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RAISE A GLASS Supplements for the season

“I lost 120lbs and ran a half marathon”

Claire Lincoln’s inspiring story

Gary Barlow’s Juicy Oasis stay

“It’s been life-changing”



THE BOTTOM LINE The truth about colonic hydrotherapy

Recipes to warm you up inside





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Juicy greetings Hi, Jason here and welcome to the winter edition of Juiced! READ

I LOVE all of Chris Evans’ books and his third instalment doesn’t disappoint. Thoughtprovoking and inspirational – enjoy.


The one and only Gary Barlow is our Juiced! cover star this issue, and I had the good fortune of catching up with him at Juicy Oasis to discuss his journey from a 17½ stone (245lb) man, trying to hide from the world, to the very lean and sharp 11½ stone (161lb) front-of-camera megastar he is today. His transformational story is one of the most inspirational I’ve ever heard and if, when you think of Gary, you think ‘boy band’, once you read my interview you will appreciate that his talents are vast. The sheer volume of his achievements to date, the things he has in the immediate pipeline and the goals he still wants to fulfil will soon have you thinking very differently about this über-talented individual.

Ok, I’m biased as I’m in this documentary, but that aside, my friends over at Food Matters really have produced one of the best health films ever made.

Not only do we get the juice on Gary, but once again Juiced! is packed with gorgeous recipes, inspirational ‘real life’ stories, great articles, health tips and all the latest juicy news. In an exclusive extract, we feature the full first three days of the Super Juice Me! juice challenge and a taster of the Super food Me! plan from my Super fast Food book ahead of the Big January Clean-up, kicking off on 9 January 2017 – sign up from 16 December at bigjanuarycleanup.com. We also take a retrospective look at the past year, and boy what a 12 months it’s been!


The magazine is FREE to download from iBooks and Issuu, so please continue to spread the word and help to make the world a lighter and healthier place to be. Sharing is caring, as they say!

I had the pleasure of spending a week with Tom Baxter at Juicy Oasis. He grabbed his guitar, sat under a palm tree and entertained us in true ‘Jack Johnson’ style. Download and chill with this beautiful man!

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Contents 03 Editor’s letter

Jason introduces the issue

07 Juice spot

Winter 2016 Issue 2


Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing

10 J ason’s Big January Clean-up Start the year in the best shape ever

18 G reatest stay

Jason catches up with Gary Barlow at Juicy Oasis to talk health and happiness

10 24 S ouper soups for the soul

Three warming recipes to nourish you through the winter season

28 T he year that juicing changed my life! Real life juicing success stories to inspire you

36 A n unmissable date with Jason! A hot date with Jason Vale

38 I f you can’t stand the heat The lowdown on cold press juicing


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Just press play

Food Matters’ top docs to watch


An apple a day...

Fix colds and flu with this super fruit



Cashew! A nut not to be sneezed at

Discover why the humble cashew is a powerhouse of goodness


Feel the beet

Ditch the pickles, here are three delicious ways to try beetroot


Gut instinct

52 H ead over heels

Yogi Kenny Ryan talks headstands

54 B attle of the juicers Discover which machine makes the most juice

56 W hat supp?

Supplements for winter

58 A n oasis of inspiration





Your guide to colonic hydrotherapy

0 2 “ I l o st 1

62 W hat a juicy year

Jason’s 2016 highlights

66 W in the Retro Family

All you need for great juicing

The story behind Juicy Oasis

For more juicy inspiration visit juicemaster.com 05


Merry Berry Christmas (Hold The Turkey!) Christmas is coming and the goose may be getting fat, but there’s no need to blitzen your healthy eating habits. As a special gift, Jason has created a super seasonal cranberry smoothie that’s as rosy as Santa’s cheeks, and will leave you feeling just as jolly as the Big Guy. Whip up this glass of goodness and put some ho, ho, ho in your get up and go. Banana 1 Cranberries (fresh or frozen) 1 handful Orange (juice of) 1 Almond milk 100ml Bio live yoghurt (or vegan alternative) 2 tbsps Manuka honey 1 tsp Cinnamon 1 tsp Ice 2 cubes Put all of the ingredients in a blender or your Retro Super Blend and blend until smooth.

Jason says... Packed with vitamins B and C, beta-carotene and folic acid, iodine, calcium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and quinine, cranberries pack a powerful nutritional punch. Several studies have shown cranberries to be effective in treating bladder infections and also beneficial in the prevention of kidney stones. This tart and fruity blend is tamed with a hint of cinnamon, adding a seasonal twist.


We’ve gone to No.1!

Having raced to the top of the iBooks chart at launch, Juiced! magazine has become the must-read for anyone who values their health and happiness. Alesha Dixon, our gorgeous first cover star, tweeted her delight with the hashtag #healthequalshappy! We couldn’t agree more, Alesha, you’re an amazing role model for anyone starting their own juicy journey.



Super fast Food


Take a sneak peek at Jason’s first-ever cookbook

juices to drink yourself happy and healthy

Getting juicy with Alesha Dixon “Jason taught me how to get the right blends”


No.1 on a mazon & iBooks – boom!

Autumn 2016 | Issue 1

Recharge your body with the Big Juice Challenge

“How I lost 140lb and kept it off ” Real life readers share their success stories


Following fast in the footsteps of Juiced! magazine, the launch of Jason’s first-ever cookbook, Super fast Food, soared straight to the top of the Amazon and iBooks charts, pipping Davina and Nigella to the top spots. Jason took to the road to promote the book release – turn to page 64 to read more about his promotional tour.




HOT exercises when it’s cold outside… When the temperature drops our motivation for staying active can plummet too, but we’ve got five fab indoor exercises to help you stay on track this season. 1. BATTLE ROPES Previously found in martial arts gyms, weighted battle ropes are the tough-guy way to pep up your fitness routine.

BE FREE FOR FREE We’re talking about quitting smoking, of course. If you haven’t discovered the joy of a smoke-free life, now is the time to take the plunge and quit for good with the help of Jason Vale’s FREE Stop Smoking in 2 Hours! app. Let it completely free your mind of the desire to smoke, and the need for willpower. Jason, a former chain smoker himself, can show you how to banish those demons forever. “I’ve been where you’ve been,” Jason says. “You’re worried about the smell on your breath, in your hair, on your clothes but still you

need to do it. This app is different because it explains why you do it and how to escape that trap.” Included in the app are coaching videos, audio sessions, relaxation techniques plus SOS videos for any ‘eek!’ moments when you find your mind wandering back to the evil weed. No drugs or needles are needed. Stop Smoking in 2 Hours! explains the nature of addiction and then guides you to a simple way out. Rid yourself of your slavery to nicotine and you’ll never look back – go on, make this the year you finally do it!


Jason is appearing at London’s Eventim Apollo for one day only, delivering his inspirational story and motivational message. Turn to page 36 to find out more.

2. TURBO TRAINING When the weather drives you indoors, don’t banish your cycling routine – hook your bike up to a turbo trainer and pedal on. Shop at halfords.com 3. STRALA YOGA Combining yoga with the movement and healing wisdom of tai chi and dance, New York creator Tara Stiles has come up with a unique way to balance mind and body. Visit stralayoga.com 4. HOT BARRE Heat helps the body to stretch and hot barre brings the Bikram way to ballet, creating a steamy studio experience. 5. REBOUNDING Jason’s low-impact trampoline exercises are a body-kind and highly effective winter exercise routine to embrace. Visit juicemaster.com/shop

Saudi Arabia has seen the launch of its first Juice Master Juice Bar in Jeddah. So if you’re jetting to the Middle East this year, be sure to pop by for a juice with a Sheik! 09


...and a week from this one

Two weeks ne... from this o





+ 7 DAYS








Jason Says... It’s BIGGER, BADDER and BOLDER than ever before and is designed to not simply undo any ‘festive season damage’ you may have done, but to catapult you into the New Year with your ‘healthy and fit’ mojo intact. Not only will the average person drop 14-21lbs and feel razor-sharp both mentally and physically, but Jason's Big January Clean-up will ‘reset’ the mind to such a degree you will want to continue to juice, eat well and exercise long after the ‘clean-up’ is over. This is because we are going beyond the juice this time with Jason’s 7-Day Super Food Me! add-on. The first 14 days are packed with juices and blends, all taken from the famous Super Juice Me! programme and designed to provide you with the healthiest rapid weight-loss and health pick-me-up possible. This is followed with the perfect followon Super Food Me! plan which has three brilliant advantages – here's why this is Jason's best detox yet…

When you have lived on nothing but juice for 14 days, what you do next is extremely important and the last thing you want to do is undo all of the good work you have done by coming off it the wrong way.


