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Spring 2017 | Issue 3 | £2.50

Vicky Pattison at Juicy Oasis

“Where reality ceases to exist” JASON’S GUILTY PLEASURES

The results

are in! “I LOST 187LBS”

All you ever wanted to ask, inside…


ways to workout wonder













Juicy greetings Hi, Jason here and welcome to the spring edition of Juiced! READ

If you are the kind of person who finds it hard to just get the important and big things done, READ THIS BOOK! It may be an old title, but there’s a reason that it’s sold millions of copies.


There are many movies in the health genre, but Fed Up definitely stands out from the rest. We show it to guests at our retreats, as it more than gets you thinking! Tune in at fedupmovie.com


This James Morrison album reminds me of my retreats, as I played it a lot at Juicy Mountain and Juicy Oasis in the early days – whenever I hear James, it takes me right back. He is incredible live and a real Cornwall lad, which adds to his amazingness.

The very lovely Vicky Pattison, pictured above, is our Juiced! cover star this issue and I was lucky enough to catch up with her while she was chilling at Juicy Oasis recently. We got to kick back, grab a juice and talk about her incredible image turnaround from her Geordie Shore days, as well as her amazing 50lbs weight-loss journey. Vicky, despite her GINORMOUS social media audience (that’s two million Twitter and 3.5 million Instagram followers), is one of the most down-to-earth and genuine people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. You can tell a great deal about someone when they don’t know that you are observing them, and it was seeing Vicky collect other people’s glasses and soup bowls, clearing tables and giving up her seat for someone that solidified what I already knew about her. She’s great fun, and if you don’t know her story turn to page 16 to find out more. Not only do we get the juice on Vicky this issue, but Juiced! was at my Reclaim Your Health seminar at Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo in January. The team has all the juicy gossip from the big event, including a quick chat with some of the celebrities who joined in the fun. There are some beautiful recipes in this issue and, of course, just a handful of the thousands of truly breathtaking results from the überglobal juicing event that was the BIG JANUARY CLEAN-UP! Enjoy the issue, and if you’d like to share your juicy success story in a future edition, don’t be shy – drop me a line at juiced@juicemaster.com and you could be a magazine star!

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Spring 2017 Issue 3

22 T he results are in...

Read some of the amazing success stories from Jason’s Big January Clean-up

26 S pring clean

Fresh juices to cleanse your system

30 ‘I lost 187lbs’

Meet two super weight-loss winners

36 S pice up your life

Gorgeous golden spice recipes

16 03 Editor’s letter

Jason introduces the issue

07 Juice spot

Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing

10 J ust say, ‘Juice!’

Behind the scenes at Reclaim Your Health

16 N  ew shores

Vicky Pattison recharges and maps the year ahead at Juicy Oasis


54 36

38 S mooth operator

Why the Retro Super Blender is your juicer’s perfect partner

43 J uice Master presents Super Juice Me! launches on Netflix and Amazon Prime

45 C ellulite buster

45 50 3 0 ways to workout

Banish dimples and get beach body ready with a simple juice


Discover the many talents of this multi-talented stone fruit

Kenny shares a yoga practice

Top tips for getting in shape

 light alternative 46 G  oing nuts for coconut 54 A 48 A  sk Jason

All you ever wanted to know about the Juice Master – plus your chance to ask a question!

56 T he clean dozen

Essential ‘Jason Vale’ reads

58 P ure and simple

Rediscovering essential oils

50 60 H  ead space

Why celebs love to retreat to Juicy Oasis and Juicy Mountain

62 E asy does it

Discover the easy way to juice with Juice Master Delivered

66 W  in a Juice Master Delivered diet

Twist and pour – win your next 14-day juice diet for free!

For more juicy inspiration visit juicemaster.com 05

Don’t worry,

y p p a bthise summer #1 Paid Apps! #1 Grossing Apps!



Recipes, coaching, videos, shopping lists – all you need at the touch of a button. Download at juicemaster.com

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(Foil-free treat ahead!)


Easter’s upon us, but there’s no need to swap juicy goodness for sugarsaturated chocolate eggs this season. Jason has blended up an exclusive cacao-based smoothie for Juiced! which would boost even the Easter Bunny’s bounce.




Easter Bunny Be a smart



Almond milk 300ml Frozen banana 1 Avocado 1/4 Cacao powder 1 heaped tsp Cacao nibs 1 heaped tsp Honey 1 tsp Fresh mint leaves 1 handful Ice a few cubes (optional) Put all of the ingredients in a Retro Super Blend and blend until smooth.

Jason says... Raw cacao is one of the best sources of magnesium which is essential for energy production, a healthy brain and nervous system. Packed with iron, antioxidants and phenylethylamine, which is thought to elevate our mood, cacao is also low in sugar and dairy-free – perfect for people who are lactose intolerant or on a low-sugar diet. So, go ahead, and enjoy your cacao hit!


Juicing hits the


Email GMB for our Juicy rig ht to rep ly

the risk of turning orange from too many carrots! Sadly her unbalanced report ignored the fact that plans such as Juice Master’s BJCU incorporate a nutritionally-balanced variety of fruit AND vegetables, and are designed to be combined with daily exercise to develop muscle. For the 60,000 people who joined in Jason’s Big January Clean-up (BJCU), there’s no doubt about the benefits of a juice detox to restart the system after a season of excess, but yet again juice bashing (and we’re not talking about using our Retro Super Fast!) raised its cynical head.

Then, towards the end of the BJCU, Dr Hilary Jones spoke about the ‘dangers’ of juicing on Good Morning Britain in a feature about diets. Despite offering to appear on the show to debate the subject, Jason wasn’t given a right to reply, despite many people lending their support via social media.

As we prepared to kick off with the BJCU challenge, personal trainer Louise Parker penned an article for the Daily Mail about the ‘threat of juicers to your waistline’. In the feature, she claimed that a juice detox drops water and muscle, not body fat, and provides too much sugar to the body, along with

With the stunning results of those who completed the BJCU (turn to page 22 to read all about it!), and the undeniable positive impact of switching from junk food to a nutritionallypacked diet, Jason urged his fans around the world to email Good Morning Britain to ask for a fair discussion about juicing.



Let’s go retro... This year’s fitness trends are about going back to basics. Here are four great ways to get your game on…

SAUDI, PARTNER! JUICE MASTER HITS THE MIDDLE EAST Jason has been on a mission to ‘Juice the world’ for 20 years, and the latest pins on his map are Dubai and Saudi Arabia, where two new Juice Master bars opened at the beginning of 2017. Looking super chic

and serving fantastic freshly-made highquality juice, the bars have been a hit with customers looking for a plant-based tipple. Visit the Juice Master bars at Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

1. BACK TO THE FUTURE Jane Fonda-style aerobics are BACK, and it’s the perfect excuse to dig out a leotard and leg warmers as workout wear. First championed by Jane Fonda and Arlene Phillips (remember VHS tapes and record routines?!), step aerobics are also en vogue, so find a fitness class near you and get moving to the music for an all-round tone-up. 2. THE GREAT OUTDOORS There’s no denying boot camps offer an all-or-nothing way to boost your fitness, but they’re not for the fainthearted. If outdoor space appeals but you prefer to work at your own pace, search for a green gym or try dips against a bench and a swing across the monkey bars at your local park. 3. THE BOXER So, so simple, yet so, so effective at burning calories, improving strength and co-ordination. We love theboxxmethod.com, which offers brilliant on demand boxing workouts (no excuse for not hitting the gym!), but otherwise go old school, find a local club and show the lads that you’re tough stuff!

TOP OF THE BILL It was a big moment for Jason and the Juice Master team when he headlined at Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo with his Reclaim Your Health seminar, his first in two years. Turn to page 10 for a full report from the event.

4. GO DEEP If you really can’t bear to ditch your spin or HIIT class, add a new dimension by taking it underwater. Ramping the simple water aerobic class up by several notches, hydro sessions include aqua jogging, timed sprints and planks by the side of the pool. Burning 800 calories each session, you’ll be lithe by the time the sunshine arrives.




s a y t , s u J

’ ! e c ‘jui

On 7 January, more than 1,500 juicing fans headed to Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo to hear Jason give his first seminar in two years and to kick start 2017 with a mission to reclaim their health. Juiced! magazine went behind the scenes…

47 11



s anyone knows, seven days into a New Year, reality has well and truly bitten. The festive season is long gone, often leaving us a few pounds heavier, and with resolutions starting to waver. It’s usually grey, if not cold and wet, outside and we’re more likely to want to cosy up on the sofa than head to a health seminar. Except on Saturday 7 January, just over 1,500 people shook off the January blues and came in their droves to Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo to hear Juice Master Jason Vale share his juicy journey, explain the psychology behind successful weight loss and be inspired to take the challenge to change their health forever. Just after 9am, a growing number of people gathered outside the art deco building, as inside the


Juice Master team made final preparations with goodie bags for guests and as Jason soundchecked on stage. Then, at 11am, the doors opened and the crowd took to their seats ready for the start of the 2017 Reclaim Your Health seminar at this legendary venue. Many of Jason’s celebrity fans were among the audience, some of whom have previously enjoyed stays at Juicy Oasis and Juicy Mountain, but who were back for more of the Juice Master’s unique, life-changing advice. Of course, as with everything Jason does, the event’s atmosphere and stage set were as chilled out as the man himself, and as he took to the stage, barefoot and in shorts – despite it being January – the Juice Master

embarked upon five hours of inspiring, entertaining, humorous and pragmatic storytelling and advice for his audience.

a s J o n h . . t . i w e c n e i d n au

A When the invitation arrived, Jason’s friends

jumped at the chance to join him at the Apollo

International audience

Les Dennis

With the crowd on its feet, Jason welcomed guests from across the UK, and even the Netherlands, who had travelled to hear his story and mission to use fresh juice to help everything from health niggles to life-threatening diseases.

“Absolutely brilliant! I think Jason is so enthused, enthusing and hilarious. He said Ricky Gervais is his hero, but he’s up there with him, he’s very, very funny, but keeps it entertaining and really informative – at the end you just want to go away and juice!

“Junk food is bad for you. Fruit and veg are good for you. That should be it, it should be easy,” said Jason, “but addiction is not easy and Reclaim Your Health is about getting your mind juiced and ready to get fit and healthy.” Jason shared his own juicy journey from the North Peckham Estate where he lived a less-thanhealthy lifestyle, smoked three packs of cigarettes and drinking 14-16 pints per day. Seeking the transformation that he’s subsequently helped so many to achieve, he explained how, as a juicing novice, he’d started with three months of carrot juice, cautioning the audience, “Don’t do it! I lost muscle mass and went Dale Winton orange!” He shared how he switched his unhealthy lifestyle for an extremely strict regime, enduring ten colonic irrigation therapies on the trot, becoming a strict vegetarian, vegan and subsequently raw vegan. Yet, as he became immersed in the health industry, speaking at events around the globe, he realised that balance is an equally important element in a healthy lifestyle. “Most people are overfed and undernourished,” he said. “Addiction transcends logic and intellect, and junk food is

“When my wife said, ‘We’re going to Juicy Oasis,’ I went with my arms folded, thinking, ‘I’m going to hate this’, but I had a fantastic time and I want to go back! It’s so relaxing and so much fun.”

