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magazine TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING? How healthy is your vegan diet? ICE, ICE, BABY… Good for you summer sweet treats

INSPIRED Summer 2020 | Issue 14 | £2.50


Lorraine Kelly talks life lessons, health and happiness





Look inside to discover Jason’s exclusive recipe ON THE WATER Get fit this season with paddle-boarding CAROLINE FLACK Jason’s moving tribute to his friend




� Revolutionary angled chute • Maximum juice extraction • Makes delicious ice cream and nut milks







Lose up to 28lbs and totally transform your health with Jason Vale’s 28-Day Super Juice Me! Challenge

Lewis Corbett


“6 inches gone from my waist and 70lbs lost!”




Kim Dennison

“I lost 32lbs. 21 inches from around my and I’ve had NO period pains.”


ten books on health, addiction and juicing. Jason Vale is the best-selling author of languages and he regularly appears on His books have been translated into many five #1 best-selling apps and is the television, radio and in the press. He has Retreat & Spa’ in Portugal. founder of ‘Juicy Oasis Boutique Health RRP UK £11.99 US $19.99

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★★★★★ “Bought mine three weeks ago and haven’t stopped using it since. Worth every penny” Teodora Yankova



If this year has taught us anything, it’s to tap into gratitude. This is one of my favourite books and shows it’s impossible to feel fulfilled without gratitude – enjoy!


I feel this is the best thing to watch for your health right now. Ricky Gervais is an extraordinary actor, writer and producer who makes you laugh and cry in equal measure, and focus on things that matter.


I’ve recorded a mini lockdown special podcast series – listen to my interview with Dr Aseem Malhotra and mono podcast, Ask Not What The NHS Can Do For You But Rather What Can You Do For The NHS?

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Juicy greetings Hi all, Jason here and welcome to the summer issue of Juiced! magazine. I think it safe to say that all those who kicked off this year talking about a 20/20 vision, including myself, never saw this coming! I have been on the planet for 51 years and have never experienced anything remotely like the world during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. On 17 March, I was at Juicy Oasis (juicemasterretreats.com) when the UK Government put a restriction on travel. I had the sad task of telling guests, just a few days into their retreat experience, they would have to quickly find a flight and return home. I spent two further weeks at Juicy Oasis taking care of things and, like anywhere, without the people who attend it, this magical place just wasn’t the same. I think what lockdown taught us all is how important real-life connections are. I am unsure where the world will be in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic when you read this, but I plan to take a ‘look back’ in the winter edition of Juiced! magazine. It’s all a bit raw at the moment and emotions are, rightly so in many circumstances, running high. Once we know what went right and what went wrong, I am sure there will be many lessons the experience will teach us – genuine gratitude for the small things we once took for granted will be the biggest one, I feel. I also think we will realise just how vital it is to look after our own health and body’s natural defence systems. The UK Government’s slogan was Stay At Home – Protect The NHS – Save Lives and moving forward perhaps we need a Look After Yourself – Save Lives – Protect The NHS message instead? I believe we all need to play a role in doing what we can to look after ourselves to help our world-class NHS. Ask not what the NHS can do for you, but what you can do for the NHS? This issue is packed with uplifting stories, great recipes, amazing articles and just all-round goodness. Hopefully it will inspire you to start drinking even one juice a day to help build your body’s defences. One thing is for sure, 2020 will go down in history and not for the reasons we thought at the start of the year. Stay healthy!







Summer 2020 Issue 14 03 Editor’s letter


Jason introduces the issue

07 Juicy news

Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing

10 Good for the soul

Introducing Jason’s allnew Nourish food plan

26 Votes are in!

Going behind the scenes of Jason’s new Juice ‘n’ Blend book

30 Sweet Caroline

Jason’s tribute to his friend, Caroline Flack

32 Happy talk

TV’s Lorraine Kelly shares the secrets to health and happiness



THE WORLD’S HEALTHIEST SMOOTHIE? ies and blends After creating juices, smooth s, and having for more than two decade ns what is the been asked on many occasio has created healthiest smoothie, Jason World’s what he believes to be…The ie Smooth iest Health ion of ingredients, Jason’s A truly incredible combinat l all of the body’s seven nutritiona all-new recipe contains rates, vitamins, minerals, needs – protein, fats, carbohyd give us just the right amounts to enzymes and water – in the perfect nutritional balance. readily bio-available Easily digestible and providing ts come together to offer nutrition, these ingredien ... one of the world's best beverages

THE WORLD’S ? HEALTHIES T SMOOTHIE Celery 2 sticks Cucumber 1/2 medium Apple 1 Pear 1 Spinach 1 handful Lemon (unpeeled) 1/2 Beetroot (raw) 1 small bulb Broccoli stem 2” Avocado (ripe) 1/4 medium Banana 1/4 Chia seeds 1 tsp Blueberries 8

64 www.juicemaster.com

1. Juice the celery, cucumber, apple, pear, lemon, broccoli, beetroot and spinach. 2. Put the avocado, banana, berries and chia seeds into a blender. 3. Pour the juice into the blender and blend until smooth.

SPINACH JUICING TIP If you are using a fast the (centrifugal) juicer, to get most juice from the spinach ‘pack it’ between two other ingredients. With the juicer turned off, place the apple the in the chute, then pack behind in tightly spinach and follow with the pear. Turn the juicer on and push through slowly.

TAKE JASON’S 30-DAY WORLD’S HEALTHIEST SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! The best way to see if this the amazing smoothie has power to make a significant difference to how you feel is to take Jason’s 30-Day World’s Healthiest Smoothie

CHIA SEEDS An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, these nutritious s, seeds are rich in antioxidant fibre, iron and calcium.

CELERY Contains vitamins A, K and C, potassium and folate.

APPLE Skin on, apples are rich in healthgiving polyphenols, soluble fibre and vitamin C.


“Enjoy this smoothie and only this smoothie for breakfast for 30 days,” says only Jason. “It has to be the thing you consume, apart from water, each morning for until at least 12 noon (or five hours after waking). ‘just’ “If you feel that having each this smoothie until noon on day will be a challenge again. the hunger front, think It is so beautifully satiating feel chances are, you won’t after hungry for several hours you have it. to “My recommendation is and drink water on waking wait maybe a herbal tea, then little until you actually feel a hungry before having the smoothie. For most people that’s around two hours although up wake after they some of us need something instantly – it’s your call when first you choose to take your sip of this smoothie. “The main thing to remember to complete the challenge is to have just the smoothie and for breakfast for 30 days consume nothing else until noon (or at least five hours after you wake up). Good luck, and let me know how any you get on by posting to of my social media channels."

SPINACH An excellent source of vitamins K, A, C and B2, spinach also boasts manganese, magnesium and iron among its powers.

AVOCADO Avocados add potassium, which helps regulate cell function, and are loaded with fibre and healthy fats.

BANANA Avocado’s healthy partner in crime, a quarter of a banana contains more than 100mg of potassium.

CUCUMBER 96 per Although they comprise cent water, half a cucumber C, K, adds 1g of fibre, vitamins and magnesium, potassium manganese to this smoothie.


st Why is the World's Healthie Smoothie so good for you? each Here's a snapshot of how daily ingredient adds to your nutritional intake.

38 My juicy diary

What it’s really like to stay at Juicy Oasis...

44 Lighten up PEAR Packed with antioxidant s pears are rich in folate. Vitamin C, copper and potassium.

LEMON With around 15mg of vitamin C in half a lemon, this fruit is fibre-rich and contains cholesterol-busting hesperidin and diosmin.

BEETROOT High in plant compounds, including betanin (which gives the root its colour!), beetroot can help to reduce blood pressure.

BROCCOLI The vegetable’s stem contains even more calcium, iron and vitamin C than the florets!

BLUEBERRIES Packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidant s, these brilliant berries can help to lower our risk of heart disease.

...and enjoy a colonic therapy experience

47 Nice!

Healthy, good-for-you sweet summer treats

50 ‘Juicing saved my

life and marriage’

Real life juicy inspiration


60 J uice, blend

or smoothie?

Jason’s definitive guide

66 A ll-a-board

Stand up and try your hand at paddle-boarding

68 P lant power

Jason’s guide to healthy plant-based eating

76 B reathe easy

The health benefits of deep breathing

79 Y ou’re a natural

Adaptogens explained

82 W in a 3-Day

Nourish Juice, Soup & Food plan



58 56 T ake the plunge

Try open-water swimming

58 T ake your best shot Discovering wheatgrass

For more juicy inspiration visit juicemaster.com


APPS FROM JASON VALE Recipes, coaching, videos, shopping


Olly, Olly, Olly… …wow, wow, wow! Olly Murs looks incredible and messaged Juice Master Jason Vale after a week at Juicy Oasis to share the results of a spring health kick which he started way back in February – showing that slow and steady wins the race, after a couple of months' healthy eating and exercise, the star reported a whopping 10lbs weight loss during his 7-day stay at Juicy Oasis alone! Olly threw himself into life at Juicy Oasis, enjoying fitness classes, hikes, some contemplative downtime and, of course, hanging out with Jason during his week-long stay. Olly is a long-time fan of the Juice Master having

kick-started his health with Jason's 5-Day Challenge in 2015, saying that he finds the plans easy to follow. Publicly thanking Jason, after his stay he posted: ‘Firstly I want to say @jasonvale has not asked me to do this, I wanted to post this. This week was truly incredible, we arrived Saturday at this retreat and had no idea what to expect but wow did it deliver. Surrounded by people all here on a journey ready to juice cleanse and detox the body for seven days. Sounds crazy having no food for seven days, but wow, just wow! I feel amazing. I feel alive and why is that... cos the food I was putting into my body made me feel alive. Thanks @jasonvale for your advice and energy and for letting us come over. An absolute legend and thank you for a truly memorable time that I know, I won’t forget.’ 07


Dancing on juice

Keeping it real

TOWIE reality stars Tommy Mallet and his girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou spent a week at Juicy Oasis in January enjoying a post-Christmas detox. Jason was also in the house and spent some time with the happy couple. The guys enjoy a great bromance and after he headed home, Tommy asked Jason to appear on his podcast to talk about the health benefits of juicing. Many of his fans reached out to say how brilliant they thought the broadcast was.

It was best foot forwards when Strictly Come Dancing pro Luba Mushtuk visited Juicy Oasis. Lovely Luba led Jason, fellow guest Lorraine Kelly and the rest of the gang in an impromptu dance lesson on the fitness deck. Together they worked up a sweat as they practised their steps. Check out Jason’s video of the session on Instagram – we reckon it’s time Strictly sent Jason an invite to take up the dancing challenge, he’s certainly got all the right moves.

Holly & Phil’s morning juice Did you see Jason on ITV’s This Morning in January? The Juice Master ran through the basics of juicing and blending with the daytime duo. As we all know, detoxing is not just for January – for regular juicy inspiration, visit juicemaster.com

You’re ace! Tennis legend Novak Djokovic is renowned for his attention to nutrition, so Jason was impressed to discover the sports star follows him on Instagram – with almost 7m followers Novak only follows around 800 people, so Jason was honoured to be on his radar. 08 www.juicemaster.com

Happy place Look at this stunning shot which Vicky Pattison posted while at Juicy Oasis at the end of last year. Tagging the retreat as ‘My fave place in the world’ she reflected on the difference a year has made in her mindset and body, describing herself as, ‘A girl who wouldn’t give up’. As the shot shows, consistent effort pays off when it comes to looking and feeling great!

Super Juice Me! premiere anniversary It first aired six years ago at London's Odeon West End, Leicester Square with an orange-carpet premiere, and Jason's Super Juice Me! is still one of the best health documentaries. Challenging conventional thinking, the film shows that juice, rather than Big Pharma medication, has the power to improve our health. Viewed by more than six million people, if you haven't seen it, tune in and watch the experiment that has transformed lives around the world. Watch Super Juice Me! FREE on Amazon Prime or Jason's Juice Tube channel – youtube.com/juicemaster

Jason’s apps are recordbreakers! It was an historic moment

The only orange-carpet premiere in the Odeon West End, Leicester Square's history

Keep on juicing during Covid-19 In response to Covid-19, Juicy Oasis' doors were closed on 19 March. During the pandemic, Jason provided healthy inspiration with a mini lockdown podcast series which included an interview with cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra about the risk of obesity and Covid-19. He also undertook a Juice Along with Jason on social media, asking followers to help him pick recipes for his new Juice 'n' Blend Me! book (see page 26). Finally, he gifted ten juice plans and two retreat stays to NHS workers as a thank you to frontline workers.

when Juice Master apps took the top 11 spots on the food and drink app chart in January. The unprecedented achievement shows how much people love Jason’s interactive apps to help transform their health and, unsurprisingly for the winter month, the Soup ’n’ Juice Diet topped the list. Meanwhile, the new-format January issue of Juiced! magazine also topped the health and wellbeing books chart upon its release.