I want to show as many people as possible just how easy it is to cook fresh, lean, clean and green – and for it to taste good. We will all be having exactly the same breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the final week of the Big January Clean-up, so there will be a wonderful community feel. This week is also designed to create the habit of making good food at home, so with 14 days of Super Juice Me!, plus 7 days of Super Food Me! we are giving ourselves the best possible chance of ultimate success. Ultimate success is not simply completing the Big January Clean-up, but it becoming a way of life. Ultimate success is arriving in summer in the best shape you’ve ever been in, feeling the best you’ve ever felt. I will be doing the Big January Clean-up along with you and tens of thousands of others from all over the world. I’ll be doing videos and interacting with you on social media to keep us focused and on track. I’ll answer questions, give shout-outs, and coach you through the 21 days. My team will also be on hand to support you on our Facebook page.


On Sunday 29 January, I will be doing a Facebook LIVE ‘Cook Along With Jason’ to finish off the Big January Clean-up. We’ll cook in real time and in-between I will answer questions, read out some results and generally have a blast. The good news is the 7-day Super Food Me! plan completes with the No Dough Pizza – what a way to finish!


I am providing all of the recipes and the plan for FREE, so no excuses. All you have to do is sign up for FREE, and everything will be sent to you. To give you a flavour of things to come, in this issue of Juiced! magazine we are featuring the first three days of Super Juice Me! and the first day of Super Food Me! for FREE. That way, if you’re not up for the full Clean-up Challenge, you could just do the three days outlined in this magazine. Actually, if you have grabbed a copy in early December, some of you may well try a 3-day juice ‘detox’ before the Christmas party begins!


The more the merrier they say, and that is certainly the case with any of my challenges. The more people joining in, the more support we all have as a community and the bigger chance of more of us completing it. So please spread the word and get as many people as you can to join us for the Big January Clean-up – you never know, you just may end up being responsible for helping to turn someone’s life around, just by giving them the nudge. Now turn the page and get started...

13 11



Juice Me!



Hot water with lemon Ginger Shot 2x Bacterial Culture Capsules 9am JUICE 1 Protein Rich Powerhouse 1pm JUICE 2 Breath of Fresh Air 4pm JUICE 3 Breath of Fresh Air 7pm JUICE 4 Protein Rich Powerhouse


Apple 1 Spinach 1 large handful Pineapple (peeled) ¼ medium Cucumber ¼ medium Lime (peeled) 1 Broccoli stem 3cm Fresh peas (raw or frozen) 6 pods Avocado (ripe) ½ medium Hemp protein powder 1 heaped tsp Mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin) 1 tbsp Ice 3 cubes Juice the apple, spinach, pineapple, cucumber, lime, broccoli stem and peas. Add the avocado flesh, mixed seeds, hemp protein powder and ice to the blender, pour in the extracted juice and blend until smooth.


Orange (peeled, pith on) 1 large Carrot (remove ends) 2 medium Raw beetroot (remove ends) 1 small bulb Fresh mint 1 large handful Ginger 3cm Ice 3 cubes Juice all the fruits and vegetables, then either pour the extracted juice into the blender with ice and blend or simply add ice to a glass and pour over.


Hot water with lemon WAKE UP! Natural Electrolyte Shot 2x Bacterial Culture Capsules Pure Raw Energy Smoothie 9am JUICE 1 Chlorophyll Cleanser 1pm JUICE 2 Chlorophyll Cleanser 4pm JUICE 3 Pure Raw Energy Smoothie 7pm JUICE 4



Juice Me!

JUICE 2 / 3 CHLOROPHYLL CLEANSER Apple 1 Pear 1 Cucumber ¼ medium Lime (rind on, wax free) ½ Celery 1 stick Spinach 1 large handful Broccoli stem 3cm Kale 1 large handful Ice 3 cubes Juice all the fruits and vegetables, then either pour the extracted juice into the blender with ice and blend or simply add ice to a glass and pour over.

JUICE 1 / 4 PURE RAW ENERGY SMOOTHIE Apple 1 Pineapple (peeled) ¼ medium Celery 2 sticks Carrot (remove hard end) 1 large Raw beetroot (remove hard end) 1 medium bulb Lemon (rind on, wax free) ¼ Banana ½ medium Avocado (ripe) ½ medium Hemp protein powder 1 heaped tsp Ice 3 cubes Juice the apple, pineapple, celery, carrot, beetroot and lemon. Add the avocado flesh, banana, hemp protein powder and ice to the blender, pour in the extracted juice and blend until smooth.



Juice Me!

JUICE 1 / 4 SWEET 'N' SMOOTH VEGGIE BLEND Apples 2 Spinach 1 handful Courgette (remove ends) ¼ medium Lime (peeled) 1 Celery ½ stick Cucumber ¼ medium Broccoli stem 3cm Parsnip (remove ends) ½ medium Avocado (ripe) ½ medium Ice 3 cubes Juice the apples, spinach, courgette, lime, celery, cucumber, broccoli stem and parsnip. Add the avocado flesh and ice to the blender, pour in the extracted juice and blend until smooth.



Hot water with lemon Ginger Shot 2x Bacterial Culture Capsules 9am JUICE 1 Sweet ’n’ Smooth Veggie Blend 1pm JUICE 2 Digestive Aid 4pm JUICE 3 Digestive Aid 7pm JUICE 4 Sweet ’n’ Smooth Veggie Blend

JUICE 2 / 3 DIGESTIVE AID Apples 2 Carrot (remove ends) 2 large Celery 1 stick Fennel 3cm Ginger 3cm Ice 3 cubes Juice all the fruits and vegetables, then either pour the extracted juice into the blender with ice and blend or simply add ice to a glass and pour over.



wake up, Shake up!



Breakfast Wake Up, Shake Up! Lunch Courgette, Fennel & Minty Fresh Soup Dinner Fresh Veggie Noodles with Roasted Pepper Sauce

Serves 2 Pear 2 medium Basil 20g or 2 small handfuls Cucumber 6cm/2 small chunks Avocado (ripe) 1 small Filtered water 500ml/18fl oz Ice 3 cubes 1. Cut the pear in quarters, remove the core and chop into small pieces. Remove the leaves from the basil and discard the stalks. Chop the cucumber into small pieces. Remove the flesh from the avocado. 2. Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend for 30-60 seconds.

Courgette, Fennel & minty Fresh Soup Serves 2 Courgette 1 medium Fennel ½ medium bulb Celery 2 stalks Fresh mint 20g or 1 handful Coconut or olive oil 1 tbsp Himalayan rock salt & ground black pepper season to taste Boiling water 600ml 1. Remove the ends from the courgette and fennel, and then peel the courgette, fennel and celery into small(ish) slices. Remove the leaves from the mint and discard the stalks. 2. Gently heat the coconut or olive oil in a pan over a medium heat and add the courgette, fennel and celery. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally until the vegetables start to soften, then add the salt, pepper and water. Reduce the heat and continue to cook for a further 5 minutes. 3. Remove from the heat, add the fresh mint and blend for 1-2 minutes using a blender. Pour the soup into a bowl and enjoy.




food ME!

Fresh veggie noodles with a roasted pepper sauce Serves 2

Ingredients for the veggie noodles Courgette 1 medium Carrot 1 medium Parsnip 1 medium Fresh dill 10g or 1 small handful Boiling water 1 litre Rice noodles (wide flat ones if possible) 300g Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground pepper 1 generous pinch Ingredients for the roasted pepper sauce Red pepper 2 medium Yellow pepper 2 medium Red onion 1 medium Garlic 2 cloves Olive oil 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp 1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. 2. Spiralize (or finely cut into strips) the courgette, carrot and parsnip and place in a saucepan. Finely chop the dill, removing any hard stalks. 3. Cut the peppers into quarters and remove the cores. Peel the onion and garlic. Cut the onion into quarters and place the peppers, onion and garlic onto a baking tray. Drizzle with the olive oil. Place the baking tray in the oven and roast for 25 minutes. 4. About 5 minutes before the roasted vegetables are cooked, pour the boiling water over the courgette, carrot and parsnip. Cover with a lid and cook over a medium heat for 4 minutes. Remove from the heat, add the noodles, cover and leave for 1 minute. Drain the water, return to the pan, add the dill, salt and pepper, stir gently and replace the lid.

