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Since 1977 · Located in Boatworks Mall at the Tahoe City Marina · · 530.583.5709

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Know Before You Go – Informational guides to

plan your perfect, hassle-free adventure. Traveler Responsibility Pledge – Commit to protecting and preserving the Sierra.



Lake Tahoe Fun Facts


Ski Resorts

LOCAL LUMINARY Ryan Salm Cover credit


Know Before You Go


Springtime Fun


Traveler Responsibility Pledge


Meet Summer


The Washoe People


Unhurried Autumn

Ryan Salm’s award-winning work spans across genre lines from commercial to editorial to architectural. His ability to capture, document and illuminate virtually any subject has led him across the globe working for a wide variety of clientele. Ryan takes no moment for granted and has photographed some of the world’s most distant and awe-inspiring events. His photographic work can be seen anywhere beautiful imagery exists. He is available for assignments, projects and shoots with an open artistic mind. Find him at: @ryansalmphotography


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Epic Winter

Publisher: Kathy Hess Slocum | Just Imagine Marketing & Design Content Editor: Liz Bowling | North Lake Tahoe Resort Association Creative Director: Shelley Fallon | Fallon Multimedia

North Lake Tahoe Local Luminaries are found throughout the Visitor Guide. We pay homage to these locals who make the Tahoe Region a better place through their vision and creativity. See pages 10, 18, 21, 23, 25, + 27 for thier bios.

Voted #1 Tahoe Activity

e Elevate your excitement level by about 40 feet.

Come try an Aerial Adventure Park... each is unique! Adventure awaits you-- from fun & easy to challenging & exhilarating-- as you navigate between +/- 40 foot high platforms using a variety of bridges, zip lines, and more! (You’re always attached to a safety line!) No experience or special equipment necessary. Hours of unforgettable, super-fun outdoor activity for the whole family! And a great way for visitors to experience what Tahoe’s all about. Courses for All Ages 5+. Reservations are REQUIRED! Visit:

or call:


3 Locations: Tahoe City Tahoe Vista Squaw Valley

interesting FA C T S

Photo: Jeff Dow

GET TO KNOW LAKE TAHOE North Lake Tahoe spans two states and boasts two dozen beaches, twelve ski resorts (the highest concentration of resorts in North America), hundreds of miles of trails, half a dozen communities, and a growing number of nationally recognized human-powered activities. With mindfulness and environmental sustainability at its core, this year-round playground is an ideal setting for adventure-bound travelers to reconnect with natural beauty. Learn more at and check out our blog. Sign up for our official newsletter to find airfare sales, local tips and things to do. Explore Know Before You Go content that includes a guide to help navigate the region safely, and offers sample itineraries, road trip suggestions and points of interest across North Lake Tahoe.



Formed approximately two million years ago, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and the second deepest in the United States.

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The maximum depth of Lake Tahoe is 1,645 feet with an average depth of 1,000 feet.

Tag your photos with #TahoeNorth for a chance to be featured on our digital channels!

The lake is 72 miles around and almost 22 miles long. Two-thirds of Lake Tahoe is in California, one-third is in Nevada. The lake’s surface elevation is approximately 6,220 feet with the Tahoe Basin’s tallest mountain, Freel Peak topping out at 10,891’ elevation.

Interested in learning more? Visit a North Lake Tahoe Visitor Center

Snowfall has been recorded every month of the year at Lake Tahoe.

TAHOE CITY, CALIFORNIA 100 North Lake Blvd. Tahoe City, CA I 530-581-6900

Lake Tahoe’s surface temperature ranges from below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to over 70 degrees in summer and fall.

Located next to Fanny Bridge at the Truckee River dam.

Below 600 –700 feet, Lake Tahoe’s water temperature remains a constant 39 degrees Fahrenheit. The Lake never freezes over.

INCLINE VILLAGE, NEVADA 969 Tahoe Blvd., Incline Village, NV I 775-832-1606

On average, Tahoe has 274 days of blue sky annually.

Lake Tahoe has 63 tributaries but only one outlet, the Truckee River, which is controlled by a dam in Tahoe City.

5. North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide

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Our Basecamp.

Your Adventure.

With over 35 years experience in vacation planning and property management, we can help you plan the perfect Tahoe escape. Featuring condominiums in Northstar Village and single family homes in Old Greenwood.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities. | 855.620.5809

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know before you go

Mindful Travel. Activities. Guides. Backcountry Safety. IN THIS NEW LANDSCAPE OF LIFE... Embracing the mindset of a responsible traveler is more important than ever. For detailed information about travel and activities in North Lake Tahoe, please check out our Know Before Your Go Informational Guides on They provide the necessary tools to fully prepare for your time in North Lake Tahoe. From tips on how to demonstrate mindful travel to helpful hints for planning your trip, the Know Before You Go Guide is the perfect resource for a successful getaway.

BACKCOUNTRY SAFETY Know Before You Go is also a term used to stress the importance of Backcountry Safety. Skiing or riding in the backcountry is an amazing way to experience nature however because terrain access is beyond the boundaries of a ski resort, there is no avalanche control work or ski patrol. Before heading out into the backcountry, make sure to take an avalanche safety course, check weather conditions and fully assess the risk. There is specific gear you will need to stay safe (a beacon, probe and shovel to name a few), along with knowledge of reading snowpack and identifying safe routes to hike and lines to ride. Learn more at:

Photo: Ryan


North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide 8.

traveler responsibility PLEDGE

Photo: Fallon Multimedia

HOW TO BECOME A STEWARD OF LAKE TAHOE Welcome to Lake Tahoe. Some of us live here and some of us are just visiting, but we all need to take care while we enjoy this special place. Help protect Lake Tahoe, surrounding communities, wildlife and the environment by pledging to travel responsibly through the Sierra region. The Traveler Responsibility Pledge is composed of six tenets that align with primary stewardship initiatives of the region and by visiting the Blog on, you can find specific actions that immediately reduce travel related impacts.

LOCAL LUMINARY Sherry McConkey Over a decade ago, ski legend Shane McConkey acknowledged the troubling future of our planet. “We have a lot of environmental issues to conquer,” he stated. “Time is of the essence.” Of his many legacies, Shane’s passion for the environment is evident through work of the Shane McConkey Foundation, a local organization dedicated to making a positive difference. Running point on everything from the Pain McSchlonkey Classic to a national EcoChallenge for students is Sherry McConkey whose commitment to protecting our planet is connected to community, her daughter’s future and perhaps in part, another way to honor her beloved.

Take the Traveler Responsibility Pledge: Please join us as we pledge to be mindful of our impact and respectful of this magnificent environment. The Traveler Responsibility Pledge is simple but the results powerful in ways that preserve and protect. What better way to experience Lake Tahoe than to leave it better than you found it? Take the Pledge and learn more about what to expect and how to travel and recreate responsibly in Lake Tahoe at “The Traveler Responsibility Pledge was developed so visitors can enjoy the unique culture and natural beauty of the Lake Tahoe region responsibly. The six elements of the pledge help guests recognize what personal responsibility looks like and the importance of making a positive impact on the mountain communities they visit. This effort to shift behavior is paramount and will require ongoing collaboration between visitors and residents.” — Andy Chapman, President & CEO of the Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau

THE SHANE MCCONKEY FOUNDATION The Shane McConkey Foundation was established in 2012 and four years later the EcoChallenge was created, empowering students from across the globe to have a voice in protecting the planet they’re going to inherit. To date, the Shane McConkey Foundation and its sponsors, supporters and donors have raised over $550,000 for charitable causes and organizations, and over 1,300 students have participated in the EcoChallenge. Learn more at:

Photo: Ming Poon North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide 10.

What is the power of philanthropy? It’s the best kind of crowdsourcing. As a nonprofit, we provide critical funding to increase the pace and scale of forest restoration, improve the lake’s water quality and clarity, make recreation more sustainable, improve transportation and inspire people to take care of Tahoe. Since 2010, we have helped complete more than 50 environmental improvement projects and secured more than $50M in public funding to improve the Lake Tahoe environment. Now that’s the power of philanthropy.

To join us, visit Washeshu Itdeh

Lake Tahoe

The People From Here

Dat So La Lee with her baskets—Nevada Historical Society

THE WASHOE PEOPLE The Washoe people (Wašiw) were the first inhabitants of Lake Tahoe, coming to the Lake during spring and summer to hunt and fish. The center of the Wašiw world is (Lake Tahoe) both geographically and spiritually. Like most native peoples, lifestyles revolved around the environment; the people were part of the environment, and everything was provided by the environment. The Washoe people collected roots, seeds, and berries for food and medicine and willow for baskets – methods they still use today. The Washoe people are deeply knowledgeable about the land and where resources are plentiful. This includes an understanding of the seasonal cycles of both plants and animals. Washoe culture is based mostly on legends that carried the explanation of different areas of life. The legends are handed over from one generation to the next by storytelling and are told to younger generations to teach them basic things about the Washoe’s way of living. Children learn about gathering techniques, medicine preparation, and the legends are meant to teach them how to appreciate the land and give them a better understanding of Washoe’s lifestyle. Children are raised in an environment which recognizes family as the most valued thing. The whole way of Washoe life concentrates on cooperation and unity, and older tribe members convey their knowledge to the younger so the tribe culture will survive.

GATEKEEPER’S MUSEUM Discover a piece of Washoe Tribe history at the Gatekeepers Museum in Tahoe City. The Indian basket collection of the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society consists of more than 700 baskets from the native peoples of western North America. The collection includes utilitarian baskets made for fishing and hunting, food gathering and preparation, storage and other purposes, as well as many fine baskets made for ceremonies, gifts, and for sale to collectors. Gatekeepers Museum, 130 West Lake Blvd., Tahoe City, CA 89511.

