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Faith Family News June 2013

Happy Father’s Day! This is such a great time to be

in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled with a yoke of bondalive in the Lord! He is beginning to pour out over the earth, age.” Galatians 5:22-23 says and we get to be in the thick of what the fruits of the Spirit are. We need to be asking ourselves God that He has given you. Pray this outpouring. Souls will be if that fruit is evident in our life. for them and over them. Speak saved, and we get to be a part the favor of God over them, and of this great harvest of souls! never stop telling them you love He is mobilizing the church and ell, another Father’s Day is them and that God loves them stabilizing belief systems. This is and has a plan for their life. a church on fire, and I can’t wait coming up, and I believe it is Love them and honor them. to see what God is going to do very important for the fathers of this country to begin living The world will not do this; the next! We have seen some holy and blameless before their world will chew them up and fantastic healings in the Body. families and especially their spit them out. We have to be God is proving the devil a liar the person God has called us to every moment. The accuser has children. We have to be the godly examples that the Word in their lives. We don’t want nothing to say. expects us to be. The world has them to turn out like us—we pushed fatherhood into a want them to turn out better omans 5:1-2 in the Message corner saying it’s not really than us. Many times, when Father’s Day comes, we want to Bible says that “when we throw important anymore and that our doors open to Him, at that dads are nothing. TV is making spend it doing what we want to same moment, He has already fathers and men in general look do. Pray and ask the Lord how like they have no value. I to spend this Father’s Day and thrown His doors open to us.” we get to wait to see what He is believe honor and respect are at see what He says about it. an all-time low for many things. Happy Father’s Day men! I love going to do. We have to be you guys. positioned correctly. If we are We have been taught and fed not living in the Spirit, we live in dishonor slowly and steadily for awhile now, and you can see the past. Every time we find ourselves not concentrating or where we are at as a nation.  living according to the principles  of the Kingdom of God, we will ads, please get the Word of respond to our flesh and how we feel. Galatians 5:1 says that God back into your households. “we are to stand fast, therefore Train up the men and women of




Mark Your Calendar July 10…..Guy Henry







July 21…….Church Picnic



Aug 10-11….Pastor Jim Crabb



July 15-19…….VBS

Sept 8…...Dr. Lemmon

Pastor Francine receiving her birthday present on May 12th and enjoying cake & ice cream on May 15th

INSIDE: Youth News……………….…….3 Tracy Stewart…………...……..4 Women’s Ministry….…...5 –6 Bookstore…………………….....6 Calendar…………………….…….7 Prayer in Focus………..……...8 Children’s Ministry…………..9 Share & Care………………......9 Pictures…………..….….……...10 Honduras Mission.……..…..11 Servant Opportunities…....12 Membership Update……….13 VBS………………………………….14 Annual Picnic…………………..14 Important Dates……………...15

Dear Church Family Thank You You made my birthday and Mother’s Day very special! Thank you for all the presents and birthday wishes! God Bless you all! Pastor Francine

Jesus can turn water into wine, but He can’t turn your whinning into anything. Do all things without murmurings and disputings. Philippians 2:14


Hello Family and Friends! Congrats to the youth who won our sponsorship prizes. Maggie Hall won first prize, Tim Hall won second prize, and Jasmine Morales won third prize this year! Great job guys for putting in the hard work to land that prize! And also a good job to all the other youth who worked hard and are continuing to work to bring in the sponsorships! Thank you to all the parents and adults who also helped the teens get the job done! The golf outing makes it possible to finance our outreaches and trips throughout the year. We are very excited about Invasion this year and what the Lord is going to do!

Reminder: Youth day to practice Invasion Sports on Sat. June 29th. Time TBA.

WOW Class Breakfast (see you all in September)



Bring Your beach gear , lunch! And Beverages!!! Meet us there!


June 2013 Sun






Sat 1

Prayer 29:15-9:45am 3 Prayer Com. & Special Needs. Off. MTC after service


Prayer 9:15-9:45am MTC after service VBS meeting after service

16 Prayer 9:15-9:45am Capital Imp. Off. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY

8-10am & 6-7pm



Prayer 8-10am & 6-7pm Prayer 8-10am no Mens Min. Dept. Head mtg. 7pm


8-10am & 6-7pm mens min 7pm Red Cross Blood Drive

Tracy Stewart 8-10am & 6-7pm @ 10am mens min MTC after 7pm service

9:15-9:45am Youth Sunday Kings Kids Sunday Funday

Prayer 8-10am

Mens Min. 7pm

Prayer 23 24 9:15-9:45am Prayer

30 Prayer


18 Prayer 8-10am



Prayer 68-10am


13 14 Prayer 8-10am Prayer

Prayer 8-10am & 6:30-6:45pm


Prayer 9-10am AC 6-8pm Share & Care Share & Care Service 7pm Day 10-5pm Day 10-5pm Share & Care for FCFC

