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Holy October! - It’s Melodrama Time!

The Villain of “Keeping the Doctor Away or Take Two Apples and See Me in the Morning” Stacy Hodo, the girlfriend to hiss, and Kevin O’Connor, the man to boo.

Music on The Mountain

Melanie Devaney Back In Town

The Julian Branch and the Friends of the Julian Library are pleased to be hosting Melanie Devaney on Tuesday, October 6 at 6 pm for Music on the Mountain. Melanie Devaney is a folk-Americana a singer-songwriter from the small town of Epworth, Iowa (pop. 1,700) who now calls Los Angeles home.. Classically trained in piano and holding a degree in Creative Writing, her songs are stories from her own life’s adventures and the cast of characters she has met and created from life’s journeys. With a personal mission to “create beauty and change on song at a time,” Devaney strives to use to her music to inspire others to make the world a little better through simple acts of compassion and understanding. While her music can, at times, make her come across as vulnerable, Devaney is anything but weak. When called for, her songs exhibit a commanding strength and power that can take audiences by surprise. Devaney combines the values of her rural upbringing - integrity, authenticity and hard work - with her intellectual passion for learning. The result is elegant music that is nonetheless enjoyed by all audiences. Devaney was listed in Music Connection magazine’s Top 100 Unsigned Artists to look for in 2011. Devaney tours throughout the United States, with a heavy concentration of shows in the West and Midwest. Devaney’s most recent album, “Single Subject Notebook” is the third such independent release. “Single Subject Notebook” was produced by Grammy-nominated Jamie Candiloro (R.E.M/Willie Nelson/The Eagles/Ryan Adams/ Ed Kowalczyk). Many of the songs on this new album were influenced by Devaney’s experiences as a rural Iowan living in Hollywood, but the collection also features her first recorded cover song—a soul-inspired version of The Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down.” Described by the San Diego Kensington News as “a real gem”, her music is, “At times country, at times pop, she’s like a mix of Carole King and Emmylou Harris with confessional lyrics and heartfelt music to spare.” For more information on Devaney, please see her website, www.melaniedevaney.com. Devaney performed at the Julian Music Festival in 2013 and is happy to be returning to our town to perform. She arrives back in California at the end of this week, fresh off an eight- week tour in the Midwest. We are happy to be hosting her at the library! Please join us for fabulous music on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 6 PM and stay for the refreshments. The library is located at 1850 Highway 78, Julian. For more information please contact the branch at 760-7650370.

The 59th annual old time comedy Melodrama opens this Friday night at Town Hall and will run for the next 4 consecutive weekends. This is a year of first. First time that a musical Melodrama has been attempted in this rough and ready town of Julian. Oh sure, you probably remember Stacy Hodo singing a song as she baked apple pies a couple years ago but just one song does not make a musical. Local talent Steve Bennett has written us a musical Melodrama complete with 6 songs, one for each scene! This is the first time Sandi Bennett has ever directed the Melodrama, although she has directed and co-directed several other local productions. Speaking of Co-directors, Steve and frequent Heroine, Stacy Hodo, are both co-directors. It apparently takes a lot of people to fill the director’s shoes Bobby Green wore for about 30 years. Julian High drama coach, Garnette Welch did a great job directing the last couple years but wanted to take a break to travel up North to see the grandkids in the new camper she and Alan purchased. She will be back just in time to play that familiar refrain that tells us all the Villain or the Hero is about to make an appearance on stage, along the melody that accompanies the Heroine’s famous sing-song-y line “No, no a thousand times no, I’d rather die than say yes!” So back to firsts… Some cute little boys just might give the junior can-can girls a run for their money this year, as they star in the first ever “Cowboy Chorus.” To catch that Olio act, you will have to attend a 2PM matinee because the evening performances are past their bedtime.

1985 September 30, 2015

Julian, CA.

Volume 31 - Issue 08 ISSN 1937-8416

Eagles Homecoming Friday

Friday is Homecoming, Parade will be down Main Street and back to the School starting at 1pm with the football game Friday evening, under the lights. Homecoming dance is Saturday night at Julian High School.

What A Stinker, It Wasn’t Just The Salton Sea Hannah Tohm, the heroin Manzanita MacIntosh between scenes or acts. Julian audiences have always looked forward to the Olio acts as much as the Melodrama itself, and there have been some great ones over the years! Although she was before my time in the melodrama, I have often heard about the legendary and infamous Rosie Vanderstaay who would do just about anything to get a laugh. The one that seems to stand out clearest in everyone’s memory was her bumblebee costume. Most iconic is the image of the Stamets family; Eric, Linda & the boys, Tyler and Christopher, playing in the Olio. We watched those boys grow up from Melodrama to Melodrama, until they went away to school. A true Julian muse, Eric always made us laugh while Linda played his “straight man”. I remember the night he sang “Cover of the Julian News,” a parody on Dr Hooks famous song, Cover of the Rolling Stone. “Gonna see my picture on the cover, gonna buy 5 copies for my mother. Gonna see my smiling face, on he cover

Cowboy Chorus(not in order): Jameson Winn, age 4; Brady Winn, age 6; Sky Melvin, age 5; Landon Thomas, age 5; Jackson Noble, age 5; Sam Noble, age 5; James Guffey, age 6; Nathan Weaver, age 8

The Can-Can dancers(not in order): Aracely Aceves age 10; Devin Brooke, age 10; Donna Cruz, age 11; Jalia Diliberti, age 11; Alison Hernandez, age 7 Kylee Hoelter, age 11; Lindsay Wagaman, age 12 Olio Acts - Where did the word of the Julian News.” By the next Olio come from anyway? Not week, Michael Hart had indulged to be confused with the butter Eric by actually putting his face substitute, Oleo, the word Olio on the cover of the Julian News. The fun-loving members of has Spanish roots, beginning in about 1635-1645. Spanish Olla the Triangle Club Chorus, better (pot or stew). In Theater, an Olio known as the Julian Floozies, is a medley of variety acts (is who only perform at night, never that redundant?), usually musical fail to entertain with their antics in nature, which are performed from prudish temperance ladies downstage while the upstage or strong suffragettes, to goldset is changed; entertainment continued on page 9

by H. “Buddy” Seifert

It wasn’t a pretty game from the get-go. Except for the new stoplight at S22 and SR86/111, the Imperial County portion of the Salton Seaway (S22) hasn’t seen any repairs or improvements in the past 5 years. And it was hot. 113° at kickoff. It’s the desert, we know it’s hot. The game has to be played anyway. West Shores won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kick. Caleb Biliunas’ kick flew down to the Wildcats’ 7 yard line and was taken at the Wildcats’ 5. The returner did not advance. West Shore’s first rush went for 1 yard under a swarming Eagles defense. The Eagles pinned the Wildcats for a one yard loss on the next snap when a mystery penalty flag fluttered to the turf. Facemask on Julian. When asked who the culprit was, the official replied “I didn’t see a number, but I saw a facemask penalty”. This pretty much set the tone for the officiating for the rest of evening. 1st down Wildcats at their own 20. The Wildcats were moving the ball downfield, picking up a first down on three rushes and another by a 15 yard pass. The wildcats were hit with a holding penalty and an incompletion. Shuuluk chasing the Wildcats’ QB out of bounds for a 19 yard loss brought up a West Shores punt. Our Eagles took their first snap at their own 24. Daniel got the first touch and picked up 2 yards on his first rush. Missing a starting tackle, absent because his brother was graduating from Army Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, the patched up Eagles line couldn’t contain the onslaught of Wildcats’ defenders and Daniel was caught behind the line on his next carry. Daniel’s pass to Will Hatch fell incomplete on 3rd down and a fumbled 4th down snap was recovered by the Wildcats at the Julian 32. The Wildcats were working their way downfield and had a first down at the Eagles’ 13. On their first carry after the 1st down, Shuuluk found the runner in the backfield and his hit was audible in Borrego. An Eagle was flagged for pass interference on the next play, setting up West Shores’ first TD of the contest. Their 2 point conversion attempt failed. 4:20 to go in the first quarter, Julian 0, West Shores 6. The Wildcats squib kick bounced into an Eagle upback and the ball squirted away and was recovered by the Wildcats at the Julian 32. This series was notable for the amount of yellow flying around during the plays. The Wildcats were flagged for holding, but moved the ball for a 1st down. They were flagged again for a chop block on an Eagles defender, but picked up the 1st down on a pass interference call on an Eagles defender. After a short pick up, and Eagle was flagged continued on page 7

59th Annual Melodrama, Weekends In October Tickets Available at Chamber Of Commerce Offices or online at JulianMelodrama.com

Cross Country

Saturday, September 12 Bronco Round-Up Wednesday, September 16 HTHNC Small Schools Invitational Saturday, September 19 Mt Carmel Cross Country I Friday, September 25 South Bay Cross Country I Friday, October 2 St Augustine Small School Friday, October 9 Citrus League Cluster #1; Calvary Christian Academy, SD, Lutheran, Mountain Empire, West Shores Friday, October 16 - Home Citrus League Cluster #2; Calvary Christian Academy, SD, Lutheran, Mountain Empire, West Shores Friday, October 23 68th Mt Sac Invitational Friday, October 30 Citrus League Meet #3; Calvary Christian Academy, SD, Lutheran, Mountain Empire, West Shores Friday, November 6 Citrus League Finals; Calvary Christian Academy, SD, Lutheran, Mountain Empire, West Shores Saturday, November 21 San Diego CIF Championships


Friday, August 28 - L 30-36 Calvary Christian Academy Friday, September 4 - W 35-14 Public Safety Academy Friday, September 11 - L 46-0 Foothills Christian Friday, September 18 - L 22-32 The Rock Academy Friday, September 25 - L 20-56 @West Shores HS Friday, October 2 - 7:00 Borrego Springs HS (Homecoming) Friday, October 9 - 3:00 Saint Joseph Academy (Staff Appreciation Day) Friday, October 16 - bye Friday, October 23 - 3:00 Warner HS (Seniors Day) Friday, October 30 - 3pm @San Pasqual Academy Friday, November 6 - 7pm @Ocean View Christian


Monday August 31 W 3-0 Lutheran HS Friday, September 4 @Sweetwater Tournament 2-0 (L) - High Tech SD 2-1 (L) Hilltop Saturday, September 5 @Sweetwater Tournament 2-1 (W) - Kearny 2-0 (L) - Mar Vista Thursday, September 10 - 3-2 @Borrego HS Tuesday, September 22 - 4pm Warner Springs HS Thursday, September 24 - 5:30 Borrego HS Wednesday, October 5 - 5:30 Calvary Christian Academy Thursday, October 14 - 5:30 @Calvary Christian Academy Tuesday, October 20 - 4pm San Pasqual Academy Thursday, October 22 - 4pm @St. Joseph Academy

September 30, 2015

2 The Julian News

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You never know quite where life will lead you and we never imagined that we would be celebrating ten years of owning the Julian Candy Basket. The store was established in 1989 By the LaValley’s. It was primarily a loose bulk candy store with basket of individually wrapped candy sold by the pound. In Feb of 1997 Gary and Lynn Pasavanti bought the store when the La Valleys retired. They immediately expanded the inventory by adding chocolates, gummys, kids candies. They also added their signature homemade fudge from a family recipe that Lynn had made for years. Our fudge still includes the original flavors. Being someone who likes to be in the kitchen I have played with the recipe and added other flavors such as peanut butter, peanut butter chip, oreo cookie, cookie dough, peanut butter cup, cookie dough bite, pistachio, and dark chocolate and most recently birthday cake with all the sprinkles. You never know when you might come in and see our orange cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake, peanut butter swirl or rocky road. We like to play with it and come up with something interesting and original. We make a seasonal pumpkin pie fudge that customers start asking for in Sept. It’s all from scratch, no mixes, no additives or preservatives. Julian’s first and only original fudge. When our daughter Shyloh was young she had to stop any time we came to town. Later in High school she was hired through a grant program and worked there for the Lynn continuing past graduation. She let me know there was a job there and I started working part time. In 2005 it was up for sale and my husband Dennis and I thought this was something we could do together. We bought the store and have enjoyed it ever since. We specialize in old fashioned and hard to find candy. It’s so much fun to see customers delighted at finding something they had as a kids and didn’t realize was still produced. We have an extensive selection of candy (over 500 varieties) and candies from around the world. Wrapped bulk candies are still


in baskets. WE have learned a lot and part of the fun is looking for candies that customers request. We are always looking for something new and fun. We will soon be adding hard barrel (shaped) candy made in batches at our request. Flavors will include white licorice, granny smith apple, blueberry muffin, pickle, ginger beer and banana cream pie. We will also have Raven's Revenge, a tried and true sour candy now back in production. The store has always had some sodas but we greatly enlarged that to over 120 small batch craft sodas. We have sodas that have been made since the 1800s and many from the 1920s. We have at least 20 rootbeers from drive in style to heartier darker ones, creamy, and one with a butterscotch finish. Birch beers, apple beer, also seasonal sodas such as pumpkin pie soda. Our favorite way to drink it is as a float with all the creamy goodness of pumpkin pie. We will order sodas for you if we don't carry them. So many are available that we don't have enough room for them all but we like to please our customers. In addition to candy we have many gift items. We carry tins, lunchboxes, mugs, and drink cups. From Beatles, Wizard of Oz, and John Wayne to kids characters from Micky and Minnie to current favorites. Tote bags and other items such as magnets and buttons are available as well. We are also bringing back our plush animal collections. We are open seven days a week, every day of the year except for Christmas. The Julian Candy Basket is a fun place to be, for us and for customers. Our family, including grandkids, now help us out so if you see little ones around offering you a fudge sample, just know they are learning the ropes! We meet people from all over the world and share of love of a sweet treat and memories. I love hearing from customers that they have come here since they were young and families that make it a destination as part of their Julian memories. We and our family hope to serve you for many years to come. Dennis and Adele Delgado

the 7th Peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread


B.A. Keresztury 760 765 0693 760 419 9949

P.O. Box 2003 Julian, CA 92036

Water Sampling Service Total Coliforms and E.Coli Bacteria General Mineral and General Physical Inorganic and Organic Chemicals Volatile organics; Herbicides, Pesticides Complete Analysis of Test Results

POPE TREE SERVICE All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial & Residential

Julian Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Elections For 2016 The Julian Chamber of Commerce is looking for candidates to run for Board Directors in the coming elections held in November 2015. One needs only to be a member of the Julian Chamber of Commerce and should be willing to serve their community. If you are interested in being a candidate for a Board Director please contact the Julian Chamber of Commerce office by e-mail: patti.julanchamber@gmail.com or call 760-765-1857. Ballots will go out in October so don’t delay!