What’s your 2020 vision?

If it’s anything like the Juice Master's, it’s to kick-start things with Jason’s Big January Juice Challenge, taking place from 6 – 12 January, when Vale’s thousands Subscribers to Jason of people from around the globe JuiceTube channel hit 65,000 will enjoying days of withbe more than seven 4 million views juice, up! Turn to page of his straight videos. Juice Master has 34 to read about his challenge and also joined TikTok, the shortfollow Juicechannel Master’s social media form video – Jason’s on page 3 to action. promising notbetopart postofa the dance, lip-sync clip any time soon!

Social climbers


for the

Good soul Nutritious AND delicious, Nourish is the all-new followon plan from Juice Master Delivered with a range of juices, blends, soups and ready-made meals that make healthy eating easy He’s transformed our lives with the power of juice, balanced our blends and now Jason is making healthy eating easy with the launch of the latest addition to his Juice Master Delivered service. Nourish is a brand-new, 3-day plan featuring juices, blends, soups and healthy food recipes from Jason's Super fast Food cookbook. As with everything Jason puts his name to, Nourish has been carefully and expertly developed to ensure that the quality of his frozen meals meets the same high standards as his frozen-juice plans. There's a choice of two 3-Day Nourish Plans, either vegetarian or vegan, whether you are looking for an easy way to taper down before, to keep your nutrition on track after one of Jason’s juice or blend plans, or are stretched for time to cook from scratch, a Nourish plan is a brilliant way to get healthy food into your day.

Turn the page for a preview of the vegetarian 3-Day Nourish Plan 10 www.juicemaster.com

Cook with confidence Not all ready meals are made the same – here’s why the Nourish range is healthier than the rest… 1. THE BEST QUALITY Every Nourish meal is made to the highest standard, using premium quality – local where possible – produce, and following recipes from Jason Vale’s Super fast Food cookbook. 2. LOCKED-IN NUTRITION After they are prepared, Nourish meals are immediately blast frozen to lock in their nutritional value, and the dishes are kept perfectly frozen until they are delivered to your door. 3. PERFECTLY BALANCED Choose from vegetarian or vegan 3-Day Nourish Plans which contain a balanced selection of recipes. Start the day with a satisfying blend, enjoy a soup for lunch, followed by a mid-afternoon juice and evening meal. 4. ALL PART OF THE PLAN Order a 3-Day Nourish Plan and you will receive the latest issue of Juiced! magazine plus a FREE copy of Jason Vale’s Super fast Food book with your delivery with your first order. Packed with delicious, recipes for every mealtime, there’s even a handy 7-Day veggie and pesci food plan.

As green as the juice

Order your first Nourish 3-Day Plan at juicemasterdelivered.com

Juice Master Delivered is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint. Here are just a few of the ways it’s juicing sustainably... 1. Energy-efficient LEDs have been installed in the factory and sensors turn lights off when not needed. 2. Recovered heat from the factory's freezers is used to keep the site’s air and water warm. 3. Waste is regenerated into renewable energy and fertiliser. 4. Its iconic blue bottles can be reused or recycled. 5. Packaging can be recycled at some UK sites.

11 57




t e rd e l i ver


d. c



ic ju or o t a rd e r

34 www.juicemaster.com



Day 1 Breakfast



Turbo with a Kick

Hunky Chunky Vegetable Soup

Super Chute Juice

Pineapple 1/4 medium

Parsnip 1

Golden Delicious or

(depending on your juicer,

Carrot 1

Royal Gala apples 2

with or without skin)

Sweet potato 1

Carrot 1 small chunk

Spinach 1 handful

Leek 1

Celery 1/2 stick

Lime 1/2 (unwaxed and peeled)

Courgette 1

Mixed green leaves (watercress,

Celery 1/2 stick

Vegetable stock cube 1

kale, parsley, spinach)

Cucumber 3cm chunk

Vegetable oil 1 tbsp

1 large handful

Ginger 1cm chunk

Black pepper (crushed)

Cucumber 1” slice

Golden Delicious apples 2

Avocado 1/4 medium Ice cubes 1 small handful

Broccoli stem 1/2” 1. P eel the parsnip, carrot and

Alfalfa sprouts 1 small handful

sweet potato. Trim the leek

Beetroot 1/4” slice

Juice all the ingredients except

and courgette – chop

(unpeeled raw)

the avocado and ice. Pour the

everything into small chunks.

Courgette 1/4” slice

juice into a blender along with

Dissolve the stock cube in

Lemon 1 small piece

the avocado flesh and ice, blend

570ml of boiling water.

(unwaxed, rind on) Ginger 1/4” slice

until smooth. 2. I n a large saucepan, heat the

Ice cubes 2

oil and sweat the vegetables over a medium heat for 15

Place one whole apple in

minutes. Add the stock and

the chute followed by all the

season with black pepper,

other ingredients, finishing off

bring to the boil and simmer

with the other apple, juice and

for 10 minutes.

serve over ice.

3. R emove from the heat and divide the soup roughly in half. Blend one half of the soup then

Dou ble it! Sim ply sc a le u p to fe ed m ore

combine the smooth soup with the remaining chunky soup to create something creamy you can really get your teeth into.

13 57


Day 1 Dinner

Veggie Layered Lasagne with Goat's Cheese Topping SERVES 2

Cheese sauce

Cashew nuts 100g or 2 large handfuls Filtered water 60ml/2fl oz Goat's cheese* 100g/3.5oz (soft) Mustard 1 flat tsp Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch * If vegan, replace with 4 tbsps of nutritional yeast or simply leave the cheese out.

Tomato sauce

Red onion 1/2 medium Garlic 2 cloves Fresh tomatoes 6 medium Sun-dried tomatoes 150g/5oz Red pepper 1 medium Fresh basil 20g or 1 handful Vegetable stock cube 1 Boiling water 120ml/4 fl oz Olive oil 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp Quinoa (or bulgur wheat) 40g/1.5oz Cayenne pepper 1 pinch Himalayan rock salt 1 generous pinch

For the layers

Courgettes 2 medium Olive oil 1 tbsp Ground black pepper 4 pinches

14 www.juicemaster.com

1. P reheat the oven to 220ºC/450ºF/gas mark 7. Put the cashew nuts in the container of a hand blender and blitz for 10-20 seconds until they turn into ‘flour’ (leave in the container). 2. P eel and finely dice the onion and garlic. Finely chop the fresh and sun-dried tomatoes. Remove the core and seeds from the red pepper and finely chop. Roughly chop the basil, discarding any hard stems. Dissolve the stock cube in the boiling water. 3. H eat the oil over a medium to high heat, add the onion and garlic and cook for 5 minutes or until soft. Add the tomatoes, red pepper, vinegar, quinoa, basil, cayenne pepper, salt and stock. Stir well, reduce to medium heat, cover with a lid and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove the lid and cook for a further 5 minutes so the sauce thickens, stirring frequently.

5. H eat a griddle or frying pan and cook the courgette strips over a high heat, turning regularly until they are cooked on both sides (you will need to do this in batches). If these are ready before the sauce, just allow to cool. 6. A dd the filtered water, goat’s cheese, mustard and salt to the cashew ‘flour’ in the hand blender container and blitz for 10-20 seconds until it forms a smooth sauce. 7. P lace a layer of courgette on the bottom of the baking dish (cut to size if needed). Next create a second layer using half of the tomato sauce, followed by a third layer using half of the cheese sauce. Repeat with the remaining ingredients and finish with the ground black pepper. 8. Cook in the oven for 15 minutes or until the lasagne starts to brown. Serve and enjoy.

4. T rim the courgettes and cut lengthways into 0.5cm slices. Place in a dish and drizzle with olive oil until coated.

Cookin g for on e? Fre eze h a lf for a n oth er m ea l





t e rd e l i ver





ju or o rd e r at

ic e

ic ju or o t a rd e r



t e rd e l i ver



d. c





Day 2 Breakfast



Creamy Nut Butter Protein Blast

Sweet Cherry Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Ginger Ninja

Ice 1 small handful Medjool date 1 Banana 1 small Almond milk 300ml Almond butter 1 tsp Cashew butter 1 tsp Protein Super Blend Me! Powder* 1 tbsp

Red pepper 1 Yellow pepper 1 Red onion 1 small Garlic 2 cloves (peeled) Cherry tomatoes 12 (stalks removed) Vegetable oil 1 tbsp Vegetable stock cube 1 Black pepper (crushed)

Apples 2 Carrots 2 Celery 1 stalk Lemon 2-3cm/1” slice (unwaxed, rind on) Ginger 1cm/1/2” Ice 1 small handful

Remove the stone from the date. Add the ice to your blender, followed by all other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds. * Pea or hemp protein powder are good alternatives.

Simply juice in whatever order you fancy, pour over ice and enjoy.

1. P reheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas Mark 4. Remove the stalks and seeds from the peppers and chop into small chunks. Peel the onion and chop into chunks. Make the stock by dissolving the cube in 570ml of boiling water. 2. P lace the peppers, onion, garlic and tomatoes on a large baking tray, drizzle with oil and roast for 15 minutes. Remove the vegetables from the oven and empty into a large saucepan, add the stock and black pepper, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and blend until smooth.

Boost y ou r ble n d Ord er powd ers a t ju ic em a ster.c om 17 57


Day 2 Dinner

Veggie Chickpea Tagine with Fruity Quinoa SERVES 2


Red onion 1 medium Red pepper 1 medium Sweet potato 1 medium Chickpeas 200g/7oz or 1/2 tin Fresh ginger 30g/2x4cm chunk Prunes 60g/2oz Olive oil 1 tbsp Ground cinnamon 1 tsp Ground turmeric 1 tsp Boiling water 400ml/14fl oz Honey* 1 tbsp

Fruity quinoa

Dates 6 Apricots 6 Cold water 600ml Cranberries 25g or 1 small handful Raisins 20g or 1 small handful Almond flakes 25g or 1 small handful Ground cinnamon 1 level tsp Orange (juice) 1 medium

1. D estone the dates and chop with the apricots into smallish pieces. 2. R inse the quinoa and put into a pan with the water, bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 15-20 mins checking the pan doesn’t boil dry. Drain if any water remains. 3. A dd the dates, apricots, cranberries, raisins, almonds, cinnamon and orange juice, mixing well. 4. P eel and chop the onion into small chunks. Deseed and chop the red pepper into similarsized chunks. Peel and chop the sweet potato into 1cm cubes. Drain and rinse the chickpeas (if using raw chickpeas, soak and cook as per packet instructions). Peel and grate the ginger. Destone the prunes and cut into quarters. 5. H eat the oil in a pan over a medium heat and cook the onion, pepper, sweet potato, grated ginger, cinnamon and turmeric for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the water and chickpeas, reduce the heat and simmer for 30 minutes with the lid off. Finally, add the prunes and honey and allow to simmer for a further 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and, using a hand stick blender, pulse for just 10 seconds so that some of the tagine gets blended while the rest remains intact. 6. H eap the quinoa onto the plate and add a generous spoonful of tagine. Tuck in and enjoy! * If vegan, use an alternative sweetener.

18 www.juicemaster.com

m v e re d . c o






DIY rd

a t j u ic e m a s t e



e r d e l i v e re






o rd e r at

e j u ic




Day 3 Breakfast



Antioxidant King

Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup

Calcium Refresher

Pineapple 1/4 medium (peeled) Golden Delicious or Gala apple 1 Spinach 1 large handful Beetroot 1 small Mixed berries 1 handful Banana 1/2 ripe Ice cubes 3 Juice the pineapple, apple, spinach and beetroot. Add the banana, berries, juice and ice, blitz until smooth.

Butternut squash 1/2 Carrots 3 medium Red onion 1 small Vegetable stock cube 1 Vegetable oil 1 tbsp Black pepper 1. P eel the butternut squash (remove seeds), carrots and red onion, then chop the vegetables into small chunks. Dissolve the stock cube in 570ml of boiling water. 2. I n a large saucepan heat the oil, add the vegetables and season with black pepper. Gently sweat the vegetables over a medium heat with the lid on for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the stock, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes.

Golden Delicious or Gala apple 1 Pear 1 Cucumber 1/4 medium Lime 1 (peeled) Mint 1 handful (fresh) Broccoli stem 3cm Spinach 1 large handful Turnip 1/2 small (remove hard end) Ice cubes 3 Juice all the fruits and vegetables, then either pour the extracted juice into the blender with ice and blend or simply add ice to a glass, pour and drink.