Prayer 8-10am & 6:30-6:45pm

AC 6-8pm

Service 7pm

P&W practice 6:30pm

19 Prayer


8-10am & 6:30-6:45pm Service 7pm: Youth Pastors Mtg after service


Prayer Prayer 8-10am 8-10am & 6:30-6:45pm Service 7pm



Ardent Youth Golf Outing


Prayer 9-10am




Prayer 8-10am Prayer 9-10am AC 6-8pm Tracy Stewart at 7pm

Prayer 9-10am




Prayer 8-10am Prayer 9-10am AC 6-8pm P&W meeting 6:30pm

Tracy Stewart at 6pm

Prayer 9-10am Ardent Youth practice/ Invasion

June Prayer Focus Happy Birthday

Happy Anniversary

June 1 June 9 June 13 June 15 June 19 June 29

June 10 June 11 June 12 June 16 June 18 June 19 June 21

Aisha Ackerman Celestina Martinez Brenda Ruddell Cindy Smith Evelyne DeVriese Tyler Shepherd

Family in Focus June 2 Tim Marsh June 9 Tryphena Marsh June 16 Angela Martinez with Celestina & Brody June 23 John & Brenda McCumons June 30 Bob & Lois McMenemy

P R AY E R S C H E D U L E Sunday………………….......9:15-9:45 am Monday……………....8-10 am & 6-7 pm Tuesday……………….…...……..…8-10 am Wednesday...8-10 am & 6:30-6:45pm Thursday……….…………………….8-10 am Friday………………………………….9-10 am Saturday…………………..…8:30-9:30 am

Countries of Persecuted Christians

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hall Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Woidan Pastor & Mrs. Andrew Kluck Mr. & Mrs. Greg Gruzwalski Mr. & Mrs. Carl Michelson Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Grapentin Mr. & Mrs. Jon Grapentin

Business in Focus June 2 Wickless Candles by Scentsy Brenda Ruddell June 9 Christian Guitar Lessons Larry Kluck June 16 Efficient Foam Insulation John & Kim Carlson June 23 Ergon Construction & Rodan & Fields Independent Consultants Harold & Cindy Green June 30 Douglas Thompson Construction Doug Thompson

Missionary in Focus Love Inc. of Greater Lapeer

Community Leader in Focus Pastor Gerald Sims New Hope Missionary Church in Lapeer June 2 United Arab Emirates June 9 Brunei June 16 Bhutan

June 23 Algeria June 30 Tunisia

Share & Care Days: June 5, 6, & 7 2013

Begins on Mother’s Day, May 12 Ends on Father’s Day, June 16 This is a fundraiser for Pregnancy Resource Center in Lapeer.

Take a baby bottle home and fill it with your change. Whatever change you have collected is appreciated. Bottles do not have to be full when you return them.

Purpose: To SHARE with our own spiritual family at FCFC and to CARE for those in our community, thereby spreading the knowledge of Jesus Christ and God’s love by purposeful acts of kindness.

Two Main Facets: 1) Throughout the year, families of FCFC bring in small items in good/excellent condition (clothes, dishes, etc.) and place them in the back hallway-north of the sanctuary). Anyone at FCFC can take what they need for themselves or for someone they know. 2) Three days in June each year we host a community-wide Share & Care.

DAY 1: Wednesday, June 5 is for

FCFC family ONLY. Starting at noon, you can bring in all items, large (furniture, bikes, appliances, etc.) and small. Any FCFC person can take whatever they need.

DAYS 2 & 3: Thursday, June 6 & Friday, June 7 -- 10 am-6 pm

The community is invited to bring and take as they desire. Fun times to be had. Games & Food Winners of boy/girl contest get to dunk Pastor. PARENTS: Have your children wear plays clothes & a change of clothes or towels to sit on for the ride home.

Key Points:  All items MUST be in good to excellent

condition (clean, working well, etc).

 FCFC back hallway needs to be neat and orderly.


ht g i n e t a k s s d i King’s k

The word Escalon means a plan to escalate. The desire is for students to escalate in all areas of their lives. Always going higher. We were submitted by Susan Good blessed to share Sunday Exodus 23:20 “Behold, I send church service with them. an angel before you to keep Just like being home because you in the way and to bring we serve the same God; so you into the place which I there was definitely no have prepared.” This was our language barrier, especially verse for our trip to Honduras during praise and worship. and God was all over this trip Pastor Guy taught on “Are from Beginning to end cover- You a Ditch or a River.” ing us in every aspect. That’s The work at Plan Escalon our God!! reaches far beyond the The students and staff have property where we resided. such a love for the country of On statement that they live Honduras. They want to be a by is “Find the Need, Fill the conduit that God can use to Need, Change a Nation.” the bring change. Realizing that vision is huge and God will Jesus is the only answer for fulfill every desire that they their country. Students who have. I was honored that came from extreme poverty they shared their world with and hopelessness are now me. filled with hope, expectation Missionaries come and go to and a deep passion for Jesus. our churches and for a short All the students have their time we may recall what God own story of where they is doing in that country and came from and how their life what the needs are. We have is being transformed by bebeen encouraged here at ing at Tree of Life Ministries. FCFC to pray for the

Highlights of Honduras Mission Trip

Persecuted Church. I would also ask you to know what missionaries we support and check out their websites, and see how you can be involved. Please read Isaiah 58:10-12. Our missionaries covet our prayers and they sense when the covering of prayer has lifted. Some quick highlights of our trip. We did 2 days of Life in Action. The first one was at “the Dump” in Copan. And the other trip was in El Guanal, one of the mountain villages. Medical and dental care was provided and food was past out. One did one clinic at Plan Escalon for Pastors and their families, students and staff. We taught “basic first “ to approximately 25 people that came from the villages to be equipped to help others. If you would like to hear more of our stories and the details, Brenda & I would be glad to share. We have lots of pictures.


