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11, 2015

ISSN 1937-8416





Volume 30 - Issue 27

Wednesday February


. 9 203

PO Box 639 Julian, CA. 92036



Julian News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Serving the Backcountry Communities of Julian, Cuyamaca, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley, Mt. Laguna, Ranchita, Sunshine Summit, Warner Springs and Wynola.

Julian, CA.

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Going, Going, SOLD! Senior Class Auction

Friends of the Julian Library Membership Campaign The Friends of the Julian Library rely on YOU to be a member of this organization to help pay for programming, new materials, and other special items that are not available through the County of San Diego. Please take this opportunity to renew your membership or become a new member. Memberships are by the calendar year and can be renewed each year. We rely heavily on member dues to bring wonderful programs to the community. As a member of the Friends of the Julian Library, you do not have to “do” anything, although we always welcome new volunteers to serve on committees, work in the bookstore and just support the library by participating in all it has to offer. In past years, your dues have brought incredibly talented musicians to perform for us, and have supported fascinating, humorous, and entertaining speakers on a variety of topics for a variety of age groups. Please continue to support our library programs with your dues and attendance at our events and activities. Also, to vote at the Julian Friends of the Library Annual Meeting, you must be a member. We thank you for supporting both the Friends of the Julian Library and our wonderful community library. If you are not already a member, will you consider becoming a member of the Friends of the Julian Library? Dues may be paid at the Friends of the Library Book Store. Thank you!

Julian High’s annual Senior Class Auction, now in it’s 26th year took over the Multipurpose room at the High School for the live auction, some refreshments and an evening of bidding on over 100 items in the live auction. 138 items were available during the silent auction held in room 4 the first 60 minutes of the evening. From gift certificates to local favorites, The Birdwatcher, Mom’s Pies, Julian Bookhouse, Apple Alley Bakery, Wynola Pizza, many a bargain was scooped up in the silent auction. Although a few items did exceed their listed value. The most intriguing items available had to be the collections of Cedar and Fir tree seedlings from Mickayla Martin, over 30 trees ready to start your own forest. Mrs. Kuiper and Mrs. Wylie, this years Senior class advisors did an outstanding job motivating the students to get out into the community and solicit donations for the auction with over 170 businesses and individuals contributing items. Some got great bargains, some got what they came for and showed their true spirit by bidding over the posted values. Final total of the money raised was not available at the time of this writing, but a rough survey of the evening and you can be assured the Senior class will be pleased with the outcome. Although the multi-purpose room was not standing room only there were plenty of friends, family and community members who took advantage of the evenings offerings, including the Pizza and cookies, punch and other refreshments. The also showed their generosity by opening their wallets and checkbooks to make sure that the auction was a success.

by Michael Hart

Winter Sports Schedule

Boys Basketball Wednesday, January 14 L 72-44 San Pasqual Academy Friday, January 16 L 62-54 Calvary Christian Tuesday, January 20 W 71-70 Borrego Springs Thursday, January 22 W 66-37 @Calexico Mission Tuesday, January 27 L 77-31 Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 29 W 56-18 @Warner Thursday, February 5 L 55-35 @Borrego Springs Tuesday, February 10 4:00 Calexico Mission Thursday, February 12 7:00 @Vincent Memorial

The live auction - above and the silent auction - below

Girls Basketball Thursday, December 4 Wednesday, January 14 L 49 - 9 San Pasqual Academy Friday, January 16 L 65-27 Calvary Christian Tuesday, January 20 L 29-28 Borrego Springs Thursday, January 22 5:30 @Foothills Christian Tuesday, January 27 L 52-33 Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 29 4:00 @Warner Thursday, February 5 4:30 @ Borrego Springs Tuesday, February 10 4:00 Foothills Christian Thursday, February 12 4:00 @Vincent Memorial

Julian Apple Growers Association

Pruning Clinic Draws A Crowd

5th Graders Learn About Water

Photo by Mrs. McFedries

by David Lewis

Thank You Friends The Julian Branch Library would like to thank the Friends of the Library for supporting us in so many ways. You often see the many programs that they help to sponsor, but this week we are acknowledging the many books (and DVD’s) that they purchase for the branch. There is a book buying committee that recommends books to be purchased for the community. Ultimately, the branch librarian has final say over what is being purchased based on demand and popularity and what will be used by members of the community. This week, we received 24 new books, fiction and nonfiction that will be processed and on the shelves by the time continued on page 11

One could argue that the great days of apple farming in Julian are gone, unless you happened to attend JAGA's third annual pruning clinic last Saturday. The Julian Apple Growers Association, a community-based group dedicated to tending and promoting Julian apples, offers several clinics throughout the year. Saturday's clinic featured master orchardist Ray Meyer instructing on how to prune fruit trees for proper growth and fruit production. Ray has fifty years experience in farming, most of it here in Julian. Students were given the opportunity to practice their skills on the trees of clinic host, Bill Storum. A grafting and planting clinic will occur in April. Judging from the number of people who attended Saturday's event, apple growing in Julian is alive and well. For information on the next clinic, please contact Teak Nichols, teaknich@gmail.com

The fifth grade at Julian Elementary School is studying about the hydrologic cycle, the process by which water moves between the land and the oceans. They are encouraged to ask questions and discover answers that they can later discuss in class. In order to connect the science standards to real life, the fifth grade went on a field trip to William Heise County Park. The students were able to take a short hike, lead by knowledgable park staff, and were encouraged to reach conclusions using their own observations. They hiked to Fern Creek where they took small water samples that they could later study under a microscope in class. Of course they played in the large field, encountered a running deer, and asked a multitude of questions. The experience has enhanced the learning in class and has fifth grade students begging to return to Heise park! The class would like to extend their thanks to Supervising Ranger David Moniz and Park Attendant Luke Smith for making their visit so memorable.

Boys Soccer Tuesday, January 13 L 3-2 San Diego Academy Tuesday, January 20 L 6-1 Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 22 L 6-2 @Mountain Empire Saturday, January 24 L 7-0 Maranatha Christian Tuesday, January 27 W 2-0 Calvary Christian Thursday, January 29 L 4-0 Calipatria Monday, February 2 L 10-1 @Calipatria Tuesday, February 3 L 6-0 @Calexico Mission Thursday, February 5 3:15 @San Diego Academy Monday, February 9 3:15 Calexico Mission Tuesday, February 10 3:15 Borrego Springs Thursday, February 12 3:15 @Vincent Memorial Girls Soccer Friday, January 9 @Borrego Springs W 7-1 Monday, January 12 W 3-1 Mission Vista Thursday, January 15 L 0-1 @Classical Academy Tuesday, January 20 L 2-0 @Maranatha Christian Thursday, January 22 W 2-0 Mountain Empire Friday, January 23 W 5-3 River Valley Thursday, January 26 T 3-3 @River Valley Tuesday, February 3 W 4-1 @Borrego Springs Thursday, February 5 W 7-1 Vincent Memorial Tuesday, February 10 5:00 @Mountain Empire Thursday, February 12 3:15 Borrego Springs Tuesday, February 17 3:15 @Vincent Memorial Friday, February 20 5:30

— Networking Breakfast — Wednesday, February 18 - 8am at Buffalo Bills


February 11, 2015

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*** It is essential to do everything possible to attract young people to opera so they can see that it is not some antiquated art form but a repository of the most glorious music and drama that man has created. — Bruce Beresford ***

February is “National Bird Feeding Month.” We receive fresh bird seed weekly, so don’t forget our feathered friends during the coldest time of the year!

40lbs Premium Wild Bird Seed $19.95 40lbs Black Oil Sunflower seeds $23.95 20lbs Nyjer $22.95

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Join Us for Valentine’s Evening from 5 to 9 Low Lights, Champagne, Roses and Romance The Julian News ISSN 1937-8416

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Bill Fink In response to your article (Post Notes) in the Jan. 28th issue of the Julian News. A very informative article but not surprising in several ways. The schools cut back in many areas in education. I myself was involved with the music program in a senor high school in a east county. Not only the lack of money, that has been an issue for decades, but also the parent / community involvement. As for the money it always took the fund raising and support from the community. I hate to quote the phrase " It take a village" but in these situations it's true. Now this leads me into the volunteer coaching of Jene Calloway. His action doesn't surprise me. Jene is a neighbor and I see him helping out in many ways in the community. The statement that was made, he has roots in the San Diego county, went to Hoover, and moved into the Julian/Cuyamaca area in 1994 with a quote " only 21 years ago, not quite a local yet". At that time he raised his family and was again involved with his son in his school activities while holding down a job with the SDPD. The quote you made in the article "Not quite a local yet" struck home with me. My family bought our property here in the Cuyamaca area in 1985/86. The main reason for this was to give our family a retreat and to give my Dad a project during retirement, to do what he loved to do is build. Dads passion was to construct new or rebuild old. The property had one of the oldest structures on North Peak and Dad tore into it and remodeled and kept the patina of this old place. Sadly it all burnt up in the 2003 fire. A year later he passed away. I took up the project to rebuild and to make a home for my wife and I in retirement. So in your opinion I might not be considered as a local. During all these year I pay property tax and all the other fees for having a place in the area. So I would say we have been investing in this community for all these years. Now you are asking people that have only been paying for the last 20years, 30 years, 40 years, none locals in your opinion, to support the local schools and community. From the people I've meet around the area they will step up to the plate and go to bat to do what they can to help. With all said, it is so ironic that the article was posted in the American Legions column. While my Dad was working on the property and commuting down the mountain to my parent home in Spring Valley he would bring down the news paper. I read the paper to get to know what is going on in area. I always like to

“Julian Julian’s Best Fudge” Check Out Our Classic Candy & Soda Pop


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read the article of the American Legion and the lake report. I read how much the Legion did in the area and one of the first thing I did when I moved up on the mountain was to try to hook up with the Legion. I am a Army Vet and a combat veteran of the Viet Nam conflict. So in the attempt to be a part of something in the area I put in the papers to join the Legion. No one contacted me, even though I had belong to the Nation chapter of the Legion and VFW for years. I stopped into the Legion a couple of time but seem always I was an outsider and not part of the local good of boy group. So I went and joined the Alpine VFW, a more elite group of the 1% of vets of the 1% of society. So to end with, your article in the American Legion column rings so true with my experience with the Legion. It is shameful that a organization that does so much has an attitude as yours. David Wilkinson

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The Julian News 3

February 11, 2015

Love Yourself For Valentine’s Day Studio Samadhi 10:30am-1:00 pm

from Lynn Jarman

Meet The New Home Team

Paula Long, Ben Sulser, Dale Draper, Justin Foote

Residential and Commercial Service Available Striving To Be The Best... One Customer At A Time!

Upcoming CERT Class February 24, 2015

No spandex exercise bunnies, no stress, no sore muscles. Just learning techniques to be kind to your body, no matter how long it’s been, or what condition it’s in … Join us at Studio Samadhi Center for the Arts, 4456 Highway 78 in Wynola, Saturday, February 14, 2015 from 10:30 am – 1:00 PM. Dress comfortably and be prepared to feel better and move easier! “Move better, feel better, improve your comfort. We can regain our youthful way of moving” by learning some of the principles of the Feldenkrais Method® taught by Rich Manuccia, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher®. We experience Awareness Through Movement ® training that “reconnects us to your natural ability to move, making anything you do easier and more enjoyable. Each lesson is filled with pleasant surprises and personal breakthroughs.” This Valentine’s Day, give yourself the gift of a few hours of gentle, peaceful, useful body movement. Contact Rich at 619-295-6988 (sdfitness4u@earthlink.net) or Christine (Studio Samadhi) 619-417-4926 for more information and to register. The class is only $35. Try it, you’ll like it! I’ll be there.

Students Celebrate Teachers New Arrival

Julian Cuyamaca CERT/Teen CERT will be starting another 9 week CERT basic training class beginning on Tuesday, February 24th, from 6 – 8:30 p.m. at the Julian Jr. High. The training includes, Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety, Medical Operations, Light Search and Rescue, CERT Operations, Disaster Psychology, Terrorism, Review, Scenario and Graduation. You are welcome to refresh your previous training as well by attending any or all of the classes. If you or someone you know would like to attend or if you have questions, please contact Johnny or Diane at: certjulian@hotmail.com Training and materials are free of charge.

Ada Nichols 1916 - 2015

Post Valentines Eats Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs,

Country Potatoes, Corn Beef Hash, Biscuits/Sausage Gravy, Orange Juice $ 00 00 and Coffee $



7 am to 11:30 am or sold out

Sunday, February 15th

2nd & Washington Non-Profit Donation All Proceeds Returned To The Community of Julian www.julianpost468.org


POPE TREE SERVICE All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial & Residential CA. State License #704192 Fully Insured for Your Protection Workers Comp.



Over 20 Years in Julian

December 8, 1921 - February 4, 2015

The class poses after their baby shower day

Trained Experts Difficult Removals Artistic Trimming Brush Clearing


• • • •

Cedric Colonel Angel

Cedric Colonel Angel was born in Mesa Grande, CA to Fred and Lucy Angel, and is the last surviving of 6 siblings. He graduated from Julian High School. He is a WWII Veteran, Chief Quarter Master with 20 years of service in the Navy, and is a member of the Knights of Columbus. He has lived in Campo, CA the past ten years, where he passed away in peace of natural causes, Feb. 4, 2015. He is survived by his wife, Norma of 77 years and daughter Carolyn. Services will be at St, Adelaide's of Burgundy Catholic Church in Campo, on Thursday, February 12th with viewing 9:00 AM, Rosary 9:30 AM, and Mass 10:00 AM. Graveside site services with Military honors will follow at the Julian Cemetery. In lieu of flowers the family is requesting donations be sent to the Wounded Warriors Project. Bonham Bros & Stewart Mortuary and Cremation Service is assisting the family.

