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December 2, 2020

Volume 36 — Issue 18

Julian, CA.

ISSN 1937-8416

Wave The Magic Wand - Christmas 2020 Style




Back Country Covid Cases as of November 28

Julian = 26 (+4) Ramona = 746 (+84) Ranchita = 6 (+1) Warner Springs = 26 (+3) Santa Ysabel = 18 (+1) Borrego Springs = 25 (+4) Descanso = 29 (+7) Alpine = 361 (+45) Poway = 597 (+92) Lakeside = 773 (+123) Total Confirmed cases in Unincorporated San Diego County = 10,563 a total rise of 1,196. If you believe you have symptoms please get tested. Most testing locations do not require an appointment. To find information on a testing location near you or call 2-11 (toll free) or on the web .

With all the restrictions this year it bcame evident back in October that the traditional Country Christmas that the Julian Chamber of Commerce put on at Pioneer Park was not going to be the same. Budget cuts due to - well, you know - made bringing in the boom truck to decorate the big tree in front of the Museum an issue, combined with the need to upgrade/replace much of the lighting proved it to be a fools errand. So the Chamber board pivoted to a different concept. No all day celebration in the park, but they still wanted to have a tree as a focal point of the towns decorations. After much discussion and some negotiations the open area infront of the Julian Garage was decided on. The big spectacle of the lighting the tree would be reduced to only a few. Still having the Merchant of the Year (Scott Brown from Don’s Market) do the honors. So without the usual fanfare they gathered at the tree and precisely at 5:30 Saturday night Scott waived his majic wand (courtesy of his wife) and the holiday season was officially started.

Scott Brown, Merchant of the Year and his daughter are joined by the Miss Julian’s and Keith Krawiec from the Chamber of Commerce board to wave his majic wand and light this years tree.

Medical Clinic Update

Supervisors Approve More Funds For Businesses Impacted By COVID-19

by Michael Hart

By José A. Álvarez, County of San Diego Communications Office

The County Board of Supervisors today voted to provide more stimulus funds to businesses forced to close indoor operations after the region was placed in the Purple Tier. At a special meeting, the Board gave the green light for $20 million in general funds to be added to the Small Business Stimulus Grant Program established in May. The funds will be available to businesses and nonprofit organizations in the following industries: • Restaurants • Gyms and fitness centers, including yoga studios • Movie theaters • Museums • Zoos and aquariums • Event planners (weddings, festivals, fairs, etc.) Businesses in these industries had to close or stop indoor operations to limit the spread of COVID-19. The financial relief will help them to reverse some of the disproportional impact on their operations and keep some from having to close permanently. The County’s five supervisorial district offices will review and recommend applicants for $4 million in funds each. Applications are available at the Small Business Stimulus Grant Program website. Award recipients will also be posted on the site. Businesses that submitted a previous application do not need to reapply. This is the fourth time the Board has voted to provide stimulus grant funds for restaurants and other small businesses. In past months, the Board approved a total of $27.5 million in Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security or CARES Act funds.

Simple Packing Tips To Ship Holiday Gifts (NAPSI)—Packing and shipping gifts across town, across the country or around the world for the holidays is easy, provided you follow simple tips from the United States Postal Service. To ensure items arrive safely, leave space for extra cushioning inside the package. Stuff glass and fragile, hollow items, like vases, with newspaper or packing material to avoid damage. Mailing a framed photo? Remove the glass and wrap it separately. Items powered by dry-cell batteries may turn on during handling and make noises or emit light. Make sure the device is turned off or package the batteries separately, preferably in the original manufacturer’s packaging. For rules on shipping Hazardous, Restricted and Perishable Mail, please see Publication 52. Once the box is packed, make sure the address is printed clearly on the outside. Include all address elements, such as apartment numbers, directional information (ex: 123 S Main St. Apt. 2B), and the ZIP Code. Don’t forget to include a return address. Also, place a card inside the package that contains the delivery and return addresses. This ensures the package can be delivered or returned should the mailing label become damaged or fall off. For information on sending packages internationally, visit the USPS International Shipping page. Also, check for restrictions on what can and can’t be mailed. The Postal Service has a website that provides information on hazardous, restricted and perishable mail. It’s advised to not reuse boxes because they can weaken in shipping. Instead, you can get free Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express boxes at your local Post Office. If customers choose to reuse boxes, it’s important to note that logos and all extraneous markings or labels must be covered or removed. If you can’t get to the Post Office to mail your packages, the ClickN-Ship feature and other online services allow customers to order free Priority Mail boxes, print shipping labels, purchase postage and even request free next-day Package Pickup. Priority Mail includes delivery between one to three days, Priority Mail Express includes delivery between overnight up to two days. Tracking is also included. For more information and restrictions visit The Postal Service also offers shipping tips in a variety of online “how to” guides. Each video is less than three minutes long and shows how to address packages, ship packages and pack a box so items arrive safely.

The California State Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has placed a payment suspension on BorregoHealth’s Medi-Cal claims due to the ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice. In a statement Chief Medical Officer and Interim CEO Edgar Bulloch MD stated, “Our entire Executive Team alongside our appointed legal counsel and elected officials are working diligently to appeal this decision. At this time, we are working on scheduling a meeting with DHCS to discuss our case and our hope is that we get this on the calendar as early as next week. We continue to work with health plans to ensure we have their full support to prove to DHCS the need for Borrego Health to continue to provide healthcare services to our most vulnerable patients. The goal is to have DHCS lift the current suspension of payment until the Department of Justice has made a final decision on next steps. “ Back in October BorregoHealth offices and clinic in Borrego Springs were paid a visit by the FBI and California Department of Justice. The offices of Premier Healthcare Management Corp. and two dental offices that have contracts with Premier Health and BCHF were also targets of the sealed warrants. Dr Bulloch also stated’ “We ask that you continue to provide the services that our patients have come to expect from us in an effort to remain committed to our mission. Know that the challenges we have been presented with are being faced together as an organization, team, and family. As more information is made available to us, we will keep you updated every step of the way. This has not seen a direct impact on services offered at the Julian Clinic. The clinic continues to operate under COVID-19 restrictions. Although most paitent interactions have switched to virtual and the waiting room remains closed.

Miss Julian adding a little more to the tree with a personalized ornament

Volunteer of the year Mark Boland, son Riley and Tyler Stamets setting up the tree on Main Street infront of the Old Julian Garage

Welcome December! Interested in helping decorate Julian, email




December 2, 2020

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TREE N C A O I M L U J E HT Local Experience Since 1988PANY From The Native Perspective: The True Story Of Thanksgiving

Michelle Tirado -

*** The jealous are possessed by a mad devil and a dull spirit at the same time. — Johann Kaspar Lavater *** WE INVITE YOUR OPINION! The views expressed by our contributing writers are their own and not necessarily those of The Julian News management. We invite all parties to submit their opinions and comments to The Julian News. All contributed items are subject to editorial approval prior to acceptance for publication. Letters must include your name and contact information. Letters may be mailed to: Julian News P.O. Box 639 Julian, CA 92036 email: in person: Julian News Office 1453 Hollow Glen Road Deadline is Friday Noon for the next weeks issue

Too often the story of the 1621 Thanksgiving is told from the Pilgrims’ point of view, and when the Wampanoag, who partook in this feast too, are included, it is usually in a brief or distorted way. In search of the Native American perspective, we looked to Plymouth, where the official first Thanksgiving took place and where today the Wampanoag side of the story can be found. Plimoth Plantation is one of Plymouth’s top attractions and probably the place to go for the first Thanksgiving story. It is a living museum, with its replica 17th century Wampanoag Homesite, a representation of the homesite used by Hobbamock, who served as emissary between the Wampanoag and Pilgrims, and staffed by 23 Native Americans, mostly Wampanoag; 17th century English Village; and the Mayflower II, a replica of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth. According to a Plimoth Plantation timeline, the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Harbor on December 16, 1620. The Pilgrims settled in an area that was once Patuxet, a Wampanoag village abandoned four years prior after a deadly outbreak of a plague, brought by European traders who first appeared in the area in 1616. The museum’s literature tells that before 1616, the Wampanoag numbered 50,000 to 100,000, occupying 69 villages scattered throughout southeastern Massachusetts and eastern Rhode Island. The plague, however, killed thousands, up to two-thirds, of them. Many also had been captured and sold as slaves. And yet, when the Wampanoag watched the Mayflower’s passengers come ashore at Patuxet, they did not see them as a threat. “The Wampanoag had seen many ships before,” explained Tim Turner, Cherokee, manager of Plimoth Plantation’s Wampanoag Homesite and co-owner of Native Plymouth Tours. “They had seen traders and fishermen, but they had not seen women and children before. In the Wampanoag ways, they never would have brought their women and children into harm. So, they saw them as a peaceful people for that reason.” But they did not greet them right away either. The English, in fact, did not see the Wampanoag that first winter at all, according to Turner. “They saw shadows,” he said. Samoset, a Monhegan from Maine, came to the village on March 16, 1621. The next day, he returned with Tisquantum (Squanto), a Wampanoag who befriended and helped the English that spring, showing them how to plant corn, fish and gather berries and nuts. That March, the Pilgrims entered into a treaty of mutual protection with Ousamequin (Massasoit), the Pokanoket Wampanoag leader. Turner said what most people do not know about the first Thanksgiving is that the Wampanoag and Pilgrims did not sit down for a big turkey dinner and it was not an event that the Wampanoag knew about or were invited to in advance. In September/October 1621, the Pilgrims had just harvested their first crops, and they had a good yield. They “sent four men on fowling,” which comes from the one paragraph account by Pilgrim Edward Winslow, one of only two historical sources of this famous harvest feast. Winslow also stated, “we exercised our arms.” “Most historians believe what happened was Massasoit got word that there was a tremendous amount of gun fire coming from the Pilgrim village,” Turner said. “So he thought they were being attacked and he was going to bear aid.” When the Wampanoag showed up, they were invited to join the Pilgrims in their feast, but there was not enough food to feed the chief and his 90 warriors. “He [Massasoit] sends his men out, and they bring back five deer, which they present to the chief of the English town [William Bradford]. So, there is this whole ceremonial gift-giving, as well. When you give it as a gift, it is more than just food,” said Kathleen Wall, a Colonial Foodways Culinarian at Plimoth Plantation. The harvest feast lasted for three days. What did they eat? Venison, of course, and Wall said, “Not just a lovely roasted joint of venison, but all the parts of the deer were on the table in who knows how many sorts of ways.” Was there turkey? “Fowl” is mentioned in Winslow’s account, which puts turkey on Wall’s list of possibilities. She also said there probably would have been a variety of seafood and water fowl along with maize bread, pumpkin and other squashes. “It was nothing at all like a modern Thanksgiving,” she said. While today Thanksgiving is one of our nation’s favorite holidays, it has a far different meaning for many Wampanoag, who now number between 4,000 and 5,000. Turner said, “For the most part, Thanksgiving itself is a day of mourning for Native people, not just Wampanoag people.” At noon on every Thanksgiving Day, hundreds of Native people continued on page 5

