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From weaning to juice – Annabel Karmel’s expert advice


Love your leaves with Jason’s delicious dressings



SERIOUS ...WITH THE JUICE MASTER COLD PRESS JUICER ∙ Revolutionary angled chute ∙ Maximum juice extraction ∙ Makes delicious ice cream and nut milks










tion and juicing. arly appears on pps and is the Portugal.

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“Bought mine three weeks ago and haven’t stopped using it since. Worth every penny.” Teodora Yankova

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Juicy greetings READ

Jordan B. Peterson may have his critics, but the clinical psychologist has delivered a self-help guide like no other. He asks the unpopular questions about life to help us improve our outlook.


The C Word is a term many of us use to disguise our fear of cancer, but what if we rethought the way we think about and treat the disease? Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this documentary urges us to challenge the status-quo approach to chronic illness.


Tune in and chill out with my new podcast – there’ll be interviews, inspirational stories, plus a few giggles because life’s too short to take it seriously. I like to think of my podcast as the perfect download for an instant uplift!

Hi, Jason here and welcome to the latest copy of Juiced! magazine. We are thrilled to have one of, if not the, finest vocal artists of our generation as our cover star – the one and only Beverley Knight. Many people can sing, but having true mastery over that art is extremely rare and Beverley is one of the rare ones. If you ever get the opportunity to see her live, make sure you reorganise whatever you are doing and go along. I was extremely lucky to hear Beverley live for the first time at one of my retreats many years ago. Turn to page 24 to read about that truly magical moment. Beverley and her wonderful husband, James, have been coming to my retreats ever since, usually for a quick recharge and so we can all hang out. Last year, her reason for visiting was very different after a sudden illness meant she needed to recover from a major operation. Read her story in this issue and hear how she healed in, what can only be described as, super-fast time using nature’s finest foods and juices.  Also in this issue, you’ll find the usual dose of amazing recipes, great articles and juicy news from around the world – the perfect summer read, wherever you are headed this season. I hope you enjoy the issue and would love your company for my brand new Jason Vale podcast too.  Please spread the word about Juiced! magazine because it’s FREE to download for all. The only way to get a ‘real’ paper copy is if you come on a retreat (juicemasterretreats.com), where a magazine will be in your room on arrival or have a juice plan delivered to your door (juicemasterdelivered.com) and a copy will be in your box. Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for helping to create magic!

Juiced! is published by Chapel Road Creative on behalf of Juice Master. chapelroadcreative.co.uk tel: 01485 533064 email: hello@chapelroadcreative.co.uk Managing director: Daska Davis Creative director: Matt Davis Sub-editor: Lorraine Shah Publishing assistant: Sarah Pollard Print: Swallowtail Print The publisher has taken every care to ensure contents are correct but can take no responsibility for errors or omissions. The views expressed in Juiced! magazine are not necessarily shared by Juice Master. Individual results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Always consult a qualified medical professional before embarking on a pure juice diet, health programme or physical activity. Reprinting in whole or part is forbidden without the written permission of the publisher. ISSN 2398-6905

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Contents 10

Summer 2019 Issue 11

26 T op of the pods

Celebrity interviews, inspiring stories, top tips, plus a few giggles along the way – it’s Jason Vale’s podcast!

32 T he jet set

The perfect juices for an overseas trip or staycation

37 J ason’s ultimate summer reads The Juice Master recommends his favourite inspirational books

20 03 Editor’s letter

Jason introduces the issue

07 Juicy news

Updates from the world of juicy wellbeing

10 J ason Vale’s Juice ‘n’ Blend

Introducing the Juice Master’s brand new plan, plus exclusive recipes

20 H  eart and soul

Beverley Knight talks health and fitness




52 64

40 ‘Juicing helped my diabetes’

How juicing improved Colette Marlow’s health

46 T he queen of wean

Annabel Karmel’s baby and toddler nutrition advice

50 C ool as a cucumber

Summer’s chilled ingredient

52 D  ressed to impress Four fab salad dressings

57 J uicing myths shattered

Jason Vale tackles the misbeliefs about juicing

46 62 S ummer’s squeeze

When life gives you lemons...

64 G  o deep

Improve your bottom line with the simple squat

66 W  in a Juice ‘n’ Blend

62 World-famous


7-Day Diet worth £180

A chance to get Jason’s brand new plan delivered to your door

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There’s only one word to describe Alesha Dixon, and that’s radiant as she enjoyed a well-earned break before the ‘lives!' of this season’s Britain’s Got Talent. Sporting a beautiful baby bump, she relaxed at Juicy Oasis, the place where she picked the name for her daughter Azura during her last pregnancy. If the trip inspired the name for her second baby, she isn’t saying – mum’s the word, Alesha!

actress ay from a tough role, Oasis, Never one to shy aw when she visited Juicy all r he it ve ga ks oo Charlie Br magical week. you @jasonvale for a Insta-posting: ‘Thank piring!' ins on is infectious and Your energy and passi

sizzlers Summer

Hot! Hot! Hot! The Juice Master team has welcomed a host of stars on retreat to Juicy Oasis already this season, with more set to visit through the summer months...

FANCY A BREAK? Treat yourself to the ultimate retreat at Juicy Oasis – book now at juicemaster retreats.com

From ow to wow, Loose Women’s Saira Khan landed with a bump but left floating on a cloud after a heavenly stay at Juicy Oasis. Posting on social media, she wrote: ‘What is different here is that they feed your mind as well as your physical being… I’ve just bought @jasonvale juicing books from Amazon so I can carry on at home – I recommend 7lbs in 7 days, that’s what I’m doing here. In just one day, I’ve had the flattest stomach I’ve had in years’.


Lorraine’s juicy star If you’re a fan of daytime TV presenter Lorraine, you’ll know she loves to stay fit and healthy with plenty of exercise and good nutrition. It's no surprise that she asked Juice Master Jason Vale to join her on the sofa to talk all things juicing recently. Ahead of this, Jason spent some time at the Beckworth Emporium (left) picking up fruit and vegetables to prepare some of his brilliant blends on her show. Turn to page 28 to read how the tables were turned when Jason interviewed Lorraine as the premiere guest for his brand new podcast.

A good chat

Did you catch the Juice Master’s live interview with Jo Whiley on Radio 2 in April? The super-cool DJ, who loves juicing and running as much as rock and roll, invited Jason to chat about nutrition on her new evening-slot show. In fact the pair had so much to talk about that when she ran out of time before the news break, she asked him to stay on to continue their conversation. The couple got on famously, and we don’t think it’s long before Jo asks him to return as a guest to share more of his nutritional knowledge.

We have TWO lucky winners! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Juice Master Jason Vale picked two lucky winners of his Mother’s Day competition, earlier this year. Carol Cooper (left with daughter, Lyn Kenway) and Caro Haddow were the lucky ladies nominated by their daughters to win a stay at Juicy Mountain and Juicy Oasis, respectively. Both have been through tough times recently with health challenges and Jason felt they deserved a stay at his retreats to take a break and recharge mentally and physically. Juiced! magazine will cover their stories in future issues, so watch out for more about their stays.



Climb magic mountain No searching high or low for your healthy mojo at Jason’s Turkish rustic retreat, Juicy Mountain – the magic is all around. It’s not too late to enjoy a stay before the season ends, so if you want to come back from your summer break feeling like a new person, mojo fully restored, reserve your place now!

Book your stay at Juicy Mountain at juicemasterretreats.com

Cheers, M'Lady!

TOP OF THE PODS! Jason Vale’s brand new podcast scorched its way to the #1 spot on the iTunes chart in less than 24 hours upon its release in June. The latest way to hear fab interviews, inspiring stories and news from Juice Master, make sure you tune into Jason’s show – read about the Jason Vale podcast on page 26.

