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May 2011

Faith Family News Happy Mother’s Day!


appy Mother's Day Moms!!! We made it through another year, praise the Lord! The joy of the Lord is our strength. We mount up on wings as the eagles! We run and do not grow weary and walk and do not faint! Amen! We need to get filled up on the Word of God so that we can overflow on those around us. We need to be oozing with God's love and wisdom. We can't afford to let the time slip by and be lazy. We need to run for the prize and train our children up in the way they should go!


o not be deceived; pray, and ask God to reveal the things that are hidden. Give God control of your kids, and stop worrying or trying to control with your standards, and start speaking the things of God and His Word into them!! God's standards are the standards that will stick! His Word will never return void. It doesn't matter what we think; what does God's Word say? We need to study to show ourselves approved. Do you set a great example? Do you read your Bible and pray everyday? Do you make your kids read their Bibles and pray every day?


he world has our kids all day five days a week. We have them in between everything else...we need to take every opportunity to pour into them the things of God. Don't be deceived; the devil is after our kids. We have to war for them to serve God. It

doesn't just happen because we bring them to church. We have to watch what gets poured into them all day, every day. We battle evil by teaching our children what the Bible calls right and wrong, good and bad, and call sin—sin! Just like we cannot become the “Proverbs woman” over night, (it could take a lifetime to be her)… We need to train our kids, and teach them God's ways and how Christians are supposed to have Jesus' character—teaching them about who Jesus is and teaching them everyday. It's okay to sound like a broken record when it comes to raising kids!!


sk yourself, "Do they see Jesus in me?" Remember, a Christian is someone whose temperature is HOT for the things of God and for the character of God! What is the temperature in you and your household? Cut off the excuses. Choose life this day and who you will serve! Let's shape up, and get the slack out, and expect greater things in our kids so God will begin to ooze out of them so that all this will make next Mother's Day even better than this one!


njoy your day today; may it be filled with lots of love and hugs and kisses!! I love you all and hope you read this feeling the love and compassion that I have for you and your children!! I am passionate about the way we should be training up our children, and I don't want you to be "asleep"

during the most vital time of your life. What you don't do now in life, “according to the Word of God," you will reap from the choices you make this day for the rest of your life. Evil, wickedness, and sin grow and multiply, and I would rather you and your family live a blessed life forever on this earth!! I love you, and I'm excited to see what God has in store for each of you as you continually grow closer to Him!! Happy Mothers Day!! Love and Prayers,

Inside This Issue: Office Hours ……...….2 NDP Downtown ……...3 Golf Outing……….......4 Women’s Ministry.........5 Mom-Daughter Pics…..6 Calendar ..…………...7 Prayer Focus ….….......8 Birthday/Anniversary...8 Membership Class …...9 Care & Share……..….10 Open Houses…..10 & 11 Important Dates……..13


Baby Dedication—Sunday, April 24 Ruah Nicole Bridger

Wednesday, May 11

Anyone who would be interested in serving in any

after the service…

area of the

Eveyone is invited to stay after for cake and ice cream to celebrate Pastor Francine’s birthday.

team please contact Brandon or Salina Surowiec.

Alfonso & Sheila Vargas - Sunday, March 27

 Monday: 11 am - 3 pm Tuesday: 9 am - 3 pm Wednesday: 9 am - 3 pm Thursday: 9 am - 3 pm Friday: 10 am - 2 pm



May 14th, 2011 8:30 AM SHOTGUN START 7:00-8:00 AM Registration & Putting Contest qualifying round

$80 Per Person Includes 18 holes of golf and a cart, prizes, and a dinner buffet

Tenth Tee BBQ         

Pulled Pork Grilled Chicken Corn on the Cob Baked Beans Potato Salad Dinner Rolls Cookies Brownies Lemonade- Additional drinks can be purchased

Non-golfer meal tickets are $30

Commemorative Ball Caps available for $25.00 pre-order, $30 at the course!

CONTESTS & PRIZES All Guaranteed Winners 

First Place Team- $400

Second Place Team- $300

Third Place Team- $200

Men’s Longest Drive– Two Rounds & a Cart

Women’s Longest Drive- Two Rounds & a Cart

First Place Putting- $200

Second Place Putting- $100

Closest to the Pin, Squares, Skins & 50/50 Appropriate Dress Required (collared shirts and soft spikes)

Call (810) 667-0075 for REGISTRATION INFO

IMA Brookwood Golf & Banquet Center: 1 Mile North of I-69, Corner of Belsay and Davison Roads.