Start 2017 right with JASON



The Ultimate 21-Day Turnaround! Get the rest of the plan for FREE

bigjanuarycleanup.com 16

4. Place the roasted vegetables into a food processor or the blender container of a stick blender. Add the apple cider vinegar and blend for 60 seconds until everything turns into a sauce. 5. Spoon the noodle dish into a bowl, pour over the sauce and enjoy!

SUPER fast FOOD Like a dog, this is not just for Christmas!

Includes 7-day


It’s not all about the juice!

Available from all good booksellers


STAY Looking sharper than ever, Gary Barlow tells Jason Vale why Juicy Oasis provides a unique opportunity to detox body and mind





Gary has lost a whopping 6 stone (84lbs)

hen you’ve sold 50 million records worldwide, including 14 number ones, been a six-times recipient of the Ivor Novello Award, fronted one of the world’s biggest pop bands, twice, and received an OBE, you could be forgiven for allowing yourself to live a little. Yet there’s nothing excessive about Gary Barlow who is as humble as the Cheshire boy who set out to pursue his love of music at 15. As we settle poolside at Juicy Oasis to chat about life, an insane schedule – which means these are Gary’s last few days off until June 2017 –, diet, fitness and wellbeing, it’s clear he is as grounded as they come. With the pick of the world’s greatest hotels at his fingertips, what brings Gary to Juicy Oasis, to detox and spend his precious downtime enjoying yoga and walks? It’s my first question. “I came in February and I’d never done a week of juicing before,” he explains. “Previously I’d tried three days using one of your books and I found it really, really hard. I was working and I had to make my juices in the mornings and put them in flasks, and I found it a complete pain. I was disappointed in myself having bailed half way through, and our tour manager kept talking about Juicy Oasis. “I’d never done a retreat before and I was intrigued, scared and nervous but determined I was going to get through it. I came with the idea of losing a bit of weight and doing the juice week, and by the end I realised they were the least important things. “Two big things were getting rid of my phone and technologically checking-out of life for a


week. But the biggest thing was being able to completely clear my mind. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do it in my life, and for the first time in 45 years I really stopped and thought, ‘This week is mine, this is for me’.” Having returned for a second visit just six months later, Gary describes Juicy Oasis as life-changing, which seems curious to anyone looking at his enormous success. “Coming here, I didn’t want to change my life,” says Gary, “but the one thing that I realise, six months later, is the advantage of having these weeks through the year where you check-out. “Your work’s better, you’re a better person – with the kids, as a husband, at your job – when you find the skill of checking-out. Even an hour a day is enough, to read, do yoga – they’re activities but the idea is to give your mind a rest.” Both mentally and physically, Juicy Oasis has created massive change to Gary’s life, and he says he has embraced yoga since his first visit and that this now forms a regular part of his fitness regime. “I never really got the yoga thing,” he says. “It was always a bit slow for me

Star juice Green Superfood

Gary’s fave juice is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Apples 2 Broccoli stem 3cm Celery 1/2 stick Cucumber 1/4 medium Spinach 1 large handful Unwaxed lemon 1/4 Ginger 1cm chunk Ice 1 small handful Juice the lot and pour over ice!


as I’m one of those people who puts on their sports gear and wants to be sweating in four minutes. I want to hit it as hard as I can because it’s my hour of the day. “Being at Juicy Oasis, I had many yoga classes and slowly the benefits hit me until I realised I needed it in my life. Now I do 50 per cent hard training, 50 per cent yoga.” Like many of us, Gary’s experience shows that we achieve optimum results when our mind and body work in tandem, although he explains that for him juicing is a tool, not a rule, and something he turns to as a boost before a major event or as a recharge. “I’m not a massive juicer but I love to use it as a momentum builder – I did it just before we played Hyde Park. It flattens the road again so

all of your tastebuds go back to being neutral. It’s brilliant if you’ve got a big event coming up, such as a wedding. Juicing for three or four days makes you sharper and your skin better.” Although he juices intermittently, Gary’s diet is balanced and healthy, ensuring he stays in great shape and has the energy to maintain his intense schedule. “I cook dinner every night and during the autumn it’s stew time when it’s cold outside,” he says. “I slow cook and the oven is on for most of the day. My go-to healthy meals are dahls cooked with water and spices. They’re so easy and tasty. I’ll use puy lentils, split red lentils for speed, or mung beans soaked overnight; they’re delicious.” It’s a long way from Gary’s less healthy days, when he struggled with his weight which he

“For the first time in 45 years I really stopped and thought, ‘This week is mine’”



openly says reflected his unhappy state-of-mind. “It was almost a body armour that I put on,” he says. “Like most people who gain weight, it was down to many reasons. “I’d unofficially lost my job as I’d lost my record deal, so I was redundant at 24 and it was very young to think, ‘What am I going to do for the rest of my life?’ I became a father for the first time and there was an intense moment of feeling very responsible. “I was getting recognised a lot, and it wasn’t for the right reasons – people would look at me and say, ‘Are you alright?’ and tilt their head, as if in sympathy. My fall was such a public one. “The more weight I put on, fewer people recognised me, so by the time that I was 17 ½ stone (245lbs) I wasn’t getting bothered and it was bliss! “I was out of shape for three or four years, but I wasn’t very happy or mobile – I had to do the momentum roll to get out of bed. I’m not a tall guy so when the weight went on it showed. Thinking back, people were less aware of health and wellbeing ten years ago, and so it was quite hard to get to grips with. I grabbed the diet books, threw myself into lots of exercise and running, and I lost the first three stone quite quickly. “Then Take That reformed and the rest went without really doing anything – I’m now down to 11 ½ stone (161lbs).” In great shape this go-round, Gary loves sharing healthy diet tips with his fellow bandmates. “I eat by far the best,” says Gary. “I give the others tips and as I’ve got older it’s become a passion of mine to feel good. The way I feel at the end of my stay at Juicy Oasis is my benchmark – I feel so clean.” The recharge is much needed before Gary starts to spin the plates again. Having written for radio and film, five years ago he teamed up with lifelong friend and playwright Tim Firth to write a musical, The Girls, which comes to the West End in February. “I’ve also had the Take That musical in development for about 18 months,” he says, “with 25 years of our music in one show. At about the same time as I realised I needed five guys, I was approached by the BBC and we’ve created a new talent show, Shine, putting singers into bands to compete against each other. “At the end, the winners will have an eight-shows-a-week, yearlong tour to perform around the UK. They’re going to learn what it’s like to go on the road and become a band.”

Back for good! Gary and Jason take the plunge at Juicy Oasis

The show’s instant fame is a far cry from Gary’s path to success, which came about after many years of performing in bars and clubs, and five years with Take That before they got a lucky break with Gary’s demo of A Million Love Songs. “I wrote that song when I was 15,” he says. “I was playing in clubs and at the time I didn’t realise I was learning the DNA of a wealth of classic love songs. I didn’t really know what love was when I wrote it, but I was regurgitating all the stuff that had gone into my system and out came this song that has stood the test of time, and hasn’t changed one bit since.” Happy, healthy and with a raft of projects ahead, Gary says his mindset today would never allow him to get overweight again. “I would see that as losing. I always thought, ‘I’ve got a really pretty wife, and she’s stuck with this overweight guy who wasn’t who she married’. I didn’t like being like that, and I don’t know anyone who does.” Staying in shape, eating healthily and looking after his state of mind keep Gary feeling fantastic and, just like his hit track, this version of his life is back for good. ■

“The way I feel at the end of my stay at Juicy Oasis is my benchmark – I feel so clean”



Jason Vale’s 7-day Re-set Retreat Yoga•Meditation•Rebounding•Beautiful walks•Eden Spa Loft Sauna•Beach volleyball•Tennis•Fitness•Hot pool•Flowing river


Souper soups for the soul

It’s the season for curling up under a blanket and tucking into a nourishing soup. For a healthy, hearty treat pick one of Jason’s favourite recipes from the Soup 'n' Juice Me! app

Sweet Potato, Coconut & Chilli Soup Sweet potato and sublime coconut milk, subtly enriched with the rich spice of chilli. Sweet potatoes 2 Red chilli 1 Spring onion 1 Vegetable oil 1 tbsp Coconut milk (half-fat) 400ml In a large saucepan, heat the oil and add the sweet potatoes, chilli and onion.


