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a dental practice + take a BENTLEY road trip through the Scottish Highlands + taste the TEQUILA renaissance + PRESERVE your practice

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The Canadian Academy of Periodontology 58th Annual Meeting in Association with British Columbia Society of Periodontists








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march/april 2013

march/april 2013

June 20th - June 22nd, 2013 — Victoria, BC at The Fairmont Empress Hotel

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All Dentists and Staff are invited to attend the Canadian Academy of Periodontology annual scientific meeting at The Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The program offers a little something for everyone. Come and enjoy this excellent educational and social program. Put these dates aside and register today! Register online at

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Events: Guest Speakers Include: - Welcome Reception: Plenty of wine, food and music! Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli - Optimizing Aurora Scott and Aaron Scoones- Back to Back in the Periodontal and Implant Surgery Ivy Ballroom Outcomes in the Esthetic Zone -Golf Tournament: Held at the beautiful Highland Pacific Golf Dr. Paul Fugazotto - The Roles of Course Periodontal and Implant Therapies In -Exhibits: 25 of the top suppliers will be in attendance to Comprehensive Care display their latest products Ms. Anna Pattison - Root Instrumentation -Scientific Sessions: Held in the Victoria Conference Centre Graduate Research Day Dr. Todd Jones and Dr. Robert Bouclin - -Hands on Workshops: Sponsored by and Young Periodontist Forum -Graduate Student Research Day MNP (Meyers Norris Penny) -Saanich Peninsula Wine Tour and Lunch: Includes 3 wineries Practice Fraud -Gala Dinner: Practice Succession... Experience some traditional First Nations dance with CDSPI - Double Jeopardy Managing the Le-La-La Dancers and then Rock down Memory Personal and Professional Financial Risks Lane with the Timebenders -Wine Reception and hors d'oeuvres


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16 motoring Road trip in Scotland…by Bentley

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A smooth practice transition

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Tequila renaissance

43 the hungry dentist

Noodle nostalgia

44 practice management

Dealing with the unexpected

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It’s the iconic island scene: red-and-white lighthouse, green fields, blue sky and water. The New London Lighthouse sits pretty on the shores of Prince Edward Island. Story on page 18. cover photo

Additional Meeting Details at March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists


from the editor

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style | food | shows | festivals | places | getaways | gear… Over 80 years of financial services experience

fresh take

Stall fare: Japanese buckwheat soba noodles topped with veggies, fish… and a tiny tiny octopus.


FFor more information :

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Russell Anthony Wealth Management Group is a part of TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice. Russell Anthony Wealth Management Group consists of Russell Chew (Vice President, Investment Advisor), Anthony Chow (Vice President, Investment Advisor), Vivian Lu (Associate Investment Advisor), Joyce Lee (Sales Assistant), and Ivy Chen (Sales Assistant). TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice is a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc., a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. – Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. ®/The TD logo and other trade-marks are the property of the Toronto-Dominion Bank or a wholly-owned subsidiary, in Canada and/or other countries.

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When the holiday and the CE are both important! • BrITIsh Isles cruIse May 12 – 24, 2013

• alasKa cruIse august 9 – 16, 2013

• venIce & the Po rIver cruIse with Tuscany option september 22 – 29, 2013

• easT aFrIca saFarI

• IndIa

January 23 – February 2, 2014

• souThern carIBBean cruIse February 7 – 22, 2014

october 11 – 25, 2014

• vIeTnaM rIver cruIse January 2015

• GalaPaGos

• TurKs & caIcos

october 2015

March 8 – 15, 2014

For Travel InquIrIes conTacT Wendy aT 1-866-317-8720 For ce InquIrIes conTacT KaThy aT 1-877-536-6736 or

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Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

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13-01-29 3:58 PM

foodie escape Not your typical food court… barbecue duck.

chow down

In the Vancouver suburb of Richmond it’s a food feast year round. page 6 >>

Sampling abalone at the Richmond Night Market. yvette cardozo

Providing peace of mind and financial freedom to pursue your dreams

hat are your plans for this Lunar Year of the Snake? The new year already rang in (the Lunar New Year was February 10), but the snake has just started its journey… It might be apropos to indulge in some authentic Asian cuisine in, um, a Canadian suburb: Richmond, BC. The Vancouver suburb definitely offers a feast unlike any where else—year round (page 5). Or celebrate with a spring getaway, whether a last round of stellar skiing in Canada’s go-to resort village of Whistler (page 8) or, on the other end of the spectrum, some just-as-stellar spa-ing on the Riviera Maya (page 10). And, while in Mexico, stock up on tequila (page 42). There’s a tequila renaissance going on, and we’re telling you what to start sipping (no shots please). For somewhere a little less obvious, there’s Medellín. You may recall this Colombian city’s brutal recent past as the epicentre of an infamous drug cartel… No more. Now a vibrant, thriving cultural centre, Medellín is an inspiration of just how much change is possible (page 37). If you’re looking for something a little more mellow and low key…well, you’ll find that right here on Canada’s easternmost coast. Prince Edward Island really is the quintessential bucolic landscape of rolling hills, lush fields and sandy shores. With its easy loop drives and coast-hugging roads, the “gentle island” makes for a smooth getaway in the Year of the Snake (page 18). And if a spectacular drive is what you’re really after, our savvy motoring columnist shares this envy-inducing road trip: a tour of the Scottish Highlands by Bentley (page 16). En route, wherever you are, keep our photo expert’s tips in mind. This issue the “MD” tells us how to make those landscapes and portraits pop by following the rule of thirds (page 12). Start practising and send in your photos and questions! We’re always happy to hear from you; let us know where in the world you’re travelling, photographing, volunteering, working…and stay in touch through Enjoy!


The Jungfrau Railway, Europe’s highest-altitude rail line, celebrates its centenary in 2012 >> Frappé with greentea flavoured shaved ice.

March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists


far east fare…in the Year of the Snake



escape continued


chow down

t’s called, simply, “Eat Street.” That, at least, is how locals refer to the stretch in Richmond, BC, along Alexandra Road that is endto-end mouthwatering, authentic Asian food. You could eat every day in Richmond and still spend weeks chewing, slurping and sighing with satisfaction without running out of new places to try. The Vancouver area of British Columbia has long been known for Asian food because of its connection to Hong Kong (as part of the Commonwealth, a flood of upper elite moved here when Hong Kong was handed back to China by Britain). Today, the Vancouver suburb of Richmond is 65% Asian. There are Hong Kong style malls, 200 restaurants, Buddhist temples, a Lunar New Year’s Festival that is arguably North America’s finest (2013 rang in the Year of the Snake on February 10). You can sip wine from an Asian-owned winery that’s won awards in China and sample gourmet chocolates, made by a Japanese couple, that are flavoured with wasabi, green tea and sake. It is, as one local only half joked, a trip to

Asia minus the jetlag. You’d think all of Richmond is Asian when you’re in its midst, but the Asian core, known as the Golden Village, is not much more than four square blocks. And don’t expect a grand gateway entrance like the one in Vancouver’s historic (and much smaller) downtown Chinatown. The Richmond area was never intended to be an Asian district. It just happened. So how to navigate this bit of suburban serendipity? Start with dim sum…in a mall. “Dim sum” means “little bites” but also translates to “touch the heart.” Either way, it means yum. It’s customarily eaten for brunch in a restaurant. A good place to start is local favourite, Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant in the Aberdeen Centre, where it’s immediately obvious why this is an eat-out experience. There are 75 items to choose from, ranging from simple pork-filled dumplings to chicken feet. Prawn dumplings are a classic starter and test of how good the chef is. Each

tiny bite is surrounded by pleated wheatstarch skin thin enough to be translucent but strong enough to not break when handled with chopsticks. Folding those pleats takes intricate finger work and reveals the chef’s skill. And that’s only one dish. On, then, to the rest of the shopping centre, one of three huge ones within walking distance of each other in the Golden Village. This is not your standard mall. It sounds, looks and feels like you’ve stepped into Hong Kong. Bright, noisy, flashy. There’s a LOT of gold jewelry, gold-plated good-luck statues and Hello Kitty stuff, and the food court here isn’t filled with burger stands and fried chicken. Rather, it’s Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Thai fast food. Dim sum, noodles, soups. And frappé. The frappé is ice that’s flavoured with green tea or fruit shredded into delicate slivers and topped with fresh fruit, red beans, taro and more. This is no shave ice or slushie—it’s so light, it just dissolves on your tongue. Alone, it’s a great palate cleanser, and topped with ice cream, a killer dessert (see page 5). You could chew your way through Richmond’s shopping centres (and supermarkets that sell everything from dim sum to sushi) and never have room for dinner. It’s best to save that meal for another trip. — Yvette Cardozo


Richmond’s Aberdeen Station, the centre of the Asian district and the “Golden Village,” is nine stops from the Vancouver City Centre stop on the Skytrain’s Canada Line. And, as of May 17, the Richmond Night Market is an outdoor extravaganza for the senses: For more on what to do and see in this vibrant suburb, check out Tourism Richmond:

on the road

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

sample authentic Asian fare in Richmond, BC




warming trend


ometimes, packing light means gear sacrificing creature comforts. But you can bring the soothing scent of your shower (or soaker) on the road with these TSA-friendly glycerin soaps. Buy a set—Aqueous or Botanical (each comes with three soaps)—and tailor the aroma to your trip. Kite surfing at Ho‘okipa? Pack a bar of WAVES in your carry-on for showering off the salty sea. Walking in the woods of Tipperary? Wash the day’s aches away with the blackberry-infused aroma of VINE. The soaps are 100 per cent vegan and cruelty free. $20/set of 3; —Janet Gyenes


outdoor play

brave the elements When the weather gear fluctuates between frosty and frigid or wet and windy, staying warm après outdoor adventures can be a sport on its own. But this too can be overcome, thanks to Glerups felt shoes—a blessing to the curse of cold feet. The casual indoor footwear is handmade from 100 per cent pure wool, which naturally insulates bare feet, so you can skip the layers of socks. Glerups are ideal for tromping around inside the cabin, and they come in a range of styles for men, women, and children. Choose from hot hues like orange and red, or icy blue and grey, and step out in style, while ushering in the spring thaw. $64.95 – $99.95; —J.G.


altered states



hether quick trip or slow sojourn, travel read+ always equates escape escape, but the best trips are about finding something too. Escape Hotel Stories: Retreat and Refuge in Nature (Assouline) by Francisca Mattéoli offers a window into this world, where dramatic scene shifts unfold in ecological sanctuaries. There’s Canada’s King Pacific Lodge (below), a luxe retreat floating in the remote reaches of the Great Bear Rainforest—home of the Kermode “spirit” bear. (Make no mistake: the word “rustic” will never cross your lips here.) And Cottar’s 1920s Camp (left), a smattering of tents set on a 6,000-acre private conservancy on Africa’s Masai Mara game reserve, where guests are treated to the golden age of safaris (complete with liveried staff). Or another “Lost Horizon,” Banyan Tree Ringha in China’s Yunnan province, where you can devour an exotic sample platter of spas, steamboats, legends and lakes in monastic peace. Which is truly Shangri-La? That’s for you to decide. $45; —J.G.