3. R emove from the heat and blend the soup until smooth.

Re a l food Ju st a s n a tu re in te n d ed 21 57


Day 3 Dinner

Tomato, Pepper & Roasted Potato Halloumi Crown SERVES 2 Olive oil 2 tbsps New potatoes 350g/12oz Himalayan rock salt 2 pinches Ground black pepper 2 pinches Orange pepper 1/2 Yellow pepper 1/2 Garlic 2 large cloves Shallots 4 small Tomatoes 600g/21oz (preferably a mix of red, orange and yellow) Halloumi 250g/9oz Basil leaves 15g or 1 handful Balsamic vinegar 3 tbsps 1. Preheat the oven to 180ยบC/350ยบF/gas mark 4. Place 1 tbsp of olive oil into an ovenproof dish and pop into the oven to warm. Cut the new potatoes into pieces (roughly 2-3cm in size), then place in the warmed dish with a pinch of salt and pepper. Shake the dish to coat the potatoes in the oil and pop in the oven for 25 minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked.

2. C ore the peppers. Peel the garlic and shallots. Roughly chop the tomatoes, garlic, shallots and peppers. Slice the halloumi. 3. P lace the remaining olive oil in a frying pan and warm over a medium to high heat. Add the garlic, shallots and peppers, and cook for a few minutes until they begin to brown. Add the tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar and remaining salt and pepper. Allow to cook for a further 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until the vegetables are cooked and the sauce has thickened. 4. R emove the potatoes from the oven, set some aside and gently smash the remainder with a masher. Pour the tomato and pepper mix over the potatoes, top with the halloumi and then pop under a hot grill for 5 minutes until the cheese turns golden brown.

Cookin g for on e? Cover a n d sa ve for th e n ext d a y 22 www.juicemaster.com

m e l i v e re d . c o




DIY or

r a t j ic e m a s t u


r t e s et... e h t n o d r o W When the Nourish plan launched in April, the latest addition to the Juice Master Delivered range got a big thumbs up from celebrities and fans on social media... Alesha Dixon, Olly Murs, Gemma Atkinson, Gorka Marquez, Ella Henderson and Vas J Morgan were among the big names who raised a juice to Jason's healthy eating plan with a post and a toast to the Juice Master. Gorka shared that, while Covid-19 had scuppered his and Gemma’s plans to visit Juicy Oasis between his Strictly tours, a Nourish plan was the next best way to reboot their health while stuck at home. While Olly was lucky enough to have enjoyed a week at Juicy Oasis before lockdown, he was among the first to try Jason’s new Nourish plan, posting a shot of his iconic blue bottles and healthy frozen meals, tagging Jason as a ‘legend’. The feeling’s entirely mutual, Olly!

Tropical climes might be out of reach during the pandemic, but Skotipaula got into the holiday spirit with a post rating the 3-Day Nourish plan as 100 per cent perfect. Rachel Nicholas gave the Nourish plan a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, rating Juice Master Delivered’s products and service as a topnotch way to make juicing easy.

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Jo Dowling's annual trip to Juicy O had to be put on ice, but she felt fabulous after losing 4lbs on a 5-Day Nourish plan in Surrey.


Votes are in! The people’s vote counts! As part of the creation of his new Juice ’n’ Blend Me! book, Jason asked fans to make and rate his new recipes to see if they should make the final list There might not be any new reality TV shows this summer, but Jason invited Juice Master fans to cast their votes in a different way during the Covid-19 lockdown, and help him to select the all-star recipes that will star in his latest book, Juice ’n’ Blend Me! Following on from Jason’s Juice ’n’ Blend app, which launched last year, the new book is his first in three years and is scheduled for publication in September. The popular Juice ’n’ Blend plan, which combines freshly made juice and perfectly balanced blends, offers optimum nutrition for busy lifestyles. During lockdown, the Juice Master took to social media with a mini series of live Juice Along With Jason videos to help people stay nutritionally charged and asked followers to make and rate some of his new recipes – the best are set to be appear as ‘bonus recipes’ in the new book adding even greater value to the 5-star Juice ’n’ Blend app. Around the globe, fans responded with plenty of 10/10 ratings from those who juiced along and even two-year-old JJ, Jason and Kate’s gorgeous little guy, helped his dad as chief tester for some of the recipes. Here’s a sneak peek of two of the new delicious additions which are coming soon…

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Jason kept fans nutritionally charged during lockdown with his Juice Along With Jason series

CACao, GOJI & PEANUT BUTTER SUPER BLEND Frozen banana 1 large or 2 small Coconut milk 300ml Peanut butter 1 heaped tsp Spinach (fresh or frozen) 1 handful Goji berries 1 small handful Cacao powder 1 tbsp Honey 1 tsp Add the ingredients to a blender, blitz and enjoy! 27 57


What do you think, JJ? Jason and Kate's little boy was ďŹ rst to taste his dad's new bonus blends, before Juice Master fans made and gave their verdicts to the new recipes on social media

MINT CHOC STRAWBERRY CHIP Fresh mint 1 handful Strawberries (fresh or frozen) 1 handful Coconut and almond butter (or any nut butter) 1 tsp Coconut yoghurt (or any live yoghurt) 3 tbsps Cacao nibs or powder 1 heaped tbsp Protein powder 1 tbsp Chia seeds 1 tsp Coconut milk (or any plant milk) 250ml Ice 1 small handful Add the ingredients to a blender, blitz and enjoy!

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BLACK Keep juices cold and soups warm in a dual-lined Juice Master flask • Stainless steel • Takes whole ice cubes • Easy twist cap with rubber seal

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Caroline Flack 1979 - 2020

Photo: James White

Sweet Caroline Jason's tribute to his friend, Caroline Flack I arrived at Juicy Oasis on Saturday 15 February after a lovely Valentine’s night in Spain with my Katie. The journey isn’t long from Spain to Portugal, but with a flight delay, the transfer and a late night, I felt quite tired when I arrived. The opening talk was next day, so I thought I would grab a cheeky massage to recharge my batteries before the week got underway. Unusually, I forgot to turn notifications off on my phone and towards the end of the massage I heard a WhatsApp ‘ping’. Then another, and another and another... The alerts were constant, so much so that I stopped the massage to see what was going on. I couldn’t quite comprehend what I was reading and, to this day, I still can’t actually believe it. The news had come in that our friend Caroline Flack had taken her own life. Even as I write this, it doesn’t seem real. I knew she was finding life more challenging than ever after the story broke around the domestic dispute with her boyfriend and temporary loss of her role as presenter on Love Island, but I had no idea the degree with which the demons had taken hold. I had spoken to Caroline quite a few times since the incident with her boyfriend and although she was upset by what was happening, there was no way of knowing just how dark and low the negative press and keyboard-warrior trolls had made her feel. In December, Caroline posted on her Instagram: ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind.’

Sadly, this simple yet powerful statement fell on many deaf ears. We all have a responsibility to think before we post on social media. All actions have a reaction and I believe Caroline would not have taken her life if it hadn’t been for the faceless, cowardly keyboard snipers. If Caroline’s passing teaches us anything, it is to adhere to her now famous quote.

who never even met her who also miss her. Her good friend Olly Murs came to Juicy Oasis just two weeks before her passing. We discussed Caroline quite a lot and both agreed, like the film about Mary, ‘There’s something about Caroline’. Olly was on the other side of the world when she passed, but put together some beautiful Instagram posts. If you get a chance, they are worth a read.

It might seem a cliché, but Caroline was one of the kindest people I have known. She came to Juicy Oasis often and used it as her place to escape from all the nonsense. What saddens me more than anything is that in a time where she perhaps needed the magic of Juicy Oasis more than ever, it was too late. I did what I could in January to persuade her to come for a month, or as long as she needed, to clear her head and tap into what is genuinely important. She wanted to, but because of the court case and that she felt she needed to get away from Europe for a while, she never made it.

In a very strange piece of serendipity, as I write, Caroline’s brother has just sent me this private message on Instagram. I cannot imagine what her family are going through and, for sure, life will never be the same again. Caroline, we miss you, we love you and we hope you have found peace. Until we meet on the other side I will endeavour to live by your quote.

Like most who knew her, there is a sense of guilt that lingers, the feeling I perhaps could and should have done more. I think of the missed opportunities to be more forceful about her coming and how I should have flown over and dragged her away, but hindsight is easy. Even when things were at their lowest she had an ability to sound upbeat. Truth is we never really know what is going on in someone’s mind, no matter what the outside persona shows us. I miss her and am far from alone, there are millions of people



She’s interviewed the great and the good over a career spanning 35 years, but the #1 secret to success is simply happiness, says TV’s Lorraine Kelly Fame is a fickle beast, but say the name Lorraine and most people will instantly know that you are referring to ITV’s sofa stalwart, the queen of interviews, who has appeared on our television screens, pretty much daily, for 35 years. During those, Lorraine Kelly has interviewed the great and the good of showbiz – many of whose own moment in the spotlight has lasted just a fraction of that time. Along the way she’s chatted with health and wellbeing experts, including Juice Master Jason Vale, who she says have taught her a thing or two about getting the most out of life. Having turned 60 last year, Lorraine decided to take all she’s learnt and to gift it back to the world with a fabulous book, Shine,

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predominantly aimed at women, with a by-the-decades insight into the wisdom she’s gleaned over the years. Nutrition and fitness are megastars when it comes to her self-care advice – something Lorraine is adamant we all need to focus on – and it comes as no surprise that she’s a huge fan of Jason and Juicy Oasis. Fresh back from a week’s detox in Portugal, Lorraine is effusive with praise about the retreat. “Since I’ve been back, people keep telling me I’ve got my sparkle back,” she says. “This was my second visit to Juicy Oasis and, to be honest, ideally I would love to go twice a year but once is vital to recharge the batteries. It’s definitely going to be part of my life going forwards.

33 57

“Jason is like the Trevi Fountain, overflowing with energy and optimism. It’s just infectious and such a magical place”

“I think February, after the excess of Christmas, is the perfect moment to do a detox and, after a week of juice and activity, I feel lighter and brighter both physically and mentally. Juicy Oasis is such a joyful place to be – quite literally as you walk through the door the stress just melts away, and Jason is like the Trevi Fountain, overflowing with energy and optimism. It’s just infectious and such a magical place.” Having hung out with Jason and fellow guest Strictly Come Dancing professional Luba Mushtuk, who treated guests to some impromptu dance classes, Lorraine threw herself into every aspect of the week at Juicy Oasis. While no slouch on the couch, with her own series of fitness DVDs, Lorraine loved having some wellearned ‘me time’ and says the visits have challenged her to try new things. “It’s all about being kind to yourself,” says Lorraine, “and it’s so important to

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our wellbeing. I think, particularly as women, we worry about our kids, partners, pets and relatives first, and we always put ourselves last. I was feeling selfish about booking a week at Juicy Oasis, but in truth it’s the complete opposite of selfish and my daughter and husband encouraged me to do it.


“This year, four of the girls I met at Juicy Oasis last year were back and it was lovely to catch up,” says Lorraine. “It’s interesting how many people do go back to Juicy Oasis, and it’s definitely a place where you connect with others. We all have our own reasons for being there, but Juicy Oasis is a great equaliser and you come away with so much. “Luba is a lovely girl and one of the nicest people I have ever met – on the spur of the moment she led a fun dance class out of the kindness of her heart and next day gave us another which was a brilliant treat.

That’s the fantastic thing about Juicy Oasis, you never know what’s going to happen next but if you throw yourself into it, amazing things happen. “Last year, I tried yoga for the first time and it’s been a real game changer – you can always benefit from a good stretch – and this time I tried spinning for the first time which was amazing, it really gets the adrenaline pumping and you feel so good at the end of a session on the bikes. “The atmosphere at the retreat is brilliant and what makes it special is you can choose whatever you want to do, there’s no pressure – whether you want to enjoy the spa or jump in the river, you tailor the week to suit your mood and there’s nobody checking up on you. It’s just a lovely, relaxing time.” Having spoken in the past about her husband Steve’s excellent cooking and generous portions, Lorraine has consciously


cut back on the amount she eats to drop two dress sizes over the past 18 months. Nutritionally, she says the week at Juicy Oasis helped her reset. “It’s lovely to go to Juicy Oasis and have someone make the juices and blends for you,” she says, “but Jason’s plans make it easy. The daily talks during the week are excellent and you work hard to detox so it definitely makes you think about what you are eating when you get back home. "I leave the house at 5am each morning and always have a ginger shot which gets everything fired up and going for the day. Juicing fits in well and it’s easy to swap a meal for a juice or blend. Now and again if I’m feeling a bit bloated or I’ve eaten too much I’ll do a three-day detox which is easily doable, and Jason’s recipes are great.”

