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Unfriendly neighbour

cover photo

Mosque Jama Masjid in Delhi, which opened in 1656, is one of the largest mosques in India, a country that enchants with incredible sites, from chaotic city to national park (page 21).

March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists


from the editor

Into the wild

haida gwaii

Sailing in Haida Gwaii is an exploration at the edge of the world and into the Canadian Galapagos: mate Liam Ogle and a beautiful urchin shell at Hotspring Island (page 39).



barb sligl

comes in the form of sea lions, whales and an a destination change you? Does a profound place or journey elevate urchins, oh my! It’s as exotic as anything you? And stay with you? Yes, yes, yes! across the world, but at the edge of this very Think Eat Pray Love. That now-cliché country—our own Galapagos (page 39). book conjures up entitled and self-absorbed The stories that stem from such travels westerners on privileged pilgrimages to have the potential to hit a nerve…and “find themselves.” But it still shares an win awards. We’re happy to announce important message. If you have the means two silver prizes from the North American and mindset (read: open), travel Travel Journalists Association’s Comments or questions? 2017 Awards: for illustrated can be the best classroom, Reach us at feedback@ therapy session, retreat. story (“Into and Out of the InPrintPublications.com. Northwest Passage,” Nov/ When Dr. Peter Brindley decided to take a sabbatical Dec 2016) and landscape from his intense practice, he travelled far on photography (“Winter Wonderland,” Jan/ his journey…all the way to Nepal and India, Feb 2017), as well as four finalist prizes for where he chased wildlife in national parks both stories and photography. These awards and practised his “namaste” (page 21). were earned in some esteemed company Spiritual lessons and creatures of another (see justforcanadiandentists.com for full sort lie off the northwest coast of BC, in the details) and we congratulate our winning storied islands of Haida Gwaii. Here, wild contributors and all those recognized. Bravo!

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Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018


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beach bound

take me to


It’s time to heat things up…and make a getaway south to the Caribbean for a spring break and summer preview >>

barb sligl

spring break March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists




Mayan magic


heat it up

Dive deep into Mexico’s Mayan Riviera in Cancún and Tulum

royal in Cancún



moke wafts in between sunbeams that pierce through the thick canopy of trees. Its woodsy scent comes from amber-like chunks—copal—burning over hot embers on a natural-stone altar. This resin has long been used by the Maya for medicinal, spiritual and practical (bye, bye mosquitoes) purposes, and Santos, a local shaman (also known as a J-man or H-man in Mayan parlance), is channelling its positive energy in a purification ceremony as a small group of us gather around him in a semi-circle…before we descend into a cenote. Whatever your personal beliefs, the ritual itself feels poignant, especially here, deep in the jungle on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, after a visit to the ancient seaside Mayan city of Tulum (see previous page) and as the sun sets and seems to glow as amber as the copal. With Santos’ “blessing,” I’m ready to take a dip into the underworld. The clear, freshwater pools or sinkholes that punctuate the limestone bedrock of the Yucatán Peninsula are said to be the refuge of spirits, and passing through these cenotes is a cleansing experience. After immersing and emerging, I do feel rejuvenated…and ready for a mezcal margarita. Back on the Mayan Riviera, at the Paradisus Cancún, I have one (or two) at the all-inclusive’s Blue Agave restaurant that’s modelled after a traditional taquería. Ahhh, buenisima… I also learn to say sabrosa for all the food I partake in at the resort’s nine restaurants—from classic Mexican fare like chapulines or fried grasshoppers (they have a salty, spicy crunch, much like chips) that come as a garnish with guacamole (a must-order at La Palapa open-air restaurant) to the contemporary Basque cuisine of Chef Martin Berasategui (who has six Michelin stars) at Tempo restaurant. And I spot a modern-day Frida Kahlo at Mole restaurant…I also take a ceviche-making class (and learn that Mexican-style ceviche has camaron or shrimp while the Caribbean version has fish), but mainly I just sample all the varieties of ceviche I can…again and again. I settle into a rhythm of eat, drink, lounge, swim, repeat. “Bali beds” at the resort’s Coco’s Beach Club and Royal Service side (luxe VIP accommodations with a butler) make a posh base on the beach or by the pool. The farthest I venture is to YHI spa (named for an ancient goddess), where a hot/cold ritual is another form of cleansing. Not quite the cenote, but it’ll do just fine. — Barb Sligl

Modern-day Frida Kahlo

h ot pe e sc a

Cenote near Tulum

“Bali beds” at Paradisus Cancún

Guacamole with chapulines

Mayan purification ceremony

Mezcal margarita

[get spiritual]

if you go Stay at the all-inclusive, Royal Service at Paradisus Cancún:

melia.com/en/hotels/mexico/cancun/royal-service-at-paradisus-cancun. For more on Mexico, go to visitmexico.com.

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

Explore Mayan culture with a visit to the ancient site of Tulum, followed by a visit with a local shaman and cleansing dip in a cenote. gonatural explorers.com

barb sligl





jewelry wild gift This 18k rose-gold Elephant Brooch (with a diamond held in its tusk) is part of the Tiffany Save the Wild collection. It’s lovely enough on its own but what makes this piece most precious: 100% of the profits go to the Elephant Crisis Fund, an initiative of Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network (supporting anti-poaching, anti-trafficking and ivory demand reduction projects worldwide). Even better, Tiffany & Co. has committed to a minimum donation to the Elephant Crisis Fund of USD $1,000,000 by January 31, 2019. $2,450; tiffany.ca



classic tome


It was a dark and stormy night… Madeleine L’Engle’s 1962 literary masterpiece has long been a favourite, but now the book has been turned into a film (thanks to Oprah), coming out in March. Join the masses… but reread first. $8.50; chapters.indigo.ca

top + bottom left: photos Tiffany & Co.; far right: courtesy Atelier trema


w or th y c a u se

Pin a worthy cause, display a bloom, watch (blue) sand fall, drape that wrist, read a buzzy book… ­by Barb Sligl

alpha omega OMEGA’s role as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games launched in 1932, and now, with the latest Olympic Winter Games, the renowned watchmaker has launched a limited edition of a classic— the Seamaster Planet Ocean “PyeongChang 2018” in bold red and blue (think Korean flag)—so you can keep celebrating. $8,650; omega watches.com


showpiece feeling blue Watch the sands of time fall…happily in this lovely, legendary blue. Tiffany’s line of Everyday Objects, like this hourglass, with American-walnut and sterling-silver accents, make the ordinary extraordinary. $880; tiffany.ca

d ispla y c a se

décor objet d’art Hand-thrown (tournassage) in the Eastern Townships of Québec by Atelier Tréma, this decorative ceramic vase (and several other mixand-match variations of the pear-like vessel) fits any décor, contemporary or even rustic. The pale-grey hues of the clay is the studio’s own signature ceramic combo, created to evoke the elements of an east-coast seascape, including salt, sand and sun. Insert a bare branch or feather or single, spring bloom and voilà! $25; ateliertrema.com

March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists


p h o t o p r e s c r i p t i o n m i c h a e l d e f r e i ta s Michael DeFreitas is an award-winning photographer who’s been published in a wide variety of travel publications. With his initials, MD, he’s been nicknamed “doc,” making his photography prescriptions apropos.

Coast with the most

There is nothing artificial about Puerto Vallarta…what you see is what you get

destination photography

Capture the charm of puerto vallarta, one of Mexico’s more laidback beach locales

bring on the blur

When traditional dance troupes travel from the countryside to perform in PV, I try for an overhead shot of the show, using slow shutter speed to help accentuate the swirling colours and a medium telephoto of 70–80mm at 1/15 second and f8. Avoid flash (it creates too much ghosting) and be sure to focus and pan on one dancer instead of trying to capture the entire group—let the others be part of the colourful blur.


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

if you go

For more info on Mexico: visitmexico. com

michael defreitas


y Puerto Vallarta flight was delayed so by the time I picked up the rental car and headed off to my hotel it was almost sunset. A few miles south of PV, I noticed a small, C-shaped bay and drove down to its beach to get a sunset shot. I grabbed my 24-70mm zoom, camera and tripod, connecting everything as I dashed across the beach to the water’s edge. I composed using the beach as a leading line from the lower right-hand corner of the frame and shot at 1/30 second at about f5.6. I didn’t like the initial results so I quickly screwed on my trusty gold-tinted polarizing filter to my lens to reduce the glare and help saturate the colours. Yes! Puerto Vallarta with its great food, beaches, friendly people, watersports and laidback fun is one of my favourite Mexican destinations. I always try to document these traits, like a group of guys playing football on the beach. With my motor drive on high speed, I set my 70-200mm zoom lens at 200mm, my aperture to f8 and my shutter speed to 1/500 of a second to freeze the action. I found a position where I could include background details to “place” the footballers and waited for that moment when the ball and players were within the frame. It seems there’s always something happening along the malecón (seaside promenade), so I spend a lot of time wandering its length, looking for shots. Someone had mentioned that los Voladores or “flying men” of Papantla were performing at 10am, but time is relative in this beach community, so I decided to photograph the iconic El Niño Sobre el Caballo de Mar (“The Boy on the Seahorse”) sculpture until los Voladores arrived. I have hundreds of images of this sculpture but none taken so late in the morning. In the harsher light, I created a silhouette and used f22 to create a starburst effect around the boy’s head. At f22 aperture, the blades inside your lens close down to create a very small opening for light to pass through. This narrow opening creates a slight diffraction or bending of the light, which causes the starburst. The key is to make sure that this effect doesn’t overpower the subject. By positioning myself so only a small portion of the sun peeked out between the boy’s

photo prescription [continued]

Puerto Vallarta is also known for its deep-sea sportsfishing. As an avid fisherman, I always schedule a fishing trip when here. I usually shoot fishing action from a low angle, shooting up at my subjects. This lets me capture facial expressions. Twenty minutes from the dock, we put the lines out and almost immediately hooked a sailfish. I asked one of the ladies to take the rod (it’s hard to do selfies when you’re fighting a 300-pound sailfish) and composed the shot with some of the crew to capture everyone’s excitement. It’s best to take such action shots with a wide-angle in the 18–20mm range at 1/500 second and f11. A few days later, a local friend suggested we visit farmers harvesting agave plants and try some tequila (of course, I jumped at the opportunity but suggested we do the tasting after I got the shots). In the fields, I used a low angle so I could include the agave plant and the worker. I used a slower shutter speed of 1/30 second and f11 to add some blur to show

No waitiNg! No Needles! No paiN!

