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Lewis Corbett


“6 inches gone from my waist and 70lbs lost!”




Kim Dennison

“I lost 32lbs. 21 inches from around my and I’ve had NO period pains.”


ten books on health, addiction and juicing. Jason Vale is the best-selling author of languages and he regularly appears on His books have been translated into many five #1 best-selling apps and is the television, radio and in the press. He has Retreat & Spa’ in Portugal. founder of ‘Juicy Oasis Boutique Health RRP UK £11.99 US $19.99

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★★★★★ “Bought mine three weeks ago and haven’t stopped using it since. Worth every penny” Teodora Yankova


editor’s letter


Shirley Ballas is a real star, and her autobiography, Behind the Sequins, charts her rise to stardom. This is one truly incredible woman and one remarkable read.


I had Super Juice Me! 1.5 as my ‘watch’ in the last issue, but if you haven’t seen this bitesized film it may be all you need to get back in the juicy game! Watch for free on my YouTube JuiceTube channel.


My boyhood hero and remains so to this day, Michael is one of the world’s most upbeat, extraordinary humans. If you want to gain a little perspective, listen to his book, No Time Like The Future!

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Get a little inspo! Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Juiced! magazine. Whether you are reading this on your digital device or kicking back at one of my retreats with a physical copy, thank you for your company. As always, we have a packed issue with the usual blend of inspiration, gorgeous recipes, informative articles, all the latest news from the juicy world and a couple of great interviews. We were blessed to have the company of Suzanne Shaw (yes, she was at Juicy Oasis, and that’s not just Hear’Say :) and the incredible twinkle-toes world dance champion and Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas. Both agreed to an interview with Juiced! magazine, both of which will inspire you. If you get a chance, read Shirley’s autobiography, Behind The Sequins, which will lift your spirits beyond words and you’ll gain a true insight into the beautiful soul she is. Although Shirley was at Juicy Oasis for some rest and relaxation, it didn’t stop her from putting on a dance class for us all, another incredibly special moment at Juicy Oasis – check it out on my Instagram channel. If you are looking for some major inspiration on the weight-loss front, read our 100lbs Club article. Melody Robbins’ and Felix Chisholm’s stories are truly remarkable and illustrate what can be achieved with the help of juice, healthy eating and the right mindset. Both of these incredible individuals dropped more than 100lbs and, trust me, if you’re struggling to drop maybe 10 or 20lbs, read their stories as your journey is much easier than theirs and – as the saying goes – if they can do it, so can you! Please spread the word about Juiced! magazine as it’s FREE for anyone to download on Apple or Issuu. You can get a FREE ‘real’ copy when you order a juice plan from juicemasterdelivered.com, if you grab a Juice Master juicer or blender from juicemaster.com or visit a Juice Master retreat – book your stay at juicemasterretreats.com Don’t forget, you can find me on social media with regular updates on Instagram and Facebook – follow my channels, listed below. May the juice be with you!

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Summer 2022 Issue 19 03 E ditor’s letter

Jason introduces the issue

07 J uicy news

Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing

10 S uper Juice Me! 1.5

Jason’s big experiment

Could Jason’s original juice experiment help him get his juicy mojo back? Read the story behind his new documentary

18 S trictly Shirley

After a week’s retreat, Strictly Coming Dancing’s Shirley Ballas awards Juicy Oasis ten out of ten

24 Back to Juicy Mountain

Jason returns to Magic Mountain and rediscovers his love for the rustic retreat

30 W here the magic happens...

Discover how Juicy Mountain changed the lives of two guests forever

18 30


in this issue...



34 T he 100lbs club

Read the incredible story of two super-juicers


39 G ame-changer!

Introducing the incredible all-new Juice Master Pro

42 C hasing the dream

Meet Margery JamesRoberts whose game show goal was to visit Juicy O!

46 J ason’s fruit & veg 101

Get the most from your prime ingredients

51 E asy summer switches

Don’t miss out with these healthy, tasty recipes

60 R ow, row, row your boat

Take to the flywheel and get fit this summer

62 O ne day or day one?



How Suzanne Shaw changed her life for good

69 T he Super Pods have landed!

Get a space of your own

75 P imp my blend

Boost the nutritional value of your morning glass

80 F eeling peachy

A peach a day... why this summer fruit is a gift

82 W in a Juice Master Pro worth £550


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moment They say a halo moment is one that truly matters, so it’s fitting that Alesha Dixon saw her first sun halo while staying at Juicy Oasis in late May. The Britain’s Got Talent star, singer, author and all-round legend is a regular at Jason’s luxury retreat and named her daughter Azura after spending time under blue skies there while expecting her eldest! This time, she and husband Azuka enjoyed a week on retreat ahead of a busy spell of BGT live shows. The gorgeous star counts Jason as a good friend and paid tribute to the Juice Master, thanking him on Instagram. The sun halo, which she experienced during her stay,

is a rare phenomenon formed by ice crystals refracting light in the sky, close to the sun, creating a thin veil of cloud. Regarded by some as a miracle, there’s certainly something miraculous about the way Juicy Oasis leaves guests feeling energised after a week of juice and fitness! Fancy a week on retreat at Juicy Oasis like Alesha? Book now to enjoy a stay this season at juicemasterretreats.com

Boy, oh boy! Look at this cheeky shot which 80s megastar Boy George posted to Instagram during rehearsals for Culture Club’s summer dates. The legend tagged Jason on day three of a seven-day juice cleanse and used Mtume’s Juicy Fruit as the soundtrack to his post!

George is a devotee of healthy eating and follows a raw vegan diet, so juicing is a great way to get an instant hit of plant-based nutrition. Make a detox easy and order a 7-Day Juice Diet from Juice Master Delivered – pick your plan at




Doctor’s Vorders It’s amazing how restorative a stay at Juicy Oasis can be for body and mind, and TV presenter Carol Vorderman checked in for her annual detox at the retreat at the start of the year to ‘hit the reset button’. Sharing her love for Juicy Oasis in an article with OK! Magazine, she explained how the combination of fresh air and sunshine is pure medicine for feeling fab, saying, ‘We walk a half marathon every day and when I finish I feel like I could do it all over again’. Spending 12 days at Juicy Oasis, Carol also shared this night-time snap overlooking the pool and mountains – a truly magic spot.

Write on! Alex Scott’s career goes from strength to strength and the presenter is set to have her first book, How (Not) To Be Strong, published in late September. Part sporting memoir, part self-help manual, Alex wrote some of the book at Juicy Oasis and described the retreat as her ‘place of peace’. The star enjoyed cycling the trails surrounding the retreat and even squeezed in a game of footie with Jason and other guests, which the Juice Master’s team were super-proud to win!

Book a stay at Juicy Oasis at juicemasterretreats.com

It's a 10/10!

That was Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas' verdict when she enjoyed a week at Juicy Oasis in early June. The retreat had come highly recommended by Gary Barlow and Shirley says the experience did not disappoint. The dance icon even led a salsa class – check out Jason's moves on Instagram! Read our interview with Shirley on page 18.

08 www.juicemaster.com

Got the X factor

Wow, wow, wow, take a look at this recent shot from Juicy Escape, Jason’s INCREDIBLE new retreat in the Algarve. He shared an update during a recent visit and announced that memberships for Juicy Escape will go on sale later this year – with Gold, Platinum and Titanium options providing access to Juicy Escape, Juicy Oasis and Juicy Mountain. There will only be 300 memberships on offer, so watch out for details as Jason announces them. Set over a 40-acre site, there will be a SUPERB Sports Zone and incredible Wave accommodation

(read more about the retreat's accommodation on page 69), which Jason revealed on Instagram. ‘When’s it opening?’ is the question everyone asks him, and the answer is ‘hopefully’ Saturday 24 June 2023 - ten years since Juicy Oasis opened! With musicians set to perform and sports pros signed up to play in tennis and football tournaments, Jason has also announced that EVERYONE who has ever stayed at a Juice Master Retreat will be put into a hat, and one lucky winner will be a guest at the launch – follow Jason’s social media channels, listed on page 3, for updates.

BIRTHDAY BOY We love these cute snaps from JJ’s fourth birthday, which was a whole lot of fun when Jason and Katie organised a Sports Day Party to celebrate their gorgeous boy’s big day!

© Cat Deeley, Instagram

Escape plan

Former X Factor winner Matt Terry described Juicy Oasis as ‘paradise’ at the end of his week on retreat and vowed to return for more of the heavenly combination of good nutrition and fitness as he posted this selfie in the Eden Spa to Instagram. We couldn’t agree more, Matt, it truly is utter bliss at Juicy O!

Cat’s Covid cure Cat Deeley says juice was part of her recovery from Covid. Speaking in The Telegraph, the presenter explained that she struggled after catching the virus, saying, “I got Covid in January 2021 and my joints really hurt as a result. I thought I was getting arthritis. It still hasn’t gone away completely, but I feel juicing and supplements have helped.” Learn about natural juice therapy at juicemasteracademy.com 09



BIG EXPERIMENT It’s the Juice Master’s brand new, bite-sized documentary, Super Juice Me! 1.5 – an update to the original Super Juice Me! movie – and this time Jason is the experiment himself… It was the Juice Master’s original, gamechanging health documentary – the ONLY orange-carpeted Leicester Square première in movie history! – which showed the benefits of good nutrition as Jason took eight people with 22 diseases and challenged them to live on juice alone for 28 days, with LIFE-ALTERING RESULTS. Watched by millions since its release in 2013, it has LITERALLY changed lives in the

10 www.juicemaster.com

almost decade since it hit screens. So, when the pandemic left Jason feeling less than his usual self, he challenged himself to swallow A TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE and detox with 28 DAYS OF JUICE to get his mojo back. Turn the page to read Jason’s story about why he felt the need to go back to juicy basics and how he felt during the 28 days….

Super Juice Me 1.5


Like many of us, Jason struggled during lockdown and fell off the juice wagon. As he gained weight, he felt bloated, unhealthy and – as these ‘before’ stats show – not in his prime. For the Super Juice Me! 1.5 experiment, he decided to super-size himself and deliberately binged on junk-food and eased off his usual exercise regime, just to see how effective his original 28-Day Super Juice Me! Diet could be in getting him back to being the Juice Master.

BY THE NUMBERS Weight 190lbs Body fat 24.9% (raised) Muscle mass 61.3% Blood pressure 126/90 (elevated)

JASON SAYS… “I knew I’d gained, and you don’t need scales to know you’re not in the right shape. I decided to super-size myself for the experiment, but the cost of not eating well was that I felt ill and overweight very quickly. I used to be badly asthmatic before I started juicing and carrying 27lbs definitely put extra pressure on my body and organs. I felt lethargic, I didn’t feel like myself, and I felt big!”

Breathing (peak flow) 540l/m Cholesterol 7.17 mmol/L (dangerously high) Waist 86cm

JUICED magazine 11

Super Juice Me 1.5


There can be few among us who didn’t feel the pressures of the pandemic on our mental and physical health, and the Juice Master was no exception. “At the start of 2020, we were no longer in charge of our own destiny and someone else controlled us,” says Jason. “The pandemic took away our desires, hopes and dreams and, just like many people, I could feel myself looking forward to junk-food and the combination of refined salt, fat and sugar as an escape from the monotony of lockdown. I was still juicing, here and there, but after 25 years in the industry I started to feel fatigued – it’s like working in a chocolate factory, after a while you get sick of chocolate! I genuinely needed a taste of my own medicine.

12 www.juicemaster.com

HOW’D IT GO, JASON? How did the Juice Master enjoy a taste of his own medicine?

DAY 2 “You’ll notice there’s no day-one entry! The juice is OK, but I have no energy and I feel heavy as I ate so much the day before I started. Most importantly, my mind is in the right frame.”


DAY 3 “The pure insanity of the situation is that during the biggest health crisis the world had seen, no health minister mentioned health! It’s sad, but true, that 78 per cent of those who were hospitalised or died from Covid were overweight or obese. Government missed a massive opportunity to tell us it’s our responsibility to take control of our health. They closed gyms, parks and health retreats, while junk food restaurants were allowed to deliver! Instead of telling us ‘Stay home > Protect the NHS > Save lives’, they should have told us to, ‘Eat well > Move well > Save the NHS’ and put the responsibility on us to improve our health.