Martine McCutcheon “I’ve absolutely loved today, it’s just what I needed. I’ve been to Juicy Oasis, but it’s always nice to have a refresher. I live with ME and one of the biggest things I did was to go to Juicy Oasis and discover how to juice properly. There’s no pressure and you can take things at your own pace. Juicing makes me feel like my muscles and joints have been oiled, and I enjoy at least one juice a day. It really has changed my life.”

Tom Baxter “It’s always inspiring to hear Jason. He has a great sense of humour, but his advice is very relatable to the way we live our lives and he offers the clearest, most positive way I’ve heard anyone talk about health. I did a 28-day juice detox a couple of years ago, and I’ve visited Juicy Oasis a couple of times so I know you have to be prepared – once you understand that you’re not losing anything nutritionally and you’re not going to be hungry, you get used to it and stop craving sugar. I often use it for a boost!”

What they said... The audience was bowled over by Jason’s seminar which had them, quite literally, dancing in the aisles by the end of the day, but as always he also delivered a serious message to inspire them to join the juice revolution! Bianca “I want to go home, get my juicer out and use it more regularly to reclaim my health in 2017! Jason is both honest and human and you get the feeling, ‘We can do this together’.”

juice the world. After a brief juice break, Jason got to work with a quick juicing masterclass before explaining the psychology behind successful weight loss. “When people are on a detox, they’ll say they want to eat,” said Jason, “but my response is always the same – either have it and shut up, or don’t have it and shut up, but shut up.

Paul “Fantastic! Jason puts everyone at ease – it’s not judgemental evangelism, just simple values, a logical process. His enthusiasm and energy inspired everyone in the room.” Helen B “Jason’s so vibrant and lively, and you know he’s been there, so it’s authentic and I love him! There is a serious message and he teaches you, but in a humorous way, and that’s an art. You’ve got to experience it!” Helen T “I woke up one day, fat, no energy, low self-esteem and went to the gym and met a lifestyle coach who introduced me to juicing. I lost 91lbs and for the first time in my life I loved and liked myself. Due to ill health last year, I regained a little weight, so I came to Reclaim Your Health to see Jason and get back on the trail.” Jaina “I absolutely loved Jason's Reclaim Your Health seminar - it was eye-opening.”


"There’s no point moping around for something you hope you won’t have! What are you really missing out on? If you can commit to seven days of a carefully planned juice programme, chances are you will go from sceptic to believer.” designed to make you hungrier and less satisfied, so you go back for more.” Today, Jason enjoys and advocates a 2:3:2 diet, with 48 hours of pure juice, three days of clean eating, followed by two ‘being human’ days, as a far more realistic way of living. From 7lbs in 7 Days, to the making of his groundbreaking documentary, Super Juice Me!, Jason shared the stories behind the milestones of his mission to

With an audience hungry for more insights, Jason could have given any stand-up comedian at the Eventim Apollo a run for their money, but as the crew signalled that it was time to wrap up the Reclaim Your Health seminar, Jason ended the day in memorable style. Getting 1,500 juicing fans to the floor to groove to Grease Lightning, he grabbed his water pistol and rebounded off the stage to squirt them in a victory moment – those who were there had well and truly been inspired to reclaim their health! ■

What they said... Jason M “Amazing afternoon, the seminar was basically the answers that we wanted to the questions we actually know the answers to, but don't want to admit! We need to change our health ourselves.”


b i t e o l f t t i l A

Of course everyone at Reclaim Your Health was a winner but, Jason likes to add some magic, and so he gave away a range of prizes at the event as a thank you to those who attended. The winners were… Tracey Buckell won a Retro Cold Press juicer

Mauricio Passer and... ...Moira Keane both won a Clean-up Resources Pack

Nina D “Totally amazing afternoon. Just confirmed even more why I juice. Thank you Jason Vale, you're a star. So many laughs, but you also make such sense of it all.” Lisa Anne D “What a hoot! Just the best, I'm inspired. Starting my Big Clean-up on Monday. Didn't think I had it in me, I do now...” Fiona G “Had a great time, loved the show and met some fab people. Just got home and my new Retro juicer was on the doorstep ready for Monday!” Michael S “Had a fantastic day, the seminar was great. I feel all the more inspired on my 'healthy journey' and was very excited to meet Jason. What better way to end the day than by making my first Tahini Cocoa Beanie."

Save the date Jaina Dadia, won 14-days’ Juice Master Delivered – turn to page 66 for your chance to win too!

Jason will be holding his next health seminar on 6 January 2018, so stick it in your diary and join in! 47 15

Vicky Pattison is the Geordie Shore star who left behind wild nights in Newcastle to become a mega media sensation, but she’s not forgotten her roots, she tells Jason Vale






nce upon a time, there was a girl who knew that she wanted to be famous, and when the producers of a new reality show discovered her, on a last warning at her call-centre job, it really was a modern-day fairytale come true. A rapid rise to stardom as one of the Newcastle gang that loved to party, fight, kiss and make up, Vicky Pattison’s ascent to Geordie Shore fame coincided with the advent of a new social media age, and soon a legion of young fans were following her every digital move. “Geordie Shore was based on America’s Jersey Shore show, where sassy, strong-willed personalities from old-school Italian families drank, partied, fought and fornicated,” says Vicky. “MTV set about creating a UK version and sent out envoys to Merseyside and Newcastle to scout out the best characters for its show. “In Newcastle, we party hard and occasionally it all ends in tears or tantrums, but there’s a genuine warmth to the people that you can’t fake or recreate and that’s essentially what the show centred on. There are four boys and four girls in a house together, learning, growing up, and it follows their relationships and friendships.” However, as many reality stars will confirm, once the cameras stop rolling, the descent to normality can be as rapid as a Turbo Express Smoothie on fast blend. Not so for Vicky who, six years later, has a burgeoning television career that continues to take her into new territories and keeps her social media stats peaking above 5.5 million followers. “I have two regrets about Geordie Shore,” says Vicky. “I’d never criticise the show as it was my platform and took me to some gorgeous places. I learned an awful lot about people, myself and the television business, but I regret disappointing my mum and having sex on screen. We were never a naked house growing up and I’m not that way inclined, but when you live in a situation surrounded by people who are, there’s a certain amount of pressure and you lose yourself.” Since she left Geordie Shore in 2014, already a megawatt Loaded pin-up star and showbiz column regular, Vicky has jettisoned from one TV success to another, with spots on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, This Morning, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and Celebrity Juice. Later she appeared as a panelist on Loose Women and alongside TV stalwart Eamonn Holmes on It’s Not Me, It’s You – she holds their friendship dear, as a mentor for her in a tough entertainment industry.

Fairytale aside, the truth is Vicky Pattison’s effervescent career (much like the Juice Master’s!) is the result of a lot of hard work, dogged determination and a willingness to try her hand at new challenges. Vicky’s 2015 MTV show, Judge Geordie, saw her act as chief negotiator on her home turf, sorting out feuds and fights between families and friends. It’s a role that suited her feisty yet fair personality, and set her in good stead for the infamous jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, later that year. The jungle gave her an opportunity to show a more rounded side of her warm and considerate nature, a trait I’ve often seen for myself during her visits to Juicy Oasis. The public responded by making her the season’s winner, despite close competition from some strong personalities. “The jungle was the best thing I’ve ever done and I always knew it was going to be – I’d been asking them for years!” jokes Vicky. “I always knew it was the show that would be the making of me because I’m not what everyone thought I was. It’s easy to have preconceived notions about someone when you watch a show like Geordie Shore – 100 hours of footage goes into 42 minutes of television. For 99 hours I could have been sitting around sipping green tea, talking about politics and giving someone a shoulder to cry on, but they don’t want to see that, they want to see me swearing and slamming doors. “In the jungle, you can’t be manipulated or hide and there’s no way things can be misconstrued. I knew even if I went in and got voted out first, I would have given it my best shot – I’m not fake and I just wanted a chance to make my mum proud, to show people who I really am and give it my best go.” As we’re sitting at Juicy Oasis, sipping juices while we chat, I’m curious to know how a week in the jungle compares with a seven-day detox retreat, and whether the show’s Bushtucker Trials were as effective in boosting her diet and fitness regime. “We actually ate quite a lot in the jungle,” she laughs. “In the Trials, everyone got their head down, was quite resilient and stoic. I was the only celebrity to come out of the jungle the same weight as I went in – I didn’t lose a pound. I kept physically active and did ‘men’s jobs’, such as carrying firewood, and I gained muscle. I definitely get less to eat at Juicy Oasis, but it’s no less an experience!” Now in amazing shape, Vicky has spoken about her struggle with weight in the past, but is now committed to regular exercise and nutrition. “I’ve always been a size 10, but with the Geordie Shore lifestyle, I ended up

“I definitely get less to eat at Juicy Oasis, but it’s no less an experience!”


Star juice

Sunset Sparkle Pineapple (medium) 1/3 Pink grapefruit (peeled) 1 Ginger 1cm chunk Sparkling water 1 small bottle Ice cubes 1 small handful Peel the grapefruit, leaving the pith to make the juice more nutritious. Juice the pineapple (no need to peel if you have a Retro Cold Press) with the grapefruit and ginger. Pour juice into a glass over ice, until two-thirds full. Top up with sparkling water.