Today, the Washoe Tribe is a major player in efforts to conserve the natural habitat of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding region. Learn more at:

Photo: North Lake Tahoe Historical Society


Martis Creek Wildlife Area

East Shore Trail

Average Lake Depth: 305m / 1,000ft Deepest Point: 501m / 1,645ft Elevation: 1,897m / 6,225ft Circumference: 72 miles





WINE COUNTRY (Napa/Sonoma)




215 MILES 346 KM 5 HOURS

204 MILES 328 KM 3.25 HOURS


231 MILES 372 KM 3.75 HOURS



unique TOWNS

Photo: Ryan Salm




Alpine Meadows is known for the longest snow season of any Lake Tahoe ski resort. During summer, it’s perfect for hiking, biking, rafting, horseback riding, and flyfishing on Bear Creek.

Incline Village features the iconic Sand Harbor State Park. In the winter, Diamond Peak Ski Area is a family-friendly ski resort with breathtaking Lake views. You can also try your luck at gaming in Incline Village.



Tahoe City is home to Lake Tahoe’s only outlet, the Truckee River, where river rafting is available. It is also features unique boutique shopping, museums, and plenty of dining. Enjoy live music and other events on Commons Beach during summer.

Year-round, Carnelian Bay is the spot to catch big Mackinaw trout. Carnelian Bay beaches are favorites with dogs, kayakers, SUPers and sunset seekers.

Featuring hip shops and restaurants, Kings Beach is centrally located and the perfect spot to stay for easy access to recreation. Events and live music take place at Kings Beach State Recreation Area during summer.

CRYSTAL BAY, NV Feeling lucky? Crystal Bay is where you can enjoy historical casinos including Jim Kelley’s Nugget, Tahoe Biltmore and Crystal Bay Club. There is also live music practically every night of the week.

DONNER SUMMIT, CA High above it all on Donner Summit, you can hike and bike hundreds of trails in the summer and ski at Sugar Bowl, Boreal, Donner Ski Ranch, Royal Gorge, or Soda Springs resorts in the winter.

HOMEWOOD, CA Homewood is a mixture of mountain terrain and lakeside views. Skiers can feel like they are skiing right into the Lake at Homewood Mountain Resort. The area is also a favorite for biking and hiking.

NORTHSTAR, CA Perfect for families, Northstar offers a self-contained village with shops, restaurants, and chair lifts within walking distance. Northstar offers a lift-serviced mountain bike park in summer and is also a world-renowned ski resort.

OLYMPIC VALLEY, CA This valley is legendary both for its beauty and skiing at Squaw Valley. Home of the 1960 Winter Olympics, the area is all about adventure. Enjoy miles of hiking trails, bike paths, golf, and horseback riding.

SUNNYSIDE, CA Sunnyside is a popular gathering place for locals and visitors looking for a quaint Tahoe experience and atmosphere. Dine on a deck overlooking the Lake with amazing views.

TAHOE VISTA, CA From cozy B&Bs to high end options to mom and pops, Tahoe Vista puts you at the Lake shore. The beaches and shallow waters make it a favorite. Kayaking and paddleboarding are popular along Tahoe Vista’s shoreline and the North Tahoe Regional Park is a great place to have fun.

TAHOMA, CA Tahoma is a quaint West Shore community with hundreds of backcountry biking and hiking trails, and paved bike trails to enjoy. Beautiful Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park offers trails, the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion, and year-round recreation events.

TRUCKEE, CA Truckee offers locally inspired art, amazing culinary experiences, fun bars, quaint shops, theater, and community gatherings year-round. It is also home to Tahoe Donner cross-country and downhill resorts.


Heading to North Lake Tahoe or Truckee? Leave the car behind with so many transit options to choose from.

Get the app!

All Rides on TART are FREE! Hop on the TART bus and head to the beach, hit the trails, shop, dine, or go out and see live music in the evening. Leave the driving to us! Check the website for updates and details as schedules and programs change depending upon the season.

Linking you to work and play. NEW TART Connect – GET THE APP! June 24–September 6, 2021 | 8am–Midnight–Daily On-demand, free curb-to-curb shuttles serving the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.

Truckee Dial-a-Ride Daily door-to-door service in Truckee. 7-days a week.

North Lake Tahoe and Truckee Daily regional routes run year-round between Incline Village, Crystal Bay, Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Tahoe City, Squaw Valley, Truckee, and Northstar.

Free Park and Ride Free park and ride lots are available in Truckee and on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore, depending upon the season.

Summer: Winter: Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit

Night Service North Lake Tahoe and Truckee night service picks up at TART bus stops.

North Lake Tahoe Express–Reno | Truckee | Tahoe Providing a friendly, convenient shuttle service from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Three routes include Incline Village, Tahoe City and Truckee. 24-hour advanced reservations and group discounts available. (833) 709-8080 |

getting around Photo: Michael Okimoto

HOP ON TART OR MOUNTAINEER FOR FREE! Travel around North Lake Tahoe with ease by leaving your car behind! With many free transportation options that include connection points across the Truckee-Tahoe region, use TART (Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit) to explore North Lake Tahoe. With real-time transit information, and extended hours and frequency during summer and winter seasons, plan your trip and start by leaving your car at home. Visit for routes and schedules. From June 24 – September 6, 2021 TART has an exciting new offering: TART Connect – the free, on-demand, curb-to-curb shuttle service along the North Shore. It runs daily from 8:00am – Midnight. Download the App for TART Connect! More Summer offerings include extended night service on the North Shore and in Truckee; 30-minute daily TART service on the North Shore; free park and ride service to leave your car and hop on TART or TART Connect; East Shore Express Shuttle service from Incline Village to Sand Harbor, and RTC FlexRIDE on-demand shuttle service from Reno to Incline Village/Sand Harbor. Find out more at If you are flying into Reno-Tahoe International Airport, consider the North Lake Tahoe Express airport shuttle service. 24-hour advanced reservations provide service on three routes, including Truckee, Incline Village and Tahoe City with stops along the way including service to Northstar and Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. For reservations visit or call (833)-709-8080.

Schedules and programming change with the seasons. Be sure to check back for specific winter transportation options at The Mountaineer On-Demand Transit Service and the Squaw Alpine Shuttle Service is available from mid-December through mid-April. The Mountaineer Service is a free on-demand, in-resort shuttle service. Within the free Mountaineer Mobile App, guests and residents can request on demand shuttle service within Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows. The most up-to-date information can always be found on the app, or visit

regional transit night service on-demand shuttles airport express North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide 16.

FIVE CHARMING AREAS TO SHOP. ONE PERFECT DESTINATION. Shopping in North Lake Tahoe takes you on an odyssey into five charming areas filled with artisan treasures hard to find anywhere else. Each of the resor ts and towns offer a distinct selection of local boutiques, shops and markets that make it delightfully fun to support local businesses.


N O R T H L A K E TA H O E S H O P P I N G D I S T R I C T S 1


Whether you’re in the market for ski or summer gear, tasty confections or custom-made gifts, Olympic Valley is home to some of the most luxurious and quality shopping in the region.



Experience a one-of-a-kind lakeside shopping trip in Tahoe City. Discover ar t galleries, museums, gift shops, boutiques, toy shops and other local eccentricities, sure to satisfy shoppers who want to take home a unique piece of North Lake Tahoe.



Northstar’s family-friendly shopping Village offers the perfect day trip getaway no matter the season. Enjoy a skating rink, fire pits, diverse dining establishments and high-end retail options with knowledgeable staff.



Soak in views of North Lake Tahoe as you stroll this region filled with stores offering locally-made goods such as furniture, pottery, stand-up paddleboards and home décor.




The locally-owned boutiques in Incline Village offer local charm in addition to hand-crafted jewelr y, bohemian-style clothing and other eclectic treasures.

1 2



boutique SHOPPING

Photo: Ryan Salm

SHOP LOCAL Guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in local culture by shopping and dining across North Lake Tahoe’s five districts. Meet the artists, chefs, gallery and retail owners who encapsulate North Tahoe’s charm. Book a yoga or meditation class with one of our wellness experts or learn about Washoe Tribe and Olympic history at one of our museums.

LOCAL LUMINARY Brendan Madigan Alpenglow Sports has been a fixture on Tahoe City’s main street since 1979. In 2011, Brendan Madigan purchased the shop and today it serves as a powerful community centerpiece that not only employs some of the most knowledgeable mountain athletes in the region, but also fundraises for Lake Tahoe’s most critical nonprofits and causes (last year alone, the Winter Speaker Series raised over $350,000). Additionally, Madigan has founded some of Tahoe’s most celebrated outdoor events–from the nine-day Winter Mountain Festival to the Broken Arrow Skyrace. In doing so, he has further developed and defined what human powered sports mean to the Sierra region. Stop by Alpenglow Sports in Tahoe City for gear, guidebooks, information and an opportunity to meet Madigan and learn more about Alpenglow’s events. Alpenglow Sports, 415 N. Lake Blvd., Tahoe City, CA 96145.

It’s easy to shop small and support local businesses even after you leave! Purchase gift cards from more than 70 Tahoe-based businesses, including lodging properties, retailers, activity providers and restaurants on Customers will click on the “Purchase a Gift Card” button and be linked directly to the business website where gift cards are available.

LOCAL LUMINARY Lauren Bobowski An artist since the day she could hold a crayon, Lauren is a lover of nature, travel, good food and community. She was drawn to North Lake Tahoe for the outdoor lifestyle it offered and feelings of inspiration from the mountains. Owner of Lala Jewelry, Lauren’s stunning work captures the essence and beauty of Lake Tahoe. Her work can be found online at:

North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide 18.





