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march/april 2020

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12 Find big love in Kenya at an elephant sanctuary 34 (Re)discover Niagara Falls…and beyond COLUMNS


8 pay it forward

5 March/April mix 17 CE calendar 37 sudoku 38 parting shot

Art and music are key to this dentist and his philanthropic work

11 the thirsty dentist Tropical tipples

24 practice management Let randomness play a part in how and when you distribute bonuses

26 motoring Looking back at the automotive leaps of the past decade

PHOTOS: Tallulah; lisa Kadane; Tallulah

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Stories and photographs that appeared in this magazine (and sister publication, Just For Canadian Doctors) won multiple awards in the 2018 North American Travel Journalists Association Awards, including silver.

By Dr. Henry Adamson

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33 the wealthy dentist

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Be more marketing savvy…and get on social media cover photo The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organization in Nairobi, Kenya, that rescues injured and orphaned baby elephants and rehabilitates them for return to the wild. And you can visit…see page 12.

March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists


from the editor

Meaningful travel

attractions like Niagara Falls (Canada’s most visited), are an opportunity for a bit of nostalgia, travelling back to a long-ago family vacation from our childhood. The falls still put on a grand show, but now there’s also fine wine and food to supplement that spray (page 34). And we love the seaside sojourn—but sometimes we want a version that’s less surfer and more swank (page 5). Think Michelin-star restaurant… Or channel your inner artiste and tour Toronto’s cultural side (page 17). If you go, be sure to snap a cool angle or selfie and share with us on Facebook (facebook.com/justfor canadiandentists), Instagram (@justfor canadiandentists; #justforcanadian dentists) and Twitter (@JFCDentists).



ravel can mean many things. A business trip to a far-flung destination for a CE course or dental meeting (see where to go on pages 18–22). A family visit. A spur-of-the-moment getaway to a beach. Or a serendipitous detour on a journey that might just be soul-stirring. Contributing writer Roberta Staley, who also shares the story of Dr. Kenneth Montague’s philanthropy (page 8), visited the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya last year (page 12). For her, this haven for orphaned and injured elephants was a balm: “It was life changing, this overwhelming sense of love for these gorgeous, sweet creatures, who are happy to engage with humans and be petted.” Sometimes we reconnect and rediscover closer to home, where tourist

The elephants of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (page 12)

comments/questions: feedback@InPrintPublications.com

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Dish on the multicourse tasting menu at Michelin-star restaurant Addison: caramelized cod, cruciferous, caviar and bonito butter


san diego

posh on the pacific

beyond the beach taste



If you have a penchant for the beach and luxury travel, you can experience seaside San Diego without a fish taco or surfboard in sight‌

March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists






b e a c hn d o & b ey

sensory san diego

Grand Digs The tony enclave of Del Mar (30 km north of downtown) is peppered with gated communities. Here, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar (fairmont.com/san-diego) is a palatial property, accessed by a long driveway. The road winds alongside the hotel’s stunning Tom Fazio-designed 18-hole golf course before emerging to reveal the elegant Spanish Colonial, open-air courtyard and lobby. Lounge around one of the four pools, cozy up in the elegant library/games room or nosh your way through a collection of stellar cafés and restaurants. Star Ser vi ce San Diego’s very first Michelin star was awarded last year to Addison (addisondelmar.com). The food is divine, but the level of service needs equal recognition, executed by a stealthy army of elite servers who quietly glide through the room. Last June, Chef William Bradley eliminated the à la carte menu for a five- or 10-course tasting-menu-only format in the omakase tradition, where ultimate trust is given to the chef. Island Paradise Located on Mission Bay’s Vacation Island, the spa at Paradise Point (paradisepoint.com) is nestled in lush, tropical foliage that seems more South Pacific than South Cali. The services also reflect unique, island-forward options, such as a Balinese massage or treatment soak in a traditional wooden Ofuro tub. Pink Lady Located across the street from the beach (and within barking distance of the famous sea lions), La Valencia (lavalencia.com) is seaside La Jolla’s pink grand dame. This hotel might be historic, but it remains current with contemporaries like the Kardashians. Du cking Amazing Juniper and Ivy (juniperandivy.com) is a beloved farm-to-table restaurant in Little Italy. Perennial favourites include the yellowtail (on the menu since it opened) and uni (dropped off fresh daily from a local diver who harvests them at 3am), but the must-order is the whole duck—free-range, happy Pekin duck from nearby Sonoma County. You’re excused if you leave the cutlery on the table and use your fingers. Instagram can wait. A Ne w Realm In the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Convoy, Realm of 52 Remedies (52remedies.com) is an Asian-inspired speakeasy hidden behind secret doors within Common Theory Public House. Realm has quickly established itself as the place in San Diego for eclectic and beautiful cocktails that don’t shy away from unusual ingredients like dried mushrooms and salted cream cheese. And a new omakase-style cocktail tasting menu lets the bartender create bespoke cocktails based on your preferences. —Catherine Tse


San Diego’s wild side: the cliffs at Torrey Pines State Beach

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020

Spot prawns at Juniper & Ivy Barquette d’endive, beetroot and blackberry at Addison above right Comprador’s Fortune at Realm of 52 Remedies

if you go Dig deeper into San Diego’s high-end options: sandiego.org.

cocktail photo: ames Tran & Olivia Beall; addison photo: DYLAN + JENI

seaside sensation

Explore San Diego’s high life…from haute to high octane…

refuel x 6 bits + bites



snack attack Curb pangs with powerful bites

Written + produced by Catherine Tse

1 Ready to pop A new take on an old favourite, ActivPOP is organic popcorn that’s seasoned with charcoalinfused sea salt. And not just any sea salt —this is sun-evaporated sea salt from a Molokai Island Salt Master. With the added benefits of detoxifying charcoal, the black-mottled popcorn just looks cool. And no, the charcoal doesn’t come off on your hands—no one will know you’ve been snacking. activpop.com 2 Smart cookie Sometimes, it’s just not a sugar craving that needs feeding, but a texture craving. GO Raw’s sprouted cookies are satisfyingly crispy and crunchy, tricking your brain into thinking you’re chomping down on caramelized, crystalized sugar when, in fact, you’re crunching into crisped, sprouted, healthy seeds. Sprouting encourages seed germination, which makes the seed a lot more nutritious and easier to digest. This is your new cheat, no-cheat. luckyvitamin.com



ie mm





nom nom

5 Sweet tooth If you have an unhealthy relationship with sugar, Smart Sweets’ motto is, “Kick sugar, keep candy.” Their confectionaries look like gummies, taste like gummies, but don’t contain added anything: sugars, sugar alcohols, or artificial colours or flavours. These candies are



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coloured naturally from fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, carrot and spirulina (algae), and flavoured by plant-based sweeteners and natural fruit flavours. smartsweets.ca 6 Edgy Veggie Move over kale chips, cauliflower continues its world domination, now

in the snack aisle. Yes, these are cauliflower crisps. They’re organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. Baked with real cauliflower, these earthy, crunchy snacks are enhanced with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sea salt — a minimally processed chip that actually tastes like roasted cauliflower (but better, ‘cause they’re chips). hippiesnacks.com

March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists


pay i t f o r w a r d

r o b e r ta s ta l e y Roberta Staley is a Vancouver-based author, magazine editor and documentary filmmaker.