“Shine came about as a response to viewers who kept saying, ‘You’re 60, how do you do it?’ It felt like a good time to reflect. I’ve learnt a lot from the many experts I’ve interviewed over the years and it’s been lovely to pass that knowledge on. My philosophy is to be kinder to yourself, don’t be scared to try things or worry about the small things.


“Social media is an amazing tool but don’t believe in people’s picture of a perfect life, we’re all trying to do the best we can. I’ve been very lucky, but sometimes I have bad days and it’s important to be aware and deal with anxiety before it becomes a big thing. Like everyone, I look back at photographs of myself and remember feeling that I looked fat, but now I think, ‘You were

fine!’ When our daughter Rosie was little, I used to think I had to be the perfect mother with the perfect house, but that’s not real life. We’re so hard on ourselves and it’s OK to try, fail, pick yourself up and start over. "When Rosie was born my contract with GMTV wasn’t renewed, but shortly after I was offered a motherand-baby slot which led to me being offered my own show. Sometimes things happen for a reason, so my advice is don’t be crushed by it and things will often work out for the better.” Having started out on TV-am as the programme’s Scottish correspondent 35 years ago, and fronted her own show for 25 years, Lorraine has also presented Daybreak and This Morning, but what

“Luba is a lovely girl and one of the nicest people I have ever met”

While Lorraine says a week at Juicy Oasis leaves her feeling, “Like myself with extra,” there’s no denying that at 60 Lorraine looks incredible, something she puts down to good genes and common sense. “My mum looks young so I think it’s largely down to that,” she says. “She always told me to moisturise, moisturise and then moisturise some more, which I’ve always done. I don’t use expensive creams, mainly Avon, No7, some Clarins and Origins, but always pure products as I don’t like anything too perfumed. I have to wear heavy make-up for television, so I always take it off carefully and drink plenty of water.

35 57



JASON'S GINGER SHOT Just like Jason, Lorraine enjoys a ginger shot first thing each morning. Ginger 2-3cm Apple 1/2 Juice the apple and ginger. Pour into a small shot glass and drink down in one! Top tip: Make a batch and freeze, defrosting a shot overnight to start the day the right way. Taken from Jason Vale’s 5-Day Juice Challenge

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“I would like to do more

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to write a novel. "I just need to find the time

Some might call it nosy, I call it curiosity as I learn something

"It’s all in my head at the

to do it – in fact I wish I

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not many jobs where you can

Irish novelist Maeve Binchy

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full of positivity. Perhaps

incredible people – not just

I was asked to write the

it’s the magic of the juice,

celebrities but viewers too who

foreword to a new version of

but I'm definitely sticking with it!” ●

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Jason Vale’s 7-day Re-set Retreat Yoga • Meditation • Rebounding • Tennis • Beautiful walks • Eden Spa Fitness • Loft Sauna • Beach volleyball • Hot pool • Flowing river



my juicy diary For one frazzled editor in need of a physical and mental reset, the ultimate fix-me-up getaway was a 7-day detox at Juicy Oasis. Juiced! magazine's Daska Davis reports on a well-spent week at Jason Vale’s luxury retreat

'You're my hero!' Magic-maker Jason was in the house for the last week of the 2019 Juicy Oasis season

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It’s three weeks before Christmas and, as the January issue of Juiced! magazine goes to print, it’s customarily the moment to tuck into a glass of celebratory bubbles and a mince pie or two. Except this year, there’s an entirely different agenda for the week ahead, and it involves yoga, hiking, a bevvy of juices and blends – plus some much-needed downtime and treatments in the Eden Spa at Juicy Oasis. It’s the perfect opportunity to draw breath and reset and it can’t come soon enough…

Day 1/Saturday Excited and nervous, my husband Matt and I set off in the wee hours to catch a flight to Portugal. At the airport, we grab a cappuccino and croissant for breakfast plus a sandwich for lunch en route – there’s a strong awareness these are ‘the last meals’ before a week of juice, and nothing but pure juice. I’ve always juiced but never taken Jason’s 7-Day Challenge before and Matt is a juicing virgin. After an easy flight, we meet up with our transfer driver and fellow guests Elle and Bernie, both of whom have been to Juicy Oasis before, and John and Caroline (see page 50 for their story) who are celebrating their 28th anniversary at Juicy Oasis. The drive from Lisbon whizzes by and as we near the retreat we wind down the mountainous route into the valley where Juicy Oasis is nestled. As the name suggests it is indeed an ‘oasis’, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. As the doors slide open we are greeted with a calm, chic interior and a warm welcome from the Juicy Oasis team. After a quick tour, we are shown to our room and open the balcony door to reveal the sheer beauty of Juicy Oasis' location with a bird’s-eye view over the lake and mountains. After a quick change into some gym gear – de rigueur at Juicy Oasis – we head down to the café and meet our fellow retreaters. As people arrive, one by one, they join the group and conversations spark up – in just a short while we’re bonding over a glass of Carrot ’n’ Pear juice. We’re here for a variety of reasons – to drop a dress size, to trim back a drinking habit, to ponder a career shift, to quit smoking, to celebrate. There are couples, several sibling sets, a mother and son, and plenty of ladies enjoying some well-earned ‘me-time’. We hang out for most of the afternoon and, before we know it, it's time to congregate in the café for dinner. As it’s the winter season, our 7-Day Challenge includes a warming soup at the end of the day and, after a delicious bowl of Courgette, Fennel & Minty Fresh soup, we settle down under a blanket in Juicy Oasis' cinema to catch a health documentary.


Colonic queen, Mariana!

Hanging out in Eden Spa's relaxation pods

Day 2/Sunday Although it’s December we wake up to bright sunshine. Sundays are made for slow starts and gradually guests arrive in the café for a kickoff talk about digestive health by Juicy Oasis’ colonic hydrotherapist Mariana, followed by a gym induction. There is excitement as Jason is in the house and giving the welcome talk over our first morning juice at 10.30am. Curiously, despite usually being an early-morning ‘breakfaster’, I’m not at all hungry. True to form, Jason appears and is a dynamo of energy, sharing his story and inspiring us to get the most out of the week ahead. He urges us to treat Juicy Oasis as a home from home. With a rapt audience, just like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, we follow him to the fitness platform for a rebounding session. To say it’s high adrenaline is an understatement and we bounce – Jason leaping 6ft in the air – to an uplifting soundtrack of boy bands and belt-em-out tracks including House of Pain’s Jump Around, the ultimate rebounding track. Hot and sweaty at the end of the session,

40 www.juicemaster.com

Jason challenges us to take the river jump – it’s December and as I hit the cold water I draw a sharp intake of breath, but as I surface I feel euphoric and not in the slightest bit cold. We celebrate each other’s leap and, as Jason says, once you jump in the river, you know you’ve truly arrived at Juicy Oasis. We head back to the café for lunch, a Fennel, Spinach, Apple & Lime juice and, while some people head towards fitness and volleyball, I have a hot date with Mariana for my first colonic – read more about it on page 44. Following her advice, I take it easy afterwards, chatting with guests in the lounge before an afternoon Turbo Charge Smoothie. At 5.30pm, it’s time for yoga with Kenny, Juicy Oasis’ resident guru. The yoga studio is zen-like and calming, set out with mats, blocks and throws, lit by lanterns and scented with incense. Easing us in, Kenny’s Irish lilt issues calm instructions as we stretch and unwind. We head to the café for soup and then it's bed at 8.30pm!

Guests at Juicy Oasis wait on the 'throne' before a colonic session with hydrotherapist Mariana. Afterwards, the Eden Spa's relaxation pods make a fantastic spot to chill out and rest


Day 3/Monday 7am and, uncharacteristically, I leap out of bed to head to morning yoga with Kenny, an energetic wake-up session. After a swift wheatgrass shot, the group sets off for a walk in the mizzle to the village spring. It sounds like a gentle jaunt, but my sedentary job quickly reveals my stunningly poor cardio health. The scenery is uplifting and Juicy Oasis’ guest manager Victoria and fitness instructor Natalie keep us going at a fair pace. They spread out to ensure no-one is left behind. As we head back the sun burns through to reveal a glorious day. By the time we reach Juicy Oasis, and a muchneeded Pure Muscle Builder, it’s as if we’ve known each other for yonks. Some people head to 80s spin, but I decide to migrate to Juicy Oasis’ Eden Spa with its incredible Epsom salts detox pool, relaxation pods and solarium. Slipping into the warm water, the jets wash over me for ten minutes before I wrap up in a robe to lounge in the warm sunshine. It’s the most relaxed I’ve felt in years and mentally I am a million miles from my usual plate-spinning mindset. Juices beckon and, after a restorative Beta Carrot juice, I head to a fitness class with Natalie. Resistance bands at the ready she challenges us to a swift, tough 30-minutes, but who could complain about working out with such an incredible view over the lake? With legitimate excuse, I flunk out of volleyball and head back to the Eden Spa for a Rainforest Massage with Marlene. A signature treatment, there’s only one word to describe it – heavenly! As I lay on the therapy bed, seven jets of warm water wash over my body as Marlene massages my limbs with an exfoliating salt scrub, followed by warm organic lavender oil. It is exquisite and a truly luxurious experience that leaves my skin silky smooth. After a restorative glass of water – something we’re encouraged to

drink plenty of between juices to support the detox process – a Minty Green Super Blend goes down a treat before early-evening yoga and then, one of the week’s highlights, Hunky Chunky Soup. Jason had warned us about the three-day detox headache and, as the evening progresses, I start to feel mine roll in, bang on schedule.

Day 4/Tuesday I wake up with a toxic headache, a bit like a lingering hangover, but push past it – morning yoga awaits! Kenny challenges us with strong warrior poses and miraculously after an hour the brain fog has lifted. A Juice SOS! boost sets us up for the Forest Loop walk and on the way I chat with Kenny about his own juicy journey from football hopeful to living in an Indian jungle.

furry boots to protect my hands and feet as therapist Nélia turns the dial to plunge the temperature to -145°. Jason is a big fan and uses the cryotherapy chamber often. As I feel the temperature drop, I want the seconds to whizz by but think of the benefits which include a boost to immunity and circulatory health, plus increased weight loss. Afterwards I can feel a noticeable surge of energy. A celebratory Minty Sunshine is in order and, after evening yoga, we gather in the café to hear Victoria talk us through plans for the next day. She comments on how quickly we’ve bonded and it’s true that we’re hanging like we’ve known each other for years. Although we all have our own reason for being at Juicy Oasis, the camaraderie of detoxing unifies us.

Over The Ultimate Veggie Breakfast, Jason treats us to a juicing workshop – who better to learn from than the master himself?! He whizzes us through his kit explaining the pros of super fast and cold-press juicers and which ingredients to use in a juice or blend. Of course, this being Jason, there’s tons of fun and humour along the way and he mixes us up a shot of his delicious Tahini Choco Beaney Blend. Afterwards I head to lunchtime yoga, an energetic session which is perfect ahead of a hot date with Juicy Oasis’ cryotherapy chamber. It’s not a dignified look, but wearing just a bikini, I don ski gloves and



Day 6/Thursday As if to remind us that it’s December, the morning is chilly and wet. We routinely file into morning yoga and today Kenny has a new challenge to get us moving – the Five Tibetans, a practice which “fires up the belly”. Across the room, a sea of arms and legs flows as we spin, stretch and arch our bodies through each move, 21 times – “you can complete this in just seven minutes if you push yourselves,” he says. Today’s ‘walk’ is a 10km hike to the historic village of Dornes. For me, it’s a daunting distance and I have to dig in to climb each incline, one step at a time. One of the group is a runner and zips by on his way back, before I even reach the village outskirts. I plod on, slow and steady, and by the time we reach the steps of Juicy Oasis I feel as strong as a marathon runner. The wonderful thing about being here is no-one is judging, there’s no sergeant major bellowing as at most boot camps.

Day 5/Wednesday Rise and shine, it’s yoga time. Mid-week and the daily routine is starting to feel very comfortable. Today we take a riverside walk enjoying some stunning scenery as we hike. Although the incline is less steep, we walk at a strident pace which is energising. True to course, the detox headache is a distant memory and while there are no scales at Juicy Oasis (Jason forbids them!) I feel lighter in myself, my skin feels smooth and my hair soft. I’ve interviewed many people for Juiced! magazine who have told me that they have experienced these things, but it feels fabulous to experience them myself.

