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September 2010

“Ready for Anything” Prophetic Word given by Tracy Stewart on July 18, 2010


arly this morning, I saw Pastors Jeff and Francine out over a large dark valley standing on only a tightrope and holding onto another tightrope above their heads. The wind was fierce against them, even though, they were not concerned that they would fall. They had a supernatural strength to hold on. But, Pastor Jeff kept looking back over his shoulder to where the others he was leading were. He knew they had to come over also but knew they didn’t have the strength to get to the other side. So, he kept waving them back, out of compassion and concern.


hen, I saw a super bridge made of very thick steel. The workers building the bridge were not human, but angelic, and finished in accelerated time. Then, I saw everyone lined up on the bridge to the other side. All at once, everyone took a step forward in spiritual rhythm and grace, and together, they all walked across. No wind could sway this bridge—no quake could destroy it. It was solid. This day, this bridge has been finished. You will walk to the other side.


then saw a fence that was not broken down, but the wood was rotten. Again, the workers came and replaced and fortified the fence that was already in place. I saw the gate that was locked with a rusty chain and padlock, and sheep were on the outside longing to get in— more sheep than I could number.

The chain was then broken off by one of the angels, and the gate swung freely. What couldn’t come in before came in unhindered, and what could not be released was released to go out. The gate swung with ease both ways. The shaft on which the gate swung on was strong and unmovable. Pastor Jeff, you are the shaft on which the gate swings with ease.


hen, I saw a pair of boots (military) that were dried and cracked. The strings were loose and broken, and there was still someone standing in these boots. I noticed that they had no socks, and their feet were blistered and infected. I saw workers come again swiftly and take the feet out of the boots. They began to rub salve that brought instantaneous healing, recovering, and renewal to the feet. The boots also were rubbed with the same salve. Clean socks were slipped onto the feet and placed into the boots that had been healed. The leather was as soft as butter and molded perfectly around the feet that were healed.


hen, the hands of the Lord brought new laces and cinched the boots upon the feet of the wearer. Once cinched, the shoes caused the whole body of the wearer to come into alignment. Pastors Jeff and Francine are the new laces. The Lord said, “This new and renewed walk will correct everything else that is out of alignment. You will

walk in effortless ease and completely pain free. No need to replace the feet—you are still my chosen—no need to replace the boot—My call and assignment has not changed. My grace will keep your feet from blistering again. My comfort will cover your walk—new laces—a restored walk—a walk in My Spirit of Grace.

Alfonso Vargas will be ministering here Saturday, Oct. 9th @ 7pm Sunday, Oct. 10th @ 10am & 6pm


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to all those who helped at this year’s VBS and to Salina who coordinated it.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday: 11 am - 3 pm Tuesday: 9 am - 3 pm Wednesday: 9 am - 3 pm Thursday: 9 am - 3 pm Friday: 10am- 2pm


Thank You... for the condolences and kindness and support that I received from the passing of my sister, Dianne Edwards. ~ Anita

TH S U O Y NEW “Focused on Continuous Christ - Centered Forward Motion”

The other day, I had the honor of meeting a military man and talking to him for a moment or two. To my surprise, he was very calm and gentle-mannered. He walked in confidence and seemed to view the world in a whole different way than I did. Then it hit me—how we, as Christians, are supposed to look to the world. Instead of fighting and struggling, we are to walk with confidence, knowing that our Father God will keep us. For me, each day I grow and learn and understand even more. As I look back, I can see how far I have come and how far I still have to go in the future. Every time I get scared of what is to come, there is always someone to encourage me to continue on. I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by godly men and women that set examples of how Christians are to be. It is a rare thing for a younger person to have multiple people to look up to, but here, there is a whole church full—a loving caring church body that cares about training up their youth and children in the way they should go. So, thanks for all the love and support, and continue to work and grow in the Lord, trusting Him for all that is needed in this life.

Casting Crowns, FamilyForce5, Remedy Drive, David Nasser and the Skit Guys. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 Ticket Cost: $50 a person Food Cost: $35 + souvenir money Bring a sack lunch.

Departure from FCFC: 6:00 AM

Departure from Cedar Point: 12:00 AM

God bless you, and keep yourself in His righteousness and glory!

