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Footie fit in

The new fitness craze sweeping the nation


How Kelvin Manning reclaimed his health at Juicy Oasis

Soup recipes to warm the soul BEAT THE BUGS Cold season juice recipes


Why the screen GPs make Jason mad


GREAT SCOTT! Football star Alex

talks all things health, fitness and punditry Celebs, recipes, real life makeovers + the latest from the Juice Master…

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Juicy greetings J A S O N VA L E

READ The easiest way to experien

ce magic

in every area of your life, is simply to create it...

Crea te Magi c

J A S O N V A L My first nonE juicing/food or addiction book, it’s been magical writing it! Plus, ten per A little sprin kle of inspiration cent of profits go to a ‘Create Magic’ pot to help others. Available in paperback, on Kindle and iBooks from October.

Create Magic


If you want a film that creates pure magic for everyone who watches it, look no further than the criticallyacclaimed Coco, from the Disney Pixar stable. With a central theme that families belong together, it couldn’t be a movie that’s more appropriate for the moment!


Music is an important part of our cover star Alex Scott’s world, so I wanted to know what’s on her go-to playlist. “Beyoncé,” was her unequivocal answer. “An amazing woman, her music makes me feel good and want to do a sassy dance.”

Wow, what a summer! Two unexpected things happened, the UK basked in almost endless sunshine and the English football team reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. The last time these events happened at the same time was 1990 – a year that saw the highest recorded temperature in Leicestershire of 37.1°C, Gary Lineker got the golden boot and Gazza cried. Although Gary hung up his boots years ago, he is still, without question, the UK’s undisputed king of football punditry. However, this summer’s World Cup saw a fresh face on the BBC panel with someone who may steal his commentating crown one day – Alex Scott. Alex, who popped to Juicy Oasis before flying to Russia for the World Cup, is a former professional footballer who made 140 appearances for England and competed at the 2012 London Olympics. To say she is as good off the field is an understatement. She shone as bright as the UK sunshine as one of the BBC’s World Cup commentators and has recently joined the Sky Sports line-up. In this issue we chat about her career and she shares her Football fit routine. I had the good fortune of playing football with Alex when she returned to Juicy Oasis after the World Cup, and she’s pretty special on the ball! Also this issue, I take to my Juice Box again, there are recipes, news on my V-cast and latest book, Create Magic: A Little Sprinkle Of Inspiration. Don’t forget to subscribe to youtube.com/c/juicemaster, and spread the word about Juiced! which is FREE to download – the only way to get a ‘real’ printed copy is to visit my retreats (juicemaster.com/retreats) or have a juice plan delivered to your door (juicemasterdelivered.com) and a copy will be in your box. Thanks in advance for creating some magic!

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Contents 03 Editor’s letter

Jason introduces the issue

07 Juicy news

Autumn 2018 Issue 8


Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing

10 B e a juice jedi

Meet the Juice Master Academy graduates

18 O  n the ball

Football’s woman of the moment Alex Scott teams up with the Juice Master

24 T he V-cast list

Meet the celebrities in the hot seat on Jason’s Juice Tube

28 T une in!

Discover the Juice Master’s channel, that’s seriously good for your health

30 T he world’s best juice

Why breastfeeding offers the best liquid nutrition a newborn can get


32 J uicing changed my health and gave me back my life! Read Kelvin Manning’s real life juicing success story




38 T V docs in the dock

Jason’s on his Juice Box with TV medics under the spotlight

46 S ouper trooper

Sensational soup recipes for the season ahead

52 J ust a little big shot Discover the incredible natural health powers of activated charcoal

54 L et’s dance

Boogie your way to fitness!

56 F ootball fit in 15

Try Alex Scott’s Juiced! exclusive workout

62 H  ug in a mug

Gorgeous herbal lattes to sip this autumn

64 J ason’s juice clinic

Beat the sniffles with these natural juice recipes



66 W  in a chance to be

on Jason’s Juice Tube

Tell us your inspiring juicy success story and appear with Juice Master in a Juice Tube video on YouTube.

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Make a juice, This Morning (and every morning!) That was the message Jason Vale had for cohosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby when he appeared on ITV’s daytime television show, This Morning when the Juice Master served up juices to treat everyday ailments. Despite being given just a few minutes to guide viewers on his signature juice therapy, Jason got the presenters to try a cheeky ginger shot to ease the symptoms of hay fever. Although Phillip seemed less keen, Holly loved the ginger booster. Jason didn’t get time to share his Love Lift Juice, which has the power to boost male performance, but we’re delighted to share the recipe with Juiced! readers. Jason met pop mega-star Robbie Williams, who was also on the show. A big fan, Jason grabbed a quick selfie with the singer. The Juice Master was invited back again this summer to share some refreshing juices to beat the heat. Co-hosts Ruth Langsford and Rylan Clark-Neal both enjoyed Jason’s all-natural recipes.

Love Lift Juice

(AKA the Viagra of Juices!) Beetroot (must be raw!) 1 large Watermelon (keep the skin on) large handful of cubes Red grapes small handful Pomegranate 1

Juice the beetroot and set aside. Cut the pomegranate in two and tap to release the seeds. Blend the seeds, watermelon, grapes, ice and beetroot juice. Sieve, pour and enjoy! Pssst... this juice oxidises quickly, so refrigerate if not drinking immediately.


In the spotlight at Juicy Oasis! There’s a ‘No Paparazzi’ rule at Jason’s Portuguese retreat, Juicy Oasis, and the stars are most definitely just ‘one of the gang’ as they unwind and recharge during a well-earned rest with the Juice Master, but a few of Jason’s celebrity buddies sat down with him for an upclose-and-personal chat to become the first of many V-cast (it’s like a podcast, but more visual!) stars on Juice Tube.

Back on the box Jason’s On His Juice Box (JOJB) and, once again, he’s challenging the juicy naysayers with more of his sage wisdom. This time, the Juice Master explains The Greatest Magic Trick of All Time in his second JOJB episode, and debunks the myth that Juicing Makes You Fat in his third instalment. The videos have both been watched by more than 7,000 viewers since they went live on the channel. This follows a storming episode one which


has already been seen by more than 10,000 people globally. If you haven’t already tuned in and subscribed to Jason’s Juice Tube channel, pop over to youtube.com/c/ juicemaster and sign up to be the first to hear Jason’s JOJB rants, enjoy celebrity interviews and see exclusive material from the Juice Master.

First up was legendary singersongwriter Gary Barlow, followed by showbiz legend Alesha Dixon. There was much fun and laughter during filming and you can enjoy the final cut of Jason’s interviews with the stars on his Juice Tube channel, which has already had more than 1.6m views. Keep watching as there are more big names hitting the hot seat at Juicy Oasis and coming to your screens soon! Turn to page 24 to read more about Jason’s V-casts and Juice Tube channel.


New views for Juicy Mountain Jason’s rustic retreat, Juicy Mountain in Turkey, is an incredible place to reignite your mojo, and whether it’s the restorative powers of freshly extracted juice, the brilliant fitness programme, relaxing atmosphere or incredible location, it really is a magical place to be. With this in mind, Juicy Mountain’s website has had a makeover to ensure it looks as fit as its guests. It’s now even easier to plan your stay, so why not head over to juicemasterretreats.com/juicymountain and find out why Juicy Mountain is one of the world’s best-loved health retreats.

Home delivery

Actress Angela Griffin was looking for an instant hit of goodness when she tweeted that she was looking forward to a three-day juice detox at home, thanks to her first order of Juice Master Delivered juices. Meanwhile, Ashley Roberts recently raised a juice bottle to Jason as she enjoyed her freshly extracted and flash-frozen veggies, post-workout. Why not join Angela and Ashley in enjoying a Juice Master Delivered detox? Order now at juicemasterdelivered.com

Girls on tour Juice Master Jason Vale was delighted to welcome former models and actresses Keeley Hazell and Nicola Tappenden to Juicy Oasis this summer. The gorgeous gals were the perfect guests, throwing themselves into yoga classes, time in the gym and even a dip in the lake! Thankfully, when the sun shines at Juicy Oasis, working out and sipping freshly extracted juice is a pleasure, and never a chore.



