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Wednesday January 15, 2014 Julian, CA.

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American Legion Family Prescribes Medical Clinic Fundraising Terry Munt had been receiving his three-month supply of cholesterol medication from his pharmacy for a co-pay of $183.00. According to Terry, because of the Affordable Care Act, his insurance was cancelled and his investigation and pricing of a new approved insurance plan was not only going to cost him more but his deductibles were going to be much higher before any co-pays began to kick in. Additionally, he said that “he was not going to be able to keep his current Doctors, among them Doctor Merrick.” Terry decided to go on his own for his health care and pay out of pocket as his needs arose. He went to CVS for his medication and was stunned to find that his cash price for a three-month supply of medicine was going to cost $2,000.00. This is not a negative or positive story on the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) or the American health care system turned on its head. This is not about the high cost of medicine or all the political shenanigans that have been going on for years regarding Americans, their Doctors or their medication. This is a story of local health care, the dedicated people that are pushing like crazy to keep it here and bring medical specialists to Julian. In Terry’s case, the typical health care provider, (notice I didn’t say Doctor, get used to it) would probably make a note to the patients record that the patient is not taking prescribed meds (not my fault). According to Terry, Doctor Merrick became very involved. He wanted his patient to take an important medication that would help maintain his health. He worked with the Borrego Community Health Clinic and they were able to provide Terry his three months of prescription medication for $28.00. What’s happening with the Julian Medical Clinic requires a little history. On or around 1991 The Julian Medical Foundation was formed as an incorporated non-profit. Prior to that time the Julian Chamber of Commerce was responsible for bringing physicians to Julian. The original purpose of one of the Foundation’s early committees was to bring an X-ray machine to Julian. Old timers joked that if you needed to have an X-ray you’d have to go to the Vet. Not much has changed in regard to the physical structure of the Julian Medical Clinic. For a long time it has been housed in a building on Washington St. owned by the Chamber of Commerce. It was built a long time ago as an adjunct to the Fire House, which was housed in the present Candied Apple Bakery. While the building has gone under extensive remodeling the past few years, it is best described as “quaint”. Bottom line is, it has serious, “small” issues. At some time in the 1990s Doctor Merrick and his wife came to Julian and ran a private practice out of the building. About the same time, Bruce Hebets was becoming involved with the Borrego Community Heath Foundation after being involved with the San Ysidro Clinic System. Through his diligence and expertise he was able to turn Borrego into a Federal Qualified Health Center.

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School Is Back In Session

by Bill Fink

In the medical business, this opens a lot of doors to funding and acceptance as a provider for insurance companies and government insurance programs. Around 2004 Doctor Merrick sold the Julian Clinic to the Borrego Community Health Foundation. According to Chuck Kimball of the Julian Medical Foundation, Bruce Hebets turned a roughly $400,000.00 single Borrego location into about 20 medical and dental clinics, as well as pharmacy, children center, home care, and mobile medical and dental services into a $50,000,000.00 non-profit operation as of 2012. He did this in medically under-served communities in San Diego and Riverside counties. The bottom line for the Julian Medical Clinic is that operating independently had been a tough row to hoe. In a small community it is difficult to keep Doctors and to attract the attention of insurers that are willing to accept small operations as providers. With its affiliation with Borrego the opportunity for growth and greater service to our community is really enhanced. The affiliation with Borrego has been a Godsend to Julian locals and so has that other non-profit, the Julian Medical Foundation. Since 2008 they have been looking to procure a property in Julian and in 2009 they purchased the property on A Street. Since that time, in addition to raising money to make a “state of the art” building a reality, they have engaged an architect, have been developing plans and specifications and processing and obtaining approvals through the myriad of agencies that have their fingers in this development. Additionally, the foundation has negotiated a long-term lease with the Borrego Community Health Foundation that will cover the costs of end loan financing and will provide funds for contingency maintenance and disaster costs. The bottom line is that building and property are owned by a Julian non-profit and leased by a financially solid partner. Doctor Wylie said that by moving to the new facility “it provides the opportunity for Julian to engage Doctors in the fields of Ob Gyn, Psychiatry, Cardiology with the potential for ENT, Dermatology and other specialized fields.” Certainly the possibility exists for Urgent Care and Doc Wylie was excited about the possibility of an Osteopathic treatment room. All this takes money. According to Chuck Kimball, the project will cost over a million dollars. Private donors are a source as well as public fundraising. Of course partnering with an organization like Borrego, being a Federal Qualified Health Center, the doors to grants gets opened real wide. Not long ago Alan Marvin of the Julian group came to the American Legion Family in

• Networking Breakfast •

Wednesday, January 15

Carmen’s Place

Julian to see if they could lend a hand raising funds. If you know our Legion, you already know the answer to that one. As a result, this Friday, January 17, the American Legion, Ladies Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion are pulling all stops and throwing one of their great steak dinners to raise funds for the cause. The doors will open at 5:30 P.M. The bill of fare will be rib-eye steak, baked potato, veggie, salad, rolls and dessert. As a guest of the Legion you will be able to take advantage of a great bar with the finest in beers and cocktails at great prices. This will be a great event and Legion steak dinners are well attended. Advance tickets are available and encouraged. The tip jars will be out, your neighbors will be there, and Foundation members will be present to give you any details you’ll need. This will be a great event for a great local cause. This project is close to being a reality. You can help a great cause and get a great meal to boot. For more information or tickets, call the Legion at 760 765-0126 or the Julian Medical Foundation at 760 765-0765

Julian Eagles Athletics Basketball - Boys

Tuesday, January 14 6:30 - @Ocean View Thursday, January 16 6:30 - @ Borrego Tuesday, January 21 *6:30 - Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 23 6:30 - @Calexico Tuesday, January 28 6:30 - Warner Thursday, January 30 6:30 - Mtn Empire Tuesday, February 4 6:30 - Borrego Thursday, February 6 6:30 - @Vincent Memorial

Basketball - Girls

Chance Perez takes it to the hoop in a recent game at San Pasqual Academy. All of the Eagles sports teams will be getting into their league seasons as school resumes this week. photo by Lance Arenson (

Tuesday, January 14 5:00 - @Ocean View Thursday, January 16 5:00 - @ Borrego Tuesday, January 21 5:00 - Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 23 5:00 - @Calexico Tuesday, January 28 5:00 - Warner Thursday, January 30 5:00 - Mtn Empire Tuesday, February 4 5:00 - Borrego Thursday, February 6 5:00 - @Vincent Memorial

Soccer - Boys

Julian Historical Society

Taking A Walk In Our Ancestors Shoes old Witch Creek’s school house at 2133 Fourth Street, Julian. This is another opportunity for you to connect with the rich history of the back country we live in. You will also get to travel the trail without leaving your seat.

left: Kumeyaay village home below: Pedro Fages: Military Governor of Alta California bottom: fresh water spring

Julian Historical Society Collection photos

You are invited to a free picture show of Cuyamaca's delightful Green Valley and its ancient "San Diego Trail." Ed Huffman and Albert Simonson searched there for the last Indian village of Mitaragui, where mountain Kumeyaay indians were astonished by a visit from Governor Fages, his elite Catalonian volunteers, and presidio leatherjacket soldiers. It was a tense but amicable encounter of European and American culture, in 1782. You will hear about accomplishments of exploration and diplomacy but also challenges of hunger, grizzly bears, a demanding king, and a saucy young society wife who demanded a first and scandalous divorce in our Spanish America, on grounds of adultery, all in abundant detail. There will be pictures of uniforms and firearms, ballroom dress, old maps and testimony, useful native plants, a native hut, and a secluded cascade you will surely want to visit. Ed Huffman and Albert Simonson will be giving their presentation about tracing the “San Diego Trail” next Wednesday evening January 22, beginning at 7pm. As always, the presentation is free and all are invited. There will be free refreshments and good fellowship in The Julian Historical Society’s

Tuesday, January 14 3:15 - Calapatria Thursday, January 16 3:15 - @Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 23 3:15 - Calexico Mission Tuesday, January 28 3:15 - Borrego Thursday, January 30 tba - @ Calapatria Monday, February 3 tba - @River Valley Tuesday, February 4 3:15 - Vincent Memorial Friday, February 7 3:15 - Ocean View Tuesday, February 11 3:00 - @Calexico Mission Thursday, February 13 4:00 @ Borrego Springs Tuesday, February 18 4:00 @Classical Academy

Soccer - Girls

Monday, January 13 3:15 - Foothills Tuesday, January 14 3:00 - @Borrego Thursday, January 16 3:15 - Guajome Park Friday, January 17 3:15 - El Cajon Valley Thursday, January 23 3:15 - @Vincent Memorial Monday, January 23 tba - @River Valley Tuesday, January 28 5:00 - @Borrego Thursday, January 30 3:15 - Vincent Memorial Monday, February 3 3:15 - River Valley Tuesday, February 4 3:15 - @Calexico Mission Thursday, February 6 3:15 - Borrego Tuesday, February 11 3:15 - Calexico Mission


Thursday, January 16 4pm - @Guajome Park Saturday, January 17 Tournament Thursday, January 30 4pm - @Mountain Empire Thursday, February 5 4pm - Julian High Saturday, February 15 CIF Divisionals Saturday, February 22 CIF Masters

HaPpY nEw YeAr

Chamber Mixer - February 6 - Julian Wagon Wheel For Information: Julian Chamber of Commerce at (760) 765-1857

2 The Julian News

January 15, 2014


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A sincere 'Thank You' to those who contributed to the memorial on Sunday, January 5th honoring our dear friend Bette Gorton. She was a beautiful person inside and out and will be very much missed! Deb & Scott Kinney

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Thank you Mr. Ogden, and other school leaders It is awesome to see such prompt action taken concerning the communication breakdown of December 19th and 20th. I am relieved to hear that the automated phone system will again be used when inclement weather closes the school. The new apps and other technological advances are groovy for some folks, but I’ll take old school ways almost every time. Most happily yours, Truly Vanderstaay

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MY DOG ALMOST DIED. It was Christmas night. One of our guests left her suitcase open and Molly (my dog) got ahold of the guest’s sugarless gum. The gum contained Xylitol. When it was pointed out to me that Xylitol is a deadly poison to dogs, I immediately took Molly to the all night emergency vet. She was on a constant dextrose drip for two days. At night she was in the emergency vet’s hospital. During the day she was given a drip at her regular vet’s hospital. I transported her with her IV to the regular vet each morning and to the emergency vet each afternoon. She survived because I acted immediately when I was how toxic Xylitol was and I got her to the vet before any symptoms occurred. Without immediate intervention a dog injecting Xylitol will appear lethargic, weak, have seizures, and quit eating. These symptoms may not appear for twelve to twenty-four hours. Needless to say, once the symptoms occur the prognosis of survival is not good. Xylitol, when entering a dog’s system, acts like a sugar, which it is not. The pancreas thinks it is sugar and acts to lower the needed amount of sugar in the blood stream. If the sugar level continues to drop, and is not stopped, the dog will die. If the dog survives, it will have to have its liver and kidneys checked several times over three or four weeks. I hope this information will help prevent any dog owner from having Xylitol kill their animal. I am so lucky I had a person at my home that knew how lethality of Xylitol. Mary Morris

Editors Note: The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center cautions animal owners that xylitol, a sweetener found in certain sugarfree chewing gums, candies, baked goods and other products can potentially cause serious and even life-threatening problems for pets. “Last year, we managed more than 170 cases involving xylitolcontaining products,” says Dana Farbman, CVT and spokesperson for the Center. “This is a significant increase from 2004, when we managed about 70.” Barely halfway into 2006, the Center has already managed about 114 cases. Why the increase? “It’s difficult to say,” Farbman states. “Xylitol products are relatively new to the United States marketplace, so one possibility may be an increase in availability.” According to Dr. Eric Dunayer, veterinarian and toxicologist for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, dogs ingesting significant amounts of items sweetened with xylitol could develop a fairly sudden drop in blood sugar, resulting in depression, loss of coordination and seizures. “These signs can develop quite rapidly, at times less than 30 minutes after ingestion of the product. Therefore, it is crucial that pet owners seek veterinary treatment immediately.” Dr. Dunayer also stated that there appears to be a strong link between xylitol ingestions and the development of liver failure in dogs. While it was previously thought that only large concentrations of xylitol could result in problems, this appears to no longer be the case. “We seem to be learning new information with each subsequent case we manage,” says Dr. Dunayer. “Our concern used to be mainly with products that contain xylitol as one of the first ingredients. However, we have begun to see problems developing from ingestions of products with lesser amounts of this sweetener.” He also says that with smaller concentrations of xylitol, the onset of clinical signs could be delayed as much as 12 hours after ingestion. “Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that even if your pet does not develop signs right away, it does not mean that problems won’t develop later on.” The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center strongly urges pet owners to be especially diligent in keeping candy, gum or other foods containing xylitol out of the reach of pets. As with any potentially toxic substance, should accidental exposures occur, it is important to contact your local veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for immediate assistance. Got a Poison Emergency? Call (888) 426-4435, A $65 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card. h t t p : / / w w w. a s p c a . o r g / p e t c a re / a n i m a l - p o i s o n - c o n t ro l

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* Are you concerned about the health and future of Julian’s youth? * Get involved with Drug Free Julian Community Coalition! * We use science-based, data-driven prevention strategies to reduce substance abuse in our community.

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Coalition meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Julian Library—5pm To learn more, contact Jean Duffy Tel: 760-765-2228 A community putting prevention strategies to work creating healthy drug-free environments where we work, live, and play.

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January 15, 2014

Make, Model, Serial Number… Please Do you know the make, model, and serial number of everything you own? Few people do. If someone stole your chain saw, computer, weed whacker, or GPS would it be simple to identify and return to you? In most cases the answer is NO. When a Deputy Sheriff takes a theft report their goal is to gather as much information as possible to increase the likelihood of returning your property. You hold the key to increasing the chances of getting your items back. It is very frustrating for the Sheriff's Detectives when they recover a cache of chainsaws, hand tools, laptop computers and more but they can't identify the property to return it to the rightful owner. Modern technology makes it simple to record the make, model, and serial number of anything you own. In the "old days" we had to get out our pen and write down inventory information. Today, we can use our smartphones or digital camera to take a photo of the item and the area with the serial number and other identifying information. Store the information in a safe place – hopefully you'll never need it but if you do, you'll be very happy that you have it. Do you keep the receipts for the items you purchase? Technology has come to the rescue again – you can either take a photo of the receipts or scan them into your computer to create an inventory

Step Up, Take Your Swing


by Jim Kaltenthaler

file. You won't have to keep boxes of paper receipts – you can store the information digitally. Be sure to make a back-up copy of the inventory information – we all know someone who had all their family photos on a camera that was either lost or stolen – and now, no one in the family will talk to them because all of the photo memories are gone. Don't be that person. What about the "old fashion" way of identifying your property? Do you use a can of spray paint and mark your tools? Do you wrap a piece of colored tape around the handle to make it easy to find your equipment? There is a new product called "Crime Dots" you can purchase to secretly identify your property. The dots are applied to your property and law enforcement can "read" them with a special tool. You can still use an etching tool to inscribe your name or an Owner Applied Number onto the valuable items. Providing serial numbers, photos, and identifying information about your lost or stolen property is vital to solve crimes and, potentially, to return items to their true owners. You can make a difference in the outcome of a situation with just a little effort. Call Sheriff's Crime Prevention Specialist Barbara Wallace at (760) 738-2425 if you have questions or need other crime prevention information.

Even though we are only two full weeks into the new year, (2014! Yikes! ), it is time for the parents and families of Julian baseball and softball playing kids to step up to the plate so that your little Tony Gwynn's and Jennie Finch's are ready to take their own mighty swings come this March. Yep, that's right, baseball sign-ups are once again upon us and the Julian Little League is trying to make it even easier, as well as cheaper, for all involved this year with our January early bird special. When school starts this coming Monday (January 13th) baseball sign-up forms will be available at the elementary school office for easy pick-up and drop-off. Julian Little League is going old school this year when it comes to getting your kids signed up to play. There will be NO JLL website this year. Instead, we have decided to go face-to-face with everyone so that all questions and concerns can hopefully be attended to quickly, and hopefully, to everyone's satisfaction. This year for all who BEGIN the sign-up process in January, your cost will be $75. With one simple $25 down payment (per child) before midnight January 31'st, 2014, you will be locked into the discount price of $75. After the 31st the price goes up to $85, and March 1st, $95. All we ask is that you contact our Player Agent, Ms. Toni Sturla ( 760-803-1525 ) and make arrangements for a payment schedule , and you are good to go. How much easier can it get to sign your boys and girls up for a spring and summer full of fun on the beautiful diamonds of Jess Martin Park? When handing in your application you will also need three (3) proofs of residency, which must all be current. Also needed will be medical insurance info for your child, as well as an original copy of their birth certificate. If your child is a returning player then we should have your kids certificate on file, in which case all we need to do is see the original certificate. Little League rules are very strict with the residency and birth certificate obligations. We know it seems a bit of overkill at times, but we have learned from last years All-Star trip that these things will come into play. Not necessarily for our kids, but for other teams that we do play. All forms and payments , along with the required paperwork, may then be returned to the elementary school office or directly to Toni on Saturdays at youth basketball games, where she will be camped out watching games with the rest of us. Along with sign-up applications at the elementary school, we will also have volunteer applications available for all of you who simply must be a part of this years season. Coaching, umpiring, team moms, concessions, and a list of many other positions are always needed to make our season move smoothly, So don't be afraid......SIGN-UP! We also want to make everyone aware that we are already preselling tickets for a our annual breakfast sponsored by the Julian American Legion, one of our biggest supporters in the community. All monies will go to the purchase of equipment, supplies, and everything else that is needed every year in order to help our kids play ball. This is always a fun and popular time at the Legion, so we encourage everyone to get your tickets early. Through the years this event has proved to be the single biggest fundraiser each year for Julian Little League and we hope that it will continue to be for years to come. Thanks to everyone at the Julian American Legion for their time and effort! One last thing... When most folks hear the words Little League they think of baseball. All of us involved with JLL want all families and kids to remember that Little League is also all about SOFTBALL! We can't emphasize enough how much we want softball to be as big a part of Julian Little League as our baseball program. Parents, and especially the girls of Julian, SIGN-UP FOR SOFTBALL! We have the fields, the volunteers, and the spirit to make softball something special. Not only is it fun for the girls but in the long run it could lead to other things that we as parents don't always think about. Softball is a growing sport , especially in college. Scholarships are always available for softball, (as well as baseball). It's just something to think about, along with the fun your girls will have playing, with and against their friends. Keep your eyes peeled to the Julian News for more information about the upcoming season as we get closer and closer to spring!