“I’m already feeling good, I’m sleeping well and the bloated feeling is gone. The reality is it’s going to be a long journey, but it’s astonishing how quickly the body wants to heal. I don’t feel hungry, I feel nourished.”

DAY 8 “It’s quite incredible what can happen in a week – I have more energy and my breathing is better. I’m on a juice high!”

DAY 10

SUPER-SIZED TO SUPER-JUICED! “I’ve done the Super Juice Me! 28-day plan twice previously, and I’ve never felt as good as you do at the end of those four weeks. People say it’s abnormal to live on juice for 28 days, but it’s abnormal to live on junk, not exercise and be overweight. It’s not normal to have a medicine cabinet – no animal does, they don’t suffer from indigestion or headaches. Before you say, ‘How do you know, have you ever interviewed a tiger?’ I'd say, no, but I’m guessing the average tiger wouldn’t say they’d chase a gazelle, but they haven’t got it in them!

NATURE HAS THE ANSWERS “The truth is, like many after lockdown, I needed to recalibrate. I’m 52 and it was time for the half-time team talk. My body used to be covered in psoriasis, I was a heavy drinker and smoker, but there’s no going back to that. I can’t afford not to have a massive reset and really needed to get back on the juice wagon.”

“I really struggled on day nine! I thought I’d be on fire, but it can hit you at any point. I’m daydreaming of salmon and if I didn’t have all eyes on me I might have broken...”

DAY 15 “I want to eat! We always say use a Hunger SOS! if you need it on the 28day plan and mine will be an avocado with cracked black pepper and lemon juice. It is monotonous and it’s not normal to live on juice, but I’m giving my mind and body a juice service.”

DAY 23 “I’m already feeling disproportionately good and starting to see that the end is in sight.”

DAY 28 “I did it and tonight I get my salmon! It’s been a phenomenal experience and I’m relieved I can eat again. What this experiment has shown me is that this really works! It shocked the life out of me where you can go in 28 days and proves the body wants to heal.”

JUICED magazine 13 27


WOW, look at the AMAZING RESULTS that 28 days of juice and exercise had on Jason’s physical health – with major improvements across the board, this experiment got him BACK IN THE JUICY GAME!

BY THE NUMBERS Weight 170lbs – LOST 20lbs! Body fat 19.3% (-5.6 % healthy level)



Muscle mass 75% (+13.7%) Blood pressure 121/76 (healthy level) Breathing (peak flow) 586l/m (+46l/m) Cholesterol 5.75mmol/L (-1.42mmol/L healthy level) Waist 80.5cm (-5.5cm/2.2”)

JASON’S JUICY FORMULA… • Wake up and stretch! • Rebounding session • Walk • A game of Ultraball, volleyball or tennis • Two thick juices – 10am, 7pm • Two thin juices – 1pm, 4pm • Plus plenty of water throughout the day

14 www.juicemaster.com



“I couldn’t have lost more, but the interesting thing is that even though I was detoxing on juice, I gained muscle mass! Fat takes up twice as much room in the body as muscle so you can’t be a slave to the scales – you can change body shape entirely and weigh around the same, so it’s not all about the numbers. I never test my cholesterol, but while I was carrying the extra weight my level was dangerously high, so I was glad to see this shift. We are the only creatures on earth who know our weight and keeping mentally and physically fit determines how old you are, more than our chronological age. I’m 52 and I didn’t want to be an old dad and I’ve realised that I don’t have to be – anything I can do to improve my health and stay fit, active and sharp can only help benefit my relationship with JJ as I want to be someone he looks up to and to be around to see him grow.”

Super Juice Me 1.5

CRITICS' CHOICE With more than 20,000 views in the first three weeks of release, Super Juice Me! 1.5 has received five-star reviews from celebs and Juice Master fans alike. Here’s how they reacted to Jason’s bareall documentary.


Super Juice Me 1.5

‘MY DOCTOR WAS ASTOUNDED!’ Vincent took the 28-Day Super Juice Me! Challenge at Juicy Oasis, Jason’s luxury Portuguese retreat – look at his INCREDIBLE health turnaround, which he shared in a message

‘I've been home a few weeks now and have my new blood results. To say my doctor is astounded is an understatement. In fact, she used the word ‘unbelievable’ repeatedly. She said that even though she knows

where I went and what I have done in four short weeks at Juicy Oasis, some of her colleagues would think there has been a mistake and that perhaps my initial blood samples were wrong. She was correct, they

Why not do as Vincent did and take the 28-Day Super Juice Me! Challenge at Juicy Oasis? To celebrate the launch of Super Juice Me! 1.5, Jason is offering Juiced! magazine readers 15 per cent off a consecutive 4-week stay from October 2022 to February 2023. With limited availability, don’t miss out – call 01234 480280 or email oasis@juicemasterretreats.com

16 www.juicemaster.com

were wrong, but that was my own doing from years of wear and tear. Juicy Oasis is a haven of peace and tranquillity where people can reflect and heal their mind and body. ‘To summarise, my blood markers – cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, AST, ALT, ALK phosphatase, GGT – were all dangerously high. My blood pressure was 194/104 and the doctor considered sending me to the hospital immediately. Every single marker returned to normal, very healthy ranges, something my doctor thought was impossible. My liver markers are perfect and she went on

to say that while before she was sure I would have to take blood-pressure tablets all my life, she no longer thinks this. She was so happy with my cholesterol reduction she said I should be waving the results high above my head. I've been living a healthier, happier life. ‘I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of heaven on earth. You have the most talented, caring team where no pressure is applied to engage in activities. Please let your team know about my remarkable health turnaround, one I'll always be grateful for.’ •







g. n


...Super Juice Me! 1.5 and be inspired in just 30 minutes, or enjoy the full-length movie feature and watch Jason’s original Super Juice Me! health documentary on YouTube – see how juice alone changed the lives of eight people with 22 diseases in just 28 days!


...the #1 best-selling e-book to learn the story behind Jason’s 28-day experiment, get the full juice plan and discover the mindset to succeed – download the e-book now at Apple Books or Amazon Kindle.


A rocket in your pocket to help power your 28-day detox. This #1 chart-topping app has ALL the recipes, Jason’s coaching videos and a downloadable shopping list to make it SUPER-EASY to follow the plan. Download the Super Juice Me! app at the Apple App Store or Google Play now!

VINCENT DID IT, SO CAN YOU! Take Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! Challenge and change your health in just 28 days! Here are five ways to get started


Get the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer which extracts the most liquid nutrition from your fruit and vegetables with minimal heat friction. Easy to use, thanks to its wide chute, this sleek machine is SERIOUSLY GOOD!


Have the Super Juice Me! diet delivered to your door! Make it super-easy and double up the 14-day plan, which includes 56 high-quality juices, 14 vitality shots, eight healthy snack bars and a bottle of biotic blend capsules, to make your detox a success without the mess. JUICED magazine 17

Juicy interview


Shirley Shirley Ballas is the Queen of Latin who quick-stepped her way into the nation’s hearts after picking up the paddles as head judge on Strictly Come Dancing, five years ago. So, when she scored Juicy Oasis full marks after a stay, we couldn’t wait to hear her judge’s notes…. She’s literally danced her way around the world as one of the industry’s most famous, prizewinning professionals, and few would dare to challenge her authority as head judge on the nation’s favourite dance show, Strictly Come Dancing – Shirley Ballas is a veritable powerhouse and an indomitable force with a passion for precision footwork and form. Yet after a health scare, triggered by fans spotting a lump under her armpit while demonstrating a dance

18 www.juicemaster.com

move on the hit show, and subsequent concerns about her hormone levels, Shirley wanted to focus on her wellbeing – where better to do so than at Jason’s luxury Portuguese retreat, Juicy Oasis? “I was looking for something to do for myself as I’m always doing everything for everyone else,” says Shirley. “I spoke to my friend Gary Barlow and he was telling me about Juicy Oasis. He told me to get myself out there as it is such a wonderful place to focus

on health and wellbeing. I enjoy juicing and have a NutriBullet that I use at home and before I went I thought of it as going to a fat farm, as I didn’t know what to expect. Gary said I would come away feeling like a new woman, so I was excited to go.

All the moves

“I’m a real teacher’s pet and do exactly as I’m told, so I threw myself into the whole retreat experience. I’m naturally an early bird, but I was shocked when I saw the schedule starts

Photography: Ezra Blake Studio

JUICED magazine 66

Photography: Ezra Blake Studio

“It was a phenomenal first trip which will definitely be in my calendar from now on – it was just too short and I wish I’d done two weeks!”

20 www.juicemaster.com

Juicy interview

with yoga at 7.30am, followed by a 90-minute walk, then volleyball and afternoon and evening yoga… I got involved and had a go at every activity. “I’d never tried rebounding before, but being an athlete and a dancer I know that anything that gets my heart rate up is good for my body, and I loved the feeling of bouncing high into the air. I’d also not tried spinning previously and had been put off, thinking it was tough, but I realised I could lighten the weight and enjoyed the classes. The hikes were challenging, especially in the heat, but it was all perfectly healthy, you just have to hydrate – the views were simply breathtaking. “I also enjoyed the Eden Spa and had two colonics, which I hadn’t tried before and was very unusual. I felt cleansed and so much lighter afterwards – the therapist, Mariana, was brilliant and made it so funny, talking about poo and farts and showing me what was going through the tube! I had a facial and Rainforest Massage with salt scrub which was wonderful and left my skin feeling so soft. “I loved the juices and blends and didn’t miss food – I shared a banana mid-week with my friend and publicist, Laura, who came with me, but otherwise I wasn’t hungry at all. Before we went, I imagined it would be difficult, but there’s an activity for everyone and you can do as much or as little as you like – you

have the spa, the sauna and lake and it really is an oasis away from home.”


After years of gruelling training as a professional dancer and careful attention to her fitness and diet, at 61 Shirley is still a super-slim size 10 and renowned for the glamorous, figure-hugging dresses she wears on Strictly. Having spoken about the dancer’s ‘restriction habit’ and years of calorie counting, Shirley worked hard to shed 20lbs of lockdown weight in 2021 by working out with a personal trainer six days a week, yet felt she gained nutritional knowledge at Juicy Oasis. “The talks were transformative and I learnt that I don’t chew my food enough!” she says. “I discovered that one of the most important things is to use your mouth to break down and release the juices in food, so your stomach doesn’t have to do all the hard work. By emulsifying fruit and vegetables and extracting the juice, it helps our body to pull out the good stuff which goes straight to your blood cells. My body felt less burdened and, while getting up at 6am wasn’t an issue, the programme left me ready for bed at 9.30pm and helped regulate my sleep. “I gave it my all and, while the week was exhausting, I feel proud of myself. Overall it was

Shirley gave Jason and Juicy Oasis ten out of ten for boosting her health

a phenomenal first trip which will definitely be in my calendar from now on – it was just too short and I wish I’d done two weeks! Next year, I’ll definitely do a couple of weeks at Juicy Oasis, followed by a week at Jason’s new retreat, Juicy Escape, in June. I lost 8lbs this trip and, 100 per cent, I’d also do a pre-Strictly experience to get that boost before the shows start. “Since I’ve been back, I’ve ordered a two-week Juice Master Delivered plan. I let a bottle defrost slightly each morning and throw it in the blender with a bit of avocado and banana, and I’m sorted, full of energy! Once I’ve finished the two-week plan, I’ll switch to making juices and blends myself,

but I’ve learnt so much and feel like I’ve got a real spring in my step.”

Step on it, Jason!