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*** Never underestimate the power of jealousy and the power of envy to destroy. Never underestimate that. — Oliver Stone ***

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December 2, 2020

Understanding Medicare

Get Educated During Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (NAPSI)—Over 61 million people are enrolled in Medicare. As of October 15, individuals age 65 and older can make changes to their coverage and enroll in a Medicare plan during the annual open enrollment period, which lasts until December 7. During this time, consumers can change from one Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan to another. If you’re already enrolled in original Medicare, you can switch to a private Medicare Advantage plan, or you can drop your existing Medicare Advantage plan to return to original Medicare. Making sense of Medicare may not be easy for many and can often be overwhelming if you don’t know where to find information. In fact, nearly half (47%) of Americans don’t have familiarity with Medicare Advantage insurance, according to research from The Center for a Secure Retirement and Bankers Life. How you enroll or switch Medicare plans may be different this year. Enrollment sometimes happens face-to-face where it’s easier to ask questions. However, whether you’re meeting in-person or virtually, you can familiarize yourself with the available options and make a more informed decision. 1.Get educated. Increase your confidence in your Medicare knowledge and decisions by getting educated. Boomers can view an interactive guide on to help them decide. This guide includes quizzes, infographics, and more to help consumers better understand Medicare and choose the best solutions for their needs. 2.Shop and Compare Plans. Review your current Medicare health and prescription drug coverage and make changes if it no longer meets your needs. There are a lot of resources on the Internet. You can check out, a new online health insurance marketplace, designed to help potential beneficiaries learn about and enroll in Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans. This site helps consumers compare, buy or switch plans easily with personal assistance and one-on-one consultation with a licensed insurance agent. 3.Get consultations. An important feature of is that consumers can be helped – virtually or in-person – by a licensed insurance agent in their community who is familiar with local provider networks and can bring that knowledge into the decision process. Or you can also quickly connect with a telesales agent who can answer immediate questions. Medicare is always a major topic for Boomers, and this year’s concerns about COVID-19 may complicate things. By using the tools and assistance provided by, you can begin receiving answers to your questions, as well as guidance on selecting the Medicare option that works best for you. is operated by K.F. Agency, Inc., which is a licensed and certified representative of Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO and PFFS organizations and stand-alone prescription drug plans with a Medicare contract. and K.F. Agency, Inc. are not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the federal Medicare program. *** There is no greater glory than love, nor any greater punishment than jealousy. — Lope de Vega ***

As COVID Anxiety Grows, Tips To Avoid Crisis And Conflict

(StatePoint) Among mask mandates, social distancing, outspoken political views and personal challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a heightened risk for public spaces turning into places of conflict. According to experts at the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), the global leader in de-escalation training for over 40 years, mentally preparing and practicing responses can best ensure nonconfrontational experiences. Potential challenging situations could include disagreements over mask requirements or social distancing, family gatherings, shopping lines, acclimating to more densely populated work environments or navigating political discussions. “Having trained teachers, nurses and others who interact with the public, and being a social worker myself, I know the immense need for de-escalation training in the workplace and in everyday life,” says Amber Belle, a global CPI trainer. “Learning conflict-prevention techniques can help ensure you have positive experiences in your community.” CPI has identified probable areas of conflict and how to best mitigate tension. They recommend embracing four simple techniques to prevent and reduce conflict: 1. Avoid judgment. Understand

that everyone has different life experiences and may be overwhelmed with struggles and anxiety from things you know nothing about. Listen and focus on the feelings behind the message. 2. Don’t take it personally. Another person’s behavior is not about you. You are likely not the true target of someone’s behavior. Tell yourself, “This may not be about the two of us; it may be about other issues in their life.” Or repeat to yourself, “I’m going to be respectful. I’m going to be respectful.” 3. Control your reactions. You can’t control another person’s behavior, but you can control how you react. Avoid using facial expressions, gestures and language that could make another person feel anxious or defensive. 4. Be prepared if you have to engage. Have a plan to acknowledge and redirect. Here are some things you could potentially say: • “Yeah. This year has been difficult on everyone.” • “I can understand where you’re coming from.” • “We’ll all be glad to have this pandemic behind us.” Over four decades, CPI has trained more than 15 million individuals in its techniques, spanning many industries and

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professions, especially health care and education. CPI tracks violent incidents in the industries it trains, and data shows that de-escalation skills, when used correctly, can quickly decrease violence regardless of the industry. For more de-escalation tips and information on de-escalation,

visit During a particularly tense time in our nation’s history, having a few techniques at the ready can help you avoid conflict wherever you are. *** Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius. — Fulton J. Sheen ***


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Julian Community Services District Third Tuesday of every month at 10:00 A.M. at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office, Julian Substation, Public Meeting Room, 2907 Washington Street, Julian Julian Women’s Club 1st Wednesday - 1pm 2607 C Street information: 619.504.6301 Julian Historical Society The Witch Creek School House and the Julian Stageline Museum are open the first weekend of the month 11am to 4pm. Historical presentations, 4th Wednesday of the Month - Julian Historical Society Building, 2133 4th Street - 7pm Julian Arts Guild General Meeting: Second Wednesday of the Month, Julian Library - 4:00pm Program: Fourth Tuesday of Month Julian Library - 6:00pm Zumba Aerobics with Gaynor Every Monday and Thursday Town Hall - 5pm, info: 619 540-7212 Julian Arts Chorale Rehearsals at JCUMC Monday @ 6:15pm Every Tuesday Healthy Yoga with Lori Munger HHP,RYT Julian Library - 10am Every Wednesday @ Julian Library 10:30am - Preschool Story Time and Crafts 11:00am - Sit and Fit for Seniors - Gentle Stretching and flexibility exercises with Matt Kraemer 2:30pm - After School STEM Flex your brain muscles with fun, educational activities for kids & teens. Second and Fourth Wednesdays Feeding San Diego Julian Library parking lot - 9:30am Shelter Valley CC - 11:30am Fourth Wednesday Julian Indivisible Community United Methodist

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Saturday, December 5 Community Christmas Parade of Lights Through Town Wednesday, December 9 Feeding San Diego Free produce and select staple items. No income or eligibility requirements. - DRIVE THRU Julian Library - 9:30am Shelter Valley CC - 11:30am Thursday, December 10 Chanukah begings at sunset Friday, Decenber 11 Holiday Blood Drive Julian Station - Noon to 5 Donors will receive a voucher for a FREE Entrée (up to $14), courtesy of The Broken Yolk.

NOTES: Anyone 17 and older, who weighs at least 114 pounds and is in good health may be eligible to donate blood. A good meal and plenty of fluids are recommended prior to donation. Appointment and photo identification required. Please call (800) 469-7322 or visit for more information

Friday, December 18 Chanukah ends at nightfall Wednesday, December 23 Feeding San Diego Free produce and select staple items. No income or eligibility requirements. - DRIVE THRU Julian Library - 9:30am Shelter Valley CC - 11:30am


Back Country Happenings

December 2, 2020

Drive-In: A Big Band Christmas

Presented by the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. Hosted by Cal State San Marcos, in partnership with Show Imaging Saturday, December 19 @ 7:00 Pm Sunday, December 20 @ 4:00 Starting At $25/Car* * Fees will be assessed on phone and online orders. A BIG BAND CHRISTMAS Join us on December 19th & 20th for two unforgettable nights of Holiday cheer, right in time for Christmas! This magical evening features a stellar cast of vocalists and a live 10 piece band with The D. Ben-jamin’ Horns. Stay safe and cozy in your car as they bring you all of your Holiday favorites from “Silent Night” to “Let It Snow”, and who knows… it just might! You’ll hear songs like “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” and “Little Drummer Boy” plus many many more! You don’t want to miss these exciting new Big Band arrangements of Christmas classics by the incredible Duane Benjamin (The Best of Motown). This swinging jazz-filled theatrical event is fun for the whole family, complete with the “Man with the Bag” himself! DUANE BENJAMIN (Music Director/Conductor) – is an accomplished Musician, Orchestrator and Arranger. For over 30 years he has made a successful living playing trombone, electric bass, and arranging “clean, easy to read charts” for industry legends and everyday musicians alike. His orchestrations were featured regularly on FOX Television’s American Idol and various musical theater plays in the LA area! He has also arranged and orchestrated for NBC’s The Singing Bee as well as The Voice. On BETS Gospel Celebration he has orchestrated for artists like Keyshia Cole, Jill Scott, Maxwell, Alexander Hamilton, and legendary soul singer Al Green. He has performed and recorded with jazz greats like the Count Basie Orchestra, Stanley Clark, The Gerald Wilson Orchestra and The Clayton Hamilton Orchestra, not to mention contemporary legends like BTS, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Earth Wind & Fire, Jamiroquai, Gladys Knight, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, The Four Tops, rock guitarist Steve Vai, Kirk Franklin and many more. TERRON BROOKS is an accomplished singer/songwriter / actor/author/motivational speaker who has a passion for sharing

