usefulness of the direc­ tory, no attachment, holder or auxiliary cover, except such as may be furnishec by the Company, shall be used in connection with any telephone directory furnished by the Company.

; !

Changes and Errors in Directories

Every precaution is taken to avoid errors and omissions in the alphabetical tele­ phone directory, but if they occur, the Company’s liability for them as provided in its tariffs is limited to an amount not exceeding the charges for the service affected until a new directory is published. In order that the directory records may contain correct listings at all times, notification of changes or errors should be given at once to the Business Office of the Company.




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Service Difficulties

Improper Language

Every effort is devoted toward provid­ ing you with the best possible telephone service. We shall appreciate your cooper­ ation in reporting promptly any service troubles or defective equipment, such as broken receiver caps, frayed cords, or loose wiring. Repairs and replacements due to ordinary usage or unavoidable accidents are made without charge.

Profane or obscene language over the j Company’s wires is prohibited. Subscribers are responsible for the enforcement of j this rule. Failure to observe this will con- | stitute cause for discontinuing service.

"Beep" Tone Tells When Telephone Conversation Is Being Recorded

A short high “beep” tone heard on the telephone line about every 15 seconds means that the person with whom you are talking is recording your conversation by means of his electrical recording machine connected to the telephone line. This signal is provided by the Telephone Company for your protection. If you do not want a record made of what you are saying, ask the person with whom you are talking to disconnect the recording ma­ chine. When he disconnects his recorder the signal is no longer heard. The “beep” is produced automatically by the device used to connect the recorder to the telephone line. It stops when the recorder is disconnected. Use of the re­ corder without this signal is unlawful. Attachments to Telephones

The equipment, apparatus and lines fur­ nished you have been designed to produce the best telephone results. No instrument, appliance nor device of any kind not fur­ nished by the Telephone Company shall be attached to or in any way used in connection with such telephone equip­ ment, apparatus and lines except as spe­ cifically provided in the Tariffs of the Telephone Company. You are requested, therefore, not to use nor nermit. the use r*_________. n_^i



Advertising Business Telephone Numbers

Many subscribers find it convenient and profitable to use their business telephone numbers on stationery and business cards, as well as in their advertising. We encourage this practice, but it should be understood that the assignment of the telephone number does not vest in the subscriber a property right thereto. We exert every effort to avoid changing telephone numbers, but the needs of the service occasionally compel us to do so. Obviously, when you display your telephone number, the value to you, and to the service as well, depends upon the number being carried correctly at all times. Therefore, in the event your number is changed, it is suggested that correclions be made as promptly as possible.

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i • : ) ? ( j J

The Classified Directory

The “Classified” pages of this directory ; contain the names of business telephone i subscribers listed under headings descrip­ tive of the product, service or profession of these subscribers. These pages enable you quickly to determine the name, ad­ dress, or telephone number of business telephone subscribers who can supply the product or service desired. Warning

It is unlawful for any person willfully to refuse to yield or surrender the use of a party line to another person for the purpose of permitting such other person to report a fire or summon police, medical or other air! in ra«;p of emercrenev T.ikewise uamreii mmrivirs ~du t> jerome rviE

Out-Of-Town Telephone Calls


CALL BY NUMBER whenever you know it — IT'S FASTER! When you place long distance calls by number, the operator can frequently complete your call twice as fast. If you don’t know the number, the operator will give it to you in the course of handling the call — then you can jot it down for use next time. If you’d like a handy booklet for listing frequently-called numbers, The Blue Book of Telephone Numbers” is free. For your copy, just ask at the Telephone Business Office. < i

' \ 1

Dial Operator (figure "0")

Tell the Operator: •j The City or Town you want. 2 The out-of-town telephone number if available, or the name under which it is listed. FOR EXAMPLE: — “Calling Omaha, Nebraska — Davis 2-3456.” (If you don’t know the telephone number) “Calling Omaha, Nebraska — anyone at Mr. J. Lowell’s resi­ dence, 34 Blank Street.” 3. Your Telephone number (and name if required) when requested by the operator. STATION-TO-STATION CALLS The above is a station-to-station call because you have not asked the operator to connect you with a particular person or a particular telephone or department reached through a private switchboard. The charge for a station-to-station call is slightly less than for a personto-person call and begins when the called telephone or private switch­ board attendant answers. PERSON-TO-PERSON CALLS When you want to be connected with a particular person or with a particular telephone or department reached through a private switch­ board, simply give the operator the same information as for a station-tostation call except that you would

give the name of the person or de­ partment wanted, also the extension number if known. The charge is slightly more than for a station-tostation call and begins when you reach the person, extension or de­ partment you want.

: '

RATE PERIODS DAY RATES apply from 4:30 A. M. to 6:00 P. M. on all days ex­ cept Sundays. REDUCED RATES apply from 6:00 P. M. to 4:30 A. M. and all day Sundays.

I j ■

COLLECT CALLS You may “Reverse” charges, that is, have them billed to the called telephone. Simply tell the operator you want to place the call “Collect.” If the called party agrees to pay the cost, charges will be billed to his telephone. There is a small addi­ tional charge on station-to-station calls when the initial rate is 25 cents or less.


: :




Dial Operator (figure “0”) and ask for the rate. TO PLACE A TELEPHONE CONFERENCE CALL


Dial Operator (figure “0”) and ask for rates and other details. [




How to Use a Dial Telephone for


and telephone service calls


DIALING INSTRUCTIONS l. BE SURE OF THE NUMBER — If you do not find it in the directory, dial operator (figure “0”) and ask for InformaI tion. Please do not call Information for ; numbers listed in the directory.

THE RINGING SIGNAL, (an inter­ mittent “burr-burr’rring” sound) OR f THE BUSY SIGNAL (a steady “buzz- . buzz-buzz”) should be heard soon after the dialing is completed.


IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE IN DIALING or if your finger slips or does not strike the stop, or if you do not hear the ringing or busy signal within-a few seconds, replace the receiver for a mo­ ment. Then lift the receiver and when you hear the dial tone, dial your call again.


CALL FROM PAY STATIONS—Fol­ low instructions shown on the telephone. PARTY LINE AND EXTENSION TELEPHONE USERS — Always listen in before dialing to avoid interfering with other parties who might be using the line. IMPORTANT — If when calling from a party line, you always get a busy signal after dialing a certain telephone number, it may indicate that you are calling an­ other party on your line. To call another party on your line see instructions below.

TO CALL ANOTHER PARTY ON YOUR LINE Dial Operator (figure “0”), give the number to her and state that it is the number of another party on your line. If, however, you wish to dial the call yourself, dial Oper­ ator (figure “0”) and ask for the special code required. She will call you back, give you the code number and instruct you in its use. BE SURE YOU DO NOT CONFUSE A LETTER WITH A FIGURE WHEN YOU ARE DIALING A CALL IF YOUR DIAL LOOKS LIKE THIS This is the Letter’T”




This is the figure"l”

I This is the I



This is the figure"l”

This i< rtii* nr»»A / t T n .lPTTimi

1 CAMP VERDE - CLARKDALE COTTONWOOD - JEROME, ARIZONA Listings in this section include telephones in the following communities: Bridgeport, Centerville, Clemenceau, Cornville, Page Springs and Smelter City WILLIAM A. McCLENDON, Manager, Cottonwood

