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& SEXY Flack is back!

INSPIRED Autumn 2019 | Issue 12 | £2.50


Why Juice Master Delivered is judged to be the best frozen-juice plan money can buy



‘Juicing reignited our marriage’ One reader’s inspirational juice journey





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“ Bought mine three weeks ago and haven’t stopped using it since. Worth every penny.” Teodora Yankova

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Juicy greetings READ

Having interviewed Katie Piper for my podcast, she is such an inspirational person. Read the book, listen to the podcast and be utterly awed!


If you are about to start on a juice plan and are worried it may be hard, watch this documentary. It’s the most powerful film I have ever seen in terms of inspiring a person to keep going to achieve their goals.


Check out Beverley Knight’s acappella of a Whitney Houston track at Juicy Oasis on my Instagram feed – it is AMAZING and I am privileged to count her and her husband as dear friends.

Hello juicy people, Jason here, and welcome to the latest issue of Juiced! magazine. We have the very talented and extremely lovely Caroline Flack as our cover star this issue. The queen of Love Island has been coming to Juicy Oasis for many years and it’s one of her goto places for a little rest and rejuvenation. Read all about her varied career, what makes her tick, what she does to keep looking the way she does and maybe a little juicy gossip about Prince Harry! You’ll also find all the latest juicy news from the world of Juice Master, wonderful recipes, inspirational stories and great articles – all designed to help lift your mental and physical wellbeing. If you’re reading this on a digital device but would rather be reading a ‘real’ copy of Juiced!, don’t forget you can get your hands on a free one when you stay at any of our fabulous retreats (juicemasterretreats.com), when you order a plan from Juice Master Delivered (juicemasterdelivered.com), or with every purchase of a Juice Master Cold Press or Juice Master Super Blend from juicemaster.com We hope you love this issue and if you want a little more juicy inspiration, subscribe to my YouTube channel, JuiceTube, and also to my new podcast. Both channels are advert- and sponsor-free. I’d like to thank the thousands of people who have already listened to the podcast and the 2.5m individuals who have tuned into JuiceTube! Together we can help to spread the juicy word. Thank you for reading and if you are inspired by what you discover, get in touch via the channels below and share your juicy story too.

Juiced! is published by Chapel Road Creative on behalf of Juice Master. chapelroadcreative.co.uk tel: 01485 533064 email: hello@chapelroadcreative.co.uk Managing director: Daska Davis Creative director: Matt Davis Sub-editor: Lorraine Shah Publishing assistant: Sarah Pollard Print: Swallowtail Print The publisher has taken every care to ensure contents are correct but can take no responsibility for errors or omissions. The views expressed in Juiced! magazine are not necessarily shared by Juice Master. Individual results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Always consult a qualified medical professional before embarking on a pure juice diet, health programme or physical activity. Reprinting in whole or part is forbidden without the written permission of the publisher. ISSN 2398-6905




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Contents 03 Editor’s letter

Jason introduces the issue

07 Juicy news

Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing

Autumn 2019 Issue 12


10 E x-pressed delivery

Discover why not all juice delivery companies are built equal

16 S weet Caroline

Caroline Flack talks health and nutrition

22 H ey, big blender

Introducing the all-new Juice Master Super Blend, the best blender money can buy!

26 A ppy days

Got your kit? You’re going to need a plan, and Jason Vale’s Juice ‘n’ Blend app is #1!

30 T hree to boost your blend


Give your blend a little extra power with Juice Master’s Super Blend Me! powders

33 T he good cook books

Jason Vale shares his favourite healthy-eating cookbooks




26 42 ‘ We’re living proof juicing works’

Sharon and Jason Mancini share their amazing juicy story

49 J ason’s on his juice box Jason slams spurious science

53 C lass of 2019

School’s in! Brush up your juicing know-how

56 G oing back

to our roots

Recipes for autumn’s bounty

60 G ood gourd

Super winter squash

62 H eavy metal

Raise the bar with weights

64 T he water’s lovely

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Class of 2019 Want to take your juicing knowledge to the next level and become a qualified Natural Juice Practitioner with Juice Master? Turn over to discover Jason Vale's unique resource and meet Mairi Ferguson who graduated from the Juice Master Academy…

It’s time to up your daily H2O

66 W in a Juice Master Super Blend

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Coaching videos Exclusive recipes Shake your phone, shake up your plan!

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Jason Vale has been in hot demand as a guest on some of the biggest shows on radio this summer How do you like your juice in the morning?

Jason joined Virgin Radio’s Chris Evans on his breakfast show recently and was the toast of the DJ’s broadcast when he popped down to appear on the show which was being broadcast from the Algarve, nearby to where Jason's new retreat Juicy Escape is being built. Chris chatted to Jason about health and nutrition for over an hour, and the two got on like a house on fire. The DJ invited Jason back to undertake a juice-athon, to get listeners to start the day on a glass of goodness.

An extraordinary show

Jason was honoured to be a guest on Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People podcast, and Jason invited Katie to appear on his podcast too. Hear Katie’s interview at juicemaster.com/jasonvales-podcast

On the run

Good for the heart

It was great to see Amanda Holden back on the juice and enjoying Juice Master Delivered as she presented her breakfast show on Heart. Order a plan at juicemasterdelivered.com

Jason also squeezed in an interview with Jenni Falconer on her RunPod podcast. She introduced him as, “Quite frankly the best motivational health, fitness and nutrition guru I have ever met." We couldn’t agree more, Jenni! 07

Simply the best

That's entertainment! Yet again, the last issue of Juiced! magazine shot to the top of the iTunes chart upon its release at the beginning of July. Featuring the beautiful Beverley Knight as our cover star, the soul singer shared her love of Juicy Oasis as her ‘go-to’ place for some much-needed downtime.

Metro newspaper rated Juice Master Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis as one of the best Portuguese retreats in its recent round-up of healthy jet-aways. Telling readers that it was the perfect spot to get beach-ready in a week, it rated Juicy Oasis top class for its brilliant blend of meditation classes, hillside hikes, rebounding classes, relaxing pool and spa sessions. Fancy a stay at Juicy Oasis? Get in quick as the 2020 season is announced – book now at juicyoasis.com

Jason recently welcomed Beverley and her husband James back to his Portuguese retreat where she thanked Jason and the rest of the crew at Juicy Oasis with a stunning, impromptu a cappella performance that created goosebumps for those in the audience. “Beverley and James are wonderful friends,” says Jason, “and when they are at Juicy Oasis we have fun catchingup on life. Whenever Beverley decides it’s time to sing and treat us to a performance with her incredible voice it’s a real treat. This occasion was no less of a showstopper and is a precious moment I will always treasure.”

Look into my eyes! The world’s most famous hypnotist recently popped over to Juicy Oasis for a couple of days of juice, exercise and to record an episode of Jason Vale’s Podcast. Jason has admired Paul McKenna’s work for many years and was honoured to welcome him to the retreat and, rumour has it, Jason and Paul may be teaming up to run the ultimate mind and body retreat in 2019… watch this space!

08 www.juicemaster.com

Watermelon baby He’s as bright as a button and into everything – it can only be the inimitable JJ, Jason and Katie’s little fella, who is thriving on life, love and good nutrition. Just like his daddy, he clearly enjoys a slice of citrullus lanatus, making him the cutest little melon head in the world.




2020 VISION Jason Vale has an incredible new retreat on the horizon which you might like to put on your 2020 destination hit list. His amazing, all-new, purpose-built Juicy Escape in Portugal's Algarve is progressing nicely with a scheduled late summer/autumn 2020 Grand Opening.

