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Spring 2019 | Issue 10 | £2.50

Ready, steady, go… Reboot your health with Jason’s Big Juice Reset

NO FEAR Ditch your phobias

with The Speakmans

Hot (and cold!) shots

Little pouches that pack a mighty punch

Magic mountain ‘Why we LOVE Jason’s rustic retreat’



Juicy greetings READ

They are our cover stars and if you haven’t already discovered The Speakmans’ amazing psychotherapy, order their new book, out in May. It has the potential to change your life!


This health documentary tells the story of three people embarking on a plant-based diet and the experiences they each have in trying to change people’s eating habits. Available on Amazon Prime Video and Food Matters® TV it’s well worth a watch.


Russell Brand is an absolute genius with a silver tongue and comic touch, but the topics he tackles are great for getting us to think differently about the world around us. Tune in and retune your outlook to life.

Welcome to the latest edition of Juiced! magazine. We are truly blessed to have the incredible Nik and Eva Speakman (more famously known as The Speakmans) as our cover stars this issue. Nik and Eva have been ITV’s This Morning’s ‘go-to’ life-changing therapists for many years and have become household names. Their unique style and approach has helped thousands of people all over the world to achieve changes in their lives where conventional methods have failed. I had the good fortune of spending a week at Juicy Oasis with these two amazing souls and it’s rare to meet a couple so talented and yet still so down to earth. Read all about what drives this dynamic duo, why their approach is so successful and why they believe that any obstacle can be overcome on page 20. You can also listen to my interview with them on the Jason Vale Podcast on iTunes. You’ll also find the usual measure of healthy recipes, inspirational stories plus my personal address to the juicy naysayers in JUICING MYTHS SHATTERED on page 36 which, hopefully, will finally end some of the nonsense many spout about juicing. Thanks for reading and, as the magazine is FREE for everyone to download on iTunes and Issuu, please spread the word and help us to juice the world!

Juiced! is published by Chapel Road Creative on behalf of Juice Master. chapelroadcreative.co.uk tel: 01485 533064 email: hello@chapelroadcreative.co.uk Managing director: Daska Davis Creative director: Matt Davis Sub-editor: Lorraine Shah Publishing assistant: Sarah Pollard Print: Swallowtail Print The publisher has taken every care to ensure contents are correct but can take no responsibility for errors or omissions. The views expressed in Juiced! magazine are not necessarily shared by Juice Master. Individual results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Always consult a qualified medical professional before embarking on a pure juice diet, health programme or physical activity. Reprinting in whole or part is forbidden without the written permission of the publisher. ISSN 2398-6905

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Spring 2019 Issue 10

03 Editor’s letter

Jason introduces the issue

07 Juicy news

Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing


10 10 L ittle big shots

Introducing Juice Master Delivered Vitality Shots – super ingredients that pack a punch

20 C hilling with The Speakmans

We catch up with TV’s hottest therapists

26 C hange your thinking

Ready to reshape your mind and prepare for a happy life?


36 30 . ..and reboot your system


Amazing juicy success stories


36 J uicing myths shattered

Jason Vale addresses the juicy naysayers

42 S till working it

Read Jo Morrison’s incredible story of recovery

49 T hree women went

up a juicy mountain… and came down transformed

Discover what makes Juicy Mountain a magical place to be

54 P ut some spring in your juice

Seasonal recipes for your glass

58 S wim, run, pedal... tri

Ready for a triathlon? Plus advice from an Ironman athlete

62 K eeping it raw



How to switch to a raw diet

66 W in four packs

of Juice Master Vitality Shots

Win 120 days’ worth of shots from Juice Master Delivered

For more juicy inspiration visit juicemaster.com 05

! L O O C O S ! T O H SO ! H S E R F SO

Stainless steel Takes whole ice cubes Easy twist carp with rubbe seal

ps u o s d n a d l co Keep juices lined l a u d a n i warm ask fl r e t s a M e Juic Shop now at juicemaster.com


Say hello to Juicy Escape It’s full steam ahead at Juicy Escape, Juice Master Jason Vale’s brand new retreat in Portugal, set to open in spring 2020. Jason has been keeping a close eye on developments at the site, which is starting to take shape as Europe’s HOTTEST new place to detox, indulge in incredible health and beauty treatments and reboot body and mind. During his latest visit, the Juice Master snapped this idyllic shot of the lake at sunset, which is as tranquil and relaxing as it looks, and Insta-posted details of some of the exciting features Juicy Escape will include.

One of these is the uniquely designed WAVE accommodation which overlooks the lake – guests can sit on the decking and take in the view or, if they feel like taking the plunge, set off via a slide which lands directly in the water! Jason also shared that, along with his signature juices and blends, guests will be able to enjoy some of his super salads at dinner, and that there will be a head magic-maker on staff to ensure that Juicy Escape always delivers plenty of special moments for those on retreat. Watch this space for further details, next issue…

Want to be among the first guests to stay at Juicy Escape? Follow @juicemasterretreats on Instagram and get the latest skinny on the new retreat as it is announced.


Top of the spots It was an incredible moment at the start of 2019 when Juice Master Apps occupied nine of the top ten paid apps on iTunes during Jason’s Big Juice Challenge week. As part of the challenge, Juice Master Jason Vale dropped the price of his life-changing apps to just 99p, giving hundreds of thousands of people the chance to nab a bargain and change their wellbeing for good. Those who took part in the global health reboot reported that they had lost weight and inches, improved their skin and energy levels, cleared their brain fog, slept better and changed their mindset about food for good! At the end of the week, Jason shared some of the incredible results on his Juice Tube channel and urged subscribers to juice it forward by sharing the inspirational video. Watch the full Big Juice Challenge results at youtube.com/juicemaster

‘I have lost 15lbs in seven days, but it’s not just about the weight. My skin feels better, I feel healthier and happier, my focus and concentration have improved. I’ve been sleeping better, I no longer feel the need to sit and snack. Not once have I felt hungry or like I’m depriving my body of food, quite the opposite.’ Rachel Beanland

my appetite. Craving vegetables every day now and working hard at the gym. My sleep is amazing. Still having juice every day… Will be doing the challenge again, respect @jasonvale.’ Baxy14

‘Completed the 7-day challenge, was hard the first few days, but then got in full swing. Had waves of feeling good and bad, ended up dropping 14lbs. Definitely changed

‘I completed the 5-day detox. I was 175lbs last week, today I weighed in at 166lbs and I’m doing another five-day plan then carrying on with Super Blend Me! I’m actually


‘Wow! Seven days juicing and souping and 13lbs down. Feel amazing!’ Kate Holtaway

craving salads and green juices.’ Jessica Shelley ‘Finished seven days, whoop, whoop! 11lbs lighter, skin so much clearer, mind focused and not fuzzy. Energy levels have gone through the roof, sleep is much improved and generally feeling on top of the world.’ Caroline Maulana ‘Day eight and 10.5lbs lighter, going for 28 days. Also moving lots more, an hour of cardio, five days a week.’ Pippa Horne

Want to be part of the juice revolution? Take Juice Master Jason Vale’s Big Juice Reset which is set to take place from 29 April – 3 May. If you’ve snaffled one too many chocolate eggs, this is the perfect post-Easter reboot to get your body and brain back on the right nutritional track. Put the dates on your calendar and tune in to Juice Master's social media channels for updates – don’t forget to share your own juice success story and results too. Get juicing!


Spring break at Juicy Oasis There’s no better place to reboot, recharge and enjoy a spring break than Juice Master Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis retreat in Portugal. Post-Christmas brought a bevvy of stars looking to get their bodies moving under the warm sunshine, cleanse the system and clear the mind…

 It's lovely Lorraine! Everyone’s favourite breakfast TV star Lorraine Kelly jetted out to join Jason in February, ahead of his appearance on her show. As you might imagine, Lorraine had plenty of get-up-and-go, throwing herself into activities at the retreat. Catch Lorraine on Jason's brand new podcast which is set to launch soon...

Cannonball fun  Equally no slouch in the gym, the über-fit and adventurous Carol Vorderman jumped in feet first with a plunge into Juicy O’s lake, sharing her daring move on social media. We salute your bravery, Carol!

 Itsy, bitsy bikini Some love the energy of Juicy Oasis, and some love its chilled-out pace – Tulisa shared some amazing shots of her stripped-back beauty on Instagram telling fans, ‘I love this place so much it’s my second time, I couldn’t wait to come back’.

 Feeling the juic y love Love Island stars El lie Brown, Stephanie Lam and Alexandra Cane kn ow how to get the most fro m being on retreat. The trio shared recent trips on socia l media, saying how much they adore Juicy O asis. Come back soon, girls…



BIG shots

Need a nutritional boost? Grab one of Juice Master Delivered’s Vitality Shots – four little sachets that pack a mighty punch

Juice Master's Pure Beet JM Sip Shot Juice Master's Live Wheatgrass Shot


There are ingredients and then there are super ingredients – ginger, beetroot, wheatgrass – all of which have incredible powers to improve our health and wellbeing. The natural healing abilities of these ingredients have been well-documented, and they are perennial favourites that feature in many of Juice Master Jason Vale’s recipes and plans. Jason himself swears by a daily ginger shot to get the day started and going in the right direction.

Juice Master's Ginger Shot

Although Jason always says it’s nature that’s the real genius, Juice Master fans would argue it’s his knowledge that has made juicing a life-changer for so many people. His simple, easy-to-follow approach to nutrition and wellbeing has empowered millions of people to reclaim their health. It’s hard to build on nature’s perfection, but now the Juice Master has delivered again by making it even easier to enjoy these three super ingredients – plus his own JM Sip blend – with the launch of four new ‘shots’, flash-frozen in 30-day packs and available via his home-delivery service, Juice Master Delivered (juicemasterdelivered.com). Although shots have always been part of the Juice Master Delivered plans, the new 30-day packs make it even easier to get a shot on the go. Prepared from high-

quality raw ingredients, the shots can be taken neat or cleverly used as additions to recipes, ensuring you get your nutritional fix without any prep or mess, in no time at all.