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September 30, 2015


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OPEN DAILY 6 a.m. TO 8 p.m. We want your business and we act like it

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Library Cards For Everyone

Artist Of The Month: Renee Fredricks

Renee Fredricks will be Artist of the Month at the Julian Library in October. She moved with her husband to Warner Springs eleven years ago. This was following their retirement from 25 years of owning and operating an electrical contracting business and raising their three children in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. Renee became enthralled with the beautiful backcountry and its animals, tractors, quaint churches, old buildings, barns, and serene landscapes, such different scenery from the coastal area she knew so well. She soon began taking watercolor and oil painting classes from local artists and instructors, Carol Ravy, Cindy Triplett, Stan Goudy, Joe Garcia and Judi Doxey and rekindled her passion from the high school art classes she had taken long ago. Renee joined the Julian Art Guild for continued inspiration and support and finds there’s always something new to learn, to see and to imagine.

TREE N C A O I M L U P J E HT Local Experience Since 1988ANY * Tree Consulting and Inspection * Long Term Forest Maintenance and Planning * Hazardous Removal and Precision Felling * Ornamental Pruning and Lacing * Brush Clearing and Chipping


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All of the students that didn’t already have a library card received new library cards and each checked out two items. Mrs. Younce's class will be coming to the library every two weeks to use their library cards and check out books. This picture shows their excitement in getting cards and books to read! When they come to the library, a couple of stories are read to them, then they can choose books. There are regularly scheduled class visits at the library with most of the classes at the Julian Elementary school. It is great to see the delight on their face when they get to come to the library and check out books!


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*** You grow up so fast in high school. It's not something you wait for, it just kind of happens. One day you'll look back and be proud of who you've become, but at the same time, you'll miss who you were. — Unknown ***

4 The Julian News


5am - 7am WEEKDAYS - $1.00 Coffee* *a buck and your cup gets you some of our joe


September 30, 2015

Back Country Happenings

Jake’s Mountain Back At It Friday

DJ Dave Klumph Mobile DJ, Sound Engineering, Lighting (858) 829-8925 djdave@davesmusicalentertainment.com www.davesmusicalenterainment.com

Dave’s Musical Entertainment

Shaded, dog friendly patio

Weekdays - 5am to 5ish


OPEN DAILYWeekends - 7am to 5ish FREE WiFi

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Home Crafted & Vintage Items • McCall’s Jar Candles • • Soaps • Lotions • • Collectibles • Wall Art •

CALENDAR LISTINGS If you are having or know of an event in Julian, Lake Cuyamaca, Ranchita, Warner Springs, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley Sunshine Summit or elsewhere that should be listed in the Backcountry Happenings column, please contact the JULIAN NEWS at PO Box 639 Julian, CA 92036, voice/fax 760 765 2231 email: submissions@ juliannews.com or bring the information by our office.


Julian Community Planning Group 2nd Monday Every Month Town Hall - 7pm Architectural Review Board 1st Tuesday of the Month Julian Historical Society Building/ Old Witch Creek School House 7pm Julian Chamber of Commerce Mixer - 1st Thursday of Month Board - 3rd Thursday of Month Town Hall - 6pm 760 765 1857 Julian-Cuyamaca Fire Protection District 2nd Tuesday of The Month 10am at the Julian Women’s Club House - 3rd Street Julian Community Services District Third Tuesday of every month at 10:00 A.M. at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office, Julian Substation, Public Meeting Room, 2907 Washington Street, Julian Julian Historical Society Presentations, 4th Wednesday of the Month Julian Historical Society Building, 2133 4th Street - 7 pm Julian Arts Guild General Meeting: Second Wednesday of the Month, Julian Library - 4 pm Program: Fourth Tuesday of Month Julian Library - 6:00 Zumba Aerobics with Gaynor Every Monday and Thursday Town Hall - 6pm, info: 619 540-7212 Every Monday Round trip shuttle service to Ramona depart 10am/return 2pm Julian Town Hall Every Tuesday Healthy Yoga with Lori Munger HHP,RYT Julian Library - 4pm Every Wednesday @ Julian Library 9am Low-Impact Zumba with Millan Chessman 10am Baby Story Time with Ms Sandi 10:30 am Preschool Story Time and Crafts with Miss Linda 11 am Sit and Fit for Seniors Gentle Stretching and flexibility exercises with Matt Kraemer Second & Fourth Wednesdays Feeding America Julian Library parking lot - 10:00am Every Thursday VA services available at Julian library. Call 858-694-3222 for appointment. Thursdays, 9am-4pm. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday Julian Lions Club 7pm downstairs at the town hall Third Thursday Book Club Meets at the Julian Library - 3pm Every 3rd Thursday - Lego My Library, Lego building for kids grade K-5. All materials supplied. Julian Library - 2:30pm. Friday Morning Yoga Class With Lori Munger HHP,RYT Julian Library - 9am Every Sunday (Weather permitting) Julian Doves & Desperados historic comedy skits at 1 pm, 2 pm & 3 pm – stage area behind Julian Market & Deli.

Downtown Julian - Cole Bldg.

Wednesday, September 30 Supper At Jeremy’s on the Hill Benefit for the Farm to School Lunch Program 4pm - 5:30 - $10.00


Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday Julian Triangle Club - Old Fashioned Melodrama Julian Town Hall Thursday, October 1 Kids Crafts. Make a special craft with Mary Morgan Julian Library, 10:30

2116 Main Street - Downstairs

Open 11-5


All Month Table Talk - “Creative Writing For Teens” Julian Library 2:30 - 4pm

760 765 1020


A Gathering Place for Coffee, Good Eats and Friends

After a long summer break, Jake's Mountain will be kicking off the Fall Season at The Red Barn. Blake Rogers has returned from Colorado after spending the summer there with his wife Valerie working on improvements to their summer cabin. We are looking forward to playing together and you can bet that familiar energy will fill the room with the joy of making music again. The summer brought some new changes with the loss of our famous and much loved band mascot, Jakers Sankey. Dan Sankey married the love of his life, Virginia, last May in a beautiful wedding where Blake played and sang. The Sankey's have adopted another puppy from the Baja Dog Rescue named Nellie who is currently in training to see if she is up to being the new band mascot. We will see, she's a bit shy but growing like a weed. Come on by for dinner and musical surprises to celebrate the coming of Fall in the mountains and the start of Apple Days in Julian. Music starts at 6 pm. Hope to see you!

Sara Petite Returns Saturday

Friday, October 2 Coffee with Dianne Jacob Julian Town Hall 8:30 - 10:30

Wed - Mon closed Tuesdays

Lodging & Activities Integrity Stables We’re serious about riding

(but we have a lot of fun too!)

Celebrating 20 years Lessons and Show Training

• English • Hunter/Jumper • Dressage • Western: Pleasure / Trail • Gymkhana Paige Smith riding “Nobody’s Home” + 2013 Double A Champion

Jennifer Smith

760 484 2929 / 760 765 1662

Proudly serving visitors for over 25 years, including friends and family of our backcountry neighbors and residents

Five unique guest rooms, near town, on 3 wooded acres with extensive gardens, benches and pathways. Our guests enjoy a full breakfast each day, goodies in the afternoon and unsurpassed hospitality.

Friday, October 2 JUHS - Homecoming Parade Main Street - 1pm Homecoming Football - 7pm

Our adjacent BLACK OAK CABIN provides another option for your getaway! www.butterfieldbandb.com



For More Information: 760-765-2179 or 800-379-4262

Saturday, October 3 American Legion Women’s Auxiliary Chili CookOff Post 468 - Noon to 4pm Tuesday, October 6 Vet Connect Media Event - 10am Tuesday, October 6 Music on the Mountain Singer songwriter Melanie Devaney will perform Julian Library, 6pm

Julian Historical Society

Thursday, October 8 Adult Craft. Advanced card making with artist Mary Morgan Julian Library, 2:30 Tuesday, October 13 Music on the Mountain Cuarteto Carlos Chavez will perform. Julian Library, 6pm Wednesday, October 14 Flu Shots. Free flu shots will be offered at the library, 9am-1pm Wednesday, October 14 Feeding America Free produce and staple goods. No eligibility requirements. 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 10am (Except holidays) Julian Library - 10am to 11am Friday, October 16 Introduction to Email. Learn to set up and use email programs. Sign-ups required. 3rd Fridays, 10am Julian Library Saturday, October 17 Friends Of The Julian Library Book Sale Library Parking Lot, 10am - 4pm Thursday October 22 Halloween Craft. Make fun Halloween bags with artist Mary Morgan. Julian Library, 2:30pm Wednesday, October 28 Feeding America Free produce and staple goods. No eligibility requirements. 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 10am (Except holidays) Julian Library - 10am to 11am Wednesday, October 28 Supper At Jeremy’s on the Hill

Monthly presentations on the fourth Wednesday of the month The Historical Society Building 2133 4th Street

“Best Americana”Award winner in the 2013 at the San Diego Music Awards (Her second and nominated again this year) Sara Petite is familiar to the folks in the back country. She’s been hitting the road of late but is back at Wynola Pizza this Saturday for another showcase of what she does best. Sing her songs to the always enthusiastic crowd. Whether with her band, alone or helped out with a guitar plying side kick Sara offers a distinctive blend of old time country and folk, starting at six o’clock on the patio at Wynola Pizza.


Upcoming Wynola Pizza & Bistro Shows:

EVERY THURSDAY — OPEN MIC 6-8, Friday October 9th – Joe Rathburn and …. Saturday October 10 – Double Header Outside/Inside • Music: Kevin Dennis, 4:30 – 7:00 • Comedy Club, 7:30 – 8:30 (in the Barn) For more information call Wynola Pizza & Bistro 760-765-1004

• On Oct. 1, 1890, an act of Congress creates Yosemite National Park in California, home of Half Dome and giant sequoia trees. The act paved the way for generations of hikers, campers and nature lovers, along with countless "Don't Feed the Bears" signs. • On Oct. 2, 1948, the first American road race since World War II takes place in Watkins Glen, New York. The New York Central railroad agreed to suspend train service for the afternoon so that the drivers could cross the tracks safely.

• On Sept. 30, 1955, actor James Dean is killed in California when his Porsche hits a sedan. Rumor has it that Dean's car was cursed. After the accident, the car rolled off the back of a truck and crushed the legs of a mechanic. When the parts were sold, the engine, transmission and tires were all transplanted into cars that were subsequently involved in deadly crashes. • On Sept. 28, 1960, at Boston's Fenway Park, Red Sox star Ted Williams homers in the final at-bat of his 21-year career. After being booed by Red Sox fans early in his career, Williams swore never to tip his cap to the Boston fans. He never did. • On Oct. 4, 1970, singer Janis Joplin dies of an accidental heroin overdose at age 27. Joplin, who had a No. 1 hit with "Piece

*Newly Renovated*

All 23 rooms combine modern comforts of A/C, private baths, flat screen TV and free WiFi Vintage mountain charm perfect for groups or romantic getaways

4th and ‘C’ Street

of My Heart," was discovered in her Los Angeles hotel room after failing to show for a recording session. • On Sept. 29, 1982, cyanidelaced Tylenol kills six people in Chicago, leading to a nationwide recall. The culprit was never caught, but the mass murder led to new tamper-proof medicine

(760) 765 1420

containers. • On Oct. 3, 1990, less than one year after the destruction of the Berlin Wall, East and West Germany come together on what is known as "Unity Day." Germany had been divided since 1945. © 2015 King Features Synd., Inc.