A long time ago in a kitchen far, far away...

36 10




‘Do. Or do not. There is no try,’ YODA Jedi master: Carol Brace After discovering Jason Vale’s 7-Day Juice Challenge, Carol went on to lead the Juice Academy during its formative years


When it comes to juicing knowledge, Juice Master Jason Vale is the undisputed ‘Yoda’ of the juice jedi, a wise and experienced leader who has inspired and mentored many to discover the power of juice. One of these is Carol Brace who started her own juice journey 12 years ago, at the age of 58. “My mum was very poorly with dementia and taking a large number of tablets,” says Carol. “One day she jokingly said to me, ‘This is what you’ve got to look forward to,’ and although she didn’t mean it seriously, it got me thinking that I didn’t want to end up the same way. “On the way home from seeing her, I popped into Waterstones and headed straight for the health and wellbeing titles. I don’t know why, but I was drawn to Jason Vale’s 7-Day Juice Challenge (formerly 7lbs in 7 Days), although I thought, ‘No, I don’t need a diet book’ and put it down. I looked at the vast number of titles on the shelves, but Jason’s book kept calling to me and I felt compelled to buy it. I read it in one sitting, and next day I bought a juicer and started Jason’s 7-day plan. It was incredible, I felt so alive! “I had never been an ill person, but I’d worked in hospital administration for many years and had the telltale signs of arthritis appearing on my finger joints. I also suffered from frequent headaches and took pain relief every day. Following my

initial 7-day juice programme, the headaches stopped and the fingers haven’t worsened since. As a result of my change in lifestyle, I have never needed to see a doctor or taken any medication since. “I’d got married at 18 to my wonderful husband, had three amazing children and eventually six beautiful grandchildren. I’d lived my whole adult life as a wife, mother and grandmother but in that one life-changing week when I followed Jason’s 7-day plan, I found me again! “I was definitely inspired by the Juice Master and went to see Jason speak a couple of times in London. I took my daughters along to one event where he was launching a Natural Juice Therapist course and they encouraged me saying, ‘You’d be good at this mum, why don’t you sign up?’ I knew I had to be part of it! Having left school just before my 15th birthday it was one of the highlights of my life, becoming the first person to qualify, and I completed the academy at Juicy HQ. Eventually, I ended up working for Juice Master, looking after the students for a few years. “I think what makes Jason unique is his continuing, unbounding passion and commonsense approach. I’ve seen first-hand the difference his teaching has made to people’s lives and he is a very special young man. I will always be grateful to have had the opportunity to be a very small part of the Juice Master team.

“Through the Juice Academy, I have met some amazing people from around the world, some who went on to qualify as Natural Juice Therapists and others who just wanted to learn all about juicing from the ‘master’. Jason set out to juice the world and the number of people who have already passed through his learning and gone on to impact the lives of so many others is simply phenomenal. “I wasn’t sure how I felt about the academy going online but, after going through the modules, I have to say the Juice Master Academy is truly incredible. It’s packed with all of Jason’s practical, easy-tofollow teaching, such as his famous goldfish-bowl analogy, with the added bonus that he can broadcast his message around the world. “I continue to work with clients one-to-one and do occasional workshops around nutrition, combined with essential oils which are a great complement to juicing. Juice therapy can be used to detox the body and kick-start the body’s innate healing mechanism. “Juicing will always be a part of my life. I recently turned 70, and I love what I am doing, which is all down to discovering Juice Master Jason Vale by reading his bestselling 7-Day Juice Challenge book and his down-to-earth approach to health and nutrition all those years ago. As Jason often says, it’s all down to the amazing power of the juice.”

57 13

‘In my experience, there is no such thing as luck,’ OBI-WAN KENOBI Jedi master: Mairi Taylor Having followed her own juicy journey, Mairi now leads the Juice Master Academy. Here she shares her insight into getting the most from the online learning platform



“I got into juicing and decided to do a course at Juicy HQ with Jason,” says Mairi, “but little did I know at the time that I would go on to manage the Juice Master Academy! The opportunity came up to be part of the team and co-ordinate Juice Master training about four years ago, and I have loved helping so many people to discover the power of juice. “I was heavily involved in the transition of Jason’s teaching from individual workshops held at Juicy HQ, to the launch of the online Juice Master Academy last year, and I also helped to develop the materials for the courses. “Previously, Jason’s juice workshops were UK-based, although we did have visitors from the United States, Chile and even Australia. It wasn’t realistic for large numbers of people to travel such distances though and by taking the Juice Master Academy online, anyone, anywhere in the world can now sign up for Jason’s classes. Participants can email at any time – I’m currently working with a Canadian woman who I have never met but am helping to progress on the course. “The other advantage is that people can self-manage their learning and go at a pace that suits them. Often people are interested to learn because they have a debilitating illness or condition, or limited mobility, and one of the huge benefits of taking the course online

is that Jason’s teaching has become more accessible to many of the people who can most benefit from juice therapy. “We updated all of the resources for the Juice Master Academy as part of the online launch, and one of the advantages of signing up for the programme is that you get access for life to all of the videos and reference materials. “Even when we ran workshops over several days at Juicy HQ, there is only so much knowledge you can take on board in a short space of time, and with the course online the information is there whenever you need it – whether you are taking an exam or just want to remind yourself if you are treating a client with juice therapy.” So, with both the Juice Master Class and Juice Study Course offering fantastic long-distance learning options, which programme does Mairi recommend? “They’re both brilliant,” she says. “The Juice Study Course is based around four modules, and does require some self-motivation. The first two modules centre on biology and physiology, so they are quite demanding, but they are actually incredibly interesting and important in understanding the science behind juice therapy.

juicing and of course the access to Jason’s A-Z of Ailments is a great resource to call upon to treat your own health or help friends and family with everyday conditions. “Most people want to know how much time it takes to do both and qualify as a Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner. The answer is that there is no limit, but I think it’s a good idea to set yourself a goal and monitor your progress, so that you get the most from the programme. September is a great time to sign up as there’s a natural focus on education and personal development, and a real momentum to move forwards with a challenge. “The other question people always ask is if it’s possible to make a viable business from juicing. It obviously depends on a lot of things including an individual’s business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. For many people, juice therapy ends up being an additional resource to a business, or a catalyst for further learning, but I don’t think you would ever regret investing in your knowledge and self-growth.”

“By contrast, many people take the Juice Master Class for themselves, to deepen their understanding of



‘I won’t fail you – I’m not afraid,’ LUKE SKYWALKER The padawan: Gary Dowse Juice Master Jason Vale is a global name in the world of health, nutrition and, of course, juicing, so it comes as no surprise that he has plenty of fans down under. One of these, Gary Dowse, based in Melbourne, Australia, was inspired to sign up for Jason’s Juice Master Academy to understand more about juice therapy.


“I met Jason once, when he was doing a show at a food festival in Albert Park. I was inspired by what he was saying, bought his book and got him to sign it,” says Gary. “I’m a big fan of Jason’s movie, Super Juice Me!, and I love that he is so humble and modest about what he does, even though he’s helped thousands of people around the world. “I have followed a plant-based diet for around eight years and I even convinced my wife, a self-confessed foodie, kicking and screaming, to do Jason’s 7-day juice plan. She felt absolutely amazing and wrote a book, A Foodie’s Guide to Juice Fasting, which has inspired others to try juicing. “The thing I like most about Jason is his passion and way of educating people about the benefits of juicing. Although the Aussie way of life is quite healthy, there is a lot of negativity and misinformation around sugar and I love that Jason helps to dispel the myth by explaining the difference between store-bought and natural, freshly extracted juice. “My wife and I would like to run juice retreats in Australia and, although I have studied plant-based nutrition, when we ran a couple of sessions the feedback I got was, ‘Do you have any qualifications?’ I took that on board and when I got an email about the Juice Master Academy I was excited to sign up.” Inspired by Jason’s work, Gary knew that the academy had the potential to equip him with the knowledge to achieve his goals. “There are other courses out there, but Jason has been involved in juicing for many years and I wanted to learn from the best in the industry,” he says.