It’s a date! Under wraps Keep an eye out for the launch of a new addition to the Juice Master range with the arrival of a new blender, the perfect partner to the Juice Master Cold Press juicer. If you like your juicy gear to be top notch, this one’s got your name on it. Check out juicemaster. com for details as they are announced.

Stick it on your calendar, Jason’s Big Juice Reset takes place on 23-29 September. The week will be based on his brilliant Juice ‘n’ Blend plan, the perfect early autumn antidote. Watch out for social media posts from the Juice Master from 7 September.

Angela Griffin loves a reboot at Juicy Oasis, but she's been keeping up the good work between trips with a supply of Juice Master Delivered. She posted this shot on set during filming of the new series of period drama Harlots, as she relaxed with a bottle in hand.

23rd Sept

Daddy Day Care

Big Juice Reset

While Katie, JJ's mummy, was off at Juicy Oasis having a muchneeded rest, Jason was in charge! This is breakfast, Juice Master style! p.s. Clearly Daddy had the juice. When giving juices to young children, always dilute with 50 per water.




Jason Vale’s


Juice ‘n’ Blend plan Juice or blend? Enjoy the best of both, with Juice Master Jason Vale’s revolutionary new plan… It’s one of the first questions Jason Vale is often asked, ‘Which is best, a juice or a blend?’ While the answer is generally it depends what you’re looking for, the Juice Master is always looking to create new solutions that work for people in everyday life, and his latest Juice ‘n’ Blend plan is the ultimate solution for great results …



All part of the plan Revolutionary diet Jason Vale has been creating amazing juice and blend recipes for more than 20 years. Having written best-selling books and created numerous #1 apps, he constantly strives to develop new ways to help those who love his plans. The latest addition is a radical new concept which combines his favourite juice and blend recipes into a seven-day plan to offer the best of both. “My new 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend is revolutionary,” says Jason, “and features the best recipes I have created over 20 years. The concept is simple, to combine top-quality juices heavy in micro-nutrients with protein-based blends heavy in macro-nutrients. It’s the ultimate combination to keep you feeling satisfied all day long, and has the potential to help you achieve amazing results. “On the Juice ‘n’ Blend plan, you start the day with a morning blend,


have two juices during the day and then enjoy a satiating blend in the evening, when you would ordinarily be eating a meal. It’s incredible because while your body enjoys pure, clean nutrition, you don’t feel in any way deprived for the duration of the plan.”

Best-ever recipes With each of his plans, Jason carefully considers which recipes to include for optimum flavour and nutrition, and his new Juice ‘n’ Blend is no different. In fact, it was the perfect opportunity to select his personal favourite recipes, the stand-out stars which he feels are the most balanced and offer the best value to a sevenday plan. “I scoured two decades worth of my work to hand-pick what I believe are the finest recipes I’ve ever created," says Jason. "It was a challenge to make the final decision, but I am convinced they are the perfect ones which create the ultimate 7-Day plan.”

It’s all in the app...


Jason’s apps are designed to be easy and enjoyable to use. Clever features include a shopping list generator to ensure you hit the store once, bag all you need and reduce temptation in the supermarket aisles. There are five brand new juice recipes and five new blends in the app which is launched on 11 July, plus motivational videos before, during and after the seven-day plan. “I’ve filmed three brand new videos to help you throughout the 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan," says Jason, "one at the outset to help you anticipate what your mind and body may experience along the way plus an emergency SOS video to watch if something goes awry. I’ve been juicing for 20 years, and I’ve seen every hazard you might experience, from other people doubting your intentions, to staying on track, plus any potential physical symptoms you might have as your body switches from junk food to pure nutrition. Finally, I will be with you at the end, to celebrate your achievement and congratulate you on completing the 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan. “I am convinced people will love every aspect of my best-ever 7-Day plan. Whether you are a juicing veteran or virgin, this is the perfect plan to help you achieve your goals. I'm excited to hear people's results as they complete the programme on social media.”

Do the ‘shake ‘n’ shuffle’! In addition to delicious recipes, motivational advice and handy shopping lists to save you money, Jason’s new Juice ‘n’ Blend app has a brilliant new feature. If you’ve already got the Juice Master Super Juice Me! app and Super Blend Me! app, there’s a clever feature which means if you don’t like a particular ingredient or recipe in the 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan, you can simply shake your smartphone and it will automatically suggest a brand new recipe! “The shake ‘n’ shuffle feature is one of my favourite aspects of the new app,” says Jason. “It is so clever and a real innovation which I think adds something different to the experience. "We’ve all been there on a plan, when a particular ingredient that you don’t like features in a recipe, or there’s a recipe that just doesn’t hit the spot for you. Although I’ve added ten new bonus recipes, the shake ‘n’ shuffle is a great way to mix things up, and if you don’t like the recipe it generates, you can shake your phone again and it gives you another – it’s brilliant. “I know a plan has to be easy to follow in order for it to be a success. Whichever recipes you choose with the shake ‘n’ shuffle feature, the app will automatically update your shopping list, so there's every reason why you should achieve success on the 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan."






TURMERIC TEMPTATION Fresh turmeric root 1” (or 1 tsp of powder) Ginger root 1” Apple 1 Pear 1 Cucumber ¼ medium Celery 1 stalk Ice 1 small handful Pop the ice into a glass. Juice all the ingredients and pour. If using turmeric powder, stir in.


GREEN REFRESHER Apple 1 Pear 1 Cucumber ¼ Spinach 2 large handfuls Broccoli stem 3cm Lime 1 Ice Pop the ice into a glass. Juice all the ingredients, pour over and enjoy.






CREAMY NUT BUTTER & PROTEIN BLAST Medjool date 1 Small banana 1 Almond milk 300ml Almond butter 1 tsp Cashew butter 1 tsp SBM! Protein Powder* 1 tbsp Ice Put the ice in your blender, followed by the ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds. *Shop at juicemaster.com



BANANACARDO SUPER BLEND Banana ½ small Avocado ½ medium (ripe) Coconut water 300ml Chia seeds 1 tsp Spinach 1 small handful Ice 1 small handful Add the ice to your blender, followed by the other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds.



★★★ 17


Get Jason’s 7-Day

Juice ‘n’ Blend Want results? Here’s how you can experience Jason’s brand new diet


Download Jason’s 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan from 11 July

Want even quicker results? Want to try Jason’s brand new 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan but haven’t got time to prep your fruit and veggies? Jason’s got a bonus for you – he’s added the new 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan to his pre-made flash frozen juices and blends at juicemasterdelivered.com Order the full 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan today at juicemasterdelivered.com and start the plan tomorrow! It really is as easy as that!

What next? Finished the 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan and want to keep your juicy results going? Juice Master Jason Vale has the solution with an amazing offer on his Perfect Follow-On Book Bundle. Featuring his 5:2 Juice Diet and 7-Day Super Fast Food books, you can bag both titles for just £8.99 (RRP £36.98). It’s the bargain buy that could seriously improve your health forever!


Share your results Taken the 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan? Share your results on Juice Master’s social media channels and be part of the story Jason LOVES to hear about the amazing results that his recipes and plans help people to achieve, and with his brand new 7-Day Juice ‘n’ Blend plan he wants to know how you get on. “I want people to send me their results,” says Jason. “I know this plan can help people to achieve huge changes in a short period of time, so I am looking forward to hearing from people and want them to post their juicy journey to inspire others to take the challenge. At Juice Master, we are all about juicing it forward and this is one more way that we can encourage others to join us and achieve amazing results for themselves.”

Don’t worry,

y p p a bthise summer #1 Paid Apps! #1 Grossing Apps!