495 N Lake Blvd, Suite 170 530-581-4298

10046 Donner Pass Road, #3 530-582-0429



Photo: Chris Bartkowski

Photo: Chris Bartkowski

Photo: Jeff Dow

Photo: Ryan Salm

North Lake Tahoe: A four season, year-round destination From towering granite mountains with steep terrain and deep snowpack to crystal blue waters and sandy shorelines, North Lake Tahoe’s world-class environment is stunning in all four seasons. From the wow of winter and the dual days of spring, to summer’s official playground and the secret season of fall, each offers something completely different from the next. On the following pages discover the highlights of each season and for additional activity recommendations, visit

IF I CAN DO THIS, I CAN DO ANYTHING! ACHIEVE TAHOE offers year-round adaptive, inclusive recreation programs designed to serve people with intellectual, sensory, and physical disabilities. We strive to serve all ages and all disabilities in their individual quest to build health, confidence, and independence through outdoor recreation. Learn more at or contact us today at 530.581.4161 or

LOCAL LUMINARY Lila Lapanja Lila Lapanja, an Incline Village native, was two years old the first time her parents strapped on skis. She excelled at the sport and began racing competitively for the Diamond Peak team at the age of seven. In doing so, she solidified her commitment to Alpine Ski Racing and is now charging forward with a clear goal in mind: The 2022 Winter Olympics. Lila embodies grit and grace, and as she continues to gain momentum in the ski racing world, she reminds us to embrace our outdoor passions and the limitless opportunities there are to explore. Learn more about Lila at

a winter that wows WELCOME TO A ONE-OF-A-KIND EXPERIENCE Unified by 12 unique towns, the North Lake Tahoe adventurous spirit will open up your mind and awaken your winter soul. Home to North America’s highest concentration of ski resorts, the Sierra region offers miles of diverse terrain to explore. Other options to resort-based skiing and snowboarding include Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, sledding – even surfing on the lake during the right weather conditions. From guided experiences to solo adventures, regional parks in Tahoe City and Tahoe Vista, and public recreation areas like Tahoe Meadows near Incline Village, offer ample opportunities to spread out and try something new. Local Tip: Don’t forget to experience Lake Tahoe in winter months! Discover alpenglow sunsets, lakeshore snowshoeing and stargazing, sledding, dining and shopping experiences in Incline Village, Crystal Bay, Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Carnelian Bay, Tahoe City, Homewood and Tahoma! “North Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts and businesses continue to rise to the challenges presented by COVID-19, investing tirelessly in systems and safeguards that ensure our destination is open and welcoming to travelers seeking the world-class recreation, relaxation and incredible family moments that North Lake Tahoe provides,” said Jeffrey Hentz, CEO of the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association. “Responsibility also lies with each visitor to follow best practices and health mandates so that our North Lake Tahoe staff, resorts and businesses stay safe and open.” Spread the Tahoe stoke by taking some turns at one of our nationally acclaimed resorts. Find experience recommendations and additional mountain recreation areas at


Photo: Jeff Dow

Photo: Jeff Dow

Photo: Jeff Dow







Value, easy access and family-focused fun is what Boreal Mountain California is all about. The resort offers a number of snow activities for all ages, night skiing and access to Woodward Tahoe, a year-round action sports mountain playground.

DIAMOND PEAK SKI RESORT Diamond Peak is a hidden gem located above Incline Village with breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe and miles of terrain to explore.

DONNER SKI RANCH Donner Ski Ranch is a family-friendly ski resort that features a wide variety of terrain, perfect for skiers and riders of all abilities. Fun, value, and an all-around good vibe.

GRANLIBAKKEN SKI AREA With half-priced skiing and sledding day tickets for lodging guests, Granlibakken Tahoe Resort makes it affordable for everyone to get out on the slopes.

HOMEWOOD MOUNTAIN RESORT Homewood Mountain Resort has spectacular views from every run. Homewood’s family-friendly atmosphere and approachable terrain make it a fun, easy choice.

MT. ROSE SKI TAHOE From Tahoe’s highest base (elevation 8,260’), you’re launched nearly 1,800 vertical feet in 3.5 minutes. The reward? Panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and Nevada.

Discover the luxuries of a relaxed, attentionto-detail ski experience at Northstar. Ice skating is also available and the Village area offers many dining and retail options.

SODA SPRINGS Soda Springs Mountain Resort is the best place to explore a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for families new to snow. Conveniently located off of Interstate-80.

SQUAW VALLEY ALPINE MEADOWS Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is an internationally renowned ski resort spanning over 6,000 skiable acres. The Village at Squaw Valley features bars, restaurants, boutiques and galleries. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has the longest ski season in Lake Tahoe due to snowfall and location Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is also known as the Spring Skiing Capital.

SUGAR BOWL RESORT Sugar Bowl is in a prime location near Donner Summit: a place of precipitous peaks, steep narrow chutes and wideopen bowls.

TAHOE DONNER Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Resort is committed to being the best place for family fun and learning in the region. Tahoe Donner offers a unique, fun, affordable family experience for skiers and boarders of all abilities.

Northstar has a stunning mid-mountain cross-country center with scenic trails that are perfect for all Nordic ski styles, snowshoeing, and fat tire biking.

ROYAL GORGE SKI RESORT The largest cross-country ski area in North America, Royal Gorge is known for its sweeping views of the Northern Sierra. Eight different warming huts offer respite from the elements. Dogs allowed on designated trails.

TAHOE CITY WINTER SPORTS PARK The Tahoe City Winter Sports Park offers cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails, an ice-skating rink, and a small sledding hill. Tahoe City Winter Sports Park is dog-friendly.

TAHOE DONNER CROSS-COUNTRY SKI CENTER Voted the Best Cross-Country Center in North Lake Tahoe & Truckee by the Sierra Sun for 5 years and 6th Best Cross-Country Ski Resort in North America by USA Today, Tahoe Donner offers an impeccably kept trail system for all Nordic skill levels.

TAHOE XC Tahoe XC offers a high-quality recreation experience for all ability levels with stunning views of Lake Tahoe. Tahoe XC is a dog-friendly ski area.


springtime is twice the fun

Photo: Ryan Salm

LOCAL LUMINARY Heather Segale For over 15 years, Heather Segale has fostered stewardship programs at UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center. Her work inspires interest in environmental science, and she continues to establish a culture of taking care, while also creating a mindset of personal responsibility. There are two science centers in North Lake Tahoe (Incline Village and Tahoe City) where interactive exhibits provide engaging information about Lake Tahoe, the latest findings from world-class research, and how we can all work together to protect this precious resource. Learn more at

PLAN A DUAL DAY Tahoe’s spring season offers combined winter and summer activities, with many local resorts extending closure dates through late-April and beyond. Lakeside activities begin to take shape as inviting afternoon temperatures usher in warmer summer-like conditions. Plan a dual day by starting on the mountain (skiing, riding, snowshoeing) and end on the water (kayaking, paddle boarding, lounging). Guided kayaking and paddle board tours, private stargazing and adventure courses that include ziplines, ropes and high-altitude cable routes embody some of the outdoor opportunities the destination offers. From hiking and biking to birding and golf, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

VISIT THE TAHOE SCIENCE CENTER “Kids programs are designed to stimulate curiosity and motivate environmental awareness early on. Our Tahoe Science Center in Incline Village explores everything from water quality and lake health to monitoring climate change. We raise awareness about microplastics and ways to reduce plastic usage in every household. Our monthly lecture series covers a broad range of topics, and we recently updated our Citizen Science Tahoe App, which encourages individuals to share observations – identifying litter hot spots, water quality issues, algae growth, and more to help researchers with their work. We talk with people about the basics: the importance of picking up trash (the beach is not an ashtray!), disposing of dog waste (there is no poop fairy!), lake-friendly gardening, and engage regularly about solutions.” —Heather Segale, Education & Outreach Director, UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center


5 ways

to experience a dual day

MAKE SOME BIG TURNS Make some big turns at your favorite ski resort. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is the spring skiing capital and Boreal Mountain spins chairs until 8pm each night. Take an intro to mountaineering course or join a spring backcountry ski tour with Alpenglow Expeditions.

TAKE AN AERIAL TREK Take an aerial trek through the forest with Tahoe Treetop Adventures or hop on your mountain bike and explore the Flume Trail with stunning vista points of Lake Tahoe. Bike rentals are also available through Flume Trail Bikes, located at the base of the Flume Trail.

GET ON THE WATER Get on the water and explore the Lake Tahoe Water Trail, a designated water route connecting public beaches with launch and landing sites. Experience the lake at night with Wild Society Adventures’ Lit Up After Dark Tours on a Clear SUP or kayak.

EXPLORE THE EAST SHORE TRAIL Explore the East Shore Trail which provides non-motorized access to public beaches, coves and trails. End at Sand Harbor and explore The Sand Point Nature Trail, a short-distance trail with interpretive signs and breathtaking views.

GO TO A SPA Pamper yourself at one of the north shore’s spas and book a meditation or yoga class with one of Tahoe’s wellness gurus. Find spa and wellness listings on page 36.

Science exhibits, 3-D movies, and more.

Come explore... TAHOE SCIENCE CENTER Incline Village, NV Tours available Tuesday–Saturday Advance reservations required Schedule a tour: or (775) 881-7566

meet summer

Photo: Michael Okimoto

LOCAL LUMINARY Jenni Charles Jenni grew up as a key fixture in the local music scene, playing at north shore venues alongside her parents and brother. Immersed in a family life that fostered musical creativity, she consumed a wide variety of sounds that continue to influence her soulful mountain string vibe today. In the summer of 2009, Jenni met Jesse Dunn, a guitarist and vocalist, at a northern California music festival. Three weeks later they found themselves in Tahoe City for a joint gig at Commons Beach. In spring of 2010, Dead Winter Carpenters was born and the pair has been making sweet melodies together ever since. Dead Winter Carpenters continue to headline shows at local music venues. Visit for events and to learn more about Jenni’s perspective on what it means to be a touring musician and Mom. Photo: Clare Foster

TAHOE’S OFFICIAL PLAYGROUND Most of us can’t wait until summer to get away. It’s that stirring deep inside each of us that longs to escape: School’s out. The sun’s out. And our desire to get out and enjoy is human nature. North Lake Tahoe is the perfect mix of lakeside adventure and on-mountain activities; it’s the ideal place to escape everyday life – with a thriving summer scene loaded with experiences meant to refresh, recharge and reinvigorate our souls. There is no shortage of activities to check off everyone’s list – from a scenic paddle to a picturesque hike, to lounging on the beach or hitting up the gaming, entertainment and dining scene – there’s so much to do in Summer’s Official Playground. Visit our business listings section starting on page 36, or to learn more about activity providers like Tahoe Via Ferrata, Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks, guided experiences with Tahoe Adventure Company, and the region’s only lift-serviced mountain bike park at Northstar California.