Oak and Pine our Specialty

The class, both boys and girls got to practice/learn diapering skills and played some baby shower games - baby bingo - before they presented Mrs. Stanley with shower gifts and a cake.

B.A. Keresztury 760 765 0693 760 419 9949

Mom had an exciting life! She was part of the "Greatest Generation". She was born on a Kansas farm in 1916, struggled with poverty, married and moved to California in 1934, lived with Steinback's Okies in Salinas, was one of the first women working at North Island in the war effort, buried a child in 1941, was married to one man for 46 years, and lived a full life as a widow for 31 years. She lived her last three years in Julian, taking part in the "Sit and Fit" class and having coffee with her friends at the Julian Pie Company. She is survived by one son, Richard Nichols, two daughters, Deanna Grabowsky, and Linda Nichols, many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Service at Greenwood Cemetery, San Diego, Thursday, February 12, 12:00 Noon. Time to rest.


Chris Pope, Owner

Water Sampling Service Total Coliforms and E.Coli Bacteria General Mineral and General Physical Inorganic and Organic Chemicals Volatile organics; Herbicides, Pesticides Complete Analysis of Test Results


4 The Julian News

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Home Crafted & Vintage Items • McCall’s Jar Candles • • Soaps • Lotions • • Collectibles • Wall Art • Downtown Julian - Cole Bldg.

Open 11-5


Back Country Happenings

Wynola Pizza Weekend Of Music Friday, Bluegrass Saturday, Classic Country Rock Sunday, Blues

Architectural Review Board 1st Tuesday of the Month Town Hall - 7pm Julian Chamber of Commerce Mixer - 1st Thursday of Month Board - 3rd Thursday of Month Town Hall - 6pm 760 765 1857 Julian-Cuyamaca Fire Protection District Third Monday of The Month 9am at Julian Women’s Club House Julian Community Services District Third Tuesday of every month at 10:00 A.M. at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office, Julian Substation, Public Meeting Room, 2907 Washington Street, Julian Julian Historical Society 4th Wednesday of the Month Julian Historical Society Building, 2133 4th Street - 7 pm Julian Arts Guild General Meeting Second Wednesday of the Month, Julian Library - 4 pm (program) Fourth Tuesday of Month Julian Library - 6:00 Zumba Aerobics with Gaynor Every Monday and Thursday 6pm, info: 619 540-7212 Every Tuesday Healthy Yoga with Lori Munger HHP,RYT Julian Library - 4pm Open Gym - basketball Community event for all ages Tuesday and Thursday JUHS Gym 7-9pm Every Wednesday Julian Library Baby Story Time with Ms Sandi - 10 am Preschool Story Time and Crafts with Miss Linda 10:30 am Sit and Fit for Seniors - 11 am Gentle Stretching and flexibility exercises with Matt Kraemer Second & Fourth Wednesdays Feeding America Julian Library parking lot - 10:00am Third Thursday Book Club Meets at the Julian Library - 3pm Every 3rd Thursday - Lego My Library, Lego building for kids grade K-5. All materials supplied. Julian Library - 2:30pm. Every Friday Homework Helpers Math Tutoring for grades 1-6 Julian Library - 2:30 Friday Morning Yoga Class With Lori Munger HHP,RYT Julian Library - 9am Every Saturday BiLingual Story Time with Miss Adelina Julian Library - 10:30 Every Sunday (Weather permitting) Julian Doves & Desperados historic comedy skits at 1 pm, 2 pm & 3 pm – stage area behind Julian Market & Deli.


Wednesday, February 11 Feeding America Free produce and select staple items. No income or eligibility requirements. Julian Library Parking Lot 10-11

5am - 7am WEEKDAYS - $1.00 Coffee* *a buck and your cup gets you some of our joe

Wed - Mon closed Tuesdays

CALENDAR LISTINGS If you are having or know of an event in Julian, Lake Cuyamaca, Ranchita, Warner Springs, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley Sunshine Summit or elsewhere that should be listed in the Backcountry Happenings column, please contact the JULIAN NEWS at PO Box 639 Julian, CA 92036, voice/fax 760 765 2231 email: submissions@ juliannews.com or bring the information by our office. Julian Community Planning Group 2nd Monday Every Month Town Hall - 7pm

*** Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. — Plato ***

2116 Main Street - Downstairs

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February 11, 2015

Shaded, dog friendly patio

Weekdays - 5am to 5ish The Shirthouse Bluegrass Band returns for a family friendly Friday of good tune and good times from 6 to 9 in the Red Barn, the perfect way to start a weekend with great harmonies and good food.

WiFi OPEN DAILYWeekendsFREE- 7am to 5ish

1921 Main Street


760 765 2900



Proudly serving visitors for over 25 years, including friends and family of our backcountry neighbors and residents

Wednesday, February 11 Yarn Bombing Ms. Tanya from the library will decorate the basketball courts at the Jr. High Wolf Den with colorful yarn Julian Jr. High - noon

Five unique guest rooms, near town, on 3 wooded acres with extensive gardens, benches and pathways. Our guests enjoy a full breakfast each day, goodies in the afternoon and unsurpassed hospitality.

Our adjacent BLACK OAK CABIN provides another option for your getaway!

Thursday, February 12 Lion’s Club Speech Contest “Water Conservation” Students compete for scholarships Julian Library - 7pm




For More Information: 760-765-2179 or 800-379-4262

Monday, February 16 Presidents Day Thursday, February 19 Padres Spring Training Pitchers and Catchers Report Saturday, February 21 Friends Of The Library Annual Meeting/Election Julian Library 12:30 Saturday, February 21 Bighorn Sheep Slide presentation by Mark Jorgenson, author of the book, “Bighorn Sheep of the Anza Borrego” Julian Library - 1pm

Valentines Day with Grand Canyon Sundown in the Red Barn from 6 to 9 and special menu for the special day: #1 Lobster Ravioli in a pink champagne sauce with garlic bread & a small dinner salad. $15.95 #2 Kale Florentine Ravioli with dinner salad and garlic bread $13.95 #3 Tri Tip Dinner, house made BBQ sauce, organic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli $14.95 #4 Half fire roasted chicken, house made BBQ sauce, organic mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and garlic bread $14.95 Valentines Desserts: #l Mango mousse cake $ 6.95 #2 Crème Brule with fresh raspberries $6.95

*Newly Renovated*

All 23 rooms combine modern comforts of A/C, private baths, flat screen TV and free WiFi Vintage mountain charm perfect for groups or romantic getaways

4th and ‘C’ Street

(760) 765 1420

Tuesday, February 24 Julian Cuyamaca CERT/ Teen CERT - CERT basic training class Julian Jr. High 6 - 8:30 Wednesday, February 25 Feeding America Free produce and select staple items. No income or eligibility requirements. Julian Library Parking Lot 10-11


Daffodils & Lilacs in bloom / Desert Wildflowers in bloom Tuesday, March 3 Adventures Hiking the Pacific Crest Train (PCT) with Dana Law Julian Library - 6pm Monday, March 9 Julian Triangle Club Meeting at the Rongbranch; White Elephant Gift Exchange - 7pm Wednesday, March 11 Feeding America Free produce and select staple items. No income or eligibility requirements. Julian Library Parking Lot 10-11 Saturday, March 14 Tour of Borrego Bike Ride Choose from either 27, 40, 67 & 80 mile paved road rides around the beautiful Borrego Springs Valley with mostly flat terrain. – R&B Bicycle Club (760) 7652200 www.julianactive.com Tuesday, March 17 Music On The Mountain Colgate University Chamber Players, with Laura Klugherz Julian Library - 6pm Friday, March 20 Daffodil Show entry day Bring all daffodils for display & judging Friday March 20, noon to 5 p.m. names and questions about daffodils answered by National Daffodil Society experts. Saturday,-Sunday, March 21-22: Daffodil Show All daffodil’s on display Julian Town Hall

Valentine's Day didn't live up to expectations? Baja Blues Boys got you covered! The old saying goes "A joy shared is doubled and a sorrow shared is halved." So come halve your post-Valentine's Day sorrows Sunday February 15 with some gourmet wood-fired pizza from Wynola Pizza Express and the blues by one of San Diego County's finest groups. As a special treat the fabulous Tony Matoian will be featured on saxophone. Don't miss this rare Sunday afternoon show, 1 - 4 pm. And if Cupid was good to you on February 14? Share that with us (if you can) and double your joy. Upcoming Wynola Pizza & Bistro Shows:

EVERY THURSDAY — OPEN MIC 6-8, Friday, February 20 – Tony Mc Cashen Saturday, February 21 – Three Chord Justice Friday, February 27 – The Jones Brothers (Craig & Britt) Saturday, February 28 – Jake’s Mountain For more information call Wynola Pizza & Bistro 760-765-1004

• On Feb. 10, 1763, The Seven Years' War, known as the French and Indian War, ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris by France, Great Britain and Spain. France lost all claims to Canada and gave Louisiana to Spain, while Britain received Spanish Florida, Upper Canada and various French holdings overseas. • On Feb. 11, 1805, Sacagawea, the Shoshone Indian interpreter and guide to the Lewis and Clark expedition, gives birth to her first child, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, two months before the trek begins. The baby, nicknamed Pompey, went on the expedition, carried on his mother's back. Clark paid for Pompey's education when the boy grew up.

• On Feb. 14, 1842, fans of Charles Dickens organize the Boz Ball, an elite party for the celebrated English writer during his first trip to America. (Dickens' earliest works had been published under the pseudonym Boz.) Only members of New York's aristocracy were invited. • On Feb. 15, 1903, toy-store owner and inventor Morris Michtom places two stuffed bears in his shop window in Brooklyn, advertising them as Teddy bears. Michtom had earlier petitioned President Theodore Roosevelt for permission to use his nickname, Teddy. The president agreed. • On Feb. 12, 1938, best-selling author Judy Blume, known for her children's books and youngadult novels, including "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" and "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret," is born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Blume's books have been beloved by several generations of readers. • On Feb. 9, 1960, Adolph

• Guided Trail Rides. • Breathtaking views of the Julian Countryside. • Your guide fills you in on local history and help advance your riding skills. • Ask us about our on-site riding and lodging packages.

www.julianactive.com by reservation

760- 473-3154 Your Ad Could Be Here 13 Weeks ONLY $100 CALL 760 765 2231

Coors disappears while driving to work from his Morrison, Colorado, home. The grandson of the Coors' founder and chairman of the Golden, Colorado, brewery was kidnapped and held for ransom before being shot to death. • On Feb. 13, 1991, Sotheby's announces the discovery of a long-lost manuscript of "Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain. The manuscript was the first half of Twain's original version, heavily corrected in his handwriting, which had been missing for more than a century. © 2015 King Features Synd., Inc.

Pizza with a Purpose Encourage, Support, and Eat Great Pizza!

Come join us every month to honor a different local organization. Bring this flyer in or let the server know who you are supporting and Wynola Pizza & Bistro will donate 10% of all sales made on their behalf. Celebrate a “slice” of our community by raising some “dough”!

Beneficiary for the month of February:

Julian High Booster Club Donation excludes tax and tip For Dine-in or Take-Out Please see server for more information.


February 11, 2015

My Thoughts by Michele Harvey

Time Goes By

Creative Card Making For Teens And Adults - Thursday Please join us at the Julian Branch Library on Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 2:30 pm for an hour of card making for teens and adults. This month Mary Morgan will be leading you in creating different types of cards, birthday, anniversary, get well, and sympathy. All materials are supplied and it is free to attend. Many regular attenders have learned new techniques in card making. Please join in this fabulous activity at the library. The library is located at 1850 Highway 78, next to the High School. For more information, please call the branch at 760-765-0370. *** After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. — Aldous Huxley ***

Health & Personal Services

Julian Medical Clinic A Division of

• Complete Family Practice Services • Monthly Cardiology and OB/GYN • Digital X-ray Lab Services • Daily Borrego Pharmacy Delivery • Behavioral Health (Smart Care)

Harold K. Merrick MD Blake A. Wylie, DO

Now accepting: HealthNet HMO with Covered California, Medi-Cal, Medicare, Community Health Group, Molina, Sharp Commercial, CHDP. Most PPO’s and Tricare, Sliding Fee Scale and Financial Assistance Available.