Recipes, coaching, videos, shopping lists – all you need at the touch of a button. Download at juicemaster.com

Available on the

Heart and soul Celebrating 25 years in show business, Beverley Knight is a natural-born performer. On retreat at Juicy Oasis she caught up with good friend Jason Vale...




he’s the Queen of British Soul, has won several MOBOs, been nominated for BRIT and Olivier awards and the Mercury Music Prize. She was awarded an MBE in 2007.

Fast-forward through these incredible highlights of Beverley Knight’s amazing career and you understand both the public and music-industry love of the Wolverhampton-born star. She has recorded with the greats, performed for illustrious names, challenged the status-quo and created songs that are the soundtrack to our lives. Notably she has sung at Black Pride and a private audience at 10 Downing Street, at the request of then Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Brown, supported Prince during his UK residency at the O2 Arena and one of his infamous after-parties, and even performed at the London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony. With a natural transition to musical theatre in 2013, Beverley has had lead roles in West End shows The Bodyguard, Memphis – for which she earned an Olivier Award nomination – and Cats. Most recently, in September 2018, she took on the role of Emmeline Pankhurst in Sylvia, a musical to celebrate the life of Sylvia Pankhurst and the centenary of the Suffragette movement, at The Old Vic. It was a role which attracted criticism for having a black actor play Pankhurst, but, characteristically strong and resolved, Beverley merely dismissed the reproach and got on with delivering an A-list performance to the show's sell-out audiences.


While lesser stars have been tagged as divas, Beverley Knight is one of the most humble people in show business whose love of music is still at the heart of everything she does. Her early influences also shaped a lifelong spirituality and empathy which are second nature to her life. “Growing up in an evangelical-Christian household, life was gregarious and open,” she says. “It was natural and expected that you should go into the community and do things to help people. This gave me a spiritual awareness that we are just a speck in the ocean and that you need to make your life count. It also taught me empathy and to consider how it is to walk in someone else's shoes."


A moment of reflection of all that she has achieved was realised at a sell-out concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall in May, and the event was also recorded for a live album. “I look back at the past 25 years and remember how it felt before my career took off,” says Beverley. “It feels so long ago but at the same time it feels like yesterday. I tend to think of life in terms of tours and since the beginning I’ve identified every stage of my life through music. “Music is in my blood and is the centre of everything. I’ve never suffered from stage fright as it’s always been home and the place where I feel most comfortable. I’ve been on stage forever, since playschool and church, performance is in my blood.

INNER STRENGTH Beverley's incredible fitness and physique are the result of daily gym visits and mindful eating

Determination and resilience are undoubtedly part of Beverley’s make-up, and traits which have helped her on her life journey. A musical legend, the girl who was raised in a strict Pentecostal household by Jamaican parents has come a long way. Gospel music was the starting point for Beverley’s love of music and, although pop music was frowned upon at home, soul legends Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin were early inspirations that saw her penning songs at just 13. At 17, she began performing in Wolverhampton clubs and her talents were spotted shortly after by an A&R man who signed her to his record label, Dome, after hearing her perform as a backing vocalist for an emerging local artist. The break was exactly what she needed and the energy and passion shows in her first album release, The B-Funk, which was hailed ‘the best British soul album ever’. The rest, as they say, is history.


“The 25-years concert was a really fun night and an opportunity to create something special to celebrate the moment with some of my hits, fan favourites, some show music and popular songs. But it’s more than just a back catalogue, it’s my life over a quarter of a century! It was wonderful to perform to an audience that I know has been there from day one, and it was an electric moment.” Waiting in the wings and a constant support to her demanding schedule is Beverley’s husband, James O’Keefe, whom she married at Goodwood House in 2012 and describes as her soulmate. “James is brilliant at helping me to cope, to breathe and to take one day at a time,” she says. Like Beverley, James is passionate about health, fitness and nutrition, and as their busy schedules permit the two enjoy spending time at Juicy Oasis. Beverley was one of the first guests at the launch of Jason’s Juicy Mountain retreat in Turkey and later Juicy Oasis, and over the years the couple have become firm friends with Jason and the Juice Master team. “When we first went to Juicy Mountain we loved it,” she says. “James and Jason hit it off and they are


“It’s a place to let go of fear and things that can hinder you in personal development – it’s a real eye-opener of an experience"

great broskis who love hanging out together, they are so similar in their outlook on life. Jason is a dear, dear friend and we have shared so much together. “For me, Juicy Oasis is just an amazing place to be and completely different to Juicy Mountain. It truly is an oasis and the most beautiful retreat with a wonderful spa, and we’ve been every year since it opened. It is a real credit to Jason and it’s the place where I have learnt to switch off. You have to know when to say this time is just for you, and that beautiful river, the sunshine and the team at Juicy Oasis help you to focus on recharging your batteries. Going, you are frazzled but you come back feeling like a retuned radio. I love the idea of spending time improving yourself physically and mentally. It’s a place to let go of fear and things that can hinder you in personal development – it’s a real eye-opener of an experience.”


Beverley has always been mindful of health and fitness, but in 2017 underwent a hysterectomy as a result of being diagnosed with uterine fibroids. “It was the year that made me think, ‘You’re not superwoman’ – the doctors acted quickly and my feeling was to do it and then concentrate on getting back to fitness. We went to Juicy Oasis while I was recovering and while I couldn’t do heavy weights



Jason on Beverley…

I used the lake to strengthen my abdominal muscles and focused on getting better.”


Looking and feeling incredible, at such a defining moment it might be tempting for Beverley to feel she has accomplished all she set out to as a young soul singer. “There’s still so much that excites me,” Over 5says Million Jason Va le Books Sold Beverley. “I am doing a lot of festivals over the summer st of Read the re ’s and working on a new musical for 2020. I’d like“ Jason Vale – gic to do television or film – Create M” a py at maybe a Netflix show or co “ order your” r.com even Peaky Blinders, I’ve e juicemast got the accent! There’s“ so much still to do and it’s what ” keeps me going and excited for what’s to come.” • Beverley tours the Stevie Wonder songbook in October and her live album is out in November. See beverleyknight.com for details.

If you want to expe rience more love, create magic. If a business that you want truly thrives, creat e magic. If you purpose, create want true magic. If you wan t better relationsh magic. If you wan ips, create t to feel alive, creat e magic. If you wan fun, create magi t more c. In short, if you want to feel more ever y area of your mag ic in life, all you have to do is create it! I challenge anyone to read this book and not be inspired adopt a Create Magi to c mindset that excite s and encourages you to create magi c in every area of your life. Oh and bring your tissues; it’s prett y moving in places too. ROSI E NIXON (Editor-in-Chief HELLO! Magazine)

Little book, massive

impact! Pure magi

c from start to finish

BEVERLEY KNIG HT (Actress & Soul Singer)


An inspiring, pract ical and truly fresh approach to chan your life and the lives ging of those around you. You’ll never regre few hours it takes t the to read this little gem. RICHARD CART


Jason Vale is a best-selling author, film prod international spea ucer and ker. His books have been tran many lang uage slated into s and he regu larly features on radio and television arou nd the world.

10% of profits from to this book go ic create mag for others

Cr eat e Ma gic

Post-retreat, Beverley maintains her fitness with a variety of exercise. “I go to the gym most days and do a mixture of weights to promote testosterone to prevent everything sagging!” she laughs. “I also do cardio to maintain my stamina, and I love high-intensity interval training which leaves me feeling incredible. I have to remember to stretch afterwards, but my relationship with yoga… well, let’s just say I’m still on the journey!”

Juicing is also part of her daily routine. “We have them every day, usually a blend in the morning and a juice in the afternoon,” says Beverley. “I like to get my greens in and I love beetroot, which helps keep my blood pressure in check. It’s so pure and you know you are getting the nutrients your body needs. Nutrition also makes a big difference to my skin and hair and I keep my sugar intake as low as possible.”


