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INSPIRED Autumn 2020 | Issue 15 | £2.50


Saira lets loose at Juicy Oasis JASON’S FAKEAWAY RECIPES Tasty junk-free dishes to make at home STRETCH YOURSELF All you need to know about resistance-band training

WHAT’S THE ALTERNATIVE? Jason gets tough with Big Pharma




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Lose up to 28lbs and totally transform your health with Jason Vale’s 28-Day Super Juice Me! Challenge

Lewis Corbett


“6 inches gone from my waist and 70lbs lost!”




Kim Dennison

“I lost 32lbs. 21 inches from around my and I’ve had NO period pains.”


ten books on health, addiction and juicing. Jason Vale is the best-selling author of languages and he regularly appears on His books have been translated into many five #1 best-selling apps and is the television, radio and in the press. He has Retreat & Spa’ in Portugal. founder of ‘Juicy Oasis Boutique Health RRP UK £11.99 US $19.99

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★★★★★ “Bought mine three weeks ago and haven’t stopped using it since. Worth every penny” Teodora Yankova




Dr Norman W. Walker, who lived to the ripe old age of 116, wrote Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices, a book which had a profound impact on my life. As relevant today as it always was.


BAFTAnominated Blackfish is an insightful documentary into the issues which surround keeping nature, in this instance orcas, in captivity. You’ll never want to visit SeaWorld again.


Check out my interview with Instagram agony aunt and emotionalhealth adviser Roxie Nafousi on her The Moments That Made Me podcast, series one, episode six, which first aired on 15 April.

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Juicy greetings Hi all, Jason here, and welcome to the autumn edition of Juiced! magazine. I honestly thought that by late September, the time of writing, all would be back to normal in the world. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth as government after government plays the ‘make it up as we go along’ game, all in the name of ‘fighting the virus’. I will be doing a special Jason On His Juice Box episode on my YouTube channel entitled, Welcome To COVID Crazy Town, to illustrate why the many ‘measures’, ‘rules’ and ‘laws’ brought in, do – and will continue to do – more damage to people’s mental and physical health than the virus was ever going to. We are still very much in COVID Crazy Town, so all we can do is ‘follow the rules’, no matter how utterly insane or illogical they are, and hope the decision-makers come to their senses before any long-term damage is done. COVID is the most considerate and smartest virus of all time. Well, that seems to be the case if we are to believe the many mad measures. As I write this, a new ‘Rule of 6’ has just come in. According to the UK Government, if there are six of you grouped together the virus will see this and simply say, ‘I’d love to infect some of you, but there’s only six of you, so I’ll have to leave it’. Clearly if one more person decides to join, then COVID will jump for joy knowing it now has permission to infect. The craziest thing is that most aren’t even questioning these crazy ‘rules’ (sorry, laws!) as many will always believe that governments and the white coat brigade know best. I am guessing though, at the end of this, many people will change their view when they look back on history! What the virus has illustrated though is how vital it is to shore up our own internal defence systems. This clearly doesn’t mean everyone who eats well, gets plenty of juices, rest and exercise will automatically be immune to the adverse and sometimes deadly effects of things like a virus, it just means we should do what we can to give ourselves a fighting chance. Diseases and viruses of any kind are often indiscriminate, but there is no question that the stronger our immune system, the better chance we have of fighting them off. In this issue, you will find immune-boosting recipes and inspirational stories from those who used lockdown to focus on their health. It is interesting that government messaging doesn’t focus on what we eat and drink, and how much we exercise, even though we know the virus kills very few people who don’t already have an underlying health condition. In fact, you are ten times more likely to die of COVID if you are significantly overweight. Ironically, during the pandemic, gyms remained closed while fast food restaurants opened and in Spain you weren’t allowed to exercise at all for 12 weeks, all in the name of protecting one’s health. As you may gather, I’m not a happy camper about the long-term damage that the Government’s response to the COVID-19 virus has, and will, cause to people’s health. I hope you enjoy the positive and self-empowering content in this issue and please, get some freshly extracted juice inside you every single day and batten down the health hatches – you never know what’s coming! Keep an eye on my Youtube channel for my Welcome To COVID Crazy Town video, coming soon.







Autumn 2020 Issue 15

03 E ditor’s letter

Jason introduces the issue

07 J uicy news

Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing

10 S uper Blend Me!

Can blending alone get results? The jury’s in...

23 L isten up

Discover who’s on series three of Jason’s podcast

28 The mighty Khan

Loose Women’s Saira Khan on her incredible year

34 P harma-geddon

Jason takes issue with Big Pharma

38 L ockdown losers



They used lockdown to juice and look at their amazing results...






46 W hat’s their secret? Meet Nigel and Norman, good neighbours who juice together

52 J ason’s fastfood faves

Quick, delicious meals, no Deliveroo required

61 B and aid

Resistance-band training

64 S ouper flask

Hot or cold, what will you fill yours with? Try our tasty soup recipe

66 L iquid gold

Healthy oils for your kitchen

69 W inter warmers Hot toddies with healthy benefits


72 T he Escape plan


Behind the scenes at Juicy Escape

76 W alk the walk

Why walking is as good for you as running

80 B ack to school

Juicy school’s in with Juice Master Academy

82 W in one of ten

‘It’s A Juice Thing!’ insulated flasks


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Jason's tips for wellbeing

The Immune Booster Try this delicious juice to strengthen your body’s immune system, naturally.

YOUR VERY GOOD HEALTH! Cheers! Jason raised a glass of the good stuff when he appeared live on Lorraine via Skype from Juicy Oasis at the end of June. The Juice Master chatted with the daytime TV-show host and whizzed up three all-natural juices for the nation including a summer thirst-quenching lemonade, his brilliant hay-fever remedy and an immune-boosting juice to help strengthen our systems during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple 1 Pear 1 Cucumber 1/2 medium Celery 2 sticks Lemon (unwaxed) 1/3 Fresh ginger 1” Carrot 1 medium Raw beetroot 1 small bulb Spinach 1 handful Broccoli stem 1” Ice 1 small handful Simply juice and pour over ice!

jason vale

Lorraine, who visited Jason’s luxury retreat Juicy Oasis earlier this year, is a big fan of juicing and always starts her day with a get-up-and-go ginger shot – all you need to have a very good morning indeed.

THe jUICe MasTeR sHaRes TWo ReCIPes FoR DRInKs THaT aRe FUll oF all THe GooD sTUFF

seRves 1-2 InGReDIenTs

Jason’s doing OK!

● 1 apple ● 1 pear ● ¼ of a cucumber ● ½ lime (unwaxed) ● 1 stick of celery ● 1 large handful of spinach ● 3cm broccoli ● 1 large handful of kale ● 1 small handful of ice (optional)


Jason was interviewed for a guide to juicing for OK! Magazine during the pandemic, sharing two recipes for readers to boost their health naturally. The celebrity title asked Jason for advice on getting the most from juicing and he shared his secret formula of four juices a day and 4-5 hours of exercise, which guests experience at Juicy Oasis, to get optimum results fast. Why not book a stay at Juicy Oasis? Visit juicemasterretreats.com

Chlorophyll cleanser

his recipe is full of green goodness. It’s packed full of chlorophyll, which is the molecule in plants that gives that luscious green colour and allows them to get energy from sunlight. It can help with improving our overall health and boosting energy levels. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory. The pear and apple add a wonderful sweetness as well as plenty of soluble fibre. Chlorophyll is basically sunlight energy, so if you think about it, a glass of fruit and vegetable juice is the nearest we will ever get to drinking sunshine! 1. If your juicer has a wide chute then the fruit doesn’t require any chopping, but if it’s a smaller size then chop the ingredients into manageable chunks. 2. Juice all the fruits and vegetables, and then simply add ice to a glass and pour over. If you also own a blender then you can pour the extracted juice into it with ice and blend.




Wish I was here

Look at this stunning shot of Vicky Pattison, taken in the solarium at Juicy Oasis. The snap was a throwback to a previous visit to Jason’s luxury retreat and the reality star lamented missing her regular trip due to lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although she couldn’t be there in the flesh, Vicky caught up with Jason for a podcast interview and shared why the biannual trip to Juicy Oasis means so much to her. Read about Vicky and Jason's chat on page 27 and then listen to the interview on the Jason Vale Podcast on YouTube.com/JuiceMaster

Happy birthday, Jason! Joker Olly Murs posted this birthday message to Jason on Instagram, adding a few cheeky years to the Juice Master’s real age, raising a glass to him and the power of juice. The singer/ songwriter gave a shout-out to Jason’s podcast at the same time, after the pair chatted about life, lockdown and Olly’s career. Turn to page 25 to read more from the interview and then tune into the Jason Vale Podcast on YouTube.com/JuiceMaster

Take risks, not care! Life is a big adventure, if you choose it, as Jason and Katie’s adorable little fella, JJ, has already learned from his inspirational mum and dad. If you follow Jason’s Instagram feed, you may have seen that this super-tot is already confidently leaping into the pool and swimming at just over two-years-old. We adored this shot, taken from a summer video, of JJ jumping fearlessly into the pool and taking life totally in his stride. Thanks to daily trips to the pool, he's quite the water baby and we think there’s a few of us who could learn a thing or two by taking a leaf out of JJ’s book!

08 www.juicemaster.com

Give me five! Loads of you smashed it with Jason's Big Blend Reset in September, enjoying a five-day detox with the Juice Master's Super Blend Me! challenge.

NEW & IMPROVED AT JUICY O While Jason and the team were devastated to have to close the doors at Juicy Oasis during the COVID-19 pandemic, it provided the perfect moment to give the luxury retreat a lockdown makeover. Europe’s most sought-after juice retreat enjoyed a spruce up with the addition of these gorgeous new daybeds to the chill zone by the pool, and work to Jason’s Secret Garden area (except, as he often says, it’s not really secret or no-one would go there!) was completed.

It's not too late to try the plan as Jason's frozen juice delivery service recently added a new 5-Day Super Blend Me! option along with a 5-Day Nourish selection to its books. Juice Master Delivered, is the quickest, no-hassle way to get your daily juices and blends, and celebrity fans include Amanda Holden, Alex Scott, Olly Murs, Gemma Atkinson and Katie Piper. No shopping, no blending, no cleaning, what are you waiting for... Order a Juice Master plan at juicemasterdelivered.com

The team also made introduced these stylish new flasks which help to prevent oxidation and to keep guests’ juices and blends super fresh. If you like the look of these handsome vessels, you can now order a stylish new orange Juice Master ‘It’s A Juice Thing’ insulated flask at juicemaster.com Turn to page 64 for a tasty recipe for your Juice Master flask. 09


It’s the question Jason is often asked – can a blend plan be as effective as a juice diet for rapid, healthy weight loss? Meet Vanessa Del Rio who took Jason’s 7-Day Super Blend Me! challenge with incredible results.

r Blend Me! "Hi Jason and team, I decided to do the Supe last Monday ed start I !!! OMG and days challenge for seven and am 5ft 2”. ld ars-o 36-ye I’m ay. Sund and finished this past ble for a woman I’m pretty short . I didn’t even think it was possi days . I went from my height to lose this much weight in seven ! 143lbs to 132.8lbs. Over 10lbs in one week and one said, "I have been bragging to all my work friends weight in a much that lose to dream 'That ’s every woman’s 130lbs. Every year week'. My goal weight since 2017 has been after eight week s of I try a new diet and exercise plan, and even I only ever manage dedicated eating and religiously working out 3lbs away from my to lose a few pounds. And now I’m less than – incredible!” goal. I have even lost 1.5" from my waistline

10 www.juicemaster.com


•S uper lean – results in as little as 7 days •S uper healthy macro- and micronutrientrich recipes •S uper fast – quick and easy, minimum clean-up


Lost 10lbs in 7 days AFTER Turn the page to find out more about Jason’s Super Blend Me! plan and read some more inspirational Super Blend Me! success stories… 11


12 www.juicemaster.com



Do not drink any blend fa than it wouster ld take to eat th e raw ingred ients!