Monday–Friday 8-5 pm 760-765-1223 Julian Clinic Specialists Cardiology , Joseph Schwartz, Md Women’s Health, Unneetha Pruitt, Cnp, Obgyn Please Call For Appointment 760-765-1223 S:3.75 in

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fitness class S:7 in


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This past week marks the beginning of my 32nd year living in Julian. I moved here with my then husband Dennis and our three children who are now 40, 34 and 32 years old. The 2 youngest have both moved away and come back. My 32 year old son Thomas is raising his children here. They are 5, 4 and 3 years old and I’m glad they can live where the skies are clear and where the deer and the wild turkeys roam. When we moved here on the first weekend of February in 1984, Julian was much less of a tourist town. At the corner of Farmer Road and “A” Street, is Vanona Jones house which is still next to The Antique Boutique, a great little antique store. I used to walk my young boys from our house on Third Street between “B” and “C” Streets, through town. They liked visiting with Vanona. Vanona is a child of the historical Grand family and now Julian holds 3 generations of her descendants. Across Farmer Road from the Antique Boutique, before Bailey’s Barbecue had a dance hall, the historic Bailey House gardens sat in that space. I remember roaming through the raised beds and hoped some of the plants were saved when the gardens were bull dozed. Rosie Vanderstaay’s house was catty corner form Vanona’s. Rosie once told me that when she was young, Julian had so much gasoline in its water that her father siphoned some from the top of their well to fill his lawn mower. I don’t know if there is any truth to her story, yet it sure is a good one to ponder. In recent years Rosie’s house was an art gallery owned by Beth Lucia and now I understand that the family sold Rosie’s house. We’ll all have to wait to see what’s next for this historical part of Julian. On a different corner sits The Julian Bookhouse. In 1984 the book house was a residence, owned by and lived in by Ralph and Pat Spice. Back then Ralph ran the town water district. One day my children decided to make an outdoor swimming pool by making a circle with every piece of lumber and outdoor furniture that they could find. They covered the entire construction with a tarp. After filling it with water, the tarp gave way and probably 200 gallons of water raced down “B” Street and swamped part of Main Street. Following the water to its source, Ralph walked up to my house and asked what was going on. Though he wasn’t pleased to see all of the water that had been wasted, I think he was also glad to know that he wasn’t going to have to get together a crew to repair a busted water main. Between the corner market and the Julian Grille sits a fitness center. Though that building has had many occupants, when we moved here it was our town post office. On my son Robert’s 4th birthday, we walked to the post office expecting a birthday card from my mother to Robert. On our walk, Robert sang “Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me…” As we approached the post office door, out came Dick Zerbe. Dick was stunned because it was also his birthday and he watched and (thought he heard) this little boy who didn’t know him, sing him the Happy Birthday song. That year it wasn’t for Dick Zerbe. However as long as Dick Zerbe lived, we sought him out on his birthday so we could wish him a happy one. Walking across the 4 way stop to Miner’s Diner, I remember when the history of Julian was written on the side wall of that building. I don’t remember when it was painted over, but I wish it was still there. Next to Miner’s Diner, which was the Julian Drug Store for many years, is the Julian Collectibles gift shop sitting back from the sidewalk. Before it was a gift shop, this building was an auto parts shop and a gas station with a garage. Buddy Seifert once told me that under that building was a natural spring. With the most recent drought years we’ve lived through, there is probably no sign of that water. I remember when I was a child in the 1950’s that building was a gas station. While my mother and we children were on a day trip from our home in San Diego, our Buick over heated. Mom drove into that very gas station for radiator water. Even though I didn’t move here for another 30 years, I was already recording good memories of Julian in my brain. Next door is Apple Alley Bakery. In the mid-1980s the bakery lunchroom was a souvenir shop that was rumored to be a druggie hangout. I don’t remember when that business closed down, however I do remember the doll house miniature store owned by Joni Beckman and later, the yarn and yardage store owned by Betty Runnels being there before Debbie Gaudette expanded Apple Alley Bakery forward. In the 1980s the middle part of that building was the home of Glad’s Bakery, possibly the first apple pie bakery in Julian. Behind that was Fran’s Christmas store. I never went into Fran’s and I don’t remember why. Next to Apple Alley is Mountain Spirits, the local liquor store and next to that is the Cole building, a 2 story grey building with white trim. The Cole Building was built in the late 1980s, perhaps 1986 or 1987. Before that, a white stucco wall sat about 3 feet high across the front of that property. That dirt lot was where people walked to the entrance of the local laundry mat. Yes, you can still see where the side door was. I heard that it was closed down because it was another druggie hangout. True or not, it’s another story of our colorful recent past. For many years the Plueger family was a prominent presence in Julian. They owned the hardware store for years, son Ted and his wife delivered the San Diego newspapers for 35 years, son Gary was a fixture in town working at the Sears catalog store and belonging to the friendly gang of men who hang out in front of the Julian Pie Company. Youngest son Chris went astray at some point in his late teens or early 20s. Consequently he spent many of his days sitting on that stucco wall telling jokes. For $5.00 Chris would tell you a very good joke. For free, he gladly shared his knowledge of many things. I remember specifically that he had a tremendous knowledge of airplanes and flight. He was of Julian’s most colorful characters and I remember him with fondness. My time in Julian has been short by some standards, yet I have a lifetime of memories that give me reasons to reminisce and often to chuckle as time goes by. These are my thoughts.

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TREE N C A O I M L U J E HT Local Experience Since 1988PANY * Tree Consulting and Inspection * Long Term Forest Maintenance and Planning * Hazardous Removal and Precision Felling * Ornamental Pruning and Lacing * Brush Clearing and Chipping


Licensed and Bonded Fully Insured for Your Protection

ERIC DAUBER H: 760-765-2975 C: 760-271-9585 PO Box 254 JULIAN, CA. 92036


License #945348


by Kiki Skagen Munshi

Whatcha Gonna Do When The Well Goes Dry? The weather has been lovely this past week, sunny calm, a comfortable temperature…and it is profoundly, feel-it-in-the-bones wrong. Leastways, it’s feel-it-in-the-bones wrong for those of us who were care about the country and watch the weather. This should be winter with the occasional day into the 60s--because we are, after all, in Southern California. It shouldn’t be every day into the 60s and some touching 70. We should have rain, fog, perhaps snow. This isn’t “great weather”, it’s a disaster. A disaster? Unless we have really high rainfall in March and April, yes. A disaster. 2012 and 2013 were drought years; at this time we had over 14” of rain in both of them. Last year was a terrible year; last year at this time we had just under 12” of rainfall. This year, to date…a hair over 11” and no rain in sight until after the middle of the month. It gets worse and worse… What does it mean? More trees will die, the golden oak borer, that terrible scourge, is taking out most of them but it’s exacerbated by drought. By this time next year probably half the oak trees in our area of Pine Hills, near Heise Park the epicenter of the infestation, will be dead. Maybe two thirds or more. Apple and other trees may also die and the pine beetle may return as the water table goes down. Why does the water table go down? Because we keep using the water and there isn’t enough rain to put any back into the ground. Will wells go dry? Possibly. Probably at least a few. “But there have always been weather cycles with drought and good years alternating,” some say. “Don’t worry!” Yes, that’s true…but it has NEVER been this warm, and rarely this dry…and certainly not over so many years. Perhaps most important, we’ve never had this many people drawing on the water that was in the ground. How can you not worry? Unless, of course, you close your eyes and mind to what is happening around you. Or simply don’t care. The bottom line? Start saving water if you ever stopped. And pray for rain. May March and April prove us doomsayers absolutely and gloriously wrong. We would be very, very happy un-gloomy doomsayers then, rejoicing in our errors. But you might also want to think about how much it’s going to cost to haul water up from the city if your well goes dry. *** Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. ***

— Lao Tzu

Join Us for Valentine’s Evening from 5 to 9 Low Lights, Champagne, Roses and Romance

*** For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness. — Reba McEntire ***

Dinner Specials

Included with each meal,... Your choice of White Wine Creamy Brie Soup or Spring Mix Salad with Gorgonzola, Cranberries and Walnuts Each couple will also have a choice of Chocolate Mousse or Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce to share


Prime Rib... Slow roasted angus beef cooked to perfection. Served with bread, fresh vegetables and choice of potato — $25.95 Lobster tails... Steamed with drawn butter. Served with bread, fresh vegetables and choice of potato or "Puerto Nuevo Style" with rice, beans and tortillas — $29.95 Frenched Pork Loin Chops... Brown sugar glazed. Served with bread, fresh vegetables and choice of potato — $24.95 Grilled Salmon with Thai Curry Sauce and Basmati Rice — $22.95 Our famous Chicken or Vegetarian Fajitas... Sauteed with onions, tomatos and peppers served sizzling hot tableside with rice, beans and tortillas — $23.95

Carmen’s Place

Reservations highly recommended - Please Call 760 765 4600

February 11, 2015

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es Teas cial Valentin SpeFebruary 12th thru 16th

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Poncho Villa’s Authentic Mexican Food & Pizza

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Brunch Buffet

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N At OPE on No ent’s id Pres ay D oy

[closed tuesday] offering - tasters, pints and 32oz or 64oz jugs of beer to-go


Enj y l ase ple ponsib res

11:30 am - 6 pm

Coleman Creek Center

Pancakes•French Toast Bacon•Sausage•Ham Variety Of Fresh Fruits Dairy Goodies, etc. 8 am - Noon • Adults $14.50 Kids $895 Personal Omelet Station - Cooked before your eyes



Monday 2- 6pm Wednesday & Thursday


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1485 Hollow Glen Road Located just 1/2 mile east of downtown off Highway 78

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Gateway To All of The Back Country Corner of 78 & 79

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Serving Lunch and Dinner Monday: Farm to Table School Program Fundraiser: Penne Pasta with our Marinara Sauce and Caesar Salad just $15 ($10 goes to the school program!). Tuesday: Grass fed beef burger for $10 (to go only) or make it Taco Tuesday with Halibut tacos with our special chipotle aioli , avocado butter and pineapple Pico de Gallo just $4.95 each (dine in or to go)! Wednesday: No corking fee on bottles of local wine (limit 2) and you can still get a halibut taco on Wednesday nights. Thursday: $5 Nickel Brewing pints and Fried Chicken for $12.95! Friday: Chef’s Whim Three Course Meal Special for Two just $55 by reservation


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Fresh, Seasonal, Outstanding Local Farm to Table Cuisine Steaks Seafood Burgers Gluten Free and Vegetarian Options

Private Banquet Room and Meeting Space

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2000 Main Street • Julian, Open Daily: 11am to 5pm Two locations to serve you:


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2225 Main Street 21976 Hwy. 79 (760) 765-2449 (760) 765-2400 www.julianpie.com



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2718 B Street - Julian Reservations 760 765 1003 Dine In or Takeout • Wine and Beer See our menu at www.romanosrestaurantjulian.com


“Home Of Julian Sourdough””

European Style Bakery, Bistro & Creperie

Come See What is NEW! NEW Faces to Meet, Same Treats to Enjoy! OPEN 7 to 5, Every Day

Desserts • Pastries • Salads • Sandwiches • Soups Corner of Fourth & Washington • Julian


ENTERTAINMENT EVERY Friday & Saturday 6-9




MORE THAN JUST GREAT PIZZA! Sunday thru Friday and Thursday Saturday 11am - 8:00pm 11am - 9:00pm

WOOD-FIRED PIZZA • Every Sat & Sun afternoon BBQ/Grill Specials • “From Scratch” Salads, Soups, Desserts (760) 765-1004 3 miles west of Julian on Hwy. 78/79

Dine Inside, Outside Take Out Conference Facilities

Over 35 varieties of beer, ale and hard cider

1. GEOGRAPHY: What is the largest bay in the world? 2. RELIGION: Who is the patron saint for mountain climbers? 3. MOVIES: In which Harry Potter movie was the Whomping Willow introduced? 4. TOYS: What was the name of the British version of America’s “G.I. Joe”? 5. LITERATURE: When was the novel “Gone With the Wind” published? 6. MYTHOLOGY: In Greek mythology, who slew the Minotaur? continued on page 14

Chef’s Corner One-Bowl Wonder Every day, somewhere in the world, an anthropologist is studying old pottery and other ancient remnants of our society, giving us new insights into our culinary past. Soup, the simple unapologetic dish that is as classic as a black dress, has always been considered a primitive meal. But recent discoveries show that soup may be even older than originally

believed. Scientists at Harvard University have found 20,000-year-old pottery that shows evidence of being exposed to fire. No one knows for sure what was heated, but there are many reasons to believe it was a broth cooked up by our ancient ancestors.

Fast-forward thousands of years, and there is more information available about the one-pot meal called “sop,” which referred to a piece of bread eaten in broth. By the 17th century, the word “soup” was being used to describe a pottage, or broth. What we know today is that soup, in all its flavors, has humble beginnings. But plain or fancy, complicated or straightforward, it is an ingenious way to have a complete meal in one bowl. Soup, in its many international versions, is an edible ambassador of its origin. From rich, spicy Mexican soups to light Asian broths, soup is as distinct as the people and the countries from which it comes. If most Americans were asked to say the first word that comes to mind when they hear the word “soup,” it would be “chicken” or “beef.” This reflects our distinct history and what was continued on page 14



Julian &

Julian & Santa Ysabel







Lake Cu

continued on pag

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February 11, 2015

Who’s Who

of Outstanding Businesses

Stories by Clearinghouse Publications


STEHLY BROTHERS DRILLING INC. is a family business located at 13268 McNally Road in Valley Center, phone (760) 742-3668.

-------------- RAMONA COUNTRY YARN STORE --------------

Health, happiness & harmony...is our wish for you throughout 2015.

The business men and women who we proudly present in the Who’s Who all share one common trait and that is to provide you with the very best in courteous, friendly and enthusiastic service.


“Family Owned & Operated Since 1997” Consistently professional service is just one of the reasons for the steady growth over the years of C. DALTON FLOORING. They are genuinely committed here to giving you the highest quality carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate and tile flooring. These local experts offer the most professional installations for your home or business. C. DALTON FLOORING is located at 2405 Main Street, Suite 6 in Ramona, phone 428-9600, and they want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank their customers from Ramona and the entire Back Country. Stop by their showroom and discover for yourself why C. DALTON FLOORING continues to grow every year. They make it their highest priority to see that their customers get the best at affordable prices.

---------------------- RAMONA VALLEY GRILL ----------------------

We would like to point out that RAMONA COUNTRY YARN STORE is a locally owned business that always has time for you. You don’t have to be a special customer or a big spender to get the personal service you need and deserve. RAMONA COUNTRY YARN STORE is located in Ramona 638 Main Street, phone 789-7305 and are best known for offering beautiful yarns, supplies, notions and more for the knitting, crocheting and needlepoint enthusiasts. Here they treat everyone with personal service. That’s how they’d like to be treated, so they make extra sure you are treated in the same way. Connie Phillips, owner and these folks have long appreciated your business and they assure you that they will always give you the best service whenever you call on them.