September 30, 2015


My Thoughts by Michele Harvey


by Kiki Skagen Munshi

Cousin Bob Gets A Dog The pictures of hopeful looking hounds in the media made getting a dog from the pound seem easy. You walk in, choose a dog, and hope you brought a leash. Cousin Bob had lost his beloved mutt to cancer and needed another dog for companionship so off we went on to find one of those homeless hounds. The first stop, the nearest, was El Cajon. Kind of a low-end Motel 6 of pounds, the one likely looking dog wasn’t available for days. On to San Diego and the twin lost-animal luxury resorts of the San Diego Humane Society and the even fancier pound. Both had several possible dogs. Or so it seemed until we learned that all the dogs were spoken for or had problems, like they climbed fences and ran away, bit people, destroyed entire city blocks or possessed even scarier personality defects. For many dogs there was clearly a reason why they ended up at the pound and we didn’t want them either. So south to Chula Vista and the mid-level hotel of animal shelters. The cat rooms were great; the dog pens were outside (it was hot) and cacophonous. About the second row Bob saw a mid-sized dog that was friendly and looked nice but, “Oh, he only has one eye.” Bob turned away. “He can see out of the other eye and he looks nice… and maybe this is the reason he’s here instead of having a major personality problem.” At those words Bob turned back. The dog did look like a neat guy and was clearly friendly so we went back to the desk to ask about him and, if suitable, arrange an “interaction.” Talk about bureaucracy. We had to be approved for adoption before there could be an interaction. Do you have a fenced in area? Yes. There really was one which was good because previous experience on my part had shown that have 28 acres wasn’t sufficient, you had to have a fenced yard. Vets name, history of ownership, eleven references and an oath sworn on a stack of San Diego County regulations later we went to meet the dog with palpitating hearts. In short, it worked. Back for more forms and, of course, money, then One-Eyed Jack was Bob’s. It is, by the way, illegal in San Diego County to tie a dog up, did you know? Not that you should leave a dog tied up for long periods of time but once in a while it’s useful to be able….no, slap the wrist, cruel and now illegal. Anyway it was put Jack in the old Trailblazer and head for Jacumba and hope he didn’t get carsick or try to jump out a closed window or… but he was perfect, sitting in the back seat with Bob and wondering what was going on but also wanting to be near a kind human. In short, to cuddle. A great guy. But bureaucracy hadn’t yet finished with Bob and Jack. One of the papers we received said Bob needed to take the dog for a medical exam or be thrown in prison to be drawn and quartered at dawn. It even gave a list of vets who would do this for free. Bobs vet wasn’t on the list so the next day he drove not to Alpine but to El Cajon to one of the listed vets. The vet then had a long list of Very Expensive shots and Very Expensive dog foods and the dog had a Very Expensive malady and….you get the picture. Bob left. A day later Bob’s own vet explained as he gave a not-very-expensive exam and the necessary shots and pronounced Jack healthy. The vets on the “free exam list” pay to be on it. And, needing to make a living, expect a return. Most vets, according to Bob’s normal animal doctor, will give free exams to adopted dogs. Be warned. And if you want to get a dog from the pound, be prepared to search a while.

Fall Crafts - Thursday

On Thursday, October 1 at 2:30 PM, Mary Morgan will be leading a Fall themed children’s craft in the community room at the Julian Branch Library. Please join us at the library for a make and take craft.

A few days ago I was waiting to turn left from my lane onto Highway 78. To my left was the drive into Julian Mining Company and to the left of that was the driveway to Spencer Valley School. As I waited for cars to go past in both directions, I saw a car come out of the Spencer Driveway. Sometimes people go into that driveway when they mean to go into the Mining Company drive. Knowing this, I waited to see what that driver was going to do. As I waited, a young woman drove fast out of the Mining Company drive. In her black, GMC Acadia, she looked right then left, and then turned left onto the Highway with no regard for me who got there first. I guess that most of us can think of things that irritate us. I wanted to stop that young woman so I could ask her if she has a driver’s license because she didn’t seem to know the rules put out by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Other drivers who don’t seem familiar with state driving rules are the ones who drive through intersections while pedestrians are waiting to cross the street .I’ve written about this in the past. If a pedestrian is waiting to cross at an intersection, the driver of a motor vehicle has to stop. If the intersection has a crosswalk or an implied crosswalk, the driver has to stop. Even if this wasn’t written in the state vehicle code, it would still be a curtesy. Bea Mushet came to see me recently to tell me about something that really irritates her. Our roadways used to be well trimmed. In the 1950s weeds along our roads were nearly unheard of. The road shoulders looked very clean and neat, and now they look horrible. Tumble weeds and puncture vines are common along with the very poisonous Jimson weed (Datura stramonium). My guess is that Cal Trans, the state department that keeps the weeds at bay, probably doesn’t have enough money in their weed killing budget. I spent a few minutes looking on the internet for weed abatement by Cal Trans, but I found lots of other listings instead. Projects, construction and road closures were a few of the listings I found. Job opportunities were there too. When I looked up Cal Trans weed abatement, I found pages of weed abatement listings and sum for chemical weed killers but none for Cal Trans. None of the weeds that Bea Mushet discussed with me are native to our area and many are taking over. Something else that bothers me has to do with restaurant servers. Specifically with particular waitresses. I waitressed for years and I knew when to give a check and when to hold on to it. Most waitresses are very good with the service they perform, yet I’ve worked with some that couldn’t be convinced to do anything different to improve their customer’s experience. One waitress who I worked with is a vegetarian. She gave huge dinner salads with meals and I told her that salads are for getting the taste buds working so the eater will enjoy the entrée more. Giving large salads fills tummies, not leaving much space for what could be a very expensive main course. Her answer was always that the customer paid for a full meal and it was her job to give them one. No, she didn’t get very good tips. Another waitress couldn’t stand to see a table that didn’t have food on it if customers were sitting there. If she had customers on a shift that had the cooks overwhelmed; she kept giving her customers more and more dinner rolls. When people have fresh food in front of them, they tend to eat. Her customers got too full before their main course was served and they never had room for dessert. She refused to believe me when I told her that she was creating her lack of tips. I like to think that I am a good tipper. I never blame the server if my food is not the way I want it. I never blame the server if my meal seems to take way too long to be cooked. However, If a server brings my check along with my main course without giving me a chance to order dessert or an after meal drink, that server will get a very small tip. Also, if a server waits until I have long since finished my meal and dessert before bringing my check, that doesn’t make me a happy customer and that server will not get a decent tip from me. That server will keep customers too long, not getting a nice number of customer turn arounds. Some servers could make a lot more money and just don’t figure it out. I didn’t just make these things up. I learned from people who had a lot more experience than me and when those people spoke, I listened. One of the things that irritates me the most is when people finish my sentences. More often than not, they have absolutely no idea how I’m going to finish my sentence and I want to tell them to shut up and listen instead of trying to outguess me. I don’t have any college degrees, but I have lived close to 65 years and I’ve learned a lot in that time. You can learn from me if you don’t finish my sentences just as I can learn from you by listening instead of thinking up my next reply. Many things in life can irritate us and hopefully we learn to handle the problems and challenges that come our way. I guess I’m good at handling most of the things that irritate me because I have low blood pressure and for most of the time I am relaxed. The rest of the time I whine and complain to anyone who will listen to me until I get the irritation out of my system. These are my thoughts.

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Veterans Connect At The Library

On Tuesday, October 6 at 10:00 AM, the Office of Military & Veterans Affairs office will be demonstrating the VET Connect kiosk from the Julian branch library to an audience at the County Operations Center in Kearney Mesa. This scheduled demonstration is for members of the Board of Supervisors and the media to show how technology can be used to save a trip to the city. During the demonstration, staff from the County’s Veterans Affairs Office will be in Julian to provide

a live Benefit Counseling with a Veteran Services Representative here at the County Operations Center in Kearny Mesa. If you have ever wondered what the kiosk located at the Julian branch library can do for you, this is the time to come to the branch and see how it operates. The VET connect kiosk has been operational for several months now at the Julian Library, appointments can be made with the Veterans Affairs office by calling (858) 694-3222. We are trying to get the word out about

the availability of this service to the backcountry. You may also ask a staff member at the branch for the brochure about the program. The Julian Library is located at 1850 Highway 78, next to the High School. For more information, you may also call the branch at 760-765-0370.

Because of friction caused by tides, the earth’s rotation slows and the day increases about a millisecond each century.

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1. U.S. STATES: What is the highest capital city in the United States? 2. SLOGANS: What was Woodsy Owl’s message from the federal government? 3. RELIGION: When is Maundy Thursday in the Christian religion? 4. MUSIC: Which pop singer was called “The Man from Memphis”? 5. DISCOVERIES: Who is credited with discovering streptomycin? continued on page 14


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Judy Wicks has been a leader in the “slow food” movement on the East Coast for more than 30 years. She describes herself as “a conscious eater.” When she opened The White Dog in Philadelphia in 1983, it was a tiny muffin shop on the first floor of her historic Victorian brownstone. As her business grew, Wicks turned the muffin shop into a restaurant. She hired a chef who specialized in showcasing fresh, local meats and produce. Wicks convinced her to expand her menu to include even more local farmers and food artisans. Wicks and her new chef also sought inspiration and guidance from famed West Coast restaurateur and locally grownfood pioneer Alice Waters. The White Dog’s locally sourced menu was considered revolutionary during a time when restaurants focused on French recipes and imported ingredients. The small muffin shop grew into a 200-seat restaurant, and Wicks became

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2000 Main Street • Julian, Open Daily: 11am to 5pm


760 765 2023 one of the forerunners of the fresh, local, farm-to-table movement on the East Coast. Wicks began using The White Dog as a meeting place and training center for other local business owners who shared her vision of a global economy comprised of a network of selfreliant and sustainable local economies connected by small-tosmall fair-trade relationships. Her advocacy on behalf of local businesses and creating self-reliant communities began to consume most of Wicks’ time, and she decided to sell The White Dog restaurant to Marty Grimms in 2009. She also created a unique social contract, as she describes it, for the new owner that ensured he maintained the restaurant’s long-standing practice of buying fair-trade products, locally sourced produce from its list of farmers and vendors, and only serving meat

from ethically treated animals from local producers. Today, Wicks spends most of her time mentoring entrepreneurs via the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, www.sbnPhiladelphia.org, and the international Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, www. bealocalist.org. Wicks also is a popular speaker and author. Her award-winning book “Good Morning Beautiful continued on page 14

National Child Health Day: Getting Every Child Off To A Healthy Start

Eagles Loss

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ge PB

The Julian News 7

September 30, 2015

Julian Julian

for a facemask penalty and the 1st quarter came to an end. At the end of the First, it’s Julian 0, West Shores 6. West Shores opened the 2nd quarter inside the Eagles 5 yard line. 2 plays later and they scored again. Again, their 2 point conversion attempt failed. 11:29 left in the Half, Julian 0, West Shores 12. Caleb picked up the Wildcats’ bouncing kick close to the Eagles’ 10 and got a decent return to the Eagles 32. The Eagles patchwork O-line was not performing up to par and Daniel was smashed down for a 2 yard loss on 1st down. JJ Corrales came around the back of the backfield and picked up a hard 7 yards before he was brought down. Under pressure, Shane’s pass to Daniel fell incomplete, 4th down Eagles. Pressured, Caleb got a wobbling punt off that was returned to the Eagles 40. An illegal block was detected on the return; West Shores began their possession at their own 40. The Eagles defense stiffened and held the Wildcats to a three and out series, punting down to the Eagles 26. The Eagles offense could do no better than 9 yards on their possession and turned the ball over on downs at the Eagles 35. West Shores began their possession with an 18 yard pickup with the assistance of some non-calls from the officials. Eagles Freshman Tyler Smith fought his way into the Wildcats backfield and dropped the Wildcats QB for a 7 yard loss. The Wildcats recovered and drove down to another TD. Their passing attempt for 2 points was successful. With 3:38 left in the Half, Julian 0, West Shores 20. Daniel took the Wildcats kick at the Eagles 6 and got all the way to the 8 before he was smothered by a herd of Wildcats. Will Hatch came in to spell Daniel and got smacked down at the Eagles 6. Daniel came back in and picked up 4 yards, but his pass to Shane fell incomplete. The Eagles punt away again. Caleb got off a hurried punt to the Eagles 40, which the Wildcats returned to the Eagles 32. The Wildcats worked their way downfield with a 1st down and aided by a Pass Interference/ Faceguarding call against the Eagles inside the Eagles 3. First down West Shores. West Shores drew a flag for aiding the

Daniel Streamer tried to get the Eagle offense going. photo by Lance Arenson ball carrier with pushing in his back. The Wildcats snuck into the Eagles endzone as the Half ended. Their 2 point conversion failed. At the Half, Julian 0, West Shores 26. The lights are on and it’s still over 100°. It is hot. We’ve gone through 10 gallons of water, 40 pounds of ice and 3 gallons of Gatorade just in the 1st Half. Opening the 2nd Half, JJ took the Wildcats kick at the Eagles 20, went to his right, juked back to the left and got outside and was chased down at the Wildcats 35. Good way to open the Half, Eagles! Shane fired a mighty pass to Shuuluk who crashed his way down to the Wildcats’ 5. Shuuluk lost 4 on his next touch and a Wildcat was flagged for an illegal hit on the quarterback. Half the distance to the goal. First down Eagles. Will Hatch was swarmed under at the line of scrimmage on 1st down. Daniel was gang tackled and had the ball stripped away at the West Shores 3. The West Shores RB got his first touch on the Half and took off. 97 yards to the house. Touchdown West Shores. Their 2 point conversion was good. 9:54 left in the 3rd quarter, Julian 0, West Shores 34. JJ took the Wildcats kick deep in Eagles territory and he zoomed his way to the Eagles 29

to start the possession. Will got the first touch of the possession and squeezed his way for a hard fought 2 yards. Daniel returned with a ten yard run and picked up an Eagles first down. Daniel fought for another 13 yards and my Eagles are moving. Will got the next handoff and picked up another 17 yards through some very heavy traffic. Another Eagles 1st down. Will got hit in the backfield for a 5 yard loss when an H Back, pressed into service as an O lineman, missed a block. Will came right back and picked up 4 yards and Shuuluk followed up with 7 yard gain. Shane used some deft footwork and effective blocking to score Eagles first touchdown of the night. Our Eagles 2 point conversion failed. With 4:33 left in the 3rd quarter, we’re finally on the board. Julian 6, West Shores 34. Caleb’s kick went deep enough, but the Wildcats got an excellent return to the Eagles 42. The Wildcats picked up a quick 6 yards and got flagged for holding on their next snap. The Wildcats were swarmed under by a fired up Eagles D for a 2 yard loss. A quick Wildcats pass picked up yardage to the Eagles 20, but they lost 4 yards when the ball was fumbled out of bounds. There was no gain on the next snap and the ball went over to continued on page 14