Jason Vale is the #1 name in juicing – after all, it’s in the name Juice Master! – but, contrary to popular belief, he’s always been a huge fan of blending. He's on a mission to help people to blend the right way and get great results...

With the global success of the NutriBullet, more of us are blitzing our fruit and veggies – but not necessarily with the greatest results. It inspired Jason to create the Super Blend Me! plan with nutritionally balanced recipes to help us blend the right way, even if – like Jason – you love to work out and need a little more energy.


IT’S SIMPLE Super Blend Me! has been created with simplicity in mind. Using a limited number of everyday ingredients, Jason has created recipes anyone can make in under five minutes. “I wanted to use simple ingredients to ensure you’re not buying things you are only going to use once,” says Jason. “Each Super Blend recipe is nutritionally balanced and tastes amazing.”


First came the book, Super Blend Me!, followed by Jason’s #1 bestselling app. For those who like to make life even easier, Jason added a 10-Day Super Blend Me! Diet to his Juice Master Delivered service, and if you fancy a quick hit of this plan, you can now order a 5-Day Super Blend Me! Diet too!

PRACTICALLY NO PREP OR CLEANING The #1 objection most people have to juicing is having to clean the juicer afterwards! By contrast, a blender takes literally seconds to rinse after it’s done its duty (try whizzing up a cup of water with a dot of washing-up liquid to make things even easier). If you want to make quick work of your plan, Super Blend Me! is for you.


THERE’S NO WASTE If you’ve been guilty of stocking the fridge with fruit and veggies and watching them wilt, Super Blend Me! is your plan. Berries may already be in your freezer, but did you know you can stash spinach, kale, bananas and avocado too? Throw in storecupboard items such as oats, nut butters and milks and the ‘complicated’ argument just flew out of the window.

Turn the page for more Super Blend Me! inspiration…


RULES OF SUCCESS Health is no game, but to help you succeed with the Super Blend Me! plan, Jason suggests seven simple ‘rules’ to follow to get optimum results


PICK A PLAN… …and stick to it! Jason created Super Blend Me! as a plan for everyone with the option to choose 7, 10, 14 or 21 days. How many should you choose? The answer is as many as you realistically need, but whichever one you go for, stick to it. As a rough guide, someone wanting to drop 10-14lbs should see results after 10 days, while a person wanting to lose 28lbs+ would need 21 days to see change. Just remember to stay with the plan and don't bail at the first hurdle!


GO SLOW In the same way that you wouldn’t eat a plate of fruit and vegetables in under a minute, a blend should be sipped slowly and savoured. On average, Jason takes around 15-30 minutes to drink each of his blends. You may even need to refrigerate half and return to it later. By day four onwards, as your system adjusts, don’t be surprised if you find a full blend too much. Your body will take what it actually needs once the junk has been eliminated from your system.

14 www.juicemaster.com


BE ON TIME Jason sets out specific timeframes to enjoy three blends, and these are crucially four hours apart. Avoiding spikes in blood sugars, the windows for consuming your blends are: Super Blend 1: 8-11am Super Blend 2: 1-4pm Super Blend 3: 6-9pm


Apple ’n’ Pumpkin Seed Power Balls Follow this easy recipe to make a batch of Jason’s energy balls. Serves 8-10. Dried apple 40g Pumpkin seeds 40g Raisins 20g Cashew butter 2 tbsps Almond milk 2 tbsps 1. Place all the ingredients into the container of a small hand blender and blitz for 20-30 seconds until combined. 2. Take a generous tsp of mixture and roll into a ball using the palms of your clean hands. Repeat until all the mixture has been used. Pop the balls onto a plate and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up.




SNACK PACK It can happen to the best of us, a hunger craving that just won’t go away. Step forward the Hunger SOS! You can have two of these each day, in addition to your three blends. Half an avocado, apple or banana, a Juice Master Juice SOS! or Simply Nude bar (shop at juicemaster.com) or a homemade energy ball are brilliant options to have ready should the munchies strike.




EXERCISE CAUTION Exercise is part of all of Jason's plans, and while creating Super Blend Me! he challenged himself to cycle 21 miles on a spin bike each day, to prove the plan's plant-protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrate recipes are nutritionally balanced to sustain even the most ardent gym bunny. However, listen to your body and exercise common sense. During the first 72 hours you will experience some degree of withdrawal and a potential drop in energy. Act sensibly and, if you are able, aim for a 30-minute session first thing and towards the end of the day.


USE COMMON SENSE Jason’s final ‘rule’ is to listen to your body and not overdo it during the first few days of the plan as your system adjusts. While mindset is key to success, it’s important not to attribute every last thing that happens while you detox down to the plan. Respect your body by giving it the time to reset as you detox, however long you have chosen to take the Super Blend Me! challenge.


CALORIES DON’T COUNT It might sound contrary, but Jason warns against getting hung up on calorie-counting. If you've ever heard the expression empty calories, you'll understand that there is a vast difference between the energy found in a packet of crisps and that found in a blend containing avocado. While each blend on the Super Blend Me! plan is around 350 calories (totalling just over 1,000 calories a day), it’s the quality rather than the quantity of the nutritional intake they offer that is far more important than the amount, which help you to achieve results.

Take Jason’s Super Blend Me! challenge and get great results like these inspiring Juice Master fans... “Lost 16lbs… Body Fat down 3%… Muscle Mass up 2%” Paul B

16 www.juicemaster.com

HAPPY BLENDERS 7, 10, 14 or 21 days? The choice is yours, but look at the results these Juice Master fans achieved with the Super Blend Me! plan

Alexandria Hall was unhappy after gaining weight over several years. “I woke up one morning and didn’t recognise myself in the mirror. It seemed like overnight I had gained so much weight. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight, it happened by eating my feelings with horrible food that only made me feel good in the moment, but after that rush was gone there was nothing left.

Lost 16lbs in 21 days

“I saw Jason’s Super Blend Me! plan and thought I would give it a go, I chose it because there is virtually no waste, which I love. It was a struggle for me, I’m not going to lie, but I’m glad I did it as I lost 16lbs in 21 days and I feel amazing! At first I didn’t feel like I had lost weight, but I knew I had because my jeans fitted! I have a way to go yet, but I wanted to thank you for changing my life.”


Lost 25lbs in 21 days

Couple Dawn Goodyear and Sean Burnett took Jason’s 21-day Super Blend Me! challenge with amazing results – a combined weight loss of 25lbs. “My starting weight was 351lbs and I am now 337lbs, so I lost a total of 14lbs,” reports Dawn. “Sean was 213lbs and is now 202lbs, losing a total of 11lbs. We both feel strong!” With such an incredible achievement, they are using the momentum to switch to a 2:3:2 plant-based plan to continue their stirling efforts. Good work!

18 www.juicemaster.com


Lost 11lbs – as easy as pie

Amy Hoffman didn’t let health issues stop her taking a 21-day Super Blend Me! challenge and the results defy the juicy naysayers who tried to put her off the plan. “I eat really healthily most of the time, but I have hyperthyroidism and had insulin resistance in the past. It has been hard to lose weight and keep it off, especially since I hit 50. I do not look heavy, but I have some muffin action going on and a little bit of my stomach protrudes. I have never been able to get down to my old size 5 I was in my 20s, I am a size 10/12 now. I believe your Super Juice Me! movie and Super Blend Me! plan were an answer to my prayers and I love how it is all laid out so easily. I had a naysayer or two who told me, 'You are not going to do it, that’s crazy.' After the first three days my body adjusted and it has been as easy as pie. I cannot wait to see my endocrinologist and show him what I lost – he rolled his yes when I said I will be 30lbs down when I next see him. The joke is on him!”

Amy’s Super Blend Me! stats Amy’s starting weight was 176.5lbs and after 21 days she tipped the scales at 165.5lbs. In total she lost… 11lbs 3.5” off waist 2.5” off thighs 2.5” off stomach



Lost 8lbs in 14 days Having been a long-time fan of Jason’s juicing plans, Rogie Gillespie discovered his Super Blend Me! plan and got great results in just 14 days. “I juiced last year and lost 18lbs, but I wanted to lose a bit more. I had seen all the spring dieting programmes and was thinking, ‘Great, but juicing does this without buying meal replacements which are really packets of chemicals'. “Then I saw Super Blend Me! I love blends as I hate cleaning my juicer. I chose a date when I had four days off and struck out on another adventure. I went to the gym even though I did get an awful headache which must have been the coffee I was withdrawing from. On day five, I was back to work and all was OK. Day seven was my 24-hour shift and it was alright. I made up my blends, stuck them in the fridge and they were fine! This plan is so nice and I have only had a few cheeky extras, going most days without. My skin is amazing, my energy good. So I’m 8lbs down in 14 days. Great start and I will try to do Jason's 5:2 Diet next. When I ate a piece of cake, it was not great, but a cheeky spoon of cashew butter is a different matter. My photos are day one and day 15, where my t-shirt is much looser.”

20 www.juicemaster.com

LET'S GET STARTED! Get all the gear you need to start your Super Blend Me! challenge

Kitchen kit

To start, you need a brilliant blender that will blitz those fruits and veggies in seconds. Step forward the Juice Master Super Blend, which is equipped with a high-speed, silent motor, LED display and five pre-sets to deliver super-smooth blends, refreshing sorbets, nut butters and warming soups.

Get the plan

Order Jason’s Super Blend Me! book, download the e-book from Apple Books or #1 bestselling app at iTunes or Google Play. With over 30 videos to keep you on track and an interactive shopping list, the app brings the plan to life and makes it super easy to get results fast.

Get it delivered!

Make it even easier with a delivery from Juice Master Delivered. Premium-quality blends are blast-frozen before being despatched to your door – all you need to do is defrost and drink. Available as a 10-day and now a 5-day plan.

Download the Super Blend Me! app or order a ready-made plan at juicemasterdelivered.com




LISTEN UP! Have you tuned into Jason’s Podcast yet?

If you haven’t caught up with the Juice Master’s celebrity interviews, you’re in for a treat, and the episodes are now also available on Jason’s Juice Tube YouTube channel, making it even easier to subscribe and listen. Turn the page and see who he caught up with for Series 3

of his podcast which was recorded during lockdown. Discover the life lessons his A-lister guests took from their enforced time at home. And, if you’ve previously missed Series 1 or 2 of Jason’s Podcast, why not slow the pace, download and catch up on some seriously inspirational listening.

