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INSPIRED Winter 2020 | Issue 13 | £2.50



Jason’s podcast interview with Paul McKenna


Inside the amazing Juicy Escape retreat




SERIOUS ...WITH THE JUICE MASTER COLD PRESS JUICER ∙ Revolutionary angled chute ∙ Maximum juice extraction ∙ Makes delicious ice cream and nut milks




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Jamie is a food master and his Veg book doesn’t disappoint – delicious, simple recipes, beautifully photographed, which are a joy to cook and eat!


With James Cameron, Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger on board, James Wilks’ vegan documentary, The Game Changers, packs a mighty punch for choosing plant-based protein.


I was truly honoured to interview the world’s #1 hypnotist Paul McKenna for my podcast, and he returned the favour by interviewing me for his own Positivity Podcast – tune in to hear our chat.

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Juicy greetings Welcome to the first issue of Juiced! magazine in 2020. As you may notice if you are a regular reader, we’ve made some changes with a new handy size that makes reading about the wonderful world of juicing even easier when you’re on the go. While we may have shrunk in size, we’ve added more pages of inspirational content to help you on your juicy journey this year. As you can see on our cover, juice is the star of 2020 and over the next few pages we have everything you need to help reclaim your health this year – from my January Big Juice Challenge, inspirational juice success stories and brilliant recipes, plus a chance to win a stay for two at my Turkish retreat, Juicy Mountain. This issue, I get to share an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse of my new retreat, Juicy Escape, which is set to open later this year, and reveal plans for Super Juice Me! 2, the sequel to the groundbreaking documentary Super Juice Me! There’s also a snapshot of my interview with mind-man Paul McKenna and a preview of who else is coming up in series two of my podcast. If you’re lucky enough to be perusing these pages from one of my retreats, don’t forget to pop this in your hand luggage and juice it forward to family and friends when you get home. It might just inspire someone to start their own juicy journey. However, if you’re reading this on a digital device and would rather be reading a ‘real’ copy of Juiced! magazine, as well as at the retreats, you can also get your hands on a free one when you order a plan from Juice Master Delivered (juicemasterdelivered.com), or with every purchase of a Juice Master Cold Press or Juice Master Super Blend from juicemaster.com We hope you enjoy this bumper edition and if you want a little more juicy inspiration, subscribe to my YouTube channel, JuiceTube, and my podcast – both are advert- and sponsor-free.






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Winter 2020 Issue 13

03 Editor’s letter

Jason introduces the issue

07 Juicy news

Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing

10 T he greatest escape in the world! A sneak peek of the Juicy Escape retreat

21 L isten up!

Discover Jason’s latest podcast interviewees

28 S uper Juice Me! 2

Why the Juice Master plans to take his globally renowned health documentary to the next level

34 2 0/20 vision

Jason’s got a grand plan for you – take his January Big Juice Challenge!

38 2 0 super juicers for 2020

They did it... Read these inspiring juicy success stories from around the globe




28 50 Snack attack

Bite back with our handy snack guide to help keep the munchies at bay

53 Workday heroes

Start the day right with these get-up-and-go recipes

56 Give it a rest

Fast your way to a fitter you

60 Give me sunshine

Why you need some vitamin D

62 Super seafood

Demystifying spirulina


65 Mum’s the word

Meet Jason’s Mother’s Day competition winners

73 Treat yourself

Healthy sweet treat recipes

78 Can’t eat them?


Drink them!

Dig into cruciferous veg

80 Sky high

Swing your way to fitness

82 Win a stay for two at Juicy Mountain


For more juicy inspiration visit juicemaster.com

Don’t worry,

y p p a e winter bthis #1 BEST SELLING APPS

Recipes, coaching, videos, shopping lists Download at


Look who’s at Juicy Oasis! VICKY’S SPECIAL SPOT When former Juiced! magazine cover star Vicky Pattison visited Juicy Oasis before Christmas, she shared how much Jason’s luxury retreat means to her – so much so that she wanted to share it with her latest flame, former TOWIE star Eric Ramadan. He gave Juicy Oasis a big thumbs up!

SHE’S IN! High-street doyenne, entrepreneur and former Dragon’s Den panelist Sarah Willingham knows a good bet when she sees it, and a week at Juicy Oasis pays dividends when it comes to investing in your health and happiness. Raising a toast to the Juice Master, she commented: ‘Returned home refreshed, energised, full of energy and found my perspective again. A week at Juicy Oasis was utter perfection… Jason Vale is really changing lives. I’m so glad I got to experience a bit of his magic.’

THE SPEAKMANS RETURN! This Morning’s phobiafixers Nik and Eva Speakman popped back to Juicy Oasis for a preChristmas detox and this time brought their children, Liv and Hunter, to enjoy the experience. The Speakmans were snapped relaxing with a glass of green juice, en famille, in-between activities – cheers!

SIMON SAYS… ’Juicy Oasis Portugal is heaven! Jason Vale done good’, chef Simon Rimmer posted during a recent stay at Juicy O – we couldn’t put it better, a week on retreat is a truly incredible experience. 07


Mega minds! We love a good podcast, and once you’re all caught up with series one and two of Juice Master Jason Vale’s Podcast (download at Apple Podcasts or Spotify), listen to Paul McKenna’s interview with Jason. Recorded for his show, The Positivity Podcast on Heart Radio, in the 30-minute chat the two personal-development experts talk life and Jason explains the story behind his mission to juice the world. Download and listen at heart.co.uk

Speeding ticket Presenter Jenni Falconer is no couch potato, as fans of her RunPod podcast, which Jason appeared on, will know. The Heart Radio star revealed her super-fuel of choice to be a Minty Green Super Blend when she posted a shot during a recent Juice Master Delivered plan. It takes energy to clock up the miles and Jason’s Super Blend Me! plan is the ideal choice to ensure you are getting enough if you love to work out but are detoxing. Made from the highest-quality ingredients, cold pressed and flash frozen, as Jenni knows, a Juice Master Delivered plan is the best way to juice or blend when you’re in a hurry. Order Jason's Super Blend Me! plan at juicemasterdelivered.com


JJ and the juice

One of the most fun ways to get fit is to bounce, and as you can see from this

Look at this super-cute shot of JJ,

hair-raising shot, no-one takes it higher than Jason on a Bellicon rebounder at

Jason and Katie’s little boy, who

Juicy Oasis. Whether you’re a novice or pro like the Juice Master,

is growing up fast! With JJ’s

working out while feeling weightless is a great way to tone

second birthday just ahead, he’s

up without putting unnecessary stress on your body.

now enjoying plenty of juices and smoothies, fantastic for ensuring he gets the nutrients he needs

Get serious

see, he's happy to drink his fruit

If you are planning on investing in your

of the good stuff! If you haven’t

health in 2020, allow us to point you towards

already done so, check out Jason’s

as a growing boy – as you can and veggies and demanding more

the Juice Master Pro Range. Created

interview with child nutrition

exclusively for Juice Master, Jason Vale's Cold

expert Annabel Karmel at

Press and Super Blend are a veritable super

annabelkarmel.com – he chats

duo which together offer the best equipment

about healthy family eating,

to create high-quality juices, nut milks, healthy

his food temptations, parenting

ice cream, smoothies and blends. You won't find these superb

advice and raising gorgeous JJ!

machines on sale anywhere than at juicemaster.com, so choose your kit wisely and get your nutrition off to a flying start this year.

Supermarket leader

The Hawny Juice Named after the beautiful

UK supermarket Waitrose

actress Goldie Hawn

identified celery juice as

(aka Kate Hudson’s mum!),

a 2019 food trend, with

this juice is said to be one

sales up 30 per cent year-onyear after celebrities Kate Hudson

of the reasons why she stays looking so good. A huge

and Kim Kardashian raised a glass

juicing fan, this is one of

of the green stuff with the hashtag

Goldie's daily faves.

#celeryjuice. Always ahead of the curve, Jason created this celery-

Carrots (large) 4

based juice in his 2003 book, The

Cucumber 1/2

Juice Master’s Ultimate Fast Food,

Celery 3 sticks

perfect if you find the neat juice a bit too tart.

Juice, stir and enjoy.

What’s your 2020 vision? If it’s anything like the Juice Master's, it’s to kick-start things with Jason’s Big January Juice Challenge, taking place from 6 – 12 January, when thousands of people from around the globe will be enjoying seven days of juice, straight up! Turn to page 34 to read about his challenge and follow Juice Master’s social media on page 3 to be part of the action.

THE GREATEST ESCAPE… in the world! Excitement is mounting as Jason Vale’s new retreat Juicy Escape – billed as the world’s healthiest playground – starts to take shape. As you might expect from the Juice Master there are plenty of surprises in his masterplan – turn the page to discover more about what’s coming in 2020…

10 www.juicemaster.com





SPORT ZONE THIS WAY Tennis, paddle, volleyball, running track, assault course, spinning studio, gym, table tennis, rebounding THE SPA WAVE POD ACCOMMODATION



nyone who knows Jason Vale will tell you that he doesn’t do anything by half – whether it’s writing a global bestseller, developing a class-leading frozen-juice delivery company or launching his third – yes, that’s right, THIRD – megastar-visited health retreat, it’s big, it’s bold and it’s utterly brilliant. So, it goes without saying that his latest venture, an out-of-this-world retreat nestled in Portugal’s

50 www.juicemaster.com 12



Algarve, near the Spanish border, is set to raise the bar… and some. Juicy Escape, as the new retreat will be called, is the realisation of Jason’s vision for an all-singing, all-dancing, with crazy levels of fun, health and fitness, destination. Set on a 40-acre site, encompassing two stunning lakes, there is everything that he has ever dreamt about throwing into the retreat mix. Set to open late 2020, the construction team is working

around the clock to deliver a show-stopping, ranch-style development, in fact the world’s healthiest playground for the rich, famous but also anyone serious about taking their health to the next level. Take a visual tour over the next few pages and then hear what Jason has to say about his exciting new retreat as he answers fans’ questions – it’s set to be so good, even HE wants to be a guest and enjoy the good stuff on offer.


What will you find at Juicy Escape? Offering the perfect balance between relaxation and activity, it’s probably easier to ask what won’t there be, but here’s what’s on Jason’s must-have list to start…


• Two lakes • A beach! • Running track • Football pitch • Boxing ring • Paddle courts • Tennis court • Beach volleyball • Assault course • State-of-the-art gym • Spinning studio • Rebounding platform • Sunrise and sunset yoga platform • Trail walks • Heated pool • Sauna and steam room • Open-air cinema • Bicycles to get around • Rowboats • Silent Disco Dome • The Den (details to be announced!) • Unique WAVE accommodation • Slides to whizz straight from your POD into the lake!


Stay in a futuristic WAVE POD...

Set across 40 acres, the masterplan is vast

All part of the plan

...with plenty of luxurious touches

Turn the page for an exclusive interview with Jason about Juicy Escape…


JUICY ESCAPE 101 You asked, and Jason answered – here are all your questions about Juicy Escape, personally addressed by the Juice Master himself WHEN WILL JUICY ESCAPE OPEN?

“It’s the million-dollar question! It was opening two years ago, but Portuguese bureaucracy is like pulling teeth… However, progress is being made and all guns are blazing as we aim for a soft launch in September 2020, ahead of a grand opening in April 2021. “Our first guests will be those selected to be participants in my Super Juice Me! 2 health experiment (see page 28 for details) who will not be paying to stay, so it’s a win-win as we’ll then close the gates after they leave, make any necessary tweaks and reopen to the public the following spring.”

50 www.juicemaster.com 14


“Juicy Escape is just 35 minutes from Faro airport, heading towards the Spanish border. Although it’s incredibly convenient to the main airport serving the Algarve, it’s a lovely coincidence that the plot came up after many years of searching the globe for a suitable location for Juicy Escape, which has been a plan in my head for years – we were waiting for the right place to build it! A truly wonderful spot, it felt right to do it here.”