Helps ministries

SERVANT Opportunities

If you are undecided where you can serve, here is a list of our Ministries & the contact person Baseball Team Be Blessed Bookstore Building Development & Maintenance Bus Cafe Corner Children's

Harold Green Cindy Green Pastor Francine Harold Green

Position open John & Robin Muenz Michael Morales & Doug Wilder Conference Volunteers Anita King Friendship Team Anita King Greeters Anita King Hospitality Phil & Gloria Bridger Anita King Hospital Visitation John & Robyn Muenz Information Center Anita King Janitorial Josette Morales Men's Breakfast Ministry Doug Wilder/ John Muenz Newsletters Anita King Parking Lot Postiion Open Pastor's Luncheons Gloria Bridger/ Anita King Praise & Worship (Voice, Multimedia, Camera, Sound Booth, Musician ) John & Brenda McCumons Prayer Ministry Susan Good Ushers Scott Quandt Women's Ministry Pastor Francine


“Let our people also learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs, that they may not be unfruitful.” —Titus 3:14


he July/August/September schedules will be prepared by mid-June. Everyone in the church should be involved serving in the ministry. To volunteer, please see the Dept. Head of the Ministry or call the office. If you are already on the schedule, there is no need to sign up again. Please take time to look in this newsletter at the ministries where you can serve. Some areas of ministry require church membership, and some do not. Even if you sign up to help in the nursery or Children’s Ministry once or twice a quarter or make the guest refreshments once or twice a quarter, it is very helpful to us.


Membership Update

Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Andrew Kluck graduated from Mott with 2 degrees & a 4.0 GPA.

Alex Wilkerson & Bethany Good are engaged and an August wedding is being planned

1st Place –Miles 2nd Place—Robert

3rd Place—Tyler


VBS IS COMING!!! July 15-19 Pre-Registration starts June 2 Registration 5:30-5:45pm VBS 6-8:30pm Ages 4 to Going into the 6th Grade Anyone who was a child, has a child, or loves children, is welcome to participate & learn as they play & serve God & others.

Learning to serve Jesus & others! Spread Christ’s love by serving others!

FCFC's Annual

“Bring A Friend Sunday”- July 21 This is “Picnic Sunday,” and we encourage everyone to sign up and wear outdoor picnic clothes to church that day! **EACH FAMILY IS ASKED TO SIGN UP TO BRING A LARGE DISH TO PASS. & A DESSERT**


Please sign up at the Information Center to bring vegetable trays, relish trays, salads, bowls of fresh fruit,

baked beans, hot vegetable dishes, casseroles, etc. THERE IS NO COST. Bring your lawn chairs if you wish. The Hospitality Committee will be in the foyer before and after every Sunday and Wednesday service to sign you up. The last day to R.S.V.P.

will be Sunday, July 17! LOTS OF FUN FOR EVERYONE!

God loves alcoholics, and here at FCFC, we do too! We have a vision and a calling to help people become completely free from alcohol and drug addictions. Why not make a step toward your freedom today?

Praise & Worship Meeting Thurs. June 27 @ 6:30pm Includes sound, multimedia, camera and choir members. Practice times to be announced.

Monday Coed Classes @ FCFC will end June 30 & will resume in September We all have mountains that we’re dealing with in our lives, but until we deal with the root of the problem they will continue. Mark 11:22 shows us how the fig tree withered from the roots up after Jesus spoke to it. If we deal with the root, the fruit that it’s causing in our lives will go.

Families and loved ones of alcoholics and those who were raised in alcoholic, substance  abuse, or dysfunctional families are welcome also. For more information, contact Fran at  810-728-1434 or 810-667-8025. 


7:00 7:00-- 8:30 PM

On Friday, June 28th 6:00-8:00PM @ The Blend The Well is committed to developing Christcentered friendships and meeting the needs of youth as they make their way into adulthood. Got questions? Call Pastor Andrew or Alicia at 810-338-0146.

Service Times:

We’re Located At:

SUNDAY SERVICE: 10:00 am WEDNESDAY EVENING (Family Night): 7:00 pm

3440 Davison Road, Lapeer, MI 48446 Phone: 810-667-0075 Fax: 810-667-1254 E-mail:

A Family Church - A Charismatic Teaching Center - A World Outreach Center The vision is very great, but we serve a great God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think. He has called us to the Kingdom for such a time as this. We are “hupernikao” (more than conquerors.) The task at hand is plain, and that is to take Jesus to Lapeer County and make disciples of all those won to the Lord. It's time to march with the orders God has given us.

We’re Pressing Forward into All That God Has For Us!

FCFC Newsletter June 2013  

FCFC Newsletter June 2013

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