FLEXIBLE FRIENDS Juice Master Delivered’s Skye Lyselle says the new 30-day packs offer flexibility for those who love to juice but don’t necessarily have the time or space to do so. “Jason has always included shots as part of his Juice Master Delivered plans,” she says, “and they are a fundamental part of his approach to daily nutrition – he calls the ginger shot his healthy morning espresso! “One of the biggest concerns people have about embarking on a plan is the time it will take, but the shots take away the hassle and mess by being ready-made, without any compromise on the quality of ingredients. With a pack of each shot in your freezer, you know you are only moments away from great nutrition.”


Turn the page for exclusive Juice Master Delivered Vitality Shot recipes...



Take your shot

Juice Master’s Live Wheatgrass Shot (28ml) WHAT’S IN THE SACHET? Nothing but 100 per cent organic, UK field-grown wheatgrass. Enjoy first thing, ten minutes before your first juice or breakfast, or in the afternoon as a pick-me-up. If you aren’t keen on the flavour, have an orange quarter ready to bite into.

SHOT SUPER POWERS Wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll, a variety of nutrients and antioxidants, minerals, vitamins A, C, E and K plus a host of B-complex vitamins. It is also rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, protein and essential amino acids. All of these are fantastic for boosting the immune system and energy levels. Being rich in enzymes which aid our digestion, many people report that a daily shot of wheatgrass can help to break down food and enable our body to absorb nutrients more effectively, while easing gas, bloating and abdominal pain. It contains several important antioxidants which help prevent cell damage and acts as a great detoxifier on the liver. Wheatgrass is also thought to help reduce cholesterol and one study shows it to be as effective as one of the main drugs which is regularly prescribed for this purpose.


In addition, it may help regulate blood sugar levels, alleviate inflammation, in particular in the intestine, and some believe it can aid weight loss. And it isn’t just the inside of our bodies that wheatgrass can benefit – those who drink the green juice believe that it improves their skin and can help to ease conditions such as acne and psoriasis, plus it can be used as a wonderful natural hair conditioner.

GET CREATIVE Enjoy your wheatgrass shot neat or get dipping with our fabulous recipe

Wheatgrass Avocado Dip Wheatgrass Shot 1 Avocado 1 Garlic 1 clove Lemon a generous squeeze Yoghurt 1 tbsp Salt and pepper to taste Chives (optional) Finely chop the garlic and scoop out the flesh of the avocado. Add all the ingredients to a blender and whizz until smooth. Serve immediately with a selection of fresh, raw vegetable crudités.

Neat or as an ingredient added to a juice or blend, wheatgrass should be an essential daily shot


A ginger shot is a great way to benefit from the root's antioxidant powers



Take your shot

Juice Master’s Ginger Shot (35ml) WHAT’S IN THE SACHET? Pure cold-pressed ginger root and apple, a fantastic way to start the day and awaken the senses. Rise and shine…

SHOT SUPER POWERS When you use its knobbly root, it’s hard to believe that ginger is actually a flowering plant, which is native to China. Ginger is closely related to cardamom, galangal and its super sibling, turmeric, and it's easy to see why when you look at the many uses and health benefits which it offers. Ginger root has been used for centuries, particularly in Asian medicine, to treat nausea and settle digestive issues from stomach upsets to IBS. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds – called gingerols – can also help to fight colds and flu viruses, treat migraines and headaches, ease menstrual pain and muscle injuries. Ginger can offer a natural approach to major health issues. More recently, in studies ginger has been shown to help to reduce pain and stiffness in those suffering from osteoarthritis. Research has demonstrated that ginger can also have a positive effect in lowering blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes patients and even reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Along with helping our bodies to fight infection, ginger’s bioactive qualities may even tackle oral conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Ginger’s powerful antioxidant capabilities have even been proven to help reduce free radicals and oxidative stress, protecting the body from exposure to environmental toxins and the inherent damages of chronic stress and disease. This wonder shot is definitely not to be missed!

GET CREATIVE A ginger shot is Jason’s go-to morning wake-up call, but for a refreshing change, switch it up and enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up with this fruity sorbet.

Mango Ginger Sorbet Ginger Shot 1 Frozen mango 100g Coconut water 50ml Add all the ingredients to a blender, blitz and enjoy. This recipe makes 300ml, enough to serve two people – otherwise stash half of the sorbet back into the freezer to be served on another day.



Take your shot

Juice Master’s Pure Beet (35ml) WHAT’S IN THE SACHET? Save your kitchen worktops, walls and fingers from the potent pink spray of grated beetroot. The beet bulb is one of the hardest ingredients to keep under wraps when juicing, so the Juice Master came up with this 100 per cent pure beetroot pouch – no mess, no waste!

SHOT SUPER POWERS Despite its less than refined looks, the humble beet has an incredible heritage which dates back to Roman times. An excellent source of folic acid, fibre, manganese and potassium, beetroot is rich in calcium, iron and vitamins A and C. Although beets come in white and golden-yellow hues, red beetroot owes its purple colour to betacyanin which is thought to help suppress the development of abnormal cells and boost colon health. Its antioxidant powers and amino acids help our intestinal tract, but beetroot is perhaps best known for its positive effect on blood pressure, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. More recently, US researchers have been examining whether beetroot can even help prevent cognitive diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s by increasing blood flow to the brain.


A study from the University of Exeter discovered that beetroot can make you run faster – athletes who drank a glass before a 20m sprint improved their PB by two per cent, thanks to the vegetable’s nitrates. A separate study found participants could hold their breath half a minute longer underwater after a 70ml shot of beetroot juice. Beetroot can improve libido, acting as a natural Viagra by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body, dilating the blood vessels and blood flow to the genitals. Beetroot can affect the colour of our body's waste, but this is a totally harmless side effect – consider it an indicator you are getting enough of this mighty veggie's good nutrition!

GET CREATIVE This sorbet sets the taste buds tingling – perfect for sunny days!

Best Berry Sorbet Beetroot Shot 1 Frozen mango 50g Blueberries 50g Whizz the ingredients in a blender. This recipe makes 300ml and serves two, or freeze half for another day.

A daily beetroot shot can help to reduce blood pressure naturally


Hot or cold, JM Sip is a super soother for body and soul



Take your shot

Juice Master’s JM Sip (35ml) WHAT’S IN THE SACHET? It’s ginger, with a twist of lemon and apple! For use day or night, squeeze the sachet’s contents into a cup and add boiling water for a warming, caffeine-free drink – we like to think of it as a delicious hug in a mug.

SHOT SUPER POWERS We’ve already explored the health benefits of ginger, but the addition of lemon and apple makes the JM Sip an incredible combination of ingredients with even greater healthboosting super powers. Lemons are high in vitamin C, a primary antioxidant which helps protect cells from damaging free radicals, lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Although the jury’s out on whether lemon can improve our immune system and prevent us from catching colds, one study found that increased vitamin C intake can shorten the duration of symptoms – a great reason to dose up on your JM Sip Shots next time you feel the start of a sniffle. Additionally, lemon contains polyphenols which anecdotal evidence has suggested support weight loss,

improve skin quality through the production of collagen and flush the system. In Ayurvedic medicine, lemon is said to stimulate your ‘agni’, boosting the digestive system and preventing the build-up of toxins in the body. Apples are also rich in antioxidants and fibre, as well as vitamins A, C, K and B7, along with iodine which helps to maintain a healthy thyroid function.

GET CREATIVE The JM Sip is an all-season star, and this refreshing drink is also a great summer thirst quencher.

Lemon-Aid JM Sip 2 sachets Manuka honey 4 tsps Sparkling water 500ml Fresh lemon slices 4 Crushed ice 110g Fresh mint leaves 1 small handful Dissolve the honey in 50ml hot water. Add the JM Sip shots, crushed ice and slices of fresh lemon, and top up with 500ml of the sparkling water. Finish with the mint leaves for an added twist!



The Speakmans


TV’s phobia experts Nik and Eva Speakman are in hot demand as the couple who can help us to conquer our fears, so where better for them to unwind than at Juicy Oasis with Juice Master Jason Vale? Juiced! magazine caught up with them after a recent stay at the retreat




The Speakmans' mission is to assist as many people as they can to overcome their issues and to help them improve the quality of their lives


hey are best known as This Morning’s resident therapists, and they’ve cured countless celebrities who have sought help to conquer their fears, but there’s more to Nik and Eva Speakman than curing phobias. The couple’s schema conditioning therapy is finally being recognised by the medical profession as a radical, highly effective way to tackle mental health issues. Just as Juice Master Jason Vale has conquered our physical health with his nononsense approach to nutrition and fitness, The Speakmans’ method for tackling our mentalhealth is a natural partner to the Juice Master’s simple, yet effective reboot philosophy.

It was earlier this year that The Speakmans finally enjoyed a first stay at Juicy Oasis and met up with Jason for a week at his Portuguese retreat. Needless to say, they got on like kindred spirits, forming a firm friendship that will definitely see them return to Juicy Oasis. “We’ve got a lot in common,” says Nik, who, with wife Eva, is as passionate about fitness and nutrition as Jason. “We’ve been in contact for several years and it’s taken two years of trying to get together at Juicy Oasis, as our schedules are so crazy. Jason was everything I expected him to be and we have a very similar outlook on life and shared values. I know he will be a friend for life.” “They really are so similar,” says Eva. “We were hiking up a mountain and Nik and Jason were walking ahead. I looked up and they were like

“I couldnʼt believe how much I learnt about nutrition while I was at Juicy Oasis – I felt amazing after a week thereˮ brothers, they are so similar in personality – even their body language is the same. Since we’ve been back, Nik hasn’t stopped talking about Juicy Oasis and Jason, and they’re constantly texting each other, it really was an amazing experience.” Having travelled the world and worked with countless celebrities – including Holly Willoughby, Connor Ball of The Vamps, Jeremy Kyle and Vicky Pattison – to help them overcome their fears, it speaks volumes that the time spent at Juicy Oasis means so much to The Speakmans. “We’ve juiced for years,” continues Nik, “whether it’s full-time for a few days or just for breakfast we always get a juice in, but I couldn’t believe how much I learnt about nutrition while I was at Juicy Oasis – I felt amazing after a week there.” “I loved the physical side of Juicy Oasis,” says Eva, who ran a gym before the couple’s stratospheric rise to fame as TV’s phobia fixers. “When I’m at home I try to get to the gym early in the morning or before I get home to cook dinner for the kids, but I never have time for classes so it was brilliant to be able to throw myself into all of the activities at Juicy Oasis.”