“All Juice Master retreats have a strict no kids, no pets policy and the reason

is in the name – Juicy Escape is a retreat from everyday life, and you are here to leave it behind and focus on your health. “We do accept mature young adults from the age of 12 with a parent or guardian, but we rarely host people this age as most guests want to enjoy some precious ‘me time’ and recharge. Sadly we don’t allow pets to stay at our retreats as many of our guests have allergies and we want everyone to be comfortable while they are staying with us.”

WILL JUICY ESCAPE BE ACCESSIBLE? “Juicy Escape is set on a vast 40-acre site, some

JUICY ESCAPE of which is hilly and has unmade tracks, so it would be unrealistic to say that all of the retreat is accessible. However, there will be accessible WAVE POD accommodation and we are always happy to discuss how much of the retreat experience we can make work for each guest’s individual requirements.”


“By default, just as at other Juice Master retreats, there will be a juiceonly programme at Juicy Escape, with juices served throughout the day plus a warming soup during the winter months. “However, at Juicy Escape there will also be an option to enjoy vegan, plantbased bowl food at night, served communally on long tables where everyone can come together to relax and be sociable. “We are taking a conscious decision not to specifically choose organic produce, but instead to use locallygrown produce which supports the community and has fewer food miles – it may not have the organic-soil certification or uniformity, but it offers delicious, high-quality fruit and vegetables to use as healthy ingredients. The food we cook will be rich in protein and many dishes will be drawn from my Super fast Food book. “We are also toying with the idea that if guests opt for a juice-only plan, they can change their mind to eat, at no extra charge, during their stay. Guests will wear a wristband and if they

choose to break their juice fast, we will cut the wristband – the reason for this is to give someone a visual reminder of the commitment they have made to themselves, and an extra incentive to stick to their original juice-only plan. We want to support guests to get what they want from their stay at Juicy Escape.”


“We are still finalising costs but there will be a range of accommodation to suit different budgets and match people's needs. Prices will be similar to Juicy Oasis, but indicative costs will be: £ – small ECO POD ££ – WAVE POD £££ – Incredible WAVE POD, overlooking the lake ££££ – Wonderful WAVE POD, set back in a private spot with all facilities en suite “It’s important to remember that Juicy

Escape is an all-inclusive retreat and, apart from treatments at our stateof-the-art spa, once you are here everything is covered within the cost of your stay. “Starting at just under £1,000 per person, per week, the cost is comparable to most other all-inclusive vacations, except this one can seriously improve your health, which is more than can be said for many other holidays! “Another way to look at it is if you stayed at a Premier Inn or the equivalent type of hotel in Central London for five nights, it would be more expensive than a week at Juicy Escape. “That's incredible value when you consider the experience you will have. Also, being so close to Faro airport with a wide range of easy transport options, the transfer costs will be far less than those at Juicy Oasis.”


“Just like my other retreats, Juicy Escape is not a boot camp – you can do as much or as little as you choose while you are there. But the truth is you will WANT to join in, rather than HAVE to be active. There will be so much on offer and the emphasis is squarely on having fun. “Alongside all of the exciting activities that will be on offer, there is plenty to explore, including Freedom Lake, Contemplation Tree and a gorgeous internal beach which will all be quiet spots to relax and unwind. The retreat's hub area will be around the swimming pool, and that will be a cool place to hang out, with low music and a chilled-out vibe. “When you want to be active, you can do yoga, spend time in the gym, enjoy a game of beach volleyball, paddleboard, play football or burn off some serious energy in



the boxing ring or gym – there’s no end of options. “The running track has a 100m extension so you can beat your own PB while you are here or take a row boat and stretch out around the lake. There’s an assault course and an outdoor gym, which is a replica of Santa Monica Beach. If you fancy a boogie, you can don some headphones and enjoy a dance at the Silent Disco Dome, or catch a movie at the outside cinema. “There will be a small shop on site selling everything from sunscreen and sunglasses to energy bars and gym gear, plus all of the incredible spa treatments on offer. “There are no hot tubs but instead a natural hot pool and sauna to gather and relax after a beautiful day of activity. We also have claw baths on the decking of the WAVE PODS and outdoor showers so you can rinse off after a slide into the lake. “It’s going to be great and it’s the last retreat that I’m going to build, so I’m throwing all the goodies at it as it’s going to be MY playground too – in fact, it’s probably a very selfish thing that I’m doing, building Juicy Escape!”


“No, there are a million spa hotels around the world, but if you are serious about your physical and mental health, you need to commit a minimum of seven

50 www.juicemaster.com 16

Soon to be a yoga platform, guests will be able to enjoy their practice as the sun dawns or sets, a unique experience in a stunning setting days to your personal development, and you will never achieve that in 3-4 days, in my opinion.”


“We are currently debating whether to create a membership scheme for Juice Master Retreats as it’s something we’re asked about all the time. Incorporating a pointsbased system, this would operate much like a loyalty card with associated savings or perks based on your usage. It’s on the table at the moment, so watch this space…”


“Yes, of course, there will undoubtedly be savings for a large group wishing to stay at Juicy Escape or for corporate bookings – the best thing to do is to talk to the Juice Master Retreats team who are always happy to help and can provide more details.”


Mountain will have priority booking and access to the membership scheme if and when it goes live.”


“As at Juicy Oasis, Juicy Escape will have a stateof-the-art spa offering our usual mix of massage, colonics and cryotherapy, but we are also currently considering adding a select range of non-invasive procedures, such as a non-surgical facelift. “Of course, we will only offer safe procedures delivered by qualified

and, as the spa is selfcontained, we may be able to offer standalone treatments to day visitors – it’s something we are exploring at the moment. "It certainly makes sense to enable as many people as possible to come and experience a little of all that Juicy Escape will have to offer. "I am certain that they would want to come back for a longer stay and enjoy the full benefits that a week on retreat at Juicy Escape will offer.”

HOW WILL JUICY ESCAPE DIFFER FROM JUICY OASIS? WILL THERE BE EXCURSIONS ON OFFER? “Juicy Escape is uniquely situated just 5km from one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and one of the benefits of its location is that guests will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area too.

“We will have bicycles with rucksacks on offer for guests’ use, so they can throw a canteen of water into a bag and set off to explore the 40-acre site "Along with sunrise yoga, we might also offer dawn walks to enjoy some of the retreat’s most stunning spots. And there is also a wonderful outdoor, natural flotation lake nearby, so we may even be able to take people to visit and experience this during

their stay. “There is also a golf course just 3km away so some guests may wish to play a few of Europe’s finest fairways, while their partner enjoys the activities and facilities at Juicy Escape. “However, most people want to be locked in while they are on retreat, but unlike Juicy Oasis, Juicy Escape is vast and in all probability there will be a wider range of options to choose from – this alone is one of the biggest advantages of what will be Europe’s, if not the world’s, healthiest playground!’”


“We considered many places around the world, but in truth the location is irrelevant. To be one of our retreats, it needed to be near water or have a mountain view as these

professionals, so we are still exploring all the options at this stage. There are no plans for alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy or reiki.”


“Saturday is changeover day at our retreats

What’s your favourite colour? The heated swimming pool will be a place to chill with other guests and the Juicy Escape team


are essential ingredients to the Juice Master retreat experience, and Juicy Escape has it all. “It’s hard to differentiate between our retreats, although I’m asked to all the time. I would say that Juicy Mountain in Turkey is rustic and very intimate, with just 25 people staying at any one time. Guests often remark that it is a very spiritual place and I think that’s true. “Juicy Oasis sits beautifully in the middle of Portugal around a wonderful body of water, and is centred on a juice-only programme. But if getting outside and exploring appeals to you, go to Juicy Escape where there will be a lot more for those who love physical fitness, adventuring and good food! “We will inevitably offer packages to stay at all three and experience the different vibes that each one has. It also makes sense that, with just a four-hour transfer between Juicy Oasis and Juicy Escape, we could easily fly guests into Lisbon for a week before driving down – stopping for a healthy lakeside lunch en route – to allow them to spend a week at Juicy Escape in the Algarve too. “No matter where you choose to go, the Juice Master ethos is at the heart of all of our retreats – everyone is a VIP and genuinely treated equally, because when everything else is stripped away we are all there for the good of our physical and mental health. Juicy Escape will be no different in embracing this ethos too.”

50 www.juicemaster.com 18


“We already have a long list of applicants who would love to work at Juicy Escape. In truth, our established Juice Master Retreats team members have a wealth of experience and know exactly what we do and how we like to treat our guests, so they will be offered the opportunity to join the team first. "However, we are ALWAYS looking for excellent fitness and yoga instructors, so if you think you have what it takes to be part of our team, get in touch via the channels on page 3 of Juiced! magazine – we would love to hear from you.”


“Alongside, ‘When will Juicy Escape open?’, it’s the first question I’m asked! The answer is follow my Instagram where I will announce details in due course. I am in full control of my Instagram account, so when you see it there, you know it’s straight from the Juice Master’s mouth! “The other important thing to do if you want to be among the first to stay at Juicy Escape is to sign up to the Juice Master newsletter and be top of the list to hear that bookings are open! I would add though, that we won’t put ourselves under any pressure to take bookings until we are 100 per cent ready to do so, as we want everything to be perfect before we open Juicy Escape for business.”

It’s all about the little things – Jason is keeping a watchful eye on the development of Juicy Escape

HOW CAN I GET ON THE VIP GUEST LIST FOR THE OPENING OF JUICY ESCAPE? “If you’ve read my book, Create Magic, you’ll know that I LOVE to make incredible things happen for people when they least expect it.

“Juicy Escape is going to be a VERY special place and the opening will be a non-ticket event attended by a number of VERY highprofile people. To be at the launch will be a moneycan’t-buy experience and only a select number will attend, so it really is going to be a memory of a lifetime for those who are lucky enough to be invited. “With this in mind, I want to share the moment with those who love Juice Master and so anyone who has ever stayed at Juicy Oasis will have their name

put into the hat and we will draw a couple of names out, just before we launch, and create magic for those people who are lucky enough to be picked. “If you haven’t been to Juicy Oasis yet, now’s the time to book yourself a 2020 stay and you never know, it might just get you on the guest list, yet! “Finally, the one thing I would add is that while the opening is going to be super special and very exciting, the Juice Master Retreats team works incredibly hard to deliver an unbeatable experience for our guests, every week. Don’t worry if you aren’t the first to stay and experience Juicy Escape, it will be there for many amazing years to come, and I hope to meet as many Juice Master fans there as I can.” •


SIGN UP FOR JUICY ESCAPE UPDATES You’ve read about Jason’s exciting plans for Juicy Escape, now sign-up to be among the first to hear about the launch of his hottest new retreat

If you want to be one of the first guests to enjoy an incredible stay at Juicy Escape, you need to sign-up now to receive updates from Juice Master – visit juicemasterretreats.com/juicy-escape and register for the Juice Master newsletter today!


rs T ea OU 7 y LD SO

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Jason Vale’s 7-day Re-set Retreat Yoga•Meditation•Rebounding•Beautiful walks•Eden Spa Loft Sauna•Beach volleyball•Tennis•Fitness•Hot pool•Flowing river





Series two of Jason Vale’s Podcast is cued and ready for your listening pleasure with a host of big-name stars sitting down to talk health, fitness and life with the Juice Master Whether you’re working out in the gym, heading out for a run, prepping dinner or on the road, what you listen to can seriously affect your health… for the better, if you download and tune into Jason Vale’s Podcast. Now launching series two of his podcast, the Juice Master is back with some brilliant interviews with top names who open up to Jason and share an insight into their health and fitness journeys.

health, and many of his celebrity guests explain why they share his view, talking about, among other things, life, love and what makes them tick. Of course, as is Jason’s style, there’s also a whole lot of fun along the way, with plenty of giggles to be had. Subscribe and download Jason Vale’s Podcast at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or at juicemaster.com today and start listening. As a sneak preview, turn the page to discover who’s been sitting in Jason's interview hot seat, starting with one mind-broadening megastar…

You’ve got the plan and Jason’s motivational videos at your fingertips, but if you need any more inspiration to jump into your Jason is a firm believer in the link juicy journey, between mental and physicalread these individuals’ amazing juicing results…