around 12 stone and a size 14-16. I was severely unhappy and the turning point came when some nasty photographs were published of me. I realised that if I was going to get serious about my career I couldn’t be weak, so I hired a personal trainer and learnt about nutrition. As I got into shape, I almost got addicted to it! You’ve got to be careful and keep a balance, but I’m far happier than I ever was overweight and out of shape.” Balance is indeed an essential ingredient for health and happiness and, after a rollercoaster year in 2016, a week at Juicy Oasis offers Vicky a much-needed opportunity to rest, restore and reflect. “2016 was simultaneously the best and worst year of my life,” she says. “It was amazing in that I achieved a lot of my professional goals, but it almost broke me personally. “I wasn’t sleeping or eating right and I couldn’t relax – I was constantly worried about the next thing. It wasn’t that I was worried about projects coming along, it was just that they wouldn’t stop coming! I know how lucky I am, and I certainly don’t regret it, but at the same time it was a massive strain on my health. “Juicy Oasis is the only place in the world where I can truly relax, escape and unwind. It’s a bubble and the only place for me where reality ceases to exist. The Juicy Oasis team knows when I arrive that I’m tired and not looking after myself. Within a couple of days I come back to life and I’m myself again.” With a new balance mantra, her mind and body restored, Vicky kicked off 2017 with the launch of her Mini V Nutrition supplements and plans for a fashion range, along with a new series of E4’s Virtually Famous. As she turns 30 this year, what else does the girl from Newcastle want to achieve? “My dream changes all the time,” she says. “I don’t want to look back and have been so busy I didn’t enjoy the amazing experiences I had. Last year, one week I was in Tokyo discovering Japanese attitudes towards love, the next week I was on the Amalfi Coast milking a buffalo, and the week

after I was trekking in Iceland and raising money for Cancer Research before coming home to a 15-day book tour. “I look back at these things in isolation and I had the most incredible year, but at times I was so busy and stressed out I wasn’t grateful, and I don’t want to do that again. “On the other side, I want to be doing Ant & Dec’s job when they finish, hosting everything, rubbing shoulders with Simon Cowell and living in a big house next door to my best friend!” With a wide grin on her face, she’s halfjoking, but there’s no doubt Vicky’s got the tenacity to plug away at her goals until she achieves each and every one. Looking at the polished presenter and astute businesswoman in front of me, Geordie Shore seems a lifetime away, but Vicky’s the first to remember and respect the show that started her career. Truly grounded, she’s also very much in love with her boyfriend, John Noble, a man she met before she became a household name. “We met when we were 22 and I knew him before I was famous,” she says. “I started doing Geordie Shore and he was focused on his family’s business and we went our own ways. Then, last year, we bumped into each other on a train, started talking and dating, and before I knew it we were boyfriend and girlfriend again. I believe he’s the right one!” As we’re good friends, I chance my arm and ask if she’d say ‘Yes’ if he popped a certain question? “On a scale of one to ten, with one being not a cat in hell’s chance,” I ask… “I would tell you to buy a hat, Jason,” Vicky replies. I won’t go as far as to ask whether it’ll be a gorgeous Geordie wedding, but Vicky hasn’t forgotten her roots.“I must never forget who I am, where I came from and any of the things that make me, me,” she states. “That’s what made the public like me in the jungle, and it’s what makes me like me! My mantra is have courage, be kind and don’t be a knob!” I’ll raise a juice to that! ■

“Juicy Oasis is the only place in the world where I can truly relax, escape and unwind”


Vicky spills the juice… WHAT’S YOUR FAVE JUICE? Something with spinach, avocado, apples, kale and pineapple goes down a treat. The key is to disguise the ‘good for you’ greens as far as possible! YOU LOOK FAB, BUT WHAT ARE YOUR FITNESS GOALS? I’m around 133lbs currently and my goal is to be 126lbs flat, but looking strong and toned, not skinny. I want to achieve this in a healthy way so the weight I lose stays off and is maintainable. I enjoy resistance training, boxing, weights and hiking – varied workouts and sessions with a trainer stop me getting bored. HOW DOES JUICING FIT IN WITH YOUR SCHEDULE? I reset my body four times a year with a juice detox and it always leaves me feeling full of energy and completely rejuvenated. HOW DO YOU STAY IN SUCH GOOD SHAPE? I take all of my Mini V supplements (minivnutrition. com), as well as enjoying my shakes, bars and protein chips. I take two Mini:Burn before I train, for energy and improved motivation, and two Mini:Tone afterwards to repair my muscles and help with growth. But I have to admit the ones I couldn’t live without are my Mini:Detox which help cleanse my body and rid it of toxins, perfect to recover from wild nights out!


Jason Vale’s 7-day Re-set Retreat Yoga•Meditation•Rebounding•Beautiful walks•Eden Spa Loft Sauna•Beach volleyball•Tennis•Fitness•Hot pool•Flowing river





60,000 people




days done! 22

The ultimate 21-day turnaround was a screaming success, but don’t just take our word for it... On 9 January, Juice Master Jason Vale kicked off his BIG JANUARY CLEAN-UP (BJCU) challenge, with 14 days of juices and blends from his Super Juice Me! plan, followed by seven days of recipes from Super fast Food. This year’s BJCU was EXTRAORDINARY in many ways. It was the first time the challenge spanned 21 DAYS. It was the BIGGEST challenge ever – from Australia to Kazakhstan, juicers and blenders went into overdrive. However, the AMAZING results achieved by many were not a first – in fact every time Jason leads a detox challenge, we’re astounded by the OUTSTANDING stories shared with the Juice Master team via social media, as this small selection shows. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO JUICED!





Bobby Buckell’s decision to join his wife at Jason’s Reclaim Your Health seminar was life-changing. ‘My wife Tracey won tickets to Reclaim Your Health, and I went along to keep her company. While there, we were lucky enough to be picked out of the audience to win a Retro Cold Press Juicer and so I decided to give the BJCU a go. I stuck to it religiously and exercised most mornings and, although I wasn’t that big to start with, I lost my stomach and 16lbs. I’d had a cough for 20-30 years, but according to X-rays there was no underlying cause. By the end of the second week of the BJCU I realised I was no longer coughing. It’s bizarre, but juicing definitely did something to me. I sleep better too – maybe not much longer, but a far better-quality night’s rest. We make a juice in the morning, I take one for lunch every day and we use recipes from Super fast Food in the evening. I feel so good, I’m tempted to stick with it now that the BJCU has finished.’



Breaking free from food addiction is just one of the wonderful ‘side effects’ of juicing, as Emma Mellor experienced as part of her 21-day challenge. ‘For as long as I can remember I have struggled with food addiction and binge eating and, as a result, bad acne. It’s scary just how much refined sugar can rule your life, but what’s even scarier is how accepted it is in society. At home, if there are sugary treats in the cupboard I can’t relax until they are gone. It’s even harder at the office – I can’t focus as all I can think about is eating that packet of biscuits! I have watched Super Juice Me! and read Jason’s books and I could not agree more that tapping into the right mental state of mind first is key. Doing the BJCU has given me the confidence that I CAN do it. My skin looks amazing and I feel free of cravings. I have so much more energy, my mood is improved and it is having such a positive impact on my relationship because I feel happy, confident and beautiful in my own skin – something I haven’t felt for years. I also lost 11lbs, which was a bonus!’


With more vitality, clarity and positivity, Natalie Ainge boosted her health and body image with the BJCU. ‘In two weeks I’ve lost 17lbs. I’m so glad I’ve finally got my weight and health moving in the right direction. But I’m also sleeping better, have brighter eyes, clearer skin and – most importantly for me – I have so much more energy to look after my five children. I feel much calmer and positive with a clear head. The second week I managed more than 12,000 steps per day. I’ve been struggling with tachycardia and my resting heart rate has dropped from 74bpm at Christmas to 60bpm.’

47 23




To motivate BJCU participants, Jason offered a week at Juicy Mountain for one lucky person who completed the 21-day challenge. When Kreena Dhiman’s name was picked out of the hat during Jason’s first Facebook live video, watched by more than 38,000 people, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. Her juicy journey is a truly inspiring story… ‘After three and a half years of acute health issues, I decided January 2017 was the time to reclaim my health. I’d been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. In 2015, I underwent a double mastectomy and was bed-bound for months. Fast-forward to 2016 and as I started a holiday in Canada I was whisked into A&E with acute heart failure. Upon diagnosis, I took time to educate myself on cancer and diet. I’d never had a ‘bad’ diet, but I could definitely do better. Jason’s Reclaim Your Health seminar came at the right time, I’ve learnt so much. I was admitted to hospital for infusions but stuck to the plan because it’s what I want to do with all my heart! I’m nourishing myself and I feel enlightened for it!’



A life-changing moment has helped Roman Webber lose 42lbs, with the BJCU providing an extra boost.

‘In October 2016, I knew I had to change something in my life. I was tired all the time and could not find the energy to exercise. Over the years, my weight had slowly crept up to 265lbs. One evening on my way home from the office, I spotted a martial-arts centre. I went in, signed up as a member and this started my journey. Surfing the


By seeking a healthier lifestyle for herself, Julia Beeton aims to be a positive role model for her children. ‘What a difference 14 days makes. I ballooned to 210lbs over Christmas, after a rough couple of years. I had constant lower back pain, wasn’t sleeping, was stressed out and really unhappy with myself. I was also comfort eating and drinking way too much, way too often. I’ve had a few significant health scares, with a tumour removed from my thyroid, inflammation and a lump in my breast, a hysterectomy due to endometriosis and pre-cancerous cells, all during the past three years. I thought, ‘Enough is enough – I can’t let my lifestyle choices affect my kids’. I have seven-year-old twins and I want to see them grow up and be a healthy, happy role model for them. I’m 43 in March and this needs to happen now. I went to Jason’s Reclaim Your Health seminar in London and started on the 21-day programme the following week.

internet to find a retreat, I found Juicy Oasis and booked two weeks – how awesome it was. The coaches, walks and retreat were too good to be true. Even with Christmas between my weeks at the retreat and the BJCU, I lost 42lbs by replacing a meal with a juice and a further 12lbs during the challenge. There is a new spring in my step, my thoughts are clearer and work is much easier. There is no stopping me and I will create myself the body I once had. Just better.’


Fourteen days later, I’ve lost 13lbs, inches everywhere, my back pain has gone, I’m sleeping much better and feel happier with lots of energy – I am beginning to see the old me again.’

Individual results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Always consult a qualified medical professional before embarking on a pure juice diet, health programme or physical activity.

MISSED OUT? do it yourself! ...and a week from this one

Two weeks ne... from this o




Don’t worry if you missed the BJCU, you can take the 21-day challenge and get great results at any time


It’s fun to be part of a global detox, but you can take the BJCU at ANY time. Simply follow Jason’s 14-day plan from Super Juice Me! (superjuiceme.com) and then seven days of clean eating from the pesci or vegetarian plans in Super fast Food (juicemaster.com/shop) for fantastic results. You can watch Jason’s motivational videos on the Juice Master Facebook channel for extra encouragement. Write to juiced@juicemaster.com and tell us how you do.

Sign-up for the next Big Juice Challenge! Missed out on the BJCU? No problem, because it’s time to sign up for Jason’s Super Juice Me! 7-Day Challenge on 24-30 April.

Sign up now at superjuicemechallenge.com 47 25

Spring clean

With the new season here, it’s time to purify from the inside out with four cleansing juices



e’re always in the mood for a cleanse, but it feels so right at this time of the year. Clean drinking is the best way to hydrate your body and flood it with the nutrients it needs to get your skin into peak condition for the summer months. The season's best ingredients include leafy green vegetables for flushing the system; liver-stimulating lemon and ginger (two of our favourite additions); plus juicing wild cards such as sugar snap peas and broccoli for extra pep.

The Natural Energiser This creamy and zingy juice will boost your levels of vitamins C, B and K. Rich also in iron and calcium, it benefits our stores of minerals. Potassium, an essential nutrient used to maintain electrolyte and fluid balance in the body, is one of the beautiful gifts from the crunchy sugar snap peas. Medium pineapple ¼ Spinach 1 large handful Cucumber ¼ medium Courgette ½ medium Fennel 1cm Sugar snap peas 15 Lime (with skin on) 1 Ice cubes small handful

Lemon-Aid It’s the healthiest lemonade in the whole world and a cleansing brew for kickstarting any health regime. Lemon-Aid combines the punchy zing of unwaxed lemons (a must for juicing the entire fruit) with the sweet lightness of the Golden Delicious apple variety. It’s a great ‘sharing’ juice to serve from a pitcher when friends and family want in on this Juice Master favourite.

Juice the ingredients and serve poured over ice.

