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SUB ROSA The membersonly club for private aesthetics in Manhattan



The GOLD CUP Edition ABSTRACT ART from Cecile Brunswick & Michael Ian


Horse photography by LISA CROSBY Get the best PRODUCTS IN TOWN

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The history of OLD SALEM FARM

Detail, Crossing Arrows (Black), 2016. Limited edition screen print. Gold leaf paper, ink. 22" X 40".

alchemy collecti on

An Exploration of Pattern, Color & Luminosity l I m I T e D e D I T I O N a RT P R I N TS


l I S a h U N Tc R e aT I V e . c O m


B R O O K ly N , N y


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Editor’s Column EDITOR & PUBLISHER Rebeca Herrero CREATIVE DIRECTOR Julia Humfress GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Manuel Cartagena 2 Folk Studio BEAUTY EDITOR Pia Norris EDITOR-AT-LARGE Lori Zelenko GUEST EDITOR Alexander Zilo ART CURATOR Antony C. Dodds ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Christian Renait PHOTOGRAPHY New York Miguel Rajmil Meg Stacker Palm Beach Christopher Fay Miami Raul Amado Amada Egan Aaron Bristol Mitch Herring Jim Derks


hen I first went to Old Salem farm, I was taken aback by the grandeur of the main stable that once belonged to Paul Newman. Majestic, it sits atop a hill, overlooking the show rings where thousands of equestrian competitions have taken place over the past few decades. Indeed, Old Salem Farm (located in North Salem, New York) is one of those treasures that all New Yorkers should cherish, protect and enjoy especially now that summer is upon us. For this issue, we have partnered with some of the finest brands in the country to bring you the first Art Bodega luxury suite during the Spring Grand Prix at Old Salem Farm. Thanks to the kindness of the organizers at Old Salem Farm and Stadium Jumping we are able to invite you to enjoy this exceptional luxury experience where you can view and buy fine art from renowned artists while you shop for remarkable gifts and home décor during the two-week long Spring Horse Shows where beautiful women like Georgina Bloomberg, Jessica Springsteen and Mary Kate Olsen compete. Our luxury suite will be located on the second floor of the Main Building, come visit with us and sip a cocktail as you shop.

Also I’m pictured here with one of the best realtors in Wellington, Florida, Matthew Johnson. His extraordinary listing in Wellington is available for private viewings. This farm is a beautiful and stately house located south of Lake Worth (for more information go to www.mattsells.com). Featuring impressive architecture and an infinity pool not to mention great outdoor facilities, the property offers a priceless opportunity to bring family and friends together. We will be announcing many more events in South Florida, as well as our next highly anticipated Old Salem event coming up in September for the Gold Cup sponsored by Longines. Because Life is Art!

Rebeca Herrero

CONTRIBUTORS Miguel Sarmiento Candida Portugues

COCKTAIL CAVIAR adds a bright burst of flavor to summer cocktails. For more information go to www.cocktailcaviar.com


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Engel & Volkers Realtor Matt Johnson and Rebeca Herrero at the VIP tent during the Longines Wellington Masters where we featured the Jacobs family for our February 2016 cover.

OVERSIZED BLOSSOMS BY ARTIST BENJAMIN LANGFORD Benjamin Langford has designed his oversized flowers, bountiful blooms of brilliant color and luscious form, to hang precariously from the wall.  He allows the weight of gravity to slowly soften the edges of his oversized blossoms — as if wilting. As Ben so beautifully and poetically explains, “Their glistening surfaces — almost hallucinogenic in their sense of detail, clarity and scale — hover on the wall, seemingly caught between floating away and falling to the ground.”  For more about these evocative flowers, visit www.benjaminrlangford.com

VERY LOVELY SOLES CHIC BALLERINA FLATS Very Lovely Soles are very lovely indeed! These pretty ballerina flats are perfect to wear all day long, no footwear changes required. Beautifully crafted, these lovely soles exude the sophistication that works for the workplace and are the epitome of comfort, ready to cradle your busy tired feet throughout the day. Each lovely flat has layers of hidden, formfitting support, and is delicately marked with a tiny hummingbird logo.   Visit www.verylovelysoles. com to see the latest collections.

SIT. STAY. FOREVER is a “Safety-First” manufacturer of toys and beds made for our beloved pets.


The Liv Ballard Collection  is a high-end, handmade, jewelry line (handcrafted in Rome) with the highest quality of gold and stones. The collection recently launched exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue locations throughout the country, including Beverly Hills, New York, Naples, and San Antonio.


Where to shop, what is new and the latest luxury events in the country These trendy bikinis are designed by Brazilian powerhouse Maria Ana Moura in Brooklyn, New York. To get your new swimming suit or bikini go to www.themamazoo.com

Here is a luxury table set designed by Baccarat for Manhattan Magazine during the DIFFA Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS and their annual Cocktails by Design to raise funds towards HIV prevention at the Architectural Digest Design Show located at Pier 92 in Manhattan, New York.

Whitney Port attends a luncheon by handbag designer Ana Mari Ortega. For more information on the new brand collection go to: www.anamariortega.com


Cesare Barro

J E W E L RY C O L L E C T I O N In a world obsessed with technology, machines and electronic networks, Cesare Barro has made it his mission to immortalise old traditions lost. He has spent many of his years travelling or planet discovering materials, philosophies and ideas for inspiration. For 13 years Cesare lived on the Greek island of Tinos, where he helped in the restoration of a community filled with the essence of the ancient philosophers and with the traditions of an older time. The influence of these beliefs and traditions is visibly seen in Cesare’s paintings and sculptures and most vividly in his jewelry designs his work revolves around a spirituality that forsakes the modern chaos of today’s world. Immersed in the ideas of numerology, and the therapeutic powers of natural materials, Cesare has focused his energies on jewelry design. Cesare’s unique pieces incorporate precious and semi-precious stones known for their strong healing powers and he derives his designs from the concepts and theories of numerology. His chain pattern is in many ways his signature. Each piece is a one of a kind, handmade, definitive work of art. Cesare is a Venetian artist who now lives and works in Rome. Cesare’s designs are sold all over the world to people who appreciate the elegance and beauty of his master craftsmanship.

cesarebarro1313@gmail.com • USA 561.543.5280 • ITALY +39.339.378.1785

Circa design

by Gabrielle Vallarino

Gabrielle Vallarino, creator of Circa Designs, offers one of the most diverse collections of innovative, contemporary natural stone jewelry designs. She combines a variety of unique and rarely seen semi-precious stones and exotic pearls with elegant style and grace. “I believe in designing necklaces that will not only enhance my client’s look but also help create one; a design that allows the stones to speak and come alive with you as their life force.” Topaz, icy Aquamarines and Citrines, emerald green Peridot, Chinese “Sleeping Beauty” and white Turquoise, Mediterranean red, gold and black Coral, raspberry and Ocean Agates, all adorn her necklace palette. Her unique and sophisticated styling lends each necklace a chic and classical persona with a twist of contemporary flair. Each necklace is individually designed and one of a limited edition. What a “Great look” for today’s fashionable woman. For more information go to www.gabriellevallarino.com

Advanced Style, Older and Wiser A book by Ari Seth Cohen Ari Seth Cohen is a freelance writer, photographer, and blogger based in Los Angeles. He is the creator of Advanced Style, a blog devoted to capturing the sartorial savvy of the senior set. Advanced Style has appeared in national media such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Vice, New York, The Fader, Vogue Japan, Vogue Italia, Elle, Elle UK, The UK Telegraph, Forbes.com, and internationally broadcast news and fashion programs. Cohen is the author of Advanced Style and Advanced Style The Coloring Book (powerHouse Books, 2012 and 2013). He also created “Advanced Style The Documentary,” a feature length film. The foreword is by Simon Doonan, a writer, bon vivant, media personality, famous window dresser, and Creative Ambassador for Barneys New York. Hardcover, 7 x 9-1/2 inches, 272 pages $35.00 US/CAN published by powerHouse Books.