• On Dec. 6, 1884, in Washington, D.C., workers place a 9-inch aluminum pyramid atop a tower of white marble, completing the construction of a monument to the city's namesake and the nation's first president, George Washington. • On Dec. 4, 1928, "Dapper Dan" Hogan, a St. Paul, Minnesota, saloonkeeper and mob boss, is killed when someone plants a car bomb under the floorboards of his new Paige coupe. The first car bomb was a horse-drawn-wagon bomb that exploded in 1920 outside the J.P. Morgan Company's offices in New York City. • On Dec. 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified, bringing an end to the prohibition of alcohol. Prohibition did little more than slow the flow of booze, and bootleggers like Al Capone had built criminal empires out of illegal distribution. • On Dec. 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks is jailed for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man, a violation of the city's racial segregation laws. Parks' refusal was not merely brought on by her tired feet, as is the popular legend. Local civilrights leaders had been planning a challenge to Montgomery's racist bus laws for several months. • On Nov. 30, 1965, lawyer Ralph Nader publishes the muckraking book "Unsafe at Any Speed." The book became a bestseller and prompted the passage of seat-belt laws in 49 states (all but New Hampshire). • On Dec. 3, 1979, the last AMC Pacer rolls off the assembly line at the American Motors Corporation factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It was hailed as the car of the future when it debuted in 1975. • On Dec. 2, 1997, "Good Will Hunting," a movie that will earn childhood friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon a Best Screenplay Oscar and propel them to Hollywood stardom, premieres in Los Angeles. © 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved

his gift of music with the world. Born and raised in Southern California, Mr. Brooks has had the pleasure of performing with many amazing artists as Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, David Foster, Smokey Robinson. He has toured with Phil Collins (Going Back Tour) and Matthew Morrison from GLEE. (Opening Act for The New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys Tour) His vocals are featured on six songs from Smokey Robinson’s duets record, Smokey and Friends. Terron is a Broadway performer who has been seen as “Simba” in Disney’s The Lion King and “Seaweed” in Hairspray. He is an Ovation Award nominee for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for “Daddy Brubeck” in Sweet Charity at Reprise 2.0. As a guest artist for the Atlanta, Colorado, and Taiwan Symphony Orchestras, Terron has sung the classic songs of Disney. Mr. Brooks last starred as Coalhouse Walker Jr. in Ragtime at Musical Theatre West. Terron is a twotime NAACP Award nominee for supporting actor and is best remembered for his critically acclaimed portrayal of Eddie Kendricks in the Emmy Award winning NBC mini-series The Temptations. The Los Angeles Times has described his voice as “smooth and soulful.” He is the star and co-creator of the new show The Soul of Broadway: Impossible Dreams and his new record is on all digital platforms.

MEL COLLINS is a chanteuse, a songstress, a star in the mold of yesteryear’s greats. She was last seen in our Motown @ the DriveIn show back in August. Based in Los Angeles, Mel Collins has performed all over the world, bringing the joy of her unique

Smart Holiday Gift Ideas

(Family Features) Many of the season's most popular gift ideas can generally be classified as "tech." From smartphones and gaming systems to digital photo frames and smart home devices, tech junkies and technophobes alike can delight in the options available to help enhance daily routines and make tasks easier. Whether you're looking to introduce your intended recipient to the smart home concept with a foundational device like a smart thermostat or want to take home automation to the next level, there are upgrades that can work in every area of the home. From the kitchen to the garage and the bedroom to the patio, homeowners can control everything from televisions, appliances and lights to the temperature in a specific room and home security cameras with their voices or smartphones. Consider these smart devices that can work in harmony to help make day-to-day life simpler, and find more ideas for building a comfortable, secure home at Intelligent Home Monitoring If you want to give the gift of a safe and secure home this holiday season, consider an option like ecobee Haven including the SmartCamera with voice control and the SmartSensors for doors and windows. Instead of adding more devices and tasks to everexpanding to-do lists, the plug-and-play home monitoring platform works with your smartphone to deliver peace of mind and eliminate the need for keypads, programming and single-use gadgets. In one app, you can automatically arm and disarm your home, distinguish welcome guests from intruders and use your activity feed to see when family members arrive or depart.

Automated Home Comfort Help keep your home comfortable this winter even while you're on the go with a gift like the ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control. Because every home heats and cools differently, the thermostat works with your local weather, schedule, occupancy and desired comfort settings to deliver a personalized energy model that automates home comfort, reduces energy consumption and saves you money. In fact, it's Energy Star-certified and can help save up to 23% annually on heating and cooling costs, giving you the power to do your part to reduce your environmental footprint without compromising your lifestyle. song stylings to thousands upon thousands of people. Whether it’s crooning a jazz standard or belting a pop hit, Mel consistently brings audiences to their feet. She’s warm and funny and her joy is contagious. Let Mel Collins take you away, be it with her versatile ensemble, Standard Mel or the swinging’ big sounds of the D. Ben-jamin Big Band – wherever she’s going, you’ll want to go too. LAURA DICKINSON – Fourtime Grammy® and three-time Emmy® winning music producer and contractor Laura Dickinson is best known for her extensive

work for Disney on eleven animated Disney Channel hits, including Phineas and Ferb and Sofia the First, both Frozen films, The Little Mermaid Live, Phineas continued on page 10

December 2, 2020

My Thoughts


by Michele Harvey

Going Through Stuff

I really need to find my safe deposit keys and I have no clue where they are in my office, or anywhere else. When I began looking for them I assumed they were in a folder with all of the other information I received when I opened my accounts at the bank. It was so long ago that now I’m thinking that maybe I didn’t get a folder. Maybe I received by Kiki Skagen Munshi a legal sized envelope. So now what? Do I begin my search all over again? Though I’m very organized when I drive and go on my errands, my office is a mess. Some things don’t seem to have a place to be and Back in the day it wasn’t called “a Santa Ana Event”. It was the so far I can’t figure out what to do with them other than putting them East Wind, usually cold, mostly miserable, roaring through the trees in files and moving the files around. For instance, when husband Mike was entered into the San Diego from a cold but bright blue sky. Sports Officials Hall of Fame, I kept a copy of his speech, a copy of Back in the day, before good insulation and automatic heat, houses the evening’s program, letters and emails congratulating him and now were built in sheltered spots to avoid the East Wind. This house, they what do I do with all of that important information? said, was built where cattle lay down in the East Wind. Another old Do you remember J. Harry Jones who used to write for the San house, on the neighbor’s property, is low down in the valley…but all Diego Union Tribune? His very last column before retiring was about the houses on tops of hills that dot the Julian map these days? None Mike and I and The Julian News. Where do I put that? of them would have been built in such exposed places back when I have managed to fill a forty plus gallon trash can twice with people really paid attention to the weather. Nowadays the major things I can no longer use. I’ve nearly filled that trash can a third time weather-related attention—except for kids and teachers who are out with old billing statements, correspondence, gardening hints, craft on Julian School District playgrounds and fields in a wind tunnel—is instructions out of magazines and other paperwork that is very out of courtesy of SDG&E which threatens to turn off power in a “Santa Ana date. I am so glad that it is gone. I have never wanted my husband or Wind Event.” my children to deal with any of this and I feel good that even though I Back in the day the electric company didn’t turn off the power. still have a lot of stuff to deal with, the amount is getting smaller. To the best of memory there weren’t any fires caused by downed When my uncle died at the age of ninety-four, his wife searched power lines either. This may have been because houses didn’t use through their file cabinet to see what she needed to keep and what as much power then as now. Or perhaps because there were only could be thrown away. She had no idea what an exhausting job about a tenth as many houses….or fewer. Or because the power she was in for. My uncle kept every receipt for every item he ever lines were sturdier. And far enough back in the day there wasn’t any bought, and he kept copies of every stock they bought through the power anyway, just wood stoves and kersone lamps. Some of us years even though he may have resold it over sixty years prior to the even remember those days. They were pretty inconvenient, not to clearing out. My aunt told me that one of the bigger problems she mention miserable. encountered was that my uncle kept papers in three-fold form, still Animals hate the east wind. On east wind days the cowpony that in the original envelopes. Because of this, she had to empty every made teenage years a delight would consent to be ridden up the road envelope, unfold the contents and then read enough to see if she to the end of the corral, which was where the natural shelter of trees was holding something that needed to be kept. By the time she had and topography ended and the East Wind hit. finished clearing out the file cabinets she had filled about six or seven He refused to go further. Smart horse. large black trash bags full of unneeded papers. That’s a bit like what I’m doing, though I’m doing it on a much smaller scale. Now that my Essential Tremors are beyond getting better, my life has changed significantly. I can’t make jewelry anymore and I know that my sister would like my jewelry making supplies. I also think my grand daughter Aryana will be interested in them, so I have decisions to make there. I have furniture that my boys would like one day, but (StatePoint) College entrance exams remain important, even in at this time I have no idea where either of them could fit these pieces these unusual times. Fortunately, there are many ways you can help into their lives. It’s time to pare down my Christmas decorations. I have at least ensure you’re ready for test day. Here are a few tips to consider: • Know the test format: Be sure you understand the basic format of four large storage boxes of Christmas decorations and haven’t put the test and the types of questions that will be included so you don’t any out for many years. I will begin with handing out my coffee mug waste precious time on test day managing surprises. By using an up- collection. I think I have at least fifty Christmas related coffee mugs and I would like to spread them out to my family members. to-date study guide, you won’t encounter any curve balls. I’ve written in the past about “death cleaning”. It isn’t as morbid • Get comfortable with your calculator: During your preparations and practice tests, be sure to use the same calculator you’ll be as it sounds. Giving away favorite items to friends or relatives who bringing with you on test day. Getting familiarized with the tool’s I think will appreciate them is my idea of making certain that when I continued on page 11 die, my favorite things won’t end up in the trash. I already mailed my 20SDG16532_Winter Rates__Julian News__RUN: 12_02_20__ BW__TRIM: 13” x 11”