Supervisors Seeing New Signs In Our Future

People living in or visiting San Diego County’s unincorporated communities may soon start seeing a lot more signs — welcoming them to town; telling them about special events; or directing them to local attractions — after County Supervisors unanimously approved new sign rules Wednesday. “I think the new sign and banner ordinance is going to help distinguish the unique characteristics of each of the unincorporated communities,” said Board Chairwoman Dianne Jacob. The board’s vote Wednesday(1/8) will repeal the County’s current policy of banning community signs on County roads and create new rules that allow a number of different kinds of signs and banners — permanent and temporary. Because the rule changes will create a new County ordinance, the action must be approved by the Board again when they meet Jan. 29, and would take effect 30 days after that. The staff report that was presented to the Board Wednesday said that allowing signs to be put up on County roads could establish a greater sense of place and community character without sacrificing road safety. Supervisor Bill Horn, who, with Jacob, brought the issue to the Board’s attention in 2012, said that cities have long been able to put up signs on their roads and that it was time that unincorporated communities had the same opportunity. “Signs bring new visitors and visitors bring money,” Horn said. “And that’s pretty simple.” The new rules would allow six types of community signs and banners to be put up in the public right-of-way in unincorporated communities: Community Identification Signs: ground mounted or street-spanning non-commercial civic-oriented decorative signs. Community Information Signs: ground mounted, non-commercial, civic-oriented decorative signs with changeable shingles that identify upcoming community events and enhance community character. Directional Wayfinding Signs: Networks of uniform, permanent, directional and destination signs to show people how to get to civic, cultural, visitor and recreational areas, so long as they are placed in or near established village areas. Neighborhood and Business Watch Signs. Horizontal Street Spanning Signs: temporary, decorative signs to announce or promote community events in a village area. Vertical Pole-Mounted Banners: temporary, decorative signs on street light poles to announce or promote community events or recognized holidays.


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Winery Ordinance Stakeholder Workshop San Diego County Planning & Development Services (PDS) will host a stakeholder workshop on the County's Tiered Winery Ordinance. The purpose of the workshop is to solicit input from interested parties on proposed changes to the Tiered Winery Ordinance. Information gathered at the workshop will be evaluated and used to formulate the final draft documents to be presented to the County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors at upcoming public hearings. The workshop will be held at 10:00 Jan. 17 in the public hearing chambers at the San Diego County Operations Center located at 5520 Overland Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123. An RSVP is greatly appreciated if you plan on attending the workshop. Please RSVP no later than Jan. 15 to Joe Farace at or 858-694-3690.

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Ben and Tonya Gadbois, married at Camp Cedar Glen on December 29th. The new family consists of 5 new sisters and 5 new brothers with many nieces and nephews!

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January 15, 2014

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Robin Henkel, Sliding Around Friday In The Red Barn

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Julian Community Services District Third Tuesday of every month at 10:00 A.M. at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office, Julian Substation, Public Meeting Room, 2907 Washington Street, Julian Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District Board 2nd Thursday of the Month Julian Women’s Club - 9am JCRC/CERT Board of Directors Meeting 1st Wednesday Of The Month Julian Town Hall - 9am Julian Historical Society 4th Wednesday of the Month Julian Historical Society Building, 2133 4th Street - 7 pm Julian Arts Guild General Meeting Second Wed. of the Month Julian Library - 3 pm (program) Fourth Tuesday of Month Julian Library - 6:00 Zumba Aerobics with Gaynor Every Monday and Friday 6pm 619 540-7212 Every Tuesday Healthy Yoga with Lori Munger HHP,RYT Julian Library - 4pm Every Wednesday Zumba Aerobics with Millan Chessman - FREE Town Hall - 9am Every Wednesday Julian Library Baby Story Time with Ms Sandi - 10 am Preschool Story Time and Crafts with Miss Linda 10:30 am Sit and Fit for Seniors - 11 am Gentle Stretching and flexibility exercises with Matt Kraemer Second & Fourth Wednesdays Feeding America Julian Library parking lot - 10:00am Shelter Valley Community Center 12pm Every Thursday Warner Springs Farmers Market - suspended for season Thursday Evenings Julian Grief Therapy 6:30 - 8:30 call 760 765 1090 Dr. James Colbert Friday Morning Yoga Class With Lori Munger HHP,RYT Julian Library - 9am Every Sunday (Weather permitting) Julian Doves & Desperados historic comedy skits at 1 pm, 2 pm & 3 pm – stage area behind Julian Market & Deli.


Wednesday, January 15 Ask A Nurse Free blood pressure screening from Palomar Health Specialists. Julian Library 10-2

Wednesday, January 22 Feeding America Julian Library - 10am Saturday, January 25 High Plains Drifters Bailey’s - 8pm Tuesday, January 28 The Garden Club meeting Julian Elementary School in the garden (weather permitting - wind, rain or snow will send us into the ESK room.) Children are welcome to come and play while we meet. Please contact Tricia with any questions at 760 765 0661(x3984). 2:30 to 3:30

There are a few musicians who, when you say their name, garner the type of admiration from their brethren that Robin Henkel does. A San Diego native, he has been through the early rock & roll, bar band, high school dance circuit and jazz lounge scenes. If Robin has a passion though it is blues, not your over amplified stadium variety. He plays acoustic, resonator guitar, delta blues (he does use an electric guitar on occasion - tastefully). Robin is a musicians musician, sharing his craft, knowledge and skills. When you come out to Wynola Pizza this Friday for his six o’clock show you will get more than just some guy with a guitar(or 3) you will be in school, learning about the tunes that he will adeptly preform, and reveling in the music as it penetrates your soul. Order up, kick back and take it in, you’ll be glad you did.

Alice Wallace Returns From The Road

ACTIVITIES & LODGING Proudly serving visitors for over 25 years, including friends and family of our backcountry neighbors and residents

Five unique guest rooms, near town, on 3 wooded acres with extensive gardens, benches and pathways. Our guests enjoy a full breakfast each day, goodies in the afternoon and unsurpassed hospitality.

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Saturday, February 1 Lake Cuyamaca - Junior Water Fowl Hunt Preferred ages 12 to 16 years, To qualify just submit a postcard to the “Lake Cuyamaca Junior Waterfowl Hunt”. We need the age of the child, their license number, some contact information, and a little bit about themselves included in the postcard. Blind draw prizes for each participant will be handed out. Please send the postcards to Lake Cuyamaca Recreation and Park District, 15027 Highway 79, Julian, Ca. 92036. Sunday, February 2 Groundhog Day Tuesday February 4 Rosa Parks Day Tuesday, February 4 Music On The Mountain Julian Library - 6pm Friday, February 7 National wear red Day Wednesday, February 12 Feeding America Julian Library - 10am Thursday, February 13 Teen Scene Creative Rubber Stamping for grades 6-12. 2nd Thursdays, 3 PM at the Wolf Den. Friday, February 14 Valentine’s Day


Since releasing her sophomore album in October, Orange County singer/songwriter Alice Wallace has been busy getting her music in front of more and more audiences, and getting rave reviews in the meantime. The San Diego Troubadour said the new album spotlight's Wallace's "strong, passionate vocals and range in songwriting," and national Americana publication The Alternate Root quipped: "The strength of an Alice Wallace vocal delivery reaches out a firm hand as support for the heartbreak in her songs." Alice also just received a nomination for Best Country/Americana artist in the OC Music Awards, and is in the process of filming her third music video. As 2014 begins, Alice already has tours lined up stretching from Florida to Ohio to Utah, with more in the works. She will be bringing her music back to Wynola Pizza on Saturday, January 18th, for a set from 6 - 9 p.m. She will be accompanied by guitarist Tom Bremer, and will be introducing drummer Josh Huppert.

Friday, February 21 Teen Lego My Library Club Julian Library, 3:00 Wednesday, February 26 Feeding America Julian Library - 10am


Monday, March 3 Read Across America Day


If you are having or know of an event in Julian, Lake Cuyamaca, Ranchita, Warner Springs, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley Sunshine Summit or elsewhere that should be listed in the Backcountry Happenings column, please contact the JULIAN NEWS at PO Box 639 Julian, CA 92036, voice/fax 760 765 2231 email: submissions@ or bring the information by our office.

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• Guided Trail Rides. • Breathtaking views of the Julian Countryside. • Your guide fills you in on local history and help advance your riding skills. • Ask us about our on-site riding and lodging packages.

Thursdays From 5 to 8 - Open Mic Night Friday, January 24 - Melanie Delvaney Saturday, January 25 - TBA

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• On Jan. 17, 1865, Union Gen. William T. Sherman's army is delayed in Savannah, Ga., by 10 days of rain as it waits to begin marching into the Carolinas. Just as Sherman and his army had destroyed nearly everything in its path in Georgia, Sherman planned to subject the Carolinas to the same brutal treatment. • On Jan. 16, 1919, the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, prohibiting the "manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes," is ratified and becomes law. In 1933, the 21st Amendment to the Constitution repealed prohibition.

• On Jan. 15, 1936, Edsel Ford, son of auto pioneer Henry Ford, forms a philanthropic organization called the Ford Foundation with a donation of $25,000. The foundation was established in part as a legal way for the Ford family to avoid inheritance taxes. • On Jan. 14, 1954, Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe marries New York Yankees slugger Joe DiMaggio. The marriage barely got past the honeymoon, and they were divorced 274 days later. In her filing, Monroe accused her husband of "mental cruelty." • On Jan. 13, 1962, comedian Ernie Kovacs, who hosted his own television shows during the 1950s, dies after crashing his Chevrolet Corvair into a telephone pole in Los Angeles while driving in a rainstorm. The Corvair was later made infamous by Ralph Nader's groundbreaking 1965

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BBQ 11 to 4 book, "Unsafe at Any Speed." • On Jan. 18, 1985, for the first time since joining the World Court in 1946, the United States walks out of a case, this one concerning U.S. paramilitary activities against the Nicaraguan government. The Court decided against the United States; it charged that the U.S. violated international law with its actions against the Sandinistas.

• On Jan. 19, 1977, President Gerald Ford pardons "Tokyo Rose," a Japanese-American woman named Iva Toguri. Toguri and other women had broadcast sentimental American music and phony announcements in a vain attempt to destroy the morale of Allied soldiers during World War II. 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

January 15, 2014

The Julian News 5

My Thoughts

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by Michele Harvey

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The Final Journey -

Part 3

by Judy Jarvis,RN

A single tear falls Our hearts and home are here! Starting over is the challenge we accept But family and friends are dear. To move would be much simpler Tears of joy are here We are grateful for this life. God's blessings are all around us Their future husband and wife. Since the fire, our children met Tears are fewer now And hide our daily frown. We do our best to wear a smile Drag our spirits down. Insurance claims, rebuilding pains Our community is in tears The governor, the lost hunter It's just a crying shame. Who could we try to blame? The town's still here but homes are lost Their tears joined ours How could it possibly be? one of the world's collections Ourtop neighbor's house was standing tall Guggenheim Museum, to much left to see. Therehome was not It was opening day at newto see the ashes Wethe came

a giant upside-down cupcake. Tears have just begun concrete building that resembled And then outside a bizarrely shaped whiteit took our own. The fireline tookup our daughter's home harbors and of rivers of the South. thousands people Then the worst was known. so it could in the shallow New York operate City's Fifth Avenue, Days of hope, had draftOct. of less 11 feet • aOn 21,than 1959, on nights of worry inches above the water. ship conference. OurThe granddaughter is crying -- had low profi le, rising only of 50 anations attended fi18 rst there were kind. Thethe people -- 172enforced. feet long 41 feet motel wide was where we stopped be Representatives Anand El Centro at Greenpoint, The vessel 26, takes effectN.Y. andBut is ready to was hard to find. clean air the Union and ironclad Monitor isJune laid adopted signed onfor We packed camping with some friends • On Oct. 25, 1861,which the keel of Nations Charter, was Tears are not here yet construction. • On On Oct. Oct.24, 23,1945, 1989,the a United series tolls paid back the cost their rst ride Manhattan. milesfihad from theunder Florida Keys. and-a-half tons of dynamite. We knewofthey had no fear. and 4 feet deep. Innation nine years, people paid aisland nickel each to take entering theFire 90 were our protectors then ignited with the power ofjust twocrews and planes was 363 miles long, 40previous feet wide public, and more than 100,000 otherminutes, offensive weapons from two the large gas cloud Since fires had come so near. foot riseblockade ininto elevation. The canal subway opened the military to prevent any released theto plant. Within We leftgeneral our home without a doubt locks accommodated the 500stations. That the the United Statesevening, willgas establish ethylene-isobutane were Built in only years, 83 canal traveled 9.1 miles through 28 nuclear weapons in Cuba and that pounds of two highly flammable by Laura Dunkel Ocean via theUnion Hudson River. Rapid Company (IRT), thatpeople. theTransit Soviet has 85,000 placed 23 Approximately Great Lakes with the Atlantic line, by the Interborough Johnoperated F. Kennedy announces factory in Pasadena, Texas, kills Canal opens, connecting York City subway opens. The fithe rst • On Oct. 1962, ethylene gas22, leak at aPresident plastics MjH 26, 1825, from the Erie On Oct. is27, 1904, the of •contemporary art. explosions sparked byNew The following reprinted theanone year anniversary of the Cedar Fire.