-------------------------------- H & R BLOCK ---------------------------------

“Locally Owned & Operated” The nation’s largest tax return specialists, H & R BLOCK has become synonymous with quality and a high standard of efficiency when it comes to preparing your personal and business returns. In Ramona, the H & R BLOCK offices are located at 1735 Main Street, Suite J, phone 789-3510, and they’re waiting to help you with your tax problems. Whether you’re filing an individual, joint, business or corporate return...they have the experience and the ability to get it done faster and better. It’s simply the best way to make an easy job out of filling out your tax returns. H & R BLOCK is proud to be part of the community and they wish you much, much success in 2015.


“Under New Management” If you think all restaurants are about the same…think again. Good food and friendly service are the bywords of RAMONA VALLEY GRILL located at 344 Main Street in Ramona, phone 789-3240. As many people in this area have found, there is no better restaurant than this one. On their menu you will find taste-tempting delicious items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is something for the entire family at RAMONA VALLEY GRILL. The management of RAMONA VALLEY GRILL has made it a point to hire employees who are courteous and who will give you great service. Next time you are in Ramona, stop in at RAMONA VALLEY GRILL for a tasty, filling meal. Make them a regular stop this year for you and your family.

“Celebrating 21 Years Of Excellence” People throughout the Back Country have been showing their trust in O’CONNOR & FAMILY CONSTRUCTION CO since 1994. And the pros here continue to work extra hard just to show that your business is appreciated. They are known, of course, for offering professional contracting when it comes to room additions; remodels; and more for your home or business. O’CONNOR & FAMILY CONSTRUCTION CO is located to serve the entire area, phone 533-6954, and you can rest assured that they take their jobs seriously when it comes to doing the job right. And you can see this in everything they do for you. O’CONNOR & FAMILY CONSTRUCTION CO thanks you for doing business with them.


“Family Owned & Operated” Whatever the occasion may be, a friendly get-together or a business meeting, CARMELITA’S MEXICAN GRILL & CANTINA lets you offer your guests the incomparable food and drinks, atmosphere and service that have made them so popular. CARMELITA’S MEXICAN GRILL & CANTINA is located at 575 Palm Canyon Drive in Borrego Springs, phone 767-5666. Choose from a variety of delicious, fresh Mexican food. Quality has been the hallmark of CARMELITA’S MEXICAN GRILL & CANTINA for many years and we invite our readers to visit them often in 2015 for some of the most enjoyable Mexican specialties to be found anywhere. We are certain you’ll become a regular customer. And remember, if you love good food that’s deliciously prepared, visit CARMELITA’S MEXICAN GRILL & CANTINA soon.

“Chip Nelson - Owner/Operator” C K ELECTRIC, located to serve the area from Valley Center, phone 749-3214 or 535-6473, is one of those reliable local businesses whom we are able to speak of in only the highest terms. Chip, and his crew are experts in electrical work for your home or business. They also offer complete solar and energy efficient product installation and sales. They specialize in custom homes. This company has been doing business with the people of this area for some time, and over that period, C K ELECTRIC has established themselves as one of the leaders in their field. Chip and the crew have had long experience in this business and is thoroughly competent in every respect.

Visit Ramona Chamber of Commerce website


From a very successful past to a very successful present…customers of OIL CHANGER expect a lot from them. And the people you’ll meet here make sure their customers get the very best service. Here, they specialize in offering complete oil changes for all vehicles, both foreign and domestic. They also service transmissions; coolants; transfer cases; power steering and more. OIL CHANGER is also a certified used oil collection center. So, if you’re ready for the finest service, then you’re ready for OIL CHANGER. You’ll enjoy getting to know this quality-conscious company located at 1809 Main Street in Ramona, phone 789-5426, and the down-to-earth people who run it. Thank you for your past visits & may all good things come your way in 2015.


“Locally Owned & Operated” No matter how little or how much time you have when visiting Borrego Springs, you’ll want to visit CARLEE’S PLACE at 660 Palm Canyon Drive (right next to Christmas Circle), phone 767-3262. Great food; ice cold beer; drinks; good friends; the best entertainment and recreation all go hand in hand to make up part of CARLEE’S PLACE. They have only friendly employees who make it a point to see that you enjoy yourself. Don’t fail to stop here for their pool tables; multiple TVs to watch all of your favorite sports; a juke box; live music; and so much more. All the best in 2015 from everyone at CARLEE’S PLACE. For information on entertainment schedules, including live bands, call 767-3262. The entire staff wishes you a wonderful year in 2015.



-------------------------- TITO’S AUTO CARE ---------------------------

“Locally Owned & Operated” No matter where you are, TITO’S AUTO CARE is never far off. They’ve been serving the folks from this area for a very long time. And as longstanding neighbors, TITO’S AUTO CARE is there to help you, too. There is a lot of respect and gratitude from the people here for your business over the years and they just want to take this moment in saying “thanks.” TITO’S AUTO CARE is located at 233 Palm Canyon Drive, Unit A, in Borrego Springs, phone 767-3029, and their ASE Certified Technicians work hard and work smart to provide the best in general repairs on foreign and domestic vehicles. They can also service motor homes, both gas and diesel. Bring in your RVs and have them serviced before your road trips this year. They are also offering tires and rims. To see all TITO’S AUTO CARE offers, visit www.titosautocare.com Enjoy reading about these successful and interesting businesses. Please keep and use this guide. Thank you.


For Valentines Day, on special occasions throughout the year, or for no reason at all…why not surprise that important person in your life with a gift from CROSSROADS TREASURES. Here you can choose from a great selection of unique gifts that are sure to please anyone. CROSSROADS TREASURES specializes in rocks and minerals; Native American jewelry; Zuni Stone Fetishes and more. Bring the kids in for cutting geodes. They are open 10 AM to 5 PM Thursday thru Sunday. Any gift purchased here is guaranteed to bring smiles of unexpected delight. CROSSROADS TREASURES in Santa Ysabel is located at 30219 Highway 78 (across from Dudley’s Bakery), phone 765-2530. And, with their great prices, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion. Get to know this unique shop in Santa Ysabel.



“Professional 24-Hour Towing” People throughout the Back Country agree that it’s a good feeling to have a company like RAMONA AUTO DISMANTLING & TOWING around. They’re located at 904 “A” Street in Ramona, phone 789-0331, and since 1939 they have served our area with professional, 24-hour towing service. Program their number in you cell phone NOW for emergencies, phone 789-0331 They specialize in giving you the best in quality used parts for your foreign and domestic vehicle. RAMONA AUTO DISMANTLING & TOWING, also buys used cars, running or not. And because the heart of their business has always been satisfied customers, you can be assured that you call on RAMONA AUTO DISMANTLING & TOWING today, you won’t be disappointed tomorrow.

--------------------- DESCANSO HAY & FEED ---------------------

At DESCANSO HAY & FEED, located at 25077 Viejas Boulevard in Descanso, phone 619-445-5464, their methods are clear and their goals are simple: Be the very best at what you do. Promote community growth and promote good business. This family owned and operated business gives you the highest quality name brand hay and feed. DESCANSO HAY & FEED offers horse and cattle feed; goat feed and supplements; dog, cat and pet food and so much more. Each of their employees share the common goal of providing the very best service and products at prices you can afford. That’s what they stand for. And, you can depend on it, year after year. Everyone at DESCANSO HAY & FEED thanks Back Country readers for your business and they invite you to phone 619-445-5464, for delivery services and more information on all they have to offer.

------------------ BISHER’S QUALITY MEATS ------------------

“Locally Owned & Operated” You’ll never have to face a tough decision when you go to BISHER’S QUALITY MEATS. This company surrounds you with superb quality. BISHER’S QUALITY MEATS is located at 2330 Main Street, Suite A, in Ramona, phone 789-1488, and they are so highly respected in this entire area for offering the best in quality meats. They also offer custom slaughtering and wild game processing. This is a gourmet butcher that offers USDA Choice & Prime beef; Iowa pork; buffalo; American Spring lamb and more. Stop into BISHER’S QUALITY MEATS Monday thru Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM; and Sundays from 9 AM to 5 PM. They genuinely care about having you as a very satisfied customer here. Also visit them at www.bishersmeat.com


“Locally Owned & Operated Since 1990” Finding a transmission specialist is relatively easy. But finding one you can trust to do the job right is something else. We would like to bring to your attention RAMONA TRANSMISSION, located at 136 10th Street, Suite I, in Ramona, phone 788-0200. Since 1990 their ASE Certified technicians are known for being the area’s specialists in automatic and manual transmissions, both foreign and domestic. They also do rebuilding; adjustments; clutches; front wheel drive; as well as work on RVs and 4-wheel drives. Talk with the people at RAMONA TRANSMISSION and you’ll soon discover why their professional service is sought after and so highly respected.

www.ramonachamber.com for upcoming events.


“Locally Owned & Operated” Today, as always, KITCHEN BARN is a local business that has always been committed to excellence. They specialize in offering beautiful custom cabinetry and countertops for your home or business. They invite homeowners; contractors; and more to stop into their showroom located at 780 Main Street, Suite G, in Ramona, phone 788-6900. They are considered unique because they work hard at being the best. We feel that you’ll get more from a local business like KITCHEN BARN because they simply put more into everything they do. And, these are just exceptionally nice people to have on your team. They are waiting for the chance to show you what they’re all about. Stop into their showroom or visit KITCHEN BARN online at www.kitchenbarn.net


Everyone at AMERIENT RESTAURANT join with the community to offer their best wishes in 2015. Located at 668 Main Street in Ramona, phone 789-6855, AMERIENT RESTAURANT has always looked extra hard to find the very best people are trained to help give you the good service you deserve. On their menu you will find your favorite American dishes for breakfast. For lunch and dinner you can choose from American and Chinese dishes. AMERIENT RESTAURANT specializes in taste-tempting steak; seafood; prime rib and some of the best Chinese food. They invites you to stop in soon to see all the great changes they have made.


“Locally Owned & Operated Celebrating 30 years” The crew at AIR CRAFTS HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING is unquestionably, one of the best. They’ve always gone the extra mile as a hard working team to make sure they do the job right, the first time. AIR CRAFTS HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING is located to serve the entire Back Country, phone 760-767-3677 or 760-749-3667, and are known for offering the best in heating and air conditioning work for your home or business. They offer new installations; service; repair; and maintenance. When you think about it, you can see why these people have been in business since 1985. They take enormous pride in every single thing they do. It’s just that simple. AIR CRAFTS HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING is, and will continue to be, an important asset to the Back Country communities.

“Your Authorized Seiko Watch & Clock Dealer” Since 1985, JEWELRY WORLD & LOAN has been known for providing new and used items; diamonds; gold; silver; and custom jewelry at wholesale prices. You will also find beautiful Landstroms Black Hills Gold. Stop in for great Valentines Day gifts. Located at 1338 Main Street (Sun Valley Center) in Ramona, phone 789-2048, JEWELRY WORLD & LOAN buys; sells; trades; and offers small collateral loans. See them for tools; electronics; musical instruments; and accessories. They also buy and sell gold and silver bullion and coins. A full time jeweler on site specializes in jewelry repairs; settings; custom designs; and more. JEWELRY WORLD & LOAN has the best prices GUARANTEED on diamonds. Replacement watch batteries are offered while you wait. Visit JEWELRY WORLD & LOAN online at www.ramonasjewelryworld.com

“Locally Owned & Operated” TRACTION TIRE & SERVICE CENTER has always been thought of as a friendly neighborhood business. And that’s why they always treat YOU as a good neighbor. That’s just one of the reasons TRACTION TIRE & SERVICE CENTER has been around since 1999. They are located at 1811 Main Street (in the Kmart Center), in Ramona, phone 789-8877, and they are your headquarters for a complete selection of quality tires, at affordable prices. See them for tire repairs; custom wheels; alignments; shocks; brakes and more. For better gas mileage and tire wear, they also offer nitrogen for your tires. The people here really want and appreciate your business. It’s all a part of their Good Neighbor Policy to work extra hard to earn your business. And it shows whenever you call or visit TRACTION TIRE & SERVICE CENTER.

From the moment you step into THE CENTER MARKET GROCERY STORE, you KNOW that you’re dealing with someone that really knows how to treat a customer right. The friendly staff, the fantastic values throughout the store, and a host of other features makes this one of the area’s favorite stores. Located in The Center Plaza at 590 Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 304, in Borrego Springs, phone 767-3311, this is one store where the customer always comes first. You may choose from one of the area’s best assortments of values in everything you need to feed your family. Stop in 7 days a week from 7 AM to 8 PM for gourmet foods; diabetic and celiac friendly products; organic meats; raw foods; natural supplements and more. You’ll love THE CENTER MARKET GROCERY STORE full service deli, juice bar, salad bar and custom made to order sandwiches.

RAMONA/JULIAN ACADEMY OF DANCE has been voted best dance studio 4 years in a row and offers dance and tumbling classes for children thru adult levels. They offer over 100 classes a week in ballet; jazz; tap; hip-hop; lyrical; Irish Dance; Zumba; American Sign Language and so much more. If you just enjoy dancing or you’re ready to compete, there is a class for you at RAMONA/JULIAN ACADEMY OF DANCE. In the DANCIN FEET BOUTIQUE they offer shoes, leotards, tights, dance bags, shorts and more for children and adults. Fitness classes are also available. For information stop in at 1530 Main Street, Suite 14, in Ramona, phone 789-1711. You can also visit www.ramonadance.com Everyone at RAMONA/JULIAN ACADEMY OF DANCE and DANCIN FEET BOUTIQUE look forward to seeing you in 2015.