Gently sweat the vegetables over a medium heat for 15 minutes, then add the coconut milk and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and, using a blender (handheld or jug), purée the soup until smooth. Pour into a bowl and enjoy.


Sweet Cherry Tomato and Roasted Pepper Soup Sweet cherry tomatoes and roasted peppers merge to create a souper-scrumptious flavour explosion. This soup is so delicious it’s even made it into our Juice 'n’ Smoothie Bars. Bell pepper (red) 1 Bell pepper (yellow) 1 Red onion 1 Garlic 2 Cherry tomatoes 12 Vegetable oil 1 tbsp Vegetable stock cube 1 Pepper and salt to taste

Place the peppers, onion, garlic and tomatoes on a large baking tray, drizzle with oil and roast in the oven for 15 minutes. Boil the water and prepare the stock by dissolving the stock cube into it. Remove the vegetables from the oven and empty into a large saucepan, add the stock and seasoning, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and, using a blender (handheld or jug), purée the soup until smooth.


Hunky Chunky Vegetable Soup A scrumptious, filling soup that combines seasonal root vegetables into a tasty blend. Parsnip 1 Carrot 1 Sweet potato 1 Leek 1 Aubergine (medium) 1 Vegetable oil 1 tbsp Vegetable stock cube 1 Pepper and salt to taste In a large saucepan, heat the oil and add all the vegetables. Gently sweat these over a medium heat for 15 minutes or


until tender. Boil the water and prepare the stock by dissolving the stock cube into it. Add the stock and seasoning, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and divide the soup roughly in half. Blend one half of the soup (using a handheld or jug blender), then combine the smooth liquid with the chunky vegetables to create a creamy blend you can really get your teeth into.

Ever so slightly

The Spiralizer. Swap spaghetti for courgetti. Amaze your friends. Surprise your guests. Fool your kids.

69 stores nationwide lakeland.co.uk


2016 the year that juicing changed my life!

CLAIRE, RACHEL AND KATIE. Three amazing ladies and some truly outstanding results – and it all started with a single juice. Turn the page – you will not believe the results!



Claire lost 120lbs and ran a half marathon After


Rachel lost 40lbs and cleared her asthma



Katie ran the London Marathon






This is the year I’ve

really lived

Energy, positivity and a zest for life – Claire Lincoln lost 120lbs and gained so much


ew year, new you – it’s that time of year when many of us vow to lose weight and get fit. For deputy head teacher Claire Lincoln, however, it was a decision that has given her a whole new life with an amazing eight stone (120lbs) loss in almost two years. “I’d done a couple of detoxes but lost and gained again,” says Claire. “On 1 January 2015, I started Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! 28-day Juice Plan. I had read the book and seen the film and this time I decided to keep a food journal. I’m an all-or-nothing person and so I stuck with it and the first three stone came off.


“Initially it was about weight loss but I quickly realised that the health benefits were huge. I took pictures of my face and could see it changing, and I went out to buy ‘normal’ clothes, which was wonderful. My parents live quite far away and when they saw me after a couple of months they were amazed. They’re outdoorsy people and I could see the relief in their faces that I was in better shape. “I’d put on weight at university and lost it when I got married, but piled on the pounds again after having children. I’d tried to diet but I now realise that my portion control was all wrong, and I would often snack on chocolate or crisps.

“When I started juicing, I didn’t even eat beetroot or spinach, but I knew I had to stick with it and eat healthily. When you’re doing a juice plan, willpower and mindset are everything. My husband was very encouraging, but it was tough initially. “I bulk buy organic vegetables and batch juice every three days so that I’m organised. I started off with a bog-standard juicer, but after four of those I got a Retro Super Fast juicer for Christmas last year, which I love. I go to the gym, swim and rebound – even if I’m busy I can always squeeze in 20 minutes on the rebounder.” Although the results of Claire’s juicing journey are evident, it’s more than just her shape that’s changed. “I’ve got far more energy and a positive outlook on life,” she says. “Juicing takes away the sluggishness and everything feels easier. In fact it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life.”

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Turbo With A Kick Pineapple ¼ Celery stick ½ Cucumber 3cm Spinach 1 small handful

Lime (peeled) ½ Apples 2 Avocado (ripe) ¼ Ice

Juice the pineapple, celery, cucumber, spinach, lime and apples. Place the ripe avocado flesh into the blender, followed by the juice and ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

“I’m vegan now and I’m constantly trying new recipes. We still eat out but you just look at things differently, and it’s never felt like a chore. I also did a diploma in juicing and health to develop my own interest, and I haven’t been to the doctor in two years.” In January 2016, Claire set herself a new challenge, to sign up for the Great North Run, a half marathon which she completed in September. “I wanted something to work towards,” she explains. “It was hard to do it but it really was an amazing moment and a great way to celebrate the results of my weight loss and healthy living habits. Jason Vale has been a huge inspiration to me, and I genuinely couldn’t have done any of this without him and the Juice Master team. “2015 was great when I lost weight, but 2016 has been the year that I’ve really lived. I’ve done Christmas, children’s birthdays and celebrations this way now and I won’t go back.” ■


“I’ve got far more energy and a positive outlook on life. Juicing takes away the sluggishness and everything feels easier”




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my trunk!


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No junk in

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Happy, healthy and asthma-free, Rachel Halfacre feels like a woman again “It was a picture taken on Boxing Day 2015,” says Rachel Halfacre. “When I saw it, I knew I needed a lifestyle change. I’d tried everything, even a laser slimming device, but all I’d lost was the £800 it cost! I was unhappy and addicted to food.

my own this year. As a family, we’ve all changed – one of my daughters was eating junk food but she saw the difference in me. When I explained, she understood how important what we put in our bodies is and now she eats healthily too.

“I watched Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! and thought, ‘If they can do it, I can too’. I saw my GP who was dubious and wanted to give me diet pills, but I started the plan on 10 January. I’d read Jason Vale’s Freedom From The Diet Trap and I’m a treatment worker for drug and alcohol dependency, so I understood the psychology behind it.

“Education is key to success and being healthier is a lifestyle change for the better for all of us. We can all come up with a million reasons why not to do something but I made it my goal to change this year, and I did it!” ■

“I lost 14lbs on the Super Juice Me! plan and started to read more and watch documentaries on FMTV, to educate myself about food and nutrition. I started to eat less red meat and began a course of colonic hydrotherapy, taking probiotics, and reducing my sugar intake. “I juice every morning, have homemade soup for lunch and a healthy meal in the evening. I think more clearly, my body is firm and I feel in great shape. I’m 5ft 7” and now weigh 10.5 stone (148lbs) – overall I’ve lost 40lbs and 20 inches of fat, including three inches off each thigh! My asthma has cleared, my skin and hair are great and I feel like a woman again.” Feeling and looking fabulous is a fantastic achievement, but Rachel’s new approach to nutrition has benefited her family too. “We have a different relationship with food,” she says. “I meal plan, use a vegetable delivery service, go to farmers’ markets and I even had a go at growing




Orange, Carrot Mint ‘n’ Ginger Oranges 2 Carrots 2 Ginger root 1/2cm Fresh mint 1 handful Ice cubes Peel the oranges, leaving as much pith on as possible. Juice the oranges, carrot and ginger. Add the mint, ice and fresh juice to a blender. Whizz for 30 seconds.





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marathon on juice

After losing 56lbs, juicing has helped Katie Horton achieve her life goals MY FAVOURITE JUICE

MS Magic Formula Apples 2-3 Broccoli stem 3cm Celery 1-2 stalks Cucumber ¼ Spinach (large handful) 1

Lime (peeled) 1 Pineapple ¼ Avocado ¼ Spirulina ½ tsp

Juice everything together except the avocado and spirulina. Then blend with the last two ingredients.


For many, weight loss is the culmination of their juicy journey, but for Katie Horton it was just the beginning. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in July 2010, she spent several years overweight until, in January 2015, she realised she had to get on top of her health. “I needed to sort myself out so I resolved to eat better and exercise, and I lost four stone (56lbs),” she says. “But I wanted to improve my health and I met a juice therapist, Carol Brace, who explained how juicing could help my MS. In fact, she created a recipe, MS Magic Formula, with ingredients to help my condition.