Winner:Tears Sara Petite Welcome San Diego Music Award

In part two of The Final Journey we discussed the Mental, Physical and Spiritual toll a family endures in caring for one with a terminal diagnosis. We emphasized the importance of open communication, respecting the wishes of our loved one and how to prepare ourselves for that time when our loved one expresses the desire to stop fighting and accept the reality that a cure is no longer possible. We acknowledged the emotional turmoil that caregivers feel as they know the outcome will leave them behind to mourn their loss. It takes a deeply committed love to set our own feelings aside to support the wishes of the person on this Final Journey. So now we are seeking comfort and quality of life for as long as we have together. This is best managed by Hospice Care whose sole purpose is to create a team of experts committed to developing a plan of care that will allowing your loved one relief from pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Hospice is not all about death, instead more about creating an environment where the patient and their family can live as comfortably as possible, for as long as possible. It is about understanding the dying process and providing an environment in your home or in special care settings that support all involved in this final journey to the end of life. As a Hospice RN I have observed many subtle clues that your loved one may exhibit which are indications that the dying process has started. There is no way to estimate a timeframe as to days, weeks or months as each death is individual and circumstances other than the physical body’s decline, can influence how long this process will take. It is absolutely amazing how the dying loved one maintains control of their death by bringing families together, providing healing of old wounds, forgiving or seeking forgiveness, in preparation for this separation. This occurs without conscious awareness, it is simply completing a checklist as they prepare to leave us behind, though often provides comfort and healing to the family unit. I have listed other subtle symptoms of your loved one’s checklist that seem to be consistently observed on a majority of patients. Keep in mind these are not conscious things and my comments are based on my many years of experience and my interpretation of their possible significance in the dying process. Caregivers and family members may notice any or all of these during the next days, or weeks. • Loss in desire to eat, even favorite foods • The first system the body begins to shut down is the GI system. It is not uncomfortable, yet very effective at slowing the other bodily systems in preparation for death. Since the digestive system is shutting down, to force feed the patient can cause bloating, nausea and more discomfort so respect their wishes. If they want to eat, let them, but most likely it will be for oral gratification not nutritional need. • Sleeping much more, anytime day or night • This allows the body to spend more time with the subconscious, which I liken to having one foot on the other side. It is here that dreams and visions of angels, or dying loved ones provide comfort to our patient, it is as though the veil between this world and the other side thins and when asleep your loved one is in a very peaceful place. While awake they are more aware of the pain, physical discomfort and also anxiety that family members may be having. Sit quietly beside them. They are aware of your presence at some level and allowing them to sleep as long as they need respects the work they are doing that we cannot understand. • Withdrawing, and disinterest in things they usually enjoy. • This could be a distancing from family and friends in preparation for their journey away from them. • A need to organize and fix things that are unimportant • Often seen when the patient has a “knowing” that they will be leaving soon and they must get things in order before they leave. They don’t say that they just put things in order. I doubt they know why, they just feel compelled to do it. • Increased talking about the past, work, family, or youth. • All experts agree we go through a life review before we die. Encourage them to talk about this. Often they can be seen physically acting out in ways their review reminds them of. This is often seen as anxiety, when it may just be swimming or climbing, or some activity related to the content of the review they are experiencing. • Asking questions about heaven or expressing an interest in what happens after you die • They often speak of seeing light, spirits, or an essence of someplace in the distance, this leads them to ask about such things • Reaching up or talking more while sleeping • Sometimes carrying on conversations during sleep is seen as hallucinations, though often they are seeing things or people and they are real to them. Allow them to share what they experience, it could be a gift to you. • Blank stares often directed upward (such as toward a corner of their ceiling) • As they get closer they see something that we cannot and you usually will find that they stare intently at it. Most often they are not afraid, instead interested and surprised you can’t see what they see. • A burst of energy and alertness we call a “Rally” • Families often misinterpret this as a reversal from the dying process. Instead I believe it is usually a final push from your loved one to connect one last time. So savor and cherish the moments. As I have always said each death is very unique and completely unscripted, though most any nurse, hospice worker or caregiver can attest to seeing some or most of these in their loved ones or patients. With an awareness of this you and your family will be able to support and share these experiences with your loved one. Family members often witness some variations of these and are concerned it is overmedication of pain or sedation causing chemically induced hallucinations or restlessness. This is rarely the cause, and to withhold these medications could well increase your loved one’s discomfort. As your loved one’s caregiver you help them most by going along with

I’ve been a facebook user for less than two years. I’ve seen it change from something gossipy and political to something useful. Here in Julian we have several facebook pages just for people in Julian and the surrounding areas. Ramona also has similar pages. What I really like about these pages is that they are actually helpful. All the opinionated entries have become less and less prominent and the entries that are helpful or educational are showing up more and more often. The political postings that manage to show up on Julian pages are pertinent to Julian, not to San Diego and not to Southern California in general. My favorite facebook pages are community type pages. Lost dogs are often announced and then numbers of people help find the missing dogs. Pictures of new babies, favorite recipes and animals, both pets and farm animals are posted. Some of my favorite photos show new baby goats. They are just so darn cute! One user had to get rid of her farm animals really quickly. By posting her need on Julian Connection, she was able to find caring homes for all of her animals. Another user is moving and needs to get rid of empty boxes and other trash in a hurry. Her need was met right away. Facebook in Julian has proven to be a huge blessing. On our local facebook pages we get to see prom photos, sport photos of local students and graduation photos posted by proud parents and grandparents. I’ve seen progress photos of the garden at Julian Elementary school. I’ve seen many wondrous photos of sunsets and a few photos of local rainbows. One shop keeper posts nightly photos of sunsets that she takes each evening before she leaves her shop for the night. I’m grateful that she takes the time to share so much beauty with us all. On our Julian facebook pages we ask if we will be getting rain or snow, and exactly where. Answers come rapidly and accurately. People feel free to ask for help when needed or for beds, carpet, excess fruit and hundreds of other items that people need or that people need to get gone. When I needed a cherry pitter, I posted my need on a Julian facebook page and bought one locally within days. It was cheaper and quicker than buying one on the internet. Recipes are often posted when asked for. Currently I have a friend helping me to find a really good dill pickle recipe. I’ve tried some that were too spicy or garlicky and what I want is one that tastes like a real Kosher style dill pickle that I can hot pack without a pressure canner and then store my pickles on a shelf without taking up space in my refrigerator. I know from experience that one of my facebook friends will find just the right recipe for me. With the recipe in hand, I will be ready for my cucumbers and dill when they are ripe. Announcements are made for public meetings, musical and other local events, fundraising dinners and other calendar items that may otherwise go by unnoticed. Community group meeting times for local clubs along with library events have been asked for and answered. I post notices for the Julian Historical Society programs because they are interesting and each program teaches us something more about Julian’s history. I also post notices for time and days for people to pick up distributed food from Feeding America. I post ideas for using the food we pick up on Feeding America distribution days because sometimes many of us don’t know how to cook the fresh vegetables that we receive. As a side note, spaghetti squash can be cut in half lengthwise, and then steamed until soft. Use a fork to pull the strings out of the shell and serve with spaghetti sauce. All of that broccoli we received can be cut up and blanched (dipped for a short time in boiling water), cooled, and then put into Ziploc bags. The broccoli can also be added to cheese soup, omelets, pasta and salads. Ask the question of what to do with several pounds of broccoli or most any other question about practical things at Julian Connection on facebook and you will get lots of answers. I’ve seen posts from people selling firewood and from people buying scrap metal. Selling one or two items when you didn’t make the deadline to publish in The Julian News, works on facebook. Having a candle party, an essential oil party, a fundraising dinner at The American Legion or at Julian High School, and you can post it on a Julian page on facebook. My husband Mike posts weather conditions for at least two or three days in advance. Some users post information on traffic accidents and road construction delays. Hunters that are poaching get shown or at least talked about. When we find arrows in our yard where hunting or trespassing are absolutely not allowed, we tell our facebook friends. Mountain lion sightings get posted and congratulations for birthdays, anniversaries and other special personal events sometimes are announced with photos. I like humorous postings and one of my favorites was from a neighbor who talked about her teenage rooster. He tries to crow, but just like a teenage human boy, his voice comes out squeaky. A little humor can bring great chuckles. Death notices get posted and lots of hugs follow. That shows what a great community we live in. The postings I see on our local Julian facebook pages give me more reasons to be happy to live in the Julian area. Noticing the positive changes that have evolved with our local facebook users makes me glad I jumped on this wagon and have held on. Anyone need vegetable seeds? You can find details on facebook/ Julian Connection. These are my thoughts.

Julia Nejo

August 12, 1924 - January 1, 2014 Graveside services January 18, 2014 at Bloomdae Cemetery: 10am, Mesa Grande Reservation. Lunch to follow the services at Mesa Grande Fire Station. Contact Mercedes Amavisca - 760 782 3411, (cell) 760 822-4780 for information.

whatever they are experiencing, keeping them safe and allow them to go through their subconscious checklist. When you do this you will find your loved one will settle peacefully and you can find solace in knowing that you, in some small way, helped them find peace and comfort in their final days. Next month: We’ll discuss what we may see when our loved one is actively dying. How family dynamics often come full circle before one dies. Judy Jarvis is a 20 year Intensive Care RN with 12 years of Hospice Care. She moved to Santa Ysabel in 2009 with her husband and son. She is writing a book on Death and Dying and is an end-of-life counselor for our community. Reach her @

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by Kiki Skagen Munshi

This Is Not A NIMBY Thing We can’t nationalize SDG&E because it shouldn’t be a ‘national’ government run industry; it should belong to California. So perhaps we need to find another word. WHY, you ask, even THINK about such a move? How horridly LIBERAL! Not to mention Socialist. Well, read on. SDG&E is supporting (e.g. has contracted to buy electricity from) a solar installation in Wynola, which will bulldoze over 100 trees, move boulders, and generally create an ugly eyesore and be a very unwelcome neighbor to the property owners there. Solar is good? Yes. Solar is always good everywhere? No. If, instead condoning the destruction of many acres of our beautiful back country, SDG&E were to support putting solar installation on house roofs (like yours and mine) it could probably create the same amount of electricity at less cost. But this wouldn’t create PROFITS and pay various corporate bureaucrats their high salaries. Such as the $2,500,000 plus compensation package for SDG&E’s CEO (as of 2010, that is) that keeps him on the job. No one in the Federal Government I know received anything near a $2,500,000 compensation package though it is true that State and County employees seem to do better. But, you say, SDG&E is owned by the people and they get profits, too. Maybe, eventually, but... The same official report that detailed generous compensation packages for top officers (they’re not as generous, you can be sure, for the guys we know out working on the lines) stated, “All of the outstanding SDG&E common stock is owned by Enova Corporation and all of the outstanding common stock of Enova Corporation is owned by Sempra Energy.” In 2012 the Executive Chairman of Sempra Energy, received compensation for his hard work of $8,209,671. Another report says Enova is a “Holding company formed in 1996 for the San Diego Gas & Electric Company. While there are several other companies under the Enova rubric, 97% of its revenue is from SDG&E. Enova merged in 1998 with Pacific Enterprises to form Sempra Energy. Enova is still maintained as a subsidiary.” You think the Government is confusing? Not like this. The whole Wynola Project, in fact, seems a bit, er, opaque, top to bottom. Both the addresses for Michael Melone, the applicant for a county permit for the Wynola project (14 Wall Street, 20th Floor, NY) and for the Owner, Calico Ranch Solar, LLC (222 S. 9th St., Suite 1600, Minneapolis) are advertised on the Internet as “virtual office space.” One hopes for Mr. Melone’s sake that he shares the 20th floor with others as in June and July of last year a series of scamming letters was sent out from the address. Ecos Energy, which the U-T reported is in charge of the project (and owned by one Thomas Melone???) also has the Minnesota ‘virtual office space’ address and Thomas Melone is also President of Allco Renewable Energy for which Michael Melone, who submitted the application to the County, apparently also works and which is reportedly connected to the Wynola project… Maybe the right word is “statize”? “California-ize?” How about simply expropriate and put power back into the hands of the people, where it was before Enron came along?

ver s

6 The Julian News

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1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Who designed the Statue of Liberty? 2. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a beaver’s home called? 3. LANGUAGE: In the international phonetic alphabet, what word represents the letter “Y”? 4. MONEY: What is the basic currency of Poland? 5. GEOGRAPHY: What nation is Baffin Island a part of? 6. TELEVISION: Who was Steve McGarrett’s nemesis in the series “Hawaii Five-O” ? continued on page 14

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some black-eyed peas. Black-eyed peas are actually a bean. They get their names from their characteristic appearance. They are white legumes with a small black dot resembling an eye. Black-eyed peas are included in the “Meat and Beans” section of the Food Guide Pyramid, created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The bean can be used as an alterative protein source to meat. In fact, many vegetarians use legumes like blackeyed peas to substitute for meat when planning meals. One serving of black-eyed peas is equal to one-half cup and contains 70 calories. They are a lowcalorie option when served without additional condiments. The majority of calories come from carbohydrate sources (16 grams). Each serving also contains three grams of protein. The beans do not contain any fat or cholesterol. Black-eyed peas are especially rich sources of potassium, zinc and iron.

One of the main health benefits of black-eyed peas is their high fiber content. One-half cup of dry blackeyed peas that are cooked have 5.6 grams of fiber, while a 1/2 cup of canned black-eyed peas contains 4 grams. These amounts will vary among brands. Fiber is a nutrient that helps regulate your digestive system, and increasing your intake could help alleviate constipation and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Fiber also helps keep your cholesterol levels healthy by preventing cholesterol from being absorbed into your bloodstream, which reduces your risk of developing heart disease. Additionally, high-fiber foods keep you feeling full, since they are digested slowly -- which is important for weight control. Black-eyed peas make a good addition to soups, stews and salads and also are a healthy side dish. They are available dried, frozen and continued on page 14

January 15, 2014

The Julian News 7

Exploring Genealogy

As The Acorn Falls

HEALTH and PERSONAL SERVICES Marriages on the Mountain

by Sherry Wilson Lutes

Welcome. This is week two in the quest to find the “nuts” in your family tree. What did you discover as you filled out your pedigree charts and family group records? Did you find that you had a lot of holes in your pedigree charts or family group records? This week I will give you some ideas of where to look for missing information. I know mine has a lot of holes. Did you get started on your 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy? What New Year’s memories did you have? Letʼs get started Step 2: Use sources in your home. Where might you look for that missing or incomplete information on your pedigree charts/family group records? Useful sources include birth, marriage, and death certificates; family Bibles; funeral programs; obituaries; wedding announcements; newspaper articles; photos: or anything that might have important family information. It can be helpful to have a “box” to place all these sources. As you come across items of interest place them in the box. Add the information you find to your family’s pedigree charts and family group records. Record the sources of the information in the notes or sources section on the forms or in your family history program. This helps you and others know where the information came from. Next column – Ask your relatives 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy Week #2 – Winter Memories What was winter like where and when you grew up? Describe not only the climate, but how the season influenced your activities, food choices, etc. My memories of winter. Growing up in Lakeside there wasn't much of a winter but with grandparents living in Julian we spent many weekends here. Grandma always had cookies in the cookie jar and a warm fire going. Here is last weeks prompt (If you missed last week-each week I will be giving you a prompt that will invite you to record memories and insights about your own life for future descendants (52 weeks of Personal Genealogy). Write down your memories on your computer, in your journal or start a new journal. Week #1 – New Year’s Memories Did your family have any New Year’s traditions? How was the New Year celebrated during your childhood? Have you kept these traditions in the present day?! Taken from “52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and Family History” by Amy Coffin. Amyʼs blog is located at

Lateral Dominance And Its Relationship To Behavior And Learning Difficulties - Part III

by Delina Robair, MEd., Developmental Child Specialist

"Motor activities are always connected with learning processes." Quiros & Schrager, MDs &PhD's Educational research has brought to light that Dominance plays a great part in behavior and learning difficulties, and is a factor which should be taken into account in the home and school life of the child. Dominance is a developed preference for using one side of our body when reacting to sense perceptions and in making movements. A normative preference in the Western world is to develop the right side of the body for initiating movement allowing the left side to assume the role of helper. A dominant (or preferred) right side of the body has developed a right ear for listening, right eye for focusing, right hand for writing, right clasp, and right foot for standing balance. In recent times, however, the avalanche of mechanical man-made sense impressions besieges the growing child and can cause disturbances in the natural development of the body. These disturbances can interfere when the quiet repetitive routines of life in babyhood are cut short and the child's initiative faculties are no longer rightly engaged in harmonious, natural movements of the whole body. Turning switches and twisting knobs, fitting shapes together in games, is no substitute for bouncing balls, jumping rope, or bike riding. (Genetics is also a factor in a developed dominance.) Too early and too complicated activities that are demanded from the senses today can cause many children who are right-handed to use their left eye when looking at objects rather than their right eye. This is termed a cross dominance between the eye and hand, displacing the normal laterality of the body. Then, too, there are the growing numbers of children who use the left hand while retaining the dominance of the right eye. To complicate matters further, the righthanded child may prefer his/her left foot for starting movements or supporting him/herself. Thus, a zigzag of dominating members of the body can happen: example left eye, right hand, left leg. Some children can cope with such a complicated laterality of mixed dominance, but experience shows us that this mixture is an important factor behind behavior and learning problems and is one which should not be overlooked in the education of our children in the home and at school. A screen before starting Kindergarten can determine if your child or grandchild is developing a cross in lateral dominance. This is a sign that further help with lateral integration can make a significant difference with higher level learning abilities. (It must be noted that dominance of the eye has nothing to do with the strength of sight. Thus, adding to the complications of the dominance factor in children is the number of them whose dominance eye is the one with the weaker sight ) Insufficient guidance in the formative years leaves some children struggling with the ambidexterity of babyhood, often unsuccessfully. Activities with normal righthanded orientation are disappearing in our daily living: sweeping, polishing, beating eggs, stirring cakes, repairing, etc. Their modern substitutes, such as sitting to do passive rather than active activities, do little to integrate the vital thirteen developmental motor skills that build the foundation for higher level learning. The result is slowness in developing skills and weakened powers of concentration. Part IV: Introduction to the Left-handed or Mixed Dominant Child: Recognition = Help

A security thread and microprinting were introduced to American monetary notes in 1990. This was done to deter counterfeiting by technologically advanced copiers and printers.