Beverley bounced back, 100 per cent committed to rebuilding her strength and endurance, both of which are evident in her amazingly honed body. At Juicy Oasis, she and James enjoy the full range of activities, including walking and hiking. “I’ve always loved all types of fitness and at Juicy Oasis there’s so much to inspire you to try something different. Juicy Oasis is where I first tried yoga – I can’t say it’s my favourite go-to, as I love high-energy exercise, but it was good to take up a new challenge. James constantly dedicates himself to selfimprovement and I am in awe of the way he regularly challenges himself.”

‘Many years ago, we had the honour of having Beverley attend our retreat. At the end of the week, and completely out of the blue, Beverley stood up as we were all finishing our endof-retreat dinner and tapped her glass to get everyone’s attention. She started to sing, a capella, silencing and captivating everyone with three of her tracks. The expression ‘goosebumps’ is often overused, but there’s no better word to describe what her singing created for everyone. Beverley also changed her track Gold and added in my name so I had a personal rendition. This is what I talk about when I say magic can hit you anytime, anywhere by anyone and sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Beverley created breathtaking magic at the end of a very magical week, not just for me, but for all the people who were there and no doubt for herself too.’

Super quick, super cool Take your juices & blends to a whole new level with the Retro Super Fast & Retro Super Blend ★★

★ ★★

‘I love my fast juicer and blender – so easy to use’ Marian ‘Looks super stylish in my kitchen!’ Amy

Best ever price

also available in

Shop at juicemaster.com


Tune in and prepare to be inspired, Juice Master Jason Vale is about to hit your headphones with his brand new podcast



incredible people along the way.


“There will be celebrities, people who visit my retreats and who are good friends,” he says. “There will be health and nutrition experts, but I’m also hoping to use the podcast to start a debate with people who may be ‘anti-juicing’, because the only way we can learn is if we are prepared to openly discuss our points of view.

You’ve read the books, downloaded the apps, watched the videos and followed him on social media. Now, Jason Vale has launched his very own podcast, the perfect way to stay up-to-date with the latest news, views and events from the Juice Master So what can we expect to find in Jason’s podcasts? “I’m hoping we can deliver a beautiful combination of inspiration, a little bit of laughter, some emotional stuff and a whole lot of learning,” says Jason. Jason is a sociable guy and, as you might expect, he’ll be inviting plenty of guests to share the airwaves with him. From the many celebrities who love to hang out at Juicy Oasis and Juicy Mountain, Jason’s health retreats, to everyday folk with amazing inspirational stories to share, he will be hosting and interviewing

“I’ll chat with those who have improved their health with juicing and catch up with some of the people who took part in my Super Juice Me! documentary – people often ask, ‘What happened next?’ and we’ll find out on the podcast.


“As with everything I do, I also want it to be a bit of a giggle – health and fitness can be a serious subject, but there are some wonderful, uplifting stories to be told and make us smile. Ultimately it’s all about mental and physical health – good conversation sparks positivity and listening to this podcast could be life-changing! Anyone who has read my book, Create Magic, will know I love to inspire and hear about individuals who have done something special – big or small – to create magic for others. I can’t guarantee there won’t be emotional moments, but I believe you'll end up with a smile on your face.” Whether you are looking for something to entertain you as you work out, a voice to keep you company on a long drive, or just fancy switching the TV off and




...IT’S ONLY LORRAINE! She’s the #1 star of morning TV, the interview queen who gets us up and moving with her soft Scottish accent and bright, cheery attitude – it’s no surprise that she and Juice Master Jason Vale get on like a house on fire!


The pair caught up for Jason’s first podcast while Lorraine enjoyed a stay at Juicy Oasis – here's a taste of what they chatted about... LORRAINE’S WORST INTERVIEW...

“Harrison Ford, he was bored and grumpy! Kevin Spacey too.”


“Hugh Jackman, as he makes it an absolute pleasure, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin – it was amazing to talk to someone who has been on the moon.”


“My dad bought me my first telescope when I was five and I watched the moon landings with him when I was ten, it’s something I’ve always been interested in.”


“#1 David Bowie, he was a genius and my absolute hero, #2 Michelle Obama and #3 The Queen (not necessarily in that order!).”


“At my stage of life, I want to maintain what I’ve got. Losing weight and keeping healthy is hard, but at Juicy Oasis the switch is clicked and you ask yourself if you really want that biscuit or chocolate.”


“We’ve done a lot on the menopause recently. It was taboo before, but daytime television can do a lot to help break down barriers. It was the same with cancer – years ago people talked about the big C – and we're tackling mental health too.”


“From the minute you step foot here, stress oozes out of your body and everyone is great. What you take away is being more mindful about what you’re eating, exercise, and being a little bit kinder to others.”



COMING UP… Lorraine is the first celebrity interviewee on Jason Vale’s Podcast, but there are more guests lined up to appear on the show. Don’t forget to watch out and tune into the following episodes…


One of the most respected, best known and experienced nutrition experts Ian Marber, aka The Food Doctor, dropped by for a chat with the Juice Master.


A rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is notoriously bad for your health, but DJ Chris Moyles ditched the junk with an incredible makeover. He tells Jason why he feels like a new man.


If you missed our Juiced! magazine interview with The Speakmans, tune in and catch Jason’s chat with TV’s mental-health experts.


AKA Dale Pinnock who uses evidence-based nutrition to create tasty recipes. Together, he and Jason will inspire you to get your diet sorted!



The queen of child nutrition talks with Jason about baby-led weaning, the battle of their chart-topping apps and her 27 years at the top.

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The wish list Who would you like to hear on Jason’s new podcast? Famous, opinionated, inspiring or someone with a juicing tip to share, who would YOU love Jason to invite to share the airwaves with him? Make your list below and then share a snap via his Instagram @jasonvale

Jason’s wish list

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THE JET SET Whether you’re taking a flight to your dream destination or simply enjoying a staycation, we’ve got the perfect juice to get you in the mood. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of the juicy world…




In serious need of a flop-and-drop holiday? Crystal-clear waters, white sands and plenty of days in the sun, what’s not to love about the Caribbean? Whether you are hanging out on an island, swinging in a hammock or letting the world pass you by from a beachfront bar, a tropical cocktail shouldn’t be far from hand, and this natural juice is the best beverage north or south of the equator…

Bitter-sweet sunshine Pink grapefruit ½ peeled Pineapple 1/3 peeled S. Pellegrino sparkling water 300ml Ice cubes 1 small handful Simply juice the grapefruit and pineapple and mix half and half with the sparkling water. Pour over ice and drink.

Lighten up

Grapefruit is highly nutritious and one of the healthiest citrus fruits. In a study of 91 people, those who ate half a fresh grapefruit before meals lost 2.9lbs, and experienced a significant reduction in insulin and cholesterol levels.

Just chilling

Fresh pineapple has a protein-digesting enzyme called bromelain that helps to reduce inflammation in your body. It can also dissolve mucus and help relieve the symptoms of asthma and hay fever.

No worries

One cup of pineapple provides 131 per cent of our RDA of vitamin C and 76 per cent of that of manganese, which can aid metabolism, regulate blood sugar and support our nervous system.




Ah, what would summertime be without a bowl of British strawberries? Traditionally associated with Wimbledon, they’re the star of the season and this Juice Master recipe is a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamins C and K, phytonutrients and flavonoids, along with fibre, folic acid, manganese and potassium. Forget Mr Whippy, this would make a great staycation treat after a day on the beach.