BERRICLE is an online jewelry purveyor founded in 2011 with the mission to become the premier web-based destination for shoppers seeking attainable yet elegant sterling silver, gold and Cubic Zirconia jewelry of the highest craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. For more information go to: www.berricle.com 8 | WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAZINE.COM




The independent Swiss watch manufacturer has relocated and reopened its flagship boutique store in the heart of Manhattan on the prestigious corner of 57th and Madison Avenue. The largest Breitling boutique in the world consists of a 4,300

Earth, making it the world’s first chronograph to travel in space.

square feet high-end store with high glass façade and large eye

Breitling offers the most refined watch collectors a variety of

catching LCD screens. Inside you find fabulous art by artist

800 items in stock at this location, one of 42 boutiques around

Kevin Kelly, as well as photographs from historical movie stars

the world. The brand’s aeronautical heritage is prevalent in the

like Raquel Welch when she worn the Co-Pilot watch for Fathom

historical books you can browse here, hundreds of pages that show

in 1958. Also a Navitimer Cosmonaute worn by Scott Carpenter

the relevance of this private family owned-company founded in

on Aurora 7 in 1962 when he made three orbits around the

1884. You can’t miss it!







Dr. Sonita Sadio

Sub Rosa: The Ultimate Secret Society for the Face BY LORI SIMMONS ZELENKO Photography by Meg Stacker. Fashion by Glenys Rivas. Jewels by JEMILY Fine Jewelry. Hair and Makeup by Lanier Long. Shoes by French Sole.

Yale University for undergrad, Georgetown

revealing how her impressive accreditation

streets in New York’s Greenwich Village, Dr.

Hidden away like a speakeasy on shadowed

University for medical school, surgical training

gives testimony to her pursuit of excellence.

Sonita Sadio discreetly invites you into a

at Harvard University and Massachusetts

Spending an extra year on her aesthetics

private club, a facial aesthetics practice that

General Hospital, and plastic surgery training

training, she immersed herself in aesthetic

like a secret society is indeed sub rosa. The

at the Mayo Clinic. “I wanted to take all that

surgery during a specialized fellowship at New

only signal that this haven for rejuvenation is

education and experience and use it in a

York Eye and Ear Hospital. Here she realized

behind closed doors is a key, a skeleton key,

meaningful way,” Dr. Sadio acknowledges,

her career path and found that New York City

etched on a brass plaque. Intriguing to those who pass by and inviting to those in the know,

was where she felt so very much at home. She settled in Greenwich Village five years

it is the logo for her practice, a code that, when

ago finding a jewel box of an apartment on

deciphered, allows men and women to enter

a nearby side street, a quick stroll to her

into a community where wellness is king and

office and equally close to her patients who

beauty is far more than skin deep.

love the quaint charm of 1860s brownstones,

Unique in her “by subscription only”

cobblestone streets, carriage houses with

approach, Dr. Sadio cultivates each

window boxes spilling brilliant blossoms

relationship, treasuring every patient’s

adding a jolt of color, there is a certain

integrity as she limits her practice to highly

playfulness here that reflects this friendly

accomplished individuals whose mindset

neighborhood where everybody knows your

aligns with her holistic approach to facial

name. “It’s like living on Sesame Street,” she

aesthetics. These are discerning professionals

laughs at her friend’s description of the Village

who want to remain ageless and dignified

she calls her own.

as they build their legacy…without surgery.

The quiet elegant space of Dr. Sadio’s

Despite the celebrated clientele, no paparazzi

office is enlivened with oriental rugs, a classic

stake out her charming brownstone office

choice for this so very private club. Fresh roses,

stashed in the heart of a neighborhood that’s

petaled in white and pink, bloom in sterling

home to celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker

vases, reminding you of her feminity. There’s

and Leonardo di Caprio.

a sense of sophistication and style present in

Nicely framed on the brick walls of her cozy, bookshelf-lined office are diplomas from

this destination known only to those seeking the high tech, natural aesthetic results that this WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAZINE.COM | 13

graceful woman and skilled physician is able to offer. Her roster of high powered patients will never be name-dropped; there’s of course a titan of industry and a Hollywood producer among those who subscribe to her exclusive members-only packages of Botox, fillers and collagen stimulators ($5,000 for six months) but their names will always remain secret.

Empowering her clients to enjoy a radiant appearance as the years pass, she believes in being proactive, in making every effort to sustain youthful looks over time Dr. Sonita Sadio believes in creating a civilized, high-touch, humanistic environment, welcoming and serene just as she is personally. She spends quality time with each patient, no clock watching but rather surprise that the hour has flown by. “A lot of people feel like their doctors don’t have time for them,” she shares. “I’m really trying to rebel against that. I just want each patient to feel like they’re with somebody who really does have time for them.” Poised on a chair that speaks to Parisian chic, framed by an antique dressing table beautifully carved in highly polished wood, she greets you with a disarming smile, immediately setting you at ease. Slim, fit, vital and compassionate, an exquisite looking 42 year-old, her dark eyes exude intelligence and kindness. Inquisitive without being intrusive, she intuits quickly yet encourages exploration. After all exploring has to be second nature for this Doctor who has carved her own distinctive path, taking a road less traveled as she distances herself from the many who nip and tuck. It’s no wonder this individualist loves to sail in the Caribbean around Nevis where her father, a Princetonian, is originally


from (her mother hails from Jamaica.) Growing up in a home where humanism ruled, she studied literature at Yale intrigued with the arts yet bringing from home her innate sense of spirituality. “Only my hands touch the patient,” Dr. Sadio shares, bringing her commitment to all that is real and true to light. Passionately she speaks of her philosophy, “less is more, natural is beautiful, and gradual is powerful.” Power brokers, titans, captains steering corporations through choppy seas will be glad to know that Dr. Sadio’s new line of serums for men, Tanager will be available this Summer. “Like everything about my practice, my serums are custom made - each patient is an individual and their skincare is tailored to enhance their individuality.” These serums - Sub Rosa for women and now Tanager for men - are meant to be a must-have lifestyle supplement, part of a preservation game plan, strategically and consistently applied they will stave off the years, keeping skin damage at bay. Dr. Sadio is indeed rare among plastic surgeons as it is her goal to help her clients to avoid surgery. “My less-is-more philosophy was born of an a-ha moment I had during my aesthetic surgery fellowship training in Manhattan,” she reveals. “In my office after performing a facelift I was flipping through images of my thirty- and forty-something Botox and filler patients. It occurred to me that a minimally invasive approach has the power to make a woman - and yes men too - continue to look on the outside as they feel on the inside -energetic, happy, beloved...but without surgery.” Looking forward to a day when the technological advances eventually render the facelift obsolete, she caters to women and men in their late 30s through early 50s and beyond. “Late 30s and early 40s is when a lot of women have that moment,” she observes. “They see a picture and don’t recognize themselves, or they pass a mirror and think, ‘What’s happening to my face?’ ” Empowering her clients to enjoy a radiant appearance as the years pass, she believes in being proactive, in making every effort to sustain youthful looks over time rather than simply accepting that “growing old graciously” is the only way to age. To that end, her practice of private aesthetics makes such maintenance available now to men and women want to look as she phrases it, “fresh…not frozen.”