ME = MEdford



- <>

ME 4-5016 Beltz Margaret DIst 3 Hse 3 Clarkdale Benatz George L DIst 3 Hse 317 Clarkdale—ME 4-2649 ME 4-2469 Bendure W R Jr Cottonwood BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO 229 W Gurley Prescott Long Distance--Prescott 493 ME 4-7783 Bennett Henry F Bridgeport ME 4-2446 Bird M L Cornville----------ME 4-7744 Black Bert L Cottonwood — BLACK HILLS RESTAURANT 910 Main Clarkdale—ME 4-2651 BUCK’S RICHFIELD STATION Cottonwood—ME 4-2941 BlahnikWJ 527 Lower Main Clarkdale--------ME 4-7779 ME 4-2955 Blazina John Jr 209 4 Jerome---------ME 4-5156 BI inn Vernal H Cottonwood--------------ME 4-2337 Blount George 1311 1 S Clarkdale— ME 4-5186 Boban Frank Bridgeport-----------------ME 4-5008 Bode F M Dist 3 Hse 7 Clarkdale-----ME 4-2472 Bolen Frank rnch Cornville------— ME 4-2915 Born J A Smelter City---------------------ME 4-5160 Boyd Fred Bridgeport--------------------ME 4-2686 Braley J 0 Cottonwood-------------------ME 4-2604 Braley J W Mrs Cottonwood ------------BRALEY’S UNION STATION Cottonwood ME 4-2673 Brewer Ida Mrs 1401 1 S Clarkdale ME 4-2368 Breyley V E Bridgeport-----------------ME 4-7763 ME 4-8844 Bridgeport Tavern Bridgeport---------Bright Daniel phys surg CottonwoodME 4-2251 Res 1419 Main Clarkdale---------ME 4-2600 Brilhart Kenneth B phys surg Cottonwood------ME 4-2251 Res 1503 Main Clarkdale--------------ME 4-8850 Brockett Bruce Rim Rock-----------------Long Distance Brooks Troy E Rev 1103 1 S Clarkdale—ME 4-5150 Broughton E G Cottonwood---------------— ME 4-2678 Brown C R Dist 3 Hse 126 Clarkdale— --ME 4-5029 Brown J Y Cottonwood----------------------ME 4-2672 Brown M R Bridgeport-----------------------ME 4-2947 Buban Julia A Bridgeport-----------------—ME 4-2950 BUCKAROO BUFFET Cottonwood —ME 4-8818 Buckaroo Cafe Cottonwood-----—ME 4-2648 Bullard James W Camp Verde— Long Distance Burns Nelson Smelter City-------ME 4-8808 Butrum M Mrs Cottonwood-----—ME 4-7778

ME 4-2677' Adam Joe E 1425 1 S ClarkdaleADAMS GENERAL MERCANTILE Smelter City—ME 4-2644 Adams Paul Cornville -ME 4-2441 Alabam Freight Lines Inc 416 1 N Clarkdale-ME 4-5032 —ME 4-2621 ALAMO MOTEL Cottonwood-----—ME 4-2395 Albin Frank Smelter City—— —ME 4-5026 Allen Richard L Bridgeport-----—ME 4-5086 Alvillar Angeiita Cottonwood— —ME 4-5140 AMIGOS INN Bridgeport---------—ME 4-5114 Anderson Vera B Cottonwood — Andrews F M Cottonwood-----—ME 4-5164 -—ME 4-8817 Andrews 0 M Rev Cottonwood-Long Distance Apache Maid Ranch Rim Rock —ME 4-7727 Appleby L E 22 N 10 ClarkdaleARDEN FARMS CO Cottonwood—ME 4-5111 ARIZONA PUBLIC SERVICE CO Main Ofc Cottonwood ;-------ME 4-2351 Power Plant Tapco----------ME 4-5051 If no answer call--------------ME 4-2698 If no answer call—---- — ME 4-2695 If no answer call--------------ME 4-2649 If no answer call--------------ME 4-2376 If no answer call----------— ME 4-5105 If no answer call--------------ME 4-5008 Arizona State of Highway Dept Maintenance Camp Mingus Mtn Jerome-ME 4-2412 Arnold H A Cottonwood----------ME 4-5196 Arnold Isabell Mrs Smelter City ME 4-2325 Asher Grant Cornville------------ME 4-2456 Aspaas Ward Cornville----------ME 4-2406 ME 4-5104 ^•kspeitia Ed Cottonwood---------ME 4-2954 Avery Osa Mrs Cottonwood-----ME 4-5067 Avis Janet Cottonwood----------B —ME 4-8855 Babbitt R G Bridgeport----—ME 4-5077 Baker M EJr Smelter City—ME 4-2952 BAUS’ SHOP Cottonwood Long Distance Bar D Ranch Rim Rock----BARKER-GRIPPEN REALTY Camp Verde---Long Distance ME 4-2647 Barker M G Cottonwood----------Barker's Motel & Service Station Camp Verde—Long Distance --ME 4-5142 Barrett James Smelter City------------—ME 4-2404 Barringer C C Bridgeport----------------— ME 4-5166 Bassett H M 1409 2 S Clarkdale-------ME 4-2251 Bates William H phys surg Cottonwood —ME 4-2959 Res Bridgeport------------------------— ME 4-2461 Baxter Walter Cornville------ ------------—ME 4-2378 Beale C J Little Daisy Jerome---------—ME 4-5027 Bean Fay K 1420 1 S Clarkdale-----Long Distance Beaver Creek Store Rim Rock----------Long Distance Beaver Kreek Ranch Rim Rock---------Beaver Real Estate & Insurance Camp Verde—-Long Distance Becchetti Joe Mrs Cottonwood-------------------- ME 4-2611 Bell Esther Mrs Dist 3 Hse 132 Clarkdale-—ME 4-5133 Bell Telephone Co See-Mountain States Tel & Tel Co ME 4-2627 Beltz Carl L 1514 Main Clarkdale—

C C V GARAGE & SERVICE STATION Camp Verde—Long Distance Caballero Angela Dist 7 Hse 22 Clarkdale------ ME 4-5159 Cabeen W H Smelter City----------ME 4-8869 Cain Bud Cottonwood---------------ME 4-5198 Calvert Don Cottonwood------------ME 4-8896 Cambruzzi James Holly av Jerome ME 4-2948 Cameron Bill 1401 2 S Clarkdale ME 4-7730 CAMP VERDE ELECTRIC SERVICE Camp Verde—Long Distance Camp Verde Public Schools Camp Verde-—Long Distance Cantrell Ruth Mrs 213 6 Jerome ME 4-5028 Cantrell Thomas W 112 Sunset Clarkdale------ ME 4-2626 CARNATION FRESH MILK & ICE CREAM D1STR 123 Sunset Clarkdale--ME 4-2321 Carrillo Frank Smelter City ME 4-8839 Casad/s Texaco Cottonwood ME 4-2635 Case C V Cottonwood---------ME 4-2676 6