While at the retreat, Shirley spent time with Jason and the two got on famously, with the Strictly star leading the Juice Master and other guests in an impromptu dance class on the rebounding deck. As the pair strutted their stuff to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, fans pointed out that Jason would be a great contestant for Strictly! “I contacted Jason after Gary told me about Juicy Oasis and he invited me to spend a week on retreat. We have similar backgrounds as we’re both from single-parent

JUICED magazine 21

families, grew up on housing estates and worked hard to make a rags-to-riches story for ourselves. He’s very close to his mum, as I am, and we really connected. He’s so passionate about juicing and his advice is absolutely priceless. “The thing I remember most is Jason saying that if you have to read a food label, it’s not good for you – cauliflower doesn’t come with a tag! Jason would undoubtedly be a great Strictly contestant as he’s so energetic and competitive, he’d definitely give it his all. The show just needs to ask him...” With radiant skin and shining hair, looking immaculate as always, Shirley has clearly got the juice glow after a week’s retreat and a two-week Juice Master Delivered frozen-juice plan. The detox has provided a much-needed boost to her health and energy

22 www.juicemaster.com

levels ahead of a busy summer and pre-Strictly schedule. “I’m in the middle of writing the first of two books, Murder on the Dance Floor, which is a murder mystery with plenty of sex, lies and intrigue!,” she reveals. “It’s full of real-life stories, with names changed, about all I’ve seen in the dance world. I’m also heading over to the USA for a two-week tour and to visit my son whom I haven’t seen for three years, because of the pandemic. It’s busy, but I feel great and am looking forward to a stellar Strictly this year.” Of course we’ll all be watching the season and looking forward to Shirley’s eagle eye and expert tips – if she glows a little brighter, it could just be the juice!

Wish we were there… After Shirley shared her Juicy Oasis retreat on Instagram, several celebrity friends responded with posts wishing they too could enjoy a detox week, the juicy way. Come on over, guys!

Fancy getting a healthy glow, like Shirley? Book a stay at Juicy Oasis now at juicemasterretreats.com


Relax, recharge & rejuvenate Yoga • Meditation • Hikes and walks • Fitness • Rebounding Tennis • Ultraball™ • Football Eden Spa • Loft sauna • Hot pool Cryotherapy • Massage • Colonics • Nutritional learning

Call +44 1234 480280 or visit juicemasterretreats.com

Photography: Melissa Fairhurst


Juicy Mountain After two years of being shuttered due to Covid, Juicy Mountain opened its doors again this spring and one of the first arrivals was Jason, back to rediscover his love for the magic Turkish retreat

24 www.juicemaster.com

Juicy Mountain

Jason has already said he’ll be back again this year, not that he had plans to, but as he says,“I have the mountain bug again, and it’s something very special!”

It’s the retreat where it all began and still holds a special place in Jason’s heart, so when he returned to Juicy Mountain earlier this season to catch up with the team and check how things were running, he was, quite frankly, blown away by its beauty...

“It’s been 19 years since we first started holding retreats,” said Jason in a short clip posted to Instagram, straight after he’d finished a rebounding session for the lucky guests who’d managed to snag a stay while the Juice Master was in town. “I have missed this place, but I didn’t realise by how much until I got here. The other name for Juicy Mountain is Magic Mountain and it couldn’t be more apt, it’s truly, truly magical. There are sunsets and then there’s

a Juicy Mountain sunset – what a place and what an energy here!” Jason is never short of energy himself and threw himself into the week at Juicy Mountain, leading juicing talks, fitness classes and daily walks, recalling how the team and guests used to run races on ‘The Climb’ through the surrounding hills – if you're wondering whether it's easy, the clue’s in the name! With the warm Turkish sun beating down, guests quickly relaxed into a seven-day stay.

They say magic happens at Juicy Mountain and, arriving at the retreat and taking in the stunning views, guests often remark that it feels like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. For many there is a spiritual connection to the mountain and a rediscovery of the things that matter – whether it’s a result of time away from the daily grind or remoteness of the retreat, Juicy Mountain is the perfect place to relax, recharge and rejuvenate.

JUICED magazine 25

Juicy Mountain

“There are sunsets and then there’s a Juicy Mountain sunset – what a place and what an energy here!”


he breathtaking sunsets are legendary and quite possibly one of THE best backdrops in the world to enjoy an early morning or evening yoga session under the guidance of resident yogi Kenny, as guests during Jason’s weeklong stay did. Combining a mix of relaxing and spiritual activities, along with high-adrenaline rebounding and exercise classes, you can choose your own pace as your body detoxes with seven days of fresh juices and blends. Lovingly prepared by the team using local fruit and vegetables, this is the easy way to enjoy a juice plan as you learn about nutrition

26 www.juicemaster.com

with educational talks – where better to discover the benefits of juicing and how to keep the momentum going when it’s sadly time to leave, than from the comfort of a sun lounger! Life doesn’t get much better, and there’s always a dip in the pool to cool off. If you’re thinking of going to Juicy Mountain, it’s time to hop online and get booked in as the season is almost full. Jason has already said he’ll be back again this year, not that he had plans to, but as he says, “I have the mountain bug again, and it’s something very special!” He’s not the only one, and many guests return time and again to enjoy the magic – why not find your own…

“The other name for Juicy Mountain is Magic Mountain and it couldn’t be more apt, it’s truly, truly magical”

Here’s what they say about Juicy Mountain…

Seven days focused on you, and you alone, to nurture your wellbeing – doesn’t it sound like bliss… What are you waiting for? Turn the page and get yourself booked in now… JUICED magazine 27

Make your own magic at

Juicy Mountain The season at Juicy Mountain runs until 29 October and is already filling up fast, so if you want to experience the magic of Jason’s rustic health retreat this year, book now by calling +44 (0)1234 480280 (option2) or visit juicemasterretreats.com

What’s included…

Juicy Mountain is the healthiest all-inclusive you’ll ever book – here’s what you can anticipate... • Freshly prepared juices and blends • Supplements and herbal teas • Daily yoga • Daily walks • Daily fitness classes • Daily rebounding sessions • Table tennis and volleyball • Swimming pool • Sauna • Nutrition talks and inspirational films + Treat yourself to a cheeky massage (additional charge applies)

Where will we stay? Juicy Mountain has a unique, rustic charm, which is perhaps part of the reason why so many guests say it helps them to get back to basics and reconnect with Mother Nature’s inspirational beauty. Stay in a bell tent for an authentic experience, or book an air-conditioned, en suite room decorated in traditional Turkish style. Clean and comfortable, we predict you’ll be out like a light as soon as your head hits the pillow!

Turn the page to read how Juicy Mountain changed two lives forever…

28 www.juicemaster.com




BLACK Keep juices cold and soups warm in a dual-lined Juice Master flask • Stainless steel • Takes whole ice cubes • Easy twist cap with rubber seal

Shop now at juicemaster.com

Also available in

As used a

JUICE t MASTER retreats


magic happens… Juicy Mountain is a spiritual place where many people find their path in life, but for friends Kelly Burns and Theresa Bond a much-needed trip was truly life-changing

30 www.juicemaster.com

Juicy Mountain


here are many reasons why guests book a stay at Juicy Mountain – some come to mark a milestone, some are on a spiritual or health journey, and others are ready to start afresh. Friends Kelly Burns and Theresa Bond were at different junctures when they booked a week’s retreat in 2019. The pair met while working in highpressured sales jobs in the pharmaceutical industry many years ago, but after Kelly was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and Theresa experienced a highly traumatic period in her life, the two invested in their wellbeing. “After being diagnosed, doctors told me it would take two years to recover,” says Kelly. “At the time I was working in a high-pressured sales environment, travelling extensively and had two young children. Doctors explained the importance of changing my lifestyle.” Theresa had experienced a devastating period in her life and was at a real low. “My world fell apart in 2014 after several close family members passed away and I was lost in grief,” she says. “Shortly after, my husband left me and my daughters had just gone to university. At 50, I was alone and had to navigate a whole new world. In truth, I probably had a breakdown with the stress and trauma. I started to smoke and drink heavily, began to lose weight and withdrew into myself. So, when I bumped into Kelly at a party and she asked if I fancied going to Juicy Mountain, I said yes.” “I’d been so poorly and had discovered Jason while researching juicing,”

The magic of the mount ain always makes you smile!

Kelly and Theresa celebrate life with a glass of juice at Juicy Mountain

continues Kelly, “so when I said to Theresa that I’d found this amazing retreat and that we should go, I was shocked when she said OK!”


“I didn’t know what to expect,” says Theresa, “and it wasn’t until I arrived that I recognised how far I had closed off from the old me and that I was in poor physical health. Juicy Mountain was an amazing experience and I remember sitting on the yoga platform and literally feeling that I was starting to thaw. Life had been a tsunami of grief and so overwhelming I had shut myself off, but sitting there the tears started to flow and I remember a guest saying tears are antibiotics for the soul. “I experienced a massive shift at Juicy Mountain

and after my return I gave up smoking and reduced my drinking over the following months. I went back to yoga after a long break and, perhaps most importantly, it instilled my faith in people. At Juicy Mountain, I felt connected and nourished and it got me moving, it set me on a new path.” “I enjoyed every aspect of the retreat,” says Kelly. “The juicing made so much sense and the talks and movies inspired me. The yoga was sublime and I’d never tried rebounding before – I found it so invigorating looking out at the view from the mountain and jumping on a trampoline. I now understand rebounding motivates your lymphatic system, improving circulation, boosting immunity and removing toxins. “I had became a yoga teacher with the British

Wheel of Yoga many years ago, but had a block on going back to it, even though it was what I really wanted to do. The instructor Kenny worked with me on unblocking postures which was a real awakening and the combination of detoxing, clearing and yoga tunes you into who you are.” Returning to the UK reinvigorated and inspired, Kelly and Theresa both enrolled on a course with the College of Naturopathic Medicine to train as naturopathic health coaches. “The retreat had a profound effect on us,” says Kelly.“Our trip marked the two-year anniversary of my diagnosis and drew a line under my recovery. Theresa and I agreed we had to do something with the experience and we embarked on the course to learn how nutrition can be used as a medicine to help people to heal.” “Juicy Mountain made us feel empowered and gave us the four things

JUICED magazine 31

Juicy Mountain

Golden girls Kelly and Theresa transformed their health – here are their fave blends! Kelly’s Antiinflammatory Aid “Along with daily ginger shots, turmeric, black pepper and ginger teas, this boosted my recovery from Covid” Spinach 1 large handful Avocado 1/2 Cucumber 5cm Ginger 3cm chunk Celery 1 stick Apple 1 Kiwi 1 Lime 1 Protein powder 1tsp Coconut water Chia, flaxseed and cashew Blend and sip! Alternatively switch spinach for berries.

Theresa’s Bonus Blend “I juice carrots and apples and use this instead of coconut water to boost my blends” Beetroot 1 bulb Cucumber 5cm Ginger 3cm chunk Mint 1 handful Carrot and apple juice 250ml Blitz in a blender and drink slowly.

32 www.juicemaster.com

you need to be healthy – connection, nourishment, movement, rest and relaxation,” says Theresa. “Something happened to me at Juicy Mountain – sitting on the rebounding deck waiting for a class, I was thinking I needed to be courageous and, as the woman in front of me stood up, the bottom of her yoga pants had the slogan, ‘Just do it’ – a sign to move forwards! “About 18 months ago, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune condition, which I think was partly the culmination of the extreme stress I’d lived with for so long. I had diverticulitis and leaky gut syndrome, my hair was thin and I suffered from anxiety and depression. My doctor said it was incurable, that all they could do was to manage the symptoms and that I was three times more likely to get another autoimmune disease. “Having come so far, I didn’t accept their diagnosis and juicing was a great help as, even if I didn’t feel like eating, I could put good nutrition into my body. I used daily ginger shots, juices and blends to get my health back and my latest blood tests are all encouraging, my antibodies have gone down, my hair has regrown, my mood has lifted and my energy has gone through the roof! I’ve worked in healthcare most of my life and see people in pain on a daily basis – helping them to understand that nutrition can help to manage some symptoms is something I’m passionate about in my business, Heyday Health Coaching.”