luxe retreat

if you GO

dim sum yum


March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists


luxe lodge

ski & stay

4 3



Whistler weekend Where better for a spring ski sojourn? There’s plenty of powder, 8,171 acres of terrain, 2,284 metres of vertical, 200 runs…and then there’s also a boutique lakeside hideaway, swish outdoor spa, and plenty of après-ski fare…so exert + indulge, again + again…

Stay Set on the shores of Nita Lake 1 , this 77-room boutique bolthole is a stay+ getaway within Whistler. Just outside the village, it’s a tranquil and oh-so-quiet oasis…yet it’s right on the Valley Trail, an easy jog, walk or bike ride into town sample (there’s also a complimentary car service for guests). And, steps from the Creekside gondola and runs, you can just about ski in and out­—without the village crowds. Après ski, there’s Jivamukti yoga at Loka Yoga studio, and then handcrafted cocktails 2 and housemade charcuterie at the Cure Lounge or Aura Restaurant (the view’s a bonus) 3 . Come morning, fuel up at Fix Café & Deli and do it all again. Nita Lake Lodge; ski 8,171 acres of ski terrain. 200 runs. 2,284 metres of elevation. And some 12m of average snowfall. It’s Canada’s go-to ski resort for a reason, and the spring ski season runs into May. 4 Whistler Blackcomb; soak 5 Soak sore limbs outside in steaming baths and plunge pools in the snowy landscape that surrounds Whistler. The Scandinavianinspired hot-and-cold hydrotherapy is a sensory treat after a day of shredding snow. Scandinave Spa; sample For a taste of the village 6 , don’t miss the prix-fixe menu at the alpine-chic Alta Bistro 7 that embodies the Whistler vibe—from the ski-bum owners (who each log 100 days on the slopes) to the thoughtful eco ethos in design and fare (from beetle-kill wood decor to locally grown ingredients). Must-try: the Highway 86 cocktail (named for a ski run, of course) made with house-aged bourbon and the savoury Elk Tartar and Duck Liver Parfait 8 . Alta Bistro; MORE For more on Whistler, visit —B. Sligl

’ve viewed jewelry not just as decoration, but almost like a talisman … it protects you, energizes you …” Paloma Picasso’s words describe her unassailable passion for creating jewelry that runs the gamut from gutsy and playful to delicate and classic. “Paloma” is Spanish for dove, and that unerring symbol of peace has marked many of style the designer’s collections, including her newest offering, Paloma’s Olive Leaf, a modern interpretation of a classic myth, with gemstones surrounded by sterling silver or 18-karat gold olive leaves. Picasso’s love for the unfussy cut of cabochons is seen in iceblue topaz drop earrings and glam rings, where centre stones of peridot or rubellite are framed by delicate olive branches spangled with glistening diamonds. An 18-karat gold cuff commands attention, as does our coveted choice: Paloma’s Olive Leaf bib necklace. This heirloom-worthy (and downright decadent) piece Add sports a spray of chocolate tsavorites that echo bitters the intense green of and… olives intermingled with 18-karat gold leaves, capturing the light at every turn. $71,500; —J.G.

symbol of


talisman and treasure

W *

…swap the Negroni’s gin for tequila to get…the Agavoni.


hen it comes to cocktails, classics can be overrated. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. Take the Negroni, for example, which is made with equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth (3/4 oz each does the trick), topped with orange peel. As the story goes, the beverage was born when its namesake, an Italian count, asked for his Americano drink cocktail to be amped with a shot of gin. Not a fan of the juniper-flavoured spirit? Trade it for bourbon and you’ve got a Boulevardier. A taste for tequila? Agave expert, Eric Lorenz, says to sub reposado tequila for gin and Aperol for Campari. Add a dash of chocolate bitters (we like Bittermens’ Xocolatl Mole), and garnish with a strip of grapefruit peel. Now you have the Agavoni (think agave…). Salud! —J.G.

twist on a classic

stirred up


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013







from Top: © Tiffany & Co.; bittermens; istock


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Tourism BC/Randy Lincks; courtesy of Nita Lake Lodge; Rich Emmerson; Scandinave spa; Tourism BC/Randy Lincks; edward dangerfield; b. Sligl; courtesy of Nita Lake Lodge


For more on tequila, check out “The Thirsty Dentist” on page 42. March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists



spa it!


maya bliss The GABI Club at Paradisus Playa del Carmen.

There are plenty of spa destinations but few have the choices of Mexico’s Riviera Maya on the Yucatan escape Peninsula ( For four days, my friends and I went on a “sacrificial” feeding frenzy of the area’s spas. Pity us…our choices ran the gamut from simple massages under a thatch roof overlooking the ocean to being pampered in the former estate of an Italian duchess. Sigh.


Paradisus One of many mega-resorts scattered along the 120km coastline from Puerto Morelos to Punta Allen, the Paradisus Playa del Carmen has 900 rooms split between family and adult-only ( There are mangrove tours, tequila tastings, swim-up suites and, of course, the spa. At YHI Spa, the signature rice-milk-and-lavender wrap and massage is preceded (as every treatment is) by a foot bath with rose petals…and, over on the men’s side, there’s a plasma TV with ESPN and treatments called “Gentlemen’s Barber Facial” and “Golf Performance.”

5 more reasons to stay at the paradisus 1 > SERVICE Both sides of this resort, the adult-only La Perla and familyfriendly Esmerelda, offer Royal or Concierge Service, which comes with its own pool, open-air dining, extra-swish suites and a butler. 2 > FOOD Yes, it’s allinclusive, but it’s all still rather posh. Think haute cuisine, like the multi-course, ever-changing menu at Passion Restaurant by multi-Michelin-star Chef Martín Berasategui. There’s also authentic Mexican (guacamole made tableside), Peruvian (outstanding ceviche)…and more at endless eateries. Or get that outstanding ceviche from room service. Really. 3 > WORK (if you must) Being at a mega-resort has its advantages…like sleek and spacious meeting rooms for whatever kind of conference you might need. So you can work and play. 4 > LOCATION Just north of Playa del Carmen, the Paradisus is an easy walk along a sugary beach into town for a streetside cerveza and people watching. 5 > DRINK The jugo verde (fresh green juice) for breakfast at the Royal-Service La Palapa, then a Paloma (tequila + grapefruit soda) for lunch… Bliss. — B.S.



Dr. Jan Bjerg Andersen

Mayakoba The Rosewood Mayakoba has just 128 rooms stretched along a mangrove canal with abundant wildlife ( en/mayakoba). Dozens of anhinga nests sit in mangrove roots mere inches from the water (and our noses)…each with a pair of fluffy chicks. Below, floating in the water and sunning themselves on branches, are literally hundreds of snapping turtles. Rosewood’s signature treatments are relaxing cacao-oil massages and coffee-berry facials…and seemingly countless little indulgences throughout the day. Chilled towels, champagne, popsicles, even iPad cleaning…

Accurate implant impressions made easy

3Shape TRIOS


Impression-taking has never been easier

Xcaret The exotic Xpa at Xcaret (pronounced shhcaret; is Disney meets the Maya (not Mayan, as most of us say). A mammoth amusement park, you can snorkel, scuba, swim with sharks or stingrays and watch the recreation of an ancient Maya game in which warriors punt a leather ball with their hips. And, yes, you can get a massage…in a hammock. Swaying under a thatch roof, our limbs are rubbed with lavender oil and cinnamon cream, after which masseuses get on the ground beneath the hammock and use fingers, fists and feet along our spines…


3Shape TRIOS is the next-generation intraoral digital impression solution. Easily create accurate digital impressions and send cases directly to the lab with a single click. ®

3Shape TRIOS • Spray- and powder-free for optimal accuracy and patient comfort • Scans up to 1000 3D pictures for true geometries • Wide range of indications, including implant abutment cases • Instant impression and occlusion validation and smart edit scan tools

Esencia On to Italian royalty…Rosa di Ferrari lived here decades ago and eventually turned her estate into Esencia, an exclusive, ultra-highend boutique hotel with 29 rooms ( The architecture and décor blends Italian and Mexican and caters to a high-profile clientele (politicians, oil tycoons, celebrities). Fortunately for the rest of us, it’s not necessary to stay here to enjoy the spa and its top-notch treatments, which use aloe, oregano, rosemary, basil, lavender, lemongrass, lime—all grown on the property.

Chef Martín Berasategui’s Passion Restaurant at Paradisus. above Paradisus’ La Perla pool and YHI Spa.

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

Tulum Farther south is Tulum, a collection of simple beachside inns with a post-hippie flavour…yoga retreats, seaside massages under thatch roofs, clay treatments, sweat lodges. At Hotel Amansala (, caramel-yellow clay is mixed with olive oil, local honey and water in a hands-on experience. We slather each other, walk to the water’s edge, close our eyes and float—mentally as a healer guides us through relaxing thoughts, and physically in the ocean to rinse off. For another sensory experience we take part in a Temascal or sweat lodge led by a Maya shaman at Hotel Zahra ( We’re greeted with smoke from smouldering copal leaves and crawl into a low dome-shaped lodge around a fire pit filled with red-hot lava stones. In four 20-minute sessions, each increasingly hot, we sweat, chant ancient Maya words, yell on command and even see flashes of light… Afterwards we find a beachside café and sample shrimp, steamed pork, chicken with mole sauce, an assortment of local fish and an endless supply of mojitos and margaritas. Another sigh. — Y.C.

Our timeless technology philosophy 3Shape provides frequent software upgrades as technology evolves. Your investment today is secure – in an even stronger system years ahead.

courtesy of Paradisus Resorts by Sol Melia


Impression taking is easier, faster and better with TRIOS”

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p h o t o p r e s c r i p t i o n m i c h a e l d e f r e i ta s Michael DeFreitas is an award-winning photographer who’s been published in a wide variety of travel publications. With his initials, MD, he’s been nicknamed “doc,” making his photography prescriptions apropos.

the rule of thirds Tic-tac-toe your way to better pics


Send your photos and questions to our photography guru at feedback@ and your shot may be featured in a future issue!