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Part II

By Jeff Straus, State of California Certified Appraiser

A Caveat: None of the following that has been written should be construed as a Real Estate Appraisal. It is merely the opinion of this appraiser. Nor do I claim to be a writer per se. Distress Sales: The last market. Unless you are on a mural (my apologies to Mrs. us and around us. They are our issue ended with a discussion first name basis with those at Dawson’s First Grade Class). State Parks (and Community on Statistics and how, with only County Environmental Health Most people would not consider Parks to a lesser extent). The partial information, a misleading and the Building Department, buying an owner built plane, boat State Park system, troubled conclusion of market conditions that dream home may become or car. For good reason. The as it is, needs help on many could result. The statistical data a nightmare. The dollars spent single most important decision an levels. Restoring, expanding and which arose from the most recent to cut a pad or driveway or install owner of a new home project can promoting the Parks, as well as market crash produced equally a septic can often exceed what make is to hire an experienced, bringing tourism from distances misleading indicators, unless is budgeted when moving or local contractor. Besides greater than 100 miles, is critical. of course you were looking at blasting unseen boulders from understanding the nuances of Bringing in new, younger, life-long more data than was reported your site. Additionally, the design the local building environment, a visitors is key. It is confirmed by to the masses by way of the of the home and waste from not local contractor can typically be demographics. A drive through media. The distress sales which being able to realize Economies there for you in 30 minutes or less Town on any given weekend dominated the market place from of Scale may work against you. – sort of like good pizza delivery. reveals most of our visitors to 2008 on (there are still a few In estimating the value of a In 2004 when I started the rebuild be one of the following: Leather distress sales today) led to large new home several complications of my first home, my contractors clad motorcyclists, families with increases in the Median Price. always arise. First and foremost, – friends, would leave from San kids and/or grandparents in tow, To understand the market one Lenders typically require that Diego around 6am in relatively and couples out on a romantic need only a cursory review of in addition the completing a fair weather only to arrive in lunch dates. Most of them gone economics. When institutional Cost Approach Analysis of the wind, fog and rain. Frustrated, by 5pm. In part because the lenders commenced the sell-off project, Lenders may also want they would turn-around and head Town has decided to shut down of distress properties they did to see comparable home sales. back home. The following week for the day. Contrast our market so at bargain basement prices In today’s market that can be the weather would be “socked- with those of Moab or Mammoth (except of course here in West problematic given the near 5 in” down in the city while here Lakes where visitors are drawn where basements were never year hiatus in housing starts. in the mountains the weather to the area from all points on the constructed en masse). To The comparable sales needed to was clear and beautiful. Of globe and stay past 5pm. Some look at it another way in terms reconcile the market value of your course, not knowing better they even go out at night. Keeping of an analogy, when a retailer new home are therefore almost would stay home. Eventually my visitors multiple nights by offering suddenly and unexpectedly always existing properties. If you house was built - just beating out a wider range of activity is one goes out business the inventory decide to build bigger, better and Noah in terms of overall project answer. Our collective inability is liquidated. Whether it be an newer than those around you, construction time. to promote our primary assets, HDTV or a pair of shoes, the goal you may find yourself at the top Markets and Economics: In our exceptional State Parks, is is for holder of these assets to of a market looking down with order to better understand a local our Achilles Heel. Most visitors, rid the books of non-performing no comparable sales around market the first thing one must except those in mid-April, are assets a.s.a.p. The result is you to support value. A recent acknowledge and is where the not even aware of our proximity that well positioned buyers, with assignment of mine, a proposed market fits in the overall picture to a National Treasure – The cash in hand, score great deals. new home in a remote area of and to grasp how the local market Pacific Crest Trail. But it does Many of those who purchase Campo underscores the issue responds relative to the larger not end with hiking. Cycling, have no real established need of rural, new housing. The market as a whole. The Julian both on and off-road are huge for the asset, another TV, a home, at just over 3,500 square market, as a rule, tends to lag the businesses and can draw people pair of shoes. The intent of feet, is surrounded by a plethora Greater San Diego market when from the Midwest, East and the buyer often times is to hold of manufactured housing the market is on the rise, and Europe, especially at this time the asset and wait to resell at a and ranches. With nothing lead the “City” when the market of year. Catering and marketing profit, often times only a matter comparable for miles around the is on the decline. The reason to the Active Outdoor market is of months later. The 2 bedroom question then becomes, is this again is economics or more one area where growth is to be cabin obtained in foreclosure for home over-built? Lenders seem simply put - Supply and Demand. found. Eating pie is a wonderful $100,000 is now put back on the to like this scenario even less The Julian market is populated thing – it’s just not something one market for $175,000, a price the than I do. by a relatively high percentage plans to do 4 to 6 hours a day. prior owners may have received Common Mistakes in New of second homes, as is Borrego Though I will say this, an annual had they not been in distress. Housing: By far the most Springs. These homes, and their “Pie Eating Contest” is a great If you expand this scenario common mistake noted in recent respective values, reflect the idea and can draw people from exponentially the resale of these years is the relatively high disposable income that may or far and wide. Everybody loves a distress homes causes the percentage of owner builder may not be available at any given glutton. Borrego Springs suffers statistical data (Median Price) homes that were completed by time. In times of prosperity cash from similar image issues. to leap dramatically. Once the folks with limited construction flows into our market and retreats Watching flowers grow in the inventory is cleared the bargain skill sets but with “high hopes” when money is tight. You will Spring was never my idea of a hunt is effectively over the market that they actually knew what sell your second home, your good time as a young man. Now moves back toward stabilization. they were doing. (Every time I timeshare, your RV or redheaded that I am older and wiser it still That is what we are experiencing say “High Hopes” I hear myself step child before you consider isn’t. I see my young neighbor, today in many markets and can breaking into song. I find comfort letting go of your primary Patrick, geared up and on his be noted in the flat-line conditions in knowing that others will also residence. Future increases mountain bike with a smile a mile reported statistically. With little have this silly little verse in in value in Julian are then often wide. In him I see what the future or no “low-end inventory” the their head the rest of the day). dependent upon one or more could look like. In order for an Median List Price jumps - as Grasping the concept of how a factors. 1) The overall economy economic revival to occur Town the average seller now tends to house is constructed is not the improving to the point where leaders need to work in concert populate the upper end of the same as having experience in disposable income is higher in with the Superintendents of the market. This market trend can having actually having done so. outside markets or 2) The local Parks to promote all assets, also be supported by other data. A short-cut to savings is generally economy improves to the point including those not located on The length of time required to the fastest way to problems. where re-investment and growth Main Street. sell a home known as Days on Typically the story goes like this: within the community is realized. Well, that’s it for now folks. Market (DOM) has increased in Owner hires a contractor from It is the latter option which is best Hope everybody has a great most Backcountry markets while “off the hill” and has the home in my opinion. How to achieve week, and remember, buy more Median Prices appear to be started. Weather sets in, the that point is rather complex and newspaper. They’re useful. You stabilizing. contractor moves to another requires more space than Mike can wrap gifts with them and a Growth/New Housing: New job in the city while waiting for will allow me to write about today six year old may think you’re cool housing starts, while slow to the weather to improve (around – but there are clear solutions. I for doing so. recover, have resumed and I about May) and resumes the job can say this. expect will grow in Julian over in late Spring with materials that In order for Julian to grow it the next few years. A key to have been sitting on the job site needs to expand beyond tasty understanding housing starts in for six months – soaking in all pastry. While pie is a wonderful the Backcountry is to recognize the precipitation and UV rays thing it is poor in terms of tricklethe threshold at which new Mother Nature has to offer. The down economics (being viscous construction becomes viable. job goes over budget and the and all). A broader based There are several ways to do this. finish work falls into the hands economic environment is clearly The simplest and easiest way to of a distressed, but enthusiastic needed in order for Julian (and look at housing is on a Price/ owner (I am having an extreme Borrego Springs for that matter) Square Foot method. It may not bout of Déjà vu at this moment). to expand. It is highly unlikely be the most accurate though. With second rate tools and a that the Backcountry will become A common mistake by many ”How To” book in hand, off sets the next Silicone Valley. Heck, I Originally from the Western owners rebuilding after the fire the owner/builder. The result is am still waiting for reliable High- Hemisphere, the peanut was introduced to Europe by Spanish was not to grasp conceptually, that joints don’t exactly fit, leaks Speed Internet service. The explorers. Today, the peanut is as well as financially, what it form and the paint detail looks assets that should, and will, fuel grown in tropical and subtropical costs to build a home in today’s something like that of a 1st Grade an economic revival are before regions around the world.

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January 15, 2014

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memories and experiences of Country Home. 3 Bedroom, 3 continue Bath Year Certifi cate 8 residents to give us3continued their refl Noections, Report from pag 2.40 several weeks weTo areTown inviting Year Certifi Publishers Note:OneOver the cate next 5

When 1.65 Hell


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personal pick is the "Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards" edited by Tom Bartsch, and published by Krause Books. This guide covers sets printed between 1863 and 1980 including even minor-league players. There are descriptions introducing the various sets, full, updated checklists and values for three condition grades. Best of all, it is easy to use, and the prices seem to reflect the current marketplace. It is $29.99 and well worth it. *** Q: While cleaning out my

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January 15, 2014


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“Chip Nelson - Owner/Operator” These days it’s easy to be puzzled about all the options available when it comes to choosing an electrical contractor. There are some good choices that you can make and it’s hard to know even where to begin looking. But when it comes to giving you their very best, no one can help you more than C K ELECTRIC. C K ELECTRIC is located to serve the area from Valley Center, phone 749-3214 or 535-6473 where Chip, and his crew are experts in electrical work for your home or business. They also offer complete solar and energy efficient product installation and sales. They specialize in custom homes. There is a lot of respect and gratitude from the people here for your business over the years and they just want to take this moment in saying “thanks”.

“Locally Owned & Operated” Today, as always, COLDWELL BANKER COUNTRY REALTY is a local business that has always been committed to excellence. They specialize in offering complete realty services whether you are buying or selling. They will help you find a building site; a new home; an older house; or vacation property; farm or ranch property; and more. With some realistic prices and some diligent effort, COLDWELL BANKER COUNTRY REALTY can AND will find just what you’re looking for. They also specialize in short sales; foreclosures; distressed properties; and more. COLDWELL BANKER COUNTRY REALTY is located at 2130 Main Street in Ramona, phone 789-2110. We feel that you’ll get more from a local business like COLDWELL BANKER COUNTRY REALTY because they simply put more into everything they do. Visit them online at

From the moment you step into THE CENTER MARKET GROCERY STORE, you KNOW that you’re dealing with someone that really knows how to treat a customer right. The friendly staff, the fantastic values throughout the store, and a host of other features makes this one of the area’s favorite stores. Located in The Center Plaza at 590 Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 304, in Borrego Springs, phone 767-3311, this is one store where the customer always comes first. You may choose from one of the area’s best assortments of values in everything you need to feed your family. Stop in 7 days a week from 7 AM to 8 PM for gourmet foods; diabetic and celiac friendly products; organic meats; raw foods; natural supplements and more. You’ll love their full service deli, juice bar, salad bar and custom made to order sandwiches. Shop THE CENTER MARKET GROCERY STORE often. They have everything you need to help your family live a healthy happy New Year in 2014.




“Locally Owned & Operated” You’re missing out on a comfortable experience if you’re not visiting VC SPORTS & APPAREL located at 29115 Valley Center Road in Valley Center, phone 749-0761. This company understands how very, very important repeat customers are. That’s why you will notice the extra personal attention that’s given such a high priority here to every person that stops in. They specialize in screen-printing and embroidery for teams; churches; businesses; civic groups; and more. Bring in your logo or have them help you create one. They also offer a nice selection of equipment and accessories. Check out their website to see all they offer at At VC SPORTS & APPAREL, repeat customers are a long tradition and a way of life.

“Jocelyn Wilson- Owner” We would like to point out that RANCHITA COUNTRY STORE is a locally owned business that always has time for you. You don’t have to be a special customer or a big spender to get the time and attention you deserve. RANCHITA COUNTRY STORE is located at 37552 Montezuma Valley Road, in Ranchita, phone 782-3476, and are best known for offering groceries, dairy products, beer, wine, cold drinks and more. Jocelyn invites you to stop by and say hi and relax. They also have local artists’ homemade crafts. Here they treat everyone with personal service. That’s how they’d like to be treated, so they make extra sure you’re treated in the same friendly way. Jocelyn and the staff hope to see you soon.

“Locally Owned & Operated Since 1990” Folks from this area have been showing their trust in RAMONA TRANSMISSION since 1990. And the people at RAMONA TRANSMISSION continue to work extra hard just to show that your business is genuinely appreciated. Their ASE Certified technicians are known for being the area’s specialists in automatic and manual transmissions, both foreign and domestic. They also do rebuilding; adjustments; clutches; front wheel drive; as well as work on RVs and 4-wheel drives. RAMONA TRANSMISSION is located at 136 10th Street, Suite I, in Ramona, phone 788-0200, and you can rest assured that they take their company seriously when it comes to giving you the most professional service. And you can see this in everything they do for you. RAMONA TRANSMISSION thanks you for doing


“Locally Owned & Operated” You’ll never have to face a tough decision when you go to KITCHEN BARN. This local business surrounds you with superb quality. They also give you the extra service you need and deserve. KITCHEN BARN is located at 780 Main Street, Suite G, in Ramona, phone 788-6900 or 1-888-454-6465. They are so highly respected in this entire area for offering beautiful custom cabinetry and countertops for your home or business. They invite homeowners; contractors; and more to stop into their showroom or visit . Everyone at KITCHEN BARN genuinely care about having you as a very satisfied customer here. You can rely on this, day after day, year after year. Happy New Year from everyone at the KITCHEN BARN and thank you for your patronage in 2013.


“Locally Owned & Operated” Out of ideas for a great place to go out? We’d like to remind you about a local favorite. CARLEE’S PLACE, located at 660 Palm Canyon Drive (right next to Christmas Circle), in Borrego Springs, phone 767-3262. At CARLEE’S PLACE, you can enjoy their pool tables; multiple TVs to watch all of your favorite sports; a jukebox; live music; and so much more. For information on entertainment schedules, including live bands, call 767-3262. When they first opened, they had one primary goal in mind, and that was to offer the people of the Back Country the finest food, served among friendly people in a pleasant atmosphere, and always with the best drinks and entertainment. Everyone at CARLEE’S PLACE is very pleased to be able to take this opportunity in wishing everyone the very best during the New Year.


----------- STEHLY BROTHERS DRILLING INC.-----------

STEHLY BROTHERS DRILLING INC is a family business located at 13268 McNally Road in Valley Center, phone (760) 742-3668. The Stehly family at STEHLY BROTHERS DRILLING INC would like to take this opportunity to thank all their customers throughout the area for your past business and they look forward to serving you in the months and years ahead. Happy New Year to the residents throughout the Back Country.




A STREET TAX & FINANCIAL has always been known as a local professional that will go the distance to see that their clients’ needs are met. These people work hard and work smart to provide the best in complete tax and business services. A STREET TAX & FINANCIAL in Ramona at 705 A Street, phone 787-9696, features many advantages for the independent businessperson; corporations; partnerships; and even the family that wants to keep more accurate track of where the money goes. This outstanding service will take care of every detail for you, including complete personal and business income tax returns; payroll services; QuickBooks consulting; and so much more. To see all they offer, visit Everyone at A STREET TAX & FINANCIAL wishes you a happy New Year and invites you to call them at 787-9696 for all of your 2014 tax needs.

“Dr. Susan Cervantes, O.D.” Proper eye health care is available to families of this area when they visit RAMONA EYE CARE located at 1662 Main Street, Suite B, in Ramona, phone 788-3622. Dr. Susan Cervantes is proud to offer her patients the extreme accuracy and comfort of the most advanced vision testing equipment and methods of examination. RAMONA EYE CARE is able to treat eye infections and diseases; injuries; can detect and treat glaucoma and cataracts; treat dry eye and allergies; do Lasik consultations; and more. You’ll also appreciate their great selection of fashionable eyewear and contact lenses. And, they specialize in hard-to-fit challenges. Call RAMONA EYE CARE at 788-3622, for your appointment with Dr. Cervantes, who takes care of people…not just eyes. Most insurance plans accepted.

ALBERTSONS SAV-ON has always been thought of as a friendly neighborhood grocery store and pharmacy. And that’s why they always treat YOU as a good neighbor. That’s just one of the reasons ALBERTSONS SAV-ON has been serving people for such a long time. They are located at 1459 Main Street in Ramona, phone 789-0023. ALBERTSONS SAV-ON specializes in offering everything you need to feed your family. You will find fresh fruits and vegetables; the best meats; deli and bakery items; dairy products; health and beauty aides; video rentals; and an in store pharmacy. They also have a full Starbucks coffee bar. The courteous people here really want and appreciate your business. It’s all a part of their Good Neighbor Policy to work extra hard to always give you the best. And it shows whenever you call or visit ALBERTSONS SAV-ON. Have the best year in 2014 from everyone at ALBERTSONS SAV-ON.

“Your Authorized Seiko Watch & Clock Dealer” Located at 1338 Main Street (Sun Valley Center) in Ramona, phone 789-2048, JEWELRY WORLD & LOAN buys; sells; trades; and offers small collateral loans. See them for tools; electronics; musical instruments; and accessories. They also buy and sell gold and silver bullion and coins. A full time jeweler on site specializes in jewelry repairs; settings; custom designs; and more. Since 1985, JEWELRY WORLD & LOAN has been known for providing new and used items; diamonds; gold; silver; and custom jewelry at wholesale prices. You will also find beautiful Landstroms Black Hills Gold. JEWELRY WORLD & LOAN has the best prices GUARANTEED on diamonds. Replacement watch batteries are offered while you wait. Happy New Year. Visit them online at

“Carol Fowler - Realtor” Discover some of the most picturesque homes and property available. Whether you’re looking for a brand new home, a fixer-upper, retirement-type living or just a comfortable place to be yourself, STAGE PRESENCE HOMES is there to help you. Located to serve San Diego County from Ramona, phone 522-1777, just give Carol an idea of what would make you happy and those are the homes you’ll see. They are also Ramona’s winery specialists. Carol has over 11 years of professional experience and you are her number one concern, whether you’re buying or selling. As long-time neighbors, STAGE PRESENCE HOMES stands ready to help you in every way they can. DRE License See all Carol has to offer at # 01398595.

