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wildlife viewing in MANITOBA

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14 A wild encounter with a polar bear on the far

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AWARD WINS! Stories and photographs that appeared in this magazine (and sister publication, Just for Canadian Doctors) won multiple awards in the 2018 North American Travel Journalists Association Awards, including silver.

shores of Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba, where a walking safari lets wildlife lovers get (really) close and (very) personal



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cover photo A nature lover and photographer’s dream comes true on Churchill Wild’s Polar Bear Walking Safari in Canada’s Hudson Bay— home to the only fly-in polar bear eco-lodges on the planet (page 14).





oming face-to-face with a polar bear… A frozen and unforgettable moment. Skiing down a chute at Whistler Blackcomb. A different kind of freezing and rush of adrenaline. Sinking in a steaming spa pool surrounded by freshly fallen snow and mountain peaks rising tall and sharp in a blue sky. Another chilly moment to remember. Award-winning writer Jenn Smith Nelson went far north and deep into Canada’s tundra to commune with wolves, but found herself crossing paths with a polar bear (page 14). The walking safari— led by longtime, professional guides—is the only such experience in the world and lets guests of Churchill Wild get up close (and rather personal) to the king of the north and winter.

There are other ways to get the heart pounding this late fall and early winter, like taking advantage of Whistler’s early ski season (opening day of Whistler Blackcomb is November 28!) and all the other highs of mountain village life, from a lit-up night stroll through the forest to a lake-inspired brew (page 21). From the Coastal Range to the Rockies, another woods-and-mountains getaway awaits in Kananaskis (page 5). Here, you may encounter a robust snowman, wee deer and a blanketful of stars… Share your up-close moments with us on social media: Facebook (facebook.com/ justforcanadiandentists), Instagram (@justforcanadiandentists; #justforcanadiandentists) and Twitter (@JFCDentists). comments/questions: feedback@InPrintPublications.com


Up close

In the far north of Manitoba, on the shores of Hudson Bay, Nanuk Lodge is base camp for some serious wildlife viewing (page 14)

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WINTER IS COMING TO KANANASKIS into the woods + mountains


geta way Sink in and watch the snow fall at this hideaway with a view ( from the nordic spa!) in the Rocky Mountains. . . November/December 2019 JUST FOR CANADIAN DENTISTS





mountain high

r w i n tei n g! i s c om

Only an hour from Calgary, Kananaskis Country is a winter wonderland



Snowman with a view “Exfoliation Cabin” at Kananaskis Nordic Spa right

Early morning sun on the Rockies in Kananaskis Country left Fall colour overlaps with snow and icicles

Village Rim Trail right Furry friends

barb sligl

let it snow

t’s early morning. The trail that skirts the edge of the high plateau is quiet and shrouded in the last bit of night. My breath trails me in long, opaque wisps. A few faint stars still glitter as the mountain peaks seem to press closer, backlit with a luminous pink. Snow crunches beneath my boots. With each footstep, the pink gets brighter and the peaks closer. And then a riotous bit of radiance illuminates one mountaintop. Later, I meet a wee deer enjoying the sun just off the path… Short and super-easy, the Village Rim Trail around the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge is up-close access to the Rockies of Kananaskis Country—4,000 square kilometres that encompass five provincial parks, four wildland provincial parks and one ecological reserve. K-Country, as it’s referred to locally, was designated a protected park system in 1978 and since then has hosted the 1988 Olympics (the lodge was originally built for the athletes’ Olympic Village) and the G8 in 2002 (when it still included eight nations). Just an hour west of Calgary, this mountainside hideaway is an ideal weekend getaway—with a nordic spa. The hydrotherapy cycle—hot and cold water baths, steam and sauna cabins—includes a Russian-style banyan sauna, exfoliation cabin and so-called “winterized” hammocks in which you can zip up and cocoon as the snow falls around you. I try them all, and then watch flurries dance with the flames of one of the fire cauldrons. The alpine rejuvenation continues inside the lodge…where there’s yoga and the “Fireside Stories” series, told by people like the legendary climber Barry Blanchard, known for boundary-pushing alpine ascents in the Canadian Rockies and Himalayas. It’s all almost inspiring enough to don my boots again and hit the trail network of Barrier Lake or slopes of Nakiska Ski Resort, both just down the road from the lodge. But first: a Campfire Manhattan in the lobby bar (made with local Park Glacier Rye, distilled in nearby Banff, and a cedar-smoke infusion; see page 13 for more on smoky cocktails) with a side of views of Mount Kidd and Little Mount Kidd. And later: another fireside gathering, this time with s’mores and acoustic music. When in the wilds of K-Country…. — Barb Sligl

if you go Experience winter in the mountains at the Kananaskis Mountain Lodge, an Autograph Collection Hotel (marriott.com), and Kananaskis Nordic Spa (knordicspa.com).

Just For Canadian dentists November/December 2019

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2019-10-25 4:05 PM

give (and get) x 7 gift list





Gifts for everyone on your list Written + produced by Catherine Tse




2 LITTLE BLUE BOTTLES The next chapter in Tiffany & Co.’s fragrance story is an homage to the brand’s history of celebrating love. These dual fragrances each have their own unique profiles but share a common star ingredient, blue sequoia. Tiffany & Love For Him is a citrusy, wood-based fragrance; Tiffany & Love For Her is a modern woody floral. tiffany.ca 3 STATS 101 The new Fitbit Versa 2 is clearer, brighter and faster than its predecessor, tracking your vital stats with more accuracy. You can view everything from steps taken to heart rate to quality of sleep. This version even integrates Amazon Alexa to help answer questions so you don’t ever have to miss a step. fitbit.com/en-ca/home 4 CAPSULE WARDROBE The effort-to-reward ratio using a Nespresso is so high, it’s easy to forget there’s any other way to make coffee. The capsules make it absolutely foolproof to brew the perfect cup, whether it’s an espresso, Americano or latté. Also, limited-edition holiday capsules offer festive flavours that turn your regular cuppa into a holiday treat. nespresso.com/ca/en/ 5 LIGHT BRIGHT Dyson’s new Lightcycle task light went through 892 prototypes, involving more than 90 engineers. The result is a light that actually tracks local daylight and self-adjusts depending on the time, task, location and your age to not only reduce eye strain but also minimize disruption to your circadian rhythm. And it’s beautiful. dysoncanada.ca/en/





present sense

1 MULTI-LAYERED Canada Goose BRANTA is a new line of men’s and women’s contemporary coats that reflects Canada Goose’s performance-driven DNA, combining it with upscale style. The Viedma 4-in-1 coat features two separates that can be worn together for a warm winter parka or deconstructed to two parts: a Loro Piana Storm System® wool outer shell and a reversible quilted lightweight down jacket. canadagoose.com

4-in-1 1


6 ALL I EVER WANTED Singer and musician Lenny Kravitz has had a long-standing relationship with Dom Pérignon. As a connoisseur of the vintages, Kravitz was given complete creative freedom in creating this limited edition Vintage Brut 2008, a true reflection of artistic creativity combined with hallowed legacy. lcbo.com; saq.com; aglc.ca

7 JET SET This new Canadian brand offers an antidote to today’s throwaway attitude of mass, fast consumption. Enter: Monos luggage made with the finest quality parts and materials sourced from around the world, creating premium suitcases at accessible prices. This is for those who yearn for fewer, better things. monos.com





photo prescription

dr. Les Kalman is an Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry and the Coordinator of Dental Outreach Community Service at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University, in London, ON.

photo details

The image was taken with the Insta360 One X camera. The image is a 360-degree photo taken on auto mode and then converted manually to a tiny planet image. Post processing was delivered with Luminar.

Dr. Les Kalman

I was fortunate enough to be invited as a speaker to the LA Dental Meeting in September 2019. I had some free time to enjoy Venice Beach and took this image.”

Send your “wow” photo (high-resolution) to feedback@inprintpublications.com, along with a few words on the context of the photograph (including time, place, technical details and equipment/gear). We want to see what you’ve captured on your travels!


Just For Canadian dentists November/December 2019

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R O B E R TA S TA L E Y Roberta Staley is a Vancouver-based magazine writer, editor and documentary filmmaker.

Filling a gap

Necessity is the mother of invention


gap-toothed grin isn’t the ideal image a hospital receptionist, who greets more than 100,000 patients every year, wants to project. And Fiona, the receptionist at Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe, knew it. “She came up to me and she didn’t have two front teeth,” recalls Dr. Ajit Vargis of Rehoboth Dental Care in Stoney Creek, ON. “She was crying, asking for help to give her two teeth as she has to meet people every day.”

braces, when the wire goes from one sees stem from a combination of factors: tooth to the other teeth”—and filled it rampant poverty—created in large part with white filling. He then made two reby Mugabe’s corrupt rule—poor diet and placements that looked similar to the rest lack of oral hygiene, he says. of her teeth and pushed them into the top Vargis points out that many of her mouth, leaving a little bit of paper Zimbabweans make only $1 a day while clip sticking out. These ends were bonded the cost of an extraction is $30, making to the adjoining teeth. “I didn’t expect the procedure unaffordable. it to last more than a few months,” As a result, Vargis says, admits Vargis, who returned this most of the patients top, left past spring to the impoverished he sees opt for + right Dr. Ajit sub-Saharan nation for a weekextractions rather Vargis on a mission than fillings or root trip in Kenya bottom canals. “They don’t left Working at Karanda like fillings because Mission Hospital in if anything goes Zimbabwe bottom right

In Haiti

Unfortunately, there was no equipment for creating implants or dentures, says Vargis, who travels to Zimbabwe and Haiti every year, partnering with the NGO, Education, Medical Aid and Service Canada, for the former and his church, Hope Bible Church, for the latter. But Vargis wasn’t going to leave the young woman without the toothy smile she so badly wanted. Necessity being the mother of invention, he took a paper clip to use as both frame and anchor—“like


long stint providing free dental care for Zimbabweans. “After three years, it still looks beautiful—like her natural teeth.” Vargis’s first missions to Africa began in Kenya, where he set up shop at the Mully Children’s Family orphanage to treat locals who had no access to dental care. He started going to Zimbabwe in 2015, two years before the brutal tyrant, former President Robert Mugabe, resigned in ignominy after Parliament threatened impeachment. The dental problems he


wrong, there is no one around to take care of it. So they just say, ‘take it out.’” As a result, his dental regimen consists of about 98% extractions and just a few fillings. Vargis, who is often accompanied on his international missions by wife Ann Vargis, the general manager at Rehoboth Dental Care, is the sole dentist during the Zimbabwe visits. He sees upwards of 70 people, mainly adults, each day, treating many chronic abscesses. “I saw a kid aged 18 who had an abscess since he was 12.”


