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Spring 2012 | Wingfield Springs Community Association Newsletter


t’s spring and time to get your yards in condition. Members of the community are expected to get their lawns in an acceptable condition in a reasonable amount of time. By Memorial Day, they should be looking good. Over the past year we had many bird-related complaints. The Board discussed the issue at length and passed a resolution to ban all bird feeders. We received a lot of feedback from homeowners on both sides of the issue. In an effort to further address the bird problem equitably, we chose to send out a survey to all homeowners so that we could give fair representation to everyone. The survey was sent to all homeowners last quarter. The result of that survey is as follows: z There were a total of 763 votes received. Here is the breakdown: – Option 1 (the approved bird feeding resolution which bans seed bird feeders and hand feeding of birds) received 272 votes. – Option 2 (the proposed bird feeding resolution which allows bird feeding with certain restrictions) received 305 votes. – Option 3 (which is no bird feeding resolution at all) received 177 votes. – There were 9 invalid votes. – Between Option #1 and Option #2, over 75% of the respondents indicated that they wanted some form of action taken relative to the bird situation. Based upon this overwhelming response and direction provided by the homeowners, the Board prepared a new resolution for our homeowners. The results are on page 6.

Bird feeders shall be limited to two (2) per residence, one liquid feeder and one non-liquid feeder. See the entire specifics of the resolution on page 6.

Board Member Wayne Banaszak resigned from the Board last quarter. The Board would like to thank Wayne for his time on the Board and dedication to the community; he will be missed. Please welcome new Board Member Ray Case, who was appointed to fill the vacancy created by Wayne Banaszak’s resignation. With Ray’s background and experience, he will be a great addition to the Board. We have completed our 2012 budget and are within our budget projection for the full year. The budget encompasses major projects, including water usage reduction, landscape improvements, community safety additions, and other miscellaneous projects that are deemed necessary for overall community improvement. ESI Security Services and the Wingfield Springs Community Association have teamed up to help promote and celebrate neighborhood safety. To help celebrate and continue to educate the Wingfield Springs community on safety, ESI Security Services has planned a Community Safety Party on Sunday, June 3, 2012 from 11 am to 3 pm at the Red Hawk Events Center. Bring out the entire family to enjoy a day of free food and entertainment. There will be many great Reno/Sparks community partners there providing information for the continuing safety of the Wingfield Springs community. Hope to see you all at our next meeting at the Red Hawk Event Center, April 26, 2012 at 6 pm.



manager’s report

T Wingfield Springs


Lou Dauria, Denny Jensen, Donna Chaffer, Bob Denis, Ray Case,

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he Association held its first “shred it” event on February 18th. Shred It-Reno is the sister company of ESI (Wingfield Springs Community Patrol Company) and they offered a morning of shredding service for the Community at no cost. Although there was a decent turn out, there weren’t as many people that took advantage of this opportunity as we would have liked to see. Not to worry, if the community feels that another “shred it” event would be useful, we can set something up in the future. In the next few weeks, we will begin the process of enforcing the new vacant lot resolution that the Board approved on August 4, 2011. The first step will be to send all vacant lot owners a reminder to have any weeds cleared by the end of May. There are several additional steps to follow and I hope that you all see an improvement with the vacant lots this season. The community-wide garage sale is coming up on May 19th and 20th (see additional information on page 4). I drove through the community during the October garage sale and was surprised to see very little participation. If you have any ideas to create more involvement, please feel free to contact me and we’ll try to have those ideas implemented for the next garage sale. By the way, the Foothills HOA community garage sale is taking place on May 19th which may draw more people to the area. Good luck and have some fun with this! Sincerely, Associated Management, Inc., An Associa® Member Company

Melissa Robertson, CMCA®, AMS® Nevada Certified Supervising Community Manager

(775) 626-7333 (775) 626-7374 (775) 832-0888

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Website: Email: Office Hours: 8 am–5 pm Monday through Friday; the phone lines shut down at 4 pm on Friday. WINGFIELD SPRINGS COMMUNITY PATROL (775) 722-6270 Please call immediately for water related issues. Call 911 for emergency services; ambulance, fire, police. Red Hawk Swim & Fitness Center Wingfield Springs Realty David’s Grill at Red Hawk Red Hawk Golf Club Sparks/Washoe County Animal Control