42 www.juicemaster.com

I’m treated to an afternoon facial, where therapist Marlene spends a blissful 50 minutes massaging and refining my skin. It’s a luxurious treatment with gorgeously scented products that leave me gently glowing. Of course the benefits aren’t purely physical and I can feel my mind as well as my body breathing a sigh of relief as she massages the knots from my shoulders, hands and feet. Bliss! It’s the last full moon of the year and as Kenny leads our eveningyoga practice I look out at the lake and forest lit up by the night sky. It’s almost mystical and a magical moment to be at Juicy Oasis.

I’m looking forward to an afternoon colonic with Mariana and my whole system feels so much cleaner and leaner after just a few days of detox. She kindly explains to me how to perform a home colonic, complete with wheatgrass or coffee infusion and, while I think it unlikely I’ll go DIY, I am certainly up for continuing with colonics back home. Mariana recommends a treatment every six months – the perfect excuse for a biannual trip to Juicy Oasis.

Day 7/Friday Our last full day at Juicy Oasis and I feel sad to be leaving behind this incredible place where I have had the privilege to focus on ‘me’ for a whole seven days. It’s something of a cliché but, like many busy working mums, there’s rarely the moment to focus on just you – Juicy Oasis creates the head space and plan to concentrate on your own physical and mental wellbeing, and I shall miss it. This morning’s Mile High walk feels relatively swift and afterwards I head to the sports dome for a spirited sleigh ride spin session – as we belt along to an increasing incline, we sing the lyrics of Do They Know It’s Christmas?, a fabulous moment that leaves a lasting memory. Victoria gives the Going Home talk, a practical session packed with tips to help us transition back to everyday life without losing the momentum of the past seven days’ detox. With ideas for meal planning, what to eat and an explanation of how our bodies may react over the next few days, it’s a genius way to handhold us back into civvy street.

At the end, we are presented with a Life After The Retreat book, signed with a personal message by Jason. Today we get to make our own ‘ice cream’ using the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer, an entirely healthy mix of frozen bananas and berries which tastes heavenly – we’re even allowed a topping of chopped nuts and, after a purely liquid diet, it’s lovely to use my teeth to eat something. Curiously, the frozen treat tastes incredibly sweet, even though it’s purely fruit-based, and I recall Jason saying how quickly our taste buds adjust once we ditch highly processed foods. Matt and I are on an early flight home next morning so we spend the afternoon saying goodbye to people and thanking the team. I've written about juicing for years, but a week at Juicy Oasis offers a different insight into Jason's brilliant methodology. Although we're excited to be heading home to family and Christmas, it's been a life-changing experience and one I'll never forget – like many other guests, I'll be back!

We made it! Seven days completed, the group celebrates their juicy journey. With a commitment to look after our health, we enjoy our last juices together

The results

True to Jason's plan, I lost 7lbs during my week at Juicy Oasis, but more importantly I have continued to blend, hit the yoga mat and eat healthily. What a transformation seven days can make!

Do you fancy a stay at Juicy Oasis? Book at juicemasterretreats.com 43


Lighten up As part of her Juicy Oasis stay, Juiced! magazine editor Daska Davis enjoyed – yes, enjoyed – two colonics. Here’s her experience of getting up close and personal with the retreat’s therapist, Mariana Silva In an age where we have tackled most taboos, bowel movements still remain a touchy subject for most people beyond the age of five and parents of pre-school children. Crazy as it is, ‘using the throne’ is a subject still bound by innuendo, wrapped up in a world of lavatorial humour (I mean, it’s in the name!). One place where the subject is very much on the table and actively encouraged as part of a detox week, is Juicy Oasis. The woman leading the charge is Eden Spa's colonic hydrotherapist, Mariana Silva.


While the thought of having a tube inserted into my bottom to flush my fully functioning bowel with water isn't something I’d considered before visiting Juicy Oasis, when Mariana kicked off the week with a talk about digestive health and the colonic process, my interest was piqued. Of course, this being Juicy Oasis, there’s a tongue-in-cheek approach to the subject. Guests are invited to wait for their colonic appointment on one of two super-size ‘thrones’ in reception before being escorted across the courtyard to Mariana’s ‘office’, a purpose-built, fullyequipped treatment room where there is no worry about being

44 www.juicemaster.com

overheard and facilities are just footsteps from the bed where she will work her magic. While most guests hang out at Juicy Oasis in whatever feels comfortable, from gym or yoga gear to PJs, Mariana’s work requires you to strip from the waist down. The transition from clothing to towel takes place swiftly and discretely, with Mariana averting her gaze while you undress and hop on the bed. On average, she sees around 1,500 bottoms a year so, unless your rear is exceptional, chances are she’s seen something similar before.


Settled and comfortable, Mariana asks you to roll onto your left-hand side as she expertly and painlessly inserts a small 2.5” tube into your back passage. This is connected to two tubes, one of which is used to flow warm water into the bowel and a second which allows waste to be carried away. Once in place, you lie on your back, knees bent and – like a plumber following the pipes of a house – Mariana gets to work. “There are three main side effects of juicing,” says Mariana, “and while some ingredients such as celery and cucumber act as a diuretic, pushing toxicity from your body,

it’s important to drink lots of water as you detox. It’s easy to dehydrate which can lead to low energy, headaches and nausea, so a colonic is a great way to get things moving. “Juicing can also make you feel windy, which is perfectly normal, so it’s good to fart and release pressure on the bowel, but what surprises many people is you often don’t poop, so a colonic can help clear any blockage.”


Whether you are as regular as clockwork or struggle with bloating and constipation, a colonic is a unique experience which can achieve astonishing results and help you better understand how your body functions. “I encourage people to ask as many questions as possible during the treatment,” says Mariana, who trained in the UK before joining Juicy Oasis five years ago. “In simple terms, a colonic helps to get rid of old stuff that can be dormant in the body for many years. I treated one man in his 50s and during the treatment we saw a vivid blue particle float by in the waste pipe. He told me it was the top of a blue crayon he had swallowed as a child and the colonic has released it.”

As warm water slowly fills the back passage, Mariana gently massages your stomach. While not painful in any way, the sensation is akin to a cramp and she encourages you to ride through the feeling. Working with each patient, Mariana assesses how much liquid is comfortable to hold before releasing and watching the waste flow away. While the sensation of wanting to go to the toilet is ever-present, Mariana reassures you that you won’t poop during the session. Once the colonic is complete, she removes the pipes and tells you to take the half dozen steps to reach the loo and then, of course, nature takes its course. Job done, I poke my head out of the bathroom. "How do you feel?” asks Mariana. “Mmm, I’m not sure,” I reply. “Go back , jump up and down, go again,” she advises. A few minutes later and bingo, job done, I literally feel lighter – patients have been known to lose up to 4lbs after a session. Mariana gives me two probiotics to help restore gut flora and boost the immune system, and advises taking it easy for a couple of hours. “No rebounding or bending over in yoga,” she forewarns, “but book a second colonic for the end of the week, and you’ll be good to go.” She’s not wrong and I am a colonic convert. While not for everyone, as Jason says, "Don't knock it until you try it". ●

COFFEE OR WHEATGRASS? The only place you’ll be offered a caffeinated cuppa at Juicy Oasis is during your colonic. With a choice of coffee or wheatgrass, an infusion towards the end of your colonic is a brilliant way to boost the power of this amazing treatment. Take your best shot…

COFFEE Adding a coffee infusion during your colonic stimulates the release of bile and toxicity from the body, with a mild anti-inflammatory effect.

WHEATGRASS Containing all known vitamins and minerals, wheatgrass packs a mighty punch of goodness and provides a fantastic energy boost.




Exclusively available at juicemaster.com



Juice Master’s healthy sweet treats are perfect for cooling off on a hot summer’s day – drink a blend or freeze as a lolly for chilled out bliss


Raspberry-licious According to research conducted in the Netherlands, raspberries have 50 per cent more antioxidants than strawberries and ten times more than tomatoes and broccoli. Raspberries are an excellent source of manganese, which promotes healthy bones and boosts metabolism. They are also a very good source of vitamin C, which is vital for the immune system and cell and tissue repair. The red pigment in raspberries is created by the anthocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce cardiovascular disease.

Pineapple 2/3 Fresh raspberries 1 large handful Bio-live yoghurt 2 tbsps Ice cubes 1 small handful Juice the pineapple (with the skin on if using the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer – although you get a smoother juice if you peel it). Pour the fresh juice into the blender, then add the raspberries, yoghurt, ice, and blend until smooth.

47 57


CREAMY MANGO & HONEY HAPPINESS Pineapple 3/4 Mango 1/2 (ripe, peeled and pitted) Bio-live yoghurt 2 tbsps Manuka honey 1 heaped tsp Ice cubes 1 small handful Juice the pineapple (with the skin on if using the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer – although you get a smoother juice if you peel it). Pour the fresh juice into the blender. Carefully slice the mango just off-centre, avoiding the large pit inside, then scoop the flesh into the blender. Add the yoghurt, honey and ice, and blend until smooth and creamy.

48 www.juicemaster.com

Marvellous mangoes If you have been avoiding mangoes due to the bad press from diet clubs, think again. Mangoes are higher in calories than other fruits, but put into perspective, half a mango contains 68 calories compared to 240 calories for a Cadbury’s Caramel bar! So get a juicy mango peeled and enjoy its natural sweetness without the guilt.

VANILLA ICE CREAM SMOOTHIE Pineapple 1/2 Golden Delicious apple 1 Vanilla pod 1 (seeds from) Bio-live yoghurt 4 large tbsps Manuka honey 1 heaped tsp Ice cubes 1 small handful Fairtrade raw cacao powder light dusting (optional)

Ice, ice, baby… It’s true that this combo tastes too good to be healthy, but look what’s in it: vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E and K, folic acid and minerals including potassium, iron, sodium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, selenium, copper and manganese. It also contains digestive enzymes, natural sugars, amino acids plus essential fatty acids. Tuck in!

Juice the pineapple (with the skin on if using the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer – although you get a smoother juice if you peel it) and the apple. Slice the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds into the blender. Add the juice, yoghurt, honey, ice and blend until creamy and delicious. Serve over a large scoop of crushed ice with a dusting of cacao on top, icy and creamy… as in ice cream.

Recipes taken from

The Funky Fresh Juice Book order at juicemaster.com

49 57


‘Juicing saved my life and marriage’ It’s no exaggeration that discovering the Juice Master helped John and Caroline Mason get their health and marriage back on track, and led them to a magical stay at Juicy Oasis

51 57



erhaps one of the greatest enemies to life is life itself, as we get caught up in the constant juggle of work, family and keeping all the balls in the air to make it work. For John Mason, the wake-up call to put his health ahead of the ‘important stuff’ came when he suffered a lifethreatening pulmonary embolism in October 2015. But the solution to addressing the problem came when his wife, Caroline, discovered Juice Master Jason Vale and convinced him to try juicing. “We’ve always been up and down with our weight during our married life,” says John, who owns a marketing and communications company. “The pulmonary embolism was the culmination of not taking care of my health for a very long time. Initially it felt like a muscle pull, but in reality it was a near-death experience and a real shock. “In truth, I had ignored the problem of being overweight and inactive for years as I lived a busy life with long hours spent on the road for business and sitting in meetings, I was always chasing the clock. Now, looking back, I feel angry that it took me so long to address it. Caroline always pushed me to try different diets over the years, but I was in a constant cycle of losing and regaining weight, and plans like Atkins weren't sustainable. Consequently my faith in diets was really poor. “Recovery from the attack took a long time and demanded big lifestyle changes – on a practical level we started to get things sorted, moving our business and house, but I kept ignoring the crux of the problem, which was my health. “In May 2019, our daughter Lauren was diagnosed with a health issue and we took her to a nutritionist who recommended an alkaline diet. My own weight had reached 256lbs with a BMI of 36, and I was suffering from acute acid reflux that woke me up every night. I could feel my stomach

52 www.juicemaster.com

"Now I’ve paid attention to my health I’m better at my game than ever before. The brain fog has gone, I’ve become more sensitive to my family’s needs and have a good balance” “John was comfort eating,” says Caroline. “He was constantly stressed out and switched off emotionally which had an effect on our family and marriage. It was like he had checked out and the kids would ask what was wrong with dad – John’s not an angry person, but occasionally he would lose his temper. However, it was while researching a suitable diet for our daughter’s health condition that I read about juicing.” “Caroline texted me to say she had found Jason Vale’s Soup ’N' Juice Diet,” recalls John. “My initial reaction was to act like a stroppy child thinking, ’Great, now I’ve got to live on juice!’ In my business, things have to be watertight and I kept thinking there’s nothing to support juicing as a diet, it’s not based on science. I am naturally sceptical and I was so dubious I researched Jason – I Googled, ‘Fraud Jason Vale’, ‘Cheat Jason Vale’, ‘The lies they don’t tell you about Jason Vale’, but absolutely nothing came up. “The only slight negative I could find was about a lack of protein, but I agreed to give it a go. I needed to lose weight but didn’t know how. I would tell my family, ‘I love you’ all the time, but it was just words and I needed to prove it with actions. I was scared by the thought of surgery and knew this was a last-chance saloon.


lying on the mattress at night and I had to roll out of bed in the morning. I hated my body and my self-esteem was at an all-time low.”