Of course The Speakmans are instantly recognisable from their ITV slots on This Morning and Saturday Night Takeaway, and while Jason and his team treat every guest as a VIP, the couple created a bit of a stir at the retreat. “We get it all the time,” continues Eva, “when we’re grocery shopping, at the station or getting on an aeroplane, people stop to ask you about their phobia and how to fix it. But the positive thing is people always feel able to talk to us.” “No-one’s born with a phobia,” explains Nik. “It’s a learned behaviour, and often one we copy from a family member or develop after a traumatic experience, most often between the ages of five and 13 years.” Even The Speakmans have had their own phobias – Eva was scared of spiders and heights, while Nik was petrified of cockroaches – and while at Juicy Oasis, they helped Jason tackle his own dislike of spiders, and an annoying habit of pulling hair out of his eyebrows when he’s under pressure. Unlike most therapies which can take years to get to the heart of the issue, The Speakmans’ schema conditioning helps patients tackle their phobia or behaviour head-on, by conditioning their negative thoughts with overwhelming evidence that their fear is irrational. Nik likens the experience to being in a dark room littered with lamps and, rather than thinking about the complexities of how each one is individually wired, instead flicking the switch to cast light on the darkness. “Psychology primarily studies abnormalities,” he says, “but it’s a myth that if someone has had a phobia for ten years, it could take ten years to remove it. Our therapy focuses on making things right for a person. We developed our technique because we were curious about trauma and understanding why some people process a situation and are totally fine, while the same scenario can create a lifelong problem for others.”

Although the couple have demonstrated the power of their schema conditioning time and again on television, when they are often given less than an hour to transform a person’s psyche to overcome a phobia or bad habit, they still encounter cynicism about their technique. “Everybody’s issues start with a thought process,” says Nik. “We began working on live television to demonstrate how our therapy works. We work with a contributor until they have no fear and it can take just a few minutes to conquer their phobia.

While at Juicy Oasis, The Speakmans helped Juice Master Jason Vale to tackle his fear of spiders! Listen to Jason’s podcast interview with The Speakmans at juicemaster. com and hear how they helped cure a bad habit!

“To achieve success in weight loss, we look at what stage the individual turned to food for such things as comfort or protectionˮ “In our private clinic we cover far more complex areas of mental health,” he says. “Our technique deals with the thought that created the problem in the first place. For example, to achieve success in weight loss, we look at what stage the individual turned to food for such things as comfort or protection – when they felt they needed comfort they turned to food to fill the void. It’s by understanding the cause and reshaping the thought



The Speakmans’ Conquering Anxiety will be published by Orion Spring in May 2019. For details of their transformational workshops, email events@ speakman.tv

around that moment that we can help to change deep-rooted feelings and subsequent anxieties. “We are currently seeing an epidemic in mentalhealth issues and social media is undoubtedly creating greater anxiety in people who are looking for approval with likes and comments to their posts. We get emails from children who are suffering from low self-esteem and also people who appear to have been ‘gifted’ the person other people wanted them to be but which makes them deeply unhappy with who they really are.” It’s a scenario that Eva herself experienced after an unhappy childhood which left her with low self-esteem before she met Nik, 28 years ago. “I overcomplicated everything,” she says. “When we got together I was very shy and lacking in confidence. I always anticipated the worst-case scenario and Nik would simply say if you want to be happy, you have to practice being happy and start putting a smile on your face. “I soon adopted his outlook and together we developed our schemas which initially we didn’t share as we wanted to make sure they worked. We started running workshops about 16 years ago and saw how rapidly our approach got results for people and helped them overcome the things that had held them back for so long.” “The British public are conditioned to be negative,” continues Nik, “and the sole purpose of the brain is survival



so we spend our time looking for danger. If you practice being happy, living in the moment and being grateful, it completely changes your outlook. I always set the alarm ten minutes earlier than I need to get up, and as soon as I hit the snooze button I leap out of bed and think of as many things as possible that I am grateful for. I can usually get to 40 or 50 things and it means I start the morning well. Even my worst days, I believe, are still better than some people's best days.” “You learn to catch yourself when you’re thinking negatively,” adds Eva, “and it becomes second nature. If you meet someone who disagrees with you, you just think, ‘That’s your reality, not mine’, and that there is no one reality and no bad people in the world, just bad circumstances.” Their therapy has now been recognised by the medical profession after in-depth scientific studies by psychology professors at universities in Amsterdam and Utrecht which, at the end of 2018, published papers showing the efficacy of the technique. Although there is a long way to go before The Speakmans’ approach is adopted broadly, it is a positive and encouraging first step. “We know our therapy works as scientists have spent two years examining it and we’ve now trained two professors and seven Masters students,” says Eva. “The next stage is to undertake patient studies, then gain ethical approval from the General Medical Council. Our goal is to get our technique into the NHS, as the potential it has to help millions of people is incredible.”


fear of public speaking fear of vomiting fear of confined places fear of spiders and scorpions fear of heights

“We’re setting up a charity to fund more studies,” adds Nik, “because it’s so important to us to help as many people as possible. We’ve worked with victims from the Tunisian terrorist attack and other terror events, with post-traumatic stress disorder patients and people who have attempted suicide – this technique can change so many people’s lives for the better.” With their energy, expertise and engaging outlook, it’s time to see The Speakmans for the life-changing therapists that they truly are. •


Jason Vale’s 7-day Re-set Retreat Yoga•Meditation•Rebounding•Beautiful walks•Eden Spa Loft Sauna•Beach volleyball•Tennis•Fitness•Hot pool•Flowing river



Change your thinking We all want a happy life, but can changing the way we think help? The Speakmans offer some simple advice to shape our outlook

When we began our journey together, we realised our happiness and outlook on life were determined by the schemas (beliefs) we had accumulated through our life interpretations and experiences to that point. Knowing we are all masters of our own destiny, we chose to take responsibility for our beliefs and created 12 core schemas to be a foundation to provide us with a better way of looking at the world and a positive foundation for our journey together. Having created these schemas we then practised them every day until we adapted them as part of our life and since then they have allowed us to see the world, people and life in a far more positive and beneficial way.




The first step to being happy is to accept full responsibility for your life. Only when you take full responsibility can you take control of your life. If you don’t take responsibility, then invariably you will pass that responsibility onto other people, and become a part of their dreams and aspirations. Using a car as a metaphor, if you are a passenger, although you’re along for the ride you have no option on the roads you take, the scenery you see or where you end up, whereas if you are the driver, you can choose your journey, the route and your destination. You gain control and stop being a victim for all the past events and circumstances that may have caused you pain.



Believing anything is possible will enable you to go much further than if you close a door on any possible dream. Believing anything is possible will give

you the drive to keep trying. A great example of this is a lady who was diagnosed with Asperger’s; she lacked social skills and had no media experience. Even faced with that adversity at the age of 48 she became a global superstar. That lady was Susan Boyle. Had she not believed anything was possible, Susan would never have auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, and would have given up on her dreams, years before.



The only time you fail is if you quit! The reason you are sat with lights around you, and are able to read in bed at night is thanks to an amazing man who created the electric light bulb. Thomas Edison had more than 10,000 attempts, but never gave up as in his workshop there was no such thing as failure. Would you keep going after 10,000 attempts to follow your dream? Thank goodness Thomas did or we would be sat in the dark. No matter how many attempts you have made, you

haven’t failed, you have learnt how not to do something and possibly a way of doing something which may be useful in the future.



There were times in our journey where we caught ourselves trying to make unacceptable excuses, and we hear many others use them today such as, ‘I’m too old to change’, ‘It’s too late for me’, ‘I’m stuck in my ways’, ‘Who would want me at my age?’, ‘I’ve been like this most of my life’... The truth is it is never too late, you are never too old and you can have and be whatever you want. On This Morning it took us less than an hour to help a lady overcome a fear of water that had blighted her life for 65 years, and Mary Berry restarted her TV career at 75-years-young. You become what you think about so become forever able.



If you don’t plan your life, you will be destined

to become part of someone else’s plans and what they have planned for you may not be great. Having goals, both small and large, long- and shortterm, and even goals that may seem entirely impossible today, will make you far more successful than you ever would be without them. Setting goals activates your mind’s reticular activating system, which is like your internal Sat Nav and directs you towards whatever you tell it is important to you. To engage your reticular activating system you must write down your goals and read them often, as you will see opportunities you would otherwise miss.



There is only you that will be with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and for the rest of your life. You therefore owe it to yourself to put YOU first. We are socially conditioned to believe that putting ourself first is selfish. However, have you ever considered that if you don’t put yourself first, then that

is actually selfish? The fact is if you’re happy and fulfilled then the people closest to you will feel happier. Consider the analogy of the safety briefing on an aircraft, where you are told that if oxygen levels fall and your masks drop down, you should put your own on before helping others. If you can breathe, you will have the strength to help save and enhance the lives of others.



Whilst this core schema may cause controversy, knowing you are the centre of your universe this relates to people in your immediate world and therefore we ask you to consider that no-one is born bad, but may have become bad due to ‘bad’ circumstances. If anyone treats you badly, it’s because they have been badly treated themselves. If someone has bullied you, it is because they have been bullied or are jealous of you. Knowing this will, we hope, make you realise that if someone has treated you badly or been unkind to you, it is not because it


was personal to you, it is because they are mean and unkind to most people due to their own insecurities, inadequacies and potential self-loathing.



No-one will see the world quite like you. No-one will have the exact same values, beliefs or opinions as everyone else because they have had different life experiences. Nothing highlights this more than the legal system where two opposing parties can pay millions of pounds in legal fees defending their position as they both believe they are right about a particular situation. They say there are two sides to every story, but in actuality there are really three sides – each party’s perspective and then what actually happened. You see, we don’t believe what we see, we see what we already believe. The purpose of this core schema is to prevent you from feeling conflict, irritation, frustration and angst if someone opposes you, says something that you disagree with or says something that irritates you. You can remove negativity from your life by acknowledging that something may be true in their reality, but not necessarily in yours.