Anyone for tennis? Strawberries 400g Pineapple ½ peeled Live or soya yoghurt 4 tbsps Ice cubes 1 small handful Pack the strawberries into the chute of a juicer before you turn the machine on. Juice on the lowest setting and push through slowly so you extract as much juice as possible. Juice the pineapple on the fastest speed setting. Half fill a tall glass with juice, add two tablespoons of yoghurt, top up with juice and then add the rest of the yoghurt. Swirl around with a spoon and enjoy!


Besides the C

A handful of just five strawberries has more vitamin C than an orange – that’s some super berry power!

Go slow…

Strawberries’ fibre and fructose are believed to help regulate blood sugar levels by slowing digestion and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Keep Britain tidy!

Don’t throw away the strawberry leaves – they can be eaten raw or used to make a delicious fruit tea.


With 50 states to see, the good ol’ USA has plenty for the adventurous traveller. Whether you’re planning a city break in New York, jazzing it up in New Orleans, hitting the slots in Las Vegas (yeah baby!) or soaking up some sunshine in Florida, enjoy this Juice Master summer sipper. Don't worry if you're on a staycation, you can buy Florida oranges and grapefruits here too!

A Taste Of Florida Florida oranges 3 (medium peeled) Florida pink grapefruit 1/2 (medium peeled) Lime 1 (small peeled) Ice cubes 1 (small handful) Peel the oranges, grapefruit and lime, leaving as much of the white pith as possible. Juice the lot and pour over ice.

Get your RDAs

Just half a grapefruit gives us at least 100 per cent of our daily requirement of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which can assist in fighting cell damage, promote healing and keep your skin healthy – a great way to get your skin ready before your big beach reveal moment. This juice is also a fab one to give the kids instead of offering them milk, which doesn't provide as much vitamin C.

For more summer recipes from the Juice Master, order The Funky Fresh Juice Book at juicemaster.com or download the app at iTunes or Google Play.



Jason Vale’s 7-day Re-set Retreat Yoga•Meditation•Rebounding•Beautiful walks•Eden Spa Loft Sauna•Beach volleyball•Tennis•Fitness•Hot pool•Flowing river


JASON’S ultimate summer reads As Juice Master Jason Vale says, what we feed our minds is as important as what we feed our bodies. Summer holidays are made for catching up with a good book, so we asked him for his ‘must-read’ book list…


Awaken the Giant Within Anthony Robbins Jason says...

‘I had the extremely good fortune of speaking at the same event as Tony Robbins at ExCeL London a few years ago and it was one of the highlights of my life. There is an energy that Tony brings to the personal development arena that is, in my view, unsurpassed. I got the wake of that energy as I was the speaker after Tony and it was, to this day, the best hour I have ever spent on a stage. This was one of the first books that led me to this man’s work and I would recommend it to anyone looking to inject some inspiration and action into their lives. If you’re not a reading type of person, then his audio course, Personal Power II, is again something that has the potential to turn anyone’s life around. I have been blessed to have met Tony on a few occasions and I hope he can enjoy some downtime one day at one of our retreats. Tony, if you’re reading, get your arse over! :)’ Books Sold

Editor's choice


Over 5 Million Jason Val e

If you want to exper ience more love, create magic. If you want a business that truly thrives, create magic . If you want true purpose, create magic . If you want better relationships, create magic. If you want to feel alive, create magic . If you want more fun, create magic. In short, if you want to feel more magic in every area of your life, all you have to do is create it!

“I challenge anyone to read this book and

not be inspired to adopt a Create Magic minds et that excites and encou rages you to create magic in every area of your life. Oh and bring your tissues; it’s pretty moving in places too. ” ROSIE NIXON (Editor-in-Chief HELLO ! Magaz

“Little book, massive impact! Pure magic


from start to finish!

BEVERLEY KNIGHT (Actress & Soul Singer )

“An inspiring, practical and truly fresh appro ach to changing your life and the lives of those around you. You’ll never regret the few hours it takes to read this little gem. ” RICHARD CARTER

Jason Vale is a best-s elling author, film producer and international speak er. His books have been translated into many languages and he regularly featur es on radio and television around the world.

10% of m profits fro to go this book gic create ma for others


Cre ate Ma gic

We couldn't suggest a summer reading list without including a title from the Juice Master himself! Create Magic is an amazing sprinkle of inspiration that will encourage you to create incredible amounts of magic for yourself and those around you. The ultimate way to get the most out of your sun-lounger downtime, order now at juicemaster.com

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Susan Jeffers

Always Looking Up Michael J. Fox

Still Me Christopher Reeve

Jason says...

Jason says...

‘When Back To The Future was released I went to the cinema and watched it over a dozen times. What made the movie for me was Marty McFly, or to be specific, Michael J Fox. There’s an energy about him, not only in this film but in everything I have seen him in, that I just adore. At the height of his career he got Parkinson’s disease and this book, along with his other magnificent inspirational tome, Lucky Man, not only gives you the background into what that meant for him, but tells you all you need to know about this remarkable man. ‘His books are more than just simple autobiographies, and give you some real perspective on what’s important in life. Despite being a major Hollywood star, Michael J Fox remains a humble individual who makes you stop and think about the things that really count in the end. Whatever challenges you face dayto-day I would recommend reading this book, not only for a bit of perspective, but to learn the kind of mindset that is required to get over a life challenge of this magnitude, and also to be grateful for it.’

‘In terms of books that had the most profound impact on my life, I’d have to put this at the very top. I first saw Christopher Reeve on a big screen at the premiere of Superman, back in the 70s. The movie was unlike anything before it and, for a seven-yearold, was mesmerising. I really did think there was an actual Superman. It turns out I was correct. Christopher Reeve was a Superman on screen and certainly off screen too, but I feel his true Superman powers came in the wake of his life-changing accident that left him paralysed from the neck down. ‘Christopher Reeve is one of the reasons I exercise virtually every day. I once heard him say, ‘If you have the gift of movement and don’t use it, it’s an insult to those who do not’. This book is powerful, moving and incredibly inspirational. If you get a chance, I’d also say read his follow-up book, Nothing Is Impossible.’

Jason says: ‘One of the self-help classics and as good today as it was when it was first published. I don’t actually remember a great deal of the book, but I do remember one quote that has really shaped my life: ‘Ships are safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are built for’. It’s why I have always taken risks and will always continue to do so. If you are fearful of making any jumps in your life, read this book!’

Who Moved My Cheese? Dr Spencer Johnson Jason says: ‘Another self-help classic, but still one of the best. I would recommend this book to anyone who is going through a major change in life. It’s a cute little fable with a very powerful message. We all experience sudden unplanned change and I can’t think of a better little book to help steer you through the journey ahead.’