: i

5 r -1 i ; ■

ME = MEdford C-sner Hattie Mrs Cottonwood -

--ME 4-2324 Long Distance ,' CaSsadyGR Camp Verde--------—ME 4-8848 { catlin Charles Hogback Jerome-—ME 4-5039 ! Chambers M E Smelter Ciity----—ME 4-9992 I CHATTERBOX CAFE Smelter City —ME 4-2482 i chick Jessie M Cornville —-----| fhristensen George N 1416 1 S Clarkdale—ME 4-5123 i Christian Indian School Cornville------------------ ME 4-2451 i Clark Morris R Cottonwood------------------------- ME 4-7796 ; Clark Norman Cornville---------——------------ME 4-2417 | CLARKDALE CLEANERS 909Vz Main Clarkdale—ME 4-7751 ME 4-2465 Clarkdale Dairy Clarkdale —---------------CLARKDALE LAUNDRY & LINEN SUPPLY Dist 3 Clarkdale—ME4-5091 ME 4-2691 CLARKDALE LODGE Clarkdale CLARKDALE NEWS 911 Main Clarkdale--------ME 4-5191 Clarkdale Pharmacy 915 Main Clarkdale—-ME 4-7701 ' Clarkdale Town of ME 4-2921 City Police 9 Clarkdale-----------ME 4-2221 Fire Dept Main Clarkdale--------ME 4-7733 Town Clerk 9 Clarkdale-----------ME 4-2927 Claussen Henry 1428 3 S Clarkdale ME 4-7752 CLEMENCEAU AIRPORT Clemenceau •ME 4-2367 Clingman Louise Smelter City--------------ME 4-2428 Clover-Leaf Ranch Camp Verde —------ME 4-5108 Cluff Arthur Cottonwood---------------- — •ME 4-2936 Coats J B Smelter City----------------------■ME 4-5102 Cockerham W R Smelter City-------------•ME 4-5011 Coconino Lumber Co Smelter City--------•ME 4-5094 Cole William A Smelter City---------------■ME 4-8856 Collins FC Smelter City---------------------ME 4-7785 Connolly L D Cottonwood---------------------ME 4-7798 Connor Margaret 9 Clarkdale--------------ME 4-2323 Continental Bus Depot Cottonwood-------ME 4-2665 Contreras Julio Dist 5 Hse 31 Clarkdale-ME 4-8807 Conway Kenneth W Cottonwood------------ME 4-5162 Cooper John D 1413 1 S Clarkdale-----ME 4-8832 Copper Rooster Cafe Bridgeport----------ME 4-8835 Corbin & Dykes Electric Co Clarkdale--ME 4-2464 Corbin Robert E Cornville------------------ME 4-5122 Cordova Elvira B Gulch Jerome-----------ME 4-5012 Cota Frank 1017 1 S Clarkdale--------ME 4-5001 COTTONWOOD CAFE Cottonwood---------ME 4-7761 COTTONWOOD DRUG STORE Cottonwood COTTONWOOD FUEL & FEED CO Cottonwood-ME 4-2671 COTTONWOOD FUNERAL HOME See Westcott Funeral Home ME 4-2281 COTTONWOOD LUMBER CO Cottonwood• ME 4-5168 Medigovich Mike Cottonwood-------Cottonwood Oak Creek School Dist No. 6 ME 4-5023 Principal's Ofc Clemenceau ME 4-5083 School Nurse ClemenceauME 4-8861 Supt Ofc Clemenceau-----Vocational Agriculture Bldg Clemenceau--ME 4-5121 COTTONWOOD TANK & WELDING Cottonwood-ME 4-2372 ME 4-8873 County Clinic Cottonwood------------------ME 4-5004 Cox G C Cottonwood-------------------------ME 4-2656 Cox Iva E Cottonwood ---------------- 1------ME 4-5000 Cox John D Rev Cottonwood---------------ME 4-7787 Coy Blanche T Smelter City---------------ME 4-2251 Cranmer Owen L phys surg CottonwoodME 4-2389 , Res 1312 Main Clarkdale-------------ME 4-5165 j Crawford M E Smelter City----------------ME 4-5076 Crawley J A Mrs Cottonwood-------------ME 4-5125 I Crews L R Smelter City---------------------ME 4-5033 Crockett Homer Cottonwood--------------ME 4-5007 CroseW.H Dist 3 Hse 40 Clarkdale----ME 4-8886 Cummings Homer B Cottonwood----------ME 4-2333 Cuntz Roy Cottonwood------------------


r. S>

ME 4-2329 Daniel J W Santa Fe Hse 3 ClarkdaleDAN’S TEXACO STATION Main Clarkdale------ ME 4-7703 ME 4-2340 D'Arcy R L Airport rd Clemenceau ME 4-2414 Dart William J Bridgeport----------

Casner—Fredrick 7

Davenport Orville 518 Main Clarkdale -ME 4-5015 Davey W J 1319 Main Clarkdale--------ME 4-5070 DAWSON REALTY Smelter City----------ME 4-2494 Dawson Robert E Smelter City— —ME 4-2494 Day Virgil Smelter City--------—-------—ME 4-7797 Dearing May 1116 Main Clarkdale—-—ME 4-5127 Dees Jack B Cottonwood-----------------—ME 4-2475 Degnan John F Rev Clemenceau-------—ME 4-7790 Derrick Evan K Dist 3 Hse 2 Clarkdale —ME 4-5079 De Vault Robert 104 Sunset Clarkdale--------- ME 4-5143 DE WITT’S TIRE SERVICE Smelter City------- ME 4-8831 DickJ B Cottonwood------ —----------------ME 4-8845 Dickens C W Clemenceau r-------------------------ME 4-8834 Dickinson W M Camp Verde--------------------Long Distance Dickinson's Service Station Smelter City------ ME 4-5153 Dickison Dora Cottonwood-------------—ME 4-8843 Dotson Bill 605 Main Clarkdale-----—ME 4-2316 Dotson Thelma Smelter City----------—ME 4-8894 Dotson Walter Cottonwood —-----—ME 4-5193 Downs Donald 1319 1 N Clarkdale—ME 4-7760 Draine Date Dist 3 Hse 36 Clarkdale —ME 4-5139 Dugger J E Smelter City---------------—ME 4-8875 Dumas M 0 Smelter City--------------—ME 4-5189 Dunn Louis Smelter City----------— —ME 4-8846 Durnez Edward J Bridgeport--------—ME 4-7719 DYNGES TRAILER PARK & SALES Cottonwood-ME 4-2322

E Eden Court Cottonwood----------------Edens Balis Cottonwood--------------Elkins James B Bridgeport-----------Emigh Guy C Cottonwood-------------EMIL’S BUICK CO Cottonwood--------Ensign Don 1419 1 N Clarkdale----Escalante Edward Cottonwood------Estes Taylor Er 1201 Main ClarkdaleEverett AC Div 3 Clarkdale----------

■ME 4-2653 •ME 4-2479 ME 4-5005 ME 4-7774 ME 4-5071 ME 4-2657 -ME 4-5034 ■ME 4-2690 ■ME 4-7712

F ME 4-7707 Fain Josephine E Mrs Smelter City ME 4-2614 Fair Mae Cottonwood---------------ME 4-8898 Fallow Gordon L Smelter City-----■ME 4-2623 Fanning Cecil Cottonwood----------Federal Offices See United States Government Feld Stachia Milner Mrs 1516 3 S Clarkdale-ME 4-8890 ME 4-5144 Felty Ed Cottonwood---------------ME 4-5115 Fergus L 0 Mrs Smelter City-----ME 4-2363 Ferrel Frank 203 3 Jerome-----ME 4-7792 Findlay Robert Smelter City-----ME 4-2235 Finnegan Terry judge Cottonwood ME 4-2650 Res Cottonwood---------------FIRE DEPT ME 4-2221 Clarkdale------------ME 4-2234 Cottonwood---------ME 4-2941 If no answer callME 4-2952 If no answer callME 4-2244 Jerome---------------•ME 4-5142 Smelter City-------•ME 4-5153 If no answer call-ME 4-2306 If no answer call FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA Cottonwood—ME 4-7702 ME 4-2426 Fish Harry J Bridgeport-----------------ME 4-8893 Fisher S C 860 Hampshire av JeromeME 4-5095 Fitchett M L Smelter City-------------ME 4-5110 Flatt Millard Cottonwood------------- — FORD AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE Cottonwood—ME 4-2291 Long Distance Fort Verde Coffee Shop Camp Verde Foster Winifred S Mrs 595 Main Jerome------ ME 4-7784 ME 4-5103 Frank's Corrals Smelter City-----ME 4-2315 Franquero Joe Smelter City-----ME 4-2646 Franquero Richard Smelter City— ME 4-5090 Fredell EW 1417 1 S Clarkdale ME 4-7758 Fredrick Con Smelter City----------