This local organization is in the forefront of community involvement and support because they provide emergency food and clothing to qualified low-income families residing throughout Ramona; Santa Ysabel; Ranchita; Warner Springs; Borrego Springs and Julian. Located at 773 Main Street in Ramona, phone 789-4458, RAMONA FOOD & CLOTHES CLOSET, INC is a thrift store that offers clothing for the entire family; shoes; housewares; electronics; furniture; sheets and bedding; books; sporting goods and so much more. Stop in Monday thru Saturday from 9:30 AM to 5 PM. Bring your GOOD used items to RAMONA FOOD & CLOTHES CLOSET, INC. Donations are appreciated and tax deductible. Any profit they make goes into scholarships, community grants and family emergency services. To find out how to help, phone 789-4458, or visit www.foodandclothescloset.org

When you stop in at ALL AMERICAN KTM, you will find their entire crew ready to go to work with you with all their knowledge and experience. Located at 872 Main Street in Ramona, phone 788-7733 or 1-877-RIDE-KTM, ALL AMERICAN KTM is best known for being your authorized KTM Motorcycle dealership. ALL AMERICAN KTM has one of the best service departments in the area. This is your off-road and racing headquarters. They specialize in service, and repairs for all brands of motorcycles, ATV’s, rangers, and more. At their 5,000 square foot facility, they carry accessories; apparel; and parts. So when you are in the need of off-roading or racing equipment and supplies, be sure to remember the folks at ALL AMERICAN KTM. Visit them on Facebook or at www.allamericanktm.com

“Carol Fowler - Realtor” When you’re looking around today’s real estate market for the best place to put your money, trust STAGE PRESENCE HOMES and Carol Fowler to help you find the home or property that YOU want. With some realistic prices and some diligent effort, Carol Fowler at STAGE PRESENCE HOMES can AND will find just what you’re looking for in residential; commercial; farm, ranch or land property. They are also Ramona’s winery specialists. To see all they offer, visit www.realestateramona.com With offices located to serve San Diego County from Ramona, phone 522-1777, Carol has over 10 years of professional experience to assist you in every conceivable manner. When it comes time to sell your existing property, this reliable realtor will get more for you. Trust Carol with ALL of your real estate matters. DRE License # 01398595.

The reputation of RAMONA SENIOR MANOR has grown over the years, and their commitment to their residents is stronger than ever. Located at 1236 “D” Street in Ramona, phone 440-9844. At RAMONA SENIOR MANOR, they are best known for offering 24-hour supervised nursing care with on-site nurses; two regularly visiting doctors; assistance with daily living activities; 3 healthy meals a day with snacks; transportation services; medication management; housekeeping and more. They also specialize in Alzheimers and Dementia care and offer hospice and palliative care. For information, general assistance, and more, phone 440-9844, or visit www.ramonasenior.com The administration here appreciates the confidence and support of the Back Country communities and they wish you a healthy New Year.





------------------------- ALL AMERICAN KTM -------------------------

“Assisted Living” If you wish to enjoy your later years in a wonderful, home-like environment, then you should remember the name RAMONA SENIOR LODGE. Here, you’ll find residents who have traveled the world, worked the land of farms and ranches, raised families, and who are individuals with a zest for life. RAMONA SENIOR LODGE is located at 15855 Marmac Drive in Ramona. Here they offer 24 hour supervised care; three healthy meals a day; activities; pool; gardening spaces and more. They can help with daily living including bathing, dressing and medication reminders. RAMONA SENIOR LODGE can help you establish a lifestyle in a setting of comfort, security and companionship. For questions phone 440-0168 or visit www.ramonaseniorlodge.com



-------------------- STAGE PRESENCE HOMES --------------------

“Family Owned & Operated” The Lutt family and everyone at MARISCOS MAR DE CORTEZ, located at 109 10th Street in Ramona, phone 789-7500, want to thank their friends and customers through the entire area. At MARISCOS MAR DE CORTEZ they understand that a little relaxation is something we all look forward to. And when it comes to running a restaurant, these folks know what they are doing and do it cheerfully and well. On their menu they have something for everyone. They offer delicious Mexican food prepared with the finest foods. You’ll love their fresh Mexican seafood dishes. Make sure you stop in for ice-cold draft beer including local favorites; local wines and so much more. And because they won’t change their friendly way of running MARISCOS MAR DE CORTEZ, you can depend on an enjoyable visit every time you stop in.

In times that are ever changing to a faster and faster pace, it’s refreshing to know that there are people around who still preserve the old proven traditions. When you do business with SHIVE CUSTOM GRADING, you’re dealing with the same people who have served the area for a long, long time. SHIVE CUSTOM GRADING is located at 309 Magnolia Avenue in Ramona, phone 789-2429, and they are known for offering professional grading and excavation work. They offer their years of experience in septic systems; water and sewer lines; building sites; demolition work; underground utilities; and so much more. They also specialize in steel buildings; horse arenas; and more. At SHIVE CUSTOM GRADING, they believe in the old-fashioned notion that you, the customer, always come first.


------------------- RAMONA SENIOR MANOR -------------------

“Family Owned & Operated” ARMSTRONG FEED & SUPPLY has always been known as a local business that will go the distance to see their customers’ needs are met. They are located at 28520 Cole Grade Road in Valley Center, phone 749-2223, and they specialize in offering feed and a wide variety of farm supplies. ARMSTRONG FEED & SUPPLY offers pet, horse and livestock feed and supplies; propane; corrals; feeders; shelters; tack boxes; saddles; bedding; blankets and more. Stop in the 1st Saturday of every month for $1.00 off hay and sack feed. ARMSTRONG FEED & SUPPLY also offers Armstrong’s Animal Academy and educational events for animal care; farm maintenance; roping and more. For information on monthly events visit www.armstrongfeed.com Everyone here is committed to helping you in every sense of the word.


Once, when a business owner provided a service, it was the best they could possibly do. The company stood behind that service with pride. They lived a simple idea: Do it right or don’t do it at all. This is the old time quality that you can still find at SUNNYDALE ELECTRIC located to serve you, phone 789-2165. They specialize in complete electrical work. They are experts in everything from design to installations for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Get to know SUNNYDALE ELECTRIC this year. And if you ALSO believe in old time quality, you may find you’ve got a lot in common with this local company. © UBC 2015

8 The Julian News

February 11, 2015

February 11, 2015



The Julian News 9

(760) 765 0192

Est. 1967

We have our own private parking lot behind the office . . . entrance off ‘C’ Street

P.O. Box 1000 Julian, CA 92036

C ORNE R OF M A I N & ‘C’ S TREET www.julian –properties.com

A very special property which has not been offered for sale G before! N I D N PE

CA BRE Lic #00859374



Nice large two-story home was built in 2003, It is over 2900 square feet, three bedrooms - master bedrooms on both floors plus another bedroom, and 3.5 baths, bonus/office room. On a nice corner half acre lot. Granite counter tops in kitchen, laundry room, tile and carpet throughout. Large deck with nice views.

Priced Right at


Reduced to


$448,000 $444,00


The expansive view is absolutely fantastic from this lovely home on 34 acres high on a hill. It is very private but not far from historic downtown Julian. The house has an open floor plan with adjoining living room, dining area, kitchen and family room. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 spectacular rock fireplaces. There are fantastic views from the 100 foot long deck - all the way to Catalina Island, San Clemente Islands and to the ocean! A very small portion of the land is leased - on which there is a cell tower, for which there are considerable monhly payments to the owner.

Entry to this large outstanding home is down a gated driveway. It is on eight acres, which adjoin Heise County Park - very private with panoramic views from the house and from the large deck! There is a master suite on the main floor with a fireplace and office and there are more bedrooms downstairs - a total of four bedrooms + 2 extra rooms and 3 full & 2 half baths -.a very special house.

Rose Steadman, Broker / Owner

Kirby Winn, Realtor Associate

CA BRE Lic #00859374

CA BRE Lic #00326128

Priced at


email: lilyroy@sbcglobal.net


Priced at


email: kirbylwinn@gmail.com

ail. send any materials nswer all reader Mr. Cox is unable e large volume of questionsforcox@ FL 32853-6475, Service, P.O. Box ox in care of King *

Tattered Tidbits No. 44

Agribusiness In 1860 There is exciting stuff in the 1860 Federal Agricultural Census. “Big Ag” ruled in the hills, and these hills were dotted with unfenced herds watched over by native vaqueros [buckaroos], forerunners of movieland cowboys. Hardscrabble cotton farmers from the Civil War South had not yet appeared with onedollar discounted train tickets. People still thought big. The few large ranches in our high country did things in a big way, on ranches that sodbusters could only dream about. Don Joaquin Ortega, descendant of presidio soldiers, versatile politico, father of famously beautiful daughters, and savant of volatile “aguardiente” [firewater], owned Santa Ysabel Rancho and also Santa Maria. His main ranch house was by a spring just west of Ramona, on the right, the low ground as you start up the grade toward Rancho Maria Lane. The Santa Ysabel mission buildings were in ruins already in the 1850s. His ranchos were worth $40,000, in uninflated money. He was retired with only 900 head of cattle on 78,000 acres, and he happily hosted gentleman callers who may have preferred the hospitality of his daughters. Army officers and sea captains were regarded favorably by them. Cockney Bill Williams, who had forsaken Rancho Volcan de Santa Ysabel in 1853, ran Rancho Valle de las Viejas y Mesa del Arroz, worth $5,000. He had livestock of every kind, a stage station, and equipment including even a newfangled Pitts thresher and a dandy spring wagon (you name it, Bill had it). His 2-story adobe was by present I-8, next to a pond. One of his enterprises was building ox carts for the grain trains to San Diego. Leather trim was standard. Bill was in hock to his ears, but he had as much farm equipment as anyone on the tax rolls,

John Mulkins, Cuyamaca pioneer already while at Volcan. The thresher would likely have been horse-powered, but possibly straw-burning, then cutting-edge steam technology. His mayordomo, Julian Sandoval, had another stage station in the present Descanso meadow where a large barn stands. His place was worth $1,000, and served as polling place for Agua Caliente district. There was plenty of straightgrained wood for those upscale highly taxed ox carts. Green Valley in Cuyamaca was run by bushy-bearded James Lassistor, his Indians, his resourceful wife, and stepson. It, too, was a stage station, supplying other stations at Vallecito and Carrizo, serving survivors of the desert crossing. His stone house was near the creek and present entry road to the visitor center. Cold Stream Trail borders his grain fields. It’s an idyllic trail, and easy for people with mobility problems. Indians valued the sheltered and reliable cascades by their village Mitaragui. Plant resources are still abundant, but soil movement has obliterated the village. It was this village that put a stop to a planned sawmill. The Indians “made a kind of revolution, “ so we can still enjoy the cascades. This small but fertile valley meadow produced annually 800

by Albert Simonson

bushels of wheat, 2000 of barley, 10 of peas and beans, 20 tons of hay, 150 pounds of wool, 200 of cheese, and 2000 of butter. Are you impressed yet? Just try churning that much butter. This was more a farm than ranch, having only 80 cattle, 60 swine, 500 sheep and 32 draft animals. The garden fence was along the main road, first graded at county expense by Indians. The rest of Cuyamaca had thousands of sheep. Lassitor was branching out into gold investment when stepson John Mulkins found him murdered east of the Colorado River. His gold was gone. Closer to us, Thomas Brady, Adam Bossung, John Worm and Samuel Neason had substantial ranches. Sam had over 150 animals. Sam’s place was the upper part of our open space preserve below Farmer Road. Prior to severe gullying, this was irrigated fields. Traces of meandering streams can be seen by a trained and glinty eye. It is hard to believe that such overgrazed land ever could have supported a productive farm of 55 cultivated acres. All it produces now is Julian’s well water, from which we trust the animal waste has been purified by soil. In our next article, we will show that Rancho Volcan de Santa Ysabel was still a big operation, even though the grand rancho era was drawing to a close.

The NASDAQ stock exchange was totally disabled one day in December 1987 when a squirrel burrowed through one of the exchange's telephone lines.

4th Graders On A Mission

Mrs. Cirillo’s and Mrs. Stanley’s 4th graders have teamed up to complete the California Mission research and model construction. Each team worked on a different Mission.

February 11, 2015

10 The Julian News


C orner of 4 th

and “ B ” , CABRE Lic# 01238746

J ulian Seller Representitive Specialist • Risk Management Specialist • Senior Real Estate Specialist • 16 years experience


Buyer Representitive • Senior Real Estate Specialist • 11 years julian real estate experience


CALL 760 • 604 • 2226

Lovely home over-looking Lake Cuyamaca. This custom home skillfully combines clean modern lines with rustic treatments of wood, copper, sheet metal and bamboo. The floor to ceiling windows on the South and East sides provide natural light, spectacular views and an impressive passive heat source in the winter. Rare, oversized .58 acre lot, 2+ bedrooms, 2 baths, and an atrium style family room. Offered at $367,900.


CALL 760 • 445 • 1642

ow r c sthe Best Deal on Mountain E Exquisite, architect In designed custom

home with one of the finest panoramic views in all of Julian featured from every room. 3,300 sq.ft.,includes gourmet kitchen, 3 romantic fireplaces, private guest wing. 2.5 acres, spacious garage and workshop. Offered below replacement cost. Reduced to $699,000

L and

North Peak: Spectacular Views! 10 acres, well/tank, road and pad in. $184,000 Townsite: .65 acres, water in, septic layout $129,000 Townsite View: .99 acres $145,000 IN ESCROW - Harrison Park: 9.92 acres, well, elec. reduced $130,000 Pine Hills: 8.21 acres, view $160,000 SOLD - Pine Hills: 4.2 acres, well, septic in, view! $175,000 Pine Hills: 6.32 acres, $175,000 Historic District 3.97 acres, with well, cleared and park like with incredible views! $125,000.