“The chance to work with him remotely and to have access to him as a mentor without having to travel all the way from Australia to the UK to do a workshop was incredible. I know that everything Jason does is really good quality and so I didn’t hesitate to enrol for the Juice Master Class and Juice Study Course, which will eventually enable me to qualify as a Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner. “I’ve watched the 11 workshop videos and completed the exams, and I loved the Juice Master Class. Everything was really well-presented and Jason teaches with such clarity that I felt like I covered a lot very quickly. “I’ve now embarked on the Juice Study Course and it’s actually a lot more in-depth than I thought it would be. There is plenty of reading and studying, and the exams are pretty tough, but I’ve already picked up an incredible amount of nutritional knowledge, particularly around understanding enzymes. Even though there is scientific learning, it’s clever the way that the course always ties everything back to the benefits of juicing.” So, having followed the Juice Master’s teaching, does Gary think he’s on the path to becoming a juice jedi? “I don’t know about that,” laughs Gary, “I’m still a padawan or jedi-in-training. “It’s taken around two to four hours per unit of study, but it’s definitely worth it and I’m always inspired to learn more. Jason’s A-Z of Ailments is something I refer to quite regularly and I like the way that it covers an ailment briefly, but focuses on what Mother Nature gives us as a remedy.

“The thing that I enjoy most is that Jason keeps things simple. In the modern world, we tend to overcomplicate so much, but he makes learning about juicing straightforward and very easy to understand. “At the moment, I work for a company which makes juicers and my job is to go around the country and get people interested in juicing. When I talk to people, I often get the reply, ‘I’ve got my blender,’ but juicing is something different. I really like the way that Jason uses both juicing and blending in his plans and think he is truly original and inspiring. “Health has been my life for a long time now and my passion is to educate as many people as possible about the restorative healing powers of juicing. The Juice Master Academy is the next step in helping me to achieve my goals.”

Use the force! Feeling inspired by our stellar Juice Master Academy jedi? Why not sign up to become a padawan yourself and learn more about plant-based power? To celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of the online academy, Juice Master is offering an incredible price drop for September 2018 only. JUICE MASTER CLASS £149 (RRP £499) JUICE STUDY COURSE £399 (RRP £999) FULL JUICE MASTER ACADEMY £499 (RRP £1,499) Stage payments for full course £99 x 6 payments 

To sign up for these amazing offers, visit juicemasteracademy.com 57 17




On the ball

Voted England’s best right back during her playing career and now showing her expertise off the field as the first female Sky Sports studio football pundit, Juiced! magazine caught up with the legendary Alex Scott at Juicy Oasis

In a sensational summer of sport, footballer Alex Scott MBE has gone from woman of the match, to woman of the moment. Following her retirement from the game in May, Alex joined BBC Sports’ World Cup broadcasting team, before signing to Sky Sports as the channel’s first female football studio analyst. Her stratospheric rise to the top of the sport comes as no surprise to those who know her. While her incredible fitness and physique look effortless and naturally developed, they are the result of endless hours of hard work and a steely determination to succeed. Personal development and being unafraid of defying convention are recurring themes in Alex’s career which started in East London, at just eight, when she declared to her mother that she wanted to be a professional footballer. While it would have been easy to dismiss childish ambition, Alex’s mum,

a single parent, encouraged her to follow her dream, working hard to equip her daughter with football boots. “I started off playing in a football cage,” explains Alex. “I entered a tournament in Tower Hamlets where I was scouted and subsequently signed to Arsenal at eight. I saw it as an opportunity to achieve something. I wanted to succeed. I was awestruck walking in and seeing my hero, Ian Wright, as I loved his passion for the sport, so it seems strange to be working with him now.” Prodigious child talent has been known to falter for many during the teenage years, but Alex finessed her football skills and – more importantly – her fitness. Having progressed to the senior team by 2005, after a brief stint at Birmingham City she was selected for Arsenal’s first team, scoring the winning goal at the 2007 UEFA Women’s Cup Final.

57 19


“I experienced a setback when I was in the youth team as I wasn’t picked for England,” says Alex. “I started as a striker but moved to the right back position and worked on my technique as a football player,” says Alex, “but I knew my strength was to concentrate on my fitness and to impress with an ability to run endlessly up and down the pitch. It makes me laugh when people say, ‘You’re naturally fit,’ but no, the truth is I work hard at it!

“Juicy Oasis is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of life” “While I was at Arsenal I was voted England’s best female right back, but I never saw myself as the best or assumed I had a right to play. There’s always someone trying to take your shirt and for me I constantly go back to being that eight-year-old girl given a precious chance to succeed.”


With 148 appearances for the Gunners and 140 caps for England, five Premier League titles, seven Women’s FA Cups and the Women’s Champions League accomplished, you could be forgiven for saying, job done. But for Alex, the next goal is always in mind. She pushed herself to go further, crossing the Atlantic to join the Women’s Professional Soccer League and playing for the Boston Breakers in 2009, before returning to play for England at the 2012 London Olympic Games. “I absolutely loved my years in Boston, playing out of Harvard with an average 10,000 spectators at home games. I had got to a stage in my career with Arsenal where I had been rated the best right back in England, and it would have been easy to stay. But I wanted to go professional, so I pushed myself to play in


the US and prove myself on the world stage. It’s hard to say which was the best moment. As a kid, I dreamed of playing for England at a World Cup, but football was my way out of East London and Arsenal gave me that opportunity. It’s the place I always felt at home and the team will always be my other family.” During her incredible playing career, Alex has seen seismic shifts in the women’s game and, having played her last match for Arsenal on 12 May, she is challenging convention again as a football commentator, firstly at the World Cup and now as a studio expert for Sky Sports. When she took to the airwaves on its Super Sunday show on 12 August, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. “It took a few days to hit me what an amazing moment it was,” says Alex. “It was a bit surreal to finally be there, in the studio, talking about football, which I love. Although I covered the World Cup, all eyes were on me as the first woman on the Super Sunday panel. “I’d been playing the game for so long but a couple of years ago I started to think, ‘What’s next?’ and I knew I wanted to transition into commentating. I started a media degree and, although it was tough, I had to learn my stuff and prove myself – I remember playing a match in Canada while submitting my dissertation.” The same hard work and dogged determination which saw Alex power through the ranks of football will stand her in good stead during the next stage of her career at the top level of sports broadcasting. While she will undoubtedly give commentating her all, there’s a clear sense that this isn’t the end game. Alex has ambitions to move into mainstream presenting which she is already chipping away at, just like the eight-year-old girl who endlessly trained to become the world class footballer of her dreams. “I had a lot of setbacks from an early age and people didn’t believe in me, but I had self-

And he scores...

but wait...

here comes Alex...

puts Jason in his place.

Woman of the match...

raising a glass with the Juice Master!


belief and a drive to get to the top. It’s the same with my media career. I’ve got an East London accent and was told I would never make it on national television, but here I am, having covered the World Cup for the BBC and now part of Sky Sports’ studio team. “I’m always thinking ahead and looking at the opportunities which I’m lucky enough to be given. Everyone thinks it’s a seamless transition from one thing to the next and that these amazing achievements just happen, but I’m always planning what’s next.”