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HurriPAK™ Periodontal Anesthetic Kit is a great alternative to local injection prior to root planing and scaling or full mouth debridement. Whether scaling an entire quadrant or an isolated area, HurriPAK allows dispensing only the amount of liquid needed, so no product is wasted. Plastic irrigation tips enable effective sub-gingival application of HurriCaine® Topical Anesthetic Liquid and are gentle to soft tissue. • Needle-free periodontal anaesthesia • Works within 30 seconds • No prefilled carpules - you determine how much you need • Pleasant tasting - Wild Cherry and Piña Colada flavours Each HurriPAK Starter Kit Contains: • 2 bottles of HurriCaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid - Wild Cherry and Piña Colada flavours • 12 disposable irrigation syringes • 12 disposable periodontal irrigation tips • 2 HurriCaine Luer-Lock Dispensing Caps

motion and a larger depth of field to render both the agave and harvester in focus. I also added a bit of fill flash to light the man’s face. Then we sampled…

Puerto Vallarta is less hectic, expensive and commercial (read: more authentic) than most of Mexico’s over-crowded and contrived vacation destinations. Enjoy the laidback vibe and buena suerte con tu fotografía (good luck with your photography)!

HurriSeal® Dentin Desensitizer is a simple, one-step, chairside procedure for treating and preventing dentinal hypersensitivity. HurriSeal’s unique HEMA, Sodium Fluoride and Benzalkonium Chloride formula acts in seconds to seal dentinal tubules. Treat or prevent dentinal hypersensitivity associated with: • Cervical erosion / toothbrush abrasion • Exposed root surfaces / recession • Lasts up to 9 months • After tooth whitening procedures • Protection in 1 – 3 coats depending on patients’ needs • After periodontal scaling and root planing treatment (applied after soft tissue healing) • Permanent and temporary restorations (apply prior to placement to prevent post-operative sensitivity)

HurriView® and HurriView II® will help you show patients where they have plaque build-up & help motivate them to improve their oral hygiene routines. • HurriView highlights where improved oral hygiene is needed • HurriView II highlights old plaque in blue and new plaque in reddish-pink • Individually wrapped • In-office evaluation or dispense for home use • Available in boxes of 72 • No messy rinses or tablets! michael defreitas

head and raised arm, I added just enough starburst interest. As it turned out, the flyers didn’t start until nearly noon so I did my best to capture them in motion given the high sun. I decided to use diagonal compositions to emphasize the action. The flyers continually repositioned their legs and arms making it difficult to capture in a diagonal, so I concentrated on the ribbon streamers on their hats. I used 1/500 second and f18 to freeze the action. To eliminate background distraction like buildings, I shot into the open sky to accentuate the “flying” aspect and used the blue sky to contrast their red pants. Later that day I noticed a bride and groom heading down to the beach and I tagged along to get some shots. Since lots of visitors tie the knot in PV, capturing such a scene fits the style of the city. Luckily, the local photographer was cooperative and when I suggested that the couple run towards us, he relayed this to them and we set up the shot—which ended up being used in the city’s marketing program. I used 1/250 second and f8 with my motor drive setting on high.

To place an order, contact your preferred supplier or contact your Canadian Representative at 1-519-766-6343. www.beutlich.com HurriCaine, HurriSeal, HurriView and HurriView II are registered trademarks of Beutlich Pharmaceuticals, LLC. HurriPAK and Snap -n- Go are trademarks of Beutlich Pharmaceuticals, LLC. Just CDA2 676Canadian 0214 March/April 2018 For dentists


pay i t f o r w a r d

r o b e r ta s ta l e y

Roberta Staley is a Vancouver-based magazine writer, editor and documentary filmmaker.

Back to basics


fter enduring multiple teeth extracMarbial, Macarie, Ganthier and Cabaret— tion surgery, few, if any, patients brings additional challenges to these already would be in the mood for a celebradifficult missions. First, Hui and her crew of tory jig after leaving the dentist’s chair. One hygienists, accompanied by Dr. Michelle Lee Haitian woman, however, after having severand other Toronto dentists, travel in the back al teeth pulled, left Dr. Carrie Hui’s makeshift of a flatbed truck for up to six hours over dental clinic dancing and singing: “I’m so rough and dusty rutted roadways. happy. They took the three demons They sleep on single out of my mouth!” mattresses and maintain For Dr. Carrie Such a reaction, Hui personal hygiene with Hui, volunteering her says from her eponymous “wet wipes—lots of time to work in Haiti has dental office in Toronto, is wet wipes—or bucket confirmed a key lesson: the showers,” Hui says. importance of dentistry in The small maintaining quality of life. communities where See page 46 for more they set up their about Dr. Hui. temporary clinics are inside schools or churches that have no electricity or running water, so sterilization is carried out the old-fashioned way: by boiling dental instruments in water for 20 minutes. The water itself is sourced locally, sometimes from a nearby stream or lake. On Hui’s first trip, the water was boiled over charcoal; later, the mission bought portable propane stoves to heat water. To date, other attempts to modernize have fallen short. A few years ago, a donated instrument sterilizer, which plugged into a generator, shorted out as there was no surge protector, Hui recalls. The lack of power presents another challenge: extractions, cleanings and oral hygiene education are the only services Hui can offer. Filling teeth, often preferable to unusual but not unexpected. In the remote extractions, requires the use of a portable rural communities of Haiti, where Hui has dental unit with electrical compressor. These undertaken 10-day missions every January expensive units must be powered by a since 2013, the locals are “desperate for the generator. “We haven’t gotten to that point relief of dental pain and suffering that has yet,” says Hui, explaining that the missions been part of their lives for years.” Most of are modest, cooperative endeavours the patients have decayed teeth, abscesses organized by a Canadian and a Haitian and infections and periodontal disease church. One is Oeuvre Evangelique Baptiste arising not only from neglect but a lack of Bethesda, which has been involved in education and the resources to maintain oral community building in Haiti since 1969. The health. For many, visiting Hui is the first time other is New Beginning Baptist Fellowship they have ever seen a dentist. Church in Mississauga, ON. Health Partners The extreme isolation—Hui has visited International of Canada, a Québec-based communities such as Montagne Lavoûte, charity that equips medical mission teams


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

and stock clinics and hospitals in povertystricken communities around the globe, supplies Hui with hundreds of dental packs, containing things like antibiotics, topical and local anesthetics, anti-inflammatories, syringes, needles, gauze, gloves and toothbrushes. Hui also fundraises for each trip—up to $4,000 a year—to pay for travel expenses as well as equipment and necessities like food. These missions are so physically demanding, Hui finds herself soul searching after returning to Canada. “Every year I think, ‘Why did I do this?’ Sleep isn’t comfortable, we’re not very clean and we work all day on patients sitting on regular chairs while we lean over them with headlamps. But when I’m there, I’m reminded why I go,” says Hui, who has been a dedicated volunteer since high school, helping out in senior citizen homes, soup kitchens and with Meals on Wheels. There is another motivation for returning to Haiti: Hui is starting to see her educational efforts pay off. When she first arrived in places like Montagne Lavoûte or Marbial, hundreds of desperate people would be lined up to have their teeth pulled. Each patient also underwent teeth cleaning and lessons in oral hygiene. After one or two days of intensive dental care, there still would be a lineup. Now, says Hui, the lineups are shorter and sometimes the dental crew is able to enjoy some down time as people have adopted daily brushing habits; many now require only a cleaning and polish. Haiti has confirmed a key lesson: the importance of dentistry in maintaining quality of life. Hui recalls one patient, Jean Robert, a church janitor, whose teeth were all pulled over a period of three years. Hui and her colleagues pooled their resources, coming up with the $300 needed to buy Jean Robert dentures. The pastor at the church where Jean Robert worked paid for his bus rides into the city to have the dentures fitted. The new teeth changed his life. “He was introducing us to his friends, who happened to be all women,” Hui chuckles. “He had gained a bit of weight from eating better. He was just happier overall.”

courtesy of Dr. hui

Travelling to Haiti to provide low-level dental care with high-reaching effects


D r . k e l l e n s i lv e r t h o r n Dr. Kellen Silverthorn is Just For Canadian Dentists’ automotive writer. He tries to keep one convertible and/or one track-day car in the family fleet.

The SUV rules

All hail the mighty sport-utility vehicle, which now tops all car sales

a te s th e l

ego-fragile, the capability and stance of the SUVs were far more cool than the ubiquitous mini-vans. By the year 2000, the remaining volume brands had all fielded SUVs. More interesting was that many premium full-line brands now had mid-size SUVs too: BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Audi and Acura. There wasn’t really a marketplace need for even more SUV choices, but that didn’t stop the piling on by niche manufacturers. Porsche was already a profitable, storied marque in 2003 when it brought out its Cayenne SUV. Pundits predicted the brand’s doom when it ventured out of its lightweight-sports-car heritage to introduce a 5,600-pound five-seater SUV. Soon Porsche was selling far more SUVs than sports cars. Over the next decade, SUV offerings differentiated further—Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Jeep brought out 500-plus-horsepower, V8-turbocharged or supercharged, performance-oriented SUVs. Demonstrating alternate directions, hybrid-electric SUVs arrived from Ford, Toyota, Lexus and GM. Range Rover debuted the first aluminumbody luxury SUV in 2013. Tesla introduced the first all-electric SUV in 2015, Model X, their most expensive model.


ar S U V st


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

Fifteen years after Porsche’s 2003 riskand-reward plunge, Canadians can now buy SUVs from such unlikely brands as Jaguar, Bentley, Volvo, Maserati, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo. And now the most storied brands in each of the sport and luxury categories, Ferrari and Rolls Royce respectively, have also promised upcoming SUVs. At the other end of the market, millennials have made “cute ute” SUVs (subcompact crossovers like the Honda CRV or Fiat 500X) a stronger-selling class of vehicle than the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic or Mazda 3. In the emerging markets, China now buys more passenger vehicles than either Europe or North America. And in Bejing, the premium-brand SUV is seen as a practical status symbol. Vehicle manufacturers follow trends closely. It takes years and hundreds of millions of dollars to develop an all-new vehicle. An enormous bet rides on making the right call of the future marketplace. By any measure, the SUV’s totem is trending strongly up, and the sedan’s strongly down. These trends now have decades of inertia. Our family’s third SUV is coming up for replacement. It’s a foregone conclusion that its replacement will be another SUV. Ease of ingress and egress is one factor in favour of the SUV. Easy sight lines to all four corners of the vehicle is another, as are sightlines in traffic. Rarely do we encounter an item that the SUV’s cargo bay will ALL HAIL not swallow. THE SUV Mini-vans remain better in Even hallowed brands each of these realms. And now make the SUV, sedans also offer a superior ride, like the new Urus by acceleration, handling and gas Lamborghini mileage, as well as equal all-weather capability. And yet those features don’t seem to be enough to offset the attractions of the SUV. It isn’t just our family’s assessment, but that of buying families around the globe. With such dominance in the marketplace, the pressure is on the many talented SUV designers to lessen their vehicles’ footprints (physical and carbon) and still outshine the competition. I expect the SUV’s hegemony to last until the autonomous car assumes the mantle.