Genuine Historic Julian Home. This home built in 1899 is charming and unique. Perfect for someone who wants to be active in preserving Julian's rich heritage. 3 bedrooms/ 3 full baths, 2 car garage, studio guest house with full bath. Has been used as a weekend rental for many years. Located in the heart of Julian. $425,000

Cute and Clean. 2 bedroom plus an office, 2 bath, large lot, deck, Great views of the Julian countryside. Excellent buy at $249,900

Custom Home with terrific views on 8.41 acres. 2 - 2 car garages. Two story. Well on Property, Large brick courtyard. Short Sale - $450,000

View Parcel, 5 acres. Nice gently slopping parcel, good well, water storage tank, shed and pump house. There is a septic tank installed but the condition of the system is unknown at this time. A very good buy at $123,000

View of the Townsite. 3.97 acre parcel with well, electricity, septic layout and shed. Within walking distance of all Julian amenities. Priced to move! $125,000

Usable 2.2 acre parcel with well, view and electricity. Price to sell at $109,000

Beautiful 10 acre Lot with incredible northwesterly views. Pad, well, tank, roads in, private. Must see to appreciate! $184,000

please G ive u s

A c all we are your real estate consultants

760 • 765 • 1776

7. Heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali had three title reigns, with a total of 19 successful defenses. In which reign did he have the most title defenses? continued on page 14


by Bill Fink

Where’s The Beef? Read On!

There is so much dreadful news in the world today. The atrocities being committed by ISIS, not only on hostages but also on the indigenous populations of the Middle East, have not risen to this level since the Nazis and Imperial Japan during WWII. The U.S. political stage is heating up as a result and the presidential election, almost two years from now is creating daily fodder in the news. Congress and the president are doing battle on a daily basis. The economy is doing great according to some of the pundits but jobs and wages are flat for the rest of us. The stock market is high but volatile, rising and falling to precipitous levels with those same rosy eyed financial pundits who claim the economy is getting better in one breath, warn of a “correction” in the next. For the average investor a “correction” means we’re going to get creamed. Lo and behold, with the Islamic ox being gored in the Middle East by radical Islamic terror, it appears that they are finally standing up and fighting back on their own soil. Of course they are appealing to the “Great Satan” (the U.S.) for arms and leadership. Whether it will come is anyone’s guess at this point as the American debate still rages as to whether this is really our fight or not. Islamic terror on the African front is rising as well. Fronts in Kenya, Somalia, Algeria, Mali, Uganda and Nigeria are joining other trouble spots in Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Yemen. Is it surprising with its rising Islamic population that the radical element is now visiting terror on Europe? Certainly other than humanitarian aid, military wares are not flowing to our Ukraine ally against a very hostile Russia. Anyone I know that has seen combat has reminded me that there is nothing humanitarian about combat. Leadership, arms and ammunition and a lot of it, medical supplies for troops that are getting slaughtered in the fight are what they need. A lot of jetliners seem to be crashing lately or is it just me. It seems to be mostly happening in the Far East and there seems to be something untoward about it or…is it just me. Well, the world is hot right now with a lot of issues. It always has been but with better communication and just about anyone in the world able to video events and send them anywhere in the world at lightning speed it’s no wonder that my poor brain is on over-load. So to lighten this up a bit and deal with this dread another time I’m going to switch gears with a rhetorical question. “Where’s the

Beef?” I’ll tell you where the beef is, it’s at the American Legion on the third Friday of each month starting this month on February 20th. In a four part dinner series, February, March, April, and May the Sons of the American Legion are going to bring you classic, delicious, beef dinners with great sides. As a lot of you know the Sons are world famous, not “world famous” but famous, for their Santa Maria style tri-tip which is coated in their special secret rub and roasted on an open oak flame. The rub starts the day before cooking and what comes out is a tender, succulent slab that has had people coming to “The Dance” for this special meat dish for eight years. Tri-tip, along with roasted red potatoes a special seasonal vegetable, salad and dessert is going to be the kick-off event in the beef series. Other cuts of beef will be featured in future events at the SAL “BeefeaterSeries” dinners. I don’t know about you but I don’t get to go to a big beef feed very often mostly because of the cost, not to mention tip, gas and time it takes to get somewhere. Also in the not to mention category, if you want a beer or adult beverage it’s expensive. There are few places that can compete with the Legion pricewise, selection-wise or any-wise (I don’t know if this is a word). Let’s just say the prices are great for guests coming for an event. The price for Number 1 in the SAL “Beefeater-Series” will be $15.00. Excuse me! Yes, I said Fifteen (with an F) bucks. Now I don’t know if you’ve been out for a meal lately featuring quality meat but it’s expensive. Adding to the value of the SAL meal is the large portions they always provide. And take note for you BIG eaters, at this meal you can elect to go with an all you can eat plate of tri-tip, potatoes and veggies (no to-go or sharing on this option) for twenty-five dollars. This is cheaper than a single meal at most steak houses. Another new thing for this meal series other than the promotion of the event will be presale tickets that will not only be available at the Legion but available through SAL members. With presales and a great turnout, the Beef Series might become a permanent fixture on Friday nights. SAL tri-tip and steak dinners tend to sell out so you’re encouraged to get your tickets early to guarantee yourself a place at the table. Remember the Wendy’s ad in 1984 when the diminutive (4’10”) Clara Peller is staring at a huge bun and a equally diminutive burger and in her gravelly voice yells “where’s the beef?” Well, the 81-year-old former manicurist, who was hard of hearing and suffered from emphysema created an American sensation with her tag line. Where’s the beef? At the Legion of course, Friday, February 20, starting at 5 p.m.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

For Legion members, this Friday night, February 13, is the monthly “Open Mic”. Food and drink are available, great live music is free. If you’re a bud of a Legion guy or gal, maybe you can con your way into being a guest. For the Public on Sunday, recover from Valentines Day sweet treat with a hearty AllYou-Can-Eat breakfast at the Legion for only $10. Usual time 7am - 11:30 or until Sold Out.

Afternoon Project For Anyone 1. Which school has won the most SEC Tournament titles in baseball? 2. Who was the last majorleague player to have at least 200 hits and 100 walks in a season? 3. Name the player who holds the SEC record for most career passing touchdowns. 4. Which NBA team recorded the most points in a quarter? 5. How many NHL seasons did Barry Trotz coach the Nashville Predators? 6. Who was the last soccer player before Brazil’s Neymar in 2014 to score two goals in his World Cup debut?

(NAPSA)-The next time you're looking to instantly transform a piece of wood furniture or your kitchen cabinets, try a one-step stain and clear finish product to change the look and color of your wooden piece. You can update a tired room by making over one item without removing its existing finish or replacing the furniture. Consider a rich dark wood tone or beautiful red tone to refresh a family treasure. Whether it's a redo for an entryway table, new life for a family heirloom or sprucing up kitchen cabinets, the project is easier and faster to accomplish with a one-step

apply a one-step product such as Minwax PolyShades according to its application instructions. It's available in 13 colors ranging from the light wood tones of Honey Pine or Classic Oak to the deep, rich colors of Espresso or Bombay Mahogany. Your furniture, even raw pallets, can • Apply a thin, even coat. To go from drab to fab in one easy step. deepen the color, a second or product. third coat can be applied. For a beautiful finish: • For a dramatic change, • Test to see whether your choose a darker color than your wood has a polyurethane finish original finish to really see the on it; if it does, give it a light difference. sanding with fine-grit sandpaper For more inspiration, visit www. and remove sanding dust. minwax.com to see videos on the • Using a natural-bristle brush, color transformation possibilities.


Buffy is a 5 year old spayed black and white feline who weighs 13lbs. She is curious and friendly once she settles into a new place. Buffy maintains a balance between hanging out with her person and being her independent self but loves to be petted and have her chin scratched. Meet the mellow gal by asking for ID#1604309 Tag#C977. Buffy can be adopted for the Senior Fee of just $35. Prada is a 1 year old spayed Pit Bull Mix who weighs 45lbs. Friendly and loving with everyone she meets, Prada will try to cuddle up next to you if you sit in her bed. She has a lot of energy for walks, hikes, trips to the beach and will make a wonderful family companion. Meet this sweet gal by asking for ID#A1624215 Tag#C548. Prada can be adopted for $69. All adoption fees include vaccinations, spaying/neutering (upon adoption), a microchip and free Vet visit. Dog fees also include a 1 year license. Prada and Buffy are at our Central County Shelter, 5480 Gaines Street, San Diego . The Shelter hours are 9:30AM to 5:30PM, Tuesday through Saturday or visit www. sddac.com for more information.

Egg Cups Q: I have a set of egg cups that are marked "Union Pacific." A railroad buff has told me the pattern is Desert Flower. -- Steve, Riverside, California A: Egg cups have become one of the most popular collectibles in recent years. Still being produced, they attract collectors on several levels. Prices can range from inexpensive to many thousands of dollars. Your Union Pacific set is probably worth about $90. Be aware that railroad china is being reproduced, so when buying, do your homework and be cautious. *** Q: I have a set of five Stone Craft mixing bowls that originally belonged to my mom. Are they worth keeping? -- Susan, Wheatridge, Colorado A: Your mixing bowls, also called pink and blue because of their color, were made by McCoy and are very collectible. In fact, in recent years I have seen mixing bowls double and triple in price at most of the antique malls and shops I have visited. Your McCoy set was made during the 1970s and is valued at about $250, according to Mark Moran, author of "Warman's McCoy Pottery" (Krause, $24.99) ***

Q: My dad was a career military man and was stationed in Germany in the 1950s. During this period, he began collecting Hummel figurines when he could find them. I have his collection, and even though I have no plans to sell them, I wonder if you can recommend a good price guide so I can have a better idea of current values. -- Alice, Casper, Wyoming A: There are several excellent references available, but my favorite remains "M.I. Hummel: Figurines, Plates, Miniatures & More" by Robert L. Miller and published by Portfolio Press. *** Q: I purchased a Gouda ashtray at a yard sale several weeks ago. I paid $35 for it, and I wonder if it is worth more. -- Susan, Hammond, Louisiana A: Gouda pottery was first produced in Holland during the 17th century. Two companies -- Zenith pottery and the ZuidHollandsche -- were instrumental in making the pieces collectible throughout the world. After checking online and in several of my reference books, I believe your ashtray is probably worth about $25. *** Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to questionsforcox@ aol.com. Due to the large volume of mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send any materials requiring return mail. (c) 2015 King Features Synd., Inc.

February 11, 2015


Howdy From Lake Cuyamaca ~ No Report ~

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you receive this newspaper. If you are looking for a new book, please check out our shelves that have on display the Friends Express items. The following is a list of recently purchased books for the Julian Branch:

1. As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust, Beauley 2. A Backpack, A bear, and 8 Crates of Vodka, Golinkin 3. Can’t we Talk About Something More Pleasant?, Chast 4. Christmas Far From Home, Weintraub 5. Daffodil: The remarkable story of the world’s most popular spring flower (2 copies), Kingsbury 6. Fine Summers Day, Todd 7. Girl on the Train, Hawkins 8. Kindness Diaries: One man’s quest to ignite goodwill and transform lives around the world 9. Last Days in Shanghai, Walker 10. Lazing on a Sunday Crafternoon, Muldoon 11. Leaving before the Rains Come, Fuller 12. Little Book of Bookmaking, Rivers 13. Map of Heaven, Alexander 14. Mr. Mac and Me, Freud 15. The Nightingale, Hannah 16. Organized Mind; Thinking straight in the Age of Information Overload, Levitin 17. Pearl That Broke its Shell, Hashimi 18. Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands (2nd Edition) , Lancaster 19. Sophia: Princess Suffragette, Revolutionary, Amand 20. Vanessa and her Sisterm, Parmar 21. Vintage Quilt Revival, Blakesley 22. West of Sunset, O’Nan 23. Why did the Chicken Cross the World? Lawler If you are interested in having specific new books purchased, please let one of the staff members know. Older books may be requested from other branches, through the Circuit (local university libraries and San Diego Public Library) or through Link + (libraries in CA and NV.) We hope to see you in the library!