The crew at ALL AMERICAN KTM is unquestionably, one of the best. They’ve always gone the extra mile as a hard working team to make sure they give their customers the best at competitive rates. ALL AMERICAN KTM is located at 872 Main Street in Ramona, phone 788-7733 or 1-877-RIDE-KTM, and are known for being your authorized KTM Motorcycle dealership. ALL AMERICAN KTM has one of the best service departments in the area. This is your off-road and racing headquarters. They specialize in service, and repairs for all brands of motorcycles, ATV’s, rangers, and more. At their 5,000 square foot facility, they carry accessories; apparel; and parts. When you think about it, you can see why these people are in this business for the long haul. They take enormous pride in every single thing they do. Visit them on Facebook or at

“Locally Owned & Operated Since 1985 When it comes to your heating and air conditioning, the last thing you want to trust is your luck. The problem with the “good luck method” is that you never know just how long it will hold out. This is why it pays to depend on an established business like AIR CRAFTS HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING is located to serve the entire Back Country, phone 760-767-3677 or 760-749-3667. At AIR CRAFTS HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING they are known for offering the best in heating and air conditioning work for your home or business. They offer new installations; service; repair; and maintenance. We also wish to point out that their promise of quality and old-time personal service is a promise they stand behind proudly and consistently…year after year. Everyone here thanks you for your past patronage and wishes you a great year in 2014.

WARDEN DRILLING & PUMP is located to serve you from Ramona phone 789-2539 or 473-5087. This is one of the area’s #1 well drillers. Their completed wells are in service throughout the area and residents report outstanding results from their custom-installed water systems. No matter what type of drilling or what kind of pump it takes…this is one company who takes special pains to insure that YOUR well will serve you reliably and productively for years and years. Utilizing the very latest equipment, this reputable business has been drilling wells for homeowners, farmers and ranchers for a long, long time and the accumulation of their knowledge is what you get when you contact WARDEN DRILLING & PUMP to drill YOUR well. They are also experts in air drilling. These folks appreciate your past business and want to simply say “thanks”.

Outstanding breakfasts, quick and satisfying lunches and great dinners are what they serve at THE APPLE COUNTRY RESTAURANT. This cheerful restaurant is one of the Back Countries’ favorites when it comes to great food and affordable prices. Located on the corner of Highway 78 and 79 in Santa Ysabel, phone 765-3495, this is one restaurant that makes everyone who comes in feel welcome! You’ll love their fabulous home style cooking for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Stop in and try their NEW Mexican favorites, their famous Sunday brunch buffet and more. We would like to make special note of quality of the food and outstanding prices offered at THE APPLE COUNTRY RESTAURANT. They are, in a word, the greatest. Have a fabulous New Year in 2014 from everyone at THE APPLE COUNTRY RESTAURANT.

“Locally Owned & Operated” Finding an auto repair specialist is relatively easy. But finding one you can trust to do the job right is something else. TITO’S AUTO CARE located at 1233 Palm Canyon Drive, Unit A, in Borrego Springs, phone 767-3029, has been building their excellent reputation for many years and are known for offering ASE Certified Technicians that specialize in general repairs on foreign and domestic vehicles. They can also service motor homes, both gas and diesel. Bring in your RVs and have them serviced before your road trips this year. They are also offering tires and rims now. Talk with the people at TITO’S AUTO CARE and you’ll soon discover why their service is sought after and so highly respected. It’s a pleasure to work with a company that has earned the complete trust and confidence of so many customers. Tito and the crew wish you joy and happiness throughout 2014. To see all they offer, visit


----------------------- ALL AMERICAN KTM -----------------------

---------------- WARDEN DRILLING & PUMP ----------------


We would like to speak to our readers about a residential care home that has long been in the forefront of community involvement and support. THE LAST RESORT is located at 2138 San Vicente Road in Ramona, phone 789-6018, and they are known for offering residential care for the elderly in our area. They have 24 hour supervised care; three healthy meals a day; activities; and more. For those caring for loved ones and are going away for business or vacation, respite care is available. For information, phone THE LAST RESORT at 789-6018. The administration and staff at THE LAST RESORT wish you all the best in the New Year.


“Locally Owned And Operated” Do you agree that “old-fashioned quality” is something that’s pretty hard to find these days? Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to make a profit that true craftsmanship and quality products are often times overlooked. This simply is not the case with LOU’S CABINETS located to serve the entire area from Ramona, phone 789-4412. Few can match the consistency and quality that LOU’S CABINETS puts into every job. Whether you need custom cabinets for your kitchen, bath, living area or garage or custom millwork this is THE place to go. Remember, QUALITY has been, and will continue to be, the hallmark of LOU’S CABINETS. To see all Lou Herrera offers visit License # 855217.

Enjoy reading about these successful and interesting businesses. These well-liked merchants that serve the residents from the entire Back Country communities express their thoughts of thanks and good wishes for your continued faith and trust in them.







“Locally Owned & Operated” In times that are ever changing to a faster and faster pace, it’s refreshing to know that when you do business with TRACTION TIRE & SERVICE CENTER, you’re dealing with the same friendly, courteous people who have served the area since 1999. TRACTION TIRE & SERVICE CENTER is located at 1811 Main Street (in the Kmart Center), in Ramona, phone 789-8877, and they are known for offering a complete selection of quality tires, at affordable prices. See them for tire repairs; custom wheels; alignments; shocks; brakes; and more. For better gas mileage and tire wear, they also offer nitrogen for your tires. At TRACTION TIRE & SERVICE CENTER, they believe in the old-fashioned notion that you, the customer, always come first. They’re ready to serve you 7 days a week.

------------------- RAMONA SENIOR MANOR -------------------

The reputation of RAMONA SENIOR MANOR has grown over the years, and their commitment to their residents is stronger than ever. RAMONA SENIOR MANOR is located at 1236 “D” Street in Ramona, phone 440-9844 At RAMONA SENIOR MANOR, they are best known for offering 24-hour supervised nursing care; assistance with daily living activities; 3 healthy meals a day with snacks; transportation services; medication management; housekeeping; and more. They also specialize in Alzheimers and Dementia care and offer hospice and palliative care. For information, general assistance, phone 440-9844, or visit The administration here appreciates the confidence and support.

“We Support American Legion Members” When you look to DESERT AUTO SERVICE for automotive repairs, you will enjoy the friendly, courteous service they offer each of their customers. DESERT AUTO SERVICE is located at 755 Palm Canyon Drive in Borrego Springs, phone 767-0800. They are best known for offering certified technicians that are experts in complete automotive repairs for foreign and domestic vehicles. They specialize in engine and transmission repairs; brakes; general maintenance and more. In need of auto repairs? Contact Mac and the crew at DESERT AUTO SERVICE. American Legion Members are personally invited in for a discount on all services. Mac and the crew send out greetings for a Happy New Year.


------------------------ TITO’S AUTO CARE ------------------------


“Serving You Since 1994” O’CONNOR & FAMILY CONSTRUCTION CO maintains their business on an incredibly high level. They work hard every day to give you the very best when it comes to room additions; remodels; and more for your home or business. O’CONNOR & FAMILY CONSTRUCTION CO is located to serve the entire area, phone 533-6954. You are going to appreciate the old fashioned pride that’s found in every single thing they do. The people at O’CONNOR & FAMILY CONSTRUCTION CO. look forward to including you on their list of very satisfied customers. Give them a chance to earn your business. Call on them for your entire general contracting needs at 533-6954.


“Locally Owned And Operated” Once, when a business provided a service, it was the best they could possibly do. The company stood behind that service with pride. They lived a simple idea: Do it right or don’t do it at all. This is the old time quality that you can still find at RAMONA SEPTIC located to serve the Back Country from Ramona, phone 440-9255. They specialize in complete septic service. They are experts in septic pumping, maintenance, repairs and inspections. 24-hour emergency service is also available. Get to know RAMONA SEPTIC this year. And if you ALSO believe in old time quality, you may find you’ve got a lot in common with this local company. Jose and Connie appreciate your past business and are there to serve you in 2014. Se Habla Espanol.


Mobile Locksmith” No matter where you are, PJ’S LOCK & SAFE is never far off. They’ve been serving the folks from the Back Country for a very long time. And as longstanding neighbors, PJ’S LOCK & SAFE is there to help you, too. They are located to serve the area from Ramona, phone 760-546-8833, and they specialize in complete locksmith service for your home; business; and vehicles. PJ’S LOCK & SAFE offers service for safes; locks of all types; transponder keys; card access systems; and so much more. Find out why so many people keep doing business with them. Why they say their service is superior. Contact them soon. They’d love to hear from you. PJ hopes your New Year is full of © UBC 2014 friends and family.

10 The Julian News

January 15, 2014




by Bill Fink

Oh Wisconsin

Juli Ann Zerbe

Broker/Owner REALTOR® RMS, SRS, ABR, SRES, CDPE CBRE LIC# 01238746

CALL 760 445 1642

Fabulous Views. 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2,161 sq.ft. with detached garage with loft. Private on 2/3 of an acre. Reduced to $399,000


CALL 760 604 2226

Gorgeous Custom View Home. 4 Bedroom, 4 Bath with 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath guest quarters totaling 5,100 sq.ft. 4 acres. Private, easy access. $1,297,000


S Country Home. 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath 1,732 sq.ft. on 4 all usable acres. Great for farming. Well at 65 gpm +/-. Gazebo with electricity. Reduced to $595,000

Classic Country Home, 4.09 usable acres. Immaculate 4 Bedroom/2 Bath. Two over-sized garages. Spectacular setting and views. Great horse or vineyard/orchard property. $562,000

Thank YOU

Level 2.5 acre parcel with a well and fantastic views. T’would be a nice spot for a home or modular. $139,000

to our Julian friends and clients who have made our opening a success. We appreciate you and your referrals!

Dramatic 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, 3300 sq.ft., on 2.5 acres. Custom built and architect designed. Five decks overlooking Volcan Mt., desert and the Julian countryside. A must see! $975,000

Stunning Two Story Pine Hills Home. 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath 4814 sq.ft. No expenses spared in this truly luxurious home. Reduced to $795,000

Kentwood in the Pines. Single level 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath home with many upgrades and a pellet stove for cozy fall and winter nights. Great buy at $329,000

Mountainside Home. 5 Bedroom, 5 Bath 3,105 sq.ft. home with gorgeous, panoramic views to the northwest. B&B potential. Reduced to $849,000

We Have Land Listings Too! Please give us a call We Are Your Real Estate Consultants 760 • 765 • 1776

Bill Whittle Of “Afterburner” To Speak In Ramona, January 25 The popular and talented, Bill Whittle returns to Ramona and will be the featured speaker at the first Ramona Tea’d forum of 2014. The topic will be “Gearing up for the 2014 elections.” Mr. Whittle is a conservative blogger, political commentator, director, screen writer, editor, pilot and author. However he is probably best known for producing “P.J. Internet” videos. He is also president of “Afterburner and the Firewall.” He has spoken at universities and tea party events across the U.S. and participated in many significant talk radio and T.V. programs; mainly speaking and appearing on common sense conservative political issues. Don’t miss this free forum! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear the wisdom of Mr. Bill Whittle! Seating is limited so come early to get your seat. The event will be on Saturday, January 25, 2014 at the Ramona Mainstage, 625 Main Street, Ramona, California. Doors open at 11:00 a.m. and the program begins at 12:00 noon. Food and drinks are available on site.

I was a part of an historic weather event last week. I was in WwwwwwWisconsin, (I still stutter thinking about it), during the recent polar vortex. I have never been in cold, not cold, frigid, no not frigid, freezing, no, way below freezing, way below zero, like 30 degrees below zero. Local stations said that with wind-chill it was probably somewhere between 40 and 70 below but they weren’t going out to check. During my time in the great white way, the beautiful country that borders Canada, I spent most of my time sitting in a Lazyboy. In the morning I drank coffee, took ten minutes to read the local rag cover to cover. Took another ten to do the crossword puzzle. Watched the news. Watched football, some great college games, “Oh yah” “You betchah”. Ate breakfast, drank coffee, ate lunch, drank water, ate dinner, drank water, there was no booze in the house and I wasn’t going out to get it. Stayed up late watching TV trying to get tired. Went to bed wasn’t tired because I was sitting around all day so I couldn’t sleep. Day two. Same as day one except I fell asleep a lot on the lazy boy from being up all night. Night of day two, couldn’t sleep because of all the naps I took on the lazy boy during the day. Day three, see day two. Day four. I was bound and determined to do something exciting. Wal-Mart, yes! That would be good. The guy on TV instructed me that you had to run the car for at least a half an hour before you go anywhere so it can warm up. Not believing him, I run out to the garage, start the car, figuring I’d give it five minutes and jam. Five minutes later, jump in the car, turn on the heat full blast, and back up to the end of the driveway, put it in forward back to the garage and into the house to give it the rest of the half hour to warm up. I get to Wal-Mart, there’s a parking lot full of cars and they’re all running. Nobody shuts them off. I did because I’m from California via New Jersey and nobody from where I come from leaves a running car in a parking lot at Wal-Mart. Except in Wisconsin. I get inside, and I don’t really know why I’m there except for a little excitement. The only difference between Wisconsin and California WalMarts is you can get cheese curds at the Wisconsin Wal-Mart. After a half an hour I go back to my car and an old gal sees me and says, “You know… you’re going to have to let that thing run for 30 minutes sonny.” Really? I start the car and it’s so cold that I can’t believe the oil hasn’t frozen, the engine block hasn’t cracked and the tires haven’t frozen to the pavement. I go back into WalMart for the proverbial half hour

warm-up. By Sunday I’m excited because the Chargers are on. No one in Wisconsin cares because they’re only the warm up for the Packers later that day. I’m watching the Packer game and I’m miserable because I’m looking at these guys in short sleeve shirts playing football on a brown, frozen field. Of course I’m a couple hours north of Green Bay where it’s really cold and those guys are playing in a balmy 7 below according to Janice’s brother. The Packers lose and after the game the entire state of Wisconsin goes into mourning whether you care about football or not. The depression is like the plague. God help the wise guy that wants to make a crack about it. Janice wouldn’t let me out of the house. I did go outside for a photo with my Julian News. At the time it was right around 30 below and as a lark, I went out in a tee shirt. I did wear gloves and a hat. I’m not stupid,… that stupid. I can’t tell you that I actually felt cold. After about ten seconds I felt pain akin to being tightly wrapped in a blanket of needles. After about a minute my arm froze and fell off. Oh yah, you betcha. Other things I did, was glovelessly grab a gas nozzle to fuel the car. The pain was so intense as my hand stuck to the metal that I started slamming it against the pump to break it free. My hand broke off and the blood clotted instantly by freezing at my wrist. My initial impression of Wisconsin is that people are very polite. They’re proud of their Cheese Head moniker, they’re all Packer fans and it seems that everyone owns a Packer jersey, which lends a sense of color to a state that is white and dreadfully stark in winter. People go to the fish fry at their local restaurant on Friday night. Public bathrooms are cleaner, many give you a choice of paper towels or air dryers after you wash you hands and there is a surprising lack of ass gaskets, I mean toilet seat covers. I guess a frozen butt doesn’t spread germs as readily as it does in a warmer clime. People really say “Oh yah” and “You betcha”. Perfect strangers on the street look you right in the face. This is a common courtesy as they’re checking for frostbite. In all my time there I never saw a woman in a dress or with a lot of makeup on. I suppose that instead of protection against the cold, make-up freezes and cracks. I don’t have to think real hard why they don’t wear dresses. When you fly to a place like Chicago or Milwaukee from San Diego, you would think that as a courtesy they would gradually reduce temperatures from the warmth of the aircraft tube to baggage claim. Your first step into the sub zero wall of cold as you go through the double air lock is a shock to your sensibilities. I enjoyed my trip, the hours on a cramped aircraft, the interminable time in a lazy boy, staring out the window thinking of going for a walk (oh his sarcasm abounds) but be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

If you missed it on Page 1, there’s a big steak dinner at the Legion this Friday night. The beneficiary is the Julian Medical Foundation.