“You help maybe 300 or 400 people—I was there for two weeks and had 700 patients— but it’s just a drop”

Oral Healthcare

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Dr. Ajit most recent trip, This past spring, he saw more than Vargis with a 300 patients in five days, performing Vargis identified patient. “You take a number of mostly extractions. Not all were due to their pain away and patients with abscesses; many were wisdom teeth give them the relief mouth cancer that needed pulling. they are seeking,” symptoms. There isn’t an X-ray he says. machine at the hosHe couldn’t confirm the pital’s dental clinic discovery, due to a where Vargis operlack of diagnostic ates out of, which equipment, but means, in such communicated his cases, “I’m going in blind,” he says. suspicions to the patient. The future Worse than for these individuabscesses is the als is grim, he says, mouth cancer Vargis because appropriencounters—another effect of poor oral ate—and largely unaffordable— health and diet as treatment, such as well as Zimbabwe’s chemotherapy and high prevalence of radiation, is only HIV. UNAIDS reports available in the that, in 2016, 1.3 capital city Harare, million people were Se e pa ge 38 200 kilometres living with HIV, with away. “They are walking only 60 to 87% accessing antifor m or e on into death.” retroviral therapy. During the Dr . Va rg is


Pacific Dental Conference

thes s! Date

March 5-7, 2020 Join us in Vancouver, BC

Three days of varied and contemporary continuing education sessions are offered, covering topics relating to clinical excellence, practice excellence and personal development (something for the entire staff) Over 140 speakers and 150 open sessions and hands-on courses to choose from, as well as the Live Dentistry Stage in the spacious Exhibit Hall Two day tradeshow with over 300 exhibiting companies (Thurs/Fri) PDC Lab Expo on Saturday – One day of exhibits area and lectures for Dental Technicians and all Dental team (lunch included)

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March 7 Official conference of the:

Thomas Viola Nekky Jamal Barry Schwartz


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Still, Vargis does what he can, taking nearly 300 kilograms of supplies—mainly antibiotics and painkillers provided at a discount by Health Partners International of Canada, as well as gloves, masks and anesthetic—on each trip. The cost of such supplies—at least $7,000—is covered by friends and family. (Over the years, Vargis has gradually stocked Karanda Mission Hospital’s dental clinic with equipment.) Vargis finds his international excursions challenging both physically and emotionally. “By the second day your back hurts, your hand hurts, every part hurts.” Leaning over all day to treat 70 or so patients is tough on the body but Vargis believes God’s will allows him to persevere. And he wonders how much of a difference he is making when the need is so vast. “You feel helpless. You help maybe 300 or 400 people—once I was there for two weeks and had 700 patients—but it’s just a drop.” Still, for these patients, their lives are changed for the better. “You take their pain away and give them the relief they are seeking.” And, if they smile? “That’s priceless.”



THE THIRSTY DENTIST LISA KADANE Lisa Kadane is a newspaper and magazine writer who likes to travel and partake in the destination’s preferred tipple, whether it’s rum, wine, a margarita or whisky sour. She’s been sharing her thoughts on spirits and cocktails since 2010.

Fire-inspired cocktails

Infusing drinks with winter’s woodsy aroma is more than smoke and mirrors



team swirled inside the little the bar for evidence of the literal “smoking glassed-in brass lantern that housed gun” used to infuse them. my cocktail. I unlatched the clasp, “Aroma is such an important part to opened the miniature door, and watched a how a drink tastes. So a lot of people are cascade of fog billow out across the table. starting to play with smoking drinks,” says When it cleared, my Candy Cap Magic Sceney. “And in the Instagram world we cocktail revealed itself. Alit on a bed of taste with our eyes first.” moss, it appeared an elfin offering in an Drinks like Smoke on the Water go viral enchanted forest. on social media. Then, imbibers pilgrimIt smelled of damp earth and recent age to the bar so they can capture the rain, and tasted like vanilla-spiced whisky cocktails on camera (and drink them, of and maple syrup snuggled inside a humid course). But smoking or steaming drinks kiss of mist; a perfect accompaniment to also adds a level of flavour and complexity a chilly fall evening. It was but one choice that elevates the practice above a magifrom the “Cocktail Lab” inside the Botanist cian’s trick of smoke and mirrors. restaurant at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in “With a lot of bartending, things can Vancouver. Each drink on the list evokes trend toward show—more form than funcan element, from earth to fire, with the tion. But with smoke, it infuses a certain special effects to back it up. type of taste and texture to drinks you’re Not to be outdone, Smoke on the Water includes ingredients that have danced with SHOULD I PLAY WITH MATCHES AT MY HOME BAR? flames, from the burnt barrels that age its rum, to the charred It’s easy to smoke cocktails at home, says Grant Sceney of lemons that add a smoldering the Botanist in Vancouver. All you need is a cedar plank citrus hit, to the cedar chips (like one for grilling salmon) and a hand-held blowtorch that smoke the drink before (like what you’d use to scorch crème brûlée). it’s served. 1 Torch the plank until it starts to smolder. “We wrap the glass in 2 Trap the smoke by turning a rocks glass upside down burlap and it retains the smoke over top of it. from the cedar chips,” explains 3 Prepare your cocktail. Perhaps a rum old fashioned? Grant Sceney, the Pacific Rim’s 4 Pour it into the smoked glass. creative beverage director. “Every time you put it up to If you’d rather not set fire to anything, try using peated Islay your lips you can still smell it.” scotches or smoky mezcals to add that campfire flavour and Drinks like this are, in a aroma, says Frankie Solarik of BarChef in Toronto. word, intoxicating. And not just because of the ashen aromas that cling to clothes and nose and conjure the morning after a campfire. making,” says Brett Theriault, manager at They mesmerize with their theatrics, and Sticks and Stones in Saskatoon. make Tom Cruise’s shaker shenanigans in In his Fall Fuego cocktail, for example, the movie Cocktail look downright quaint. the use of smoke from applewood shavWhat’s more, they’re far more balanced ings enhances the herbaceous qualiand complex than anything created in the ties of the drink’s chartreuse and Maté saccharine decade that was the 80s. Amaro (from local distiller Stumbletown), No wonder smoking drinks is a trend and plays nice with the vanilla notes of that’s engulfing the cocktail world like Casamigos añejo tequila and the sweeta four-alarm blaze. From burnt cherry ness of Carpano Antica vermouth. Manhattans at The Guild in Calgary, to “The smoke is being used for the spesmoked mezcal jalapeño margaritas at cifics of the flavour. The fact it looks great Clandestino in Montréal, just look behind is a happy byproduct,” he says.

Adding smoke to cocktails also works best with spirit-forward libations that use brown, aged spirits—think brandy, whisky, rye or tequila—as the base. This is why twists on smoked old fashioneds and smoked Manhattans seem to proliferate. In fact, the Vanilla Hickory Smoked Manhattan from BarChef in Toronto epitomizes this trend and is likely the drink that ignited it in the first place. To execute it, executive barchef and co-owner Frankie Solarik heats hickory chips and a vanilla bean with a blowtorch, and presents the drink on an ornate pedestal under a glass cloche that traps the smoke. “It was the first smoked cocktail. I came up with that technique 11 years ago. It was way before smoking guns,”

The Candy Cap Magic

says Solarik, who believes that multisensory drinks—that come with an elevated cost—will always have a place in cocktail bars. As much as I enjoyed my Candy Cap Magic, at $32 a show, it felt rather like a niche experience; something to sip on occasion next to a roaring fire. “If you sat by a campfire every night, you would stink forever,” quips Sceney. Indeed, his statement kind of sums it up—cocktails are probably best when smoked in moderation.



travel at home


( wi ld) rush of the

Nor th + photography by Jenn Smith Nelson


A tale of an arctic safari through 14

Just For Canadian dentists November/December 2019

JFCDentists-nov/dec-fin.indd 14

2019-10-25 4:06 PM


travel at home


northern Manitoba’s remote wilderness

MM BMMP, BMM BMMP, BMM BMMP, BMM BMMP… My heart is beating with such intensity that it’s the only noise I hear. I don’t dare look down at my Fitbit to see my actual rate; it’s surely the highest it’s ever been while standing still. Adrenaline courses through my veins and I try to keep my body still and my eyes locked ahead. There’s no other way out of this situation but to face it: a polar bear. Four days prior, 15 of us arrived at Nanuk Lodge with Churchill Wild via a 45-minute flight from Churchill, Manitoba, for a few days of wildlife watching. Sandwiched between two biomes, marine and boreal, the seasonal lodge is known for its exclusive access to pristine woodland and coastal wilderness and diverse wildlife. Most people however, come to view polar bears—on foot, a practice unique to Churchill Wild. We’re already up to five or so bear sightings (or large white lumps as seen from the sky) on the short flight over milky swirls of tundra. With close proximity to Hudson Bay and a nearby polar bear denning area (one of the world’s largest at Wapusk National Park), the lodge is ideal for viewing bears in their natural environment. Ice freezes here first, and the bears patiently wait out the months in walking hibernation. But I was really here to see a wolf. Or 20 of them. In addition to bears (white, brown and black!), wildlife such as moose, fox and wolverines can be seen. For the past four years though, wolves—a large pack of them—have frequented the lodge and especially the runway in front of it, which, I learn, is a wildlife magnet. It also offers unobstructed glimpses of the elusive species—as do the lodge’s viewing decks and large windows. For nearly a year, I’ve been putting messages out to the universe with the hope of seeing a wolf at Nanuk. But now there’s a polar bear waiting to greet me instead. As we step off the plane, a massive male bear is just outside the lodge compound. He obliges a few photos before sauntering off. It’s early afternoon and there’s still time for an outing, so we don rain gear November/December 2019 Just For Canadian dentists