Washington, DC

he rule of thirds is one of the basic photographic composition principles, so how come many photographers still seem to have difficulty with it? After years of teaching photography I’ve realized that many photographers, especially newbies, find the phrase “rule of thirds” a bit too mathematical and intimidating, so in my workshops I renamed it the tic-tac-toe rule. The rule stems from the natural tendency of humans to quickly focus on certain “areas” of an image or scene. The longer it takes a viewer to find your point of interest the less visual impact your image has. The renaissance masters knew that if they positioned their subject or point of interest in those areas of the frame where humans naturally focus, their paintings would have more impact. So they prepared their blank canvas like a tic-tac-toe game and painted their subjects on the intersections of the grid lines and the rule of thirds was born. Two vertical lines crossing two horizontal lines forming four intersection points. By placing the focusing pattern/screen in the centre of the viewfinder camera manufacturers literally forced photographers to place their subject in the centre of the frame. Photographers had to make a conscious decision to focus on a subject and then shift their aim so the subject fell out of centre. Today most cameras have multiple focusing points and a grid view. For those without, just imagine the tic-tac-toe grid when composing. Or select one of the various focusing points that fall near an intercept. Since human eyes are drawn to the intersection points, that’s where we need to place our subjects for the greatest impact. For portraits, try to place your subject’s eyes


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

Oral Sedation Dentistry 3 days | 25 credit hours

Tuition: Doctor .............................................$ 2,497 DOCS Education Member .......$ 2,247 Team (per person) ......................$ 738

Key Educational Objectives: • Acquire the skills to sedate healthy adults while applying the highest safety standards • Gain vital knowledge about current medical science and become a better clinician • Learn to help the millions who fear dentistry by managing their pain and anxiety • Utilize your staff to maximize sedation practice efficiency

michael defreitas

Why you should learn the “rule of thirds”: ABOVE This photo of an Arab man drinking tea in the Egyptian countryside illustrates the rule of thirds. The tight composition places his eye right over the top-left intersection point to capture the viewer’s attention—and keep it (and his intense gaze makes it that much harder to look away). FAR RIGHT The subject of the photo, signage for iconic Route 66, is placed in the bottom third of the frame, drawing attention exactly where the photographer wants.

May 17-19, 2013

Register today call toll-free 888.611.8080 or online at

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. 9/17/2000 to 12/31/2015

photo prescription [continued]

PRO TIPS on the rule of thirds > When shooting a family of four or more, try to have at least one person on each intercept. Never line them up in a straight line.

> When shooting a sailboat at sunset, place the hull on

the bottom third line and the main mast on one of the vertical lines.

> Shoot people with pets with the person in the

dominant position (upper left or right intercept). People tend to look at people first.

> For really tight portraits, place the eye closest to

the camera on the intercept. Make sure it’s sharply focused even if other parts of the face are not.

> If you do place a subject moving or looking out of

the frame you can place a less conspicuous (smaller/ unfocused/distant) subject or point of interest on the opposite side of the frame to add balance and keep the viewer engaged.

> When shooting someone riding a bike or paddling

a canoe, make sure that the person’s head is on an intercept point and not the bike or canoe (especially if the person’s face is visible).

> For multiple subjects, place the more dominant one in the foreground and on the lower right or left intercept (right is a bit more dominant).


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

on one of the intercepts (the top two intercepts work best). Also, have your subject looking/moving into the frame or at you, not out of the frame. If you are shooting someone running, or a racecar moving across your frame, be sure the subject is entering the frame, otherwise you risk leading the viewer out of the frame (and defeating the main goal of keeping a viewer’s attention focused inside your photo). Is there an intercept hierarchy? Yes. A subject placed at one of the intercept points has a stronger visual impact than one placed on one of the lines. Most Western cultures read left to right and top to bottom, so the upper-left intersection point is usually the more dominant for single-subject composition. If you have two subjects at equal distance from the camera and both are on top intercepts, the upper-left subject will appear more prominent in the viewer’s mind. However, if one of the subjects is closer to the camera, the closer subject will usually have more prominence regardless of its intercept location. Also, in two-subject images, the sharp/focused subject will usually overpower the softer/unfocused subject regardless of its position. The same holds true for colour. A brightly coloured subject will usually overpower a duller subject regardless of which intercept it’s on. Please note that you will have to adjust the intercept hierarchy for cultures with right to left or bottom to top reading. Typically, the dominant intercept will be in the corner where you start reading. When shooting landscapes try not to place the horizon in the middle of the frame. Place it on the top or bottom third line. Placing the horizon on the bottom-third line emphasizes everything above (sky) while a position along the top emphasizes everything below (foreground). The bottom line position is more dominant. Make sure that the horizon line is level. A skewed horizon will negate any positive visual impact created by using a third line. And remember, despite the tic-tac-toe rule and these tips (and those in the sidebar at left), in photography rules are meant to be broken—but it’s best to learn them first.


D r . k e l ly s i l v e r t h o r n

motoring [continued]

Dr. Kelly Silverthorn is Just For Canadian Dentists’ automotive writer. He tries to keep one convertible and/or one track-day car in the family fleet.

if you GO

Scotland high


friend’s postulate ignited our Scottish adventure: “Your doctor says, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is your travelling days are over in two years. The good news is today you’ll meet the Genie that is going to take you on three trips, each trip to a country you’ve never visited.” So, gut reaction moment…what three countries would you visit? Don’t hold back,

What better way to experience Scotland than behind the wheel of true British “Gentleman’s Express”? Bentley blends Britishness, bespoke luxury and brute force like no other brand. Bentley has a fascinating history. Early epochs of fame include the W. O. Bentley years, 1919–1926, and the Woolf Barnato years, 1926–1931, during which Bentley famously won the 24 Hours of LeMans five times. The Great Depression saw fortunes reversed when the Bentley brand was acquired in a hostile takeover by rival Rolls Royce (RR), after which RR progressively ignored its Bentley line-up until the latter’s nadir in the 1970s when it was outsold by RR 19 to 1. New ownership of RR by the Vickers Group in 1980 saw Bentley re-branded closer to its roots as Dream: a brutishly powerful Touring by Bentley high-performance line (here, the Continental in a finely tailored Savile Row suit. GT Coupe) on Conspicuous bravado resonated Highland roads like in the 1980s marketplace. By this one through 1991 Bentley outsold its in-house Glencoe. adversary RR. In 1998 German rivals BMW and VW Group were entangled in a complex corporate takeover drama with Vickers of RR/Bentley. By 2003 the shakedown resulted in BMW owning RR and VW Group owning Bentley. VW reportedly invested as these are your last trips ever, at least $2 billion USD in Bentley and its revival. In figuratively. 2011 Bentley delivered the second generaWe had the genie discussion at our tion of its volume-leading Continental GT kitchen table. I’m a Red Green disciple, in Coupe, a bouncy 5,200-pound behemoth. that I concur “a happy wife is a happy life.” To ensure always-on-call performance comMy wife’s surname is McLeod. Not surprismensurate with a Bentley, three engines are ing, Scotland was atop her hypothetical available—a 500hp V8, a 567hp W12 and the Genie-visit list and our first trip under the range-topping 621hp “Speed” 12 cylinder. new carpe diem ethos. Top speeds are 188 mph, 198 mph and 204 Land transportation is my department. mph respectively.


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The unique baritone burble of the W12 would propel our pewter-hued Conti GT around Scotland. I have a tendency to overschedule trips; my wife’s approach is more plan nothing and rely on impulse. Over the years we’ve adjusted to one another, including my driving. We agreed that in Scotland we would check out a big city or two, a castle, a whisky distillery, the Highlands and St. Andrews (the home of golf). Big cities are often better without cars in tow. So we experienced Edinburgh largely on foot. The “Royal Mile” extends from the old Edinburgh Castle to the working Palace at Holyrood House. In between are countless souvenir shops, restaurants and points of interest. We stumbled across Adam Smith’s gravesite, the witch-burning square, the Royal Scotland Museum, the Grey Friar’s Bobby memorial and Scotch whisky tasting. From the Royal Mile we take the serpentine, scenic, seaside 52-mile journey north to St. Andrews’ ancient links, guided by the Bentley’s GPS. Once there, we’re fortunate to have Mike Woodcock as our host. As media relations manager he gives us a tour of the storied golf establishment. I’m surprised to learn that the facility has been doggedly “public” throughout its long history. The Old Course is even closed to golfers every Sunday so locals can stroll it, play frisbee or walk their dogs. Still, you have to win a lottery eight to 14 months in advance to play the Old Course. That’s no reason to not play St. Andrews though. There’s the adjacent and almostmatching “new” (1895) course, and then, next over, another look-alike, the seaside Diamond Jubilee Course (as in Queen Victoria’s, vintage 1897). The surrounding city of St. Andrews is a worthy tourism destination in its own right, with its ancient university, monastery, and the modern home of Will and Kate’s pre-nuptial romance. We primed the Bentley’s able GPS once more and are off to Loch Ness in the Highlands. It’s been a long day in the saddle and we revel in the Bentley’s luxury accoutrements. The fantastic Naim Audio. The heating/cooling/massaging seats all deployed. The 700 Newton metres of torque underfoot that make passing lorries

from top: ©VisitBritain / Britain on View; kelly silverthorn

Why just dream of Genie? Ticking off must-do and -drive boxes in Scotland

Find out more on what to see + do in Scotland at or And, if driving that Bentley sounds good, check out

a breeze…not that the sublime character of the Bentley beckons hooliganism in the driver. The thousands of automated British speed-ticket cameras also conspire to temper our velocity…and, besides, there’s no point in flashing by the scenery too quickly. The Highlands are gorgeous, even for hard-to-impress British Columbians. We cruise by a plethora of lochs (lakes) and bens (mountains), forests and wild flowers. Above the tree line the heather’s in full bloom, so we stop for a hike. Such a walk often requires some B or C road travel to the trailhead, so the Bentley gets to strut its sporting side free of traffic and speedcameras. There are castles throughout Scotland, and we visit one on the shores of Loch Ness in the Highlands: the Urquhart. Castles are a poignant backdrop to Scottish history: Picts, Romans, Norse, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Jacobites…William Wallace, MacBeth, Black Donald, King Edward I, William of Orange, Cromwell. All that history is a bit like biochemistry for me—I semi-understood it for a moment in time, but have resigned myself to a short half-life of retention. Which may explain why Scotch whisky enjoys the bigger international following. Still in the Highlands, we tour Ben Nevus distillery at beautiful Fort William. Its claim to fame is sourcing water from lochs on Ben Nevus, the highest peak in Britain. The distillery experience didn’t turn me into a Scotch drinker, but I did get a read on what Scotthemed movies locals support (Local Hero and Rob Roy) and find offensive (Braveheart). Having ticked off all the boxes on our trip list, we finish at Bentley’s Lowland drop point, sad to give up the sporting and luxury sides of the Bentley Continental GT. I leave thinking that the car’s immense capabilities, including its girth and all-wheel-drive, would showcase just as well, if not better, in Canada. Of course, we miss Scotland’s charms too. The countryside is enchanting and the locals downright hospitable. Having travelled the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands, I’m hoping my wife will re-populate her Genie list with the Irish Sea (Isles of Man, Isley, Skye and Lewis). I wonder who makes the Bentley of the yachting world?

Stonehenge, England

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travel at home

travel at home

gentle island

With its dozens of storybook fishing villages, rolling green hills and neatly combed rows of potato plants, laidback Prince Edward Island is known as the Gentle Island…with good reason story

+ photography by Michael DeFreitas

St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island.