(StatePoint) October 5 is National Child Health Day, a federal observance started nearly 90 years ago to encourage Americans to focus on the health and well-being of children of all ages. That includes helping expecting mothers plan for a healthy arrival of their soon-to-be little ones. If you’re an expectant mother, you’re likely already making your child’s health a priority by scheduling regular visits with your obstetrician, adjusting your diet and limiting certain activities during your pregnancy. But have you thought about important considerations for delivery day? For example, skin-to-skin contact with your newborn immediately after delivery can help your baby get off to a healthy start. The International Breastfeeding Centre lists numerous benefits of skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby after delivery. These benefits include a happier baby with a more elevated blood sugar level, a more stable temperature, heart rate and breathing rate. The benefits are not fleeting, however. Mothers who have skinto-skin contact with their babies are more likely to breastfeed in the first one to four months, and tend to breastfeed longer, according to a report from the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group, analyzing 34 studies of more than 2,000 mothers and their babies. Traditionally, skin-to-skin time has been limited to natural vaginal births. In instances where a mother has given birth by cesarean section, the baby is often sent to an incubator before a mother can hold or see her baby. Today, nearly one in three U.S. women now gives birth via C-section, according to the CDC. That equals more than one million moms annually who are denied the benefits of skin-on-skin contact with their newborn. Fortunately, many hospitals now offer a solution in the form of a “family-centered birth experience.” Also known as a “gentle cesarean,” a family-centered birth experience includes certain aspects of a natural childbirth during a C-section operation, including allowing moms to watch the delivery, (but not the C-section procedure) as well as hold their babies immediately after delivery. Traditionally, C-section deliveries are blocked off by an opaque screen. New options such as a family viewing C-section drape allow moms to witness their babies’ first breath through a see-through window, while still maintaining an essential surgical barrier. If you’re planning to have a C-section and want to have a family-centered birth experience, do your research to find a hospital that offers the service and can deliver it the way you want. Ensuring skin-on-skin time with the baby will require additional staff and rearranging of equipment in the delivery room, as well as altered placement of the EKG leads on your body. Discuss these details with your doctor beforehand to ensure the hospital can make the necessary arrangements.

Julian Apple Days Pie Contest

First Place Winner for 2015 “Julian Apple Toffee Pie”

baked by Arlene Smith

Ingredients: Julian Macintosh Apple, brown sugar, butter, flour, shortening, salt, cinnamon ginger, vanilla, tapioca, and walnuts Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Crust: Mix 2 ½ cups flour, ½ tsp salt then cut in 1 cup chilled shortening and drizzle 8 tbsp ice water until ball forms with a fork. Divide in two and wrap in plastic and put into refrigerator for ½ hour. Roll out one half of the dough and put into pie pan and bake in oven for 7 minutes. Reserve other half for top. Filling: Peel and cut up 6 cups Macintosh apples & put them in a large bowl. For toffee use ½ cup of butter in a small pot and add ¾ cup brown sugar. Hear over medium heat until boiling. Stir for 2 minutes. Reserve a little for the top and immediately add the rest to the apples. Add ¼ cup walnuts, ½ tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp ginger, 1 tbsp vanilla and 2 tbsp tapioca. Mix well and pour into baked pie crust. Using the other half of the pie crust, roll out, cut into strips and weave over apple mixture to form top crust. Drizzle rest of toffee mixture into top. Cover loosely with aluminum foil. Bake for 25 minutes remove foil and bake another 30 minutes until top is golden brown. Cool on wire rack.

Winners of the Julian Apple Days Pie Contest 2015 1st Place: Arlene Smith from Julian - Julian Apple Toffee Pie 2nd Place: Harvey Arntson from Julian - Spiced Apple & Pear Pie 3rd Place: Cherie Nichols from Julian - Hot Damn! Apple Pie -----------------------------------------------------------------------Honorable Mention Vicki Newman from Julian - Apple Pear Crumb Pie Emily Carter from Julian - Apple Raspberry Medley Rowan Singh from El Centro - Apple Blueberry Delight Pam Ferreira from Vista - Sour Cream Apple Pie

If you're going into your senior year of high school, it's going to go faster than you think. And you're going to wish It went slower. — Unknown

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September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015



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This cabin has an open floor plan with a wood-burning stove in the living room area. The wood interior makes it cozy and warm.There is a small seperate “breakfast area” by the window. The front and side decks are great for some outdoor relaxing. On ⅓ acre with nice yards and off-street parking with a carport.

Priced at



Just two blocks off main street - an easy walk to stores, restaurants, library, schools and most everywhere in town. Located on a (almost half acre) corner lot with large trees and landscaping. Fireplace in the living roon, separate dining room, great kitchen with breakfast area, three bedrooms, double garage and additional parking area, secluded back yard with some spectacular sunset views.

Priced at






Has a completely open floor plan, gourmet kitchen with large center island. Three bedroom (Master bedroom is large) There are two fireplaces and a pellet stove. The house is 2968 sq.ft. There is and attached garage, 3 decks and great views.

Priced at




Septic is in for a 2-bedroom home. Existing foundation was signed off by the County. Water meter is in, there is a circular drive. Complete set of plans, some renewals my be required. Previous home burned in Cedar Fire.

Priced at



Entry to this large outstanding home is down a gated driveway. It is on eight acres, which adjoin Heise County Park - very private with panoramic views from the house and from the large deck! There is a master suite on the main floor with a fireplace and office and there are more bedrooms downstairs - a total of four bedrooms + 2 extra rooms and 3 full & 2 half baths -.a very special house.

Priced at


Reduced To - $825,000

Rose Steadman, Broker / Owner

Kirby Winn, Realtor Associate

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email: kirbylwinn@gmail.com

ail. send any materials nswer all reader Mr. Cox is unable e large volume of questionsforcox@ FL 32853-6475, Service,by P.O. LisaBox Rene Anderson© tinued on page PB ox in care of King *

ry Gardener

age 2


continued from page 1 diggers or Good-Time Gals with a wide variety in between. For many years now, Kirby Winn has kept us in stiches with his corny jokes told with even funnier delivery, Nancy Harding has amazed us with her spoonerism (transposing the initial letters or sounds of two or more words or syllables) ‘”Rindercella” who lived with her “mugly other” and two “sad blisters” went to the “bancy fall” but as she races away at “nidmight” she “slops her dripper.” Dave Harding plays his Dulcimer as he gets the audience to join him in singing some old favorites. So what is the melodrama about this year? “Keeping the Doctor Away or Take Two Apples and See Me in

the Morning” There is always trouble when a cad and his lady friend come in on the stage. I can’t give away the plot but it involves a villain trying to separate the miners from their gold. Will they catch on to his dastardly before it’s too late? Will the sweet heroine be duped by him and will the handsome sheriff get there in time to save the day? To find out the answers to these and other questions and join the booking and cheering audience participation, mark your calendars for the 59th annual Melodrama in the Town Hall. Every Friday and Saturday night from Oct 3 to 24 at 7 PM. Matinees every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm from Oct 3 to 25. No performances on Sunday, Oct 4 and Friday and Saturday

Oct 30 and 31. Every opening night we salute the late Bobbie Green, zany director for at least 30 years. Proceeds from opening night go a scholarship in her name. Proceeds from the closing night performance will go to the Town Hall Downstairs Restoration Project. All other proceeds go to scholarships for select Julian graduating seniors, an adult going back to school to better their life, and local youth programs that need additional funding. Tickets are $10 for everyone over 12, children 4-12 are $5 (under 4 is free) and a family of 4 with children is just $25.

You can purchase tickets at the Chamber office, or at the door an hour before each performance or on our website: www.JulianMelodrama.com This year's cast includes (in order of appearance): Marty Emery as the stage coach driver, Miners #1, 2 and 3 and Dr. Kavanaugh Baldwin III; Kevin O'Connor as the Villain, Willis Winesap; Stacy Hodo as the Villain's girlfriend, Goldie Jonagold; Hannah Thom as the heroine, Manzanita MacIntosh; Anthony Soriano as the Hero, Sheriff Jonathon Pippen; Barbara Keresztury as Elvinnia "Granny" Smith.

Abilina Guiam April 30, 1945 - September 25, 2015 Abilina Guiam, 70, of Santa Ysabel passed away on September 25, 2015. There will be a visitation at Bonham Bros & Stewart Mortuary in Ramona on Friday, October 2nd from 5pm-8pm. The Rosary will be recited at 7pm. A funeral mass will beheld at the Santa Ysabel Mission Church on Saturday October 3rd at 10am with burial immediately following at the Santa Ysabel Indian Cemetery.

The Julian News Goes North, Eh

From Dianne’s Desk

Notes from Supervisor Dianne Jacob COMMUNITY COFFEE – I hope you can join me at my next community coffee, set for Friday, Oct. 2, at 8:30 a.m. in Julian Town Hall, 2129 Main St. Please come by, bring your questions and feedback and let me know how county government can better serve you. Buzzworthy: My fellow Supervisors recently joined me in easing county regulations on beekeeping. We've taken similar steps in recent years with wineries and equine businesses, and are looking at ways to encourage craft breweries. It's part of a broader effort to boost our regional economy and backcountry business. Or, as I call it, the “three Bs”: Bees, beer and burgundy! Fire preparedness: As we all know, wildfire is a year-round threat in East County, but particularly this time of year due to the dry conditions across our backcountry and the Santa Ana winds. Over the past dozen years, the county has invested more than $320 million on fire protection improvements. These include new fire stations, equipment and better trained firefighters. Improvements made within the past year include a new station in Boulevard, an expanded aerial firefighting fleet and more County Fire Authority active reserves. A major wildfire will strike again someday, and when it does, we want to make sure we’re as prepared as we can be. Alzheimer’s alert: The county recently launched a new type of alert to help find seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and others who are reported missing and in danger. Local law enforcement agencies can now notify the public via email and cell phone text message when a person with dementia or other impairment goes missing in the region. Wandering is a huge concern for families dealing with Alzheimer’s and this new alert could bring real peace of mind and save lives. I encourage you to sign up to receive the alerts by going to www. readysandiego.org. For more District 2 news, go to www.diannejacob.com or follow me on Facebook and Twitter. If I can assist with a county issue, please call my office at 619-531-5522 or email dianne.jacob@sdcounty. ca.gov Have a great East County day! Dianne

Beyond Trick-or-Treating: Fun Family Activities For Halloween Season

Bud and Barbara Segni cruised from New York to Boston, Massachutes where they traveled over the "Finish Line" for the Boston Marathon. They also cruised to Maine and into Canada taking in the Bay of Fundy at St. John's and Peggy's Cove in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

(StatePoint) Trick-or-treating may be the standard Halloween tradition for most American families, but the holiday has branched out extensively over the last decade. Today, Americans spend over one billion dollars visiting Halloweenthemed attractions. Where are they going, and what are the best activities for your family? The experts at Hauntworld.com are offering some spooky answers in this ultimate fall to-do list. continued on page 10

September 30, 2015

10 The Julian News

THE BEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY because we open the doors to your future ...