JFCDentists-nov/dec-fin.indd 15

15 2019-10-25 4:06 PM

travel at home

JFCDentists-nov/dec-fin.indd 16

2019-10-25 4:06 PM

travel at home and gather for orientation. “Is that another one out there?” a guest asks. “Yep, it’s a bear,” confirms guide, Emri Canvin. “It’s laying out there on its back with its legs in the air, chillaxin’.” We’re all eager to get back outside, but first, guide Andy MacPherson runs through the do’s and don’ts of approaching wildlife. “As a group we’re a huge presence. No matter where we are, never run. It’s always nice, slow, deliberate walking, slow, deliberate movements,” he stresses. Approaching large wildlife on foot requires keeping a distance of at least 100 metres (and the 400–600mm lenses nearly everyone is toting make perfect sense). We learn about bears’ body language and how to react should a bear approach. “We go single file and always have a guard at the front. Positioning is a very good deterrent,” MacPherson continues. If the animal proceeds closer, “We talk to the bear, raising our tone, if necessary,” adds MacPherson. “If that doesn’t work, we use these,” he says, pulling two rocks from his pocket and smashing them together loudly. “Then, if it decides to come closer, we happen to have a handy projectile in our hand.” Other deterrents, a small pistol (making banger and screamer noises), bear spray and rifle are also carried. “So far this year we’ve never went beyond the rocks, and we’ve never had to use a rifle,” he assures. Outside, we climb into a rhino, an open-bucket safari type-vehicle that can trudge over most terrain, even water. We travel westward to get a closer look at the bear spotted from the lodge. Tamaracks have begun to turn, a sign of an early winter, along with other glints of yellows and rust-oranges. Leaving the rhino behind, we slowly walk toward the large snoozing bear, a pregnant female, the guides suspect. “This is a good time to practise our single file,” says Canvin, as we walk across mucky tundra covered with goose tracks and saturated sea asparagus. Following MacPherson’s lead, we gently zig and zag in unison. Slow and deliberate. With a sniffer that can detect prey 20 miles away, Runway Bear gets a whiff of the guests opposite, clockwise from top left Polar bears have a pigeon-toed gait, each step exposing massive claws; A murmuration of Hudsonian godwits fill the sky above; Wildlife watching from the comfort of the lodge opposite, this page, clockwise from top left A fresh muddy track from a large male polar bear; Sleepy bear, dreaming of ice and seals; A female moose emerges from the brush; A wolf was here!; Travelling in a rhino provides superior views prevous spread

JFCDentists-nov/dec-fin.indd 17

2019-10-25 4:07 PM

travel at home if you go

It’s chilly and drizzling, far Be sure to book in advance. from glamorNanuk Lodge is open August ous, yet there’s through the third week of November no place I’d and two weeks in March: churchill rather be. We wild.com. Churchill Wild runs four stop quite far lodges in northern Manitoba and from the bear offers over a dozen itineraries. And Nanuk Lodge is a National to gauge how Geographic Unique Lodge she responds. of the World. Wind ripples in puddles beneath our feet as we line up to snap pictures of her shifting sleeping positions. We move a bit closer. She’s peaceful. We depart when we hear that the same bear who greeted us upon landing (quickly dubbed Runway Bear) is waiting just outside the lodge’s back fence. His eyes open and close as he sighs and sniffs, taking in the fragrance of dinner wafting from the lodge. He allows us to approach the 122-metre-long fence that protects the back perimeter of the lodge and rolls onto his back, seemingly comfortable with all the attention. “He’s getting to know each and every one of you by your scent,” Canvin says. Maybe it isn’t dinner he smells after all, I think. We devour a home-cooked meal from the lodge’s northern cookbook series, Blueberries & Polar Bears, and rehash the day while watching for wildlife outside the dining area’s windows. Just as we dig in, a female moose, the first spotted at the lodge this season, interrupts dinner. Cautiously, she scampers through a poplar bluff and then disappears down the runway. Minutes later, a little black bear does the same. I’m crushed the next morning to learn that the wolf pack hasn’t been spotted this year and has likely moved on. This doesn’t stop me from getting up each morning at dawn to scan the runway. Over the next two days, a routine forms between lodge meals. Half-day outings are spent crossing rivers and scouring for wildlife. We trek through mud on the marshy plains of the Hudson Bay lowlands and slug through swaths of boreal or “moose habitat.” We see plenty of evidence (poo, prints and fur) of animals come and gone. Along the way, we spot a few new-to-us Bears spend months sleeping the days away during walking hibernation; Guides Emri Canvin (left) and Kevin Rednose (right) both from Manitoba have been guiding for nine and 20 years, respectively; Aurora borealis is best seen after late August

from top left


Just For Canadian dentists November/December 2019

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a Heaps & Doyle company

2019-10-28 7:37 PM

travel at home bears who want nothing to do with us and quickly disappear into willows. Trills, squawks and chirps of staging birds fill the chilly air. We race golden plovers, try to sneak up on skittish packs of sandhill cranes and witness a massive starling-like murmuration of Hudsonian godwits. There are more geese than we can count and an abundance of raptors, especially northern harriers, all pausing here en route to winter homes. Each day, we view the female bear who’s still asleep in the west, are faithfully welcomed home by Runway Bear after outings, and visited by the little black bear at dinnertime. Swirling green aurora or northern lights appear early in the evenings before we recoup from yet another fulfilling day of wildlife watching. But no wolves. By the end of day three, my hopes are renewed when we come across wolf tracks. “There were at least two here,” the guide says. Our last day is much like the others, but just before heading back to the lodge, we spot the creamy bulk of a bear walking in the distance near the shore and set out for a final excursion. As we head to a viewing spot, we notice the bear is travelling there too, and it’s surprising how quickly this bear has advanced. The bear is heading straight for us. 100 metres turns into 50, then 30… BMM BMMP, BMM BMMP, BMM BMMP, BMM BMMP. “Go around, bear,” says Canvin, right in front of me. He’s calm but his tone increases as the bear creeps closer. He repeats, “Keep moving!” as he kicks some sand and tosses a rock the bear’s way, causing a mere second-long pause. With relaxed body language, the bear continues, unbothered by our wall of people. Ten metres… My body is both numb and tingling as we stand eye-to-eye with Runway Bear, the 900-pound-plus apex predator with a pigeon-toed gait exposing colossal claws. As our guide instructs, we stop taking photos and take two steps toward the bear. Immediately, the bear pauses. Slowly, we all turn 25 degrees, encouraging the bear to peacefully pass around us. Runway Bear strolls into the sunset while adrenaline streams out of me in the form of tears. I may have come for the wolves but the king of the arctic, a graceful and beautiful giant, has capped my stay. Once I’m home, I find out that a wolf came down the runway two days after I left. But my tears remain a testament to Runway Bear.

JFCDentists-nov/dec-fin.indd 20

2019-10-25 5:06 PM

whistler / madrid / boston / saint barthélemy / honolulu … | c a l e n d a r



fall /winte r 2019 + beyond


left Get “lost” in the beauty of Lost Lake, a short walk from the Upper Village right The dark-and-gnarly

form of Black Tusk pokes high out of the spread of mountains that surround Whistler Blackcomb



Time to hit the slopes in WHISTLER (CE events in Whistler are in blue.)

n a bluebird day at Whistler Blackcomb (the ski resort opens on November 28 this season…get ready!), there are no bad runs. But if that sun is shining, take a ride all the way up the Peak Chair to 2,182 metres. From here, there’s Whistler Bowl (hello, moguls) back under the lift, but the easier way down is around the backside of Whistler Peak, stopping for selfies by the inukshuk with Black Tusk in the background, a gnarly finger pointing into that blue. Glide past the spread of Garibaldi Provincial Park (peak after peak after peak) and zip alongside Little Whistler Peak and into the opening of The Saddle (a Whistler-level “blue” run) next to Glacier Bowl. The steep drop will get your blood pumping. Yee-haw!

Next up: 1,925 hectares of skiable area, stars come out, go just beyond the buzz of the village to Cougar Mountain, where 1,530 metres of vertical, more than 200 runs, 37 lifts, almost 12 metres of snow… the award-winning multimedia forest walk and a wow traverse of the valley Vallea Lumina is now open throughout the winter season. between Whistler and Blackcomb [go] In the morning, if your legs via the Peak 2 Peak gondola, Hit the slopes: are still burning, stretch them the longest and highest whistler such lift in the world (with a slower way: a walk in the blackcomb.com Guinness World Records). Upper Village to Lost Lake (the More info: inspiration for that IPA—or Whew. Take a break from whistler.com the downhill action and recoup two—last night). The body of water is a serene spot best taken with après-ski in the village (from a chilled vodka in the ice in via the trail around its shores with room at Bearfoot Bistro to a well-deserved pretty vistas framed by stoic trees. In late bottle of Whistler Brewing’s Lost Lake IPA) fall, you’ll get the last glimpses of brightyellow leaves, another sunny counterpoint and then some cultural reflection at the to the snowy white of the ski hill, which Audain Art Museum (home to a beautiful collection of First Nations masks and works rises high above. Stay awhile and, yes, get by artists like Emily Carr). And when the lost in the Whistler vibe. — Barb Sligl November/December 2019 JUST FOR CANADIAN DENTISTS


C E calendar





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MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/





Jan 13-17 2020

Saint BarthĂŠlemy French West Indies

Saint Barth Dental Association Dental Symposium

Saint Barth Dental Association


saintbarth dental.com

Jan 25 2020

Minneapolis Minnesota

Nitrous Oxide-Based Sedation Training: Pediatric & Adult Patients With Special Health Care Needs

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry



Feb 07Mar 01 2020

San Diego California

I.V. Sedation Training For Dentists

Conscious Sedation Consulting


sedation consulting.com

Apr 17-18 2020

Seminole Florida

Nitrous Oxide Psychosedation

University of Florida



Sep 07-11 2020

Dublin Ireland

Anesthesia Update

Northwest Anesthesia Seminars



Dec 29 2019Jan 05 2020

New Year’s Caribbean Cruise

Dr. Susan McMahon: Selfie Ready? 3...2...1... Awesome! Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry For Teenagers And Young Adults