Despite feeling physically low, John buried himself in a busy workload which left him exhausted and shut-

off from his family. “Work allowed me to mask my feelings and at home I would constantly tell Caroline to leave me alone as I was tired. At one stage, I didn’t have one pair of trousers I could do up properly which I would hide under a belt. Shirts didn’t fit well, pants left marks on my body and my left leg was bigger than the right with water retention.”

“On the first day, I drank my juice as if it was medicine and ate a massive bowl of soup to fill myself up. Three days passed and I weighed myself to discover that I had lost 12lbs and could do the button up on my trousers! I went to work and told everyone, which felt like a bit of a public declaration and commitment to continue, so I had to stick with it.

53 57


“I wanted to thank Caroline for her support,” echoes John, “and eventually I said, ‘Let’s just do it!’ so we booked a week to coincide with our wedding anniversary. As the trip got closer it boosted our commitment and gave us an opportunity to kickstart our fitness. "We’ve got our diet sorted and Juice Master Delivered has simplified and made juicing sustainable for us – I get everything I need nutritionally and my combined cholesterol level has dropped from 7-8 to 4.2. Now our focus is on building our fitness – coming to Juicy Oasis has given us the chance to try so many activities. We’ll definitely be back and in better shape for our next visit.”

“We decided to do Jason’s 7-Day Challenge and when I told colleagues they were dismissive – juicy naysayers, as Jason calls them. In the past, my pride wouldn’t have taken it and I would have quit, but doing the plan was a commitment to each other. There were days when Caroline felt a bit down, but I was determined to stick with it. I felt really good and lost another 12lbs which spurred us on and we said let’s go for 28 days – each week I was dropping 5-6lbs. “By the end of September I had lost 56lbs and my weight was down to 192lbs. We bought a Cold Press Juicer and did two 28-day Super Juice Me! Challenges, back to back, before switching to a juice, blend, meal plan. While it felt great to lose weight, the incredible thing was I got my self-esteem back. In July 2019, I bought the car of my dreams and it was a symbolic act in turning my health around. It was a wonderful moment and I finally felt, ‘You’re on the upside of this!’ Despite his incredible weightloss, the pressures of work remain and the couple turned to Jason’s Juice Master Delivered frozen-juice plans

54 www.juicemaster.com

as a way to maintain momentum. “When work got ramped up, I started to feel vulnerable outside of the house,” says John, “so we ordered a Juice Master Delivered plan and a chill bag – with that in hand I could travel away on business for three days at a time, with no worries. “Caroline makes it incredibly easy for me, organising juices each night before I get on the road for work. With Jason on one shoulder and Caroline on the other, whenever I see a tempting chocolate bar, I think of them both and resist!


For John and Caroline it has been an emotional journey, the culmination of which was a trip to Juicy Oasis to celebrate the couple’s 28th wedding anniversary, pictured celebrating above in juicy style. “I felt like I’d lost my husband,” Caroline says, “but thanks to Jason and his juicing plans I’ve got him back now, and we can look to the future. When we watched Super Juice Me! at the outset and Jason’s motivational videos in the early days, we always promised ourselves that one day we would go to Juicy Oasis.”

Nutritionally on track and with a new-found energy and zest for life, John and Caroline are passionate about the role Juice Master Jason Vale played in helping them to change their lives. “What made the difference was the ease with which Jason makes juicing accessible and fun,” says John. “From his welldesigned apps to his inspirational coaching videos, which were a life saver for me, he is authentic. I relate to him as he’s gone through similar experiences to myself, and his story resonated with me. “Juicing has transformed my health but it’s more than just physical and my mind is clearer too. I used to absorb myself in work, thinking I had to give it everything, but now I’ve paid attention to my health I’m better at my game than ever before. The brain fog has gone, I’ve become more sensitive to my family’s needs and have a good balance. Coming to Juicy Oasis has been a magical experience and I am so glad we celebrated our anniversary here, it really is the perfect culmination of our juicy journey and the start of the next chapter of our life together.” ●

Do you have a juicy story to share? Send us an email at juiced@juicemaster.com


LION 6 MILw s vie

5,000 OVER 6ib ers subscr


Take the

plunge Whether it’s a jump in the lake or a daily dip in the sea, open-water swimming is great for our health and an amazing way to awaken the senses

56 www.juicemaster.com

OK, so the idea of swimming in cold, outdoor water may sound less than appealing at first, particularly if you’re used to heated indoor pools, but more of us are jumping in. Sport England reported in 2018 that 7.5m of us are doing so – it’s not as crazy as it might seem and your body and mind will reward you for dipping a toe in open water. First up, switching your lengths from the lanes of the swimming pool to the river could result in a leaner you, much more quickly. That’s because when you swim outside in cold water your body has to use far more calories to keep you warm.

British seawater rarely rises above 20°C while freshwater rivers and lakes tend to be even cooler. You’ll benefit from better circulation. Plunging into cold water represents an extreme change in body temperature, so your heart pumps more blood to your organs. People are often surprised that, after the initial shock of a drop in temperature, they no longer feel cold as their body quickly adjusts. As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable to stay in the water for only as many minutes as the water’s number of °C. Neoprene boots and gloves can be useful to protect your extremities. Scientists report that connecting with nature for 120 minutes a week, which can be broken into daily bites, boosts your wellbeing. You’ll also come away from that wild-water dip with increased dopamine levels and, as it is otherwise known as the ‘pleasure’ hormone, the rest of your day is more likely to go swimmingly. Combined with a fresh, post-swim juice, blend or smoothie to boost energy levels, what better way to pep up your wellbeing routine?





Start your cold water swimming gently and make it a regular part of your workout

Check out these amazing wild-water swimmers from around the globe.

As an island nation with around 40,000 lakes, there are plenty of places to try outdoor swimming. Check out the Outdoor Swimming Society (outdoorswimmingsociety. com) for local spots and clubs. Here are a few epic places to take a dip

1. Summer is a great time to start your outdoor swimming practice, when water temperatures are at their warmest. 2. The first couple of minutes after you immerse your body are the most challenging, so start slowly and keep your head above water. 3. Within a few minutes your skin will reach the same temperature as the water and you’ll feel warmer. 4. Swim with a friend to ensure you are both safe and comfortable at all times.

Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker Motivational speaker and author of Man vs Ocean, Adam Walker is the first British swimmer to complete the Oceans Seven, aka the toughest channel swims in the world. Anna-Kaisa Tellervo Maukonen In 2012, ‘Telly’ became the first Finnish woman to cross the English Channel. She has since embraced her love of the open water by becoming an inspirational swimming teacher, coaching students all over the world. Hania Bakuniak Cold-water swimming isn’t quite challenging enough for some. In 2018, Poland's Hania, then the World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year, broke the record for a 1km swim in ice water.

River Mole, Surrey Just half an hour from the city of London, the River Mole is a tranquil oasis that’s also one of England’s most bio-diverse rivers. Dock 9, Salford Quays A firm favourite with elite swimmers, Greater Manchester’s Dock 9 isn’t just scenic, it’s also perfect for beginners, offering coached outdoor swim sessions and varying course lengths. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye Crystal clear and utterly magical, swimming under the famous archway and into the waterfall is an unforgettable experience.



Take your

best shot

With its incredible nutritional value, ability to repair DNA, strengthen our immune system and reduce inflammation, wheatgrass packs a mighty punch


heatgrass has long been a favourite of those who take their nutrition seriously, and is the wellness ‘trend’ that refuses to fade away. In fact, it’s no surprise we’re so hooked on the wonders of wheatgrass as the ancient Egyptians reportedly raved about the healthboosting effects, thousands of years ago. During the 1930s, the ‘father of wheatgrass’, Charles Schnabel, advocated the nutritional value of wheatgrass and patented a ‘feed’ product of powdered grasses developed for both animal and human consumption. The young grass of the common wheat plant, wheatgrass can be taken as a juice shot or as a powder mixed into your daily smoothie, and there are many good-health reasons to incorporate wheatgrass into your diet. A single shot (30ml/1 fl oz) of the green shoots has the equivalent of 1kg of green leafy vegetables.


Naturally gluten-free and superrich in nutrients, wheatgrass looks a lot like straw – except its bright green colour tends to give it away. That’s down to the high levels of chlorophyll (up to 70 per cent) found in wheatgrass, a wonder pigment which purifies the blood, boosts the immune system and reduces

58 www.juicemaster.com

inflammation. Wheatgrass contains few calories and no fat, yet its highnutrient content of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes provides a real energy boost. Fresh wheatgrass has many external uses too. Applying the juice of the plant to itchy or sunburned skin relieves inflammation, while chewing the grass in its raw form can ease the pain of swollen gums. But if you’d rather add wheatgrass to your daily diet, the ideal way to consume it is as a fresh juice shot, taking up to three shots spread throughout the day. Easy to grow, you will need a cold press juicer to extract your shot which is best taken on an empty stomach. Wheatgrass does have a strong ‘grassy’ taste that may be overpowering for some people, so you could add fresh apple juice to make it sweeter, or suck on an orange straight after your shot. If you don’t fancy squeezing your own wheatgrass juice, or you’re looking for an easy store-cupboard option, Juice Master Organic Wheatgrass Powder contains the nutritional benefits of fresh wheatgrass. You can blend it into juices or smoothies (use one teaspoon of powder per glass) or simply mix it up as a shot, along with some freshly extracted apple juice.

WHAT’S IN THE GLASS? A single shot of wheatgrass contains: • 20 amino acids • More protein than beef • 11x more calcium than cow’s milk • 5x more iron than spinach • 4x more vitamin B1 than wholewheat flour • 7x the vitamin C of an orange • Vitamins B12, E and K • Cobalt, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulphur and zinc BACK IT UP! A wheatgrass enema is fantastic for healing and detoxifying the colon and internal organs. After an enema, wait 20 minutes then implant 4oz of wheatgrass juice and hold for 20 minutes before heading to the nearest bathroom!

Shop for Juice Master Organic Wheatgrass Powder (120g/£14.99), suitable for vegetarians and vegans, at juicemaster.com

BOOST JUICE Pineapple 1/2 Apples 2 Beansprouts 1/4 mug Watercress 1/4 mug Parsley 1/4 mug Kale 1/4 mug Broccoli 1/4 mug Wheatgrass juice 1oz shot Ice Simply juice the fruit and veg, add the wheatgrass shot or one heaped tsp of wheatgrass powder, mix well and pour over ice.


JUICE MASTER’S PURE GREEN SUPER JUICE Celery 2 sticks Cucumber 1/2 medium Spinach small handful Wheatgrass 1oz shot Orange 1 slice Ice cubes 2 Juice the celery, cucumber, spinach and wheatgrass, or one heaped tsp of wheatgrass powder. Add ice to a glass and pour in the pure green super juice. After each mouthful, take a bite of the orange. Taken from Jason Vale’s 7-Day Juice Challenge

59 57

JUICE, BLEND OR SMOOTHIE? If you’ve ever pondered what defines each, and what would go into the world’s healthiest beverage (clue: the answer’s just ahead), Jason has the answers... With more than 25 years’ experience, Jason is often asked, ‘What’s best, a juice or a blend?’, closely followed by, ‘What’s the difference between a blend and a smoothie?’ And ‘What’s the best recipe to try?’ Well, here’s his definitive answers, plus a brand-new recipe, exclusive to Juiced! magazine, which could just be the World’s Healthiest Smoothie. Turn the page for Jason’s juicy know-how...


GOT JASON’S SUPER DUO? Try one of Jason's plans at juicemaster.com – there's a plan to suit everyone!