If you consider the world to be a mirror, then essentially what you give out will reflect back at you. If you smile, people will smile back, if you laugh uncontrollably, people will laugh with you, if you give hugs, you will get hugged, if you give love, you are more likely to be loved in return... Conversely, if you are negative, you will attract negative people. If you are argumentative, people will argue with you and if you do not value yourself, then you will allow yourself to be treated without value. If you find yourself slipping into negative thoughts or behaviours, remind yourself that your world is a mirror and that you can ensure through your thoughts and actions that happiness shines on you.



The greatest gift we all have as human beings is the capability of transporting ourselves from sadness to happiness in a heartbeat, simply by directing our thoughts. If you think about the people who have hurt you, crossed you or

irritated you or the things that have gone wrong, or your ailments, then you continue to be a victim to all those people and experiences, the consequences of which are negative emotions such as anger, fear, rage, self-pity and anxiety. You become what you think about, so make efforts to think about things that will empower you and make you be the happy person you deserve to be. A great start to this is practising gratitude.



We have probably all heard this statement, but never really appreciated that we really are what we eat. What we put in our body will become a part of us and our cell structure and will either nourish or punish our organs, energy, health, mind and body. It’s not a complicated equation. Eat well, feel well. Eat bad, feel bad. This schema was what took us to Juicy Oasis for a biannual, thorough deep cleanse and nourish, but in our normal daily life, we follow a dairy- and gluten-free diet, with lots of fruits, vegetables, raw juices, nuts and seeds. Also, bearing in mind that the body is comprised of around 85 per cent water, it is imperative to keep hydrated. Our body

is the vehicle that transports us in life, it is our responsibility to ensure that the fuel we give it is a high standard to make our life journey energetic and smooth.



No matter what you want to do, experience or achieve, there will invariably be people in your life who will feel compelled to cast a shadow on your plans with words such as ‘What do you want to do that for?’ We call these people ‘doubters’. There are generally four reasons people cast doubt on your plans. The first is envy. They can’t be bothered to put the effort in, so they can’t bear to see you succeed. The second is that the doubter applies their knowledge and skills to your plans. Because they doubt themselves, they impart their inability on you. The third is due to a fear of losing you because they may think that you bettering yourself will result in you making new friends and meeting new people and forgetting them. Finally, we all want different things in life, therefore if someone does not want to do what you are doing, they will cast doubt on your idea instantly as they simply don’t and can’t understand.


How to be happy in life... LOVE YOURSELF The person you believe yourself to be, good or bad, is the person you tell the world, family, friends and work colleagues that you are. Love and respect yourself so that you can be loved and respected in return. No-one is born with high or low self-esteem so if you have low self-esteem, ask yourself who made you feel that way? Challenge those memories and the person that made you feel that way. Were they right? Are they always right? Are they a part of your life today? What qualifications did they have to give the opinion? What did they have to gain? Allow yourself to see what other people who love and adore you feel, see yourself through their eyes. Write a list of the people who love or have loved you (even a pet) and consider why they love or loved you. Also write a list of all the kind things you have done, the people you made smile or were there to give a hug to when they needed it most. Read your list regularly. GRATITUDE It is really important to realise how much you actually have and how much you are capable of. Conscious gratitude should start from the moment you successfully wake up in the morning and should include family, friends, pets, the gadgets that make your life so much easier, such as your phone, kettle, computer and toaster (think how life would be different without them!), plus the fact that you can laugh and live.

FRIENDS Studies suggest that we become like the five people we spend most time with, therefore it is imperative to surround yourself with kind, positive people. Do the mobile-phone test! Look through your phone and consider if that person were to ring me right now, would I be excited or dread taking the call? The ‘dreaders’ are the draggers that zap your positive energy and need to be avoided. GOALS If you don’t set your own goals, statistically you are destined to become a part of someone else’s. Just start with two or three daily goals no matter how small, then progress to goals for the year ahead and then goals for your long-term future. Having goals will give you direction, purpose and a sense of achievement. WOW LIST Why leave to chance how you wake up each morning? Direct your dreams and day ahead by writing a 'Wow' list on an index card to keep at the side of your bed. Your list should comprise of 6-8 things that are truly wow about you or your life. These can include an amazing experience, passing an exam, someone who loves you unconditionally or a time that you laughed uncontrollably and felt pure joy. Read your card morning and night, and change or add things to the wow list every now and then as you notice positive experiences.



…and reboot your system Now you’ve reset your mind with The Speakmans’ 12 core schemas and path to happiness, rethink your attitude to nutrition and reboot your system with Juice Master Jason Vale’s Big Juice Reset Taking place from 29 April – 3 May, this is your chance to experience Jason’s 5-Day Juice Challenge and get a jump start on getting into shape for summer. Juice Master Jason Vale will be leading the way with Juice Master fans from around the globe taking the chance to switch up their nutritional intake with the power of juice. As the stories over the next few pages show, you never know where a juice challenge will lead you…

JUICY STATS Name: Suzanne Jones Start weight: 195lbs Weight loss: 42lbs (dress size 16-18 down to 12!) Name: Adam Jones Start weight: 224lbs Weight loss: 49lbs

Our juicy journey “I struggled with my weight for most of my 30s and tried numerous diets including Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Atkins," says Suzanne Jones. "Although I had success in losing weight, I could never sustain it and always ended up putting the weight back on and more. “In May 2017, a friend recommended Jason Vale’s 5-day Juice Challenge. We watched Super Juice Me! and were so impressed by the impact juicing can make, and not just around weight loss. The logic really struck a chord with us and we were excited to start a 5-day juice plan so we ordered a Juice Master Delivered pre-made juice plan. “Adam lost 11.5lbs and I lost 10.5lbs in five days! More importantly, it changed the way we think about food and the impact what we eat has on our health and wellbeing. The first few days were tough and we both had headaches and mentally struggled to get to grips with not eating solid food. By the end of the five days we felt great, had more energy and were motivated to continue with juicing long-term. “It was the kick start we needed and since then we have incorporated juicing into our life. We juice two days every week, with the exception of Christmas and holidays. We bought a juicer and Sunday afternoons are spent preparing juices for the week as the key to sustaining this lifestyle is being organised. We use Juice Master Delivered when we need a boost or to get back on track after a holiday or in January to start the year as we mean to go on. “The weight has continued to come off and with the help of our mini-Schnauzer, Schnitzel, we walk an average of four miles a day. We are much more active, healthier and happier as a result.


91lbs We've shed

between us

“I suffered from bad hay fever before juicing and this has also improved. We both feel more alive and healthy than we have in years. We love food and a large part of our social life is going out or to friends for dinner. We still like a glass of wine or gin and tonic, but we are more aware of the impact of food and drinks on our health and bodies. “We look forward to juicing after Christmas or a holiday where we have overindulged. Adam loves to work out in the gym and he has maintained the weights he lifts despite being nearly 50lbs lighter! Being more active and wanting to exercise more has been one of the best things about the weight loss and having more energy.

“I love to read Juiced! magazine and Jason’s books as these help with maintaining our motivation and are great for juice and food ideas, plus I really enjoy reading about other people’s juicy success stories. “I am always telling friends and family about the benefits of juicing and recommending they try one of Jason’s plans. We cannot recommend them highly enough to others as you can see and feel the results week after week, month after month.” •




Lewis Corbett

Kim Dennison

“I lost 32lbs. 21 inches from around my body, and I’ve had NO period pains.”

“6 inches gone from my waist and 70lbs lost!”






on health, addiction and juicing. Jason Vale is the best-selling author of ten books and he regularly appears on His books have been translated into many languages apps and is the television, radio and in the press. He has five #1 best-selling Portugal. Spa’ in founder of ‘Juicy Oasis Boutique Health Retreat & RRP UK £11.99 US $19.99

6450 7 6$19.99 7 8 0 9 5 4US RRP I S B NUK9 £11.99


Meet Martina Giraldi from Italy who started Jason Vale’s Super Blend Me! for just ten days, but continued to blend for a whole year with life-changing results

18 11 JANUARY 20life to me challenges changed my eating habits which led

“In the last year, a number of during the week, sleeping badly and eating having no time for the gym, not eating breakfast g programme which had helped me in the too much processed food. I tried to start a juicin I quickly gained 18lbs and was always tired. past, but I just couldn’t find the time for juicing. s to learn to meditate, but it seemed that I went to a nutritionist and trainer every two week my body and mind were on strike. plan, mainly because the preparation of “I was so happy to try Jason Vale’s Super Blend Me! were amazing! I had lost 9lbs, I had a flatter recipes was so quick. The results after ten days shiny hair and bright eyes. I was also stomach, slimmer legs, my skin was glowing, I had to the gym again. I didn’t want to eat sleeping better, had more energy and started going Thank you Jason and the Juice Master processed foods and I had more time for my son. easy plan – keep cool and blend on!" team for giving me the inspiration and a quick,




Lose up to 28lbs and totally transform your health with Jason Vale’s 28-Day Super Juice Me! Challenge


A year of juicy living


“Lost 16lbs… Body Fat down 3%… Muscle Mass up 2%” Paul B

10 SEPTEMBER 2018 “Momentum is everything. After completing the Super Blend Me! challenge I continued juicing on a regular basis. I craved good foods instead of bad ones, and wanted to move my body. I lost 25lbs without dieting and I am starting another detox. Ciao!”


17 SEPTEMBER 2018 “Just finis

hed the 5-Day Challenge and I have lost 7lbs. I feel great! Plus I ‘cheated’ as it was my dad’s birthday so I ate a normal dinner and a little slice of cake. Having started the year with Jason’s Super Blend Me! Challenge, and continued juicing afterwards I haven’t dieted since 16 July because of holiday and birthdays, so I gained 4.5lbs over two months. The 5-Day Challenge was perfectly timed for me to do a detox and get rid of the extra pounds (and more!). I have lost 27lbs since January and will keep on juicing. I love the recipes from Jason’s Super fast Food book, especially the Pea & Mint Risotto and Marinated Salmon. I went to London to buy halloumi cheese and parsnips, as they are not available in Italy and I wanted to try the Halloumi Pizza!”

19 NOVEMBER 2018

“Exactly one year ago and now, thanks to the power of juicing and Juice Master’s easy designed plans… I am ready to start to Create Magic.”