“I had just started running my own health coaching and yoga business too,” says Kelly, “supporting clients with fatigue. I was really enjoying it, but in November 2021 I contracted Covid badly, developed pneumonia and ended up being hospitalised where I was prescribed many different drugs including steroids and antibiotics, all the things I try to avoid. “Having been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue previously and then being told I had Long Covid, I could have felt I was back where I started, but this time I had all the tools and some wonderful contacts to help me. I decided to record my recovery so I could help others – getting fatigue a second time had to mean something! “After much discussion with doctors, consultants and fatigue specialists and no definitive answer, I believe the reason I was hit so hard by Covid was a propensity to fatigue, along with a large workload leading to low energy levels and emotional stress, and I also just had a bad cold, the first in years. My immunity was depleted and that's when a pathogen can attack the body's systems badly. “So it’s not just about the nutrients we put into our body, it's about finding a balance, having a holistic view and treating the body as a whole. However, reviewing my lifestyle again, juicing and good nutrition gave me the tools to bounce back – I’ve used anti-inflammatory juices, blends and food to support my recovery and my last x-ray showed

that my chest is clear and the inflammation has gone. I also used yoga breathing techniques to rebuild my lung capacity. People were shocked I got Covid badly, but it has been kindly said that if I’d not been in such good shape I may not have recovered so readily. The knowledge I had from Juicy Mountain helped me to put myself back together relatively quickly with the right mindset. “Now I am focusing on one-to-one fatigue support coaching (withkellyburns.com) with a new-found knowledge of people living with post-Covid symptoms. Just as importantly, I want to take my coaching into the workplace to improve wellbeing – after the pandemic, so many people are suffering from low energy.”


As the first trip to Juicy Mountain had drawn a line under Kelly’s recovery and marked a crossroad for Theresa, a return to the retreat came at a key moment in their respective journeys. Having qualified as naturopathic health coaches, a 2022 visit was just as significant and marked a celebration of their friendship. “The desire to return to Juicy Mountain was huge,” say Kelly. “Doctors said it would take up to six months to regain my health, but my aim was to draw a close under it at four months. We were due to visit in June, but I wanted to go as soon as possible so we brought our trip forward to April – I wanted to get my Juicy Mountain glow back!”

“It has been kindly said that if I’d not been in such good shape I may not have recovered so readily. The knowledge I had from Juicy Mountain helped me to put myself back together relatively quickly”

“Going back was a completely different experience,” continues Theresa. “The trip made me realise I’ve come on in leaps and bounds – I missed a chunk of life, and I want to reclaim those lost years. I wasn't fit when we first went to Juicy Mountain, but three years later I had more vigour and did everything from daily walks and yoga classes to Zumba. At 59, I feel far better than I did ten years ago and don’t want to be worrying about my health – I want to live life to the full!” “It was wonderful seeing the change in Theresa," says Kelly. "She had so much more energy and was far happier.

“For me, it took a while longer to recover and the visit marked a turning point which changed the landscape from being poorly. Two months later, I have turned a corner and feel great most days with energy in my body and mind. “Juicy Mountain got me back into good habits, gave me the space emotionally to let go of the trauma of Covid, to meet lovely people and gave me precious time with Theresa. I rested, I nourished myself, I moved, I connected and I breathed – the perfect combination for wellness. Thank you to all at Juicy Mountain.” •

Kenny reignited the lad

ies' love of yoga

Inspired to kick-start your health?

1. Order a Juice Master Delivered plan at juicemasterdelivered.com and see how good you feel in a week or two of easy juicing. 2. Build your knowledge by taking Jason’s Juice Master Class on Teachable – sign up now at juicemasteracademy.com 3. Book a stay at a Juice Master retreat and experience a week of nutrition and fitness – head to juicemasterretreats.com now!

JUICED magazine 33

100lbs THE


Next time you’re in the gym, pick up a 10lbs weight – imagine carrying ten of these around CONSTANTLY and you will understand the INCREDIBLE achievements of these two SUPER JUICERS who have shed over a WHOPPING 100lbs to reclaim their health and lives

34 www.juicemaster.com

real life juicers



truggling to move and play with her grandchildren, her body inflamed and painful, Melody Robbins knew she had to take action. At 222lbs, her knees, hips and hands were crippled with severe arthritis and, as she endured daily headaches and stomach ache, life had become unbearably painful and difficult.

Melody Robbins, USA Heaviest: 222lbs Lightest: 122lbs LOST 100lbs! “The blood cells in your body renew every 90 days, so if you start drinking healthy juice in July, by October you have a new body! The question is do you want it to be healthy and full of energy or full of toxic junk?”

Download Jason’s Super Juice Me! app at juicemaster.com

“I was a sugar junkie and the inflammation in my body was so painful, my hand was locked in a claw position and my hip was so sore I could barely walk,” says Melody. “I wanted to play with my grandchildren, but it hurt too badly. I’d weighed around 160180lbs for many years and I knew the sudden weight gain had to be linked to the inflammation which was weighing heavily on me. I tried several diets involving shakes and pills, but nothing worked. “As I sat watching my grandson run across the room, I knew I had to make my health a priority. My husband is disabled after an accident and my daughter, whose three children I help to co-parent, has had back surgery, and I knew that I couldn’t afford for anything to happen to me, or who would be there to help raise the babies? “It sounds silly, but I hadn’t realised I had gained so much weight until I saw a photograph of myself. At the time I was working in a sedentary job and I could barely exercise, my body ached constantly and I

always felt like I had the flu. To further complicate things, I’m coeliac, anaemic and have a severe latex allergy which means I can’t eat anything with a rubbery skin, a pit, or that grows on a tree, including bananas, avocado, papaya and a whole range of fruits, which severely limits my diet. My family has a history of choking easily and I’ve had my throat stretched several times as I struggle to swallow. My family was raised on sugar and wheat with very few vegetables, and I mostly used to live on crackers and bread as I could nibble on them, although they always made me feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Super Juice Me!

“I knew food was a major factor in getting healthy and, although I could only eat small amounts with my choking condition, I thought what if I could juice healthy foods? “I started to research cabbage juice, which is where I came across Jason Vale. I watched his health documentary Super Juice Me!, which was an ‘aha’ moment, and I was mesmerised by the results of the people who took part. I’m not an emotional person at all, and I don’t cry at funerals, but when I saw the man who arrived with a suitcase of medication and left with a tiny bag of the drugs that he still needed to take, I was in tears and wanted to hug and kiss him! “It inspired me and initially I started drinking juices between meals and as a meal replacement, but when I realised I could make a gallon of juice for JUICED magazine 35

real life juicers

three days in one go, I developed a, 'What if…’ attitude. I thought, ‘What if I just did juice for three days…’ and, having gone to the trouble of making it, I knew I would be compelled to drink it!

A phenomenal app

“I bought Jason’s Super Juice Me! plan, stuck his poster on my fridge and I downloaded the app – it’s phenomenal as it creates a grocery list which makes the plan so easy to follow. “I point everyone to Jason’s recipes and I followed his plan religiously for ten days initially, but I had to adapt his recipes with foods I could eat, making juice from carrots, beet tops, Swiss chard and fennel. Also, although Jason’s plans have set times, I tend to sip my juice throughout the day, as I prefer it at room temperature – I know this isn’t his method, but it works for me. If I didn’t have time to juice, I ate what I would have juiced, eating raw, sautéed, steamed or cooked vegetables or soup, and occasionally a little chicken or turkey. “People would make comments and my boss described my juice as ‘swamp water’, but I just stuck to my three-day mindset, not thinking of it as a diet, but rather that I was giving my body what it needed. “My goals were minor – to wiggle my fingers, to

hold a pencil and a cup, but by the third day I started feeling better and by the fourth day I had so much energy. Initially I didn’t care if I lost weight or not, but I lost 77lbs in seven months although my family didn’t really notice! I just kept going, three days at a time, and I never thought further ahead than that – life was stressful and I was suffering from such brain fog, so I couldn’t think beyond making juice, drinking it and feeding my body good nutrition. “I kept going and lost 100lbs over a year, and I slept so much better, which is important for the body to heal itself. I had forgotten what energy felt like and my headaches and depression totally disappeared. Although I dropped to 122lbs, I felt slightly too skinny and ate healthily to get back to 136lbs. I changed my job and now work for Amazon which is a crazyfast environment and I can outpace most of my colleagues, I am so full of life and energy. “My family is super-proud of me and I recently went to the doctor for the first time in three years, just out of curiosity to run tests. At 58, every result was borderline low to medium across the board as I’m eating so many vegetables – if anything, my blood pressure was almost too low. The fact is you are going to get older and life happens, but getting sick or staying healthy is often a

“I never thought more than three days at a time...” 36 www.juicemaster.com

Melody’s top tips 1. I quickly realised I need healthy salts and now have Himalayan salt stashed everywhere! 2. I love beets and pickle them in apple cider vinegar to snack on – drinking pickle juice is a great way to salve hunger pangs! 3. I sometimes chew on cinnamon sticks for a little sweet treat. 4. H erbs and spices are a great way to boost the flavour of vegetables and in soups. 5. I think of cravings as my Pac-Man, they eventually fade away…

choice of lifestyle. The blood cells in your body renew every 90 days, so if you start drinking healthy juice in July, by October you have a new body! The question is do you want it to be healthy and full of energy or full of toxic junk? “I now think of life as 'before Jason' and ‘after Jason’. His name is part of my family and my husband, daughter and grandchildren now drink juice, although my family will say, ‘Did you use Jason’s recipes or yours?’

We put the juice into Mason cups to makes it easy for the little ones to grab and go. “I talk about Jason to everyone, so much so that people sometimes say they didn’t know I had a brother! We think Jason is so cute – we call him eye candy, you can look, but you can’t touch! We still keep Jason's poster on the side of the fridge as we love the recipes, and my dream is to go to Juicy Oasis, as Jason has changed our lives forever.” •


Felix Chisholm, UK Jan 2022: 383lbs May 2022: 260lbs LOST 123lbs! “Going to Juicy Oasis has changed my life. I used to feel rubbish every day and thought that was just normal, but now I spring out of bed and am full of energy and confidence”

Book a stay at Juicy Oasis and kick-start your weight loss like Felix. Visit juicemasterretreats.com


n life, we often focus on external signs of success such as academic results, a good job and getting a head start in adulthood, but when our health and self-image are poor everything else falls far short. After hitting 383lbs at just 22, young Felix Chisholm felt unhappy with his body and unable to enjoy everyday life, but an unplanned trip to Juicy Oasis kick-started a change in his mindset with life-altering results.

“My dad and step-mum had a trip planned,” explains Felix, “but unfortunately she had to pull out and so my dad asked me if I wanted to go. It was a last-minute decision and I was very nervous about going – the thought of not being able to eat for a week was nerve-racking, but it was the right decision. “All my life I’ve been a big guy and although I managed to lose around 84lbs at 17, when I turned 18 and started going out with my mates it piled back on and I kept ballooning. I got a kidney infection and my health started to suffer. Looking at photos of myself, I felt ridiculous and knew I had to do something. “Juicy Oasis was a gamechanger and I enjoyed every aspect of the retreat. All the nerves left as soon as I arrived and I threw myself into everything. Although I was anxious about juicing and hadn’t tried it before, I just thought about detoxing my system and getting rid of all the junk I had been eating and drinking. Every aspect of the week was quality and

I loved the walks, fitness and activities, especially volleyball and football – Alex Scott was on retreat during our stay and we beat her team which I’ll never forget! “I got to meet Jason and after one of the talks he stayed behind and shared his story with me. He could relate and told me his own experience of going out with friends and explained that you can eat well, skip the drinks and have a good time. It just clicked in my head and changed my mindset. We really bonded and I was massively inspired by him. Going to Juicy Oasis has changed my life. I used to feel rubbish every day and thought that was just normal, but now I spring out of bed and am full of energy and confidence. “I work as a construction project manager and I used to dread site visits as I would get sweaty and out of breath walking around, but now I feel great. My goal now is to get rid of my belly and build up my shoulders and chest. I’ve started a fitness programme and have added weight training to cardio work. I’m now 260lbs and although I’m proud of what I’ve achieved I’m less worried about weight loss as much as feeling confident about my body. “I would love to go back to Juicy Oasis and would recommend it to anyone. It’s an incredible place and has changed my outlook on life – before I was stuck and didn’t know how to break free of the cycle of bad food and drink, gaining weight and feeling rubbish. It’s only been six months and gone so fast, but it feels great to see my results each month and I am motivated to get the body I want.”• JUICED magazine 37


coming soon...