Turn over to see who’s on series 3 of Jason’s Podcast

GUARANTEED • Sponsor- and ad-free • No religion or politics allowed! Listen now at YouTube.com/juicemaster



DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE Kicking off Jason’s lockdown special podcasts was an interview with campaigner and public health advocate, Dr Aseem Malhotra. The outspoken medic had been criticised during the pandemic for calling out what has been described as the white elephant in the room, the role that obesity plays in our chances of surviving COVID-19. Jason took the opportunity to chat to Aseem about the statistics surrounding obesity and healthcare.


One of the UK's most influential cardiologists, Aseem has spent more than a decade examining the effects of diet on our health and founded Action on Sugar, which works with Government and the food industry to lobby for a reduction in the amount of sugar found in processed foods. He has been named a global anti-obesity activist alongside Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg, and writes regularly for national newspapers and medical journals on the subject. Delighted to welcome Aseem to his podcast during the height of the pandemic, Jason was keen to hear from the doctor on the key statistics relating to obesity and COVID-19. “The mortality rates from COVID-19 seem to be significantly higher in people with diet-related disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease,” said Aseem. “We need to get on top of

24 www.juicemaster.com

Research suggests that obesity increases our risk of dying from COVID-19, explained consultant cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra who joined Jason for a lockdown special podcast interview this issue as we have collectively failed to tackle the single biggest threat to our health – obesity. Globally, poor diet is responsible for 11m deaths and the threat is greater than smoking and alcohol combined. The simple fact is you are ten times more likely to die from COVID-19 if you are overweight or obese.”


of metabolic disease which are all governed by lifestyle.”


Aseem attributed part of the problem to an epidemic of misinformation, blaming bias in research funding, reporting in medical journals, the media and patient pamphlets, and an inability to comprehend health statistics.

The pair share a desire to encourage individuals to take care of their own health through lifestyle choices, to help protect the NHS. “It’s about the degree of risk, and through lifestyle changes we can improve our chances of survival,” added Aseem.

“People buy food based upon marketing rather than nutritional information,” continued Aseem. “There is a sensitivity among people who suffer with weight issues but the reality is if you are healthy you are swimming against the current as the default is unhealthy.”

“In the United States of America, only one in eight of the population is estimated to be metabolic healthy. High blood pressure, increased waist circumference, abnormal cholesterol profile and blood glucose in the pre-diabetic range are signs

Listen to Jason’s lockdown interview with Aseem at YouTube. com/juicemaster

THE X FACTOR Triple-platinum album seller, singer/songwriter Olly Murs is a cheeky, fun-loving star with a real zest for life – much like Jason himself. It comes as no surprise then that the two get on like a house on fire and bonded during Olly’s first trip to Juicy Oasis, earlier this year.


At the start of 2020, Olly set out to lose his winter coat, undertaking a health kick inspired by his champion bodybuilder girlfriend Amelia Tank. Lending his support, Jason issued a ’no strings attached’ invitation to the former X Factor star to enjoy a week of detox at Juicy Oasis where he boosted his efforts with a 10lbs weight loss during his 7-day stay.


One of the most memorable moments of the trip was when Jason led Olly on his first rebounding session. Jason loves to work out to a highadrenaline soundtrack and halfway through told guests he was about to play one of the best songs ever. Of course, it was one of Olly’s hits and the megastar bounced along, belting out his own song.


Although his hilarious TikTok videos with Amelia showed Olly having fun during

lockdown, he shared with Jason that, like many, he struggled with the restrictions. “2020 was all about a new me,” says Olly, "and lockdown sidetracked that. I struggled to enjoy my days and I wasn’t excited by anything. I always have to be doing something, so at first it looked like I was having loads of fun but I had days when I lacked purpose. Since lockdown eased, I’ve really connected with my family and enjoyed simple pleasures, like a picnic with friends. It made me appreciate the little things.”

“You invited me just to relax, juice and enjoy the surroundings,” recalled Olly during his lockdown podcast interview with Jason, “but at the end I had to show my family, friends and fans how amazing this place is.” Olly recorded, edited and posted an Insta-video sharing the highlights of his Juicy Oasis stay with his followers. "The retreat really helped me this year,” added Olly. “It was one of the best experiences of my life. My first thought when I arrived was, ‘How am I going to survive seven days without eating anything?’ Lots of friends asked me about it, but it really wasn't that hard. The retreat makes it so easy and it’s much harder at home where the temptations are all around.

Jason and Olly egged each other on to plunge the temperature at Juicy Oasis' cryogenic chamber to the lowest levels – discover what Olly did to get through the chilly moments...

Listen to Jason’s lockdown interview with Olly at YouTube.com/juicemaster 25

LIGHTNING GIRL If you’ve caught any of Jason’s Podcast episodes, you’ll know that he loves a good giggle, as does his long-time friend and first lockdown podcast guest, Alesha Dixon. Famous for her irresistible laugh, the singer/songwriter, dancer, author, model and all-round megastar joined the Juice Master for a chat in early June and shared how lockdown meant she’d missed her annual Juicy Oasis trip.

Good friends Jason and Alesha grabbed a selfie at Juicy Oasis in 2019, when the star was expecting her second daughter, Anaya. Hear why the retreat is so important to Alesha...


During their chat, Jason and Alesha recalled how, as one of the first guests at Juicy Oasis seven years ago, she’d even helped to unpack the retreat’s outdoor furniture as the doors opened! Pregnant with her first child at the time, she named her daughter Azura after being inspired by the blue sky and idyllic setting of Juicy Oasis. “I’ve been going for the same week every year for seven years, but lockdown prevented it this time,” shared Alesha. “It’s my magic place – I even took a call at Juicy Oasis, which is challenging due to the retreat's poor reception, with two of the highest executives at NBC in the US, while I was there. A week later I was offered the job on America’s Got Talent. "I come to Juicy Oasis for the detox, the sunshine, the exercise, to feel good and to pause. I go for all the goodness without the weight loss.”

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Like many people, Alesha found lockdown gave her the chance to slow the pace of life and enjoy time with her young family, now joined by one-year-old Anaya. “On the one hand I tried to embrace it and to find the positive for my family, but I appreciate the worry many people felt. It’s really healthy to pause and I spent time reading more and cooking from scratch, all the things that I don’t normally get time to do, but with a baby around things are constantly on the go.”


Although lockdown offered Alesha a moment to enjoy home comforts, she quickly realised that she needed to stick to her regular diet and fitness regime. “It’s all about balance and routine,” says Alesha. “I take the view that if I exercise Monday, Wednesday, Friday

and eat the good stuff, I can have what I want at weekends. “When we went into lockdown, I learned how sluggish I felt after seven days of eating badly. For the first few weeks, I was baking all the time, drinking loads of wine and thought ‘this is great’, but then I realised how it made me feel and figured it’s going to be a long 3-4 months if I carry on this way. “I quickly snapped out of it and got focused again. I set myself a goal to work out three times a week for 12 weeks and once I’ve committed I have to stick with it as I don’t like to fail.”

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GEORDIE JUICE With a whopping 5m followers on Instagram, Vicky Pattison’s life is constantly on the go and on show, but lockdown gave her a chance to slow down. As she explained to Jason on their podcast chat, it offered a moment of reflection. While she spent time packing care parcels for the elderly with her boyfriend, TOWIE star Ercan Ramadan, the Geordie Shore star and I'm A Celebrity winner used lockdown to reset, something she usually does at Juicy Oasis. “Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows how much I wax lyrical about Juicy Oasis, which is one of my favourite places in the world,” says Vicky. "We all work a million miles an hour and rarely get a moment to take our foot off the gas, relax, and do the things our soul needs. “A couple of times a year I make sure I take time off and go to Juicy Oasis to recharge, reset, take a look at my life and work out what I like, maybe what I don’t... I use the time to nourish my mind, body and soul. It’s the best thing I do each year."


While many people appeared to use lockdown to work on their life goals, Vicky is honest about the reality of the situation for so many of us. "I’m the average woman and when I went into lockdown I planned to be fluent in Spanish and playing the cello,” she says. "Every night I went to bed with an abundance of ideas and yet by 11am next morning I was deep into a family bag of Maltesers.

Find out why Jason is a big fan of Vicky Pattison. Clue: It has everything to do with her very first stay at his retreat, Juicy Oasis. Tune in and listen! “In 2020, I’d planned to study for my PT qualification and I reached level two, but my plans had to go on hold during lockdown.” Instead, Vicky took the opportunity to launch a podcast, The Secret To…, inviting guests to share insights into life. Needless to say, Jason is on the guest list for an upcoming show. “I learnt a lot about myself during lockdown,” adds Vicky. “Often I’m guilty of not stopping to smell the roses, except when I’m at Juicy Oasis. I’ve been working with a life coach and he calls it the power hour when you first wake up to not reach for your phone but take time, go for a walk, meditate, do yoga or have a healthy breakfast.”

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The mighty Khan She’s straight-talking, inspiring and wants us to challenge ourselves to be our very best. Looking fabulous at 50 at Juicy Oasis, Loose Women's Saira Khan explains why 2020 has been such a turning point in an already amazing life



any people arrive at Juicy Oasis determined to make change or celebrating the result of change in their health and nutrition. Saira Khan is no exception and her second trip to Jason’s luxury retreat this summer marked an incredible moment of achievement. The Loose Women star who, just like Jason, is no stranger to adversity took the moment to celebrate looking and feeling incredible in her 51st year as our stunning feature shots show.

Muslim and wanting to marry a man from the ‘wrong’ religion, trying to overcome fertility issues and have a baby, adopting a child from another country and building the career I always dreamed about.

Of course, Juicy Oasis is as much about quiet contemplation as being active and fuelling our bodies with the good stuff, and it was the perfect place for Saira to reflect and raise a juicy glass to her personal growth and achievements.

“Like many women, you never focus on yourself and are so busy looking after your family, doing your job and making a home, it’s easy to lose sight of what you want to achieve personally. At the start of 2020, I determined to make health and fitness a priority and live every day with purpose and meaning. I looked OK on the outside and I’ve always understood the link between mental and physical health, but I wanted to push myself further to improve my strength and activity levels. I resolved that before I turned 50 in May, I wanted to be the best version of myself that I could be.”

“Fifty was the year when everything came together,” says Saira, “and Juicy Oasis was the moment to look back on having come so far. I’ve never wanted to settle for easy, and there have been plenty of challenges along the way, from being an Asian

Working with PT Bradley Simmonds, Saira embarked on a fitness programme to prep for entry to a Pure Elite body-transformation competition in June. Sadly, due to COVID-19, the event was cancelled, but Saira stuck to the plan with

29 57

JUICY INTERVIEW Saira enjoys a Bond girl moment at Juicy Oasis

“A few of the Loose Women team were supposed to come and with lockdown they weren’t able to, but even if I’d had to quarantine, nothing was going to hold me back”

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daily cardio and strength training, watching her nutritional intake and portion control to get her body in optimum shape.


As anyone who follows Saira’s gorgeous Instagram feed can see, she has worked hard to achieve a beautifully sculpted and impressively strong physique over ten months. If further proof were needed of her transformation, at the start of the year she lamented not fitting into a favourite pair of jeans but just four months later was able to squeeze into the denims, proving that when Saira’s will is involved, there is always a way.