...it’s only PAUL MCKENNA! He’s the world’s #1 hypnotist, a self-help guru who – like Juice Master Jason Vale – has helped millions around the world to lose weight, quit smoking and even get rich. Jason caught up with the mesmerising star during a recent stay at Juicy Oasis…

22 www.juicemaster.com


Curiously, Paul’s own discovery of hypnotism came about when, as a DJ, he went to interview a hypnotist who used NLP techniques on him! Recognising Paul was stressed he suggested the DJ take a seat and promptly hypnotised him. “I sat back, closed my eyes and by the end of it I felt brilliant, so calm and peaceful,” says Paul. “The guy lent me a book about NLP guru Richard Bandler, who had been Tony Robbins’ teacher. I took the book home and read it cover to cover, and soon I was hypnotising my friends to help them lose weight.” One of those friends owned a pub and soon Paul was putting on shows, becoming DJ by day, stage hypnotist by night. With a vision of where he wanted to be in five years’ time, he set about back-engineering his transition to become

After several television series for ITV and Channel 4, Paul wanted a new challenge and headed to San Francisco to meet Richard Bandler, telling him he wanted to do a show with him. “We became very good friends,” says Paul. “I said we should put on an NLP show together and, based on that, I wrote Change Your Life In 7 Days, which became a #1 bestseller overnight. I was doing big events, teaching thousands of people and Sky asked me to do a show, based on the book. I worked with people who had phobias, Tourette’s, hysterical blindness – powerful moving stories – and I helped them to overcome these things with various degrees of success.” Despite his incredible success, Paul remains a modest character who, quite simply, loves life, as he told Jason. “I never forget that I’m just a bloke from North London with a particular skillset, who is relentless. I read biographies and psychology books, I have a fairly good memory and my ADHD allows me to function and process all of this into what I do. I’m not perfect and I don’t have all

the answers – I still wake up thinking, ‘How am I going to make it all work?’, but I have a fantastic time. I'm at a stage where I can give something back now, and so I do a lot of work with PTSD sufferers. I’ve also just written a new book which explores the seven things that make or break a relationship – my job is to take complicated and make it simple.”


Whether you need to feel more confident, boost your brainpower or simply get a better night’s sleep, Paul McKenna has the solution with his ingenious blend of hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and psychotherapy.

one of television’s biggest stars with a series of hypnotism shows that attracted record viewing figures. “It got to a point where I had to decide to leave Radio 1 and become a full-time hypnotist,” reflects Paul. “Fortune favours the brave and my life changed forever.”

r l n a ea ul o dc H e f w Po e th rvi e's te al in V n so

Depending on your age, you might remember Paul McKenna as a radio DJ, stage hypnotist or the author of a series of global bestselling books – now apps – to help you with many of life’s challenges. Today, he has become an incredible force in the personal-development arena, a man who, quite literally, changed his own life and went on to improve the lives of millions around the world.

In his podcast interview, Jason and Paul also chat about health, fitness and the possibility of organising a potential event together at Juicy Oasis in 2020, encompassing mind and body. To hear all of their conversation – plus some fun giggles along the way – download Jason Vale’s Podcast and enjoy their incredible meeting of minds.

Paul McKenna on Juicy Oasis... “I absolutely love it and I’ll be coming back – it’s a beautiful resort and so much fun, you can’t help but feel good. It’s calm, luxurious and what better way to feel good than to be in nice surroundings, sipping a juice as you rest?” Paul McKenna on juicing... “I was addressing an evevnt of physicians and felt a chest cold coming on. They made me drink juice morning, noon and night – by the next day, the cold was gone! If I feel run down, I go and get a juice, not just as a detox, but as a vitamin overload.”


Series two:

THE FULL LINE-UP Big names, big topics and big fun – here are the other stars appearing in series two of Jason Vale’s Podcast

Beverley Knight s Jason’s heart steal She’s the soul star who incredible her of one gives she every time she stays n whe s ance orm perf ella a capp huge and at Juicy Oasis. Natural, warm rded reco rley Beve fun to be with, Jason and she n whe ast podc his for view an inter visited recently. Hear all that she has g to say about health, fitness and fightin ery. surg after form top to her way back

24 www.juicemaster.com 50


Ian Marber Never one to shy away from the juicing skeptics, Jason was thrilled to sit down and go head to head with Ian Marber, who made his name as The Food Doctor. He is a prolific writer and commentator on nutrition, so what are his views on juicing and how did he and Jason get on? You’ll have to tune in to find out in this candid conversation.

Jenni Falconer Famous for grilling bigname guests on GMTV and getting us going with her early morning Heart Radio show, Jenni Falconer switched to the other side of the microphone to be quizzed by Jason about health, fitness and her love of running for his podcast.

Simon Rimmer Jason is a massive fan of TV chef Simon Rimmer who is famous for his vegetarian dishes and no-nonsense approach to good food. The two get on like a house on fire, so tune in and hear their bro-mance in action.

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Catch up with

SERIES ONE If you haven’t already listened to series one of Jason’s Podcast, it’s time to do so now! Jason kicked off his podcast with a stellar cast of names who swung by the Juicy Oasis studio and sat down with a juice to chat with Jason in 2019.

 ITV’s mental-health experts The Speakmans recorded a podcast with the Juice Master when they visited Juicy Oasis – big juice and fitness fans, the couple even helped Jason with one of his own phobias – spiders! Download the podcast to hear how they got on.

Having ditched the junk and reclaimed his health, DJ Chris Moyles gave a candid interview with Jason about what made him rethink his lifestyle. 

 Katie Piper is an extraordinary woman in so many ways, and Jason was honoured to interview her for his podcast, before appearing by return on her Extraordinary People podcast too!

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 Jason’s first podcast was with lovely Lorraine Kelly, queen of morning television, who shared her best and worst interviewees, plus who she’d love to chat with. She enjoyed her stay at Juicy Oasis, saying, “From the minute you step foot here, stress oozes out of your body and everyone is great. What you take away is being more mindful about what you’re eating, exercise and being a little bit kinder to others.”

She’s been helping parents with child nutrition for almost three decades, and as dad to little JJ, Jason particularly enjoyed interviewing Annabel Karmel.



0 0 0 , 0 5 scribers sub


28 www.juicemaster.com




It’s back! Jason Vale is set to make Super Juice Me! 2, the sequel – an even BIGGER experiment to test the healing powers of pure juice and put the argument to bed, once and for all




t’s the groundbreaking movie that challenged Big Pharma with a radical experiment to demonstrate the power of pure natural juice, putting eight people with 22 chronic health conditions on 28 days of liquid nutrition with life-changing results.

health or affect depression? I’m genuinely curious to see the results – I’ve done this for 20 years, so I’m going into the experiment with lots of confidence of the results that juice can achieve, but if there is anything it can’t achieve, it would be nice to know.

It’s gone on to change thousands of lives around the world, and now Jason Vale is embarking on a major experiment with plans for a bigger Super Juice Me! 2 movie.

“I know it’s abnormal to live on juice for a month and, despite what people might think, I am not averse to medical intervention – I wouldn’t be here today without Big Pharma as I had severe asthma and needed an inhaler constantly. However, I think we need an open, honest debate and to talk about what juicing can do for our health.”

“My vision is to expand what we did in Super Juice Me! on a far larger scale,” says Jason, explaining his decision to slate filming for Super Juice Me! 2 in 2020. “In the first film, we covered the journey of eight people in 90 minutes, but in the next experiment we will expand this to 50-60 people, taking the juice experiment to the next level. We will examine everything from whether juicing can help people living with type 2 diabetes, to whether our eyesight improves when we drink juice.

Volunteers who would like to be part of Jason’s Super Juice Me! 2 experiment will be invited to audition by video in an X-Factor-style competition. “We are looking for people who have been on medication for many years,” says Jason.

“The problem with the Super Juice Me! experiment was that the results were too good!”

“The problem with the Super Juice Me! experiment was that the results were too good! Across the board, participants' symptoms completely improved when they drank just juice for 28 days, but people argued it couldn’t be that simple. Personally, I am generally skeptical about studies, but the experiment was overseen by a doctor and there’s no denying how it vastly improved the participants' health.

“I want to test my one disease, one solution theory with a mass experiment that definitively shows the benefits of juice therapy. With Super Juice Me! 2, we will silence the doubters and put the arguments to bed, once and for all, so that there is no dispute that anyone living with a lifestyle disease can improve their health with juice. “We will obviously track people’s weight loss, but we want to study the effects a juice diet has on a wide range of conditions, from high blood pressure to gout. We want to know scientifically whether juice gives you more energy and mental clarity? Is there a mind-body connection, and can juice improve our mental

30 www.juicemaster.com 50

“We will fly those who are selected from anywhere in the world to stay at our expense at a Juice Master retreat, but they have to be genuine and serious about change. The experiment will be documented and everyone will be following the same programme, on site. Once again, I intend to be a participant, mentor and observer of the experiment which will replicate the original Super Juice Me! documentary, but on a far larger scale. “The reason I’m doing this is that I hope people will watch and be inspired to take their health into their own hands and make positive change to their lives. Things are evolving and young GPs are switching their mindset on medication, but people need to take personal responsibility for their physical and mental wellbeing – ask, what can you do to improve your health? “The experiment will show what can happen with pure juice in just 28 days, that lifestyle diseases can be turned around and how we can give ourselves a fighting chance. For anyone interested in taking part in Super Juice Me! 2, watch out for a video on Juice Master’s social media channels and it could be you who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to change your health with live, raw juice.” •

The story behind

Super Juice Me! Launched in 2014 at Odeon West End, Leicester Square’s only-ever orange-carpeted premiere, Super Juice Me! has been watched by a whopping 6m people across the globe, with more than half a million views on YouTube alone Having been at the forefront of the juice revolution for more than 20 years, Jason Vale is used to juice skeptics refuting the power of juicing to boost our health. Partly in response and partly because of his own personal juice journey, Jason created Super Juice Me! The Big Juice Experiment to see what would happen if he took eight volunteers struggling with major health issues and gave them nothing but live, raw juice for 28 days at his Juicy Oasis retreat. There were highs and lows, tears and laughter along the way, but the end results were truly astonishing. “When I took eight people with 22 different diseases between them and put them on nothing but freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juices for 28 days, I must admit I expected some good results,” says Jason, “but I wasn’t ready for just how utterly incredible they would be.


BEFORE: Suffering from Crohn’s AFTER: Healed and medication-free THE REMEDY: 28 days of juice! 31


“The documentary came about simply because of what I had personally experienced on a juice-only diet and because of what I had been observing for years at my juice retreats. It also came about because of the tens of thousands of emails I received from people all over the world who had experienced enormous transformations in their health and weight due to following, in particular, my worldfamous 7-Day Challenge.” As part of the experiment, Jason ‘super-sized’ himself, bulking up with junk food and ditching his regular exercise regime, to gain 20lbs in just five weeks, before joining the participants in the big experiment.“I ate a lot!,” says Jason. “I also felt like I’d just been run over by a truck and it was a reminder of how I used to feel every day. I wanted to experience the same withdrawal from white sugar, caffeine and refined fats as the people taking part in the experiment. I also wanted to remind myself how easy or hard it actually was to come off those drug-like foods and drinks. “I made sure that all the freshly extracted juices contained the right balance of nutrients to not only meet the super juicers’ daily energy needs, but also to replace any nutritional deficiencies that they may have been suffering from.”

ways to get the

Super Juice Me!


WATCH Super Juice Me! at juicemaster.com, youtube.com or on Amazon Prime. READ the Super Juice Me! book. Like all good films, there’s a brilliant book too, encompassing Jason’s juicing philosophy and the 28-day juice plan that the eight participants followed at Juicy Oasis – plus a snapshot of some astonishing ‘before’ and ‘after’ results. DOWNLOAD the Super Juice Me! app, packed with coaching videos, recipes and shopping lists to help you transform your health in just 28 days – the average person drops 20-30lbs on the Super Juice Me! plan and many experience relief from a number of lifestyle illnesses. Get started today!