ME 4-9993 Fritz's Richfield Station Smelter City■ME 4-2498 Fuller Alfred Cornville------ 1-------------Fuller Anna A Mrs 1412 1 N Clarkdale-------- ME 4-7777 Fuller Lucy S Cottonwood---------------------------ME 4-2939 Fuller Ralph E Smelter Xity----------------------- ME 4-5038

(>n^- (^,6 G


ME 4-2223 Gale Harry Cottonwood — ME 4-2956 Gallegos Carlos Cottonwood ME 4-2413 Garbutt Doug Cornville — Garcia Antonio P Dist 7 Hse 23 Clarkdale—ME 4-2379 Garcia Maria de Jesus Mrs 541 Main Jerome-ME 4-2663 ME 4-2338 Garrett John Clemenceau— ME 4-7769 Garrison Ersel Cottonwood ME 4-2291 GARRISON ERSEL auto cottonwoodME 4-5018 Gemmill R H 300 Level Jerome GENERAL PETROLEUM CORP Cottonwood------ME 4-2271 George & Gene's Cigar Store Main Jerome—ME 4-8822 ME 4-5025 Gibson Paul Smelter City-----------ME 4-2697 Giles James W Cottonwood---------ME 4-2668 Gilleland Jack Jerome----------------ME 4-5013 Gipson Howard Cottonwood---------ME 4-2607 Gist Lee 417 1 N Clarkdale--------ME 4-5006 Godard Don Bridgeport--------------ME 4-5080 Goldfarb Joseph 205 15 Clarkdale ME 4-5063 Gonzalez Sabino Rev Gulch JeromeME 4-8858 Goodson Floyd Smelter City--------ME 4-2639 Gorman P R Smelter City-----------Government U S ' See United States Government Gradke Victor C 1020 Hampshire av Jerome-ME 4-7717 --ME 4-5024 Grady E C Smelter City----------------Long Distance Graham Charles Camp Verde-------------ME 4-2414 Gray William L Bridgeport-------------Greenwell Kenneth Cornville-----------—ME 4-2463 Grippen Guy L Camp Verde-------------Long Distance Groseta Pete Jr Bridgeport---------------ME 4-2366 --ME 4-2421 Guinn Harley Bridgeport----------------Guinn's Sandy Hollow Apiary Mesquite Pure Honey Bridgeport---------------ME 4-2433 Guisti Antonio Mrs 735 Upper Hogback Jerome—ME 4-5093 Gutierrez Damian Juarez Jerome ME 4-7734 Gyberg F A rnch Cornville--------ME 4-2422

H Hadlock Paul A Cottonwood ME 4-2924 Halar Mary Holly av Jerome ME 4-2920 Hallett Harold Cornville-----ME 4-2457 Hambley Howard H Dr 115 Sunset Clarkdale-ME 4-2317 Hamilton Ruth Smelter City----------------ME 4-2666 Hammons Sam Mrs Smelter City-------—ME 4-5195 Hance Carl 1418 Main Clarkdale---------ME 4-2398 Hance Clyde Jr Bridgeport---------------—ME 4-2661 HanksVerdA 1218 Main Clarkdale— --ME 4-5109 Harbeson Vernon Camp Verde------------Long Distance Harding Donald E 1416 2 S Clarkdale —ME 4-5010 Hardy Clara Jo Smelter City----------------ME 4-8812 Harrah C L 1105 Main Clarkdale---------ME 4-2370 Hart Fred W Cornville------------- -------- --ME 4-2400 Hart Realty Cottonwood---------------------ME 4-7732 Haskins Jim 1400 2 S Clarkdale-------—ME 4-5030 Hayden Weaver Smelter City----------------ME 4-8838 Hays Frank 1512 3 S. Clarkdale---------ME 4-S810 Haywood Paul Smelter City----------------ME 4-5048 Heddings Harold P Cornville---------------ME 4-2462 HeinleCA 1417 2 S Clarkdale---------ME 4-8870 Helton WB Smelter City------------------ME 4-2345 Hemler Mary Lou Clemenceau-------------ME 4-7709 Hess L R Smelter City-----------------------ME 4-7775 Heydorn G R Cottonwood—-------------ME 4-2318 Hill Clarence Clemenceau------------------ME 4-2390 Hill Fred C Cottonwood-------------------ME 4-2660 Hill L C 1408 3 S Clarkdale--............ -ME 4-8881 Hochstetler Equipment Co Camp Verde—Long Distance Hodges Walter Garland 1010 Hampshire dr Jerome--ME 4-5068 Hoffpauir M A Jr 106 S 15 Clarkdale ME 4-8877

ME 4-5116 Hogan Bert Dist 3 Hse 91 ClarkdaleME 4-7756 Hollowwa I M Cottonwood-----------ME 4-7794 Holt Lio M Smelter City—---------ME 4-8862 Holt Roger C 631 Clark Jerome----■ ME 4-5171 H0P1 MOTEL Cottonwood-------------■ME 4-8825 Hopper C D Clemenceau--------ME 4-2431 Hough Frank Cornville-----------ME 4-5089 Hough S T 601 Main Clarkdale-ME 4-8885 Howard James Cottonwood----HOWARD JAMES H & ASSOCIATES Clarkdale-ME 4-7791 • ME 4-2335 Hubbs Eugene Clemenceau--------------ME 4-5022 Hudson Dennis N 1412 2 S Clarkdale Hudson's TV Sales & Service 909V2 Main Clarkdale—ME 4-5022 ME 4-2411 Huffaker W L Cornville Hughes Bertha 731 Upper Hogback Jerome—ME 4-2958 Hughes H P 201 S 15 Clarkdale-----------------ME 4-8800 Hull Marie Cornville--------------------------- -------ME 4-2486 Human A R Cottonwood-----------------------------ME 4-8811 Huott M W Dr Smelter City------------------------ME 4-8829

I Ingle Pauline 631 Clark JeromeIreys C G Lower Cottonwood----Ivey Fay l< 1404 2 S Clarkdale-

ME 4-2332 ME 4-2444 ME 4-2336

J Jackson Clara Mrs 708 3 Clarkdale----Jackson P L Rev Airport rd ClemenceauJames A Modern Court Cottonwood----James WG 1210 Main Clarkdale--------Jascur Bill Smelter City--------------------Jensen Herman Dist 3 Hse 51 ClarkdaieJergins Cliff Cornville-----------------------Jernigan H E 1009 1 S Clarkdale------Jerome City of City Clerk & Police Dept Jerome—• Fire Dept City Hall Jerome-----------Jerome Historical Society Jerome-------JIM’S ALL CAR SERVICE Smeiter CityJohansson John Mingus Mtn Jerome----Johnson Edmond R Cottonwood-----------Johriston Sam Cornville---------------------Jones Thos B 23 N 10 Clarkdale---------Jones W J Cottonwood---------------------Jordan Sumner Bridgeport----------------Jump Tom Bridgeport------------------------

ME 4-2679 ME 4-2403 ME 4-2234 ME 4-5129 ME 4-5167 ME 4-2339 ME 4-2485 ME 4-5097 ME 4-2245 ME 4-2244 ■ME 4-2682 ME 4-5142 ME 4-2402 ME 4-2372 ■ME 4-2415 ME 4-50S7 •ME 4-5017 ■ME 4-7725 ME 4-2476