Anna Kluck


TEACH US TO PRAY! by Susan Hall Whenever you feel stressful pressure, it is the enemy putting pressure on that area, trying to discourage you and stop you. Somehow, the enemy knows that something is about to happen. You need to PRAY and stand on the Word. We sometimes let it go until we think “all we can do is pray” when it is the most important thing we can do! Prayer is a powerful weapon! “The prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James ). Remember, our weapons have “divine power to tear down strongholds” (1 Corinthians 10:4). 1) The first thing we need to do is protect our prayer time. Song of Solomon 2:14-15 and Matthew 6:6 invite us to intimate private time with Him. Find a place and a time where you can be quiet and undisturbed. Take authority over distractions and things coming against your time with the Lord in Jesus’ name. 2) Humble yourself. Confess your sins, and repent. Ask Him to help you not be deceived. Pray that your heart’s desire be in line with God. Exalt Him; remember to thank Him in all things and to offer praise. Honor God with your time. Ask Him to help you stay out of pride— to be right with Him. Ask for his Holy Spirit to come. Pour your heart out to Him, cast your cares on Him. 3) Pray in tongues for yourself. You are praying His perfect will for your life. Alan Taylor explained that “the Holy Spirit knows where you are broken, and He knows how to fix it. But God will not move in that area without authority. The Holy Spirit gives utterance, and you speak it, thereby giving verbal authority to God to move in your life.” You don’t have to know what the Holy Spirit is saying; He intercedes with

groaning we cannot comprehend, but He knows. You are giving Him permission to work in your life. If you are given something in English to pray, pray that. 4) Pray for your spouse. You are opening a door for God to move in their life. It is so important to pray for our family no matter what environment we live in; we need to be praying and seeking the Lord for them. 5) Pray for your children, giving permission to God to act in their lives. Again, remember to pray in the Spirit, praying God’s will for their lives. It is important for us to intercede for them. “I have no greater joy than to see my children walking in the truth!” 6) Pray for your government. This is so important. We have a divine directive in 1 Timothy 2:2 to pray for those in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life, godly and respectful in every way. Pray for those currently in positions of authority and those in the future. 7) Pray for the church and church government. Paul requested prayer in Colossians 4:2-4,“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should.” Pray for the pastors, elders, deacons, ministry leaders, workers, members, those who God is calling and the lost. Pray for God to send workers and for the harvest. 8) Pray for everything else. Pray for specific people. Ask God to start preparing their hearts so there is good ground for seed. Remember to persevere in prayer, “Do not grow weary in well doing, for in due time

you will reap if you do not grow faint.” Pray in the Spirit and English (or other language) when prompted. Make sure you are putting those whom you are interceding for in God’s hands and fully entrusting them to His care. You can pray for anyone, giving permission to God to begin acting in their lives. Ask that the atmosphere be prepared before you go see them. Ask God to reveal obstacles and to break the power over things that are keeping them from moving forward, like fear, doubt or unbelief. Pray for their salvation, for a forgiving spirit, a teachable heart. 9) Pray for your current and future ministry area. Cover in prayer those working in that area and those who will be. Ask God to begin calling them and preparing them. Ask Him to prepare and work on the hearts of people who will be touched by this ministry and for your family and children and their place in the ministry. Pray in the Spirit (in English when prompted), and use discernment. Remember to seek His face and not His hand. Praying ahead for your ministry is how you move ahead. Your path will illuminate. Seek out scriptures to stand on. Pray them; it reminds you of His promises, and He says His word will not return void. Remember, He is faithful, and He wants the best for you. “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).


Saturday, September 11 7:30-8:30 am




Women's Picnic

Women of theWord Thursdays

10:00-11:30 am

Starting on Sept.. 9th Preschool and younger children welcome Bring your Bible and notebook Held in the 2nd grade classroom


September 2010












Prayer 6:30-7 pm Service 7 pm


Prayer 9:15-9:45 am Communion Benevolence Offering

12 Prayer


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13Angel Food 14

Prayer 8-9 am Angel Food Orders 1-5

Free” Class 6-8pm

Prayer 9:15-9:45 am Capital Improvement Offering

20 Coed “Getting Free” Class 6-8pm


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Class 6:30 pm Coed “Getting Free” Class 68pm