The transformation isn’t purely physical and Saira has spoken of the confidence, positivity and self-acceptance of her body she now feels, as a result of her hard work. One of the things her 77k followers love about Saira is her honesty about self-body image, sharing exercises to get perkier boobs, talking about being menopausal, and snaps of her ‘saggy’ post-baby tummy, acknowledging that being less than perfect is far outweighed by the joy of being mum to son, Zac. While the pandemic may have put her competition plans back, Saira was determined not to miss out on a scheduled trip to Juicy Oasis as lockdown eased. “The past 11 years

have been about being a wife, mother and daughter, but going to Juicy Oasis is a chance to be selfish for once. A few of the Loose Women team were supposed to come and with lockdown they weren’t able to, but even if I’d had to quarantine, nothing was going to hold me back. When I was posting shots on Instagram, Nadia (Sawalha) was messaging me and saying, ‘What have I missed out on?!’ “After doing Dancing on Ice in 2019, I was exhausted and my good friend Eamonn Holmes suggested a trip to Juicy Oasis. It is such a beautiful place with tranquil surroundings and the perfect spot to be pampered in complete luxury. Everything is so

Saira's stunning shot on the balcony caused an Insta-stir well thought about, from the juices being prepped for you, to the videos in the evening that help you understand why what you put in your body is so important. It’s quite an adventurous place but not a boot camp and I found it hugely transformative. That first week changed everything and I promised myself I would return every year for some ‘me time’. “It’s a precious place for self-care and self-respect and it’s interesting that when I posted about it on Instagram, so many women responded to say they feel the same way. It’s seems like it’s only when someone voices it that we are confident to say we need time for ourselves. So many women believe they need to create the perfect home, family and working life but perfect isn’t real and we run a massive risk of burnout by constantly striving for the impossible. If I help one woman to say it’s OK to take time out and refocus, I’m delighted.


“This year on my second visit I embraced it all and was a lot more relaxed. I knew the team, where the gym is, what to expect from the colonics and massages and could just enjoy it all – it felt like coming home and just got better and better. I improved my yoga and I also embraced the lake jump which was one of my fears and outside my comfort zone. I saw the other women jumping in and enjoying it and could feel the discomfort in my stomach, but they encouraged me to take the leap and after that I couldn’t stop. After one yoga class, I felt so uninhibited I got my kit off

and star-jumped into the water, it was so liberating! “Juicy Oasis is also the place I discovered juicing. Before my first visit I’d never juiced, but it was an education and I brought it back home with a passion. As a family, we enjoy ginger shots and use a lot of Jason’s juice recipes. We eat good food and I’m proud that the kids have never had a McDonald’s. I tend to keep my detox week for the retreat, but I love a wheatgrass and ginger shot in the morning and a beetroot juice. “I’m 5ft 2” and can easily carry weight which makes me feel sluggish, plus I’m going through the menopause so my body is changing, but I’ve worked really hard to tone up. People use age as an excuse to let weight slide on and I was like that previously, but I’ve proved to myself that if I keep on top of my fitness and nutrition I can have the body I want. It’s not age but outlook and mindset that are important.”

Geronimo! Saira conquered her fear of water to take the leap into Juicy Oasis' lake

Saira’s second trip to Juicy Oasis also gave her the opportunity to catch up with Jason who was at the luxury retreat. “He’s one of a kind, a real big heart with a pure and utter passion for people,” says Saira. “I have total respect for him, he has created such a legacy. He’s also 50 and like a long-lost brother – he’s

31 57


“At 50, I have finally reached where I want to be”

Saira’s milestone moments • Born on 15 May 1970 in Derbyshire to Kashmiri parents. She found it hard being a child to immigrant parents and felt she belonged to two very separate cultures, which did not sit comfortably but used her experience to bridge the gap for others. • Runner-up in the first series of The Apprentice in 2005, Lord Alan Sugar later told her, ‘You are an inspiration to all the women of the world". • Backpacked solo around the world in 2004, visiting 15 countries in 12 months, learning to dive and gaining PADI certification. • Ran two London marathons, in 2004 in 4hrs, 33mins, and 2018 in 4hrs, 8mins. • Was told she had stage 3 endometriosis resulting in infertility, but had her son via IVF. In 2011, adopted her daughter from an orphanage in Karachi, which was documented by the BBC.

been on this incredible journey and overcome so much, but he’s fun with a zest for life and I love him!” 2020 has thrown us a real curveball but Saira shows how discipline can create transformation. “At 50, I have finally reached where I want to be. It’s not just about the physical changes, but also finding self-confidence and self-

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esteem. I finally don’t feel guilt at having a treatment or taking myself to Juicy Oasis. I have tapes in my hair to give it body, I’ve had Invisalign on my teeth and have a tiny bit of Botox each year to stop me looking tense. It’s about moderation, doing it for the right reasons and being comfortable with yourself. I feel like I’ve finally made peace with myself.” ●

• Married to Steve for 16 years, the couple have two children, Zacariah, 12, and Amara, 9. • Became a regular Loose Women panelist in 2015. • Celebrated her 50th in lockdown with the arrival of a Cavachon puppy, Vera.

EUROPE’S MOST SOUGHTAFTER RETREAT Jason Vale’s 7-day Re-set Retreat Yoga • Meditation Rebounding • Tennis Beautiful walks • Eden Spa Fitness • Loft Sauna Beach volleyball • Hot pool Flowing river




Pharma-geddon Jason is writing an article 'Welcome to COVID Crazy Town' high-lighting some of the things Big Pharma is getting up to – meantime we look back at an extract from his Super Juice Me! book We have truly arrived at a state of Pharma-geddon, and Big Pharma has delivered us a ‘pill for every ill, and an ill for every pill’ society on the back of the fear it generates surrounding lifestyle diseases. As just one example of this, Big Pharma has somehow convinced health professionals and the UK Government that everyone with as little as 10 per cent risk of coronary heart disease should be on statins for life. How have we reached the stage where it is deemed to be not only reasonable but good practice for otherwise healthy people to have the fear of premature death put into them in order for a company to sell drugs and boost their share price? I feel long-term medical drug use is rarely needed for the vast majority of people with lifestyle diseases, and in my opinion it

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is never required for those who are healthy. It has been shown that apples and their juice can help lower cholesterol, but when was the last time you heard a doctor say, ‘Skip the statins, have an apple’? There are much better ways of lowering cholesterol than taking a drug and I have seen people drop two points in seven days on a juice diet. The last thing Big Pharma wants is for us to realise the majority of these diseases require a lifestyle change – one that’s in our own hands with no adverse side-effects. My ‘one disease – one solution’ approach is about removing the toxic rubbish coming into the body and replacing deficiencies with the natural nutrient-packed juices in fruit and vegetables.


The difference between alternative and conventional

medicine, we are told, is how strictly the latter is governed. Supposedly only drugs that have been cleared as ‘safe’ with stringent scientific backing are approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the UK or the Federal Drugs Administration in the USA. However, I have found 35 medical drugs which have been taken off the market since 1970 because they cause more problems than they solve. Some of these aren’t slight; they include death, which is about as severe a side-effect as you can get! It’s worth remembering these drugs were approved and had ‘good’ scientific backing to prove their effectiveness. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are Big Pharma's golden egg, though weight-loss tablets are also big business. Anyone can freely buy

these over the counter at any pharmacy. They claim that they aren’t freely available and you need to have a particular Body Mass Index (BMI) but anyone can go online, make up their BMI number and have these tablets delivered to their door. As with any drug, there are side effects and I have yet to read one more hilarious than the weight-loss drug which states, ‘Watch out for unannounced anal leakage’. How on earth have we reached the stage where we are popping pills that make us crap ourselves – unannounced let’s not forget – rather than eating some fruit? What I love about these weight-loss pills is that they come with a disclaimer stating that they are ‘only effective in conjunction with diet and exercise’. I find this particularly odd, given that many medics will stress that these pills are useful for people when other



methods have failed them. What, like diet and exercise? If they’re designed for people who cannot achieve their goal through diet and exercise and yet claim they are only effective with diet and exercise, how can they possibly work?


The USA spends $2.8 trillion on healthcare each year, fat pills included. To put this into perspective, if the healthcare system were to break off from the United States and become its own economy it would be the fifth largest in the world. It would be bigger than the UK and France. You would think that, if it were its own economy and we made it into its own private country you’d have the healthiest country on earth. Yet despite spending trillions of dollars, at the end of each year the USA becomes a sicker nation than it was the year before. Not only are the vast majority of these drugs not making us better, they are often adding to the death toll. When I was 15, my mother went to hospital with a cyst the size of an orange on one of her ovaries. She was told they would need to remove the ovary. This was bad enough news in itself, but far worse was to come when, after

36 www.juicemaster.com

the operation, they discovered they had accidentally removed the wrong one! I had to leave school at 15 and find a job pronto to support us. Fast-forward a couple of decades. She went back to the doctors on more than one occasion, complaining about breathing difficulties and tightness in the chest. After several appointments, the medics came to the conclusion she had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and prescribed an asthma pump. It later transpired she had lung cancer, which

properly checked out and, sure enough, it was cancer. I say cancer, but it wasn’t just cancer. It was stage four ‘you’ve got six months left to live’ type of cancer. I’d say that’s the worst kind. It was the ‘sorry there’s nothing we can do’ type of cancer. It was the kind of cancer that broccoli juice doesn’t really stand a chance against! The reason for mentioning such facts is not to put you off going into hospital, taking medical drugs or having operations. All of these things are vital at times.

I have found 35 medical drugs which have been taken off the market since 1970 because they cause more problems than they solve. Some of these aren’t slight; they include death, which is about as severe a side-effect as you can get! It’s worth remembering that these drugs were all approved at one point was left untreated because of the misdiagnosis for four long years – enough time to for it to spread like wildfire. It was an ‘alternative’ practitioner, funnily enough, who noticed her fingernails were bent over and said, ‘You need to get that checked out. I think you’ve got either TB or cancer.’ (I bet you’re looking at your nails now, right?) Off my mother popped to the doctor to get it

The intention of every medic who saw my mother, diagnosed, or operated and took out the wrong ovary, was never one of malice. I honestly don’t think any medic is in the business to harm or deliberately misdiagnose. But I believe quite a few in Big Pharma, especially those at the top, couldn’t give a flying toss about anything other than generating sufficient profits for themselves and their shareholders.

I am unsure how we have reached the stage where fruits, vegetables, good air, exercise and a positive outlook are seen as an ‘alternative’ way to treat someone who is ill, while toxic medical drugs are deemed to be ‘conventional’. When I was growing up, if someone was sick the first thing you thought of bringing them was a bowl of fruit. Not because you had been told that’s what to do, but because intuitively you just kind of knew. There is a place for both kinds of treatment, medical and what’s seen as ‘alternative’, but surely we need to switch it. If a person is unwell, we should seek to ‘first do no harm’, give them water, rest and good nutrition. If that doesn’t work, we should seek an alternative, such as medical intervention. There is a solid need for both approaches, and each should be used at the right time for the right reason and condition. ●

Watch out for Jason’s ‘Welcome to COVID Crazy Town’ article and hear more of his straight-talking on his Juice Tube channel at YouTube.com/ juicemaster

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LOCKDOWN LOSERS They said you'd likely come out of lockdown as a monk, hunk, chunk or drunk! Did it leave you feeling super-sized or super-lean? These real life juicy stars took a Juice Master Challenge, lost pounds and gained a whole new zest for life!