A dentist of note


he same week that Dr. Kenneth Montague was accepted into dental school at the University of Toronto, McGill University in Montréal welcomed him into its music program. But there was no question what he would choose. “Like a good immigrant son,” Montague chose

original, contemporary artwork. Patients from the acting, visual art, video, film and musical worlds came to his office, in part because—knowing how cash-strapped artists often are—he charged them on a sliding scale based upon ability to pay. Further cementing his reputation as Dr. Kenneth Toronto’s “enterMontague at tainment denhome with tist,” Montague his art dabbled in the film industry, providing dental services, for example, to Australian actor Russell Crowe when he played the character of boxer Jim Braddock in Cinderella Man, filmed in Toronto. As a dentist with “the heart of an artist,” Montague’s creativity and community spirit goes beyond creating a bright, energetic dental office. An unusual cultural upbringing blended Canadian, American and Caribbean sensibilities, thanks to Jamaican immigrant parents who loved the arts, taking their children to museums and galleries in their home city of Windsor, ON, as well as Detroit, Michigan, located just across the river. Music and art vied for Montague’s attention and, five years after opening Word of Mouth, he founded Wedge Curatorial Projects, a non-profit arts organization and gallery showcasing the works of African-Canadian artists. Its name was inspired by its location: the gallery was wedged into Montague’s home, utilizing his 15-metre-long hallway with its five-

“We live in such a rich country; we should do all that we can do” dentistry. Music remained a huge part of his life, however. When he opened Word of Mouth Dentistry in 1992 in Toronto, an eclectic range of reggae and world music filled the rooms, while clinic walls featured


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020

metre-high ceilings. It became a creative hub, helping launch emerging artists’ careers and establishing Montague as a globally respected art connoisseur whose collection was in demand for exhibition in North American galleries and museums. Equally importantly, he says, the gallery was a way to begin showcasing AfricanCanadian history and their contributions to Canadian culture. It was also a way to document important historical events such as The Underground Railroad, the secret network that allowed American slaves to escape to freedom into Canada during the 19th century. Today, as a trustee at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Montague and other curators and art arbiters are “deeply engaged” in discussions about bringing not only African-Canadian but Indigenous and other previously underrepresented art into the mainstream, honouring and acknowledging their contributions to Canadian culture. “As representatives of public art institutions, we’re all trying hard to fill in the blanks and tell the full story,” says Montague. Recently, Montague was part of the AGO team that acquired a unique collection of vintage Caribbean photography, collected by New York’s Patrick Montgomery, for the gallery. The largest known collection of Caribbean historical photographs, it includes more than 3,500 images. “School groups can come through the AGO and see this wonderful archive alongside Picasso and Monet, which is an important thing to feature in an art gallery when you have this huge CaribbeanCanadian population in Toronto,” Montague says. Montague gives a leg-up not only to artists but high school students by providing internship opportunities in professional settings. Perturbed by the lack of African-Canadian students in medical and dental school while he was a student, Montague helped start the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine’s Summer Mentorship Program. Today, black and Indigenous Grade 11 students who are considering careers in the health sciences

courtesy of Dr. montague

This “entertainment dentist” parlays his love of the arts into supporting new talent

pay i t f o r w a r d

r o b e r ta s ta l e y

can now spend their summers in professional offices throughout the Greater Toronto Area, thanks to Montague’s initiative that combines academics and practical hands-on experience. “These kids get this incredible, once-ina-lifetime experience,” he says. Montague also created a scholarship a decade ago supporting students from continental Africa who attend his first alma mater, The University of Windsor. His annual donation is matched by the university, covering tuition as well as books and some living expenses. The scholarship isn’t limited to students in the sciences; those in the humanities can apply as well. An independent committee from the university chooses the recipient based upon need and academic performance. “It’s a small finger in the dam,” says Montague. “I’m hoping that other people will jump in and start doing more of this.” Montague has also worked abroad, volunteering twice at an orphanage in rural Mali in West Africa, cleaning teeth, filling cavities, teaching the kids oral healthcare and providing them with free dental care products. “We live in such a rich country; we should do all that we can do.” Such myriad activities that centre around helping others are in his “DNA,” says Montague. “I had incredible parents who were very generous.” He recalls his father saying, “‘we lift as we rise,’ which is to say that, as you do well, you’ve got to reach back and pull up everyone else. It’s a pretty great lesson.”

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courtesy of Dr. montague

Dr. Montague was accepted into a music program the same time as dental school…he chose dentistry but music remains a huge part of his life, along with philanthropy

the thirsty dentist lisa kadane Lisa Kadane is a newspaper and magazine writer who likes to travel and partake in the destination’s preferred tipple, whether it’s rum, wine, a margarita or whisky sour. She’s been sharing her thoughts on spirits and cocktails since 2010.

Taste of the tropics

tim e fo r “lim in g"

Caribbean cocktails will take you back to island time


nside a shady rum shack on Brandons Beach in Barbados, patrons line the bar escaping the heat and quenching their thirst with local Deputy beers and icy glasses of rum punch. I take a sip of the national cocktail and enjoy the taste of dark rum, sugar and lime spiced up with Angostura bitters. It’s good. “Can you tell me your rum punch recipe?” I ask the bartender at Rascals. “We can’t say,” she says in a lilting Bajan accent paired with the hint of a smile. “It’s a secret.” Every rum shack in Barbados makes their own punch, and each also claims that theirs is the best. On a hot, lazy day, you’ll agree they’re probably right. In fact, on any given Caribbean island, a cocktail with good rum and lots of ice will give you the attitude adjustment you’re looking for, as I discover on a recent holiday. In Castries, St. Lucia, a Bounty and Coke tastes like heaven, while in Puerto Rico—the birthplace of the Piña Colada— local Bacardi white is best blended with pineapple juice, coconut cream and ice. On Antigua, self-proclaimed “drink connoisseur” Cassim Greene introduces me

to an Antigua Smile, a happy mix of white rum, crème de banana and pineapple juice that conspires to make me grin. Afterwards, the orange, lime green, turquoise and yellow painted homes and buildings that line the narrow roads of St. John’s appear even brighter. The truth about rum, says Greene, is that it helps beat the heat, and acts as a social lubricant when locals go “liming” after work (translation: hanging out at a rum shack and shooting the breeze, basically). It’s no wonder we want to bring back tropical cocktail recipes to get us through the last days of winter. Back at Rascals in Barbados, I manage to get the coveted recipe from the bartender after ordering a couple more drinks. It pretty much follows the classic rum punch rhyme: One of sour (lime), two of sweet (sugar), three of strong (rum), four of weak (water). “You just kind of play around with it,” she says. I intend to do just that when I trade powdery sand and jade waters for white snow and blue ice back in Canada.


Tropical cocktails for a taste of the Caribbean in Canada 1 Antigua Smile

1.5 oz white rum 0.75 oz crème de banana 2 oz pineapple juice Squeeze lime Pinch sugar

2 oz Mount Gay Eclipse 1 oz simple syrup 0.5 oz fresh lime juice 2-3 dashes Angostura bitters Pinch nutmeg

Garnish: Skewered cherry and pineapple wedge

Garnish: Skewered cherry

Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass over fresh ice. Garnish. lisa kadane

2 Rum Punch, Barbados

— Recipe courtesy Cassim Greene, Antigua

Method: Add rum, syrup and lime juice into a cocktail shaker with generous ice. Shake until thoroughly chilled. Strain into a cocktail glass over fresh ice, add bitters, nutmeg and garnish. — Recipe courtesy Rascals rum shack, Barbados


drinks to transport you


3 Piña Colada, Puerto Rico 2 oz Bacardi white 1 oz coconut cream 1 oz heavy cream 6 oz fresh pineapple juice 1/2 cup crushed ice

Garnish: Pineapple wedge and cherry Method: Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a cocktail glass, garnish and serve. — Recipe courtesy Hilton Caribe, San Juan, Puerto Rico