A C 6-8 pm

Prayer 9 am & 6 pm The Well 8 pm

9WOW Class 10

Men’s 11 Breakfast

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No 25 Prayer

10-11:30 am “Get Free” Class Noon-2 pm P&W Practice 6:30 pm A C 6-8 pm

Prayer 9 am & 6 pm Young Adults (The Well) 8 pm

Prayer Prayer “Get Free” Class 6:15pm-6:45p 9 am & 6 pm Noon-2 pm P&W Practice Young Adults Service 7 pm (The Well) 6:30 pm 8 pm A C 6-8 pm


Prayer 8:30-9:30 am

Prayer “Get Free” Class 6:15pm-6:45p Noon-2 pm

9am & 6 pm

7:30-8:30 am Prayer 8:30-9:30 am Dance Practice Kickoff 10 am-Noon

PointFest 6 am Prayer 8:30-9:30 am Dance Practice 10 am

Angel Food Building Distribution P&W Meeting Rented 7-11:30 am Service 7 pm 6:30 pm 5-10pm Building A C 6-8 pm The Well 8 pm Rented 1-6 pm National Helps Conference at Dr. Barclay’s church in Midland

Timothy Prayer 26 27 28 Prayer Discipleship 9:15-9:45 am Women’s Advance Deposit Due Drama 12:30pm

Prayer 6:15pm-6:45p

Guest Speaker 7 pm

9:15-9:45 am 25 Min. w/God Orders 1-6 pm Timothy 9-9:25 am Discipleship Receive New Class 6:30 pm Members Coed “Getting Drama 12:30pm



P&W Practice 6:30 pm

8-9 am


6:15pm-6:45p Service 7 pm

30 P&W Practice 6:30 pm

A C 6-8 pm


family in focus: Sept. 5 Sept. 12 Sept. 19 Sept. 26

Larry & Sandra Konieczka Chuck, Kim & Esther Kourtjian Joe & Joyce Kyre Dan, Rande & Ally Listerman

business in focus: Sept. 5 Sept. 12 Sept. 19 Sept. 26

D & D Designs—Debbie Carter Thompson Construction—Doug Thompson Grapentin Specialties, Inc.—Jeff & Diane Grapentin Infinity Roll Form—Brad & Kim Johnson

missionary in focus: The Refuge in Lapeer

community leader in focus:

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Pastor & Mrs. Gary Gillim

Happy Anniversary:

prayer schedule: Sunday (children welcome).……. 9:15-9:45 am Tuesday ………………………............... 8:00-9:00 am Wednesday ……………………....….... 6:15-6:45 pm Friday …….…….………………….….….. 9 am & 6 pm Saturday ……………………..…….…… 8:30-9:30 am Everyone is encouraged and invited to join us for pre-service prayer on Sunday promptly at 9:15am. We love having the teens and children with us. If the Lord is prompting you to lead a prayer time and you are willing to make a 3-month commitment, please see Sue Good.


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MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Oct. 10 Oct. 31 Nov. 5-6 Dec. 1-3

Alfonso Vargas 10 am Harvest Party Women’s Advance in Frankenmuth Dr. Barclay’s Leadership

Happy Birthday, FCFC!


Faith Christian Family Church will have been established for 29 years on September 9. The church was started on Sept. 9, 1981. Phase 1 of this facility (the sanctuary and foyer) was built 11 years ago. It opened on Sept. 1, 1999. Phase 2 (the classrooms and offices) was built 5 years ago. It opened on Aug. 1, 2005.

Jillian Titus has a new phone number: 810-834-0044

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Dave Harris 2096 Maywood Lapeer, Mi 48446 810-245-6647

Penny King 3893 Huron St North Branch, MI 48461 678-378-9650

Kevin Russell 5053 Bidwell ST Brighton, MI 48116 571-404-0215

Whitney Spence 591 Townsend Ct, Apt #11 Imlay City, MI 48444

DEACON INDUCTION , SUNDAY, AUG. 8: Jerry Smyth & Scott Quandt

Our Sympathy goes out to... ...Larry and Sandy Konieczka for the loss of her mom on August 5th. ...Brad, Kim, Dylan, Jesse and Sarah Johnson for the loss of their family member, Willie Nadrowski (7 yrs old), on August 8th. ...Anita King for the loss of her sister, Dianne Edwards, on August 12th.