Andy, lost 30lbs

‘ Juicing saved our lives!’ When life stopped during lockdown, it gave Claire and Andy Chisholm the perfect opportunity to reboot their health with Jason’s 28-day Super Juice Me! challenge. “We have been together for 18 years,” says Claire, “and we have always struggled with our weight. I’ve tried every diet going, but always ended up putting the weight back on and more, and I had a bad Coke Zero habit, drinking 3-7 cans a day which I fooled myself was OK as it’s called ‘Zero’.” Andy is a trucker and healthyeating options aren’t always easy on the road. Five years ago, he had two stents fitted after a blocked main artery almost killed him and he takes medication for cholesterol and high blood pressure. “I was in the Armed Forces,” says Andy, “and many years after I went to buy a pair of trousers at an army surplus store. I asked why they didn’t have a size 38” waist and I remember the chap saying, ‘Most soldiers are a 32”’ and felt ashamed. Life on the road means I often eat at service stations or a truck stop, and one burgervan owner said, ‘You’re my longest-serving customer,’ which says a lot about how my diet used to be.”


BEFORE 38 www.juicemaster.com


“In February, I had a girls’ holiday planned but found most of my summer wardrobe didn’t fit,” continues Claire.


“I was fed up and ordered Jason’s Slim For Life: Freedom from the Diet Trap book, and also downloaded his Chocolate Busters: The Easy Way to Kick It! as I waited for the flight home. “Reading Jason’s books was a lightbulb moment and finally I could see a way out of the eat-dietrepeat cycle I was in. I was inspired and read everything carefully as I didn’t want them to finish, feeling they could keep me on the straight and narrow. Having tried so often, this felt different and friends commented I wasn’t struggling. I ditched my Coke habit with Jason’s words ringing in my head, ‘If you want it, have it or shut up’, and I started to consciously make healthy-eating choices.


“I was waxing lyrical about Jason’s books and Andy was intrigued, so one evening I suggested we watch Super Juice Me! We were both in tears at the end, and Andy turned to me and asked, ‘Why aren’t we juicing?’ “We started a 14-day challenge and lost 14lbs each, which was incredible. We had planned a break in Edinburgh but were so impressed with the results we ended up going to juice bars there. By the time we came back, Andy had lost 14lbs and although I gained a few pounds we were committed to clean-eating. “Two weeks after lockdown started, Andy got COVID-19 symptoms and lost more weight while he was unwell. As he recovered, we started to slip into bad ways, but lockdown meant our social life stopped and after

Claire, lost 20lbs



“We’d love to meet Jason and tell him what a life-changing difference he has made to us. Thanks to him, we don’t want to eat junk, we want to live life to the full” watching Super Juice Me! again we felt reinvigorated to take Jason’s 28-day challenge. “Having time to focus on our nutrition and make juices meant there were no distractions. In the last week we added blends but were still losing weight. In total, Andy lost 5” from his waist and hips, while I lost 4” from my waist and 5” from my hips. We gradually shifted to a 2:3:2 diet of juicing, clean-eating and freedom food, and while the weight loss slowed, the freedom from junk food is incredible.

“I have so much more energy and my blood pressure has dropped," says Andy. “I love the results so much I’ve signed up to Jason’s Juice Master Academy to study to become a Natural Juice Therapist as I want to help other people discover the incredible power of juicing.” “Our next stop is Juicy Oasis,” adds Claire. “We’d love to meet Jason and tell him what a lifechanging difference he has made to us. Thanks to him, we don’t want to eat junk, we want to live life to the full.” ●



documentary Super Juice Me! so inspiring. In America, we’re so used to seeing people out of shape and unhealthy, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of being sedentary and eating all the time.


“Four weeks into lockdown, I was feeling in a real funk and was struggling with not being able to do my usual levels of activity. I stepped on the scales and it tipped 192lbs, so I turned to juicing, which always makes me feel better.



‘ I juiced my way through lockdown’ For Californian elementary school teacher Stephanie Dunlap, lockdown began in March and, while she taught pupils remotely during the pandemic, being at home gave her the opportunity to focus on her nutrition. A Juice Master fan, she knew juicing would give her the reset she needed. Stephanie, a 20x marathon runner who shares her insights into running, weight loss and

40 www.juicemaster.com

life on her blog, RunStrongRun, turned to Jason’s 7-day juice plan to ditch her post-baby weight following IVF treatment and the arrival of her daughter, 18 months ago. “I talk about juicing all the time on my blog, and I have all of Jason’s apps as I love his coaching videos," she says. "I first discovered his plans in 2012 when I was training for my first marathon and I found his health

“I decided to take Jason’s 7-Day Juice Challenge to detox and get my nutrition back on track so I headed to the store and bought everything I needed – I love how the 7lbs in 7 Days app creates a shopping list so you can check off items as you put them in the shopping cart. “I actually started the detox at 188lbs and at first it was a little tough, but I knew that was the feeling of the junk leaving my system and then I felt so good, physically and mentally – my mind is so clear and I’m more productive when I juice. “I shed 9lbs in seven days and my clothes felt comfortable again. I still want to lose a further 30lbs so I plan to continue with at least two juices a day followed by a plant-based evening meal. As a runner, if I find that I need a little extra energy, I’ll cut up an apple or have half an avocado as an extra healthy snack.


“My daughter Seraphina likes to help me put ingredients into the juicer when I’m making juices and I believe good eating habits are more caught than taught, as she already wants to eat fruit and vegetables. I’ve had issues with overeating in the past and I know weight loss starts in the mind and the dangers of ‘dieting’.Juicing is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. “My family is super supportive and as Jason says about the juicy naysayers, there’s an irony in people commenting about the sugar in pure juice as they drink glasses of sugar-laden wine. Juicing works for me as Jason’s plans can easily be incorporated into the rest of life.” ●

Ditched the baby weight – lo s 9lbs in 7 d t ays

“Four weeks into lockdown, I was feeling in a real funk and was struggling with not being able to do my usual levels of activity. I stepped on the scales and it tipped 192lbs, so I turned to juicing, which always makes me feel better”



‘If you watched my video yesterday, then you’ll know I’ve lost about 10lbs during lockdown. About 6lbs just going for a walk and so far 4lbs on a juicing plan. 'I wasn’t going to document my juicing journey because I didn’t think I’d stick to it, but here I am on day 11 of a 28-day plan! Every day I’ve wanted to quit and I nearly did after the first week, but after watching The Last Dance about Michael Jordan, something’s telling me you always start and never finish, so I’ve decided to keep going.’

25 May – Day 14

‘Day 14 and I’ve lost 14lbs! I made it! I’m half way there and so far I’ve lost 8lbs on the plan so in total I’ve lost 14lbs since lockdown began. It’s so crazy. I’m also making my own almond milk. Who even am I? I’ve decided to continue the plan and in my head I’m going to start counting down to help me psychologically. I know it won’t be easy, but in life you can’t quit when you’ve already put in the effort and come so far.’

8 June – Day 28

‘I did it! 28 days without eating any food and just drinking juices and I've lost 17lbs. One of my dreams was to be more energised and lose weight, however, if you’d told me that I would do this during lockdown and a pandemic I would've said you're crazy. It took sheer discipline because I wanted to give up after the first week, but I kept going and took it day by day.’

42 www.juicemaster.com

“I lost 17lbs in 28 days and because of lockdown I hadn’t been able to do much exercise, just a daily walk. Although the weight loss was a bonus, juicing helped me to change my outlook. My digestion was great, as I always used to feel tired and sluggish, and my skin improved considerably”


‘It was the perfect time to juice’ Presenter Natalie Brown is on a mission to inspire women to live a bold, brave, beautiful life with her lifestyle channel, Time With Natalie, but when the pandemic struck and the UK went into lockdown she felt overwhelmed by the lack of clarity surrounding the unfolding situation. A friend suggested Super Juice Me! and she decided to take Jason’s 28-day challenge to give herself a focus. “At the start of lockdown I wasn’t feeling too great. My partner was stuck in Germany, I was isolated and there was a lack of clarity over what would happen next. I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost when a friend suggested I watch Super Juice Me! I was blown away by the results of the people who take part in Jason’s 28-day experiment and immediately bought the book.


“I am health-conscious and at first I was resistant to the thought of not eating food, and I started the plan thinking I wouldn’t finish it and would only manage a couple of days. After that I told myself I would just get to day seven, but I have a strong faith and I watched Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance which resonated around the message that every struggle requires discipline not to quit. I felt like God was telling me to keep going and by day ten my whole mindset felt better and I visualised getting to day 14. “By day 15, I reasoned that I was closer to the finishing line and

Natalie, lost 17lbs

BEFORE completing 28 days than at the start and told myself I would get to 21 days. Before I knew it I had completed the 28-day challenge and I was so proud. “I lost 17lbs in 28 days and because of lockdown I hadn’t been able to do much exercise, just a daily walk. In fact, that kept me going as my house is located in a corner and I was so fed up of not seeing anyone that it forced me to go outside just to say hello and interact with other people who were out and about. Although the weight loss was a bonus, juicing helped me to change my outlook. My digestion was great, as I always used to feel tired and sluggish, and my skin improved considerably.

AFTER “The plan was super easy and the repetition of the juices made planning and ordering ingredients straightforward – I used Jason’s wall planner which made it simple to follow. One of the remarkable things about the plan is I didn’t feel that hungry and, if I did, I would have one of Jason’s SOS! bars around 5pm. “The plan was so enlightening and has given me a real education about nutrition and overeating. Now I’ve completed 28 days, I am sticking to one or two juices a day and light, clean food such as salads and soups. I’m forever grateful that my friend suggested Super Juice Me!, it was the perfect way to turn lockdown around.” ●



‘We took Jason’s Big Juice Challenge and lost lbs too!’ Look at the results of these juicy peeps who took Jason’s Big Juice Reset to ‘shake off lockdown’ this summer

RACHEL LOST 14LBS IN 14 DAYS AND IS FINALLY PAIN-FREE 'I did the 14-day Super Juice Me! Juice Master Delivered plan a few weeks ago and I lost a stone. I have been maintaining this by doing juice, juice, meal so hopefully after a few more weeks of super juicing, I will be where I want to be weight-wise and can stay there! It really has made such a difference to my life, so big thanks to Jason and the rest of the juicy team! I feel great, much more alert and energetic, my skin is clearer, and my back pain, general aches and pains and hay-fever symptoms have pretty much gone! Happy days!'





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Nigel, lost 16lbs

Norman, lost 21lbs 46 www.juicemaster.com


WHAT’S THEIR SECRET? Nigel Richardson puts smiles on faces with his Secret Hamper business, and during lockdown surprised neighbour Norman with a Juice Master plan which achieved surprising results for them both We all like nice surprises, and it’s this ‘feel good’ factor that’s the idea behind Nigel Richardson’s Secret Hamper business which enables people to treat someone, say thank you or cheer someone up with a box of goodies as a random act of kindness. Jason is a great believer in ‘ juicing it forward’ and in his book, Create Magic, he mentions Nigel as one of his secret army of magic-makers. After the pair connected on social media, Jason added his own gift to Nigel’s hampers by donating a copy of the book to every box, and even interviewed Nigel for his Juice Tube YouTube channel. ›››



“I took one sip and I was blown away, it was delicious. I’m notorious for not drinking enough water during the day but I could drink juice all day long. I was hooked and was eager to know more.”