recent industry bulletin announced that SUVs had overtaken the North American sales of passenger cars. This ends more than a century of “cars” dominating passenger-vehicle sales. SUVs have been around long before any of us were born. For decades, they were stuck in their tiny, stagnant, fanfare-free corner of the market. The key marketplace transition occured in the late 1980s, when the volume brands at the Big Three, together with Toyota and Nissan, released four-door, all-wheel-drive SUV versions of their small pick-up trucks. Back then, a partner in my practice bought the Toyota version, which at $35,000 struck me as outrageously expensive at the time. That was well into BMW-sport-sedan price territory. Nevertheless, within three years, five of six practice partners had one of these new-size, four-door SUVs. In our household, the SUV embodied the “family car” for the next 26 years. Our children knew nothing else growing up. Most of the households in their peer groups had the same experience. These vehicles had space and all-weather capability. Granted, their all-terrain capability was essentially wasted on us. But crucially, for the

the thirsty dentist lisa kadane Lisa Kadane is a newspaper and magazine writer who likes to travel and partake in the destination’s preferred tipple, whether it’s rum, wine, a margarita or whisky sour. She’s been sharing her thoughts on spirits and cocktails since 2010.

Sustainable sips


love a straw as much as anyone. It’s fun to suck up a frozen margarita through the hollowed-out vessel, and then use it to stir the slushy dregs. The problem with them, though, is another round brings a new straw and the old one gets chucked, along with the cocktail napkin. The hospitality industry produces a lot of waste. In the United States alone, an estimated 500 million straws are used every day—not just to deliver cocktails into mouths during happy hour, but for drinking everything from pop to milkshakes. With

Green up your Earth Day with the Diced Pineapples cocktail by worldchamp bartender Kaitlyn Stewart, who uses everything from fermented sake mash (kasu) and pineapple pulp, to the tin itself.

an average lifespan of only 20 minutes, the lowly straw has come to symbolize everything convenient and disposable that’s slowly wrecking our planet. That kind of waste is not okay with Kaitlyn Stewart. Stewart, a bartender at Royal Dinette in Vancouver, won the 2017 Diageo World Class competition. She beat out 10,000 bartenders from 57 countries because she’s good at what she does (order the Pueblo Nuevo, a spicy rum-and-sake sour, the next time you pop in to Royal Dinette and


you’ll see what I mean), and also because of her dedication to—and execution of— sustainability behind the bar. During the Mex ECO challenge part of the competition, she created a cocktail called Diced Pineapples, using every part of two imported fruits—a pineapple and a lime—and combining them with a local sake and its byproduct, a fermented mash called kasu. The drink demonstrates how bartenders can use common ingredients completely (and deliciously!), thus reducing waste while keeping customers happy. “It’s thinking three steps ahead instead of just using an ingredient for one purpose,” explains Stewart. As part of her World Class win, Stewart has been travelling around Canada teaching other bartenders how to be more sustainable behind the bar. “We talk about being more resourceful in energy, waste and community. We talk about alternatives—buying eco-friendly straws that are biodegradable, or using paper straws or starting to not offer a straw unless it’s asked for. It saves not only money, but the environment in the long run,” says Stewart. “And we focus on waste management in terms of how to recycle a product, a fruit or herbs, and trying to stay within being seasonal with certain ingredients.” Limes are a good example of stretching a cocktail ingredient beyond its juice, she says. They can be zested first, or peeled to use as garnishes. The lime husk can then be composted, but a motivated bartender or armchair mixologist could also dehydrate it and then grind it into a powder to add to fish marinades or to mix with salt for a cocktail rimmer. This spring, Stewart is looking forward to working with seasonal items such as rhubarb and mint. With mint, she takes off the leaves for muddling or garnishes, then uses the stems to start flavouring shrubs or syrups or to make an essential oil (instead of chucking them or composting them). She’s also a supporter of regional distillers— another way to promote sustainability— and the menu features local spirits such as Railspur No. 2 White Whiskey and Odd

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

Society Mia Amata, an amaro. Royal Dinette isn’t the only bar on the cutting edge of composting and creative repurposing. Watering holes across Canada are making huge strides toward sustainability. Grapes and Soda in Vancouver is dedicated to using seasonal ingredients and pouring natural, organic and biodynamic wines, while Bar Kismet in Halifax has eliminated plastic behind the bar. The Hollows in Saskatoon composts, uses biodegradable straws and vintage cocktail glasses, and jars fruits and pickles vegetables when they’re in season for use throughout the year. As a point of pride, the bar’s only waste is bottle caps and champagne cages—everything else is either reused or recycled. Bar manager Adrian Chappell works closely with the kitchen so they can repurpose each other’s food waste. For example, if the kitchen uses crabapples in a dish, the bar will press the cores for juice or make syrups to use in drinks. “There’s not a single piece of the fruit that’s being wasted,” says Chappell. At Pretty Ugly and Bar Raval in Toronto, partner Robin Goodfellow does as much as he can to be sustainable, including dehydrating lemon and lime husks, and fermenting and making cordials from leftover fruits. He grows his own herbs and will even mix up wilted sprigs of mint, thyme, shiso and lemon verbena with water to make what he calls “awesome sauce” for cocktails. That’s above and beyond his bars’ commitment to composting, using biodegradable straws and striving to be local and seasonal with produce. “A lot of bars are starting to do these things,” says Goodfellow. “People are doing what they can.” The overall message is: with a little research and thought, all mixologists— including amateur home bartenders like me—can follow in the pros’ shake-and-stir steps. I’ve started composting and I no longer buy straws. And after chatting with Stewart, I’m eyeing up lime husks in a whole new way.

courtesy of World Class

More bartenders are repurposing ingredients, composting and reducing waste behind the bar


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Serving the Canadian Health Sciences Community for over 25 years

Receive 10% Off Your Order: lb.ca/dentistry

Use Marketing Code DENT18 at checkout and receive 10% off each book featured in this ad. Offer valid online only until April 30, 2018 from lb.ca and Login Canada’s Health Sciences Affiliate eStores.

travel the world



A journey into a land of colours, chaos, wildlife, national parks and many namastes Dr. Peter Brindley

istock/ Bartosz Hadyniak


March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists



f you try to summarize India in a few words, you will fail. After all, this was a sophisticated culture when the West was scratching its collective backside with an animal bone. India produced the Kama Sutra and traded silk while we promulgated sin and tried not to die from the Plague. Fastforward, and this solo traveller set forth to the land beyond the Indus: the world’s second-most populous country (a mere 1.3 billion souls) and most populous democracy (more than 50 registered political parties) of stunning diversity (more than 20 official languages and the birthplace of at least four major religions). It’s a place of contrast, from the majesty of tigers to the tragedy of poverty, and offers a therapeutic shake. To borrow an English expression, it can be a “marmite” experience: you love it or hate it.

This trip was the first part of my version of Eat Pray Love. With deference to Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, I had secured a mini-sabbatical and divided it into thirds: time to “Travel, Learn, Reconnect” free of university and clinical demands in the ICU. Part one meant getting lost in India and Nepal. And that also meant avoiding the usual tourist traps. The Taj Mahal may be “sublime,” and perhaps it’s true that “you haven’t seen India without seeing Varinasi,” but I was taking the (dirt) road less travelled and was seeking a proverbial kick in the pants (albeit an indulgent one). I landed in Delhi at 2am local time and the place was heaving. Following a paltry two hours in the immigration line (insert


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

exclamation mark), I set up my first base at the ludicrously luxurious and exotic Lodhi Hotel (insert many exclamation marks). While auto rickshaws beeped away, I retreated to a room with square footage to match my house and its own swimming pool. After the best sleep that Imovane can buy, I scoffed chai masala tea, fresh fruit and spicy dosa, and embarked into the streets of India’s capital. Little prepares you for the first time that you see cows crossing the road, wild dogs in the street and five lanes of traffic where there should be two. Life here is lived in public. This includes washing, eating, playing and more public urination than you can shake a stick at (excuse the pun). Just as shocking is how it all becomes normal, including the continual clamour. It seems to me that Indians recognize an encyclopedic variety of car horns: a beep that signals “I’m coming through,” a “hey, watch out” honk and one that likely means “I haven’t made noise for 10 seconds, top “Namaste” sign so I thought I should.” Yet I never in Kathmandu, Nepal bottom Luxurious heard a horn in anger, nor saw any homebase in Delhi at collisions. the Lodhi Hotel opposite As a sucker for all things “British page, top row from left Raj,” I loved the madness of Delhi’s Sampling the food in train stations, the majesty of India India and Nepal is an ongoing pleasure… Gate and the tranquility of Gandhi’s here, a spread at shrine. Old Delhi delivered the Meghauli Serai, a Taj most gob-smacking experiences. Safari Lodge in Chitwan The walled inner city dates back to National Park, Nepal; long before “the Britishers,” back to the lobby of Baghvan Jungle Lodge near Moghuls and Persians. Each invasion Pench National Park left a mark and somehow it all works. in central India middle Twisting streets took me to spice row from left Safari markets, boutiques, teashops and experience in India’s eateries. This commercial mêlée of Kanha National Park with Taj Safaris Banjaar Old Delhi then led to gorgeous forts, Tola; at Dwarika’s temples, and mosques, where even Hotel in Kathmandu, this secularist was moved to recona heritage property sider the existence of divinity. Back that preserves and at the lavish Lodhi, I recouped with showcases some of the finest local art and an unspecified number of Kingfisher architecture bottom row beers and cautiously notched off from left The majesty another spice level. of India Gate in Delhi; From Delhi, I flew to the equally Dining in the woods ancient kingdom of Nepal. “Base near Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and National camp” here was the restored Park with Mahua Kothi Dwarika’s Hotel (a heritage property Taj Wilderness Lodge whose first patrons were Indian and previous page Children’s Nepali pilgrims visiting temples) in hands covered in the dilapidated city of Kathmandu. colourful powder during the Holi festival Amid traffic and dust, I visited the serene shrines of little Tibet, busy readying for the new Dalai Lama (no small issue given that China and Nepal have, um, rather different succession plans). The devastating earthquake three years ago left still-ubiquitous rubble and several wiped-out shrines. All restoration work is being done by hand, and not only because it is intricate— this is one of the world’s poorest nations. Still, Nepal had a calming affect. I even made a serious attempt at meditation and found myself Namaste-ing freely. And then I took a Himalayan flight around Everest…as you do… across the “roof of the world” to get to my first safari lodge, an hour from Kathmandu on a game reserve in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park. At the lodge here, Meghauli Serai, further culinary marvels