C orner of 4 th

and B streets , J ulian we are your real estate consultants. Please give us a call CaBRE Lic# 01238746 760 • 765 • 1776




d ce

Charming, simple home with clean lines and spectacular views. Located on 2.1 acres with uninterrupted views of the Cuyamaca Mountains to the the South. Independent living off the grid with a well and solar panels. Custom home with 1568 SF of living space, high quality insulated panel construction. $334,000

Charming and immaculate, late model home located in the Gold Nugget Park. This 1644 SF modular has a fantastic view, sits on the edge of open space yet is within walking distance of everything in town. This is the nicest, affordable living space in Julian. Reduced to: $85,000

Quaint 1930's style home located in the Julian Village. Features 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, basement plus an extra room. Pretty views of the mountains across the valley. Perfect location for enjoying the cafe's, shopping, library, post office, schools, fitness center, doctor's office and churches. Residential/Commercial zoning. Reduced to $339,500

Whispering Pines Vintage home in immaculate condition. 2 bedroom, 2 bath with 2 extra bonus rooms. Gleaming oak floors, big kitchen, large lot with g garden area, outdoor patio with fire ring and large out building. This is ain must d see country home. en $323,000

Immaculate Ranch House on 8.43 acres of usable meadow land. Over 2400 SF of living space all on one level. Features a pretty garden area with a grape arbor. Completely private with spectacular views, ideal for an gin orchard, winery or horses, situated in of one of the most prestigious d areas Julian. en Offered at $569,000

Neat as a pin manufactured home on .38 acre lot. This home was built in 2006 and has never been lived in. Charming 2 bedroom, 2 bath with an extra room for a den, guest room or craft room. Nice views of the mountains and quite private. Priced well at $250,000

Fantastic, spacious home on 1/2 acre of useable land. One of the largest homes available in Julian: 2900 SF, 3.5 baths, 2 huge master suites plus another bedroom & a large extra room. Great for large family or entertaining out of town guests! It's just been waiting for you. $425,000

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Beautiful 10 acre Lot with incredible northwesterly views. Pad, well, tank, roads in, private. Must see to appreciate! $179,500


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Spectacular views from the building site on this 2.2 acre parcel. Electricity and well on the property. Seller motivated! $109,000


by BillBlanc Fink by Bic Mount

Best in the Universe Chili Cook-Off Chile Time 2015 One of my favorite Legion and Julian events is coming up on Saturday, October 3rd. It’s the 3rd annual “Best in the Universe Chili Cook-Off” sponsored by the Julian American Legion Auxiliary. If you think you’ve got the “Chili-Chops” to compete in this great local event call the Legion right now at 760 2150106 for the entry forms and a list of the rules and regulations. This event is open to the public if you want to be a competitor and of course everyone is invited to enjoy the tasting. Two years ago saw the rebirth of this fun event in its new form. With a couple of years of experience under their belts the ladies are moving all competitors to the parking lot and will reserve the patio for music and dancing. There will be beer available and soft drinks of course. The full bar is available inside the Legion. The cost for tasting will be $10.00 and it includes tasting tickets, (more tickets available at additional cost) a large hot-dog to slather your favorite chili on and a drink of your choice. Of course your choice is limited if you’re under twenty-one so bring your ah-dee (ID) as the rules, as they apply to alcoholic beverages are strictly enforced. The Chili Jones Team headed up by local Darrin Jones along with his brother Keith (out on a day pass just for this event) took first place last year. Their King Kuba’s Chili was good, I guess.


Juli Zerbe Broker/Owner REALTOR®

CABRE LIC# 01238746

Seller Representitive Specialist Risk Management Specialist Senior Real Estate Specialist 16 years experience CALL 760 • 445 • 1642

CALL 760 • 604 • 2226 Can you say Dennison’s? I like Dennison’s. Second place went to Julian Hard Cider Chili and the Red Hot Chili Mammas Vicky Brooke and Kat Forcade. Their recipe called for plying the judges with lots of liquid hard cider. There was a little meat and beans in the mix but if you like hard cider their place was no surprise. The Whacko Chile Esteban’s Chili Team which took third won’t be there this year as they have been invited to compete in the Texas state championships in San Antonio, uh the only California team invited to this nationally prestigious event being judged by Bobby Flay, Guy Fietti, George Strait, Tony Romo, Paula Deane and Alton Brown among others. Need I say more? The “People’s Choice Award and the “Best Booth Award” was won by Jack Daniels Sweet and Spicy Chili. Hey, add enough Jack Daniels to Stater Brothers Chile they use and who couldn’t win? (See second place winner, are you sensing a trend?) They will be back to defend. All kidding aside, you could be a winner in this highly competitive but fun event and take home the $50,000.00 first prize* but you need to enter. The rules say you can set up at the event at 6 a.m. and be ready to serve by noon. You can use the commercial kitchen at the Legion the evening before between 6 and 8 p.m. for food prep but it must stay at the Legion, locked up overnight. There is no food prep done at home. You will need to prepare a minimum of three gallons of chili. There are further rules and regulations that are available at the Legion. Some past competitors have been Erica Jones’ Beef, Bison, Bone Marrow Chili, Me and Mike’s Chili Team, Yes Deer Chili (can you guess what type of meat they used?), Smokin’ Mammas Chili (a vegan concoction, no face, no eyes, they even cut the eyes out of the potatoes), Pop Your Cherry Chili, (first time at making chili let alone first time competing), There are no specific categories in this event and who would want to be bound by a bunch of rules when it comes to

Custom home over-looking Lake Cuyamaca, Floor to ceiling windows on the South and East sides provide natural light, spectacular views and an impressive passive heat source in the winter. Rare, oversized .58 acre g nlot, 2+ bedrooms, 2 baths, and an iatrium d style family room. en Entertaining Offers: $329,900 to $339,900

the concoction of this traditional Southwestern American dish. This leaves open the definition of traditional. Does chili have beans or not? Some cooks don’t use tomato sauce. Different kinds of meat and spices are used and the level of heat and the spice used to heat the dish is a closely guarded secret of chili chefs everywhere. Almost all chili has chilies (peppers). Chili (Spanish for pepper) Con (Spanish for with) Carne (Spanish for meat) and Frijoles (Spanish for beans) jeez do I have bi-lingual ability. Chili seems to have its origins in the southwest although no one is sure. “The recipe used by American frontier settlers consisted of dried beef, suet, dried chili peppers and salt, which were pounded together, formed into bricks and left to dry. It could then be boiled in pots on the trail.” Mmmm sounds good doesn’t it? Actually I’ve read that chili “bricks” are still available today which begs the question, why? So if you want to enter, let it be known that it’s a lot of work, so, many entries are made up of teams. The hard work is worth it when you consider the first place prize is a checkeroony (see above*). Second place is an allexpense paid trip for two to Bali*. Third place is a kitchen remodel worth up to ten thousand dollars. The People’s Choice will get you a trip to La Puente in L.A. County and the keys to the city*. Best booth gets you a cheap little trophy. The event takes place at the Legion at the corner of Washington and 2nd with tasting starting at noon. You can come early and stay late but come and have a great time. For ten bucks you get to taste a bunch of chili, get a big hot dog to slather it on and a drink of the alcoholic variety with proper ID or soft drink. You’ll hear some great music on the patio and you’ll probably be kicking your own butt along with all the other chili egomaniacs for not entering your own “Best Chili in the Universe Contest. The other great thing is that the Auxiliary uses the money they earn to do great work in our community and with our Veterans. All kidding and

sarcasm aside if you haven’t been to this event, don’t miss it.

* The Julian News, The American Legion, Ladies Auxiliary or anyone else for that matter, including Bill Fink is not responsible for any of the ridiculous things I make up. I’m not responsible either.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

A true American icon and one of my childhood heroes. Yogi Berra, “It aint over till it’s over”, “Nobody comes here anymore…it’s too crowded”, passed this week at age ninety. More next week on this challenged American sports hero. I think you’ll be surprised by his extraordinary life and times.

Belt Buckle

Q: I have a collection of about a dozen Reader's Digest condensed books. Some have never been read and are in nearnew condition. Where can I sell them? -- Freda, Rio Rancho, New Mexico A: The Reader's Digest condensed books were popular throughout the 1950s and '60s. They have little commercial value. For example, I recently was at a garage sale where several dozen were priced for a buck each. Instead of trying to sell them, have you considered donating them to a charity?

Q: I was recently given a Wells Fargo belt buckle that is identified as being made by Tiffany and Company. What can you tell me about it? -- Keith, Crescent Valley, B.C., Canada A: According to the Antique Trader Guide to Fakes & *** Reproductions by Mark Write to Larry Cox in care of King Chervenka, your belt buckle is a Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box knock-off and was probably made 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, during the 1960s. In addition or send e-mail to questionsforcox@ to Wells Fargo buckles, others aol.com. Due to the large volume of also were issued, including ones mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable featuring such highly collectible to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send any materials names as Winchester, Coca- requiring return mail. Cola and Abraham Lincoln. (c) 2015 King Features Synd., Inc. *** Q: I began collecting Hallmark ornaments several years ago, and I am always looking for them in shops and at garage sales. Can you recommend a good, reliable price guide that I can stick in my purse? -- Union, Lynchburg, Virginia A: There are several excellent guides, but since you specified a small size, my pick would be 1. Who holds the Colorado "Warman's Companion Hallmark Rockies pitching record for most Keepsake Ornaments" by Mary career shutouts? Sieber and published by Krause 2. What has been the most Books. Even though it is in a home runs hit by a Kansas City smaller format, it has detailed Royals player in any one season? listings with more than 550 3. Name the last team before illustrations in full color. According the Cleveland Browns in 2012 to to a collector I consulted who select both a running back and a collects Hallmark ornaments, the quarterback in the fi rst round of prices listed seem to reflect the the NFL Draft. current market. 4. Name the last team that *** was a No. 4 seed when it won Q: I have three antique the NCAA Tournament in men’s bedspreads, never used, and basketball. beautiful. I want to sell them. 5. When was the last time -- Dominic, Warren, Michigan before 2014-15 that the Montreal A: There are bedspreads and Canadiens made the conference there are bedspreads. Since you semifi nals of the NHL playoffs provided me with no information, two consecutive seasons? I really can't help you. Are your 6. Name the last appearance bedspreads handmade quilt, in the MLS Cup fi nal for the New turn-of-the-century woolen camp England Revolution before 2014. blankets or coverlets that feature 7. British cyclists have won intricate Victorian handwork? three of the past four (2012-15) What the quilt is made of and when it was crafted determine to Tour de France events. Who was a great extent whether there is a the only non-British cyclist to win demand for it. Demand equals during that time? continued on page 14 salability. *** Learn diligence before speedy execution. — Leonardo da Vinci ***

Halloween Ideas continued from page 9

Escape Rooms Escape rooms offer an immersive and interactive experience like none other. These Halloween-themed attractions involve working together to solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape a room in under an hour. Haunted Houses Haunted houses come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from three-dimensional black light attractions to haunted trails to major scream parks. Haunted houses also change regularly, so it may be very different from visit to visit. Today, most haunted attractions don’t rely as much on blood and guts as they do on interactive special effects, sophisticated costumes, story lines and computer-generated imagery. To celebrate the scary side of Halloween, get the family together for an unforgettable night filled with fun and screams. To find America’s scariest haunted houses, trickiest corn mazes, spookiest zombie runs and every pumpkin patch, ghost tour and escape room near you, you can review a comprehensive directory of these attractions at www.Hauntworld.com. While tradition never gets old, novel Halloween activities provide different thrills than a standard trick-or-treat trip around the block.

PETS OF THE WEEK Alexis is an 8 years young spayed buff tabby who weighs 8lbs. She is not your typical as she craves interaction with her human and adores attention. Alexis will come running to you when you call her name and seems to behave more like a dog than a cat. She has a good balance of playful energy and just wanting to relax with her people. Meet this amazing feline by asking for ID#A1667715 Tag#C149. Alexis can be adopted for the Senior Fee of just $35. Sasta is a 9 years young spayed Australian Shepherd/Chow Chow Mix who weighs 33lbs. A volunteer favorite, Shasta is a total love bug who wants nothing more than to be someone's teddy bear. Affectionate and friendly, she will make a wonderful companion for any family. She has both the energy for walks and the ability to relax and be a couch potato with her family. Meet this beautiful gal by asking for ID#A1669560 Tag#C367. Shasta can be adopted for $35.

All adoptions will include vaccinations, spaying/neutering (upon adoption), a microchip and free Vet visit. Dog fees also include a 1 year license. Alexis and Shasta are at our Central County Shelter, 5480 Gaines Street, San Diego . The Shelter hours are 9:30AM to 5:30PM, Tuesday through Saturday or visit www.sddac.com for more information.


increments. A lo with bidding rais to whatever… wi clothing, and ho everything fro and snacks are 6 p.m. Entry is auctions tonigh installment of Auxiliary is ha your paper on For those of a left handed gu will be there if so a rumor that Pa drink will be ava mic. Great mu Friday night is the For all Legion

Hear Ye!

September 30, 2015


A Sturgeon was caught on 9-22-2015 by the Dike in Chambers Park! It was about 42 inches and about 45lbs one of our largest Sturgeon in the lake. He was released back into the lake so he's still out there ready to be caught again! Congratulations to Jimmy from Alpine!

Howdy From Lake Cuyamaca

ntinued on page PB

ot of fun. sed in 25 cent ill be auctioned ousehold items om cleanser, e available and s $2.00, drinks ht, April 21 at their periodic aving another Tuesday, the you that get uitar. omeone brings aul McCartney ailable. There’s usic, food and e monthly open n members, this

Hear Ye!