‘Juicing helped my

diabetes’ Having lived with Type 1 diabetes for 27 years, a stay at Juicy Oasis helped Colette Marlow to halve her insulin levels with just seven days of pure juice



For many guests, the anticipation of a trip to Juicy Oasis, Jason Vale’s Portuguese retreat, can be a nerve-wracking experience – ‘Will I be hungry on juice alone?’; ‘What do I need to pack?’; ‘What will we do during the day?’ But for Colette Marlow, who had booked a seven-day stay in March 2019, these everyday questions were magnified by the fact that for 27 years she has lived with Type 1 diabetes, specifically a brittle form which had become a daily challenge to control with conventional carb counting and insulin use. “I was diagnosed at 33, out of the blue,” says Colette. “I was 122lbs, very healthy and was a director designing toys for a company, which involved extensive travel to the Far East. I had just got married and it was a stressful period with the pressures of work. Six months after our wedding, I became pregnant but I sadly miscarried. I felt so unwell and was losing weight, going to the toilet frequently and my eyesight began to be affected. I went to the doctor and they immediately threw me onto insulin, and although I was needle phobic, I had to learn to inject the drug using an orange to practise. “Although there is some Type 2 ageonset diabetes in my family, Type 1 diabetes is completely different and the diagnosis was a real bolt out of the blue. I felt really upset, and kept thinking, ‘Why me?’ We desperately wanted to start a family but I was told I couldn’t



When I realised there would be no food at Juicy Oasis, I admit that I panicked slightly. In fact, I packed a supply of carb-based snacks as I have always been told by medical professionals that it was the way to manage my insulin levels

try for a baby until I was established on insulin, and it was a constant battle to balance my blood sugar levels. Eventually I got pregnant but had to inject every day and had hypoglycaemic attacks when my levels dropped. I had my first child and the diabetes stopped while I was breastfeeding, but it was a brief honeymoon period and later I had a few more miscarriages, followed by a difficult second pregnancy. “I started to research alternative therapies and, in between my second and third pregnancies, an iridologist looked at my eyes and told me I wasn’t diabetic but had a thyroid problem. I saw a specialist but they concluded I had myxedema as my thyroid had been depleted. I was put on thyroxine and although I was hardly eating anything, I was forced to eat carbs balanced with insulin to keep my blood sugars stable.” A constant juggling act, although Colette has always been diligent about monitoring her illness, her health suffered over the years with a number of autoimmune conditions and complications.


Six years ago, Colette took the decision to try an insulin pump, which reduced the amount she needs to around 24-28 units a day. “It acts like my pancreas,” says Colette. “The pump controls my diabetes by drip-feeding insulin when I eat. I need to release more insulin during mealtimes and use a Freestyle Libra to help me track what is happening to my blood sugars. “One side effect of the diabetes has been gastroparesis and I have also had complications with my lymphatic system which led to fluid retention. I wore compression tights for six years and although aloe vera juice helped me to lose 21lbs, I still relied heavily on carbs to control my insulin intake. The harder I tried to control my diabetes, the more weight I gained and by November 2018 I hit my lowest point, frustrated with my body. “One day I was talking to a friend who had been to Juicy Oasis and she said, ‘Why don’t you try juicing?’ I wondered whether it was something I could do and started to research it, which is when I discovered Juice Master Jason Vale. I watched his Juice Tube videos on YouTube and his health documentary, Super Juice Me! – it featured people who had chronic illnesses and I was intrigued by what juicing could do for my own health. “I ordered a juicer in January and took a very big leap by booking a stay at Juicy Oasis,” says Colette. “I’ve been to retreats all over the world with mixed experiences, but when I realised there would be no food at Juicy Oasis, I admit that I panicked slightly. In fact, I packed a supply of carbbased snacks as I have always been told by medical professionals that

Colette’s juicy diary

During her stay at Juicy Oasis, Colette recorded her detox experience DAY 1 I had my first wheatgrass shot followed by juice and had boundless energy. The fresh air and tranquillity hit you straight away along with the friendly faces. I knew instantly this was going to be a fun week. DAY 2 Started with yoga at 7.30am, then a shot of juice, followed by an hour’s walk in the forest. The day was full of activities and the juices were all delicious – my readings were all low, actually too low! Ended the day with a fab chunky soup and a movie all about sugar. DAY 3 Had a fun day – loving yoga and rebounding on a mini trampoline – I never thought I would find all this energy just living on juice. My sugar readings

have never been this good in 28 years! I really don’t want to go home. DAYS 4/5/6 There’s always something to do and I love waking up to hot water and lemon, then onto yoga. Never thought I would enjoy the shots and juices, they give me the perfect sugar control. Every day is an adventure, we even learnt how to use a cold press juicer to make banana and strawberry desserts. DAY 7 The end of a fab adventure with my friend Leanne (above), we were given food and juice for the airport. I’m going to follow a predominantly plant-based diet with fish and organic chicken, giving up refined sugars – not to forget juicing too! Follow Colette’s story at alternativediabetic.com



it was the way to manage my insulin levels, and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to survive on just juice for seven whole days. I must have driven the Juice Master Retreats team mad with all my questions in the run-up to my trip, but they were so patient and helpful.” Arriving at Juicy Oasis, Colette’s blood sugars initially spiked but by the time she left they had plateaued with her insulin units dropping from 28 to 8/9 a day, after just seven days of Jason’s detox programme. “I absolutely loved it,” says Colette. “I did yoga three times a day and enjoyed treatments at the spa which helped me to relax. I learnt so much about nutrition – one of the biggest discoveries

was that I could give up bread and chocolate and manage my blood sugar levels without carbs. I wasn’t hungry and I lost my appetite, whereas before I was always hungry. I’ve lost 25lbs since January and am nearly back to my prediagnosis weight, which

Do you have a health challenge? Watch Juice Master Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! documentary at youtube.com/ juicemaster to see how juicing transformed the lives of eight people with 22 chronic diseases is incredible.”

Individual results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Always consult a qualified medical professional before embarking on a pure juice diet, health programme or physical activity.


While the physical results of juicing are evident, an added bonus has been the effect on Colette’s confidence, boosted by a chance encounter when she sat next to Juice Master Jason Vale on a flight from Marbella, a few weeks later. Colette had the opportunity to tell Jason her story first-hand and explain the impact that juicing and his retreat had achieved in such a short period of time. “It was wonderful to chat with Jason,” she says. “He asked if I had a blog, which was amazing as five years ago I visited a psychic life adviser and they told me my voice would be my story. I had toyed with writing about my journey with diabetes and although previously I lacked confidence, when Jason suggested I tell my story I decided to publish my blog. I've also created an Instagram account (@alternativediabetic), which I hope will offer inspiration to people with Type 1 diabetes. Since my return, I have been juicing daily, tweaking recipes to suit a diabetic diet. Health guidelines say fruit is full of fructose, but it contains fibre and carbs, plus most have a low glycaemic index. Thinking is changing and the advice for diabetics is to eat clean and pure. Everyone is different, but for me a detox was the perfect way to kick-start my health and meeting Jason created real magic for me.” •



The queen


For 27 years, Annabel Karmel has been helping parents – including Jason and Katie Vale with JJ – to navigate nutrition for their little ones Juice Master Jason Vale has always puzzled that we are the only species on earth which struggles to eat what nature intended to make our minds and bodies function well. So, when it comes to nurturing babies and toddlers as they first explore solid food, it comes as no surprise that many parents find this a particularly tricky area to navigate. Ensuring our little ones get the right nutrition during the early years of development is critical, and Annabel Karmel, who first published her book, The Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner, in 1991, has been helping parents for more than 27 years. Considered ‘the bible’ for weaning babies and tackling the first few years, including the fussy toddler stage, Annabel has since published 45 books, numerous apps and even developed a range of high-quality purées and ready meals for busy parents. Having enjoyed the best nutrition possible in the form of breast milk since birth, when time came for Jason and Katie Vale to wean their son, JJ, the couple soon discovered Annabel as a source of knowledge and voice

of experience. Jason connected with Annabel via social media, and recently the nutrition experts got together to record an interview for one of Jason’s upcoming podcasts, due to be released later this year. The meeting represented a collaboration of minds, since both Annabel and Jason share the same view that a balanced diet is essential for health, whatever your age. Just like the Juice Master, Annabel had to challenge conventional thinking to change views when she first set out on a mission to reshape child nutrition, almost three decades ago.

From bland to grand

“When I started out, the thinking was the blander the better,” Annabel explains, “but children didn’t like it. I ran a playgroup and gave my recipes to 100 mums each week – they told me they were amazing and their kids loved them. I blew up the concept that babies only like bland food and added ingredients like onion, herbs, mild curry powder and garlic to challenge what was acceptable for young children to eat. Starting off with a wide spectrum of fruit and vegetables helps introduce babies to a diverse range of flavours and textures.