FINANCIAL SERVICES Get your books organized for the New Year! Riccio's Accounting Service A Non-CPA Firm Quality - Integrity - Confidentiality

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Amos and Andy are a pair of bonded Siamese mix cats. They years old, and have handsome flame point coats. Amos is the slugger of this duo, weighing in at almost 16lbs as compared to 11lb Andy. But make no mistake, these two are buddies through and through, and can't wait to find a family with room in their hearts and home for both of them. Like other cats of this breed, Amos and Andy are very bright, and love to "chat" and tell you all about their days. They love to hang out with each other, but definitely will enjoy play and chill time with their new "people." These forever friends can be adopted for the Senior Fee of just $35 each. Just ask for Amos (ID A1450590 Tag C763) and Andy (ID A1450591 Tag C716). We have many wonderful animals waiting to find new homes as the shelter. Cats & kittens can be adopted for $58. Dogs and puppies can be adopted for just $69. Adult dogs and cat over 5 years old can become a member of your family for just $35. If you're a senior yourself, or disabled, you can make any pet your forever companion for just $35. Rabbits can be adopted for just $25, so be sure to visit our bunny room too! All adoption fees should be confirmed once you get to the shelter, and include spaying or neutering, basic vaccinations, and a 1 year license for dogs. Nothing brightens your day like coming home to the waiting face of a treasured pet, so please come meet Amos & Andy today. Visit them at our Central County Shelter, 5480 Gaines Street, San Diego between the hours of 9:30AM to 5:30PM, Tuesday through Saturday or visit more information. Please contact the shelter for holiday hours.

After being abandoned in a parking lot and living in a shelter for nearly a year, sweet Sophie is ready for her forever home. This black and white short-haired rabbit is just under 2 years old and perfect to provide companionship for the right person. Sophie is spayed and her identification number is A1520568. Think Sophie is your future cuddly companion? You can adopt her for just $25, which includes a microchip and free veterinary exam, at the San Diego County's Animal Services North Shelter at 2481 Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad. For more information visit www. or call (619) 767-2675.

January 15, 2014


Howdy From Lake Cuyamaca Lake Cuyamaca is a picturebook 110 acre lake that is proof positive that good things come in small packages. Situated at an elevation of 4600 feet in an Oak and Pine forest, it is surrounded on three sides by the 26,000 acre Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, which is 52% wilderness. Lake Cuyamaca is the perfect getaway for one day or up to ten nights. Few places in San Diego County offer the pristine views that greet your eyes wherever they may wander! Stocked with over 38,000 lbs. of trout annually, Lake Cuyamaca is the only San Diego lake that is able to stock trout all year long. Other species of fish include Florida bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, crappie, bluegill and sturgeon. Besides fishing, there are many other activities for the avid outdoorsman and the whole family, including: •Hiking •Boating •Camping •Bird Watching •Duck Hunting •Picnicking •Special Event Hosting Check out our website for details on these activities and more! http://www.lakecuyamaca. org/ . One thing this is for sure about Lake Cuyamaca, it’ll give you an appetite! There is nothing like a fresh cooked meal after a day of strenuous activity. Luckily, we boast some of the finest food in San Diego County. Enjoy dining in our lovely dining room, or sit outside on the deck and enjoy a view of the lake with your meal. Either way, it’ll be the perfect way to make your day at Lake Cuyamaca one to remember! Breakfast and lunch menu items are available at any time for dine-in or take-out. That’s right. If you want a cheeseburger at 6:00 AM, you don’t have go to McDonalds! Menu selections feature healthy options, made with fresh, locally-sourced produce and vegetarian choices. But we still have a fryer if you really want those french fries with your sandwich! Of course, we’ll always have a variety of our famous Julian pies available by the slice or whole, and Franz’s legendary apple schnitzel will still be made inhouse. Give us a call at (760) 7650700. *** Guys care about sports teams. I'm not talking about simply rooting; I'm talking about a relationship that guys develop, a commitment to a sport team that guys take way more seriously than, for example, wedding vows. — Dave Barry ***

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January 15, 2014


Dear EarthTalk: What is the Obama administration’s America’s Great Outdoors initiative and what does it hope to accomplish? -- Doug St. James, New York, NY President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum in April 2010 establishing the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative to promote and support innovative community-level efforts to conserve outdoor spaces and reconnect Americans to the outdoors. The Memorandum calls for collaboration among the Departments of Interior and Agriculture as well as the Environmental Protection Agency and the White House’s own Council on Environmental Quality in leading the initiative. Eight other federal agencies play a supporting role—and literally thousands of other partners from state, local and tribal governments, non-profits and the private sector are involved as well. Getting young people, especially city kids, into the outdoors to experience our country’s unique natural heritage is a top priority of America’s

Great Outdoors. Before pursuing any specific strategies, initiative leaders solicited feedback from everyday Americans as to what mattered most to them regarding conservation and access to the outdoors. Some 105,000 written comments and many more spoken ones from “listening sessions” held coast to coast streamed in and were crucial to the development of programs. Public feedback continues to shape the initiative’s agenda. Some of the programs that fall under the umbrella of America’s Great Outdoors include: the Veterans Fire Corps, which employs veterans in forest fire management; the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s program providing technical training and work opportunities for underserved youth in habitat restoration and fisheries monitoring; and the establishment of a new network of “water trails” coast to coast to increase everyone’s access to the outdoors. America’s Great Outdoors was in the news recently when Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announced the launch of 21st Century Conservation Service Corps as part of the program. “21CSC,” as Jewell calls it, aims to be a modern incarnation of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that President Franklin Roosevelt used to help put Americans back to work during the Great Depression. Jewell

envisions a 100,000 person strong “CCC 2.0” that will provide opportunities for thousands of young Americans—6.7 million of whom are currently unemployed or not in school—and veterans transitioning back to civilian life to serve their country, feel proud of what they are accomplishing and improve their own lives and the lives of others around them. Part of what makes America’s Great Outdoors unique is that partners from every sector of American society—not just the federal government—are encouraged to help. 21CSC is partially funded by a $1 million dollar donation from clothing retailer American Eagle Outfitters, and Jewell is in search of another $19 million from other private sector partners to turn the program into a potent force for reducing youth and veteran unemployment while giving our endangered lands and waterways some much-needed attention. Environmentalists may be disappointed that the Obama administration hasn’t been able to muscle through mandatory greenhouse gas emissions cuts and put sustainability concerns at the forefront of the policymaking process, but getting unprecedented numbers of Americans involved in conservation projects that protect the nation’s treasured natural heritage is a worthy conservation legacy in its own right. The program is sure to positively impact generations of Americans for decades to come. CONTACTS: America’s

Great Outdoors, americasgreatoutdoors/; 21CSC, EarthTalk® is written and edited by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a registered trademark of E The Environmental Magazine (www. Send questions to:

OPEN SUNDAYS! President Obama's America’s Great Outdoors Initiative seeks to promote and support community efforts to conserve natural spaces and reconnect Americans to the outdoors. Pictured: a "listening session" soliciting input from everyday Americans as to what mattered most to them regarding conservation and access to the outdoors. photo credit: Team St. Louis

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Supervisors Approve Extending Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement (PACE) Program The PACE program was initiated Aug. 3, 2011 as a part of the General Plan Update Implementation Plan. Under the PACE program,the County compensates willing agricultural property owners for placing a perpetual easement on their agricultural property that limits future uses and eliminates future subdivision potential. As a result, the agricultural land is preserved and the property owner receives compensation that can make its continued use for agriculture more viable. To date, the program has permanently protected 782 acres of ranch and farmland through the acquisition of agricultural conservation easements, exceeding the program’s original goal of protecting 500 acres. The Board of Supervisors received a report on the Pilot Phase of the County’s PACE Program Dec. 4, 2013 and voted unanimously to direct staff to pursue the acquisition of easements for the 16 remaining properties identifi ed during the Pilot Phase of the Program and to extend PACE into a permanent program. The Board also directed staff to prepare a mitigation component that will allow easement land acquired under the PACE program to be utilized as off-site mitigation for agricultural impacts resulting from private projects. For additional information on the PACE program, please contact Matt Schneider at or 858-694-3714.

Home Of The Future Features Energy-Saving Devices (NAPS) — Keeping your home comfortable doesn’t have to mean costs that go through the roof. Here’s a look at some of the latest technology that can be seen in a model home designed to showcase energy effi ciency, The New American Home (TNAH), created by the National Association of Home Builders Leading Suppliers Council. TNAH 2014 uses green building and construction technology, including a solar water heater, photovoltaic panels and closed sprayfoam insulation. One of the more effective energy-saving components is also one of the least expensive: sealed electrical wall boxes. A problem for most homeowners is that the electrical boxes on exterior walls let drafts in. In response, electrical components manufacturer Thomas & Betts has come up with a clever way to eliminate this energy drain. The Carlon Draft-Tight boxes feature a gasketed front fl ange that provides a seal from the box to the back of the drywall and gaskets over cable entry points to prevent airflow from getting into the house. This saves heating costs in winter and cooling in the summer. It can also reduce construction costs. By eliminating the need to caulk or seal the boxes after installation, the builder can save about fi ve hours ofinstallation time for a 2,200-squarefoot house. The design is also available for ceiling boxes and multigang outlets, and can be put in already built homes as well as new ones. You can find these boxes at home improvement centers or talk to your electrician about having them installed. For further information on these energy-saving devices, go to

1. The Marlins' Juan Pierre, in 2013, became the seventh player to have 600 or more career steals, and more steals than walks. Name three of the other six. 2. Which of the following pitchers had more 20-win seasons for the Minnesota Twins: Bert Blyleven, Jim Perry, Johan Santana or Frank Viola? 3. When was the last time before the 2012 season that Stanford's football team won a Rose Bowl? 4. Who was the last Portland Trail Blazers player before guard Damian Lillard (2012-13) to have at least 1,500 points and 500 assists in a season? 5. How many consecutive playoff series did the New York Islanders win starting in 1980? 6. In 2013, Matthew Centrowitz became the second U.S. male to win two World Championship medals in track and field's 1,500 meters. Who was the first? 7. In 2013, Jason Dufner tied a record at the PGA Championship by shooting a round of 63. How many others have shot a round of 63 at the PGA Championship? Answers on page 14 *** Life isn't about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away. — Anonymous ***

e e T a b

w a G

is a top priority country’s unique the outdoors to people, especiall involved as well. and the privat tribal governmen partners from s literally thousan play a suppor Eight other fed Quality in leadin own Council on Agency and the the Environmen and Agriculture the Departmen calls for collab outdoors. The reconnect Ame conserve outdoo community-level promote and sup Great Outdoors 2010 Conn.,establishing by soldie Ramo Presidential Mem The532 pit bull‘B’ wasS President ObaA • During World Ikonomou. He is V C • The chief tran oxygen. -- D body's mass, it accomplish? initiative • Evenand though wha

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according toSUN America’s our Grea OPEN who made the Obama the fo

• It wasEarthTa Dear noted



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January 15, 2014

California Commentary

The Political Class Underestimates You

by Jon Coupal

D.C. politicalrights. class are admitting of taxpayers' Proposition advancement members 13 of and thetheWashington, dedicated the protection of Senate in tojeopardy and other grass-roots taxpayer organization his party’s future control of the Association -- California's largest Virginia has warned puts the Howard Jarvis this Taxpayers Senator Joe Manchin of West Jon Coupal is president of danger toofvisit bursting. Democratic invited meter istosoProposition high that 13, it is are in threats their families. The public outrage to understand more about these people seeing a realand threat to of the are political class, want was disingenuous at best, real Those who are not members and doctor could keep them, terrible resolve. who liked their policya sleeping giant andcurrent fill him with president’s assurance that thosea we have done is to awaken and it hasPearl been Harbor: revealedI that attacked fearthe all havethe lostJapanese their healthforces insurance, of that that over 6 million Americans Yamamoto, the Sendcommander questions to: The Environmental (www. has been outMagazine withtothe result the quoterolled attributed Isoroku and is abest registered trademark of EbyNow that the careup plan might be health summed by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss understand. these taxpayer protections. It EarthTalk® is written and edited powerful inbygovernment did not impacted the destruction of about something even the and families will that be negatively americasgreatoutdoors/; 21CSC, to put athat lot of timehomes, into thinking learn their jobs Great Outdoors, that averagewhen people refused the reaction realAmerica’s people CONTACTS: was in it. for So decades itwhat makes sense underestimate will be Americans to come. of did not knowJewell what dismantling Proposition 13 theCongress Greatimpact Depression. positively generations of famously However, proponents of Americans back tothat work during right. Theadmitted program ismembers sure to of the House “investment in legacy the Nancy community.” Roosevelt used to inhelp put conservation itsPelosi own After even “local control” orthen enabling (CCC) all, that President Franklin natural heritage isas a Speaker worthy clear how would them. these changes asaffect increasing the Civilian Corps protect theit Conservation nation’s treasured it theoretical and ittowas not backers higher taxes portray to was be a ofmodern incarnation of in conservation projects that three years ago, for most people millions ofof dollars willcalls be spent by “21CSC,” as Jewell it, aims numbers Americans involved it was getting approved by Congress -Wernher Braun popular with theofgeneral public, Corps as part theVon program. but unprecedented Lookwhat atConservation Obamacare. When know I'm doing." extremely Proposition 13 remains Century Service the policymaking process, close attention. is what I'matthe doing when don't the constitution and, announced launch ofI while 21st concerns the forefront of gets personal, they start paying Thought for Day: "Research approve an the amendment to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell cuts and put sustainability families, jobs or When it * gas *homes. * recently only majority of emissions voters to was ina the news when greenhouse important when itballot. impacts their gallons of tea. November 2014 It takes Great Outdoors to America’s muscle through mandatory about politics. becomes of everyPolitics year, been but 9 amendments placed ononly the thecoffee outdoors. administration hasn’t able sports than they do American, you drink 23 gallons summer and these constitutional increaseteams everyone’s access to disappointed that the Obama of 63 atyou're the PGA Championship? time about their favorite •Environmentalists Ifthinking like the average of the legislative session this “water trails” coast tomay coast to be many others have shot a round most folks through spend aat lot more be rushed the end establishment of a new network attention. or 858-694-3714. yother. America’s by of shooting a round of 63. How their jobs and their homes -- please contact Matt Schneider at rates that are in sync with each anti-Proposition 13 bills will finatural sheries monitoring; and the waterways some much-needed information on the PACE program, record atheritage the PGA Championship is welfare of families, relationship actually heart It is possible thattheir a have half dozen habitat restoration giving endangered lands and for agricultural impacts resulting experience our 7.the In our 2013, Jason Dufner tied a from private projects. For additional real people care about say that couples inPACE a romantic homeowners billions of dollars. forWhat underserved in to be utilized as off-site mitigation veteran unemployment while acquired under thethe program meters. Who was fiyouth rst? ly city kids, into table conversation. • Those who study things requirement, which could cost training work opportunities force for reducing youth1,500 and to prepare aand mitigation component that will allow easement land medals inand track fisuch eld’s .staff Getting young is not a popular of dinner Brave Stray." politicians want totopic lower vote program. The Board also directed program providing technical turn the program into athe potent extend PACE into a permanent to win two World Championship te sector are became the second U.S. male learn that easing” Stubby, Hero WWI, aPilot Phase of the Program and to 13, require a“quantitative two-thirds vote. The Atmospheric Administration’s other private sector partners to properties identifi ed of during the nts, non-profi tsDog 6. another Instaff 2013, Matthew Centrowitz politicians might be surprised to of easements for the 16 remaining Idirect Memorial. It reads, "Sergeant property, which under Proposition the National Oceanic and of $19 million from to pursue the acquisition state, local and Islanders win starting in 1980? these issues or The very own brick atpoliticians. the World War taxes.” Parcel taxes are taxes on 4, 2013 and voted unanimously to in County’s forest fiPACE re management; Outfi tters, and Jewell is in search the Program Dec. nds of other playoff series the New York much time thinking about any of presidents. He even has his easier to increase “per parcel Corps, which employs veterans clothing retailer American Eagle The role—and Board ofdid Supervisors received a report on the Pilot Phase of ting 5.that many consecutive is most folks spend he ledHow parades anddon’t met three legislation that would make it include: the Veterans Fire million dollar donation from protecting 500 acres. deral agencies assists in a season? energy-saving devices, go toaback www. a seal from the box tounderstand the of the the drywall and gaskets overgoal cableWhat they don’t Sgt. Stubby was hailed as threatening to homeowners is America’s Great Outdoors is partially funded by ahero; $1 conservation easements, exceeding program’s original of ng the initiative. at For least 1,500 points boxes and 500 further information on these The Carlon Draft-Tight feature front flange provides issues like “sequestration.” be so honored. After the war, in the Legislature. Especially fall under the umbrella of a gasketed encouraged to(2012-13) 21CSC acres of ranch andhelp. farmland through the acquisition of that agricultural nto Environmental Damian Lillard to have installed. & Betts has come up with aonly clever way tohas eliminate this energy drain. 782 profi le politicians and policy combat service -the dog 13 bills currently active Some ofare the programs that the federal government—are more viable. Toabout date, the program permanently protected White House’s Trail Blazers player before guard your electrician having them walls letthe drafts in. Inanti-Proposition response, electrical components manufacturer Thomas liberals and highpromoted toconservatives, for his A number ofsergeant shape initiative’s agenda. American society—not just compensation that can make continued use for agriculture 4. problem Who was the ntal Protection improvement centers orPortland talk to its A for mostlast homeowners is that the electrical boxes on exterior Republicans and Democrats, the Great War, and he home was protections. Public feedback continues to partners from every of and the property owner receives the agricultural land is sector preserved Rose Bowl? You can find these boxes at eof as well as least expensive: sealed electrical wall boxes. them they know how wewon view was the most decorated dog taxpayers who depend on its theOne development of Great Outdoors unique is that future uses and eliminates future potential. Asone a result, Stanford’s team a subdivision built homes as well as programs. new ones. nts of of Interior thefootball more effective ener gy-saving components is also of the before 2012 season that read polls and once a makes German spy. He yet forcaught Proposition 13convinces and the streamed incan and were crucial to theirand Part of what America’s outlets, and bethis put in alreadyplacing athe perpetual easement on agricultural propertyinsulation. that limits boration among a solar water heater, photovoltaic panels closed spray-foam 3.lives When was the last time for ceiling boxes and multigang Just askon them. After all, they and soldiers the field, and he even year may the most dangerous sessions” held coast to coast ofbe others around them. the County compensates willing agricultural owners for TNAH 2014 uses green building constructionproperty technology, including Memorandum Johan Santana or Frank Viola? Theimprove design is also available what Americans are thinking. was known for locating wounded Proposition 13, and this coming spoken ones from “listening and their own lives and General Plan Update Implementation Plan. Under the PACE program, Suppliers Council. ericans to the Twins: Bert Blyleven, Jim Perry, foot house. capitols are certain they know attacks, saving his regiment. HeAssociation would be the year to examine comments and many more of what they are The PACE program was initiated Aug. 3, a partLeading of the (TNAH), created byaccomplishing the National of 2011 Homeas Builders or spaces and seasons for the Minnesota installation time for a 2,200-squareclass in Washington and our state occasion he sniffed out surprise home designed showcase energy Steinberg announced that 2014 efficiency, The New American Home outdoors. Some written to serve their country, feel proud efforts toto 105,000