FINDING YOUR MOUNTAIN PLAYGROUND The scenic and impressive North Lake Tahoe mountainside makes the perfect backdrop for your summer adventures. From hikes that are beyond Instagramable to catching the sunrise on an early morning mountain bike ride, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. Tips for enjoying outdoor recreation: 1. Bring a trash bag. Become part of the solution by packing out your garbage. 2. Park only in designated areas. 3. Play during off-peak hours and visit during the middle of the week. 4. Pack patience and kindness, and treat locals and other visitors with respect. 5. Ride public transportation! Visit for many options.


5 ways

to experience summer culture

DISCOVER HISTORY Discover Tahoe’s eclectic history! Take a tour of Thunderbird Lodge and explore secret tunnels and private gardens. The property reflects the eccentricities and environmental preservation wishes of Mr. George Whittell, perhaps the most colorful personality Tahoe has ever seen.

BE ENTERTAINED From live music on the beach and in mountain villages, Shakespeare on the Lake at Sand Harbor and an annual Lake Tahoe Dance Festival showcasing professional dancers in North Lake Tahoe, there are lots of options to choose from. On the Nevada side, enjoy a night out at one of our casinos, and don’t miss our iconic restaurants by visiting

GO GOLFING Recognized as a premier golfing destination in North America, guests will find six championship golf courses and four executive courses within the North Lake Tahoe Basin. Another 14 lie within an hour’s drive of the North Shore.

VISIT MOUNTAIN VILLAGES Don’t forget to experience Lake Tahoe’s mountain villages! Discover stargazing, unique artisan shops, high-end boutiques, gear shops, live music and more at The Village at Squaw Valley and the Village at Northstar.

VOLUNTEER Preserve & Protect: Voluntourism opportunities are abound. Get involved with a beach clean-up through the League to Save Lake Tahoe and download the Citizen Science Tahoe App to report trash hot spots. Drink Tahoe tap and take advantage of the free TART transit system.

Powerboat Rentals Service Department ~ Fuel ~ Shopping and Dining 20 to 23ft · Up to 300 hp · Canopies · Up to 10-person capacity

Kayak & SUP Tours

Mountain Bike Tours Guided Hikes Multisport Adventures Snowshoe Tours Day, Sunset & Full Moon

Mountain Bike Rentals Kayak & SUP Rentals

7010 North Lake Blvd. Tahoe Vista

Tahoe City, CA Grove St.

89 Homewood





Incline Village

Tahoe City Marina

700 North Lake Blvd. Hwy. 28 ~ Tahoe City, CA 530.583.1039 TAHOECITYMARINA.COM

Group & Corporate Outings + Team Building | 530.913.9212

discover fall Photo: Jeff Dow

LOCAL LUMINARY Douglas Dale Douglas Dale is a New York City transplant that has called North Lake Tahoe home for over 40 years. A professional chef by trade and owner of Wolfdale’s Cuisine Unique, Dale chose to call the northern shore of Lake Tahoe home after falling in love with the lifestyle and people in 1979. As an avid cross-country skier and overall outdoor enthusiast, Dale knows how to balance his life as a restaurateur and cookbook writer –by surrounding himself with fresh air, beautiful scenery and endless activities. A sanctuary for Dale and many of his customers, Wolfdale’s is a place for people to enjoy artistically prepared dishes, delicious flavors and unmatched ambiance overlooking Lake Tahoe. Photo: Chris Bartkowski

NORTH LAKE TAHOE’S SECRET SEASON Fall is an amazing time to experience North Lake Tahoe. The crisp mountain air, bold colors and quaint towns make it the perfect place to escape. It’s in our nature to make the most of life – to step outside of your day-to-day, experience something new and seize every minute. In North Lake Tahoe, our nature is your nature; a place that elevates all of life’s moments. Amongst the backdrop of crystal blue shoreline and towering mountains is where you can connect with nature, clear your mind and uplift your spirit. Come up and breath it in–experience why life is naturally elevated up here.

NORTH LAKE TAHOE’S ALE TRAIL This award-winning interactive map and video series is the ultimate resource for finding a frosty brew and outdoor adventure. In North Tahoe, no matter which mountain towns you find yourself exploring, there’s a world-class brewery, bar and/or restaurant near your chosen trailhead. This means you can start your day working up a sweat and end it with regionally-crafted refreshments. Detailed information about the hiking, biking and paddling trails and neighboring watering holes can be discovered digitally by hovering over the map icons on


5 ways

to experience fall in the sierra

IN THE MOUNTAINS Find miles of hiking trails for all skill levels. Remember to stay on designated trail systems and follow signage. Leave no trace and pack out what you brought in. Stop by the North Lake Tahoe Visitor Center to get a full list of regional hikes from one of our experts.

ON THE WATER Rent equipment from one of the North Shore’s many gear outfitters and don’t miss a sunrise or sunset paddle on Lake Tahoe! For cruises and chartered experiences, check out Stellar Tahoe, Sierra Cloud Catamaran, Tahoe Gal and Tahoe Sailing Charters. For rafting experiences on the Truckee River, stop by Truckee River Raft Co. in Tahoe City.

EXPERIENCE THE LAKE TAHOE ALE TRAIL Whether you pedal, paddle or hike, the watering hole at the end of a long day exploring North Tahoe is the incentive that pushes many through that last mile. For adventure-seekers in search of the perfect pairing of singletrack and suds or paddling and pints, look no further. This award-winning, interactive map and video series is the ultimate resource for finding a frosty brew and outdoor adventure.

EXPLORE OUR TOWNS North Lake Tahoe offers an enticing mix of attractions and activities to keep you exploring through the fall season. Shop across five districts to meet the makers, shop owners and chefs that make North Tahoe’s community culture so vibrant.

GO LEAF PEEPING AND BIRD WATCHING Bold fall colors are nothing short of spectacular. Drive through Blackwood Canyon on the West Shore to find granite peaks and aspen groves. Walk or bike along the paved Truckee River Trail beginning in Tahoe City. Hike around Spooner Lake– a beautiful two-mile loop on the east shore.

CUSTOM HAT BAR On Air - Online On Demand - Mobile

Come in and make your own custom hat! With over 120 labels, 45 flags, 30 embroidery colors and 30 hats the possibilities are endless! Located at the Rock in Truckee and in the Village at Northstar Mention this ad for 20% off your purchase at either of our hat bar locations


Photo: Jeff Dow

From charming mountain villages that offer ski-in/ski-out amenities to luxury lakeside retreats that provide adventure concierge services, the Sierra region that surrounds North Lake Tahoe is a quintessential escape in every season. Discover our range of lodging options and book your next stay!

VACATION RENTALS Agate Bay Realty 530-546-4256 | First Accommodations 530-546-5547 | Tahoe North Rentals 880-585-3312 | Club Tahoe Resort 775-831-5750 | Goldfish Properties 775-832-4646 | Hyatt High Sierra Lodge 775-832-0220 | Incline Property Management 775-832-0284 | Incline Vacation Rentals 775-831-3349 |

Sun Bear Vacation Rentals 775-831-9000 |

Castle Peak Vacation Rentals 530-426-1226 |

Vacation Station 775-831-7443 |

Lake Tahoe Accommodations 530-544-3234 |

Brockway Springs Resort 530-546-4201 |

Granite Peak Management 530-583-7545 |

Vacasa Rentals 530-345-9399 |

Tahoe Park Realty 530-583-6942 |

Constellation Residences at Northstar 530-214-0660 |

Chinquapin/ Packard Realty 530-583-6991 |

Martis Valley Vacation Rentals 530-587-4500 |

Hauserman Rental Group 530-583-3793 |

Northstar Mountain Home Vacation Rentals 888-804-2894 |

Sierra Mountain Properties 530-583-0880 |

Tahoe Mountain Lodging 530-550-3300 |

Stay in Lake Tahoe 530-583-4495 |

Squaw Valley Realty/Rentals 530-583-3451 | Olympic Valley

Tahoe Getaways Vacation Rentals 530-583-0220 |

31. North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide

Waters of Tahoe Properties 530-546-8904 |

VACATION RENTALS Tahoe Luxury Properties 530-584-3444 |

Donner Summit Rentals 530-426-9323 |

Tahoe Marina Lakefront Condos 800-748-5650 | Tahoe Moon Properties 886-581-2771 | Tahoe Real Estate Group 530-583-1566 | Tahoe Rentals by Wells and Bennett Realtors 800-858-2463 | Tahoe Tavern Properties 530-583-3704 | Tahoe Time Vacation Rentals 530-583-5522 | Tahoe Vacation Properties 530-583-8986 | Tahoe Vacation Rentals 530-583-3550 | Vacation Tahoe by O’Neal Brokers 800-222-5758 | West Lake Properties 530-583-0268 | Sierra Vacations by Natural Retreats 530-546-8222 | Tahoe Woodside Vacation Rentals 530-546-4698 | VACAY North Tahoe 530-546-9009 |

Tahoe Exclusive Vacation Rentals 530-448-8044 Tahoe Signature Properties 530-562-4242 |

CARNELIAN BAY Tahoe North Shore Lodge 530-546-3425 |

CRYSTAL BAY Border House 775-833-6333 | Tahoe Biltmore Lodge & Casino 775-831-0660 |

INCLINE VILLAGE Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa & Casino 775-832-1234 | Parkside Inn at Incline 775-831-1052 |

KINGS BEACH Ferrari’s Crown Resort 530-546-3388 |

NORDEN|DONNER SUMMIT Cal Lodge Hostel 408-297-5202 | Clair Tappan Lodge 530-426-3632 | The Lodge at Sugar Bowl 530-426-6742 | Rainbow Tavern & Lodge 530-562-5062 |