Faith for the Long Haul


n the Asphalt Chapel ministry, we may never physically see or touch those we minister to. We need to take our faith to a higher level. God is bringing this ministry, and He is utilizing technology. This is a Godpowered supernatural ministry. We can say we believe, and it will be done. We need to be careful not to undermine the power of this ministry, to believe and not doubt (Matt. 14:31; Jude 20-22). People came to see Jesus because they heard of Him. Our faith may be the only faith some of these drivers have ever seen. They see our example of faith. How can they believe if they have not heard? Someone has to tell them.


e believe not only that God is able to “overcome” technology, but that He USES it. We have physical “channels” such as wires, cables and things that transport power. We also regularly use satellite and wireless technology to communicate and transfer information. Similarly, in the Bible, cloths were taken from Paul to the sick, and they were healed. Those avenues are available to us in this ministry by using the telephone, internet or even prayer cloths. God’s power can flow through lines, air and cloth just like it did then.


here is also the spoken word. Many healings came simply because Jesus SAID. “Take up your pallet and walk” (John 5:8).“Say the word and let my servant be healed” (Luke 7:7), and he was! Jesus said, “Not even in Israel have I found such faith” (Luke 7:9). This is the kind of faith we need. “Whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him” (Mark 10:20). He told us to ask in His name and it will be done—and the Spirit is not limited by time or space. The servant was healed in that hour! We also know that God is everywhere

(Psalms 139:7-10), and He can act with or without the technology.


hile we want to encourage those who can attend not to forsake the assembly, the purpose of this ministry is to reach people who cannot be here, who cannot assemble—those without a church home and those with a church home whose job does not permit them to be there. We need to build their faith so they can receive. Faith comes by hearing. Our faith must be immovable just like the woman with the issue of blood, who knew all she had to do was touch and she was healed (Mark 5:25-34). We have to be careful not to plant a seed of doubt or discouragement but to have immovable, unquestioning faith; and we need to encourage them to believe, so they can receive. “Then he touched their eyes and said, ‘According to your faith will it be done to you’ (Matt.9:29).


ur faith as a body is important. In Mark 2:4, men brought a paralytic to Jesus, cutting a hole in the roof to get to Him. In verse 5, it says, “and

by Susan Hall when Jesus saw their faith...” In Matthew 18:19, He says, “If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”


hat can those not present in a service receive without physically being here? Salvation (John 5:24); Healing (John 5:8) “He SAID take up your pallet and walk;” The Holy Spirit (Acts 11:15) “The Holy Spirit FELL on them;” Encouragement. Everything except the physical touch. God is no respecter of persons, so they can expect the same as if they were here. Our responsibility is to convey that they can expect to receive all the blessings that they would if they were physically sitting in the service, and God will meet them. “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” (John 14:12). My vote is for greater!

Guest Speaker, Alan Taylor, ministered Friday, Aug. 13 & Sunday, Aug. 15 “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony...” Revelation 12:11 On August 5th, when I went to visit my mom in the U.P., I was about 25 minutes away from the bridge (which is the only access to the highways to get to my mom's) when my brother called me and said the bridge isn't working and they are closing it down in 20 minutes. I would be stranded for most of the night. I had my grandchildren with me and that wouldn't be good. So, I started praying and asking favor that either the bridge be fixed or they wait until I cross it. My granddaughter said, “Jesus doesn't answer prayers.” Well, I had to stop for gas and then proceeded to drive to the bridge, all the while praying. We got to the bridge and crossed it, and they closed it right after me. I praise the Lord that I received favor that the bridge stayed opened and that I could witness to my granddaughter that prayers are answered. On August 11, I was notified that my sister was dying. She was not born again. My niece held the phone to my sister’s ear, so I could say my goodbyes. I took the opportunity to witness to her. I prayed the “sinner’s prayer” with her and told her to welcome Jesus as her Savior and that even though she couldn't answer me, Jesus knew her heart. After I hung up the phone, I got a peace that she accepted the Lord and was born again. When I got to Indiana for the funeral, I found out that after that call a friend witnessed to her also, and Dianne squeezed his had for confirmation. She received the Lord as her Savior, and so did my brother-in-law! Praise the Lord! I will see her in heaven. Anita King I was on my way to church one Sunday morning, and felt pain all down my right side. A minute later, I received a