They Call The Wind

The Julian News 5

Raggedy Ann collection to my brother. He has a wife, two daughters and three granddaughters. I think they all like old fashioned décor. If not, some of the Raggedy Anns are small enough to hang as Christmas ornaments. As I’ve sorted through papers I found cards and letters that I want to keep. Now they aren’t in fifteen different places. They are all in a shoebox which will fit easily on a high shelf in my clothes closet. We are past Thanksgiving and on our way to either Christmas which lands on December 25th as always, Hanukkah which will be celebrated from December 10th through December 18th this year or Kwanzaa which is a wonderful festival beginning December 26th and going through January 1st 2021. I have friends who celebrate at least one of these holidays. This is why you will often hear me say “Happy Holidays!” Time to spruce up the house? My house never has seemed spruced up. Even when it wasn’t so full of items and papers it wasn’t that kind of a house. It’s a dark house and this year I plan to make it brighter. Right after I solve the mystery of my safe deposit keys. These are my thoughts.

From The Native Prespective

continued from page 2 from around the country gather at Cole’s Hill, which overlooks Plymouth Rock, for the National Day of Mourning. It is an annual tradition started in 1970, when Wampanoag Wamsutta (Frank) James was invited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to give a speech at an event celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival and then disinvited after the event organizers discovered his speech was one of outrage over the “atrocities” and “broken promises” his people endured. On the Wampanoag welcoming and having friendly relations with the Pilgrims, James wrote in his undelivered speech: “This action by Massasoit was perhaps our biggest mistake. We, the Wampanoag, welcomed you, the white man, with open arms, little knowing that it was the beginning of the end.”

Top Tips For College Entrance Exam Success

While many paintings of “the First Thanksgiving” show a single long table with several Pilgrims and a few Native people, there were actually twice as many Wampanoag people as colonists. It is unlikely that everyone could have been accommodated at one table. Rather, Wampanoag leaders like Massasoit and his advisors were most likely entertained in the home of Plymouth Colony’s governor, William Bradford.


Winter will be here soon. It’s a good time to make the most of your energy plan. On Time-of-Use, energy prices outside 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. are the lowest. So be sure to shift some of your energy use earlier or later, like doing laundry or running the dishwasher. It can save you money.

More energy saving tips at

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10/19/20 2:43 PM

6 The Julian News



Back Country Dining

Lake Cuyamaca



December 2, 2020

Brewery Guide



Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

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15027 Highway 79 - at the Lake

2718 B Street - Julian Reservations 760 765 1003

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26th AnnualVictorian Christmas Teas

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Held Daily December 3rd — 23rd

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(served outside or To Go)

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2225 Main Street 21976 Hwy. 79 (760) 765-2449 (760) 765-2400

2124 Third Street one block off Main Main Street

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10 am- 4 pm Thursday through Monday CLOSED Tuesday and Wednesday





11:30AM - 8:30PM

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— Open 7 Days — MONDAY - WEDNESDAY 11am - 7pm Take Out & Patio Dining

Music Returns Open Mic Nite Thursday 5-8 Friday & Saturday 5-8 • AWARD WINNING THIN CRUST

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Over 35 varieties of beer, ale and hard cider

Julian and Wynola


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en k e Q We BB

1921 Main Street 760 765 2900 Serving Organic Coffee, Tea, Breakfast, Beer, Wine & MORE.

offering - tasters - pints - 32oz or 64oz jugs of beer to-go

onditioned Tea Room C r i A

open 2pm Thursday open 11:30 Fri - Sun dog friendly Patio

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Phone 760-765-BEER [2337]

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Mid-Week Dinner Specials

*** Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live! — Bob Marley *** 1. MEASUREMENTS: How many tablespoons are in 1/2 cup? 2. TELEVISION: Which 1990s sitcom featured the theme song “I’ll Be There for You”? 3. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the city of Timbuktu located? 4. GAMES: How much money does each Monopoly player get at the start of the classic game? 5. SCIENCE: How much of the Earth’s surface is covered with water? 6. MOVIES: Which 2004 animated movie featured the character Edna Mode? 7. U.S. STATES: What is the capital of Michigan? 8. COMICS: Which comic character’s favorite exclamation is “Good grief!”? 9. PSYCHOLOGY: What fear is represented in the phobia cynophobia? 10. ANATOMY: What is the condition of “pes planus” more commonly called? Answers on page 11

Chef’s Corner The Feast Doesn’t End With Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving -- cleaning, shopping, cooking and entertaining guests for hours! While Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, I’ve embraced the day after the holiday as my time to feast in peace. My traditional after-Thanksgiving breakfast consists of a cereal bowl full of warm leftover turkey, ham, corn and dressing with cranberry sauce. One of my favorite after-feast lunches is a turkey and ham sandwich with cranberry sauce and any other leftovers I can fit between two slices of

toasted bread! In my opinion, Thanksgiving leftovers are a national treasure. If you store your leftovers safely and properly, you can enjoy them in a variety of ways for several days. During mealtime, do not let the turkey sit out for more than two hours after it has been cooked. For safe storage, remove the

stuffing and de-bone the turkey. Store the turkey in shallow containers in the refrigerator, because shallow containers allow the turkey to cool faster, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. Unless you freeze the leftovers, be sure to use the turkey and stuffing within 3-4 days. Leftover gravy should be used within 1-2

continued on page 6

December 2, 2020

The Julian News 7

Iron Clown Head

Part of the fun of bidding at auctions is seeing unusual, and perhaps useless, antiques selling for a lot of money. A very noticeable iron head of a clown with a mask, about 20 inches high, was offered in a Michaan's Auctions in Alameda, California. It was marked "J.T. Dickman, Pat'd Sep 19, 1911." Only the clown, squirrel and rabbit shooting gallery target shapes with the Dickman patent information are listed for sale online. The clown sold for $12,000. Iron tools were the only antiques to be pricey before 1950. Tongs, building supports, fences, hardware, boot scrapers,

This heavy 20-inch-tall head is made of iron. It was painted red and white. The auction catalog said it was a clown because of the pointed hat with a tassel. It’s a not-veryfunny shooting gallery target that pictures a clown with a mask. The strange item was wanted by many collectors, and the high bid was $12,000. safes and windmill weights were selling at antique shows. By 1900, iron was used to make frying pans and attractive pieces like bookends, doorstops, large

statues of animals and garden furniture. Iron can be molded or shaped by hand, is heavy and durable, and is often used for manhole covers. *** Q: I inherited two unusual 14-karat gold and pearl tuxedo studs from my father's estate. They are square with what looks like a lace-edge handkerchief folded over in a triangle shape. A long pin with a pearl head is stuck through the "handkerchief." I don't want to scrap them. How can I find their value for resale? A: Even though you don't want to "scrap them," it helps to know the meltdown value in order to determine the resale value of gold or silver items. You can take the studs to a jeweler to see how much the gold weighs and to find out the current meltdown value. The pearl also adds value. Jewelers often measure gold in troy ounces, which are heavier than standard ounces. The meltdown value of 14-karat

gold fluctuates, but the value of a troy ounce is about $1,850. The jeweler may offer to buy them for a lower price because the jeweler must be able to make a profit. Most tuxedo stud sets include at least four studs and a pair of cufflinks. Since you only have two studs, they can't be worn with a tuxedo shirt. *** CURRENT PRICES Backgammon game, Bakelite, yellow chips, cups, dice, cork playing surface, flowered case, 19 x 14 inches, $90. Prov Saxe vase, woman in garden with dogs and birds, blue and gold beaded enamel, 3 1/2 inches, $120. Lunch box, Joe Palooka, cartoon scenes, multicolor, tin lithograph, square with lid, two upright strap handles, 1948, 4 x 7 inches, $180. Side table, tiger oak, four-leaf clover shaped top, reeded apron, spindle spool legs, shaped lower shelf, ball feet, c. 1890, 29 x 24

inches, $275.

*** TIP: When stacking dinner plates, put a piece of felt or paper between each plate. Never put more than 24 plates in one stack. For more collecting news, tips and resources, visit ® 2020 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

1. Running back Curtis Enis rushed for 1,363 yards and 19 touchdowns in 1997 as a member of what college team?

2. NHL right winger Claude Lemieux won four Stanley Cup championships playing for three different teams. What were they? 3. What piece of sports equipment did Rev. Robert Adams Paterson revolutionize in 1848 when he made it out of a latex called gutta-percha? 4. What was the name of the 1996 inspirational film that starred Green Bay Packers defensive end Reggie White and actor Pat Morita? 5. Name the Cleveland Browns quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Famer who was NFL MVP in 1951, ‘53 and ‘55. 6. What 10-time NBA All-Star and Basketball Hall of Famer is known as “The Glide”? 7. What Brazilian footballer twice won FIFA World Player of the Year (2004-05) and won the Ballon d’Or in 2005? Answers on page 11

December 2, 2020

8 The Julian News

Newspaper Fun!