32 www.juicemaster.com 50

As Jason says, the outcome of the experiment was incredible as you can see from the headline results of just two of the Super Juice Me! film’s participants. Watch the movie or read the book to see the full story. •


BEFORE: Overweight, depressed, bloated by prescribed steroids to treat lupus and unable to walk 300m. Roger also used a sleep apnoea machine at night AFTER: Completed the Great North Run, drugand disease-free. Sleep apnoea cured, his relationship with his wife was strengthened THE REMEDY: 28 days of juice!


Stainless steel Takes whole ice cubes Easy twist carp with rubbe seal Also available in

d soups n a ld o c s e Keep juic al-lined u d a in m r wa flask r e t s a M e ic Ju Exclusive to juicemaster.com





Have the festivities left you looking and feeling like you’ve consumed a bit too much of… well, everything? Get 2020 off to a juicy start with Jason's Big January Juice Challenge! – join in from 6-12 January or follow a Jason Vale plan at any time by downloading one of the apps. With three resets in summer, autumn and winter, you WILL achieve your 2020 vision of you!




It’s official, 2020 is the year to achieve YOUR 20/20 vision of how you want to look and feel, and JASON’S BIG JANUARY JUICE CHALLENGE, taking place from 6-12 JANUARY, has everything you need to kick-start your BEST YEAR EVER! Forget faddy diets, here are SEVEN REASONS to choose a Juice Master plan, reclaim your health and get the results that you really want...

1. It’s THE best way to reset


is having a great Imagine a fab party where everyone moment together. the ying time, glass in hand, and enjo e is exactly lleng Cha e Juic ary Janu Well, Jason’s Big glass is full of that, with the best bit being that the online juicing EST pure, fresh juice! Set to be the BIGG around the from le peop of event of 2020, thousands challenge. the in part g takin and in g globe will be tunin

2. All the gear

2 36 www.juicemaster.com

When it comes to juicing, it’s all about preparation. Get organised with the Juice Master Cold Press Juicer and Juice Master Super Blend, a super duo, ready to whizz your vegetables and fruits into the perfect juice or blend. And if you need a little extra boost, stock up on Jason's Juice SOS! Bars and supplement powders. Shop now at juicemaster.com and you’re all set for Jason’s Big January Juice Challenge.

3. Seven plans, fast results! We’re not all made the same and so Jason is making his 2020 Big January Juice Challenge all about YOU, with seven plans to choose from. If you want to go classic, take his 7-Day Juice plan. Need a little more energy? Enjoy the best of both worlds and choose the Juice ‘n’ Blend plan, which Jason will be following from 6-12 January. Plus, for a limited time, seven of his apps will be available for £1.99 until 12pm on 19 January.


4. Simply pour…

Alternatively make it EVEN EASIER and order a plan from Juice Master Delivered (juicemasterdelivered.com). With five plans, each based on Jason’s bestselling books, a week of his little blue bottles will leave you feeling FAB-ULOUS! Plus there’s FREE standard delivery until 10 January.

6. Tune in, chill out


5. Thumbs up! If you need a little encouragement, be part of the Juice Master community and share the juicy love on social media. Throughout the week, the Juice Master team will be posting inspirational videos from Jason. Be part of the story too on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – get ready and follow Juice Master’s channels, listed on page 3.

Ditch the box sets and fill seven days with Jason’s inspirational viewing and listening. Subscribe to Jason’s JuiceTube channel on YouTube where you’ll find tons of brilliant videos to watch. For extra entertainment, download series one of Jason Vale’s Podcast where he chats health, fitness and life with some of showbiz’s biggest names.



7. Share your results


Reach out and share your amazing Big January Juice Challenge results! There is nothing Jason enjoys more than hearing and seeing the difference that his challenges make to lives around the world – from Fiji to Finland, the UK to Uruguay, Jason wants to juice the world and you are part of the story. Share your updates on Juice Master social media channels with the hashtags #big juicechallenge and #jasonvale or email testimonials@ juicemaster.com and be part of the juice revolution!

You don’t r need to wait efo a global juic load a n challenge – dotw app r e Juice Mas er.com t s at juicema one of and follow s at Jason's plan . any time


Hold that pen, there are no expensive sign-up fees here. Simply head over to juicemaster.com and download your preferred app plan, follow Juice Master’s social media channels and you’re good to go – see you at the start line on 6 January, we’ll be waiting for you… 37


transformations to inspire you for


You’ve got the plans and Jason’s motivational videos at your fingertips, but if you need any more inspiration to jump into your juicy journey, read these individuals’ amazing juicing results…

38 www.juicemaster.com

‘Lost 30lbs in 28 days, sleeping better, skin glowing, incredible energy and cravings gone’

‘Lost 30lbs – I love it’

‘7-day challenge helped shift the last 10.5lbs’

‘Feeling great, soooo much energy, skin looks good and lost 5lbs’

‘Lost 9lbs in 7 days and craving salads!’

‘Lost 7lbs in 7 days’

‘Lost 14lbs in 12 dats and two per cent body fat, energy through the roof and skin so soft’

‘24lbs has fallen off me’

‘Lost 11lbs in 7 days’ ‘Fitter and healthier than ever’

’31 days and 31lbs lighter!’

‘Lost 6.5lbs, loads brighter and more positive’

‘7-day challenge helped shift the last 10.5lbs’

‘Lost 6.5lbs, loads brighter and more positive’

‘Lost 6lbs in 5 days, clear mind and sleeping better – freaking amazing plan!’

‘The pictures speak for themselves’

‘Less tired, skin improved and feeling great’

‘Lost 44lbs, never felt better!’

‘Lost 16lbs in 13 days’

‘Lost 15lbs in a week – concentration and skin improved, healthier and happier’ ‘Lost 7lbs in a week!’

‘Lost 8lbs in 7 days, thoughts are clearer, feel totally clean, strong and in control’


REAL LIFE JUICERS ‘I didn’t really like the juices the first couple of days as unfortunately I now know I don’t like ginger! The hunger was less on day two and three, and I felt a bit like when you’ve been ill and are then on the mend. What surprised me was that I was OK not having my decaffeinated tea, coffee and regular lattes. I was really pleased with myself not having them and the same goes for my regular evening decaffeinated Diet Coke.

Emma Barry

LOST 8lbs

with a 7-Day Juice Master Delivered plan, before visiting Juicy Oasis

‘Just completed a Juice Master Delivered 7-day Juice ‘n’ Soup plan and what a week it has been. Having turned 50, my weight has crept up a bit over the last six months. I’ve been fortunate to have two holidays and each time a couple of pounds has gone on. These, combined with another couple over Christmas, have meant my favourite clothes were getting very snug. ‘My husband has wanted to visit Juicy Oasis in Portugal for the last couple of years and now we’re empty nesters we decided this was the perfect time to go, so we booked a week. This and my increasingly snug-fitting clothes brought me to the conclusion that I should try some juicing. Partly I was a bit worried I’d not manage a week at the retreat, feel funny, have terrible caffeine withdrawals and generally waste the opportunity. So, I ordered Jason Vale's 7-day Juice ‘n’ Soup plan from Juice Master Delivered and started my week. ‘I know nothing about juicing so the first day I was super, super starving and also hadn’t got the timings quite right for defrosting the drinks. Doing so took me a couple of days. On day two I woke up with a headache very similar to jet lag. I worked out I needed to up my fluid intake and stocked up on decaffeinated herbal tea bags and sparkling mineral water.

‘Then, on day four, something amazing happened – I woke up feeling really good, the hunger came and went. My hair was shining, my thoughts were clear, I felt good. This continued and also on day five I started liking the juices, I didn’t miss the tea and coffee but did start dreaming of eating some protein. I’m really glad I picked the Juice ‘n’ Soup plan as the soups were absolutely delicious and definitely perked me up a bit. ‘I had mine as the third drink of the day and this worked well as it felt like an early dinner. On the evening of day five, I really listened to my body and missed the fourth juice of the day and instead had a small salad with egg and ham from a supermarket. It contained 150 calories. I know juicing isn’t about calorie counting but I wanted to keep the salad similar calorie-wise to the juice I missed. This extra bit of food gave me the strength to keep going and to carry on to day six and seven. ‘Each day got easier and I’m very happy to report an 8lbs weight loss. What I’ve taken from this experience is that I’ve had time to formulate a future plan. I’m going to really try and ditch the Diet Coke habit and I feel like I don’t fancy anything sweet at the moment. I didn’t expect that to happen at all. ‘This week has been life-changing – I feel totally clean, my thoughts are clear and I feel strong and in control of my body. I will definitely try and incorporate some juicing into my life from now on, and I think that a juice, soup and salad plan could work really well for me. Thank you Jason Vale for giving me a great start.’

Kick-start your juice journey with a ready-made plan from juicemasterdelivered.com 40 www.juicemaster.com

Elizabeth Underwood from Tennessee used Jason Vale’s plans to lose and maintain a 50lbs weight loss. Here’s her juice story…

Helen O’Hara LOST 11lbs on Jason’s 7-Day Challenge in January 2019 ‘7lbs in 7 Days? Well, I beg to differ! It was 11lbs in seven days for me. I’ve been doing Jason’s challenges for the last five years but never done the weigh-in before. Stunned to see the figures! I also feel fantastic, back on track for a healthy and fit 2019.

JANUARY 2019 ‘I recently lost 50lbs but through the holidays gained a little back. I used Jason Vale’s 7-Day Challenge to lose it again and maintain my weight loss with fantastic soups, juices, salads and smoothies… I simply replaced two meals a day with a juice, smoothie or soup, five days a week’. APRIL 2019 ‘I ended up losing 14lbs in 12 days and two per cent body fat with blending and regular visits to the gym. My energy is through the roof and my skin is soooo soft! Thank you Jason for introducing me to blending with your challenge.’

‘I tell everyone about the benefits of juicing with the support of Jason and will continue to go on about how fantastic it is. Thanks Jason and the juicy team – keep up the amazing work.’

Tried and tested, Adela Slem turned to juicing to lose 7lbs… I signed up for the 7-Day ‘I am so excited and I feel happy – maybe I wasn’t eating as ng Challenge because I had a feeli ld be, and I knew juicing shou I as s fruit and s table vege y man it every time – I went y enjo and it love I . trick would do the k you Jason Vale, Than bs. 118l al from 125lbs to my norm your enthusiasm, ire adm I you really lead by example and humour.’ of e sens and nt itme comm gy, ener

Age is no barrier to results, as Carol Ison reports with a 24lbs weight loss ‘Eight months ago, I decided to make a few lifestyle changes – my daughter introduced me to Jason Vale’s 7-Day Challenge and I haven’t looked back. I feel better than I have in years and 24lbs has fallen off me. I thought 70 was a good age to try something new! Thanks, Jason.’


Tracy White-Mileham hit a stubborn spot in her weight-loss journey, but Jason’s 7-Day Challenge helped her shift 10.5lbs

Rachel Beanland

LOST 15lbs

in 7 days, but the results were so much more, as she writes…

42 www.juicemaster.com

‘Yesterday I completed Jason Vale’s 7-Day Big Juice Challenge, and what a result! I have lost 15lbs in a week, but it’s not just the weight – my skin feels better, I feel healthier and happier, my focus and concentration have improved, I’ve been sleeping better and I no longer feel the need to sit and snack on things my body doesn’t actually need. ‘Not once have I felt hungry or like I’m depriving my body of food – quite the opposite, I feel like I am feeding my body exactly what it wants and in return my body is thanking me with all these wonderful results. ‘My Retro Juicer will be here tomorrow to continue my juicy journey and I am also trying the Super Blend Me! plan so I can mix things up. A massive thank you, Jason, for sharing your knowledge in an easyto-understand way, for all the support and encouragement videos, but most of all for the delicious recipes.’

’Over the past few years, I have done other food plans and was happy with my weight-loss, but I got to a point where I just stayed at a certain weight and couldn’t get past 167lbs. A client told me about Jason’s 7-Day Juice Challenge so I gave it a go. Day five was the hardest, but determination made me stick with it. When I got on the scales after seven days, I had lost 10.5lbs and I was over the moon.’