Dusty Britches" here along with "Cuss Cussler" and "Slim Pickins". We have fish coming out of the pond over the last week. John Smith... (and yes, his name really is John Smith)... was lucky enough to win a stay in one of our condo's for a couple nights. During his stay, Shooter, a young angler in the group, nailed a 5 pound rainbow first thing Thursday morning to start things off. I visited John later that day where he showed his cooler of rainbow trout. The hot spot seems to be the transition corner that leads on to the dike. Fish were being caught from the handicap dock around to the wooden pier. Bait of choice is green glitter power bait. Several limits were taken out today at that same location. Good quality fish... mostly up to 3 pounds. Another notable catch(see photo above) is a 45 pound, 42 inch, White Sturgeon caught by Jimmy Young of Alpine. He was working a crank bait along the dike when it hit. Our rangers helped take it out, weigh it, measure it, and then release it back... so it is back out there ! Saturday was "Kid's Free Fishin’ Day". Lots of young anglers and angler-ettes showed up to take advantage of the day. We prepared for it with two trout stockings in the two previous weeks planting over a ton of trout. A great day was had by all. I have been hearing some disturbing things about sleeping cabin #5 over at Chamber's Park. Everything from visions of specters and ghosts, to strange noises in middle of the night, cold breezes sliding across the faces of people while sleeping in the cabin that would wake them up, lights coming on by themselves, and the rattling of the door at different times with absolutely no reason. It bothers me because four people have passed away in cabin #5 over the years. Some from natural causes, others passed away and there has never been an explanation as to why they passed. The raccoons seem to stay away on the evenings that these things occur. There have been complaints of visitors waking up in the morning to find that furniture and coolers had been moved around on the porch, food stolen, and the picnic bench removed entirely... to find it down by the lake, but the oddest story of late is from a husband, his wife, and two kids who say they witnessed their entire tablecloth, dishes and all, shot straight up into the moonlit sky... never to be seen again. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite... "Tight Lines and Bent Rods"... "Dusty Britches"

The Julian News 11

September 30, 2015

12 The Julian News


Dear EarthTalk: What exactly is solar desalination and how can it help an increasingly thirsty world? — Maryann Dell’Amore, Howard, MN

for storage for untreated drainage water. It will also prevent the drainage from contaminating fresh waterways and endangering wildlife. According to California’s State Water Resources Control Board, approximately 9,493 miles of rivers and streams and some 513,130 acres of lakes and reservoirs are listed as being impaired by irrigated agricultural water. “If we don’t start removing the salts now, at least 10 percent of all current farmland in production in California will have to be

Solar desalination plant on the island of Funafuti in the Tuvalu islands. Credit: Nick Hobgood, FlickrCC Solar desalination is a retired, and in many scenarios technique used to remove this number could be up to 30 salt from water via a specially to 40 percent, especially on the designed still that uses solar west side of the Valley where energy to boil seawater and the salinity is very high,” says capture the resulting steam, which WaterFX’s Matthew Stuber. is in turn cooled and condensed “Water in the drainage areas into pristine freshwater. Salt and will contaminate groundwater other impurities are left behind in and natural surface waterways the still. at an accelerated pace, Less than one percent of eventually polluting sources of the world’s desalination is drinking water and the natural powered by renewable energy environment. Once that is sources today, but that could released into the environment, all change soon if companies you severely damage the natural like California-based WaterFX habitat and wildlife.” have anything to say about it. Another large-scale solar Its Aqua4 “concentrated solar desalination project is currently still” (CSS) uses a concentrated under construction in Saudi solar thermal collector to Arabia and scheduled for compress heat, create steam completion in early 2017. The and distill water at 30 times the plant is slated to produce 60,000 efficiency of natural evaporation. cubic meters of water per It can produce 65,000 gallons of day for Al Khafji City in North freshwater per day—and it can Eastern Saudi Arabia, ensuring desalinate a wide range of water a constant water supply to sources, not just seawater. the arid region throughout the To wit, the company will start year. According to Abengoa, employing solar desalination to the Spanish renewable energy treat some 1.6 billion gallons of company building the pioneering salt-laden irrigation drainage facility, the incorporation of from California’s droughtstricken, agriculturally-rich Central Valley next year. Crops extract nearly pure water from soil, leaving behind salt and other potentially toxic minerals like selenium that naturally occur in the water. These excess minerals must be drained from the soil, or crop productivity plunges. By treating this drainage, WaterFX can prevent about 15 percent of farmland in California from being retired every year to make room

solar would significantly reduce operating costs, as Saudi Arabia currently burns 1.5 million barrels of oil per day at its desalination plants, which provide 50-70 percent of its drinking water. Total desalination demand in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries is expected to reach 110 million cubic meters a day by 2030. With freshwater supplies at a premium already in many parts of the world as a result of climate change, there has never been a better time for solar desalination to come of age. Whether or not this emerging technology can go mainstream sooner than later may mean the difference between a peaceful future and one wracked by conflict over access to ever-dwindling supplies of freshwater. CONTACTS: WaterFX, www.

waterfx.co ; California’s State Water Resources Control Board, www. swrcb.ca.gov; Abengoa, www. abengoa.com. EarthTalk® is produced by Doug Moss & Roddy Scheer and is a registered trademark of Earth Action Network Inc. View past columns at: www.earthtalk.org. Or e-mail us your question: earthtalk@ emagazine.com. We depend on donations from readers like you to keep new content flowing and expand our outreach efforts to help everyday people live greener lifestyles and become proactive in working to solve our environmental problems. Please keep the dream alive with a tax-deductible donation to Earth Action Network, the 501(c)3 nonprofit publisher of Emagazine.com, EarthTalk.org and the EarthTalk Q&A column

I wasn't popular in high school. I was the weird kid. So to all you weird kids out there - you can do it. — Adam Lambert

Apple Days Officially In Full Swing The Julian Apple Growers Association officially kicked off the harvest season with an “Apple Tasting” at Town Hall on Friday night. Visitors where treated to over 15 different varieties of apples grown throughout the region. Some sugar sweet, some leaning to sour, all very tasty and providing an educational experience for the uninitiated. Discussions with growers about the best apples to use for everything for pies, ciders, and stuffing a luau pigs mouth were over heard. On Saturday and Sunday the focus was out at Menghini the late ripening fruit that will be available then. Friday the 23rd will also be auction night as they auction off the original Joe Garcia painting that is being used for their fund raising print, available at various shops through out town for $15. The Association has plans in the works to increase awareness throughout the community about the crop that made Julian famous and will be holding seminars and functions throughout the year to improve understanding. Winery as the annual Apple Day Weekend was taking place. Over the two day estimates of close to 5,000 people came to check out the festivities and entertainment, gold panning demonstrations. Apple Days harvesting at the various U-Pick orchards should continue through October. The Apple Growers Association is planning another Tasting at the Town Hall on October 23rd, to take advantage of some of


Nestled on hillside with panoramic views, this custom 3br/3ba, 2835 sf home on 5 acres boasts absolute quality through-out! Tumbled Travertine & antique pine flooring, 3 zoned HVACs, cement fire proof siding & 50 year architectural roofing. Custom Kitchen, top of the line SS appliances including 6 burner Jenn-Air Cooktop & hand chiseled granite counters. MLS#150036294

Listed at $679,000.

Will and Loni Schuder 619-787-8044

Re/Max Associates •

AC Repair

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Vince Reggiani, Owner/Operator — Service@QuickResponseAC.com




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General Contractor



Office 760 788-7680 Cell 760 519-0618 • Mike DeWitt Cell 760 522-0350 • Pat DeWitt PO Box 518 Julian, CA 92036

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Over 35 Years Experience Lawrence Noble, Owner Julian Resident for 27 years

Call – Bert Huff !

Grading, For 30 years I have beenClearing, taking care of San Diego and the backcountry’s water New Construction big or small. Bad taste. odor, hard water, iron ... no mater what your water prob Room Additions guarantee the highest Roads, Pads quality products at the best price. WE REPAIR ALL MAKES & MODELSEngineering • www.haguewatersandiego. Decks All General No Move In – $•5010 Remodels •789 760 Charge SALES • SERVICE hour Commercial Water Treatment Systems - Water Testing .749.1782 .0428 / 760.390 760 • 765 • 2363Residential &760


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• Exterior/Interior Specialist • Reliable - Over 35 Years Experience • Fully Licensed and Bonded • Power Washing Lic # 792234 Serving All of • Free Estimates San Diego County LOCAL JULIAN RESIDENT

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Water Recycling


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Commercial Residential Interior • Exterior

P.O. Box 632

Julian, CA 92036

License #459575


The Julian News 13

September 30, 2015

California Commentary

Beware The Temporary Tax

by Jon Coupal

A coalition of government employee unions has filed an initiative that would extend the temporary income tax hikes that were contained in Proposition 30 and approved by voters in 2012. If this seems like, in the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “déjà vu all over again,” it’s not your imagination. This is just the tax raisers running their favorite play from “The Book of Dirty Tricks on Taxpayers.” First they persuade taxpayers to accept a tax by marketing it as temporary. Once taxpayers have become inured to paying it, the tax raisers move in to extend it or make it permanent. Big spending politicians and their allied government employee unions count on taxpayers having short memories to make this scam work. For example, look at the 1.25% sales tax increase political elites pushed in 1991 to deal with a budget gap. A half-cent was supposed to be temporary but when it came time to expire the Legislature placed it on the ballot promoting it as necessary for “public safety.” Voters — by then used to paying the higher tax — swallowed the hook and we continue to pay the entire 1.25% increase initiated almost twenty-five years ago. There is a saying in football that if a play works once, keep running it until the opposition shows they can stop it. In 2009, the Legislature achieved the two-thirds vote to impose two year increases in state sales and income taxes. Immediately they placed on the ballot, in a special election, an extension of these taxes for two additional years. Voters, still shocked by being hit with stiff tax increases, were having none of it and rejected the extension by almost two to one. Realizing they had not waited long enough to allow taxpayers to become accustomed to higher

taxes, government employee unions, working with Gov. Brown returned to the ballot in 2012 with another “temporary” increase in sales and income taxes in the form of Proposition 30. As the primary spokesman for the tax, the governor traveled the state repeating the mantra, “It’s for the schools, its temporary.” Voters were persuaded to approve another “temporary” tax increase. Now those who benefit the most from higher revenues – California has the highest-paid state and local public employees in all 50 states according to the Department of Labor – are back seeking to extend taxes, that were scheduled to expire in 2019, for another dozen years. If the Proposition 30 extension, now being called the School Funding and Budget Stability Act, appears on the ballot, it has a good chance to pass. This is because the burden will fall on a minority, upper income taxpayers, and many voters will overlook that high taxes will cause some of our most successful residents to leave for more tax-friendly states, meaning that they will no longer pay any taxes to California. The most important thing for voters to remember, however, is that if they agree to any temporary tax, it may as well be considered as permanent. As for the Proposition 30 temporary tax, it likely will join the ranks of other “temporary” taxes that seem never to disappear. Among those is the federal telephone tax established to pay for the Spanish American War, which remained in place for 108 years after the war ended. Jon Coupal is president of the Howard Jarvis TaxpayersAssociation — California’s largest grass-roots taxpayerorganization dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers’ rights.


2019 Main Street


3 Bedroom Home with Finished Attic in Historical District Ready for your personal renovations.

Shabby-Chic project Whispering Pines on large lot quanset house large detached garage/workshop.

$155,000 PENDING


Affordable/Move-in Ready

Manufactured home on 1/2 acre with new paint, inside and out, new vinyl and new carpet. All new stainless appliances, and blinds.


Pristine Home

On 4.26 park-like acres. 3 bd room, 2 bath, 2 car garage, hard wood, granite, 2 wells and huge steel building. Close to town and totally private.


PENDING $269,000

Available Land Pine Hills

1 acre lot w/water meter. . . . . . . $ 75,000

Cuyamaca Woods

Commercial or Residential

Large decks w/ views + Privacy Electric, well, septic.Live-in while building dream home. 402 sq. ft, 1 br, 1 ba. tiny home w/ washer - dryer hookups.

Unique opportunity to open a business in town or live there; or even better, to work and live in the same place. Darling historic house behind Miner's Diner. Totally restored with stainless appliances, granite counters, claw foot tub, and a new stacking washer and dryer. A garage too for a workshop or storage and a large fenced yard.

Kaaren Terry

Carre St. Andre

5 Acres - Beautiful Views


cell 619-417-0481 CA BRE LIC #01231449

Experts say you’re 20 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to be bitten by a rattlesnake.