this page, from top: istock; lodhi hotel; opposite page, clockwise from top left: Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces (2); Dwarika’s Hotel; Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces; istock; Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces

travel the world

travel the world

travel the world

were punctuated with game drives and boat rides to see crocodiles, rhinos, peacocks and sloth bears. Everywhere were signs of tiger activity, whether they were claw marks in trees, fur-filled scat or bone-chilling roars. There’s an adage that even if you don’t see a tiger, it’s seen you 100 times. I was unsure whether this was meant to comfort or terrify. Then, deep in the land of Kipling’s The Jungle Book, I travelled from national park to national park in India and stayed at three more Taj Safari Lodges—the next always seemingly more remarkable than the last. Amidst these, I thought that perhaps this is what relaxation feels like. While other guests bemoaned spotty internet service, I was delighted to unplug with a gin-andtonic close at hand. I visited Mahua Kothi Jungle Lodge in Bandhavgarh National Park, Baghvan Jungle Lodge in Pench National Park and Banjaar Tola in Kanha National Park. Each one became my new favourite, and between them I saw all the beasts and birds of the forest. It was in Madhya Pradesh, a state known as the “heart of India” and home to Bandhavgarh and Kanha parks as well as ancient temples, that my tiger “hunt” began in earnest. And it wasn’t long before a beautiful tigress wandered yards from the jeep I was perched in. It was obvious why: delicious deer everywhere. I returned to Kathmandu for the first day of Holi. During this seven-day festival, brightly coloured powders are liberally thrown, booze is almost as liberally consumed and little work is done. To the refrain of “Happy Holi,” I went from red to purple to green to blue and reveled in every shade. More solemnly, I also witnessed outdoor cremations, and, more cheerily, was chased by the world’s boldest monkeys. All in a day’s travel here—vivid, somber,

Smiling locals wave money (in a plea for more of it) during the Holi festival, a common sight when driving between the national parks, whether in India or Nepal; detail at Khajuraho’s erotically decorated temples, which are a UNESCO World Heritage site in Madhya Pradesh, India; typically chaotic street scene with vendor selling multi-hued powders for Holi celebrations opposite page, top row from left Everest is revealed from behind clouds on a flight over the Himalayas; during a safari excursion, one of Madhya Pradesh’s striped residents emerges to say “hi” middle row from left Semi-curious monkey; Boudhanath Stupa, the world’s largest (a stupa is a dome-shaped Buddhist shrine), in Kathmandu, Nepal


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

peter brindley

from top

travel the world

peter brindley

wild…sexy. After I saw the erotic sculptures of the 10th-century Khajuraho if you go temples, a UNESCO Taj Safari Lodges are a fiveWorld Heritage Site star experience in the wilds of in Madhya Pradesh, I India and Nepal: tajhotels.com/ thought it might be en-in/taj-safaris/. Dwarika’s Hotel time to return home offers high-end history and culture to the Mrs. in Kathmandu: dwarikas.com. The India and Nepal Lodhi makes an ultra-luxurious gave me back the base in New Delhi: sense of wonder and thelodhi.com. gratitude that I had somehow misplaced in suburban Canadian life. It was hot, dusty and ludicrous. It was also reinvigorating, peaceful and provocative. But don’t take my word for it.

Peter Brindley MD is a Professor of Critical Care Medicine, Medical Ethics and Anesthesiology at the University of Alberta. When not gallivanting around the world he is a full-time intensive-care doctor. He is a lucky man and would do well to remember that.

The 1st Annual Congress of Comprehensive Treatment for Cleft Lip Palate and Craniofacial Deformity

May 17-18, 2018

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Held by The National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology in Ho Chi Minh City with the cooperation of University of British Columbia

This two-day conference includes numerous scientific topics presented by renowned lecturers in their fields. Keynote Speaker: Dr. Paul Pocock • Graduated from the Royal Dental Hospital in London, U.K. and the U.W.O in London, Ontario (the Graduate Orthodontic Program).


Venue: Windsor Plaza Hotel 18 An Duong Vuong St., District 5 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

• Served as president of the Orthodontic Society of B.C., Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC Dental School, and as a member of the Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Team at BC Children’s Hospital. National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology in HCMC 201A Nguyen Thi Thanh St. Ward 12, Dist 5, HCMC, Vietnam www.benhvienranghammat.vn March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists


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chengdu / orlando / prague / abu dhabi / helsinki … | c a l e n d a r


A n intern ation al guide to continuing denta l Education

spr ing 2018 + beyond


unmasking chengdu: Sichuan’s capital city embraces its ancient roots and modern renaissance (CE events in Chengdu + beyond are highlighted in blue.)

janet gyenes


watch the transformation of a man’s face reflected in a long, horizontal mirror. He dips a thin brush into a blue-and-white dish, then methodically paints the makeup on his eyes. He murmurs to another man in this green room at Shufeng Yayun Teahouse while stippling colour on his lips with a fingertip, drawing the character he’ll embody in tonight’s Sichuan opera performance. Nearby, a younger man’s metamorphosis is complete. He’s wearing a blue-and-gold costume embroidered with dragon motifs and accessorized by a headpiece that has pink pompoms springing forth from its crown. The actor’s face is a stone mask of Chinese graffiti tagged with swaths of pink as he menaces a sword. His black Nike shoes break character. Seconds later, so does he, letting loose a broad grin. Here in Chengdu, casually dressed people of all ages start to settle into red rattan wing chairs as a woman places pots of jasmine tea and glassine bags stuffed with spicy-sweet popcorn on the tables. Red lanterns dance overhead. The breezy teahouse is a traditional venue for the Sichuan opera, which was born in Chengdu, and

that earned Chengdu its status as UNESCO’s premiere City whose folkloric performances have endured since the of Gastronomy. Earlier that day, I got delightfully lost in 16th century. In this megacity of 16 million people (capital the city’s ancient (and recently refurbished) alleys. of the Sichuan province in southwest China), Like the silk threads that form the Shu brocade for which Chengdu is famed, Kuan Xiangzi markers of Chengdu’s evolution are [more] (Wide Alley) and Zhai Xiangzi (Narrow Alley) everywhere. Architects have re-drawn the Check out are intricate strands where knots of artisans landscape with structures writ large. Extra gochengdu.cn large. Like the New Century Global Center, the hammer silver into jewellery, carve names world’s largest building by volume. It’s a futuristic into stone “chops” and hawk snacks such as glistening fried duck and rabbit, dried yak meat and Xanadu for the masses who cavort in this 140,000 square-metre pleasure dome brimming with 3,000skewers of sticky doughnut-like sweets. Naturally, there are scads of panda-themed plus shops, hundreds of hotel rooms and even a beach. Although the idea of spending a day at the “seaside” in souvenirs, too. I also visited the Chengdu Research Base a landlocked megalopolis is paradoxically compelling, I of Giant Panda Breeding and watched a handful of the 150 black-and-white bears, along with raccoon-like continue to explore the cultural side of Chengdu, which red pandas, in their natural habitat. Situated in a lush has a rep for its chill factor. bamboo forest just 10 km outside the city core, the “You’re my hero!” a dinner companion gushes when I fish another pork ball out of a volcanic pot of soup research base is emblematic of Chengdu’s strong ties to spiked with lip-numbing Sichuan peppercorns. We’re at its history (the giant panda has lived in the region for a restaurant called Huangcheng Laoma, indulging in a 4,000-plus years), connecting its natural wonders to those shaping its future. — Janet Gyenes leisurely meal of hotpot—one of the some 6,000 dishes March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists






c ece c awhen lendar where

MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/





Jun 21-22

St. Petersburg Florida

Advanced Peripheral Nerve Ultrasound: Diagnostic & Interventional Applications

Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute



Jul 18Aug 19

Los Angeles California

Parenteral Moderate Sedation For Dentists Lectures And Workshops: Jul 18-22 Clinical Sessions: Aug 9-12, Aug 17-19

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry



Sep 12-15

Dublin Ireland

37th Annual European Society Of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy Congress: ESRA 2018

Kenes Group on Behalf of ESRA


go.evvnt.com/ 168376-0

Oct 12

San Francisco California

Society For Education In Anesthesia 2018 Fall Meeting

Society for Education in Anesthesia




Leuven Belgium

Biocompatible And Durable Restorations With Glass Ionomers From GC

GC Europe

See Website


Monthly Courses

Vancouver British Columbia

Botox, Dermal Fillers, Lasers

Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics



Mar 23

St. Paul Minnesota

Anterior Esthetics Techniques & Materials Seminar

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry



Sep 24-25

Helsinki Finland

Aesthetic Dentistry

Nordic Institute of Dental Education

See Website

nordicdented. com

Dec 23-30

Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Cosmetic Dentistry With Dr. Brian LeSage Composite And All Ceramic Restorations: The Gap Narrows

Mindware Educational Seminars

888-574-8288 See Ad Page 29

mindwaresem inars.com


Vancouver British Columbia

Course #2 Re-Treatment & Other Complex Cases

Endodontics Unsponsored


vancouverroot canals.com


Toronto Ontario

4-Day Endodontic Solutions

Hands On Training


handsontrain ing.com

Mar 09-10

Toronto Ontario

Endodontics From A To Z: Advanced And Comprehensive 2-Day Training For GPs

Haas Endo Education


haasendoedu cation.com

Apr 25-28

Denver Colorado

Annual Session 2018

American Association of Endodontists



Apr 27-29

Richmond British Columbia

Endodontics Hands-On Course

BC Endo Solutions


bcendosolu tions.ca

Oct 13-27

Japan Cruise

Dr. Brian D. Jafine – What’s HOT, What’s NOT And Kennedy Professional What’s NEW In Endodontics! Education Seminars


kennedysemi nars.com

Oct 21-25

Key Biscayne Florida

TMD In Restorative Practice

The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education





Dental Liability Alert

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine



Jun 08

Fairfield New Jersey

Ethics & Recordkeeping

Dental Studies Institute



new CE to Course #1 Shaping, Cleaning, And placed Obturation Of be Root Canal Systems


Stop Referring your Retirement Money to the Oral Surgeon. Come Learn How to Remove Teeth Quickly and Confidently by Mastering the following procedures: Flaps, Sectioning, Removing Bone with Hand Pieces, Closing Sinus Perforations, Stopping Bleeders, Incising Abscesses and Placing Drains, Removing Wisdom Teeth, and MUCH more.