6045 Davsion Rd., Burton, MI 48509 (810) 742-2169 3


Annual Women's Ministry Outing!!

G ar ag e S a l e M an i a T h u r s d a y , M a y 12 8 : 30a m - ? ? throughout Imlay City (you can get a garage sale map at any store in Imlay City)

Save your change, ladies! We’re going on our annual Garage Sale Adventure!

We will meet at the church at 8:30am and caravan out from there! You can plan who you're riding with and even bring your friends! We will all be meeting at Lucky’s Steakhouse in Imlay City for lunch at 12:30 and to regroup!

                       

We’ve been having so much fun, and we’ve shared and learned a lot about God's Word and His character. We encourage you to come join us! We have a great time growing together in the Lord. Bring your Bible and a friend. See you there! There

 

 

will be no class on May 12.

 

3rd Monday of each month


IN THE SON! 

in the Fellowsh ip Hall 


All Ladies Welcome (Teen-Adult) Bring your craft supplies & a snack Come for fun & fellowship!

Beach Day - Every Friday morning in June at Metamora State Park Beach 10am - ?


        


May 2011 Sun 1

Mon 2

Prayer 9:15-9:45 am Prayer 8-10 am Communion Benevolence Get Free Class Offering Men/Women Membership 6-9 pm Class & Ushers’ Mtg. after service

Tue 3

Wed 4

Prayer 8-10 am

5 Prayer 8-10 am Prayer 6:30-7 pm Service 7 pm

SMTI 5-8 pm



Happy Mother’s Day Prayer 9:15-9:45 am SMTI 5-8 pm


Prayer 9:15-9:45 am Capital Improv. Offering Membership Class after service SMTI 5-8 pm

22 Prayer 9:15-9:45 am Membership Class after service SMTI 5-8 pm

29 Prayer 9:15-9:45 am SMTI 5-8 pm

Prayer 8-10 am Angel Food Orders 1-6 pm Get Free Class Men/Women 6-9 pm Men’s Ministry


Prayer 8-10 am Nitch & Stitch 7-9 pm Get Free Class Men/Women 6-9 pm




Memorial Day

Prayer 8-10 am Prayer 6:30-7 pm Service 7 pm

18 Prayer 8-10 am

Prayer 8-10 am

Prayer 6:30-7pm Service 7 pm


Prayer 8-10 am Get Free Class Men/Women 6-9 pm Men’s Ministry 7-8:30 pm



Prayer 8-10 am Angel Food Orders 1-6

25 Prayer 8-10 am

31 Prayer 8-10 am


Prayer 8-10 am Prayer 6:30-7 pm Service 7 pm

Prayer 8-10 am WOW Class 10-11:30 am P&W Practice 6:30pm A C 6-8 pm NDP –6pm

Prayer 8-10 am Garage Sale ManiaMeet at FCFC at 8:30am No WOW Class P&W Practice 6:30pm A C 6-8 pm

Fri 6

Sat 7

Prayer 9 am & 6 pm

Prayer 8:30-9:30 am The Well Young Adults 5 pm at Tim Horton’s in Lapeer






21 Angel Food

Prayer 8-10 am WOW Class 10-11:30 am P&W Practice 6:30pm A C 6-8 pm

26 Prayer 8-10 am WOW Class 10-11:30 am P&W Meeting 6:30pm A C 6-8 pm

Prayer 9 am & 6 pm

Prayer 9 am & 6 pm

27 Prayer 9 am & 6 pm

Prayer 8:30-9:30 am Golf Outing/ Youth Fundraiser at Brookwood in Burton

Distribution 7:30-11 am Prayer 8:30-9:30 am The Well 5 pm Tim Horton’s in Lapeer

28 Prayer 8:30-9:30 am


May Prayer Focus Family in Focus:


10 Business in Focus:

May 1

Marilyn VanDePitt

May 1

May 8

Pastors Jeff & Francine Wells, children: Jeff, Katie & Joshua

McCumons Health Company - John & Brenda McCumons

May 8

Morales Multimedia - Mike Morales

May 15

Kay White

May 15

Prosperous Designs - Francine Wells

May 22

Doug & Debra Wilder, children: Kevin

May 22

Rehoboth Designs—The DeVriese Family

May 29

Brandi Wilkerson, children: Jordan & Camree

May 29

Self Massage - Kathy Karakas

Community Leader in Focus:

Missionary in Focus:

Pastor & Mrs. Klaus Meyer Love Christian Assembly in Lapeer


Partners in Harvest Toronto Airport Church

Mark Your Calendar

May 4

Diane McMillan

May 5

Jeremiah Bindig

May 5

Susan Good

May 6

Bob McMenemy

May 7

Michelle Hart

May 12

Timothy Hall

May 12

Lois McMenemy

May 12

Francine Wells

May 13

Salina Surowiec

May 19

Josette Morales

Sunday …………………...…....…. 9:15 - 9:45 am

May 19

Phyllis Myus

Monday …………………………… 8:00 -10:00 am

May 20

Deziree Wilkerson

May 21

Naomi Bindig

May 24

Sally Freeman

May 27

John Carlson

May 31

Lina Bannister


Mr. & Mrs. Darryl Billings

May 16

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Morales

May 16

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Silvers

June 1 - 4:

Share & Care Week

July 13-17: July 17:

30th Year Celebration Church Picnic

P RAYER S CHEDULE Tuesday ……..………………........ 8:00 -10:00 am Wednesday ………………….….... 8:00 -10:00 am Wednesday (youth room)……...... 6:30 - 7:00 pm Thursday ………………………….. 8:00 -10:00 am Friday …….…….……..…....... 9:00 am & 6:00 pm Saturday …………………….…..… 8:30 - 9:30 am Everyone is encouraged and invited to join us for pre-service prayer on Sunday at 9:15 am. We love having the teens and children with us. If the Lord is prompting you to lead a prayer time and you are willing to make a three-month commitment, please see Sue Good.

fundraiser for

Pregnancy Resource Center in Lapeer

Take home a baby bottle & fill it with your extra change! Begins on Mother’s Day, May 8th Ends on Father’s Day, June 19th

“They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony...” — Revelation 12:11 I want to testify that God is GREAT. I enrolled in SMTI as an audit student, mainly because I did not have the funds to be a full-time student. As an audit student, you are not required to do the homework, and you don’t receive the printed curriculum. Well, I attended the Introductory Class, and after that class, I knew I had to become a full-time student. In my spirit, I knew that to get the full benefit of what Dr. Mark Barclay was teaching I had to become a full-time student. I needed to be able to go back to the printed word to review what I had heard on the DVDs. In prayer, I told the Lord my desire; I knew that He would provide. I acted on faith that my prayers would be answered and that I would have enough money to pay for the tuition as a full-time student. So, I changed my enrollment from an audit to a full-time student. The following week my prayers were answered! The Lord provided a means for me to have the extra money needed to meet the tuition. Enrolling in SMTI is what I needed. Everyone is called to the Ministry of Helps. I enjoy helping and want to serve the Lord. The courses at SMTI are teaching me not only how to be in the Ministry of Helps but to do it with excellence. In doing so, I am honoring our Lord. Dr. Barclay uses the Bible to back up every teaching. It isn’t something he thought up; it’s in the Bible. SMTI is very practical and can be used in daily living. With SMTI, I know I am on the right track. Submitted by Anita M. King

  


Sunday, May 1, 15 & 22 after the service These sessions will each be two hours long. Various topics will be covered, including:

         

Understanding Vision Giftings Baptism of the Holy Spirit Healing The Love Walk Truth vs. False Finding & Fulfilling Your Place in the Body Obtaining Godly Character Traits Living Free of Offense

These will be taught by several leaders under the guidance of Pastors Jeff and Francine. Here at FCFC, we desire to individually and corporately fulfill the plans of God. If you’re not yet a member, we encourage you to join us. Childcare is available. The classes are designed to give you a good understanding of our church, and then you are able to choose membership or not. We love you all and know God will direct you into His perfect will for your life.

You must sign up for the May Membership Involvement Classes at the Information Center so that we have materials prepared for you. Thank you! Co-laborers with you in Christ,

John & Brenda McCumons


Aubrey Lynne Hall

What is Share & Care? Purpose:

To SHARE with our own spiritual family at FCFC and to CARE for those in our community, thereby spreading the knowledge of Jesus Christ and God’s Love by purposeful acts of kindness.