As Alex debuted in the Sky Sports studio, rumours were circling that she was tipped to join the line-up for this season’s Strictly Come Dancing. Having participated in the Strictly Sport Relief Special earlier this year, out-dancing Chris Kamara and David Ginola, to take the glitter ball trophy with pro-dancer Pasha Kovalev. “I can categorically say I’m not doing Strictly this year,” she laughs, “but it is one of the shows I’ve always wanted to do and hopefully I will get the chance at some stage.” No stranger to reality television, Alex participated in Bear Grylls’ Mission Survive in 2016, a challenge she says she was surprised to win. “I’d been in a football bubble since the age of eight and it was an opportunity to do something different. I thought I was signing up for a camping trip, but every day I would wake up petrified of the challenges we’d be given. I just kept chugging away to get to the end, so I was amazed when I won. You compete with no contact with the outside world, so I called my mum afterwards who was in the supermarket screaming when I said I’d won!” With such a relentless schedule, Alex is careful to plan downtime to recharge. Before and after this summer’s World Cup she headed to Juicy Oasis to prepare both mentally and physically. “For a long time football was everything,” says Alex, “but as I’ve got older I’ve realised it’s important to


balance things. I love music and going to live shows, and travelling. Juicy Oasis is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of life and I find it incredibly relaxing to spend time there. I’m a very spiritual person and being at Juicy Oasis, meeting and chatting with the team and other guests, gives me good energy which helps me to recharge.” As a sportswoman, nutrition has always been important to Alex’s performance on the pitch, and juicing has played a part in enabling her to train and play at the highest level of sport. “In the morning, I struggle to eat before I train,” says Alex, “so the easy option is to juice so I know I’m getting the nutrients in, and again after a game for recovery. “I think your body tells you what you need and as long as you are getting the right nutrition most of the time, I think you can enjoy everything in moderation. I do love to eat and chatting with friends over brunch is one of life’s pleasures but, depending on my schedule, juicing fits in with my lifestyle. I usually go for an avocado-based juice or blend, which fills me up and gives me the energy I need.” Although she has retired from the game, Alex maintains her fitness levels with regular exercise. While at Juicy Oasis, Alex enjoyed the walks and activities, even challenging Jason Vale to a ‘friendly’ match or two. “I will always be active,” says Alex. “I feel good when I exercise. It was great fun playing football with Jason, even though it was incredibly hot (47°) and he is very competitive!” A legend in women’s football and now breaking barriers in broadcasting, it’s clear that Alex Scott still has everything to play for. •

Turn to page 56 to try Alex Scott’s Football fit in 15 exercise plan.

Take your blend to the next level

No preservatives No artificial sweeteners or added sugars No artificial colours

Exclusively available at juicemaster.com


The celebrities are lining up to appear in Juice Master Jason Vale’s V-casts (it's like a podcast, only more visual!) Since the day Juice Master Jason Vale first opened the doors at Juicy Oasis and poured heart and soul into creating a place where every guest would get the chance to reboot their health, a celebrity cast has been queuing to stay at his incredible retreat. From the most talented musicians and actors, to the brightest names in show business, Juicy Oasis is the healthy hotspot they all want to check-in to, to unwind, detox and prep for their next big spotlight moment.


Jason and his team have always worked hard to protect and respect the downtime of the rich and famous, treating them in the same attentive way as EVERY guest – regardless of fame and fortune – who stays at Juicy Oasis. However, over the years, Jason has become good friends with many of the celebrities who stay and, as chums often do, it’s always fun to catch up over a glass of something delicious. And so it was on one such occasion that the idea to share their juicy stories came to life...



IT’S ONLY GARY BARLOW! With the launch of Jason’s first V-cast with singer-songwriter legend Gary Barlow earlier this year, the juice bar was set high, and in the video the stellar star explains what Juicy Oasis means to him.




Gary on… Juicy Oasis “Very quickly in the week– three or four days in – you realise the juice is the least important thing about being here. It’s about the peace, it’s about hydrating your body and giving it the nutrients it's been crying out for, for years… getting your head together and having a reset...” Gary on… his autobiography, A Better Me, published October 2018 “The main reason I wanted to write this book was to show people how I’ve become best friends with food...”

m/c/ youtube.caoster juicem




IT’S ALESHA DIXON! Gary may have been first in the V-cast hot seat, but the gorgeous and mega-talented Alesha Dixon was Juicy Oasis’ first-ever guest! Jason caught up with his good friend on a recent visit during an up-closeand-personal V-cast. 26



Alesha on… naming her daughter at Juicy Oasis “I was all on my own and the sky was the most clear, beautiful blue, and I thought that’s the name for my daughter, Azura (it means sky blue!)...” Alesha on… Juicy Oasis “This is still one of my favourite places on planet earth. I absolutely love it, I feel alive and everything falls into place when I come back here. It feels like coming back home now..."


Jason's V-Cast -The One With Katie Price


Jason's V-Cast -The One With Alex Scott NEW EPISODE OUT NOW

Published on 5 Sep 2018



She’s the celeb who started it all with her review of Jason’s 7-Day Juice Challenge (formerly 7lbs in 7 Days), and this summer she visited Juicy Oasis and caught up with Jason.


Katie on… 7lbs in 7 Days “OMG, that was 14 years ago! You’ve made it so much easier to do juicing...”


Katie on… her first juice “The one I used to make in the very beginning was spinach leaves, apples, ginger, cucumber, avocado, celery, lime and pineapple – Turbo with a Kick!”



Former player turned A-list football pundit Alex Scott spent time at Juicy Oasis ahead of her BBC World Cup commentator role this summer, where she caught up with Jason.


Alex on… Juicy Oasis “I'm very spiritual and Juicy Oasis is a place that gives me good energy.”

Tune in to Jason’s Juice Tube channel at youtube.com/c/juicemaster. Now, turn the page and discover more on offer at Jason’s Juice Tube… 27


With healthy recipes, inspiring real life juice success stories, plus Jason’s Juice Box rants, there are plenty of reasons to tune in and enjoy some quality juicy online entertainment on the channel that is seriously good for your health… If you love the Juice Master’s books, plans, recipes and online community, don’t miss out on Jason’s Juice Tube channel on YouTube. More than 38,000 subscribers have already signed up to get the latest updates from Jason’s brilliant on-demand health channel at youtube.com/c/juicemaster



QUICK AND HEALTHY RECIPES On the go? Need a quick-fix recipe? Jason has tons of brilliantly balanced juices and blends to mix in less than a minute. Beautifully filmed in the kitchen at Juicy HQ, Juice Tube is the place you’ll find his latest recipes to make your juicing hassle-free.

GOOD FOOD GUIDE Although he’s the Juice Master, as Jason often says, “It’s not just about the juice!”, and he has a wealth of food recipes including step-by-step videos to make nut milks and ice cream in a cold press juicer, plus gorgeous grub from his Super fast Food cookbook.

JUICE BOX JURY Does juicing bring out the cynics among your friends and family? You’re not alone, but in Jason’s Juice Box videos the Juice Master tackles some of the myths surrounding the juicy stuff. Got a view? Join in the debate and have your voice heard!

JASON’S HEROES From Jason’s incredible Super Juice Me! documentary to real life juicy success stories, if you’re looking for inspiration you’ve come to the right place. Tune in during October to see this issue’s real life star Kelvin Manning chatting with Jason at Juicy Oasis.

CRITICS’ CHOICE Jason’s Juice Tube has already triggered a fast response from fans around the world – here’s what some of them had to say about his brilliant YouTube channel...


The world’s best juice!

It’s an old mantra but breast really is best, and when Jason and Katie’s little boy, JJ, was born earlier this year he got off to a flying start with mum’s milk, which Jason dubbed, ‘The finest juice in the world’



It’s a subject that still causes controversy, with model and actress Chrissy Teigen and F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone both criticised in recent months for publicly feeding their infants. But around the world there is a growing movement to remove the stigma that surrounds breastfeeding. Campaigners, using the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding, lent their support to the two celebrities on social media in response to the backlash their beautiful images triggered. Not everyone can breastfeed, although breast milk can be bought online, but medical research and professionals tell us unequivocally that mother’s milk really is best for baby.


There is nothing more natural in this world than the phenomenon of breastfeeding, a mother nourishing her baby as nature intended with her own milk, tailor-made for her newborn. It contains all of the fat, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients an infant needs to grow and develop, along with vital antibodies, which help to provide long-term protection after birth. The human body never ceases to amaze with its miraculous workings, but breastfeeding takes everything to the next level, producing the sole food source to sustain a growing newborn for the first six months of its life. Colostrum is the creamy yellowish milk first produced after birth, rich in protein and antibodies to strengthen a baby’s immunity. This is thought to be the most important nourishment there is during those first precious hours of life. And the superpowers of breast milk don’t stop at these germ-busting, babygrowing qualities. Infants nurtured on breast milk are less likely to pick up infections, such as ear and chest ailments, less likely to develop allergy-linked conditions such as eczema and asthma, and are

at a lower risk of developing childhood obesity or diabetes as they grow. It really does provide incredible lifelong health benefits.