“I had a difficult time writing my book as when I talked to experts I kept getting different advice, so in the end I went to Great Ormond Street Hospital and worked with its Institute of Child Health to create a plan based on scientific and nutritional fact. Previously there were no good books on child nutrition that had recipes with photographs, and I was the first person to come at it from a different point of view. I had two fussy children and I had lost a child, so I wanted to leave a legacy that would help other parents. I was turned down by 17 publishers, but in the end Ebury Publishing picked it up and the book went on to sell six million copies.”

Visit annabelkarmel.com for ideas, inspiration and to find out more about Annabel Karmel’s books, apps, nutritionally balanced purées and ready meals

The rest, as they say, is history and Annabel’s books and more recently her Baby & Toddler Recipes App with 350 recipes have been ‘nutrition bibles’ for many parents over the years, a ‘go to’ guru who has the answers to all of the challenges our little ones throw at us. While thinking on what is and isn’t acceptable for young palates and technology changes, Annabel provides a sane voice of logic and reason. Vying with Juice Master Jason Vale for the top spot in the App Store at the beginning of the year, both his and Annabel's apps are hugely popular, creating easy solutions for those ‘What to eat?’ moments in the supermarket. “Today, people are aware that babies shouldn’t have sugar or salt and there has been a

Annabel on... baby-led weaning

Annabel has always advocated baby-led weaning and taking cues from your child to introduce new ingredients and textures. “It’s important to treat each child as an individual and to mix purées and finger foods,” she says. “Babies do gag but it doesn’t mean they are choking, it’s a reflex and a process they go through to learn to chew. As long as you give them soft foods and are observant, they will be fine.”


lot of improvement in child nutrition,” says Annabel. “During the first year of life, a baby grows faster than at any other stage of life and a child needs critical nutrients such as iron and omega-3s, found in red meat, lentils and oily fish, for example. Unlike adults, they need a high fat, low-fibre diet and we make it easy for parents with weekly plans. I love that our books and app are passed from one generation to the next.

Annabel on... veganism and allergies

“Babies need iron twice a day from six months when natural levels start to drop,” says Annabel. “It is more difficult for them to absorb it from vegetarian sources such as lentils so an iron-rich vegetable sauce is a great alternative and, if you are vegetarian, cheese adds good protein too. Allergies have become prevalent, but studies show giving babies allergenic foods from six months, can help to build up a tolerance.”

There are still challenges – people say their toddlers won’t eat, but often they serve them empty-calorie snacks. It’s as easy to mash up a banana as it is to open a jar, and I firmly believe fresh is best. Juicing isn’t much different from purées or baby smoothies, so if your little one is teething, a frozen ice lolly made with fruit and veggie combinations like mango, carrot and orange is a great way to soothe gums and get the key nutrients in.” ●

Annabel on... fussy eaters

“Fussy eating is a way to show independence, particularly as a baby’s rate of growth slows,” says Annabel. “Make sure you are not giving them the same thing again and again, particularly between 6–12 months, and don’t give snacks between meals so they are hungry at mealtimes. If they are not interested, leave it rather than let a battle of wills develop. Let your baby enjoy food and create a habit of eating together as a family.”

“He eats more than me and Jason!” At 15 months, baby JJ is thriving and, as mum Katie reveals, loves getting to grips with his food

Has it been difficult to ensure JJ gets sufficient iron in his diet?

For now, he’s on a plantbased diet with some salmon. Everyone brings up the iron question, but JJ consumes lentils, chickpeas, beans, greens, chia seeds and raisins. At breakfast, we give him steamed broccoli and cauliflower with berries and kiwi – eaten together, the berries boost iron absorption from the vegetables.

Will juicing be part of JJ’s diet?

We have tried a few very simple smoothies which he loves and we are looking forward to the day he can stand on the work surface and make his own juice. For now, we give him simple banana, avocado and berries, combined with water, but soon he will be ready for juice and it will be a special day for him and Jason to enjoy.

What have been the hits and misses so far?

JJ has an incredible appetite and a beautiful little Buddha belly to prove it! He eats virtually everything we give him, but wasn’t too impressed with papaya.

You guys lead incredibly busy lives, have you incorporated prepared baby food?

In the main, we like to make JJ’s food from scratch to ensure maximum nutrition and no preservatives. However when we’re out and about or travelling, pre-made jars are wonderful.

What advice do you have for mums embarking on baby-led weaning?

Buy rubber bibs with a pelican food catcher at the bottom which are invaluable when your little one is feeding themself, as they save a lot of food ending up on the floor or over your baby’s clothes. I also find them really useful when eating out, as we can pop food in the bib and JJ can help himself without the need for a plate, which he invariably wants to throw on the floor. I love the bamboo range of bowls that stick to the high-chair tray and How does spoons which are beautifully soft for their weaning fit in little mouths. I also wouldn’t be afraid of giving them what we perceive to be grownwith family dining? up flavours – I was surprised by how We make a lot of chickpea much JJ loves to eat coconut-milk or lentil curries and veggie curries, onions and garlic. tomato sauces, which are perfect for us all to enjoy. 49


CUCUMBER One of summer’s finest ingredients, cucumbers are tasty, nutritionally charged and the perfect addition to your juice or blend

Ask someone to pick an ingredient that reminds them of summer and chances are cucumbers would be near the top of many people’s list. A freshly cut slice of a green cuke is a refreshing way to wake up your taste-buds, hydrate and naturally cool your body from the inside out. Nutritionally, there are plenty of reasons to increase your intake of cucumis sativus, to use its botanical name. Belonging to the same family as melons and winter squashes, the plant’s seeds contain 73 different phytonutrients including carotenoids and flavonoids – these offer us antioxidant protection and can help to reduce cholesterol, so don’t be tempted to cut them out. Cucumbers also contain vitamins A, B, C, D and E, all of which have the potential to lower oxidative stress and

chronic inflammation in the body, and reduce our risk of many diseases. Cucumber’s antioxidant benefits can also help to regulate blood sugar and the damage which high levels can cause to our bodies. Several studies have described cucumbers as an ‘anti-diabetic’ food, improving metabolic problems for people with type 2. Although small-scale, initial research is encouraging and certainly a reason to include more cucumber in our diet. Easy to grow in a warm, sunny spot, why not pot up a plant or two? Gardeners and farmers will have a bountiful supply over the next few months so keep an eye out for neighbourhood stands. There are plenty of cucumber-based recipes at juicemaster.com, so be sure to add them to your summer juice or blend.


adds It all


Here’s why the Juice Master’s Summer Slimmer is nature’s seasonal booster… 1. Although Jason isn’t the biggest fan of calorie counting, it’s a fact that celery has five calories but takes ten calories to digest, making it a negative calorie food and a great slimmer’s snack. 2. Cucumber is a natural diuretic, helping the body to flush toxins and aid weight loss. 3. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, skipping breakfast can encourage your body to gain rather than lose weight, so a Summer Slimmer really is a better start to the day.

01 02 03 04

BIOLOGY 101 Although cucumbers are often described as a vegetable, they contain seeds, so are technically a fruit. Whichever way you regard them, they're good for you, so munch away! PICK OF THE CROP Cucumbers range from bright to dark green in colour and should be firm and rounded at their edges – avoid yellow, puffy or wrinkled fruits which may be past their prime.

Summer Slimmer Whether you want to shed a few pounds before you slip into your bikini and hit the pool, or just fancy feeling a little lighter for summer, this Juice Master recipe is a beach body booster. Simply swap your regular breakfast to the Summer Slimmer for one week and you’ll feel well on the way to revealing a little more you when the temperature soars… Pink lady apples 2 Cucumber ¼ medium Celery 1 stick Raw ginger root 3cm Ice cubes 1 small handful Put an apple into the chute, followed by the other ingredients and then the other apple. Juice the lot, pour over ice and sip this super cool juice.