“It was The Mighty Green one from Jason’s Lockdown Special recipes,” adds Nigel, “which is a delicious, zingy juice. I got Norman and his wife Sarah to watch Jason’s Super Juice Me! documentary and Sarah hatched a plan to buy Norman a juicer for Father’s Day. I felt terrible as I had to feign disinterest when Norman started quizzing me about which juicer to choose.” “In the end we invested in a high-quality cold press juicer and juicing gave us a purpose to get up and start the day with Jason’s Ginger Shot, followed by an 11am juice,” says Norman.

Nigel is a long-time fan of Jason, having discovered the Juice Master's 7-Day Challenge while trying to get fit in his 30s. “I’ve always juiced over the years,” says Nigel, “but at the start of the year I was suffering from a few ailments and my body was telling me things weren’t quite right. My weight had hit 213lbs and I remember catching sight of myself in a mirror and thinking, ‘How did I get here?’ “I dug out my juicer and took Jason’s 7-Day Challenge in January. After that, I used Jason’s 5:2 Diet, juicing in the morning and at lunchtime followed by an evening meal, and the weight just fell off. In fact, I went to visit some relatives who I hadn’t seen for a while and they said I was unrecognisable, I looked so good after juicing.”

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“My body was telling me things weren’t quite right. My weight had hit 213lbs and I remember catching sight of myself in a mirror and thinking, ‘How did I get here?’ I dug out my juicer and took Jason’s 7-Day Challenge” Nigel was kept busy during lockdown, working flat out to deliver hampers to NHS heroes, but as lockdown eased he was able to reconnect and create a ‘bubble’ with good friend and neighbour, Norman Case. Their two families have known each other for 13 years and, as part of a bubble, they enjoyed spending time taking daily walks together.

With the guys fully equipped to juice, they embarked on a plan which saw them both achieve amazing weight loss results. “We spurred each other on during lockdown and I lost 21lbs in three weeks, which was unbelievable,” continues Norman. “I had the odd moment of hunger but a handful of nuts kept this at bay.

It was on one of these that Norman explained that, just like Nigel, he would like to lose weight and improve his fitness. “We got home after a walk and just 15 minutes later Nigel knocked on the door with a glass of green juice,” says Norman.

“Before lockdown, I had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and my life was vastly different. After a long working day, I wanted to hit the couch and doze off, but juicing gave me the impetus I needed to turn things around. I feel so much better in myself,

my sleep patterns improved and, as I was less tired, my energy levels went through the roof. Juicing became addictive and, unlike any diet I’ve tried, didn’t feel restrictive. This time the weight came off and stayed off.”


“I hit 50 earlier this year,” says Nigel, “and life had definitely caught up with me. We were inundated with Secret Hamper orders at the start of lockdown and I was so busy that Tesco meal deals become my staple ‘go to’ when I was on the road. I was constantly grazing and bringing home Easter eggs which were on sale in the supermarkets.

“Juicing has become a way of life for me now,” says Norman, “and I’m definitely going to keep drinking it. Previously I was guilty of mindless eating and would grab a bowl of cereal thinking I was choosing a healthy snack when it was loaded with sugar. “Now I have a fridge full of fruit and that’s my ‘go to’. Without a doubt, juicing has also brought me closer to Nigel and we’ll often send each other a WhatsApp snapshot of the scales to share our progress.” With Nigel’s healthy ‘secret’ shared, the good neighbours have transformed their health and made juicing a regular part of their future. ●

The Mighty Green Apple 1 Kale 1 handful Lime (peeled) 1 Celery 2 sticks Pear 1 Cucumber 1/2 Fennel 1 palmful Ginger 1” Juice the lot, keeping the stop cap closed, and serve over ice. Sieve if you prefer a smoother juice or drink straight to enjoy all the juicy goodness.

“Ironically, COVID-19 did me two favours. My wife, Andrea, had booked us a surprise holiday to Cyprus which was cancelled, and I was relieved as I had been panicking about the shame of taking my top off on the beach. I’d also been suffering from trigger thumb and a benign cyst on my eyelid, and I think these were early warning signs from my body that I was out of shape. “At the start of lockdown, Andrea and I rewatched Super Juice Me! and we both agreed we needed to get back on the juice! We’d received a 5:2 plan from Juice Master Delivered at the start of the year and got a copy of Jason’s book with the order so we eased ourselves in with two juices and a clean-food meal. “Almost immediately I started to notice a difference, my sleeping patterns improved and I felt more positive. I began running again and pretty soon I was like Forrest Gump! In three weeks I lost 16lbs and, just as remarkably, the pain in my thumb and cyst on my eye disappeared. I feel real pleasure and pride knowing that recommending juicing and Jason’s plans has helped Norman to get the results that he has achieved.”



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“I took some time out and one day I was watching television when a Christmas ad for the Co-op came on. In it, a boy leaves a bag of groceries for his housebound neighbour. I had joined our Parish Council and was out fundraising when I knocked on the door of Harry, an elderly man who lived on his own. He invited me in for a cup of tea and we spent the afternoon together and he told me about his life and memories of the war.

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(clockwise) Nigel appearing on Good Morning Britain; delivering to No 10 Downing Street; and meeting former MP Philip Hammond


Nigel was working as a City trader when a series of events led him to ditch the world of finance and embark on his Secret Hamper business. “I never felt I fitted in, if I’m totally honest,” he says, “and after my father died from cancer and my wife lost a baby, I was angry at the ks Sold e Boo lion Jason Val Over 5 IMil world. The sector worked in felt fickle and false. With three young children, at probably the most “ ” irresponsible time in my life, I took a leap of faith and walked ” “ away from it all. RICHARD CART

cer and r, film produ elling autho into is a best-s been translated Jason Vale books have and speaker. His res on radio international regularly featu ages and he d the world. many langu television aroun

10% of m s fro profit ok go to this bo magic createothers for

“He was clearly lonely and he reminded me of the neighbour in the ad, and I wanted to do something for him. By the time I left, it was late and raining hard but I headed to the shop and bought a bag of goodies to leave on his doorstep. I felt like an excited teenager and when I got home and my wife asked me where I’d been, I told her I’d just done an act of kindness. I felt alive and excited and

50 www.juicemaster.com

thought wouldn’t it be wonderful to create a difference with a business that delivers surprise packages to people who deserve a treat for many reasons.” Secret Hamper was born and Nigel has created a range of hampers to thank people, including boxes for family, friends, neighbours, new mums and students. Having scooped a clutch of awards for his innovative idea, Nigel has been recognised by Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday initiative, appeared on Good Morning Britain and visited No 10 Downing Street. When Jason Vale heard about Nigel’s Secret Hamper business, he

loved the idea so much, he agreed to donate a copy of his Create Magic book for every hamper the company delivers. Throughout lockdown, Secret Hamper was busy delivering hampers to thank key workers as part of its NHS70 initiative. To celebrate Captain Tom’s 100th birthday fundraising achievement, Nigel pledged to deliver 100 boxes to Bedford Hospital in Tom’s home town. Jason promised to support 48 of these, but thanks to the generosity of donors Nigel was able to donate 150 boxes to NHS workers. ● To lend your support to Secret Hamper’s #ThankYouNHS campaign visit secrethamper.com



BEATS THE REST HANDS DOWN! ★★★★★ “It’s awesome! Really powerful... Top marks!” Tamsin Parkin

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Jason’s fast-food faves Don’t panic, you won’t find Jason tucking into a Maccie-Ds or KFC bucket any time soon, not with these Super fast Food recipes up his sleeve – low-cost and easy to prep, you’ll be tucking into these dishes quicker than you can order a Deliveroo...

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Jasey’s Spicy Mint ’n’ Avo Veggie Burger Serves 2 Almonds 40g or 1 handful Sunflower seeds 1 tbsp Pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp Peas (fresh or frozen) 100g/3.5oz Butter beans (canned) 100g/3.5oz Fresh mint 30g or 1 large handful Ground cumin 1 pinch Cayenne pepper 1 pinch Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Olive oil 1 tbsp Avocado (ripe) 1/2 Gluten-free buns 2 (optional ‘no bun’ burger) Beef tomato 1 Romaine lettuce 1 small Ground black pepper 1 pinch Lime ( juice of) 1 Wooden skewers 2

1. Put the almonds, sunflower

and pumpkin seeds into a food processor and blitz until they turn into ‘flour’. Keep a handful of the ‘flour’ to one side to coat the finished burgers.

2. Put the peas, butter beans, mint, cumin, cayenne pepper, salt and remaining ‘flour’ into the food processor and blend.

3. Divide the mixture in half and

using clean hands make into two burgers. Place the reserved ‘flour’ on a chopping board or plate, lay the burgers on top and lightly coat both sides. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes to firm up.

4. Put the oil in a frying pan and

place over a medium heat. Add the burgers and cook for 6 minutes on each side.

5. If using a bun, spread the

avocado flesh like ‘butter’ on the buns, if going for a ‘no bun’ option, simply slice the avocado. Cut the beef tomato so you have two good-size slices.

6. Arrange your burger or ‘no bun’ One-third of an avocado contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals

burger in any way you choose, using the tomato, lettuce, avocado and burger. Add a pinch of ground black pepper and a squeeze of lime. Push a wooden skewer through the middle and BOOM, your burger is done!



Great ‘Fish Balls’ of Fire with a Creamy Garlic & Chive Blast 1. Pre-heat the oven to 170°

(340°F/gas mark 4). Line a baking tin with greaseproof paper and cover with the olive oil.

2. To create the balls, remove the

ends from the chillies and dice (do not remove the seeds). Dice the salmon. Grind the pumpkin seeds into a 'flour' using a hand blender or Retro Super Blend, then add all the other ingredients for the fish balls. Pulse until all are combined. Then, using 2 tbsps, mould the mixture into even-sized balls and place on the oiled greaseproof paper. Pop the baking tray into the oven for 20 minutes.

Serves 2 FOR THE FISH BALLS Olive oil 2 tsps Chillies 2 medium Salmon (skinless, boneless) 500g/17.5oz Pumpkin seeds 100g/3.5oz Organic free-range egg 1 Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground black pepper 1 pinch FOR THE CREAMY GARLIC & CHIVE BLAST Garlic 2 cloves Chives 20g or 1 small handful Spring onions 2 Cucumber 50g/3cm Lemon 1/2 (the juice of) Yoghurt 4 tbsps Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch

3. Prepare the dressing by peeling the garlic, finely chopping the chives, spring onion, cucumber and garlic. Place all the ingredients for the dressing in a bowl and gently combine.

4. Once the balls are cooked,

serve with a very generous scoop of the Garlic & Chive Blast. Simply delicious!

A great source of protein, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids

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55 49

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Jason’s Cheeky Fish ’n’ Chips with Mint Pea Purée Serves 2 Olive oil 4 tsps Himalayan rock salt 2 small pinches Ground black pepper 2 generous pinches Sweet potato 2 large Cod fillet 2 x 150-200g/5-7oz Lemon 1.5 Fresh thyme 1 large handful or 20g Peas (fresh or frozen) 160g or 6oz Fresh mint 1 large handful or 20g

1. Preheat the oven to 200ºC

(400ºF/gas mark 6). Drizzle 2 tsps of olive oil onto a large baking tray, add a pinch of salt and pepper. Cut the sweet potatoes lengthways into ‘chips’, keeping the skin on.