Classes offered Four Times a Year! Contact us or visit our website for upcoming dates.

54 CE Hours on Live Patients Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. 4/1/2016 to 3/31/2020. Provider ID 218239.


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

Contact: Dr. Tommy Murph T: 843-488-4357 or E: drtommymurph@yahoo.com

Retire Years Earlier!


MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/

Geriatric Dentistry

General Dentistry











Chengdu China

Stomatology Studies

Sichuan University



Mar 09-11

Traverse City Michigan

Spring Scientific Session

Michigan Dental Association


smilemichigan. org

Mar 09-16

Turks & Caicos

Oral Medicine, TMD, Oral Pain-Diagnosis & Meds - Dr. Gary Klasser

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars

877-536-6736 See Ad Page 30

kennedysemi nars.com

Apr 12-14

Glendale Arizona

Western Regional Dental Convention

Arizona Dental Association



Apr 25-28

Chengdu China

Dental Show West China

Hope Tarsus Exhibitions



Apr 26-28

Orlando Florida

25th Annual Conference And Exhibition

Academy of Laser Dentistry


laserdentistry. org

May 24-26

New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans Dental Conference And LDA Annual Session

Louisiana Dental Association



June 2018 to June 2020

Gainesville Florida

Comprehensive Dentistry Program Class 30 AGD MasterTrack Course

University of Florida



Jun 13-15

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

35th Annual Dental Review At Myrtle Beach

University of North Carolina School of Dentistry


dentistry.unc. edu/ce/cde

Jul 01-08

Western Mediterranean Cruise

Integrative Dental Medicine: The Next Great Frontier In Dentistry

800-422-0711 See Ad Page 33

continuingedu cation.net

Jul 20

East Lancing Michigan

Emergency Medicine In Dentistry

International Dental Seminars


international dentalsemi nars.com

Aug 06-16

Luxury Safari Kenya & Tanzania

Perio Pot Pourri

Mindware Educational Seminars

888-574-8288 See Ad Page 29

mindwaresem inars.com

Sep 05-08

Buenos Aires Argentina

FDI World Dental Congress (WDC) 2018

FDI World Dental Federation

90-212-296 04-60

fdiworldental. org

Oct 11-22

Prague Vienna & Budapest

Achieving Superb Results With Every Day, Direct And Indirect Procedures Implants And CAD CAM With Dr. Sam Halabo

Mindware Educational Seminars

888-574-8288 See Ad Page 29

mindwaresem inars.com

Oct 21-28

Southern France River Cruise

Dental Symposium Confronting Dental Healthcare Professional Education Needs / 7-Nights Avignon To Lyon Society





Periodontal Disease In The Baby Boom Population





Treating The Aging Baby Boomer: Looking Through Proctor and Gamble The Crystal Ball dentalcare.com



Mar 16

New York New York

Dentistry For The Older Patient To Improve Overall Health

new CE to Continuing Education, be placed Inc./University at Sea

Advanced Continuing Education Systems

New York County Dental 212-573-8500 Society

nycdentalsoci ety.org

March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists



c ece c awhen lendar where


Multiple Dates

San Diego California and Las Vegas Nevada

Multiple Dates

Vancouver British Columbia

MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/





Annual Fellowship Program Apr 16-21; May 21-26 And Jun 25-30 CII Campus San Diego And UNLV Campus Las Vegas

California Implant Institute and University of Nevada, Las Vegas


implanteduca tion.net

Canadian Dental Implant Training Centre


vancouvermaxi course.com

Columbia University


dental.colum bia.edu/ce

AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse: Comprehensive Dental Implant Training Post-Grad Program

2018: Sep 21-23; Oct 26-28; Nov 16-18; Dec 7-9 2019: Jan 18-20; Feb 15-17; Mar 15-17; Apr 12-14; May 3-5; Jun 7-8

Comprehensive Implantology Continuum, Part 1

Sep 29 2018Apr 07 2019

New York New York

Apr 05-07

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Live Patient Facial Rejuvenation

Implant Seminars


implantsemi nars.com

Apr 05-07

Halifax Nova Scotia

Foundations In Implant Dentistry Dr. Michael Gillis (Implant Surgery Session 3)

Gillis Dental Implants


gillisdental implants.com

Apr 06-08

Toronto Ontario

Implant Prosthetics Package



Apr 15-26

Japan Cruise


mindwarese minars.com

May 17-19

Option 1: 12 Days / Six Weekends - Sep 29-30, Nov* 2018; Jan*, Feb*, Mar* And Apr 06-07, 2019) *Dates To Be Announced Shortly Option 2: 12 Days / Two Week-Long Sessions (Week 1: Sep 29 - Oct 04, 2018; Week 2: Apr 02 -07, 2019)

Institute for Dental new CE toThe Excellence beProfitability placedMindware Educational Precision, Productivity And TOPICS: Of Implant Prosthetics With Dr. Robert Vogel


Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Live Patient Extractions Focused On 3rd Molars

Implant Seminars

305-944-9636 See Ad Page 11

implantsemi nars.com

May 24-26

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Live Patient Socket Grafting With Extractions & PRP/PRF

Implant Seminars

305-944-9636 See Ad Page 11

implantsemi nars.com

Jun 24Jul 01

Western Mediterranean

Medical Emergencies, Periodontics And Implants

Virginia Commonwealth University & Oregon Health & Science University


go.vcu.edu/ dentistryce/ 2018cruise

Sep 17-21

Los Angeles California

UCLA Dental Implant Continuum - Module 6

UCLA School of Dentistry


dentistry.ucla. edu

Oct 20-27

Hawaiian Cruise

The Attachment Dentistry Ultimate CourseEverything You Wanted To Know About Attachment Dentistry But Were Afraid To Ask!!

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

800-422-0711 See Ad Page 33

continuingedu cation.net

Nov 15-17

Cuba & Bahamas Cruise

Implantology Unlimited

Implant Seminars

305-944-9636 See Ad Page 11

implantsemi nars.com

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/


Pediatric Dentistry


Oral Surgery


Medical/Dental Issues





Cayman Islands Various Topics And Dates









Cayman Islands Medical & Dental Society


caymancham ber.ky

Dental Emergencies: Cardiac Emergencies

American Seminar Institute


americansemi nar.com


Preventing And Controlling Healthcare Associated Infection In The Dental Practice

eDen Education Pty


e-deneduca tion.com

Apr 26-28

Seattle Washington

Functional Occlusion

Kois Center



Jul 26-27

San Francisco California

Demystifying Occlusion

Spear Education


speareduca tion.com



Minimally Traumatic Surgical Extractions In General Practice

MetLife Quality Initiatives Program



Apr 06-13

Flores Guatemala

Live Patient Extraction Course

Dental Development Seminars

843-488-4357 See Ad Page 28

weteachextrac tions.com

Jun 30Jul 05

Mixco Guatemala

Live Patient Extraction Course

Dental Development Seminars

843-488-4357 See Ad Page 28

weteachextrac tions.com

Oct 20-26


Live Patient Extraction Course

Dental Development Seminars

843-488-4357 See Ad Page 28

weteachextrac tions.com

Mar 26-30

Big Island Hawaii


dentistry.ubc. ca/cde

Apr 12

Cleveland Ohio


nagyorthodon ticacademy.com

Apr 21



new UBC CEContinuing to Dental Education be placed Diving Into Ortho Aligners – Integrating Profitable Nagy Orthodontics Orthodontic Symposium 2018

Aligners Into The Dental Practice


Moose Lake Minnesota

Moose Lake Hands-On Ortho Course

Academy of Gp Orthodontics


academyg portho.com

Aug 24-27

Melbourne Australia

Comprehensive Orthodontics: Live Series

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars


posortho. smilestream. com


Throughout Canada

Pediatric Sedation Airway Management/Emergency Mock Drills Workshop

Sea to Sky Dental-Ed



Apr 13

Disney World Florida

Pediatric Dental Pearls For The General Dentist

Pediatric Dental Seminars


pediatricden talce.com



Chemical Therapeutic Agents For Treatment Of Periodontal Disease

Home Study Solutions


homestudyso lutions.com

Multiple Dates

New Orleans Louisiana

The 2018-2019 LSU Orofacial Pain Continuum: Five Sessions

LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry



Jun 23-24

Vancouver British Columbia

Advanced Soft Tissue Grafting

Perio Institute




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Mar 22Apr 15

Portland Oregon

IV Sedation Certification

Oregon Health and Science University



Apr 13-15


IDEM Singapore 2018 International Dental Exhibition And Meeting



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Jun 01-03

Washington DC

Opioid Pain Management, New Drug Update And Pharmacy Law And Medication Errors

Getaway Seminars


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Oral Piercings: Implications For Dental Professionals

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Apr 13-14

Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

Anterior Aesthetics LIVE In The Op

Clinical Mastery Series


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May 11-12

Provo Utah

Restorative Dentistry 2 - Fixed Prosthodontics

Practical Clinical Courses



Jun 06

Toronto Ontario

Social Media In Dentistry The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Genesis Continuing Dental Education



Sep 27

Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Phantom Head Course:Veneers, Bonded Crowns And Bridge Design (Specialist Prosthodontic Techniques In Aesthetic Dentistry)

CAPP Training Institute/ Centre for Advanced Professional Practices

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Sep 28

London Ontario

The General Practice - Restorative Update 2018


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Nov 10

Victoria British Columbia

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Clinical Research Dental

The Ceramic Update For The Contemporary Dental Practice – From Concepts To Clinical Success By Dr. Raigrodski