Leased $1400 per month

2.5 Acres - privacy, view . . . . . $ 47,000 1 Acre - Gentle slope . . . . . . . . $ 50,000 2.5 Acres - Driveway, pad, water meter and view . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 85,000 2.63 Acres - Borders State Park, Private . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 135,000 8 Acres - Excellent well, seasonal creek, fabulous views and privacy. . . . $ 110,000 139 Acres - Remote, private, three (3) legal parcels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 499,900

Oakland Road

8+ Acres - Close to town, driveway, pad, approved for 3 Bedroom, terraced for orchard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 239,000

Wynola Estates

2.5 Acres - Large Oaks with water meter, approved grading plan, approved septic layout, House plans included. . . . $ 149,000

cell 619-922-9687 CA BRE LIC #01878143

Paul Bicanic

cell 760-484-7793 CA BRE LIC # 00872978

• It was Che Guevara -- physician, author, revolutionary, guerrilla leader and diplomat -- who made the following sage observation: "Silence is argument carried out by other means." • If you've ever awakened from a dream feeling especially calm and content, you've experienced euneirophrenia. • Sometime in July of 1518, a strange malady swept the town of Strasbourg, France, when hundreds of people were overcome with an irresistible compulsion to dance. Some believed that the only cure was to dance day and night until the compulsion ended, so city leaders hired musicians and set aside guild halls for dancing. According to eyewitness documents, people so enthralled expressed their misery but were unable to stop dancing. Those with weak hearts actually died while under the compulsion. As inexplicably as the malady struck, it ended in early September, after affecting about 400 residents. • Those who study such things say that, on a per-capita basis, residents of Louisiana consume twice as much electricity as residents of Maine. • Of all the works of art stolen in Europe, 60 percent of it ends up in London. • The name Samantha is thought by some to be a combination of the biblical name Samuel and anthos, the Greek word for flower. During Puritanical times the name became associated with witchcraft, causing a steep decline in its usage. When the TV series "Bewitched" premiered in 1964 -- featuring a witch named Samantha -- the name began steadily gaining in popularity. By 2009, it was the ninth most popular name for girls born in the U.S. • If you're in the state of Washington and decide to paint polka dots on an American flag, you should be aware that you're breaking the law. *** Thought for the Day: "Well done is better than well said." -- Benjamin Franklin © 2015 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

© 2015 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

September 30, 2015

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JANET K. HEMPHILL - You are a beneficiary in Pauline R. Gnot's trust. Please respond by mail to; Trust 15555 Main Street, Suite 9/16 D-4 #109 Hesperia, CA. 92345

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Santa Ysabel Mission (Open Big Book Study)

Tuesday - 7 pm Sisters in Recovery

(open to all female 12 step members)

Worship and Sunday School at 8:30 and 10:00 Blending of traditional and contemporary elements Warm welcome and uplifting music Relevant, thoughtful message

Community United Methodist Church

Celebrating 50 years of loving God and serving our neighbors Location: 2898 State Hwy 78 (just west of Pine Hills Road, look for the white rail fence)

Phone: 760-765-0114 E-mail: communityumcjulian@yahoo.com

LEGAL FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-023995 AN ARMY OF WRITERS 4321 Aragon Dr., San Diego, CA 92115 The business is conducted by An Individual Kimberly Rotter, 4321 Aragon Dr., San Diego, CA 92115. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/ COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON September 15, 2015. LEGAL: 07075 Publish: September 30 and October 7, 14, 21, 2015

NOTICES FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-024639 WHICH WICH SUPERIOR SANDWICHES / POWAY 13359 Poway Rd., Poway, CA 92064 (Mailing Address: 14781 Pomerado Rd #132, Poway, CA 92064) The business is conducted by A Corporation Cassa Restaurant Group Inc. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON September 22, 2015. LEGAL: 07076 Publish: September 30 and October 7, 14, 21, 2015

Eagles Loss

continued from page 7 the Eagles. JJ picked up a quick 2 yards as the clock went to 0 for the 3rd quarter. After 3 quarters, Julian 6, West Shores 34. It ain’t over yet. The Eagles did one of their quick shift plays with Daniel ending up behind center. His pass to Will picked up 15 yards and an Eagles 1st down. Daniel got squished for a 1 yard loss. Shifting the backfield again, Daniel fired an ICBM to JJ at the far end of the field for a 65 yard reception, inside the Wildcats’ 5. Daniel scooted into the Wildcats’ endzone for the score. The 2 point conversion attempt was good. 10 minutes to go in the game, Julian 14, West Shores 34. The Eagles onside kick was recovered by the West Shores front guys and they had a good starting position at their own 48. The Wildcats made quick work of their first 2 touches and picked up a first down with 11 yards gained. They were pushed back with a 2 yard loss, but the QB went around the right side for 44 yards and another Wildcats TD. Their 2 point try failed. 8:42 left in the game, Julian 14, West Shores 40. JJ took the Wildcats kick at his 10 and handed off to Daniel, reversing the direction of the return. It worked. Daniel was brought down at the Eagles 48. We missed the next couple

Time 1600 0700 0800 1900 0800 1300 1600 1900

Date 9/23 9/25 9/25 9/25 9/26 9/26 9/26 9/26

of plays tending to several overheated Eagles. We did see Shane rifle a short pass to a wide open JJ in the Wildcats endzone. Shane’s pass to Shuuluk for the 2 pointer was batted down for no score. 7:33 to go, it’s still 100° and our Eagles have 20 points, West Shores 40. The Wildcats get a short return on Caleb’s kick and our Eagles are beginning to show the effects of the heat and humidity. West Shores picked up a quick 8 yards on their first 2 touches,

St. Elizabeths Of Hungary Catholic Church

Wednesday - 6 pm

San Jose Valley Continuation School

(across street from Warner Unified School)

Wednesday - 7pm


Catholic Church

CoDA - Co-Dependants Anonymous: Saturdays in Ramona, 323 Hunter Street (corner of Main & Hunter) 5 - 6pm

St. Elizabeths Of Hungary

Thursday - 7pm

St. Elizabeths Of Hungary Catholic Church

Friday - 7 pm

“Friday Night Survivors”



All advertisements for the sale or rental of dwelling units published in the Julian News are subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin or any intention to make such preference limitations or discrimination, in the sale, rental, or financing of housing. State laws forbid discrimination based on factors in addition to those protected under federal law. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby served notice that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

JULIAN ESTATES HOME on 5 acres in gated community. 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, 3,130 sq. ft. home with large rooms, a sauna and fireplace in master bedroom, 5-car garage with large unfinished room above; available for $2,500 per month. If qualified - call Dennis at Julian Realty 760-310-2191 10/7

EMPLOYMENT OFFERED In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Labor Policy, The Julian News will not publish, any advertisement for employment that discriminates on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. The Julian News encourages equal opportunity employment in the work place.

CAMP MARSTON is HIRING: P/T Kitchen Aide We are looking for a dependable self-starter with a good attitude and willingness to learn for an entry level Kitchen Aide. Part-time position is $9.50/hour, up to 35 hours/week. An excellent opportunity with one of San Diego’s leading non-profit organizations! Contact Terry 760.765.0642 Apply online at: http://www.camp.ymca.org/employment.html Camp Marston YMCA 4761 Pine Hills Rd • Julian, CA 92036


RESTAURANT needed to work call 760-415-2231

Experienced waitress weekends, Seasonal, 10/7

FT/PT MAINTENANCE/GROUNDSKEEPER at Pinezanita RV Park and Camp Ground - Must be knowlagable with power tools, some plumbing, carpentry a plus. Will train on Heavy Equipment. Fluent English 10/7 Required. Tom at 760 519 2937

LOST and FOUND The Julian News Prints Lost Pet and Lost and Found Announcements for FREE with a photo. Call the office at 760 765 2231 or email us at: submissions@juliannews.com

Catholic Church

Saturday - 8 pm Santa Ysabel Mission

but lost the yardage with a holding penalty on 3rd down. The West Shores ball carrier got stripped of the rock and JJ recovered at the Eagles 28. Caleb lost a yard on his first catch of the game. Shane’s pass to Daniel was incomplete and the quick shovel to Will lost 3 yards. The snap was fumbled and recovered by West Shores at the Eagles 6. There was an illegal formation flag on Julian, but that was refused. West Shores made quick work of the gift and scored from 6 yards out. Their 2 point conversion was good. 4:01 left, Julian 20, West Shores 48. A tired, but not finished, Daniel took the West Shores kick and got a decent return to the Eagles 34. Under heavy pressure, Shane’s

first two passes fell incomplete. JJ was wide open when Shane launched a perfect spiral to JJ. Where did that defender come from, picking off Shane and returning the ball to the West Shores 49. The Wildcats made short work of the possession and ran for a 51 yard TD over and through an overheated and exhausted Eagles defense. Their 2 point conversion was good. 3 minutes to go and it isn’t looking good. Julian 20, West Shores 56. Daniel, playing through a gimpy ankle and dealing with the same heat as everybody else, got a great return of the Wildcats kick to the West Shores 30. The Eagles are spent. Will picks up 9 yards, but the drive stalls and the ball goes over on downs. The Wildcats take a knee and the game is mercifully over. Final score: Julian 20, West Shores 56. It’s Homecoming in Julian. Next Friday, our Eagles take on the Borrego Springs Rams under the lights. Come and support your Eagles as they work their way back to their winning ways

Did You know

Homecoming means more than winning a competition or a sporting event. It provides an opportunity for every component of the school to come together to celebrate as a whole. — Unknown

Chef’s Corner continued from page 6

The Eagle defence just couldn’t hold on all night

Location Engineers Rd Whispering Pines Dr Dolores Dr. Hwy 79 Payson Dr Hwy 78/Whispering Pines Dr Lakedale Rd. Hwy 79


St. Elizabeths Of Hungary

photos by Lance Arenson

Julian-Cuyamaca Fire — Activity Log Incident Medical Medical Medical Medical Medical Traffic Accident Medical Medical



MC Vs. Veh

Sports Quiz

continued from page 10

1. Jason Jennings and Ubaldo Jimenez, with three each. 2. Steve Balboni hit 36 homers in 1985. 3. The Cincinnati Bengals, in 1979 (Jack Thompson and Charles Alexander). 4. Arizona, in 1997. 5. It was 1992-93. 6. It was 2007. 7. Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali, in 2014. © 2015 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Business: The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local Economy Pioneer” was published by Chelsea Green in 2013. Her book won the 2014 Gold Metal in the Business Leadership category from Nautilus Book Awards. The White Dog remains a popular restaurant in Philadelphia and has opened three other locations in the area. The menu is a tribute to a visionary woman’s desire to support the community she loves and share her knowledge with others. STRAWBERRY PARFAIT This delicious recipe for Strawberry Parfait with Homemade Drop Biscuits and Lemon-Scented Chantilly is a featured item at The White Dog restaurant. Homemade Drop Biscuits: 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar 1/2 cup cold unsalted butter 1 cup whole milk 1. Combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and sugar in a bowl. Cut the cold butter into small pieces; add to flour mixture. Using your hands, work the butter into the flour until pea-sized chunks of butter

WHISPERING PINES - close to all, offers TWO BEDROOMS, ONE BATH, attractive, very comfortable in all seasons, LIVING ROOM: ceiling fan, gas wall heater + Breckwell pellet stove, (either heater is efficient by itself), wall to wall carpet. BATHROOM: complete with shower/tub combination, sliding glass door, security bars, attractive linoleum floor, nice basin/cabinet storage. KITCHEN: refrigerator, electric stove, microwave, nice cabinets/storage, dual sink, linoleum flooring. Applicant must be mature, responsible, NON-SMOKER indoor or out, no drugs, or drama. Willing to consider a small dog. Rent with peace of mind, clean, cozy, relaxing, unfurnished home sanctuary in quiet, residential area, ready for lease approximately 10/1/15, $1,325 month + security deposit and utilities. Please call for appointment. 619-861-7600. Address will be given at the appropriate time and date. 10/14 ONE MILE FROM JULIAN TOWNSITE – Available October 15th. Private one bedroom upscale guest house on 6 acres with large kitchen, den, bathroom, wood burning stove, central air-conditioning and heat. Private outdoor fenced patio and separate BBQ patio with storage shed. Partially furnished if needed. Utilities, trash and Direct TV included. Wi Fi available. No smoking, may consider 1 cat or 1 small dog. $1200.00/Mo plus security deposit. Call for appointment to see. 760-803-9155 10/14

Julian Library Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

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Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5 pm 1850 Highway 78 765 - 0370

remain. 2. Add the milk all at once, and carefully fold in using a spatula. Scoop even spoonfuls of batter onto a lined sheet pan, and bake at 350 F for 10 minutes, or until golden. Set aside to cool completely. Makes 6 biscuits. Lemon Chantilly Cream: 2 cups heavy cream 2 tablespoons granulated sugar Lemon zest from 1 lemon In a stand mixer or by hand, whip cream and sugar to firm peaks. Zest lemon over whipped cream and fold in. Set aside. Makes 1 cup. To assemble: 2 pints of local sliced berries Cut each biscuit in half lengthwise. Using a mason jar or bowl, layer the Lemon Chantilly Cream first, then half of a biscuit, followed by berries. Repeat until jars are full. Enjoy immediately or prepare ahead and refrigerate. Serves 4-6. *** Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children’s author, culinary historian and the author of seven cookbooks. Her new cookbook is “The Kitchen Diva’s Diabetic Cookbook.” Her website is www. divapro.com. To see how-to videos, recipes and much, much more, Like Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva! on Facebook. Recipes may not be reprinted without permission from Angela Shelf Medearis. © 2015 King Features Synd., Inc., and Angela Shelf Medearis

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL COACH LOCATION: Julian High School Julian Union High School District San Diego County JOB REQUIREMENTS: Season: Season: NovemberFebruary Practice everyday after school; Travel periodically through the season; Work well with others. EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Meet the qualifications outlined in the JUHSD Athletic Program Policies and Procedures Manual and JUHSD Board Policies regarding Coaches. Demonstrated successful ability:  to work with young adolescents;  to coach and teach basketball;  to teach, enforce, advocate, and model appropriate behavior, character traits, and educational values to student athletes. SALARY: Stipend - $1,700 APPLICATION DEADLINE: Open Until Filled HOW TO APPLY: Coach applications are available at the Julian Union High School District Office and Edjoin: Julian Union High School District Office 1656 Hwy 78, Julian, CA 92036 (760) 765-0606 Ext. 103 Online at – Edjoin.org 10/7

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY BOYS VARSITY BASEBALL COACH LOCATION: Julian High School Julian Union High School District San Diego County JOB REQUIREMENTS: Season: February - June; Practice everyday after school; Travel periodically through the season; Work well with others. EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Meet the qualifications outlined in the JUHSD Athletic Program Policies and Procedures Manual and JUHSD Board Policies regarding Coaches. Demonstrated successful ability:  to work with young adolescents;  to coach and teach baseball;  to teach, enforce, advocate, and model appropriate behavior, character traits, and educational values to student athletes. SALARY: Stipend - $1,700 APPLICATION DEADLINE: Open Until Filled HOW TO APPLY: Coach applications are available at the Julian Union High School District Office and Edjoin: Julian Union High School District Office 1656 Hwy 78, Julian, CA 92036 (760) 765-0606 Ext. 103 Online at – Edjoin.org 10/7 JULIAN HOTEL - Housekeeper Part Time Approx. 25 per week. weekdays and weekends. Must be work Holidays. Please call 760-765-0201 10/14 TOW DRIVER RBS/Julian No Experience, we will Call Dave 760 703 7657

Towing, train, 10/21

*** All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life. — M.C. Richards ***

Trivia Test

continued from page 6 6. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president had a pet badger? 7. SCIENCE: What has happened to a cell that has undergone necrosis? 8. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the average gestational period for a rabbit? 9. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the Lombardy region? 10. LITERATURE: What 19thcentury poet wrote that “the United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem”?