2. Pop the baking tray in the oven for 2 minutes, remove, add the sweet potatoes, toss to ensure they are coated in oil, return to the oven and cook for 15 minutes.

3. Drizzle the remaining olive oil

over both sides of the cod fillets, season with a pinch of salt and pepper and place skin down on a plate or board. Squeeze 1/2 a lemon over the cod and place the thyme on top. Remove the mint leaves from the stalks and discard the stalks.

4. When the potatoes have cooked for 15 minutes, add the fish to the baking tray (skin side down) and cook for a further 10 minutes.

5. Bring a pan of water to the

boil and cook the peas for 3-4 minutes. Drain and place in the container of a hand blender along with the mint leaves and juice from 1/2 a lemon. Blend until it forms a nice purée (if it needs a little more moisture, add a drop of water).

6. When the cod and sweet Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins C and B6 which support our nervous system

potatoes are cooked, remove from the oven, place on a plate, add the pea purée and squeeze the remaining fresh lemon over the fish.



Wok-fried Veg with Sesame, Honey & Tahini 1. Place the honey and tahini in

a small bowl and mix. Remove the ends and skin from the red onion, cut in half and slice thinly. Remove any hard ends and stringy spines from the mange tout or sugar snap peas. Remove the core and seeds from the peppers and thinly slice. Remove the ends from the pak choi and thinly slice.

2. Put the oil in a wok (if you don’t

have one, you can use a frying pan) and place over a high heat. Add all the veggies except the pak choi and cook for 3 minutes, then add the pak choi and cook for a further 2-3 minutes (stirring frequently). Add the honey, tahini and sesame seeds, mix well and then remove from the heat.

58 www.juicemaster.com

Serves 2 Honey 1 tsp (heaped) Tahini 1 tsp (heaped) Red onion 1/2 medium Sugar snap peas or mange tout 40g or 1 small handful Red pepper 1/2 medium Yellow pepper 1/2 medium Pak choi 2 bulbs Sesame oil 1 tbsp Sesame seeds 1 tbsp

Rich in vitamins B and E, tahini contains more protein than milk and most nuts

59 49



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Bandaid WFH? No need to skip a weight-training session. Add a resistance band to your workout and challenge your muscles



The last few months have thrown a curveball for us gym bunnies. But if accessing equipment is tricky or you’re away from your usual routine, there’s no need to miss out on a great weight-lifting workout. Using your own bodyweight and the addition of a small, simple piece of kit, a resistance-band, can help to up the ante and give your muscles a good exercise.

Gemma’s juicy workout

Amazing for toning muscle, A-listers Jessica Alba and Halle Berry are among the super-bod stars who use resistance-band training as a boost to their gym routines. Inexpensive and easily packed away, resistance-bands are a great addition when exercising at home and come in a range of types and resistances – start light and increase the burn as you build up your strength, working up to an extra-heavy band for an intense session. Incredible for increasing leg strength, be sure to switch things up and work the whole of your body rather than just the lower half. Use the band properly by maintaining a constant resistance throughout a workout – don’t let the band slack between reps as it’s this constant stretch which really works muscles. An easy way to see if you’re ready to progress to the next level is to move the band from your knees to your ankles – if you can still cope comfortably with the intensity, switch to the next band, working up through the levels. The team at Juicy Oasis use resistance-bands for several classes and resident PT Gemma Jones (right) has created this handy work out, so grab a band and give it a go.

62 www.juicemaster.com


Build upper-body strength by using a resistance-band as you complete these bicep-curl movements – one exercise, four ways. Focus on form as you perform each move. Using a band is particularly useful for anyone with a wrist injury or who has difficulty holding traditional weights.

COMPLETE THREE SETS OF EACH MOVE Full x 15 Lower half x 15 Stack hold in the middle x 30 Upper half x 15



Lie face-up on the floor, knees bent, arms at your side, and engage your core so that your lower back presses against the floor. Push through your feet and slowly lift your hips until they align with your knees, tightening your abdominals and glutes as you reach the top of the lift. Complete three sets of 15.

Stand with one foot on the band, hip-width apart, holding the ends in each hand. Bend your knees slightly and angle at the hips. Back flat, arms straight, pull the band towards your chest. Slowly straighten your arms and lower your hands to the starting position. Complete three sets of 15.



Stand with one foot on the band, hip-width apart, holding the ends in each hand. Extend the band above the shoulders so that the elbows are bent at 90°. Press the arms straight up, keeping the shoulders down. Slowly lower to the shoulders and repeat. Complete three sets of 15.

Lie face-up on the floor, knees bent, arms at your side. Keeping your right foot on the floor, engage your core and squeeze your glutes as you lift your hips towards the ceiling and pull your left knee to your chest. Slowly lower, then repeat. Complete 15 reps then switch legs and repeat three times.



Enhance regular squats with the addition of a band to build strength in your glutes and legs. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and slowly sit into a squat position, keeping abdominals engaged and chest lifted. Return to standing, pushing through the heels and squeezing the glutes. Complete three sets of 15.


Work your glutes with this banded move. Kneel on all fours and, keeping your back straight, push your right leg out and up. Draw it back to your chest for one rep. Complete three sets of 15 reps on each leg.

Start on your hands and knees with your shoulders over your hands, knees bent at 90°. Lift your left leg at a 45° angle, keeping your knee at 90° – only your hips should move. Lower your leg to complete the first rep. Complete three sets of 15 reps on each leg.


Lie on your side with both knees bent. Keeping your feet together, squeeze your abdominal muscles, drawing your belly button inwards. Open your knees like a clam, hold and return to the starting position. Complete three sets of 15.






Lunch club just got a whole lot hotter with the latest zingy orange addition to the Juice Master flasks range, and we have a delicious, warming recipe to fill it up! Prep a batch of Jason’s seasonal soup, heat and top up your flask which will keep this nutritious meal warm for up to seven hours. If your colleagues ask, tell them ‘It’s a Juice Thing!’ and that this beauty will also keep juices and blends fresh and cool for up to seven hours straight. Be prepared for lunchtime envy among your workmates...

Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup Serves 2 Butternut squash 1/2 Carrots 3 medium Red onion 1/2 small Vegetable oil 1 tbsp Vegetable stock cube 1 Boiling water 550ml Cracked black pepper 1 pinch Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch 1. P eel and remove the seeds from the butternut squash. Peel the carrots and red onion and chop all the vegetables into small chunks.

vegetables over a medium heat with the lid on for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, boil the water and dissolve the stock cube. 3. A dd the stock to the pan, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. 4. R emove from the heat and, using a blender (hand or jug), blend the soup until smooth. Pour into a bowl and tuck in.

2. I n a large saucepan heat the oil, add the vegetables and season. Gently sweat the


Shop the Juice Master insulated flasks range, available in orange, black, blue and white, at juicemaster.com Turn to page 82 for your chance to win an orange flask!

Also available in





All fat is not bad and all oils are not made equal – if you’re confused by which to use in the kitchen, follow our handy guide Chances are you grew up thinking of fat as a diet no-go. Low-fat eating is nothing new and as far back as the 60s doctors advised those at high risk of coronary heart disease to trim it from their diets. By the 80s and 90s, this thinking went mainstream with a wave of low-fat food products – many loaded with high levels of sugar to make them appetising – hitting supermarket shelves and creating an ingrained mindset that less fat equals healthy. Research into the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which is heavy in vegetables, fruit and olive oil, challenges the preconception that fat is the enemy and it’s choosing the right type of oil to cook and dress ingredients which makes a huge difference to our health. Jason advocates a low-HI (human intervention) diet and uses extra-

66 www.juicemaster.com

virgin olive oil in many of his Super fast Food cookbook recipes. It’s choosing the right type of unsaturated fat that matters and a small amount is essential to our diet as it helps us to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Unsaturated fats lower the levels of cholesterol in our blood and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and the polyphenols in virgin olive oil can help to protect against some oxidative damage. Many healthy oils can be consumed neat and some swear by a spoonful a day to keep the doctor away, but most of us prefer to use them in cooking or add them to a juice or blend. Always look for a pure, highquality product and remember a little goes a long way – the RDA is 30g for men and 20g for women – so use them sparingly.


The primary source of fat in the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is a monosaturated fat which can help reduce bad low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. Extra-virgin and virgin olive oils are the least processed and contain the highest level of plant compounds which offer antioxidant benefits.


Although high in antioxidants, it's true that coconut oil is high in saturated fat. A good option if you follow a plant-based diet and believed to help regulate metabolism, thanks to its fatty acids, coconut oil has a slightly sweet flavour which lends itself perfectly to Asian dishes.



A fantastic source of omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, which can help to reduce our risk of stroke and are great for our skin, flaxseed is a great alternative to fish oils for vegetarians and vegans. Best used as a dressing rather than a cooking oil, keep it in the fridge once opened as its delicate structure can deteriorate quickly at room temperature.


As the name suggests, this oil is derived from the seeds of the safflower and in one study a daily dose helped women with Type 2 diabetes to improve their insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation and trim belly fat. With a high smoke point, safflower oil is great for stirfrying, sautéing and baking.


High in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, but low in saturated fat, sesame oil is rich in antioxidants and studies have suggested it may help to reduce blood pressure. A high smoking point makes this the perfect partner for stir-frying and the toasted seeds impart plenty of flavour.

With a mild flavour, avocado oil is highest in heart-healthy omega-9 and may help to reduce cholesterol levels. It also contains vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin which is believed to help protect us from cell damage, thanks to its antioxidant qualities. This oil is the perfect partner for stir-fry and sauté cooking.


A brilliant blend of organic flaxseed, sunflower, sesame, rice and oat germ, coconut, evening primrose and rosemary oils, one way to boost your daily intake of ‘good oils’ is with a spoonful or two of Udo’s Choice. Add to juices or smoothies, or drizzle over salads and cold dishes. Shop Udo’s Choice, £12.99, at juicemaster.com


As you might anticipate, walnut oil has a nutty taste which is delicious in salads. With the highest levels of omega-6 linoleic acid, which can reduce LDL cholesterol, improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood pressure, omega-3 and 9, add it to a homemade salad dressing.




FREE FROM preservatives, fillers, artificial flavours and sweeteners, gluten, soy and dairy Vegetarian and vegan friendly





A hot toddy is the perfect way to warm up on a cold chilly day, so put the kettle on and pour yourself an all-natural cuppa

Jason’s Hot Apple Pie Hydrate yourself with Jason’s seasonal hug in a mug – rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids which are good for our hearts, studies reveal that a mug of natural apple juice is also good for lung function, along with our digestive health. Freshly extracted apple juice 1/2 cup Hot water 1/2 cup Cinnamon Simply combine the two liquids, top with cinnamon and drink this classic, all-natural combo. As a variation, add a slice of apple and a star anise for extra flavour.



Rosie’s Rosehip Brew Rosehips are the small, berry-like, edible seed pods of roses. Tart in flavour, they are packed with vitamin C and studies have shown that a daily dose of this natural anti-inflammatory ingredient can help to reduce the pain of arthritis. Widely available as a syrup, an even easier way to use this autumnal ingredient is infused as a tea. Rosehips (washed if fresh or dried) 1-2 tsps Water 1 cup Bring the water to the boil in a saucepan and add the rosehips. Simmer for 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, steep in a covered teapot or mug for 10-15 minutes. As a variation, combine with green or rooibos tea.