University of Victoria


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Mar 10-18

Caribbean Cruise

Digital Technology In The Modern Dental Practice - Dr. Amarjit Rihal

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars

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Apr 04

Victoria British Columbia

Your Thriving Independent Practice

Victoria and District Dental Society



Jun 29-30

Denver Colorado

Catalyst - Acquire Bigger Cases & Convert More Patients

Progressive Dental


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Jul 09-14

Key West and Havana Cruise

Comprehensive Dentistry And The Dental Team

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

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Jul 31Aug 09

Iceland Cruise

Brad Labrecque – Dental Technology…How To Integrate The Newest Technology Into Your Dental Practice

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars

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Aug 17-24

Alaskan Cruise

Predictable Treatment Planning: From The Seemingly Simple To The Worn Dentition... And Everything In Between

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea


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Oct 26

Atlanta Georgia

Advanced CrossCoding: Medical Billing In Dentistry

Nierman Practice Management



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Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

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Featured Cruise May 28, 2018 Dental Treatment Planning & Sequencing; The Keys to Predictable, Profitable Dentistry 14 CE Credits 10-Night Ireland & Iceland from Dublin, Ireland Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Eclipse

April 1, 2018 Comprehensive Dentistry and the Dental Team: The Pursuit of Excellence 14 CE Credits 7-Night Eastern Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale Holland America’s ms Eurodam May 13, 2018 Setting Your Dental Practice Apart - What’s the Difference? 14 CE Credits 7-Night Eastern Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas June 29, 2018 Oral, Maxillofacial, and Head and Neck Pathology 14 CE Credits 7-Night Alaska from Seattle, Washington Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Solstice July 1, 2018 Integrative Dental Medicine: The Next Great Frontier in Dentistry 12 CE Credits 7-Night Western Mediterranean from Barcelona Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas July 9, 2018 Comprehensive Dentistry and the Dental Team: The Pursuit of Excellence 12 CE Credits 5-Night Key West and Havana from Tampa Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas Please visit www.ContinuingEducation.NET for current CE Program Approval Statements, course fees, and cancellation policies.

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August 17, 2018 Predictable Treatment Planning: From the Seemingly Simple to the Worn Dentition & Everything in Between 14 CE Credits 7-Night Northbound Alaska Vancouver to Seward Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Millennium October 20 - 27, 2018 Attachment Dentistry Ultimate Course: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask! 14 CE Credits 7-Night Hawaiian Islands from Honolulu Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America April 6, 2019 Dental Treatment Planning and Sequencing; The Keys to Predictable, Profitable Dentistry 14 CE Credits 7-Night Hawaiian Islands from Honolulu, Oahu Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Pride of America

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Navigating the rules of the new tax on split income or TOSI


1 Salary exemption. The amount is

limited to what is reasonable. The basic


since 1981 Canadian Owned & Operated •Low Prices •No order too small •Small package sizes


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Here is an illustration of an incomesplitting arrangement that would not be caught by the new rules.



ON ORDERS OF $150+ (before taxes)

2017 Catalogue is now available!


www.noveltoy.ca 34

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

sudoku 1 easier solution 3 2 8 5 9 7 6 1 4 6 5 1 4 2 3 7 9 8 4 9 7 1 8 6 5 3 2 1 6 5 8 4 9 3 2 7 9 7 4 3 1 2 8 5 6 8 3 2 6 7 5 9 4 1 7 1 6 9 3 4 2 8 5 2 8 3 7 5 1 4 6 9 5 4 9 2 6 8 1 7 3

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Dr. Dente or “tax on split inconsiders a loan come” is the new arrangement to acronym to add to split investment your financial income with lexicon family members in the low tax bracket. To illustrate, Dr. Dente’s spouse or family member borrows $1,000,000 from the bank to make investments. The loan is secured by the investment assets. It is important that Dr. Dente does not personally guarantee the loan or make loan payments. She is permitted to make a gift to the family member equal to the loan interest. The investment income is now reported on the tax return of the family member and not attributed back to Dr. Dente. To illustrate, the annual return on investment is 8% and the loan interest is 3%. The family member, having no other income, reports each year the income of $80,000, less the interest expense of $30,000, for a net income of $50,000. The personal tax is $8,000. Without the income split, at the highest tax rate, the tax is $23,000—a substantial saving of $15,000. In the past, many dentists have used their professional corporation to lend money to their children to finance their education. It provided great tax relief, since the loan was reported as income in the hands of the children at a lower tax rate. Under the TOSI rules, this loan strategy is no longer possible. Options are limited, but still there. Income splitting has become income sprinkling.

solution from January/ Februrary 2018 contest


test for “reasonableness” is the salary you would pay for services rendered by a person not related to you. Twenty hours per week exemption. For those who are age 18 or over, if they actively engage in the practice on a regular basis (during the current year or any five preceding years) and meet the threshold of an average of 20 hours per week. To support the 20-hour rule, you need to keep timesheets or logbooks. If you receive a salary, a CRA auditor will look to the payroll records to substantiate the hours worked. Spousal age exemption. If the spouse of the dentist is 65 years or over and has contributed meaningfully to the practice. Shareholder exemption. If that shareholder is 25 years or older and owns shares with at least 10% of the votes and value of a corporation that earns less than 90% of its income from the provision of services and is not a professional corporation. Capital gain exemption. Shareholders who realize a capital gain on the sale of the shares of the dental corporation. The maximum capital exemption per shareholder is $835,000, which is equivalent to a tax saving of about $150,000. Loan exemption. Certain loan arrangements between the dentist and the family members.

solution from page 45


entists are bracing themselves for a steep hike in personal taxes this year when they are no longer able to split income with family members the way they used to. For many of our clients the increased tax burden exceeds $50,000 annually. On January 1, 2018, the “tax on split income” (TOSI) rules became effective. TOSI severely restricts the splitting of income by imposing the top personal tax rate on corporation dividends, capital gains and certain income from partnerships and trusts. There are some instances, though, which exempt you from the TOSI rules.

sudoku 2 harder solution 7 3 5 1 8 4 6 2 9 9 8 2 3 7 6 4 5 1 4 1 6 9 2 5 8 7 3 8 4 1 2 3 7 5 9 6 3 5 9 4 6 8 2 1 7 2 6 7 5 9 1 3 4 8 5 7 8 6 1 2 9 3 4 1 9 4 8 5 3 7 6 2 6 2 3 7 4 9 1 8 5

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STRATEGICALLY SPEAKING Value-added Solutions for Your Practice

• The Importance of Transitioning Your Practice in 2018 • Is Your Practice in Maximum Value Position?

The Importance of Transitioning Your Practice in 2018 HENRY DOYLE & DEREK HILL


iming is Everything.” You have probably heard this before but in most cases, you never really understood why and just dismissed the notion. The following article explains why 2018 is the right time to be transitioning your practice. Over the last year, the economics of dentistry have been subject to rising interest rates, higher income taxes, as well as increasingly cautious banks. Let’s look at some of these factors in greater detail. INCOME TAX CHANGES: In July of 2017 the Liberal Government proposed several tax changes referred to as “The Fair Tax Plan.” These proposed changes included the elimination of the ability to income split within families, the exclusion of access to the Capital Gains Exemptions for most family members, a new “highest tax bracket” on passive investment income, as well as a few more esoteric proposals. In the final analysis, the government appears to have backed away, for now, from most of their proposals, with income splitting being the main exception. The operative words here being “for now.” To think that these proposed policies have disappeared forever would be to live in a fool’s paradise. At some point they will be back. The best protection is action—sell now before more of what should be yours goes to the government. REDUCED AFTER-TAX INCOME: After increased interest costs and income tax, dentists, grossing the same in 2018 as they did in 2017, will keep much less for themselves and their families. The fact is, with all else being equal, dentists will have less disposable income in 2018. This is not conjecture; this is fact. If dentists in the practice acquisition mode have less disposable income, they are going to be forced to spend less on the dental practices they want to purchase. One of the effects of reduced after tax income will be to exert downward pressure on the price of dental practices—buyers will not have the disposable income to support the borrowing costs required to pay the price of today’s practices and support their lifestyle. CAUTIOUS BANKERS: For the last ten to fifteen years, the major banks have been eager to lend money to

dentists at virtually 100% of the appraised value, and often 100% of the premium above appraised value. However, bankers are aware that their dental clients are going to increasingly have less disposable aftertax income. Less disposable income for the dentist means more risk for the banks. The riskier the deal, the higher the interest costs and the less lenders will be prepared to invest in any practice acquisition loan.

think you might sell your practice, you are in the exponential risk zone. MARKET CONDITIONS:

The market is hot right now. Individual dentists, investor dentists and corporate dental companies are eager to buy. Those dentists thinking of selling in the next three or four years should be taking advantage of these conditions. Any practice sale regardless of who it is being sold to, The best protection is should only be done with the assistance of a qualified advisor or practice broker. action—sell now before Even in this hot market it is important to more of what should remember that buyers, whether they are be yours goes to the individuals, investors or corporations, want government. to pay as little as possible and they want terms favourable to themselves. Corporate During the last part of 2017 the banks dentistry is particularly guilty of this started to become more cautious and because they are primarily about the money. hesitant to fund premiums, and in some cases even 100% of the appraised value. At Most practices are still selling quickly least one banker has speculated that the and for premiums above appraised value. 100% financing may become a thing of the This has not always been the case, nor past. If this were to happen, it would have an does anyone expect it to last forever. It is immediate and significant negative impact important to understand that all the factors on practice values. The market would turn currently working in your favour will not from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market in last indefinitely. Don’t miss out on the best a heartbeat. So, what really are the chances opportunity to sell your practice, which is that this could happen? To get a sense, probably right now. ask your accountant how many different business types they are aware of that get To summarize, there are many bought and sold with 100% financing— significant reasons why selling your they will tell you not many. practice during 2018 would make sense. Professional investors always try to look EXPONENTIAL RISK: at the risk/reward ratio hoping to find investments where the potential of reward If you are running a marathon and you is greater than the potential of risk. If you fall in the first 100 yards, chances are you are three or four years from selling, you are could get up and finish, or even win the race. in the unacceptable risk zone. However, if you slip and fall in the last 100 yards, you have much less time to recover and most assuredly will lose the race. This “Exponential Risk” phenomenon is true in Henry Doyle almost any endeavour that has a beginning Managing Broker at Al Heaps & Associates and an end. The risk of failure increases www.HEAPSandDOYLE.com exponentially as you approach the end. Any henry@heapsanddoyle.com major illness, injury, significant change in T: 866-638-6194 the economy, or other anomaly that happens M: 604-724-1964 close to the desired or necessitated time of sale, will have a profoundly negative effect Derek Hill, CPA, CA on the value of that business. Practices have Broker of Record at Hill Kindy Practice Sales lost 50% or more of their value when struck www.hillkindy.com by an anomaly close to the time when they dhill@hillkindy.com should or could have sold. If you are three T: 866-853-5344 or four years from the point where you M: 905-932-3403