Always seeking an integrated, holistic way she considers the “one-off” approach to procedures like Botox and collagen injections on a par with going to the gym every two months. What happens then with the conventional way of using such favored injectables? “Chipmunk cheeks and duck lips on faces that may look gaunt in other areas. The result is a look that the eye reads as odd.” Her extensive and exceptional medical training and remarkable visual sense allow her to balance these procedures, knowing where to place a fractional amount of filler or when to add just enough Botox to avoid the perpetually frozen, expressionless faces that are sadly seen on those who’ve intentionally or not overdone their injectable of choice.

“Less is more, natural is beautiful, and gradual is powerful.” The potential risks such as bruising and swelling Dr. Sadio always discusses with her patients. Education is important to her and she passes knowledge on to her patients with her 360 approach to anti-aging. Not everyone though is accepted into the secret society of her private aesthetics practice. If the patient


has demands that are not in sync with her “less is more” mindset, she will turn such a client away. For example, a prospective patient in her late 20s, too young for the treatments she thought she needed, was declined. Who else would not be a candidate? She explains, citing an example immortalized by Goldie Hawn in the movie, The First Wives Club, “patients with full lips wanting even fuller lips.” Dedicated to the long-term wellness of her patients, above and beyond the short-term improvements she so skillfully makes, Dr. Sadio observes that “our sense of what normal is has changed so much that people want these immobilized foreheads and eyebrows that don’t move. You should be able to move your forehead. Your face is there to express your thoughts, your feelings, not just be a wax statue.” In this secret society that is Dr. Sadio’s bespoke practice, there’s a mantra that she lives by: “Less is more, natural is beautiful, and gradual is powerful.” Looking to the future, she champions the day when nips and tucks are banished and thanks to the combination of practices old - holistic living - and new - technology - kinder, gentler ways to turn back the hands of time will be behind every closed door.

Dr. Sonita Sadio Private Aesthetics, 226 West Fourth St., Suite 1. Membership inquiries can be emailed to concierge@subrosas.com WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAZINE.COM | 17

IN THE HEART OF Greenwich Village there is a club Dr. Sonita Sadio invites you to

Sub Rosa Private Aesthetics is a concierge, members-only facial aesthetics practice for discerning men and women


From interior designer Francine Murnane, the Connecticut based company specializing in interior design now offers an array of embroidered bedding and linen items made for the best consumers in Manhattan, Palm Beach, Miami and the world! Her vast experience working at the multi-million dollar estates of royals, celebrities and successful creative types has garnered Murnane top-ranking followers internationally. Her new arrivals with Irish inspired designs or nature themed motifs is what makes Francine Home Linens one of the top brands in the market, nationally and internationally.

For more information on Francine Home Collection go to: www.francinehc.com

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MARY MAHONEY has been an institution in Palm Beach for three decades. In 1985, Mary Mahoney opened a D. Porthault linen boutique on Worth Avenue and within a few months, the boutique added Bernardaud Limoges porcelain. From showing these two luxury French lines, the small boutique has blossomed into a specialty store providing products from the finest collections in the world. Today the shop contains a highly curated assortment of the world’s finest luxury brands. Mary is widely regarded as a “master of the mix”; combining styles and patterns with a striking result. Her design skills are highly sought after by individual customers as well as by many of the country’s leading interior designers.

336 Worth Avenue Palm Beach FL 33480 Phone 561-655-8288 • shop@marymahoney.com www.marymahoney.com

L’Objet, Laguiole, en Aubrac, Lalique, Lappas, Lobmeyer, Louis Sherry, Manuel Canovas, Manufacture de Monaco, Marie Daage, Mario Luca Giusti, Forssberg, Meissen, Molly Dimeo, Moser, Mottahedeh, Nason Moretti, Nymphenberg, Odiot, Pampaloni, Penelope Penzo, Philippe Deshoulieres, Pickard, Pigment, Poc a Poc, Puiforcat, Queen Lace, Raynaud, Richard Ginori, Robbe & Berking, Rosenthal, Royal Copenhagen, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Limoges, Saint Louis Crystal, Seguso, Sferra, Simon Pearce, Theresienthal, Varga, Versace, Vista Alegre, Wheaton Mahoney Photography, William Yeoward Crystal



Photography by Meg Stacker

Photographed at Art Space PS 109 Special thanks to Rolinda Ramos at El Barrio’s Art Space PS 109 Model: Priscilla Gomez Fashion and Styling by Glenys Rivas, Moda Dsign Photo Editing by Glenys Rivas Additional styling by Vivian Rambay, Art Space Make Up Artist: Caroline Pimentel Grullon


Uptown Robotics versus the human artistry of a doctor. An interview with triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir BY REBECA HERRERO


anhattan - Beauty always changes. It might be that one sexy icon represents a whole generation of

beautiful women, like Farrah Fawcett in the 70’s, Madonna in the 80’s, Kate Moss in the 90’s and so on, the perspective on beauty changes with time. As more women are seeking perfection, what was gorgeous back in the 1950’s when movie stars like Rita Hayworth or Grace Kelly were the image of perfection, might not be what our teens admire in today’s society. Beauty has evolved with time, now resembled in a new crop of models and stars in the entertainment world that belong to the Kardashians or Rihanna, more voluptuous and racially mixed. They grace covers for Vogue and post photos obsessively on Instagram. New media has saturated our screens in our cell phones with images posted by the minute, with women pouting seductively to get the thousands of likes as a symbol of “society approval”. Even men are showing their abs in front of a mirror, something that many of the opposite sex can achieve under the knife. Bottom line: There is one truth about all these facts, everyone wants to look perfect.

His persona comes across as a deep thinking, no nonsense practitioner that cares enormously about his patients.

Perfection is “in”, of course with a new twist. Butt enhancement is already a must for many females, even men desire to change their buttocks. This happened after Kim Kardashian posted her infamous “back” in Paper Magazine. She almost literally broke the Internet. After that boom in butt enhancement requests, she proved her point. Our obsession in looking beautiful is changing society in unimaginable ways, and humans are adapting to a new beauty, to a new norm. But what is now also the talk of plastic surgery is technology. How the future of beauty is challenging the medical field, making it a 13 billion industry in the last few years, is what makes Dr. Ramtin Kassir enjoy his practice more than ever. The doctor to celebrities and royals who travel from around the world to see him, operates from his Park Avenue office. His persona comes across as a deep thinking, no nonsense practitioner who cares enormously about his patients. Although he may perform many surgeries during the day, his approach is unique in his consuming study of the technological advancements that are happening so quickly. From the K-lift to ethnic rhinoplasty, his brand has become synonymous with perfection. But like all excellent things in life, Dr. Kassir has an unpredictable view about the future of beauty and perfection. 26 | WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAZINE.COM

THE FUTURE OF PLASTIC SURGERY We foresee a future where more medically advanced non-invasive and invasive procedures will change the visit to your favorite plastic surgeon. For Dr. Kassir, who lives and breathes plastic surgery, he embraces the new advances of this field with endless curiosity. “Yes we are talking about a future of shorter facial reconstructive surgeries, advances in the medicine that will leave you perplexed, but to me, Plastic Surgery is Art. The doctor must adapt his artistic vision each time he sees a patient. A robot cannot do that,” admits Kassir who is considered one of the top plastic surgeons in New York City and New Jersey. His office is booked well in advance, it can be months sometimes before there is an opening for a major procedure. He sees celebrities who want to have fillers to look like Kylie Jenner but despite this trend, he is well known for the “makeunder”, the renowned process of one of his most challenging skills, reversing bad plastic surgery. But robots? Yes, you heard it, robots doing plastic surgery on your face with precision and exactitude, this development has spurred an intense debate in the medical field. As Google is foreseeing a future of driverless cars, robotics is also influencing plastic surgery. As one doctor pointed out during one of the many television news shows Dr. Kassir has been featured on, men have seen new advances in hair restoration, and great credit is given to robots performing this process with exact precision. “The advances with this process are amazing, we do not need to cut part of the scalp to re-implant the tissue in need of hair. Now hair transplantation (a surgical technique to remove hair follicles from a part of the body to the ‘donor site’) is a great and natural way to replenish baldness in men,” reveals Dr. Kassir, admitting nonetheless that it does take a human being to oversee the procedure. “Even though robots might be able to take an exact measure on the reimplantation, to look natural, only a doctor with artistic sensibility can recreate a more WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAZINE.COM | 27