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February 11, 2015

12 The Julian News

Zero Waste Symposium ®

Dear EarthTalk: What is "Moms Clean Air Force" and how can I get involved? -- Betsy Edgewater, Salem, OR Moms Clean Air Force (MCAF) is a community of 400,000+ parents working to combat air pollution and respond to the climate change crisis. The fastgrowing non-profit leverages the power of citizen activism and social media to help raise awareness of the need for stricter laws regulating air pollution. “Moms will do everything they can to keep their children safe and sound,” reports the group. “We look for the healthiest foods we can afford; we avoid toxic chemicals in our products. But there are some things we simply can’t buy. Clean air is one. We need job-creating regulations to assure that our children have clean air right now, and for their future.” The group’s online “Naptime Activism Center” features links, resources and a ‘Take Action’ center with ways to send messages to Congress and sign petitions for stricter environmental laws. The website is designed to make it easy and fast for busy parents to make their voices heard—all while baby naps. Currently MCAF is focusing on blocking efforts by lobbyists who represent big polluters that are trying to roll back new air toxic standards and prevent federal agencies from maintaining air and water quality standards. The group warns that toxic air-borne emissions of mercury, arsenic, chromium, nickel, lead, dioxins, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants are poisoning the air we breathe and wreaking untold havoc on the health of

Kids play with globe beach balls at Moms Clean Air Force event at the Capitol in Washington, DC. younger people whose bodies are still developing. Cleaning up coal-fired power plants, the primary source of toxic air emissions across the country is a top priority for MCAF. “American coal plants produce 360,000 tons of hazardous air pollutants every year, at a time when nine million U.S. children under 18 have been diagnosed with asthma,” the group reports, adding that asthma attacks triggered by air pollution is the number one reason kids miss school. Another concern is the mercury coming out of coal plant smokestacks: “Over 400,000 newborns in the United States are exposed to mercury levels that can damage brain development, cause learning disabilities, result in language disorders and memory problems, and impair vision and hearing.” On the climate front, the group’s new free 23-page e-book, Extreme Weather & Our Changing Climate, aims to educate parents about the links between our increasingly crazy weather patterns and global warming. “The more informed we are, the more effective we can be in pushing for change,” MCAF reports. Easy-to-read sections explain how climate change and weather are related and how parents can spread the word about the need for stricter laws regulating air pollution and more diligence in reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Visitors to the MCAF website can fill in their names and send messages directly to their Congressional delegations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other policymakers about strengthening protections against smog pollution, uniting for a strong plan against global warming, ending tax breaks for fossil-fuel producers and stopping the Keystone XL pipeline. “Sometimes being a good mom means being an active citizen,” the group reports. “Our children can’t fight for themselves. We have to fight for them.” CONTACT: Moms Clean Air

Force, www.momscleanairforce.org. EarthTalk® is produced by Doug Moss & Roddy Scheer and is a registered trademark of Earth Action Network Inc. View past columns at: www.earthtalk.org. Or e-mail us your question: earthtalk@ emagazine.com.

County Public Auction Public Auction Opens Monday February 9th TNT Auction Catalog Bidding Starts 8:00 am Preview Saturday February 14th 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Preview Monday February 16th 8:00 am - Noon Preview Location: 369 Main Street #B, Ramona, CA 92065 Surplus Vehicles, Trucks, Vans, Heavy Equipment, Commercial Trucks, Trailers, Motorcycles, Janitorial Equipment and much much more. Check back periodically for updated listings! https://www.proxibid.com/asp/ Catalog.asp?aid=91405

The Cities of San Diego, Oceanside and El Cajon have set Zero Waste goals and the County Board of Supervisors voted last week to explore what it would take for the county to develop a Zero Waste Plan. On Tuesday, February 17th, the 2nd Annual Zero Waste Symposium: "Steps Towards a Sustainable Future” will be held in the County of San Diego’s Campus Center Chambers at the County Operations Center at 5520 Overland Avenue, San Diego, California, 92123. Symposium speakers include County of San Diego Supervisors Greg Cox and Dave Roberts, City of Oceanside Councilmember Esther C. Sanchez, Special Assistant to Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins Deanna Spehn, and Deputy Director of Waste Reduction and Disposal Division at the City of San Diego Stephen Grealy. Classical radio host Kingsley McLaren will speak about sustainability and resource management efforts implemented at the 36-story high-rise condominium building he manages in downtown San Diego. Representatives from Feeding America San Diego, Goodwill, Albertsons, The Reuse People, Recon Recycling, I Love A Clean San Diego, CalRecycle, CalEPA, Hidden Resources, Sustainable Solutions, and the cities of Oceanside, San Diego, and Chula Vista, among others, will also be presenting.

Ask Pastor Rick

announced a papal visit to Philadelphia for a major meeting on family issues that runs Sept. 22-27. House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), both Catholic, invited the popular Francis last March to become the first pope to address Congress. Source: The Washington Post, summarized by Pastor Rick

Ask Pastor Rick

Religion In The News Pope Francis To Visit America Pope Francis confirmed that his first visit to the United States since being named leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics will include trips to Washington and New York City in late September, as well as a previously announced stop in Philadelphia. Francis, named pope in March 2013, confirmed the three-city swing during an hour-long news conference on a flight back to the Vatican from a tour of Asia. The pontiff said that in Washington, he will canonize Junípero Serra, the Spanish Franciscan friar who began the California mission system in 1769, and will celebrate Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine. In New York, he will address the U.N. General Assembly, where world leaders will gather for a summit on sustainable development. The Vatican in November

What is sin, really? First, I must tell you that it has become politically incorrect to talk about sin. However, I take the Bible seriously, and it is crystal clear that, “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” [Romans 3:23]. Theologically, sin is a word describing anything that fails to meet God’s standards. Because of that, it becomes a barrier between God and man. And because sin is often a transgression against people, it becomes a barrier between man and man. In that sense, sin is the deprivation of good, characterized by a lack of something, rather than being something itself. If you’d like to read more about the subject of sin, I highly recommend: Basic Christian Doctrines, by Carl F. H. Henry and Christian Beliefs, by Wayne Grudem. Rick Hill is the Senior Pastor at Hillside Church on 3rd and C Streets in Julian, CA. Direct all questions and correspondence to: PastorRick@ julianchurch.org or Hillside Church, Religion In The News, Box 973, Julian, CA, 92036. (Opinions in this column do not necessarily express the views of Julian News, its editor, or employees.)

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The Julian News 13

February 11, 2015

California Commentary

Tax Reform This Isn’t

by Jon Coupal

There is a clamor in Sacramento for “tax reform.” But for every political pundit, politician and bureaucrat in the room, there is a different definition of “tax reform.” For fiscal conservatives, tax reform means tax cuts. The State of California takes too much of our money now and this heavy tax burden unquestionably hurts working families and hinders economic growth. But for self-styled “progressives,” tax reform means even more tax hikes to feed an ever growing government and the demands of tax hungry special interests. Because these two visions of “tax reform” are polar opposites, is it even possible to agree on anything related to changing California’s tax system? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Both conservatives and liberals have at least acknowledged that California government is too reliant on revenue that fluctuates wildly. In other words, there is some agreement that the mix of things that are taxed might be altered so that tax revenue is more predictable. The desire to address revenue volatility is understandable. Indeed, a commission was created by former Governor Schwarzenegger to address this very issue. Unfortunately, the commissioners themselves could not agree on a solution. Now, newly elected state Senator Robert Hertzberg has proposed that California start taxing services, not just sales of physical goods. The reasoning behind Senate Bill 8 (SB8) is that services make up a much larger slice of today’s economy than in the past and in order to have a “balanced” tax system, we should consider expanding the tax base to things like car repair, legal services, kids piano lessons and dry cleaning. But taxing services is a bad idea for California. First, such a levy would have a depressing effect on California’s service economy. It is a simple fact of

economics that when you tax something you get less of it. Second, and somewhat related to the first, is the ability to avoid the tax by exporting the service. For example, one can avoid California’s tax on accounting services simply by hiring an out of state accounting firm. And speaking of avoiding the tax, unlike a sales tax where there is an inventory of physical goods that can be tracked, it is much more difficult to ensure compliance with a tax on services. California already has a massive problem with tax avoidance due to the huge percentage of the economy that is “underground.” A tax on services would drive even more economic activity into the shadows. Some respected tax experts have not rejected out of hand the notion of extending a tax to services but only if done incrementally and in a manner that does not result in a net tax increase. And here is where the Hertzberg proposal is especially flawed. Rather than extend the tax to services and lowering the tax rate on both sales and services so the proposal is “revenue neutral,” SB 8 has no provision for lowering the rate. So what is the tax hit on Californians? It is estimated to be $10 billion annually. Last week, a Wall Street Journal article noted how several states in America are now cutting taxes to stimulate economic growth and provide needed relief to their citizens. But the ruling class in California apparently wants to head in the opposite direction. Taxpayer advocates should always be prepared to discuss legitimate tax reform. But, at this point, Senate Bill 8 doesn’t qualify. Jon Coupal is president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association — California’s largest grass-roots taxpayer organization dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers’ rights.


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The Julian calendar was a reform of the Roman calendar introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C

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• It was German author and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who made the following sage observation: "When ideas fail, words come in very handy." • Unless you're a local, you've probably never heard of the town of Rugby, North Dakota, but if you ever set out to find the geographical center of the continent of North America, that's where you'll end up. •¥ In 1936, in the final match of the men's table tennis world championship, the two competitors volleyed for two hours and 12 minutes on the opening serve alone. • Before modern English there was Middle English, used during a time when men of the church were supposed to remain humble. This is why these men were called "ministers" -- it means "lowly person" in Middle English. • Those who study such things say that if you spend an hour listening to the radio, you'll hear approximately 11,000 words. • Dr. L. Forbes Winslow, perhaps best known for his relentless (and fruitless) attempts to identify the person behind London's Jack the Ripper murders, also was a well-known psychiatrist. Among his many notes on his practice was the report of a heartbroken man who requested that, after his death, his body should be boiled down to extract the fat. That fat would be used to make a candle which, along with a letter from the deceased, would be delivered to the woman who jilted him. He even specified that the items should be delivered at night, so the woman would read the letter by the light of the "corpse candle." • If you were living in the newly christened United States in 1776 and earned $4,000 per year, you would be considered wealthy. *** Thought for the Day: "I am not young enough to know everything." -- Oscar Wilde © 2015 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

*** Every song is like a painting. — Dick Dale ***

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February 11, 2015

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IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 13, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 28, 2015.

IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 13, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 28, 2015.



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LEGAL: 06846 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015

Case Number: 37-2015-00003076-CU-PT-CTL

Case Number: 37-2015-00002932-CU-PT-CTL





IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 20, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 28, 2015.

IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 13, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 27, 2015. LEGAL: 06847 Publish: February 11, 18, 25 and March 4, 2015

PETITIONER: KATY MAY HOGE HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: KATY MAY HOGE TO: KATY MAY SCHMITS IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 13, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 23, 2015.

Tips On Keeping Funerals Affordable (NAPSA)-Despite the trend of rising costs, experts say it is still possible to keep funeral expenses in check. The key is to be prepared and educate yourself on ways you can save money and ease the process for yourself and your family. Here are five tips to help you prepare and save:

LEGAL: 06848 Publish: February 11, 18, 25 and March 4, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00002076-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: MELINDA MARIE O’HANOLN FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: MELINDA MARIE O’HANOLN and on belhalf of: REAGAN LEE O’HANLON, a minor HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: MELINDA MARIE O’HANOLN REAGAN LEE O’HANLON, a minor TO: MELINDA MARIE MC MURRIN REAGAN LEE MC MURRIN, a minor IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 6, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 21, 2015. LEGAL: 06849 Publish: February 11, 18, 25 and March 4, 2015

The earliest type of timekeeper, dating from 3500 B.C., was the shadow clock, or gnomon, a vertical stick or obelisk that casts a shadow. An Egyptian shadow clock of the eighth century B.C. is still in existence.

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*** It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness of pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature and everlasting beauty of monotony. — Benjamin Britten ***

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NOTICES Case Number: 37-2015-00003093-CU-PT-CTL

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“Friday Night Survivors”


LEGAL: 06845 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015

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Remember, funeral directors are there to help you. Don't be afraid to ask for an itemized pricing list. • Get a second opinion: If you're in the market to preplan a funeral, don't be hesitant to compare prices. Families often don't realize that funeral costs vary by funeral home. If you're unhappy with the price, try another funeral home. • Shop smart: Caskets are typically the most expensive purchase you will make when planning a funeral. Consider purchasing an engineered wood casket, a material formed from recycled wood that is affordable and attractive. In 2012, the average metal casket was $2,395. An engineered wood casket can be purchased for as low as $1,000. • Ask questions: Ask your funeral director for an itemized pricing list. Funeral directors are there to help you walk through the decision-making process. Don't forget that all funerals are unique and each family grieves differently. • Educate yourself: There are multiple online resources available for consumers. The more you know, the less likely you are to emotionally overspend during a time of loss. • Speak up: Many families sweep death under the rug and find themselves overwhelmed when it comes time to make difficult decisions. Find an opportunity to share your thoughts with a friend or family member who can help you preplan or carry out your wishes. *** There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something we'd all love one another. — Frank Zappa ***

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available to our ancestors. The early origins of soup consisted of the boiled carcass of an animal. As the early settlers began to have success agriculturally, vegetables were added to the pot. The slaves of the American south, who had little in the way of meat, harkened back to their African roots and were inventive in making soups and stews with vegetables of all kinds. Gumbo, a word from West African dialects meaning okra, originated this way. The soup consisted of a variety of meats, and thickened with okra or “file,” a powder made from ground sassafras leaves. Although some soups are cold, most are hot, and when frost, snow or chilly air prevail, soup is a wonderful way to create a onebowl meal. The beauty of soup is that it can reflect whatever you have on hand. It’s a great way to use leftovers or make the most of half bags of rice or macaroni, a random carrot or potato, or a mixture of greens. It’s also an incomparable way to get the most of meat trimmings or to just be luxurious and cook a chicken for no other reason than to make the best chicken soup ever. My recipe for Creamy Chicken Soup is truly a meal in a bowl, and a bright, spicy and flavorful remedy for a cold and dreary day. CREAMY CHICKEN SOUP 8 slices bacon, chopped 1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breast, cut into bitesize pieces 1 1/2 tablespoons poultry seasoning 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1 1/2 teaspoons ground black pepper 1 1/2 cups chopped red bell peppers 1 cup chopped purple onions 1 jalapeno pepper, finely chopped 4 cloves garlic, minced 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 6 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth 2 large Yukon gold potatoes, chopped 2 cups fresh sweet corn kernels or 2 cups frozen corn kernels 1 1/2 cups whipping cream 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 2 bay leaves 2 green onions, roots removed, white and green parts chopped, optional 1. In a 5- to 6-quart Dutch oven, cook bacon until crisp. Remove bacon pieces with a spoon; set aside. Reserve 1 tablespoon of drippings in pan. 2. Add chicken to pan. Sprinkle with poultry seasoning and a teaspoon of salt and black pepper. Cook and stir over medium-high heat until chicken is no longer pink; remove from pan.