Pastor Cindy Arntson

The Santa Ana winds are blowing outside as I write this. The sound of them can be soothing like waves on the shore. The winds make an especially lovely display at the church where they are blowing the leaves down from the cottonwood trees and making them skitter along the ground. I would enjoy this windy weather more if it wasn’t for its association with fire danger. I have vivid memories of the 2003 fire. My brother and his family were evacuated from their home in Lakeside. My parents had to evacuate in Escondido. The fire came so close it destroyed the homes across the street from their home. I remember the dark skies and the ash floating in the air at our home in Rancho San Diego. But I didn’t really understand living with the threat of fire until I moved here. I didn’t know how grief lingers long after a devastating fire and how the experience of such a significant loss can shape the identity and perspective of a community. I deeply respect the courage and resilience of the residents of Julian who experienced that devastation and rebuilt, who carried on in spite of ongoing risk. My husband and I are learning how to be prepared to evacuate, how to protect our property, how to avoid starting fires and to stay informed about current fire threats without living in fear. The high cost of fire insurance, the periodic power outages, the news of devastating fires across the West this year, like the sound of Santa Ana winds, are persistent reminders of the potential threat to things and people we hold dear. Finding the balance between caution and contentment in relationship to fire danger is similar to the balance we seek in facing other threats in our lives – threats from traveling in a car, threats from COVID, threats from pollution and global warming, for example. I learned years ago that having too much fear requires too much energy and effort to try to protect ourselves. There is only so much we can reasonably do to stay safe driving a car, to avoid catching COVID, to keep the food we eat healthy. We must do some things but we can’t do everything. My faith helps me in this regard because when I’ve done as much as I feel able to do, I can trust God to do the rest. This helps me accept things beyond my control. I believe it is also important to put trust in one another. When I’ve done as much as I can to protect myself from a very real threat, I can hope/trust others are also doing their part. In addition to staying realistic about what I’m able to do and to decreasing my anxiety, this way of thinking inspires me to keep doing my best for the sake of others, as well as myself. Cindy Arntson is ordained clergy serving Community United Methodist Church at 2898 Highway 78, Julian. Direct all questions and correspondence to: Faith and Living, c/o CUMCJ, PO Box 460, Julian, CA, 92036. (Opinions in this column do not necessarily express the views of Julian News, its editor, or employees.)

Share your customs with friends on video chats!

December is packed with holidays!

Kids: color stuff in!

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December Days December is one of our favorite months. It is a month with many holidays, special anniversaries and birthdays. Our friends celebrate our holidays with us and we celebrate our friends’ holidays too. It is a good way to learn about other families’ cultures and traditions. The puzzle below is about the special days of December. When you fill in this puzzle, the last day of December will appear! The last day of December is:

1. St. _______ Day – celebration of Bishop of Myra of the 4th century, known for his charity, gift-giving 2. First _______ Transplant – (1967) Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the first successful transplantation at Cape Town, South Africa 3. _______ – a celebration of family and community, heritage and roots in Africa 4. Boston Tea _______ – people angry about taxes boarded a British ship in Boston Harbor to dump tea chests overboard 5. _______ Harbor Day – in 1941 the Japanese attacked U.S. naval forces in Hawaii, drawing the U.S. into WWII 6. _______ – Jewish Festival of Lights – eight-day celebration of the ancient Jews’ victory over the Syrians and the return of their Holy Temple 7. _______ Day – a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth 8. Las _______ – nine-day celebration in Mexico; processions of people knock on doors, asking for shelter the way Mary and Joseph did in Bethlehem 9. Wright _______ Day – in honor of Orville and Wilbur Wright, who achieved the first controlled, heavier-than-air flight 10. Pilgrim Landing _______ – in Governor William Bradford's writings, the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts on Dec. 21, 1620 11. _______ Amendment – added to the U.S. Constitution, outlawing slavery in the U.S.

December Sun.



This mini calendar is just for you! Decorate it with your special days. Sat. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Tues. 3































iz u Q Pop

he out t ach b a quiz Read e cle s i h t . ir ” ping r on you true or c p o “p be s I am f Decem T” if it i “ o th cle mon then cir e. clue it is fals f “F” i

Stop being crabby and finish the quiz, already!

2 3



5 6 7 8

9 11




December Birthdays!

I’m flying to Rockefeller Center in New York City to check out the giant Christmas tree.

Do you know anyone who has a December birthday? Can you match up these famous people born in December to their descriptions? 1. Thomas Gallaudet 2. Steven Spielberg 3. Clara Barton 4. "Ty" Cobb 5. Sir Isaac Newton 6. Taylor Swift

A. nurse, founder of American Red Cross B. film director: E.T., Jaws, Jurassic Park C. singer, songwriter D. English mathematician, scientist E. began first school for the deaf in the U.S. F. U.S. baseball player – set 90 records

1. Margaret Mead 2. Ludwig van Beethoven 3. LeBron James 4. Tyra Banks 5. Clarence Birdseye 6. Bingo

A. basketball superstar B. greatest composer of all time C. ha, ha - this is not a person, but a very popular game begun in 1929 D. developed ways to deep-freeze food E. model, actress, businesswoman F. anthropologist – studied cultures

The Month of December: 1. has 22 days


6. begins season of winter

T F 3. is the last month of the year T F 4. has the "shortest" day of the year T F 5. marks the end of summer T F 2. “decem” means "10"


7. sun signs are Sagittarius the

Archer, and Capricorn the Goat 8. flower is the rose



T F 10. has many fun celebrations T F 9. birthstone is the diamond

Solution page 11

Newspaper Fun! Created by Annimills LLC © 2020

Faith and Living

Create A Pet-Friendly Home This Holiday Season (Family Features) This year, holiday gatherings may look different than celebrations in years past. With traditions and large gatherings up in the air, pet parents can take some comfort in knowing they can still celebrate with their pets. Before the festivities begin, however, it's important for pet parents to ensure their homes are as pet-friendly as possible. Consider these tips from PetSmart's resident veterinarian Jennifer Freeman, DVM, and training expert Jodie Havens, CPDT-KSA, to keep pets happy and healthy this holiday season. Teach Good Table Manners Table manners aren't just for humans. Help prevent begging at the table by refraining from giving your pup food or attention. When you sit down for a meal, place your pet in a crate or pen,

or encourage him or her to go to a special place like his or her bed or a comfortable chair. "Divert your pup's attention from tempting treats on the holiday table by providing an activity, such as a long-lasting chew or a puzzle toy," Havens said. If you don't crate your pet during your holiday meal, avoid sharing human food under the table. "Table scraps such as gravy and stuffing may look harmless, but even small amounts can lead to serious health issues," Freeman said. Instead, offer pet-friendly treats that look and taste like the holidays. For example, Simply Nourish Dog Treats come in turkey and cranberry flavors that are alternatives to the real things. If you choose to indulge

your pup with a little bit of human food, you can serve small amounts of white-meat turkey breast, pumpkin, cranberries and yams. Keep your pet away from scallions or chives, onions,

garlic, grapes or raisins, cooked bones and anything high in fat. Create a Zen Space The holidays can be hectic, and pets are prone to picking up on stress in the household.

Even just one or two guests or stressed out pet parents can give a pet anxiety. Freeman recommends providing pets with a safe getaway. "Stress and extra people in the home may cause your pet to act differently and even show signs of anxiety," Freeman said. "To set up your pet's retreat, use a crate or pen he or she is comfortable with, offer blankets or his or her favorite bed and place a few treats or chews inside." Exercise Caution When Decorating While families may be brightening up their homes this holiday season, it's important to ensure decor such as candles and seasonal plants are placed out of your pet's reach. Flickering candles can be intriguing and seasonal plants like holly and poinsettia are poisonous to dogs

and cats. "Try providing a tall cat tree or scratcher near the holiday tree to redirect your kitty to an appropriate climbing apparatus," Havens said. "The Merry & Bright Holiday House Cat Scratcher can help satisfy your cat's instincts to scratch in fun, holiday fashion." Extra decor sometimes means more electrical cords, which can be tempting "chew toys" for your pet. Freeman recommends pet parents take special care to ensure electrical cords for festive lighting are not accessible by taping them down or covering them to help prevent injuries. Also remember to keep glass ornaments, tinsel, pinecones and light stands out of reach of your furry friend. For more pet-friendly tips for the holiday season, visit

December 2, 2020

The Julian News 9

California Commentary

The Harms Of Proposition 19 Will Soon Be Clear

by Jon Coupal

This column has previously described Prop. 19, which barely passed with 51 percent of the vote, as a steak laced with cyanide. It may look good, but you don’t want to eat it. While there are some benefits from expanding property tax “portability” to allow homeowners to transfer their Proposition 13 base-year value to anywhere in California, the cost of this benefit is outweighed by the damage it will inflict on families planning to transfer property from parents to children. Few voters were aware of this downside of Prop. 19. Specifically, beginning on February 16, 2021, no longer will parents and grandparents be able to transfer their property to their children or grandchildren without triggering a massive increase in property tax liability. These “intergenerational transfer” protections — placed in the California Constitution in 1986 and 1996 with overwhelming support from voters — have been sharply cut back. Under the 1986 measure, a parent could transfer a primary residence and up to $1,000,000 of assessed value of other property to their children, and such properties would see no change in their tax bill when transferred. They would retain the Prop. 13-protected base-year value for property tax purposes. But under Prop. 19, that only remains true if both the parent and the child use the property as their primary residence. None of the paid advertising about Prop. 19 alerted voters that they were losing important taxpayer protections. In fact, the primary sponsor of the bill, the California Association of Realtors, spent $50 million on campaign ads claiming it was beneficial to taxpayers, not disclosing the billion-dollar property tax increase. Their deceptive tactics were successful and will undoubtedly advance their underlying motivation of churning real estate sales. But Prop. 19 is bad public policy. It was placed on the ballot by the Legislature with

the passage of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 11. It rushed through the Legislature at lightning speed without going through the extensive analysis and public review typically associated with a legislative constitutional amendment. The ACA 11 language was amended on June 20, 2020, and the amendment fully cleared the Legislature on June 26, 2020 (technically past the legal deadline for the November 2020 ballot, which necessitated additional legislation to extend the deadline). The Legislature missed many policy and legal issues that would have been uncovered had the amendment gone through the regular and more extensive public review process. Among the problems now recognized is that under Prop. 19, rents will increase. Buildings owned by aging “mom and pop” landlords, when passed to their children, will incur sharply higher property taxes. Another problem for property owners is the impact of Assembly Bill 3088, which forces property owners to accept a 75 percent decrease in rent with a moratorium on evictions. It contains the unrealistic expectation that tenants will come up with a balloon payment after January 31st. Should they default, a landlord can only collect in Small Claims Court beginning March 1, 2021. Meanwhile, Prop. 19 takes effect on February 16, 2021. Families that suffer the loss of a parent will face huge property tax increases on rental property, while being unable to collect full rents. Let’s dispel the myth that everyone who takes ownership of a parent’s property is wealthy. Many such families are middleor low-income. Some rely on the rental income from inherited property to pay bills for medical care or assisted-living facilities. Prop. 19 is a painful tax increase on hundreds of thousands of ordinary Californians. *** Jon Coupal is the president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA).