“When females or males get older, they see their facial skin falling, in part it is due to fat loss. Technology is creating new amazing ways to reverse the aging process,”

natural look. As I have said

sculptures he makes during his free time.

in the past, you can teach a

Interrupted several times during our

monkey how to operate, but you cannot teach a monkey

interview by assistants and other doctors, Kassir oversees an operation that keeps

how not to operate,” admits

growing in New York and New Jersey.

the New Jersey resident who

Performing thousands of surgeries per

is present in his Park Avenue office several times a week for

year, what is fascinating about Dr. Kassir is the fact that he loves what he does, with

surgeries. As another doctor pointed

a passion of an artist. “To me, performing

out during the news program, in defense

a rhinoplasty on a teen, or applying fillers

of Dr. Kassir’s stand, the role of a physician

to a woman in her 50’s that feels she needs

is to lead transformation only a human can

to look younger is something that I take


extremely seriously. The argument that

“The medical field has seen some great

machines or new technology can substitute

advancements happening faster than ever

a physician’s true sense of artistry seems

thanks to technology. Now women can

like a big conundrum. If all humans are not

come to the office and have no down time,

alike, and we want uniqueness, why sacrifice

recuperate faster and experience something

individuality for similarity when beauty

like the K-lift, without having surgery,”

can come in different shapes and sizes?”

explains Kassir. The K-lift is a procedure that

indicates Dr. Kassir.

might take the doctor only 20 minutes. “You pull back the skin defining the jawbone. You can use twilight anesthesia, which is a mild


dose of general anesthesia where the patient is not unconscious, but sedated.” Technology seems to be a favorite part

As women embrace a more voluptuous figure, the changes in the perception of

of Dr. Kassir’s professional outtake. As

beauty are compelling. Many teens who

he adheres to new and powerful tools, his

are busty want to reduce their breast as to

dedication to study, to keeping ahead of the

not be bullied. If a nose or face seems to

curve where the latest tech developments

need more fat, new techniques are a proving

are concerned, is what makes the doctor

point of the changes in taste and decision-

a very capable expert in his field. “Not

making when it comes to these matters.

knowing the repercussions of the interior

“We are foreseeing a future where women

fears humans may experience before visiting

will want to add fat to the face instead of

a plastic surgeon shows the most relevant

cutting skin or tightening,” says Dr. Kassir.

point of my practice. What makes someone

Fat grafting or volumetric restoration is a

trust you as a doctor, is your reputation as

new process where women will add fat to the

the best and the caring and understanding

face. “When females or males get older, they

of their inner fears.” says Kassir while he

see their facial skin falling, in part due to fat

sits poised at his desk, surrounded by

loss. Technology is creating new amazing

ways to reverse the aging process,” adds the physician who is Triple Board Certified. “Yes this is something that will benefit people feeling like they are losing their youthful appearance. Now we see women who want to really look amazing, they attend a festival like Coachella and can spend thousands of dollars on lipo suction that is minimally invasive. They are also seeking uniqueness. Look at stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, they have curves and they flaunt them. Being beautiful now can be what makes you stand out. Breast augmentation has seen a small decline, but butt augmentation has increased. This shows how society feels beauty is based on what their role models look like in each generation,” observes Dr. Kassir with amazement. One of the most interesting characteristics of Dr. Kassir’s website is the services he provides. Here he signals how ethnic plastic surgery is crucial. “Not every culture is the same. If you plan to work on the body of a Hispanic woman, the skin and muscle is different from an Asian woman. These facts you must acknowledge and understand, as they are pivotal to each woman who enters the door of my practice,” says the doctor beloved by women whose lives he has changed through the years. Thousands of women and men as well have confirmed that Dr. Kassir is a truly understanding physician who embraces technology, without losing sight of the significance of an artistic sensibility. Applying his artistic ability to one’s face is what makes him the “Picasso of Faces” in an uncertain future where robots might replace doctors in 45 years. WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAZINE.COM | 29

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Sam Stathis



On a recent breezy night in Wellington, a quiet night that seemed to soothe the horses at the South Florida Trotter Center (SFTC) located on South State Road 7/441, another busy day in the life of Sam Stathis came to a close, so he thought. The chargers, a nick name for trotting horses, were bedded down in their stalls listening to the lingering sounds of cicadas and crickets. All seemed fine. Roman Roldan who lives on the Center and works with the horses was in a nearby residential building fast asleep when he awoke startled by the roaring sound of unsettled horses. The dreaded clamor was emanating from “Barn 9”. BY REBECA HERRERO/PATRICK C. O’BRIEN Photography by Christopher Fay for Art Bodega Magazine


oldan could not believe his eyes when he rushed

Barn 9; horses were trying to escape, to survive the carnage.

outside, a huge fire was engulfing the barn and

Other members of the facility, workers and friends, were arriving

growing by seconds with an unforeseen intensity

at the scene, all rushing to help. While Stathis was dealing with

accelerated by the wind. Of course his first reaction

the shock of losing some of his best friends, (NB: In Wellington

was to release the 23 horses who were stabled in Barn 9. Opening the gates one by one while inhaling the toxic fumes

and other equestrian regions around the globe, horse owners and lovers consider their horses an integral part of their Family), the

Roldan was reacting at full speed as the chargers were confused,

land owner and entrepreneur kept going at it without flinching. He

scared and mortified. Some were so upset they even retreated back

wanted to save them all but 12 had already perished, some instantly

to their barn due to that shared sense of safety they feel inside their

and some after they were taken to the nearest equestrian clinic.

stalls. Others perished at the moment when burned material fell

In his heart Stathis feels this experience has changed his life

on top of them. Luckily that evening Sam Stathis was at his Florida

forever. As he is healing his heart after this great loss, he is also

home when he received that numbing phone call full of moments of

dealing with the wounded animals currently in his possession.

sheer desperation; he arrived minutes later as the local Firefighters

Experiencing loss and witnessing devastation is a horrific reminder

raced into the SFTC.

of the desperation both horses and humans feel when facing

He could not believe his eyes either, a huge fire had engulfed

imminent tragedy. WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAZINE.COM | 33

“I could not believe the extent of this tragedy happening right in front of my eyes. I reached the farm as the firefighters arrived and reacted forcefully trying to save as many horses as I could. We did as much as we were able to do,” A WEEK THAT STARTED WITH NEW PROJECTS AND DREAMS

In fact, that same Tuesday as he returned to Teeterboro Airport to fly back to South Florida, he stopped over in Washington, DC to pick up the person who would hopefully become the next Governor of

The Sunday before the incident happened, Stathis was at the

Florida, William Rankin. As the then landed t the Atlantic Terminal

International Polo Club in Wellington celebrating life with good

in Palm Beach International Airport, right next to Donald Trump’s

friends from around the world, enjoying that luxury lifestyle few

private jet, Stathis and his entourage returned in time to witness and


participate in the Grand Champion Polo Event in Wellington.