Nourishing another human life isn’t easy and mum can help herself by putting the right fuel into her own body, the goodness of which inevitably filters through to baby. A healthy diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables, high in vitamins and minerals is, of course, a great place to start. Calcium and iron-rich foods are essential to a new mother’s diet, as are high-fibre foods, which help with digestion and energy levels. It’s essential to keep hydrated with plenty of water each time the baby feeds and remember, whatever mum consumes, an element will filter through to baby, so alcohol is a real no-go. In fact, a breastfeeding mother can burn up to 700 calories per day, so it’s easy to see where a daily juice or blend, easily prepped and on hand to sip as she feeds baby, can help with ensuring mum gets the right nutrients. Juicing pioneer Dr Norman W. Walker wrote about the benefits of freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juice for nursing mothers in his book, Juices: What’s Missing In Your Body: ‘Raw vegetables and fruits which are live, organic foods, supplemented with an ample volume daily of fresh raw vegetable juices as the regular daily diet, have resulted in bright, healthy children as well as mothers. Nursing mothers should drink plenty of raw carrot juice, properly prepared to enhance the quality of their milk.’ Although written almost 40 years ago, the benefits of a nutrient-boosting juice to ensure both mother and baby are getting the best start together is a sentiment Juice Master Jason Vale echoes. Looking at gorgeous JJ’s progress during his first few months of life, it’s clear that mum’s ‘juice’ really is the wonder-stuff! •

57 31




‘Juicing changed my health and gave me back my life!’ Crippled by Crohn’s disease, afraid to leave the house and forced to take up to 450 tablets a month, 21 days at Juicy Oasis transformed Kelvin Manning’s health and happiness for good...

57 33



nyone who has lived with a debilitating disease knows how exhausting simply trying to live a ‘normal’ life can be, and by December 2017 Kelvin Manning had hit crisis point with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis which had completely taken hold of his health. Often bed-bound and living on round-the-clock pain relief, just to make the discomfort he felt tolerable, Kelvin was unable to be the husband and father of six that he desperately wanted to be. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are inflammatory bowel diseases which affect the digestive tract, causing severe abdominal pain, diarrhoea and fatigue, and although the cause is unknown, genetics, diet, stress and even viruses can all trigger the conditions. In fact, while Kelvin’s grandmother had suffered from colitis, none of his immediate family are affected by the disease, making him feel even more isolated. “I’ve had Crohn’s and colitis for ten years, on and off, but the past five years have been hell, and by Christmas 2017 I was in a terrible state,” says Kelvin. “I couldn’t do anything with the kids and I didn’t go anywhere – if friends asked me out, I wouldn’t go in case I got caught out, it was so embarrassing.” With six children, aged from 14- to two-years-old, Kelvin was frustrated not to be able to spend time being active with his family, having previously helped to run his son’s football club and spent time playing games with the kids. “It was awful,” he says, “and I was never really given a reason as to why I was so badly affected. The doctors couldn’t tell me what had caused it, and just prescribed medication.


“The pain was so intense I was taking a serious amount of painkillers, although it never really went away, the pills just masked the symptoms.

“I met Jason and I broke down as I thanked him for the opportunity to reboot my health at Juicy Oasis” “I was constantly clock-watching until I could take the next lot of tablets. I couldn’t eat normally as my stomach would react so violently and I would often go for up to four days without food.”


Desperate to regain some quality of life, when a family member suggested a stay at Juice Master Jason Vale’s retreat, Juicy Oasis, Kelvin seized the lifeline to transform his health, naturally. Although a little sceptical at first and then hugely nervous, he committed to a 21-day detox. “I was so ill, I didn’t want to be away from home and when I first arrived I thought, ‘I can’t do it,’ but within just a few days I was out doing walks and, for the first time in a long time, I was pain-free which enabled me to reduce my medication massively.

“I missed my wife and especially the children, but I just kept thinking that I knew the time I spent at Juicy Oasis would give them their dad back” By the end of my stay, I was able to enjoy runs, get on the bikes and I felt no pain, it was incredible! “During my stay, I met Jason and I broke down as I thanked him for the opportunity to reboot my health at Juicy Oasis. He really has opened my eyes to a new way of living and transformed my life. Being away from home for so long, naturally I missed my wife and especially the children, but I just kept thinking that I knew the time I spent at Juicy Oasis would give them their dad back. It was difficult, but I was focused and determined to stick with Jason’s plan to the letter!”

57 35


And indeed Kelvin did, dropping a whopping 28lbs during his threeweek stay. “It was quite bizarre as I didn’t plan to lose weight, and I didn’t really notice it until I arrived home and my wife said, ‘Where have you gone? You’re half the man!’ “My goal was to get the tools and information I needed to transform my health, and I certainly achieved that. Before I went, I was taking more than 400 tramadol, which is a strong painkiller used to treat chronic illness, but at Juicy Oasis I was able to reduce this significantly and I really learnt about the 100 per cent nutritional value of juice. “I think the reason juicing worked in breaking the cycle of Crohn’s, colitis and the awful pain that came with those diseases, is that my stomach didn’t have to work hard to break down food. Previously, doctors didn’t advise me about my diet and said that fruit would be too acidic, but Jason’s juices are perfectly balanced with a good blend of vegetables that are packed with goodness. It was easy for my body to get an instant hit of nutrition. I didn’t get any headaches at all, and I honestly believe that this is what my body needs – with juice there is a crazy amount of vitamins going in!”


After his incredible, immersive experience at Juicy Oasis, and feeling on top of the world, Kelvin was determined that all he had learnt during his 21-day retreat would not be lost upon his return. “My Juicy Oasis experience was transformative and has completely changed the way I think and eat,” says Kelvin.


Before “I feel I connected with Jason as he also had an illness and transformed his life, and now mine” “Juicing and exercise are my new mantras. Now, my day starts with a ginger shot, juices at 10am and 1pm, a salad with fish for dinner, followed by another juice later on. My wife likes the fruity juices too, and I’m slowly getting her to try those that are more veggie-based. I walk everywhere, 5km, 10km… and I go to the gym with my friends to hang out and do training. “I used to imagine what it would be like to be pain-free just for one day, I had lived with Crohn’s and colitis for so long. It seems crazy to be able to live a normal life and occasionally I still anticipate the twist in my stomach, but it isn’t there – I’m still getting my head around it, but the

joy of waking up in the morning and being able to get up and go, and the next day and the day after that is incredible. I feel I connected with Jason as he also had an illness and transformed his life, and now mine. I am so grateful to him. “It seems amazing that fruit and vegetables have done this – we walk past them every day in the supermarket but if more people knew the power they have to change our health, they would be juicing their way to health and happiness too.” • Subscribe to youtube.com/c/ juicemaster to see Jason’s interview with Kelvin from October.

Individual results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Always consult a qualified medical professional before embarking on a pure juice diet, health programme or physical activity.





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nsform e’s nge



om my waist lost!”




h, addiction and juicing. he regularly appears on elling apps and is the Spa’ in Portugal.

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TVin docs the dock

Jason is back with a new rant… and this time it’s TV doctors who are driving him crackers



In the UK, we have four main doctors who appear on national television most often: Dr Christian Jessen, Dr Chris Steele, Dr Sarah Jarvis and Dr Hilary Jones. All of whom, at one time or another, have spoken extremely negatively about juice diets or myself personally on national TV or radio.

I want to scream... again! This time at TV doctors who have huge influence over millions of people watching them on the box. The biggest problem I have with TV doctors spouting utter mistruths and nonsense when it comes to juicing is that people tend to automatically believe what they are saying. After all, who questions a doctor’s advice when it comes to diet and health, especially when live on TV?


Dr Sarah Jarvis was the first TV doctor to kick things off a few years ago on The One Show (BBC 1, no less!).

Once again, the fact she hadn’t done any research on the book or that what she said is completely wrong doesn’t matter a jot. The statement had been made, the book had been seen on the screen by millions of people and the damage had been done. I have no idea just how much damage was done, but if it stopped just one person getting the help they needed, it’s damage enough.