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March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists


travel at home


Singing Sands beach, Basin Head. left Potato fields near Bothwell. top, from left The small harbour of French River; floats in North Rustico Harbour. above, from left Fishing shack with floats in Malpeque Harbour; Covehead Lighthouse at Brackley Beach in PEI National Park; lobster-and-seafood crêpe.


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he soft light of sunset bathed the dusty window of the fishing shack, revealing the red lobster floats inside. Nearby, a Malpeque Harbour fisherman coiled a length of rope beside a bin of neon yellow floats as his aptly named bright green lobster boat, Greenwitch, rocked gently alongside the dock. Perched on the boat’s stern, a gull feasted on a freshly caught crab. Another gentle day in PEI was ending. Shaped like a resting butterfly with unfurled wings, Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, is the emerald of the Maritimes and a prime example of “good things come in small packages.” It may be small geographically, but it’s huge on scenery, hospitality, history, culture and cuisine. The best place to start? Where Canada itself began…Charlottetown. The island’s compact capital feels larger than its population of 40,000 would suggest, but is still easily covered in a day or two. So, after a scrumptious lobsterstuffed omelette at the Dundee Arms near Queens Square, I set out to explore the city. I amble a few blocks east to University Avenue and the imposing 1847 sandstone façade of Province House National Historic Site, PEI’s official legislative building. The building played a significant role in Canadian history as the venue for the 1864 Charlottetown Conference where politicians hammered out the details of Confederation (and in 2014, the city will celebrate the Conference’s 150th anniversary). Continuing my stroll along University Avenue towards Founder’s Hall, I make a brief stop at St. Dunstan’s Basilica. Built in 1913, the spires of this large stone French Gothic church are one of the most visible landmarks in Charlottetown. It’s the only Roman Catholic cathedral in PEI and one of the most elaborate churches in the Maritimes. At Founder’s Hall and the adjoining Canada’s Birthplace Pavilion, I peruse exhibits spanning the story of Canada’s beginnings to present day. It was here, in September 1864, that delegates from the colonies of British North America arrived on the HMCS Queen Victoria to discuss Canadian Confederation. After wandering Charlottetown for a few days—reliving this country’s beginnings—I set out to explore the rest of the island. The province’s preplanned driving loops, the Points East Coastal



Discover the breathtaking beauty of our own backyard on this comprehensive 12-day escorted vacation of Newfoundland & Labrador. Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the scenic Gros Morne National Park and L’Anse aux Meadows—the only known Viking settlement in North America. Continue your journey through quaint fishing villages along the magnificent coastline and take a boat cruise to view humpback whales and puffins in Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. Conclude with a joyful farewell dinner and lasting memories of this spectacular and bountiful province.



Newfoundland & Labrador 12 days from Corner Brook to St. John’s Departures: June 24 – September 2, 2013 Price: $2,399

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travel at home Drive, the Central Coastal Drive and the North Cape Coastal Drive offer three charming perspectives on island life.

Eastern Eden

Fishing boats in Malpeque Harbour. above Panmure Head Lighthouse, Panmure Island. left Crab “pots,” or traps, in Victoria.

First up, the popular 500-kilometre Points East loop that tracks northeast from Charlottetown on Highway 2 to St. Peters, where I get in some birding along the three-kilometre-long coastal boardwalk in PEI National Park (Greenwich). After logging a couple dozen marsh and shorebird sightings, I resume my drive east along Highway 16 to the small fishing village and beach community of Naufrage Harbour. It’s the island’s top tuna sportfishing centre (along with nearby North Lake Harbour) and a mecca for anglers hoping to hook a 200- to 500-kilogram bluefin tuna. Next is East Point, an ideal spot to whale watch with its 20-metre-high, 1867 lighthouse and tall cliffs. For a small fee I climb the lighthouse’s spiral staircase to the top deck where I see two humpbacks passing around the point about 200 metres off shore. From East Point the loop skirts the steep eastern coast as it meanders south on Highway 16. A number of beautiful beaches, including famous Singing Sands Beach at Basin Head, fringe the red sandstone cliffs along much of the east coast. Apparently, when the temperature and humidity are just right, walking barefoot on the soft, white sand produces a squeaking sound. Those ideal conditions elude me, as I walk up and down that beach for an hour without a squeak. Farther south, potato and canola fields blanket the landscape that flanks the highway all the way to Souris where I stop for a late lunch at the Fiddlin Lobster restaurant. PEI cuisine is “clean and green,” creative and tasty. So much so that in 2012 Zagat crowned the island’s cuisine the second best in the world. I’m no restaurant reviewer, but my lobster and mussel seafood platter: to die for. Before returning to the capital, I visit Panmure Island and Wood Islands Provincial Parks, taste wines and liqueurs at the Rossignol Winery in Little Sands, explore the 1846 Point Prim lighthouse (PEI’s oldest brick lighthouse) and purchase a beautiful rolling pin at the Brenda Watts Woodworking studio in Hermitage. The handcrafted pins are used by famous chefs around the globe.

Central focus

After recharging my batteries back in Charlottetown (at yet another of PEI’s


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travel at home cartagena / san diego / cairo / winnipeg / lillestrøm … | c a l e n d a r if you go Plan on attending the 2014 Confederation celebrations? Be sure to include one of these other island events in your visit. Island Fusion Festival > The June 13 – July 1 celebration includes the Summerside Highland Gathering, Scotchfort Powwow, College of Piping Ceilidhs and more. Cavendish Beach Music Festival > July 5 – 7 Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival > July 20 – 21 L’Exposition Agricole et le Festival Acadien > A four-day event celebrating Acadian culture, August 29 – September 1. PEI International Shellfish Festival > The “Biggest Kitchen Party in Atlantic Canada” takes place September 12 – 15. Tourism PEI offers maps (with marked points of interest) for the various loop drives:

Central loop as it hugs the shores of New London and Malpeque Bays and then bends south to Summerside. My route is full of postcard fishing villages like French River and Malpeque and historic lighthouses at Cape Tyron and Profitts Point.

spr ing 2013 + beyond

Go north

The 500-kilometre North Cape Drive loops west and north from Summerside through the heart of French Acadian country via Highways 11 and 12. Along this winding coastal track I stop at the Bideford Museum (more Anne memorabilia) and the Northport and Judes Point lighthouses. That evening on the beach below the red cliffs of North Cape, I build a small fire and barbeque the fresh tuna fillets I bought earlier in Northport, and marvel at yet another brilliant PEI sunset. Prince Edward Islanders often use the phrase “from away” when they refer to anyone who isn’t from the Island. And for the first few days I do feel a bit like a fish out of water, but by the end of my shortbut-sweet visit, PEI’s gentle atmosphere and locals make me feel like I belong.

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Cruising past the highrises of the modern city.

right Islas de Rosario idyll. below Fresh-fruit and

local-food stands are juxtaposed with gritty graffiti.

Ask about our guest travels free program and about planning a cruise meeting for your organization

Doorman at the Santa Clara, a posh boutique hotel and one of many colonial-architecture gems in Cartagena.



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! This fairytale-like city by the sea has a maze of ancient cobblestone

streets, a party atmosphere and plenty of literary gravitas (CE events in Cartagena are highlighted in blue.)

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A n in ter n ation a l guide to continuing dental Education

B. Sligl


ubiquitous and pleasant B&Bs), I resume my circumnavigation of the island on the Central and North Cape Coastal Drives. I head north along the Central Coastal loop (Highway 2) to spend a couple of days swimming, walking and biking 13-kilometre-long Brackley Beach and its tall dunes in PEI National Park. The shoreline and adjacent salt marshes are rich with birdlife, especially waders and shorebirds. Tracking west from the park, I take a short detour off Highway 6 to stock up on jams and jellies at the PEI Preserves Company in New Glasgow before checking out the quaint fishing villages surrounding Rustico Bay. That afternoon, I discover picturesque North Rustico Harbour, yet another too-cute fishing village with cosy restaurants, shops and a beautiful 1876 lighthouse. Then, of course, I cap off another spectacular PEI day with an all-youcan-eat mussels and lobster feast at the world-famous Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Suppers. The next day, I pass through Cavendish (where I make a requisite yet brief stop at Avonlea, the storybook home of Anne of Green Gables) to continue west on the

artagena is Colombia’s Caribbean paradise. It has the turquoise water, hot sun, swaying palm fronds, fresh-caught seafood, frosty cerveza… and so much more. When that tropical sun goes down the steamy seaside night starts with live acts, food stalls on every corner, people dancing in the streets…life in full takes the stage. On the gulf coast, Cartagena de Indias, as it’s officially called, has long been a go-to getaway spot for Colombians, and even while the drug war was consuming the rest of the country, it was a tourist destination. The old walled town (dating from 1533) is a UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts gorgeous colonial architecture in myriad colours—pinks, yellows, blues—juxtaposed with gleaming skyscrapers of the new city. A seaside recreational path follows the shore here and people bike, jog, rollerblade along the water. It almost feels like Miami…but with bluer water. And just as much partying. When night falls, you can board one of the rollicking open-air chiva party buses, singing and drinking cerveza

and shots of aguardiente (literal translation: “fire water”), the anise-tinged, rum-like national liquor. Then, after being dropped off at the gates of the old town, it’s like you’re entering a fairytale land. Horse-drawn carriages, food vendors hawking wares, locals dancing to Caribbean beats. The atmosphere is intoxicating and walking the maze of pedestrian-friendly cobblestone streets offers unending entertainment…here’s an elaborate Colombian wedding taking place at one of the many massive elaborate churches, there’s a young dance troupe doing acrobatics, here’s a plaza crowded with packed cafés, there’s a narrow street over which ornate bougainvillea-adorned balconies arch. The vibrant vibe makes Cartagena an easy choice for the many cultural events and festivals that take place here, including the prestigious Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias and the Cartagena Film Festival. This is, after all, the home of internationally revered writer Gabriel García Márquez. He once worked here as a journalist, and you can tour sights that have made their way into his classics

(like the leafy Plaza Fernández de Madrid, lifted straight from a scene in Love in the Time of Cholera). Alongside the cultural brouhaha is any number of meetings and conferences taking place at the string of beachside resorts just outside the city. And beyond that is a boat ride to the tranquil treasure islands of Islas de Rosario. Hole up here post-conference on a day bed by the beach (yes, there’s wifi) or tramp through an eco reserve in the tropical jungle. Or travel even farther to discover what the rest of Colombia has to offer…from the capital of Bogotá to magical, made-over Medellín (see page 37). Back in Cartagena, there’s a grittier side to the city too, one that offers its own beauty in the form of graffiti and working class authenticity. It’s all about the juxtaposition. Because the beauty of this Caribbean outpost is that it has a bit of everything. —B. Sligl For more info on Cartagena, go to cartagenadeindias. travel; and Colombia in general,

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Going “Lean” In Healthcare: A Hands-On Introduction