Golden Delicious apples 2 Unwaxed lemon 1/3 Ice cubes 1 small handful

Taken from 5-Day Juice Challenge: The Juice Detox Diet

Sandwich the lemon (with the skin on) between the apples and juice the lot. Pour over ice.

Taken from The Funky Fresh Juice Book 47 27

A fresh and fruity juice, Clean ‘n’ Green blends English favourites, apple and cucumber, with exotic, rich mango. Ditching processed sugar for the natural version swaps the sugar buzz for a long-lasting burn as we enjoy the great outdoors. Last but not least, spinach is said to be the finest ingredient for cleansing, reconstructing and regenerating the bowel. Apple 1 Mango ½, ripe Broccoli stem 2-3cm Celery ½ stalk Cucumber ¼ Spinach leaves 1 handful Kale 1 handful Raw ginger 1cm Ice 1 small handful Juice ingredients and pour over ice.

Taken from Jason Vale’s 5:2 Juice Diet


Juice Master's Salad Juice This is the juiciest way to get your salad greens through the warmer months. The cleansing combination of tomato and carrots also makes it a great vitamin C booster – ideal for helping the formation of skin’s structural protein, collagen. It acts as a barrier to prevent the entry of diseasecausing pathogens and helps in the production of white blood cells that fight those pesky infections!

Rocket, watercress and spinach 1 large handful Tomato 1 small Cucumber 2-3cm Carrots 3 medium Fresh ginger 2-3cm Juice ingredients and pour over ice.

Taken from 7-Day Juice Challenge: The Juice Master Diet



Weighing in at 215lbs on 14 May 2014

Starting out on 5 July 2013 at 402lbs

I lost 187lbs

(that’s an adult and a small child!)

In just 10 months, Christian Evans has transformed his life with juicing, exercise and a healthy mindset When he lost his mother, cousin and grandmother to health-related issues, Christian Evans knew the implications that carrying 400+lbs had on his own health. Having already been admitted to hospital at the age of 24 with a borderline stroke, taking high blood-pressure medication and suffering from sleep apnoea, he knew he urgently had to make changes to his eating and way of life.

16 30

Yet it was seeing Jason Vale in the Hungry For Change documentary that gave him the catalyst to embark upon a juicing weightloss programme that has helped him shed 187lbs, reclaim his health and, now, to help others with their own transformation. “Jason stood out because he said he used to be overweight and that everyone can have a second or third attempt to change their


Today, Christian is healthy, fit and toned


Christian’s super juice Carrot, orange and pineapple zinger Orange (peeled, with pith on) 1 bag Pineapple (peeled) 1 Carrots 1 bag Christian bulk juices to make his favourite recipe. Juice the ingredients and serve over ice.

47 17 31


★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ life,” recalls Christian, who lives in Illinois, USA. “I signed up to his newsletter, listened to a podcast with him and even sent him a tweet. My starting point was that documentary, and everything started to make sense.” As Jason always says, successful and sustained weight loss starts in our mind, and it was this approach which helped Christian make the shift and achieve his outstanding results. “Everything is mental,” he says. “I cringe in my stomach when someone uses the word ‘diet’ because you will only achieve weight loss when you make a change and adjust your outlook – it’s the difference between success and failure.” Christian began to study nutrition: “I realised that if I was hungry 20 minutes after eating, it was because there were no nutrients in the food I had consumed, and I needed to improve what I was putting into my body.” He embarked on an allnatural fast, replacing refined sugars and processed food with freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, herbal teas and soups.

“I documented what I ate and felt every day,” says Christian, “and over time I started to look back and see when I needed to eat, so that the next day I was better prepared. I was battling years of bad habits, but I stayed strong mentally and physically, even if I slipped – the bottom line was, ‘Don’t give up!’” Having worked in the food industry since the age of 16, the daily temptations to stray from his programme were great, but Christian has transformed his knowledge of food and approach to nutrition. “I love food, but I know it’s important to spend time preparing good stuff,” he says. “My foundation is juicing – I consume 64oz of freshly pressed juice every day, plus a gallon of water and green tea which I make myself, along with almond milk for smoothies. I make soups from scratch, such as roasted red pepper and tomato, or black bean and kale, which I love.

“It’s better to have it and not need it than not have it and falter”

After two months of fasting, combined with daily exercise, he had lost 80lbs but another noticeable ‘side effect’ was his mindset. “I felt good,” says Christian. “I became much calmer and more patient, and took the time to think about things fully before I reacted, which I’m sure was a chemical effect of the goodness that I was putting into my body.” Having seen and felt the incredible results of juicing, Christian duplicated his approach repeatedly, committing to a remarkable lifestyle change that saw him reach his goal of 215lbs in May 2014 – just under a year since he had embarked on his weight-loss programme.

Christian’s top tips 32

“I juice in bulk, which lasts up to three days in the refrigerator, so I always have a juice ready ‘right now’. It’s so important to be prepared – it’s better to have it and not need it than not have it and falter – and my favourite juice is pineapple, orange and carrot.” Following his own weight loss, Christian’s blog, christiansweightsuccess.net, tracks his journey and aims to inspire others. “I recently celebrated my one-year ‘blogger-versary’, which has been a major accomplishment and I have become a certified personal trainer,” he says. “I want to share my story with more people to inspire others. Helping people has become a part of me and I want to show them how I lost weight, because they can do it too. The single most important thing to understand is that it’s your mentality that will change things – wanting to be better has to override all the other stuff.” ■

• Losing weight starts in your mind – let yourself know it’s time to make a change • Remember it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change

• Be honest with yourself – no-one else is responsible for you, only you can do the work • There will be tough days, so hang in there


I lost 84lbs (and got a new career)

After 12 children, Lisa Newman was keen to lose her ‘baby weight’ and her own success has inspired her family and friends to juice too

Ditched diet pills and quick-fix plans

Lost 84lbs with a fresh juice diet 47 33


★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Many mothers struggle to lose weight after the birth of their babies, but with the youngest of 12 children (all single births) now five-years-old, Lisa Newman was more than ready to shift the pounds that she had gained over 28 years of pregnancy. “I had tried every diet going – from pills to low-carb diets, shakes and ready meals – in an effort to shift weight easily,” says Lisa, whose family runs an organic vegetable farm in Missouri, USA. “Of course there is no ‘easy’ way to do it, but it’s about making the changes we know we should, to get the result over the long-term. “I first learned about juicing while browsing the internet for my next purchase to lose weight and discovered Juice Master’s Super Juice Me! documentary. I was fascinated by the inspirational stories, but mostly by the fact that I would be eating ‘real’ food and not having to purchase pills every month. I’m a vegetable farmer, and I thought, ‘What better way to do it?’, so I decided I would give it a try! I started on the Super Juice Me! 28-day plan and it was so easy mixing juices and smoothies. Thirty days later, more than 40lbs had gone! I waited a couple of weeks and did another 42 days and lost a further 30lbs. My friends and family were amazed and wanted to know what I was doing. “This opened up the door for me to share an alternative method of losing weight instead of pills, pre-packaged meals and diets. Not only did I lose 84lbs, I introduced my family to a new healthier style of eating.”

Having recently completed Juice Master’s Big January Clean-up while on vacation, the Newmans demonstrate that the family that juices together, stays healthy together. “We now juice every day and have completely changed our eating style to vegan,” says Lisa. “My children are flexible and although one or two were hesitant at the outset they now all start every day with a ginger shot. We have a juice at breakfast and at 4pm, and although I’m the one who gets everyone organised, the kids pitch in with prepping juices and blends too. “Four members of our family have done the 28-day challenge and one of our married sons lost 60lbs by juicing and eliminating certain foods. One of our daughters suffered from ovarian cysts and started taking medication, but she did a juice detox and was able to stop taking the pills. My husband has lost 25lbs too and we both feel 20 years younger!” With such amazing results, Lisa and her family are now sharing their juicing story to help others. “We tell people everywhere we go how they can help themselves by what they put into their mouths. Lots of people have been watching and at first they thought I was a fruit loop, but now they ask questions and want to know more about the benefits of juicing. “We have been organic vegetable farmers for 12 years but now I have decided to make a bold change at the age of 48 and have gone back to school to become a naturopathic doctor. I will graduate soon and will be incorporating juicing as a major part of my practice. Juicing has literally transformed my life.” ■

The Newman’s favourite juice Protein Rich Powerhouse Apple 1 Spinach 1 large handful Pineapple (peeled) ¼ medium Cucumber ¼ medium Lime (peeled) 1 Broccoli stem 3cm Fresh peas (raw or frozen) 6 pods Avocado (ripe) ½ medium Hemp protein powder 1 tsp

Mixed seeds 1 tbsp Ice 3 cubes Juice the apple, spinach, pineapple, cucumber, lime, broccoli stem and peas. Add the avocado, seeds, hemp protein powder and ice to a blender, pour in the juice and blitz.

Individual results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Always consult a qualified medical professional before embarking on a pure juice diet, health programme or physical activity.


Take it nice and slow... ...with the Retro Cold Press, the best juicer money can buy – perfect for homemade nut milks, sorbets and the finest juices you’ll ever drink. ★★

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‘Very happy with my new juicer. Quick, dry pulp, more juice than my previous juicer and cleans easily under running tap with brush supplied. Delighted,’ Sue Duncan


★ ★★

‘My first slow juicer and I can’t believe how much easier it is to juice with and the difference in the juice,’ Wendy P

The Funky Fresh FREE Juice Book Shop at juicemaster.com


SPICE UP YOUR LIFE Turmeric is packed with antioxidants and believed to offer a power punch to arthritis, heart disease and many other conditions. Jason put the bright yellow spice into action...




Whip up this beauty!







Turmeric is one of ten plants which Pukka Herbs produces in a unique superconcentrated form known as a 'Wholistic extract', and its new Wholistic Turmeric is ten times more concentrated in curcuminoids with 1.5 times more essential oils. Jason has incorporated one of Pukka's Wholistic Turmeric capsules into this Juiced! exclusive recipe. JASON'S PUKKA SMOOTHIE Almond milk 300ml (don’t forget you can make this fresh in a Retro Cold Press juicer!) Mango chunks small handful (fresh or frozen) Banana 1 medium (fresh or frozen) Spinach 1 small handful Pukka Wholistic Turmeric capsule 1 (or 1/2 tsp powder) Cinnamon 1 pinch Ground ginger 1 pinch (or grate a little fresh) Manuka honey 1 tsp Sea salt a dash Ice a few cubes (optional) Place all the ingredients into a Retro Super Blend and blitz for 30-45 seconds or until smooth. If using a Pukka Wholistic Turmeric capsule, open and empty the powder in – don’t blend the capsule!