K Kachina Beauty Shop Cottonwood-------Kallsen Walter J Bridgeport---------------Kauzlarich Tony Cottonwood-------------Kayona Ray Clemenceau--------------------Keefe Paul C Mrs 1213 Main ClarkdaleKelser Fred S Cottonwood----------------Kendall.Nora Mrs Cottonwood-------------Kentucky Buffet 44 Main Jerome--------Kerr Spring Creek Ranch Cornville------Killebrew Ernest Smelter City-----------King Ed E 10S Sunset blvd Clarkdale— Kinsey Gladys Smelter City----------------Kirkwood Geo V Camp Verde-----------Knoles T M Sr Bridgeport------------------Kovacovich Tony Cornville------------------Kuykendall Dolph Bridgeport---------------

— ME 4-2601 --ME 4-2925 --ME 4-2386 --ME4-77S8 --ME 4-5060 —ME 4-2693 — ME 4-8826 --ME 4-2603 --ME 4-2408 — ME4-8S03 --ME 4-7718 --ME 4-7735 Long Distance --ME 4-2358 — ME 4-2438 --ME 4-2443

L LAKE MONTEZUMA Rim Rock-------Langford D M 1300 Main Clarkdale Langford Herman C Cornville-------Larremore Brad Cottonwood --------Larson Joe 593 Main Jerome-------Lathrop Elsie Smelter City-----------

Long Distance —ME 4-5134 — ME 4-2405 — ME 4-2613 — ME 4-2618 —ME 4-7714

\ ME = MEdford —ME 4-7768 —ME 4-7750 —ME 4-7716 —ME 4-8876 Long Distance —ME 4-7715 Long Distance —ME 4-5040 —ME 4-2487 —ME 4-2323 —ME 4-8840 —ME 4-5098

eeOrval Cottonwood-------------------‘ee Riley Smelter City-----------------’ey/ KING L-BAR-K RANCH Rim Rock ewis Fred R Cottonwood--------------'ewis Milton Camp Verde--------------'eyel Martha 110 S 15 Clarkdale— ibbey H M Cornvilie---------------------"illian's Sweet Shop Cottonwood-----Lindner M 0 1424 2 S Clarkdale— Lindner M 0 Jr 1401 1 N Clarkdale LINDNER MOTORS Clarkdale------------------------------

Lawrence—Parker 9.

MICK’S GARAGE Cottonwood---------------

Milady's Salon of Hair Style Clarkdale-Miller John A Mrs Smelter City---------Miller Max W Bridgeport------ ------------Miller Paul Cornville-----------------------Mingus High School Business Ofc Main Clarkdale---------Primary Bldg Lower Main Clarkdale-

Mitchell Robert F Smelter City----------

i ME 4-5181 ME 4-7722 ME 4-2926 •ME 4-8887 ■ME 4-2460 ME 4-5101 ME 4-8891 •ME 4-5043 ME 4-2271

MOBILGAS BULK PLANT Cottonwood — Mohler Paul 1408 2 S Clarkdale -ME 4-2610 Mongini A Bridgeport--------------—ME 4-2606 Mongini Emil Bridgeport-----------ME 4-2310 ME 4-8841 • Monreal Fabiana Cottonwood — —ME 4-2638 ME 4-2231 - Monreal Philip R Cottonwood--------------------- ME 4-2688 Cottonwood ------------------------ • ME 4-5182 Used Car Lot Cottonwood---------Montezuma Inn Camp Verde--------------------Long Distance ME 4-8860 Linton George B Cottonwood----------Montgomery Morris M Smelter City-------------ME 4-7724 ME 4-2425 Lockhart Rose M Cornville------------Moore Perry W 1416 3 S Clarkdale-------------ME 4-5120 ME 4-2642 Long Ellsworth M. Cottonwood-------Morgan Mildred Mrs 1104 1 S Clarkdale—ME 4-2608 ME 4-5163 Lopez Agapito 370 Diaz Jerome-----Morin P J Smelter City-------------ME 4-2380 ME 4-2662 Lopez Antonia Beale In Jerome-------ME 4-2625 Morris J A Smelter City---------— ME 4-2684 Louthan Dorothy E Smelter City-----Morrison Tom Cottonwood--------ME 4-2609 ME 4-5194 Lovato Steve Smelter City------------ME 4-8827 Moss James I 1503 1 N Clarkdale ME 4-5046 Love Bob Smellter City-----------------ME 4-2311 Mosteiro Andrew Gulch rd Jerome ME 4-2466 _oy Lindsay Cornville-------------------MOUNTAIN STATES TEL & TEL CO LOZANO TONY REST STOP Gulch Jerome------ ME 4-5002 Dial Operator Long Distance------------------ -— For numbers not listed in directory------Dial Operator ME 4-7786 ■Luepke 0 F 1120 1 S Clarkdale For assistance in reaching the ME 4-2629 Lynn Helen 506 2 N Clarkdalenumber you are calling—Dial Operator - LYONS F H INSURANCE AGCY Dial Operator To report a telephone out of order 909V2 Main Clarkdale—ME 4-2361 Business Office 107 E Mason Cottonwood-ME 4-2211 ME 4-2439 | Lyons F H Mrs 102 S 15 Clarkdale Time-of-Day Dial Operator ME 4-2349 :Lysons A W Cottonwood-------------------For other information see White Pages 1 through 4 ME 4-5136 jlysons Cecilia C Bridgeport —:------------ME 4-7728 Mounts Melvin Cottonwood ----ME 4-2344 Mulcaire Martha Cottonwood Mulcaire Thomas Bridgeport---ME 4-7740 M Long Distance Mulert Thelma S Camp Verde Mullen Milbur C Mrs ME 4-2348 iMacias Pete Smelter City— 856 Hampshire av Jerome--ME 4-5062 •ME 4-2636 f: Mackey N L Smelter City -ME 4-2431 Mundall M C Cornville----i-Mader Harry J Clark Jerome •ME 4-5064 ME 4-2459 Murdock Ida May Cornville rMagill J A Country Club dr Clarkdale •ME 4-2435 stylaglich Anna Mrs 621 Verde av Jerpme------ME 4-5072 MANETH ELECTRIC CO Cottonwood-}---------- ME 4-2303 N I Manley Ray H Cornville------------------r--------- ME 4-2477 ME 4-5061 NAVAJO CHILDREN'S HOME Clemenceau p/lanriquez Manuela Cottonwood------\--------- •ME 4-5135 ME 4-2493 Neese W F Cornville-------------------------MARCUS J LAWRENCE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ME 4-8806 Newton J R Bridgeport---------------------Cottonwood--ME 4-2251 ME 4-5047 Markham C C Smelter City-----Nicklin Jerry Cottonwood------------------ME 4-5154 i Marshall E H 601 Clark Jerome -ME 4-2633 NORTHERN ARIZONA GAS SERVICE Marshall Mary E Cottonwood— -ME 4-2375 ME 4-2382 Ofc Cottonwood--------------------------Martin Ben Smelter City----------ME 4-8889 ME 4-7727 Emergency Calls--------------------:\Martin Ray H Cornville-----------ME 4-246S ME 4-8851 Plant Clarkdale--------------------------Martinez Juan D Centerville — -ME 4-7765 ME 4-5161 Norton K atty Cottonwood-----------------Marvin 0 F Clemenceau-----------ME 4-7766 ME 4-2670 Res Cottonwood-------------------------ME 4-5014 Wlarxman R H Cottonwood------ME 4-5041 JMassaro Cleaners Cottonwood — t’Massaro G C Cottonwood--------O -ME 4-7745 -ME 4-2304 ' Matich Nick Cottonwood---------; McCarty Chet Bridgeport--------ME 4-2453 Oak Creek Elementary School Cornville ME 4-2458 | McChesney Mary J 1515 Main Clarkdale------ ME 4-5057 O'Brien John M Dist 3 Hse 113 Clarkdale------ME 4-2659 \ McClendon J H Bridgeport------------------------------------ ME4-5053 Ochoa E C Cottonwood-----ME 4-8804 ' McClendon William A 1404 3 S Clarkdale—ME 4-2300 Ohlwiler Don E Cottonwood ME 4-5174 McClure Oscar L 1507 Main Clarkdale---------- ME 4-5020 Olney Verhe Mrs Dist 3 Hse 123 Clarkdale—-ME 4-8849 McCoy E D Bridgeport------------------------------------------ME4-514S Olzer Frank 1307 Main Clarkdale ME 4-26S5 i [ McCoy Edward J T Bridgeport------------------------------- ME4-2374 Ontiveros Herculano Hse 34 Dist 5 Ciarkaale-ME 4-5177 I McCoy Robert J Cottonwood-----------------------------------ME4-2957 Opdyke Carl S Cornville----------------ME 4-2401 ] McDonald Don Smelter City-----------------------------------ME4-5096 ME 4-2364 Ortiz Juan 1001 Hampshire Jerome' ■ McDonnell Mary 1005 1 S Clarkdale-----------------------ME4-2330 Osborn C L Cottonwood----------------ME 4-5037 f McFeely Al Clarkdale--------------------------------------------- ME4-2455 j McGinnis Ernest E Rev Cottonwood-------------------------- ME4-2308 P j McLellan Ernest B Clark Jerome----------------------------- ME4-8828 I McMillan G E 1005 Hampshire av Jerome—ME 4-2387 Page Springs Hatchery Cornville McMillan John E Clark Jerome------------------------------- ME4-7736 ME 4-2491 McSparron L H Rim Rock----------------------- Long Distance Page Springs Store Cornville----ME 4-2473 Medigovich Mike Imbr Cottonwood--------------------------ME4-2281 Palin Harold S Cornville---------•ME 4-2416 Res Cottonwood-----------------------------------------------ME4-5168 Palmer Chester H Cottonwood-■ME 4-2314 Medina Alex Cottonwood---------------------------------------- ME4-7704 Pareja Ben Smelter City---------•ME 4-7705 Menarey Bonnie Smelter City--------------------------------- ME4-2667 Parker Jack Smelter City-------•ME 4-2654 MERWIN J S Cornville-........... — ME 4-2497 PARKER N J INSURANCE AGCY Cottonwood—ME 4-2331 Mickle Lester 6 Cottonwood------ME 4-8802 Parker Newman Clemenceau ME 4-2632