March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists



travel the world

For the

love of elephants

A sanctuary in Kenya rehabilitates injured and orphaned pachyderms story by roberta staley | photography by Tallulah

travel the world


Feeding time brings the babies running below The orphans bond together in a family group opposite page, top Nibbling vegetation in Nairobi National Park opposite page, bottom The young elephants are fed by their keepers awn is breaking, spreading golden light like butter on the green and red-dirt landscape rising on either side of the highway leading out of Nairobi, Kenya. Thanks to our early start, we have eluded the capital city’s notorious traffic snarls, arriving at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on Magadi Road a few hours before the tourists arrive. Pulling into the quiet, empty, packed-dirt parking lot, we encounter a small family of tusked wart hogs. Surprised by our appearance, they trit-trot past, tufted tails held vertical in alarm, eyeing us with suspicion. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organization that rescues injured and orphaned animals: elephants, rhinos and the occasional giraffe, and rehabilitates them for return to the wild. Founded in 1977 as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (its name until 2019) by Daphne Sheldrick, David’s widow, the

travel the world trust was created to honour her husband’s anti-poaching southeastern Kenya when they are about four. Raising baby activism and work as a warden in Tsavo National Park, elephants isn’t easy; they have complex emotional as well as southeast of Nairobi. Although Daphne, an author and dietary needs. It took Daphne Sheldrick a decade to perfect a conservationist, died in 2018 at age 83, her daughter Angela milk formula that, today, is fed to the babies until they become and other Sheldrick family members continue the legacy. more independent; at the Nairobi nursery they are fed every The trust has opened its arms to the world, inviting tourists three hours, imbibing 24 litres a day, says trust spokesperson to visit Sheldrick every day of the year from 11 am to noon, Kirsty Smith. except December 25, to watch the orphan pachyderms cavort Our early arrival, to document the work at the trust, means in mud or dust baths with their caregivers, who stay with the that we are here for the 9 am feeding, which is heralded by youngsters, supporting and protecting them, just as a mother the soft thump of heavy round feet as the babies scurry out of elephant would. (The charge is 500 Kenyan shillings, about the Nairobi National Park forest where they’ve been nibbling CDN$9, cash only.) vegetation. Excited rumbles greet a wheel barrel full Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s herd of orphaned of freshly prepared 3.5 litre milk bottles. The elephants range in age from a few months to elephants, with varying degrees of adeptness, about three—all rescues from various regions grab a bottle with their trunks, suckling if you go of Kenya. The circumstances of their rescue the bottle dry in a few minutes. Some have usually been dire. The trust’s antiyoungsters need help from their keepers, Visitors to the Sheldrick Wildlife poaching and veterinarian crews, utilizing who hold the bottles up to facilitate Trust should come on their own ground and helicopter and fixed-wing suckling. The amount imbibed varies; and make arrangements with a taxi or their hotel and driver, those who haven’t quite mastered the and ensure they have the 500 art of bottle feeding, spill much of their Kenyan shillings for entrance. breakfast onto the ground. For more info: sheldrick After the feeding, the keepers wildlifetrust.org. accompany their charges back into Nairobi National Park to chew on branches and brush and dig up roots. When the tourists arrive, the babies are brought to the mud and dust baths for easy viewing. Such behaviour prevents the youngsters’ sensitive skin from sunburn, while mud baths—apart from being fun—also help keep them cool. All the babies have names that acknowledge the region of Kenya they were rescued from and head keeper Edwin Lusichi, who has been with the trust for 21 years, provides a history of each baby during the visit. Visitors are also offered the opportunity to “adopt” one of the young elephants for $50 a year. Although this money is put into general operations for the Orphans’ Project at Sheldrick, the adopter receives monthly updates about their elephant, a certificate of adoption and digital copies of Angela Sheldrick’s plane surveillance, have freed elephants from snares that have delicate, whimsical watercolours of the babies. Giant-eared almost severed legs or trunks. While a mature elephant can Luggard became my adoptee. Luggard was an infant when be treated in situ, an injured infant is unlikely to survive, and a Sheldrick helicopter pilot on anti-poaching patrol spotted will be flown to the Sheldrick facility for long-term medical him, obviously distressed, in 2016 in Tsavo East National Park in treatment. One such baby is Enkesha, who was rescued after Kenya. A veterinarian crew was mobilized and Luggard caught. a snare almost sliced her trunk off. It has healed, although Only five months old, he had been shot. A bullet had shattered the hole that was left will never close. Enkesha, however, has the knee in his left hind leg, penetrating through into the other adapted, learning to grip her trunk muscles tight to close the foot. Luggard was tranquilized and evacuated via helicopter gap, allowing her to suck water through her trunk. to the Sheldrick facility for intensive care. Now a four-year-old, Some rescued babies have suffered gunshot wounds. Luggard will always limp, delicately putting just a bit of weight Others were orphaned when their mothers were slain by on the left hind foot as he walks. When it is time to reintroduce poachers, who hacked off the tusks for sale to the Asian ivory him back to the wild, he will be moved to a special place called market. Other elephant mothers were killed for bushmeat or by Umani Springs in the Kibwezi Forest, one of the trust’s three farmers to protect crops, leaving the offspring orphaned. Such reintegration units. “This is where those elephants that have human-elephant conflict is exacerbated by climate change, been injured will be integrated into, as it’s easier, with more which is linked to prolonged periods of drought so severe that water and richer forest for feeding,” says Smith. Kenya has seen high mortality rates of both wild and domestic In the film Larger Than Life, actor Bill Murray said, “You know, animals in past years. they say an elephant never forgets. But what they don’t tell you Along with the company of their fellow pachyderms, and is that you never forget an elephant.” Any visitor who comes crucially the love and 24/7 attention of caregivers, who sleep away from viewing these engaging, sweet and good-natured with their young charges at night in the stables, most of the babies at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust will attest to that observation. rescued babies survive the traumas that left them orphaned Once seen, these youngsters’ remarkable stories of survival and and will start to be rehabilitated into Tsavo National Park in resilience remain forever in your memory—and your heart.


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020

travel the world

Young elephants drink 24 litres of milk daily; Each elephant has its own individual keeper; The scar from a snare can be seen on Enkesha’s trunk; Keepers protect the orphaned elephants from harm in Nairobi National Park opposite page Trust spokesperson, Kirsty Smith clockwise from top left

March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists


Everything your patients need for

a confident smile

Whatever their oral care goals, your patients can achieve them with Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart, our most complete brushing solution ever. •

A month’s worth of manual brushing in just 2 minutes

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toronto / atlanta / richmond / dublin / sydney … |



A n int ern ation a l guide to continuing denta l Education

spr ing 2020 + beyond






Catch Hot Docs, the Canadian International Documentary Festival (the largest in North America) from April 30–May 10. hotdocs.ca For info on Toronto: seetorontonow.com

from top left: Museum of Contemporary Art; Tourism Toronto (3); Dawson Lovel, Unsplash




Tour the art—old, new and reimagined—of toronto (CE events in Toronto are in blue.)

osmopolitan allure—big city, bright lights—and culture make Toronto an art-lover’s go-to. Gaze at a Flemish Baroque painting or marvel at Indigenous street art, and see old architecture, like the 1892 Gooderham Building or Flatiron Building 1 , contrast with the sweeps and angles of modern edifices, sometimes even morphing within one structure. Like the Royal Ontario Museum, a cultural institution since 1914 with a world-class collection of 13 million artworks, cultural objects and natural history specimens—the most-visited museum in Canada. Its original Italianate/Neo-Romanesque building has been melded into the prism-like Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, a contemporary structure designed by Daniel Libeskind 2 . Walk by in wonder. rom.on.ca Another reimagined space, including a glass-and-wood façade and show-stopping spiral staircase 3 , is the Art Gallery of Ontario redesign by Canadian architect

Frank Gehry. Here, you can see a collection that includes The Massacre of The Innocents (by that Flemish master, Peter Paul Rubens), alongside the Group of Seven. And, on now is an exhibition of striking black-and-white portraits by renowned American photographer Diane Arbus. ago.ca Also revamped, the historic 1919 Tower Automotive Building in the city’s Lower Junction neighbourhood—once the tallest in Toronto and an aluminum factory that manufactured products for World War II— has become the Museum of Contemporary Art 4 . The original structure is now a stripped-bare backdrop for modern-art exhibitions like the current interactive cardboard installation by Carlos Bunga. moca.ca Yet another historic industrial site that’s been turned into gallery space is the Evergreen Brick Works. A former kiln building where bricks were made is now the TD Future Cities Centre, where immersive installations by a resident artist inspire visi-

tors to ponder urban density, public space and diversity. evergreen.ca And throughout the city there’s the mix of old and new, with colourful street art on weathered walls in alleys or below once-gritty highway passes and subway bridges. In Underpass Park, designed by landscape architects to transform one such neglected space into a public park, local artist and architect Paul Raff’s “Mirage” is displayed on the actual underpass, its 57 octagonal stainless steel surfaces reflecting new life below. Another Toronto artist, Indigenous muralist Philip Cote 5 , shares the oral traditions of storytelling in his public artwork—from a vibrant Anishinaabe woodland mural in the neighbourhood of Roncesvalles to a depiction of “All My Relations” in Allan Gardens, one of the oldest parks in Toronto. It’s a big-city mash-up of art, industry, history, high-tech and creativity in the urban heart of Toronto. — Barb Sligl