NORTHSTAR Northstar California Resort 530-562-1010 | Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe 530-562-3000 | Northstar Lodge, A WELK Resort 530-562-3900

OLYMPIC VALLEY Christy Lodge 530-412-5436 | Olympic Village Inn 530-581-6000 | Plumpjack Squaw Valley Inn 530-583-1576 | Red Wolf Lodge at Squaw Valley 530-583-7226 |

Stevenson’s Holliday Inn 530-546-2269 |

Welcome to Cedar Crest

Luxury Vacation Cottages Offering West Shore Views Each uniquely furnished cottage features custom wood or stone flooring, thoughtful décor, luxurious linens, and modern amenities. Your home away from home awaits! BOOK YOUR LAKE TAHOE ESCAPE: 888.451.0156 | CEDARCRESTCOTTAGES.COM

OLYMPIC VALLEY Resort at Squaw Creek 530-583-6300 | Squaw Valley Lodge 885-549-6742 | Village at Squaw Valley Lodging 866-818-6963 |

TAHOE CITY Americas Best Value Inn 530-583-3766 | Basecamp Hotel 530-580-8430 | Cottage Inn at Lake Tahoe 530-581-4073 | Mother Nature’s Inn 530-581-4278 | Peppertree Inn 530-583-3711 | River Ranch Lodge & Restaurant 530-583-4264 | Sunnyside Restaurant & Lodge 530-583-7200 |

Tamarack Lodge 530-583-3350 |

Tahoe Sands 530-546-2592 |

Granlibakken Tahoe Resort 530-583-4242 |

Tahoe Vista Lodge & Cabins 530-546-3523 |


Tahoe Vistana Inn 530-546-2529 |

Cedar Glen Lodge 530-546-4281 |


Firelite Lodge 530-546-7222 |

Cedar Crest Cottages 530-412-9222 |

Franciscan Lakeside Lodge 530-546-6300 |

Lodge at Obexer’s 530-525-5505 |

Holiday House 530-546-2369 |

Meeks Bay Resort & Marina 530-525-6946 |

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort 530-546-9500 |

Tahoma Meadows Cottages Bed & Breakfast 530-525-1553 |

Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge 530-546-6262 |

West Shore Cafe & Inn 530-525-5200 |

Rustic Cottages 530-546-3523 | Tahoe Edgelake Beach Club 530-546-5974 |


STAY-CATION! Stunning Lakefront Suites Expansive Beach & Year-round Activities Central North Shore Location Perfect for Family Celebrations

Save Up to 35% on Multi Night Stays! Go directly to our Booking Engine and enter multi night stays to see the savings or call

530-546-9500 6834 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista, CA 98148 33.

Stay. Adventure. Dine. Year-Round Fun for the Whole Family!

Groups. Hybrid Meetings. Team Building. Ideal Destination for Your Business Needs!




725 Granlibakken Road Tahoe City, CA 96145 (530) 583-4242 Discover more at

Slow down, breathe, unwind. Nestled in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains only minutes from Lake Tahoe.



Photo: Chris Bartowski

From Bike tours and a lift-serviced bike park to golf and ropes courses; kayak and paddle rentals, and skiing across North America’s largest concentration of resorts, the range of activities in North Lake Tahoe are truly endless. Try something new and book a private boat charter or climb the iconic Tram Face in Olympic Valley with experienced guides from Alpenglow Expeditions. Check conditions before each adventure and remember to stay on trails and leave no trace.



Northstar California 530-562-1010 |


Squaw Valley 800-403-0206 |

Aloha Spa Tahoe, 775-832-5551 |


Crystal Nail & Spa, Incline Village 775-831-2679

Bell Limousine 800-235-5466 |

Luxe Nails, Incline Village 775-298-7444 |

North Tahoe Limousine, Crystal Bay 855-414-9866 |

Monaco Nail Salon 775-298-7175 |

North Lake Tahoe Express 866-216-5222

Massage Tahoe 775-292-0650 |

TART Public Transit

Rapture Salon 775-345-3515 | Serendipity Hair Salon 775-831-6869 Sierra Bella Salon 775-832-7777

The Village Salon 775-832-2700

KINGS BEACH K.B. Nails & Spa 530-546-4674 Kings Beach Asian Massage 530-546-2382 | Lake Tahoe Wellness Center 530-546-8201 The Sanctuary 530-546-6005 | Village Hairstyles 530-546-3552 | Well Being Massage & Skin Care 530-546-3335 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY The Spa at Squaw Creek 530-412-7034

North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide 36.

Unique Nail Spa 530-581-0421


Lighthouse Spa 530-583-8100 |

Whispering Winds Lash & Skincare 619-708-9083

Big Blue Bike Rentals at the Hyatt 415-912-0643 |

Clearwater Facial Studio & Wax Bar 530-583-3141 |

Willow Beauty Bar 530-807-1027 |

Flume Trail Bikes 775-298-2501 |

Exotic Nails 530-581-0503


Village Ski Loft & Village Bikes 775-831-3537 |


Hair Works 530-583-5663

North Lake Massage & Skin Care 530-546-4885

Lighthouse Spa at Granlibakken 530-583-8100 |

Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe 530-562-3000 | ritzcarlton/

Magic Touch Massage Center 530-581-4432


Massage On the Lake Day Spa 530-583-3200 | SAGE 530-584-2659 | Salana Hair Studio 530-214-0845 | Salon Bella Vita 530-583-1364 | Shine Hair Studio 530-448-4433 Stillwater Spa & Salon At the Hyatt Regency, Lake Tahoe 775-886-6745 | Tahoe Lash and Brows 530-545-1354 |

CRYSTAL BAY Tahoe Biltmore Lodge & Casino 775-831-0660 |


Vista Trail Bikes 775-298-7431 | Tahoe EBikes 415-302-5462 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Olympic Valley Ski & Bike 530-581-4707


Parallel Mountain Sports 530-452-4478 |

Bowl Incline 775-831-1900 |

Truckee River Bikes 530-581-3399 |

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort Spa & Casino 775-832-1234 |

Olympic Bike Shop 530-581-2500 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Resort at Squaw Creek 530-583-6300 |



Tahoe XC 530-583-5475 | Willards Sport Shop 530-583-3356 |

The Ritz Carlton, Lake Tahoe 530-562-3000 |

Enjoy hundreds of miles of North Lake Tahoe’s paved and backcountry bike trails.

Photo: North Lake Tahoe Resort Assn.



The only thing we overlook is the Lake.

Please visit for updates on summer construction projects and COVID -19 regulations for the North Tahoe Regional Park and Tahoe Vista Recreation Area.

Where Adventure Awaits YOU! NORTH TAHOE REGIONAL PARK Featuring:

Jen Schmidt Photography

SPECTACULAR LAKEFRONT LOCATION for events and celebrations of all sizes!

• Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park NorthTahoeEventCenter 8318 N. Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA The North Tahoe Event Center is owned and operated by North Tahoe Public Utility District

• Boat Launch

• Playground & Picnic Areas

• Beach with Safe Swim Zone

• Off-Leash Dog Park

• Picnic Area

• Disc Golf Course

• Tahoe Water Trail Access

• Hiking & Biking Trails • Tennis & Pickleball Courts



• Adult Exercise Equipment • Sports Fields and more

• Tahoe Adventure Company

- SUP & Kayak Rentals - Sunset, Full Moon & Stargazing Kayak Tours

(530) 546-4212 The North Tahoe Parks are owned and maintained by North Tahoe Public Utility District

Fun for the whole family!

44 YEARS IN OPERATION! POWERBOAT RENTALS · Hourly · Ski Nautiques (up to 6 passengers) · Sport Nautiques (up to 9 passengers) COMPLETE SKI SCHOOL AND WAKEBOARD INSTRUCTION · Wakesurfing | Wakeskating | Wakekiting · US Coast Guard Licensed · Everything Included · All Ages and Abilities · Pro Shop | Sales | Rentals | Repeairs PERSONAL WATERCRAFT RENTALS · SEA · DOO (up to 3 passengers) 4-stroke TRPA approved! · Canoes | Kayaks | Paddleboards Homewood High & Dry Marina (530) 525-1214

Complete Water Sports School | Wakesurfing | Wakeboarding




Homewood High & Dry Marina 530-525-5966 |

Northstar California Mountain Bike Park 530-562-1010 |

WEST SHORE West Shore Sports 530-525-9920 |

BIKE GUIDED TOURS Le Grand Adventure Tours 844-LE-GRAND Tahoe Adventure Company 530-913-9212 | West Shore Sports 530-525-9920 |

BOAT LAUNCHES|MARINAS CARNELIAN BAY Sierra Boat Company 530-546-2551 |

TAHOE CITY Lake Forest Boat Launch 530-581-4017 | Tahoe City Marina 530-583-1039 |

TAHOE VISTA North Tahoe Marina 530-546-8248 |

Obexer’s Boat Company 530-525-7962 | Sunnyside Marina & Watersports 530-583-7201 |

BOATS|JET SKI RENTALS Blue Water Charter 775-391-0321 | Boats on Tahoe 530-386-1002 |

Saulo’s Water Sports 530-448-2767 | Tahoe Blue Boat Rentals 775-241-8227

KINGS BEACH Full Throttle Tahoe 530-546-8774 | North Tahoe Watersports Inc. 530-546-9253 | Tahoe Aquatic Center 530-546-2419



Action Water Sports of Incline Village 775-831-4386 |

Sunnyside Marina & Watersports 530-583-7201 |

Blue Sun Boat Rentals 530-254-4620 |

Tahoe City Marina 530-583-1039 |

Elevated Water Sports lake Tahoe 775-391-6622

Tahoe Jet Boats

Exclusive Tahoe Boat Rentals 775-881-8836 Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals 888-312-1116 | North Shore Boat Rentals 775-298-7298