SUPERCHARGED SPICE Turmeric is often used in Indian and Thai cuisines for sweet and savoury dishes. The strain produced in the state of Kerala is high in curcumin, the anti-inflammatory compound within turmeric, making it a highly prized, supercharged version of this ochre-coloured root. This curry features turmeric for its aromatic kick and health benefits. BUTTERNUT SQUASH, CHILLI, LIME AND COCONUT CURRY Serves 2 Butternut squash medium Red onion 1 medium Red chilli 1 medium Garlic 2 cloves Fresh ginger 30g or 2cm x 4cm Coconut oil 1 tbsp

Coconut milk 400ml/14fl oz Ground turmeric 1 tsp Lime (the juice of) 1 Remove the ends from the butternut squash, peel, remove seeds and chop into bite-sized chunks. Peel and thinly slice the red onion and de-seeded chilli. Peel and grate the garlic and ginger. Put the coconut oil in a wok (or large frying pan) and place over a medium heat. Add the butternut squash and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, then add the onion, chilli, garlic and ginger and cook for a further 10 minutes. Add the coconut milk, turmeric and lime juice. Simmer for 10 minutes. Scoop into a bowl with rice or cauliflower ‘rice’ (see Super fast Food recipe) and enjoy.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Studies have shown curcumin can significantly enhance contentedness and calmness. This sweet, succulent and filling dish is proper comfort food with an enriching turmeric twist. It’s also high in protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. VEGETABLE AND CHICKPEA TAGINE Serves 2 Red onion 1 medium Red pepper 1 medium Sweet potato 1 medium Chickpeas (tinned) 200g/7oz Fresh ginger 30g or 2cm x 4cm chunk Prunes 60g/2oz Olive oil 1 tbsp Ground cinnamon 1 tsp Ground turmeric 1 tsp Boiling water 400ml/14fl oz Honey 1 tbsp Peel and chop the onion and de-seeded red pepper. Peel and chop the sweet potato into small cubes. Drain and rinse the chickpeas (if using raw chickpeas, soak and cook as per packet instructions). Peel and grate the ginger. Remove the stones from the prunes and cut into quarters. Heat olive oil over a medium heat and add the onion, pepper, sweet potato, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the water and chickpeas, reduce the heat and simmer for 30 minutes (with the lid off). Add the prunes and honey and simmer for 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and, using a stick blender, blend some of the tagine leaving the rest intact. Scoop into a bowl and enjoy! Recipes from Super fast Food, £14.99, juicemaster.com/shop





Discover how to get the best from your Retro Super Blender before trying out Jason’s delicious smoothie recipes... Two pieces of equipment should take pride of place on every kitchen work surface in every home in the land - a juicer and a blender. This dynamic duo are, as Jason says, the best form of 'health insurance' you will ever own. Both should be primed and ready to go – never show either the cupboard as chances are they won't see daylight again. Think you don’t have room? Take Jason’s clear advice: "Make room! If you have a microwave, throw it out of the window and replace it with your juicer and blender – it's that simple.” Jason's often asked what the difference is between a juicer and blender – the former extracts liquid (juice) from the fibre of fruit and vegetables, while the latter blends everything altogether. That's why, unless you add liquid when you blend fruit or veggies, you’ll end up with a mush! As blending retains insoluble and soluble fibres, you need to remember that what you make is NOT a drink - it’s a meal on the go (see right). Your blender is ideal for thickening fresh juices to make them more satisfying, and perfect when you don’t have time to juice. It is much quicker to clean and you can use the container of many ‘vessel type’ blenders as a takeaway cup. The award-winning Retro Super Blend comes with an extra milling blade to grind mixed seeds and can effortlessly chop nuts and fresh herbs, all of which give a juice ‘bite’ and body. Its 700w motor makes light work of tough fruits and vegetables, plus you can even make almond milk in this little beauty. With super-cool 1950s' styling it's your 'go-to' gadget.

Buy a Retro Super Blend at juicemaster.com/shop and receive a FREE recipe booklet. 38

Cup runneth over?

This stylish kit comes with three 12oz and two 24oz cups, plus travel and stay-fresh lids so you’re always good to go

Extra, extra…

The Retro Super Blend’s extra milling blade can grind mixed seeds, nuts, herbs and more

Work it baby!

A 700w motor tackles fruit and vegetable tough guys in seconds



The general rule is hard fruits and vegetables go in your juicer, and soft in your blender. Do not blend too many whole vegetables or fruits at once. Jason’s rule is that if what you are putting in takes more than 1-3 minutes to eat, don’t add it. He uses half an avocado in his blends, for example, as he can eat half an avocado in the same time. However, he wouldn’t add three carrots into a blend as it would take forever to eat them. There would be too much insoluble fibre and it would sit heavily in the stomach. When you juice carrots, the insoluble fibre is removed so you don’t have this problem.

CAN I USE WHOLE FRUIT AND VEG IN A SMOOTHIE? If the fruit or vegetable has a skin you would normally eat, yes. It’s best to scrub ingredients, but don't wash chopped fruit as vitamins will be lost. If adding whole fruits, remember the 1-3 minute eating rule and you’ll be a happy blender.

CAN I OVER-BLEND? Some nutrients, including vitamin C, are sensitive to heat and can be depleted or destroyed if they’re over-blended. Whizz for fewer than 30 seconds and your nutrients are still pretty much good to go.

CAN I PREP IN ADVANCE? Fresh is best, but smoothies can be stored in the fridge for 1-2 days. With each hour, nutrients are lost, but prepped ingredients can easily be frozen for use at a later date.

Turbo Express Smoothie Pineapple (small) 1/4 Celery stick 1/2 Cucumber 1" chunk Spinach leaves small handful Lime (peeled) small chunk Apples 2 Ripe avocado 1/4 Ice Juice the pineapple, celery, cucumber, spinach, lime and apples. Place the avocado into a Retro Super Blend, followed by the juice and ice. Blitz until smooth. Pour and enjoy! WHAT’S IN IT?  This smoothie is rich in potassium, vitamin C and iron, which can help to cleanse the intestine and boost the immune system. Excellent

for rebuilding red blood cells and reducing blood pressure, it's also helpful with kidney problems by acting as a diuretic. Recipe from 7lbs in 7 Days, available as a book and app at juicemaster.com/shop


Avocado con tains all of our body’s six dietary needs – wate r, fat, protein , natural suga r, vitamins and minerals .



Berry Banana Crunch Smoothie Apples 2 Mixed berries (fresh or frozen) 2 handfuls Natural yoghurt 2 tbsps Ripe banana 1/2 Mixed seeds 2 tbsps Ice Juice the apples. Pour the juice into a Retro Super Blend followed by the berries, yoghurt, banana, seeds and ice. Blend for just a few seconds. If you’re using frozen berries, there is no need to add extra ice to the blender.

T HE GO O D S T UoFdFguy’

ins ‘go Yoghurt conta ich can help probiotics wh healthy to support a em digestive syst

Clear Skin Smoothie Apples 2 Pineapple 3cm slice Ginger 2cm chunk Lemon 1/3 Cucumber 1 medium Avocado 1/2 Mixed seeds 1 tbsp Lecithin granules 1 heaped tsp Udo's oil 2 tsp

Juice the first five ingredients. Put the avocado, seeds, lecithin granules and oil into a Retro Super Blend, add the juice, a little ice and blitz. Taken from Jason's Skin Deep Plan – download for FREE at juicemaster.com/ skin-deep-programme


WHAT’S IN IT? Mixed seeds are a great source of iron, polyunsaturated fats, thiamine, phosphorus, selenium, copper,

magnesium, niacin and vitamin E. They’re an excellent addition to your diet as they contain Omega-3 and six essential fatty acids. As the name suggests, these are essential for good health, plus the body cannot make them, so they must be ingested. Additionally, this recipe contains banana, which is one of our best sources of potassium, an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and a healthy heart function. Recipe from 5-Day Juice Challenge, available as a book and app from juicemaster.com/shop


Absorb the full power of turmeric with Pukka’s unique Wholistic™ formulas & Turmeric Gold tea

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It’s the movie that has, quite literally, changed lives. When Jason Vale set out to create an experiment to ease the health of eight people plagued with life-threatening diseases, purely with the power of freshly extracted juice, little did he know how monumental the effects would be. Over 28 days, the film’s eight heroes decamped to Juicy Oasis where Jason and his team went to work sharing the psychology of weight loss and nutritional knowledge, as well as implementing a daily programme of juice and activity. Each of the individuals analysed their conditions and the medication they took as part of the process to turn their health around.

Now available on

Spoiler alert

If you haven’t already watched Super Juice Me!, it’s an incredibly moving story with a jaw-dropping ending that gives any blockbuster a run for its money. We won’t really spoil the big reveals of the super eight, as it’s possibly the most inspiring transformation tale you’ll ever spend 94 minutes watching, but there are now even more ways to watch the big juice experiment.

The BIG show

Already a global phenomenon which has been featured on YouTube and health and wellness channel Food Matters®, Super Juice Me! is now available on two of the world’s biggest broadcast channels, Netflix and Amazon Prime in the UK, USA, Germany and Japan. Thousands of people around the world have reported how Super Juice Me! has inspired them to take the first steps to successful weight loss and health transformation, and with the documentary now available more widely, we’re looking forward to seeing the power of juice grow and grow…

coming s o

Watch at


SuperJuiceMe.com 47 43

Super quick, super smooth • Tackles the toughest fruits and vegetables in minutes • Grinds mixed seeds, chops nuts, fresh herbs and more • Makes fresh, natural nut milks in seconds • The perfect side-kick to your Retro juicer


★ ★★

‘My old blender used to take between 1-2 minutes to blend a juice, this one does it in 20 seconds’ Steve


Recipe booklet Shop at juicemaster.com


Cellulite buster Bikini season is almost upon us and inevitably our attention turns to areas of our bodies that have been largely under cover for the past few months. Research shows that cellulite is due to a ‘tangle’ of toxins and crystallised waste products parked in inert fat cells. The most effective way to combat it is through your internal systems. Cut down on coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, red meat and trans fats, and add this delicious juice to your diet for a liver-cleansing fix.

CELLULITE ELIMINATOR Apple 1 Pear 1 Pink grapefruit (peeled) 1/4 Celery sticks 2 Mint sprigs (leaves only) 2 Simply juice the ingredients and pour over ice. Taken from Keeping it Simple, £9.99, juicemaster.com/shop


coconut Going nuts for

You can’t miss the influx of coconut products on our shelves with oil, water and of course the nut itself everywhere you shop. Discover the benefits of this delicious ingredient, inside and out... EAT ME


The research is still being undertaken but coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which is better for us than oils that are high in trans-fatty acids. Studies into indigenous communities which rely on coconut oil for as much as 60 per cent of their calorie intake show that they are among the healthiest people on the planet, with few illnesses and no signs of heart disease. The British Heart Foundation recommends that, like butter, coconut oil should be used in small amounts.

Yes, even our teeth can benefit from the wonder that is coconut oil. ‘Oil pulling’ is a dental wash process that is thought to draw bacteria and toxins from the salivary glands, gums and teeth. Kylie Jenner and Gwyneth Paltrow are fans of the treatment, which basically involves swilling a tablespoon of oil around the mouth for 10-20 minutes. There are anecdotal reports that oil pulling can help with headaches, hangovers and even eczema. Grab a spoon, take a scoop and give it a go – remember to dispose of the used oil carefully, so you don't clog up your sink.