31 DECEMBER 2018

14 JANUARY 2019 “I planned to indulge during the festive season and gained 8lbs in three weeks (yes, my body has a pretty good fat memory). After only one week of Jason’s Super Juice Me! plan, 7lbs have melted away. I will keep on juicing with the aim to complete the 28 days, but switching recipes from other plans too (5lbs, 5:2 and Funky Fresh Juice). I would like to taste as many different juice flavours as possible during this time! I feel lighter, my stomach is flatter and I have thinner legs, my skin looks amazing, glowing from the inside out, and I have more energy for exercise and to play with my son.”

“December 2017 vs July 2018. Thank you Juice Master for giving me the opportunity to improve my health. I’m juicing it forwards!”



Lost 36lbs and no statins JUICY STATS Name: Richard Catlin Start weight: 262lbs Weight loss: 36lbs “After a heart scare in October, my cardiologist suggested the pains in my chest were my body’s way of giving me a kick up the arse, recommended I change my lifestyle with immediate effect and prescribed statins to lower my cholesterol. Later tests revealed I had high blood pressure and high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol 6.7 mmol/L. “I was adamant that I didn’t want to take a prescribed medicine for the rest of my life and researched ways to lower my cholesterol naturally. Hence juicing. “For the first week I did Jason Vale’s 7-Day Juice Plan and, as you can see from my stats, the weight just dropped off me. Then I did the Soup ‘n’ Juice plan the week after. I still juice at least once a day, although during the week I now have porridge for breakfast, with a combination of berries, sultanas, bananas or chia seeds, then typically I have two juices throughout the day and a soup or light meal in the evening.

Juice Master to the stars has squeeze and #1 best-sell d more than ing author 101 funky recipes into Jason Vale ‘n’ fresh juice this latest and smoothi book. your blender, e and brace your Warm up your juicer, wateringly dust off taste buds tantalizing fruit and veggie for the most mouthfusions ever “When the alarm created! goes off at downstairs and 7am, I head get out the juicer. carrots, four florets of broccoli, I throw in three some cucumber, celery, an apple and a tiny piece reading Jason of ginger. After Vale’s Juice Master book years ago, I’ve a couple

y fresh juice

of become a complete Simon Nixon (Founder convert.” of MoneySuperm arket.com)

“Jason Vale’s approach is all about taking of your health control using common sense and logic. Always delivered with his unique humour and importantly, most easy to apply to your own Beverley life!” Knight “I love the juices

and I don’t

feel hungry.” Katie Price (aka Jordan)

“Want an easy way to shed fat? Simply stuff in a blender, chuck some wizz them up super smoothies and drink these from Juice Mens Fitness Master Jason Vale.” Magazine


plus this one!



Juice Master


I’ve even quit drinking coffee and tea, and discovered peppermint tea which I now consume in the same quantity as I once did coffee – I get a natural high from running.

“After being a takeaway junkie, feasting on kebabs, curries and pizzas, I am now a full-blown vegetarian. It was a decision my body made for me, I no longer crave meat, saturated fat, sugar or alcohol. I was habitually drinking beer everyday and now I’m teetotal. The funk

“My favourite juice is the apple, beet, carrot and celery juice from Jason’s Funky Fresh Juice Book, which is surprising because I really don’t like celery or carrots. After my research, I believe that this juice alone contributed the most towards significantly lowering my cholesterol. Combined apples,

beets and carrots can lower cholesterol more than any statin. I’m not a medical professional, but my results speak for themselves and my doctor was amazed. I honestly cannot understand why I wasn’t first prescribed a natural vegetable/fruit-based diet, before even considering a manufactured medicine. My go-to juice is Jason’s Super Juice – I make it almost every day and get through shed-loads of spirulina and wheatgrass, you can actually taste the good it does to your body – I love it.

“The King of Juicing” OK! Magazine

Jason Vale The Juice Master

“Never too shy of a challenge, I have now decided to run in the 2019 London Marathon after being kindly offered a charity place by the Youth Hostel Association. I’ve also signed up for the Stafford Half Marathon, the Coast Half Marathon, the Derby Marathon and, in September, I’ll be running in the Great North Run to help raise funds for the British Heart Foundation, a fitting charity given my juicy journey."

Richard did it, and so can you! Order Juice Master Jason Vale's books and apps at


LOST 47lbs AND NO LOOKING BACK JUICY STATS Name: Tracey West Start weight: 241lbs Weight loss: 47lbs BMI down from 38.7 to 31.2 veg “I have just completed a 70-day fruit and my of start the s juice fest and today mark diet. journey back to a whole food, plant-based on well I’m but yet, goal I’m not at my ultimate in, on here From e. ther the right road to getting ng juici of day a ate rpor it is my intention to inco th mon a and th, mon a a week, a week of juicing cise exer d inue cont my of juicing a year, and with k you, I sincerely hope I’ll reach a BMI of 25. Than ed.” gain and lost Jason, for everything I’ve

LOST 55lbs, NO DIABETES, NO HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, NO ASTHMA INHALER! “I have an immune disease and I was Type 2 diabetic, weighed 265lbs with high blood pressure, asthma and high cholesterol. I’m happy to report that since I started juicing I have lost 55lbs, I’m no longer Type 2 diabetic, I’m off all four of my blood pressure and cholesterol medication and I no longer need a puffer for my asthma. “The first time that I came across juicing was when I watched Super Juice Me! in spring 2016. That day I went and got a juicer. For those who feel dubious about starting a juice feast, as I like to call it, all I can say is that if like me you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, the pills, doctors’ appointments and being treated like a guinea pig, why not give juicing a try? I have two juices that are my favourites. The first is Jason Vale’s Pearfection and the second is one I came up with which consists of half a medium pineapple, one beetroot, one lemon, one yellow bell pepper, 2-3 carrots (depending on size) 1” of ginger and 1” of turmeric. Delicious!” Mike Boyer, Canada

Took the challenge with BIG results! LOST 14lbs IN 12 DAYS AND BACK ON TRACK “I recently lost 50lbs but through the holidays I gained a little back. I used Jason Vale’s plan to lose and maintain that weight-loss with his fantastic soups, juices, salads and smoothie recipes, five days a week. I lost 14lbs in 12 days and two per cent body fat with his blends and regular visits to the gym. My energy is through the roof and my skin is sooo soft. Thank you Jason, for introducing me to your wonderful challenge.” Elisabeth Underwood, USA

LOST 15lbs, SKIN, MOOD, FOCUS AND SLEEP IMPROVED “So yesterday I completed Juice Master Jason Vale's 7-Day Big Juice Challenge and what a result! I have lost 15lbs but it’s not just about the weight, my skin feels better, I feel healthier and happier, my focus and concentration have improved, I’ve been sleeping better, I no longer feel the need to sit and snack on things my body doesn’t actually need, and not once have I felt hungry or deprived – quite the opposite, I feel like I have been feeding my body exactly what it wants and in return it is thanking me with all the wonderful positive results I have mentioned. My Retro Juicer will be here tomorrow to continue my juicy journey and I am now trying the Super Blend Me! plan so I can mix things up. A massive thank you to Jason for sharing his knowledge in an easy to understand way, for all the support and encouragement videos, but most of all for the delicious recipes.” Rachel Beanland, UK

PEARFECTION Apple 1 Pears 2 Parsnip 1 Cucumber 1/4

Lime (peeled with pith on) 1/2 Fresh mint 1 small handful Ice 1 small handful

Juice ingredients, pour on ice and enjoy!

Feeling inspired? Tune into Jason’s Juice Tube to see the full results video and follow his Big Juice Reset from 29 April at juicemaster.com 35


Juicing myths shattered by Jason Vale


Tired of juicy naysayers and the same old juicing myths he’s challenged with time and again, Juice Master Jason Vale separates fact from fiction I have been writing about the incredible health benefits of freshly extracted juice for almost two decades. During that time, I have also given thousands of lectures, travelled the world spreading the ‘juicy word’ and I even made a movie about it – Super Juice Me! I have received thousands of emails and posts from people in every corner of the globe, all attesting to the life-changing impact juicing has had on their health.

This would be OK if there was anything to be negative about, but all of the negativity is based on myths and mistruths that have been perpetuated ever since juicing became popular. These usually come from so-called ‘experts’ in the field of health and nutrition. Many registered dieticians and TV doctors have tended to have had the loudest negative juice voices over the years.

However, despite these many, many unsolicited testimonials, and despite the truly monumental results of those who took part in my documentary, I am still constantly bombarded with the same misinformed, negative nonsense about juicing, either from people who simply don’t know any better, or from those who really should.

If you keep up with my JuiceTube channel on YouTube you will have seen my Jason On His Juice Box series where I rip apart these negative headlines and add some juicy truth to proceedings.

I remember being in Dubai for some press activity and as the journalists entered the room, I already knew the questions that they were going to ask. I also knew that they would come at things from a position of scepticism and negativity, which also happens every time I am on TV or the radio.

In case you haven’t had a chance to tune in, or prefer the written word over the visual format, I thought I’d use Juiced! magazine as a platform to shatter the most common myths about juicing in order to give you the true facts. If you hear anyone expressing any of the following myths overleaf, please direct them straight to this article or to my YouTube channel (youtube.com/ juicemaster). It may help to shut some of them up!


‘THERE’S NO FIBRE IN JUICE’ In freshly extracted juices, such as apple and pear, you will find soluble fibre known as pectin. If you make a blend or smoothie and use the whole fruit/veg, you get both soluble and insoluble fibre. However, there are two important facts about fibre which need addressing:

This means that when a person starts adding whole foods again, they will always have more than enough fibre. However, I’d like to emphasise that they will also be getting more than enough fibre when they are following one of my juice plans too.

a) We need less than a small handful of fibre a day to keep us ‘moving’

Secondly, let’s look at point B. It is often claimed that you lose nutrients when you juice by discarding the insoluble fibre (known as pulp). However, fibre cannot penetrate through the intestinal wall and therefore you cannot lose nutrients by losing some fibre.

b) Fibre cannot penetrate the intestinal wall and you can’t lose nutrients when you juice Firstly, let's look at A. In all of my juice diets there is a combination of freshly extracted pure juices containing soluble fibre and blends/smoothies containing insoluble fibre or both. So, to argue there is no fibre is a total mistruth. Also, I have never advocated that a person should live on nothing but juices and blends forever. My juice diets are always short-term and akin to putting your car in for a service.