★★★ ★★

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I did a jum p!

“I’d started walking and in July 2015 I set myself a goal to complete the London Marathon for the MS Society. I followed Juice Master’s Running On Juice guide – I was flagging, but I had a beetroot juice mid-way which was like rocket fuel, and I completed the marathon in 6hrs 21mins. “When I need a boost, I’ll do a 3-day plan and continue with a juice a day. Often I tie these into Jason’s Big Juice Challenges and I watch his daily videos for extra motivation and support. “I’ve been to Juicy Oasis twice this year, which I love. I enjoy the structure of the day and I can do all of the classes; it doesn’t matter if I can’t keep up. It clears my mind, boosts my energy and has definitely helped my health.” This year, Katie set out to realise another ambition. “I turned 40,” she says, “and I’d always wanted to do a parachute jump, but previously I was too heavy. To mark my success I celebrated with a skydive! This year I’ve changed so much and I’m proud of my achievements – I’ve signed up for the marathon again, so I’m determined I’m going to stay on track.” ■

The coolest juicers & blenders

on earth!

“Best juicer I’ve ever had! Now I’m looking into getting the blender” Movmow

“This is really powerful – making my blends takes next to no time” Simon


“Best juicer I’ve ever purchased – feels solid and robust” Kelly



UNMISSABLE date with Jason!

It’s happening! Here’s your chance to hear Jason LIVE for the first time in two years... After Jason headlined alongside Tony Robbins and Eddie The Eagle Edwards at ExCeL at the National Achievers Congress, he was inspired to take to the stage to deliver a unique seminar to help you get on track with your health in 2017. Despite numerous requests, it’s been two years since Jason last delivered a seminar – and he hadn’t planned to do so until 2019, when he turns 50 (oops, the cat’s out of the bag! – Ed). But, due to popular demand following his amazing appearance when he raised the roof in front of 3,000 at ExCeL, he’s now announced a fantastic new event,

Reclaim Your Health 2017, Live in London, at the Eventin Apollo. Join the crowd and discover how to free yourself from food addiction and give yourself a head start to kick off your Big January Clean-up. There are just 3,000 seats available at this unique show, which takes place on Saturday 7 January from 11am – 4pm, so don’t delay if you want to be part of this truly amazing Juice Master experience. To get your mitts on the hottest tickets to health happiness, visit gigsandtours.com Your mind, body and soul will thank you after the festive season, so make it your Christmas gift to you. See you there!

Don’t miss this seriously good for your health event!

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...add a cold press juicer to your kitchen equipment and discover why taking it slow gives you back so much more

Cold press juicers used to be confined to the homes of the serious juicing connoisseur, their price and slowness often putting the regular juicing crowd off. However, technology moves on and cold press juicing is now faster and more affordable then ever before. Quality is becoming the most important factor for keen juicers, and cold press is simply the finest freshly extracted juice you can get. It is also the least wasteful way to extract juice because it squeezes almost every last drop of liquid out of the pulp – giving you more juicy bang for your cold press buck. There are many on the market but, like fast juicers,

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not all cold press juicers are built the same. The awardwinning, 5-star rated Retro Cold Press is the slickest piece of juicing kit to emerge for years, and you can put a whole apple in without chopping! Retro has, as it says, made, ‘slow juicing fast’.

Juicing auger

Rotating wiper

The Retro Cold Press juices at just 65 rpm (fast juicers go at 10,000-15,000 rpm) and creates far less heat friction. Oxidation is delayed and your cold-pressed juice can be bottled and refrigerated for 48 hours. Freeze them and you’re good to go for three months! So, if you want to raise your nutritional juicing standard and your kitchen coolness, cold press is the way to go.

top recipes for you to try overleaf

Juicer base






THERE'S LESS HEAT FRICTION... ...which means slower oxidation, that in turn equals a better quality juice.


SLOW HAS GONE BROADBAND You can now fit whole produce in and cleaning is easier than ever before. Slow juicing has, as contradictory as it sounds, gone broadband!

Metal strainer


THEY’RE SO COOL! The Retro brand, with its five colours, including an über cool Union Jack design, means you are much more likely to want to leave it out of the cupboard – and if it’s on show you are much more likely to use it.


IT'S NOT JUST A JUICER This type of upright cold press juicer can also make raw almond milk, baby food and sorbets.

Juicer bowl


THEY LAST LONGER Yes, they are more expensive, but in life you usually get what you pay for and cold press juicers tend to last up to five times longer than fast juicers.

Drip stop

Sorbet attachment Juice jug

Pulp jug


Cleaning brush 39


Turmeric Temptation You won’t be surprised to hear that turmeric comes from the same family as ginger. Like ginger, turmeric adds an aromatic warmth but with a slight peppery undertone. Less is definitely more with this pungent spice, which uplifts the subtle flavours of green apple, pear, cucumber and carrot.


Power Plant

Chlorophyll, the term for related pigments found in leafy greens, is rich in live enzymes that help to cleanse the blood. Power Plant is packed with chlorophyll-rich ingredients along with the bitter-sweet creaminess of pineapple and lime. Pineapple (peeled) 1/2 Cucumber 1/4 Lime (peeled, white pith left on) 1/2 Celery stalk 1 Spinach leaves 1 large handful Broccoli stem 2-3cm/1" (or use florets) Ice 1 small handful Juice all the ingredients, pour over ice and enjoy.


WHAT’S IN IT? As well as blood-building chlorophyll, this beautiful green blend is packed with a wealth of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Celery and cucumber provide the perfect balance of sodium and potassium, which works like a natural electrolyte.

This makes it an ideal juice both pre- and post-workout to soothe achy muscles and replace lost salts. In addition, pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that is extremely effective at reducing inflammation. Recipes taken from Jason Vale's 5:2 Juice Diet

Raw turmeric 2-3cm Apple 1 Cucumber 1/2 Pear 1 Carrots 2 Small handful of ice Simply juice the lot and pour into a glass over ice. Using turmeric powder? Add a pinch to freshly extracted juice and stir in, or shake/whizz in a blender. WHAT’S IN IT? Turmeric is a good source of vitamins B6, C and K, iron, manganese, copper and potassium. Apples provide vitamin A and potassium too, which is essential for improved blood pressure, and cardiovascular and bone health.

“The Jamie Oliver of Juicing”

“I laughed! I cried! I was re-inspired!”

OK! Magazine

Kerry Katona



FoodMatters’ fmtv.com/watch is the channel to tune in to and catch up on life-changing health documentaries. Here are its latest releases


Instead of protesting against the University of California’s plans to build a shopping centre, 200 farmers use tools and 15,000 seedlings to highlight the need for access to healthy food.


Tap into the thinking and experiences of some of the world's leading visionaries, scientists and spiritual leaders, including Richard Branson, Desmond Tutu and Jack Canfield.


Scientists, psychologists, bioenergetics researchers and holistic practitioners explore healing through three individuals’ health challenges and remarkable recoveries.


Why do we consume so much processed food and why are we so hooked on it? This documentary explores the giant multinationals that fund the majority of nutrition research.


Three young filmmakers. Three countries. One inspiring story. Caleb, Joel and Alex visit Vitamin Angels' operations around the world to understand the problem of undernutrition.


Medical experts, politicians, public figures and cancer survivors discuss the potential consequences of mobile phone radiation, including cancer and infertility.

8. FROM GANGS TO GARDENS Organic gardener and vegan chef Ietef Vita uses hip-hop culture to inspire young people to connect to the earth by teaching them how to grow food and cultivate healthy eating habits.


Cyndi O'Meara, nutritionist and founder of Changing Habits, researches why a growing number of people are diagnosed with coeliac and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.


After looking at countless 'before and after' photos on the web, Sergei Boutenko became curious to see if he, too, could achieve his dream fitness goals by following a no-gimmick exercise and diet protocol.



d a e h a n o s a e s e h t n o e k a t o t d e e n u All yo

shop now at juicemaster.com


An apple a day‌

We all know that apples are a juicing staple, but they are also one of the great unsung heroes of the health world. For a start, apples have been shown to reduce the instance of asthma in children by up to 50 per cent. Apples are also the lowest-scoring fruit on the glycemic index, meaning they won’t cause those enervating spikes in blood sugar levels. One of the best ways to enjoy apples at this time of year is in a juice and if colds and flu strike, this drug-free recipe can boost your recovery naturally, so give it a go.