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Ultimate Occlusion - Level 1

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Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013








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Understanding And Assessing Risk In The Treatment Of Periodontal Disease



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Dental Office Management 101- How To Make Your Dental Office More Productive And Efficient With Less Stress

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Dental Office Management 201 - Advanced Dental Office Manager Training (Prerequisite - Management 101)

Dental Management Secrets


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Apr 19

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A Practical Approach To Oral Surgery For The GP

Henry Spenadel Continuing Education Program


May 06-09

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Current Concepts In Bone Grafting And Accelerated Implant Treatment

Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy


Jun 12Jul 04

London England Cruise

Maxillofacial Trauma, Pathology And Reconstruction

Eastern North Carolina Oral and Maxillofacial Education Society


Nov 14-16

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2013 Fall Conference - Contemporary Concepts in Periradicular Surgery: Diagnosis And Treatment

American Association of Endodontists


Apr 5-7

Toronto Ontario

Ortho For The Whole Dental Team

Western University, Canada

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Jun 07

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The Art & Science Of Cambria: A Team Approach Using Chemical Treatments & Minimally Invasive Dentistry


Jun 07-11

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2-Year Orthodontic Program - Traditional Live Series, Seminar 1

Progressive Orthodontics & Progressive Dentistry


Aug 10-15

Foster City California

Orthodontic Treatment Based On Occlusal Plane Control

Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy


Jan 19-30 2014

India Tour

Gummy Smiles & Lingual Orthodontics; And Esthetic Implant Placement

Mindware Educational Seminars

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Mar 09

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Pediatric Mini-Residency: Management Of Traumatic Injuries In The Primary & Mixed Dentitions

McGill University

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Apr 06

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Your Child Patient: Essentials Of Pediatric Oral Health

University of Colorado


Apr 10

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Pediatric Dentistry For The General Practitioner

Henry Spenadel Continuing Education Program


Apr 12

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Enhancing The Dental Treatment Of Children. Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Amalgam And Stainless Steel Crowns? A Restorative Update

University of North Carolina


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new Columbia CE toUniversity College of Dental be placed Medicine

Autoclave Testing Service, Inc. Sterilizer Monitoring Specialists Since 1986

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Kennedy Seminars

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May 12-24

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Enhancing The Beauty Of Restorative Dentistry With Esthetic Periodontal Surgical Procedures

Jun 14-15

Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Root Coverage Technique

Tulsa Periodontal Institute


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Jun 20-22

Victoria British Columbia

58th Annual CAP Meeting

Canadian Academy Of Periodontology

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Aug 09-16

Alaskan Cruise

Shedding Light On The Future Of Periodontics

Kennedy Seminars

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Sep 26-28

Vancouver British Columbia

2013 Annual Scientific Meeting

Canadian Academy Of Restorative Dentistry And Prosthodontics





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Florida Board Of Pharmacy Misfills Course

Nova Southeastern University


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Advances in Xylitol


May 10

Seattle Washington

CE1223: Medicine And Pharmacology Review For Dentistry

Through 2013


Mar 09-16

Eastern Caribbean Cruise

new CE to Digital Dentistry: The Future is Now – The Things be Toplaced You Need To Know Immediately Keep Your

Jun 16-23

Western Mediterranean Cruise

Aug 03-11

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Nickellsilver Business Solutions Inc.


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Predictable, Profitable, Minimal Stress Dentistry: The Comprehensive Approach

Continuing Education, Inc./University at Sea

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Danube Cruise

How To Prepare Your Practice For Sale & Prepare Yourself For Retirement

Mindware Educational Seminars

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Aug 04-11

Mediterranean Cruise

Dentistry In 2013: Dental Law, Sleep Apnea Management, Dental Practice strategies

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Sep 22-29

Venice & the PO River Cruise

Blending And Merging Technologies With Traditional Concepts

Kennedy Seminars

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Mar 30Apr 06

Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Comprehensive Dentistry & The Dental Team The Pursuit Of Excellence

Sea Courses Cruises


May 03-05

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Local Anesthesia For Hygenists

University of Manitoba


Jun 19-23

Boston Massachusetts

ADHA Centre For Lifelong Learning

American Dental Hygienists’ Association


Business Bootcamp For Dentists

Practice Current

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**Valid for 12 CDE Credits** Speakers: Lior Shapira, D.M.D., PhD; The Trilogy of Implants, Bone and Soft Tissue Nardy Casap, D.M.D., M.D.; Alveolar Bone Reconstruction for Dental Implants Ami Smidt, D.M.D., M.Sc.; Orthodontics as Part of Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

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t h e w e a lt h y d e n t i s t m a n f r e d p u r t z k i Manfred Purtzki is the principal of Purtzki & Associates Chartered Accountants. You can reach him at

the smooth transition








How to plan a successful transition throughout various points in a dental career






An accurate valuation of your practice is an indispensable tool that will help you make the best decisions regarding your practice and career. Meridian Sales & Appraisals not only provides exceptionally accurate valuations, but also provides invaluable advice, often increasing a practice's worth prior to a sale. Sometimes, even slight adjustments in the day-to-day operations of a practice or simple cosmetic upgrades will dramatically increase your practice's value. Even if you're not contemplating selling your practice in the near future, having a current valuation on hand proves very useful should any unforeseen events happen. If you are thinking of selling your practice and cashing in on your life's work, it is advisable to have a valuation done three to five years before you actually plan to sell. After going through the process of a full evaluation, we can often suggest simple steps to make a practice more valuable prior to a sale.

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CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES TORONTO - ORTHODONTIC OFFICE Well established. Nicely set-up with high end finishes. Doctor working 2-3 days a week. Ideal for a full time Orthodontist. Current Production $1.1M with potential growth to $2M. Email Alan for details.

KEELE & LAWRENCE 4 operatories. This is an office setup only with approximately 150 patients. Great potential. Priced to sell. Asking $79,000. Good rent. Long term lease. Owner moving to a practice up north. Contact Alan for details.

TORONTO – Leaside Area Very nicely designed practice consisting of 2 fully equipped and 2 plumbed operatories. Livework set-up with a gorgeous 2 floor home above the practice. Price includes practice and property. Same owner for 13 years. Seller retiring and will transition for a short time. Excellent location and high exposure with lots of growth potential. Co-listed with Hill Kindy Group. $1.795 Million.

NORTH YORK Set-up office only. No charts. Very modern and nicely setup office on second floor of a small medical building. 3 fully equipped ops and 1 plumbed. Pan X-ray. Ideal for GP or specialist. Seller has other interests. Contact Alan for further details. Asking $189,000.

ETOBICOKE Recently renovated. 3 fully equipped operatories. Pan X-ray. Annual production around $650K. Very low overhead and highly profitable. BELLEVILLE AREA Very modern & recently renovated, computerized office with 4 operatories. Digital X-ray & Pan. Paperless office. Annual production approx. $900K. 1400 active patients. Dentist works 4 days/week.


NORTH YORK 700 active patients, annual production of over $600K. Fully computerized. Currently run by associates. Ideal for an owner/operator. Located in a busy medical building.


WEST GTA Very busy and well established for over 33 years. Seller is retiring. 4 ops. Computerized. Production of $1.4M. Amazing growth potential. Asking $1.5M. SOLD Conditional TORONTO - Rosedale Well established under the same owner for over 22 years. Annual production of $425K. fully computerized. Amazing area with high end neighborhoods. Seller will associate during transition. SOLD Conditional WEST CENTRAL TORONTO Two fully equipped operatories. Annual production around $425K. Property is also for sale. Excellent opportunity next to TTC station. Contact Alan for details.

ransitioning a dental practice is not just for the 65-year-old dentist ready to retire to Palm Springs. Planning a transition occurs at various stages in the career of a dentist:

> a busy dentist who is working to capacity and is looking for a colleague as a part owner to maintain the practice growth and to cash in some of the practice equity;

> a dentist who wishes to pursue a specialty within his/ her practice and is looking for another dentist to join the practice to provide more general dentistry to the existing patients.

tice. And yet, as a dentist, your practice often represents your most significant financial asset. Given that, a well-executed transition not only ensures the continuity of patients and staff, but also helps you realize a greater value of your practice. Selling a practice is typically a once-in-a-lifetime event—one in which you cannot afford to make mistakes. So plan for a successful transition with these practical tips.

1. Know what you want. Be

specific of your goals and analyze how a practice transition will help you achieve them. Transitioning out of your practice is a longLike most of us, dentists get caught up term proposition. It will have a huge impact in the whirlwind of daily activities, caring for on your daily life, your relationship with your patients and managing the office, leaving spouse, and your future financial well-being. themselves precious little time to plan for imI have witnessed many selling dentists pulling ODA_ASM13_HalfHorzAd_7x4.75:Layout 1out 2/7/13 PMoften Page 1 last minportant events such as transitioning the pracof the sales2:16 process, at the

ute at a great cost and disruption of the office, because they were not ready, emotionally or financially, to leave their practices. Analyze your goals and prepare yourself for the journey before you commit yourself to a sale.

2. Analyze the needs of your family. Analyze the effect the proposed transition would have on your family. Perhaps your spouse does not share your goal of retirement in five years. Or, if you bring a new dentist into your practice, which may place extra demands on your time and energy, ask yourself how will this affects the time you have available for your spouse and children.

3. Give yourself lots of time. Have a transition plan in place well ahead of your planned retirement date. Plan about >>

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F E AT U R I N G K E Y N O T E S P E A K E R S Opening Keynote Thursday, May 2 featuring Comedian and TV Personality – Rick Mercer Rick Mercer chronicles, satirizes, and ultimately celebrates all that is great and irreverent about Canada. His top-rated, awardwinning CBC show, The Rick Mercer Report – which routinely tramples even its American counterparts in the ratings – features his trademark rants, hilarious (and informative) fake newscasts, commercial parodies, and comic encounters with famous Canadians, talking about Canada.

Clinical speakers you can look forward to at ASM 2013 include Dr. Gordon Christensen, Dr. Jeff Brucia, Dr. Jim Grisdale, Dr. Ron Jackson to name a few…..

Friday, May 3 Features Keynote Speaker, Author and frequent guest on the Dr. Oz Show – Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer, The Cleveland Clinic – speaking on a topic that many of us are preoccupied with and we spend our money on in a variety of ways – all in the pursuit of staying healthy and youthful. This is why you need to hear from Dr. Roizen on the mechanics of RealAge and You: The Cleveland Clinic Experience on Controlling Your Genes. He will define for us the scientific principles of aging and you will be able to describe how to help yourself to stay healthy and youthful. He has spoken widely on the topic on many high profile TV shows we all know and love, such as, Oprah, Today, 20/20, Good Morning America and Canada AM to name a few. He and Dr. Oz write a daily syndicated newspaper column which appears in over 130 newspapers across the U.S. To check out the Preliminary Guide and register online visit

March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists


about one year ahead for a city practice. Even the most passionate baby-boomer dentist will retire, and if you think you can enjoy dentistry until you are ready for the nursing home, you should have at least a transition plan in place by age 60. If your practice has reached the stage where you need to add another dentist to your practice, take the time to plan for the transition from a solo to a group practice, as it gives you the luxury of searching for a compatible partner rather than taking the first licensed dentist you meet.