I had the show on in the background and couldn’t believe it when I saw my book on screen. The item was all about diet books and, to cut a long story short, Dr Jarvis held up my book and said something along the lines of, “These diets never work, you may lose some weight, but you’ll always not only gain it back but more besides.”

Wrong! No research whatsoever had been done on the plan or book itself, yet this doctor was allowed to hold up the cover and destroy the effectiveness of the plan to millions of people watching without anyone questioning it. I mean, who watching would question what she was saying? This is a doctor on the BBC for goodness sake, so it must be true.

Please notice the word ‘always’ here. This is a doctor, let’s not forget, talking on the apparently impartial BBC. In order to hold up my book and say anyone who does it will always gain all of the weight back and more, one can only assume she must have done some research. I mean the BBC wouldn’t allow anyone to make such a statement unless it was researched and 100 per cent accurate, right?

This was the same doctor I heard on BBC Radio 2, years later, saying, “There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that diet has anything to do with skin conditions.” The amount of damage that statement did is also immeasurable, but once again it’s a clear pronouncement from a doctor on the BBC and the vast majority of people would never question the validity of such utterly stupid and harmful comments.

'Seriously, how have we reached this stage? How or why do we never question this madness? Why do we need to seek a doctor’s permission before cutting out all crap and getting NOTHING but goodness in our bodies for a period of time?' Dr Jarvis’ comments, all those years ago, on The One Show about my juicing diet was just the start of things to come. Ever since then I’ve had to defend and rebuff the nonsense from TV doctors about the subject of juicing for health. This year, it was TV GP Dr Hilary Jones who kicked off proceedings on Good Morning Britain. The programme was testing two 'FAD DIETS' as part of its FAD-FREE GMB campaign. One involved weightloss teas and the other was a 28-day juice diet (I assume it was my 28-Day Super Juice Me! plan). Right from the start it was clear what the slant was going to be: to slam socalled 'FAD DIETS' and heavily promote Good Morning Britain's very own, 'NO-FAD DIET' (available on the show’s website, of course!). “The British Dietetic Association said these were the two worst faddy diets to try in 2017 – don’t try them, avoid them,” said Dr Hilary Jones with his opening sentence. I can't speak for the 'weight-loss teas', but I can, after two decades

of experience in this field, speak for juicing and I feel the British Dietetic Association and, on this occasion, Dr Hilary, should collectively hold their heads in shame.

We are currently in the biggest health and obesity crisis in history and here we have a well-known and trusted doctor along with the highest government-backed body which advises on diet, slamming a 'diet' where people INCREASE their intake of fruits and vegetables. The very foods which ALL doctors, along with the British Dietetic Association, say we need more of!

The woman they asked to test the juice diet was Shantelle Standing. The presenters and doctor were at pains to point out that they had undertaken health screening before starting the

diet, ensured it was under supervision with GP permission and that Shantelle was healthy at the start. Immediately, this gives the impression that if you tried the juice diet without 'health screening', without 'supervision' and without 'GP permission' it would be dangerous. This particularly gets my goat for many reasons, none more so than the 'GP permission' side of it. How are we, in a world where if you want to eat crap all week and go on a bender at the weekend, you don't need to 'consult your GP first', but to stop eating and drinking ALL rubbish and replace junk with freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices needs a doctor’s permission? Seriously, how have we reached this stage? How or why do we never question this madness? Why do we need to seek a doctor’s permission before cutting out all the crap and getting NOTHING but goodness in our bodies for a period of time? Especially when, by their own admission, doctors usually spend around six HOURS of their six YEARS


of medical training learning about nutrition! I am not knocking doctors as a whole. I am however questioning the madness of this television doctor, for expressing that it was OK for Shantelle to do the juice diet as part of Good Morning Britain's 'FAD-FREE DIET' promo, because she was 'under supervision'.

'A GOOD juice diet is the single-most effective, rapid weight loss and health turnaround system I have ever known. It is also the most effective at changing the way someone feels about all food and reducing or even eliminating cravings for junk' "...hardly any protein..." Shantelle did the juice diet for 20 days, losing 11lbs, and Dr Hilary Jones was quick to say: “If we look at the juicing, it’s unsustainable. It’s not nutritionally complete. Hardly any protein in that, all the sugar from the fruit is being released as ‘free sugar’ which is not good, you’ve got no fibre… so is this healthy? No, it isn’t. Shantelle only lasted 20 of 28 days but she lost 11lbs, so as a crash diet yes it works but it is unsustainable… and there’s plenty of evidence that suggests that juicing actually leads to weight gain.”


Please read and re-read this statement. Where do we start?

“...it's unsustainable...” Whoever said you can live on nothing but juice forever? If Dr Hilary was to ever actually read my Super Juice Me! book, he will see that the juice diet is about doing something 'abnormal' to counter the 'abnormalities' of eating a bad diet. It is a way to 'reset' the mind and body and drop a significant amount of weight in a short space of time to give people hope and momentum. This is why so many people have long-term success after one of my juice diets because by the end of it they crave 'good food'. So, continuing forever on nothing but juice is indeed 'unsustainable' but that's not what I have ever promoted. A GOOD juice diet is the single-most effective, rapid weight loss and health turnaround system I have ever known. It is also the most effective at changing the way someone feels about all food and reducing or even eliminating cravings for junk.

The largest land animals in the world are all vegan and get all their protein from plants. We require 'amino acids', the building blocks for protein, and this is why I add many avocados into the Super Juice Me! plan as well as bananas – both ingredients contain these wonderful amino acids.

"...all the sugar from the fruit is being released as 'free sugar,' you've got no fibre..." I have only one word - NONSENSE! Yes, shop-bought, heavily processed fruit juice has zero fibre and ALL of those sugars are 'free sugars' and cause sugar spikes. However, FRESHLY EXTRACTED JUICES, especially when blended with avocado, DO NOT! ALL freshly extracted juice, especially when 'cold pressed', contains soluble fibre – add the avocado and banana and you have insoluble fibre too. We are now with 'sugar' where we once were with 'fat' and it seems many people believe all sugars are the same, when they simply are not. We need very little fibre


each day and, once again, a juice diet is a short-term 'reset' and a catalyst to a good diet change.

"...there is plenty of evidence that suggests juicing actually leads to weight gain..." WHERE? Dr Hilary, please show me the 'plenty of evidence'??????????? Utter, utter, utter nonsense!

STEP AWAY FROM THE BLENDER! This was the headline on the mostwatched morning show in the UK and once again we have a doctor on the TV telling people to avoid juicing and blending. This time it’s none other than This Morning’s resident doctor Chris Steele spouting the headline mistruths about blending/juicing. The irony here

is that I know for a fact he went on a juicing retreat a few years ago and here he is telling people to ‘Step away from the blender!’

Hmmmm... But the biggest anti-juice plan voice comes from one of the best-known doctors on TV, Dr Christian Jessen. He uses his Twitter account to tell people, including me, exactly what he thinks of anyone who embarks on a juice plan. I will be doing an entire Jason On His Juice Box dedicated to Dr Christian Jessen soon, so watch this space... What I will say though about Dr Christian Jessen, as well as the other doctors I have mentioned, is that they are all incredibly good doctors – that’s perhaps the biggest frustration. They all, without question, have far better

academic intelligence than I, and have all studied medical drugs and the human body much more than I have. The issue I have is that no matter how many people report huge positive health improvement outcomes after a juice plan, it immediately gets dismissed as purely anecdotal and not scientifically proven.

I don’t feel you need a science degree to know that we would all be better off increasing our intake of fruit and vegetables, that’s just common sense. Any method that helps with that goal can only be a good thing and it’s why doctors, especially those who reach millions on TV, should encourage anything that can potentially help more people to get more fruit and vegetables inside their bodies.

So, on this subject, my verdict on these TV docs in the dock is, 'Guilty as charged!’


Let’s create some magic... Buy a copy of Jason Vale’s new book and juice it forwards – 10% of all profits will



go into a Create Magic fund designed to create magic for others.