He recalled, “We left for New York City with Kathleen Stallone

“I watched the Team I sponsored and it was a great day for me. In

and her friend, Rocky. Our idea was to board a private plane and

fifteen minutes that we were watching the game, our Team gained four

discuss a new movie project; introducing the rising star, Dante

more goals. Melissa Ganzy, who organizes the game alongside her

Stallone, step-brother of famous Sylvester Stallone. And a Dante

husband, Mark Ganzy, were there. Ganzy achieved one last goal that

Stallone’s business manager, Stathis created “ONE FEATHER

gave our Team a major win.” As Stathis was sharing his dreams of

UP”, the movie, with the idea of launching Stallone’s career.

how he would develop the SFTC into a world renowned Technology

Interestingly, Stallone is a Florida State University graduate with a

hub, incubator and educational center, he was unknowingly hours

Degree in Biology

away from a phone call that would change his life.

Sam Stathis, born in Greece, recalls, “My original film idea was to

Macy’s Big Boy dies and Celebrity Artemis gets wounded

create a movie about Chariot Racing, transporting the movie viewer

The raging fire continued ravaging the structure and tragically

from ancient Athens to Rome, portraying how Alexander The Great

engulfed Macy’s Big Boy, a horse that Stathis had just days before

popularized the sport that continues to be heavily supported by

gotten an offer to buy for a large sum of money. A second horse

trotting aficionados in many cities across the world”.

that Roldan tried to rescue also died while the barn was burning

Stathis, the entrepreneur, famous for achieving great accomplishments in the Technology and Innovation industries, believed his routine would entail a long path of meetings, great

uncontrollably. Destruction and carnage was an unrelenting reality at Barn 9. “I could not believe the extent of this tragedy happening right in

ideas and new projects; he also believed that upon his return to

front of my eyes. I reached the farm as the firefighters arrived and

Florida, where he owns and operates the South Florida Trotter

reacted forcefully trying to save as many horses as I could. We did

Center, everything would be all right.

as much as we were able to do,” said Stathis with deep sadness in

At his property, the SFTC, Stathis operates under the banner of

his voice. Even though 12 horsed died, 11 survived and three of them

Celebrity Farms, where he operates 17 stables. With other like-

are in critical condition at the Reid & Associates Equine Clinic at

minded horse owners there he shares that common passion, the

Loxahatchee in Wellington. Stathis has attempted to get neutral

love for the stallions and the endeavor necessary to achieve winning

Doctors to oversee the ones in critical condition and has tried to use

status at Harness Racing competitions. These take Stathis around

all the necessary resources to appease their pain.

the world where he is recognized as one of the world’s foremost

“I’m financing the care of the horses that survived. The fact that

authorities on trotters. His life is a constant travelling journey,

some of the emergency responders and staff at the Reid & Associates

where he meets with internationally acclaimed business people,

Equine Clinic have been so caring with the treatment of these

horse owners, riders and competitors.

champions gives you some sort of relief. Still you are under pain, trying

However, shortly thereafter, the reality of this sudden shock was about to happen.


to decipher why did it happen to me? Why, out of 3000 or so barns in the Wellington area, did fate choose my barn?” admits Stathis.

“I’m financing the care of the horses that survived. The fact that some of the emergency responders and staff at the Reid & Associates Equine Clinic have been so caring with the treatment of these champions gives you some sort of relief. ” DEALING WITH DEVASTATION When Stathis realized the loss, he spent days thinking how to heal during the grieving period most animal lovers experience. Dozens of texts and emails poured in, relating to similar episodes of other horse owners around the world where loss has been tragic and when thoughts seem to be confusion and most painful. The healing process takes days, maybe months and for some never ends. For the efforts of Stathis, who tried to save his beloved creatures, who visits the farm everyday seeing them in pain, trying to treat them with the best healthcare in town, the process and the pain is deeply personal. As a young boy from a small town in Greece, Stathis used to watch the stars with his Grandmother dreaming of new ideas, developing new techniques that can educate and improve people’s lives. In his young mind he was going back to antiquity where he imagined a world with no limits. The space above us and his wandering thoughts will eventually take him around the globe finding new ventures to improve societies in New York and create innovation for construction and electrical maps. One of his U.S. companies is a reflection of this: Polo Electric. As his family enterprises have grown tremendously in the last decades, Stathis always knew that animals had that special power; he knew they were a gift to humans to create unimaginable experiences and ameliorate the daily pain of mankind. Hence the Greek saying by Hippocrates: “The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.” Stathis navigated the waters of different disciplines to understand science and matter. He was one of the first Licensed Electricians in the State of New York, owns different business ventures in the area of technology and heads the World Chariot Racing Federation. One of his biggest passions is to breathe life into this sport and modernize it, starting in Wellington.




Being Greek, Stathis knew the history of the classic “Illiad” which fused a deeply and thoughtful connection to his soul and home,

How Stathis is reshaping his facility into a world class hub for

linking him to the Chariots of ancient time. The first mention of

horse racing will take just a matter of years. “We are funding a

chariot races in history were part of Homer’s the “Illiad” in Book 23

center with a full technological and educational approach.

at the funeral games of Petroclus. Several centuries later the sport

We want these horses to receive water therapy, submerged in a tub

is still practiced and popular in the United States and around the

to alleviate their bodies. Water is an integral part of therapy, and

world. The mythical exploration of science, sport and universe have

if humans depend on it, why not the horse? said Stathis. Even

always collided in Stathis’s real world.

though Barn 9 is devastated, it will be remodeled and reopened

Recently the innovator designed a line of ultra-modern chariots that resemble high-end exotic cars. His great desire to bring modernity to the sport of chariot racing is limitless. Stathis has

with full force, bringing back the surviving horses that now need healing and time. It’s painful to see it this way, but I believe in Angels and always

shown these designs at large venue Events like the US Open at the

pray to God to find a new way to make humans understand the

International Polo Club and in places such as Greece and London.

capacity of love, respect and admiration we have for animals.

“Fifty years ago the chariot racing sport was the most popular

To me Wellington looks like heaven. Here you breathe the greenery

one. It got lost through a series of missteps, but we are bringing it

of the sport, be it jumping, dressage, polo or harness racing. The

back, as the mythological figures have always been enthralled with

future of Wellington is unparalleled to any place in the world,” says

this athletic and enduring practice.” confirms the man behind the

Stathis; all under the warm sunshine that South Florida is known


for. Never stopping for one second and deciphering what his next step will be, the multi-talented man is just beginning to dream of a new farm with immense capabilities to reshape the world of harness racing. Alexander the Great would agree!


CLE A N . SU STA I NAB L E. LUXU RI O U S Ultra Long Wear Superior Formula Fashion Inspired & Runway Driven Colors 7 Toxin Free – Cruelty Free — Vegan

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The Madder Hatters – Diana Niles King and Belle McIntyre – hand make, trim and sew all of their fabulous and fancy, whimsical and wonderful creations in their studio workroom. Uniquely festive and fun, The Madder Hatters bring you fresh finds with ribbons and trim bringing playful textures, beautiful colors and delightful new dimensions.  With the special flair of a sheer veil, feathers, seashells, flowers or even a bird’s nests each of the Hatter’s creations is one of a kind and specially named to capture its special vibration. From pert fascinators to stunning ‘picture’ hats there is a hat to take you from Horse Shows to Garden Parties in high style.


Lifestyle with Style



Old Salem Farm A walk down the barn aisle or across

the iconic grand prix field at Old Salem Farm in North Salem, NY, is sure to meet any onlooker

– be it horse owner or show jumping fan – with

a clear understanding of the property’s mission.


Whether through the on-location work of acclaimed resident trainer, Frank Madden, or the star-studded events of the annual Spring Horse Shows and American Gold Cup, Old Salem Farm has dedicated itself to being a pillar of excellence in horse sport.