Apple 1 Ginger root 3cm chunk Lemon (unwaxed) 1/2 Manuka honey 1 heaped tsp Hot water 1/2 cup Juice the apple, ginger and lemon (leave peel on). Half fill a mug and top up with hot (not boiling) water from the kettle. Add the honey and stir well.



A nut not to be sneezed at A nutty superhero, cashews keep us going through the winter. If you haven’t already discovered this powerhouse, here's how to get your cashew hit Cashews have the power to fill a huge hole when you’re feeling peckish but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Need energy fast? Feeling under the weather? Palm a handful of cashews for a boost of cold-busting copper and magnesium, plus a dose of long-lasting vigour. Read on as we uncover their real natural goodness and dispatch a few of the myths that surround them.

AREN’T CASHEWS PACKED WITH FATS? Yes, but not all fats are equal. People who eat nuts at least twice a week are less likely to gain weight and epidemiological and controlled clinical studies show that nut consumption is not associated with higher body weight. So, while 100g of cashews contain roughly the same amount of calories as chocolate, that’s where the similarity ends. Unsaturated fats, the type found in cashews, can actually help lower cholesterol levels and improve heart health. THEY TASTE CREAMY AND DELICIOUS BUT DOES MY GUT LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS MY TASTEBUDS? You bet. Cashews have a high percentage of dietary fibre, essential for a healthy digestive system. It’s believed that eating cashews and other nuts can decrease a person’s risk of digestive disease. According to Harvard research, two servings of nuts a day is also helpful in fighting diabetes.


WOW, SOUNDS AMAZING. CAN CASHEWS MAKE ME MORE BEAUTIFUL? Okay, so you think we’re joking but the high level of copper in cashews is beneficial to skin and hair. It plays a part in the creation of melanin, a broad term for the pigments which colour both. To be created in the body, copper must be present to produce the enzyme tyrosinase. So, yes, cashews may indeed help to give your skin and hair a healthy and beautifying natural colour. BRILLIANT, SO MAYBE THEY CAN EVEN HELP TO MAKE ME SMART? Once again, you’re not far off. Copperrich foods are sometimes called ‘brain foods’ because they help the body to make dopamine and norepinephrine, two types of neurotransmitters involved in the memory process. Additionally, cashews contain vitamin E, linked to reduced cognitive decline in later years. Now you know just how good they are for you, here are two recipes to try...


Marvellous nut milk Cashew nuts 160g/5 1/2oz Water (plus water to soak) 1 litre/1 3/4 pints Vanilla extract 1 1/2 tsp Pinch sea salt Honey or maple syrup 1 tbsp Soak the nuts overnight in three times their quantity of water. Once soaked, drain and rinse thoroughly. Add the nuts to a blender or food processor with a quarter of the filtered water, vanilla extract and salt. Blitz for a minute or two until the nuts have been broken down and the mixture is smooth. With the blender on, slowly add the remaining water and taste. For extra sweetness, add the honey or maple syrup. Finally strain the mixture through a sieve lined with fine cheesecloth or muslin, squeezing the pulp to extract as much liquid as possible. Refrigerate in an airtight container and use within 3–4 days. The milk will separate after a few hours so mix well before serving.

Choc orange energy ball truffles Makes 10-12 balls Cacao/cocoa 2 tbsps Cashew nuts 2 handfuls Orange, zest and juice of 1 Raisins 2 handfuls Coconut oil 1 tbsp Prepare Spread 1 tbsp of cacao/cocoa onto a chopping board. Blitz Place the nuts into the container of a hand blender or Retro Super Blend or Bullet and whizz for 10 seconds.

Add the other ingredients and blend for 20–30 seconds. Shape Take a heaped tsp of mixture then, using your hands, shape into a ball and roll over the cocoa-covered chopping board so it gets nicely coated. Repeat until you have used up all of the mixture. Rest Place the finished balls onto a plate and pop in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. Taken from the Super fast Food app juicemaster.com/super-fast-food-app


Feel the


It’s as purple as it is powerful. Beetroot is the superfood that has the strength to rocket your health and physical performance from peaky to perky

The Romans regarded it as an aphrodisiac (the official brothel of Pompeii was decorated with pictures of it!) and the reported health benefits attributed to it range from improved eyesight all the way to the prevention of Alzheimer’s and cancer. The humble beetroot is at the top of our shopping lists but what is it about this root vegetable that makes it a juicing star? BEETROOT: THE SCIENCE This purple power-punch of an ingredient is said to aid the success of great sports stars. How do we know? Professor Andy Jones, professor of applied physiology at Exeter University, is an expert when it comes to such things (in fact his Twitter handle is @AndyBeetroot). His research has looked at the dose-response effect of three different amounts of beet juice on several health and exercise outcomes. It showed that the amount of oxygen required to maintain a pre-determined level of moderate exercise decreased after taking beet juice; in other words, it took less energy to cycle at the same pace. Team Sky riders, including Chris Froome and Sir Bradley Wiggins, have also talked about the power of beetroot juice to aid recovery. What’s more, the effects peak after 2-3 hours and don’t reduce to base for another 12 hours.


WHAT’S IN IT? Betacyanin: The pigment that gives beetroot its colour is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants are believed to help reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, in turn protecting artery walls and reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Nitrates: One of the reasons beetroot is so good for blood pressure is because the body converts its high level of nitrites into nitric oxide. This is the gas created naturally in the body that tells your blood vessels to expand, thereby lowering blood pressure. Researchers have also found that nitric oxide helps us to sleep and fight off infections. Fibre: Beetroot has been called god’s gift to the colon! This is down to the high level and type of soluble fibre found in our beautiful beets, which feeds the good gut bacteria. Betaine: This important amino acid is regarded as a ‘methyl donor’. This means it helps liver function, the detoxification process and cell function. Its most crucial role however is the way it helps the body to process fats. With all this great stuff going on inside, it's no wonder that beetroot is one of our go-to juicing good guys...


Hot & Reddy Pear 1 Raw beetroot 1 Pink grapefruit (peeled) ¼ Orange (peeled) 1 Strawberries 1 Red chilli (remove seeds) ½ Ice 1 small handful

to try

Simply juice this spicy combination and cool over a little ice. Sip slowly and enjoy.

Taken from Jason Vale’s 5:2 Juice Diet


Beta-Carrot Juice Apples 2 Beetroot ½ Carrots 2 Parsnip 1 Lemon ¼ Ice Juice all the ingredients and pour over ice – simple!

Taken from Juice Yourself Slim


The Blood Transfusion Apples 2 Celery stalks 2 Carrots 2 Beetroot 2 Broccoli 3cm stem Ginger 2cm Avocado (ripe) ½ medium Juice all the ingredients, apart from the avocado, and then place the juice plus the avocado in a blender and whizz up until smooth.



56 50


GUT INSTINCT Colonic hydrotherapy is one of those procedures that takes a bit of explaining. Mandy Elliot, senior therapist at Juicy Oasis, takes us through the ins and outs of having an internal cleanse

People are always fascinated by what we do, although there are myths and misunderstandings around colonic hydrotherapy. For this reason, at Juicy Oasis every guest is invited to a 30-minute talk about colonic hydrotherapy and its role. Around 15 per cent of our guests have already tried colonic hydrotherapy. Of those who haven’t, some arrive with some pretty crazy ideas about what it involves – very few experiences are so intimate, after all! I always begin by saying we’re dentists for the other end of the digestive tract. Good digestive health of the bowel is every bit as important as any other part of the system. A colonic is like having an internal bath, designed to cleanse the entire colon. This involves the gentle infusion of warm, filtered water into the rectum which stimulates the colon muscle to help encourage the peristaltic action. This cleans the colon of mucus, faecal matter, gas and toxins transported there during the detox process. Many of these nasties are transported in the form of fat-soluble toxins. These can only be released through the colon via bile released from the liver and it’s very important to flush them out to avoid reabsorbing them back into the system.