I 10 Parker—Smith


Parker Paul E Rev Cottonwood------------ —ME 4-2307 Parsons Fletcher A Cottonwood-----------Patten C H Mingus Mtn Jerome-----------Patterson R A Smelter City----------------PAUL’S GARAGE Smelter City--------------Peach C C Camp Verde-----------------------

Pecharich J T dntst Cottonwood---------Res Upper Hogback Jerome------------

Pecharich R C Dr 111 Sunset ClarkdalePeck Fred 127 Sunset Clarkdaie--------

—ME 4-2935 —ME 4-2432 —ME 4-2356 —ME 4-7721 Long Distance —ME 4-7711 —ME 4-5113 —ME 4-5128 —ME 4-5152 —ME 4-2687

Pendergrass H E Bridgeport----------------PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH PRODUCTS CORP S Main Cottonwood------------------------ — ME 4-5192 Mingus Cottonwood------------------------ —ME 4-2913 Perez Alfredo Clemenceau-------------------- —ME 4-2949 Perez Cecelia Cottonwood-------------------- —ME 4-7748 Person William C Dr Camp Verde---------- Long Distance Petersen A Louis Smelter City------------- --ME 4-2489 Petersen J Cleiburn Smelter City---------- —ME 4-2655 Petersen R M Camp Verde-----------------Long Distance PETERSEN SAW MILL Smelter City-------- —ME 4-2276 Peterson Raymond 640 Center Jerome— --ME 4-7743 Phelps Dodge Corp Agt 300 Level Jerome------ME 4-2622 Phillips C E Smelter City--------------------------- ME 4-2928 Phillips Cliff Smelter City--------------------------- ME 4-2355

PHOTO LAB THE Cottonwood-------------------ME 4-5131 Pigg Floyd Cornville----------------------------------ME 4-2470 Pinson Don H 1520 3 S Clarkdaie---------------ME 4-5147 Pirtle Jennie Mrs Clemenceau--------------------ME 4-2674 Plumstead Florence H Clemenceau---------------ME 4-5084 Plunkett Brooks 901 S 1--------------------------- ME 4-5005

POLICE DEPT ME 4-2921 Clarkdaie----------------------------If no answer call--------------ME 4-2222 ME 4-2223 If no answer call--------------ME 4-2235 Cottonwood------------------------ME 4-2222 If no answer call--------------ME 4-2245 Jerome-----------------------------ME 4-2222 Smelter City------------------ 7— ME 4-5137 Pollock Reed B Smelter City-------ME 4-5019 Potocki A J 1508 3 S ClarkdaleME 4-2357 Power Norman 416 Main Clarkdaie ME 4-2392 PRICE AUTO PARTS Cottonwood After 5:30 PM - Sundays & Holidays call--ME 4-2688 ME 4-2418 Price Irvin Cornville -ME 4-8874 Price Lyle Cottonwood ME 4-2351 PUBLIC SERVICE CO Cottonwood ME 4-5051 If no answer call--------------ME 4-2360 Purcell Jessie L Main Clarkdaie ■ • ME 4-2692 Purple Sage Cottonwood---------•ME 4-2675 Putnam Ed Cottonwood----------ME 4-5044 Putnam Paul 466 Hull Jerome--

Q Quijada Paula 601 Holly av Jerome'

ME 4-8872

R Radke Robert F Camp Verde Long Distance Ragle A K Bridgeport--------ME 4-2681 Raley Johnnie Smelter City—ME 4-5188 Ralston John Smelter City— —ME 4-5045 Ralston Ted Smelter City — -ME 4-5105 RASMUSSEN TEXACO SERVICE Smelter City—ME 4-2683 Rayle Blanche E 1405 2 S Clarkdaie— ME 4-2350 Read A V 1320 Main Clarkdaie—......... ME 4-2916 Redman John Smelter City---------------ME 4-2695 Reeves Robert H Bridgeport-------------ME 4-2940 Regan William A Cornville-----------------ME 4-2496 Reid Joseph G N Cornville-----------------ME 4-2436 Renfro Gladys Hill 1104 Main Clarkdaie ME 4-2327 Reuter J B Cottonwood--------------------ME 4-7710 Rhodes Pierce rnch Cornville--------------ME 4-2427 Rhoton Ross Cornville--------------------- ME 4-2419 RIALTO THEATRE Cottonwood------ME 4-2354 Rich Charles K 1503 1 S ClarkdaieME 4-5184