38 36

In fact, it can be argued that juice is more bioavailable and therefore allows for more of the nutrients to actually be absorbed by our body. One thing’s for sure though, to say there’s no fibre in juice and to give the impression that means it’s in some way bad or harmful is a myth. If you hear someone putting this objection forward, be sure to set them straight.


‘JUICES ARE JUST PURE SUGAR’ Doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and even scientists simply say ‘all sugars are the same’ and ‘once you strip away the fibre, juices are like drinking pure sugar’. This is, of course, utter nonsense. White refined sugar has been stripped bare of its natural nutritional components and is, for want of a better word, empty. Conversely freshly extracted juice retains vitamins, minerals, plant chemicals and natural sugars – all of which are designed by nature to feed every cell of the body. What the experts don’t take into account is the synergistic nature of plant food. They also don’t take into account that humans may not fully understand what any fruit or vegetable is actually comprised of. This is why isolating a particular vitamin or mineral and putting it in a pill will never be as effective as the real thing. Take mother’s milk as an example. Humans have done what they can to replicate it, but there are elements we simply

can never imitate. This is why freshly extracted juice is the sum of all its parts, including the natural sugars. Sometimes we need to look beyond science and use common sense. If, as many claim, ‘all sugars are the same and juices are nothing but sugar’, why do sugar addicts still crave it on a juice diet? I know from personal experience that when you are coming off white refined sugar, natural sugars in freshly extracted juice don’t cut the mustard. The void left by refined sugars cannot be filled by freshly extracted juices because… the sugars are not the same! If they were, and according to some ‘experts’ all you are having is sugar with a juice, how can you still crave sugar whilst apparently having nothing but sugar? It simply doesn’t make any logical sense. A freshly extracted juice is a combination of all of the finest nutrients that nature can throw at us in a much easier to digest and bioavailable form, natural sugars included.



‘IT’S NOT SUSTAINABLE’ A headline statement that a lot of ‘experts’ love to voice, I hear this all the time. However, like all the other nonsense spouted about juicing and juice diets, it’s totally misleading. If you put your car in for a service it’s ‘unsustainable’ to keep it there. Yet, once serviced, it performs better. It is unsustainable to stay on a juice diet forever, but the point of a 'juice service' follows the same principle, so your body runs a little better. The vast majority of people who successfully complete a juice diet of seven days or more go on to make healthy changes in their normal diet. The majority incorporate juicing into their everyday lives, often replacing a meal a day (usually breakfast) with a freshly extracted juice or blend. Juicing in itself is sustainable, but clearly living on nothing but juice isn’t for many reasons. None more so than you’ll end up with no life or friends!


The other nonsense headline I hear is, ‘As soon as a person finishes a juice diet and eats normally they will gain the weight back and more’. I can give thousands of examples where this didn’t happen, and why? Because these people changed their ‘normal’ after they finished their juice diet. If someone’s diet is full of refined fat, salt, sugar, alcohol and no exercise, if they return to their ‘normal’ diet they will gain weight! However, this is not because they had freshly extracted juice for a week! This seems obvious, but somehow escapes the common sense of some of the brightest doctors, dieticians, nutritionists and scientists whose advice many people follow. So, ignore the negative headlines about juice, no matter where they come from, and allow common sense to come into play. Look out for more of Jason’s Juice myths shattered in the next issue of Juiced! magazine.

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Still Still working it working ion, , champ pion buildin bodybuild inggcham crisis to body h crisis health From healt From ible incred dible nce edd an incre experie rienc on has expe ison Morris Jo Morr e was onn Val steerr Jas Vale e Ma Jaso Mast Juice sayss Juic y but say ey, journe journ ry recove very ral to her reco central cent


It’s a turnaround story that defies the odds and undoubtedly is in no small part to her inner resolve and determination not to give up, but Jo also firmly believes that Juice Master Jason Vale was a catalyst for life and health changes which have contributed to her journey to recovery.

At 54, Jo Morrison (healthimpactcoach. com) has a stunning body that many of us would envy, but her incredible physique is even more amazing given that at 26 she was diagnosed with advanced aggressive cervical cancer, and later skin cancer and a brain tumour which left her unable to walk.

Although healing her body and regaining her mobility were Jo’s initial goals, her path to recovery has taken her far beyond this point. In September 2018, she stepped on stage for her first bodybuilding competition at the Ultimate Fitness Events European Championships in London where she won gold in the over-45 figure and fitness categories, and silver in the open figure competition. Just six weeks later, she won the Pure Elite World Championships female transformation category, followed by fitness model of the year, transformation athlete 2018 and most inspirational athlete. While Jo’s life story would make an incredible book or movie, the reality has been a ten-year fight to overcome disappointment and physical and emotional lows, and to refocus on living again. No day is wasted in Jo’s amazing battle to achieve her goals. “I was diagnosed with a large benign meningioma brain tumour in 2008 and discovered that I had been having seizures,” says Jo. “I didn't know what was happening to my body and was in shock as it was the second major illness I had faced since the age of 26. It took me a few months before I could see a way to move forwards. Previously I worked as a personal trainer and health coach, and I lost my business overnight after surgery to remove the tumour left me unable to stand or walk.

“In fact it took me nearly two years to walk without sticks and straps on my foot, and another six years to walk confidently. There was also the emotional impact of rebuilding my life and the physical effects too which included epilepsy, weight gain and bloating from the medication I had to take – I gained over 36lbs in three months and looked as if I would explode. I felt trapped in my body, lonely, scared and angry.

ent way A differ different

“I reached a certain point though when I realised that my body had been compromised and that, instead of feeling frustrated, I had to try another way to repair it. I started to explore nutrition and instead of approaching weight loss by thinking about what I could remove from my diet, I thought about what I could add, feeding myself the right foods which would help my body to heal naturally. “A friend had recommended Juicy Mountain, Jason Vale’s retreat in Turkey, soon after I was diagnosed with the brain tumour, and although it was too soon to travel at that time, I booked a trip the following year. I was scared to travel as I was by myself, unsteady on my feet with just a stick to support me. I arrived in the middle of the night and I felt so ill and scared, I didn’t know if I would be able to do the detox. “However, the week was incredible and the beautiful setting gave me an opportunity to reflect on the journey I had experienced and think about how I wanted to go forward. The nutritional knowledge I gained there too was invaluable. I had always thought juicing


was a good thing, but I began to realise why a vegetable-based diet was so valuable as I recovered my health. In just one week, my energy levels soared and my skin and hair were shining. “I decided that I would study to become a Natural Juice Therapist and signed up for Jason’s Juice Academy which was brilliant. I also trained as a Master NLP practitioner and using a combination of these skills I started to help others and worked with clients who wanted change in their lives. I now work as a health coach helping people to make sustainable, positive changes to their health and wellbeing. I also work as an ARNI instructor in functional exercise training after stroke.”

competition Hot competition

Although by now she was already following a healthy diet and active lifestyle, supported by her knowledge as a personal trainer, following a move from London to Brighton Jo decided to refocus on her health and nutrition, embarking on a 30-day cleanse and getting into bodybuilding. “I worked out every day,” says Jo, “and I couldn’t believe the changes that I began to see in my body. I set my alarm for 5.30am and now I start the day with meditation before going to the gym and working out until 7.30/8am. I vary my training with 40-90 minutes working on specific muscle groups, setting my goals and I don’t leave until it is done. I’d had enough of what had happened to me, I wanted to take control of my health.” A friend of Jo’s who is a bikini athlete suggested she enter a bodybuilding competition, helping her to devise


a food programme and to perfect her onstage performance. “I didn’t realise there was so much involved in bodybuilding,” says Jo. “You just have to focus on your goal and why you are doing it. I want to be better and healthy, and this is a marvellous way of being in control of my body. I still have to look after myself as I have epilepsy and can’t work the way I used to, but I’ve learnt to reinvent myself. Life is a journey and we have to adapt to change. “Lots of people didn’t know I was in training and they were shocked when I won the competitions, it was a real wow moment. I was nervous but the bodybuilding community is small and friendly, and it gave me the confidence to go onto the World Championships. “While 2018 was about setting down the foundations, this year I want to get my professional card, be recognised as a figure athlete and achieve a place for the Ultimate Fitness Events World Championships which takes place in Toronto in November 2019. I’ve set up a transformational group to help ten women who want to follow a plan and work towards their own bodybuilding achievements. There's a real sense of camaraderie that I love.”

r Juice Juicepowe power

Despite a heavy schedule of training, juicing plays a major part in Jo’s diet. “I eat a plant-based diet with wheatgrass shots in the morning, followed by a juice and ginger shot,” she says. “I don’t eat a lot of fruit but plenty of spinach, kale and celery for hydration, all of which support my training. I also enjoy a cucumber and ginger juice after training as it’s light yet quickly rehydrates me.

“While 2018 was about setting down the foundations, this year I want to get my professional card, be recognised as a figure athlete and achieve a place for the Ultimate Fitness Events World Championships which takes place in Toronto in November 2019ˮ




How to be a juicy winner “Juice is such a clean product, you know what’s in it and there is no reason why it can’t be good for everybody. It turned my life around and if my story inspires other people to change their nutrition too, I am thrilledˮ “You need to think about what goes into a blend and although most people usually start off with a predominantly fruit-based recipe when they begin juicing and blending, you can gradually evolve your palate towards a greater intake of vegetables which have so many incredible nutrients that are good for our bodies.”

of juice,” she says. “Those education slots each evening, and on subsequent retreats I took at Juicy Mountain and Juicy Oasis, were invaluable in helping me to teach other people about how juicing fits in with our lives and health. If you’re not feeling great, juicing is a really quick way to get nutrients into your body.