Top left: Daniel Bluman and Conconcreto Sancha LS Far left: Mary Kate Olsen and Hertog Van’t Merodehof Left: Beezie Madden and Cortes. Photo by: Lindsay Brock/Jump Media


OLD SALEM FARM THEN AND NOW Founded in 1964 under the moniker of Salem View Farms, Old Salem Farm has undergone its share of transformations to now call a picturesque 120 acres in

“It’s a place where people can experience horse sport in an intimate, pristine setting”

In turn, the wildly successful Spring Horse Shows took a leap onto the international scene this year with a 2* and 3* rating from the FEI. Old Salem Farm offers a unique atmosphere where children feed their passion for ponies in the rings next to Olympic hopefuls and horse sport stars showcasing their best horses.

Westchester County home. through the efforts we have made to make

One of those talents is Georgina

horse show in 1967 eventually led to a two-

this the best place it can be for our clients,

Bloomberg, daughter of former New

week horse show affectionately known as the

horse show competitors, and spectators,” said

York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and

Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows. The

Bietsch. “It’s so much more than a farm or a

accomplished equestrian in her own right.

farm changed hands and names several more

horse show venue – it’s a place where people

For her, Old Salem Farm is in her New York

times in the coming years, including a stint

can experience horse sport in an intimate,

backyard and was the perfect outlet to fuel

under the ownership of actor Paul Newman

pristine setting. We hope that helps us to

her dedication to horses.

and his actress wife and avid horsewoman,

do our part in advancing the sport of show

Joanne Woodward. It wouldn’t come to be

jumping in North America, as well as generate

there for over 15 years, and most of my

known as Old Salem Farm until 1984, after

new spectators.”

childhood memories come from my

Growth began early as an Easter Sunday

which it hosted the U.S. Equestrian Team

Today, Old Salem Farm is home to its

“Old Salem is where I grew up. I rode

times spent there,” said Bloomberg, who

selection trial for the 1990 World Equestrian

own renowned training program as well as

has become a hometown hero among

Games and attracted one of the most

26 weeks of on-site horse shows from local

Westchester equestrian fans after basing her

celebrated show jumping events in the U.S.,

and regional events to the highest level of

own Gotham North just up the road from

the American Gold Cup.

international show jumping competition.

Old Salem Farm.


I knew I wanted to stay in North Salem and

In the late 1990s, a partnership between prominent real estate investor, Kamran

close to Old Salem,” continued Bloomberg.

Hakim and the farm’s current owner ushered in a new era for the property. In 2001, Hakim

“When we decided to build our own barn,

Thanks to the vision of the Hakim family,

“I love every inch of that place and feel at

and his wife Ellen, together with their son

Old Salem Farm’s transformation attracted

home when I am there. It’s been incredible

Scott and family as avid supporters of horse

the attention of some of the world’s best

to see Old Salem transform and grow.”

sport, became sole proprietors of Old Salem

riders, as well as the entity that oversees

Farm. In the nearly ten years that followed,

the sport of show jumping worldwide, the

Hakim invested in a multi-phase project

Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI).

to renovate Old Salem Farm to its current

As a result, the American Gold Cup, which

A PERFECT FIT As the success of Old Salem Farm gained

status, which included the appointment

spans five days each September, is designated

momentum in recent years, riders weren’t

of Alan Bietsch as property manager and

as a qualifier for the Longines World Cup™

the only ones taking notice. Priding itself

Madden as head trainer.

Jumping Final and now included in the

in a cherished group of charity partners

prestigious Longines FEI World Cup™

and sponsors, horse shows at the farm

Jumping north American League.

aim to further enrich the local equestrian

“Old Salem Farm is always dedicated to constant improvement, and I think it’s evident 42 | WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAZINE.COM

experience. One such sponsor has connections to the horse sport world that may not be evident at first glance. Stephen Kincade, friend and advisor to

Hakim Family and their team have done.” Exploration revealed that Kincade had tapped into a fantastic market. Directly benefiting from owners, trainers, and riders

Kamran Hakim, formed a New York City-

taking part in the events at Old Salem Farm,

based wealth management team within Bank

Kincade also saw derivative benefits through

of America, Merrill Lynch seven years ago

spectators attending the shows. In the end,

that exclusively focused on high net worth

much like Old Salem Farm paved their own

individuals. Coined The Kincade Group, it

way to an internationally known property

didn’t require many visits to Old Salem Farm

and show facility, The Kincade Group made

before Kincade realized equestrians represent

a name for themselves in the horse world.

a potential customer base. The Kincade Group, made up of five members and led by Kincade himself, signed on as sponsor of the Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows in 2012, sparking a partnership that has helped to mold both businesses into successful forces within their individual markets. As presenting sponsor of the $50,000 Old Salem Farm and $130,000 Empire State Grand Prix events each May, The Kincade Group is one of the biggest supporters of events at Old Salem Farm while gaining direct exposure to future clients. “I was familiar with the farm, and after visiting, I started to see a fit between the services we provide and the type of clientele that come to Old Salem Farm throughout the year and for the horse show in particular,” said Kincade, who has experience in the horse industry as an owner

ABOUT OLD SALEM FARM Old Salem Farm, located just one hour north of New York City, is one of the best equestrian competition venues in North America, as rated by the North American Riders Group. Host of the FEI 2* and 3* Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows, the prestigious American Gold Cup CSI-W 4*, and year-round competitions, the facility offers a stateof-the-art turf grand prix field, indoor riding arena, and two all-weather footing rings. As a boarding and training facility, Old Salem Farm is second to none and home to top trainer Frank Madden.

For more information, please visit www.oldsalemfarm.net or call 914-669-5610.

and fan of Thoroughbred racehorses. “Our niche is providing idiosyncratic investment ideas for affluent individuals and families who are a little bit tired of the conventional wealth management approach. Many of those people are owners of farms and horses or

Old Salem Farm is on Facebook, as well as on Twitter and Instagram as @oldsalemfarmny. Follow for an exclusive and behind-the-scenes look at the Old Salem Farm experience.

Far left: Georgina Bloomberg of Kincade Photo by: Lindsay Brock/Jump Media Left: Stephen Kincade and Hamran Hakim Top: Gold Cup Presentation Above centre: Gretchen Kincade, Emily Sheppard, Natalie Christopoul & Stephen Kincade Above: Frank Teacher Photo by: Lindsay Brock/Jump Media

love the equine arena in general.” Kincade characterizes his sponsorship at Old Salem Farm as a fortunate accident, but one that he is glad he made. “Our initial foray into this field was largely exploratory,” he said. “It seemed to make sense on paper to see if there was some connectivity to our own approach to investment advice and the clientele in and around the equine industry in general, and at Old Salem Farm in particular.” “The amount of time, effort, and money that Old Salem Farm puts into the property itself is truly extraordinary, and it gets bigger and bigger each year,” continued Kincade. “I can’t believe there is a better venue in the U.S. to host a horse show after what the WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAZINE.COM | 43

Produced in a factory located in Hokkaido which is a spacious island located at the northern extremity of Japan, this chocolate is created at a place with lush natural environment and cold climate. Surrounded by beauty and the contrasts of the four seasons: flowers in spring, bountiful fruits in summer, red leaves in autumn, and snow fields in winter, Royce Chocolate is that luxury product you crave after a long day of work, seeking for that moment of solace when delight is our choice. Since 1983, ROYCE’ has been pleasing chocolate lovers with delightful collections of chocolate and confections for over 30 years. The Japanese chocolate brand uses keenly selected ingredients, like its signature Nama Chocolate with a hint of prestige liqueurs.

Potato Chip Chocolates and

the macca chocolates with a perfect harmony of fragrant tea is what makes this product a luxury treasure for the best tastemakers in the world.

This is How Japan Does Chocolate.