1. Santa Fe, New Mexico (7,000 feet above sea level) 2. “Give a hoot, don’t pollute!” 3. Thursday before Easter, marking the Last Supper 4. Elvis 5. Selman Waksman 6. Theodore Roosevelt (“Josiah”) 7. It has died. 8. 28-31 days 9. Northern Italy 10. Walt Whitman © 2015 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

The Julian News 15

September 30, 2015



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Available Land

Dennis Frieden Owner/Broker CA 00388486

760-310-2191 Dennis has 35 years of real estate experience in Southern California. A skilled and experienced agent can be a tremendous benefit when considering buying or selling property in the Back Country. Dennis was born in San Diego and has brokerage experience in both San Diego and Orange Counties. His grandfather owned two gold mines in town during the 1920’s and he has loved Julian since his youth.

• Acres

Julian • Santa Ysabel • Shelter Valley • Location

0.26 34673 Apache 4.15 W. Incense Cedar Rd. 4.42 Yuma Rd. 4.91 W. Incense Cedar Rd. 4.93 Pineoak Ridge Rd.


$ 97,500 $139,000 $309,000 $139,000 $130,000


7.26 10.93 11.18 20 39.2 42.26


Pineoak Ridge Rd. Penstemon Lane Lazy Jays Way Mountain Circle 8 Engineers Road 3960 Daley Flat Rd.


$199,000 $129,000 $269,000 $179,000 $409,000 $810,000

This Week's Feature Property

4622 Luneta Drive

Gracious 2,412 sq. ft. home on 2.22 oak studded acres in beautiful Pine Hills. Open floor plan with hardwood floors and open beam knotty pine ceilings - and a 3-car garage!


3740 Lakeview Dr.

1055 W. Incense Cedar Rd.

Lovely custom built Julian Estates home on 4.83 park-like acres with spacious Trex decking, many mature trees and a seasonal stream. MANY custom features, a must-see Estate!

$895,000 - $1,195,000

Lovely 2170 Sq. Ft. Julian Home on 0.56 Acre. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths and an oversized 2-Car Garage and a huge solar array are just a few of the custom details.

$495,000 $395,000


4499 Toyon Mountain Rd.

2735 Salton Vista

Beautiful cabin in the woods. Built in 2006 and in great condition. There is a 20 foot deck, circular paved driveway, large storage area and stackable washer dryer. An ideal mountain getaway!


11.18 Acres - 3993 Lazy Jays Way Private acreage with good well and seasonal creek. Bring your plans. Recently reduced to


Beautiful Julian Estates Home on 5 acres with open beam vaulted ceilings and a sauna and Wood burning fireplace in the master bedroom. Deep 5-car garage includes unfinished 1400 sq. ft. room above.

$2,500 per month

JULIAN REALTY www.JulianRealty.com

16 The Julian News



JULIAN YESTERYEARS Vintage, Collectible & Handmade Items 2116 MAIN STREET

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Renewal filing of Fictitious Business Name Statements (your DBA) is now required by the County of San Diego every five (5) years. If your business name was originally filed or renewed prior to OCTOBER 1, 2010; you need to re-file. If you have not renewed since that date call The Julian News office, (760) 765-2231. We can provide this essential legal service at a very reasonable rate. County forms are available at our offices - we show you how to complete the re-filing, without your having to take a trip to the city. Failure to re-file could result in the loss of the exclusive rights to your business name. You may use the Julian News or any other publication that is authorized to publish Fictitious Business Name Statements and Legal Notices. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-022221 LIVE INFINITY 2207 Garnet, Ave Suite N, San Diego, CA 92109 The business is conducted by A Limited Liability Company - Wholebeing Awakening, 2207 Garnet, Ave Suite N, San Diego, CA 92109. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON August 25, 2015. LEGAL: 07052 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-022532 THE MINIDOKA PRESS 157 W Glaucus St, Unit C, Encinitas, CA 92024 The business is conducted by An Individual - Douglas Fiske, 157 W Glaucus St, Unit C, Encinitas, CA 92024. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON August 27, 2015. LEGAL: 07053 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-022796 a) ECCLECTACY ARTS b) INCENSE EXPERT 4304 Hwy 78, Julian, CA 92036 (Mailing Address: PO Box 1284, Julian, CA 92036) The business is conducted by A Married Couple - Yvonne Roden and David Roden, 4304 Hwy 78, Julian, CA 92036. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON August 31, 2015.

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: SUMMER ATHENA FAH FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: SUMMER ATHENA FAH HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: SUMMER ATHENA FAH TO: SUMMER ATHENA FAE IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 26 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (325 S. Melrose Dr., Vista, CA 92081) on OCTOBER 20, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON AUGUST 31, 2015. LEGAL: 07058 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00028936-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: TWIN B CRAWFORD FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: TWIN B CRAWFORD HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: TWIN B CRAWFORD TO: RAPHYAL CRAWFORD IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on OCTOBER 9, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON AUGUST 26, 2015. LEGAL: 07059 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-022632 JULIAN MOUNTAIN SPA 2011 Main Street, Suite C Julian, CA 92036 (Mailing Address: PO Box 956, Julian, CA 91036) The business is conducted by a General Partnership - Gloria Yvonne Munger, 450 Valley Dr., Vista, CA 92084 and Vika Golovanova, 1215 Sunrise Drive, Julian, CA 92036. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON August 28, 2015. LEGAL: 07061 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00029864-CU-PT-CTL


Case Number: 37-2015-00029415-CU-PT-CTL


ALI ALJANABI HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: ALI ALJANABI TO: ALI CHOKER IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on OCTOBER 16, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON AUGUST 31, 2015. LEGAL: 07062 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: VICKY ALTAMIRANO FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: VICKY ALTAMIRANO and on behalf of: MELANIE SAMANTHA TALAVERA, a minor HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: MELANIE SAMANTHA TALAVERA, a minor TO: MELANIE SAMANTHA ALTAMIRANO, a minor IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on OCTOBER 23, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON SEPTEMBER 3, 2015. LEGAL: 07066 Publish: September 16, 23, 30, and October 7, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00030137-CU-PT-CTL


Case Number: 37-2015-00029417-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: HUSSEIN ALJANABI FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: HUSSEIN ALJANABI HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: HUSSEIN ALJANABI TO: HUSSEIN CHOKER IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on OCTOBER 16, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON AUGUST 31, 2015. LEGAL: 07063 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00029697-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: MAYSOON AL-ISSA FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: MAYSOON AL-ISSA HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: MAYSOON AL-ISSA TO: NOOR AL-HUSAIN AL-ISSA IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on OCTOBER 16, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON SEPTEMBER 2, 2015. LEGAL: 07065 Publish: September 16, 23, 30, and October 7, 2015

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: STEVEN SPELLANE FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: STEVEN SPELLANE HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: STEVEN SPELLANE TO: STEVEN SPILLANE IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on OCTOBER 23, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON SEPTEMBER 8, 2015. LEGAL: 07067 Publish: September 16, 23, 30, and October 7, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-023040 a) WESTERN YACHT COMMISSIONING b) DUFFY ELECTRIC BOATS OF SAN DIEGO c) DUFFY BOATS OF SAN DIEGO d) ELECTRIC BOATS OF SAN DIEGO 2353 Shelter Island Dr., San Diego, CA 92126 The business is conducted by A Limited Liability Company - West Coast Boatworks, LLC, 2353 Shelter Island Dr., San Diego, CA 92126. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON September 2, 2015. LEGAL: 07068 Publish: September 16, 23, 30 and October 7, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-022798 VIRIDIAN GRAPHICS 10606 Camino Ruiz 8-118, San Diego, CA 92126 The business is conducted by An Individual - Carolyn Gibbs, 10606 Camino Ruiz 8-118, San Diego, CA 92126 . THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON August 31, 2015. LEGAL: 07069 Publish: September 23, 30 and October 7, 14, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-022006 ESCAPE GAME SD 3956 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103 The business is conducted by A Limited Liability Company - Escape Game SD, LLC, 3954 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON August 21, 2015. LEGAL: 07071 Publish: September 23, 30 and October 7, 14, 2015


Mobile RV Repair Technician Certified RVTC


1811 Main Street

(760) 765-9965

[K-Mart Parking Lot]

Summer Car Check Ups


Open 7 Days A Week Monday – Friday 8am — 6pm Saturday 8am — 5pm Sunday 9am — 4pm







Case Number: 37-2015-00029420-CU-PT-NC

LEGAL: 07060 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015

Chip Jarman



IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on OCTOBER 16, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON AUGUST 31, 2015.

Mobile repair services for all classes of motorhomes, travel trailers and utility trailers within a 30 mile radius of Julian, CA.


LEGAL: 07057 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015


undertaking. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) A once-volatile situation should be settled by now, giving you a chance to refocus on a project you've been planning for. Look for an interested party to rally to your support. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A business matter that unexpectedly turns into a personal situation could create complications. Best to resolve the matter now before too much harm can be done. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Emotions can run high when they involve personal matters that no one really wants to talk about. But this could be a good time to create the means to a workable outcome. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A positive response to a workplace request could lead the way to other long-sought changes. Congratulations. A personal situation also takes a welcome turn. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Patience pays off, as that once-overwhelming work situation continues to become easier to handle on a one-by-one basis. Look for positive news from a colleague. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) It might be a good idea to take more time to reassess your next move in working out a complex situation. You could benefit from a new perspective on the matter. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) You might want to consider making time to discuss a change of plans with everyone concerned. Be prepared to explain your actions. Also be prepared to listen to alternatives. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a strong sense of what is right, and you try to work from that foundation. Friends see you as reliable.


FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-022843 a) CECIL V DOG BOUTIQUE CVDB b) CECIL V 2954 Naugatuck Ave, San Diego, CA 92117 (Mailing Address: PO Box 882626, San Diego, CA 92168) The business is conducted by A Married Couple - Cary Myers and Sally Oh, 2954 Naugatuck Ave, San Diego, CA 92117. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON September 1, 2015.


ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Although practical situations continue to dominate this week, there's time for the Lamb to indulge in the fun things in life -- like maybe taking a special someone out for a great evening. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) This week favors relationships. Take time to renew old ones, and make time to go where new friends can be found. On a more practical note, expect news about a business deal. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You should be seeing some progress on that new workplace situation. Meanwhile, family matters might demand more attention, and you'll want to set aside time to deal with them. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) A relationship suddenly might present some challenges you never expected. After talking things out, you might want to consider taking some time to assess what you've learned. LEO (July 23 to August 22) A disappointing response to a request might dampen the Lion's spirits. But you might want to ask the reasons behind it. What you learn can be of great importance in a future

Julian Mountain RV and Trailer Repair


LEGAL: 07056 Publish: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00028936-CU-PT-CTL

Wednesday - September 30, 2015

Volume 31 - Issue 08



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Collision Repair - Body Shop


We Work With ALL Insurance Companies

(760) 765-3755 JulianAutoBody@gmail.com 3582 Hwy 78 at Newman Way

Stefhan Mussen


Case Number: 37-2015-00029881-CU-PT-NC

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: XIMENA ANDREA QUEVEDO PALMA FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: XIMENA ANDREA QUEVEDO PALMA HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: XIMENA ANDREA QUEVEDO PALMA TO: XIMENA ANDREA BURKETT IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 26 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (325 S. Melrose Dr., Vista, CA 92081) on OCTOBER 27, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON SEPTEMBER 3, 2015. LEGAL: 07070 Publish: September 23, 30 and October 7, 14, 2015


FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-023611 a) MY KIZMET b) KIZMET 4168 Calle Isabelino, San Diego, CA 92130 The business is conducted by Co-Partners Pamela Couvignou, 4168 Calle Isabelino, San Diego, CA 92130 and Saira Jhutty, 2265 Caminito Pajarito, Unit 181, San Diego, CA 92107. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON September 10, 2015. LEGAL: 07072 Publish: September 23, 30 and October 7, 14, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-024103 ALL DAYS WONDER 385 Chinquapin Ave., Carlsbad, CA 92008 The business is conducted by A General Partnership - Sharon Disraeli, 385 Chinquapin Ave., Carlsbad, CA 92008 and Lauren Conroy, 1606 James Dr., Carlsbad, CA 92008. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON September 16, 2015. LEGAL: 07073 Publish: September 23, 30 and October 7, 14, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00030596-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: CAYLI ELENA FALCONE FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: CAYLI ELENA FALCONE HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: CAYLI ELENA FALCONE TO: NYCTO ELENA FALCONE IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on OCTOBER 30, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2015. LEGAL: 07074 Publish: September 30 and October 7, 14, 21, 2015

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