Jo’s has been a life-changing juicy journey and she is in no doubt that Jason and the Juice Master team have been pivotal to her recovery. “If I hadn’t gone on that retreat, I would never have learnt so much about the power

“Juice is such a clean product, you know what’s in it and there is no reason why it can’t be good for everybody. It turned my life around and if my story inspires other people to change their nutrition too, I am thrilled.” •


Receiving her Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner certificate from Jason Vale at Juicy HQ (above), Jo’s advice on reaching your goal is to plan to succeed. “Whether it’s nutrition or exercise, people go into a plan but don’t always have a clear goal to know if they are successful,” she says. “This can have a knock-on effect on their outcomes. You need to identify what you want to achieve and you will be able to move towards it. I had a clear vision of me standing on stage and winning medals and it gave me the focus to work towards that moment.”

Do you have a juicy success story to share? Send us an email at juiced@ juicemaster.com

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Three women went up a juicy mountain… and came down transformed Its magic is renowned, but just what is it that makes Juicy Mountain so special? We asked three equally special guests what it is that draws them back to Jason’s rustic retreat, time and again We all know the lure of an amazing place which makes us feel special whenever we visit, so it comes as no surprise that Juice Master Jason Vale’s original retreat, Juicy Mountain in Turkey, has become a magical place for so many people.

Jason and his team have always cherished the rustic simplicity of Juicy Mountain and who better to describe its unique powers than three ladies who have returned to the mountain, time and again, to recharge their magic mojo…





“Amazingly it’s been 13 years since I first bumped into Jason Vale at a talk he was giving on juicing to promote his book, Slim For Life, and I was just blown away,” says Emma Ferry. “I love his story, books and personality and the rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been to both of his retreats, but there is something amazing about Juicy Mountain and the people connected with it that keeps me going back. “In 2007, I went to Juicy Mountain for the first time and the results were shocking – people kept asking what I had been doing. We’re all critical of ourselves, but even I could see the difference – I had bright, white eyes, I felt trim and even though my adrenal glands are usually bursting at the seams with stress, the detox left me feeling amazing with no toxins, a suntan and all the sleep I could want! “It’s not just the results though. I enjoy being with like-minded people and when you’re there, everyone is on the same level. It’s an incredibly humbling experience – there are people who have scraped the money together to be on retreat and there are billionaires, but Juicy Mountain strips away all the layers. When it comes down to it, the only things that matter


are our health and wellbeing. I usually go to Juicy Mountain for two weeks and it's my time for reflection. I keep fit throughout the year and enjoy being active, but I love throwing myself into all of the activities on offer, especially rebounding which is a crack! I always learn something new on retreat – ten years ago I discovered coconut oil and it’s changed my life, it’s all I use now. You come away feeling like you’re full of rocket fuel, it’s just amazing.


“I’ve been to Juicy Oasis three times and it has the luxury and spa treatments, but it’s quite big and you can disappear yourself. At Juicy Mountain, there’s a warmth and community which I adore – you go back to basics, pare everything away and everyone goes through the ups and downs of cleansing together. It feels very familiar, like coming home, and the minute I arrive and put my bag down, my shoulders drop and I instantly feel relaxed. Time is my premium resource and I can never get it back, so Juicy Mountain gives me a hit of feeling alive, gets my head back into gear and helps me to rebalance. It’s not a magic wand, but Juicy Mountain is my place to retreat and reboot.”

‘I’ll always go as long as it’s there’ “Juicy Mountain has changed our lives,” laughs Katrina Tindell who, together with husband Keith (above), has visited Juicy Mountain for ten consecutive years. “We go every May for a week and in October for two weeks, and it is a truly special place for us,” she says. “We used to go to Greece for a month every year, but I became a bit of a couch potato, driving everywhere, eating, drinking and sitting by the pool. I remember on one particular trip I had read all my books and I bought OK! Magazine and read a feature on Jason Vale’s 7-Day Challenge and I thought, ‘I like the sound of that’. I ordered the book and when I got home I did the plan and lost 7lbs in one week. “In the book, I read about Juicy Mountain and immediately booked a trip with my husband and from the moment we arrived we felt at home. We threw ourselves into the activities, which is how I got into exercising. I now do eight classes a week and my husband and I are big walkers and we will happily cover 15 miles or more while we're out. “Juicy Mountain is amazing and there’s a happiness I feel when I'm there, I’ve constantly got a smile on my face. It really has changed my life – I have a lot more confidence and I never would have thought I would know as much as I do about nutrition. I juice every day, usually at breakfast and, as I make my juice each morning, I often think it’s all because of that one article I read.”






“I discovered Juicy Mountain six years ago,” says Biba Binotti. “The year before, I had been diagnosed with a malignant melanoma and it was a wakeup call to start looking after my health. I read about juicing and a friend recommended Juicy Mountain for a break as I was exhausted and feeling burnt out. “Juicy Mountain was full but I got a call to say that there had been a cancellation – it felt like divine intervention and that it was meant to be. The retreat was transformational and I came back feeling so amazing with a zest for life again. Juicy Mountain definitely captures the essence of Jason, and the team are amazing, they make it so special, plus the other guests are real fun and interesting characters. “The mountain itself is stunning and it affects you both physically and spiritually. I love that it’s not a boot camp and you set your

own pace to do as little or as much as you like. Watching the videos about health and nutrition in the evening was all the food I needed and it completely changed my mindset about what I put into my body.


“Now I go to Juicy Mountain at least twice a year, usually in May and September, and sometimes I sneak in an extra visit. Those weeks are non-negotiable as it’s the one place I can go and guarantee that I will come back feeling brilliant. “I have been with my mum and partner on different trips, and I do also love spending time there by myself. The first three days on retreat I like to do my own thing and I love that you can be private and contemplative if you want, or hang out and chat with people who are similarly focused on their wellbeing. Physically too the programme is brilliant and I

love to throw myself into all the activities that are on offer. “I celebrated my 50th birthday at Juicy Mountain, which I hired out and took friends and family to share this wonderful place. The programme works perfectly and it was a brilliant excuse to get people out there to try it – in fact most of them have gone back, they fell in love with Juicy Mountain too. “I've been to Juicy Oasis in Portugal a few times too, when Juicy Mountain is out of season, and it is a beautiful place but I prefer the mountain, it’s got the soul I need – there’s nothing like doing yoga on the platform and the reality is even more stunning in real life. Each time I go, I come back brimming with dreams and ideas, it really is a totally magical place.” •

Why not experience the magic of Juicy Mountain for yourself – call 01234 480280 to book a stay before 31 August 2019.


YOUR GOOD HEALTH! Runs April – October

Yoga • Meditation • Rebounding • Beautiful walks • Sauna Beach volleyball • Table tennis • Juices and smoothies

Calljuicymountain.com +44 1234 480280 or visit juicemasterretreats.com


“I love the juices and I don’t feel Katie Price hungry.” (aka Jorda n) “Want an easy way to shed fat? Simply stuff in a blend chuck some er, wizz them up and drink super smoo these thies from Juice Master Jason Mens Fitne Vale.” ss Magazine


plus this one!

juice Book

and get out the juicer. I throw carrots, four in three florets of brocc oli, some cucum celery, an apple ber, and a tiny piece reading Jason of ginger. After Vale’s Juice Master book years ago, I’ve a couple of become a comp Simon Nixon lete convert.” (Founder of MoneySupe rmarket.c om) “Jason Vale’s approach is all about taking of your health control using comm on sense and Always delive logic. red with his unique humo importantly, ur and most easy to apply to your own Beverley life!” Knigh

The fu nky fresh

Juice Maste r to the sta rs and #1 bes has squeez ed more tha t-selling aut n 101 funky hor Jason Val recipes into ‘n’ fresh juic e this latest e and smoot book. Warm your blende hie up your juic r, and brace er, dust off your taste wateringly buds for the tantalizing most mouth fruit and veg gie fusions ever create “When the alarm goes off at 7am, d! downstairs I head

Jason Vale


Juice Mas ter

“The King of Juicing” OK! Magazin


Jason Vale The Ju ice Mast er

Nature is about to deliver a healthy dose of spring veggies for our plates – but don’t forget to add some to your glass too with the Juice Master’s Funky Fresh Juice Book recipes ORANGE, CARROT, MINT ’N’ GINGER Carrots are harvested year-round, but look out for spring carrots in the market, sold with their green tops still attached. Packed with flavour and nutrients, mum was right – drink up! Juicy oranges 2 (peeled) Dark carrots 2 (medium) Fresh ginger root 1/2cm chunk Fresh mint 1 handful Ice cubes 1 handful (small) 1. Peel the oranges, remembering to leave the white pith on to make the juice more nutritious. 2. J uice the oranges with the carrots and ginger. 3. A dd the mint, ice and fresh juice to the blender. Whizz for 30 seconds, pour and enjoy.


Imp heart rove lower health, and b stress o immu ost your n this ity with c base arrotd blen d


Take beetroot's ss, rowe athletic p er's cucumb powers, hydrating -packed ein plus prot and go avocado or further f longer

JUICE MASTER’S MARATHON SMOOTHIE It’s almost challenge-event season (see our triathlon feature on page 58), and this blend is an energy super-booster. Pineapple 2cm slice Golden Delicious apples 3 Celery 2 sticks Raw beetroot 1 bulb Lime 1 (peeled) Cucumber 1/3 (medium) Avocado 1 (small) Banana 1 (peeled) Juice Master’s Hemp Protein Powder (optional) 1 tsp Ice cubes 1 handful (small)

d me You'll nee ecipe r for this t – buy me a er.com juicemast

1. Peel the lime, leaving as much of the nutrient-rich white pith as possible. 2. J uice the pineapple (no need to peel if you have a good juicer), apples, celery, beetroot, lime and cucumber. 3. P ut the avocado into the blender along with the peeled banana, protein powder and ice. Blend until smooth. If it’s too thick, simply add more apple juice.



GET RIPPED Surf’s up! Jump-start your beach-body prep with this juice. Golden Delicious apples 2 Celery 1 stick Cucumber 1/4 (medium) Spinach 1 handful (small) Kale 1 handful (small) Ice cubes 1 handful (small) 1. Put one apple in the juicer first. Pack all of the other ingredients into the chute and then use the second apple to pack everything in tightly. 2. J uice everything on your juicer's highest setting and pour over ice.