4. Don’t lose negotiating power. Make sure you attend to the details in your transition plan. This is particularly important when you bring another dentist into the practice. If your future equity partner joins you as the associate and the transition process is not legally documented at the start, chances are the transition will fail. If, for instance, you delay negotiating the purchase details with the associate when you are ready to retire, you are putting yourself behind the eight ball, because you have lost the negotiating power. Since the associate is aware that

you are keen to retire and not likely to look for another candidate, you are more willing to accept a lower purchase price than you would have had you negotiated the deal when the dentist first joined the practice.

5. Use transition experts. If you think you don’t really need professional help for your transition, then you are making some dangerous assumptions. The first is that the selling price you want for your practice reflects fair market value and the practice purchaser will accept this price without argument. Another assumption is that you know how to navigate through the complex financial and negotiating issues. You also believe that you maintain your objectivity in the negotiation process to achieve the optimal outcome for you. The transition is a once in a lifetime experience and you have to surround yourself with the best people. Only experienced advisors ensure that your transition is successful. Transitioning your practice can be a positive and exciting endeavour, as long as you are properly educated as to the process and prepared.

solution from page 45

>> three years ahead for a rural practice and

solution from January/February 2013 contest

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4Buying & Selling Dental Practices 4Setting Up Professional Corporations 4Corporate Tax Returns & Personal Tax Returns 4Tax Strategies For Dentists 4Assistance With CRA Audits 4Business Plans & Bank Financing 4Financial Statements

Puzzle by

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Puzzle by

Guru is a Chartered Accountant from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Certified Public Accountant from the State of Illinois, USA. He is also a Certified Management Accountant & Certified Financial Manager from the Institute of Management Accountants, USA.

G.E. Pujari

Chartered Accountant

Guru has Healthcare Professionals in his family, who also own Dental Offices in Canada. He is conversant with tax strategies and financial planning for Healthcare Professionals and Dentists having their own practice or working as an Associate. Dentists need an Advisor who understands their business. The right advisor can mean the difference between success and failure in your practice. We believe in being a partner in your growth. Please contact us for an initial consultation.

PROFITABLE PRACTICE “A dentist deserves to retire with dignity - and profitably!”


Gurunath E. Pujari *plus tax & shipping ($10.00/copy)


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013


G.E. PUJARI CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT 165 Dundas Street West, Suite 902 Mississauga, ON L5B 2N6

Off: (905) 232-9393 / (647) 800-4345 Cell: (416) 876-7489 Fax: (905) 232-9456 e-mail:

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March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists


travel the world


he only risk is wanting to stay. It’s Colombia’s official tourism slogan. And it’s true. Especially so in Medellín,

Escobar’s demise is documented in a painting by Medellín’s beloved and renowned artist, Fernando Botero. Today, in the Botero Museum, the almost comical scene of a rather portly Escobar seems distant and surreal. Yet, fewer than 20 years

Local guide, Daniel Alvarez Gonzalez, at the Parque Biblioteca España.

the once-notorious city in the country’s mountainous centre, where Pablo Escobar ruled supreme over his drug cartel in the 1980s and early ’90s. Well, things have changed. Shot down while scrambling to escape over rooftops,


ago the people of Medellín were held hostage by this megalomaniac and the drug trade. It seems everyone from Medellín has been touched in some way by that volatile era. Local guide Daniel shares the story of how his grandmother,

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

who, while sitting on a bench outside the police station, became a bomb victim in the very spot she thought was the safest. A sweet and sensitive 20-something, Daniel was sent away to school in Britain. Now, with perfect English, he’s come back here rather than stay in London. He sees Medellín as full of potential, where once it was rife with strife. Similar stories abound. A hip artist, who runs his own jewelry gallery/boutique Lasierpe in Medellín’s trendiest neighbourhood near Parque Lleras, has also returned after being abroad. He and his friends tell of living in New York City, Sydney, LA…but being happy to be home again. And their energy and excitement about Medellín’s progress in the last 15 years is infectious. Of-the-moment window displays grace the boutiques down the street. Around the corner is über-cool hotel, The Charlee, where the latest beats match edgy art. Streetside cafes and bars surround a square that’s thrumming with life. Hautecuisine eateries serve dishes that look like art and taste of the verdant surrounding landscape. Art oozes out of every cracked sidewalk and crumbling wall. Graffiti is everywhere, and showcased. The Museo de Arte Moderno is housed in an old ironworks building with bold street art gracing the surrounding block. Public walls integrate climbing rungs with graffiti. Even the public transportation service, the Metro, sponsors the bold, graphic strokes of colour. The initiative has ended up inspiring the colloquial name, “metro culture”. And it’s a thing to behold. The Metro was put in almost 20 years ago now and it’s the cleanest, best-maintained— anywhere. An etiquette has developed: there’s no graffiti or vandalization inside cars or stations, and commuters themselves are appreciative and unfailingly courteous. Maybe that’s because there’s also a gondola service. Really. From

the Acevedo Station, a gondola travels over the steep slopes and humble homes (and some stunning sponsored rooftop art, of course) of Santo Domingo or Comuna 1. In Medellín, some comunas are akin to the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, associated with slums and known by names like Barrio Triste, the Sad Neighbourhood. Yet these poor communities are changing now that they’re connected to central Medellín by public transportation. Asked how the wealthy feel about subsidizing such a service, guide Daniel simply says “Instead of making good neighbourhoods worse, it’s made the bad neighbourhoods better.” And indeed, while in Medellín, front page news includes the announcement of a new public outdoor escalator in another comuna. What at first seems quaint, that an escalator is cause for celebration, becomes the realization that accessibility and mobility is key to re-engaging and -integrating the disenfranchised. Now, that grandmother who needs to travel down the barrio’s steep streets for groceries can make it back up easily on her own, via a state-of-the-art 384m escalator. But the real gem at the top of the Santo Domingo comuna is the library. Opened in 2007 (by Spanish royalty, no less), the Biblioteca España is an architectural wonder atop the long incline of ramshackle dwellings. Riding the gondola up and up, the black beehive-like mass perched at the very top gets closer and closer, like some beacon. And it is. Designed by Giancarlo Mazzantti, Colombian’s most-renowned architect, it’s one of 46 libraries in Medellín comunas. Local guides give free tours, greeting visitors with a heartfelt “Welcome. My library is your library too.” The goal is to integrate and provide access to those who may not have new technologies at their disposal. Here, anyone can get a free hour of computer time. A smiling

Youth hanging out by the Biblioteca España in Santo Domingo. below left Botero painting of Pablo Escobar’s demise, at the Museo de Antioquia. below right Colombia’s version of herbal tea, aromática.

travel the world

The view near Santa Elena, high above Medellín in Colombia’s cloud forest.

School girls tour the photography exhibit on display at the entrance to the Jardín Botánico de Medellín. above left Plaza Botero. above right Metro station. top Freshfruit stall in Parque Arvi.

travel the world group of kids happily tinkers away on keyboards or simply reads, as one solitary boy does, hunched over a book. Library guide Christian, just 23 himself, talks about how this new generation—with less segregation and more social interaction—al-

The MetroCable ascending over Santo Domingo.

if you go

Graffiti outside the Museo de Arte Moderno.


stay The El Poblado district is the most touristy andhigh-end part of Medellín. For an artsy, younger crowd, stay at The Charlee ( on Parque Lleras inthe Zona Rosa (nightlife district). For a more

ready has a different perception of community and practice in the streets. And, again, he points out the art on display—from photography of Santo Domingo residents to handmade crochet pieces made of plastic bags (the library has a strong eco ethos

Lasierpe jewelry boutique and gallery in El Poblado.

Dos cervezas, por favor!

subduedandbusinessorientedvibe, there’s MedellínRoyal Hotel (

see/DO For a first-handlook at Medellín’s progressive infrastructure, take the MetrotoParque Biblioteca España atop

SantoDomingo. Then continue toParque Arvi ( The botanical gardens are another must: Jardín Botánicode Medellín ( Across the street is the Parque Explora complex (,

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

and even screens Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth). Back on the gondola, the Metro continues even farther up the mountain…or rather across the top of it, over a chunk of the 3,750-hectare Parque Arví. Suddenly the stacked-andsqueezed homes of the barrio are gone and the gondola glides above uninterrupted jungle. A green carpet stretches in all directions and there’s a new misty quality to the air. The entire cable ride from base to peak is 2,072m long and 2,600m high— quite a trip for 3,500 pesos (less than $2). Disembarking, there’s a whole new world atop the mountain. This is Colombia’s cloud forest and it’s why Medellín maintains a balmy spring-like temperature yearround. A vibrant little market sells fresh fruit and snacks for outdoor adventurers, like the picnic-ready fiambre, an all-inone lunch of rice, pork, egg and beans wrapped in a banana leaf. A roadside “candyman” makes gelatina, a marshmallow-like treat. With an infectious grin, he also spouts poetry in Spanish with a flourish. From here, the fun way to get down back down the mountain is via particular, a kind of truck with a jaula or “cage” that consists of rustic benches and ropes with leather handles to hang on to. Used by the commuting working class (like the region’s many flower pickers), it feels a bit like a joy ride—fast and fun. Stops along the way include a traditional lunch of bandeja paisa (a hearty platter of rice, eggs, beans, chorizo, avocado, plantains, arepa and aninnovative science centre (fromaquarium toplanetarium) for adults andkids alike. For art lovers, the Museode Arte Moderno ( is a treasure-house of wow-factor contemporary Colombianart,

chicharon) and sopa de cebolla (onion soup), and then a snack of buñuelos (a savoury donut-like ball with cheese) in Santa Elena, the village where La Feria de las Flores (Festival of Flowers) parade starts each July, snaking down into Medellín. Back in the buzz of downtown Medellín, there’s one more must-stop at Parque San Antonio, a place of pilgrimage of sorts. This is where Botero’s two “The Bird” statues sit side by side. The original was virtually destroyed in 1995 after a bomb beneath it exploded, killing 27 people. It’s speculated that the attack was part of the aftermath of Escobar’s death, when violence escalated as remaining members of the drug cartel fought for control. In 2000, as part of a larger donation of his art to the transforming city, Botero replaced the rippedapart sculpture, on the condition that the original would be left as is in memoriam. Today, in the heart of Medellín, the vast square with the twin-yet-worlds-apart birds has a sense of the sacred. And yet, two young boys scramble atop the burst pigeon, climbing amidst its gaping wounds. They giggle and grin, oblivious to the statue’s significance. And that’s the thing that resonates here. New promise. Everyone in Medellín, whether the optimistic and bright young guide Daniel, the artistic and effusive boutique owner, giggling children at the library, serenading candyman…seems joyful. The previous incarnation of this city hardly matters anymore. This is Medellín now. And everyone wants to stay.

fromNadínOspina to Débora Arango. For more Colombianart, includinga massive Boterocollection (largely donatedby the artist himself), there’s the Museode Antioquia (, right

onPlaza Botero, a lively publicsquare with23 of Botero’s rotundbeauties (again, donatedby the artist).

travel the world

Graffiti meets climbing wall at Parque Biblioteca España.