NATURAL BEAUTY Coconut oil is the latest darling of the beauty world, for good reason. It is antibacterial, antifungal and packed with vitamin E and proteins. It is also incredibly versatile. Coconut oil is comedogenic, meaning it’s best for sealing-in moisture – perfect for dry hair and skin. You can also use it for make-up removal, tackling nits (nicer than chemical sprays!), cuticle oil, lip balm… the list goes on. It's the perfect pot of beauty remedies.

Ba g it! 46

DRINK ME Coconut reduces sweet cravings and comes with a low glycemic index. Added to this, it improves digestion and provides an effective energy boost. For these reasons, we love to include coconut milk in our smoothies. As one of nature’s finest ‘juices’ it is something we can all enjoy, blended or naked, straight from the fruit. So, go grab yourself a coconut!

Juice Master's Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, £10.99 Juice Master's coconut oil is harvested from organic plantations, cold-pressed and Certified Organic by the Soil Association, so you can buy with confidence. Shop at juicemaster.com/shop


C oo k it!

Katie’s Oriental Soup Red chillis 2 Garlic 2 cloves Raw ginger 20g Red bell pepper 1/2 Spring onions 2 Pak choi 1 Shitake mushrooms 4 Fresh coriander 10g Coconut oil 1 tbsp Boiling water 600ml Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Get ready, set... Preheat the oven to 160° (320°F/ Gas Mark 3). Cut the chillis in half lengthways to remove the seeds, slice thinly and place half onto a baking tray. Peel the garlic and ginger. Remove the seeds from the red pepper. Remove the ends and outer skin from the spring onions, red pepper, pak choi and mushrooms. Cook Put the chillis on a tray in the oven and cook for 2 minutes. Place the coconut oil in a pan and warm over a medium heat. Add the remaining chilli, garlic, ginger, spring onions, red bell pepper and mushrooms, and cook for 5 minutes, stirring regularly. Add the water and salt, reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes, add the pak choi and coriander leaves, simmer for 5 minutes. Serve Pour into a bowl and sprinkle with the crispy chilli flakes.



Jason ask

They’re the questions we’ve always wanted to ask Jason, so when we got the chance to take five with the Juice Master we were there quicker than it takes to blend a Cranberry Cosmo…

someone in the public eye comes to Juicy Oasis, and people treat them like everyone else, which I think is why so many come. No paparazzi, no hassle for pictures and autographs; they can strip back and chill like everyone else.

IS THERE A GUILTY PLEASURE THAT MAKES YOU STRAY FROM THE PATH OF JUICING RIGHTEOUSNESS? There are plenty! The last thing anyone wants to do is to spend their one and only life trying to extend their existence, only to find that they missed living in the process.


Super fast Food was going to be called There’s More To Life Than Quinoa!, as balance is extremely important. When I first changed my diet in order to turn my health around I was incredibly strict for five years. Unless it was 100 per cent natural, nothing would ever pass my lips. What I didn’t appreciate is that we all have a ‘filter’ system which can deal with a certain amount of pretty much anything. I used to smoke 2-3 packets of cigarettes a day, eat nothing but junk and drank like a fish… but I’m still here and still standing. This illustrates that the body is a pretty robust vehicle and, providing the vast majority of what you eat and drink is good, it can put up with a little bit of bad now and then, without compromising overall health. My ‘bad’ would be ‘chunky chips’ – got to love a plate of those with your main course salad.


Banana and avocado are the finest, healthiest foods on earth. They are superb 'before' and 'after' exercise foods and I always include them in a blend.  WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST SATISFYING SUCCESS STORY?

IF YOU COULD GET HOLD OF ONE CELEBRITY WHOSE HEALTH YOU'D LOVE TO TURN AROUND, WHO WOULD IT BE? Jack Black springs to mind – a great actor but someone who appears to struggle with his weight and health. However my mission is to help as many people as I can. Celebs, of course, are simply normal people with different jobs to other people (as most are the first to say). What is lovely is when

I have seen just about everything over the past 20 years and it’s genuinely almost impossible to single one out. If I am pushed, then one that will always stay with me is the story of Roger Gale, who appeared in my documentary, Super Juice Me! He was on a plethora of drugs for many different health conditions, including lupus and sleep apnoea. By his own admission, he had turned into a grumpy old man and wasn’t sleeping in the same room as his wife, due to the noise of his sleep apnoea machine. His health was transformed by juicing, and he and his wife say they are now 'living life' again!


DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE RECIPE FROM SUPER FAST FOOD? That’s not easy to answer as there are genuinely too many to choose from (and yes I realise I am biased!). I think my favourite section has to be the Classics, where you’ll find all the foods I used to love, but in Super fast Food form. There’s fish ’n’ chips, pizza, curry and so on, but with a healthy twist. Having said that, I LOVE the salad section which takes ‘greens’ to a whole new level.

HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND AT JUICY OASIS AND JUICY MOUNTAIN? The simple answer is, not enough! Whenever I am there I always wonder why I don’t just live there. Both are truly special and it’s why they are always full. I try to get over at least once a month.

WHICH IS YOUR DESERT ISLAND JUICE? That’s like asking you what is your favourite film – it all depends on the genre you're in the mood for. If it’s a veggie one, then it would be the Turbo Charge Smoothie, but if it’s a sweet treat, I love a Tahini Coco Beaney.

Jason preps the amazing Superpimped, Superfood Caesar salad recipe from his cookbook Super fast Food


WHAT’S YOUR DAILY EXERCISE ROUTINE? I am a huge fan of rebounding! It's the only activity, other than swimming, which exercises every muscle in the body and is a mean calorie burner – 30 minutes on a mini trampoline is equivalent to an hour running. So the mini trampoline usually gets it at some point of the day, but I love games – tennis, volleyball, football, anything where it doesn’t feel like you're exercising. Running on a treadmill gives me some great headspace to think. 

There wasn’t one single moment. When I was covered in psoriasis and eczema, had severe asthma, hayfever, was overweight, smoked and drank heavily, I wanted to change my life. However, wanting to and actually doing it are two different things, especially when addiction is at play. The turning point came when I discovered fruit and vegetables are more than 85 per cent liquid, and it’s this that feeds every cell in the body. I hated vegetables, so I got hold of a juicer and started to experiment. I found out that as long as you have a balance of apple, pear or pineapple, whatever vegetable juice you add tastes good.

Dear Jason...

Got a question you’d like to ask the Juice Master? Email us at juiced@juicemaster.com and we could share his answer in a future issue of Juiced! magazine. 49


ways to workout wonder

Is your fit kit feeling forgotten? Are your muscles in need of a makeover? We asked Khym, Carlos and Amy of Juice Master’s fitness team for their top tips to get you moving...










Exercise takes positivity and mental focus. You have to plan and set yourself achievable goals and targets.

Don't go too hard too soon. Instead be kind to yourself and use a steady approach with safe practices and sessions (seek guidance if required!).

Give yourself extra time on a Sunday to plan your gym times and sessions.

Invest in an exercise diary or use your smartphone – logging sessions and progress is a great motivator.





BUDDY UP Find a training partner. It's great to share sessions and get feedback from someone experiencing everything that you are.





Increase protein and cut out sugary snacks to prevent energy dips throughout the day.

Grab every opportunity to move your body. Take the stairs and get out in the fresh air for long walks on weekends.

Don't forget to cool down and stretch at the end of each session. Time restraints often make us miss this vital component.








Never allow your mind to talk you out of exercise. You WILL feel better, eat better and have more energy after exercise, so keep the upper hand.

Drink water about 10-15 minutes before and during your exercise session. Hydration is a powerful energiser.

Avoid alcohol during the training week, it will only slow down your momentum. Save your tipple until the weekend.

Always mix cardio and strength exercises. Remember that cardio burns fat stores while a strength workout shapes muscles.







To lose local fat, work with light or medium dumbbells or weights and aim to do repetitions and sets (go for four sets of 20 repetitions).

Polyarticular exercises work joints and muscles simultaneously and effectively, plus they are good calorieburners.

ALL-ROUND WORKOUT Don’t solely focus on the lower body, upper body or abdominals. Always work the full body for the best results.

PRESS REPEAT If you’re time-pressed, circuit training is a good option. Routines can be tailored depending on how you feel and what you want to achieve. 57 51










Be your own opponent, and set goals for yourself. Don’t be tempted to do two hours on the treadmill, just because your neighbour does!

Avoid hunger and hypoglycaemia with a pre-exercise meal of simple and complex carbohydrates for energy, strength and stamina.

Everyone has a unique genetic make-up. If you have a training partner, your bodies will react differently to workouts, so don’t compete.

Exercise all year round. Don’t be tempted to only train before the summer to show off your six-pack. Aim for at least 30 minutes, three days a week.









Always ensure that you achieve correct form and technique to maximise the effect of your exercise and reduce the risk of injury.

Rather than spend hours on the treadmill, go for ten minutes of HIIT. Sprint for 20 seconds, jump off for ten seconds, repeat 20 times.

Utilise a combination of different training techniques to keep challenging your body. Don’t just stick with what you find easy.

Use social media to pep up your workouts. It’s a great source of new ideas that will keep you interested and motivated.







Similarly, stay motivated with music. The Juice Master team likes Spotify playlists for a wide variety of songs for workouts.

Treat yourself to some new gym gear. It’s amazing how a fresh pair of trainers can inspire you to get up and go workout.



ACTION PACK Find an activity you enjoy which also provides a workout. When the activity's fun, it’s not a chore to exercise.

52 56

BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE Rebounding offers an intensive workout. Invest in a high-quality rebounder and spring into summer in super shape!



Be considerate when using the gym, and always put any equipment you use back in its place.

Always be prepared – keep your kit bag packed and take it with you to work or college, so you can head directly to the gym.


BELLICON REBOUNDER (the Rolls-Royce of mini trampolines!)

at juicemaster.com/bellicon

‘Simply the finest rebounder ever made’ Jason Vale, Juice Master

‘What comes down must go up’ Phillipp von Kunhardt, co-inventor of the bellicon rebounder


Shop at juicemaster.com/bellicon


A LIGHT ALTERNATIVE Try Kenny's easy yoga practice for extraordinary results


ou may be familiar with the ‘5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation’, also referred to as the ‘Fountain of Youth’, and these poses offer a light alternative if you are new to yoga or have restricted movement. If you have a back injury, please learn this under the supervision of a yoga teacher or physical therapist, if they deem it appropriate. When it comes to spinal movement, gentleness and sensitivity are of the essence. The practice consists of five exercises, repeated 21 times. The sequence resembles something of a gym-mat routine, yet you may trust that its effects can be physically empowering and opening, mentally profound, possibly cosmically awakening. You will figure it out for yourself. The exercises aim to be inspired by, and to move with, the breath. It has been suggested the ‘5 Tibetans’ need to be practised slowly and there can be merit in this. I would suggest, above all, that one must practise accurately. Using a slower pace without momentum will be more austere and strengthening, yet moving with more pace will stimulate your metabolism and get your abdominal fire burning. Be exact in your expression of the postures, gentle, sensitive. Move with relaxed flow and steadiness. A big shout-out to Noel Kelly for sharing his practice in the pictures (right). He was amazed how a week of this routine developed his strength, health and wellbeing. “If I can do it, anyone can,” he says, yet methinks he is a very modest man. Stay warm, be still. Om shantih, shantih, shantih (peace, peace, peace). ■







This simply involves sweeping your arms across the body from left to right. In the picture, Noel is demonstrating an energetic variation of the movement with arms at shoulder level. You may prefer to swing your arms more loosely over and back. Notice the action of moving to face the opposite direction to the arms.