Is Your Practice in Maximum Value Position? SANDIE BAILLARGEON


our practice value is worth more than just numbers, it represents your life’s work. Your practice should always be in a maximum value position so you are prepared for planned or unexpected events that may occur at any point of your practice cycle/career. Here are just a few reasons to be ready: • Unexpected/sudden illness • Family needs to relocate • Another business opportunity arises (clinical/non-clinical) • Bringing in an associate • Bringing in a partner

CASH FLOW Ultimately, it comes down to cash flow. Based on a percentage of collections, the current profit needs to be adjusted to include buyer’s expenses, including their financing costs and possibly paying the selling doctor to stay on as an associate. Considering that there is usually ZERO growth in first year of the new buyer, there needs to be enough profit to ensure there is little to no risk of defaulting on the loan. If there is enough money for the buyer to make a living, it is possible to increase practice value/price. If not, you have to decrease it until you see the appropriate new cash flow.

• Going through a divorce -asset determination

It is important to note that purchasing state of the art equipment within a short • Considering selling and staying on period of time before selling, thinking that yourself as an associate will increase value, may backfire on you, especially if it hurts cash flow significantly. • Considering selling and retiring Do this only if your equipment absolutely • Wanting to know which areas of the needs to be replaced (very old or not practice need to be worked on functioning well). However, implementing • Curiosity! technology or software, that is modestly priced, can help you analyze your practice Transitions can occur at any and all better, increase marketing results, and/or times during your dental career. Whether increase efficiency/collections, may be a your practice is in early stages of growth, good idea! sudden and rapid growth occurs, or when you are nearing retirement stage, the What your practice did 3 - 5 years ago unexpected can happen. literally means NOTHING! It’s what your practice can do for you now, in the future or WHAT IS FAIR MARKET VALUE? for a new owner. (FMV) Focus on the following areas: This is the value of a practice that offers the maximum price for the owner but • Location - Is your practice in a prime also provides the ability for the buyer to location? If not, determine what can walk in and make a “living” from the first you do to increase the value of your 12 months. Remember, almost every sale practice without moving. (currently) involves the buyer having to get • Lease (if applicable) - Is it 5 - 7 years? financing from a bank or some other source. Are there options to renew or extend the lease? Is it assumable/assignable? What are the most important factors in Is it within market value? determining FMV? Begin by adding up a number of key practice factors (Examples: collections, location, profitability, active patients, hygiene department, equipment, lease, who is staying on). Then examine cash flow and make adjustments to what the buyer will have using the current 12 month collections vs. previous 12 months.

• Space - How many equipped operatories do you have? Is there additional room needed to expand? • Collections - How can you increase collections from previous 12 months? • Profitability - What is your net profit after overhead expenses? How can you improve your profitability?

• Patients - Do you know the number of truly active patients that you have? Are you actively working on getting consistent number of new patients monthly? • Hygiene department - What can be done to increase productivity? • Owner - If you are selling, are you planning on staying on as an associate? If you are buying, do you want the selling dentist to stay on as an associate? What are the advantages or disadvantages? • Staff contracts - Have the current staff signed written employment agreements? Are there long-standing staff members? Are they staying with the practice? Whether buying or selling a practice, it is important to determine whether or not the employees have written employment agreements. This reduces the liability of the future owner in the event that he/she may need to terminate a long-standing employee. Having written employment agreements can actually increase the value of your practice by limiting any future liability for the owner. Practice transitions can occur at any time during your dental career. The unexpected can happen. Don’t “assume” your practice will sell at the “going rate”. It’s really about cash flow. Always focus on collections and ways to reduce overhead. When you are ready to sell, you deserve to receive full value for your practice. It’s more than just numbers, it’s the investment of your time and your life’s work.

Sandie Baillargeon is a leading authority on how to increase the effectiveness of medical and dental business systems. Ms. Baillargeon is author of two text books, Dental Office Administration and The Canadian Dental Office Administrator, published by Nelson Canada. Sandie is the owner and operator of Dental Office Consulting Services, which specializes in dental business planning, staff development, consulting and continuing education seminars. Visit her website at www.dentalofficeconsulting.com or contact her directly at (905) 336-7624.


EVENT EMCEE Norma Reid, CTV News Anchor



THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2018 6:30PM





319 Main Street, Vancouver, BC


The Imperial



Experience creations from top chefs, mixologists and brew masters at our unique event benefiting extraordinary children. Delectable treats expertly prepared by:


Chef Dan Olson, Railtown Catering & Cafe I Chef Max Straczek, Fable Kitchen Chef Christophe Bonzon, Chez Christophe I Chef Jaroslaw Faryna, Copper Chimney Restaurant Chef Karan Suri, Fairmont Waterfront I Chef Karen McAthy, Blue Heron Cheese Chef Eleanor Chow Waterfall, Cadeaux Bakery I Chef Steve Fecho Chef Steven Courtney, Alpina Wine Bar I Mark Pennington, Cacao Barry I Steel & Oak Brewing Bridge Brewing Company I Julia Diakow, Sovereign Wine & Spirits I Katie Ingram, Bittered Sling

HOPE should not be as rare as the diseases we treat. For tickets visit www.rarefinds.org

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haida gwaii high Aboard a classic schooner in Gwaii Haanas, the Islands of Wonder that are a remote national park at the edge of the world in northern BC story

Passing Cloud anchored near Burnaby Narrows in Gwaii Haanas National Park

+ photography by Barb Sligl

March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists


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stand on a pristine crescent of pale sand fringed by dense rainforest and strewn with sculptural driftwood. All I can hear is the wind and I almost feel like Robinson Crusoe. The beach is blissfully free of any sign of civilization and the only eyes on me are those of a throng of eagles. Alight on trees at the mouth of a stream emptying into the bay, this feathered gathering is only marginally curious about the interlopers that have come ashore to Woodruff Beach. I’m part of a small group of intruders on this southeastern tip of Haida Gwaii, the 150-island archipelago off northern BC (100 km from the mainland across Hecate Strait and 80 km from Alaska) that’s often called the edge of the world. Quite literally, this sweep of islands lies at the very rim of the Continental Shelf, beyond which the ocean floor plummets from 100 metres to more than 1,000. This isolated perch is at the crossroads of nutrient-rich currents that create such biodiversity, Haida Gwaii’s also been called Canada’s Galapagos. And Gwaii Haanas, the uninhabited national park at the southern tip, fittingly means Islands of Wonder (full name: Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area, and Haida Heritage Site). The only way to get here is by sea. That is, by boat. And my particular vessel, moored off Woodruff Beach, is a beautiful schooner, Passing Cloud, designed by Canadian naval architect William James Roué (think Bluenose). After a flight to the north end of this remote island chain, there’s another flight by floatplane to the even remoter south end of that chain in Gwaii Haanas. From here, it’s a meandering journey into and out of deserted bays, around teeming sea-lion rookeries and lunge-feeding humpbacks, past rocky cliffs of roosting puffins and dense sea-kelp forests, with stops at ancient Haida villages and windswept beaches like Woodruff. There are just five passengers on the Passing Cloud, with a crew of four—captain Russell Markel (also a marine ecologist and the founder and owner of Outer Shores, the expedition company we’re touring with), mate Liam Ogle, chef Erin Vickars and

Sea urchin top right Chef Erin Vickars in her galley middle left View from the wheelhouse on Passing Cloud middle right Passing Cloud moored in Heater Harbour, as seen from the zodiac bottom left Watchman David at SGang Gwaay, Anthony Island bottom right Mate Liam Ogle holds a 10,000-year-old (or so) stone tool on Ellen Island top left

travel at home

archaeologist Al Mackie. We all get cozy over the week-long journey, synchronizing rhythms and preferences, from treats (there’s a snack drawer stocked with chocolate; thanks, Erin) to bliss-out spots on deck (my go-to seat is in front of the foremast; thanks again, Erin) and below deck in the salon and library (filled with books that range from On the Origin of Species to a gorgeous photography tome, Beneath Cold Seas: The Underwater Wilderness of the Pacific Northwest). Passing Cloud’s sleek form, as we travel to and fro on our excursions, becomes a beacon in this otherworldly land. I keep glancing back at her as I beachcomb at Woodruff, finding an eagle feather as long as my arm, swirls of knots in long-weathered driftwood, frayed bits of nautical rope, curly wisps of seaweed, gleaming little limpet shells. These conical mollusks are the inspiration for our lunch, a pretty pasta dish dreamed up by Erin as homage to this place. “Haida Gwaii writes its own menu…I feel like I’m just channelling it,” says Erin. A sampler: chocolate-ganache balls in oyster shells mimic Haida trading beads scattered on a beach; dashi with kombu is a nod to fields of kelp; line-caught, lingcod tacos are garnished with black-and-white Orca beans; pickled white onions emulate the glossy, transparent shells of butterfly mollusks shed on another beach; a deconstructed, ringed salad looks like the anemones of these wondrous waters. Oh, and Bog Salad. A concoction of reindeer moss and sea asparagus, it’s presented as a dinner dish after a hike into Dr. Seuss-like marshland. To get there we pass through the curves of Burnaby Narrows, ferried via zodiac by Liam, gliding over those anemones and sea stars and underwater beings of incredible biodiversity (decorator crabs, sea cucumbers, moon snails, nudibranchs…to name just a few), alongside a bear who blithely ignores us as she turns over boulders as big as my torso to crunch on uncovered crustaceans. This is only the preview. Upon landing we bushwhack through the rainforest until a clearing appears. A vast plateau unfolds before us, spongy underfoot, crawling with tiny frogs—we tread softly to