How does it function? Share & Care has two main facets:

Is a home school graduate this year and all the church family is invited to her open house on:

Saturday, July 30th

From 1-5pm Here at FCFC

 Throughout the year, the FCFC family may bring in

small items in good/excellent condition (clothes, dishes, linens, etc.) Anyone at FCFC can take what they need for themselves or for someone they know. (Located in the back hallway-north off the sanctuary)

 Four days in June, each year, we host a communitywide Share & Care.

Day 1: June 1, 2011 is for FCFC family ONLY. Starting at noon, you can bring in all items, large (furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, bikes, etc.) and small. Any FCFC person can take whatever they need.

Days 2 & 3: June 2-3, 10 am—6 pm, the community is invited to bring and take as they desire.

Day 4: June 4,

10 am—12 noon,

we pack up anything left and donate it to “Inner City Outreach Center” on Dort Hwy in Flint, who then distributes the free items to needy families.

Key Points:  All items MUST be in good to excellent condition (clean, working well, etc).

 FCFC back hallway needs to be neat and orderly.  Convey God’s Love in attitude and deed.


Anna Kluck Graduates this year from Lapeer East High School. All the church family is invited to her open house on:

Saturday, June 11th From 1 to 5 pm at Annrook Park (located next the Kluck’s home)

You are All Invited to a Graduation Open House!!


for Jeffery Wells Saturday, June 4th from 2:00 to 6:00pm


at the FCFC Pavilion

Please bring lawn chairs and sports equipment! Please sign up on the sign-up sheet in the foyer if you plan on attending! Please contact Pastor Francine if you would like to bring a dish to pass

CONGRATULATIONS TO… Jeffery Wells—Open house June 4 at FCFC Anna Kluck—Open house June 11 at Annrook Park in Lapeer Shawn Gwyn (Morales)—Open house June 18 at FCFC Aubrey Hall Danielle Smyth Joseph Smyth Kevin Wilder We will be having cake and ice cream to celebrate high school graduates after the Wednesday evening service on June 1st.

Shawn (Gwyn) Morales Graduates this year from Lapeer East High School. All the church family is invited to his open house on

Saturday, June 18th From 2 to 6 pm at FCFC Pavilion Congrats on your graduation and acceptance to UNOH Please sign the sign up sheet in the foyer if you’re planning on attending



MONDAY, MAY 9 & 23 7:00-8:30 pm

Begins may 16 A sign-up sheet is in the foyer for anyone interested in playing. You’ll be contacted with practice dates and times. If you have questions, contact Harold Green at 810-441-3651.


13 We Are Here to Help... God loves alcoholics, and here at FCFC, we do too. We have a vision and a calling to help people become completely free from alcohol and drug addictions. Why not make a step toward your freedom today? Families and loved ones of alcoholics and those who were raised in alcoholic, substance abuse, or dysfunctional families are welcome also.

at Faith Christian Family Church If you would like more information, please contact Fran at 810-667-8025.

PRAISE & WORSHIP MEETING THURSDAY, MAY 26 at 6:30 pm Includes sound, multimedia, and choir members.

Will be meeting at Tim Hortons on M-24 in Lapeer on

Saturday, May 7 & 21at 5:00pm.

We all have mountains that we are dealing with in our lives, but until we deal with the root of the problem, they will continue. In Mark 11:22, the Word shows us how the fig tree withered from the roots up after Jesus spoke to it. If we deal with the root, the fruit that it’s causing in our lives will go. This is a 10-week co-ed class. We also offer appointments for individuals. If you would like to make an appointment, please call Fran at 810-667-8025.

All young adults 18 and older are invited to join us for coffee, fellowship and a Bible Study & discussion. The Well is committed to developing Christ centered friendships and meeting the needs of youth as they make their way into adulthood. Got questions about The Well? Call Pastor Andrew & Alicia at (810) 338-0146

SUNDAY SERVICE: 10:00 am WEDNESDAY EVENING (Family Night): 7:00 pm

Service Times:

We’re Located At:

3440 Davison Road, Lapeer, MI 48446 Phone: 810-667-0075 Fax: 810-667-1254 E-mail: Website:

Touching Heaven, Changing Earth Welcome, Worship, Witness, Prayer & Community

 inward …


We are a “team building” church with a focus on equipping every member in ministry,  toward the Lord, inward to their soul and  to the world. We have a high value on freedom, wholeness, personal growth, deeper worship, community and the presence of God.

FCFC Newsletter May 2011  
FCFC Newsletter May 2011  

FCFC Newsletter May 2011