Lisa Crosby


Elegance never goes out of style, observes equine photographer Lisa Crosby Everything else changes but elegance never. Instantly recognizable, other things go virtually unnoticed in its presence. Take, for example, the stunning beauty of a strong and proud horse, head held high, no matter the breed, running wild, cantering or standing still in an open clovercovered meadow or in the show ring. Passionate about photographing horses since she shot a friend’s book cover, Lisa soon discovered that each horse had its own distinct personality ready to be captured on film: “One may be gentle even shy, while another may be wild, belligerent or even challenging.” The individualism and depth of character of each equine subject makes these photographs vital and immediate, as if one were there side by side with the horse. As Lisa says, “I have been very fortunate to snap some of the best and never before seen photos of sleek and beautiful horses in lovely out of the way places.”

For more on Lisa Crosby’s magnificent equine photography, visit www.lisacrosby.com




BY KENNETH KRAUS television audience through the facilities of

also from the world-wide governing body

$215,000 Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping

FEI-TV and popular rebroadcasts on the NBC

of the sport (FEI) with the selection of the

New York, returns to beautiful Old Salem Farm

Sports Network. The Longines FEI World

American Gold Cup as one of only fourteen

in North Salem, NY on Wednesday, September

Cup Jumping™ North American League has

events that comprise the all-new Longines

14th and runs through Sunday, September 18,

been showcased on a broad range of global

FEI World Cup™ Jumping North American


platforms, from live TV broadcasts to streaming League. The North American League, a

The 2016 American Gold Cup, featuring the

on digital outlets and mobile, focusing on the

tremendous success in its inaugural year,

traveled American Gold Cup has been home

drama of equestrian sport with fascinating

began in 2015 across seven East and seven

to eleven United States Olympians, six of them

behind-the-scenes documentary-style coverage. West Coast venues in three countries: the

Over the course of four decades, the well-

United States, Mexico and Canada.

Gold medalists, along with two Pan American Games Gold medalists and six World Cup Champions. With these top equestrian athletes leading the round of honor, the American Gold Cup has become one of America’s toughest show jumping tests, the proving grounds of champions and the launch pad for many of the sport’s future show jumping stars. The move to the gorgeous facility at Old Salem Farm proved to be a well thought out

A wonderful weekend of family entertainment in a gorgeous, comfortable setting just an hour north of New York City.

saw Irish superstar Richie Maloney take home the top prize on Carrabis Z, topping a starting field of 40 of the best show jumpers in America and from across the globe in the first qualifier under the newly designated league. The honor of becoming part of the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping North American League was well deserved, as the American

and popular one among the world’s best riders and their owners. The event, drawing

The 2015 Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping New York at the American Gold Cup

The most rewarding tributes to the success Gold Cup provides a wonderful weekend of

brilliant and rave reviews after its debut at

of the American Gold Cup since its move

family entertainment in a gorgeous, comfortable

Old Salem Farm in 2012, has continued to

to Old Salem have come not only from the

setting just an hour north of New York City,

improve each year since, attracting thousands

North American Riders Group (NARG), who

America’s hub for entertainment and sports

more spectators, a show grounds packed

each year has honored the American Gold

broadcasting. Those that attend the event can

with world-class vendors and a world-wide

Cup with a top United States ranking, but

enjoy a casual family experience with easy


bleacher or hillside seating with a huge variety of shopping, family-friendly entertainment and food and drink options throughout the grounds. The American Gold Cup also boasts one of the finest VIP Hospitality areas of the League, allowing patrons to take advantage of the wonderful hospitality packages offered at the event. You can enjoy every possible comfort at the gorgeous bi-level VIP Hospitality pavilion located directly ringside with a fabulous view of the competition arena. Gourmet food services, professional waitstaff and of course, your favorite beverages are available throughout the day. “We have been very proud of the work we’ve done, along with the outstanding commitment by Old Salem Farm to provide a world-class weekend of the very best show jumping and a comfortable atmosphere and outstanding hospitality for our owners, sponsors, spectators and competitors,” said Matt Morrissey of the American Gold Cup. This year’s event runs from September 14 - 18, 2016 and offers over $415,000 in prize money with five competitions to count for Longines FEI Ranking Points, including the $215,000 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping New York.

Old Salem Farm, in New York’s Westchester County, is a premier equestrian venue, offering state-of-the-art facilities, surrounded by 120 gorgeous acres. The owners at Old Salem have spent over $30 million in renovations over the past few years to bring this venue on par with any show facility in the world. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION visit www.theamericangoldcup.com


Chef Felix Castro At 16-years-old, Chef Felix Castro began working in a family-owned pizzeria and developed an intense passion for the culinary arts. After graduating with honors from the Patisserie Program at Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, Chef Castro returned to New York City to work in a wide variety of restaurants that include: Morimoto, Spice Market, The 21 Club, The Hurricane Club, Coppelia, and The Black Ant, among others. Chef Castro’s sweet and savory dishes have been featured in books, such as “Street Eats,” along with credible media outlets like The Daily Meal.

In late 2016, Chef Castro’s first book – New Yorican Chef – will be available everywhere.

Mitchell Black



Made in Chicago

The Photo paintings of Michael Ian

Michael Ian is a keen observer of everything around him, in particular the movement of all things. His work as a photographer is focused on capturing the energy of people and translating it onto film in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. This work directly parallels his work with Photo Painting‌ capturing the energy and movement with paint across a canvas and then layering it with glass and painting on top of it, creating energetic relationships between both. This process of painting, coupled with photographing the image, has provided the artist with endless creative inspiration in both areas that are meaningful, allowing him to combine them into one medium of inventive expression.

Ian is a professional photographer with more than 30 years of experience. Based in New York City, he specializes in corporate portraiture, special events and creative and personal portraits, capturing a range of celebrities, business leaders, diplomats and senior elected officials. Ian started out as a fine arts major with painting as his first love, and began his career as an illustrator for the New Yorker Magazine, but photography took front and center and he assisted master photographers and learned the craft. Fortunately, with the digital age, Ian has been able to marry the two mediums together to create what he calls, PHOTO PAINTINGS, which he has been producing for the last 6 years.


A 1. Symphony in Blue


2. Pink Viola 3. Syncopation

5. Forsythia

5. Forsythia 4. Square Dance 4. Square Dance


6. Intrigue

6. Intrigue



Cecile Brunswick Brunswick Cecile

Inspired by the landscape by the landscape of Inspired the city, New York artist of the city, New York artist Cecile Brunswick represents Brunswick represents an Cecile exceptional talent an exceptional talent among female abstract among Her female painters. unique abstract and painters. Her unique truthful depictions of herand depictions lifetruthful experiences are of aher life experiences are a pleasure for the senses. pleasure for music the senses. Born in Belgium, and Belgium,her music theBorn artsin shaped richand and Evolving thevaried arts life. shaped her rich herand career early on in the are an important element varied life. Evolving diplomatic her career world, early on she in theof are her ancolor palette: a important element worked in several Unitedshetribute to the of a diplomatic world, of her colorbeauty palette: Nations in now and nature, these sun- of worked posts in several Unitedlight tribute to the beauty favorite shades illuminate Nationscorners posts ofin the nowdrenched light and nature, these sunworld, joyfully embracing art sheshades creates in favorite corners of thethedrenched illuminate theworld, colors and forms hertheMidtown joyfully embracing art sheManhattan creates in shethediscovered in other A favorite Manhattan among colors and formsstudio. her Midtown cultures, she found their collectors of abstract work, she discovered in other studio. A favorite among bold vitality imbued her art her paintings have earned cultures, she found their collectors of abstract work, with remarkable freedom. bold vitality imbued her artexceptional her paintingsrecognition have earned Imagery evoking Morocco, from private collectors with remarkable freedom. exceptional recognition Mexico andevoking Spain figures important art Imagery Morocco,andfrom private finecollectors predominantly in her work institutions around the Mexico and Spain figures and important fine art as predominantly do cityscapes and New from China, Japan, the in her workworld institutions around York City’s Central Park. France, Morocco, and as do cityscapes and New world from China, Italy Japan, Orange hues and pastels USA and Israel. and Italy York City’s Central Park.to the France, Morocco, Orange hues and pastels to the USA and Israel.