• The weight of all the ants on earth is greater than that of all humans. • Doctors who perform laparoscopic surgery, which involves inserting a tiny camera into a patient's body through a small incision, have better coordination if they play video games at least three hours per week. According to a 2003 study, gamer surgeons made 37% fewer errors and worked 27% faster than those whose only "video game" experience was the surgery itself. • The ancient Romans used swan fat or donkey milk to soften wrinkles, while sores and freckles were treated with the ashes of snails. • Eskimos use refrigerators to stop their food from freezing. • Disney's musical fantasy comedy "The Princess and the Frog" led to an unexpected salmonella outbreak in the United States. More than 50 children were hospitalized after the film's release when they attempted to free handsome princes with a kiss from what turned out to be perfectly ordinary, definitely nonprince frogs. • Redheads produce more vitamin D than other hair colors. • Bao Xishun, a Mongolian herdsman, saved the lives of two dolphins by using his incredibly long arms to remove plastic from their stomachs. Bao stands nearly 8 feet tall and each arm extends more than 3 feet. All other attempts at saving the dolphins had failed. • Watermelons may be a tasty treat today, but that wasn't always the case. Originating in Africa, they were first cultivated solely for their water content -their flavor was very bitter! • In Sweden, the body warmth of more than 200,000 commuters passing through Stockholm's Central Station is harvested to provide heat for an office building across the road. *** Thought for the Day: "When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people." -- Abraham Joshua Heschel

® 2020 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

® 2020 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

*** I have never been jealous. Not even when my dad finished fifth grade a year before I did. — Jeff Foxworthy

December 2, 2020

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® Dear EarthTalk: What is Cheatgrass and when did it become such a big problem out west? -- William G., Portland, ME Cheatgrass is an annual grass native to Europe and eastern Asia that European settlers brought to North America in the late 1800s as forage for grazing their livestock. Little did they know at the time that this innocuous looking herbaceous plant would eventually wreak havoc on ecosystems across the American West, edging out native plants and creating conditions ripe for now all-too-frequent brush fires. “It probably wouldn’t have outcompeted with native vegetation if early settlers hadn’t also introduced large numbers of livestock like cattle and sheep into sagebrush country,” reports Mike Pellant, a retired Rangeland Ecologist with the Bureau of Land Management who volunteers for the non-profit Sage Grouse Initiative. “Our palatable native grasses and forbs [herbaceous flowering plants] weren’t adapted to those high levels of uncontrolled overgrazing by domestic livestock, which created a void that Cheatgrass quickly filled.” And once Cheatgrass gains a foothold, it ups the fire risk around it significantly, in part because it sets seed in the spring and by the heart of fire season, in mid- to late-summer, its shoots have dried out and become like tinder that can spark into fire with the slightest provocation. “Basically, cheatgrass is comparable to tissue paper covering the landscape—an easily-ignited fuel that carries fire quickly and spreads it rapidly,” adds Pellant. Native plants in the Great Basin have not evolved to handle such frequent burns—every five to seven years on average lately. As such, each Cheatgrass-fueled brush fire creates more open space for more of the weed to quickly colonize. And by moving into open territory before native plants have a chance to set seed, Cheatgrass ensures its dominance over the desert ecosystems it inhabits. The ascendancy of Cheatgrass is also a big problem for native wildlife as well as plants. The Greater sage grouse, Mule deer and Pygmy rabbit are just a few of the iconic desert species dependent on healthy sagebrush plants for their own survival. If sagebrush steppe landscapes go the way of the dodo thanks to Cheatgrass, so will these species and dozens of others which contribute to making the American desert such a special place. That said, there is little we can actually do to effectively stop Cheatgrass’ spread—it has already taken over some 50-70 million acres of desert across the American West. Herbicides applied widely have been effective at removing grown Cheatgrass plants, but these synthetic chemicals do nothing against the seeds already rooted in the soil—meaning the plant will sprout anew the next spring regardless. Employing all-natural soil microbes to inhibit the growth of Cheatgrass’ root system below the surface shows promise as a potential solution. But it could be years before we know whether it’s feasible to use on such an epic scale given how much Cheatgrass has already spread across the sagebrush steppe. CONTACTS: Sage Grouse Initiative,; “Attacking Invasive Cheatgrass at Its Root,” attacking-invasive-cheatgrass-root-soil-microbes-biocontrol-sage/. EarthTalk® is produced by Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss for the 501(c)3 nonprofit EarthTalk. See more at To donate, visit https// Send questions to:

Invasive Cheatgrass has taken over more than 50 million acres of desert across the American West. Credit: USFWS, FlickrCC.

7 Tips for Hosting A Virtual Holiday Cookie Exchange (StatePoint) It may take a little extra time and creativity, but a holiday cookie exchange can be held virtually and it’s worth the effort according to experts. “There’s a famous quote, ‘If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.’ It's so true for me as I find great joy in developing easy, flavorful recipes,” says Cindy Gilbert,

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holiday cookie exchange. Find these recipes and more by visiting CookieExchange. With a little creativity and the perfect cookie recipe, you can reinvent your favorite baking traditions for a safe and festive holiday season.

Drive-In: A Big Band Christmas continued from page 4

McCormick Test Kitchen chef. “My friends have come to me for years requesting tips and tricks, and over 20 years ago, they anointed me the annual holiday cookie exchange leader. This past year has been challenging, but I knew I wanted to keep the tradition alive while following social distancing guidelines.” Here are Gilbert’s top seven tips on hosting your own virtual cookie exchange, along with her favorite delicious McCormick cookie picks. 1. Keep the virtual guest list small and local. Your family and friends’ safety is the most important thing, and no one wants to bake a ton of cookies. Aim for five to 10 people. Gingerbread Men Cookies – No winter holiday is complete without gingerbread men. They’re cute and can be decorated with raisins, cinnamon red-hot candies or royal icing. 2. Invite cookie enthusiasts. Invite people who enjoy being in the kitchen and welcome sharing their recipe secrets! Tell them they're going to be sharing the story behind their choice. Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies – This tasty recipe crinkles from the confectioners' sugar, and the deep chocolate red color and taste add up to a cookie you'll be proud to share. 3. Package cookies in separate portions. Ask participants to package each serving in individual containers or resealable bags of six cookies per serving. Easy Lemon Cookie Truffles – This is a perfect no-bake option. Lemon extract adds a bright citrus flavor to this easy four-ingredient treat that starts with store-bought sugar cookies. 4. Arrange the exchange. About an hour before the virtual gettogether, set up a table outside, in a cul-de-sac or school parking lot. Everyone can take turns grabbing their cookies quickly and safely. Or, arrange no contact porch drop-offs during a set time. Holiday Meringue Cookies – These deliciously airy, light, and low-fat meringue cookies are the perfect confection for any holiday celebration. Add your favorite food coloring for a festive twist. 5. Request the recipes. Ask guests to provide a recipe card in their individual packages, or as the host, you can compile the recipes and share through email. Double Ginger Gingersnaps – A personal favorite of Gilbert’s, these are a ginger lover's dream! Ground ginger and crystallized ginger make the flavor pop on these cookies, which are crispy on the outside and chewy inside. 6. Share stories via video conference. Many guests like to tell the stories behind their cookies. By scheduling time to connect, you'll likely hear some heartwarming or hilarious anecdotes and maybe even some helpful tidbits. Sugar Cookie Thumbprints with Spiced Jam – Inspired by a bakery treat, this holiday twist on a classic uses cinnamon or ginger-spiced jam. 7. Have fun. Take time to ask how everyone has been and give them a chance to share what other traditions they’re planning this year. While the party is about cookies, it's also about connecting, having fun and picking up a few new recipes to try. Pecan Cookie Balls – These buttery melt-in-your-mouth cookies, also known as Mexican Wedding Cakes, make a great addition to any


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and Ferb: Candace Against The Universe, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Lady and the Tramp (2019) and Mulan (2020). Her principal vocal work on Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ “The Way It Used to Be” featured in Watchmen (HBO) was nominated for a 2020 Emmy® and received critical acclaim. Laura has served on the (American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers) Board of Directors for over a year and is passionate about the #GiveCredit and #StopHateForProfit initiatives. Other selected music clients include Michael Bublé, Dolly Parton, Englebert Humperdinck, and Willie Nelson. Upcoming projects include Christmas on the Square with Dolly Parton for Netflix, Marvel’s WandaVision for Disney+, and walking her threeyear old maltipoo, Luna. ENTRANCE & PARKING Drive-in experiences are located at Cal State San Marcos in parking Lot F. Please proceed to Lot F and pull into the two entrances leading into the Lot for ticket checking. From there you will be directed into your parking spot. The lot will open 2 hours prior to each showing or event. We suggest planning your arrival as early as possible so that our staff can assist by parking you in the best spot possible depending on availability and the size of your vehicle. Ushers will direct cars into a designated parking spot. Large vehicles will be unable to park in the front rows and will be guided to designated large vehicle spots. RVs and campers are not permitted. At the conclusion of the showing, all cars must immediately leave the lot. Your ticket purchase funds the arts in our community A portion of every ticket

purchased goes to support Cal State San Marcos School of Arts an inclusive, collaborative community where artists, scholars, and students actively engage in developing artistic practices, critical thinking, cultural intelligence, and creativity. Your ticket purchase supports our community With your ticket purchase, you’ll help us raise up to $5,000 for the following organizations: * Escondido Community Foundation * Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce Buy tickets online (below), or at the Center ticket office, or by calling