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pitchers hadatabout more 20-win builder can save fiof vethan hours of technology that can be seen in a model Here’s a look the The members of the political in 17 battles. Onsome more one Last year Senate leader Darrell conservation and access tolatest the transitioning back to civilian life (PACE) Program innovative 2. Which of roof. the following seal the boxes after installation, the 9spport 0240 that go through the by Jon Coupal people think. for 18 months and saw action miscalculation. mattered most them regarding or not in school—and veterans Needs Initiative toto other six. By eliminating the need tohome caulkcomfortable or (NAPS)—Keeping doesn’t have to mean costs Conservation and Window Covering they don’t understand real Stubby overseas be to similar everyday Americans asahow toof what * served *make * your whom are currently unemployed Underestimates You nc. ers inabout training. On particular soldier, Easement Cpl. Robert gboard. the America’s ona than walks. Name three the construction costs. See usfeedback forpoliticians all your Floor a major miscalculation because shipped out, he hid the dog on this the may solicited from —and Proverb young Americans—6.7 million of career steals, more steals found wandering around Yale Field in New Haven, Devices morandum in April in theweek, summer. ItJapanese can also reduce Street Features Purchase of Agricultural The Political Class politicians may on the verge of behind; Conroy was Legislature returns to work strategies, initiative leaders Action without vision isEnergy-Saving aand nightmare. opportunities for thousands of its player to when have 600 oracquired more heating costs in winter cooling War I,signed the United States first "war dog." ama abe reconvenes this week and the dog and refused to leave Stubby In Sacramento, where thec learning. Before pursuing any specifi Vision without action is awill daydream. strong “CCC 2.0” that provide in 2013, became the seventh getting into the house. This saves fluent in 32 languages -and still Supervisors Home Of Approve The Future Extending California 1. may The The California Marlins’ Juan Legislature Pierre, Conroy, became to from the Conditioning Furnace/Air they have miscalculated. Great Outdoors. *prevent *Commentary * close on 14 envisions a 100,000 person entry points to Answers airflpage ow

nslator the European Parliament is named Ioannis Newfor York, NY Doug St. James,

consumes 20 percent of the body's calories and human atthe does it hopebrain to makes up only 2 percent of the ability to stomach it." eat Outdoors ollowing sage observation: "Truth does not change administration’s American alk: Whatwriter is and essayist Flannery O'Connor


The Julian News 13

The California Legislature reconvenes this week and the politicians may be on the verge of a major miscalculation because they don’t understand how real people think. The members of the political class in Washington and our state capitols are certain they know what Americans are thinking. Just ask them. After all, they read polls and this convinces them they know how we view Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, highprofile politicians and policy issues like “sequestration.” What they don’t understand is that most folks don’t spend much time thinking about any of these issues or politicians. The politicians might be surprised to learn that “quantitative easing” is not a popular topic of dinner table conversation. What real people care about is the welfare of their families, their jobs and their homes -- most folks spend a lot more time thinking about their favorite sports teams than they do about politics. Politics becomes important when it impacts their families, jobs or homes. When it gets personal, they start paying close attention. Look at Obamacare. When it was approved by Congress three years ago, for most people it was theoretical and it was not clear how it would affect them. After all, even then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi famously admitted that members of Congress did not know what was in it. So it makes sense that average people refused to put a lot of time into thinking about something that even the powerful in government did not understand. Now that the health care plan has been rolled out with the result that over 6 million Americans have lost their health insurance, and it has been revealed that the president’s assurance that those who liked their current policy and doctor could keep them, was disingenuous at best, real people are seeing a real threat to their families. The public outrage meter is so high that it is in danger of bursting. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has warned this puts his party’s future control of the Senate in jeopardy and other members of the Washington, D.C. political class are admitting they may have miscalculated.

In Sacramento, where the Legislature returns to work this week, the politicians may be about to make a similar miscalculation. Last year Senate leader Darrell Steinberg announced that 2014 would be the year to examine Proposition 13, and this coming year may be the most dangerous yet for Proposition 13 and the taxpayers who depend on its protections. A number of anti-Proposition 13 bills are currently active in the Legislature. Especially threatening to homeowners is legislation that would make it easier to increase “per parcel taxes.” Parcel taxes are taxes on property, which under Proposition 13, require a two-thirds vote. The politicians want to lower the vote requirement, which could cost homeowners billions of dollars. It is possible that a half dozen anti-Proposition 13 bills will be rushed through at the end of the legislative session this summer and these constitutional amendments placed on the November 2014 ballot. It takes only a majority of voters to approve an amendment to the constitution and, while Proposition 13 remains extremely popular with the general public, millions of dollars will be spent by backers of higher taxes to portray these changes as increasing “local control” or as enabling “investment in the community.” However, proponents of dismantling Proposition 13 underestimate what will be the reaction when real people learn that their homes, jobs and families will be negatively impacted by the destruction of these taxpayer protections. It might best be summed up by the quote attributed to Isoroku Yamamoto, the commander of the Japanese forces that attacked Pearl Harbor: I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. Those who are not members of the political class, and want to understand more about these threats to Proposition 13, are invited to visit


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Jon Coupal is president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association -- California's largest grass-roots taxpayer organization dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers' rights.

*** A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar. — Mark Twain ***

The Pitcairn Islands have the world's shortest highway system, with just over three miles of road.

*** Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. — Japanese Proverb ***

• It was noted American writer and essayist Flannery O'Connor who made the following sage observation: "Truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it." • Even though the human brain makes up only 2 percent of the body's mass, it consumes 20 percent of the body's calories and oxygen. • The chief translator for the European Parliament is named Ioannis Ikonomou. He is fluent in 32 languages -- and still learning. • During World War I, the United States acquired its first "war dog." The pit bull was found wandering around Yale Field in New Haven, Conn., by soldiers in training. On particular soldier, Cpl. Robert Conroy, became close to the dog and refused to leave Stubby behind; when Conroy was shipped out, he hid the dog on board. Stubby served overseas for 18 months and saw action in 17 battles. On more than one occasion he sniffed out surprise attacks, saving his regiment. He was known for locating wounded soldiers on the field, and he even once caught a German spy. He was the most decorated dog of the Great War, and he was promoted to sergeant for his combat service -- the only dog to be so honored. After the war, Sgt. Stubby was hailed as a hero; he led parades and met three presidents. He even has his very own brick at the World War I Memorial. It reads, "Sergeant Stubby, Hero Dog of WWI, a Brave Stray." • Those who study such things say that couples in a romantic relationship actually have heart rates that are in sync with each other. • If you're like the average American, you drink 23 gallons of coffee every year, but only 9 gallons of tea. *** Thought for the Day: "Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing." -- Wernher Von Braun

© 2014 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

14 The Julian News

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canned. Dried black-eyed peas are usually the best bargain; however, using rinsed and drained canned peas or frozen and thawed black-eyed peas in a recipe also are a good deal. Dip into these recipes for Texas Black-Eye Pea “Caviar” and Cheesy Black-Eye Peas. It’s a great way to start off your New Year! TEXAS BLACK-EYE PEA “CAVIAR” 3/4 cup vegetable or olive oil 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 1 can (15-ounce) black eye peas, drained 2 (15-ounces) cans black-eye peas with chopped jalapeno peppers, drained 1 large purple onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, finely minced 1 green bell pepper, seeds and ribs removed, chopped 1 red bell pepper, seeds and ribs removed, chopped 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 tablespoon poultry seasoning or Italian seasoning 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/2 teaspoon sugar (optional) In a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients together until wellcombined. Cover tightly and refrigerate overnight to allow flavors to mingle. Taste; if the mixture is too tart, stir in the sugar. Stir before serving with tortilla or pita chips, or crackers. The dip will keep up to two weeks in the refrigerator. Serves 8 to 10. CHEESY BLACK-EYE PEA DIP 1 tablespoon olive oil or canola oil 1 tablespoon butter 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning or poultry seasoning 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 clove garlic, finely minced 1 1/2 cups (12-ounces) shredded sharp Cheddar cheese 1/2 teaspoon mustard (yellow, stone ground, etc.)

January 15, 2014 2 cans (15-ounces each) black-eyed peas, drained and rinsed; 4 cups frozen and thawed; or 4 cups cooked and drained 1 jalapeno pepper, seeds removed, finely chopped 1 can (4-ounces) chopped green chilies 1. In a medium saucepan over medium-low heat, add oil and melt butter. Add chopped onion, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper, and saute until golden in color. Add garlic and cook for 30 seconds longer. 2. Turn heat to low and add cheese and mustard, stirring until melted. Add the black-eyed peas, chopped jalapeno and green chiles. Cook 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Serve hot in slow cooker or chafing dish. Serves 8. ***

Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children's author, culinary historian and author of seven cookbooks. Her new cookbook is "The Kitchen Diva's Diabetic Cookbook." Her website is To see howto videos, recipes and much, much more, Like Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva!, on Facebook and go to Recipes may not be reprinted without permission from Angela Shelf Medearis. © 2013 King Features Synd., Inc. , and Angela Shelf Medearis

Brother™ ScanNCut Machine Brings Crafters Virtually Endless Creative Possibilities (NAPSI)—Crafters and hobbyists are raving about the new ScanNCut machine from Brother International Corporation—the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine with the amazing versatility of a 300 DPI built-in scanner. Watch your scanned images, photos and even hand-drawn sketches come alive as the ScanNCut turns them into unique cutting designs without the need or expense of a computer, software or pricey cartridges. For Crafters Appealing to crafters and hobbyists, the Brother ScanNCut is perfect for anyone who has a passion for creating stunning, one-of-a-kind crafts and projects with ease and precision. DIY crafters love that it’s lightweight and say it’s perfect for any household crafting need. Scrapbookers and paper crafters are excited that they are no longer limited to design cartridges. The versatility of cutting virtually any material has multimedia artists

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Some luge athletes say they experience g-forces—or the pull of gravity—in some curves on a luge track comparable to what jet fighter pilots experience.

Sports Quiz Answers

1. Lou Brock, Bert Campaneris, Vince Coleman, Arlie Latham, Otis Nixon and Willie Wilson. 2. Jim Perry, who did it twice. All the others did it once for the Twins. 3. It was the 1971 season. 4. Clyde Drexler, in the 199192 season. 5. Nineteen. 6. Bernard Lagat. 7. Eleven others. © 2014 King Features Syndicate, Inc.


7. HISTORY: Who was the first postmaster general appointed by America’s Continental Congress? 8. MOVIES: Which two comedians starred as friends in the movie “Stripes”? 9. MEDICINE: What is trepanning? 10. SCIENCE: How fast do hummingbirds’ wings move?


1. Frederic Bartholdi 2. A lodge 3. Yankee 4. Zloty 5. Canada 6. Wo Fat 7. Benjamin Franklin 8. Bill Murray and Harold Ramis 9. Cutting a hole in the skull to relieve pressure 10. Their wings flap between 12 and 80 times a second.



San Diego Intergroup of Gamblers Anonymous Toll-Free Hot Line (866) 239-2911


Worship Service: 10:00 a.m.

FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS Older Essick towable one sack mixer. Recently serviced Wisconsin engine 2/5 760.550-3733

Childcare – Birth Through 5th Grade



Connecting People With God And Each Other . . . Changing Lives


4 to 7 foot Spruce and Pines Are Here Ready For Planting OPEN: 9am - 5pm Wednesday - Sunday


MEETINGS CoDA - Co-Dependants Anonymous: Saturdays in Ramona, 323 Hunter Street (corner of Main & Hunter) 5 - 6pm


AA Meetings Monday - 7 pm

Hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm daily

St. Elizabeths Of Hungary


Catholic Church

Tuesday - 7 pm Tuesday - 7 pm Sisters in Recovery

(open to all female 12 step members)

St. Elizabeths Of Hungary Catholic Church

Wednesday - 6 pm

San Jose Valley Continuation School

(across street from Warner Unified School)

Thursday - 8 pm

Community United Methodist Church Hwy 78/79 @ Pine Hills Road

Friday - 7 pm

“Friday Night Survivors”

St. Elizabeths Of Hungary Catholic Church

Saturday - 8 pm

Patti Rosandich, Director

*** Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof. — John Kenneth Galbraith ***

*** Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. — Mahatma Gandhi ***

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*** Recipes featuring nutrient-dense 100% juice can sweeten any gathering. Along with incredible flavor, fruit juice provides vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds called phytonutrients. For delicious, juicy recipes, go to www.fruit ***

Julian Library Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

closed 9:00 - 8 9:00 - 6 9:00 - 6 9:00 - 5 9:00 - 5 closed

Santa Ysabel Mission

Friends of the Library


Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5 pm


1850 Highway 78 765 - 0370

760 765 1090 6:30 - 8:30

*** Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own set of laws. — Douglas Adams ***


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In Descanso

Santa Ysabel Mission (Open Big Book Study)

with the built-in scanner. • Cut It—Select what you want to cut-paper, fabric, acetate— press a button, then cut it perfectly. • Create It—Showcase your beautifully cut designs throughout your favorite projects. Crafters Asked For It “We call the ScanNCut machine ‘the best thing to happen to cutting since the scissors’ because it is the answer to what so many scrapbookers and crafters have been asking for. Through years of research and listening, we learned crafters want a cutting machine that can keep up with their limitless

© 2014 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Placing a Classified Advertisement: To order a classified ad by mail, please send your advertisement with a check or Money Order to Julian News PO Box 639 Julian, CA 92036. Phone Orders are accepted Wednesday, Thursday 9 am to 5 pm, Friday 9 am to 12 noon. Visa & Master Card are accepted. Ads must be paid for at time of placement and will appear in the next issue. NO refunds for Classified Ads. Office phone - 760 765 2231.


bursting at their creative seams as they discover the ScanNCut can be used on almost any project—and sewers and quilters couldn’t be more thrilled with the ease of cutting fabric, drawing sewing guidelines and creating custom quilt blocks, dozens at a time, without wasting costly materials. Groundbreaking Technology With groundbreaking technology at their fingertips, crafters and hobbyists now have the ability to scan virtually anything with the ScanNCut 300 DPI built-in scanner and save it to the machine’s memory for future use, or they can save it to their memory stick through the ScanNCut memory stick port. With a scanning area almost 12 inches wide and over 840 built-in designs, including quilt patterns, the possibilities of creating your most far-reaching designs are closer than ever before. Designs Come Alive Before Your Eyes The new Brother ScanNCut allows consumers to create designs as unique as themselves. All they have to do is: • See It—Have a favorite photo? See one in a magazine, online or in your mind? Then pull it out, print it or sketch it. • Scan It—Scan in those photos, printouts or sketches

creativity, without being bound to built-in designs and expensive cartridges or software,” said Dean F. Shulman, Senior Vice President of Brother International Corporation. Shulman added that the ScanNCut machine is a natural progression in the company’s ongoing commitment to empower individual creativity. The Brother ScanNCut is available in two models—the CM100DM and the CM550DX— and makes the perfect gift for: • Crafters • Multi-Media Artists • Sewers • Quilters • Paper Crafters and more.... Both machines include a variety of accessories that crafters and home hobbyists will find indispensable for all their projects. Accessories may vary by model. To learn more, visit www.

Book Store Hours



In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Labor Policy, The Julian News will not publish, any advertisement for employment that discriminates on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. The Julian News encourages equal opportunity employment in the work place.