Asenaca Baikirewa LOST 9lbs on Jason’s 7-Day Challenge ‘As you can see, I have lost weight and feel a whole lot happier and healthier. My skin has regained its moisture and get this – my thunder thighs have gotten to a size I can now handle. I think straight now and am more focused. This 7-day juicing challenge has reset my body and disciplined me in the way I eat. I mean, these days I crave salads and I love it! I’m so grateful to Jason – I lost 9lbs in a week, and my husband lost 12lbs.’

Add a few more juicy days…


look at the results! David Brook LOST 16lbs in 13 days, just drinking fruit and vegetable juice ‘I started off every morning drinking a pint of lemon water, then 32oz of celery juice and different juices through the day, such as carrot and apple or spinach and pineapple. I feel fantastic and have gone from 181lbs to 165lbs!’

Laura Dawson took the 10-day Super Blend Me! challenge ‘I didn’t weigh or measure myself, as this used to be something I obsessed over, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. I am now going to continue my journey by doing two blends and an evening meal.’



Babbett Mor LOST 6lbs in 7 days and found Jason’s 5-Day Reset – a combination of juices and blends – the perfect plan, even with a hiccup or two ‘So, to start off with, I’ve lost 6lbs in 5 days which is pretty damn crazy and amazing! I could definitely feel myself getting lighter, but I didn’t realise it would be THAT much! ‘Mentally, I am more focused and my brain is craving vegetables – it’s like I’ve been reprogrammed and only want healthy things which, again, is amazing! Sleep has definitely improved and I’m snoozing through the night with little or no disturbance, whereas before

Nikki Spicer started her juice journey with Jason’s 7-Day Challenge in January 2019, subsequently following the 5:2 diet, and then took Jason’s 5-Day Reset Challenge in April 2019 – in total she LOST 30lbs! ‘I started my juicy journey on 1 January and did a 7-Day Juice Challenge followed by healthy eating using principles from Jason’s Turbo Charge Your Life book and did a couple of 5:2 weeks, with juice for breakfast or lunch on some days. ‘Then I did the 5-Day Challenge – to date, I’ve lost almost 30lbs since I started, 10lbs on the 7-Day Challenge and 5lbs on the 5-Day Reset. The programme has made me up my exercise, and juicing is now a part of my weekly routine. I love it!’ 44 www.juicemaster.com

I’d be up 2-3 times a night. ‘This has been my favourite challenge so far, mixing the blends and juices has been perfect and there’s been so much variety. Admittedly I haven’t stuck to the plan military style, but the results that I’ve got show, even with a few hiccups along the way, it’s a freaking amazing plan. Thank you Jason, I look forward to the next challenge.’

Losing 5lbs in 5 days, Heather Wright says simply… , soooo ‘Wow! Five days of juicing, feeling great 5lbs.’ much energy, skin looks good and lost

Zoe Fox took Jason’s 5-Day Reset Challenge as a boost to her long-term lifestyle changes, LOSING 6.5lbs ‘Been doing the juice challenges for the last 18 months but I really love this one, definitely doing it again. I am 6.5lbs down and feel loads brighter and more positive. I combined this with Sweatember (30 mins of exercise for 30 days) which I did for Cancer Research. Juicing has given me the drive and energy to do this exercise when normally I would find any excuse not to do it.’

We’re raising a glass to Jason Kenney’s 7lbs LOSS ‘Did Jason’s 5-Day Challenge and lost 7llbs in a week. It took some organising and preparation but the rewards were well worth it. I didn’t find it that difficult, just the early mornings as I was juicing and going to the gym before work. Love it and it has also stopped me wanting a beer (21 days with no beer!).'

Stephanie Hall is climbing mountai 70, thanks to her juicy journey… ns at ‘This is me after a 5-Day Reset – I have been juicing for several years and am fitter and healthier than ever. For the last six years, I have spent a week at Juicy Mountain, the most amazing retreat. As I approach my 70th birthda y, I am so grateful for discove ring Jason all those years ago.’

Abbey Castanheira lost an incredible 44lbs after ditching her bad eating and drinking habits

Alex Holmes took the Super Juice Me! Challenge, not once, but twice, and

LOST 31lbs

‘I began my juicy journey two years ago – I wanted to be at my healthiest as my husband and I wanted to start a family. I had heard about juicing and, when I researched it, I realised Jason Vale sounded like he knew what he was talking about – he was very enthusiastic which rubbed off on me! I watched his documentary on YouTube, downloaded the Super Juice Me! app, got a juicer and six weeks later, I fell pregnant… 46 www.juicemaster.com

‘My name is Abbey and I’m 49. Since having my son 12 years ago, it’s safe to say I forgot to look after myself. I ate all the wrong things and drank far too much alcohol. Year after year, the weight piled on and before I knew it I was 287lbs by June 2019.

‘Which brings me to this last month as I was preparing to go back to work after having a wonderful year with my new daughter. I felt lethargic, overweight, my skin wasn’t great and I was in serious need of some TLC for myself. I knew what I needed to do to give me a huge health and wellbeing boost. ‘This time I didn’t quite have the patience to make my own juices what with having a new baby, so I had them delivered. I completed Super Juice Me! and then added the 3-day detox diet – 31 days and 31lbs lighter! I felt like me again, and it was wonderful. ‘I treated myself to a facial at the end of my juice month and my beauty therapist was very impressed with my skin. My friends and family are always amazed at the results I get when juicing. My sister turns 40 this year but doesn’t want a party, she wants to go to Juicy Oasis! ‘All I can say is thank you, Jason – having the right juices is such an amazing, natural way to reset your body.’

‘Yikes! I hated myself for it and knew exactly what I had to do – give up alcohol (thanks Jason, for helping me with your book, Kick the Drink). I’m now four months sober. The 28-day plan was fine. It takes some organising, so I bought Jason’s juicer and blender and got my shopping lists in order, week by week. Jason’s weekly coaching and SOS videos spurred me on too. ‘I’m now 243lbs and feeling great. I’m not at my goal weight yet, but that will come as I continue to use Jason’s other plans. My hair and skin have never looked and felt better. Many tell me I look so well and younger – I’ll take that! I’m looking forward to using Jason’s Super fast Food cookbook for some food! Thank you for everything and ‘May the juice be with you’, as you say, Jason! You are truly inspirational.’


ROBIN’S SUPER STATS Total cholesterol 5.14mmol/L to 3.37mmol/L HDL cholesterol 1.15mmol/L to 0.92mmol/L TC/HDL ratio 4.5 to 3.7 Blood pressure Systolic 139mmHg to 119mmHg Diastolic 90mmHg to 70mmHg Resting heart rate 62bpm to 61bpm Weight 180lbs to 160lbs BMI 29.94

‘I'm a regular listener to Radio 2 and it was Jason’s appearance on the Jo Whiley Show one night back in April that proved a pivotal moment. You see I'm quite impulsive when it comes to health matters and hearing you waxing lyrical about the benefits of juicing that night certainly struck a chord with me. ‘I’d been plucking up the courage (and failing) to give up sugar for some time, plus my better half had recently been diagnosed with a medical condition called sarcoidosis giving her unpleasant albeit not severe neurological issues including numbness in the face and shooting pains down her right leg. ‘Hearing you talk about the Super Juice Me! film spurred me to watch it the next day and I immediately felt it would be worth a try for both of us and – as you had said – was most dramatic that first week. We both felt less tired, particularly in the afternoons, and I would say that Sharon's skin looked much healthier. I'm too far gone for salvation!

After listening to Jason Vale on Jo Whiley’s radio show, Robin Freeman took the 28-Day Super Juice Me! Challenge and LOST 20lbs

‘My only concern towards the end was a tendency to feel faint when standing up from crouching or sitting. I'm guessing that was down to a lowering of blood pressure, which I have now recovered from. Regarding our stats, I'm the only one who measured myself before and after so mine are the only results I can share. ‘I’d like to finish by thanking you for your inspirational words and encouraging videos and wish you every success in your attempt to juice the world. As newly converted super juicers, we will do our bit to help the cause.’ 47


‘I did the 28-day Super Juice Me! challenge in January 2017 and am now 12 days into a juice-juicemeal extender, as I have a little way to go weightwise. So far, I’ve lost 30lbs and feel incredible.

Louise Rigden

LOST 30lbs

on a 28-day Super Juice Me! challenge, but the results were far more than purely physical…

‘My plantar fasciitis has nearly gone, I’m sleeping better, my skin is glowing, I have an incredible amount of energy, I no longer need a nap in the afternoon to keep going and, amazingly, my cravings for crisps, chocolate and bread have gone. ‘I have done a variety of ‘fad’ diets and as I near the end of them I start thinking about what ‘naughty’ food I can eat once I’ve finished and I’m straight back to where I started. I have never ever found myself in this situation where I just don’t want it. ‘The main reason for me writing to say thank you though is on a more personal note. My husband was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of lymphoma last March and so we have been through a truly terrible year. I dealt with it by eating and drinking my way through it and being a fiercely protective mother for my two sons, aged 11 and 7. I then fell into a vicious circle of eating badly, being exhausted all the time, hating myself and so eating more to make myself feel better and then hating myself again. ‘At the end of January, my husband went into hospital for a (hopefully) life-changing donor stem-cell transplant. I had already started the cleanse (I began on 7 Jan) and had started to see and feel the benefits. ‘I am so unbelievably grateful that I had discovered the cleanse and begun it as we’re now three weeks and one day into him being away

48 www.juicemaster.com

from home. I have therefore been a single parent for that length of time, getting the boys up for school, giving them breakfast, taking them to school, walking the dog, doing the jobs that need to be done around the house, working (I’m a primary school teacher), collecting them from school, ferrying them to the copious number of clubs they do, feeding them, cleaning up after dinner and after them, doing homework, reading with them and to them, putting them to bed and maybe, just maybe, getting half an hour to sit down, relax and watch some TV! ‘My point is, had I not done the cleanse there is absolutely no way I would have managed to do all this. I would have been constantly exhausted, eating and feeding the boys crap, drinking far too much, being grumpy with them and would not have achieved anywhere near as much as I have managed to. Not to mention the state my mental health would have been in. I suffered from terrible depression a couple of years ago and could feel myself slipping into that black fog again, but since starting the cleanse my mind has been unbelievably positive and clear. ‘Thank you for making me look and feel amazing, helping me to be a good mother and achieve so much. I still have a way to go with my weight loss journey, but for the first time in a long while I truly believe I can do it and have the tools to get there.’



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attack Snack

Forget three square meals, the smart way to conquer cravings yet stay lean is to master the mini meal

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‘Don’t spoil your appetite, wait for dinner,’ used to be the general advice for those looking to stay on track nutritionally, but snacking – as long as you nosh knowledgeably – can be better for you. In fact, some studies suggest that snacking can make our metabolism work more effectively and that we should be fuelling our bodies, sensibly, every three to four hours. The ideal snack should contain fewer than 200 calories and be a balance of carbohydrates, protein and good fats which together stabilise blood sugar levels and help us feel satisfied. Too many refined carbs or sugar and you’ll peak and crash feeling tired, unable to concentrate and even more hungry. As Juice Master Jason Vale says, being nutritionally prepared with a juice or one of his healthy snack bars is far better than relying on willpower when hunger pangs strike! Think ahead, have a selection of sensible snacks ready and you are more likely to stick to the good stuff when colleagues pull out the biscuits.

ONCE YOU POP… Sprinkle dark chocolate shavings on freshly made popcorn

to go BARE ALL Tuck into a Juice Master Simply Nude bar – choose from Orange & Apricot or Cashew & Cocoa (shop at juicemaster.com)

TOP OF THE PODS Prep a small bowl of shelled edamame

EGG-HEAD Munch a free-range, hard-boiled egg, served with some greens leaves

AN APPLE A DAY… Try apple slices with a dab of natural nut butter

ROAR FOR RAW No time to juice? Jason’s Juice SOS! Juice In A Bar, veggie or berry, are winners (shop at juicemaster.com)

GO NUTS! Savour a small handful of almonds, unsalted pistachios or cashews 51

feel new this new year





Dark mornings are tough to take, but with Jason’s juices and blends from The Funky Fresh Juice Book, you’ll be ready to take whatever the day throws at you, head-on

53 57


O.J. WITH A KICK Forget the bottled stuff, this freshly extracted juice, comprised of nature’s finest oranges, jazzed up with the slightest hint of real ginger, offers a spicy twist on the traditional breakfast beverage. Oranges 3 medium (peeled) Fresh ginger root 1/2cm chunk Ice cubes 1 small handful Peel the oranges, leaving as much white pith as possible to make the juice more nutritious and creamier. Juice all three oranges along with the ginger. Add some ice to a nice tall glass, slowly pour the juice over, and drink it all up.