Buñuelos in Santa Elena.

Young boys play amidst the bomb-ravaged ruins of Botero’s The Bird.

A boy reading at Biblioteca España.

View from the Biblioteca España. below left Public art is found throughout Medellín, like this Superman by Colombian artist Nadín Ospina, inspired by Rodin’s The Thinker.

Museo de Arte Moderno.

Old and new; a decrepit cemetery in Barrio Las Palmas finds new life by inspiring art work, from Museo de Arte Moderno exhibits to late-night, on-site literary readings.

more Findout more onwhy “the only risk is wantingtostay”:

March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists


t h e t h i r s t y d e n t i s t ja n e t g y e n e s

thirsty [continued]

Janet Gyenes is a magazine writer and editor who likes to dally in spirits, especially when discovering something like corenwyn jenever (a gin-like Dutch spirit)—straight or in cocktails like the “bramble.” Have a boozy idea or question? Send it to

tequila renaissance This agave-based spirit is far more worthy of sipping and savouring than its shot reputation


ric Lorenz hands me a tiny vial of liquid and asks, “What do you smell?” The herbal aroma is familiar. Oregano? It’s actually thyme. The second aroma is an easy guess: mint. “Which mint?” asks Lorenz, and hands me a third vial. Peppermint. Spearmint. “In which order?” Wrong again. I’ve only nosed a few of the 50 vials of tequila aromas on hand, but the subtlety of tequila has already become obvious. And we haven’t even had a sip yet. Lorenz, a tequila enthusiast and educator (who holds the Distintivo “T” Diploma from the Consejo Regulador del Tequila, plus he’s Canada’s first mezcalier), started importing premium agave spirits to Western Canada at the behest of both his students and Mexico’s A taste master distillers. His goal for tequila was to “change (Part 2: people’s hearts mezcal) and minds” about


agave appreciation

Blanco/silver > This tequila is clear, colourless and un-aged; the true flavours of the agave plant shine through. Uno Mas blanco

{terroir} 42

Similarly, the T1 Tequila Uno Ultra Fino exhibits some of those cooked agave flavours that develop when the heart of the agave plant is slow-roasted in a brick oven. Overall, the flavour is more floral, less fruity, and markedly peppery. “This is definitely a tequila drinker’s tequila,” says Lorenz. So who is that tequila drinker? The question is loaded and the answer is laced with folklore, history, and agricultural angst. There’s an old rumour that doctors prescribed tequila, complete with lime and salt, to sufferers of the Spanish flu. You can blame old-school Mexican cinema, with rancheros singing laments and drowning their sorrows with tequila, and revolutionary namesakes, says Lorenz. “Chinaco was named after a group of warriors from Tamaulipas,” and “Siete Leguas was named after Pancho Villa’s horse.” Those machismo concepts were imported to the Canada and the U.S., in part because of cheap “mixto” tequila flooding


REPOSADO > Spanish for “rested,” reposado tequilas are pale yellow/straw in colour, and must be aged from two to 12 months. Chinaco reposado


Añejo > Añejo is Spanish for “aged.” This smooth, complex spirit must be aged for one to three years to earn its name. T1 Tequila Uno, Estelar añejo

Tequila must be distilled + made in one of 5 tequila-designated states in Mexico—Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas.

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

Fresh herbs and pepper? Maple and caramel, with a hit of cinnamon? Sugary white peaches and bittersweet chocolate? Yes, please! Indulge in the true taste of tequila with a selection of more than 30 brands at the second annual Vancouver International Tequila Expo (VITE). Local restaurants will serve up tequila-inspired food at this year’s celebration of agave spirits. May 24, 2013, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver; tickets from $40.

{mixto + gold}

food photo: dr. holly fong

Primed for


Part 1:

the much-maligned spirit, and to transport memorable tequila-tasting experiences from Mexico to Canada by bringing in brands to satisfy aficionados and seduce neophytes into slowing down—and sipping. Case in point: the first of our threepart vertical tasting—comparing blanco, resposado, and añejo tequilas (see “Primed for Tequila” sidebar) from two brands—Uno Mas (from $50) and T1 Tequila Uno (from $97), both 100% agave tequila. “Two different blanco tequilas, side by side, can taste very different,” says Lorenz. “In the case of 100% agave tequila, there are certainly different quality levels, but some blancos are worth sipping on their own too.” Blanco tequilas let the herbaceous and vegetal fragrances and flavours of the agave plant stand out. When the Uno Mas blanco is first poured, says Lorenz, mint and eucalyptus are at the forefront. As it sits and air mixes in, notes of melon and citrus develop.

the market in the 1930s, which is made from only 51 per cent agave 49 per cent “random industrial sugars,” compared to the 100 per cent blue agave in premium tequilas. Blame that on the fact that the blue agave monoculture invites the risk of blights, and boom and bust cycles, Lorenz explains. True caramel flavour, along with fruity and buttery elements, come from the fermentation process. The mellow flavours of caramel, vanilla, chocolate and lingering hits of pepper in the straw-coloured Uno Mas reposado come from the aging process—nine months in former Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s oak barrels. By contrast, with just six months in oak, the T1 Tequila Uno Excepcional reposado is a bit more feisty, retaining more of its herbaceous and grassy flavours, along with hints of quince, peach and sweet spices. Although a taste for tequila has been reawakened in the U.S. and Canada, the sipping tequila cult following started in the mid-1980s, when Chinaco tequila, created by longtime master distiller German Gonzalez (who makes the premium T1 Tequila Uno we’re sipping), was imported stateside, with El Tesoro tequila following soon after. Booze experts don’t balk at comparing premium tequilas to single-malt Scotches in smoothness and complexity. Add extra age to those reposados, and they become añejos, with more woodsy elements, such as the layers of cocoa and cinnamon in Uno Mas and the robust and bittersweet cocoa notes that two years in Scotch barrels (formerly sherry casks) brings to T1’s Uno Estelar añejo. Premium tequila of all types continues to captivate, whether it’s named for warriors, has a timehonoured pedigree, or comes in a skull-shaped bottle. Substance always trumps style, and it’s what’s inside the bottle that truly counts. “As with everything,” says Lorenz, “balance is key.”

Skip the mixto, shun the gold. Neither represents Mexico’s diverse spirit. Unlike 100% agave tequila, mixto’s made from just 51% agave sugars. “Gold” gets its colour from caramel additives, not from age.

the hungry dentist Dr. Holly Fong is a practising speech-language pathologist with three young children who’s always trying, adapting and creating dishes.

taste trip Concocting a taste of Tuscany


y the end of February I’m usually tired of winter and longing for warm sunny days. During this time, I find myself making more noodle dishes that The are both comforting and remind me of lemon and faraway travel. green-apple nose of the dry white 2011 A favourite “sunny” meal is an Arnels Langhe by Italian-inspired lemony linguini. The Damilano brings out the inspiration is a delicious lemon pasta lemony herbaceous with garlic and parsley I had in the flavours of this south of Italy. Since then, I’ve made pasta. many variations, adding broccolini or greens for a slight bitterness or peppery kick table with a glass of wine, and a (and a subversive but tasty way of getting my crisp romaine salad, it’s like being transported children to eat more leafy green vegetables). to a scented lemon grove in sunny Italy. And, whenever available, I use Meyer lemons For the wine, the 2011 Arneis Langhe by as they have a floral fragrance and slightly Damilano is a medium-bodied dry white. sweeter taste. I serve this dish on its own or as This wine made with the Arneis grape in an accompaniment to fish. the Piedmont region is fresh with a nose of Have all the ingredients prepped and the lemon and green apple. There’s bright acidity sauce prepared while the pasta is cooking with a long finish of a hint of almond and to ensure that the dish is served hot. Even grapefruit that brings out the lemony herbabetter, have pre-warmed bowls. Then, at the ceous flavours of the pasta. Buon appetito.

Linguine with lemon & rapini 1 bunch of rapini 1 clove of garlic 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 box linguine (375g) 1 egg yolk 1/3 cup heavy cream 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan, plus more for garnish 1 lemon (Meyer lemon if available), zested, and juice of 1/2, plus more juice, as needed 2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) unsalted butter 2 tablespoons chopped Italian or flat leaved parsley leaves fresh ground black pepper salt

(makes 4 main courses or 6 side dishes)

Ina bowl, addyolk, cream, Parmesan, lemonzest, half thejuiceanda good grindof pepper. Combinewitha fork andtaste. If youwant it morelemony, addmorejuice. Set aside. Trimtheends of rapini by cutting about 1cmona diagonal. Thoroughly rinse, takingcaretoremovetheleaves fromthemainstalk. If leaves arebig, cut inhalf. Cut stalks into2–3cmpieces by cuttingona diagonal. If theends of stalks arewoody, usea paringknife topeel theouter layer. Set stalks and leaves asideseparately. Fill a bigpot withwater andbring toa boil. Addenoughsalt tomakeit tastelikeseawater. Whenthewater is bubblingfiercely, addthepasta. Bring water back toboil, andgiveit a good stir toavoidthelinguinestickingtoone another. Cook until al dente(about a minuteless thanpackageinstructions). Meanwhile, heat oliveoil ina large pot over highheat. Smashthegarlic

clovewiththesideof a knifeandadd topot whenoil is shimmering. Fry until slightly yellow. Addrapini stems and stir fry for a minute. If they start to brown, reduceheat tomedium-high. Sprinklesomesalt. Addleaves and stir fry another minuteanda half until wilted. Removepanfromheat. Findthe garliccloveandtransfer tostill-cooking pasta pot. Whenthelinguini is al dente, removea cupof thecookingliquid. Drainpasta andtoss it back inthepot off theheat. Discardgarlicclove. Add butter. Stir andswirl until butter is meltedandpasta is coatedwitheach strandslightly gleaming. Addthe cookedrapini andtoss tocombine. Stir intheeggmixture, adding someof thecookingliquidif it’s too dry (only a bit at a time). Addextra salt andpepper totaste. Sprinkleparsley andserveimmediately withParmesan cheese.

March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists


practice management

15% discount!