Souper trooper As quick and tasty meals go, there’s little more speedy and satisfying than the humble bowl of soup. Simple to make, easy to eat and packed full of tummy-filling goodness – what’s not to love? To get the season underway, we’ve got four fuelling recipes from the Juice Master’s kitchen for you to try.

To make your soup season even easier, download Jason Vale’s Soup ‘n’ Juice Me! app and follow the Juice Master’s 7-day plan. Recently revamped, this brilliant app is the easiest way to get the healthy nutrients your body needs with delicious recipes, mapped out with a handy shopping list – bag your veg and get cooking. Mamma mia, these bowls are good...



p u o s m o o r h s Mu It’s a vegetable you won’t see in many of Jason’s recipes, but here the fabulous fungi is the star of the show. The creaminess of this soup gives it a really luxurious texture – go on, treat yourself! SERVES 1 Mushrooms (chopped into small chunks) 250g Garlic (peeled and finely chopped) 2 cloves Red onion (peeled and finely chopped) 1 small Fresh thyme (leaves only) 2 sprigs Vegetable stock 570ml Olive oil 1 tbsp Crème fraîche 100g Salt 1 pinch Pepper 1 pinch 1. In a large saucepan, heat the oil over a low heat then add in the onion, garlic and thyme. Sweat for 10 minutes. Add the mushrooms and cook for a few minutes until they start to sweat and release their juices. Pour in the vegetable stock, salt and pepper. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. 2. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly before adding the crème fraîche and blending until smooth.



Hunky Chunky Vegetable Soup If you’re after something with a bit more bite, then this is the soup for you. With filling root veg and the fresh flavour of courgette and leek, it satisfies in more ways than one. SERVES 1 Parsnip 1 Carrot 1 Sweet potato 1 Leek 1 Courgette 1 Vegetable oil 1 tbsp Vegetable stock cube 1 Water 550ml Black pepper 1 pinch Salt 1 pinch 1. Top and tail the parsnip, carrot, sweet potato, leek and courgette, peel and chop into small chunks. 2. In a large saucepan heat the oil and add all the vegetables. Gently sweat the vegetables over a medium heat for 15 minutes. Boil the water and prepare the stock by dissolving the cube into it. Add the stock and seasoning, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. 3. Remove from the heat and divide the soup roughly in half. Blend one half of the soup, then combine the smooth soup with the chunky soup to create something smooth and creamy with a satisfying texture that you can really get your teeth into. TAKEN FROM JUICE MASTER JASON VALE’S SOUP ‘N’ JUICE APP



Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Ginger Soup When comfort food calls, this warming bowl will truly hit the spot. Hearty and thick, thanks to the sweet potato, it comes with the antioxidant, high-fibre benefits of beetroot with an added zingy kick of ginger. SERVES 2 Red onion 1 small Sweet potato 1 medium Beetroot (raw) 1 medium bulb Ginger 20g Olive oil 1 tbsp Boiling water 500ml Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground black pepper 1 generous pinch 1. Dice the onion, peeled sweet potato and beetroot. Peel and chop the ginger into small pieces. 2. Heat the olive oil in a pan over a medium heat and add the red onion, sweet potato and beetroot. Cover with a lid and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the ginger and boiling water, reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. 3. Remove from the heat; add the salt and pepper and blend for 1-2 minutes, using a stick blender or regular upright blender. If using a regular blender, be careful as the steam creates pressure that can blow the lid off. Cover the lid with a tea towel and hold down while blending to avoid this. Serve with a swirl of almond milk. TAKEN FROM JASON VALE’S SUPER FAST FOOD


Creamy Chilli & Tomato Soup The nation’s favourite soup has been given a superfood makeover. Satisfyingly smooth, it delivers the natural antibiotic, antiinflammatory and anti-fungal benefits of garlic, plus a hit of vitamin C from the chillis. Red onion ½ medium Red pepper ½ medium Red chilli 2 medium Garlic 2 cloves Tomatoes 4 medium Chilli beans 240g or 1 can Coconut olive oil 1 tbsp Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground black pepper 1 pinch Boiling water 200ml Coconut milk 200ml 1. Peel and finely chop the onion. Cut the pepper in half, remove the seeds and chop into small pieces. Remove the ends from the chillis, chop in half lengthways, remove the seeds and chop into small pieces. Peel the garlic and thinly slice. Chop the tomatoes into cubes. Drain and rinse the chilli beans. 2. Put the coconut or olive oil in a large saucepan and warm over a moderate heat. Add the onion and red pepper and allow to soften for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the chillis, garlic, tomatoes, chilli beans, salt and pepper. Reduce the heat and simmer for a further 5 minutes, then add the boiling water and coconut milk. Simmer for 2 minutes and then remove from the heat. 3. Blend the soup for 1-2 minutes, using a stick blender or a regular blender. TAKEN FROM JASON VALE’S SUPER FAST FOOD



Just a little

big shot You can use it to paint your face, clean your teeth, eat and even drink it in a juice – activated charcoal is the new kid on the natural health block Move over avocados, top of the selfie-shot list is a new wonder ingredient which has got our Instafeeds buzzing. Activated charcoal is everywhere and, despite the initial eye-widening effect that its name has, once you move your mind past the charcoal briquettes we put on a BBQ and understand that the high-quality ingredient is more likely to be made from coconut shells, the incredible benefits are worth a second look. Social media darlings around the globe have snapped themselves with charcoal face masks, and the ingredient’s impurity-zapping abilities make it a heavyweight challenger to traditional clay masks for deep cleansing. Many acne sufferers report that activated charcoal’s antibacterial qualities produce amazing results without the chemicals found in most harsh treatments. Used once or twice a week, so as not to over-dry the skin, an activated charcoal mask absorbs toxins, mops up excess sebum, reduces the appearance of blackheads and can help to prevent new spots forming.


Those absorption powers can work just as well inside our bodies, attracting and binding toxins to its surface when consumed, and allowing these to be passed through the body naturally. For years, activated charcoal has been used to treat poisoning, and it's reported to help prevent hangovers if taken before a night out, binding the chemicals in alcoholic drinks, although it doesn’t bind the alcohol itself. While curious shots of black burger buns and ice cream have been popping up on social feeds, it isn't difficult to add the superstar ingredient to your diet. Available in tablet and powder form, celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Sarah Harding are big fans. Used as part of a detox programme, it cleanses the gut, alleviating gas and bloating. Drinking plenty of water after taking activated charcoal tablets helps to flush the system, but a more effective method is to add the powder to your daily juice or blend. Easily consumed alongside your regular nutritional hit of fruit and vegetables, this powerful ingredient can create karma in your colon. •

Cheeky Charcoal Super Shot SERVES 1 Apple 1/2 Lemon 1/2 Coconut water 25ml  Activated charcoal powder 1 level tsp  Juice the apple and lemon. Pour the freshly extracted juice into a blender followed by the coconut water and active charcoal powder. Blitz for 10 seconds. Pour into a glass and down it in one!

Shop for activated charcoal powder at juicemaster.com



Let’s dance It’s Strictly season and, as Juicy Oasis has seen its fair share of dance stars, we’re feeling inspired to boost our fitness goals this season by taking to the floor and strutting our stuff


delicate forms are the easiest. Ballet may look relaxed and effortless, but it takes a huge amount of strength and balance to achieve such controlled movements, bizarrely making it a favourite with footballers!

Dancing is all about fun, which is probably why it’s one of the nation’s most popular pastimes, and it’s also one of the fitness activities people are least likely to give up on. The secret of its success? It doesn’t feel like exercise and yet in its many different forms, dancing is incredibly beneficial to both body and mind. Many of the celebrities who have starred on Strictly Come Dancing are genuinely shocked by how physically demanding the show is. However, most are also thrilled to see excess pounds melt away as they advance through the series’ gruelling training regimes. When we dance, thanks to the endorphins released in our bodies, our mood is instantly lifted and the positive impact on our mental health doesn’t stop there. Dancing has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, aid memory, support cognitive function and increase alertness too.