Tahoe Water Adventures 530-583-9253 Tahoe Waves Boat Rental 530-429-2837 |

TAHOE VISTA Motor Boats Tahoe 530-523-3678 | Premier Boat Rentals 530-553-1536



Rent A Boat Lake Tahoe 775-443-4089 |

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks 530-583-ROPE |



High Sierra Water Ski School 530-525-1214

Northstar Climbing Wall 530-562-1010 |

SWA Watersports-Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals 775-400-6677 |

CINEMAS|MOVIES Incline Village Cinema 530-546-5951 | Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema in Tahoe City 530-583-2431 | Village Cinema at Northstar 530-562-8800 |

CLIMBING WALL|ROPES COURSES ZIP LINES OLYMPIC VALLEY Skyjump Bungee Trampoline 530-581-7563 | Squaw Valley Adventure Center 530-581-7563 | Tahoe Via Ferrata 877-873-5376 |

TAHOE CITY Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks 530-583-ROPE |


Hooked Up Sport Fishing 530-546-2221 | Reel-lentless Fishing Charters 530-518-5525 |

INCLINE VILLAGE Sierra Fin Addicts Fishing Charters 775-225-0979 |


Babierge Lake Tahoe 775-298-1183 |

Matt Heron Fly Fishing 518-225-6587 |

High Sierra Concierge 530-546-6088 |


Tahoe Luxury Services 530-581-3400


Captain Chris’ Fishing Charters 530-583-4857 | Swigard’s Hardware 530-583-1039


Tahoe City Marina 530-583-1039 |

North Tahoe Lions Club Disc Golf 775-832-1300




North Tahoe Regional Park 530-546-4212 |

CrossFit Avalanche 530-546-7703 |

Tahoe Vista Disc Golf 875 National Ave, Tahoe Vista, CA



High Altitude Fitness 775-831-4242 |


Incline Recreation Center 775-832-1300 |

Chuck’s Charter Fishing 530-546-8425 |

TAHOE CITY A Sante Lakeside Fitness 530-583-4283 |



Alpine Meadows Stables 530-583-3905 |

Stellar Tahoe 530-553-1303 |

Tahoe Donner Equestrian Center 530-587-9470 |

Tahoe Gal/North Tahoe Cruises 800-218-2464 |


Tahoe Sailing Charters 530-583-6200 |

Northstar California 530-562-1010 |


Tahoe Pilates 530-414-8886 |

Resort at Squaw Creek 800-327-3353

Incline Village Library 775-832-4130 |


Tahoe City Winter Sports Park 530-583-1516 |

Massage Integrating Xercise AdvanceD Bodywork by Stephanie 530-562-5052 | Strength Solutions 530-448-4880 | Tahoe Fit 530-213-3422 |

TAHOE VISTA Tahoe Flow Arts & Fitness 530-546-2343 |

CRYSTAL BAY Crystal Bay Club Casino 775-833-6333 | Jim Kelley’s Nuggett 775-831-0455 Tahoe Biltmore Lodge & Casino 800-245-8667 |

INCLINE VILLAGE Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort 775-832-1234 |


KAYAK|STANDUP PADDLE BOARD RENTALS North Tahoe Paddle 530-448-7054 | Tahoe Water Sports Guided Paddleboard Tours 530-430-7669 |

CARNELIAN BAY Waterman’s Landing 530-546-3590 |



Alpha One Watersports 775-413-4463 |

Incline Village Championship Course 775-832-1146 |

Sand Harbor Rentals 530-581-4336 |

Incline Village Mountain Course 775-832-1150 |



Adrift Tahoe 530-546-4112 |

The Links at Squaw Creek 530-581-6637 |

Crystal Kayak Wild Society 530-553-1771 |

TAHOE CITY Tahoe City Golf Course 530-583-1516 |

Lakeshore Sports 530-553-1660 |


North Tahoe Watersports Inc. 530-546-9253 |

Old Brockway 530-546-9909 |

Tahoe Aquatic Center 530-546-2419 |


Tahoe Paddle & Oar 530-581-3029 |



Martis Camp Club 530-550-6000 |

Tahoe Adventure Company 530-913-9212 |

Northstar California Resort 530-562-3290 |


Tahoe Donner Golf Course 530-587-9400 | Tahoe Mountain Club 530-550-9400 |

MINIATURE GOLF KINGS BEACH Kings Beach Miniature Golf 530-546-3196 |

Tahoe City Kayak 530-581-4336 | Willards Sport Shop 530-583-3356 |

WEST SHORE High Sierra Water Ski School 530-525-1214 | West Shore Sports 530-525-9920 |



Magic Carpet Miniature Golf 530-546-4272

INCLINE VILLAGE Sierra Cloud Catamaran 775-831-4386 |

Kings Beach Library 530-546-2021 | Tahoe City Library 530-583-3382 |

MUSEUMS OLYMPIC VALLEY Olympic Museum 800-403-0206 |

TAHOE CITY Gatekeeper’s Museum 530-583-1762 | Tahoe City Historic Fish Hatchery 530-583-3279 |

INCLINE VILLAGE UCDavis Tahoe Science Center 775-881-7560 | Tahoe Institute for Natural Sciences 775-298-0060 |

PARASAILING|PARAGLIDING KINGS BEACH North Tahoe Parasail 530-546-7698 |

TAHOE CITY Lake Tahoe Parasail-North Tahoe Watersports 530-583-7245 |

TRUCKEE Uprising Paragliding 530-414-1465 |

RAFTING THE TRUCKEE RIVER TAHOE CITY Truckee River Raft Company 530-581-0123 | Truckee River Rafting 530-583-1111 |

ROLLER SKATING Northstar California 530-562-1010 |

SKI GEAR AND RENTALS INCLINE VILLAGE Lakeshore Sports 530-553-1660 | Village Ski Loft 775-831-3537 |






Alpine Meadows 800-403-0206 |


Tahoe Dave’s Ski & Snowboard Rentals 530-546-5800 |

TRUCKEE Burton – Northstar 530-562-8014 | Northstar Sports 530-562-1010 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Parallel Mountain Sports 530-452-4478 | Olympic Valley Ski & Bike 530-581-4707 | Olympic Boot Works 530-581-0747 |

Granlibakken Ski & Sled Hill 530-581-7533 |

TRUCKEE Northstar California Resort 530-562-2267 | Tahoe Donner 530-587-9444 |

WEST SHORE Homewood Mountain Resort 530-525-2992 |


Squaw Creek Sports 530-583-6300

Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort 530-426-3871 |

Tahoe Dave’s Skis and Boards 530- 583-5665 |

Resort at Squaw Creek Cross Country 530-581-6637

Squaw Alpine Ski & Snowboard Rental 530-452-4175 |


Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours 530-546-4280 |

TRUCKEE Coldstream Adventures Tours 530-582-9090 |

SNOWSHOEING INCLINE VILLAGE Village Ski Loft 775-831-3537 |

KINGS BEACH Tahoe Dave’s Ski & Snowboard Shop 530-546-5800 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Alpenglow Expeditions 877-873-5376 | Squaw Creek Sports 530-583-6300


Tahoe Dave’s Ski & Snowboard Shop 530-583-5665 |

Surefoot Custom Bootfitters 530-581-2421 |

Tahoe City Winter Sports Park 530-583-5475 |


The Ledge Boardshop 530.452.4477 |

Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area 530-583-5475 |



Granlibakken Ski & Sled Hill 530-581-7533 |

Alpenglow Sports 530-583-6917 |

Northstar California Resort 530-562-2267 |

Sierra State Parks Foundation 530-583-9911 |

Tahoe Dave’s Skis and Boards 530-583-6415 |

Tahoe Donner 530-587-9444 |

Tahoe Dave’s Ski & Snowboard Shop 530-583-0400 |

Any Mountain 530-580-8240 |



Willards Sport Shop 530-583-3356 |

WEST SHORE West Shore Sports 530-525-9920 |

SKI RESORTS|DOWNHILL INCLINE VILLAGE | RENO Diamond Peak Ski Resort 775-832-1177 | Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe 775-849-0704 |

NORDEN | DONNER SUMMIT Boreal Mountain California 530-426-3666 |

TAHOE VISTA Tahoe Adventure Company 530-913-9212 |

TRUCKEE Tahoe Star Tours 530-562-1010 |

SLEDDING|TUBING OLYMPIC VALLEY Squaw Valley Resort 530-452-4331 |

TAHOE CITY Granlibakken Ski & Sled Hill 530-581-7533 |


Soda Springs Mountain Resort 530-426-1010 |

North Tahoe Regional Park 530-546-4212 |

Sugar Bowl Resort 530-426-9000 |



Northstar California Resort 530-562-2267 | Tahoe Donner 530-587-9400 |

Squaw Valley Resort 530-452-4331 |


Donner Ski Ranch 530-426-3635 |

Borges Sleigh & Carriage Rides at Sand Harbor 775-588-2953 |


Alpenglow Sports 530-583-6917 |

Tahoe Adventure Company 530-913-9212 |

TRUCKEE Tahoe Donner 530-587-9400 |

WEST SHORE West Shore Sports 530-525-9920 |


INCLINE VILLAGE Incline Village Recreaton Center 775-832-1300 |

TAHOE CITY Granlibakken 800-543-3221 | Kilner Park 530-580-6279 |

TAHOE VISTA North Tahoe Regional Park 530-546-4212 |

YOGA INCLINE VILLAGE Awareness Village 775-298-1663 | D.C.’s Pilates 775-298-2356 | Ivy Studio 775-800-7477 | Safe Spine Fitness - Pilates & Yoga 805-708-1666 | Tahoe Core Pilates /Tahoe Total Fitness 775-548-5002 |



5th Element Healing Center Lake Tahoe 530-448-4220 |

Mountain Lotus Yoga Tahoe City 530-583-7500 |

Body Wellness Massage Therapy 530-395-3210 |

Tahoe Core Pilates /Tahoe Total Fitness 775-548-5002 |

Lake Tahoe Wellness Center 530-546-8201 |

Tahoe Pilates 530-414-8886 |

The Sanctuary 530-546-6005 |

The Yoga Room

Well Being Massage & Skin Care 530-546-3335 |

TAHOE VISTA Tahoe Flow Arts & Fitness 530-213-6001 |

wellness S TAT E

Photo: Ann-Britt Hakansson

MOUNTAIN THERAPY: DISCONNECT IN NORTH LAKE TAHOE There has never been a more important time to prioritize self-care rituals and establish new routines that maximize wellbeing. The North Lake Tahoe region offers boundless opportunities to reconnect with your inner self and even redefine what that connection looks like. Recharge your spirit in the outdoors with a guided full moon snowshoe tour, take your dog cross country skiing, or try something new like mountain biking. Tap into the knowledge from North Tahoe’s plethora of wellness experts and book one-on-one sessions with energy healers, yoga and meditation gurus, or learn the science behind Ayurvedic medicine to discover new ways of mindfulness and healing. Spas are open in accordance with state guidance and safety precautions are implemented across all industry sectors.