One of the questions we’re asked is why colonic hydrotherapy is performed at Juicy Oasis. For me it’s a no-brainer to have one or more when you’re detoxing. The nutrients and minerals in the juices support your body in rebalancing itself. This allows your cells to expel toxins, many of which are eliminated via the pathway of your liver, small intestines and bowel. However, when you embark on a juice diet the usual internal triggers to poo are altered and your bowel can get sluggish, so colonic hydrotherapy is there to support that part of the process. It is also a powerful way to rehydrate, something that’s very important in the detox process. The Eden Spa is the only place at Juicy Oasis you’ll be served a coffee – as a colonic infusion, that is! The reason we offer this powerful treatment is three-fold. Firstly it stimulates the liver to release bile, taking toxins with it, secondly it encourages the liver to produce the powerful enzymes which bind toxins and flush them through the system. Thirdly, many guests find relief from the dreaded 'detox headache' with a single coffee infusion. Wheatgrass is another popular infusion. As a drink shot, it can provide a powerful boost to the detox programme, although

occasionally our stomachs can be sensitive to its compounds. For this reason, a wheatgrass infusion can be useful because its high nutritional load is quickly transported to the bloodstream and to other organs via the portal vein without affecting the tummy. We generally recommend this infusion to be taken towards the end of the week, once the detox has fully kicked in. We don’t operate a 'one-size-fits-all' policy when it comes to practising colonic hydrotherapy at Juicy Oasis. Of the digestive problems it can help with, the most common include IBS, constipation and candida. We can alter the temperature of the filtered water to deal with a variety of digestive issues. For example, we use warmer water for IBS to relax the system, whereas cooler water is better for sluggish digestion. After the therapy we give clients a probiotic to boost the positive bacteria and yeasts that can be flushed along with waste. We encourage people to seek a good practitioner after their experience with us if there are issues or a client has a particularly positive reaction to their treatment. After 11 years' experience performing colonic hydrotherapy, I know it’s important that anyone undergoing this treatment should have an informed and confident approach to their time on the couch because its effects can be emotional as well as physical. Many people come to Juicy Oasis to do some serious de-stressing so when they come to us they’re feeling emotionally vulnerable. On top of that there’s the physical vulnerability of allowing a therapist access to your insides. Both can create a powerful response in clients. We’re used to many different reactions and it’s important to understand there’s no shame in allowing those emotional responses to come to the fore. As therapists it’s always great to see our work have an immediate impact, although its effects can be more subtle. Some people report an almost euphoric experience after treatment, of a huge weight being lifted off mind and body. As well as her work as a colonic therapist, Mandy Elliot is a homeopath and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. For details about colonic hydrotherapy at Juicy Oasis visit juicyoasis.com

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HEAD OVER HEELS Juice Master’s resident yogi Kenny Ryan explains why the headstand will give you a new perspective The Sirshasana, or yoga headstand, will turn your world upside down. That which was left becomes right. That which was up becomes down. It can be very confusing, yet the discovery of the headstand as a posture in which to rest and be at ease has a spontaneous transcendence that counters many fears and inhibitions. Pictured here is 'on-head’ standing of the Yogic variety. You may notice that Jason (on the left) and I are performing different expressions of the technique. Of the two, Jason’s posture is more symmetrical and broadly balanced – athletic feats come easy to Jason! His posture is known as the Tripod or Crown Headstand (otherwise referred to as the Clown Headstand) My posture, on the right here, is called the Bregma Headstand. The Bregma is a spot about an inch behind the hairline. In this placement, the body's weight is taken off the head and becomes more of a forearm stand. By way of contrast, Jason’s balance point is on the very top of the head, the crown. There are pros and cons to both techniques as well as many contraindications and specific technical and teaching points that apply to each of them.

It is important to note that this is not an instructional text. Anyone new to the pose will need to be taught the proper way to achieve and rest in it, safely and with comfort. It was a variation of the Crown Headstand that I was first introduced to at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Hospital University, western India. It was scary and unnerving then and, given that I was not performing it correctly, felt very wobbly. In fact this is the way to understand if you have achieved the correct posture, because it should not feel this way. If it does, keep referring to and learning from your teacher until you finally perfect the posture. Are you willing to trust and explore that space in which you find yourself, however light or dark? A quote from a popular movie featured on the reception wall at Juicy Oasis describes our approach: ‘Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not alright, then it is not the end.’ A big shout out to all of you headbangers who, with me at Juice Master retreats, have turned your worlds upside down. ■



of the juicers

Philips 1861 a reasonable 500ml

54 56


It’s the question Jason’s most often asked, ‘What’s the best juicer?’ The answer isn’t always easy – but when it comes to ‘fast’ juicers, the new kid on the block is smashing it! For years, Jason put his name to the incredible Philips 1861 juicer. To say Jason loved this juicer would be an understatement. Unfortunately Philips, for reasons Jason will never understand, discontinued this model and brought out a completely different design. The new Philips juicer, in Jason’s opinion, was still good, but simply nowhere near as good as the 1861. For a long time, nothing matched the amazing juice yield of the Philips… then the Retro Super Fast was launched and changed the game. Ergonomically designed for left- and right-handed juicing and easy to assemble and use, with a wide chute and non-drip spout, this 700W-motored bad boy is available in five colours, including a super stylish Union Jack design. However, what’s more impressive is just how much juice you get.

Retro Super Fast a whopping 650ml!

To prove its super juicing abilities, we put Jason’s two favourite models head-to-head to see which yielded the best glass of deliciousness. Juicing a kilo of carrots, even we were surprised at the difference the Retro Super Fast makes, outperforming the Philips 1861 by a whopping 30 per cent - giving you way more juice for your buck!

Turn to page 66 for a chance to win the Retro Family.

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supp? What

It might be party season, but the only bottles you need are our pick of supplements to make your skin look fab


Now is the time of year when we’re all bundled up against the elements – and skin is no different. The body dehydrates as we turn up the central heating and adjust to lower humidity outdoors.

Juices are great for fulfilling dietary needs but sometimes the body needs an extra boost. This is especially true when cold and flu bugs are flying around and one of the ways to fill the gaps when they appear is with supplements.

The usual winter skincare advice includes more fluid, lots of body lotion and warm rather than hot baths to prevent moisture loss. One of the most important ways to support your beauty regime, however, is through optimum nutrition.

Oral supplements are an important part of many people’s daily routines. If you’re suffering from specific skincare blips, they’re a good place to look for relief. Which ones do you go for? Our handy guide can point you in the right direction.


SKIN DEEP POWDER, £10, JUICE MASTER A vegan supplement, Juice Master’s Skin Deep combines burdock root, ground flax seeds, probiotics, digestive enzymes and selenium. Together they support and enliven the skin and provide a boost for those with skin conditions. Beauty benefit: essential skin boost ULTIMATE OIL BLEND, £12.48 – £22.98 Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend helps to supply the body with beneficial Omega-3 and -6 fats. This enables the skin's cell membranes to retain water, making it an internal moisturiser. Anecdotally, hair has been observed to become more shiny, and nails stronger. Beauty benefit: internal moisturiser ORGANIC SPIRULINA POWDER, £9.98 – £19.99, JUICE MASTER This powerful blue-green algae is rich in trace minerals, protein, iron and gamma linolenic acid (GLA). The latter, an Omega-6 fatty acid, has been shown to fight skin conditions such as eczema. Beauty benefit: skin builder LECITHIN POWDER, £14.99, JUICE MASTER Lecithin is a fatty substance, essential to cell health. As a supplement it is excellent for anyone with a skin disorder and clinical studies have shown that it can have a beneficial impact on acne. The best way of taking lecithin is mixed into a delicious juice of your choice or sprinkled on food. Beauty benefit: skin builder ZINC CITRATE, £5.94, VEGA Zinc plays an important role in the normal growth and development of our bodies, taste and smell, and for maintaining healthy vision, skin and nails. It is also known to have a positive impact on good skin healing. Beauty benefit: skin builder

Skin DEEP Plan

Download your very own skin-saver programme from Juice Master for free! Jason Vale started his amazing juicy journey partly as a result of his own battles with psoriasis and eczema. Jason’s Juice Master Skin Deep Plan has all the recipes, advice and tips that helped him to beat both conditions, plus a wealth of information about the supplements mentioned here. In total, the Skin Deep Plan includes 66 pages of facts and encouragement to make your own changes. Jason says: “The aim of this programme is not only to show you how you can improve your skin, which I realise for many of you will be a miracle in itself, but to also illustrate how to manage your thoughts and diet, so you can maintain healthy skin for the vast majority of the time. Clearly, not all skin conditions are the same and some may take longer than 30 days to see the kind of results you’re looking for, but at least you will already be on the journey and making positive steps forward.”