Juicy Escape promises to deliver an out-of-this-world experience and Jason snapped this WIP shot on a recent site visit. Showing the super-smart wave pods which will overlook and have a slide directly from the deck to the water (for the ultimate cool-off!), it’s just one of the special features planned for Juicy Escape. Keep an eye out for more updates on Juice Master’s social media channels, listed on page 3. We can’t wait to see more…

Make my Mother’s stay... Jason was delighted to welcome two of his lucky Mother's Day competition winners – Mailin Hurst and her mum Caro Haddow (below), and Nadia Harding and her mum Marion (right) – to Juicy Oasis to enjoy a week of detox, care of the Juice Master last month.

Time to play Before you settle down to the latest box-set releases, do your health a favour and dedicate some downtime to Jason Vale’s YouTube JuiceTube channel (youtube. com/Juicemasterjasonvale) which recently topped 50,000 subscribers. With celebrity interviews, recipes and Jason’s Super Juice Me! documentary, tune in for juicy inspiration. And for entertainment on the go, download Jason Vale’s Podcast (juicemaster. com/jason-vales-podcast), featuring interviews with Katie Piper, Chris Moyles and Annabel Karmel. Season two of his podcast is coming soon and will feature interviews with cover star Caroline Flack, Beverley Knight, Simon Rimmer, Carol Vorderman, Ian Rimmer and Paul McKenna.

Did you reset?

Watch out next issue for interviews with all of our lucky mothers and daughters about their incredible time at Juicy Oasis.

Juice Master fans joined in Jason’s Big Juice ‘n’ Blend Reset on 23-29 September. Weight was dropped, inches were lost and – most importantly – thousands of followers got their health mojo back on track. It’s not too late to join in – download the Juice ‘n’ Blend app at iTunes or Google Play.



EX-PRESSED DELIVERY Juice Master Delivered is the fast track to any Jason Vale juice/blend plans, an easy way to max your nutrition and get the results you want When life’s crazy, if you need a little extra motivation or you want to treat yourself to the luxury of time, Jason Vale’s Juice Master Delivered is your go-to frozen juice order. Made to his expert recipes and exacting standards using premium high-quality fruit and vegetables, and certainly with no nasty additives, Juice Master Delivered offers you the best nutritional value without having to shop, prep and wash your kit. How’s that for handy? Did someone say make mine a juice plan to go?


…make it your juice! It’s a truism that you get what you pay for in life and when it comes to a plan Juice Master offers a premium standard in juice. Jason Vale has put his name to Juice Master Delivered because what goes into those blue bottles is based on his expert recipes and well thought through plans. Made by hand using fresh, high-quality ingredients using cold-press juicers to yield maximum nutrition, each bottle is blast-frozen to reduce oxidation and preserve the good stuff until it reaches you.

Not all juice delivery companies are built equal

Established in 2012, Juice Master Delivered is Jason Vale’s own brainchild and has his stamp of approval because it adheres to his principles of high-quality ingredients, balanced recipes, cold pressed and flash frozen, with NOTHING ELSE ADDED. That means… … no fillers … no stabilisers … no cutting corners Juice Master Delivered packs even more value with… • Jason’s back-up Hunger SOS bars • FREE Jason Vale book with your first order • FREE printed copy of Juiced! magazine for more juicy inspiration Jason has created an unbeatable package for your health that can’t be touched by the rest.

Sustainability built in

Sustainability might be a bit of buzzword right now, but it’s what Juice Master Delivered has been doing since day one. All juices and blends are made in an energy-efficient facility, food waste created on site go to anaerobic digestion where it is converted into renewable energy, and 95 per cent of the packaging is kerbside recyclable.

Wash and go

Single-use plastic is a big no-no in our book and, although fully recyclable, most people hang on to their blue bottles, washing and reusing them to store homemade juices and blends once they have finished a plan, making them a great reusable juice cup. In fact, it has been known for customers to order a Juice Master Delivered plan just to get their mitts on a stash of blue bottles and store their own homemade juices or juice it forwards to a friend.

Seriously good for your social life

Well, we don’t just mean your Instafeed, although if you turn to page 15 you can see that you will be up with the A-list if you post a snap with blue bottle in hand. However, a Juice Master Delivered plan is super quick, super easy, super convenient and super enjoyable, leaving you more time to enjoy the rest of life. That’s no shopping, no prepping and no waste – if time is more valuable to you than money, Juice Master Delivered is an absolute no-brainer.


"If you want a planou that leavesiylled, feeling fulfter Juice Mas he t s i d e r e v i l e D best choice.�

12 www.juicemaster.com





Juice Master Delivered's blue bottles are instantly recognisable and engineered to transport your juices or blends to keep them fresh. “We use special, robust bottles,” says Nancy Burrage, production and shipping manager at Juice Master Delivered, “which are made to withstand extreme temperatures.

“In addition to our iconic blue bottles, what sets Juice Master Delivered's plans apart is Jason himself. With over 20 years of juicing knowledge behind him,

the global success of his plans and the fact that we only use premium-quality ingredients, you can buy from us with confidence knowing you're putting the best-possible nutrition in your body.

"Other plans don’t use raw almond milk so you don’t truly know what’s gone into them. Our blends contain healthy avocado to add substance, not fillers, so if you want a plan that leaves you feeling fulfilled, Juice Master Delivered is the best choice.”

COMING SOON What you consume after a Juice Master Delivered plan is really important to avoid slipping back to bad nutritional habits which can undo your best efforts and land you right back to where you started. At Juice Master’s retreats, Juicy Oasis and Juicy Mountain, at the end of a detox week, guests are given advice on how to ease back into solid food and sent home with a goodie bag of healthy snacks to help get them started. With this in mind, Jason wanted to give his Juice Master Delivered customers a helping hand and he has started to develop Nourish, an exciting new food addition to the range. Billed as ‘Good Food – Freshly Frozen’, Nourish is based on a selection of Jason Vale’s brilliant Super fast Food! plant-based recipes.

“Working very closely with Jason, we've selected a variety of tasty and satiating dishes that will work perfectly alongside his Juice Master Delivered plans,” adds Nancy. “Nourish meals will provide a balanced and tasty transition from liquid nutrition back to solid food. The range will bring to life some of Jason's vegan and vegetarian, clean-eating dishes, and we can't wait to bring this to Juice Master Delivered customers in 2020."




It’s the #1 juice-delivery plan the A-list turns to time and again for a boost, and many raise a bottle to thank Jason for helping them to get a hit of great nutrition on the go.

Holden it! Amanda Holden knows perfection when she sees it and there’s no doubt she thinks Juice Master Delivered has got the magic x-factor, a winner in every regard.

Dynamic duo He may find it tough, but DJ Chris Moyles is no quitter. He posted this snap of his Juice Master Delivered breakfast, raising his Detox Special to the Juice Master and thanking him for keeping him nutritionally on track.

The final countdown Carol Vorderman is a clever lady in every regard so it comes as no surprise that she thinks a Juice Master Delivered plan adds up to delicious nutrition that makes life on the go as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Fan with a plan Ashley Roberts raises a bottle to boyfriend Giovanni Pernice as he embarks on a plan at the start of the Strictly season...

Strictly juice! ...the couple share a love for Jason's froze n juice plans. A smart mover, Giovanni knows Juic e Master Delivered takes the glitter ball whe n it comes to delivering a knock-out 10/10 blen d!


brilliantly balanced plans to try You’ve read about the good stuff that goes into Juice Master Delivered plans and seen the celebrities who LOVE his frozen juices. Now get YOUR mitts on those iconic little blue bottles. Which plan will you pick? Prof knows best Poor Professor Green was in the wars earlier this year, so Jason sent him a Juice Master Delivered plan as a get-well-soon gift, proving that blue and green really do go together.

3-Day Juice Diet

A great starter, try Jason Vale’s three-day juice diet with 13 juices, three SOS Snack Bars, a free Jason Vale book and a printed copy of Juiced! magazine.

5-Day Juice Diet

Treat yourself to a five-day plan with 20 juices, five SOS Snack Bars, five Ginger Vitality Shots, 14 Biotic Blend Capsules, a free Jason Vale book and a printed copy of Juiced! magazine.