Special Music: John McCumons

text from my dad, “It appears your grandmother may have had a stroke. Her speech is impaired, and she can’t move her right hand.” I immediately started praying in the Spirit. I heard: “It’s not a stroke. Strokes are almost always on the left side, very rarely the right side.” I repeated what I heard out loud, and my daughter said, “Didn’t you say it was your right side that hurt?” I prayed more and heard “Sugar.” So, I called my dad and asked him, “Has anyone checked her sugar?” He said, “The paramedics are here now and are looking her over.” I encouraged him to have them check, and we hung up. When I got to the church, I grabbed Doy Dawson and told her what was going on, and she began to pray and rebuke the situation. I also turned in a prayer slip. Five minutes later, I got a text, “Her sugar was very low, less than 50. They are giving her something.” Another text came five minutes later,

“She is somewhat better.” My grandmother had woke up a couple hours earlier but could not move or communicate to get help. Finally, someone heard her crying and found her. My aunt who stays with her and another neighbor, both of whom are nurses, thought it was a stroke. The doctor said a sugar drop like that can mimic a stroke, and if it goes on too long, the damage can be permanent. I found out later that my grandmother recovered very quickly; I was told she talked all the way to the hospital. They found that a new medication made her blood sugar drop! So, they corrected the dose and sent her home. I was told that by the time she got home, you couldn’t tell anything had happened! My dad said Friday, “We went from thinking she was dying to it being a pretty good week for her!” Thank you to a God who performs long-distance miracles! Susan Hall


5K RUN/WALK FOR LIFE Saturday, September 18 Registration: 7:30 am Runners at Elite Feet Running Walkers at Old Courthouse Lawn

Run/Walk begins at 9 am Kids Fun Run after K Races (kids ages 12 and under)


at Old Courthouse Lawn The Pregnancy Resource Center of Lapeer is an outreach ministry to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to women, men and children affected by an unplanned pregnancy and is devoted to providing spiritual, emotional, physical and educational support.


coordinators needed


t’s time to start planning our annual Harvest Cook-out Party to be held on Sunday, October 31st after church in the pavilion. e usually have chili, hot dogs on the grill, desserts, cider, and fellowship—ending with a bonfire. We collect candy for the kids during the month of October to hand out during the party. Everyone is Free. When you sign up everyone is asked to bring either a large dessert or pot of chili.


e plan games for the kids and have hay rides on our property. Lots of fun! We need a couple of people (husband and wife or a couple of women) to coordinate and get leaders signed up to help. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TAKE PART AS A COORDINATOR, PLEASE CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, SEPT. 12. Thank you!

25 minutes with God SUNDAY, SEPT. 12 & 26 9:00 9:00-- 9:25 am For adults. We discuss better ways of handling the things life brings us through the Word of Jesus Christ. Held in the 1st/2nd grade classroom. We have a great time and it's exciting to watch the Lord move in our lives! Teacher: Debbie Carter

We Are Here to Help... God loves alcoholics, and here at FCFC, we do too. We have a vision and a calling to help people become completely free from alcohol and drug addictions. Why not make a step toward your freedom today? Families and loved ones of alcoholics and those who were raised in alcoholic, substance abuse, or dysfunctional families are welcome also.

at Faith Christian Family Church If you have questions, please contact Fran at 810-667-8025.

in the 1st/2nd grade classroom Please bring a sack lunch with you. If you any have questions, call Susan Morey at 248 - 568 - 4012.

Praise & Worship Meeting Thursday, Sept. 23rd at 6:30 pm includes sound and multimedia

"Getting Free"

... a change for the better Men/Women's classes meet on Mondays, 6-8 pm starting Sept. 13 We all have mountains we are dealing with in our lives, but until we deal with the root of the problem, those problems will continue. In Mark 11:22, the Word shows us how the fig tree withered from the roots up after Jesus spoke to it. If we deal with the

Women’s classes meet on Thursdays, 12-2 pm starting Sept. 9 root, the fruit that it’s causing in our lives will go. We are using new material in our classes from the “Caring for the Heart” workbooks. It’s very effective in showing us how to get to the root of the problem. If you have questions, call Fran at 667-8025 or 667-0075.

Any questions, call Pastor Andrew & Alicia Kluck @ 810-338-0146.







...a growing family of believers ...who worship God & embrace people with His Love

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Touching Heaven, Changing Earth Welcome, Worship, Witness, Prayer & Community Upward ... inward …


We are a “team building” church with a focus on equipping every member in ministry, upward toward the Lord, inward to their soul and outward to the world. We have a high value on freedom, wholeness, personal growth, deeper worship, community and the presence of God.

FCFC News Sept. 2010  

FCFC News Sept. 2010