GAMECHANGER! the new JUICE MASTER PRO This revolutionary juicer is the biggest shake-up in the world of juicing for many years… Turn the page to find out more…

JUICED magazine 39

6 juicy gear


reasons to upgrade to the incredible JUICE MASTER PRO 1. TAKE A WALK & SAVE TIME No need to stand and feed. Simply load whole fruit and vegetables into the extrawide hopper, turn it on and walk away. 2. SMOOTH OPERATOR The Juice Master Pro produces the finest cold press juice with less pulp, eliminating the need to strain your glass of daily goodness. 3. SHHHH… The Juice Master Pro is whisper-quiet. So much so, that you won’t even know that it’s on! 40 www.juicemaster.com

coming soon...

4. I T’S CHILD'S PLAY With its unique safety features, the Juice Master Pro has no blade and is 100 per cent kid-friendly. 5. E ASY BATCHJUICING The Juice Master Pro’s intelligent filter system makes batchjuicing a breeze. 6. E ASY CLEANING Perhaps the best feature of the Juice Master Pro is that it only takes a few minutes to clean and reset, all ready for your next juice!

The all-new JUICE MASTER PRO launches mid-September at juicemaster.com JUICED magazine 41

as seen on TV

the dream When Margery James-Roberts went on ITV’s game show The Chase, she had one goal in mind if she won – to go to Juicy Oasis! While she failed to beat the chaser, Jason stepped in to make her dream a reality… Who doesn’t love pitting their knowledge against the contestants on a nail-biting episode of The Chase? With more than 2,000 episodes aired since the show launched in 2009, Bradley Walsh combines a blend of cheeky charm and flawless delivery as he fires questions at those brave enough to take on one of the six chasers. Back at the start of 2022, one contestant, Margery James-Roberts, stepped forward to take on the challenge and Bradders asked in his customary fashion what she would do with the prize money if she was lucky enough to win. Her reply – book a trip to Juicy Oasis! Bradley

42 www.juicemaster.com

looked slightly puzzled and, as Margery explained her lifelong ambition to visit Jason’s luxury Portuguese retreat, Bradley replied, “Let’s get you to the Juicy Oasis… whatever that is.” Although Margery sadly didn’t win the prize money, eagle-eyed viewers quickly alerted Jason to her plight and the Juice Master jumped on social media to ask fans to help track her down so he could offer her a trip as a consolation. In fact, Margery is a long-time fan of juicing and won a Juice Master competition in 2014 when she 'dared to bare’ and sent a series of snaps

including one of herself drinking juice in the bath (bubbles protecting her modesty!). Dubbed The Naked Juicer, she won Jason's Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan and says juicing helped her to beat an auto-immune disease five years ago. “I was absolutely shocked to hear that Jason wanted to offer me a free stay at Juicy Oasis,” says Margery. “I enjoy quizzes and challenging myself, so I applied to be on The Chase, and when Bradley asked me what I would do if I won, I immediately mentioned Juicy Oasis as I’ve always wanted to go. Even though I didn’t win, it was a lovely experience and afterwards I thought

that I should have said to Bradley that if his son Barney hasn’t broken him, Juicy Oasis would! “Having done Jason’s 28day plan, I still do a juice fast every year and always think how lovely it would be to have someone prepare my juices and not have to think about the cleaning, washing and ironing. I saw the post on Jason’s Facebook page and couldn’t believe it. “Juicing has made a huge difference to my life as I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and was so ill –

The Juice Builder quiz The chasers might be some of the biggest brains on television, but how well do you think they’d do in our just-for-fun juicy quiz? Answers below! 1. Who is the Juice Master? 2. What’s the name of the book which catapulted him to fame? 3. How many Juice Master retreats are there? 4. Who appeared on the first cover of Juiced! magazine? 5. Does a fast or slow juicer produce betterquality juice? 6. Who was known as ‘the father of juicing'? 7. How many Juice Master apps are there?

1. Jason Vale! 2. 7lbs in 7 days The Juice Master Diet 3. Two – Juicy Mountain and Juicy Oasis 4. Alesha Dixon 5. Slow or cold press juicer 6. Jay Kordich 7. Nine Answers:

You don’t have to go on a game show to get to Juicy Oasis – book a stay now at


JUICED magazine 43

I broke out in eczema and tried everything. While researching the condition, I came across juicing and saw that Jason had got rid of his psoriasis by doing it.


“I watched Super Juice Me! and thought, what have I got to lose? Within 28 days, my eczema was gone and two weeks on I stopped my medication. The neurologist poopoohed what I had done, but my tests came back clear and since then I’ve been evangelical about juicing. I usually join in Jason’s January Big Juice Challenge or juice if I feel unwell – I’ll typically do two or three weeks and it makes me feel great. “When I heard Jason had offered me a trip to Juicy Oasis, I couldn’t believe it. I’m taking a friend who wants to juice, but fell and broke her arm and has struggled to get started. I am looking forward to building my nutritional knowledge at the retreat and enjoying daily walks, along with swimming, yoga and perhaps a cheeky massage – I can’t wait to be there!” •

The Naked


SHARE YOUR SHOTS 44 www.juicemaster.com

Do you love juicing as much as Margery? In 2014, she sent a series of photos to show how much the liquid good stuff means to her health – we love her juice ‘wardrobe’ and the bath shot took her dedication to getting her daily fruit and veg to another level. Are you a juicing fan too? Share your snaps to Jason’s social media channels listed on page 3.

as seen on TV

Guess the chasers' Fruit and veg are brilliant at boosting brain power and if the chasers were lucky enough to visit Juicy Oasis, we’d have their perfect juice or blend waiting . Here are the recipes from Jason’s Funky Fresh Juice Book we’d pick for each of them!

One of the original chasers, Mark Labbett, aka The Beast, appeared on Mastermind in 1999 where his specialist subject was the Olympic Games. We reckon this nutrient-rich juice would be right up his street!


Golden delicious apples 2 Beetroot 1/2 raw bulb Spinach 1 large handful Lemon 1/3 (peeled) Ice 1 small handful Pack the chute of the juicer with one of the apples, followed by the beetroot, spinach and lemon. Top off with the final apple and juice.

Anne Hegerty, aka The Governess, cuts a formidable figure on the show and we think Jason might permit us to rename his Iron Man recipe in honour of her incredible brain.


Kale 1 large handful Spinach 1 large handful Golden delicious apples 2 Broccoli stem 3cm chunk Beetroot 1 small raw bulb Green pepper 1/2 Ice Pack the kale and spinach into the chute of the juicer with one of the apples. Add the broccoli, beetroot, pepper, close with the last apple and juice.

Shaun Wallace, aka The Dark Destroyer, also appeared on Mastermind in 2004 and his specialist subject was FA Cup Finals. This blend, that Jason dedicated to Beckham, seems like a winner.


Pineapple 1 medium Beetroot 1 raw Banana 1 Mint 6 sprigs Manuka honey 1 tsp Yoghurt 3 tsps Ice Peel and juice the pineapple along with the beetroot and mint. Chuck the ice, yoghurt, banana and honey into a blender, add the juice and blitz.

Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen, is a brainbox, but she’s also got a great voice and came third in The X Factor: Celebrity! We think this recipe Jason created for Simon Cowell is a good fit.


Grapes 30 red or black Golden delicious apple 1/2 Blueberries 15 Strawberries 9 Lingonberries 8 Acerola berries 5 Chokeberries 5 Place the apple into the chute of the juicer with the grapes and lingonberries. Pour the juice into a blender, add the other berries and ice and blitz.

Along with being a chaser, Paul Sinha, aka The Sinnerman, is a stand-up comedian, which takes a sharp mind and zesty attitude. This zingy recipe’s made for him!


Pink grapefruit 1/2 medium Orange 1 Pineapple 1/4 medium Lime 1/2 Lemon 1/2 Ice

Darragh Ennis, aka The Menace, once sat on the other side of the table as a contestant on The Chase and beat The Sinnerman to take £9,000 into the final – he surely knows what it’s like to be under pressure.


Beetroot 3 small raw bulbs Golden delicious apples 2 Grapes 1 large handful, red or black Ice

Peel the grapefruit and orange leaving Simply juice the as much white lot, pour over pith as possible. ice and enjoy. Juice the citrus fruits followed by the pineapple (no need to peel with the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer).

JUICED magazine 45 37



He’s not called the Juice Master for nothing, so here are Jason’s top juicy tips for getting the best from the most essential ingredients in your juicing plan – the fruit and veg!

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ingredient focus

punch with its antiinflammatory and prebiotic properties.


Don’t peel or core your fruit, which can fit whole in the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer, or be used chopped in small quantities in a blend or smoothie. Jason likes Golden Delicious and Royal Gala, as Granny Smiths can be a little tart, but take your pick of the pile – and remember, the harder the apple, the more juice you get!



Jason ranks avocado as one of his favourite fruits (yes, it’s a fruit!), thanks to its complete nutritional power punch. They must be ripe, so if you find the perfect avocados in store, stock up, remove the stone, peel, slice and freeze, ready to add to your daily blend. Avocados aren’t suitable for juicing, so pop it into your blender, followed by the freshly-extracted juice and blitz for a perfectly balanced smoothie.


Ripe and sweet, apricots need to have their seed popped out before you blend or ‘slow juice’ these nutrientdense summer fruits.



Yes, really, it might be seasonal, but this spring vegetable appears in a few of Jason’s recipes and packs a powerful

Jason’s other favourite fruit for their nutritional value, bananas also need to be blended and ripe before use. In fact, if they are overripe, simply peel, chop and freeze (peeling a frozen banana is an impossible task!), ready to throw into your favourite morning blend.

Forget the vac-pac, we’re talking raw beets, skin on, for a super-sweet juice ingredient which can help to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes, and help you to exercise for longer.

high in fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants. Although fresh berries can be juiced, you'll need a lot to make it worth your while! Our advice is to blend them. Frozen berries can’t be juiced but are brilliant throw-ins to a blend.



Sweet peppers add sweetness to juices and contain antioxidants which can help to reduce inflammation. Although you can use any colour, red peppers have ripened longest and have 11 times more beta-carotene and 1.5 times more vitamin C, so take your pick!


Who doesn’t love a bowl of juicy, fresh berries? Bursting with flavour, they are

Stop chucking your stems! In fact, Jason actively seeks out long stems when buying his broccoli, as they are loaded with minerals and yield the most juice, which is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre and as much calcium as a glass of milk. Beat that!


Naturally sweet and packed with beta-carotene, fibre, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins A, C and K, research shows carrots can help to protect against high blood pressure and heart disease. Good reason to include them in your juice – no need to peel.


Much like cabbage, celery has quite a distinctive flavour so accompany it with apple for a little sweetness in your juice. But don’t blend this baby, you’ll find that you get a stringy cup!


A gut and heart hero, cabbage is packed with soluble and insoluble fibre. If the thought of drinking cabbage or the smell are off-putting, team it with apple – you’ll not notice the taste, but get a terrific nutritional boost.


A super-healthy fruit packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, we don’t blame you for eating them as they come, but

JUICED magazine 47

ingredient focus

cherries can also be juiced. Remove the pips and pack them tightly between other ingredients before juicing on the lowest setting for the best results.


Oranges, clementines, mandarins, satsumas, tangerines and grapefruit MUST be peeled before juicing as the oil in their skin is indigestible to humans. However, be sure to leave as much pith on as possible, as this is where the nutrients are found and also makes the resulting juice taste creamy and more satisfying.


Adding a liquoricelike flavour, fennel has been described as a superfood for its heart-healthy nutritional values. Packed with fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin C and B6, it is also believed to reduce bowel inflammation and improve gut health.


Jason gets his fix each day as a morning shot, and ginger regularly appears in many of his recipes. Loaded with antioxidants, ginger has antiinflammatory powers and can help to fight off chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

and folate, grapes are also believed to help reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disease, an excellent reason to add a handful to your juice.



An excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and B6

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A staple in nearly all of Jason’s juice recipes, cucumbers are hydrating and high in nutrients, antioxidants and fibre, making them a super addition. Use them unpeeled to get the full nutritional value from the fruit.

ingredients to get the most from the green leaves.

Packed with vitamin A, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, kale can help to promote healthy, glowing skin, hair and nails. Pack the leaves tightly between other

A lemon contains about 31g of vitamin C, nearly double the recommended daily amount, and is packed with soluble fibre which aids healthy digestion. Juiced whole, including the peel, try the Juice Master’s World Famous Lemon… Aid recipe (see right) for an instant hit of healthy zing!