Celery m flavour ay be of month, b the ut if you find it tough to drink n try this eat, green juice

SWIM, RUN, PEDAL‌ TRI Love a dip, ride or jog around the block? Put them together and challenge yourself to your first triathlon event



Starters’ orders

Pick your race

We’ve all seen triathlons on television with whippet-thin, super-honed participants switching effortlessly between cycle, water and road as they clock up the miles to cross the finish line. The truth is a triathlon is tough work, but chances are if you are active and enjoy swimming, cycling and running, a step-up in your workout could enable you to enter the world of endurance sports with amazing results for your health and fitness levels.

There are four main triathlon distances, and triathletes compete for fastest overall course completion, including timed transitions between the three elements of the race:

There are triathlon events for all ages, shapes and levels, and British Triathlon’s (britishtriathlon.org) GO TRI events are a great starting point to dip a toe into the tri water. Joining a club is also a brilliant booster to getting into a routine and training schedule, and again the sport’s governing body has details of groups in your area.

• Sprint triathlon 750m swim/20km bike/5km run •O lympic triathlon 1.5km swim/40km bike/10km run •H alf Ironman 1.9km swim/90km bike/21.1km run • Ironman triathlon 3.9km swim/180.3km bike/42.2km run Most races are categorised into professional and amateur groups, followed by further groups by sex and age to enable participants to compete on a more level playing field.

In good health As you might anticipate, the combination of swim-cycle-run is amazing for cardiovascular fitness and, as the combination of exercise results in less impact on the body, triathletes tend to encounter fewer injuries. Triathlon training will strengthen your whole body with improved upper-body strength and long, lean muscles in your legs.



All the gear Make sure you look the part and are fully equipped to compete. •S plash out As triathletes swim in open water, most competitors wear a specialised triathlon wetsuit, often with short arms and legs. Most triathlons supply a numbered swim hat, but don’t forget your all-essential goggles! • Spin your wheels Triathlon bikes are shaped and built for speed, but a standard road bike is a great starting point. Helmets must be worn and fastened before you ride. •B est foot forwards Triathlon shoes enable you to transition from ride to run, but in the early stages ensure you wear a good-quality pair of trainers.


THE PERFECT FIT Fancy a challenge? More of us are testing our mettle with an event, and as Ironman World Championship competitor Kirsty HeberSmith says, Juicy Oasis is the perfect place to get tri-ready Q. An Ironman event is an incredible achievement, how did you get into competing? A. An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races. It involves a 2.4mile (3.86km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25km) bike ride finished with a 26.22-mile (42.20km) marathon – and yes, this is in one continuous time period. You may read this and think I am mad, but I cannot explain the feeling of completing an event like this. You push yourself physically and mentally and realise how incredible the human body really is. I have always loved the outdoors – I wasn’t the fastest kid in school but I was passionate about pushing myself, learning how to bio-hack my body, and I found sport allowed me to do this. I played county hockey at an early age and discovered running in my teens.

I met my partner Nick and he inspired me to take this further and get into triathlons. The next thing that I knew, I had signed up for the Ironman Switzerland competition the following year! Q. How did you discover Juice Master and Juicy Oasis? A. I have followed Jason Vale since I was at university. I started working for him seven years ago and instantly embraced the Juice Master culture. Juicy Oasis is like my second home and I love being part of something so special. I love sharing my passion of healthy eating with all the guests and the location is just beautiful. Q. What is it like tritraining at Juicy Oasis? A. If you have been to

Juicy Oasis, you will know there is a stunning 10k walk to the beautiful village of Dornes. While training for the Ironman I would run this route three times back and forth as well as swim in the picturesque lake and get up at 5am to ride the undulating hills that surround Juicy Oasis. The setting is just perfect for training and you don’t need to set foot in a gym. Q. How does juicing and blending fit in with your nutritional plan?

What was it like to cross the finishing line? A. Going to Chattanooga in Tennessee was one of those life-changing moments. Being amongst the top athletes in the world was a privilege. My race didn’t go as planned – I lost my goggles on the swim and my bike malfunctioned, but I felt proud representing Team GB at the finish line. It was a magical moment I will cherish forever. Q. What’s next?

A. Juicing and blending allow me to get all the vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and protein I need in a day. I don’t run a race without having a Juice Master Marathon smoothie!

A. Nick and I have been looking at cycling events – I was in awe of Jasmin Paris who smashed the 268-mile Montane Spine Race record and managed to express breast milk at feeding stations – that’s inspiration!

Q. Tell us about the Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

Book a stay at Juicy Oasis and get tri-ready – visit juicyoasis.com


Keeping it


Hold the heat! A raw food diet can boost energy and improve our health, says chef and yoga teacher Victoria Adams



Packed with fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts, it is little wonder that the followers of a raw food diet talk so passionately about the positive impact that it has on their health and wellbeing. The raw food movement has surged in popularity in recent years, with more and more people choosing to follow its principles, whether fully, or by incorporating some elements into their usual diets. It is thought to increase energy, aid weight loss, promote healthy digestion and boost the immune system, as well as having countless other benefits. Raw food essentially means eating uncooked foods – anything that has not been refined, canned or chemically processed and has not been heated above 45°C.


By its very nature, the diet – which incorporates large quantities of fruits, vegetables and legumes – will ensure you are filling your body with essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. If you are juicing every day, then of course you are already getting plenty of raw foods and reaping the rewards, but if you are keen to go one step further, where should you start? Raw food guru, health coach, yoga teacher and nutritional chef Victoria Adams says: “More and more people

want to be healthy and look good. A raw food diet in its true form is one of the most natural ways of feeding and nourishing our bodies, involving minimal human intervention. “The benefits of juicing and raw food are clear, and it is turning the heads of a growing number of people for good reason. In contrast to ready meals, junk and ‘beige’ food, raw food in its natural state is lower in calories and high in nutrients. “The theory behind eating raw is that by cooking food above 45°C it denatures the liver enzymes that our bodies might have otherwise used for digestion. Raw food provides us with lock-and-key nutrition, aids digestion and is said to offer us vital life-force energy that helps break down our food and reduces the need to make demands on our body’s internal stores.”


Victoria says that if you are looking to either switch to a complete raw food diet or start increasing the percentage of raw food you eat, it is essential you do it correctly and, most importantly, actually like the food you are eating. “There’s no point in cutting out your favourite lasagne supper for raw carrots if you never liked carrots,” she adds. “Jason Vale says there is always another way and it’s true – if going raw, you must choose raw foods that you enjoy, otherwise it’s likely that you will eventually give it up. There will be a



certain amount of experimentation, tasting and trust.” For some, making the decision to switch to a totally raw diet can be incredibly difficult and can result in people giving up or not getting the benefits they wanted. “Don’t throw yourself into the deep end,” says Victoria. “To see the benefits of raw food it might not be necessary to switch to a 100 per cent raw diet. Studies show that a diet that is at least 50 per cent raw food will aid the body’s immune system and its ability to heal. "If you live in a cold climate, your body may crave warming food and drinks, justifiably. Do not rush to cut out all warm foods during the winter months; your body is unlikely to thank you for that. Consider guiding your body towards a raw diet rather than going all-in, coming from a place where you are nourishing yourself rather than depriving yourself,” she adds.


There are several key ingredients which can easily be used in a raw food diet which have excellent health benefits, from leafy greens and sprouts to seeds, such as chia, flax, pumpkin and hemp, which are high in Omega-3 content. Switching to a raw diet will require some


Stock your fridge and cupboards with these raw food ingredients • Raw, juiced or dehydrated fruits • Raw, juiced or dehydrated vegetables • Raw nuts and seeds


organisation and adjustment, but there are simple steps anyone can take to begin to make those changes. “A great way to transition is by fusing raw food ingredients, such as vegetables, with your favourite cooked dishes: your favourite curry wrapped in collard greens instead of bread or wraps; Bolognese with courgetti instead of spaghetti; sprinkle sprouts on soups or replace packaged snacks for what nature gives us – a piece of fruit!” Victoria, who is no longer 100 per cent raw or vegan and gets some essential nutrients from eggs and other animal products from time to time, says the most important thing about following a raw food diet is to find a balance which suits you and your body. “Crowd in the good, don’t just focus on cutting out the bad," she says. "There is no point in striving to be super healthy if it makes you super unhappy because in the end it won’t be sustainable and will inevitably cause you stress which is one of the most toxic things you can put into your body.” “It is possible to do raw well, but do your research and find a balance to suit your tastes, your schedule, your lifestyle and your environment.” victoriaadams.co.uk

• Sprouted or soaked grains and pulses • Raw nut milks • Raw nut butters • Cold-pressed oils • Natural sweeteners such as pure maple syrup and raw cacao powder • Fermented foods like kimchi and miso

Strawberry, Lime and Basil Cheesecake BASE

Medjool dates 150g pitted and soaked in warm water for 15 mins Macadamia nuts 75g Brazil nuts 25g Orange blossom water 1 tbsp Lime juice 1 tsp Pinch sea salt


Coconut oil 150ml melted Lime juice 150ml Cashews 320g soaked in water for 4 hours, Xylitol 25g


Strawberries Basil leaves 1. Blitz the dates in a food processor into a smooth paste, add the remaining base ingredients and pulse until a dough forms. You might need to scrape the sides from time to time. 2. Line a cake tin or silicone mould with cling film, then line the base with the dough, pressing in firmly. 3. Add the coconut oil, xylitol, lime juice and cashews to a Retro Super Fast blender and blitz until smooth. 4. Transfer the cheesecake filling into the cake tin and smooth over with a palette knife. 5. Place in fridge or freezer to set. 6. Serve with the strawberries and basil leaves.




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HOW TO To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, simply email your name, contact numbers and address to bigjuicygiveaway@juicemaster.com with ‘Vitality Shots’ in the subject title by 30 June 2019.





...WITH THE JUICE MASTER COLD PRESS JUICER ∙R evolutionary angled chute ∙M aximum juice extraction ∙M akes delicious ice cream and nut milks




nsform e’s nge



om my waist lost!”




h, addiction and juicing. he regularly appears on elling apps and is the Spa’ in Portugal.

99 US $19.99

6450 99 7 6$19.99 9 5 4US

“ Bought mine three weeks ago and haven’t stopped using it since. Worth every penny.” Teodora Yankova

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