7-Day Juice Diet

All you need for a week’s detox with 28 juices, eight SOS Snack Bars, seven Live Wheatgrass Vitality Shots, seven Ginger Vitality Shots, 14 Biotic Blend Capsules, a free Jason Vale book and a printed copy of Juiced! magazine.

14-Day Juice Diet Blue belle The beautiful Giovanna Fletcher raised a bottle to the Juice Master earlier this year as she completed her Juice Master Delivered plan with #nojanuaryblues

A two-week plan with 56 juices, eight SOS Snack Bars, seven Natural Electrolyte Shots and seven Ginger Vitality Shots, plus 28 Biotic Blend Capsules, a free Jason Vale book and a copy of Juiced! magazine.

5:2 Juice Diet

A great combination of 16 juices, a copy of Jason Vale’s 5:2 Juice Diet to follow-on after you complete the plan plus a printed copy of Juiced! magazine.


Enjoy 30 blends and 20 snack bars, a copy of Jason Vale’s Super Blend Me! book with your first order and a printed copy of Juiced! magazine.

Juice ‘N’ Blend

The latest addition to the Juice Master Delivered plans, 14 juices, 14 blends, 7 SOS Snack Bars, plus a pocket-sized copy of Jason Vale’s 5:2 Juice Diet and a printed copy of Juiced! magazine.

Sleeping beauty She doesn't need any beauty sleep, but our cover star Caroline Flack posted about one of juicing's loveliest side-effects, a good night's sleep.

Ready to get with the Juice Master Delivered programme? Pick your plan and order now at juicemasterdelivered.com – don’t forget to share your success story on Juice Master’s social media channels.



44 www.juicemaster.com 42

Sweet Caroline She’s the big sister we all secretly wish we had – smart, savvy, stylish, strong and sexy. It’s the ever-so lovely Caroline Flack…


his summer, one TV show ruled the airwaves, dominated headlines and captured the nation’s attention. We couldn’t get enough of Love Island and its contestants with their let-it-all-out attitude, juicy gossip and steamy moments. At the helm, like a steady oar steering us through the series with the utmost poise, was Caroline Flack, the show’s presenter since 2015. Whether she’s offering a shoulder to cry on, or crunching down the gravel drive in a gorgeous gown and heels, ready to deliver one of her famous ‘Flack attacks’, Caroline is the show’s best big sister, keeping everyone on track until she finally crowns the island’s winning couple. Caroline is queen of the screen herself, and has been the go-to presenter for some of the biggest shows on television. With stints on The X Factor in 2013 and 2015 and a former Strictly winner with Pasha Kovalev in 2014, she’s presented The BRIT Awards, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, Big Brother’s Big Mouth... In fact, it’s hard to think of a primetime show she’s not added her magic touch to. Today though, she’s enjoying some well-earned downtime at London Fashion Week, indulging in her passion for fashion and catching up with friends Henry Holland and Christopher Kane, who designed dresses for the Love Island launch and finale. It’s late afternoon and, despite a packed day, after a session with a seamstress and ahead of an evening of post-show parties, Caroline is ready to chat. Infectiously enthusiastic, she enters the room like an effervescent glass of Champagne.

44 www.juicemaster.com 18

First up, let’s talk Love Island with one of the best seasons in recent memory. “I feel like part of a family when I’m working on Love Island,” she says. “We have a lovely production team and when we come together it’s special. My job is to make people feel comfortable as most of the contestants don’t have experience of television before they come on, so I can be a big sister and let them know that I understand how they are feeling and provide some reassurance.” Yet, just like a good older sibling, she has the ability to call time on nonsense and lay down the law with her infamous Flack attacks, now a key element of the show’s magic formula. “I love the Flack attacks,” says Caroline. “They’ve changed over the years but now the contestants are very scared when I sweep in. It’s great fun and I have to keep a straight face or I’ll give it away, but even I get hooked on the show and end up watching it at home, it’s compulsive viewing.” Compulsive it most certainly is, and the chemistry flowed this summer with a twist and turn in the plot as the series played out. But what is it that made this such a great season? “I think what people enjoy most about the show is the relationships, not the people,” says Caroline. “What we fall in love with is the chemistry between them as we can relate to their relationships with our own experiences.” No stranger to the highs and lows of cupid’s arrow herself, the press has linked Caroline to a host of romances including Harry Styles, Olly Murs and even Prince Harry. While she has been open about her


19 53


relationships, and although currently dating, Caroline is very comfortable being single. “It makes me laugh - I could walk by someone in the street and next week I’m engaged to them, according to the press,” she says. “I left home at 15 and have always been self-sufficient. I’ve had some amazing relationships and I’m always happy to see where things go when I’m in a relationship, but I think you can be just as powerful and happy being single as you can being in a relationship too.”

Body confidence

It’s hard to think of any aspect of life that Caroline isn’t in control of, and health and fitness are part of her A-game. “I started working with a nutritionist four years ago,” she says. “I never thought about what I ate, but I met a personal trainer who talked through my diet with me and explained it was terrible, I was eating so much sugar – I would pick up low-fat foods without realising they were full of sugar and I didn’t know the best times to eat, or think about portion control. I've completely reshaped my diet. “The reality is I’ve got boobs and a bum, I’m never going to be skinny, but I’ve learned to love my body and what I’ve got. The benefit of age is that you start to appreciate the things you used to hate. “Exercise has been the other game changer and I love going to the gym. I'll wake up, message my personal trainer and say I’m not feeling it and he’ll say, 'Get on the tube'. By the time I’ve finished, I feel amazing, exercise is so powerful for mind and body. "I’ll do 20 minutes running and some weights, maybe a dance class… I’ve also just started doing hot yoga as I don’t sweat very much but it's a great way to help release the toxins from your body.”

44 www.juicemaster.com 20

Juicing is a regular part of Caroline’s regime, giving her a nutritional boost when she’s busy or ahead of a big project. Having visited Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis retreat three times, she also enjoys a Juice Master Delivered plan as an easy, grab-and-go option. “I found Jason online and messaged him to ask for advice," says Caroline. "I ordered a Juice Master Delivered plan and on the first day I thought I was never going to make it, by the second I was tired, but on the third I was jumping for joy and at the end of the week – boom! I was thinking so much more clearly, my hair and skin were amazing and I felt lighter. A plan is a great way to kick-start your health. “Going to Juicy Oasis is pure luxury, you feel like you’re living and breathing the healthy stuff. The combination of pure juice and exercise are like medicine, I love the hikes, reading and watching health documentaries in the evening – it really feels like having time off and you do things at your pace. “Jason gives the most amazing talks and I’ve never met anyone like him. On one trip, he took me out on his boat on the lake and it was incredible, in fact I’m overdue a visit. Juicy Oasis is just a brilliant experience and hands down the best retreat anywhere in the world.”

Fresh outlook

With mind, body and soul sorted, Caroline’s ready for her next venture, a winter season of Love Island and a brand new show on Channel 4. “It’s about people who want to change the way they look,” she says. “I was presented with a pilot and it felt like I was meant to host it. It’s an interesting subject and a major part of our social culture right now – you can be born one way and die another. It’s quite a sensitive

“Juicy Oasis is just a brilliant experience and hands down the best retreat anywhere in the world”

subject and comes down to personal choice, but we have to realise that there is no single idea of perfection, and uniqueness has a real value in the world.” While most A-listers have every hour of the next year mapped out, Caroline is happy to see where her new hosting role, which takes her into new presenting territory, pans out. “I don’t like to plan too far ahead, it makes me stressed,” she says. “I enjoy being spontaneous. I’ve never chosen to have a conventional life – I work hard, play hard, and that’s exactly how I like it.”

rs T ea OU 7 y LD SO

, ! ut ow so n is y m ta ’t r s on u D k yo o bo


Jason Vale’s 7-day Re-set Retreat Yoga•Meditation•Rebounding•Beautiful walks•Eden Spa Loft Sauna•Beach volleyball•Tennis•Fitness•Hot pool•Flowing river


HEY, BIG BLENDER There's a brand new whizz kid on the block – the Juice Master Super Blend, the perfect sidekick to the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer. Take our tour and press restart on your blends A freshly made, high-quality blend is a nutritional powerhouse that has the power to equip your body for busy days, strenuous workouts and all life throws at you. To get the best from your fruit and veggies, Jason Vale has created the all-new Juice Master Super Blend which is second to none. If you’re serious about what goes into your glass, turn the page to discover all that this worktop wonder offers….