JASON ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS… WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A JUICE, BLEND AND SMOOTHIE? “A juice is the liquid extracted from the fibre of fruits and vegetables using a cold press or fast, centrifugal juicer. Freshly extracted juice contains soluble fibre and is packed with micro-nutrients which are good for our bodies – the human body contains trillions of cells and juice is exactly the same, and while we’ve not mapped them all yet, they feed our bodies in the same way. Juices are well-suited to harder fruits and vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, courgettes and apples. “By contrast, with a blend you retain all of the juice and fibre from the fruit and vegetables which naturally makes it a thicker consistency and so you need to add liquid such as nut milks, coconut milk or water to make them drinkable. “Macro-nutrient-rich soft fruit and veg such as berries, banana, avocado and spinach are blend staples. Another great blend addition are nut butters which are satiating and fill you up, plus you can add protein powders to raise the game of your blend. “A smoothie is a combination of the two, freshly extracted juice blended with proteinrich avocado, banana or berries – rich in both microand macro-nutrients, it’s the king of liquid nutrition.”

62 www.juicemaster.com

juicer? While a cold press juicer will extract more juice from fruit and vegetables, I’m a big fan of fast juicers – they’re quick and easy to use. It's all about picking the right one for you.” WHEN SHOULD I CHOOSE A JUICE, BLEND OR SMOOTHIE? “Smoothies and blends offer a 100 per cent nutritionally balanced meal replacement. A juice is also a meal replacement but some people find they need a little more.

“A juicer and a blender are genuinely the best healthcare system anyone can ever own”

“If you do one of my juice and smoothie plans, you enjoy four juices in a day, but with my Super Blend Me! plan there are just three blends a day which are more heavily protein-based and satiating. These are great if you are particularly active, even with a heavy exercise regime.

WHICH IS MOST IMPORTANT, A JUICER OR A BLENDER? “Both! A juicer and a blender are genuinely the best healthcare system anyone can ever own and a fantastic investment to make. As anyone who knows me will atest, I am a big fan of both juicing and blending.

“All should ideally be drunk on an empty stomach – you can drink a vegetable juice with dinner, although you’d probably end up with stomach cramps if you did the same with a blend! The other golden rule is not to drink any blend faster than it would take you to eat the raw ingredients.

“Essentially your mouth is a blender and your stomach is a juicer, but these machines help us to process and get more fruit and vegetables into our bodies each day. I often say, if you can’t eat it, drink it! “I’m regularly asked which is best, a cold press or fast

“Most of us tend to choose the same juices or blends all the time, but there are so many ways to mix it up – try a warm juice such as apple and cinnamon in the winter, which is delicious.”


Confused about what to use in your juicer and blender? Here’s Jason’s guide to get the best from your fresh fruit and veg

JUICE 'EM APPLE – one of the building blocks of a good juice, Jason recommends Golden Delicious or Royal Gala. Don’t peel or core, your juicer will munch the lot. BEETROOT – people often don't like the taste of beetroot, but it's full of goodness and juiced with other veggies, some pineapple or apple, means you can enjoy the benefits without sacrificing on taste. BROCCOLI – with its super-antioxidant powers, broccoli is a brilliant brassica to add to your juice. Use the stem – loaded with nutrients, it can all go in! CARROT – a juice staple, with a slice of ginger and a couple of oranges, mix yourself up a breakfast OJ without any of those added preservative baddies. CELERY – a great source of antioxidants, celery is also a super hydrating ingredient. CUCUMBER – a natural diuretic which can be used in a blend, but as it yields so much liquid that’s packed with water and soluble fibre, it’s a great juice ingredient. GINGER – a real health ninja and a natural antihistamine, Jason swears by a shot of the spicy stuff every day. It's easy to get your daily dose – simply make up a batch, freeze as ice cubes then simply defrost overnight and add one to your morning juice.

BLEND 'EM AVOCADOS – avocados make blends creamy and filling, Quarter, scoop and freeze for easy add-ins. BANANAS – you can’t juice a banana, but they are a great addition to your blend. Chop and freeze for a hit of nutrition. BERRIES – fresh or frozen, soft berry fruits are antioxidant blend friends. DATES – add a touch of sweetness with a fibre-full Medjool date. ICE – a blend essential unless you are using frozen ingredients in which case you can skip it. GREENS – spinach and kale can only be used in a fast juicer if sandwiched tightly between hard fruit or vegetables, but blend beautifully, so throw a handful in. PINEAPPLE – this tropical fruit makes a wonderful thick, creamy blend and appears in many of Jason's recipes. MILKS – almond (make your own!), coconut and oat milks can be used to loosen your blend with liquid. NUT BUTTERS – almond, cashew and peanut butters make a blend more satisfying and filling, but they are fairly heavy with calories, so go easy, you only need a teaspoon.

63 57

THE WORLD’S HEALTHIEST SMOOTHIE? After creating juices, smoothies and blends for more than two decades, and having been asked on many occasions what is the healthiest smoothie, Jason has created what he believes to be…The World’s Healthiest Smoothie A truly incredible combination of ingredients, Jason’s all-new recipe contains all of the body’s seven nutritional needs – protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and water – in just the right amounts to give us the perfect nutritional balance. Easily digestible and providing readily bio-available nutrition, these ingredients come together to offer one of the world's best beverages...

THE WORLD’S HEALTHIEST SMOOTHIE? Celery 2 sticks Cucumber 1/2 medium Apple 1 Pear 1 Spinach 1 handful Lemon (unpeeled) 1/2 Beetroot (raw) 1 small bulb Broccoli stem 2” Avocado (ripe) 1/4 medium Banana 1/4 Chia seeds 1 tsp Blueberries 8

64 www.juicemaster.com

1. J uice the celery, cucumber, apple, pear, lemon, broccoli, beetroot and spinach. 2. P ut the avocado, banana, berries and chia seeds into a blender. 3. P our the juice into the blender and blend until smooth. SPINACH JUICING TIP If you are using a fast (centrifugal) juicer, to get the most juice from the spinach ‘pack it’ between two other ingredients. With the juicer turned off, place the apple in the chute, then pack the spinach tightly in behind and follow with the pear. Turn the juicer on and push through slowly.

TAKE JASON’S 30-DAY WORLD’S HEALTHIEST SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! The best way to see if this amazing smoothie has the power to make a significant difference to how you feel is to take Jason’s 30Day World’s Healthiest Smoothie Challenge! “Enjoy this smoothie and only this smoothie for breakfast for 30 days,” says Jason. “It has to be the only thing you consume, apart from water, each morning until at least 12 noon (or for five hours after waking). “If you feel that having ‘just’ this smoothie until noon each day will be a challenge on the hunger front, think again. It is so beautifully satiating chances are, you won’t feel hungry for several hours after you have it. “My recommendation is to drink water on waking and maybe a herbal tea, then wait until you actually feel a little hungry before having the smoothie. For most people that’s around two hours after they wake up although some of us need something instantly – it’s your call when you choose to take your first sip of this smoothie. “The main thing to remember to complete the challenge is to have just the smoothie for breakfast for 30 days and consume nothing else until noon (or at least five hours after you wake up). Good luck, and let me know how you get on by posting to any of my social media channels."


CHIA SEEDS An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, these nutritious seeds are rich in antioxidants, fibre, iron and calcium.

CELERY Contains vitamins A, K and C, potassium and folate.

APPLE Skin on, apples are rich in healthgiving polyphenols, soluble fibre and vitamin C.

SPINACH An excellent source of vitamins K, A, C and B2, spinach also boasts manganese, magnesium and iron among its powers.

AVOCADO Avocados add potassium, which helps regulate cell function, and are loaded with fibre and healthy fats.

BANANA Avocado’s healthy partner in crime, a quarter of a banana contains more than 100mg of potassium.

CUCUMBER Although they comprise 96 per cent water, half a cucumber adds 1g of fibre, vitamins C, K, magnesium, potassium and manganese to this smoothie.

WHAT'S IN THE GLASS? Why is the World's Healthiest Smoothie so good for you? Here's a snapshot of how each ingredient adds to your daily nutritional intake.

PEAR Packed with antioxidants pears are rich in folate. Vitamin C, copper and potassium.

LEMON With around 15mg of vitamin C in half a lemon, this fruit is fibre-rich and contains cholesterol-busting hesperidin and diosmin.

BEETROOT High in plant compounds, including betanin (which gives the root its colour!), beetroot can help to reduce blood pressure.

BROCCOLI The vegetable’s stem contains even more calcium, iron and vitamin C than the florets!

BLUEBERRIES Packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants, these brilliant berries can help to lower our risk of heart disease.

Strengthen and tone your body, improve your balance and de-stress – take to the water and enjoy a paddle-board session this summer Imagine idling along a river, lake or creek, sun shining down, surrounded by the soundtrack of nature – sound idyllic? Nature therapy could one of the reasons stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and even tipped to become an Olympic discipline. The physical benefits are just as rewarding with a strengthened core, muscle toning and improved cardiovascular health, all the result of regular time on the water. Fantastic for burning fat and losing weight, with up to 300-400 calories burned an hour, the warm summer months offer a great opportunity to leave your gym membership behind and exercise outdoors. A cross between surfing and kayaking, paddlers stand on a 10ft



board and use a long paddle to propel themselves along the water. Easily learned in a day, while core strength is helpful for SUP, balance is just as important to stay aboard and as you move through the water you use muscles in your legs, back, shoulders and arms. Small, regular movements help to tone the body as you enjoy time onboard, and of course the mental workout as you focus on regular, steady movements is just as rewarding.

Unlike surfing or sailing, you set the pace when paddle-boarding and the sport is hugely accessible – all you need is open water, a paddle and a hard or infl atable board, the latter can be collapsed into a bag for easy transportation. Whether you live by the coast or inland, there are plenty of SUP clubs, meet-ups and events for boarders, and paddling with your pooch onboard is not unheard of, as long as they like water, of course. It’s even been known for city commuters to travel to work on a paddle board along London’s canals. What are you waiting for? Hop aboard.

Lake with a view – you can try paddle-boarding at Juicy Oasis ( juicemasterretreats.com)

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Getting used to SUP? Follow our top tips and you’ll be cruising in no time. 1. HOLD TIGHT Having your hands too close together will limit the power of your strokes. Position one hand on top of the paddle and grip the other at a 90° angle. 2. MIDDLE GROUND Use your core to power your strokes – you’ll go further and strengthen muscles. 3. KEEP A LEVEL HEAD Looking ahead helps maintain stability. Keep your back straight, legs slightly bent and weight on the balls of your feet.


Here’s all you need to get started with SUP. • Paddle-board and long paddle • Board fin • Long leash (to attach to the board) • Pump for inflatable board • Personal flotation device • Rescue whistle • A headlamp • Neoprene boots


PLANT POWER Is a vegan diet healthy? Well, it depends where your plant-based meal comes from, says Jason...

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It’s a fact that more of us are choosing a

nutritional value once they are fried as chips!

plant-based diet with the Vegan Society predicting 60 per cent of the world’s

“There are a number of mass-market, plant-

population will ditch meat by 2040. While

based brands in the US and UK which have

eating more veggies is undoubtedly good

made inroads into consumers’ supermarket

for us, some plant-based alternatives may

spend, but if you look carefully at some of

not be as healthy as we think they are.

the ingredients in their meat-free products, they can be less than healthy. Although

Jason describes himself as a pescatarian and

made without animal products, many of

eats sustainably sourced fish, but he was a

these mass-produced, plant-based dishes

vegan for over seven years. While fruit and

are loaded with salt and saturated fat,

vegetables make up the vast majority of

highly processed and some allegedly contain

what he consumes, he believes it’s important

GMOs. If you are serious about plant-based

not to be blindsided by ‘vegan-friendly’

eating, a homemade mushroom burger is

marketing when shopping. Some plant-

better than many vegan ‘meat’ substitutes.

based options are less than virtuous in their nutritional value and environmental impact.

“There’s no question a plant-based diet can be extremely healthy and if that is your

“We are becoming more conscious about

motivation for removing meat from your

plant-based eating,” says Jason, “and health

diet, 50–70 per cent of your daily intake

documentaries such as The Game Changers

should come from produce in a juice, blend,

have tipped the balance. Veganism has

soup or salad. It might be controversial, but

become a huge movement and I am a big fan

if you are concerned about what you are

of anything that encourages people to eat

eating, I would argue it is better to choose a

more plants, but it’s not as simple as that.

piece of grass-fed beef or corn-fed chicken

I often meet vegans and vegetarians who

from a known source than a highly processed

haven’t eaten a vegetable in years and stick

meat substitute in a bun. In many plant-

to a carb-heavy diet. Many rely on a grain-

based ‘meats’, you will find horrendous fillers

based diet and choose potatoes as their

including white, refined breadcrumbs, so

staple ‘veggie’, but they’ve not got much

how is it better than well-reared meat?