(775) 626-8699 (775) 626-4700 (775) 626-1000 (775) 626-4599 (775) 322-3647

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Seatings from 8am - 1pm Seatings from 8am - 1pm

Mother’s Day Brunch Mother’s Day Brunch

Seatings from 9am - 1pm Seatings from 9am - 1pm

626.6000 FOR CALL 626.6000 FORRESERVATIONS RESERVATIONS 6600 N. Wingfield Parkway · Sparks, NV 89436 • Sparks, NV 89436 775.626.6000 · 775.626.6000 •


The following information is a summary of the activities of the community patrol for the period of March 1–26, 2012. 45 House watches 18 Reported open garages 22 Reported garbage cans left out Violations 1 Reported vehicle violations 5 Report trailers parked on the street 3 Reported trailers parked in the driveway of a home 2 Reports of a boat parked in the driveway 3 Reported vehicles with expired registration 1 Report of a vehicle parked on the street with no license plates 1 Report of a vehicle parked in front and blocking the mail boxes Complaints 5 Reports of dogs barking 1 Report of a male riding a dirt bike on a pedestrian path behind Silverton

1 1 1

1 1

Report of teenagers throwing woodchips at animals in Pelican Park Report of door bell ditchers Report of a resident witnessing a neighbor throwing dog feces over back fence on Falcon Ridge Report of a resident having property damage to home and vehicle Report of kids riding dirt bikes on site

Suspicious Activity 4 Reported suspicious vehicles on site 3 Reported suspicious persons on site 1 Report of a person going through the trash cans on site Maintenance Issues 3 Reported broken fences 1 Report of a broken window on a house watch (window has been fixed) 1 Report of a sprinkler being damaged

Miscellaneous 3 Reports of Sparks Police Department on site 3 Reports of REMSA on site 1 Report of the Fire Department on site 1 Report of a lost dog on site found by on site officer 1 Report of a loose dog on site 1 Report of an alarm response 1 Report of a vehicle accident on site involving a school bus 1 Report of a fire pit in a residential yard

Wingfield Springs Semi-Annual Community Spring Garage Sale Be sure to mark your calendars for the weekend of May 19th & 20th. Residents may set up in your yard and/or driveway from 7 am to 7 pm. Please note that any kind of sign posting in the common areas, streets, sidewalks, medians, etc. is not permitted. Community events can be advertised at no charge in the “Neighborhoods” section of the Reno Gazette Journal. Join the fun and maybe even score some extra cash!

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HawkTalk | Spring 2012

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HawkTalk | Spring 2012

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Wingfield Springs Community Association

2012 Meeting Calendar


April 12th April 19th April 19th April 26th July 12th July 19th July 19th July 26th October 11th October 18th October 18th October 25th November 29th


Community Standards Agenda Workshop Executive Session Board Meeting Community Standards Agenda Workshop Executive Session Board Meeting Community Standards Agenda/Budget Workshop Executive Session Board Meeting Annual Meeting



5:30 P.M. 3:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M. 5:30 P.M. 3:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M. 5:30 P.M. 3:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M.

Board Room Board Room Board Room Event Center Board Room Board Room Board Room Event Center Board Room Board Room Board Room Event Center Event Center

Workshops will be held to review the agenda items of the next scheduled board meeting. Homeowners are welcome to attend workshops. No action (vote) will be taken by the Board on any matter discussed or reviewed at a workshop. All dates, times and venues are subject to change. If the Red Hawk Board Room is not available, the hearing, workshop, or executive board meeting will be held at Associated Management, Inc. (AMI) at 5955 Tyrone Road, Suite #1, Reno, NV 89502. Workshop and meeting

notices will be published in each HawkTalk newsletter. HawkTalk will be mailed at least ten (10) days before each board meeting. Board meeting agendas will be posted on the Association’s website the Friday before each board meeting. You may also obtain an agenda copy by calling AMI at (775) 626-7333. HawkTalk newsletter articles and suggestions are due to AMI at least four (4) weeks before each Board of Directors meeting.