March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists


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Various Courses In Anesthesia

Dental Anesthesia Online

See website


Apr 03

Louisville Kentucky

Dental Pharmacology Update And KASPER: Management Of Pain In The Dental Office

University of Louisville School of Dentistry



May 02

Albuquerque New Mexico

Renaissance In Local Anesthesia

International Dental Seminars


international dentalseminars. com

Aug 07-24

Raleigh North Carolina

IV Moderate Sedation Training For Dentists

Conscious Sedation Consulting


sedation consulting.com

Sep 07-11

Dublin Ireland

Anesthesia Update

Northwest Anesthesia Seminars





Level 1 Online: Advanced Anatomy & Intro To Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler - Online & SelfDirected Course

Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics

855-681-0066 See Ad Page 18


Multiple Dates

Vancouver British Columbia

Level 2: Basic Botulinum Toxin: Aesthetic Upper Face & Pain Mar 27-28 & Apr 17-18

Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics

855-681-0066 See Ad Page 18


Apr 10-11

New York New York

Hands-On Aesthetic Continuum: 4-Day Program On Aesthetic And Restorative Dentistry

Aesthetic Advantage


aesthetic advantage.com

Apr 22-25

Orlando Florida

new CE to 36th Annual American Academy Of Cosmetic be placed Dentistry Scientific Session

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry



May 23-24

Toronto Ontario

The Art And Science Of Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

University of Toronto


cde.dentistry. utoronto.ca

Jul 10-11

Vancouver British Columbia

Level 3: Advanced Botulinum Toxin: Aesthetic Mid-Face, Lower-Face, Neck & Myofascial Pain

Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics

855-681-0066 See Ad Page 18


Aug 28-29

Provo Utah

Restorative Dentistry 1 Restorative/Esthetic/Preventive

Gordon J. Christensen Practical Clinical Courses



Sep 11

Mt. Laurel New Jersey

Ceramic Veneers: Preparation Techniques, Clinical Concepts & Pearls (Hands-On) With Dr. Mark Pitel In South Jersey

New Jersey Health Professionals Development Institute



Sep 12

Richmond British Columbia

Achieving Miraculous Solutions With Modern Matrices

Clinical Research Dental


clinical research dental.com

Sep 18

Toronto Ontario

Botox And Filler For Modern Dental Practice

Botox Training Centre


botox training centre.ca

Apr 11-25 2021

Cruise around Japan

Cosmetic Dentistry: Materials And Preparation With Dr. Mike Malone

Mindware Educational Seminars

888-574-8288 See Ad Page 19

mindware seminars.com

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020

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General Dentistry



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Vancouver British Columbia

Course #1 Shaping, Cleaning, And Obturation Of Root Canal Systems Course #2 Re-Treatment & Other Complex Cases

Endodontics Unsponsored


vancouverroot canals.com

Feb 26Mar 07

Galapagos Islands Cruise

CDE AWAY: Dental, ENT, Head & Neck Problems With Dr. Brian Jafine (Endodontics) And Dr. Jack Kolenda (ENT) NB: Almost Sold Out!

Sea Courses

888-647-7327 See Ad Page 22

seacourses. com

Apr 01-04

Nashville Tennessee

AAE20 Annual Meeting

American Association of Endodontists



May 01-03

Surrey British Columbia

Hands-On Endo CE Training In Rotary Endodontics To Take Back To Your Office On Monday

B.C. Endodontic Solutions


bcendo solutions.ca

Mar 05-07

Vancouver British Columbia

Pacific Dental Conference

Pacific Dental Conference



Mar 19-21

Atlanta Georgia

Hinman Dental Meeting

Hinman Dental Society of Atlanta



Mar 23-27

Maui Hawaii

UBC Annual Spring Break Symposium, An Interdisciplinary Program

University of British Columbia, Continuing Dental Education


dentistry.ubc. ca/cde/traveland-learn

Apr 02-04

Winnipeg Manitoba

2020 MDA/CDA Annual Convention


mdacda2020. com

May 01-02

Key Biscayne Florida

May 07-09

Manitoba Dental new CE to Association be placed Pankey Institute for Making It All Work - A Special Retreat For Women In Dentistry

Advanced Dental Education



Toronto Ontario

Annual Spring Meeting

Ontario Dental Association

877-779-3127 See Ad Page 37


May 21-23

Edmonton Alberta

Alberta Wellness Summit

Alberta Dental Association and College


dentalhealth alberta.ca

May 28-30

Seattle Washington

2020 Pacific Northwest Dental Conference

Washington State Dental Association



Jul 15-18

Las Vegas Nevada


Academy of General Dentistry



Sep 29Oct 07

Spain, Portugal, and Morocco

Exploring Dentistry & Medicine / 7-Night Cruise Lisbon To Barcelona On Windstar Legend

Professional Education Society



Nov 27Dec 02

New York New York

Greater New York Dental Meeting

New York County and Second District Dental Societies



Jan 2021

Sandals St Lucia

Topics TBA

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars


kennedysemi nars.com

March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists


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Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Hands-On Live Implant Course: 5 Days Of Live Surgery Level 1: Implant Placement Level 2: Sinus Lifts And Grafting Mar 02-06, Jun 15-19, Sep 14-18, Dec 07-11

Trinon Collegium Practicum


implantology courses.com

Multiple Dates

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Live Patient Extraction Program: Three Full Days Of Live Surgery Option 1: Socket Grafting With Extractions & PRP/PRF May 07-09, Dec 03-05 Option 2: Extractions Focused On 3rd Molars Mar 05-07, Apr 23-25, Aug 06-08, Dec 10-12

Implant Seminars

305-944-9636 See Ad Page 9

implant seminars.com

Multiple Dates

Vancouver British Columbia

AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse Program Mar 20-22, Apr 17-19, May 15-17, Jun 12-14

Vancouver MaxiCourse


vancouvermaxi course.com

Multiple Dates

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Live Patient Implant Surgical Bootcamp: Four Days Of Live Surgery With Lecture In The Mornings Jun 15-18, Oct 12-15, Dec 14-17

Implant Seminars

305-944-9636 See Ad Page 9

implant seminars.com

Apr 30May 01

Miami Florida

Implantology Unlimited - An Accelerated, CostEfficient, Two-Day Dental Implant Program

Implant Seminars

305-944-9636 See Ad Page 9

implant seminars.com

Jul 10-17

Alaska Glacier Cruise

Dental Implant Immersion: Concepts And Techniques Essential For Success


continuingedu cation.net

Jul 16-26

Mediterranean Cruise

Dr. Sam Halabo: Building Your Practice With Implants: Enhancing Diagnosis, Placement, Cementation And Marketing

Mindware Educational Seminars

888-574-8288 See Ad Page 19

mindware seminars.com

Nov 07

Victoria British Columbia

Planning For Success – Predictable ProstheticDriven Implant Protocols By Dr. Scott Dyer

University of Victoria, Division of Continuing Studies


continuing studies.uvic.ca



Dental Emergencies: Cardiac Emergencies

American Seminar Institute


americansemi nar.com

Apr 04

Sydney Australia

Infection Control Boot Camp




May 16

Gainesville Florida

Medical Emergencies In The Dental Office

University of Florida College of Dentistry


ce.dental.ufl. edu

May 28-30

Minneapolis Minnesota

Organization For Safety, Asepsis And Prevention Annual Conference

Organization For Safety, Asepsis And Prevention



Jan 05-19 2021

South Africa Cruise

Medical Emergencies, Dental Disease And Its Relationship To Systemic Medical Conditions; Presented By Dr. David Isen And Dr. Brian Jafine

Sea Courses

888-647-7327 See Ad Page 22

seacourses. com

Medical/Dental Issues


Multiple Dates


MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/

new CE toContinuing Education, be placedInc./University at Sea

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020

MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/

Pediatric Dentistry


Oral Surgery

Oral Pathology




when where





May 15-18

Ridgedale Missouri

4 Half-Day Lectures (20 hours) On Practical “Nuts & Bolts” Clinical Oral Pathology At Big Cedar Lodge

OPCE Seminars

See website

opceseminars. com

Oct 03-12

Italy Cruise

Oral And Head & Neck Pathology And Related Topics In Liability Trends And Risk Management