Lying on your back, inhale to lift your head and legs up with your knees, maintaining a 90° angle. Notice that, at full lift, your thighs will be vertical and lower legs horizontal. Then, exhaling, keep your knees at 90° as you release your heels to the floor. This counts as one repetition. Inhale and continue with another 20.



Kneeling, inhale to press the hips forward, expand the ribs and ‘lift the heart’. In this position it can be good to look up and forward. This supports the neck and lower back. Exhale as you fold forward just far enough to release the spine and stretch the back. Lead movement with hips. If kneeling is uncomfortable, practise standing.

Lying on your back with feet flat on the floor 10cm from the hips, inhale to lift your hips off the ground. Notice how, at full lift, knees are directly above the ankles and there is a straight line from knees through hips to the shoulders. This firmly engages the tummy muscles. Do not lift higher than this. Exhale to release back to the mat. As you release, feel the vertebrae come down onto the floor, one by one.

SWAN Here, Noel is demonstrating the forward position which is to inhale as you lead with your chin, lift your heart, arching your spine up yet only moving slightly forward. Notice that at full lift, shoulders are still well behind the hands. The hips remain high, their weight supported by the knees. It is very important that the hips stay close to being above the knees. Then exhale to release back into a full body stretch. Ideally at full stretch backwards, hips are above the knees, straight line from hands through shoulders to hips with ribs tucked in and tummy firm.

47 55

clean dozen THE

Seen Super Juice Me!? But have you read the book... and Jason’s 11 other super titles? These are the books that can help you to understand nutrition and the psychology behind weight loss and to achieve the healthy life that you really want. Here's our guide to the bestsellers you must read this year...

Super Juice Me!


Jason’s groundbreaking documentary Super Juice Me! saw eight people with 22 diseases live on nothing but juice for 28 days. Super Juice Me! the book brings the amazing 28-day plan to life for all. What they say: ‘The most effective juice diet in the world,’ Hello! Magazine. Best for: A serious health/life change. Available as: Book (£11.99), DVD (£4.99), iBooks (£6.99) and Kindle (£3.99).

THE FUNKY FRESH JUICE BOOK More than 100 juice and smoothie recipes with ideas for kids and sporty juicers, plus recipes to tackle health issues. Packed with info about supplements, shots and ingredients. What they say: ‘Bright, bold, beautifully laid out. The perfect book of juices for all the family,’ Sophie Armstrong. Best for: Year-round juicing recipes. Available as: Book (£14.99) and iBooks (£12.99).

TURBOCHARGE YOUR LIFE IN 14 DAYS A no-nonsense reality check when you’re looking for tough love to get your juice journey going. Includes a 14-day food and juice plan with advice to keep you positive throughout. What they say: ‘This approach makes absolute sense,’ Daily Mail. Best for: People who have used all manner of excuses not to change their life. Available as: Book (£6.99), iBooks (£6.99) and Kindle (£6.49).

SOUP 'N' JUICE ME! Jason’s only pure juice and soup programme. This book will help you to create a healthyeating culture in your kitchen. It tackles the root problems of modern attitudes to food. What they say: ‘His soups are just as delicious as his juices,’ OK! Magazine. Best for: The addition of warm soups makes this perfect for winter detoxing. Available as: Book (£9.99), iBooks (£4.99) and Kindle (£4.99).

Visit juicemaster.com/shop to bag The Clean Dozen!


KICK THE DRINK… EASILY! Are you addicted to alcohol, or do you simply no longer feel in control of where and when you drink? Whether you want to stop altogether or alter your relationship with alcohol, this will change your thinking. What they say: ‘A brilliant piece of work,’ Martin Townsend, Daily Express. Best for: Finding the answers within yourself. Available as: Book (£10.99), iBooks (£10.99) and Kindle (£7.31). 5-DAY JUICE CHALLENGE: THE JUICE DIET DETOX For those who want the results of Jason’s 7-Day Juice Challenge but don’t want to lose their weekend. The addition of ‘Super After Burn Training’ makes condensed success possible. What they say: ‘The perfect kick-start to weight loss.’ OK! Magazine. Best for: Rapid weight loss with a longterm strategy. Available as: Book (9.99), iBooks (£6.99) and Kindle (£6.99).


JASON VALE’S 5:2 JUICE DIET Jason’s super-healthy interpretation of the 5:2 concept (eating normally for five days, followed by a restricted calorie intake for two days) is a life-changing plan. Intermittent calorie restriction has been shown to improve mood, control weight and enhance heart function. Alongside this, those who follow the 5:2 report that they find it ‘easy’ to stick to this method of eating to maintain weight loss over the long term. Abandon what Jason calls the ‘Perfection Game’ and use 5:2 to change your eating forever. The book includes a full four-week 5:2 Juice Diet Challenge, plus delicious whole-food recipes for non-juice days and a shopping list for each week. It really doesn’t get any easier than this for healthy eating. What they say: ‘This book has truly opened my eyes to a new way of living... without the restrictions of a usual ‘diet’, thank you!’ Poppy Fields. Best for: A longterm solution to poor eating habits. Available as: Book (£12.99), iBooks (£8.99) and Kindle (£8.99).


No chef required!

Jason’s first title dedicated to great eating, Super fast Food is filled with über-healthy feasts. This #1 bestselling collection is based on what Jason calls low H.I. (human intervention) cooking: inspirational vegan and pesci recipes that stay as close to their deliciously natural state as possible. What they say: ‘This book is revolutionary and life-changing,’ Abigail McMorrow. Best for: Healthy recipes for the whole year. Available as: Book (£14.99) and iBooks (£9.99). CHOCOLATE BUSTERS: THE EASY WAY TO KICK IT! It’s one of the world’s favourite treats, but when the chocolate habit gets out of control it’s tough to deny the cravings. Here, Jason confronts the sugar industry and helps chocoholics to understand how overconsumption can be damaging – and how to escape its sticky clutches. What they say: ‘A great read which is addictive (no pun intended!),’ Tony Forrest. Best for: Challenging your eating motivations. Available as: Book (£10.99), iBooks (£4.99) and Kindle (£4.24).

7-Day Juice Challenge THE JUICE MASTER DIET

The most successful juicing book in the world, the 7-Day Juice Challenge is designed as a juice cleanse to beat all others (three million sales can’t be wrong!). It also serves as a catalyst for an entire lifetime of great eating habits. Katie Price is just one of Jason’s celebrity fans to credit this plan as a game-changer. What they say: ‘The most successful juicing book in the world,’ OK! Magazine. Best for: A thorough juice cleanse. Available as: Book (£9.99), DVD (£7.50), iBooks (£4.99) and Kindle (£4.99).

KEEPING IT SIMPLE!: OVER 100 RECIPES BOOK A perfect, quick ‘hit-me-up’ of 100 juice and smoothie recipes, juicy vegetable facts, plus an easyto-follow three-day challenge programme. A great way to dip a toe in the juicy stuff or to give yourself a pre-holiday detox and bikini-ready boost. What they say: ‘Lots of good drinks here, a great way to start juicing,’ Mark Smith. Best for: Getting the whole family started on a joint juicing journey, with tasty recipes for kids and cures for everyday ailments too. Available as: Book (£12.99).

FREEDOM FROM THE DIET TRAP How to escape the damaging weight gain-andloss dieting con that influences so many modern lives. In his first-ever published book, Jason exposes the drug-like nature of our junk-food industry and explains how to break free from its clutches. This is not a book about juicing (although there are some fantastic recipes); instead it is a #1 bestselling handbook to understanding the addictive nature of both the junk food which so many of us eat and the fantastic feeling of losing the weight which we gain because of it. Forget what you think you know about food and discover the truth about what we put into our bodies and the effects that it has on our systems. Guaranteed to change your life for the better, forever. What they say: ‘So easy to read and understand. Finally getting the answers to a lot of questions without all the jargon. Wish I had read this book years ago and saved myself a lot of time of yo-yo dieting,’ Lorraine. Best for: A common-sense guide to starting a life without diets. Available as: Book and DVD (£10.99).

47 57

Pure and simple Natural juice therapist Mairi Taylor explains how pure essential oils can help us de-stress, reduce anxiety, rebalance and even get more zzzzs




ssential oils have been used since time began and aromatics have been revered by every ancient society. With so many of us facing toxic overload from modern living, an increasing number of people are looking for more natural ways to cleanse and nourish their bodies, skin and hair. The fragrances we value are created as an aspect of their natural ‘intelligence’. This involves a complex system of communication using chemical messengers. Each plant connects with its surrounding environment, using its unique chemicals to create tastes, aromas and colours. It’s this potent mix which protects the plant from predators and attracts pollinators to its sweet smell. It’s also why essential oils are so powerful as natural remedies. We’re basically capturing the natural healing properties of the plant and using them to support our own bodies. Just as juicing floods the body with healing nutrients, essential oils do the same at a cellular level. Essential oils are best used as part of a holistic approach to health. A good diet, movement and supportive thoughts work with oils to create an optimum baseline for wellbeing. I use essential oils in many ways: topically, aromatically and internally. In my pilates classes, for example, I diffuse different oils, depending on the season and my mood.

I add them to juices if I need a top-up, although the oil must be food supplement grade and approved for internal use. My daily moisturiser is a blend of one drop of frankincense and geranium in sweet almond oil which makes my skin radiant. To be classed as a true ‘essential’ oil it must be created using a steam-distillation, cold pressing or CO2 extraction process. Some companies sell plant extracts as essential oils, but to be a true essential oil an extract must be obtained without the use of chemical solvents. I always advise people to read labels, just as you do with food. The words ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ don't necessarily mean something is good for you (in the US, a company is only required to have 5 per cent essential oil in a bottle to label it ‘pure’). Such is the efficacy of essential oils that if you are taking medication it’s important to check with your doctor for any contraindicators that might inhibit or interfere with the therapy. An oil’s effect on a living being is dependent on many factors, including the quality of the oil, its chemical composition, the method of application, age of the user and even the species (animals can be very sensitive, so be aware when diffusing indoors). Always buy and take advice from a reputable source, and do your own research to ensure that you use oils safely and respectfully. ■

MAIRI’S ESSENTIAL OIL HEALERS LIFT THE MOOD Use citrus oils – lemongrass, lemon, bergamot and wild orange. HORMONE BALANCERS Geranium and clary sage (geranium really helps with skin breakouts). GENERAL WELLNESS Melaleuca and oregano are amazing during the winter months and can help with sore throats and earache. REDUCING ANXIETY Try frankincense (balance); patchouli (relaxing and calming), ylang-ylang (antidepressant and sedative); or

sandalwood (to help soothe feelings of sadness and depression). ENERGY BOOSTERS Add some pep with peppermint, lemongrass or lime. BETTER SLEEPS Wind down with lavender, wild orange and juniper berry.