top One of the still-standing, weathered memorial poles at SGang Gwaay, a UNESCO World Heritage site on Anthony Island bottom A sea star shows off her feelers in Burnaby Narrows—just one example of the astonishing marine biodiversity in Haida Gwaii, which has been called Canada’s Galapagos

travel at home

avoid stepping on them—and dotted with big, bare-limbed trees as if from some savannah (look up!) and exquisite, diminutive blossoms that are like starbursts (look down!). And this is just the flora and fauna…and food. While the Gwaii Haanas is uninhabited now, once there were thriving Haida villages here. The remains of these past settlements are taken care of by Haida Watchmen, a modern-day version of the same-named guards of villages long ago. The most famous of these is SGang Gwaay, a UNESCO World Heritage site with still-standing mortuary and memorial poles. It’s what everyone who comes to Haida Gwaii wants to see. We arrive early morning. Captain Russ speaks to us solemnly. “If only this passage could talk,” he says of the waters we’ve crossed to get to Anthony Island, wondering how many canoes have preceded us in tens of thousands of years. “Let this place sink in. Take a moment to be quiet. Listen to the songbirds…go as slow as you can.” Watchman David takes us to the village site, sharing stories of his grandmother scolding him for spitting in the sea (“Don’t ever disrespect the ocean…”), shape-shifting otter spirits and Shaman’s Island, which he points out but won’t set foot on. It’s as if there’s some silent yet screaming presence here (the Haida name for this place is Wailing Island, after all). When I get my first glimpse of the silvery poles, crumbling and tilted this way and that, something powerful wells up in me. I gulp and gaze. It rains and clears. The big eyes of an eagle totem stare into me. The carved creature’s face is blurred by time, scarred and softened. One day it’ll disappear into these gwaii, the forest consuming it and everything else here. But every place we visit in Gwaii Haanas has this spiritual essence. At Hlk’yah GaawGa (Windy Bay), Watchman Morgan takes us to a colossal Sitka spruce that’s 900 years old. At Hotspring Island or Gandll K’in Gwaay. yaay I follow local tradition with a dip in the healing waters, on Ellen Island I go on a pseudo-archeological expedition and find a 10,000-year-old stone tool that I grasp in amazement, and at T’aanuu Llnagaay I gather around a blue bead in the palm of Watchman Ken’s hand. He found it that top Stellar sea lions rookery at Garcin Rocks middle left Chef Erin Vickars’ Bog Salad middle right Standing with Watchman Morgan by the

900-year-old Sitka spruce at Windy Bay Chef Erin watches the twilight sky from the bow of Passing Cloud opposite Mate Liam Ogle working on deck of Passing Cloud



Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

travel at home

if you go

Outer Shores Expeditions sails

into Gwaii Haanas with Passing morning on the beach The urchies are reCloud in early summer (and is now and tells us that turned to the sea and booking into 2019), as well as similarly visiting Haida threw we have local salmon stellar Pacific Northwest itineraries trading beads as they instead. Each meal in the Great Bear Rainforest and arrived for potlatches. is a wonder, much Barkley Sound in Pacific Rim I look at this bead, an like each creature and National Park Reserve: unexpected treasure, and place—every bead—we outershores.ca think that each excursion, encounter. Another mornevery walk on shore or coffee ing, as the anchor is raised and on deck, searching for stone tools we loll on deck, coffee in hand, we or watching for whales, is another precious realize that we’re surrounded by a beautiful bead in a long string. bloom of enchanting blobs: moon jellyfish. And holding these various beads—an On the last night there’s a many-hued eagle feather from Woodruff Beach, the sunset that lasts for hours. I keep sneaking stone tool on Ellen Island, a sea star in back up on deck to catch another iteration Burnaby Narrows—are part of the tactile and of the sky, but eventually I’m lulled asleep stirring nature of this trip. One afternoon, by the soft lap of water against the side of Erin giddily presents a trio of plum- and the ship. In the morning, I scan the cloudless coral-coloured urchins. “Urchies!” she hapsky and admonish myself for missing a starry pily exclaims. She places one in my hands night at the edge of the world. I imagine and I’m mesmerized by its undulating form the constellations as an echo of the ethereal of spiky spines, stretching and prodding. formation of jellyfish—sky and sea similarly Erin asks if we’d like to sample this delicacy full of shimmering forms. for dinner, another of-this-land ingredient. But, despite yearning for another Haida But after cradling these creatures—three Gwaii bead to behold, it seems right to leave decades old, apparently, and which can live this fantastical land without all of it revealed. to be centenarians—we decline. It’s been far too generous already.

March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists


practice management Timothy A. Brown Timothy A. Brown specializes in dental practice appraisals, brokerage, consulting, locum placements, associateships and practice financing across Canada. You can reach Timothy at timothy@roicorp.com.

No ground to stand on


practice space is purchased. The against the condo owner for lost income dentist/owner is excited to start and, if so, what the likelihood is of some or renovations and open the practice. all of that income being retrieved. But then, a new neighbour turns out to be The lawyer consulted with me on the not-so-friendly. This was the scenario when matter, but I explained that this isn’t the sort I received a call from a lawyer acting for a of file that our firm specializes in, even if we dentist who’d purchased a condominium do have empirical data on the kind of revabout a year and a half ago. enues a dental practice will generate in its After the purchase, it was discovered that the dentist would have A potential to access the suite below in order to complete some of new practice necessary plumbownership: the ing and wiring. But not-so-nice the owner of that condo refused entry neighbour and made it extremely difficult for the dentist to complete the new dental practice renovations. This resulted in more than a year of construction delay, not to mention stress and animosity. A petition was filed and, at the last minute, the lower condo owner removed the complaint and allowed the dentist access to complete the work. Needless to say, the long delay prevented the planned grand opening of the newly renovated practice and resulted first one to two years from an opening date. in a loss of practice income. Lost revenue is a very difficult case to Now the dentist and his lawyer are build and prove. Delayed or lost revenue questioning if there’s a claim to be made can be caused by unnecessary delays in

at your



construction for a multitude of reasons. This is just one sample case for which any claim made (if at all) would be difficult to determine. For instance, if this practice opened one and a half years ago as planned, would the practice have grossed $200,000 or $400,000 or $600,000 in its first year? It’s very difficult to determine because of the current oversupply of new dental offices in the same region (Toronto). I’ve seen new practices billing less than $200,000 in the first year. But, then again, other practices have opened and billed $600,000 to $700,000 within the first year. The short answer: it depends on a multitude of factors, including location, location, location. Also: the dentist’s social network, his/ her existing network of contacts, where he/she is working presently and whether he/she is able to bring patients to the new location. Such unknowns make proving any case, including the one above, difficult. As a reader (and colleague), you’ll likely sympathize with the dentist whose new practice opening has been delayed due to the resistance of an adjoining owner—someone who simply did not want to provide access to complete minor plumbing and wiring. But, as a practice owner, would you make a claim?

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Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018


When an unaccommodating neighbour causes construction delays to a practice renovation


sudoku Solve puzzle #2 for a chance to win a $50 VISA gift card!

Each sudoku puzzle has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 square contains the digits 1 through 9.

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sudoku 2 harder solution in next issue

sudoku 1 easier solution on page 34

$50 Visa Gift Card winner: Dr. John M. Gourley of Truro, NS

5 9 7 8 6 5 1 2 3 7 4 7 4 9 1 2 5 7 3 1 8 6 7 5 1 2 5 2 3 4 6 9 6 8

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1 6

3 9 6 8

7 1 9 7 6 8 2 1 9 9 5 4 5 3 2 7 9 8 6 3 2 1

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March/April 2018 Just For Canadian dentists


s m a l l ta l k

dentists share their picks + pleasures

dr. carrie hui has roughed it in the back of a flatbed truck, travelling for hours on dusty, pothole-riddled roads to bring basic dental care to Haiti (see “Pay it Forward” on page 10 for more on her volunteer efforts), but when she’s not giving back she does engage in some indulgence, from snowboarding (her last splurge: Burton boots) to stroopwafels (a sweet Dutch treat). And she travels: Hong Kong, Chile, Peru… Because, as per her motto, YOLO!

I live and practise in: Toronto, ON My training: Bachelor of Health Sciences from McMaster University; Doctor of Dental Surgery from University of Toronto Why I was drawn to dentistry: The perfect union between arts and sciences in a healthcare setting My last trip: Haiti

Most exotic place I’ve travelled to: Amazon jungle adventure in Peru! The best souvenir I’ve brought back from a trip: Stroopwafels from Holland Best meal anywhere: Street food from the night markets in Taiwan Memorable restaurant: Restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas A “wow” hotel/ resort I’d happily

stay at again: Casa Higueras in Valparaiso, Chile


A favourite place that I keep returning to: Hong Kong

I always travel with: Dental journals

Can’t believe I’ve never been to: Australia/New Zealand Don’t need to go to: Greenland Dream vacation: Antarctica If I could travel anywhere, I’d go: Into the future…2200 to see all the advances in

My jet-lag cure: Sleep

Favourite city: Chicago Favourite book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë Favourite film: Mulan Must-see TV: Breaking Bad Favourite band/ album or song: Air Supply Dr. Hui in Haiti (left) and with a colleague (right)

My first job: Piano teacher Gadget or gear I could not do without: iPhone I’d describe my home as: Simple but comfortable My car: Lexus IS 350 AWD Last purchase: Diapers Last splurge: Burton Felix Boa snowboard boots Most-frequented store: Dollarama I have too many: Lululemon sweatshirts My fridge is always stocked with: Peanut butter and cheese My guilty pleasure: Binge eating pizza My go-to exercise/sport: Running Favourite spectator sport: American football

a few favourite things :

Burton snowboard boots, Mulan, Jane Eyre, Air Supply, Breaking Bad


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2018

Celebrity crush: George Clooney

e n ir : b e s t s o u v fe l s a S tr oopw

I’d want this with me if stranded on a desert island: iPhone My secret to relaxing and relieving tension: Lifting weights, yoga or running A talent I wish I had: Singing A big challenge I’ve faced: Balancing my career, family and friends One thing I’d change about myself: Be lazier The word that best describes me: Bubbly I’m inspired by: Queen Elizabeth II My motto: You only live once—YOLO A cause that’s close to my heart: Haiti On my must-do list: Skating on the Rideau Canal If I wasn’t a dentist, I’d be: School teacher

photos (top 2): courtesy of Dr. Carrie Hui

My name: Carrie Yan Yan Hui



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