With plenty of zest, a lime will certainly pep up your daily juice or blend, and each of Jason’s recipes will tell you whether to leave on or remove the peel, as it can be a little too much with some other ingredients. Be sure to look out for and buy unwaxed limes to avoid any unwanted additions to your glass. Buy organic vegetables and fruits if you can to get the best quality juice.


Add an all-natural, totally tropical taste to your juice or blend with mango. This fruit is a rich source of magnesium, potassium and mangiferin, which some studies suggest may help to reduce heart inflammation. Simply cut in half, remove the pit and scoop the flesh straight into your juicer or blender – as the fruit is dense, you may need to dilute your juice with a little ice or water to make it more palatable.


Nothing tastes more like summer than sweet, juicy melon. Give yours the squeeze test in store – the fruit should yield, but not be too soft. Remove the fruit from the skin, except for watermelon which can be juiced whole, and include the seeds in your juice. Super-hydrating, melons contain high levels of potassium which is an essential electrolyte mineral.


Sweet and earthy, parsnip is a great addition to your juice and rich in zinc, iron, potassium, manganese, folate, magnesium and phosphorus. Try Jason’s Pearfection Juice (see right) and give it a whirl.

and water, pears promote good gut health and are a great source of soluble fibre, so if you need to 'get things moving', a couple of juiced pears will usually do the trick.


Choose hard fruits and leave the skin on to get the most juice and maximum nutritional value from this orchard gem. Low in calories and high in fibre

Golden delicious apples 2 Unwaxed lemon 1/3 Ice cubes 1 small handful Sandwich the lemon (with the skin on) between the two apples in the chute of the juicer, and juice the lot. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Jason's Super-sweet and said to help fight heart disease and arthritis, pineapple is a favourite for many. It's ripe when the fronds pull away easily! It can be juiced skin on (just lop the spiky leaves off) if you are using a Juice Master Cold Press Juicer. If you are using pineapple in a blend, use frozen chunks.

Pearfection Juice Apple 1 Pears 2 Parsnip 1 Cucumber 1/4 Lime (peeled with pith on) 1/2 Fresh mint 1 small handful Ice 1 small handful Juice all the ingredients, pour over ice and enjoy! Taken from The 5:2 Juice Diet

Get the measure SPINACH


World-Famous Lemon… Aid

Taken from The Funky Fresh Juice Book


Rich in vitamin C and believed to help strengthen our immune system, papaya is also helpful in lowering cholesterol levels. Simply skin, cut into chunks and add to a blender with juice to make a smoothie.

Juice Master’s

You can blend or juice spinach, but if you're using a fast juicer pack the leaves tightly between other ingredients to extract the most juice. You can freeze spinach, but once frozen, the leaves can only be blended.

With healthy vegetables and fruits there’s no need to be too precise, but if you’re following one of Jason’s plans and want to ensure you use the right amount of each ingredient, here’s his handy guide… 2.5cm = 1” 1 small handful = 1/3 cup 1 large handful = 1/2 cup 240ml = 1 cup 1 tsp = 5ml 1 tbsp = 3 tsps/15ml

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seasonal recipes

Easy summer switches Summertime and the living’s easy, right? Except not when you’re trying to ditch a few pounds to get to your best summer self and friends are tempting you with less-than-healthy meals and treats. Before your healthy eating habits are derailed, here are a few skinny switches from Jason's Super fast Food! cookbook to lure you back to the right side of nutrition…

JUICED magazine 51

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seasonal recipes

A Full English vs The Easy English Serves 2 Beef-tomato 1 large Tomatoes 150g or 2 medium Mushrooms 100g or 4 medium Asparagus 140g or 8 spears Sweet potato 1 medium Borlotti beans 200g or 1/2 can Olive oil 2 tbsps Himalayan rock salt 2 pinches Ground black pepper 2 generous pinches Eggs (free range and organic) 4 medium Rye bread (optional) 2 slices Coconut oil or a knob of butter

1. Preheat the oven to 200ºC (400ºF/gas mark 6). Slice the ends from the beef-tomato and cut into four nice slices (about 1cm thick). Using a small knife, remove the flesh from inside the tomato to create a ring. Chop this flesh into very small pieces and place in a bowl. Cut the other tomatoes in half. Wash and slice the mushrooms. Remove any hard ends from the asparagus. Remove the ends from the sweet potato, peel and thinly slice. Drain the water from the beans, rinse and then add to the bowl containing the tomato and mix. 2. Drizzle half the olive oil over a large non-stick baking tray and place the mushrooms, asparagus, sweet potato, beef tomato ring and the other halved tomatoes onto it. Drizzle the remaining olive oil over the mushrooms, asparagus and sweet potato and sprinkle the salt and pepper over the halved tomatoes. 3. Place in the oven and cook for 10 minutes. Then remove the baking tray from the oven, turn over the mushrooms, asparagus and potato and crack an egg into each of the tomato rings (don’t worry if it spills over a little). Carefully return the tray to the oven and cook for a further 7 minutes. Meanwhile, if you want to add rye bread, pop it in the toaster now. Remove the baking tray from the oven, add the bean and tomato mix and cook for a final 3 minutes. 4. Remove the tray from the oven, ‘butter’ the rye bread with the coconut oil or butter, arrange all of the ingredients on your plate or eat straight out of the pan. Simply delicious!



A Full English

The Easy English

Calories 807 Fat 63g Sugar 21g Salt 4.52g

Calories 539 Fat 23.6g Sugar 10.8g Salt 1.39g

JUICED magazine 53

Takeaway Curry vs King Prawn & Coconut Curry with Garlic Fried Rice Serves 2 Ground cumin 1 tsp Cayenne pepper 1/2 tsp Nutmeg 1/2 tsp Coconut oil 1 tbsp Red onion 1/2 medium Yellow pepper 1 medium Mange tout 75g or 1 large handful Pak choi 1 bulb medium Fresh coriander 30g or 1 handful Coconut milk 400ml/14fl oz King prawns (uncooked) 200g/7oz GARLIC FRIED RICE Red onion 1/2 medium Garlic 3 cloves Basmati rice 150g/5oz Boiling water 450ml/16fl oz Coconut oil 1 tbsp Himalayan rock salt 1 generous pinch

1. Place the cumin, cayenne pepper, nutmeg and 1 tbsp of coconut oil in a small bowl and mix. Remove the end from one of the onions, peel, cut in half and finely slice. Cut the yellow pepper in half, remove the core and seeds and thinly slice. Remove the ends and any stringy spines from the mange tout. Remove the end from the pak choi and slice. Coarsely chop the coriander. 2. Remove the end from the other onion, peel and finely dice. Peel the garlic, crush with the back of a knife and chop into small pieces. Rinse the basmati rice, place in a pan and add the boiling water. 3. Place the pan with the rice over a high heat and bring to the boil. Cover with the lid, reduce the heat and allow to simmer for 20-25 minutes, until all the water has been absorbed. Keep an eye on the rice and add a little more water if needed. 4. Place 1 tbsp of coconut oil in a large pan over a medium to high heat, then add one of the diced onions and garlic and allow to cook for 5 minutes. Once the rice is cooked, remove from heat, drain any excess water and add to the onion and garlic. Add the salt, stir well and cook for 2-3 minutes, then remove from the heat and cover with a lid. 5. Put the oil and spices in a wok or frying pan and place over a medium heat. Add the remaining red onion, yellow pepper and mange tout and allow to cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then add the pak choi, coriander, coconut milk and prawns, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Place the rice into a shallow bowl and spoon over the curry.


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Jason's fakeaway

Calories 939 Fat 50g Sugar 16g Salt 1.75g

Calories 698 Fat 29g Sugar 6.1g Salt 2.1g

JUICED magazine 55

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seasonal recipes

Pringles & Dips vs Mint ‘n’ Rocket Hummus and Nutty Seeded Crackers Serves 2-4 MINT ’N’ ROCKET HUMMUS Butter beans 235g/8oz Fresh mint leaves 20g or 1 handful Rocket 80g or 2 large handfuls Olive oil 130ml/4.5fl oz Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground black pepper 1 very generous pinch NUTTY SEEDED CRACKERS Carrots 1 medium Almonds 30g or 1 small handful Cashews 30g or 1 small handful Pumpkin seeds 25g or 1 small handful Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Black pepper 4 pinches Poppy seeds 1/2 tsp

1. Drain and rinse the butter beans and place in a hand blender container or food processor. Add all the other ingredients. Blend for about 60 seconds until the hummus is lovely and creamy. 2. Preheat the oven to 160ºC (320ºF/gas mark 3). Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. Remove the ends from the carrot and grate using a wide grater. 3. Place the almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, salt and pepper into the container of a hand-blender or bulletstyle blender and whiz for 10 seconds. Place all the ingredients (except the poppy seeds) in a bowl and mix using a wooden spoon, then continue combining using your (clean!) hands, until it forms a dough-like consistency (add a small dash of water if needed). 4. Take a teaspoon of the mixture at a time, roll into balls and place on the baking tray; cover all the balls with a second sheet of greaseproof paper and press down on each ball so it flattens to the thickness of a cracker. Then remove the top sheet of paper and sprinkle with the poppy seeds. 5. Place in the oven for 15-20 minutes until cooked, (timings will vary depending on the thickness). Allow to completely cool and then peel each cracker away from the greaseproof paper.



Pringles & Dips (per 100g serving)

Hummus & Crackers (1 serving)

Calories 755 Fat 52g Sugar 6g Salt 2g

Calories 556 Fat 22g Sugar 2.8g Salt 1g

JUICED magazine 57

Ben & Jerry's vs Jason’s Superfood Ice Cream Serves 2 Bananas 2 medium Blueberries 150g/5oz 1. At least a day before making the ice cream, peel and freeze the bananas. 2. Remove the frozen bananas from the freezer and leave at room temperature for around 10 minutes. Cut each banana into 4 and place into the container of a hand blender or standard blender along with the blueberries. Pulse for 30-60 seconds until it turns into the texture of ice cream. Serve and chill!



Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake (per 100g)

Jason’s Superfood Ice Cream (per serving)

Calories 243 Fat 14g Sugar 24g

Calories 147 Fat 0.4g Sugar 22g

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Good Food for the Soul 3- or 5-Day Juice, Soup & Food Plans

Delicious vegetarian or vegan 3- or 5-day plans featuring juices, blends, soups and healthy food recipes from Jason's Super fast Food book

Order now at juicemasterdelivered.com Follow us @juicemasterdelivered

mind, body and spirit

row, row, row


Rowing is back on trend, but don't worry if you aren’t lucky enough to have a lake in the back yard, a session on a rowing machine is a great way to build stamina and strength Most of us don’t grow up rowing boats in the same way that we might regularly run or cycle as a child. Rowing therefore isn’t necessarily an obvious choice of exercise to turn to in later life. Yet a growing number of people are incorporating it into their wellness routine, and for good reason. It’s a great workout and, with an

at-home rowing machine, there’s no chance of falling in the drink! Rowing’s rise in reputation isn’t surprising once you realise just how good a workout it can provide. Hopping onto a rower for a 30-minute session can burn more than 375 calories. While other exercises might burn more, rowing is

THE PERFECT SLIDE If you’re sold on the idea of rowing, here are some key pointers to consider before you invest in a machine. Prices of rowers vary considerably, with own-brand machines starting at around £120 which could be a great starting point if you’re new to rowing. However, cheaper machines are often noisier and may not last as long. Higher-end rowers come with more resistance-level settings and metric tracking capabilities and allow for a smoother workout, but cost upwards of £800. Think also about where you’ll be using and, perhaps more importantly, storing your machine. Rowers can be bulky and you’ll need to ensure there’s room to use it comfortably without hitting the wall. If lack of space is a concern, some models are foldable to allow for easy storage when not in use.