Richards Kenneth Dist 3 Hse 28 Clarkdaie—ME 4-5059 RICHARD’S MEN SHOP Cottonwood— ME 4-5052 Richards Roy Hse 46 Dist 3 ClarkdaieME 4-7739 RICHFIELD OIL CORP Clarkdaie------ME 4-8821 Riley C E 119 Sunset blvd Clarkdaie— —ME 4-5138 Rim Rock Ranch Rim Rock--------------Long Distance Rindfleisch Florence Mrs Cottonwood—ME 4-7708 Riordan Maribelle 1501 1 N Clarkdaie —ME 4-5049 Riordan Richard W 1510 1 S Clarkdaie------ ME 4-2393 Robertson Mary Kay Camp Verde ME 4-2428 Robertson W L Camp Verde-----ME 4-2428 Robinson W G Cottonwood--------ME 4-5075 Robinson William C rnch Cornville ME 4-2488 ME 4-5172 ROBINSON’S Cottonwood--------------Rodgers Fred 0 Cornville--------------ME 4-2448 Rodriguez Gregoria Dist 6 Clarkdaie ME 4-2320 Rodriguez Reginald Rev 105 Sunset Clarkdale-ME 4-2910 Rodriquez Josepha Centerville-----ME 4-5085 Rogers Dan K Smelter City--------ME 4-5119 ME 4-5179 Rosas Y E Dist 6 Hse 8 ClarkdaleRothenberger Louisa 1413 2 S Clarkdaie------ ME 4-2630 -ME 4-7720 Rudinger Miilie Smelter City--------ME 4-7762 Ruff Thomas Cottonwood-------------ME 4-8824 Rundel C H Cottonwood----------------ME 4-8815 Russell Daisy Indian Town Clarkdaie -ME 4-5050 Russell JD 1315 Main Clarkdaie--ME 4-2692 Rusty's Purple Sage Cottonwood— -ME 4-2483 Ryan Darwin Bridgeport---------------



'* v L -J


I = £

•> 'j j





| I -1


ME 4-5170 Sanders A B Smelter City-------------ME 4-5061 Sanders C H Cottonwood---------------ME 4-2349 Santa Fe Railway Co Depot Clarkdaie Santillan Refugio M 821 Gulch rd Jerome------ME 4-2617 Scearce E C 409 1 N Clarkdaie------------------ME 4-2919 Schrambling W L Dist 7 Hse 13 Clarkdaie—ME4-2955 ME4-2407 Schuman Fred H Cornville------------ME 4-243C Schwab A C Dist 4 Hse 7 Clarkdaie SCOTT & MC MILLAN funl dir Main Jerome--ME 4-2602 ME 4-241C Sears Boyd Sr Bridgeport--------ME 4-882_' Seelig R C Rev Smelter City-----ME 4-243; Self Jess Cornville-------------------ME 4-2452 Sells John Mrs Clemenceau------ME 4-2664 Selna Joseph 773 East av Jerome Selna's Market ME 4-2951 ( Cottonwood-------------------ME 4-5151 901 Main Clarkdaie----------Selna's Service Dept 901 Main Clarkdaie------ME 4-5151 ME 4-2376 Sexton J W Cornville--------ME 4-5169 Sexton Leonard Cottonwood ME 4-263] SEXTON REALTY Cottonwood--------ME 4-512£ Sfreddo Joe Cottonwood---------------ME 4-5081 SHELL OIL CO Clarkdaie-........... — SHERIFF Clarkdaie------------------------------------------ ME 4-2222 Cottonwood----------------------------------------- ME 4-2222 If no answer call-------------------------------ME 4-2235 Jerome............. .......................-................ ME4-2222 ! Smelter City-------------------------------------------------- ME4-2222 Sherman Thos 1400 3 S Clarkdaie------------------------ ME4-5149 Shill Don Cottonwood--------------------------------- ME 4-2343 , Shipley P M Mrs Clemenceau--------------------- ME4-2620 \ Shivers D W Smelter City----------------------------ME 4-8809 \ Shumaker Henry Mrs 26 N 10 Clarkdaie------ ME 4-2615 } Siler Bessie M Mrs Cottonwood---------------------ME 4-8879 t Simpson W B Mrs Cottonwood------------------------------- ME4-2397 Simpson William F Cottonwood---------------------ME 4-2480 j Sims Marilyn Delene Mrs Cottonwood----------- ME4-2385 \ Sims Patricia Cottonwood-------------------------------------- ME4-510 Skidmore M G Cottonwood------------------------------------ ME4-230 Skidmore Ruth Smelter City------------------------ ME 4-2306 5 Skidmore W H Cottonwood-------------------------- ME 4-2467 ,i Sleep George 165 Sunshine Hill Jerome------- ME 4-7776 I SlipherV M Cornville-------------------------------- ME4-2478 !' Sloper A L Cottonwood------------------------------ ME4-2313 !' Small Arvin 1402 Main Clarkdaie----------------- ME 4-2698 i Smelter City Iron Works Smelter City------------ ME 4-2942 j Smith C J Clemenceau---------------------------------ME 4-5124 \




ME = MEdford



Smith Don 1510 Main Ciarkdaie------------------ ME 4-2346 V Smith Link Smelter City----------------------------ME 4-2694 Smith Lyle Bridgeport------------------------------- ME 4-7764 ME 4-2234 Valley Clothing Store Cottonwood Smith M Allan 1502 Main Ciarkdaie------------- ME 4-7757 VALLEY DRIVE-IN THEATRE Smelter City------ ME 4-7742 Smith Sam C Sr Cottonwood----------------------- ME 4-8813 VALLEY VISION & CABLE CO Cottonwood------ ME 4-8871 Snider Frank E. Bridgeport------ME 4-2471 Van Aken Paul Bridgeport----------------Snoddy Everett G Cottonwood ~*v—-ME 4-2222 ■ME 4-8878 , Vance Jack Smelter City------------------Snyder J E Bridgeport------------------------------JJE 4-8887 ■ME 4-2484 Vance Jean 0 Bridgeport------------------Sobley Carl Comville------------------------------------------ fJE4-2442 •ME 4-2605 Sobley Dave Cornville-------------------------------------- --ME4-2495 Van Deren Elwin Clemenceau-------------Van Deren Roy Smelter City-------------ME 4-7772 Soda Springs Ranch Rim Rock---------------- Long Distance •ME 4-8868 'Soqui Andrea 18 Willow Cottonwood----------- ME 4-5190 Van Dien Walter Cottonwood-----------•ME 4-2624 Van Gorder Charles Cottonwood-------Spark C A Clemenceau------------------------------ ME 4-5058 •ME 4-2637 Vaninetti Caterina Cottonwood---------SPRING CREEK GUEST RANCH Cornville---------ME 4-2447 Van Kirk Alton 1013 1 S Ciarkdaie— •ME 4-2930 Stadelman A J Clemenceau--------------- -------ME 4-5175 •ME 4-5130 Venables George 1001 1 S CiarkdaieStadelman Joe Smelter City-------------- -------ME 4-5054 VERDE CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO INC Standard Oil Co of California Western Ciarkdaie—ME 4-8801 Operations Inc E Main Ciarkdaie-—ME 4-5031 ME 4-2342 VERDE ELECTRIC CO-OP Smelter City —ME 4-2302 Starkey Ed 100 Sunset blvd Ciarkdaie' If no answer call--------------------ME 4-5188 --ME 4-8895 Starkey Joe A Cottonwood--------------If no answer call---------------- — ME 4-2385 —ME 4-7754 Steele Harold Smelter City--------------ME 4-8842 Verde Exploration Ltd Jerome--------Long Distance Stenhouse Malcolm Camp Verde---------ME 4-2937 Stinnette Ely Cottonwood----------------VERDE FLORAL CO Cottonwood-------ME 4-2381 —ME 4-5073 STOTTS DAIRY QUEEN Smelter City— VERDE GROCERY Cottonwood--------ME 4-5092 — ME 4-2388 Stotts George Bridgeport-----------------ME 4-7782 VERDE HARDWARE CO Cottonwood— —ME 4-5155 Street N A Smelter City------------------VERDE INDEPENDENT Cottonwood---ME 4-2241 —ME 4-5088 Sullivan Jack J Smelter City-------------VERDE LIVESTOCK TRANSPORTATION CO Sullivan Jerry 412 Clark Jerome-------—ME 4-2612 Camp Verde—Long Distance Long Distance Sullivan William M Rim Rock-----------VERDE VALLEY ACCOUNTING SERVICE Swett R B Mingus av Cottonwood------—ME 4-7795 Bridgeport—ME 4-7783