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea


continuingedu cation.net

Oct 08-19

Italy & Greek Islands

Dr. Hagen Klieb - Oral Pathology: What’s New And What’s Worth Remembering; Dr. Jack Lipkin Treatment Planning: The Crystal Ball Of Prosthetics

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars

877-536-6736 See Ad Page 20

kennedysemi nars.com

Dec 09-11

Las Vegas Nevada

Core I – Foundations In Restoring Complex Cases

LVI Global



May 01-03

Toronto Ontario

Oral Surgery For The GP: A Practical Approach

Palmeri Media Group


drlarrygaum. com

Aug 09-16

Alaska Cruise

Dr. Leslie David - A Potpourri Of Oral Surgery And Implants For General Practice

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars

877-536-6736 See Ad Page 20

kennedysemi nars.com

Multiple Dates

Rancho Mirage California

Comprehensive Orthodontics In-Person Lecture Session I: Apr 02-05 Session II: May 14-17

Faculté for Orthodontic Research and Continuing Education



Mar 06-07

Toronto Ontario

Case Finishing & Mechanics Speaker: Dr. Adrian Palencar

877-372-7625 See Ad Page 21

rondeau seminars.com

Apr 30May 01

New York New York

International Clear Aligners MasterClass NYU Linhart College Of Dentistry

NYU Linhart College of Dentistry



May 29

Toronto Ontario

Airway Centered Orthodontics Speakers: Dr. Brock Rondeau & Dr. Michael Gelb

Rondeau Seminars

877-372-7625 See Ad Page 21

rondeau seminars.com

Jun 10-14

Hamburg Germany

96th Congress Of The European Orthodontic Society

European Orthodontic Society



Sep 24-26

Kelowna British Columbia

Canadian Association Of Orthodontists 72nd Annual Conference

Canadian Association of Orthodontists



Mar 20-21

Washington DC

Pediatric Dental Pearls For The General Dentist

Pediatric Dental Seminars


pediatric dentalce.com

Mar 29

Tampa Florida

Management Of Pediatric Sedation Emergencies: A Simulation Course

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry



Sep 24-26

Whistler British Columbia

CAPD Annual Conference

Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry



new Rondeau CE toSeminars be placed

March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists


c e calendar



Practice Management Technology and Planning



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Jun 06-07

Brossard QuĂŠbec

Optimize Your Results In Interceptive Periodontics

International Dental Institute



Aug 09-22

British Isles & Amsterdam

Dr. Hoda Hosseini - Perio

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars

877-536-6736 See Ad Page 20

kennedysemi nars.com

Feb 13-28 2021

South America

Dr. Steve Faigan - Current Concepts, Diagnosis And Management Of Periodontal & Peri-Implant Diseases And Enhancing Beauty Of Restorative Dentistry With Esthetic Periodontal Surgery

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars


kennedysemi nars.com

May 23Jun 03 2021

Tour of Provence

Dr. Mike Goldberg: Periodontal Practices For The Prudent Practitioner

Mindware Educational Seminars

888-574-8288 See Ad Page 19

mindware seminars.com



Dental Recordkeeping

College of Dental Surgeons of BC



Apr 20-23

Los Angeles California

Introductory Course For Office Managers Management 101

Dental Management Secrets


dental management secrets.com

Sep 13-20

Western Mediterranean Cruise

Dental Treatment Planning And Sequencing; The Keys To Predictable, Profitable Dentistry

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

866-456-9464 See Ad Page 23

continuingedu cation.net

Multiple Dates

Toronto Ontario

Multidisciplinary Approach To Implant Prosthodontics Didactic Sessions: Mar 27-28; May 29-30; Jun 12-13 Treatment Planning Session: May 02

Genesis Continuing Dental Education


genesis education.ca

Apr 27

Toronto Ontario

Prosthodontic Management Of Implant Failures

Prosthodontic Associates Centre for Excellence


pace education.ca

Jun 15-19

Vancouver British Columbia

Cast Gold Restorations

Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs

drjanes wrinch @shaw.ca


Jun 23-30

Classical Rhine River Cruise

Achieving Excellence In Restorative Dentistry Through Creative Treatment Planning

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

866-456-9464 See Ad Page 23

continuingedu cation.net

Feb 27Mar 06 2021

Southern Caribbean Cruise

Prosthodontic Principles Essential For Successful Rehabilitation On Natural Teeth And Dental Implants

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

866-456-9464 See Ad Page 23

continuingedu cation.net

Mar 06-07

Toronto Ontario

Diagnosis And Treatment Of TM Dysfunction Speakers: Dr. Brock Rondeau & Dr. Dawne Slabach

Rondeau Seminars

877-372-7625 See Ad Page 21

rondeau seminars.com

Apr 24-25

Orlando Florida

Mini Residency – Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders & Craniofacial Pain (Session 1 Of 3)

TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre


tmjtherapy centre.com

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Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020

For more information Call 866-456-9464 or visit www.ContinuingEducation.net Continuing Education, Inc. University at Sea®

Dental Treatment Planning and Sequencing: The Key to Predictable, Profitable Dentistry

Achieving Excellence in Restorative Dentistry through Creative Treatment Planning

September 13 - 20, 2020 Round-trip Barcelona, Spain Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas

June 23 - 30, 2020 Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, The Netherlands Amadeus - ms Amadeus Imperial

Tips and Tricks for More Predictable Outcomes in Both Fixed and Implant Prosthetics: Mastering Key Principles for Success...Pearls to use on Monday

Dental Implant Immersion: Concepts and Techniques Essential for Success

7-Night Western Mediterranean

March 7 - 14, 2020 7-Night Hawaii Cruise Conference Round-trip Honolulu, Hawaii Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America

21st Century Esthetic Restorative Dentistry April 26 - May 2, 2020 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise Conference Round-trip Miami, Florida Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas

Pediatric Dentistry

June 5 - 12, 2020 7-Night Alaska Cruise Conference Round-trip Seattle, Washington Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Solstice

Call 866-456-9464 or 727-526-1571 or visit www.ContinuingEducation.net Florida Seller of Travel Reg. #14337

7-Night Rhine River Cruise

July 10 - 17, 2020 7-Night Alaska Glacier Cruise Round-trip Seattle, Washington Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas

Predictable Treatment Planning: From the Seemingly Simple to the Worn Dentition... and Everything in Between November 01 - 08, 2020 7-Night Western Caribbean & Perfect Day Coco Cay Round-trip Port Canaveral, Florida Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas

Dental Implants: An Integral Component of the Comprehensive Dental Practice February 27 - March 6, 2021 7-Night Southern Caribbean Round-trip San Juan, Puerto Rico Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Summit

Selected cruises listed here. See a complete program listing at www.ContinuingEducation.net Please visit our website for current CE Program Approval Statements, current fees and cancellation policies.

practice management Timothy A. Brown Timothy A. Brown specializes in dental practice appraisals, brokerage, consulting, locum placements, associateships and practice financing across Canada. You can reach Timothy at timothy@roicorp.com.