With so many types of dancing to choose from, there is something to suit everyone, beginner or advanced, low or high impact, solo or group. If you currently describe yourself as having two left feet, start with an easy-tofollow style such as line dancing, which incorporates simple, repetitive actions in time with the rhythm of the music. Don’t be fooled into thinking the

If the glitz of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom excites you, find a local class that teaches a variety of styles, so you can start off at a pace to suit you. The waltz is a good dance for newbies, while the quickstep and Lindy Hop require faster, more complex steps. To really get the juices flowing, salsa is a popular choice. Full of passion and spirited, sensual moves, it’s the perfect option for couples wanting to come together for a serious cardio workout – outside the bedroom! Inspired by Latin vibes, if Fame and Flashdance are your go-to dance movies, zumba is a great fitness-focused, class-based choice combining plenty of high-energy moves with added Lycra.


If you’re not ready to go it alone and the couples thing isn’t for you, try something out of the box with a group of friends, such as belly dancing, Bollywood or street. All will have you exercising muscles you didn’t realise you had and can burn as many calories as an hour spent running or swimming. Although classes and clubs are a great way to learn new moves and socialise, dancing needn’t be a chore so if you don’t have time to go, just stick on a cheesy playlist and boogie in your bedroom, tap dance on the train or raise an eyebrow or two and samba through the supermarket – it all counts as workout time. •

Looking for a dance class? Visit nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/dance-for-fitness





Football fit in

It doesn’t matter if you fancy yourself as a pro player like Alex Scott, or want to get ready for party season, kick-start your workout with her football fitness plan.

Try Alex’s 15-minute circuit-based workout, created exclusively for Juiced! Whether or not you plan to step foot on the pitch, with Alex as your coach you’ll be football fit in no time. Complete each exercise for one minute, seeing how many you can achieve – challenge yourself with more time or repeat the routine as your stamina improves.


Five on the ball These exercises will develop your technical skill as you master control of the moves. Even if you don’t plan to play a game, co-ordinating and controlling the ball is a fun way to test your agility and speed.

01 02

Take five: spread out five cones (or alternative markers) and dribble the ball through the middle of one cone, followed by the outside of the next cone, then the middle of the next and continue until you complete the markers. Repeat for one minute.

Toe touches: dribble the ball for 10 yards (30ft), rotate the ball to each foot. Repeat for one minute.



04 Inside/outside: dribble the ball for 10 yards (30ft), using one foot at a time. Repeat for one minute.


Shuttle run: spread four cones 10 yards (30ft) apart, dribble the ball to the first cone, leave the ball and run back to the start line. Progress the ball to the next cone, running back to the start line, completing the course.

Circle dribble: place cones randomly within a circle area and dribble the ball around the cones, using different parts of the foot. Repeat for one minute.


Five on the run These exercises, combined with a sprint, will build muscle fitness and endurance. See how many you can achieve in a minute, increasing as your stamina improves.

01 02

Squats: set out two cones, ten paces apart. Perform five controlled squats, sprint to the cone and back. Repeat, touching the cone on the sprint if you want to take it up a level.

Burpees: set out two cones, ten paces apart. Perform five burpees, sprint to the cone and back. Repeat for one minute, touching the cone to take it up a level.



04 Lunge jumps: set out two cones, ten paces apart. Perform five lunge jumps (or normal lunges), sprint to the cone and back. Repeat three times, touching the cone to take it up a level.

Mountain climbs: set out two cones, ten paces apart. Perform ten mountain climbs, sprint to the cone and back, touching the cone to take it up a level. Repeat for one minute.

Quick feet: lay out five cones in a line and one, ten paces out from the middle. Start at the middle. Go all the way to one side, all the way to the other and back to the middle cone. Sprint to the far cone and back. Repeat for one minute.


Five to tone These exercises will improve your core development. Increase the number as you improve, but remember to maintain good form – quality over quantity is key!

01 02

Press-ups: lay on your front, hands under your shoulders, body straight. Push up until your arms are fully extended. Lower your body an inch from the ground and drive up. Repeat for one minute.

Planks: assume the plank position, maintaining a straight line for as long as you can – aim for 20 seconds initially, progressing to 45 seconds and up to one minute.



04 Side planks: complete the move as for planks, but this time on each side.


Dead bugs: lie on your back with arms extended and knees bent. Extend your right arm and left leg away from you. Tap heel to floor, return to centre and switch sides. Increase the pace as you progress.

Leg raises: lie on your back, legs straight together. Lift until your bottom lifts. Slowly lower your legs until just above the floor. Hold briefly. Raise your legs again. Repeat.

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Jason’s Juice Clinic

It’s almost the start of sniffle season, but have no fear, there’s a natural juice remedy at hand. The Juice Master will see you now…

Q. Uh-oh, there’s a tickle at the back of my throat and I’m feeling bunged up. Help! I haven’t got time for a cold.

J'M-Sip Apple (Golden Delicious or Gala) 1 Fresh ginger root 3cm chunk Lemon (unwaxed) ½ Manuka honey 1 heaped tsp Hot water ½ cup Juice the apple, ginger and lemon (leave the peel on). Pour the juice into your favourite mug. Make sure you only half fill the mug and then top up with hot (not boiling) water from the kettle. Add the Manuka honey, stir well and sip your way back to health. Taken from Jason Vale's The Funky Fresh Juice Book


A. At this time of year, coughs and sneezes seem to take over and it’s true that we can do a lot to avoid catching a cold by being careful about hygiene when you’re around someone who is infected. However, protecting our immune system is key to reducing our likelihood of succumbing to illness. Stress, nutritional deficiencies and bad food choices can all impair our immune system and Juice Master Jason Vale recommends avoiding processed food, dairy, alcohol and caffeine, all of which can impact our system. A diet which is rich in raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and plenty of water can help flush out toxins. Aloe vera, Echinacea, garlic, ginseng and omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish and flax oil can all help to improve our immune system. Getting a good night’s sleep and vitamin D can also help – add some spirulina to your juice for a quick fix. Try this gem of a juice to boost your system and get it back on track.

Q. I’ve got a killer sore throat, but I don’t like antibiotics. What natural treatment can I try? A. Most of the time, conventional medical treatment for ‘strep throat’ is a course of antibiotics to kill off the bacteria. This can also kill off all the friendly and helpful bacteria and lead to a proliferation of the yeast organisms and an outbreak of thrush (Candida albicans). There is also a chance that a sore throat can be the sign of a viral infection and antibiotics are ineffectual. In this case, the only thing to do is rest and wait for the body’s own immune system to overcome the viral invasion. Avoid citrus fruits, but use blueberry, blackberry, elderberry or lemon with passion fruit in a banana smoothie or apple-juice base. Grapes, papaya, pear and pomegranate are also helpful. This simple shot is a great way to soothe your symptoms.

Lemon Ginger Zinger Carrots 2 Apples 2 Lemon (unwaxed, rind on) 1" slice Ginger 1/4" Ice cubes 2 Simply juice the lot and pour over ice. Taken from Jason Vale's 7-Day Juice Challenge

The Ginger Shot Ginger 3cm Apple 1 small or ½ large Simply juice the ingredients and knock back! Taken from Jason Vale's 5-Day Juice Challenge

Q. Hot, cold, full of aches and pains… yikes, I think I’ve caught the bug that’s going around. How can I get rid of the flu? A. The body’s immune system responds as soon as it detects a viral infection by producing antibodies capable of making the virus noninfectious. So, the best way to help a person suffering from a viral infection is to boost the immune system. Rest is vital as a viral illness is usually associated with fatigue and feeling generally unwell. Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated is important and supplements such as zinc, vitamin C and Echinacea have also been found to be beneficial. Freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices will deliver first-class nutrition and give the digestive system a rest, allowing the body to concentrate energy on healing. Try this super juice to strengthen your body’s defences.

65 57


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Juiced! #8  

Wow, what a summer! Two unexpected things happened, the UK basked in almost endless sunshine and the English football team reached the semi-...

Juiced! #8  

Wow, what a summer! Two unexpected things happened, the UK basked in almost endless sunshine and the English football team reached the semi-...