22 www.juicemaster.com




1 3 2 POWERFUL The all-new Juice Master Super Blend is a master of the mix with a powerful brushless motor which helps to reduce noise, improve performance and enable your blender to last for longer – perfect when you’re following Jason's Super Blend Me! plan and need your kit to keep up.

24 www.juicemaster.com

EASY TO USE We all love a smart gadget but not when functionality creates unnecessary complexity. The Juice Master Super Blend is user-intuitive with the right level of clever tricks to get the job done effortlessly and easily, plus some whizzy extras. We guarantee you’ll master the manual in seconds and be ready to blend.

SUPER INTELLIGENT With five intelligent pre-set programmes, the Juice Master Super Blend is so clever it can selfdetermine the best method for your blend, soup or sorbet. Simply add the ingredients to the jug, switch on and it will automatically deliver the perfect mix quicker than you can say, 'That's smooth...'

HOT, HOT, HOT! Now, how’s this for clever? The Juice Master Super Blend makes more than just blends and smoothies – as delicious as they are – and can be used to whip up and heat a delicious bowl of soup. A godsend at this time of year, it’s the fab feature that makes this a must-have addition to your autumn kitchen.



...BUT SUPER COOL The all-new Juice Master Super Blend is an all-year performer which also has the ability to make delicious ice cream and natural sorbets, plus mouth-watering homemade nut butters. This multitalented, multi-functional blender is worth its weight in nutritious goodness, so what are you waiting for? Make it yours, today!

Get the Juice Master Super Blend at juicemaster.com and then turn the page to discover exclusive recipes from Jason Vale’s Juice ‘n’ Blend app.

25 53



#1 #1 Health & Fitness app... Jason Vale's latest plan... ...the chart-topping Juice 'n' Blend app 26 www.juicemaster.com


On its release, Jason Vale’s Juice ‘n’ Blend app leapt to the #1 spot on the Health & Fitness Chart and climbed to #5 of all UK apps. Based on the 7-day Super Juice Me! and Super Blend Me! challenges, the app features an interactive shopping list, ten bonus recipes plus a brilliant ‘Shake to shuffle’ feature – if you don’t like a recipe or fancy changing it, shake your phone and the plan will switch, automatically updating your shopping list. With a coaching video and advice on what to do next once you’ve finished the 7-day plan, what are you waiting for? Get started now!


ng. on






+ =


Download Jason Vale’s #1 Juice ‘n’ Blend app from the App Store and Google Play

Here's what they're saying... Here’s what Jason's fans say about the Juice ‘n’ Blend app. ‘I love this app. The fibre in the blends works to satiate and I haven’t had the extreme low energy and headaches I had on a juice plan. I love the shopping list function,’ Jale ‘I love this plan as it’s juice and blend which is for me the ultimate combination. You know you are getting all the

raw nutrients from the juice and the sustainable energy and feeling of being full from the blends,’ Minnie ‘A brilliant plan that mixes both juices and blends. The feature that allows you to ‘shake’ the phone to shuffle the plan is amazing, and it even updates the shopping list – brilliant!’ Charlie

Feeling inspired? Turn the page for FOUR exclusi ve Juice ‘n’ Blend recipes...

27 53


Rainbow Remedy Apple 1 Celery 1 stalk Cucumber 1/4 Beetroot 1 bulb Red cabbage 1 small handful Tomato 1 Ginger 1/4" Lemon 1/4 Ice 1 small handful Juice all the ingredients. Add ice to a glass, pour and enjoy.

Berry Sweet Sensation Ice 1 small handful Blueberries 1 small handful Blackberries 1 small handful Basil leaves 1 small handful Yoghurt 2 tbsps Oat milk 250ml Add ice to your blender, followed by the other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds. Pour and sip.

28 www.juicemaster.com

Minty Ginger Lemonade Ginger 2.5cm Mint leaves 1 small handful Apples 2 Lemon 1/3 unwaxed Ice 1 small handful Juice all the ingredients. Add ice to a glass, pour and enjoy.

Chia Seed Protein Powerhouse Ice 1 small handful Banana 1/2 Spinach 1 small handful Kale 1 small handful Almond butter 1 tsp Chia seeds 1 tsp Oat milk 300ml Remove any hard stalks from the kale. Add ice to your blender, followed by the other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds. Sit back and sip.

29 53

Creamy Nut Butter Protein Blast



Ice 1 small handful Medjool dates 1 Banana 1 small Almond milk 300ml Almond butter 1 tsp Cashew butter 1 tsp Protein SBM! Powder 1 tbsp Remove the stone from the date. Add the ice to your blender, followed by all other ingredients. Blitz for 15-30 seconds.


Got the blending bug? Take your blend or smoothie to the next level with a scoop of Juice Master’s Super Blend Me! Green, Berry and Protein Blend powders Vegan-friendly and approved by the Soil Association as being 100 per cent organic, these high-quality blends are free of preservatives, fillers, artificial flavours and sweeteners. Gluten-, wheat-, soy- and dairy-free, all you need is one teaspoon to boost your glass. With Green, Berry and Protein Blend powders, Jason has all you need to max the nutritional value of your daily blend.

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Super Berry Blast

Minty Green Super Blend

Ice 1 small handful Mixed berries 1 handful Kale 1 handful Banana 1 small Sunflower seeds 1 tbsp Coconut water 250ml Yoghurt 1 tbsp Berry SBM! Powder 1 tsp

Ice 1 small handful Avocado 1/4 medium (ripe) Lime 1 (juice of) Kale 1 small handful Spinach 1 small handful Banana 1/2 small Fresh mint leaves 1 small handful Coconut milk 250ml Green SBM! Powder 1 tsp

Add the ice to your blender, followed by all other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds.

Add the ice to your blender. Scoop in the flesh of the avocado, squeeze in the lime juice, followed by all other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds.


Take your blend to the next level

No preservatives No artificial sweeteners or added sugars No artificial colours

Exclusively available at juicemaster.com


It might come as a surprise, but Juice Master Jason Vale LOVES good food! Here are his favourite chefs and the cookery books he turns to time and again when he’s eating in…


Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food Jason says... He’s a bit of a smoothie and loves a smoothie, every day in fact, but that’s not why I love Gordon Ramsay. I love him because he manages to bring his Michelin-chef expertise to the health table and breaks down his teachings so we can all have a go. Ultimate Fit Food is part of his ‘Ultimate’ series and I like the way he’s divided the book into healthy, lean and fit sections. Gordon is also an avid runner and, like myself, has completed the Great North Run, London and New York Marathons. He recognises the value that juicing and blending can play in preparing for an event. Gordon, I’d love to have you down at one of my retreats to live on juice for a week, kick a football about, play some tennis and have a blast – you just seem like you’d be a lot of fun. Up for the challenge of a week’s retreat, Gordon?

34 www.juicemaster.com

Everyday Super Food, Jamie Oliver Jason says... I have to confess that it was a tough choice between his latest title, Veg, and Everyday Super Food, but this is my favourite cookbook from the living legend that is Jamie Oliver. He’s without question one of the hardest-working guys in the business and somehow seems to keep coming up with new takes on different themes. The reason I love this particular book so much is that it makes eating healthily a wonderful, fun, vibrant experience with recipes that almost taste too good – the fact that they are nutritionally balanced is a bonus. Jamie keeps things simple and his breakfast, lunch and dinner options add up to 1,200 calories. I am not a calorie guy, but if you had a week of juice for breakfast and then did a lunch and dinner from this book, you’ll see some amazing results. It’s also a good follow-on book after one of my plans or after a retreat. He’s an icon, and for good reason! Jamie, we love ya.