Embrace the random

When it comes to employee bonuses and incentive plans, a little unpredictablility is best


n the course of appraising thousands of dental practices, I’ve uncovered numerous complicated bonus systems and structures. Most bonus plans are wellintended but the calculations are unecessarily stressful and onerous. And, inevitably, a bonus plan that was designed to incentivize will backfire and foster a sense of entitlement or, worse, “sour grapes” amongst staff. After more than 20 years as a business owner, my solution is simple: make bonuses random and immeasurable. “Random” just means that there’s no established, predetermined time when staff expects renumeration. Most owners implement bonuses on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, tying the bonus


system to some mechanism of time. But random timing is best. When your team is working cohesively and efficiently, they know it. The office is in a flow state. Everyone senses the momentum—in busyness, productivity, collections and office culture. And that’s your moment to strike at random with bonuses! No need to say it’s because they’re doing a great job; just say you appreciate everyone and reward them—out of the blue. Be generous. That’s the magic of random. It’s like getting flowers from someone when you least expect it. And make your bonus system “immeasurable.” Staff doesn’t have to know what metrics you used to calculate that bonus. When offices set a productivity or

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020

collections goal or a new patient count for a specific period of time, there’s always a way to cook the books to make those metrics come true for a bonus. And such bonus systems are usually an all-or-nothing calculation. If the goal is to collect 98% of the projected production that month and 97.9% is collected, does that equal zero bonus—even if an employee did 99.9% of the work? I don’t think so. With immeasurable bonuses, you also keep your metrics to yourself. As the owner, only you need to know the numbers. This isn’t the kind of information that all staff members should be privy to. Too often, highly sensitive information is being casually distributed amongst staff members when this data should stay within a very tight circle. And, again, don’t forfeit the power of random. If you have a great month or first quarter, wait a couple of weeks or another month, and then randomly bonus, simply saying “We’re off to a good start this year.” Don’t enter a staff meeting and say, “The March 31st numbers are great, here you go.” No measurement is necessary; make the calculation in your mind however you want, but make it immeasurable. As a business owner, you’ll love the flexibility of random, immeasurable bonuses—and so will your staff. The “want to give” versus “need to give” has a direct reflection on your generosity. Most studies on reward mechanisms for employees show that money sits somewhere in the top five; for many, it doesn’t even make the top three. Staff desires recognition and wants to be rewarded with praise for a job well done. As leaders, we need the same. In my case, the paycheque and dividends at the end of the year are not enough. I seek recognition from clients and, yes, also look for it from my team. By making your bonus system random and immeasurable you get back to a more organic way of providing recognition and reward. I dare you to look back at the last month or two for something impressive about your team and to now do something both random and immeasurable for them. Today. You’ll like the results.

RCAs and IPPs – Revisiting Tax-Advantaged Retirement Savings ROBERT DEAN, CPA, CA, CFP, TEP


or professionals, prior to 2018, typical tax planning was to incorporate, set up a family trust, save inside the company and split income with family members to manage your annual tax costs. With low tax risk, and being relatively easy to administer, it was an effective tool for longterm financial security. The federal government’s new limitations on earning investment income inside of corporations and significant restrictions on the ability to manage tax costs through income splitting turned more than 20 years of tax planning on its ear. The new rules are a part of the tax environment for the foreseeable future. What we need to do is to look at the tools we still have and determine how we make the best use of those to build a resilient plan which manages tax costs over your career and into your retirement. What is a retirement compensation arrangement (RCA)? This plan allows companies to put funds into trust to be paid to employees upon retirement. Larger companies may use an RCA to top up retirement benefits beyond those provided for by pension or other retirement benefits. RCAs can help highincome earners bridge the gap between the benefits RRSP provide and what they expect they will need in retirement. •

Four Key Advantages of RCAs Plan features are flexible

Contributions made to the RCA are not subject to payroll taxes and are tax-deductible.

Once a person retires, the access to funds is flexible. In particular, participants do not have to wait until age 65, they may take out lump sums, or income over time.

Like an RRSP, payments from an RCA are taxed personally when withdrawn in retirement.

Two Key Disadvantages of an RCA • Only half of the contributions to an RCA can be invested. Plan

contributions and investment income are subject to a 50 percent refundable tax. •

Neither the employer nor employee can directly control the investment assets while held in trust.

What is an individual pension plan (IPP)? An IPP is a defined benefit pension plan for one member. IPPs specifically benefit owners of incorporated companies who do not participate in an employer pension plan and who have annual earnings in excess of $120,000. Individuals should be at least 50 years of age to derive the maximum benefits from the plan. • •

Five Key Advantages of IPPs All contributions to an IPP can be invested. Contributions are tax deductible, allowing for efficient flow through of corporate savings / profit to business owner, bypassing new passive income rules and taxation.

practice 10 years ago and wishes to retire in seven years. She’s coming into the highest income earning years of her career and wants to focus the next seven years on her retirement savings. An RCA is flexible and an effective means of moving the taxation of income into the future, where taxable personal income is expected to be lower. Future marginal tax rates can provide a substantial tax advantage. By effectively doubling the invested capital over an RCA, an IPP results in the highest amount of invested assets in the shortest amount of time, growing to provide long term financial security. Which is best for Dr. Smith? If her biggest concern is the short-term cashflow gap between 57 and 65 and having funds available until her other retirement assets come to maturity, an RCA is an excellent tool to consider.

However, if Dr. Smith’s biggest concern is funding her lifestyle after age 65, then • IPPs fall under pension legislation, an IPP could provide substantial benefits. allowing you to split income in Maximizing the current tax deductions, retirement with spouse or significant maximizing the investment pool and other. deferring income taxation until after 65 are some of the ways to benefit from an IPP. • Contribution limits are higher than in RRSPs and you can top up your Finding out more contributions if the IPP does not achieve Professionals are high-income earning a 7.5 percent annual growth rate. individuals with complicated tax situations and retirement planning and have many • Assets are secured from creditors. more consideration than other individuals. Discussing your long-term plans with an Two Key Disadvantages of an IPP MNP advisor, in conjunction with your • The pension cannot be drawn upon financial and legal advisors on a regular (with limited exception) until the basis, leads to having a clear strategy and individual turns 65. Existing RRSPs peace of mind. By having a well-informed may need to be transferred into the team, we can identify opportunities like locked plan to fund past service. RCAs and IPPs or other estate and tax planning options that can help you realize • Plans are provincially regulated. your long-term financial goals. In some provinces, contributions may be mandatory regardless of Robert Dean, CPA, CA, CFP, TEP, is a the financial circumstances of the Business Advisor within MNP’s Tax Services individual or the company. Which is better: an RCA or IPP? Consider the hypothetical example of Dr. Smith. She’s 50, incorporated her

team. For more information, contact Robert at 902.835.7333 or Robert.Dean@mnp.ca.

Advertising Feature


D r . k e l l e n s i lv e r t h o r n Dr. Kellen Silverthorn is Just For Canadian Dentists’ automotive writer. He tries to keep one convertible and/or one track-day car in the family fleet.

Top-10 from 10

The big automotive takeaways of the last decade—from Elon to EcoBoost


t seems like I was just writing the ’Naughties (2000–2009) review, and now here we are…another decade. And, hands down, 2010-to-present has been the more impactful decade for auto enthusiasts. I’ve chosen a vehicle that encapsulates my top-10 themes since 2010… and lost too much sleep trying to order by historical significance, so it’s a simpledoes-it, chronologic approach (after all, we accept chronologic for dental history).

THE AFFORDABLE ITALIANS ARE COMING (2011 + 2014): Fiat returns to our shores in 2011, and then Alfa Romeo in 2014. Offerings are either cute or sporty. And we’re richer for their presence. North American brand viability remains somewhat in question,

hopefully to be stabilized by the pending merger between FCA (Fiat-Chrysler) and PSA (Peugeot-Citroën). McLAREN OFFERS ALTERNATIVE TO UNAFFORDABLE ITALIANS (2011): Many brands have tried, but McLaren actually succeeds in joining the Ferrari and Lamborghini brand echelon. I find it challenging tracking McLaren’s plethora of generally look-alike models. Nevertheless, the brand has dealerships in Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver. Calgary’s store must be imminent… TESLA AND ELON THE DISRUPTORS (2012): The expensive, svelte Tesla Model S sedan arrives in 2012 with polarizing effects. It’s fast and fossil-fuel free. Elon eschews the usual automotive industry domicile, dealerships and discipline. Sales of the now-aged Model S continue unabated, enjoying New-Age status symbol credibility. Competition is only arriving now. K2 STRENGTHENS AND MORPHS TO K3 (2014 +): Strides by Korean corporate siblings Hyundai/Kia/come-lately Genesis—in product, reputation, recognition—impress. The Sonata of 2014 is key. By 2018 the siblings are claiming Car and Driver’s 10 Best Awards. Ditto Road & Track’s 2020 performance Car of the Year, the Veloster N.