ORGANIC COCONUT OIL, £10.99, JUICE MASTER One of those wonder products that works inside and out, coconut oil is great for applying directly to the skin and for being used as an intensive hair conditioner and nail moisturiser. Juice Master’s own version is cold pressed for maximum nutritional benefits. Beauty benefit: natural moisturiser

KRILL OIL, £18.29, KIKI HEALTH Kiki's sustainably harvested krill oil contains naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA /DHA). EPA contributes to the normal function of the heart, while DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and vision. Beauty benefit: internal moisturiser

Stock up on supplements at juicemaster.com/shop

Prices correct at time of publication





It’s the most sought after health retreat in Europe and the number one celeb detox hangout - so what is it that makes Juicy Oasis so, so special?


estled in the heart of Portugal, surrounded by forest and mountains, overlooking a beautiful wide flowing river, Juicy Oasis is – as the name suggests – an idyllic respite from the rest of life, a chance to retreat and recharge your batteries. But with a growing number of detox centres and spas around the world, why does Juicy Oasis continue to have a waiting list as long as your arm? Why does it remain a ‘must go’ celebrity detox destination where people return time and time again? For many, it is the authenticity of Juicy Oasis, led by Jason Vale and his team, which offers such a unique experience. Whether it’s the highly focused nutritional and physical benefits that come from being one of a select number of guests to work with the Juicy Oasis crew, the increasingly rare opportunity to switch off from everyday life or just the chance to concentrate on you, those who enjoy a stay here say it is unique in what it gives them. Although the experience is highly polished, there is a sense of ‘keeping it real’ from the Juicy Oasis team. There is nothing extreme or pressured about a ‘detox' here, and it’s important to Jason the retreat remains accessible to those who book a stay.


The reason is one very close to his heart, and it’s the promise he made to his mum, Nina, when he set about creating Juicy Oasis. “I wouldn’t have built it without her,” Jason explains. “She’s the main reason I created Juicy Oasis – when we first came she had only three months to live and she said, ‘It’s too late for me, but you need to do it for other people, to create a place of healing and joy’.

“I’m constantly reminded that we built Juicy Oasis for a reason, and not to forget it” “I didn’t have the money to build it, and I didn’t know how to do it, but I made a promise to her that we would make it happen. My mum taught me everything I needed – she always told me to make lemonade when life gives you lemons, and I set about making her vision a reality. “She is within everything I do and I’m constantly reminded that we built Juicy Oasis for a reason, and not to forget it. If anything starts to become too commercial,




I hear her voice and come back to the basics of why we’re doing it. “There are always offers to build a massive number of retreats, but I want to keep the love, the detail and caring. I like connecting with people, having fun and helping put people’s health in their own hands by giving them the power and confidence to think there could be another way.” Today, The Secret Garden at Juicy Oasis is dedicated to Jason’s mum, and offers a place of quiet reflection for guests. It’s one of the many spots at the retreat where guests are able to switch off from the many pressures of everyday life. “In the garden or down on the jetty, overlooking the lake, it’s truly stunning and I love spending time at Juicy Oasis,” continues Jason. “When you meet guests and hear how you’ve impacted their lives, it’s incredible. People say, ‘You’ve changed my life’, and they’re crying and hugging me, but I don’t take the credit – as far as I’m concerned I’m just the middle man, the catalyst to help nature do all the work.” The start of a new year is often the moment that many of us plan a getaway, and for those who fancy a stay at Juicy Oasis, Jason’s advice is to act quickly. “If you’re on the fence, you’ll miss out,” he says. “Juicy Oasis is a unique experience and there’s always a waiting list. “The people to schmooze are our retreat booking girls, so give them a call before the next dates are released. It’s the best holiday you’ll ever have and you’ll come back physically and mentally sharper with your mojo fully restored!” So, before you book just another 'flop and drop' holiday, why not make 2017 the year you take a break that really does make you feel better than ever before. ■

Fancy a stay at Juicy Oasis? Find out more at juicyoasis.com or call 01234 480280 to talk to a member of the Juicy Oasis team.



1.Cleanse & Energise Organic Maca Powder is a poweful Peruvian root that is packed with vitamins and minerals that will help boost your immune system, stimulate energy, improve fertility, balance hormones, increase libido and provide a nourishing boost.

2.Alkalise Often our body can be too acidic because acids are formed in the metabolism due to poor diet and stress. Alkaline Infusion is jam-packed with alkalising minerals which have a ‘neutralising’ impact on your system – helping to establish balance and enhance immunity.


4.De-Stress & Relax

Brimming with iron and vitamin C, Organic Baobab Powder is an easy way to enhance your digestive health. Naturally detoxifying, this exhibits a liver-cleansing benefit while simultaneously supporting immunity, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, enhancing energy and promoting a healthy glow.

Just a few sprays of our Magnesium Spray will ensure that you get your daily dose of magnesium, whilst regulating the metabolism of nutrients such as protein, fats and carbohydrates. Magnesium is of the most important nutrient for heart and blood vessels, aiding in anxiety, insomnia and muscular function.




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Wow! what a juicy year It’s been an amazing 12 months for Juice Master Jason Vale, with plenty of big juicy moments – enjoy our super snaps and then raise a glass of the good stuff to an equally epic 2017! 62 56

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Jason finally got on the sa me bill as his main man, the legendary Tony Robbins.

Want to see Jason live in London 2017? Turn to page 36 to find out how...

Jason jetted to Dubai earlier this year, to speak at the Global Women’s Foru m.

Two #1 app launches knocked Ja mie and Ella off the top spot!

Kaiser Chiefs front man Ricky Wilson was a mong the celebs at Juicy Oasis this year...

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Book 'em, Jason!

With the launch of Super fast Food, Jason's first-ever cookbook, he got to cook a pizza for Lorraine...

Super fast Food launch ...an d som e deliciou s dish es for the tea m on Irel and's most wat ched daytim e show, Tod ay.

2016 saw the final-ever live Juice Master Academy, with plans to create an exciting new online academy in spring 2017.

64 56

Jason finally got to catch up with radio DJ supremo Chris Moyles

Jason with his right-hand women, Kate Beswick (left) and Andrea Wells (right)

I'm a Celebrity

Get Me In Here! Juicy Oasis, Jason's Portuguese retreat, continued to attract celebs and Juice Master fans alike, all looking for a unique detox experience... Pucker up! JV and the legendary Jason Donovan got to hang out at Juicy Oasis.

The beautiful and talented Alesha Dixon was the launch cover star of the first issue of Juiced! magazine, which raced to the top of the iBooks chart.

Singer-songwriter Tom Baxter wowed guests with his guitar – now that's entertainment!

65 57



THE RETRO FAMILY Start your Big January Clean-Up in style – enter our giveaway and be in with a chance of winning the complete Retro Family worth £600 Juicers and blenders don’t get more stylish than the Retro Family, beautifully designed and hard-wearing equipment that looks as good as it performs, and is made to last.

Even if you are not our lucky winner, you can still enjoy special offers on the Retro Family when you shop at juicemaster.com/shop

Comprising the Retro Super Fast, Retro Super Blend and Retro Cold Press, the Retro Family is all you need to create your juices and blends during Jason's Big January Clean-Up and beyond. The winner can pick from one of five colours, including a cool Union Jack edition.

How to win! To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, simply email your name, contact numbers and address to bigjuicygiveaway@juicemaster.com with 'Retro Family competition' in the subject box by 28 February 2017.


Terms and conditions One entry per household. Entry implies acceptance of rules and conditions. No purchase necessary. Open to all UK residents aged 18 years or over, other than employees of Juice Master, Retro and companies associated with it. Draw will be conducted by Juice Master. Prize is as stated and will be awarded to the entry drawn at random on the draw date. No cash alternative is available. No correspondence will be entered into. Delayed entries will be deemed invalid. Winners’ names may be published and the winners may be required to participate in publicity. The prize is nontransferable and is to be used by the registered prize winner.

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Schär’s mission is to make your gluten free life more enjoyable, all year round. Whether you’re cooking for the family, eating out with friends or looking to add some “yum” to the morning rush, you’ll find that life tastes better with Schär. Discover our wide range of products, recipes, cooking tips and advice at: www.schaer.com

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