35 53

Deliciously Ella Every Day, Ella Woodward Jason says... She’s the queen of beautiful, plant-based recipes made with natural, wholesome ingredients that are a feast for our appetite and our eyes, but the thing which really intrigues me about Ella Woodward is the story behind her Insta-rise to success. A self-confessed sugar monster, she was struck down with a rare illness which attacked her nervous system and left her bedridden until she cured herself with healthy eating. Her journey is similar to my own experience of transforming my health from being heavily overweight and unhealthy with a poor diet, cigarettes and alcohol through the nutrition of pure juice and regular exercise. While we each have a very different approach, our shared desire to help others improve their wellbeing through good nutrition means Ella is an A-star natural hero, in my eyes. Deliciously Ella Every Day is her second book with 100 plant-based, dairy- and gluten-free recipes which are easy to make and delicious to eat. There’s a nod to the power of liquid nutrition with a smattering of smoothie recipes that get my thumbs up, but be sure to give her Pad Thai recipe a go – switching noodles for courgette and carrot is a genius step in a recipe that certainly doesn’t fail to deliver flavour and punch.

36 www.juicemaster.com


The Accidental Vegetarian: Delicious Food Without Meat, Simon Rimmer Jason says... Although almost a decade old and not his latest book release, this is one of my favourite cook books with a great story behind it. You see, although he was a carnivore, Simon bought a vegetarian restaurant with no idea of how to cook. With two cook books and a friend he established an amazing vegetarian restaurant in Manchester which became famous for its food and atmosphere. These are the recipes they cooked and there are some real gems in this book, but what excites me is Simon’s passion for challenging the perception of vegetarian food. If you’re tempted to join the meat-free movement, pick up this classic.

Watch out for Simon's interview with Jason, coming soon to the Jason Vale Podcast

37 53


Davina’s Sugar-Free in a Hurry: The Smart Way to Eat Less Sugar and Feel Fantastic, Davina McCall Jason says... If you need proof that keeping your body fit combined with a great diet keeps you looking young and agile, you need look no further than Davina. She’s been on our screens since as long as I can remember but has also made her mark in the world of health and fitness. Her fitness DVDs are always the best-selling in the country and her cook books fly to the number one spot on release. This book is one of my faves from her as it does what it says on the tin, sugar-free meals in super-fast time. I am forever hopeful to meet Davina in person one day and I’d love a chance to chew the fat with her on my podcast. Davina, if you’re reading, email me!

38 www.juicemaster.com

The Power of Three, Dale Pinnock Jason says... I had the huge pleasure of interviewing Dale Pinnock, aka The Medicinal Chef, for my podcast recently and he is a fantastic guy on a mission to help us improve our health through diet. In this book he has devised 80 recipes and guiding principles to help minimise the chance of being affected by chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer. As my Super Juice Me! documentary and book show, good nutrition can make the world of difference to improving our health for the better, and to say Dale and I are on the same wavelength is an understatement. Along with this book, I highly recommend Dale’s How To Cook Healthily and his more recent titles from ITV’s Eat Shop Save series where you may have caught him sharing his sage advice.

39 53

The Art of Eating Well, Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley Jason says... My friend Gary Barlow has spoken openly in my JuiceTube v-cast interview and written in his autobiography, A Better Me, about his struggles with depression and food. He says that the turning point which forced him to address his health and wellbeing came with the intervention of the Hemsley sisters who put him on a soup detox diet. Their approach is a simple one, that a healthy gut leads to a healthy body and mind, and a better, happier you. I love this book, which encompasses that philosophy with 150 grain-, gluten-, refined sugar- and high starch-free recipes. There are juices too and, as I have a professional interest in others’ juice recipes, I can report that the sisters get a thumbs-up from me for their comprehensive nutritional advice.




Editor’s choice

Packed with over 100 truly inspirational recipes, from incredibly healthy breakfasts - that go beyond superfood just juice! - to brownies to die for! You’ll find healthy all the classics from pizza versions of to pasta to risotto and even a healthy veggie Bursting with super salads, burger and fries! super soups, fish recipes, sides, dips, dressings treats – whether you’re and even sweet a vegan, veggie or pesci there’s something for everyone!




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– Jason Vale


“You won’t find any strange ingredients that can only be found in an Amazonian rainforest! You also won’t need to go to any specialized food shops for any of my recipes and anyone can make these simple, delicious, nutrient packed superfood meals in super fast time; NO CHEF REQUIRED !”

Jaso n Vale

Jason is too modest to mention his own cookbook, Super fast Food – No Chef Required!, which is an amazing collection of recipes he loves to cook and eat with family and friends. Featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, there are ideas for healthy snacks and sweet treats too. ‘I want this book to reignite your cooking fire and show you just how frighteningly easy it can be to eat well,’ says Jason – if you’re looking for a cookbook to get your nutrition on-track, look no further. Order Super fast Food at juicemaster.com

plant power flows to you

#feelyourpower pukkaherbs.com



She lost He lost

40lbs 26lbs

Love life back on track... Overweight and with major health issues, it took one viewing of Juice Master Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! documentary to help Sharon and Jason Mancini juice their way to happiness Change is something most of us struggle with, but there are moments in life when a single decision can lead to the most marvellous outcome. For Sharon and Jason Mancini, a life-changing event took place on 13 April 2019 when the couple first watched Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! health documentary. The film follows the journey of eight people with 22 chronic health conditions who lived on pure juice for 28 days. After an intriguing message from her husband saying he’d had ‘an epiphany', when Sharon arrived home from work, without saying a word about its content, Jason asked her to watch the movie. As the credits rolled, Sharon turned to her husband in tears and asked, ‘You want to do this, don’t you?’

44 www.juicemaster.com 42

He replied that he wanted them to do the programme together and they committed to embark upon a 28-day plan. At the outset, Jason weighed in at 182lbs while Sharon – who once topped the scales at 205lbs – started the 28-day plan at 195lbs, but it was more than just weight which challenged the couple who had a raft of health conditions. Both suffer from ulcerative colitis, a painful condition where the colon and rectum become inflamed and can bleed. Jason was also prediabetic with high cholesterol levels and Sharon had an underactive thyroid, arthritis and osteoarthritis which left her in constant pain, in need of regular medication and steroid injections. Having tried diets in the past, many had led to

Super Berry Blast Ice 1 small handful Mixed berries 1 handful Kale 1 handful Banana 1 small Sunflower seeds 1 tbsp Coconut water 250ml Yoghurt* 1 tbsp Berry SBM! Powder (optional) 1 tsp

Sharon’s fave blend

Add the ice to your blender, followed by the other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds. *Bio-live, coconut or other alternative



inis' s c n a M


SHARON Before: 195lbs After: 155lbs Lost: 40lbs

Feeling inspired? Turn the page for four super Juice ‘n’ Blend recipes

Turn the page to see Sharon's husband Jason's amazing results too...



inis' s c n a M


JASON Before: 182lbs After: 156lbs Lost: 26lbs

Jason’s fave blend

Zesty Super Smoothie Pear 1 Lime (rind on) ½ Fennel 1cm Courgette ½ medium Celery 1 stick Spinach 1 large handful Avocado ½ medium (ripe) Ice 3 cubes Juice the pear, lime, fennel, courgette, celery and spinach. Add the avocado flesh, extracted juice and ice to the blender and blitz.

44 www.juicemaster.com


debilitating flare-ups of colitis and Sharon felt most merely substituted fats for sugars and additives which made her feel worse.