North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide 44.

D I N I N G | B A R S | C AT E R I N G

Photo: Augustine Agency

Something for Every Palate: North Lake Tahoe is not just one of the most beautiful and sought-after destinations in the world—it’s also one of the most exciting places to indulge your inner foodie. With more than 150 different dining experiences ranging from authentic street food to five-star fine dining, there’s more than a little something for every palate. Many of these restaurants offer take-out options, meaning you can enjoy Tahoe’s decadent dining options on-the-go. North Tahoe Catering 530-448-7462 |

Gar Woods Grill & Pier 530-546-3366 |

Austin’s Restaurant 775-832-7778 |

Picnic Catering 775-560-6969 |

Old Post Office Cafe 530-546-3205 |

Austin’s Ice Cream & Coffee Shop 775-832-7778 |

Parsley Fresh Eats - Catering (775) 831-FOOD |

Waterman’s Landing 530-546-3590 |

Azzara’s 775-831-0346 |



Bertie’s Hot Chicken 775-413-5050 |

Crest Cafe & Catering 530-581-3037 |

Bilty’s 775-831-0660 |

Bigfoot Deli 775-832-6666 |

Meadow’s Cafe 800-403-0206 |

Cafe Biltmore 775-830-6730 |

Big Water Grille 775-833-0606 |

Mogrog’s Cafe 800-403-0206 |

Crystal Bay Steak & Lobster House 775-833-6333 | 14 Hwy 28, Crystal Bay, NV

Bite Restaurant 775-831-1000 |

Treat’s Cafe 800-403-0206 |

CARNELIAN BAY CB’s Bistro 530-546-473 |

Joe’s Cafe 775-831-7156

Chopsticks 775-833-3663 | Clay Oven 775-831-8317 |

INCLINE VILLAGE Alibi Aleworks: Incline Public House 775-831-8300 |

Crosby’s Grill, Pub and Casino 775-833-1030 |

North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide 46.

INCLINE VILLAGE Cutthroat’s Saloon, Hyatt 775-832-1234 | Drink Coffee. Do Stuff. 775-298-2402 | Fredrick’s Fusion Bistro 775-832-3007 FUMO Cafe, Eatery & Bar 775-833-2200 | Glasses Wine Bar 530-270-9463 | Grille at The Chateau 775-832-1178 |

Thania’s Juice Bar 775-298-2858 Tunnel Creek Cafe 775-298-2502 | Village Market 775-831-5025 | Village Meats 775-831-6243 | Village Pub 775-832-7212 |

KINGS BEACH Bear Belly Brewing Company 775-412-7694 |

Gus’ Open Pit BBQ 775-831-4487 |

Burrito Window 530-553-1770 |

Incline Sprits 775-831-9292 |

Caliente 530-546-1000 |

Inclined Burgers and Brews 775-298-7909 |

Char Pit 530-546-3171 |

Indu’s Asian Noodles & Curries 775-831-8317 |

Chub’s Subs 530-553-1820 |

Jiffy’s Pizza Incline 775-831-6161 |

D’Lish Catering Company 530-553-1702 |

Koi Sushi 775-298-2091

Grid Bar & Grill 530-546-0300 |

La Fondue 775-831-6104 |

Hiro Sushi 530-546-4476

Le Bistro 775-831-0800 |

Jasons Beachside Grille 530-546-3315 |

The Local 775-831-0568

Java Hut 530-553-1300

Lone Eagle Grille 775-886-6899 |

La Mexicana 530-546-0310 |

Lupita’s Méxican Restaurant 775-833-4141 |

Las Panchitas 530-546-4539 |

Mofo’s Pizza 775-831-4999 |

Mi Ranchito Meat Market & 7 Taqueria 530-546-0310 |

Mountain High Sandwich Co. 775-298-2636 |

Nourish 530-307-8717 |

Paddle Wheel Saloon 775-831-2596

Safeway 530-546-0170 |

Rookies 775-831-9008 |

Soule Domain 530-546-7529 |

Raley’s 775-831-3400 |

Spindleshanks 530-546-2191 |

Sage Leaf Tahoe 775-413-5005 |

Starbucks 530-546-0170 |

Starbucks 775-831-6615 |

Steamers Beach Side Bar & Oven 530-546-2218 |

Sunshine Deli & Catering 775-832-2253 |

Subway 530-546-4113 |

Susie Scoops Ice Cream 775-831-8181 |

Sweet Tahoe Time Ice Cream 530-546-9998

Sierra Cafe, Hyatt 775-832-1234 |

Taco Bell 530-546-2215 |

T’s Mesquite Rotisserie 775-831-2832 |

Tacos Jalisco 530-546-3256

Tahoe Provisions, Hyatt 775-832-1234 |

Tahoe Central Market 530-546-8344 |

Thai Recipe 775-831-4777 |

White Caps Pizza 530-546-2200 |


NORDEN|DONNER SUMMIT Euro Snack 530-581-0600 | Sierra Vista Bar & Grill 530-426-9000 |

NORTHSTAR Bourbon Pub 530-562-3200 | Copper Lane Cafe 530-587-7793 | Euro Snack 530-581-0600 | Grille at Sawtooth Ridge 530-562-1010 | Lodge At Big Springs 530-562-3452 | Los Arcos Mexican Grill 530-386-3171 | Martis Valley Grille 530-562-2490 | Petra Wine Bar 530-562-0600 | Rubicon Pizza Bistro 530-562-2199 | Starbucks 530-562-3680 | Summit Lodge 530-562-3471 | Zephyr Lodge 530-562-3526 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Auld Dubliner 530-584-6041 | Alices Mountain Market 530-581-2014 | Bar One Lounge CoffeeBar 530-580-4200 | Daves Deli 530-581-1085 | Euro Snack 530-581-0600 | Fireside Pizza Company 530-829-0982 | KT Base Bar Le Chamois 530-583-4505 | Oh! Burger 800-403-0206 | Plaza Bar PlumpJack Cafe & Bar 530-583-1576 | Poolside Grill 800-403-0206 | Rocker@Squaw 530-584-6080 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Sandy’s Pub 530-581-6617 | Six Peaks Grille 530-581-6621 | Slot Bar 800-403-0206 | Smokehouse BBQ 800-403-0206 | Starbucks 530-584-6120 | Sweet Potatoes Deli 530-583-6300 | Terrace Restaurant & Bar 800-403-0206 | Tremigo Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar 530-509-5809 | 22 Bistro 530-584-6170 | 22 Uncorked Squaw 530-584-6090 | WIldflour Baking Company 530-583-1963 | Zeus Mediterranean 800-403-0206 |

TAHOE CITY As You Wish Catering 530-228-3111 | Bacchis Inn 530-583-3324 | Blue Agave 530-583-8113 | Bridgetender Tavern & Grill 530-583-3342 | Cafe Zenon 530-583-1517 | Cedar House Pub 530-583-4242 | Christy Hill 530-583-8551 | Coffee Connexion 530-583-6023 Dam Cafe 530-581-0278 | Euro Snack 530-581-0600 | Fat Cat Deli & Cafe 530-583-3855 | tahoefatcat.coom

Fire Sign Cafe 530-583-0871 |

Tahoe Tap Haus 530-584-2886 |

Front Street Station 530-583-3770 |

Thai Kitchen 530-583-1784 |

Jakes on the Lake 530-583-0188 |

Uncorked Tahoe City 530-581-1106 |

Market 28 530-583-1187 |

West Shore Market & Deli 530-584-2475 |

Mirada Restaurant

Wolfdales Restaurant 530-583-5700 |

Moe’s Original BBQ 530-807-1023 |

Za’s Lakefront 530-583-9292 |

Mountain Magic Catering 530-412-1537 |


Mountain Slice Cafe & Creamery 530-583-0000 |

Cable Car Ice Cream 530-546-9500 |

Perrer’s Taqueria 530-583-8226 |

Jiffys Pizza 530-583-3303 |

Pete N Peters 530-583-2400 |

Lanza’s Restaurant 530-546-2434 |

Pioneer Cocktail Club 530-523-0402 |

Old Range Steakhouse 530-546-4800 |

Poppy’s Frozen Yogurt 530-581-0885 |

Pep’s Place 530-553-1607 |

River Grill 530-581-2644 |


River Ranch Lodge & Restauant 530-583-4264 |

Backyard Bar & BBQ 530-562-3000 |

Rosies Cafe 530-583-8504 |

Cafe Blue 530-562-3000 |

Safeway 530-583-2772 |

Drunken Monkey 530-582-9755 |

Save Mart 626 530-583-5231 |

Fifty Fifty Brewing Company 530-587-2337 |

Spoon 530-581-5400 |

Hey Chef 530-414-3439 |

Stony Ridge Uncommon Kitchen 530-583-3663

The Living Room 530-562-3000 |

Subway 530-412-5026 |

Manzanita 530-562-3050 |

Sunnyside Restaurant & Lodge 530-583-7200 |


Syds Bagelry & Espresso 530-584-2384 Tahoe City Sushi 530-414-4731 | Tahoe Fullers 530-428-5386 | Tahoe House Bakery & Gourmet 530-583-1377 |

49. North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide

Chamber’s Landing Bar & Grill 530-525-9190 | Euro Snack 530-581-0600 | Swiss Lakewood Restaurant 530.525.5211 Tahoma Market 530-525-7411 |


Photo: Augustine Agency

The North Lake Tahoe shopping experience extends across five districts and features a combination of goods by artisans and makers, chefs and outdoor gear gurus. Discover a range of boho-inspired items at Wild Society in Kings Beach, then head across the street to Wellbeing for stones, crystals, candles and more. Visit the newly opened Louie & Pip in Tahoe City and stop by Tahoe Trunk Show and North Tahoe Arts for incredible works by local artists. For new gear and rentals, meet the experts at Tahoe Dave’s and Alpenglow Sports. Shop small! Shop local!