THE ULTIMATE VEGGIE BREAKFAST SHAKE This gorgeous, creamy, green veggie breakfast shake goes one step further on the health front. It has it all – essential fats, goodquality proteins, the right carbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and organic water from nature’s finest water-rich foods. If you have this shake (and you eat three times a day), you have transformed one-third of your diet to a 100 per cent plant-based, vegan breakfast. Plus, it tastes amazing.

54 www.juicemaster.com

Avocado 1/2 (ripe) Golden delicious apples 2 Spinach 1 large handful Courgette 3cm chunk Lime 1 (peeled) Organic carrots 2 Cucumber 1/4 medium Broccoli stem 3cm chunk Celery 1 stalk Green bell pepper 1/2 Ice cubes 1 small handful

Place one apple into the chute of the juicer and pack the spinach in tightly behind it. Add the broccoli stem, lime, cucumber, pepper and courgette and then sandwich with the other apple. Juice the lot, then juice the stick of celery and carrots. Place the ice and avocado into a blender and pour in the juice. Blend until smooth and savour as you sip your shake slowly.

THE ULTIMATE FRUIT BREAKFAST SHAKE They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I feel it’s vital to get it right. Mornings are, without question, the best time to get freshly extracted juice into your system. This shake is wonderful for all the family and you won’t need anything else – it should be your entire breakfast. It’s tasty, nutritious and extremely filling without leaving you feeling bloated. You’ll be good ’til lunch! Orange 1 medium (peeled) Lime 1 (peeled) Muesli 2 tsps (heaped) Bio-live yoghurt 3 tbsps Banana 1 (ripe and peeled) Berries (your choice) 1 small handful Cinnamon large pinch Ice cubes 1 handful For this recipe, get a really good quality muesli – one that is loaded with fruit, nuts, seeds, oats and no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. There are many great mueslis these days and as you are only using a couple of teaspoons, it’s worth getting the very best. Peel and juice the orange and the lime, remembering to leave as much of the white pith on as you can. Place the muesli, yoghurt, banana, berries, ice and a pinch of cinnamon into the blender. Blend until smooth. Because of the nuts in the muesli you may need to blend for more than a minute, depending on your blender. If you like cinnamon, you can also add a small pinch on top after you have poured it into a gorgeous glass (just like your morning cappuccino).

55 57


The health benefits of fasting are well established, but new research suggests that eating after we work out can boost our weight-loss results too Intermittent fasting first made headlines eight years ago, when doctor and journalist Michael Mosley set about an experiment recorded for BBC’s Horizon, to see whether eating for five days and fasting for two was a way to help us to live longer. While a raft of plans followed around the 5:2 diet phenomenon, the concept that you could eat whatever you wanted, followed by two days of self-limiting to just 25 per cent of the usual recommended daily allowance of calories – 500 calories for women, 600 for men – and lose on average 1lb per week, has been hugely popular. Since juice is naturally low in calories and high in nutrients, it has become part of many people’s ‘calorie-light’ days. Another variation on intermittent fasting is time-restricted eating, which limits the hours a person consumes food and drink, typically to between

56 www.juicemaster.com

6-12 hours. One optimum option is the 16:8 diet where you can eat whatever you choose for eight hours a day and fast for the rest, or a more moderate 14:10. For many, enjoying the first meal of the day late morning or at noon, and not eating past 5-6pm is a gentle way to restrict your total intake on a daily basis. The concept of a restricted diet isn’t anything new, and experiments around fasting were being undertaken as early as the 1930s. However, interestingly, new research shows that the benefits of fasting include improved fitness.


A study by the University of Bath examined the results of a group of 30 overweight, sedentary men. One group was given a shake for breakfast, two hours before moderate cycling, while a second group drank it




afterwards, with a third who did not exercise given the drink too.

HOT & REDDY Who says diets need be boring? Try this uniquetasting smoothie. Pear 1 Raw beetroot 1 Pink grapefruit 1/4 (peeled, white pith left on) Strawberries 1 small handful Red chilli 1/2 (seeds removed) Ice 1 small handful Simply juice this spicy combination and cool off over a little ice. Sip slowly and enjoy.

58 www.juicemaster.com

Members of both cycling groups burned calories and improved their cardio fitness while they exercised, but those who cycled on an empty stomach burnt twice as many calories and improved their insulin sensitivity, helping to reduce their risk of developing diabetes. The scientists conducting the research believe that exercise before eating burns more fat as fatty acids can be used to fuel cells if glucose isn’t available when the body’s blood sugar level is low. In fact, the study went on to say that the effect is the same at any time of day, and that fasting is the key to burning more calories, rather than the time of day that you choose to work out. The findings echo Juice Master Jason Vale’s own practice of exercising before his first daily juice, and that followed at his retreats, Juicy Oasis and Juicy Mountain,

where the first juice of the day is served mid-morning, after an early yoga session or workout.


Along with improved fitness, the benefits of intermittent fasting have also been linked to improved brain function and cholesterol levels, and a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and even some types of cancer. While he regularly follows the principles of a 5:2 diet himself, Juice Master Jason Vale is a strong believer that the quality of what you consume is just as crucial as the time or days that you eat. “I’m a firm believer that the quality of nutrition you take on board for the two fasting days and what you eat for the other five days really, really does matter,” says Jason. In his own intermittent eating plan, Jason Vale's 5:2 Juice Diet, the Juice Master suggests that a healthier approach is to drink juice on the plan’s two

‘light’ days, and even to break this down further and adopt a 2:3:2 juice system, based on: • 2 days a week = four 125-150calorie pure juices, with no need to count calories on Jason Vale’s 5:2 Juice Diet plan • 3 days a week = eating pure, ‘clean’ food and juice • 2 days a week = ‘human days’, eating anything that floats your boat!


“My 5:2 Juice Diet is clearly effective as it guarantees an enormous amount of pure, raw, genuine ‘live’ nutrition going into your body for at least two days a week,” explains Jason, who also recommends following his fiveday juice plan, prior to embarking on his 5:2 or 2:3:2 system. “Funnily enough, many people who kick off with the recommended

full-on, five-day ‘juice fast’ and then follow it with the 5:2 juice system, choose not only to eat well for just three days a week, but often don’t even take up the ‘human day’ option. “However, the key principle is to commit to two full days of juicing every week, forever more. Even if you fall slightly by the wayside and your three ‘clean eating’ days turn into no ‘clean eating’ days, you’ll still be getting an enormous amount of nutrition on your two ‘juice fast’ days. “The idea is for the 5:2 Juice Diet to become a way of life, for life. However, the thought of committing to anything for life can be daunting for some, especially if you are still

unsure about juicing at this stage. That is why I encourage people to commit to at least four weeks, and that way you can give yourself a fighting chance of creating a 5:2 Juice Diet habit for life. “I also urge people to follow the fourweek 5:2 Juice Diet plan exactly as laid out in my book. It will mean that you don’t have to think about what you have, plus the shopping list for each week has all been worked out for you too. It really is the easiest way to make an intermittent-eating plan work for you.”

Shop Jason Vale’s 5:2 Juice Diet book and app at juicemaster.com or order the Juice Master Delivered 5:2 Juice Diet, from £94.99, at juicemasterdelivered.com

Ask Jason Got a 5:2 Juice Diet dilemma? Jason’s got you covered DO I HAVE TO JUICE ON CONSECUTIVE DAYS?


You are free to choose any two days that work for you. Some people prefer to split them while others prefer a condensed period of fasting. In terms of weight loss and health benefits, there is no solid science to suggest that it makes any difference whichever way you opt to eat or fast.

For ideal results you should drink only herbal teas or hot water and lemon while you are following the plan. However, there is no reason why you can’t have one or two cups of tea or coffee on juicing days, but make sure you opt for standard Americanos rather than calorie-packed lattes or cappuccinos.



The juices in Jason Vale’s 5:2 Juice Diet plan have all been calculated for their calorie content, around 125-150 calories, and are guaranteed to meet the criteria of the 5:2 concept. Avoid smoothies with yoghurt, bananas or avocados which are top-heavy on the calorie count.

The simple answer is NO, not at all, because on a 5:2 plan the ‘fasting’ is short-lived each week and not actual ‘fasting’ – your body will burn energy from fat stores but won’t eat muscle tissue. Research shows that intermittent fasting does not suppress our metabolism.




It’s no myth, our bodies need vitamin D, yet during the winter months we struggle to get enough from the sun. Here’s how to top up your intake

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e all know we need vitamins and minerals to enable our bodies to function and stay healthy, but vitamin D is a bit of a megastar, putting in an awardwinning performance each day. Closer to a hormone that the body is able to synthesise, under the right conditions, it helps support the production of white blood cells, fight infection and reduce inflammation, and ensure that we get enough calcium. The trigger for vitamin D to pull off this all-star performance is the sun – when UVB light reaches our body it reacts with cholesterol, deep under our skin’s layers, which produces a pre-vitamin D. This then goes ‘live’ and is converted to active vitamin D (calcitriol) by the liver and kidneys, travelling through our body to interact with its cells. In the UK, even in summer, we struggle to achieve sufficient levels of vitamin D from the sun and therefore rely more heavily on diet, drawing vitamin D from foods including oily fish, eggs and mushrooms. Sunscreen will prevent your body absorbing vitamin D from the sun, and for people who rarely spend time outside or keep their skin covered, it can be tricky to get your intake naturally. Vitamin D is split into two types – D2 and D3 – and, in particular, vegetarians and vegans can struggle as the latter comes from animals and is more effective at raising our levels, compared with plant-based vitamin D2.


Vitamin D deficiency can lead to extreme fatigue, a low immune system, bone or back pain and even depression. It has been suggested that low vitamin D can be a reason why some of us are more predisposed to winter colds and flu.

So it’s important to ensure we are getting enough of the vitamin, and it’s worth considering a daily supplement if you are not getting sufficient intake from your diet. In particular, during autumn and winter, Public Health England recommends everyone over 12 months takes a daily supplement of 10mcg, although many medical professionals suggest 25mcg, rising to 50mcg per day from 50+ as a more appropriate level to take. Vitamin D’s role in bone health is well-established, and even young children at risk of soft bones (osteomalacia), which can lead to bowing of the legs, can benefit from taking it. More recently, research has suggested that low levels of the vitamin may contribute to depression, with a third of participants in one study suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Those with higher levels of vitamin D experienced less severe symptoms.


More positively, research has also suggested that vitamin D can help our sports performance – participants given a daily dose of 5,000iu of vitamin D for eight weeks showed significant improvement in their sprint time and vertical-jump height. Initial studies have also started to examine vitamin D’s abilities to improve our cardiovascular health, reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart attack, particularly among older adults, along with IBS, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.


Although you would need to eat five tins of sardines or several salmon fillets to achieve the minimum RDA, it’s worth boosting your intake with some of the following foods, which are high in vitamin D.


Sardines, mackerel and wild salmon are all excellent sources of vitamin D3.


Cheese can contribute to your daily intake with Camembert, mozzarella and feta varieties containing the highest levels of vitamin D.


One freerange, organic egg provides around 1mcg of vitamin D, but you would need to crack 25 to meet the RDA.

There’s undoubtedly more to discover about the powers of vitamin D in keeping our body fit and healthy, but taking a supplement each day may just help you to navigate the winter months a little easier. •

61 57


As mysterious as its underwater origins and deep blue-green hue, spirulina is packed with health-giving properties – splash out and add a little to your blend

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It sounds fantastical, but spirulina is a blue-green algae believed to have been produced by the oxygen in our atmosphere billions of years ago, and which enabled other lifeforms to exist. Consumed by the ancient Aztecs, today it is loved by athletes and fitness fans thanks to its energy-giving and muscle-strengthening properties. NASA has even suggested that spirulina might be grown in space for use by astronauts. UNESCO and the World Health Organisation have both described it as the best and most complete meal of tomorrow. So what is it that makes spirulina so close to nutritional perfection?