Buoyed by the documentary, the couple prepared to start the 28-day plan by emptying their kitchen of tempting foods. “We cleared out all the junk,” says Sharon. “We gave some to neighbours and tins to the food bank, ready to start on Monday. We had a juicer and stocked the cupboards with all we needed. I was so excited I juiced on Sunday to get a jump-start. “Getting organised was quite a feat as Jason works early shifts from Sunday to Thursday while I work Monday to Friday, so it’s a logistical nightmare to prepare, but we bought bottles and froze some juices as we knew it would make all the difference to our success.


“The first week was tough and by Thursday we hit the mid-week slump with headaches, but we’d bought Jason’s books and downloaded his apps so we knew what to expect, and as the weekend came we turned a corner. Juicing was easy and the two almond drinks at the end of the week were amazing – Jason asked if we could have more of those, but I told him we had to stick to the plan. “He ordered Jason’s Cold Press juicer, which he liked as he said it was like a shiny new car, and a blender to replace the microwave. This kept our motivation up and we learnt to make our own almond milk which was a revelation as it was cheaper than buying it ready-made. “Quite quickly we started to feel little changes and the steroids I had

been taking for colitis seemed to be making me feel worse so I stopped taking them and haven’t looked back. I’m not saying that’s right for everyone, but it was for me. “Jason was due to start high blood pressure medication, but when he went to the doctor for a check his ECG was normal. He asked Jason what he had been doing and when he told him, the doctor replied that he couldn’t give him the tablets and wished Jason Vale’s plans could be rolled out on the NHS. He’s been able to stop taking the steroids and colitis medication and feels like the condition is under control. “By the second week, I had lost 11lbs and had only three to go before I had shed a stone, which was incredible. I noticed an improvement in my knees which I’d had two operations on previously, along with regular steroid injections in my hip. My joints have improved and I’ve been able to stop the injections. I work in insurance and my job is largely desk-bound, but for the first time in years I’ve been able to be active, little things like taking the stairs instead of the lift. “The weight kept falling off us and people started to ask what we were doing so we agreed not to call it a diet but a lifestyle change. We were due to go to Italy to meet Jason’s family for the first time in many years, and the 28-day plan ended four days before we travelled, which was perfect timing. We realised we needed to shop for new clothes and I couldn’t believe I had dropped from a size 18 to a 12/14. I haven’t worn a dress in years and ended up buying ten and getting into a pair of size 12 skinny jeans. “I used to buy Jason's clothes and in his mind he was a 38” waist so he took loads of clothes into the changing room which we then had

45 53


to switch to 36”, then 34” and finally 32”. When we got home, we cried and Jason said, ‘Do you realise what this has done for us?’ I’ve never seen him smile so much and he’s not grumpy any more. “In total, we lost 28lbs on the Super Juice Me! plan, 17” from Jason’s body and 19” from mine. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved, we’ve done it together and been here for each other every step of the way. After our holiday, I started another 7-day plan and lost a further 6lbs, and Jason has been following a regular juice/juice/meal plan. “You’ve got to arm yourself with knowledge to succeed and we’ve got all of the Juice Master apps and books, so we tend to mix and match. We’ve watched every video Jason Vale has filmed and it’s given us the tools to go forwards on our juice journey. I’m starting the 28day plan again, but might switch to the Juice ‘n’ Blend app after 14 days as it’s got all my favourite things on it.


“The other incredible thing this has done for us is reignite our sex life – because of our illnesses we hadn’t touched each other for a long time as it was so painful, but now we want to be close and it’s brought our marriage back together.

“Mentally I’m more alert and after I got over the fog of the first week, my productivity has soared. At work, my manager asked what was the matter as my output doubled. Previously I was constantly fatigued, but now I have such clarity, my response times are quicker and I have a natural energy. I am a mental health first aider and I tell people about Jason Vale. “Jason Vale is now part of our family. He makes us laugh with his bad jokes, but it’s his positive attitude that has given so many OVER 3 MIL LION JASON VALE BOOKS SOLD! people,Lose including us, their lives up to 28lbs and tota lly transform back. We you are proof juicing r healiving lth with Jaso n Vale’s 28-Day SupVale er Juice Me! works. Jason has created Challen ge a pure methodology and whenever anyone asks me how we’ve done it, I just say, ‘Watch Super Juice Me!' If you want to ‘WHEN IT COMES TO do it enough, itJUIC will work.” ING THER E’S ONLY ONE MAN Kim Dennison

“I lost 32lbs. 21 inches from around my and I’ve had NO period pains.” body,




Jason Vale is the best-selling author of ten books on health His books have been transl , addiction and juicing. ated into many languages and he regularly appears on television, radio and in the press. He has five #1 best-s elling apps and is the founder of ‘Juicy Oasis Boutiq ue Health Retreat & Spa’ in Portugal.

Watch Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! documentary for FREE at youtube.com/juicemaster RRP UK £11.99 US $19.99

RRP I S B NUK9 £11.99 7 8 0 9 5 4US 7 6$19.99 6450


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Lewis Corbett



Lighter, happier and feeling amazing on a romantic Italian getaway

“6 inches gone from my waist and 70lbs lost!”


“It’s not just about weight loss though – I’m a trustee of a theatre company, Junction 4 Productions,

and previously I was in so much pain I couldn’t do as much as I wanted, but I’ve been able to throw myself into rehearsals and dance for two hours or more.


YOUR GOOD HEALTH! Runs 25 April – October

2020 dates released 16 October, be quick!

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Yoga • Meditation • Rebounding • Beautiful walks • Sauna Beach volleyball • Table tennis • Juices and smoothies

Call juicymountain.com +44 1234 480280 or visit juicemasterretreats.com

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Jason’s on his Juice Box once more, this time to dispel the utterly ridiculous claim that juicing can cause cancer

I saw the headline, One glass of juice a day raises the risk of cancer, on the front page of a national newspaper and had to have my right to reply. When I see a headline like this, it bugs the life out of me. It’s click bait, dressed up as a ‘genuine scientific study’ but designed to scare the life out of people for no reason at all. They’ve got 100,000 people they’ve ‘tracked’ over five years to tell the truth about what they consume. I mean seriously?!

And then there’s the percentage… They say, ‘If you have fruit juice… just one, one glass of fruit juice a day, it’s going to increase your risk of cancer by 12 per cent'. All of a sudden you start freaking out. But when you really look at the numbers it says that for every 1,000 people who consume sugary drinks, 26 would get the disease over five years. That compares to 22 per thousand for those who didn’t have the juice. Four – just four! – people and that’s if they all consumed the



same thing, other than that one glass of fruit juice a day. That’s assuming they’re all doing the same amount of exercise, they’ve all got the same job, same family, same stress levels…

Cancer scare

So, one glass of juice a day can cause cancer, the headline says. The thing that annoys me about this story is that it could really stop somebody from trying juicing. Do you know how many people on social media, when that headline came up, asked, ‘Jason, is this true?’ These are intelligent people who have been juicing with phenomenal results, who feel fantastic. What, so you’re just going to dismiss how you feel and everything you’ve done? When I was smoking 40-60 cigarettes a day, drinking like it was going out of fashion, eating nothing but junk, I was covered from head to foot in a skin disease called psoriasis and I had severe asthma and eczema, was heavily overweight. When I stopped doing those things and started to regularly have freshly extracted juice and do some exercise things improved. It’s not rocket science and I feel okay. I just turned 50, and I feel pretty good. Fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, lean proteins, you can’t go wrong with them, and if you can eat them why can't you drink them?

Drink up!

Anything which discourages anybody from having more fresh fruits and

vegetables while another study will tell you that we need ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day in order to cut our cancer risk by nearly 40 per cent is wrong! And they say, ‘Oh well, you believe that study, Jason, but you don’t believe this one? That’s cherrypicking’. The point is we all know that fruit and vegetables are good for us, we all know that it doesn’t matter what methodology we have to get them in.