Mindware Educational Seminars

888-574-8288 See Ad Page 23

mindware seminars.com

Mar 26-27 2020

Saint Petersburgh Florida

Esthetic Mastery: Designing Natural Beauty With Minimal Invasion

The Dawson Academy


thedawson academy.com

Mar 27 2020

New York New York

The Art Of Resin

New York County Dental Society Henry Spenadel Continuing Education Program


nycdental society.org

Apr 10-11 2020

New York New York

Aesthetic Advantage - Hands-On Aesthetic Course

Aesthetic Advantage


aesthetic advantage.com

Apr 22-25 2020

Orlando Florida

36th Annual American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry



Apr 11-25 2021

Cruise around Japan

Dr. Mike Malone: Cosmetic Dentistry

Mindware Educational Seminars


mindware seminars.com


Vancouver British Columbia

Course #1 Shaping, Cleaning, And Obturation Of Root Canal Systems Course #2 Re-Treatment & Other Complex Cases

Endodontics Unsponsored


vancouverroot canals.com

Jan 19 2020

River Edge New Jersey

Endodontics Revisited (Hands-On)

New Jersey Health Professionals Development Institute and Real World Endo



Apr 01-04 2020

Nashville Tennessee

American Association Of Endodontists AAE20

American Association of Endodontists



Apr 03-04 2020

South Hackensack New Jersey

Intense Endodontics: A 2-Day Hands-On Workshop

Essential Dental Seminars


essential seminars.org

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co-sponsored by:



MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/

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General Dentistry








Nov 29Dec 04

New York New York

Greater NY Dental Meeting 2019

Greater New York Dental Meeting



Feb 01-08 2020

Maui Hawaii

40th Annual Dental Forum In Hawaii

Dental Seminars and Symposia

952-922-1707 See Ad Page 26


Feb 03-07 2020

Big Island Hawaii

Adventure And Learn

University of British Columbia, Continuing Dental Education

877-328-7744 See Ad Page 22

dentistry.ubc.ca/ cde/travel-andlearn

Feb 07-23 2020

New Zealand & Australia

Dr. Marshall Hoffer - Occlusal Concepts For Everyday Practice, Implant Supported Restoration Of Edentulous Kennedy Professional Arch; Dr. Dan Lavitt - Endodontics; Dr. Jurgen Vander Education Seminars Velden - Tips, Tricks And Hacks: Dental Potpourri For The Everyday Dentist

877-536-6736 See Ad Page 24

kennedysemi nars.com

Feb 08-15 2020

Kauai Hawaii

40th Annual Dental Forum In Hawaii

Dental Seminars and Symposia

952-922-1707 See Ad Page 26


Feb 20-22 2020

Chicago Illinois

155th Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting: Kaleidoscope View 2020

Chicago Dental Society

312-836-7300 See Ad Page 35


Feb 28Mar 01 2020

Whistler British Columbia

Annual Ski Seminar

University of British Columbia, Continuing Dental Education

877-328-7744 See Ad Page 22

dentistry.ubc.ca/ cde/travel-andlearn

Mar 05-07 2020

Vancouver British Columbia

Pacific Dental Conference

Pacific Dental Conference

604-736-3781 See Ad Page 12


Mar 23-27 2020

Maui Hawaii

UBC Annual Spring Break Symposium, An Interdisciplinary Program

University of British Columbia, Continuing Dental Education

877-328-7744 See Ad Page 22

dentistry.ubc.ca/ cde/travel-andlearn

Apr 02-04 2020

Winnipeg Manitoba

2020 MDA/CDA Annual Convention

Manitoba Dental Association


mdacda2020. com

May 01-02 2020

Key Biscayne Florida

Making It All Work - A Special Retreat For Women In Dentistry

Pankey Institute for Advancd Dental Education



May 07-09 2020

Toronto Ontario

Annual Spring Meeting

Ontario Dental Association



May 28-30 2020

Seattle Washington

2020 Pacific Northwest Dental Conference

Washington State Dental Association



Jun 07-21 2020

Norwegian Fjords & the Midnight Sun

CME/CE Seminar At Sea / 14-Night Cruise Along Norway’s Scenic Coast On Holland America’s Newest Ship

Professional Education Society



new CE to be placed

Mediterranean Cruise

Tour South Africa & Zimbabwe!

Dr. Sam Halabo “Building Your Practice with Implants”

Dr. Robert Vogel “Update of Current Topics and Techniques for Ideal Implant Dentistry”

August 10 - 21, 2020

July 16 - 26, 2020


Enjoy la Dolce Vita aboard the luxurious Oceania Riviera and the Med’s poshest ports of call! Set sail from Rome with stops in Positano, Syracuse, Malta, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Marseille, Saint-Tropez and Monte Carlo! Air included + New Lower Pricing!!

Meet in Johannesburg then head to Victoria Falls, fly to Kruger National Park for a safari, before ending the tour in Cape Town. Choose an optional extension to Mozambique! Nearly sold out, call now to reserve your spot!!

Register online and choose from any one of our great trips, all worth 12 CDE Credits! www.mindwareseminars.com …or call us today at: 1-888-574-8288 and book with the best! November/December 2019 JUST FOR CANADIAN DENTISTS


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Oral Pathology

Medical/Dental Issues




MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/





Vancouver MaxiCourse


vancouvermaxi course.com

Trinon Collegium Practicum

630-705-1002 See Ad Page 20

implantology courses.com

2019/20 AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse Program

Multiple Dates

Vancouver British Columbia

Multiple Dates

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Multiple Dates

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Live Patient Implant Surgical Bootcamp: Three Days Of Live Surgery And One Day Of Didactic Training 2020: Feb 03-06, Jun 15-18, Oct 12-15, Dec 14-17

Implant Seminars

305-944-9636 See Ad Page 9

implant seminars.com

Multiple Dates

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Live Patient Extraction Program: Three Full Days Of Live Surgery Option 2: Extractions Focused On 3rd Molars 2020: Jan 23-25, Mar 05-07, Apr 23-25, Aug 06-08

Implant Seminars

305-944-9636 See Ad Page 9

implant seminars.com

Dec 13

New York New York

Columbia University/ICOI Dental Implant Symposium: 10th Annual Symposium With Scientific Directors Dr. Dennis Tarnow And Dr. Ken Judy With Eight Guest Speakers Includes Exhibit Hall

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine


dental. columbia.edu/ce

Jan 10-12 2020

MontrĂŠal QuĂŠbec

Cadaver Surgical Exercises For Implantology



Apr 30May 01 2020

Miami Florida

Implantology Unlimited Program

Implant Seminars

305-944-9636 See Ad Page 9

implant seminars.com

Jul 16-26 2020

Mediterranean Cruise

Dr. Sam Halabo: Building Your Practice With Implants: Enhancing Diagnosis, Placement, Cementation And Marketing

Mindware Educational Seminars

888-574-8288 See Ad Page 23

mindware seminars.com

Aug 10-20 2020

Tour of South Africa

Dr. Robert Vogel: Comprehensive Update Of Current Topics And Techniques For Ideal Implant Dentistry

Mindware Educational Seminars

888-574-8288 See Ad Page 23

mindware seminars.com



Dental Emergencies: Cardiac Emergencies

American Seminar Institute


americansemi nar.com

Jan 05-12 2020

Western Caribbean Cruise

Sleep Medicine And Dental Sleep Medicine: A Collaborative Approach To Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB)

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea


continuingedu cation.net

Nov 23

Colorado Springs Colorado

Oral Pathology And Oral Medicine Clinical Update 2019

Concord Dental & Medical Seminars


concord seminars.com

Dec 28-29

Cape Town South Africa

2nd International Conference On Advanced Dentistry And Oral Health

GSE Academy


global dental conferences.org

2019: Nov 22-24; Dec 06-08 2020: Jan 17-19; Feb 21-23; Mar 20-22; Apr 17-19; May 15-17; Jun 12-14

Hands-On Live Implant Course: 5 Days Of Live Surgery Level 1: Implant Placement Level 2: Sinus Lifts And Grafting 2019: Dec 02-06 2020: Mar 02-06; Jun 15-19; Sep 14-18; Dec 07-11

The Institute for Dental new CE to Excellence be placed


MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/

Pediatric Dentistry


Oral Surgery

Oral Pathology




when where





Apr 24-25 2020

Orlando Florida

2020 Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders & Craniofacial Pain

TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre


tmjtherapy centre.com

May 15-18 2020

Ridgedale Missouri

4 Half-Day Lectures (20 hours) On Practical “Nuts & Bolts” Clinical Oral Pathology At Big Cedar Lodge

OPCE Seminars

See website

opceseminars. com

Oct 08-19 2020

Italy & Greek Islands

Dr. Hagen Klieb - Oral Pathology: What’s New And What’s Worth Remembering; Dr. Jack Lipkin Treatment Planning: The Crystal Ball Of Prosthetics

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars


kennedysemi nars.com

Nov 26-27

Dubai United Arab Emirates

Annual World Dental And Oral Health Congress

Cientific Group


dental caremeetings. com

Dec 02-03

Madrid Spain

Scholars International Conference On Dentistry And Oral Health

Scholars Conferences


scholars conferences.com

Feb 15-22 2020

Sandals Grenada

Dr. Allen Burgoyne - Surgical & Prosthetic Treatment Planning & Complications

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars

877-536-6736 See Ad Page 24

kennedy seminars.com

Dec 08-09

Elmhurst New York

Mixed Dentition

United States Dental Institute



Jan 10-11 2020

Toronto Ontario

Level II, Session 3: Orthodontics

877-372-7625 See Ad Page 25

rondeau seminars.com

Jan 24-25 2020

Calgary Alberta

Level I, Session 3: Intro To Orthodontics

Rondeau Seminars

877-372-7625 See Ad Page 25

rondeau seminars.com

Feb 07-09 2020

Toronto Ontario

Aligner+: Seminar 1 With Dr. Richard Richter

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars



Mar 06-07 2020

Toronto Ontario

Case Finishing And Mechanics

Rondeau Seminars

877-372-7625 See Ad Page 25

rondeau seminars.com


Onsite at your location

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) For Dentists

Sea to Sky Dental-Ed



Dec 05-07

Boston Massachusetts

Pediatric Tongue And Lip Ties: Diagnosis And Treatment With Soft-Tissue Lasers (3-Day Hands-On Course)