Arguably, the most nutritious food on the planet, spirulina is incredibly high in protein – offering more nutritional value than chicken, beef and soybeans – and a good source of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and Omega-3, 6 and 9, which help reduce bad cholesterol. Spirulina is also super high in chlorophyll which helps to boost our immune system and remove toxins from our body. This wonder ingredient is packed with potassium, copper, magnesium and zinc and has more than 26 times the calcium found in milk. Spirulina has even been reported to help increase our fat-burning ability during exercise. The algae is a fantastic vegan source of iron, providing 2mg per tablespoon, around 20 per cent of the RDA for adults. One thing to watch out for is that spirulina contains salt, around 73mg per tablespoon, so if you have high blood pressure, check with your GP before adding it to your diet. Pregnant and breast-feeding women should also seek advice.

Spirulina naturally grows in fresh and salt water and is ordinarily sold as a green powder, but it’s important to ensure that the product you choose is high quality and comes from a sustainable, traceable source. While there have been reports of bogus products on the market that are contaminated with toxins from bacteria, Juice Master’s Organic Spirulina is carefully dried in controlled temperatures to preserve its nutrients, has no fillers, preservatives, artificial flavours or sweeteners and is approved by The Vegan Society. As spirulina is high in protein, it is recommended that you introduce the ingredient to your diet gradually, starting with half a teaspoon per day and increasing to two heaped teaspoons of the powder, added to a juice or water. In fact, adding spirulina powder to your juice or blend is a fantastic way to soften its distinctive flavour, which some find overwhelming by itself. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Millie Mackintosh have spoken of their love for spirulina-spiked green juices, with Sarah Jessica Parker and Natasha Hamilton singling out Juice Master Jason Vale's green-juice recipes. Spirulina can even be successfully added to raw chocolate brownies and truffle-style energy balls (see Jason Vale's recipes on page 73). While some people report an immediate boost to their energy levels after adding spirulina to their diet, it can take a couple of weeks to feel the full effects of this nutrient-dense food. A little goes a long way, so start small and give this magical ingredient a go. •

JUICE MASTER’S GREEN SUPER SMOOTHIE Rich in chlorophyll, essential amino acids and fats, vitamins, minerals and natural sugars, this is the daddy of green smoothies! Golden delicious apples 2 medium Spinach 1 large handful Kale 1 large handful Unwaxed lime 1/2 small Celery 1 stick Cucumber 1/2 medium Broccoli stem 5cm chunk Avocado 1/2 medium Spirulina 1 tsp (heaped) Wheatgrass 1 fl oz (shot) Ice cubes 1 small handful 1. Juice the apples, spinach, kale, lime, celery, cucumber and broccoli. Make sure you pack the leafy vegetables tightly into the chute of the juicer between the apples before you start to get the maximum juice. 2. Pour the fresh juice into the blender with the avocado, spirulina, wheatgrass and ice. Blend until very green and very smooth.

Shop for Juice Master's Organic Spirulina Powder, £19.99, at juicemaster.com

Taken from The Funky Fresh Juice Book

63 57



MUM'S THE WORD Jason Vale loves to make magic for others, and last year he waved his juicy wand for two mums and daughters with his Mother’s Day competition to win a stay at Juicy Oasis Life hasn’t always been easy for Jason Vale, and one of the toughest things he had to endure was losing his own beautiful, magic-making mother to cancer at just 63. For many years, his own heartbreaking loss left him feeling low on Mother’s Day, until two years ago he struck upon an ingenious idea – intertwined with his own mother’s

philosophy that we are here to make magic for others – and dreamt up a special Juice Master Mother’s Day competition. He planned for two mother-daughter couples to win a stay at his health retreats, Juicy Oasis and Juicy Mountain. Turn over to read about their magicmaking moments, thanks to Jason...

65 57


Juicy Oasis has given me a new start As a self-described Jason Vale superfan, Mailin Hurst has been juicing for around 14 years, having bought his Turbo Charge Your Life and Juice Yourself Slim books. She’s completed Jason’s 7-Day, Super Juice Me! and Super Blend Me! challenges, got the apps, and now juices every day, saying that Jason has been hugely instrumental in her life and health, and more recently that of her mum. In 2018, just ahead of the launch of his Create Magic book, Jason devised a competition for Mother’s Day, inviting fans to nominate their mum to win a stay at Juicy Oasis or Juicy Mountain. Having seen coverage of that year’s winners, when Jason announced his 2019 Mother’s Day competition, Mailin nominated her mum, Caro Haddow, describing her – much like Jason’s own mother –

as, ‘One of life’s good eggs, a kind and beautiful soul always putting others before herself’. Mailin explained that Caro had experienced a tough couple of years, losing her brother and mother to illness within a short space of time, and supporting her youngest daughter who has epilepsy and lives with her. However, in September 2018, following a routine mammogram, Caro herself was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Mailin instantly suggested juicing as a way to bolster her health, which Caro began before treatment and has continued throughout her chemotherapy and mastectomy. ‘Even on her worst days, she makes herself have her fresh juice – sometimes it is all she has managed for days as she has

66 www.juicemaster.com 50

"I am so unbelievably proud of her"

doing the same thing. The talks are brilliant and make you understand more about getting the most from juicing – we both felt so energised.

been struggling to face food,” wrote Mailin, continuing, ‘I am so unbelievably proud of her – her courage and positive attitude are truly amazing. I am especially proud and thankful she is my mum’. Needless to say, with a story so close to his own mother’s experience, Jason was moved and felt that Caro deserved a little of his magic-making and decided that she was a winner.


“I’d seen Jason’s Mother’s Day competition on Facebook,” explains Mailin, “and it was the last day to enter. I’d put the kids to bed, sat on the stairs and wrote the email. I told mum I’d entered her into a competition but didn’t tell her what for, so when she got the call telling her she’d won, she was blown away.” “It was a total shock,” adds Caro. “When Jason told me I had won a trip to Juicy Oasis, I was in total shock – he probably thought I was being offhand, but I was trying to take it in. I immediately called Mailin who explained she had entered us and then I looked at the Juicy Oasis website and couldn’t believe it, it looked so fantastic.”

Mailin and Caro booked their trip for September, and the anticipation of an all-inclusive stay at Jason’s luxury retreat kept them going as Caro underwent further treatment. “We wanted to hold off until mum had completed her treatment, so it seemed like a long time to wait but we were both very, very excited,” says Mailin. “We’re a big family and with a brother, two sisters, six grandchildren and a host of animals to look after, there’s never a quiet moment, so we were looking forward to spending time together.


“When we arrived at Juicy Oasis, it was even more amazing than we anticipated and a totally stress-free experience, we loved every minute of it. We threw ourselves into the exercise with yoga practice three times a day – mum was even in the winning volleyball team –, enjoyed amazing treatments at the spa and met such lovely people. The stay was such a gift and massively helped mum switch off and relax. “Although mum had juiced throughout her treatment, she’d never followed a plan, but it’s easy at Juicy Oasis where everyone is

“I have young kids and life sometimes gets in the way, but winning this competition and taking a week out together was so refreshing. It encourages you to properly recharge. Juicy Oasis is a totally different type of holiday but gives you the most amazing boost. ” “Juicy Oasis was so magical and peaceful,” echoes Caro. “We arrived in the dark and when we woke up the next day and saw it properly for the first time, we were blown away. The staff are so friendly and encouraging, it’s like being welcomed into a family. Exercising outside, swimming in the pool and jumping in the lake was brilliant. “I felt revitalised and re-energised and much calmer when I went home. I loved the juices, the demonstrations and especially the ice cream! I found the health documentaries that we watched interesting and I learnt a lot during the week – chemotherapy has altered my taste buds and I found the whole subject of refined sugar fascinating. I came home feeling empowered to continue juicing and so much better than I have for years. “The whole experience was absolutely amazing and a wonderful trip to spend time with my daughter. It was an incredible prize to have won and I feel like I’ve been given a new start – juicing is now part of my life for the future.”

67 57

One of the best experiences of my life

50 www.juicemaster.com 68


“I was a little bit in shock when I got the call from Jason,” says Marion, “and it was a huge, huge surprise."


Putting our children before ourselves is something most mothers do, but when Nadia Harding shared how her mum always helps others, even when she can ill-afford it, Jason was moved to pick Marion as an extra winner to stay at his retreat, Juicy Oasis. Nadia explained that her parents are good, hard-working people but that over the past 12 years events had set them back and they had encountered financial difficulty, losing their home. Now living in a small, rented flat, Marion works long hours for the NHS to support her family, despite suffering from gastroenteritis, insomnia, anxiety and back problems. Marion has adopted a positive mindset, mindfulness and cleaneating lifestyle to help her get through tough times, and her daughter Nadia appealed to Jason to give her a break from her daily worries, saying, ‘I am extremely lucky to have her, as she lost her mum at 18, but life is short and I just want her to know that she hasn’t failed me. Life may not have gone the way she wanted, but we still have each other and most importantly we still have time to share moments together’. With this in mind, Jason gave Nadia and her mum an extra-special gift – time together with a week’s stay at Juicy Oasis, calling Marion personally to tell her he had chosen her as one of his Mother’s Day prizewinners.

“Mum isn’t good at putting herself first and never prioritises ‘me-time’, which helps physically and mentally," says Nadia. “I entered Jason’s competition wishing she could have this unique experience for all the hardship she has been through and all that she does for everyone else.” “In the run-up to the week, I was feeling nervous,” says Marion. “I had done my last shift a couple of days previously and was in the middle of moving house and starting a new chapter in my life, but as I packed my bag, I thought, ‘Just do it!’ and threw myself into the spur of the moment. “When we arrived, it was such a beautiful environment to be in and everyone we met was so authentic. The morning yoga and meditation were special and the setting is so spiritual and beautiful. “We got to meet Jason during our stay and he is so warm and genuine, a whirlwind of energy who just makes you want to throw yourself into everything. You see he has had his own tough times and has an incredible empathy for people.

good nutrition is to mental health and it was a huge eye-opener. I felt re-energised, like I had reset my system, but when you go home what you learn at Juicy Oasis is still with you and it’s given me new habits to build on. Since I’ve been back, I keep Jason’s book on a stand in my kitchen and if ever I feel a bit low I turn to it and draw inspiration to keep going – I feel 100 per cent more positive.”


“Mum threw herself into everything at Juicy Oasis,” says Nadia. “It was like someone turned a clock back and she tried all the activities, including rebounding and a jump in the lake! While I wanted this experience for my mum, I also had an incredible time, and there were points when I couldn’t believe how much energy I had. Mum and I had quality time to chat and strengthen the bond between us. “I am getting married this year and I have been going through some struggles with my body image, but Juicy Oasis helped me rethink my diet and lifestyle. I have a busy job, but now I take a juice on the underground for breakfast and get the day off to a good start.” “Nadia is selfless and has always been a rock, thinking about others,” concludes Marion. “Juicy Oasis has been an unbelievable gift and I will never forget this precious experience together.”

“Going to Juicy Oasis made me realise how important

69 57


The original magic-maker

“I challenge anyone to read this book and not be inspired to adopt a Create Magic mindset that excites and encourages you to create magic in every area of your life. Oh and bring your tissues; it’s pretty moving in places too.” ROSIE NIXON (Editor-in-Chief HELLO! Magazin e)

“Little book, massive impact! Pure magic from start to finish! BEVERLEY KNIGHT (Actress & Soul Singer)

“An inspiring, practical and truly fresh approach to changing your life and the lives of those around you. You’ll never regret the few hours it takes to read this little gem.” RICHAR D CARTER

Crea te Mag ic

It’s a gift that changes lives, and in his book, Create Magic, Jason explains how his beautiful mother inspired him to create his Mother’s Day competition


Over 5 Million Jason Vale Books Sold

If you want to experience more love, create magic. If you want a business that truly thrives , create magic. If you want true purpose, create magic. If you want better relationships, create magic. If you want to feel alive, create magic. If you want more fun, create magic. In short, if you want to feel more magic in every area of your life, all you have to do is create it!