60 www.juicemaster.com

considered the most time-efficient total body workout you can try, since it requires you to use all of your main muscle groups simultaneously. The correct technique activates muscles in your lower body (including quadriceps and glutes), upper body (such as the deltoids and lats) and your abdomen together, so you’ll be toning your legs, arms, bottom and core all at the same time. However, since your feet never actually leave the platform, rowing is a lowimpact sport. It’s gentler on your joints, compared to other activities such as running or HIIT workouts, so it’s an excellent option if you’re nursing an injury. Muscles are activated, but impact is low – we’re onto a winner here! Rowing machines are also a handy piece of home gym equipment to improve your strength and cardio fitness. That’s right – you can work on both at the same time! Adjusting the resistance will give a heavier pull, helping to build

muscle strength. At the same time, it’s a solid cardiovascular workout, so there are a number of health benefits to be had from a rowing session. Rowing will help to boost your immune system, lower cholesterol and decrease the risks of health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. It’s a treat for your mind, too. Some rowers describe the exercise as meditative. With every stroke, the repetitive movement and sounds become trance-like, helping your mind to switch off from life’s stresses. As with all exercise, your body releases endorphins when you’re rowing. Those feelgood chemicals trigger a wave of positivity in your body, boosting your mood. Over time, with regular exercise sessions, researchers report that our brains become more sensitive to joy, so there are some definite longterm gains from strapping in and spinning the fly wheel each day. •

Rowing engages up to 86 per cent of the body’s muscle groups and strengthens the cardiovascular system


like a pro It’s important to use proper form when rowing to reduce the risk of injury – visit britishrowing.org to learn from the pros. Until you’re confident, try filming yourself or setting up a mirror nearby so that you can check your technique and posture. 1. Strap in! Tighten the straps around the midpoint of each foot, and move back to ensure they’re not loosening. 2. Choose your level. Set the resistance to 2-5 if you want to focus particularly on cardio, or 7-10 to prioritise building strength. 3. Grab the handlebar. Bring your knees up and take hold of the handles, keeping your spine straight and your core tight. 4. Power up! Push against the footpads, moving yourself to the back of the machine. When your legs straighten, pull the handlebar towards your chest and bring your shoulder blades together. 5. Reverse, reverse! Flip those movements: extend your arms and bend your knees as you move forward. 6. And… repeat! Focus at first on form, not speed. Get into the rhythm of the strokes while engaging your muscles to get the most from your workout.

JUICED magazine 61

quit the booze

One day, or day one? It was the question singer and actress Suzanne Shaw asked herself three years ago, and a life-changing decision to quit alcohol has helped her find true happiness Life has a curious way of leading us on a path of self-discovery, and for singer and actress Suzanne Shaw a decision to quit alcohol three years ago has been truly life-changing. From the outside, it would seem that the star had it all, having topped the charts with record-breaking sales as a member of Hear’Say in her teens and subsequently with leading roles as a West End theatre and soap actress. Her energy appeared endless and Suzanne was crowned winner in series three of ITV’s Dancing on Ice, with Olympic gold medallist Christopher Dean singling her skating out for high praise. It was a golden era for the girl from Bury who had been dancing since the age of two and just wanted to perform,

62 www.juicemaster.com

but behind the scenes Suzanne was less than happy and struggled with drinking alcohol in moderation. While she stepped back from the limelight to create a loving home for her two sons, Corey and Rafferty, and fiancé Sam Greenfield, Suzanne found that a casual drink had become impossible and would inevitably lead to a bottle and frequent situations where she would pass out after one too many.

someone would make a comment about being less successful than Myleene and Kym. I was caught up in measuring success and looked for happiness externally with roles and jobs, but when you’ve sold 1.3m singles at 18, everything tends to fall short. I felt like a dog constantly chasing its tail, and while I had fame and attention it was hard to keep up with it all. You always have to be switched on and it’s exhausting.

“I think a lot of it was to do with being in the public eye,” says Suzanne. “It’s hard and a lot of people think being famous and having money makes you happy, but I can absolutely say the truth is far from it. You constantly need to prove yourself and, even just going to the shops,

“Alcohol became an escape and I felt like I needed it to switch on and perform when we went out. Alcohol is a sugar and can become an addiction very quickly as your mind convinces you that you need it. I couldn’t moderate my intake and just have a glass, but would end up

JUICED magazine 66

Suzanne and fiancé Sam enjoyed a stay at Juicy Oasis earlier this year

always been active and exercised, but I’m an all or nothing person and knew the thing getting in the way of the life I wanted was alcohol. “I got to the end of 2019, which had been a rocky year for me and my mental health was getting worse. Nobody around me was living the way I was and I felt like the odd one out. It got to the point that I thought I was going to end up in rehab. drinking a whole bottle or more, and nine times out of ten I would end up passing out – it might have seemed funny to everyone else, but I would be mortified the next day, worrying about whether someone had footage. I lived with constant anxiety which, in turn, didn’t make me a kind person as I became critical and judgemental.

64 www.juicemaster.com

“Three years ago, the rock was sharp enough that I looked at my life and, while there were worse moments leading up to it, I knew that if I gave up alcohol it would be the making of me. I’d read books and articles about quitting booze a couple of years before, but I would always fall off the wagon. I was interested in sustainable living and I’ve

“I knew I had to be brave and, while touring with Hormonal Housewives, I started talking with a friend who is vegan about following a plant-based diet. With her help and guidance I started to change my diet and, although it was a gradual process, by 2020 I had stopped drinking, started eating a healthy vegan diet and begun working on my fitness.”

quit the booze

One step at a time

Pulling on her trainers led Suzanne to develop a new-found love for endurance running which has been a game-changer in building a healthy new life, far from the stressful, dependent years when she’d struggled to stay on track. “Sam has run six marathons and I’ve always admired his ability to get up and hit the road,” says Suzanne. "I remember once we’d been on a big night out and he got up the next day and said that he was going to run to get the car, four miles away. At the time, I thought he was utterly mad, but now I think it would be mad to get a taxi! “The truth is that without alcohol I had a lot of space and needed to fill it. Friends talked about a runner’s high and suggested that I did a 5km run to start with. I didn’t know what they meant, but the route seemed manageable and, although it was hard, by god, at the end of it I had the high! I felt rewarded by being able to run, and one day I just went out and did it twice – I’d run 10km!

myself on a run, it really energises me.” Earlier this year, Suzanne and Sam spent a week at Juicy Oasis where they enjoyed running in the surrounding mountains. It provided a fantastic training ground ahead of Suzanne taking part in a solo endurance run in Croatia. “I’d heard about Juicy Oasis for years and wanted to go,” she says. “We’re good friends with Beverley Knight and her husband James O’Keefe who love spending time there. I’m so glad we got to go and absolutely loved it! Before we went, we’d occasionally have smoothies, but I wasn’t that educated on juicing and didn’t realise how beneficial it is for gut and

such a special place and, along with joining in the classes and running in the mountains, the week gave me some much-needed headspace.” Looking radiant, Suzanne shared her fantastic experience at Juicy Oasis with fans on Instagram where she charts her wellbeing journey with regular updates. With glowing skin and sparkling eyes, she looks incredible and a far cry from the unhappy person she once was. In one honest post on the social media channel, Suzanne shares a video of herself buying alcohol and looking worse for wear, part of what she says is being held accountable in her commitment to a healthy new life. “It’s my theme,” says Suzanne. “Before quitting alcohol I would never have been so open, but saying things out loud is a commitment to staying on track and getting it done. The pandemic was challenging and I did a lot of selfimprovement to face my demons. In some ways the pandemic provided a get-out-of-jail card, but social media helped me to chart my progress and keep it up. Within three months I was less bloated, less tired and felt that everything was out of my system, and now there’s no going back. It’s not just your physicality, but also how you hold yourself and your mindset too.”

“I wasn’t that educated on juicing and didn’t realise how beneficial it is for gut and skin health, so the talks were a real eye-opener”

“Three weeks later, I parked up by a country route and thought I’m going to run until my next meeting and ended up doing 17km – I couldn’t believe it! I may have quit one addiction for another, but I love the way it makes me feel. There’s a trail near us called The Ridgeway and it’s so beautiful to just lose

skin health, so the talks were a real eye-opener. “As soon as we got back, we bought a brand-new juicer and now we juice daily. Our eldest son is really into his fitness, so we often make Jason’s Pure Muscle Builder, and our little one is fussy but will drink a smoothie, so it's really changed the way we do things at home. I’d go back to Juicy Oasis in a heartbeat, it’s

Need a helping hand? If, like Suzanne, you feel like alcohol is affecting your happiness, why not order Jason’s book Kick The Drink… Easily! which has more than 1,000 five-star Amazon reviews. Jason started out as an addictions specialist and his advice has helped numerous people around the world to understand alcohol better and to learn to enjoy life without it. Order now at amazon.co.uk

JUICED magazine 65

Happy days

Having experienced her own transformation, Suzanne is passionate about helping others to nurture their wellbeing and has launched The Happy Health Club to support people to lead a sustainable, happier and healthier lifestyle. “I strongly believe that if we look after ourselves we get more out of life, and eating well and getting sober and fit has given me the life I always wanted," she says. “I have big plans for The Happy Health Club and want to create a wellness hub which brings experts together to share advice. I’m close to becoming a qualified sobriety coach and we have a group of personal trainers doing movement challenges. We’ve had experts talking about women’s health and giving advice on running, in fact I must get Jason on to talk about juicing! I want to use my experience to help others get the life they want.” As Suzanne says, choosing day one instead of one day gave her the momentum for lasting change. And, adding icing on the cake, she and fiancé Sam recently announced they will marry in 2023. “We’ve been talking about it for ages and I often joke we’ve got the longest engagement ever at eight years – we’re like J.Lo and Ben Affleck without the break-up!," she laughs. “Our little one is desperate for us to tie the knot and so we’ve decided on a wedding next year. It puts that accountability in place again, and I’m excited about the future.” • For wellbeing advice and challenges, visit thehappyhealthclub.com

66 www.juicemaster.com

Pure Muscle Builder It’s a favourite in Suzanne’s household and contains every essential amino acid the body needs, making it a great workout booster! Golden delicious apples 2 Spinach 1 large handful Pineapple 1/4 medium Avocado 1 medium Spirulina 1 tsp Juice Master Super Blend Me! Protein Blend 1 heaped tsp Ice Juice the apples, spinach and pineapple (no need to peel if using the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer), packing the leaves tightly behind the apple. Pour the juice into the blender, add the avocado, spirulina, protein powder and ice – blitz until smooth, ensuring the powder is dissolved. Taken from The Funky Fresh Juice Book

This is not just green veggie powder, this is JUICE MASTER )





Jus t aedrd wat






Yes, you can now get green veggie powders anywhere, but you can only get Juice SOS, Juice On The Go at juicemaster.com

This is not just wheatgrass, this is ) JUICE MASTER








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space makers

The SUPER PODS have landed! With the best views on retreat, the new Super Pods are the place to stay at Juicy Oasis, but how about popping one in your own back garden? Meet the team behind these über-cool, multi-use outbuildings and save with Jason's exclusive reader offer… JUICED magazine 69

ith their sleek contours and handsome good looks, forgive us if we take a moment to admire the stunning new line-up of Super Pods on Pod Alley at Juicy Escape, Jason's new Algarve retreat which is set to open next year. The luxury Super Pods are the latest creation from the team behind the Eco-pods which you may have already stayed in at Juicy Oasis, Jason’s original Portuguese retreat. When we think of glamping, it’s usually a bell tent in a muddy field, but these innovative and sustainably built structures take outdoor accommodation to a new level. Jason has worked with Armadilla, the company behind these award winning buildings, for more than six years and is now involved in the evolution of the original Pod into a next-generation Super Pod which was recently installed at Juicy Oasis. Archie Hunter and his son Ross got the seed of the idea for the buildings while landscaping, and have grown an international business which was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2020. “We had a customer who wanted a shed, but I thought a traditional, square wooden box would look ugly in the beautiful space we had created,” explains Archie. “It

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sparked an idea to create a curved shed which would blend organically with its setting. I wanted the structure to curve from front to back, which is hard to achieve, but we used the Fibonacci sequence, or ‘golden ratio’, to create a shape which is emulated in nature – you’ll see it in the shape of snails'

shells and sunflower seed spirals. We also embraced the principles of biophilic design, which incorporates nature into buildings, as this is recognised as having a positive effect on our health and wellbeing. “We initially exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show and were blown away

by the reaction to the Pods – people would see the buildings and their faces would light up, but they also wanted to touch them as they are so tactile. They’d ask, ‘What is it?’ Even when we’re on the road delivering Pods, you see people passing by smiling at them, they seem to evoke that kind of response.

space makers

“The Pods are an ideal way to create more living space as an extra garden room, whether it’s a ‘she shed’ or a ‘man cave’, to have a dedicated home office, an extra room or for multi-generational living. They can be used as a small business space and we have a number of natural health practitioners who find them ideal – they say the shape is perfect when giving massage or acupuncture as the curved middle allows plenty of space to move around a client! We’ve also seen growing interest from schools and hospitals and the feedback has been that patients or children with high levels of anxiety find the Pods a calming experience.