SINGLE FATHER W/2 KIDS (ages 13 and 11) Looking for home or flat to rent in Julian area. 20+ year resident w/ names for employment and verification available upon request. $300 to $400 per month. Will work on property upkeep or care-taking if possible, also. Please call 760-765-3173. Leave message or ask for Jim. Also 760-765-2655 1/29 (Candied Apple) ask for Jim.

PART-TIME CUSTODIAN/ GROUNDSKEEPER Average 5 hrs/wk. $15/hr. Community United Methodist Church of Julian 2/5 Contact: Pam Churness 619-972-7113



WYNOLA PIZZA is interviewing for PT/FT office assistant with duties that could include restaurant cashier/server if a full time position 2/5 is desired. Please apply in person. FREE ROOM and use of home in exchange for light housekeeping assistance. And, (second) Free room in exchange for assistance with property maintenace. Call (760)765-0795. 2/5

FOR SALE BY OWNER 22 ACRE PRIME PARCEL with 1200sf older home and outbuildings. Exceptional property for family compound or horse property. Seasonal stream and ponds. Long time locals agree that it is a property without equal. $1.375M For Sale by Owner. 1/29 760 550 3733.

All advertisements for the sale or rental of dwelling units published in the Julian News are subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin or any intention to make such preference limitations or discrimination, in the sale, rental, or financing of housing. State laws forbid discrimination based on factors in addition to those protected under federal law. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby served notice that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

LONG TERM CLASSIFIED’S 4 weeks = $27.00 13 weeks = $75.00 26 weeks = $150.00 52 weeks = $300.00

Julian News 760 765 2231 boxed ads + $5.00

CALFIRE Arson Hotline

1•800•468 4408

How To Report Fires

If a fire or other emergency happens to you, do you know how to report it? CAL FIRE advises you to have emergency phone numbers at each telephone. When you report an emergency, speak slowly and clearly to the dispatcher. Give the type of emergency, the address, nearest cross street and the telephone from which you are calling.

Be Fire Safe, Not Sorry!

January 15, 2014

The Julian News 15


Dennis Frieden

Jane Brown-Darché

Debbie Fetterman




Owner/Broker CA 00388486

Broker/Associate CA 01011107

3027 Dolores Dr. Don’t miss this one! 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1856 sq. ft. Kentwood home on 0.28 Acre. Level usable lot with large pine and oak trees. Family room with vaulted ceiling, spacious living room with bay window and pellet stove. Large master bedroom. Two extra rooms downstairs. 2-car detached garage.


4062 Ritchie Road Lovely country home in Wynola with 4 Bedrooms, and 2 1/2 Baths on 2.31 Acres. Some of the amenities include a 900 sq. ft. metal workshop, seasonal creek, awesome rock outcroppings, solar system and new maple countertops. A Great Family Home!



Realtor CA 01869678

Julian Auto Body and Paint

Successful Julian Business – Fully set up collision and repair shop providing service for major collisions to minor dings and dents. Leased facility boasts approx. 1890 sq. ft. of 3 enclosable work bays with 18 ft. doors, 540 sq. ft. paint spray shop and approx. 300 sq. ft. of office space. Furniture and Equipment can be negotiated separately

3212 Blue Jay Lovely Pine Hills home with stunning mountain views, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2402 sq. ft., on 2.44 wooded acres. Many custom features both inside and out. Two-car detached garage, fenced area for garden and large area fenced for pets. Several patio areas and built in fire pit.


New Price - $69,000

3258 Pine Hills Rd. Large 51.75 acre ranch in Pine Hills with mature oaks, apple trees and year-round spring. Historic 1940’s home with gazebo and newer 4 stall barn with bunk room, tack room and bath. Private, secluded property with potential as working ranch, orchard or vineyard.


4248 Pine Hills Rd. Spectacular Views from this Beautiful Custom Home built and designed by internationally known architect Wallace E. Cunningham. The home has 2 Bedrooms and 2 Baths, a recently built custom “Arched” garage and a guest house on 4.21 acres of mature trees in Pine Hills.

3242 Black Oak Lane Custom built Pine Hills home with incredible views and privacy on 8.28 usable acres. Home has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with picture windows, rock fireplace and vaulted ceilings in the living room. Extra 22' x 20' finished room downstairs and an attached 2-car garage.





2609 “D” Street Turnkey Bed & Breakfast one block above Main Street with pool, spa, BBQ, and much more. Option 2 – Includes the adjacent two bedroom, 1734 sq. ft. home. A Great Julian Opportunity! Call for New Purchasing Options New Price of

782 Incense Cedar Rd. E Awesome Julian Estates Home amid the cedar trees. 3 Bedrooms and 3 Baths, 2,940 sq. ft. on 5 forested acres. Knotty pine vaulted ceiling in large great room, Master Suite with private deck, level yard with horse arena and outbuildings. A Lovely Family Home!

4499 Toyon Mountain Rd. Exquisite Julian Estates Home on 5.05 acres. 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, and a gourmet kitchen in 3,130 sq. ft. with Beech wood floors, vaulted ceiling in spacious living room, indoor sauna, 5 car garage with workshop.


3153 Williams Ranch Road - Wynola Area High Yield Well, Septic Layout


Available Land


• Julian • Santa Ysabel • Shelter Valley • Acres

39.2 10.65 8.19 6.09 4.12 2.91 2.71 2.52


Engineers Rd. 16515 Iron Springs Rd. Black Oak Lane 2748 Highway 79 Miners Court Mountain Meadow Rd. 5665 Grandview Way Mountainbrook Rd, Lot No. 76

Price Acres

$409,900 $185,000 $275,000 $ 99,900 $185,000 $ 69,000 $124,000 $145,000


2.10 2.4 0.91 0.66 0.57 0.49 0.47 0.2


7141 Sandy Creek Birdsell Lane Chateau Drive Cedar Drive Detrick Way Cedar Drive Papago Trail 34663 Pima Trail


$ 69,000 $110,000 $ 60,000 $ 49,000 $ 85,000 $ 49,000 $ 49,000 $49,000


775 Incense Cedar Rd. E Remarkable Julian Estates custom designed home on 4.33 acres. Large windows, wood floors, skylights, gourmet kitchen, French doors, plus much, much more.



16 The Julian News



The Julian News is authorized to print official legal notices of all

types including: Liens, Fictitious Business Names, Change of Name, Abandonment, Estate Sales, Auctions, Public Offerings, Court ordered publishing, etc. Please call The Julian News at (760) 765 2231 for our competitive rates. The Julian News is a legally adjudicated newspaper of General Circulation in the State of California, County of San Diego on February 9, 1987. Case No. 577843


Renewal filing of Fictitious Business Name Statements (your DBA) is now required by the County of San Diego every five (5) years. If your business name was originally filed or renewed prior to January 1, 2009; you need to re-file. If you have not renewed since that date call The Julian News office, (760) 765-2231. We can provide this essential legal service at a very reasonable rate. County forms are available at our offices - we can complete the re-filing for you without your having to take a trip to the city. Failure to re-file could result in the loss of the exclusive rights to your business name. You may use the Julian News or any other publication that is authorized to publish Fictitious Business Name Statements and Legal Notices. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME

Case Number: 37-2013-00080075-CU-PT-NC


Case Number: 37-2013-00078207-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: QUOC DUNG MINH NGO and LISA HONGTHAM DUONG FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: QUOC DUNG MINH NGO and LISA HONGTHAM DUONG on behalf of HUYEN DUONG MINH NGO, a minor HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: HUYEN DUONG MINH NGO, a minor TO: NATALEE HUYENDUONG NGO IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 52 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on JANUARY 17, 2014 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON December 4, 2013.


Case Number: 37-2013-00080172-CU-PT-NC

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: JACQUELINE TORREZ FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: JACQUELINE TORREZ on behalf of MÓYLA ANN AMBLER TORREZ, a minor HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: MÓYLA ANN AMBLER TORREZ, a minor TO: MÓYLA ANN AMBLER, a minor IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 26 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (325 S. Melrose Dr., Vista, CA 92081) on FEBRUARY 4, 2014 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON December 17, 2013. LEGAL: 06458 Publish: January 1, 8,15, 22, 2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2013-034747 a) MR SAN DIEGO LEATHER b) MR SAN DIEGO LEATHER CONTEST 6459 Celia Vista Dr., San Diego, CA 92115 The business is conducted by Co-Partners Bryan Teague, 6459 Celia Vista Dr., San Diego, CA 92115, and Ann T. Romano, 2348 Shamrock St., San Diego, CA 92105. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON December 16, 2013.

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Romantic aspects are high at this time for single Lambs looking for love. Warm and fuzzy feelings also are at enhanced levels for Rams and Ewes in paired relationships. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) This week favors what Taureans dote on -- namely, love and money. Look for more meaningful relationships for both singles and pairs, as well as an improved financial outlook. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) All lingering shreds of that recent bout with boredom are dissipated as you eagerly accept a challenging offer. Your positive mood persuades others to join you in this venture. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You might need validation for a possible solution to a situation involving someone close to you. Consider asking a trusted friend or relative to help you with this problem. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Investigate carefully before agreeing to assist a friend or colleague with a personal problem. There might be hidden factors that could emerge later that will create problems for you. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Your decision to work with an associate rather than go it alone, as you first proposed, brings an unexpected bonus. Be careful not to be judgmental. Allow for free and open discussion. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A loved one's health problem could, once again, make demands on your time and attention. But this time, make

some demands of your own, and insist that others pitch in and help. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) This is a good time for the traditionally staid Scorpion to plan adjustments in your day-to-day schedules. Be more flexible and allow for more impromptu, off-the-cuff actions. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Avoid creating unnecessary fuss over a situation you don't approve of. If it's going to work, it will do so despite your objections. If it fails, it will do so without a push from you. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Working with a trusted colleague could open your mind to exploring some considerations you previously dismissed out of hand. The weekend brings news from a loved one. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Resolving a recent problem leaves you in a good position to strengthen your influence on how things get done. But continue to encourage ideas and suggestions from others. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) A new friend suggests an interesting opportunity. But check it out before you snap at it. It might be a good deal for some people, but it might not work in helping you reach your goals. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a way of helping people solve their problems, making you a mostrespected counselor and trusted friend.

Case Number: 37-2013-00080380-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: YEKATERINA VLADIMIROVNA VVEDENSKAYA FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: YEKATERINA VLADIMIROVNA VVEDENSKAYA HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: YEKATERINA VLADIMIROVNA VVEDENSKAYA TO: YEKATERINA VLADIMIROVNA ZHURAVLEVA IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 52 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on FEBRUARY 7, 2014 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON December 18, 2013. LEGAL: 06455 Publish: December 25, 2013 and January 1, 8, 15, 2014




Get our everyday low tire pricing plus up to $100 instant savings when you purchase a set of 4 tires with alignment / tire protection policy and nitrogen. Plus any manufacturer rebates. No other discounts apply. NO COUPON REQUIRED EXPIRES 1/31/2014.

CUSTOMER Most Tires Installed In SERVICE IS OUR 30 Minutes # or Less


LEGAL: 06462 Publish: January 8, 15, 22, 29, 2014


Case Number: 37-2014-00081889-CU-PT-CTL

IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF: VEENA PARAG PARKHI FOR CHANGE OF NAME PETITIONER: VEENA PARAG PARKHI HAS FILED A PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO CHANGE NAMES FROM: VEENA PARAG PARKHI TO: VEENA KHASBARDAR IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on FEBRUARY 14, 2014 at 9:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON January 2, 2014. LEGAL: 06463 Publish: January 8, 15, 22, 29, 2014





Automotive Marketplace Collision Repair - Body Shop

Bring Your Insurance Claims To Us!

Collision Repair

Custom Paint & Graphics Free Estimates

3582 Hwy 78 at Newman Way Hugo Silva • fax 760 765 2797


Tires/Trailer/Auto / Truck Repair

2560 MAIN STREET Ramona

Mon-Fri: 8 - 6 Sat: 8 - 4




$ .00 Trailer Special wheel bearing Wild OFF $ .95 ••• Re-pack Check brakes Any Service Over 150 Grease extra seals Card • Easy Drive-Thru access Coupon! • Call for Appointment $ .00 OFF Any Brake Service with your All Regular Priced $

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Most Vehicles. Must present coupon.

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Full Service Automotive Repair

Complete Automotive Repair & Service R•A•E is Ramona’s recommended & endorsed AAA automotive repair facility. We specialize in Customer Satisfaction

415 9th Street, Ramona

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• All Makes & Models • 30, 60, & 90K Service • Computer Diagnostics • Air Conditioning Services • Smog Checks • Alignments • New Tires & Wheels • Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm Saturday 9am - 3:30pm •

Towing Service


Case Number: 37-2013-00078168-CU-PT-CTL

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2014-000077 CALIFORNIA CUSTOM CHANNEL 8176 Center Street, La Mesa, CA 91942 The business is conducted by An Individual Timithoy J. Pentaleri, 3313 Herman Ave., San Diego, CA 92104. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON January 2, 2014.


Monday – Friday 8am — 6pm Saturday 8am — 5pm Sunday 9am — 4pm

Free Shuttle VIP Program

LEGAL: 06461 Publish: January 8, 15, 22, 29, 2014


Open 7 Days A Week

© 2014 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

LEGAL: 06459 Publish: January 1, 8, 15,22, 2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2013-035730 a) ELYSIUM HANDYMAN SERVICES b) E.H.S. 4225 Trieste Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92010 The business is conducted by An Individual Korey Gresowski, 4225 Trieste Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92010. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/ COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON December 27, 2013.

[K-Mart Parking Lot]

LEGAL: 06454 Publish: December 25, 2013 and January 1, 8, 15, 2014


1811 Main Street

. St


LEGAL: 06457 Publish: December 25, 2013 and January 1, 8, 15, 2014

R AN C H C AF E Presents 2116 Main Street 765 2167 For a rope’n good meal • Patio and Inside Tables • To Go Orders


LEGAL: 06453 Publish: December 25, 2013 and January 1, 8,15, 2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2013-034262 THE MOUNTAIN GYPSY 2007 Main Street, Julian, CA 92036 (Mailing Address: PO Box 141, Julian, CA 92036) The business is conducted by A Limited Liability Company - Elisabeth A. Snider-Rodriquez, LLC, 3813 Chateau Drive, Julian, CA 92036-0758. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON December 10, 2013.


on m Ra

IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 26 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (325 S. Melrose Dr., Vista, CA 92081) on FEBRUARY 4, 2014 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON December 17, 2013.

Wednesday - January 15, 2014

Volume 29 - Issue 23


Case Number: 37-2014-00082545-CU-PT-CTL





IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on JANUARY 24, 2014 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON December 4, 2013. LEGAL: 06440c Publish: December 25, 2013 and January 1, 8, 15, 2013

IT IS ORDERED that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court in Department 46 of the San Diego County Superior Court at the address shown (220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) on FEBRUARY 28, 2014 at 8:30 a.m., and show cause, if any, why the petition for a change of name should not be granted. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE be published in the Julian News, a newspaper of general circulation published in this county, at least once a week for four successive weeks prior to the day of the hearing. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COURT CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT ON January 8, 2014. LEGAL: 06465 Publish: January 15, 22, 29, and February 5, 2014




JESS MARTIN PARK ADVISORY COMMITTEE Regular Meeting: TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 2014 7:00 p.m. Julian High School, Room 4, 1656 Hwy 78, Julian, CA 92036 The Jess Martin Park Advisory Committee (JMPAC) is a voluntary organization that provides community input to the San Diego County Department of Parks and Recreation regarding the maintenance and operations of Jess Martin Park (Landscape Maintenance District Zone No. 2 - Julian). The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. The agenda will be posted on the message board at the Julian Post Office 72 hours prior to each meeting date. Board Members: Dennis Cantor - Chair; Becky Hatch - Secretary; Art Cole, Tom Skibinski, Les Turner, Juli Zerbe. Legal: 06467 Publish: January 15, 2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2013-035037 a) JULIAN HOG HEAVEN b) HOG HEAVEN 2016 Main Street, Julian, CA 92036-1390 (Mailing Address: PO Box 1390, Julian, CA 92036) The business is conducted by A Limited Liability Company - NEPCO, LLC, 2356 C Street, Julian, CA 92036-1390. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON December 19, 2013.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2013-035436 a) DAVID T FARLEY-BACK COUNTRY ELECTRIC b) BACK COUNTRY ELECTRIC c) BORREGO’S LOCAL ELECTRICIAN 3037 Borrego Valley Rd., Borrego Springs, CA 92004 (Mailing Address: PO Box 2498, Borrego Springs, CA 92004-2498) The business is conducted by An Individual - David T. Farley, 3037 Borrego Valley Rd. Suite 2498, Borrego Springs, CA 92004. THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH ERNEST J. DRONENBURG JR., RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON December 24, 2013.

LEGAL: 06464 Publish: January 15, 22, 29 and February 5, 2014

LEGAL: 06466 Publish: January 15, 22, 29 and February 5, 2014

Fictitious Business Names Published for only $30 Name Change - $45 We send a proof of publication to the County with a copy mailed to you, for your records.

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