Fresh is best

The final point is that the study’s participants didn’t do this experiment using freshly extracted cold-pressed juice. Whenever they do a study like glycemic index, which was a big thing a couple of years ago, it’s ‘What’s the GI of this juice?’ But the studies on glycemic index are always done with cooked apple juice as when you’ve applied enough heat to pasteurise a juice, you’ve cooked it and started to destroy it. If you look further down the report, there, thrown in right towards the end of the article where no-one is going to read, Dr. Graham Wheeler, senior statistician at Cancer Research UK, no less, warns that the study assumes a link with cancer and this needs further research. Why don’t you just say, ‘It’s bollocks?’ That’s what they’re saying – it’s actually bollocks. It’s just we’ve got some click bait and we’ve got a headline. That’s why this headline isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Catch Jason On His Juice Box at


50 www.juicemaster.com


Stainless steel Takes whole ice cubes Easy twist carp with rubbe seal

ps u o s d n a d l co Keep juices lined l a u d a n i warm ask fl r e t s a M e Juic Shop now at juicemaster.com







2.5m vie ws


JASON VALE Celebrity interv iews Inspirational st ories Lively debates a a healthy dose nd of humour Subscribe now

Class of 2019 Want to take your juicing knowledge to the next level and become a qualified Natural Juice Practitioner with Juice Master? Turn over to discover Jason Vale's unique resource and meet Mairi Ferguson who graduated from the Juice Master Academy‌


The world’s most comprehensive juice e-learning course Juice Master Jason Vale always says that when it comes to juicing, nature does the magic, he merely passes on the knowledge to help people put the right nutrition into their bodies. Part of his mission to juice the world has inspired him to create Juice Master Academy, the most comprehensive juice e-learning course in the world. Encompassing more than two decades of his knowledge, he has developed two separate programmes.

Hit the screen!

The first is the Juice Master Class, comprising 11 digital workshops with more than 50 videos covering the main aspects of juicing, plus exclusive footage from Super Juice Me! The Juice Master Class also provides access to a unique resource, Juice Master’s A-Z of Ailments, which tackles common health issues and explains how particular ingredients can be used to provide natural remedies. The Juice Master Class is great for building your own knowledge, whether or not you intend to practice as a juice therapist.

54 www.juicemaster.com

For those who want to take their knowledge further, Jason’s Juice Study Course provides four in-depth modules with ongoing assessment and an online exam that builds a solid, scientific understanding of biology, anatomy, physiology and nutrition.

Nutritional ninja

Together, once completed, the two programmes enable a student to qualify as a Natural Juice Therapist Practitioner with the potential to support others with their juicing knowledge and even build a practice to help treat clients through juice therapy.

‘The only limitation is your ambition’ Mairi Ferguson is a lifelong learner who over the years has studied accountancy, health and safety and nutrition, but at the start of 2019 was inspired by her own experience to explore juicing in more depth. Based in Nairn, near Inverness, she and her partner, Bill, split their time between Scotland and the Algarve. “Over the winter I developed a chest infection which I think was caused by stress,” says Mairi. “We were in Portugal over Christmas and New Year and I saw Jason Vale’s 7lbs in 7 Days on sale. I was inspired to buy it and a juicer to do the plan, followed by 5lbs in 5 Days. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my feet and hands and juice made a massive difference. I really enjoyed it and signed up for the Juice Master Academy as the next step.

New recruit

“I enrolled in August and I’ve since completed the Juice Master Class workshops, which I really enjoyed, and I’m now about to do my first biology exam as part of the Juice Study Course – I’ve already got an idea for my goldfish-bowl video which each student sends in to complete the programmes and qualify as a Natural Juice Therapy practitioner.

“The beauty of the Juice Master Academy is that being online you can do the course at your own pace and anywhere in the world. The team at Juicy HQ provide brilliant support and is great if you’ve got any questions. “I would like to become a juice practitioner and I’ve previously studied nutrition, but the Juice Master Academy is far more advanced and I’ve learnt so much in a short period of time. The more I study, the more I’m inspired and I find Jason Vale infectious, he’s wonderful with a fabulous personality and a great sense of humour. I love all his YouTube v-cast celebrity interviews and I’m currently hatching a plan to get to Juicy Oasis, or maybe his new retreat, Juicy Escape, next year.

Future vision

“I think 2020 will be my nutritional year and I am really looking forward to setting up and building a client base to share the knowledge I have gained. My partner and I hope to take on a smallholding in the Algarve with an orchard and I have a vision of building my practice using freshly picked fruit. I would like to go as far as I can with my knowledge and I think the only limitation is my imagination and ambition.”

Grow your juicing knowledge with Juice Master Academy, the home of juice e-learning – sign up now at juicemasteracademy.com


56 www.juicemaster.com



OUR ROOTS With autumn’s harvest in the pantry, ground your menu with fabulous root vegetables – try these Juice Master recipes, packed with the season's finest vegetables

No Sheep Shepherd’s Pie Red onion 1/2 medium Garlic 2 cloves Sweet potatoes 3 medium Tomatoes 6 medium Mushrooms 4 medium Leek 1 Black-eyed beans 120g/4oz Olive oil 2 tbsps Apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp Ground cumin 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1 heaped tsp Boiling water 1 litre/35fl oz Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground black pepper 1 generous pinch Stock cube 1 Preheat the oven to 200ºC (400ºF/gas mark 6). Peel and chop the onion, garlic and potatoes. Finely chop the tomatoes and mushrooms. Thinly slice the leek. Drain and rinse the beans. Heat half the olive oil in a large pan. Cook the onion and garlic for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, vinegar, cumin and mustard, cover and

cook over a medium heat for 15 minutes. Boil the potatoes in a pan for 15 minutes until soft. Heat the remaining olive oil in a frying pan and cook the leek slices for 3 minutes or until they soften and brown. Drain the potatoes, season and mash. Add leek and combine. Once the vegetables have cooked for 15 minutes they will have released their juices, at this point add the stock cube, stir well to ensure it is totally dissolved and cook for a further 5 minutes with the lid off. Using a stick blender, pulse for just 6 seconds so that some of the sauce is blended to create a thicker sauce, but the majority is still in its original form. If you don’t have a stick blender, pulse 4 tbsps in a blender, return to the pan and mix well. Pour the filling into an ovenproof dish, cover with the mash and leek topping and pop in the oven for 15 minutes to brown.


Courgette, Fennel & Minty Fresh Soup Courgette 1 medium Fennel 1/2 medium bulb Celery 2 stalks Fresh mint 1 handful Coconut or olive oil 1 tbsp Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground black pepper 1 good pinch Boiling water 600ml/21 fl oz

Strip the leaves from the mint and peel the courgette. Chop courgette, fennel and celery into smallish slices. Cook in oil for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until vegetables soften. Add salt, pepper and water, reduce heat and cook for a further 5 minutes. Remove pan from heat, add mint and blend. If using a blender, be careful as a build up of pressure can blow the lid off – cover with a tea towel and hold down firmly. Serve and enjoy!

58 www.juicemaster.com


Japanese 17-A-Day Golden Delicious apple 1 Pear 1 Cucumber 2cm chunk Unwaxed lime 1/2 Fresh ginger root 1cm chunk Spinach 1 small handful Celery 1/2 stalk Carrot 1/2 medium Kale 1 small handful Raw beetroot (small) 1/2 Pineapple 1cm peeled slice Broccoli stem 1cm chunk Courgette 1cm Parsnip 1cm Fennel 1cm Red bell pepper (small slice) 1 Yellow bell pepper (small slice) 1 Ice cubes 1 small handful

Pack the leafy vegetables tightly into the chute of the juicer, between the apple and the pear, to ensure you extract the maximum amount of juice. Then simply juice everything else and serve poured over the ice.