Jason Vale is a best-selling author, film producer and international speaker. His books have been translated into many languages and he regular ly features on radio and television around the world.

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‘My mum was my everything. I realise 10% of s from people often say that, but if you ever thprois fitbook gogicto create mars had the good fortune of meeting this for othe question the truly incredible woman, you’ll know hardest and saddest what I am talking about. I grew up in thing about every a very rough part of London, we had Mother’s Day since no money, I’m an only child and I never she died, knowing that knew my father. I left school at 15 no matter how much I want to because I needed to work when create magic for her, I no longer can. mum couldn’t do so anymore, after a botched operation. ‘When my mum died, I went to the Dead Sea in Israel. I felt the lowest ‘My mum was not only my mother, I had ever felt in my life and I knew she was my father, brother, sister, my mum, who had the darkest sense best friend and soul mate. She was of humour of anyone I knew, would also the most prolific magic-maker appreciate me literally going to the I have ever known. She consistently lowest place on Earth, just when showed how you could create I thought I couldn’t get any lower. magic for others wherever you go, regardless of how much money you ‘I found myself going back to the have in your bank account. Dead Sea, just a week before Mother’s Day. Once again, I felt ‘As you can imagine, ever since my incredibly resentful, angry and hurt, mum passed away at the tender because I was no longer in a position age of 63, Mother’s Day hasn’t to create magic for my mum. I started been a picnic for me. It’s in your to go into the usual downward spiral, face for many weeks before the but then I asked myself a different day itself and impossible to ignore. question. I simply asked myself, Constant TV adverts and social ‘If I can’t create magic for my own media posts wherever you look mean mum, can I create some magic for you’re constantly bombarded by someone else’s? This question was advertisers telling you how to make life-changing. Far from dreading the your Mother’s Day that little bit following Mothering Sunday, I got more special. This has been without disproportionately excited. My idea

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was to give a free place at my Juicy Oasis health retreat in Portugal to a deserving mum and her son/ daughter through a competition called, 'Make My Mother’s Day'. ‘Here’s how it works. I decided to create magic for a stranger’s mum, which in turn created magic for me. Not simply because it made me feel good on a day I never thought I could feel good on again, but because I also know if my mum is anywhere watching, then creating magic for others on that day would create magic for her on a level far greater than anything I could have ever bought for her. Every Mother’s Day will no longer be tinged with the same level of sadness, because every Mother’s Day I now get the opportunity to create magic for someone else’s mum.’

Watch out for Jason’s 2020 Mother’s Day competition on Juice Master’s social media channels.

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TREAT YOURSELF January can be a tough month so, after you complete the Big January Juice Challenge, treat yourself with these delicious recipes from Juice Master Jason Vale

Choc Orange Energy Ball Truffles You won’t like me after you’ve tasted these, you’ll LOVE me… a lot! Cacao or cocoa powder 15g or 2 tbsps Orange 1 small Cashew nuts 80g or 2 handfuls Raisins 80g or 2 handfuls Coconut oil 1 tbsp 1. Spread 1 tbsp of cacao/cocoa onto a chopping board. Zest and squeeze the orange. Blend the nuts before adding the remaining ingredients for 20-30 seconds. 2. Take a heaped tsp of mixture and shape into a ball then roll over the cocoa-covered board so it gets nicely coated. Repeat until you have used up all of the mixture. 3. Place the balls onto a plate and pop into the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes before you devour.


73 57

Gooey Cherry and Almond Pancakes All you need to know about these pancakes is that they are ridiculously good – enjoy! Cherries 8 Oats* 50g/2oz Almonds 75g/3oz Banana 1/2 medium Honey** 1 heaped tbsp Ground cinnamon 1 tsp Filtered water 100ml/3 fl oz Coconut oil 1 tbsp 1. Cut the cherries into quarters, removing the stalk and stone. Place the oats and almonds in a large container of a hand blender or Retro Super Blend and blitz for 10-15 seconds until they form a flour. 2. Add the banana, honey, cinnamon and filtered water, and blend for 10-20 seconds until the mixture forms a batter. Add the cherries and mix. 3. Place the coconut oil in a frying pan and heat over a medium-high setting. Add a quarter of the mixture to the pan, shape into a pancake and cook for 2-3 minutes each side, until golden. Repeat, using the rest of the coconut oil and mixture. Depending on the size of your pan, you can probably cook two at a time. Serve and enjoy these amazing pancakes, while warm and gooey. *Oats are technically gluten-free but unfortunately some commercial oats have been cross-contaminated with wheat, barley or rye during harvesting, storage, milling or processing, so be cautious if you are particularly sensitive. **If vegan, use an alternative sweetener.


Katie’s Beautiful Brownies These are off-the-scale delicious! No refined sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no rubbish. Baking apples 2 medium Dates (Medjool are the best) 10 large Almonds 150g/5oz Honey* 3 tbsps Cacao or cocoa powder 5 tbsps Boiling water 500ml/18 fl oz 1. Preheat oven to 180ºc (350ºF/gas mark 4) and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. Peel, core and chop the apples, and de-stone the dates, removing any hard ends. 2. Blitz the almonds in a food processor for 30-60 seconds. Add the dates, honey and cacao/cocoa powder to the almond flour. Place the water and apples over a medium heat and boil for 10 minutes. Drain and blitz the apple in a food processor. Scoop the mixture onto the baking tray. 3. Cook for 20 minutes, until firm. Cool for 20 minutes, then refrigerate for 10 minutes before cutting into 10-12 pieces. *If vegan, use an alternative sweetener.

Recipes taken from

Super fast Food!

75 57

Recipe taken from

The Funky Fresh Juice Book

Tahini Choco Beaney This smoothie should satisfy the cravings of even the biggest choco-head! Dense raw cocoa extract blended with deliciously nutty tahini, creamy banana, a swirl of honey and a splash of almond milk. Cocoa powder 1 tbsp Tahini 1 tbsp Manuka honey 2 tsps Banana 1/2 (ripe and peeled) Almond milk 250ml Ice cubes 1 small handful Simply add all the ingredients to a blender and blitz.

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Can’t eat them? DRINK THEM! Greens, that is. Cruciferous veg are the stars of the season, and it’s time to show a little leafy love. Mum was right, your greens really are good for you Winter might seem a fallow moment in the food calendar, but cruciferous vegetables are the shining stars in the kitchen, providing us with muchneeded nutrients through the leaner, colder months.

for certain types of the disease. While further research is necessary, the evidence is strong that eating cruciferous vegetables, particularly in their raw form or lightly steamed, is a super-healthy choice.

Members of the Brassicaceae family, cruciferous vegetables actually take their curious name from the shape of their flowers as they grow, which is said to resemble a cross. Bursting with vitamins A, C, E and K, potassium, folic acid and fibre, the leafy leaders that should be making a march into our kitchens include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, cauliflower and bok choi.

Cruciferous vegetables also contain glucosinolates which help protect our body's cells from damage and infection, and have also been linked to a reduction in cardiovascular disease. In studies, those with a diet rich in the super veg crusaders indicate lower levels of inflammation markers in their body.

Their dietary value goes further thanks to their high disease-fighting phytonutrients – research reported by America's Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests they may help lower our risk of getting cancer. Some studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables have the ability to stem the growth of cancer cells and reduce oxidative stress

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A recent study suggests that those with a ‘super taster’ palate may be sensitive to the bitter flavour associated with cruciferous vegetables. However, it’s worth looking beyond the well-known line-up of cruciferous vegetables to other types such as peppery rocket and watercress, a wide variety of radishes including wasabi, daikon and horseradish, chard and baby turnips, which can be almost sweet in flavour.

Brussels sprouts



bok choi



Take your pick

While all varieties will boost your diet, these three cruciferous veg are worth adding to your glass or plate. #1 Kale Tops the chart as the cruciferous vegetable with the most vitamin A to bolster our immune system, and potassium which may help to reduce the risk of heart disease. #2 Broccoli Just 100g of this super vegetable provides 89mg of vitamin C, almost the full RDA of 90mg, and delivering invaluable antioxidants which help to protect our body's immune system. #3 Brussels sprouts These cruciferous gems have the highest level of folic acid, plus plenty of vitamins C, E and K and Omega-3.

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Chlorophyll Power

As Jason often says, if you can’t eat your greens, drink them! Chlorophyll, found in all green plants, enables them to capture the sun’s energy and amazingly is nearly identical to the oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in our blood. We may be short on sunshine at this time of year, but fill your boots with this precious green juice. Pineapple 1/2 medium Cucumber 1/4 medium Lime 1/2 (peeled) Celery 1/2 stalk Spinach 1 handful Green leafy vegetables (kale, cabbage, watercress) 1 handful Broccoli stem 3cm chunk Ice cubes 1 small handful Peel the lime, leaving as much of the white pith as possible. Juice the pineapple (no need to peel if you have a good juicer) and all the other ingredients. Make sure you pack the spinach and leafy vegetables tightly into the chute of the juicer, before juicing. Pour over ice and get ready to feel the power. Taken from The Funky Fresh Juice Book



high Take your workout up a notch and build your core strength with aerial fitness Leave your preconceptions at the door, aerial and pole exercise classes are a brilliant way to build core and upper-body strength, tone and lengthen your muscles, not to mention bolster your self-confidence. The sky-high fitness craze first emerged in the US around 15 years ago, and in recent years classes have been popping up across the UK, with plans afoot for aerial yoga at Jason's retreat Juicy Escape. There are even international competitions for top pole performers who have set their sights on making their passion an Olympic sport. Acrobatic-inspired workouts place an emphasis on strength, movement and perfectly poised artistic moves. Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian have all taken to the pole, with Britney Spears speaking of the mental release she feels as she concentrates on perfecting moves. Aerial exercise requires strength to manoeuvre your body, and takes concentration and practice – as Britney reports, it’s a great way to improve your mindset too. Ready for take-off? Get started with our aerial exercise guide, then book a hammock and start 2020 with a swing!

Aerial exercise requires strength to manoeuvre your body, and takes concentration and practice

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We’re not going to deny it takes skill to pull off mind-boggling 180° sideways splits, but book a lesson, chalk your hands and get to grips with the basics of a fireman’s spin as you find your groove. Last year, Vogue labelled pole the ‘it-fitness trend’ and it’s gaining momentum as a mainstream activity. Toning and weight loss come with time, but as a full-body cardiovascular workout combining flexibility and mobility pole is a fun way to get fit.



The antithesis of a high-octane HIIT session, aerial pilates is about achieving and holding challenging positions with reduced strain on the body as you hang from a swing – think suspended press-ups and pull-ups. Offering a full-body workout without pressure on your joints, it incorporates classic pilates moves that will help you to build flexibility and strength – the supportive hammock also enables you to hold postures for longer and take stretches deeper, with less strain.

The Greatest Showman 2 is in production, so get yourself show-ready and channel your inner Zendaya with an aerial silks class. Also known as aerial contortion, the circus acrobatic-inspired workout offers cardio and strength benefits and is suitable for all ages and abilities. As you learn to stand and suspend your body from the aerial silks, extending your body with a series of stretches, you will also burn an impressive number of calories.


Take the show up a notch further with an aerial hoop session – much like a hula hoop, but rigged to provide stability, you will learn moves, tricks and poses as you improve your strength, flexibility and fitness level. Requiring upper-body strength, aerial hoop builds endurance as you use your hoop – also known as a lyra – to stretch and rotate your body.

AERIAL YOGA Yoga may have been with us for more than 5,000 years, but aerial classes are a new twist on this ancient practice. Leave the mat behind and take your yoga class to a new level with an aerial session that fuses poses with elements of pilates and dance. With a hammock, yoga swing or wide ribbons suspended from the ceiling or a rig that can support up to 300kg, aerial yoga decompresses the spine and removes pressure on the body. The swing provides a feeling of weightlessness and many people say they achieve postures aloft that they can’t make on solid ground.




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