69 57

Sweet Potato Cakes with an Almond Lemon Drizzle SERVES 2 POTATO CAKE Sweet potatoes 2 medium Carrot 1 medium Red onion 1/2 medium Garlic 2 cloves Almonds 100g or 2 handfuls Fennel seeds 1 tbsp Olive oil 1 tbsp Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground black pepper 1 generous pinch DRIZZLE Lemon 1/4 ( juice of) Water 1 tbsp Almond butter 2 tsps 1. P reheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/ gas mark 4. Peel and chop the sweet potatoes, carrot and onion into small chunks. Peel the garlic. Using a food processor or blender, blitz the almonds and fennel

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seeds for 10-20 seconds until they turn into ‘flour’. 2. P ut the sweet potato, carrot, onion and garlic onto a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil until coated and cook for 30 minutes, stirring part-way through. 3. P ut the lemon juice, water and almond butter into an old jar and shake until combined. 4. P ut the cooked vegetables, almond ‘flour’, salt and pepper into a pan (but keep the baking tray out and do not turn the oven off) and mash using a potato masher. 5. D ivide and shape the mixture into 4 ‘burgers’, place on the baking tray and pop back in the oven for 15 minutes. To serve, drizzle the dressing over the potato cakes.

Fresh Veggie Noodles with a Roasted Pepper Sauce SERVES 2 Courgette 1 medium Carrot 1 medium Parsnip 1 medium Fresh dill 10g or 1 small handful Boiling water 1 litre/35fl oz Rice noodles 300g/11oz (wide flat ones if possible) Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground pepper 1 generous pinch ROASTED PEPPER SAUCE Red and yellow peppers 2 of each Red onion 1 medium Garlic 2 (cloves) Olive oil 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp

1. P reheat the oven to 180ยบC/350ยบF/gas mark 4. If you have a spiralizer, spiralize the courgette, carrot and parsnip and place in a saucepan. Alternatively, finely cut these into thin strips. Finely chop the dill, removing any hard stalks. 2. P repare the sauce. Core and cut the peppers into quarters. Peel the onion and garlic. Cut the onion into quarters and place the peppers, onion and garlic onto a baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil and roast for 25 minutes.

boiling water over the courgette, carrot and parsnip, cover with a lid and cook over a medium heat for 4 minutes. Remove from the heat, add the rice noodles, replace the lid and leave for 1 minute. Strain, add the dill, salt and pepper, stirring gently, and cover. 4. P lace the roasted vegetables into a food processor or blender. Add the apple cider vinegar and blend for 60 seconds until everything turns into a sauce. Spoon the noodle dish into a bowl, pour over the sauce, tuck in and enjoy.

3. F ive minutes before the roasted vegetables are cooked, pour the

71 57


Grilled Avocado, Tomato & Mushroom with a side of Steamed Greens SERVES 2 Avocado 2 medium (ripe) Tomatoes 3 medium Portobello or large mushrooms 2 Sesame oil 2 tbsps Ground black pepper 1 generous pinch Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch 1. C ut and destone the avocados, remove the flesh and cut into 1cm slices. Dice the tomatoes. Wash and dry the mushrooms, cut into 1cm slices. Put the mushrooms on a plate, drizzle with oil ensuring both sides are coated. 2. W arm a griddle pan, add the mushrooms and cook for 3 minutes before turning and adding the avocados and tomatoes. Cook the avocados for 1 minute each side. Stir the tomatoes. 3. Place the mushrooms, followed by the tomatoes and then finish with the avocados in a little stack on a plate, sprinkle with black pepper and salt and accompany with the steamed greens.

STEAMED GREENS WITH CHILLI & FENNEL Chilli 1 medium Mange tout 60g or 1 small handful Sugar snap peas 60g or 1 small handful Broccoli 150g or 3-4 florets Kale 50g or 1 handful Spinach 50g or 1 handful Peas 75g/3oz (fresh or frozen) Sesame oil 1 tbsp Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Fennel seeds 1 heaped tsp 1. C ut the chilli in half and thinly slice (don’t remove the seeds). Remove the ends and any stringy spines from the mange tout and sugar snap peas. Cut the broccoli florets into small bite-sized pieces. 2. P lace all the ingredients except the chilli, sesame oil, salt and fennel seeds into a steamer over boiling water for 5-7 minutes, depending on your al dente preference. 3. R emove the veggies from the steamer, place in a serving bowl, add the sesame oil, chilli, salt and fennel seeds and mix well. 73 57

Butternut Squash Al Dente ‘Pasta’ with Roasted Pepper Pesto 1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/gas mark 4. Peel the butternut squash and spiralize. Core, deseed and quarter the peppers. 2. Put 1 tbsp of olive oil in a baking tray, add the red peppers and pop in the oven for 15 minutes. Turn the peppers, add the garlic and pine nuts and cook for a further 5 minutes. 3. Put 1 tbsp of olive oil into a large pan over a medium heat, add the butternut squash and cook for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the water, salt and pepper and continue cooking for a further

5 minutes or until the water has evaporated. Remove from the heat, cover and set to one side. 4. Remove the baking tray from the oven. Carefully peel the garlic (watch out, it’s hot!) and place in the container of a hand blender, Retro Super Blend or Bullet. Add the peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, half the pine nuts and remaining olive oil and pulse until combined.

SERVES 2 Butternut squash 1 small Red peppers 2 Olive oil 5 tbsps Garlic cloves 2 (with skin on) Pine nuts 50g/2oz Water 200ml/7fl oz Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground black pepper 1 pinch Sun-dried tomatoes 100g/3.5oz Rocket leaves 30g/1oz

5. Scoop the butternut squash onto a plate, add the pesto and a handful of rocket and finish with a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts.

For more vegan recipes, order Jason Vale’s Super fast Food at juicemaster.com 74 www.juicemaster.com






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EASY We all know how to breathe, right? Wrong – most of us use only 25 per cent of our lung capacity, and it could be affecting our health. Inhale deeply and learn how to cleanse your body from the inside out When was the last time you paid close attention to your breathing? If the answer is never, you wouldn’t be alone. It's something the average person does more than 23,000 times each day and it's easy to take for granted. Besides, you’re still alive, so surely you must be taking in the right amount of air? You might notice though that the majority of breaths you take are shallow, only just reaching your chest. We tend to use the top part of our lungs when we breathe, yet it’s actually the lower part which supplies most of our breathing capacity and has the ability to deep-cleanse our body and mind. As a result, we feel the effects of stress more easily (ironically, our breathing becomes more shallow when we’re stressed), we’re less alert and our cognitive functions start to decrease.The good news is that simply learning to breathe more deeply comes with a whole

76 www.juicemaster.com

host of health benefits. Without any expense, you can breathe your way to clearer skin, deeper sleep, improved energy and increased ability to cope with stress. There are many deep-breathing techniques to study, but this simple exercise can help. Place your hand on your abdomen, breathing in deeply through your nose until you feel your abdomen rise. Hold for a few seconds then, as you release your breath, notice your abdomen flatten. Repeat a few more times until you notice the pace of your body and mind slow and feel more calm. Set up some ‘breathing rituals’ throughout the day to remind you to check-in regularly with some deep, cleansing breaths. Connect these rituals with something you do every day, for example just after you’ve brushed your teeth, so they become an unthinking routine.

Focusing on your breathing when you’re stressed or busy is an effective way to reduce those ‘fight or flight’ feelings of panic that we all start to experience when things get a bit too much. Our brains have learned to associate short, rapid breaths with distress, so slowing down your breathing to a rate of three to five deep breaths per minute will have an almost instantly relaxing effect. There are plenty of resources, including apps, YouTube tutorials, books and workshops to improve your breathing, so make this the moment to take a healthy breather.


3 to try 1. ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING (NADI SHODHANA) Like a cup of coffee for the mind, this exercise clears the channels and brings balance to the left and right sides of the brain. Sit comfortably, hold the right thumb over the right nostril and inhale deeply through the left nostril. As you reach the peak of breathing in, close off the left nostril and exhale through the right one. Continue on alternate nostrils. 2. SKULL SHINING BREATH (KAPALABHATI) Fire up your belly and wake up your brain – the espresso shot for your mind! Start by inhaling slowly before a quick, powerful exhale from the lower belly. Continue taking one breath in, one out, all through the nose for ten breaths. 3. PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION Release tension throughout the body. Close your eyes and starting with your feet and toes, focus on tensing and relaxing each muscle group for two to three seconds. Move up to the knees, thighs, rear, chest, arms, hands, neck, jaw and eyes all while breathing deeply and slowly.

CATCH YOUR BREATH WITH THESE THREE PROS TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH® Founded by Dr Judith Kravitz, Transformational Breath® is a technique which teaches conscious breathing to improve our health and wellbeing – visit trans formationalbreath. co.uk for therapists.

BREATHING TREE Author of Breathe, Rebecca Dennis believes conscious breathwork is key to our wellbeing, health and inner peace. Having worked with brands such as Google and Sweaty Betty, she’s dubbed ‘Britain’s leading breath coach’. breathingtree.co.uk

BREATHPOD Founded by Stuart Sandeman, who ditched his City finance career to become a breathing coach and launch Breathpod (breathpod.me) after transformational breathing changed his life. Book a session at his London clinic or online.




FREE FROM preservatives, fillers, artificial flavours and sweeteners, gluten, soy and dairy Vegetarian and vegan friendly




natural They can reduce stress, promote hormonal balance and nourish our brain – discover the amazing abilities of adaptogens

Life can be stressful on occasion and, while most of us understand the importance of looking after our physical and mental health, there is a growing awareness of the power of adaptogens, a specific area of medicine which uses herbs to heal and restore our bodies. Modern, sedentary lifestyles, daily exposure to toxins and an unhealthy diet can all contribute towards feelings of anxiety, and let’s not forget the physical stress we put on our bodies, too – exercise can take its toll, particularly if you are training for an endurance event such as a marathon. Adaptogens, or to give them their full name, adaptogenic herbs, berries and mushrooms are believed to help our minds

and bodies handle all that stress. Used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, the term adaptogens was coined in the 1940s and these nontoxic plants are gaining greater recognition for the support they can provide to our modern lifestyles. Added to meals, brewed as teas or taken as supplements, they have the power to keep

us feeling calm and nourished. Each adaptogen works differently, so it’s important to select and take the best supplement to tackle the type of stress you are experiencing. Ashwagandha and Asian ginseng, for example, can help to ease longterm stress, turmeric is said to boost brain function and liquorice root

is often used to soothe digestion issues or an upset stomach. Recent studies show what ancient health practitioners have long known: adaptogens could play a vital role in managing and supporting our wellbeing. Researchers have even suggested that, in some cases, adaptogens have the potential to replace Big Pharma drugs such as anti-anxiety medication altogether. It's important to follow the recommended dosage, but get creative and incorporate these natural healers into your daily routine. Adding them to your morning juice or smoothie is a great start. Turn the page for our guide to key adaptogens…



In 60-day trials, participants showed that those who took this wonder herb on a daily basis reduced high levels of the potent stress hormone cortisol.


Research shows that rhodiola can help to manage fatigue – mix it into a syrup, then add to your favourite juice or smoothie.


Russian research has revealed that the schisandra berry protects against a wide range of stress factors, enhancing both physical and mental performance.


A naturally sweet treat, liquorice root can improve a wide range of gastrointestinal problems, speeding the repair of the stomach lining and restoring balance. 80 www.juicemaster.com


A versatile herb that can be eaten with meals or steeped as a tea. Holy basil is popular in Ayurvedic medicine and is said to support healthy blood pressure.

'Researchers have even suggested that, in some cases, adaptogens have the potential to replace Big Pharma drugs such as anti-anxiety medication altogether'


Widely available as an essential oil, hyssop can help digestive issues and respiratory problems and boost circulation. Use the oil topically or a tincture as a gargle.


Magic mushrooms indeed, maitake can reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar and, some reports claim, support weight loss.


This innocent-looking mushroom is a powerful immune booster which can also increase energy levels, making it ideal for those looking to improve their athletic performance.


A natural detoxifier, magic milk thistle supports the liver by filtering out toxins. It also lowers blood sugar and guards against insulin resistance.


Believed to reduce blood pressure and depression, maca powder has a high antioxidant content and contains 20 per cent of the RDA of copper.


A wellbeing wonder, ginseng may strengthen the immune system, enhance brain function, fight fatigue and, for men, support erectile dysfunction.

YOUR GOOD HEALTH!! Yoga • Meditation • Rebounding Beautiful walks • Table tennis Sauna Beach volleyball • Juices and smoothies

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