With a splendid array of shapes, sizes and colours, gourds are the star fruit of the season. Edible varieties including pumpkin and butternut squash are packed with flavour and goodness, so fall in and enjoy a taste of autumn‌

60 www.juicemaster.com

Jack be Little, honeynut, carnival, acorn, spaghetti, mashed potato, kabocha – the names are as colourful as the fruits themselves and each one a member of the cucurbitaceae, or gourd, family. Winter squash are the stars of the season and while we are most familiar with butternut and pumpkin, it’s worth seeking out new varieties to try. While gourds are hard-shelled and typically used for decoration, winter squash are the edible varieties which can be used in soups, salads, as a side dish, main ingredient, even as a dessert. With a lengthy shelf life, winter squash are entirely edible, from their smooth skin and flesh which can be slow-roasted until it caramelises, to the fruits’ tasty seeds which can be washed and toasted to make a nutritious snack.

 Butternut squash With its pear-like shape and pale orange colour, this is the squash we’re most familiar with. Its neutral, slightly sweet flavour makes it a great backdrop to add stronger flavours and spices to, as with Jason’s ‘pasta’ recipe (right).

Acorn 

Smaller and, as the name suggests, acorn-shaped, this green squash opens to reveal golden flesh that is perfect for stuffing and roasting.

 Spaghetti Oval and yellowish in shape, the flesh offers pasta-like strings which makes it a perfect wheat-free substitute served with a flavoursome sauce.

Kuri  A Japanese variety, this thin-skinned fruit needs to be peeled but reveals an earthy, chestnut flavour that can be added to a soup or stir-fry.

 Kabocha

Another Japanese variety often with a red and green skin that is entirely edible, the flesh is similar in flavour to sweet potatoes and delicious roasted, used in soups or puréed to make a smooth sauce.

Butternut squash al dente ‘pasta’ with roasted red pepper pesto Butternut squash 1 (small) Red peppers 2 Olive oil 5 tbsps Garlic cloves 2 (skin on) Pine nuts 50g/2oz Water 200ml/7 fl oz Rock salt 1 pinch Ground pepper 1 pinch Sun-dried tomatoes 100g/3.5oz Rocket leaves 30g/1oz 1. Preheat the oven to 180˚C (350˚F/gas mark 4). Peel the butternut squash and spiralise. Core and de-seed the peppers and quarter. 2. Oil a tray, add peppers and bake for 15 minutes. Add garlic, pine nuts and cook for 5 minutes. 3. Put 1 tbsp of oil into a pan over a medium heat, add the butternut squash and cook for 3 minutes. Add water, seasoning and cook for 5 minutes or until water evaporates. Set aside. 4. Remove tray from oven. Peel the garlic (watch out, it’s hot) and place in a blender. Add peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, half the pine nuts, remaining olive oil and pulse. 5. Scoop the butternut squash onto a plate, add the pesto, a handful of rocket and finish with a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts. Order Jason's Super fast Food at juicemaster.com

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METAL #StrongNotSkinny, #GirlsThatLift – weightlifting is having an Instagram moment so grab some metal and raise the bar on your workout with our starter’s guide








Anticipate some muscle soreness and stiffness after a workout. Your muscles won’t be used to doing the work and may be tender afterwards. Be prepared for some discomfort but go back to it, you will be stronger after each session.

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Start with two days a week, with rest in between, but don’t sit on your bum! Go for a walk, swim or cycle to keep things moving. Rest doesn’t mean inactivity but giving your body a chance to recover. Add a third day when you feel ready.

You don’t need expensive equipment or a gym pass to start with. Use your bodyweight – start with press-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups on a simple circuit. Calisthenics are a fantastic way to build strength and endurance.

Weightlifting has traditionally had a bit of a bad rap, associated with bulging musclemen and gym posturing, but strength training is experiencing a makeover and more women are picking up weights as part of their workout. On social media, a growing number of female athletes and everyday exercisers are posting shots of the incredible results they are achieving from weightlifting. Long, lean limbs, muscle definition and tone are high on most of our bodyshape wish lists, and weightlifting can help achieve all three without leaving you ending up looking like Arnie during his Mr Olympia era. Fitness instructor and gym owner Tim Britton works with clients at Fusion 3 Fitness and says it’s a common misconception that weightlifting will leave you with bulging biceps. Working multiple muscle groups, strength training helps to burn calories and trim our body fat. “When I suggest introducing weights, women often panic but it takes time and dedication to build the kind of muscle mass achieved by bodybuilders. “Weightlifting is a great way to control your body weight and increase bone density and definition while building strength. This, in turn, helps to reduce our risk of injury – consider if you fell over, would you be strong enough

to pick up your own body? Weight training is a great tool to help the physicality of your own body.” Last month, government national guidelines recommended adults do strength-based exercise at least twice a week to stay fit and active. In addition to the aesthetic advantages of lifting, research by Copenhagen University Hospital reveals that it can also help to reduce deep-layer heart fat and our risk of cardiovascular disease. Participants in a study undertook a 45-minute, medium load, high-rep workout of ten exercises. “Participants doing resistance training burn more calories during the day – also in inactive periods – compared to those engaged in endurance training,” the report concluded. Along with the physical benefits, strength training releases endorphins in our body that help to improve our mindset, a boon during the darker winter months, and build confidence. “There is a huge shift in the mindset of young women,” says Tim. “People have begun to challenge stereotypes surrounding physical appearance and are seeing that having a strong body is empowering, physically and mentally. Women are celebrating a more muscular body shape which is incredibly positive and if we only do 20 per cent of what professional athletes do, we have the power to be amazing.”





After a couple of weeks, introduce exterior weights which are heavy enough to challenge you but don’t impact your ability to maintain form. If you can complete your reps easily, increase the weight rather than the number of moves.

Your body has worked hard so reward it by stretching to help maintain mobility. Refuel with a juice or blend with some protein powder.



THE WATER’S LOVELY… We tend to think less about hydration during the winter months, but H2O is exactly what your body needs Fluid intake and hydration levels are something we usually worry about in the heat of summer, but as the celsius drops and the central heating clicks into action our bodies can become seriously dehydrated if we don’t drink enough water. During the colder months, we tend to keep windows and doors closed, and central heating can dry out the environment, leaving our home and workplace as arid as a desert. Dehydration can affect our hair and skin, cause headaches, dizziness, even low blood pressure and increased heart rate. However, our body is a clever machine and one easy way to monitor if you are getting enough H2O is to check your urine, which should be light and clear. Just over half of our body is made up of water and it’s essential for it to function properly. Drinking a glass of 44 www.juicemaster.com 64

water can help to combat fatigue, boost our brainpower and improve clarity of mind. It also has the power to brighten our skin and help flush out toxins from our kidneys. The jury’s still out among experts as to whether we really do need eight glasses, something we often hear is the optimum number to drink each day. A drink first and last thing each day, along with a litre of liquid in between, is achievable for most of us. When you are exercising, an extra 500ml, sipped slowly, will replace fluid levels as we sweat it out. Around 20 per cent of our fluid intake comes from food, and it’s worth remembering that fruit and vegetables have a high water content which helps our hydration. Adding a juice or smoothie to your diet is a great way to boost your intake, along with our simple seasonal ideas.


to try

1. SOME LIKE IT HOT While chilled water is instantly refreshing, Ayurvedic practice suggests tepid water is better for our digestion, and a mug of freshly boiled water, slightly cooled, can help to settle an upset stomach or nausea. 2. A BIT FRUITY Pep up plain H2O with fruit, vegetable and spice infusions. Try simple cucumber slices or ramp up the flavour with slices of grapefruit, raspberry and coriander. Add an autumnal flavour with bruised bay leaves and halved blackberries, served chilled. 3. A TISANE! Hot herbal infusions, or tisanes, have been used in ancient medicine for centuries. Try dandelion to detox and flush the system – roasted, it has a coffee-like taste. Fennel can help upper respiratory ailments, while rosehip can boost the immune system and adrenal function.

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