Convention Promotion. Quote this number: #CD2013, to receive your discount. (valid until April 30th, 2013, one use per customer)

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practice preservation


A 10-point primer on dealing with a dental office emergency

Solve puzzle #2 for a chance to win 1 of 2 prizes: a $50 gift card to Bikram Yoga Vancouver or a $50 Visa gift card. Both gift cards are compliments of Bikram Yoga Vancouver.


eath and disability can strike without warning. Even when aware of a developing disability, many dentists have yet to make adequate preparations for such a situation. And most are even less prepared when it comes to their own mortality. Our research indicates that dentists rarely leave written instructions for the benefit of family, advisors or staff. An emergency plan is essential and clear procedures should be in place. If implemented quickly, these procedures can preserve the ongoing viability, salability and staff of a dental practice. Better safe than sorry. Keep this info with your office manual and your will. In fact, such “practice preservation” is essentially a “will” for your dental practice.

The Dental Office Emergency Plan Sticky Tooth 24@ $10.99

Dental Duckies 12@ $10.99

Dr. John’s Sugarless Lollies 50@ $14.99

•Low Prices •No order too small •Small package sizes Ask for a new catalogue:

1-800-663-8966 44

1. The first priority is to secure the practice and maintain the appointment schedule. This means an immediate search for a locum dentist to keep the practice running. This ensures that income is generated to pay for overhead and the temporary dentist. Finding a locum is much easier now than in the past through resources like the classified section of dental magazines and dental association websites. Most brokers know dentists who have sold their practices specifically to work as a locum. 2. Go with an experienced professional locum who can successfully manage any transition. While help offered by neighbouring dentists may be sincere, patients could end up transferring permanently, resulting in a potential patient exodus while the disabled owner is recovering or before a new owner is found. 3. Patients scheduled for appointments should be notified of the situation as soon as possible by phone. A sample script: “I’m calling to inform you that Dr. ______ has had an accident (or other) and he/she will be away from the office for a period of time (time of recovery, if known).” Or, if the owner has died: “We are very sad to inform you that Dr. ______ has passed away.” Follow either one of these opening statements with: “We assure you that the office will remain open and your appointment(s) will be honoured. We have made arrangements for a qualified dentist (mention locum name and years of experience), to attend to your ongoing dental care. As always, our regular staff (mention names) will continue to be here to assist Dr. ______ (locum

Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

name) with your dental care.” Make phone calls only after the locum is secured, as vague information may only unnerve the patient. 4. It is not necessary to place a notice in the paper or send letters to patients. The new owner (if applicable) should do this only when he/she takes over. A phone call to scheduled patients (one week at a time) is enough in the short term. 5. The outgoing message on the office answering machine should not be changed until facts and arrangements are settled. In the case of a sudden death, update the message only when the locum dentist’s name is known. This demonstrates an organized practice.

Each Sudoku puzzle has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 square contains the digits 1 through 9.

6. If the practice must be sold, the sales process should commence at the same time as the locum search. In today’s market, a buyer can be identified within weeks and the crisis resolved quickly.

GOOD LUCK! LAST ISSUE’S WINNER: Dr. Valerie Buorgoin from Moncton, NB

7. If there are standing orders with hygiene appointments, these can carry on as scheduled while the locum dentist is being identified. Notify patients in advance that their regular dentist will not be there for the recall/recare examination. 8. Maintain regular office hours as much as possible. A reduction in hours may cause valuable staff to seek other opportunities. Retain a sense of normality and viability by keeping staff busy with long-overdue projects, such as recall program updating. 9. A positive attitude when speaking with patients is essential. Assure them that the practice will continue as per usual. Avoid negative terminology such as “the doctor is no longer here” or “the doctor is very sick.” This implies a loss that patients may focus on. Instead, say “Dr. ______ will return soon and Dr. ______ (locum name) is a wonderful person.” Show confidence in the temporary dentist’s ability. Long, rambling explanations confuse patients and reveal a lack of organization. 10. In the event of death, the spouse, lawyer or accountant is typically called upon to manage the financial affairs. Whoever’s in charge should arrange for an appraisal so the practice can be immediately put up for sale. If a dentist suffers a tragedy, this 10-point emergency plan will help to keep the practice viable by preserving the employment of staff, the patients’ ongoing care and the all-important goodwill value of the business.

sudoku 1 easier solution on page 34

Canadian Owned & Operated since 1981

Timothy A. Brown specializes in dental practice appraisals, brokerage, consulting, locum placements, associateships and practice financing across Canada. You can reach Timothy at

sudoku 2 harder solution in next issue

“Everyone’s First Choice for Rewards”


8 5

6 7 5 3 6 9 8 5 6 2 1 3 9 5 6 2 1 7 9 6 4 5 5 9 8 1 9 6 1 3 7

Set your intention to give yourself a Bikram Yoga Vancouver experience. Bikram Yoga is the single best form of yoga to achieve and maintain optimal health, a sharp mind and your ideal body.

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Puzzle by

9 1 7 6 8 3 8 2 3 9 7 6 1 2 4 8 3 5 6 4 3

entry form (please print clearly):

8 6


4 9

4 2 8 3 1 4

Puzzle by

Name: __________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ City, Province, Postal Code: _____________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________________________________________ Tel: ______________________________ Fax: _________________________________ Sudoku Puzzle Contest Rules: 1. Entry form must be accompanied with solved puzzle. Only correctly solved puzzles will be entered into random draw. 2. Send puzzle & entry form to Just For Canadian Dentists, 200 – 896 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2P6 or by fax to 604-681-0456. Entries must be received by April 15, 2013. 3. Prize: $50 VISA or Bikram Yoga Vancouver gift card. Odds of winning dependent upon number of entries. Winner will be contacted by telephone and announced in the May/June 2013 issue. 4. Contest can be changed and/or cancelled without prior notice. 5. All entries become property of In Print Publications. Employees of In Print Publications and its affiliates not eligible to participate. March/April 2013 Just For Canadian dentists


Yes, Dr. Michael Flunkert’s day job is as a dentist, but he also has a serious night gig. A good one too. He’s the guitarist of the successful country/blues band, The Jardines. With rave reviews (“…sounds like the best elements of classic California rock with some BC grit…”) and performances that include sets on stage during the Vancouver Olympics, jamming in front of an audience is second nature to this rockin’ doc. My name: Michael Flunkert

My last trip: Hawaii

I live and practise in: Vancouver, BC

The most exotic place I’ve travelled: Vietnam and Thailand

My training: UBC, BSc Microbiology and DMD, Class of ’85 Why I was drawn to dentistry: My uncle was a lab tech; my mother was a nurse

The best souvenir I’ve brought back from a trip: Berimbau from Brazil A favourite place that I keep returning to: Brazil My ultimate dream vacation: International space station If I could travel to any time, I’d go to: Ancient Egypt

My favourite exercise/ sports activity: Gym workouts My favourite sport to watch: World Cup soccer My celebrity crush: Alicia Keys I’d want this with me if stranded on a desert island: Du-Bro My secret to relaxing and relieving tension: Playing music or the gym A talent I wish I had: Singing

My favourite book: This is Your Brain on Music

My scariest moment: Placing my first implant

My favourite film: Buckaroo Banzai

My fondest memory: Meeting my wife

My must-see TV show: Fringe

A big challenge I’ve faced: Moving

My favourite song: Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

One thing I’d change about myself: Relax more

My first job: Mr. Mikes cook

The word that best describes me: Eclectic

The gadget or gear I could not do without: My soft tissue laser My favourite room at home: Music room My car: 2002 Grand Am GT My last purchase: Goldtone eight-string Lap Steel guitar

I’m inspired by: Talent My biggest ego boost: Playing in the 2010 Winter Olympics My biggest ego blow: There’s been a few… I’m happiest when: Things go well

My last splurge: Same as above

My greatest fear: Running out of time

My most-frequented store: Long & McQuade

My motto is: Life is too short for bad music

My closet has too many: Guitars My fridge is always stocked with: Yogurt My medicine cabinet is always stocked with: Advil My guilty pleasure is: Red wine

A cause close to my heart: Currently, amending the HPA (Health Professions Act) Something I haven’t done yet that’s on my must-do list: Visit Iguaçu Falls and Carnival in Rio If I wasn’t a dentist I’d be: A professional musician

clockwise from top left Dr. Flunkert with bandmates; a big ego boost was performing at the Olympics; rave reviews for The Jardines; dinner with his wife at Yew in Vancouver; and playing guitar on stage.


Just For Canadian dentists March/April 2013

courtesy of Dr. michael flunkert

s m a l l ta l k

dentists share their picks, pans, pleasures and fears

100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE DENTISTRY FACT...did you know Patients can 100% tax-deduct all dental expenses, fees, healthcare, vision costs... and so can you? Recent Revenue Canada (CRA) Federal legislation now allows business owners to fully tax deduct 100% of their healthcare costs as a business expense using a Private Health Services Plan. Who qualifies? Anyone who owns a business of any size, employees and dependents. No health questions or age limits. This is not insurance. What’s covered? 100% of virtually all dental and medical expenses. Visit our website for a complete list. What’s the cost? There is a one-time set-up fee plus applicable taxes. The additional cost is 10% administration fee plus applicable taxes, depending on which province you live in.

A partial list of qualified expenses: Acupuncture Alcoholism Treatment Ambulance


Attendant Care Birth Control Pills Blood tests


Chinese medicine Chiropractor

Crowns Dental Treatment Dental Implants Dental X-rays Dentures Dermatologist Detoxification Clinic

Diagnostic Fees Dietitian Eyeglasses Fertility Treatments Guide Dog Hearing Aid and Batteries Hospital Bills Insulin Treatments Laser Eye Surgery

Lodging (away from home for outpatient care) MRI Naturopath Optician

Oral Surgery Orthodontist

Orthopedist Osteopath Out-of-Country Medical Expenses Physician Physiotherapist Prescription Medicine Psychiatrist Psychologist Psychotherapy Registered Massage Therapy Renovations & Alterations to Dwelling (for severe & prolonged impairments) Special School Costs for the Handicapped Surgeon Transportation Expenses (relative to health care) Vitamins (if prescribed) Wheelchair X rays

Note: This is a partial list. All allowable expenses must qualify as outlined in the Income Tax Act

Who uses a Private Health Services Plan? Business owners who: > do not qualify for group insurance or find it too expensive > find group insurance coverage too restrictive; i.e.; orthodontics > have sick child or spouse > want front of line treatment > want to write-off child support relating to healthcare expenses > large groups who have been struggling with significant cost increases each year.

Why are your patients doing this with dental expenses?

When they could be doing this!

Healthcare Costs $1600

Healthcare Costs $1600

(3% of net income) Deduct $1500

Admin Fee (10%) $ 160

Available for credit $100

Tax-deductible total $1760

Tax Credit* $25

Tax Deduction $1760

EXAMPLE: Net income of $50,000 per year with family medical expenses of $1600 *Based on a combined Federal and Provincial rate of 25%.

Advise your Patients today!

The Robinson Group Inc. June Borlé: 604.874.4429 Fax: 604.873.5600 Toll Free: 1.888.880.2266 Email:

Just For Canadian Dentists 2013-03 March April  

Just For Canadian Dentists 2013-03 March April

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