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Division of Continuing Education

denadmissions @tufts.edu


Feb 09-14 2020

Park City Utah

Southwestern Society Of Pediatric Dentistry Winter Ski Meeting

Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry



Sep 24-26 2020

Whistler British Columbia

CAPD Annual Conference

Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

info@capd-acdp. org


Rondeau Seminars The Leader in Dental Continuing Education

new CE Rondeau to Seminars be placed

1-877-372-7625 rondeauseminars.com

Rondeau Seminars Limited Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement. 3/1/2018 to 2/28/2021 Provider ID# 217653

Level I - Introduction to Orthodontics Internet Course Course Fees Per Session Fee: $1,295 USD per session (plus shipping cost for course manual) Full Payment: $4,000 USD for all 4 sessions (plus shipping costs for all 4 course manuals) Save $1,180 with Full Payment

Sessions 1. Early Treatment Mixed Dentition, Functional Appliances, Diagnostic Records, Cephalometrics, Practice Management 2. Straight Wire Mechanics, Class II Treatment, Twin Block™, Rick-A-Nator™, Bracketing, Banding of Molars, Archwires 3. TMJ in Orthodontics, Sagittal & Tandem Appliance, Class III, Utility Arches, Splint Therapy, JVA 4. MARA™ Appliance, Open Bite Cases, Impacted Cuspids, Clear Braces, Case Finishing, Retention, Snoring & Sleep Apnea, Air Rotor Stripping & Invisalign (Clear Aligners)

Also available online: Level II - Session 1, Case Finishing & Mechanics, The Dentist’s Role in Snoring & Sleep Apnea, Introduction to TM Dysfunction November/December 2019 JUST FOR CANADIAN DENTISTS


c e calendar

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Practice Management Technology and Planning




MORE CE Full-access CE calendar and destinations at justforcanadiandentists.com/ce/





New Orleans Louisiana

LSU’s 43rd Annual Perio Review: The 2½-Day Review Course Comprehensive Review & Update

LSU Health New Orleans Continuing Dental Education



Jun 06-07 2020

Brossard Québec

Optimize Your Results In Interceptive Periodontics

International Dental Institute



Oct 31Nov 03 2020

Honolulu Hawaii

106th Annual Meeting Of The American Academy Of Periodontology

American Academy of Periodontology



Feb 13-28 2021

South America

Dr. Steve Faigan - Current Concepts, Diagnosis And Management Of Periodontal & Peri-Implant Diseases And Enhancing Beauty Of Restorative Dentistry With Esthetic Periodontal Surgery

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars


kennedysemi nars.com

May 23Jun 03 2021

Tour of Provence

Dr. Mike Goldberg: Perio

Mindware Educational Seminars


mindware seminars.com

Multiple Dates

Toronto Ontario

Genesis Continuing Dental Education



Mar 07-14 2020

Hawaii Cruise

Tips And Tricks For More Predictable Outcomes In Both Fixed And Implant Prosthetics: Mastering Key Principles For Success...Pearls To Use On Monday

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

866-456-9464 See Ad Page 27

continuingedu cation.net

Mar 14-21 2020

Turks & Caicos

Dr. Carl Driscoll - Growing Your Practice: Prosthodontic Treatment Procedures For The Restorative Dentist

Kennedy Professional Education Seminars

877-536-6736 See Ad Page 24

kennedysemi nars.com

Apr 27 2020

Toronto Ontario

Prosthodontic Management Of Implant Failures

Prosthodontic Associates Centre for Excellence


pace education.ca

Jun 23-30 2020

Classical Rhine River Cruise

Achieving Excellence In Restorative Dentistry Through Creative Treatment Planning

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

866-456-9464 See Ad Page 27

continuingedu cation.net

Oct 01-03 2020

Halifax Nova Scotia

Canadian Academy Of Restorative Dentistry And Prosthodontics 28th Annual Scientific Meeting

Canadian Academy Of Restorative Dentistry And Prosthodontics



Mar 13-15 2020

Rancho Mirage California

Al Heaps & Associates, Palm Springs Dental Practice Transition Seminar And Golf Weekend

University of British Columbia, Continuing Dental Education

877-328-7744 See Ad Page 22

dentistry.ubc.ca/ cde/travel-andlearn

Jun 5-6 2020

Vancouver British Columbia

A Canadian Twist On The DSO Model: New Strategies To Build Value And Increase Network Profitability

Dental Practice Consolidators

800-819-5880 See Ad Page 19

dpconsolidators. com

Sep 13-20 2020

Western Mediterranean Cruise

Dental Treatment Planning And Sequencing; The Keys To Predictable, Profitable Dentistry

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

866-456-9464 See Ad Page 27

continuingedu cation.net

Jan 17-19 2020

Multidisciplinary Approach To Implant Prosthodontics Didactic Sessions: Nov 08-09, Dec 13-14 Treatment Planning Session: Nov 23

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For feedback, requests or to have your course featured email dentalce@inprintpublications.com

don’t miss The 40th Annual

Dental Forum in hawaii! maui February 1-8 &/OR kauai February 8-15, 2020

Dental Seminars & Symposia, LLC


For details & registration, visit

www.dentsem.com or call 952.922.1707

For travel information, call Linda


or email linda@travelleaders-cf.com

Just For Canadian dentists November/December 2019

JFCDentists-nov/dec-fin.indd 26

2019-10-28 7:42 PM

For more information Call 866-456-9464 or visit www.ContinuingEducation.net Continuing Education, Inc. University at Sea®

Dental Treatment Planning and Sequencing: The Key to Predictable, Profitable Dentistry

Achieving Excellence in Restorative Dentistry through Creative Treatment Planning

September 13 - 20, 2020 Round-trip Barcelona, Spain Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas

June 23 - 30, 2020 Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, The Netherlands Amadeus - ms Amadeus Imperial

Sleep Medicine & Dental Sleep Medicine: A Collaborative Approach to Sleep Disordered Breathing

Pediatric Dentistry

7-Night Western Mediterranean

January 5 - 12, 2020 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise Conference Round-trip Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Edge

Tips and Tricks for More Predictable Outcomes in Both Fixed and Implant Prosthetics: Mastering Key Principles for Success...Pearls to use on Monday March 7 - 14, 2020 7-Night Hawaii Cruise Conference Round-trip Honolulu, Hawaii Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America

7-Night Rhine River Cruise

June 5 - 12, 2020 7-Night Alaska Cruise Conference Round-trip Seattle, Washington Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Solstice

Dental Implant Immersion: Concepts and Techniques Essential for Success July 10 - 17, 2020 7-Night Alaska Glacier Cruise Round-trip Seattle, Washington Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas

Predictable Treatment Planning: From the Seemingly Simple to the Worn Dentition... and Everything in Between

21st Century Esthetic Restorative Dentistry

November 01 - 08, 2020 7-Night Western Caribbean & Perfect Day Coco Cay Round-trip Port Canaveral, Florida Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas

Call 866-456-9464 or 727-526-1571 or visit www.ContinuingEducation.net

Selected cruises listed here. See a complete program listing at www.ContinuingEducation.net

April 26 - May 2, 2020 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise Conference Round-trip Miami, Florida Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas

Florida Seller of Travel Reg. #14337

Please visit our website for current CE Program Approval Statements, current fees and cancellation policies.

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT TIMOTHY A. BROWN Timothy A. Brown specializes in dental practice appraisals, brokerage, consulting, locum placements, associateships and practice financing across Canada. You can reach Timothy at timothy@roicorp.com.

Two-handed dentistry You may need to become ambidextrous…


ome years ago, I purchased a small dental personnel agency in order to assist a very serious need expressed by many of my clients: a shortage of high quality people to work in a dental practice. Later, we expanded our business to include associates and locums. I have to admit it has not gone well. There’s a disconnect between the supply of quality applicants/candidates looking for employment and the demand for said personnel. We’re contacted daily by numerous dental practices looking for permanent and part-time or temporary help. And the number-one concern seems to be the short supply of dental assistants. Why is that? After making some inquiries around the industry, it appears that most of the schools offering dental assistant programs have experienced a substantial reduction in the number of applicants. The common belief is that being a dental assistant doesn’t pay well and no longer appeals to the next generation (which has typically been young women) as a career to pursue. Dental assistants often become dental hygienists and/or

We are currently seeking a Full-Time (4-5 days/week) and a Part-Time (2-3 days/week) Associate Dentist to join our team on Vancouver Island. Your qualifications include: • Graduate from an accredited DDS/DMD Program or Completion of the NDEB Equivalency Exam • Certified with NDEB • Licensed and in good standing with the BCDA We have multiple locations in beautiful communities on Vancouver Island. Each location has an experienced support team, established processes and current technology so that you can focus on delivering Optimal Patient Care. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work alongside other associates so that you review casework and share ideas.

A diminishing supply of dental assistants means

more work in you r hands

and hygienists retire or reduce their hours, the available supply of dental assistants seeking these same positions will be scarce. And the few candidates that are available will certainly not be replaced when their careers come to an end. Given this new reality, I predict the return of two-handed dentistry. And this isn’t a desirable alternative for most dentists. What can be done? Perhaps we could reduce the school/educational requirements to a shorter course of study with lower tuition costs. This would allow graduate dental assistants to enter the workforce sooner and earn an income faster than current graduates. Perhaps the dental profession needs to start offering higher wages in order to attract dental assistants to their practice and into the dental assisting programs. It’s also possible that in areas with an over-supply of licensed dental hygienists, some may have to lower their expectations and return to a dental assisting role. Regardless of what happens, it’s obvious that there’s a serious shortage of dental assistants—now and in the near future. As the current supply of assistants logically and naturally progresses into advanced positions in the dental practice, there’ll be an ever-increasing demand for newly graduated dental assistants. And this means that many dentists may have to start working as a two-handed practitioner once again. Are you ready for this? ISTOCK

If you are a recent graduate or an experienced practitioner looking for an opportunity to build a successful career, please send us your resume today to info@blueoceandentalgroup.com.

dental receptionists as they appreciate and learn the mechanics of a dental practice. By navigating into a front-desk management position or hygiene, they usually improve their income and prolong their careers. If we extrapolate the current short supply of applicants for dental assisting schools and look at the next five to 10 years, we’ll see the disconnect between supply and demand clearly. When the current group of dental-office personnel



Special Advertising Feature

STRATEGICALLY SPEAKING Value-added Solutions for Your Practice

• Creating An Emergency Plan For Your Practice: Following These Steps To Protect Your Practice Value If Emergency Strikes • Add $72,000 Additional Revenue For Your Practice With The Colour MethodTM • A Canadian DSO Strategy

Creating An Emergency Plan For Your Practice: Following These Steps To Protect Your Practice Value If Emergency Strikes MATT WILSON, CPA, CA & LYNNE FISHER


hat would your practice be worth a step-by-step action plan for dealing with if you weren’t there? For a week? patients, suppliers, bankers, professional For three months? Forever? advisors and family minimizes disruption to patients and cash flow. The value of every dental practice is ultimately based on the consistent flow Simon’s action: Simon designates through of patients and cash. Great and members of his staff to take certain roles growing flow equals great value. In turn, in case of emergency. His receptionist is a disruption in that flow caused by an responsible for connecting with patients and emergency can lead to decreasing value. But suppliers and one of his dental hygienists mitigating this risk is relatively simple, and communicates with bankers and advisors well worth your investment and time. and family members. To illustrate how to make an emergency plan, consider the example of Simon Smith, a practising dentist. His office was buzzing with patients until a cycling accident abruptly took Simon away from work. The lack of an emergency plan created chaos. Patients were frustrated because of abrupt cancellations without explanation, employees were not paid and the bank downgraded his loan, leading to a rate increase. Months later, Simon met with a business valuator and found out that his practice lost 30 percent of its value.