3. Add sweet pepper and onion to pan. Cook and stir until tender. Add chopped jalapeno and garlic; cook and stir for 3 minutes. 4. Stir in flour and remaining salt and pepper. Cook and stir for 1 minute. Add broth and potatoes. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Cook, uncovered, for 10 minutes or just until potatoes are tender when pierced with a fork, stirring occasionally. 5. Stir in chicken, corn, cream, cayenne pepper and bay leaves. Simmer, uncovered, for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Discard bay leaves. Top with green onion, if desired. Makes 6 to 8 servings. *** Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children’s author, culinary historian and author of seven cookbooks. Her new cookbook is “The Kitchen Diva’s Diabetic Cookbook.” Her website is www.divapro.com. To see howto videos, recipes and much, much more, Like Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva! on Facebook and go to Hulu.com. Read Gina Harlow’s blog about food and gardening at www.peachesandprosciutto. com. Recipes may not be reprinted without permission from Angela Shelf Medearis. © 2015 King Features Synd., Inc., and Angela Shelf Medearis

continued from page 10 1. LSU, with 11. 2. Colorado’s Todd Helton, in 2003. 3. Georgia’s Aaron Murray, with 121 TD passes (2010-13). 4. The Buffalo Braves (now Los Angeles Clippers) scored 58 points in the fourth quarter in a game against Boston in 1972. 5. Fifteen seasons. 6. David Villa of Spain, in 2006. 7. He had 10 successful defenses in his second title reign, and nine in his first. © 2015 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Trivia Test

continued from page 6 7. MUSIC: “The Last Waltz” was a documentary of the final concert of which rock group? 8. TELEVISION: What was Chandler’s last name on the sitcom “Friends”? 9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What institution declares itself to be the largest library in the world? 10. LANGUAGE: What is an onomatopoeia?


1. Bay of Bengal 2. St. Bernard 3. “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” 4. Action Man 5. 1936 6. Theseus 7. The Band 8. Bing 9. The Library of Congress 10. The imitation of natural sounds through words like “arf.” © 2015 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

The Julian News 15

February 11, 2015




This Week's Feature Property

3740 Lakeview Dr.

Lovely 2170 Sq. Ft. Julian Home on 0.56 Acre. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths and an oversized 2-Car Garage and a huge solar array are just a few of the custom details.


4157 Ritchie Road

1055 W. Incense Cedar Rd.

Lovely custom built Julian Estates home on 4.83 park-like acres with spacious Trex decking, many mature trees and a seasonal stream. MANY custom features, a must-see Estate!

$895,000 - $1,195,000

Light and bright manufactured home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in 2595 sq. ft. located on 3.88 Acres in the Wynola area. Gourmet kitchen with pantry and center island, pellet stove in family room, central air, solar system, and 3 car garage and but a few of the amenities waiting for you at just


• Acres

.41 .72 2.52 4.2 4.93

Available Land

Julian • Santa Ysabel • Shelter Valley • Location

34621 Apache Dr. Oak Grove Drive Mountainbrook Toyon Mountain Rd. Pineoak Ridge Rd.


$ 89,900 $119,000 $125,000 $199,000 $130,000


7.26 11.18 40 42.26


Pineoak Ridge Rd. Lazy Jays Way Mountain Circle, 17 3960 Daley Flat Rd.

FREE www.JulianRealty.com


$199,000 $315,000 $319,000 $810,000


Dennis Frieden

Debbie Fetterman

760-310-2191 Dennis has 35 years of real estate experience in Southern California. A skilled and experienced agent can be a tremendous benefit when considering buying or selling property in the Back Country. Dennis was born in San Diego and has brokerage experience in both San Diego and Orange Counties. His grandfather owned two gold mines in town during the 1920’s and he has loved Julian since his youth.

760-522-4994 Debbie has been a resident of the Mesa Grande, Santa Ysabel and Julian area since 1989, and has a passion for the healthy lifestyle that the Back Country offers. She enjoys the mountain views and skylines, and the quaintness of our local mountain community. She enjoys hiking, photography, and travel to South America. Debbie enjoys showing properties and representing sellers. She feels it an honor to do so.

Owner/Broker CA 00388486

Realtor CA 01869678


16 The Julian News



The Julian News is authorized to print official legal notices of all types including: Liens, Fictitious Business Names, Change of Name, Abandonment, Estate Sales, Auctions, Public Offerings, Court ordered publishing, etc. Please call The Julian News at (760) 765 2231 for our competitive rates. The Julian News is a legally adjudicated newspaper of General Circulation in the State of California, County of San Diego on February 9, 1987. Case No. 577843 IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR BUSINESSES

Renewal filing of Fictitious Business Name Statements (your DBA) is now required by the County of San Diego every five (5) years. If your business name was originally filed or renewed prior to FEBRUARY 1, 2010; you need to re-file. If you have not renewed since that date call The Julian News office, (760) 765-2231. We can provide this essential legal service at a very reasonable rate. County forms are available at our offices - we show you how to complete the re-filing, without your having to take a trip to the city. Failure to re-file could result in the loss of the exclusive rights to your business name. You may use the Julian News or any other publication that is authorized to publish Fictitious Business Name Statements and Legal Notices.



IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on FEBRUARY 20, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 8, 2015. LEGAL: 06824 Publish: January 21, 28 and February 4, 11, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-001166 BAYSIDE APARTMENTS 860 Isthmus Court, San Diego, CA 92109 The business is conducted by An Individual Stephen Kerch, 3465 Camino Del Rio So. #250, San Diego, CA 92109. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON JANUARY 14, 2015. LEGAL: 06825 Publish: January 21, 28 and February 4, 11, 2015


IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on FEBRUARY 20, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 7, 2015. LEGAL: 06828 Publish: January 28 and February 4, 11, 18, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-001716 a) PORTOFINO INN b) HOTEL ENCINITAS c) ENCINITAS HOTEL 186 North Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024 (Mailing Address: 127 Lomas Sante Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075) The business is conducted by A Limited Liability Company - 101 Hotel, LLC, 127 Lomas Sante Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON JANUARY 20, 2015. LEGAL: 06829 Publish: January 28 and February 4, 11, 18, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2014-033199 AIROS INC. DBA JULIAN MARKET & DELI 2202 Main Street, Julian, CA 92036 The business is conducted by A Corporation - Airos Inc. DBA Julian Market & Deli - Larry Soria, 12905 Amarath St., San Diego, CA 92129. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON DECEMBER 24, 2014.



LEGAL: 06826 Publish: January 21, 28 and February 4, 11, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00001877-CU-PT-CTL


CRAWFORD HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: CRAWFORD TO: AARMAYL CRAWFORD IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 6, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 20, 2015. LEGAL: 06827 Publish: January 28 and February 4, 11, 18, 2015

Get our everyday low tire pricing plus up to $100 instant savings when you purchase a set of 4 tires with alignment / tire protection policy and nitrogen. Plus any manufacturer rebates. No other discounts apply COUPON REQUIRED - EXPIRES 2/28/2014


Open 7 Days A Week Monday – Friday 8am — 6pm Saturday 8am — 5pm Sunday 9am — 4pm









IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on FEBRUARY 27, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 14, 2015.

JULIAN AUTO BODY AND PAINT JulianAutoBody@gmail.com

(760) 765-3755

2560 Main St Ramona

Need New Tires Mon-Fri: 8 - 6 For A Sat: 8 - 4 Happy New Year? TIRE & BRAKE


FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-001405 RED OAK INSURANCE SERVICES 10755 Scripps Poway Parkway, San Diego, CA 92123 The business is conducted by A General Partnership - Quynn Carver, 8435 vWestmore Rd. #84, San Diego, CA 92126 and Natalie Liang, 4249 Maynard St., San Diego, CA 92122. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON JANUARY 15, 2015. LEGAL: 06832 Publish: January 28 and February 4, 11, 18, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00002219-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: WOONYUN KIM and HYEJOO KEUM FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: WOONYUN KIM and HYEJOO KEUM and on belhalf of: JIIL KIM, a minor HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: JIIL KIM, a minor TO: SIMON JIIL KIM, a minor IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 6, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 22, 2015. LEGAL: 06833 Publish: January 28 and February 4, 11, 18, 2015

Case Number: 37-2015-00001878-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: MYRON ALEXANDER WIGGINS FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: MYRON ALEXANDER WIGGINS HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: MYRON ALEXANDER WIGGINS TO: ALEXANDRO CORDERO WIGGINS IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 6, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 20, 2015. LEGAL: 06835 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-002394 THE DRIVER GUY, INC DBA: ALLIANCE DEFENSIVE DRIVING SCHOOL 365 W. 2nd Ave Ste #214, Escondido, CA 92025 (Mailing Address: 663 S. Rancho Sante Fe Rd, San Marcos, CA 92078) The business is conducted by A Corporation The Driver Guy, Inc. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON JANUARY 27, 2015. LEGAL: 06837 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-002303 CANDIED APPLE PASTRY CO 2128 4th Street, Julian, CA 92036 (Mailing Address: PO Box 1808, Julian, CA 92036) The business is conducted by A Corporation - CS & CC INC. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/ COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON JANUARY 26, 2015.

STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME File No. 2015-001223 In reference to the activity doing business as: DYNAMIC HAIR Located at: 1530 Main St. #11, Ramona CA, CA 92065 The following registrant has abandoned use of the fictitious business name: Nancy Wedin, 21152 Sutherland Dam Rd, Ramona, CA 92065. This fictitious business name referred to above was filed in San Diego County on September 8, 2011, and assigned File No. 2010-025416. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG, JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK, COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO ON JANUARY 14, 2015.

LEGAL: 06836 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015

LEGAL: 06839 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2014

Stefan Mussen 3582 Highway 78

Tires/Trailer/Auto / Truck Repair 760-789-3600

Case Number: 37-2015-00000712-CU-PT-CTL

IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on FEBRUARY 27, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 9, 2015.


Collision Repair - Body Shop

Case Number: 37-2015-00000285-CU-PT-CTL




Automotive Marketplace

LEGAL: 06834 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015


[K-Mart Parking Lot]

© 2015 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

LEGAL: 06831 Publish: January 21, 28 and February 4, 11, 2015


1811 Main Street

t. aS


purposes or just for leisure, a trip might be just what you need right now. You would benefit both from a change of scenery and from meeting new people. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) While things generally go well this week, a romantic situation seems to have stalled. But you can restart it if you want to. Then again, maybe this is a chance to reassess the situation. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A meeting that was promised quite a while back could finally happen. So be sure you're prepared with everything you'll need to make your case sound convincing and doable. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A workplace blunder could create a problem down the line unless you deal with it right now to see how and why it happened. Don't be surprised at what you might learn. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) This is a good time to re-sort your priorities and see if adjustments are called for. Be honest with yourself as you decide what to keep, what to discard and what to change. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Letting yourself be bathed in the outpouring of love and support from those who care for you will help you get through a difficult period sooner rather than later. Good luck. BORN THIS WEEK: You have an uncanny gift for reaching out to all people and creating bridges of understanding among them.



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Case Number: 37-2015-00000432-CU-PT-CTL

JULIAN YESTERYEARS Vintage, Collectible & Handmade Items 2116 MAIN STREET



Case Number: 37-2015-00000625-CU-PT-CTL

Wednesday - February 11, 2015

Volume 30 - Issue 27


FREE Road Hazard Warantee with Purchase

LE G A L N O TI C E S FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-001225 DYNAMIC HAIR 1530 Main St. #11, Ramona, CA 92065 The business is conducted by An individual Sandra Jeanne Sevilla, 19924 Pasqual Highlands Rd., Ramona, CA 92065. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON JANUARY 14, 2015. LEGAL: 06838 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015


Case Number: 37-2015-00002440-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: ERIN ELIZABETH PATTERSON FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: ERIN ELIZABETH PATTERSON HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: ERIN ELIZABETH PATTERSON TO: ERIN ELIZABETH PATTERSON MURZYN IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 13, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 23, 2015. LEGAL: 06841 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015




Case Number: 37-2015-00003080-CU-PT-CTL

Case Number: 37-2015-00003099-CU-PT-CTL



PETITIONER: CARLY ANN GOODNER and SULEIMAN KAMAL HINDI HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: CARLY ANN GOODNER and SULEIMAN KAMAL HINDI TO: CARLY ANN MADAIN and SULEIMAN KAMAL MADAIN IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 13, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 28, 2015. LEGAL: 06842 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015-003215 PAWSITIVELY CLAWSOME 3052 Rue Dorleans #113, San Diego, CA 92110 The business is conducted by An individual - Jennifer Adams, 3052 Rue Dorleans #113, San Diego, CA 92110. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON FEBRUARY 3, 2015. LEGAL: 06850 Publish: February 11, 18, 25 and March 4, 2015

PETITIONER: GYUZYAL MANSUROVNA BEREMOVA HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: GYUZYAL MANSUROVNA BEREMOVA TO: ALANA NIKLARZ IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on MARCH 20, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON JANUARY 28, 2015. LEGAL: 06843 Publish: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015

Ficicious Business Nme Publishing = $30 total Name Change Publishing = $45 total

4 weeks, we send proof of publication to the County or the Court and copy to you. All Legal Advertising is subject to restrictions of the court, or agency requiring publication. The Julian News accepts no responsibility for deadlines which are missed because of late filings or other requirements beyond our control.

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