“The word ‘Tardis’ is frequently used by people when they first go inside a Pod, as their

brain readjusts – from the outside, the Pod looks deceptively compact, but because the shape maximises all of the usable interior space it feels vast inside. Our company name Armadilla comes from the armadillo shape, but also the comforting, cocoon-like effect that a Pod creates when you’re inside.” While the Pod’s clever design is eye-catching, the structure is unique too and, although similar-looking products have tried to emulate Armadilla’s organic approach, none have come close. Investment into sustainable materials also ensures the quality of a product that’s built to last. “My background is in farming and hospitality,” continues Archie, “and my attitude is if you’re going to do something, do it right from the outset. We’ve thought carefully about

The Juice Master Super Pods on Juicy Escape's Pod Alley will include... an interior bathroom plus outside shower, floating king-size bed, air conditioning and heating, built-in Bluetooth®, smart charger, international plugs, broadband, TV, mood lighting, refrigerator and wardrobe – try the new Super Pods at Juicy Oasis now, located in the quietest area of the retreat with stunning views, where you'll also find a clawfoot bath to enjoy a soak under the stars!

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“While most sheds arrive flatpacked and have a timber frame which flexes, our Pods have a steel frame and are built to domestic house standards” both the experience and functionality of the buildings. “While most sheds arrive flat-packed and have a timber frame which flexes, our Pods have a steel frame and are built to domestic-house standards. We use Accoya, a sustainable, straightgrowing, knot-free timber for our cladding – it’s injected with a natural, bi-product from the wine industry which makes the timber inert so it won’t degrade and comes with a 50-year guarantee, which is pretty incredible. “Ross is a design engineer and our approach is to constantly innovate to see how efficient we can make these types of buildings – there are 20m cars on the road and 20m homes in the UK, and while a vehicle has multiple complex systems to tell it how to perform efficiently, the best most houses have is a thermostat to turn the heating on and off! “We’re adapting information systems used in automotive technology to develop domestic systems to heat and cool the Pods efficiently, and to check water consumption and air quality. Research shows that high CO2 levels can affect children’s concentration in classrooms, so we’re using intelligent systems to increase ventilation to

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improve this. We can even use telemetry to analyse and adjust the comfort of the Pods remotely, which is particularly useful in hospitality settings. “These are lifetime buildings and across the generation of a family an Eco-pod can have multiple uses – from a children’s play room, hobby or craft room and recording studio, to a space for granny or boomerang kids to have their own privacy. When you consider that later-life care can average around £50k per year this is an investment that can evolve as a family grows and its needs change.” For the vast majority of homes, a Pod falls within permitted development rights and does not require planning permission, as long as it sits one metre away from the boundary line. Available in three versions, ranging from £30,000 for a Studio Pod with air conditioning to just under £50,000 for a Juice Master Super Pod with en suite, by comparison with an extension or loft conversion they are excellent value. Even better, a Pod is portable if you decide to move.


A major new venture for Armadilla is the development of the Juice Master Wave, which has arrived at Juicy Oasis

and will also provide the luxury accommodation at Juicy Escape, set to open in 2023. “If you imagine an igloo cut in half and stretched out, you get a Wave,” says Archie. “The ceiling is high, cathedral-like, and the Accoya cladding creates a stunning aesthetic shape which seems to change as you walk around it. We’re building these on site in Portugal and they will be a fantastic, luxury, five-star immersive experience with underfloor heating, air conditioning, LED lighting, Wi-Fi and a touch-screen control panel.” Beautifully crafted and with a chic interior design and high-quality finishes, every inch of the space has been cleverly utilised to create a fantastic, relaxing zone for retreat guests to enjoy their stay. Jason has personally invested in the development of the futuristic buildings and the specification of the Waves at Juicy Escape has been selected by him to suit the style and relaxed ambience of the luxury retreat, already being dubbed Europe’s healthiest playground. The flexibility of both the Wave and Pod, which can be reconfigured to meet individual needs, means they can be adapted for multiple uses and settings. “For each client, we start with the location and experience they are trying to create,” adds Archie. “From Scotland to Germany, and Portugal for Juice Master, our buildings are setting a new standard in outdoor accommodation and we are excited to see where the future takes us.” •

Save £3,000 on a

Juice Master Super Pod Fancy adding a Pod to your own backyard? You can invest in a Juice Master Super Pod, which retails at £49,500+VAT*, for £46,500+VAT*, saving £3,000 on an incredible addition to your living space. Whether you are looking to create a fabulous, self-contained guest accommodation with the potential to generate revenue as an Airbnb, a separate work space with a delightfully short commute, a creative hub or recording studio for your passion project or even your own natural-health practitioner base – the options are endless with this flexible, premium-quality building. Don’t forget, in most instances you won’t need planning permission to add a Juice Master Super Pod to your home and, if you move, you can even take it with you! To find out more and to book a site survey, contact Armadilla on 0131 440 4515 or email sales@armadilla.co.uk and quote ‘Juice Master Super Pod’. *VAT charged at 5% in the UK. Delivery charges apply. Price correct at time of publication, but may vary.

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seasonal blends

What’s in a scoop?

Protein powders are a useful way to make your blend more satisfying and leave you feeling fuller for longer. They can also help with weight loss, improve your physical performance and build muscle, but it’s important to choose your powder with care – avoid those with sugars or sweeteners and look for a pouch with as few ingredients as possible. Packing a powerful punch, the Juice Master Super Blend Me! protein powders provide a condensed form of plant-based nutrition to boost your blend, so get scooping!

Pimp my blend

We all love an easy blend to start the day or to provide an energy hit before or after a workout, and Jason likes to take his to the next level with the trio of Super Blend Me! Protein Powders – try these fab summer-inspired recipes from his Super Blend Me! plan with a scoop to add a little extra oomph to your day…

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Mango & Banana Protein Super Blend

Ice 1 small handful Mango (ripe) 1/4 or 1 small handful Banana 1 small Spinach 1 small handful Oat milk 250ml Protein Super Blend Me! Powder 1 tbsp Carefully remove the skin and stone from the mango and chop the flesh into small pieces. Add the ice to your blender, followed by all the other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds.

The Super Blend Me! Protein Blend, Jason’s personal favourite, is a combination of pea and hemp, making it easily digestible, hypo-allergenic and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. It contains 70g of protein per 100g, compared with traditional hemp protein, which offers 50g, and whey, at less than 25g, for the same amount.

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seasonal blends

Kiwi, Kale, Cucumber Cooler

Ice 1 small handful Cucumber 2.5cm chunk Kiwi 1 Kale 1 small handful Banana 1 small Coconut water 250ml Green Super Blend Me! Powder 1 tsp

Drink your greens! The Green Super Blend Me! Powder is a combination of barley grass, wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina, offering a highly nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals. Research shows that chlorella can help to eliminate toxins and improve cholesterol and blood-sugar levels, while spirulina has powerful antioxidant powers.

Remove the skin from the kiwi and cucumber and chop into small chunks. Add the ice to your blender, followed by all the other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds.

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Antioxidant Super Blend

Ice 1 small handful Mixed berries 1 handful Banana 1 small Almond milk 250ml Tahini paste 1 tbsp Berry Super Blend Me! Powder 1 tsp Add the ice to your blender followed by all the other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds.

Order the Super Blend Me! book, download the app and bag the trio of Super Blend Me! Powders at juicemaster.com The Super Blend Me! Berry Blend combines amla berry, goji berry, acai and camu camu to provide a nutritional blast. Amla has strong antioxidant powers, goji berries are believed to support weight loss, acai can lower cholesterol and camu camu is excellent for helping our body to fight off viral infections.

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peachy FEELING

Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, peaches are good for our heart health, help protect our skin and can even improve allergy symptoms. We find out what all the fuzz is about this summer sweetie…

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ingredient focus


It’s a playful way to say things are pretty wonderful, and it’s no surprise peaches have such a happy association given their delightful taste – tangy and sweet, the flavour instantly reminds us of summer! In season from May to September, there’s a whole host of reasons to a-peach-iate these juicy little fruits and their reported health benefits. Peach trees were first cultivated in Eastern China more than 8,000 years ago, and the country is still producing more than 60 per cent of the world’s peaches today. Brought over to the New World by the Spanish in 1571, peaches are a popular fruit to enjoy on their own or to complement other flavours in juices, smoothies or salads.


However you choose to enjoy them, it's reassuring to know that with every bite you are providing your body with a huge number of health benefits. Peaches are packed with nutrients and antioxidants and the riper the fruit, the more of these important health boosters you’ll gain. These plant compounds help to protect your body against disease and keep skin feeling smooth by improving your cells’ ability to retain moisture. High vitamin C levels also aid your body’s production of collagen, which promotes healing and makes skin stronger. The benefits of vitamin C don’t stop there, and the average peach provides more than 15 per cent of our daily recommended allowance, which helps to boost the body’s immune system. Combined with the fruit’s vitamin A, which helps to keep germs out of our bloodstream and support healthy vision, these fuzzy delights also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids which help to protect the eye’s retina and lens. Peaches have been shown to reduce our risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration, two of the most common eye disorders in later life.

One medium-sized peach (150g) contains 58 calories, 1g protein, 14g carbs, 13g sugar, 2g fibre, 0.5g fat

TAKE YOUR PICK Know your fruits when selecting peaches – with their characteristic fuzzy skin, peaches can be white, yellow or red inside. Generally, the paler they are the sweeter they will be. Ripe peaches will last up to a week at room temperature and refrigerating them will prolong their life. You can even freeze de-stoned, sliced peaches so you’ve always got some ready to enjoy in their prime. To check your fresh peach is ready to eat, press down lightly on its skin. If you feel a slight give, it’s time to tuck in! Avoid brown, bruised or wrinkled peaches as these are likely overripe. A quick, nutritional snack, peaches are a delicious addition to granola and Greek yoghurt in the mornings, or try adding slices to spinach, avocado and goat’s cheese for a light summer salad. Finally, add a peach to your daily juice for a real hit of summer flavour in a glass!

With around two grammes of fibre per peach, these stone fruits also help aid digestion. Half a peach's fibre is soluble, which supports healthy bacteria in the intestine to create fatty acids and feed our gut’s cells. The insoluble fibre helps to keep things moving and reduce the risk of constipation. Despite their supersweet flavour, peaches are actually pretty low in sugar and calories, so grab one from your fruit bowl daily while they’re in season. Recent research suggests that the fruit's compounds can help to regulate blood sugar levels, while potassium helps reduce bloating. Given all these nutritional benefits, alongside their sweet, juicy taste, life’s peachy with this summer fruit, so add them to your plate, juice or blend. •

KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY… 5 OTHER STONE FRUITS TO TRY Botanically, peaches are a type of drupe, a fleshy fruit with a single seed. Other varieties include cherries, nectarines, apricots, plums and even olives!

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An absolute game-changer in juicing, the Juice Master Pro is an incredible machine to get the most from your fruit and vegetables – simply flip the lid open, add your ingredients to the hopper, clip the lid shut, switch on and walk away, it really is as easy as that! Jason created the Juice Master Pro to make juicing as easy as child's play and to mark the moment is offering one lucky reader the chance to win the all-new machine. Terms and conditions: One entry per household. Entry implies acceptance of rules and conditions. No purchase necessary. Open to all UK residents aged 18 years or over, other than employees of Juice Master and companies associated with it. Draw will be conducted by Juice Master. Prize is as stated and will be awarded to the entry drawn at random on the draw date. No cash alternative is available. No correspondence will be entered into. Delayed entries will be deemed invalid. Winners’ names may be published and the winners may be required to participate in publicity. The prize is non-transferable and is to be used by the registered prize winner.

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