4. All hand tossing and ground feeding of bird seed is prohibited. This includes all property within the residence lot/fence lines, whether five feet from any property line or not, any part of the Wingfield Springs Community Association Common Areas, any part of the Red Hawk Golf Course Property or any part of the community deemed unacceptable to the Board in its sole discretion. 5. To deter pigeon attraction; bird seed must have all hulls removed and must not contain corn, oats, wheat, millet or any other ingredients that will attract pigeons. 6. To further deter pigeon attraction; design of bird feeder shall not allow pigeons to land and roost on the feeders. 7. Owners are responsible to employ good practices regarding the use of bird feeders. This includes, but is not limited to, regular cleaning of the bird feeder and the surrounding area especially underneath the feeders. It is strongly recommended that at least annually, the bird feeder is moved to a different location, cleaned thoroughly and the soil beneath the original bird feeder location is refreshed. 8. Any Owner that is deemed to have violated these rules shall be deemed to have created a nuisance per Article XI, Section 11.4 and will be subject to the general rules violation process as outlined in the Wingfield Springs Association Rules, Regulations and Fines Policy.

(replaces resolution 2011-2)

WINGFIELD SPRINGS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION BIRD FEEDING RESOLUTION: BE IT RESOLVED that at a duly noticed and conducted meeting of the Board of Directors of Wingfield Springs Community Association (“the Association”), held on the 26th day of January 2012, at which a quorum was present, the following resolution was adopted: Whereas, Wingfield Springs Community Board of Directors shall have all the powers of a Corporation organized under the laws of the State of Nevada, subject only to such limitations on the exercise of such powers as are set forth in the Articles, the Bylaws and the CC&Rs. The Association shall have the power to do any lawful act that may be authorized, required or permitted to be done by the Association under this Declaration, the Articles, the Bylaws and to do and perform any act that may be necessary or proper for or incidental to the exercise of any of the express powers of the Association. Whereas, it is the intent of this policy to be applicable to all homeowners of the Association. Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that: 1. Bird feeders may not be placed or mounted on any fence. Further, all bird feeders must be placed within the residence lot lines and may not be closer to these lot lines than five feet. 2. Bird feeders may not be placed on any part of the Wingfield Springs Community Association Common Areas or any part of the Red Hawk Golf Course Property. 3. Bird feeders shall be limited to two (2) per residence, one liquid feeder and one nonliquid feeder.

Page 6

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said Board of Directors has caused this Resolution and Policy to be signed by its President and Secretary, this 26th day of January 2012, and direct its distribution to all homeowners. WINGFIELD SPRINGS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION

President Secretary

HawkTalk | Spring 2012

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HawkTalk | Spring 2012

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Wingfield Springs Community Association

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Northern Nevada Events Wonderful Things

Wilbur D. May Museum January 26, 2012 through May 23, 2012 This kid-friendly exhibit offers visitors of all ages an opportunity to travel back in time and experience the beauty, majesty, history and wonder of the world’s most notorious treasure find. Exhibit hours are: Wednesdays through Saturdays: 10 am–4 pm, and Sundays from 12–4 pm. Admission is $9/adults, $8/children under 18 and seniors 62 and over. Groups of 15 or more are $6 per person.

Reno Earth Day 2012 Idlewild Park April 22, 2012 Contact Info: Heather Howell Email: Phone: (775) 771-1828

Cinco de Mayo Festival

Grand Sierra Resort & Casino May 5–6, 2012 from 11 am–7 pm

Street Vibrations Spring Rally Downtown Sparks June 1–3, 2012

Whole Foods Hometowne Farmer’s Market

Downtown Sparks Every Thursday, June 7 through August 23, 2012 from 4–8 pm (except for August 9)

Reno River Festival

Downtown Reno June 15–17, 2012 Known as one of the paddle sports industry’s top whitewater events, the Reno River Festival returns to the heart of downtown Reno at the Truckee River Whitewater Park to kick off the summer.

Reno Rodeo

Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center June 15–23, 2012

America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride

South Lake Tahoe June 3, 2012 The 21st annual ride has an honored reputation built on spectacular scenery, great food and support. Several categories are offered: Boat Cruise/35-mile fun ride, a 72-mile ride around the perimeter of Lake Tahoe and a full 100-mile century ride.

Tickets are available at or call 1-800-225-2277. Tickets can also be purchased at and range in price from $12–$25 based on seating and performance date. The Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center is located at 1350 N. Wells Ave., Reno, Nevada. Paid parking is in effect.

2012 Hawk Talk Spring  
2012 Hawk Talk Spring  

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