70 www.juicemaster.com

Hibiscus Healer Known by many names around the world, hibiscus or sharon rose is another tart ingredient with medicinal qualities. Studies have shown that drinking a couple of cups each day can help to reduce high blood pressure to within a normal range, lower cholesterol, improve liver function and aid weight loss. Let the tea brew to enjoy the full benefits of this plant-based remedy. Hibiscus flowers 1 cup (available from health-food shops and some supermarkets) Water 8 cups Honey Combine the hibiscus flowers and cold water, stir and allow to sit for 1-2 days until the colour fades from the flowers. Sieve and discard the hibiscus flowers. Heat the liquid in a microwave or small saucepan and sweeten with honey to taste.

Thyme For Tea Thyme is a fantastic natural soother for a cough or sore throat. A study found that patients with bronchitis experienced a reduction in coughing fits when drinking an infusion of the herb. Bunch of thyme 10-15 sprigs Water 2 cups Honey Simmer thyme in boiling water for 10-15 minutes, remove from the heat and sweeten with honey. Strain and refrigerate. To use, either drink 1-2 tsps neat or place the same quantity in a mug and top with boiling water, adding lemon for extra flavour.

For more natural health remedies, sign up to become a Natural Juice Therapist at juicemasteracademy.com and receive a free copy of Jason’s A-Z of Ailments. 71

THE ESCAPE PLAN 10 www.juicemaster.com

Jason’s brand new health retreat, set in the sundrenched Algarve, is set to become one of the most sort-after retreats in the world. Jason’s vision is for Juicy Escape to be ‘Europe’s Healthiest Playground’ and, despite COVID-19 briefly thwarting progress, the plan is starting to take shape…


Excitement is building and people are already chomping at the bit to book their stay at Juicy Escape. Jason, Katie and the Juice Master Retreats team still don’t know when they can start taking bookings, but they are aiming for a late summer 2021 opening. However, there is a lot to do before the Grand Plan becomes a reality. Turn the page for a little taster of the exciting ideas to whet your appetite and see what’s to

come, Although you can’t book a spot at Juicy Escape just yet, in order to be one of the first to know when you can, there's a simple way to be ahead of the inevitable queue of people wanting to visit. Be sure to head over to juicemasterretreats.com, click on the Juicy Escape tab towards the bottom of the page and then add your email. You will be on the list to receive updates as they are announced – go, go, go...

JUICY ESCAPE DON'T YOU EYEBALL ME! Juicy Escape will be no boot camp but it is set to have the most incredible military assault course to test your endurance and build some serious stamina during your stay. Jason and Katie personally tested courses before designing the one for Juicy Escape, so be prepared for a challenge!

BALLS OUT Jason LOVES a game of footie, paddleball, tennis, volleyball and his own invention – Ultraball. So it will come as no surprise that all of these will be at Juicy Escape. There will be a fabulous 7-a-side footie pitch at the centre of the sports arena and a full-size tennis court with viewing seats and even an umpire’s chair! The pitch is ringed by a 200m running track with a 100m extension and a sandy long jump, so you can spend the week trying to beat your PBs!

NAMASTE The indoor and outdoor yoga studios are on the highest point of the retreat taking full advantage of the retreat’s stunning views with sunrise and sunset sessions. If you’ve lost it, you’ll have no problem finding your zen again in this truly amazing space.

THE STAGE IS SET After dark, guests can head to the outdoor cinema and catch a movie under the stars. This will also be the setting for showing sports events and other performances, such as the opening night where none other than the legendary Gary Barlow will be appearing! THE HUB This is where you’ll find the swimming pool, loft sauna, cold plunge pool, hot whirlpool, loungers, chill music and your juices. It’s also the indoor hub if it’s cold, as you’ll find a nice fire and indoor chill zone to chat, play cards, chess, backgammon or read. This is the beating heart of the retreat and where the real life of the place will be. MUSCLE BEACH A mini replica of Santa Monica’s outside beach gym comes to Juicy Escape! Jason wanted to replicate the beach’s famous ‘ring challenge’ and has added a mini version as the originals are two metres apart – great for ’social distancing’ but pretty hard to complete!

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THE EDEN SPA Inspired by The Eden Project in Cornwall, The Eden Spa is an experience all of its own. With every kind of treatment on offer, there’s a cryo-chamber, floating cocoons, indoor chill out pool, sauna, steam and ice rooms, plus plenty of places to enjoy its pure tranquility. TRANQUILITY LAKE You will be able to walk directly into the lake from the Juicy Escape beach or slide into it from your room if you’re staying in a lakeside Mega Pod! You may even find a cheeky rowboat or two for messing about on the water.

GO GYM, BOUNCE & SPIN Juicy Escape will have a full-size gym including a cool boxing ring, centre stage. In this zone, you’ll find the spinning studio, a huge rebounding platform and a Dance Dome to shake your booty whenever you feel like it. Head to The Den for a game of table tennis, pool, darts or even a go on an original Space Invaders arcade machine!


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Walk the

WALK Easy, free and good for your health, hit the trail and walk yourself fit

Running and cycling may be the big hitters of the fitness circuit but research shows that walking can be just as effective in helping you to build strength and stamina, lose weight and get heart healthy. The best part is that the benefits aren’t just physical – studies also show that getting outside and reconnecting with nature is great for our mental health too. Free and easily accessible, most of us have access to open spaces whether we live in urban or rural areas, and during lockdown more of us took advantage of time on our hands while gyms were closed, to make a walk our daily exercise. If you’re thinking, ‘walking is for wimps’, it's time to reconsider.

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A 2013 US study showed that daily low-impact, steady-state cardio (LISS) such as brisk walking can help your heart health as much as running. Across two studies, researchers compared the data of runners and walkers discovering that walkers experienced greater health benefits, reducing the risk of first-time high blood pressure and cholesterol by almost half, compared to runners, and matching a 12 per cent cut in the risk of firsttime diabetes. Using the same muscle groups at a lower intensity, walking has a significant impact on health and fitness. The study’s leader, Dr Paul Williams of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, said: “People are always looking for an excuse not to exercise, but ›››




now they have a straightforward choice to run or to walk and invest in their future health.” Walking just 5.5 miles (8.9km) a week at two miles per hour can reduce the risk of cardiovascular events by 31 per cent and the risk of dying by 32 per cent. Longer distances, a faster pace or both will significantly increase these benefits.

Get READY Boost the comfort and effectiveness of your walk with these simple additions


Intensity is a key area to work on and getting out of breath, either with a power walk or over an incline, is a great way to up your effort. Public Health England recommends a minimum ‘Active 10’ minutes of brisk walking, but aim to incorporate three, 10-minute power walks throughout the day. A brisk walk should leave you able to talk but not sing, and see you cover about 3 miles (4.8km) an hour. Power walking incorporates upperbody movement, swinging your arms at a 90° angle, moving the opposite arm and leg at the same time. Each time you take a step, land on your heel and roll your foot forward towards your toe, moving your hips forwards rather than side to side. Keep your strides short with a brisk pace – studies have shown an increased number of steps per minute can improve BMI and waist circumference, both key indicators to our health. Power walking also improves bone strength and brain functionality as we age, along with overall mental health.

Top shot Energy on the go comes in a perfect shot of Juice SOS!, Jason’s Juice on the Go supplement. Brimming with alkalising land and sea veggies, micro-algaes, enzymes and bacterial cultures, just add a heaped teaspoon to water or juice and enjoy a natural boost. Vegan Society certified, one bottle provides 30 days’ supply. Shop Juice SOS! at juicemaster.com

At Juicy Oasis, daily walks in the mountains surrounding the retreat are a major element in the week’s activities and, whatever your fitness level, the team ensures that everyone is part of the group as they take you through the stunning trails.

Best foot forward

At home, teaming up with a walking buddy or group is a great way to make exercise a fun, sociable event. Look online for community activities and research local walking routes in your area. It really is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, so head out and hit the road today with no excuses. ■

Comfort is everything when it comes to walking, so look for a shoe that offers plenty of cushioning, support and breathability. Typically heavier than running shoes and with extra grip to avoid slips on wet or rough terrain, head to a good sports store for expert advice on a style to suit your size and shape of foot.

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Layer up What to wear? At this time of year, early starts can soon blossom into sunny mornings, so start with a pair of good quality gym leggings and a running vest covered by a long-sleeved running top or jacket – if you get too hot, you can peel it off and anchor on your waist without slowing you down. If you are walking off-road or after dark, wear a reflective tape or layer to ensure you’re visible. Jason leads the way on a Juicy Oasis trail

Where’s your vest? Wearing a weighted vest as you walk will increase the intensity of your work out – think of it like carrying a pair of dumbbells as you trek. In one study, women who wore a weighted vest during a flat, treadmill walk increased the calories they burnt by 12 per cent. There are a wide variety of styles and weights to choose from, ranging from 12-150lbs, but as a rough rule of thumb aim for around 20 per cent of your body weight to start, and look for a good fit to minimise chafing.


Pole position If you are walking uphill or on uneven terrain, walking poles can help you to maintain balance and pace, particularly in wet or slippery conditions. Use them to pull yourself up or steady your step downhill, and you’ll also reduce pressure on your joints and muscles.

No doubt about it, you need hydration on a hike. The team at Juicy Oasis uses Juice Master’s insulated flasks to keep refreshments super cool, and with a handy ring carrier it’s easy to keep close by as you walk. Shop Juice Master insulated flasks, available in orange, black, pink, blue and white, at juicemaster.com






In lockdown, thousands took the chance to expand their knowledge, but it’s not too late to do a little home schooling of your own – boost your nutritional nouse with Jason’s Juice Master Academy, no masks or social distancing required! If you're reading this, chances are that you've already discovered the incredible powers of juicing. But if you are looking to understand a little more about what it is that makes it so good for our health, Jason has the perfect e-learning programme to take your knowledge and health to the next level.

As the #1 name in the industry, Jason’s knowledge is second to none and has inspired thousands to change their lives with his nutritional know-how. Enabling people around the world to hear his expert teaching, Juice Master Academy graduates include students from Australia, South Africa, the USA and Europe.

With more than 25 years’ experience in juicing, the Juice Master has created an incredible online hub, the Juice Master Academy, where you can build your own understanding to get the most from natural juice therapy.

With easy 24/7 access which helps to enable flexible learning, the programme is two-part, starting with Jason’s Juice Master Class, the ultimate juicing workshop. Offering an in-depth introduction to juicing across 11 sessions and 50 videos,

Combine the two courses to complete the full Juice Master Academy, and you will qualify as a Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner. With lifetime access to all of the academy’s resources, including Jason’s A-Z of Ailments and unseen footage from Super Juice Me! Juice Master Academy is a unique opportunity to transform your life.

For those looking to take this knowledge to the next step,

What are you waiting for? Make it your juiciest year yet!

Alternatively, take it one step further and learn how to help others with your knowledge.

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to understand the physiology of juicing on the human body, the academic Juice Study Course is an intensive four-module course which will educate and enable you to teach others about the nutritional effects of juicing.

Study anywhere in the world – no travelling required

No fixed term times – progress as quickly or slowly as you like

Flexible learning – study whenever suits you

Revisit the course at any time – a lifetime of knowledge




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