700-hp muscle cars? Yes, and now Ford and Chevy have them too. WHEN A RANGE ROVER IS NOT POSH ENOUGH (2015): Since 1970, Range Rover has been the benchmark aspirational SUV. In 2015, Bentley pitches the Bentayga SUV far above the Range Rover’s price. (Indeed, Bentley offers a dash clock option costing more than an entire Range Rover.) It sells well. Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin all debut SUVs. Ferrari will be next. Hopefully, these brands don’t abandon automobiles to focus only on SUVs. CUTE UTES RULE (Q1 2019): Cars are steadily losing market share to light trucks. No longer is the Toyota Corolla/Honda Civic/Mazda 3 segment the top choice for first-time car buyers. Now, it’s the Toyota RAV4/Honda CR-V/Mazda CX5 cute utes. Canadian sales of the new RAV4 in Q1 2019 are 12,386, up 13% from Q1 2018. Meanwhile, Corolla sales are just 9,255, down 2%. TOYOTA SUPRA RETURNS, SORT OF (2019): The stylish Supra, absent since 1996, returns. Yet it’s arguably more BMW Z4 than Toyota. Scoop: via multinational joint venture, both the Supra and Z4 are Austrian-built by Magna-Steyr. Such corporate tie-ups underwrite many new sports models; witness the 2017 Subaru-Toyota BRZ/GT86, and the 2016 Mazda-Fiat MX-5/124.

F150 ESCHEWS Fe FOR Al (2015): In a shocking move, Ford morphs its family jewels (the F150 pick-up) from a steel to an aluminum body. This saves weight and thus improves fuel economy. Previously, aluminum bodies were reserved for rarified luxury and exotic cars. Ford has another key contemporaneous F150 pick-up truck innovation: EcoBoost Twin Turbo V6 engines instead of V8s. The F150 continues as the best-selling nameplate in North America.

CORVETTE FINALLY FLIPS (Q3 2019): Corvette engineers have been scheming to switch from front-engine to mid-engine since the late 1950s. With the new eighth-generation Corvette, that dream is achieved. It’s unclear, to date, if the rank and file of the greying Corvette Nation owners appreciate this “foreign car” change. Pricing will be sharp, at least initially.

HELLCATS FOR ALL (2015): We’ve all become a bit blasé about 700-horsepower rides, but in 2015 this is big news…almost illicit news, it seems. Head down to your Dodge (FCA) dealer and order up a Hellcat (supercharged Hemi) Challenger. Will the government actually go along with affordable

OK, full disclosure. Top-story billing goes to the extended steamroller that is SUV market share. Runner-up is Elon and Tesla (hey, relax, the Toyota Prius debut was in 1997). Honourable mention: the aluminum body Ford F150 pick-up truck with V6 EcoBoost. Bring on the Roaring Twenties!

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020


Serving the Canadian Health Sciences Community for over 25 years


Use Marketing Code DENT20 at checkout and receive 10% off each book featured in this ad. Offer valid online only until April 30, 2020 from lb.ca and Login Canada’s Health Sciences Affiliate eStores.

Item #


WKND4 Human Skull with Markings WKNE3 Human Skull - Half Size 3 Parts

Price $54.50 $26.50

WKNE2 Human Skull 22 Different Color Markings


WKNH7 Teeth Model With Brush, 8.5" x 6.5" x 4.5"


Numbered Human Classic Skull Model WKNE5 3 Parts


WKNE8 Life Size Human Skull WKNG0 Lower Jaw Model, Enlarged, 6 Parts, 3x WKNH6 Model of Teeth With Brush, 10" x 8" x 5.5"

$41.50 $180.50 $54.50

Item #



Anatomy of the Teeth Anatomical Chart



Disorders of the Teeth and Jaw Anatomical Chart



Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Anatomical Chart



The Human Skull Anatomical Chart


Item #


AW447 Artificial Adult Human Skull


Price $247.50


Budget Life-Size Skull



Budget Life-Size Skull (Fourth Quality)



Budget Skull With Cervical Vertebrae



Budget Two Piece Skull



Classic Human Skull



Diseased Teeth and Gums Model



Flossing and Brushing Teaching Model

AW442 Giant Toothbrush

$85.50 $36.95

AW455 Second Dentition Skull




T.M.J. Skull

t h e w e a lt h y d e n t i s t M a n f r e d p u r t z k i Manfred Purtzki, CPA, CA, is a principal in the Vancouver office of Purtzki Johansen & Associates. He can be reached at: Manfred@purtzki.com or 604-669-7558.

Create your own market 10 tips for success in a saturated market


hree years ago, Dr. Arnaldo Lopez left his associateship to start a brand-new practice from scratch in the most dentally saturated area of MiamiDade county. He started with zero patients but now three years later he sees about 100 patients per month. How can he do so well in such a competitive market? In the magazine Dental Economics, he summarizes the strategies of achieving this exponential growth. (And while his practice is in Florida, the same applies to any saturated market, whether Toronto or Calgary.) He began establishing a marketing budget, which was initially 15% of revenues, which he’s now dropped to 10%. Ninety days before he opened his doors, he started a direct-mail marketing campaign. He continued with direct mail, because he did not have the funds for digital marketing. He had his staff manage an Instagram account for his practice and worked on growing his Google reviews to increase his exposure. As the practice grew, the marketing developed into a separate department of the clinic, which required the need for a new-patient coordinator. This staff member’s job was to ensure that the community was aware of his brand. She managed the direct-mail campaigns and

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2 Online reviews. Again, ask your favourite patients to tell others about the great experience at the office. Don’t leave it up to them to do it later; encourage them to write the review while they’re still in your office. 3 Website redesign and advertising. You’ll need a good budget for this but it does work…just make sure you use a reputable company. 4 Online presence. Include your Google My Business account and add photos of your practice online. 5 Before-and-after. Upload photos of great patient results to your website and social media feeds.

Philosophy. Broadcast your practice philosophy to attract patients who share your same ideals. It works like magic. 7

8 New-patient coordinator. Hire a new-patient coordinator and send this staff member into your community. Attend every event possible within a 5-km radius of your practice. Create print materials to distribute at these events.

Direct mail to patients. Mail to your current patient database and let them know what you’re up to and what your values are. Share with the world what makes your office important. People want to know what you’re passionate about; it’s what Dr. Lopez portrays to his patients every day. 9

10 Email campaign. Start an email campaign to stimulate patient referrals.

Dr. Lopez’ favourite quote is from Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And that’s what he’s done.

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Even the busiest of markets has space for exponential

Community presence. Snap and share pictures at community events.

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For Canadian Dentists of British Columbia

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March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists


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In-office referrals. Ask your favourite patients to send you more patients just like them.


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attended health fairs, community events, business networking events and local fundraisers— anything that would create awareness of his practice. Having the new-patient coordinator’s single focus on marketing was critical in building his success.


travel at home

beyond the


After the spray of that famous waterfall, discover the rest of the Niagara Peninsula story + photography by Lisa kadane

clockwise from top left

Sunrise over Horseshoe Falls; Family-run Honsberger Estate Winery was originally a farm; Soaking in the vineyard views at Two Sisters; Locally caught pickerel on the menu at Vineland Estates; Boardwalk that parallels Class VI rapids along the Whitewater Walk