The value of every dental practice is ultimately based on the consistent flow through of patients and cash. Great and growing flow equals great value. In turn, a disruption in that flow caused by an emergency can lead to decreasing value.

These problems are avoidable. Use CREATE A SIGNING AUTHORITY Simon as an example and learn about the SYSTEM FOR EMERGENCY steps of making an emergency plan. SITUATIONS UNDERSTAND WHAT IS AT RISK

If an emergency happens and you cannot sign documents, you risk missing bill payments or payroll. To avoid this, create a “two out of three” signing authority policy. If only one person can sign off, you could miss bill payments or payroll.

A recent study determined nonfinancial (including business value) assets account for nearly two thirds of business and practice owners’ total assets. Nonfinancial assets account for only one third of employees’ total assets. This means most Another option is creating a wellof business owners’ wealth is tied up in written Power of Attorney to grant their business or practice. authority to someone trusted and allow them to make decisions on your behalf Simon’s action: Simon documents and when you are unable. updates his personal net worth statement regularly. As part of this, he works with his Simon’s action: Simon creates a two accountant to understand what tax would out of three-signing authority policy, be payable on his estate, and to ensure designating two other staff members as that he has the right types and amounts of the other signers. He also meets with his insurance for practice continuity and estate lawyer to work through a detailed Power of planning. Attorney plan. BE CLEAR ABOUT YOUR INTENTIONS FOR HANDLING UNPLANNED ABSENCES


Determine who is in charge if you are Stress runs high in emergency situations. not there and what they should do. Creating You can ease the tension by sharing your

plans and wishes with family members ahead of time, providing your family with a simple roadmap to follow. Simon’s action: Simon develops a plan in case of absence and compiles that in a folder with important documents like insurance, powers of attorney and a will. He shares this with his family, his staff and his professional advisors, as appropriate, to ensure these documents are accessible if needed. Regardless of the life stage of a practice, the simple step of putting a plan in place for ensuring continuity if you were away for a short or long term, protects your practice and your family.

Matt Wilson, CPA, CA, is a Partner and Business advisor for MNP’s Professional Services Team. Drawing on more than nine years of experience, Matt works with professionals, including doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers and veterinarians, helping them achieve their goals throughout the lifecycle of their practice. You can reach him at 780.451.4406 or by email Matt.Wilson@ mnp.ca. Lynne Fisher, is the National Team Leader of MNP’s ExitSMART™ service. Drawing on more than fifteen years of direct experience, Lynne brings her expertise to MNP’s comprehensive succession program, ExitSMART™, which offers endto-end succession planning for privately held companies. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries and brings expertise from having been a business owner, commercial banker, consultant and educator. You can reach her at 780.451.4406 or email Lynne.Fisher@mnp.ca.

Add $72,000 Additional Revenue For Your Practice With The Color Method!™ KAY HICKEY, LDA


hy do we do things the way we do?” Typically the answer is: “Because that is the way we’ve always done it!” Now, that might be perfectly fine if your dental practice is running like a fine-tuned machine! Meaning, you rarely run behind schedule, your dental team can work at a comfortable pace without being stressed, your materials and instrument set-ups are well organized, you are continually praised by your patients, and new patient referrals are plentiful. On top of all of this, you are meeting or exceeding your financial goals. Sounds like a dream practice, doesn’t it?

Implementing the Color MethodTM has been is simple: use a color-coded cassette to store all instruments needed for each procedure, plus a proven to save dental practices both time and matching bur holder. Zirc’s cassettes, available money. in 5 sizes and all 16 colors, protect your instruments from wear and tear by containing them securely in place throughout the entire sterilization process. After pouching, your cassette is stored on a matching procedure Average time saved per procedure is 5-8 minutes = approximately 45 minutes/day tray with a sleek locking cover. The CDC and OSHA state that we must transport dirty adding one 45 minute procedure = $375 instruments in a covered, leak-proof, punctureproof container. You’ll maintain compliance, and if the practice is open 4 days a week, save time and money, and eliminate missing 48 weeks of the year... instruments – all while protecting your team!

Unfortunately, the reality for most dental practices is CHAOS! Offices are unintentionally wasting time and money due to poor instrument and material management systems. Says Dr. Cappy Sinclair of Virginia Beach, VA: “One my biggest pet peeves as a dentist has to be getting up mid-procedure. There is nothing that can break your confidence like telling a patient, ‘Wait, we have to go and get something.’”

one procedure /day = 192 additional procedures 3. Material Management Imagine the time you’d save if you could that means in one year, grab a tub filled with all the materials you each practice location know you’ll need at chairside! Create your own has increased revenue of... “portable drawer” with a matching storage tub to house all of your procedure specific $375 materials such as etch, wedges, composite, etc. Having everything at hand eliminates the need x days to leave the room during a procedure to find missing materials. And re-stocking becomes a $ breeze by using Zirc’s transparent locking tub Study conducted by Aldrich Accounting Services cover and tub accessories. No more overstock or accumulating expired materials! Tubs help You’ll be amazed by the benefits of you control inventory costs and keep your implementing The Color MethodTM into your materials organized for any procedure. own practice. Obviously, you’ll experience savings in time and money, but also consider 4. The Sterilization Area Ideally you will want to have enough the ease of training new team members space and cabinetry to keep all the procedure or temporary help. You need to set up for a trays and tubs in one centralized area, such restorative procedure? Simple! Go to the as the sterilization room. It is also helpful central sterilization area, grab the blue tray to keep any overstock of procedure-specific and blue tub (for example) and bring them to materials in this same room for efficient the treatment room. Everything you need is restocking and inventory control. Removing ready to go! Happy doctor, happy team, happy patient! all bulky disposable products like gloves, masks, gauze, cotton rolls, patient napkins, Learn more at zirc.com. etc. from central sterilization will make room for your instrument set-ups and matching Kay Hickey is a Product Specialist at Zirc tubs. Dental Products where she spends much of her time educating dental offices on clinical 5. The Treatment Room efficiency solutions. She is a licensed dental It is best to store bulky disposable products assistant and spent over 25 years in a in your treatment room cabinetry or drawer Family and Cosmetic Dental Practice. Kay within arm’s reach. Countertops should be is a former dental assisting educator and taught in classroom, laboratory and clinical clutter-free. Simply carry the color-coded settings. She served on the Minnesota Dental procedure tray and matching storage tub into Assisting Board and is a former member of the treatment room prior to each procedure. the American Dental Assisting Association. Once you are finished, both items are returned to the sterilization room to be sanitized, Email: kay@zirc.com restocked and stored for use with the next Direct Phone: 763.251.3029 800.328.3899 / www.zirc.com patient.

What if your practice could implement a simple, streamlined system to keep all of your instruments and materials well organized, easily identified, and accessible? Introducing The Color MethodTM by Zirc! Zirc’s innovative collection of color-coded organization products was designed just for dentists, assistants and hygienists – making your day-to-day routine happier and more efficient! HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Get Colorful! Start by assigning each of your procedures a different color. Zirc has 16 colors to choose from to help you get organized and complement any décor. You can even utilize the colors in your logo to promote your branding. If you have the capability to color-code your schedules with your dental software, you can apply those same colors to manage your instruments and materials throughout the clinic. There is no right or wrong way to choose colors; just have fun with it! The instruments, instrument organizers, bur holders and materials will now be easily identified for each procedure by their assigned color. 2. Instrument Management Loose instruments waste time, can be misplaced, and may cause injury. The solution


72,000 per year!

A Canadian DSO Strategy



here has been much about DSO in the media regarding selling opportunities in Canada and the USA. Let’s begin by defining DSO, specifically for Canada, as the terminology used in Canada and that used in the US, is not exactly the same. DSO stands for Dental Service Organization. In the US, this applies to any network of dental offices that has common ownership. This includes both large corporations and smaller, individual, investor dentists. In Canada, we consider a DSO to be larger corporate owners; for example, the three major Dental Corporations. Those corporations own between 80 and over 400 practices in Canada. The smaller groups, which are Investor Dentists, we will refer to as Networks. Currently approximately 18% of US practices are corporately owned. It is estimated that in five years, this is to reach 35% to 45%. In Canada, approximately 4% of all dental practices are corporately owned; that is approximately 880 practices. If Canada follows the US trend and moves to be where the US is today, approximately 3,000 practices will transition from private to corporate ownership in Canada. This type of change is referred to as a disruptive innovation. A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market or value network, eventually disrupting the existing market and value network. This causes a displace of established market-leading firms, products, and alliances. The business of dentistry will change forever. THE QUESTION IS: WILL YOU BE READY? Let’s consider how this change is likely to take place in Canada. To do this, we will use the US expectations as a guide. Initially, the change will primarily occur in the Investor Network marketplace. The following figure separates the dental market into three segments; Private/Solo Practice, Mid-Market (Investor Networks) and the Corporations. It is evident that the majority of growth, in the next few years, will be in the Mid-Market sector. The basic strategy of the large DSO, is to purchase practices at a certain revenue multiple and sell at a higher revenue multiple. DSO’s buy from private owners or Investor Networks, with