How a Non-profit, an Artist Art that Heals -

and Philanthropic Heart are changing lives in Florida

By Soraya Rodriguez & Luis Balzac

Colombia and my art has been a constant -- leading me to pay it forward now.”

Juan Manuel Niño’s presence in the Delray Beach, Florida art scene illustrates how increased partnerships in our communities between prestigious art galleries, artists, municipal agencies, nonprofits and entities affiliated to the arts, can expand their reach to a broad audience. Juan’s artwork recently sold at auction for $7,000 to benefit Horses Healing Hearts, Inc., (HHH) an organization dedicated to kids with parents suffering from substance abuse and trauma. Juan’s art in effect, inspired a philanthropic horse owner, and HHH to harness this creative giving energy to form a powerful alliance that is healing and bringing joy to many.

Horses Healing Heart’s mission helps children raised with addicted parent by working with horses. HHH teaches empowerment, life-coping skills, and helps children to build self- confidence by learning about horse care and riding.

Juan believes art is for everyone. “I recognize that art and culture are catalytic for healthy emotional and social welfare. This experience has been significant for me as it has resulted in the economic benefit of Horses Healing Hearts, an important mission to help heal a generation.” said Juan. “My life has taken many turns since my early days in

HHH commissioned Juan to prepare a painting in Mixed Media Oil on Canvas with proceeds to benefit the not for profit. The painting, Horse Healer, sold at the HHH White Wild West Silent Auction in March at the world famous International Polo Club in Wellington, Florida and was bought by Sam Stathis, an international business leader with a big heart and caring family. Niño found his true spirit of creativity inspired by the vibrant landscapes of Florida and Colombia. His portfolio is an eclectic expression of his life experience. Niño’s bold works reflect the brilliant colors of his earlier life in Columbia -- modern and mixed media capturing the heart and soul of

those who have delighted in his work. His first exposition was “I am I” at the AR Gallery. Niño has participated in several collaborative efforts in galleries and events in the Delray area, including the “The Local Artist Take Flight” exhibit in December 2015-1016 sponsored by the Palm Beach County Art in Public Places program, which delighted travelers at the Palm Beach International Airport. He was selected for this exposition from hundreds of applicants. Niño’s piece was selected by guest judge Ellen E. Roberts, curator of the Harold and Anne Berkley Smith of American Art at the Norton Museum of Art, as an exemplary exhibition featuring paintings and mixed media compositions which express a broad array of moods from joy and conflict to tension and whimsy. Educators recognize, increasing access opportunities, so that children and young people know and get involved with tWhe arts--and promote the arts as a means to enhance the quality of life in the community that it serves. “Students who attend a field trip to an art museum demonstrate improved critical thinking, historical empathy and tolerance. This according to *Education Next ‘The Educational Value of Field trips’ (2014). Nino’s recent trajectory has impacted the quality of life in Florida. A touching example of how creative, strategic and resourceful actions within our own community, enable the strengthening of the cultural and educational programming of local galleries for the benefit and enjoyment of the citizenship.

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The 2016 Artists Born in 1971 in St. Maries, Idaho,

Matthew Brannon now lives and works in New York. His artistic research started from a reflection on the history and evolution of graphics advertising, and continues with a reinterpretation

For the first time, Artisti Per Frescobaldi (http://www.artistiperfrescobaldi.it) has selected two American artists, Matthew Brannon and Eric Wesley, alongside Italian artist Patrizio Di Massimo, to compete for the prestigious contemporary art award, now in its third edition.

and investigation of the limits and potentials of contemporary reality. Eric Wesley was born in 1973 in Los Angeles where he lives and works. His sculptures and art installations offer an original point of view and often irreverent reality. In particular, his work offers an ironic

All the artists were invited to take inspiration from one of the family estate, Castelgiocondo, in Montalcino. The awards ceremony will be held October 21, 2016, at Gam, the Modern Art Gallery in Milan. The artists’ works, inspired by Frescobaldi’s Tenuta di Castelgiocondo estate, will be on public exhibition prior to the panel judging

view on the changeable relationship between art and society, artist and citizen, and seriousness and surreal comedy. His many exhibitions include the China Art Objects Galleries in Los Angeles among several other galleries throughout Amsterdam, Basel and Napoli.

which will determine this year’s award recipient. Tiziana Frescobaldi, Artistic Director of the project comments, “This year we paid attention to the United States, following our commitment to recognize international

Born in Jesi in 1983, Patrizio Di Massimo, currently lives and works in London. His works are characterized by an Italian identity, reading through an

artists. We are looking forward to working with some of the nation’s finest artists.”

interesting overlap between tradition and modernity,

From 2016 forward, artists will draw inspiration from Tenuta di Castelgiocondo,

using a wide range of expressive languages ranging

Frescobaldi’s estate located in Montalcino, Tuscany, aiming to capture the spirit, history, and terroir of the site. “We selected to focus only on Tenuta di Castelgiocondo in the

from drawing and sculpture, to painting, video, and installation. He has held exhibitions in many Italian cities, including Turin during Artissima and the Villa Medici in

future because it is a place with a strong identity in the heart of Tuscany,” Tiziana said.

Rome, among several European cities including London,

Additionally, each artist will design a custom label for a collection of 999 magnums of

Amsterdam, and Lisbon.

a special selection of Castelgiocondo Brunello, specifically dedicated to the project. A portion of the proceeds from these wines will go to support Italian contemporary art. Ludovico Pratesi, Artisti per Frescobaldi Curator adds, “We choose these three artists because they caught the essence of Castelgiocondo, although through different visions and languages, with an original and surprising interpretation of the award’s theme.” The 2016 judging panel will include Massimiliano Gioni, Artistic Director of the Trussardi Foundation in Milan; Samuel Keller, Director of the Beyeler Foundation in Basel; and Gianfranco Maraniello, Director of MART Rovereto.


Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage at

Carnegie Hall

Original Works Capture the Spirit of Ancient China IN ANCIENT TIMES, China was known as the Land of the Divine. People saw their culture as a divine gift. And artists believed that to create transcendent music, they needed to improve their hearts and find harmony with the heavens. These beliefs gave their music a power and depth that was rooted in traditional Chinese culture. But in recent decades, this divinely inspired culture was almost lost. Today, the artists of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra are reviving these ancient traditions. Their concerts reflect the deep inner nature of the music, bringing the wisdom of China to the performance. The result is a gorgeous, vivid sound that leaves an impression on everyone who hears it. This is truly a unique concert experience not to be missed!

Saturday, October 15 2PM & 8PM Tickets: $38, $58, $78, $98, $108, $118 Online: shenyun.com/symphony (presenter) carnegiehall.org (concert hall) Phone: Presenter: 800-818-2393, 888-974-3698 CarnegieCharge: 212-247-7800 Box Office: 57th Street and 7th Avenue


Profile for Julia Humfress,Freelance Designer & Art Director

Art Bodega Magazine June 2016  

Design & Art Direction. Art Bodega Magazine is a luxury title for high-end consumers that combines editorial content, celebrity news, as wel...

Art Bodega Magazine June 2016  

Design & Art Direction. Art Bodega Magazine is a luxury title for high-end consumers that combines editorial content, celebrity news, as wel...