Eadington Gallery 530-583-9000 |

Village Ski Loft 775- 831-3537 |

Gatekeepers Museum 530-583-1762 |


Gallery At Incline 775-831-7077 Handmade at the Lake 775-833-0637 | Piper J Studio 775-220-0325 | Village Interiors 775-831-886 |

KINGS BEACH Brockway Art and Culinary Antiques 530-559-3621 | Lake Tahoe Photo Gallery 530-553-1458 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Gallery Keoki 530-583-1404 |

Kiwi Kamera Art Gallery 530-525-5494 | Muse–Art Reclaimed North Tahoe Arts 530-581-2787 | Pablo’s Gallery & Frame Shop 530-583-3043 | Trunk Show 530-584-7554 |


Adrift Tahoe 530-546-4112 | Lakeshore Sports 530-553-1660 | Tahoe Dave’s Ski & Snowboard Shop (winter) 530-546-5800 | Robins Nest 530-546-3239 | Sierra Shirts & Shades 530-546-7449

OLYMPIC VALLEY The North Face 530-452-4365 |


Parallel Mountain Sports 530-452-4478 |

Estelle Sports (winter Only) 530-581-8323 |

Patagonia 530-452-4455 |

51. North Lake Tahoe Annual Visitor Guide

Sustainable & Handmade Art, Jewelry & Stuff featuring Bella Petunia Jewelry Lake Tahoe

Cobblestone Center | 475 North Lake Blvd. | Tahoe City

Handmade beanies and other soft goods locally based in Reno, NV. Follow us on instagram @calderacompany Or find us at Lake Tahoe

Local Art and Fine Craft Artisan Gift Shop – 20+ local artists! Family Art Saturdays Kid’s Art Camps Guest Artists Workshops Themed Exhibits Informal Gathering of Artists Check our website for events

380 North Lake Blvd., Tahoe City, CA 96145 | (530) 581-2787 |


Lather & Fizz Bath Boutique 530-583-9900 |


Leffler Leather Goods 925-323-1560 |

Plumpjack Sport 530-584-6181 |

Louie & Pip 530-584-2778 |

Kalifornia Jean Bar 530-581-5326 |

Tahoe Logowear Co. 530-583-7205 |

KTees Logo Wear 530-452-4379 |

Tahoe T Shirtery 530-581-0993 |

Lather & Fizz Bath Boutique 530-584-6001 |

Tipsy Gypsy Boutique 530-584-2210 |



KINGS BEACH Hygge Lake Tahoe 530-563-8147 | Jai Yen 530-546-7775 | Robin’s Nest 530-546-2329 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Spruced Gift & Home 530-584-6253 |

TAHOE CITY All Fired Up! Tahoe ~ Creative Studio & Gifts 530-584-2828 |


Alpine Home Furnishings 530-564-0971 |

Handmade At The Lake 775-833-0637 |

Cabin Fever 530-583-8143 |

High Sierra Gardens 775-831-7575 |

Geared For Games 530-581-4263


Incline Village/Crystal Bay Vistiors Bureau 775-832-1606 |

Alpenglow Sports 530-583-6917 |

Heartwood Floristry & Planterium 530-581-2180 |

Panache 775-831-5000 |

Any Mountain 530-580-8240 |

Hemmings & Jarrett 530-583-0408 |

The Potlatch 775-833-2485 |

Tahoe Dave’s Ski & Snowboard Shop 530-583-0400 |

North Lake Tahoe Visitor Center 530-581.6900 |

Village Interiors 775-831-8868 |

Pineapple Tahoe 530-583-1388 |

Oakley 530-452-4378 | Salomon Squaw One Logo Company 530-584-6250 |

Camilas At Tahoe 530-583-0120


Photo: Ming Poon

Tahoe Furniture Company 530-583-1843 |

A Magical Place for Children of All Ages Clothing from newborn to size 14, a large selection of toys, books, accessories, and shoes.

10104 Donner Pass Road


FLORISTS|HOME|GIFTS TAHOE CITY Boatworks Mall— The Lucky Horseshoe Tahoe Wine Collective Tahoe Gourmet Baskets

775-831-8181 | Village Toys 775-831-8181 |

Tahoe House Bakery & Gourmet 530-583-1377 |


West Shore Market 530-584-2475 |

Mind Play 530-584-6133 |

Tahoma Market 530-525-7411 |



Trunk Show 530-584-7554 |

All Fired Up! Tahoe ~ Creative Studio & Gifts 530-584-2828 |


Geared For Games 530-581-4263

Waterman’s Landing 530-546-3590 |

Ruffles & Ruffnecks 530-583-1128 |




INCLINE VILLAGE Forever Rox Fine Jewelry 775-831-4544 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Double Diamond Jewelry 530-581-5321 |

TAHOE CITY Bluestone Jewelry 530-581-4298 | Steve Schmier’s Jewelry 530-583-5709 |

KINGS BEACH Tahoe Central Market 530-546-8344 |

OLYMPIC VALLEY Alice’s Mountain Market & Bottle Shop 530-581-2014 |


Village Ski Loft 775-831-3537 | Adrift Tahoe 530-546-4112 | Lakeshore Sports 530-553-1660 | North Tahoe Watersports Inc. 530-546-9253 |


Tahoe Aquatic Center 530-546-2419 | tahoeaquaticcenter. com


Market 28 530-583-1187 |

Tahoe Dave’s Ski & Snowboard Rentals 530-546-5800 |

BabyQuip - baby gear rentals 775-298-1183 |

Tahoe City Chocolates 530-583-6652 |

Tahoe Paddle & Oar 530-581-3029 |


Susie Scoops Ice Cream

Respect Protect


Take Care

Join us at


OLYMPIC VALLEY The Ledge Boardshop 530-452-4477 | Olympic Boot Works 530-581-0747 | Olympic Valley Ski & Bike 530-581-4707 | Squaw Creek Sports 530-583-6300 Tahoe Dave’s Skis and Boards 530- 583-5665 | Surefoot Custom Bootfitters 530-581-2421 | Parallel Mountain Sports 530-452-4478 | Squaw Creek Sports 530-583-6300 Tahoe Dave’s Skis and Boards 530- 583-5665 | Surefoot Custom Bootfitters 530-581-2421 |

TAHOE CITY Alpenglow Sports 530-583-6917 | Tahoe Dave’s Skis and Boards 530-583-6415 |

Mountain Hardware & Sports offers a variety of hardware, outdoor apparel, fishing gear, home elements, barbecues, patio furniture, and more!

Any Mountain 530-580-8240 | Swigard’s Hardware 530-583-3735 | Tahoe Dave’s Boardshop 530-583-0400 | Tahoe City Kayak 530-581-4336 | Willards Sport Shop 530-583-3356 |

TRUCKEE Burton - Northstar 530-562-8014 | Northstar Sports 530-562-1010 |

WEST SHORE High Sierra Water Ski School 530-525-1214 | West Shore Sports 530-525-9920 |

Check out our new location! 10001 SOARING WAY TRUCKEE, CA | 530.563.2950 11320 DONNER PASS RD. TRUCKEE, CA | 530.587.4844 56.

take care TA H O E Photo: NLTRA

WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR VISIT! As a visitor to the Tahoe area, it can be overwhelming to choose from all of the outdoor recreation options. You can hike a trail to a waterfall, mountain bike to a towering peak, or stroll on a path by the lake. There is no shortage of ways to take in the majesty of Tahoe. You may wonder while you are out exploring, who built these trails? Who takes care of the forest? How does the Lake maintain its amazing clarity? More than 50 partners work together to help take care of Tahoe. From projects to prevent wildfire, to removal of aquatic invasive species, to construction of new trails. This massive collaboration of partners works to ensure there is a balance between the human and natural environments so that Tahoe can be enjoyed for future generations. One of these partners is the Tahoe Fund. The mission of the nonprofit is to use the power of philanthropy to improve the Lake Tahoe environment for all to enjoy. Since 2010, the Tahoe Fund has helped to secure more than $50 million in public funding to support more than 50 projects. Some of these projects include the spectacular East Shore Trail, the Homewood Bike Path, removal of aquatic invasive weeds from the Tahoe City Dam, and the Dollar Creek Shared Use Path. All of this was made possible by generous donations from people just like you. To learn more about the Tahoe Fund’s current projects and how you can give back please visit

Get Closer, Faster!


Socata TBM 700

Your Air Taxi to the West Piper Matrix









Call for more info (408) 805-4359 or go to


Truckee Tahoe Airport works diligently to be a good neighbor and partner with our growing community.

Photo: Tom Lippert; Pilot: Laurel Lippert

Help us protect our serene outdoor environment – it’s why people visit, it’s why people live here, it’s why people fly here. The Airport Board of Directors and staff are engaging with our community on new programs such as: • Implementing Green House Gas reduction programs in our skies and on the ground. • Developing new flight procedures to mitigate aircraft noise and annoyance. • Partnering with local agencies to tackle regional issues like workforce housing, transportation, wildfire prevention and tourism. • Exploring ways to enhance our Airport’s connection with the community and airport users. Learn how visitors, community members, pilots and passengers are working together to keep the Truckee/North Tahoe area an amazing place!