T T & T REFRIGERATION CO Cottonwood ME 4-5183 Tankersley Goldie Mrs Dist 3 Hse 124 Ciarkdaie- —ME 4-8814 ME 4-5176 Tasa Herbert T Cottonwood-------------Tavasci John 1200 1 S Ciarkdaie----ME 4-8830 Tavasci Paul Jr 1307 1 N CiarkdaieME 4-7729 • Taylor Don R Smelter City-------------ME 4-7747 Taylor Zeke Bridgeport-----------------ME 4-8816 Teague Emma 1217 Main ClarkdaleME 4-2640 ME 4-2328 Terry F W Cottonwood------------------ME 4-7773 TEXAS CO Lower Townsite ClarkdaleME 4-8837 Thomas Geraldine Main Jerome----ME 4-2454 Thompson Alvin M Cornville---------ME 4-5117 Thompson H W Cottonwood-----------ME 4-2321 Thornton Jim 123 Sunset Ciarkdaie' TOM N S CAFE Smelter City----------ME 4-8892 Tom Ning Sing Clemenceau-----------ME 4-5158 Tomlison Rose Mrs Smelter City----ME 4-7753 ■ME 4-8847 Torrez Luisa Cottonwood---------------ME 4-8852 Travis W E Cottonwood---------------ME 4-5118 TruscottAE 1303 Main ClarkdaleME 4-2396 Tucker Reuben M Smelter City------ME 4-9979 TUMBLEWEED BAR Cottonwood----•ME 4-8866 Turner Ella 1504 l N Ciarkdaie----•ME 4-8820 Turner Pearl L 1514 l S Ciarkdaie-

U ME 4-7771 Union Oil Products Cottonwood-----United States Government Agriculture Dept of Forest Service Beaver Creek Ranger Station Rim Rock—Long Distance Jerome Dist Forest Ranger 17 S 10 Jerome—ME 4-7781 Mingus Mtn Fire Lookout Station—ME4-2492 ME 4-5032 Verde Valley Lookout Station Soil Conservation Service Cottonwood—ME 4-2353 National Park Service Montezuma Castle National Monument Hdqtrs Camp Verde-------------------- Long Distance Well Area Camp Verde---------------Long Distance Tuzigoot National Monument Clarkdale-ME 4-5021 Upper Verde Public Utilities Co Main Ciarkdaie—ME 4-2911

VERDE VALLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Cottonwood—ME 4-2912 Verde Valley Country Club Ciarkdaie ME 4-2445 VERDE VALLEY INDUSTRIES INC Ciarkdaie—-ME 4-7741 VERDE VALLEY LUMBER CO Smelter City------ME 4-2371 Verde Valley Motel Smelter CityME 4-5078 VERDE VALLEY TAXI Cottonwood ME 4-2931 ME 4-2474 Verdugo F D Mrs Centerville-'---------ME 4-7767 Verdugo George 704 Gulch rd Jerome Verretto 0 R Smelter City--------------ME 4-7746 Vest R G Jerome--------------------------ME 4-8853 VIEW MOTEL THE Cottonwood-------ME 4-2932 VIOTTI FURNITURE & HARDWARE CO Cottonwood--ME 4-88S3 Vojnic Paul 1018 Hampshire av JeromeME 4-2362

W Wakefield Ralph Sr Rev Cottonwood-Walker Irvin H Rim Rock------------- -• Walker John Cottonwood----------------Walker Olive Cottonwood----------------Walters Donald D Cottonwood---------Ward Charles rnch Rim Rock----------

— ME 4-5056 Long Distance —ME 4-7726 —ME 4-2643 — ME 4-2918 Long Distance --ME 4-2946 Watkins William Smelter City--------—ME 4-2938 Res Jerome Canyon------------------—ME 4-7770 Watts Janice C Bridgeport-------------—ME 4-2369 Watts Paul A Bridgeport----------------— ME 4-8859 Wease Charles 405 Main Ciarkdaie-Weatherbee J Frank Rev Smelter City — ME 4-8863 WEBSTER’S ASSOCIATED DAIRY Cottonwood-ME 4-7723 WESTCOTT FUNERAL HOME Cottonwood------- ME 4-2352 Westcott Howard Cottonwood--------------------- ME 4-2352 WESTERN AUTO STORE Cottonwood------------- ME 4-2923 Western Union Telegraph Co Depot Ciarkdaie To send a telegram cablegram or radiogram at any time from Dial Telephones Except Coin--------------- ME 4-2341 Coin Telephones Ask Operator For--Western Union For Messenger & Other Purposes----------- . ME 4-2341 WESTERN WELDING & SALES CO Smelter City—ME 4-2373 ME 4-2922 WESTSIDE STATION Cottonwood ■ME 4-2383 Weysser Tilla Ruth Cottonwood-------ME 4-8857 White Bertha May 22 N 9 Ciarkdaie-


]2 White-Zilliax White J Luther Mrs Smelter City--.—


ME 4-7780 Wiggins F E Bridgeport----------------■ME 4-8884 Wilkinson Mary Cottonwood------------ Wilky H F Cornville----------------------ME 4-2434 Willard Glenn W Airport rd Clemenceau ME 4-8888 Williams A K 128 Center Jerome------■ME 4-8864 ■ME 4-5157 Williams Bert 18 N 10 Clarkdale------Williams Beulah Smelter City----------■ME 4-5100 « Williams George W Mrs Cottonwood— •ME 4-2696 Willis W E Smelter City------------------■ME 4-2929 ■ME 4-8867 Wilpitz Roland W Cottonwood----------Wilson Cal 209 S 15 Clarkdale----------ME 4-2680 Wilson WW 1424 1 N Clarkdale------■ME 4-2359 WINGFIELD COMMERCIAL CO Long Distance Store Camp Verde-'-----■'-----------Wingfield Edgar Camp Verde----------Long Distance Long Distance Winnemann C M rnch Rim Rock-------Winslow Felix Rusty 103 Sunset Clarkdale—ME 4-2616 Wombacher Bill 1511 Main Clarkdale ME 4-2669 Wombacher Clarence 114 S 15 Clarkdale-—ME 4-8819 Wombacher Dan E 1316 1 N Clarkdale—-—ME 4-7749 Wombacher Joe L 1109 Main Clarkdale----- ,-ME 4-5069 Wombacher LC Lower Townsite Clarkdale—ME 4-7789

Wood Betty Jo Cottonwood-------------Wright Douglas N 1307 1 S ClarkdaleWright Ed Smelter City----------------Wright Edward H Sr Smelter City-----Wright Glenn 0 Bridgeport------------Wykoff Claude W 410 Clark Jerome---

ME 4-2334 ■ME 4-7737 •ME 4-8880 ■ME 4-2645 ME 4-2384 ME 4-5036

Y Yavapai County of Highway Dept Centerville--------Justice of The Peace CottonwoodYoung H V 1117 Main Clarkdale-----Yurkovich Pete 701 Verde av Jerome-

ME 4-2424 ME 4-2235 ME 4-2619 ME 4-2628


Zalesky F L Bridgeport-----Zamar Frank 208 5 JeromeZilliox Bert Smelter City----

ME 4-8897 ME 4-2312 ME 4-2391