JFCDentists-nov/dec-fin.indd 32

the intent of selling to private equity groups, life insurance companies or pension funds. The intent is to profit from the multiple spread, which is the difference between the acquisition multiple and the disposition multiple. Profit also occurs from operation of the practice, however the prime directive is to build it and sell it. The following schedule illustrates the financial process for a DSO with 200 practices, based on some financial assumptions: Number of Practices Average EBITDA Total EBITDA

200 350,000 70,000,000

Acquisition Multiple Disposition Multiple

6.00 13.00

Disposition Proceeds Acquisition Cost Gain on Disposition

910,000,000 420,000,000 490,000,000

In order to obtain returns outlined above, the DSO has to transform themselves into large corporations with higher operational costs and large corporate tax rates. This is the biggest difference between DSO’s and Investor Networks. Investor Networks are typically smaller than the DSO’s but what they lack are all the trappings of a the large corporations. Large DSO’s also have large management structure; CEO’s, CFO’s, HR departments, District Managers and so on. Assembling the elements of a mature corporation, requires a level of expertise and cost that exceeds the capabilities of most investor dentists. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is a way for investor dentists to profit like DSO’s. The profit that we are talking about comes from the application of the appropriate multiple to the current EBITDA. The following schedule shows the history of a practice with initial EBITDA of $500,000, purchased with

a 5.5 multiple for $2.75M. During the next couple of years, the owner hires a consultant and doubles the EBITDA (sounds daunting but is often achieved). Once the EBITDA has doubled, the practice is bundled with five or six other practices and sold as a bundle for a 7.25 multiple. Based on a selling price of $7.5M the profit from the transaction is $4.75M which is a 173% return on investment. The DSO that buys the practice is able to increase the EBITDA by 25% and then sells the practice, along with all of its other practices, to a private equity firm for a 14.0 multiple. The profit on the sale is $10.0M, which is a 133% return on investment. The investor dentist’s return is 130% of the DSO’s profit with only a fraction of the effort. Ownership Private Corporate Acquisition EBITDA Disposition EBITDA % Increase in EBITDA Acquisition Multiple Disposition Multiple Spread Disposition Price Acquistion Price Profit Return on Investment

500,000 1,000,000 100%

1,000,000 1,250,000 25%

5.50 7.50 2.00

7.50 14.00 6.50

7,500,000 2,750,000 4,750,000

17,500,000 7,500,000 10,000,000



All of Canada, in particular Ontario, has an abundance of desperate dentists; dentists who are desperate to buy a practice. They have tried unsuccessfully, in the past, to buy a practice. Similarly, the DSO’s are under great pressure, by their investors, to purchase dental practices. These investors have provided the DSO’s with investment cash. By bundling half a dozen to a dozen practices together, it is possible to materially lower the DSO’s cost of acquisition thus justifying the higher multiple. For more information on how you can participate in the coming changes, check us out at dpconsolidators.com or call Derek Hill, CPA, CA at 905-932-3403 or Henry Doyle at 604-724-1964. Henry Doyle is the owner of Heaps & Doyle, and Derek Hill, CPA, CA is a Broker of Record for Hill Kindy with over 30 years in dental practice valuations and sales.

2019-10-25 4:07 PM

T H E W E A LT H Y D E N T I S T M A N F R E D P U R T Z K I Manfred Purtzki, CPA, CA, is a principal in the Vancouver office of Purtzki Johansen & Associates. He can be reached at: Manfred@purtzki.com or 604-669-7558.

Simple sales advice Prepare your practice for sale and reap the rewards


o, you’re ready to sell? If you want to maximize the sales proceeds from your dental practice, there are a number of steps you should take well in advance of the actual sale date.

1 Obtain tax and financial advice. One of the first steps in properly planning to sell your practice is to secure the benefit of receiving the sales proceeds tax-free. You want to make sure the sale of shares qualifies for the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE). The LCGE for 2019 is $867,000 for each shareholder. 2 Keep up your production. Nothing decreases your practice value more than a trend of declining office billings. The number-one advice of transition experts is: Don’t slow down and do not work fewer days. 3 Consider increasing fees. Prepare a fee analysis and compare your fees to those charged by other offices in your community. If your fees are below average, consider increasing them. It’s quite common that as dentists grow older, they’re more reluctant to raise fees. But chances are your patients will accept the increase and by boosting income you also increase the value of your practice (a new owner will be reluctant to increase fees immediately after purchase).

8 7 9 6 2 4 1 3 5

6 8 3 9 4 7 5 2 1

9 5 7 3 1 2 4 6 8

1 2 4 8 6 5 9 7 3

3 1 5 4 7 8 6 9 2

4 9 8 2 5 6 3 1 7

7 6 2 1 9 3 8 5 4

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sudoku 1 easier solution solution from page 37

solution from September/ October 2019 contest

5 3 6 7 8 1 2 4 9

4 1 8 2 3 5 6 9 7

9 3 6 7 4 1 5 8 2

5 2 7 8 9 6 4 3 1

1 5 3 6 2 8 9 7 4

6 4 9 1 7 3 2 5 8

8 7 2 9 5 4 3 1 6

2 8 5 4 1 9 7 6 3

7 9 1 3 6 2 8 4 5

3 6 4 5 8 7 1 2 9

For Canadian Dentists of British Columbia

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2 4 1 5 3 9 7 8 6

at your

sudoku 2 harder solution

4 Lower overhead. a prospective purchaser. Your personal lease Overhead costs of When you’re guarantees should more than 60% of ready to sell, also be removed. revenue are a deal breaker, as the these 8 tips will 6 Upgrade your purchaser will have maximize office and technolinsufficient income you r sales ogy. Does your clinic to cover living have a worn-out look proceeds expenses and meet and old technology? You debt financing don’t need to make any obligations. Therefore, large capital expenditures, controlling practice such as purchasing new dental overhead is critical. The lower chairs or cabinetry, but remember the the overhead, the higher the profit margin and ultimate sale price. It’s impor- adage “you will never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” tant for dentists to measure current overhead against industry standards to 7 Document procedures and systems. determine problem areas. Are your systems well documented? 5 Review the facility lease. The ideal Does every staff member know what to do and how to do it? Put together some lease arrangement from a purchaser’s how-to guides, such as front-desk point of view is a 15-to-20-year lease procedures for billings and collections term, including lease renewals. If your and hygiene appointment and recall lease is less than 15 years, obtain the procedures. And you should have a job consent of the landlord for additional description for each position. renewal periods. Many leases have demolition clauses, which are a potential 8 Review the associate agreements. If deal breaker. Typically, a landlord will not you have an associate, make sure that remove such a clause, but you can often you have an agreement in place containget a commitment that the building will ing a restrictive covenant as well as a not be demolished for a specified non-solicitation clause, which prevents number of years. Make sure that there is no impediment to assigning your lease to the associate from taking existing patients and staff members.




D r . k e l l e n s i lv e r t h o r n Dr. Kellen Silverthorn is Just For Canadian Dentists’ automotive writer. He tries to keep one convertible and/or one track-day car in the family fleet.

Sporting re-dimensioned


y favourite automotive journalist’s event is the annual Run to the Sun (RTTS). The latest version had each participating scribe rotate through 24 aspirational vehicles over a three-day, 739-kilometre driving route. The spectacular Columbia River Gorge provided the scenic backdrop.

a unibody SUV (or “cross-over”) could titillate its driver just like a sports car. To date, other SUVs and cross-overs had failed to instill in me that excitement. Which got me thinking about the whole post-WWII evolution of sporting vehicles. The original sports cars, released a decade before I was born, were two-seat

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio leads the pack in the Run to the Sun


And the winner is... Individual journalists at the annual Run to the Sun automotive showcase can use any criteria they see fit on which to base their voting. The 2019 RTTS Award Winners: Most Fun in the Sun (Convertible)—2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club RF Most Fun Coupe—2020 Toyota GR Supra Most Fun Sports Sedan—2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Four-Door Most Fun SUV—2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio AWD Most Fun to Drive Vehicle—2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Four-Door

And this year’s RTTS precipitated within me a re-evaluation of what constitutes a sporting vehicle. In particular, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio forced me to accept that


British roadsters. More civilized coupe versions of the same cars came next, which pleased the purists almost as much. In the 1960s, 2+2 coupes, like the Porsche 911 and BMW CS, came along and further

broadened sporting enthusiasts’ horizons. The 1970s saw the OPEC Oil Embargo and the automotive industry convulsed into new realities. Sporting vehicle enthusiasts saw a new breed debut and welcomed the hot hatch, with the frontdrive VW Golf GTI as the prototype. Being university aged, I grooved to that beat. It wasn’t until the 1988 BMW M5 exploded onto the scene that a decent-sized sedan could be considered a sporting steed. Intended for boomers-with-kids, BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volvo all soon offered high-performance wagons too. Enthusiasts now had quite a roster of choices: sports cars, sports coupes, sport 2+2, hot hatches and sport sedans/wagons. Yet, since the 1990s, all of these market segments have experienced shrinking market share. Whole car lines are disappearing as the manufacturers re-direct investment to where sales are bullish: the SUV/cross-over and pick-up truck segments. For me, it takes more than generous horsepower to render a vehicle truly “sporting.” Tall centres of gravity, long suspension travel and ponderous weight all constrain a light truck’s sporting bona fides. Buyers flock to these light trucks regardless—for their higher vision perch, ease of ingress and egress, practical interior volume and butch “outdoorsy” looks. For the past 15 years car companies have been edging some of their cross-over offerings closer to “sports.” These sports cross-overs would show up at journalist’s events, even at race tracks. I couldn’t see the point of them. My thinking was if you want utility, buy a SUV/cross-over. If you want sports, buy a

doug berger

The new sports car is…the SUV

Just For Canadian dentists November/December 2019

JFCDentists-nov/dec-fin.indd 34

2019-10-25 4:08 PM



FEBRUARY 20 – 22, 2020


Act now in November for the lowest rates! • Learn from the leaders in dental education. Choose from more than 250 courses, including valuable hands-on workshops, lectures and live patient demonstrations, plus a timely symposium discussing Oral Cancer. • Try out the latest dental innovations available from more than 650 companies in our Exhibit Hall. • Network with the dental community. Catch up with classmates at our numerous special events, gatherings and alumni reunions. • Explore our world-class city of Chicago. Dine in our fabulous restaurants. Shop the Magnificent Mile. Take a tour of our amazing architecture or experience our many fascinating museums and cultural institutions. Chicago is our hometown and we look forward to welcoming you. • Connect to Dentistry with CDS. Even if you do not live in the United States, you can still join the Chicago Dental Society and enjoy the same benefits as local members. For only $125, become an International Associate Member and get connected to the most important dental industry meeting of the year, with free admission to the Midwinter Meeting. It makes perfect sense to join, because the cost of your CDS membership is less than the registration fee for a non-member. Join today at www.cds.org.