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020


travel at home

t’s just 80 metal steps from the top of the Niagara escarpment down into Niagara Glen, but it feels like a journey back in time. The lower I descend, the more the limestone cliff walls soar above me, revealing 250-million-year-old trilobite fossils imprinted into the easily eroded shale along the Cliffside Trail. I’m only seven kilometres from Niagara Falls, Canada’s most well known natural wonder visited by 12 million people annually. On this network of trails that cuts through a lush forest, however, I’m alone. The famous waterfall crashed down in this very spot some 8,000 years ago, but as the waters’ power eroded the land, the falls travelled south to their present location. In its place, a Carolinian forest of broad-leaf trees flourished thanks to the relatively warm and humid climate nurtured by the surrounding Great Lakes. I hike past tulip trees, a kind of magnolia, and 800-year-old white cedars. Moss covers everything from fallen logs to giant boulders. It feels downright Jurassic all the way to the river’s edge, where water courses down the Niagara Gorge in a tumult of rapids and eddies. It’s as though I’ve stumbled upon a secret world. I almost forget where I am until a jet boat packed with tourists whizzes up-river, snapping me back to reality. This secluded hiking spot is one of many surprises I discover on the Niagara Peninsula. In the days that follow I’ll visit quaint wineries, a top-notch theatre in a postcard-cute town, and an educational museum, all close to the area’s namesake calling card. I first visited Niagara Falls as a teenager over three decades ago, on a day trip from Toronto. My mom and I posed for the obligatory misty photo close to the brink, and rode up to the top of the Skylon Tower for a birds-eye view of both Horseshoe Falls and American Falls. Then we called it a day. I have no memory of the Coney-Island-meets-Las-Vegas vibe of adjacent Clifton Hill, where tourists meander the midway, waiting in line to play dinosaur mini golf, ride the new multilevel go-kart speedway or visit the wax museum. In the past 30 years the Canadian side has been built up. There’s a new casino, and construction is nearly complete on an adjacent entertainment centre. You can even zipline above the Niagara River toward Horseshoe Falls for a thrill. The real draw, though, is still the falls. They’re even more magnificent than my childhood memory—a ceaseless torrent that churns 7,500 bathtubs worth of water over the brink every second. They create a constant mist, a deafening roar and an eternal rainbow that shifts between the American and Canadian border. Their power is mesmerizing and it’s easy to understand why this spectacle of nature has drawn daredevils, tourists and honeymooners since the 1820s. In fact, marriage proposals are still common onboard the Hornblower Niagara Cruises boats, which ferry poncho-clad sightseers into the mist of Horseshoe Falls multiple times a day. I learn about the falls’ history of romance and derring-do in bits and bobs as our group explores the water works in different ways. We do the Journey Behind the Falls to travel through tunnels under Horseshoe Falls and feel the thundering vibrations as the surge of water shakes the bedrock above. Along the Whitewater Walk, a wooden boardwalk that parallels the Niagara River and its frothing Class VI rapids, interpretive signs describe the rapids, the region’s geology and the history of the falls’ barrel riders and tightrope walkers. March/April 2020 Just For Canadian dentists


travel at home PERMANENT, FULL-TIME ASSOCIATE The Hay River Dental Clinic is currently looking for a permanent, full-time Associate to join our team! We are a busy family clinic with a relaxed atmosphere, and friendly staff. If you are looking for a change of scenery from your current clinic or looking for a new adventure, we are the clinic for you. You will be able to utilize a majority of your dental skills in our busy practice. Our little town has lots to offer such as sports, leisure and social activities. New grads welcome to apply! For more information, call Jillian at 867-874-6663 or send your resume to jillian@hayriverdentalclinic.com or fax to 867-874-3233.

Dental Auxiliary

IOS Scanner Support / Sales We are seeking a vibrant, personable individual to join our team in a scanner and laboratory sales role. Primary duties include: calling on dentists to demonstrate, train, and support the sales of intraoral scanners while offering laboratory services. • • • • • • •

Provide presentations to prospective clients. Display and demonstrate intraoral scanners. Train clients to use intraoral scanning technology. Offer Protec’s laboratory services. Travel out-of-town up to two days per week. Attend study clubs, tradeshows, and conventions. Drive company vehicle within Greater Vancouver.

The ideal candidate should have intraoral scanner knowledge and experience. This is a full-time role. Reply to: humanresources@protecdental.com


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020

After a day or so of waterfall “immersion,” I’m ready to escape the crowds. It’s a quick drive to adorable Niagara-on-the Lake for shopping and theatre and, as a budding oenophile, I’m excited to visit nearby wine country. About the same time I was admiring Niagara Falls with my mom, the first wine grapes were being planted in the region. There are now 97 VQA wineries on the Niagara Peninsula, from boutique operations to large estates. The same summer climate that sustains a Carolinian forest is also ideal for growing wine grapes such as Riesling and Cabernet Franc, but being in Canada poses unique challenges. “We fight nature here all the time,” confides Kelly Mason, the winemaker at Honsberger Estate Winery while we sip the 2018 rosé at the outdoor patio bistro. Humidity from the surrounding lakes, combined with an early frost some years, can spell trouble for grapes. Winemakers work with the conditions by positioning their vines to take advantage of natural airflow and by vigilantly watching the fall forecast. In addition to grapes, everything else grows well here, from peaches and apples to most vegetables. In fact, Niagara has become somewhat of a foodie paradise. “One thing that’s grown with the wine is the food industry in Niagara,” confirms David Hulley over lunch at Vineland Estates Winery. “We live farm to table here.” We dine on red pepper bisque paired with sauvignon blanc, then move on to Lake Erie pickerel washed down with buttery chardonnay. For dessert, there’s light vanilla bean cheesecake served with sweet Vidal Icewine. It’s all delicious. The inspired dining and wine sipping carry on at Peller Estates and Two Sisters Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake, on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. The man versus nature theme continues at the Welland Canals Centre in St. Catharines, where humans’ quest to tame the land is detailed with historic accuracy. The Great Lakes have always been a way to ship goods between Thunder Bay and the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence River, but getting into the upper lakes was difficult because of Niagara Falls. The solution was the Welland Canal, an engineering marvel completed in 1923. Its eight concrete locks rise up 99 metres in 43 kilometres (the highest canal lift west of China) and make it comparatively easy to transport natural resources east, or manufactured products west, along the inland waterway. It’s interesting to think of Niagara Falls as an obstacle to be overcome rather than a wonder to witness. On our last night in the area we watch a performance of Brigadoon at the renowned Shaw Festival Theatre in Niagaraon-the-Lake. The classic musical is a tale of adventurers who get lost in the Scottish highlands and end up travelling back in time to an enchanted town called Brigadoon, which isn’t what it seems. It’s an apt metaphor for my return to Niagara Falls, which has been its own journey back in time. I’ve learned about if you go daredevils and romantics, winemakers Discover Niagara’s and engineers, and I’ve discovered charms at niagarafalls my own secret and ancient world at tourism.com and southern Niagara Glen. Though the spectacular Ontario’s at ontario waterfall is what draws people here, travel.net. upon arrival they realize the region is so much more than a natural wonder.




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Olympic Hero and Mental Health Advocate

Happiness Guru and Bestselling Author of The Book of Awesome


Restorative Materials

Brian Novy

Jeff Brucia

Oral Fluid Fantasyland

Restorative Materials and Techniques Simplified 2020



Brett Gilbert

Mark Donaldson

Minimizing Risk Management and Maximizing Success in Endodontics

Medical Cannabinoids: What a Practising Dentist Needs to Know

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pa r t i n g s h o t

photo prescription

dr. henry adamson lives and practises in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

These photos were taken in Spring 2019 on a fly-in visit to Sable Island to the south of Nova Scotia, infamous for the number of shipwrecks and justly famous for the 500 wild horses that are year-round residents and 300,000 seals that co-exist in this unique eco-system.”

photo details

dr. henry adamson

Nikon D750, 300mm Nikkor lens with x1.4 teleconverter for the two top photos and Nikkor 20mm prime for the bottom image

Send your “wow” photo (high-resolution) to feedback@inprintpublications.com, along with a few words on the context of the photograph (including time, place, technical details and equipment/gear). We want to see what you’ve captured on your travels!


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2020

Martha Flaherty Cultural Ambassador

ŠKristian Bogner, Dennis Minty, Danny Catt, Scott Forsyth

Experience the Unexpected Be a part of the unexpected. Experience the thrill of a small ship expedition. Explore the Canadian Arctic and Greenland together with Arctic explorers, Inuit guides, scientists, and artists. Learn about climate change and marine wildlife. Meet Inuit who thrive in one of the most remote places on Earth. Expedition travel with Adventure Canada is not your typical vacation. It is about leaving behind the hustle of everyday life. Connect with like-minded people. Learn from local guides about different cultures. Explore the unknown path—it will bring you delight in an unexpected way. Book before October 31, 2020, and SAVE 15%. Applies to 2020 Expeditions aboard the Ocean Endeavour only and excludes Antarctica.

High Arctic Explorer . Into the Northwest Passage Out of the Northwest Passage . Heart of the Arctic


1.800.363.7566 advcan.ca/dentist-arctic Canadian-owned and operated since 1987 Adventure Canada, 55 Woodlawn Ave, Mississauga, ON L5G 3K7 Canada, TICO Reg# 4001400