Boosting Holiday Cheer At Home During A Socially Distant Season (StatePoint) Unfortunately, many Americans will be unable to celebrate the holidays with their extended family and friends in person this year, making it all the more important to boost holiday cheer at home. Here are few festive ideas for getting into the holiday spirit during this socially distant season. • Don’t skip out on the decorations: You may not be hosting any houseguests, gatherings or big meals, but this shouldn’t be the year to skip out on the full-scale decorating you typically enjoy. Lights, trees, garlands, stockings and wreaths can evoke favorite memories of past seasons and invite hope for future ones all season long. You can even set up a video conference to enjoy the camaraderie of decorating with far-off loved ones. • Deck the halls with music. Add a digital piano to your holiday-scape to help elevate the mood with Christmas carols and other seasonal tunes. Consider Casio’s line of PX-S console digital pianos, which have a striking design that fit any room, décor and mood. A glossy top panel and unibody case evoke continued on page 12

December 2, 2020 boost reading comprehension and hone writing skills is to be an avid reader. This is especially effective if you select a range of reading materials, including fiction, biographies, journalism and more. While a lot has changed about education this past year, much about college entrance exams has stayed the same, and you can still get a leg up by ensuring you’re well-equipped and ready to succeed on test day.

Top Tips For College continued from page 5

full functionality will help you be speedy and accurate when it matters most. When the clock is ticking, it’s best to be holding a calculator with an easy-to-use interface, intuitive icon-based menu and natural textbook display, such as the scientific and graphic calculators available from Casio. To ace the science and math portions of the test, your pre-test preparations can also include checking out the webinars and resources available on the Casio education site: casioeducation. com. • Find study buddies: You don’t need to feel alone during test preparations. Remember, your friends are going through the same thing as you. Consider getting some pals together for a series of remote study sessions. Your group can work together

to address lingering questions and concerns, share test-taking strategies and more. You may also want to consider signing up for a virtual test prep courses or getting paired with a remote tutor.

• Read as much as possible: While memorizing vocabulary lists is one strategy for pulling out all the stops on the humanities portions of the test, the best way to adopt good grammar,

December Days

December Birthdays!

Do you know anyone who has a December birthday? Did you match up these people born in December to their descriptions? A. nurse, founder of American Red Cross B. film director: E.T., Jaws, Jurassic Park C. singer, songwriter D. English mathematician, scientist E. began first school for the deaf in the U.S. F. U.S. baseball player – set 90 records

1. Thomas Gallaudet 2. Steven Spielberg 3. Clara Barton 4. "Ty" Cobb 5. Sir Isaac Newton 6. Taylor Swift

A. basketball superstar B. greatest composer of all time C. ha, ha - this is not a person, but a very popular game begun in 1929 D. developed ways to deep-freeze food E. model, actress, businesswoman F. anthropologist – studied cultures

1. Margaret Mead 2. Ludwig van Beethoven 3. LeBron James 4. Tyra Banks 5. Clarence Birdseye 6. Bingo

December: 1. has 22 days T F 2. “decem” means "10"

(31) T F

Pop ! Quiz

6. begins season of winter T F 7. sun signs are Sagittarius the

December is one of our favorite months. What is the last day of December that appeared below the arrow?


9 11
















5 6










7 8

























































Archer, and Capricorn the Goat T F


8. flower is the rose T F

4. has the "shortest" day of the year T F

9. birthstone is the diamond T F (turquoise)



2 3

3. is the last month of the year T F 5. marks the end of summer T F



10. has many fun celebrations



Chef’s Corner continued from page 6

days. Other cooked dishes can be stored up to 4 days. Frozen leftovers should be stored at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below and used within 3-4 months. Turkey in gravy or broth, or other cooked turkey dishes can be frozen for 4-6 months. Stuffing and gravy can keep up to one month in the freezer. Marking your leftovers with the date and name of the item will help you keep better track of them. Here are a few ideas for using the leftovers from your Turkey Day feast: TURKEY WRAP 4 pieces of turkey (about 3-4 ounces) 1 tablespoon light mayonnaise 4 slices cooked bacon 2 flour tortillas (whole wheat, flour or flavored) 1/2 cup shredded lettuce 2 to 4 slices of tomato 2 to 4 slices avocado 1/2 red onion, sliced thinly, vertically 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper Spread each tortilla lightly with mayonnaise. Divide turkey and put half on each tortilla. Add two slices of bacon, and evenly divide the lettuce, tomato and/or avocado slices and onion to each tortilla. Sprinkle each wrap with salt and pepper. Wrap tightly and serve. Serves 2. THANKSGIVING POTATOES AU GRATIN This retro casserole is a great way to use leftover turkey, ham and cooked vegetables. 1 cup cooked turkey or ham (or a mixture of both) 1 cup cooked white or sweet potatoes, chopped, or 1/2 pound frozen hash brown potatoes 1 cup cooked vegetables 1 (10 ounce) can cream of broccoli, chicken or mushroom soup. or 1 1/2 cups leftover gravy 1/2 cup sour cream or plain Greek yogurt 1 small onion, chopped 2 stalks celery, chopped 1 1/2 cups grated cheddar cheese, divided 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper Cooking oil spray Heat oven to 350 F. In a bowl, combine all ingredients,


Placing a Classified Advertisement: To order a classified ad by mail, please send your advertisement with a check or Money Order to Julian News PO Box 639 Julian, CA 92036. Phone Orders are accepted Wednesday, Thursday 9 am to 5 pm, Friday 9 am to 12 noon. Visa and Master Card are accepted. Ads must be paid for at time of placement and will appear in the next issue. NO refunds for Classified Ads. Office phone - 760 765 2231.

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leaving out 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese. Pour into an 8 by 8 pan sprayed with oil. Sprinkle with the remaining 1/2 cup of cheese. Cover and bake 40 minutes. Uncover and bake another 20 minutes until the cheese on top is browned and bubbly. Serves 4 to 6. TURKEY CHILI This is a great dish for a cold day. If you prefer to prepare this in a slow cooker, omit the cooking oil and the recipe step where you cook the spices and vegetables in a pan on the stovetop. You can place everything except for the cooking oil in a slow cooker, mix well, and then cook on low for 4 hours if desired. 2 teaspoons cooking oil 1/4 cup chopped onion 2 tablespoons chili powder 1/2 tablespoon ground cumin 2 tablespoons tomato paste 1/3 cup chopped celery 2 cloves garlic, chopped 2 (15-ounce) cans pinto beans, drained and rinsed 12 ounces fat-free, low-sodium chicken broth 1 (15-ounce) can fire-roasted tomatoes, chopped 1 (11-ounce) can white corn, drained 1 (4-ounce) can chopped green chilies 2 cups cubed, cooked turkey 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper Heat the oil in a heavy, deep pot over medium heat. Add the onions, chili powder, cumin, tomato paste, celery and garlic. Cook until onions are clear. Pour 1 can of the drained and rinsed beans into the pot. Using a large spoon or a potato masher, mash the beans to break them down and thicken the chili. Add the remaining can of beans and the rest of the ingredients to the pot and stir well. Cover and simmer, stirring after 10 minutes, cook 15-20 minutes. Serves 4 to 6. ***

Angela Shelf Medearis is an awardwinning children’s author, culinary historian and the author of seven cookbooks. Her new cookbook is “The Kitchen Diva’s Diabetic Cookbook.” To see how-to videos, recipes and much, much more, Like Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva! on Facebook. © 2020 King Features Synd., Inc., and Angela Shelf Medearis


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continued from page 7 1. The Penn State Nittany Lions. 2. Montreal Canadiens (1986), New Jersey Devils (1995, 2000) and Colorado Avalanche (1996). 3. The golf ball. 4. “Reggie’s Prayer.” 5. Otto Graham. 6. Clyde Drexler. 7. Ronaldinho.

Trivia Time

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1. Eight 2. “Friends” 3. Mali in west Africa 4. $1,500 5. About 71% 6. “The Incredibles” 7. Lansing 8. Charlie Brown in “Peanuts” 9. Fear of dogs 10. Flat feet

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2020-9017498 GNOMES FIX IT AND REPAIR 1727 East Westinghouse St., San Diego, CA 92111 The business is conducted by An Individual - Donald Oliver Van Orman III, 1727 East Westinghouse St., San Diego, CA 92111. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON October 26, 2020. LEGAL: 08653 Publish: November 18, 25 and December 2, 9, 2020


Case Number: 37-2020-00032812-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: MICHAEL NASHAT ABDELSHAHID FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: MICHAEL NASHAT ABDELSHAHID HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: MICHAEL NASHAT ABDELSHAHID TO: NADER NASHAT ABDELSHAHID IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 61 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (1100 Union Street, San Diego, CA 92101) on DECEMBER 21, 2020 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON November 2, 2020. LEGAL: 08654 Publish: November 18, 25 and December 2, 9, 2020


Case Number: 37-2020-00040237-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: ANTONISE ENIQUE STEWART FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: ANTONISE ENIQUE STEWART HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: ANTONISE ENIQUE STEWART TO: ZIPHRA INRI ENIQUE STEWART IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 61 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (1100 Union Street, San Diego, CA 92101) on DECEMBER 22, 2020 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON November 4, 2020. LEGAL: 08655 Publish: November 18, 25 and December 2, 9, 2020


Case Number: 37-2020-00041147-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: OREN GROSVIRT-DRAMEN FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: OREN GROSVIRT-DRAMEN HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: OREN GROSVIRT-DRAMEN TO: OREN GROSVIRT DRAMEN IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 61 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (1100 Union Street, San Diego, CA 92101) on DECEMBER 28, 2020 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON November 12, 2020. LEGAL: 08657 Publish: November 25 and December 2, 9, 16, 2020

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2020-9018492 a) MAN OF MASTERY LLC b) MASTERY COACHING LLC 2921 Babbling Brook Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91914 The business is conducted by ALimited Liability Company - Coquete LLC, 2921 Babbling Brook Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91914. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON November 7, 2020.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2020-9019013 HOMEEARTH REALTY 2260 Avenida de la Playa, La Jolla, CA 92037 (Mailing Address: 8426 Christopher Ridge Terrace, San Diego, CA 92127) The business is conducted by An Individual Catherine Hoang-My Nguyen, 8426 Christopher Ridge Terrace, San Diego, CA 92127. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON November 14, 2020.