D R . K E L L E N S I LV E R T H O R N

Ergo the brilliance of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. With it I finally experienced a cross-over product that suits both of these driving moods and needs: sports car and SUV. The Stelvio is the one vehicle that could replace the two I have. Which was somewhat the same “one vehicle” goal that created those past cross-segmentcrashers of sports coupe, sports 2+2, sports sedan/ wagon and the hot hatch. Granted, the Quadrifoglio version of the Stelvio isn’t exactly cheap (from $95,000), but excellence, combined with 505 hp, seldom is. The V-6 engine’s soundtrack alone is reason enough for a test drive. The Alfa’s size feels just right; sportingly close-quartered but sufficiently spacious for reasonable utility. She’s also a good dancer through the twisties.

Another view of the RTTS 2019 “Most Fun SUV”—the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

sports car. Yet years have passed and it’s time for me to reassess such biases. Most of my car-fanatic friends drive their family’s cross-overs far more than they drive their sports cars. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. If only SUV/cross-overs could be just a little more compellingly sporting, and without giving up too much of their inherent utility…

It isn’t a coincidence that the manufacturers are now boasting Nürburgring lap times for their hottest cross-overs. The 505 hp Stelvio lays down the current record-setting cross-over lap time of seven minutes, 52 seconds—right up there in performance with similarly priced sports cars, sports coupes, sports sedans and hot hatches. For insightful comparison, 10 years ago the iconic (E90) V8 BMW M3 was an 8:20 Nürburgring car. I’m confident the Stelvio won’t be the last cross-over to light my fire. Virtually every purveyor of sporting vehicles, including Ferrari and Aston Martin, are focusing their brightest minds on this same challenge. Expect ever-more technological innovation and engineering attentionto-detail to be heaped on hot-selling sporting cross-overs. Don’t hold your breath on the rise of sporting minivans or pick-up trucks. And don’t be surprised if sports cars, sports coupes, sports sedans and hot hatches continue to fade from relevance.

IMPROVING DENTISTS’ SMILES FOR OVER 45YEARS. We know and understand the business of buying and selling dental practices. As Canada’s professional practice appraisal and sales leader since 1974, our record of proven results is second to none. With a dedicated team offering appraisal, consulting and brokerage services, we’re here to make sure you end up smiling. Contact us at (888) 764 - 4145 or info@roicorp.com. roicorp.com BROKERAGE






“The 8th wonder of the world! Go see it to believe it.” —Joe Heard, former White House photographer


4 ways to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Follow us on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter CONTEST! (or all 3!), facebook.com/ OR solve justforcanadiandentists Sudoku @justforcanadiandentists puzzle #2. #justforcanadiandentists @JFCDentists Each social Contest closes December 6, 2019 media follow and is open to practising Canadian dentists. = one entry! Each sudoku puzzle has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 square contains the digits 1 through 9. GOOD LUCK!

sudoku 2 harder solution in next issue

sudoku 1 easier solution on page 33

$50 Amazon Gift Card winner: Dr. Tim Yan of Vancouver, BC

9 5 6 3 1 3 2 5 7 3 5 1 6 7 8 2 6 8 3 4 5 9 2 3 8 5 4 7 1 6 4 2 3 5 7 8

A Journey You’ve Been Waiting For With immersive backdrops, gorgeous costumes, and ingenious choreography, Shen Yun transports you. Be prepared to embark on a journey through time and space and travel beyond the boundaries of the imaginable.

STARTS DEC 26: Ottawa • Hamilton • Montreal • Mississauga Winnipeg • Edmonton • Calgary • Vancouver • Toronto


Presented by local Falun Dafa Associations

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6 2

1 7 5 4 2

2 9 7 7

4 6



SUDOKU CONTEST ENTRY FORM (solve + send in sudoku!) 3 7


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1. Entry form must be accompanied with solved puzzle. Only correctly solved puzzles entered into random draw. 2. Send puzzle + entry form to Just For Canadian Dentists, 200 – 896 Cambie St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 2P6 or fax 604-681-0456. Entries must be received by December 6, 2019. 3. Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card. 4. Contest can be changed and/or cancelled without prior notice. 5. All entries become property of In Print Publications. 6. Employees of In Print Publications and its affiliates are not eligible to participate. 7. In Print Publications is not responsible for lost or stolen prizes.




dentists share their picks + pleasures

DR. AJIT VARGIS loves travel…from vacations in Hawaii to philanthropic work at Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe, Africa (read more about his mission trips on page 10). Wherever he is, he loves a good meal (especially homemade by his wife) and even plans to open his own restaurant one day (he’d be a chef if he wasn’t a dentist!). And when he’s off-call, his secret to relaxing and relieving tension: enjoying a good single malt and cigar. My name: Ajit Vargis I live, practise in: Freelton, ON, and practise in Stoney Creek, ON My training: DDS from NYU School of Dentistry, NY Why I was drawn to dentistry: Wanted a

The best souvenir I’ve brought back from a trip: Memories captured by pictures Best meal anywhere: At home, made by my wife Memorable restaurant: Malabar Cafe, Kochi

Dream vacation: Australia & New Zealand

Favourite band/song: My Story by Big Daddy Weave

If I could travel to any time, I’d go to: 2030

My first job: Sales associate for a luggage store

My jet-lag cure: Melatonin pills I always travel with: My wife and camera

Gadget or gear I could not do without: Nikon camera

A “wow” hotel/resort I’d happily stay at

I have too many: Souvenir T-shirts My fridge is stocked with: Plain yogurt My guilty pleasure: Good pastries My go-to exercise/ sport: Walking Favourite spectator sport: Soccer Celebrity crush:

None Dr. Ajit Vargis in Egypt (far left, top), in Hawaii and I’d want this with his wife and daughter in with me if Petra, Jordan (far left, bottom), stranded on a in his clinic (left, top), with people desert island: awaiting treatment at Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe Toothbrush (left, middle), an elephant Dr. and toothpaste Vargis photographed in Kruger My secret to National Park, South Africa (left, bottom), his relaxing and family in Alaska relieving tension: Single malt and good cigar A talent I wish I had: Play drums and to sing A big challenge I’ve faced: Untrustworthy staff One thing I’d change about myself: Take things more seriously The word that best describes me: Trustworthy I’m inspired by: The Bible

My last trip: Dubai, UAE Most exotic place I’ve travelled to: Kruger National Park, South Africa


again: Taj Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

Favourite city: Honolulu, Hawaii

I’d describe my home as: My sanctuary

A favourite place that I keep returning to: Hawaii

Favourite book: Living Life Backwards by David Gibson

My car: Audi A7 TDI

Can’t believe I’ve never been to: Thailand

Favourite film: Lord of the Rings trilogy

Last splurge: Redoing my home theatre

Don’t need to go to: China

Must-see TV: The Travel Channel

Most-frequented store: Online shopping


Last purchase: Car for our son

A cause that’s close to my heart: Holistic Dental Mission & Compassion Canada On my must-do list: Own and operate a restaurant If I wasn’t a dentist, I’d be: A chef


career in medical field that would be useful anywhere in the world and the ability to diagnose and treat at the same time

My motto: Gain wisdom and be humble

T H E W O R L D ’ S O N LY 5 - S T A R L U X U R Y I N C L U D E D ® VA C A T I O N





xperience the enchanted island of Jamaica with its laid-back vibe and “Ya Mon” spirit. Discover breathtaking natural beauty, with stunning, white-sand beaches and magnificent, rolling mountains. S a n dals Resor t s p e r fe c tly complements this magical island with six of the best resorts in Jamaica, offering 5-Star Luxury— all-inclusive, all the time, anytime— including tips, taxes, and Sandals transfers.* Whichever resort you choose, you’ll enjoy the very best of Jamaica where you’ll feel alright.


Sandals has designed the rare combination of European panache with an all-beachfront tropical resort located on Jamaica’s South Coast.

SANDALS ROYAL PLANTATION Sandals only all-butler, all-suite, all-oceanfront resort is the ultimate luxury vacation in Ocho Rios.

SANDALS MONTEGO BAY The original Sandals, set along Jamaica’s largest, exclusive white-sand beach, is the island’s most upbeat and captivating hideaway where the fun never ends.

SANDALS NEGRIL On the longest, best stretch of Jamaica’s famed Seven Mile Beach, you are closer to the water than at any other resort in Negril.




More Quality Inclusions than Any Other Resorts on the Planet • Scuba Diving*

• Hobie® Cats

• Snorkeling

• Underwater Vision Glass Bottom Boats • Wakeboarding/ Waterskiing • Windsurfing

• Paddleboarding • Kneeboarding • Tubing • Kayaking

• Aquatrikes








Set in Ocho Rios, this resort offers a happening beach club, lush tropical gardens, a butler village, as well as multiple rounds of golf* with complimentary green fees.




SANDALS.COM 1- 800-SANDALS OR CALL YOUR TRAVEL ADVISOR @sandalsresorts *Visit sandals.com/disclaimers/justforcanadiandentists2019 or call 1-800-SANDALS for important terms and conditions. Sandals® is a registered trademark. Unique Vacations, Inc. is an affiliate of Unique Travel Corp., the worldwide representative of Sandals Resorts

SANDALS ROYAL CARIBBEAN A kaleidoscope of exotic cultures await you at this majestic resort in Montego Bay, with its own private offshore island adventure, and Over-the-Water Villas and Bungalows.

Our software integrates with your current system to provide superior reporting and automation

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Just For Canadian Dentists Nov/Dec 2019  

Wildlife viewing in Manitoba

Just For Canadian Dentists Nov/Dec 2019  

Wildlife viewing in Manitoba


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