The Eden Spa at Juicy Oasis is a relaxing sanctuary where the team offers a wide range of essential oil therapies. The beautiful therapy rooms provide a range of treatments from gentle aromatherapy massage to the amazing signature rainforest experience. Visit juicyoasis.com/the-retreat


HEAD SPACE It’s the thing that most surprises celebrities at Jason’s retreats, Juicy Oasis and Juicy Mountain – the brain-boosting effects of a week on retreat. Here’s what they say…

“I have so much more energy, my mind is so clear, my skin is glowing and I just feel energised”

Natasha Hamilton, singer/actor

“The week I spent at the Juice Master Ultimate Detox retreat in Turkey was life-changing. I have always been conscious of my health and fitness, but the retreat helped me to refocus and reinvigorate both my body and mind. Sun, sea, exercise and juice every day resulted in my skin clearing up, my eyes and hair shining, dropping 3kg (a further 1.5kg the following week) and loads of energy. One of the best weeks of my life. I’m ready for the next week!”

Beverly Knight, singer, songwriter



Where is it?

Where is it?

Nestled in the heart of rural Portugal, 1 hour 45 minutes from Lisbon Airport.

Located just 45 minutes from Dalaman, Juicy Mountain is set high in the mountains of southern Turkey – think sun, rustic living and holistic health.

Why should I book a stay? Quite frankly it offers a unique retreat experience, where celebs and everyday juice fans head to detox under the expert tutelage of Jason's team. What will I experience? Fantastic nutrition, exercise, yoga, swimming and walking, alongside some well-earned downtime and even a luxury spa.


Why should I book a stay? If organic, spiritual and idyllic are your idea of the perfect travel experience, Juicy Mountain is for you. What will I experience? Fresh juice made from local produce and mountain walks, blended with the Juice Master’s mix of nutrition and health advice – a unique detox experience!

“I come for a reboot at the beginning of every year and it's a godsend. It not only sorts out your body but your head space as well. We all love our piece of Portuguese heaven.”

Carol Vorderman, TV presenter

Carol Vorderman Twocoms / Shutterstock.com


“At Juicy Oasis, I don’t feel the need to be on my phone and checking emails. I Skype with my daughter, but the calmness and stillness make me want to retreat and switch off. It’s one of my happy places and I feel so alive when I’m there”

Alesha Dixon, singer and presenter

“Just had an amazing experience thanks to Jason Vale, at Juicy Oasis in Portugal. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Feel incredible. Planning my next trip already”

Tamzin Outhwaite, actress

“Life-changing, this is a very, very special place”

Samantha Womack, actress

“The biggest thing was being able to completely clear my mind. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do it in my life, and for the first time in 45 years I really stopped and thought, ‘This week is mine, this is for me'”

Gary Barlow, singer and songwriter

Feeling inspired to book a break at Juicy Oasis or Juicy Mountain? Don’t miss out, places go fast, so call 01234 480280 and speak to a member of the Juice Master team. 61


EASY DOES IT When life gets busy, it can be tricky to stay on track with your juice diet, but the answer’s simple and it comes in a little blue bottle… Juice. We all love it and know how good we feel when we’ve had it – it’s that tingly underthe-skin feeling as all those nutrients get to work (or maybe it’s just us?!). A balanced juice plan has the power to transform our health and waistline, but there are times when the practicalities of buying, prepping and juicing all those fruits and vegetables is difficult – when you’re super maxed, travelling or just not in ‘kitchen mode’. Necessity is the mother of invention, the proverb goes, and being both crazily busy and frequently on the road himself, Juice Master Jason Vale set out to create a ready-made juice solution. “One of the reasons I developed Juice Master Delivered is partly for me, as I’m always on the go,” he says. “It’s a premium service as nothing is more important than the quality of what you put in your body.” Unlike most shop-bought bottled versions, Juice Master Delivered – the only Juice Master endorsed national juice delivery service – is


made with purely good stuff which means you can enjoy 420ml of freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juice, which has been bottled and blast frozen in optimum conditions. “The concept for Juice Master Delivered was in my head, many years ago,” explains Jason, “but like most good ideas there were obstacles to overcome to achieve a quality product I was happy to put my name to. The whole point of juicing is to retain the maximum nutrition that fruit and vegetables contain. Juice is often more bioavailable to our body’s cells than eating the ingredients in their raw form, so you don’t want to destroy all of that by pasteurising and putting it into a bottle as many juice manufacturers do."


Skye Lyselle, who manages Juice Master Delivered, was closely involved in the development of this unique product. “We’ve worked hard to ensure the recipes




are absolutely right, as certain ingredients freeze better than others. The juices are made according to Jason’s original recipes, so if you are familiar with his programmes you will know what to expect. We only use high quality fruit and vegetables, and local produce as far as possible. “Every batch of Juice Master Delivered juice is taste tested, and we can trace the entire product from field to bottle. Our products are SALSA certified, which means they are approved by the food safety organisation as a safe and legal food that meets its standards, so customers can buy with the confidence that they are getting the very best ready-made juice possible.” It’s a confidence which has seen Juice Master Delivered’s customer list grow rapidly and which includes numerous celebrities. Gary Lineker, Katie Price, Emma Willis, Katie Piper, Jenny Faulkner, Emma Bunton, Caroline Flack, Yvie Burnett, Olly Murs, Patsy Kensit and Nicole Appleton are among those who have taken to social media to share their love of the brand’s iconic little blue bottle.

“We wanted our bottle to be distinct,” says Skye. “It needed a wide neck and to be opaque to help prevent antioxidation. We considered a number of different colours but the blue really stood out and everyone loved it. It’s manufactured in the UK, really comfortable to hold, fits into a car cup holder, is attractive, practical and really distinctive.”


Just as importantly, the contents inside taste as good as the juice we might extract at home, using a Retro Cold Press juicer. “When most people think of a juice diet they think they’ve got to hold their nose, get it in like a medicine and hang on in there until they’re done,” says Jason. “When people try Juice Master Direct,


they get a huge surprise as they open up these beautiful blue bottles for the first time and go, ‘What’s that?’


Each Juice Master Delivered plan comes in a special insulated box, so your diet arrives perfectly frozen to your door, but your order comes with so much more. Inside your first pack you’ll find one of Jason’s bestselling juice plan books, the Super Juice Me! DVD, a Life After The Programme booklet, plus the latest copy of Juiced! magazine with every order.


“The truth is it doesn’t have to taste disgusting to be good for you, which is the mindset we grew up with. Our juices don’t just taste good, they are so creamy, beautifully sweet, delicious and – the thing that shocks the life out of everyone – so satisfying. The most common thing I hear from people is, ‘How come I wasn’t hungry?’.” Not all juice delivery companies are built the same, and the added value which Juice Master Delivered offers in terms of information and support is unrivalled. “We’ve raised the game to a level that I don’t think other companies can match,” adds Jason. “I’ve written more than a dozen books on health and nutrition, mainly on juicing, and many of these focus on the psychology of weight loss. “I was an addiction psychologist by trade before I created Juice Master, and you cannot get into the right frame of body before getting into the right frame of mind. The thing that makes the difference is that we send people a book with their first Juice Master Delivered plan, and that title is important. I always encourage people to read at least the first 100-pages, because

STEPS TO JUICE SATISFACTION Choose your plan from: 3-day Juice Diet 5-day Juice Diet 7-day Juice Diet 14-day Juice Diet 5:2 Juice Diet

that’s where the psychology is centred and it will make all the difference to their juicing success. “On top of that, we send them a DVD of Super Juice Me!, our groundbreaking documentary which shows people living on juice for 28-days, which is incredibly inspiring. Plus we’ve now enhanced the Juice Master Delivered experience even further with a new website and we have an exciting free app with exclusive coaching videos which is coming soon. “Everything we do at Juice Master is centred around how we help someone access a complete, well-thought-through plan. We really care about people and offer all the support they need.” With an unbeatable reputation, thousands of people are turning to Juice Master Delivered to ensure they get the best nutritional intake, whatever their motives for juicing. “Some of our customers know Jason and the Juice Master brand, while others find us when they search for a juice diet,” adds Skye. “Many people order online but some customers like to call and chat, and there are numerous reasons they choose a plan – some are looking for a seasonal health boost, or an easy way to follow one of Jason’s juice challenges; others have weight loss goals to achieve or health issues to tackle; and others adopt it as a way of life to ensure they get the best nutrition daily. Juice Master Delivered is for everyone and, with one month's guaranteed shelf life, you can buy confidently, knowing it’s worth every penny.” ■

Select a delivery date and click to buy

We’ll send a message to let you know your order is on its way Pop your delivery in the freezer and defrost your juices daily

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worth £359.99 DELIVERED DIET

Need a diet boost? Enter our competition to win a 14-day supply of juices from Juice Master – all you need to do is twist and drink! Minimum effort, maximum results isn’t usually a realistic approach when it comes to health and nutrition, but with Juice Master Delivered it’s possible to enjoy both. Created as a ready-made solution for those who want fresh, high-quality juice without the prep, Juice Master Delivered is the perfect way to ensure you’re getting the best nutrients on a daily basis during your diet. Juiced! magazine has a 14-day Juice Master Delivered pack worth £359.99 to give away – that’s 56 juices (four per day) plus eight ‘SOS’ snack bars, seven Ginger Shots and Electrolyte Shots, and a supply of Friendly Bacteria Capsules, everything you need for diet success. Based on Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! film, the winner will receive a copy of the DVD along with a free postdiet guide to boost their results further. Of course, even if you are not the lucky winner, you can treat yourself to a 3-, 5-, 7- or 14-day Juice Diet – shop online at juicemasterdelivered.com How to win! To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, simply email your name, contact numbers and address to bigjuicygiveaway@juicemaster.com with ‘Juice Master Delivered' in the subject title by 26 May 2017.


Terms and conditions One entry per household. Entry implies acceptance of rules and conditions. No purchase necessary. Open to all UK residents aged 18 years or over, other than employees of Juice Master and companies associated with it. Draw will be conducted by Juice Master. Prize is as stated and will be awarded to the entry drawn at random on the draw date. No cash alternative is available. No correspondence will be entered into. Delayed entries will be deemed invalid. Winners’ names may be published and the winners may be required to participate in publicity. The prize is nontransferable and is to be used by the registered prize winner.



The perfect travel companion just add water! shop now at juicemaster.com

The coolest juicer on earth lowest ever price

• Wide funnel chute • Powerful motor


• Stainless steel bowl and cutting blade • Easy clean • Anti-drip cap • Available in five retro colours


★ ★★

‘I am loving it. It’s fast, easy to clean and looks super cool!’ Lynne Howell

Jason Vale’s FREE 5:2 Juice Diet Shop at juicemaster.com

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