LEGAL: 08656 Publish: November 18, 25 and December 2, 9, 2020

LEGAL: 08658 Publish: November 25 and December 2, 9, 16, 2020

Wednesday - December 2, 2020

Volume 36 - Issue 18

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) This year, instead of jumping into the whole holiday prep scene, move in a little at a time. You'll appreciate the sense of control you're more likely to enjoy. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) The separation between the Bovine's head and heart is never as far apart as it seems. Both senses work best when they come out of logic and honesty. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) The best way to keep those preholiday pressures under control is to just say no to taking on new tasks while you're still trying to work with a heap of others. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) News means a change might be on its way, but what does it hold? Don't just ask questions; make sure you get answers you can trust. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Old friends and new have one thing in common: Both your longtime and newly minted pals have much wisdom to impart. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) With time running out, this is a good time for you to show 'em all what those Virgo superorganizational skills can do. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Librans and holidays are made for each other, especially

if children and animals are going to be part of your joyous season. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Time is getting too short to allow a spat to taint the holiday season. Restart your relationship and reschedule holiday fun times. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Seeking advice is laudable. You might learn far more than you thought you could. Stay with it. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Continuing to assess changes works toward your getting your new project up and ready. Trusted colleagues remain ready to help. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) That new situation needs a lot of attention, but it's worth it. This is a very good time for you to involve the arts in what you do. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) It might be a good idea to slow your hectic holiday pace so that you don't rush past what -- or who -- you're hoping to rush toward. BORN THIS WEEK: Others pick up on your confidence in yourself, which inspires them to believe in you and your special gifts.

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NOTICE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2020-9018201 TECH GUY 2012 Whispering Pines Dr, Julian CA 92036 (Mailing Address: PO Box 862, Julian, CA 92036) The business is conducted by An Individual - Christopher Dale Warnes, 2012 Whispering Pines Dr, Julian CA 92036. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON November 4, 2020. LEGAL: 08662 Publish: December 2, 9, 16, 23, 2020

LEGAL: 08659 Publish: November 25 and December 2, 9, 16, 2020

Julian Community Services District NOTICE OF VACANCY The Julian Community Services District is seeking qualified applicants for two vacancies that now exist on the District Board of Directors. The Applicant for the Position must be a registered voter and a legal resident within the Boundaries of the Julian Community Services District. Applicants are requested to submit a letter of interest to the District Office at 2645 Farmer Road or PO Box 681, Julian CA 92036, by 4:00 PM, Friday, December 11, 2020. LEGAL: 08660 Publish: November 25 and December 2, 9, 2020

NOTICE OF PROVISIONAL APPOINTMENT TO THE GOVERNING BOARD OF THE SPENCER VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Education Code Section 5092, that On October 9, 2020, a vacancy occurred on the above-named governing board; and On November 18, 2020, the remaining members of said governing board appointed Derek Miller as the provisional appointee who shall hold office until the next regularly scheduled election for district governing board members on November 8, 2022; The provisional appointment confers all powers and duties upon the appointee immediately following his or her appointment; and Unless a petition calling for a special election is filed with the County Superintendent of Schools within thirty (30) days after the date of the provisional appointment, it shall become an effective appointment; and A petition calling for a special election shall be filed with the County Superintendent of Schools, 6401 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, California 92111-7399 not later than December 18, 2020 and shall contain the following: 1. The Registrar of Voters’ estimate of the cost of conducting the special election. 2. The name and residence address of at least one, but not more than five, of the proponents of the petition, each of which proponent shall be a registered voter of the school district. 3. The text of language of the petition shall not appear in less than six-point type. 4. Signatures of at least one and one-half percent (1-1/2%) of the number of registered voters of the district or twenty-five (25) registered voters, whichever is greater, at the time of the last regular election for governing board members. In districts with registered voters of less than two thousand (2,000) persons, a petition shall be deemed to bear a sufficient number of signatures if signed by at least five percent (5%) of the number of registered voters of the district at the time of the last regular election for governing board members.

While there’s no one, defining Peace Corps experience, all volunteers immerse themselves in communities abroad, building friendships and working locally to address pressing challenges. Courtesy of the Peace Corps

What Being A Peace Corps Volunteer Is Really Like (StatePoint) For many, Peace Corps service is a first step toward a career or the continuation of a life’s work. “The idea of the Peace Corps -- that volunteers could serve their country for the cause of peace by living and working in other countries -- struck a chord with thousands of Americans in the early 1960s. That enthusiasm continues today,” says Peace Corps director, Jody K. Olsen. But what’s the experience really like? As the agency explains, selected volunteers are placed overseas in service in one of six sectors. Here’s a bit about each, as well as volunteer insights: • Agriculture volunteers work with farmers and families to increase food security and adapt to climate change while promoting environmental conservation. Anna Brettman volunteered in a Zambian village helping secure equipment needed to keep cattle disease-free. She says, “It will take time for the farmers to grow their herds again, but this should provide support for years to come.” • Community Economic Development volunteers work with development banks, nongovernmental organizations and municipalities to promote local economic opportunities. They teach skills and work with entrepreneurs to develop and market their products. “My business career took me to countries where I saw firsthand what many political and class systems do, and more importantly don’t do, for the majority in need. The agency gave me the opportunity to do something meaningful,” says Ken Kodoma, who volunteered in Namibia facilitating business workshops. • Education is the Peace Corps’ largest program area. Volunteers may inspire students in elementary, secondary, or post-secondary schools, work as resource teachers or teacher trainers, or develop libraries and technology resource centers. “I taught mathematics, biology and citizenship, led science clubs, helped increase literacy and worked with my Cameroonian counterparts in developing a book for math teachers,” says Jomara Laboy Rivera, a returned volunteer who now works in the Peace Corps’ Office of Programming and Training. • Environment volunteers lead grassroots protection efforts and strengthen understanding of environmental issues, empowering communities to make their own conservation decisions. “In the Pacific, residents deal with the effects of climate change, such as large storms, and also see ocean pollution, coral bleaching and coastal degradation up close. I liked using my creativity to spread awareness about Tonga’s waste problem to help come up with solutions there,” says Breanna Kazmierczak, a volunteer who served in Tonga. • Health volunteers promote nutrition, maternal and child health, basic hygiene and water sanitation, malaria prevention and work in HIV/AIDS education and prevention programs. “Working with the municipal water authority, we came up with a plan to maintain or improve water quality in 15 communities. Most communities wanted help in treating water to prevent parasitic infection and exploring better usage and storage techniques,” says Nicole Bryer, who volunteered in northern Peru. • Youth in Development volunteers promote youth engagement and active citizenship, including gender awareness, employability, health, environmental awareness, sports and fitness programs and information technology. “I helped with the film club at the youth center, which combined fun with opportunities for growth. We encouraged the youth to analyze the works we watched and gave them an opportunity to write and produce their own work,” says Dominick Tanoh, who volunteered in Morocco and also ran soccer and basketball workshops. To learn more about the different Peace Corps volunteer sectors, visit

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A petition calling for a special election shall be prepared and circulated in conformity with the requirements of sections 100 and 104 of the Elections Code. Date: 19 November 2020

Spencer Valley School District By Julie Z. Weaver Title Superintendent Legal: 08661 Publish: December 2,2020


Case Number: 37-2020-00037945-CU-PT-NC


Fictitious Business Name Filings Published for only $30


We send a proof of publication to the County Clerk with a copy mailed to you, for your records.

IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 23 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (325 S. Melrose Dr., Vista, CA 92081) on JANUARY 5, 2021 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON November 17, 2020.

We send a proof of publication to the Court with a copy mailed to you, for your records.

LEGAL: 08663 Publish: December 2, 9, 16, 23, 2020

Name Change Orders Published for only $50

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a luxurious acoustic grand in a sleek case that’s barely larger than the keys themselves. Integrated Bluetooth audio lets you connect your device wirelessly to the musical keyboard, so you can play all your favorite holiday music through its powerful stereo amplification system. • Add favorite aromas: Now that you have the sights and sounds of the season covered, don’t forget its delicious scents. Your nose will know the holidays have arrived when you bake that first batch of gingerbread cookies or light candles in scents like evergreen and peppermint. You can even try simmering a pot of water and add aromatic ingredients to it such as cloves, cinnamon sticks and rosemary. • Send season’s greetings: Set aside an afternoon to compose and send holiday cards. This end-of-year tradition allows you to reconnect with the people you care about most and can help lend the season a touch of normalcy. While you may not be making your usual visit to relatives or throwing your annual bash, there are many creative ways to make the most of the season and create happy memories for years to come.