SCRUB UP! Ideally use organic and unwaxed fruits but if these aren’t available scrub the whole cucumber with a vegetable brush to remove any waxes or residue chemicals used in farming. GET PICKLED Don’t dismiss pickled cucumbers – in addition to extending the fruit’s shelf life, fermented or brined pickles are rich in probiotic bacteria and good for our gut health.


Dressed to

impress! Fancy a salad but finding your leaves lacking? Need to encourage someone to love a lettuce? Cut and keep these four vegetarian, gluten-free salad dressings made for two, to inspire you all summer long...

Find sensational salad recipes in Jason Vale’s Super fast Food – order at juicemaster.com, download the app at iTunes or Google Play.


Lemon pesto dressing Fresh basil 30g Parmesan cheese* 35g Pine nuts 30g Olive oil 4 tbsps Lemon (juice of) 1 Himalayan rock salt 1 pinch Ground black pepper 1 pinch *If vegan, use 4 tbsps of nutritional yeast Remove the leaves from the basil and discard the stalks. Roughly chop the cheese. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blitz for 30 seconds. Gluten free


Contains nuts

Orange and balsamic reduction Oranges 2 Balsamic vinegar 4 tbsps Squeeze the juice of the oranges into a small saucepan. Add the vinegar to the pan and gently simmer uncovered for 30 minutes until reduced and thickened. Tip: Rinse the pan as soon as possible!

Gluten free




Lime, chilli & coriander dressing Red chilli 1 medium Fresh coriander 20g Apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp Olive oil 3 tbsps Lime (the juice of) ½ Remove the top from the chilli, slice in half lengthways, discard the seeds and place in the mixing container of a hand blender along with the other ingredients. Blitz for 10-20 seconds. Gluten free

Tahini, lemon & mint dressing Fresh mint 20g Lemon (the juice of) ½ Tahini 2 tbsps Olive oil 3 tbsps Remove the leaves from the mint, discard the stems and place in the small container of a hand blender. Add the lemon juice, tahini and olive oil. Blend for 20 seconds.

Gluten free





! L O O SO C ! T O H SO ! H S E R F SO

Stainless steel Takes whole ice cubes Easy twist carp with rubbe seal

ps u o s d n a d l co Keep juices -lined l a u d a n i warm sk a fl r e t s a M Juice Shop now at juicemaster.com


Juicing myths shattered – part 2 by Jason Vale


In the second of his right to reply articles, Juice Master Jason Vale addresses two juicing myths that he repeatedly hears...

‘But juicing is dangerous!’ I have been writing about juicing for health and safe rapid weight-loss for over two decades now and the ‘juicing is dangerous’ line has been thrown at me many times. However, like most of the project fear being spouted about juicing, it’s utter nonsense. There are many things in life that are dangerous – putting your head in a hot oven or jumping on a trampoline without a safety net, for example, but drinking cucumber and carrot juice, not so much. Although this may seem obvious to any rational, normal-thinking person, it’s amazing how many people say this, and mind-blowing how many believe it. Often, those behind project juice fear are medical professionals and many people blindly trust what anyone in a white coat says as they are ‘qualified’. I wouldn’t mind if there was a plethora of people in hospital because of the side effects of juicing, but it doesn't happen, despite the millions of people who embark on a juice diet every week. The irony is that those in hospital with serious conditions are there nine times out of ten because of the side effects of medical drugs, not spinach juice!  

I often look at the reaction people get on social media when they say they are going on a juice diet or coming to my retreats. There are some positive comments, but there is always the ‘Why are you doing that, it’s dangerous and not good for you’ brigade making up the majority of remarks. I frequently see the comment, ‘Have you consulted a doctor?’, but if anyone says they’re off to Ibiza or Vegas to eat junk, drink shedloads of alcohol and party into the wee hours, that question isn’t asked. Surely it makes more sense to ask your doctor if it’s ok before you binge on junk and alcohol than if you’re about to embark on a fresh juice plan? Common sense often goes out of the window when it comes to the juice fearmongers and they carry on trying to scare people off juicing, with no actual argument that holds any sort of water. Often, well more than often, the people with the largest fear voices have never tried a juice plan themselves. If they did, they would know how amazingly positive the body’s reaction can be. In 20 years, I have heard all kinds of nonsense from, ‘If you juice, your hair will fall out’ to ‘It will cause diabetes’. The reality is that in the vast majority of cases, the results for general health and

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weight are nothing short of remarkable. I made a movie, Super Juice Me!, which I thought would finally close project juice fear down, but even that wasn’t good enough for them. So, to put this ‘juicing is dangerous’ myth finally to bed, I will be filming Super Juice Me! II in 2020 where I intend to extend the ‘juice experiment’ and prove, once and for all, that not only is juicing not dangerous, but it has the power to be truly lifechanging for many, many people.

‘But juicing doesn’t detox the body!’

If you are on the fence, try a juice plan and make up your own mind. Remember, just because someone is a qualified dietician or doctor doesn’t mean they are always right – qualified medical professionals told us fat was the problem and sugar-laden cereals were fine and dandy, but are now reversing all they said for years. Doctors also once encouraged people to smoke too, perhaps the most compelling argument for being open-minded about advice and doing your own research.

Over the years, words change meaning, even if their definition remains the same. When I was growing up, if something was ‘bad’, particularly referring to music or art, it actually meant it was ‘good’. When the definition of ‘bad’ can be changed to mean the exact opposite, it shows how general understanding of a word can be far removed from what it says in the dictionary. These days, ‘sick’ means ‘amazing’ which again proves that words are fluid in meaning. I don’t mind people saying, ‘I am going on a juice detox’. Although not strictly true to the dictionary definition, I think it safe to say the majority knows exactly what people mean by it. That meaning is, ‘You are going for a period of time without certain food and drink and consuming nothing but juice’.

I bring these arguments to life on my Jason On His Juice Box series on my YouTube channel, JuiceTube, so pop over to get a more in-depth look at what I am talking about. That’s also a great place to send the juicing fearmongers, as it may help shut them up. One thing is for sure though, no matter what any ill-informed naysayer states, juicing is clearly not dangerous.

This is an odd one, because I am not shattering a myth, as it’s not a myth – juicing doesn’t detox the body. However, I want to clarify why the word ‘detox’ is often used to describe juice diets, even though it is your liver, kidneys, lungs and skin which ‘detox’.

What I will say is that although juicing doesn’t detox the body as only your organs do that, it’s safe to say the organs have a much better chance of doing what they are designed to do if you stop putting rubbish in and they have less work to do.



I can breathe quite easily but if someone were to squeeze my neck slightly, my body would have more of a challenge doing what it is naturally designed to do. Take the hands off my throat and I can breathe easily again. When you stop putting alcohol and junk food into the system and replace them with good natural foods, the body has the time and space to do what it is naturally designed to do – ‘detox’.

As I say, if someone refers to something amazing as ‘sick’ and that has been understood, then what’s wrong with that? The truth is the general meaning of words changes, expressions evolve and the vast majority of people who say they are going on a ‘detox’ don’t usually think they will be getting rid of ‘toxins’ that are already in their system. They will be living for a short period of time without ‘toxic’ foods and drinks, hence describing it as a ‘detox’.

A clean house

There may be some people who believe that certain food or drinks are helping to rid their body of ‘toxins’, but it’s safe to say the vast majority of us simply use the term ‘detox’ in a generic way. Plus, as mentioned, when you do take your foot off the junk food and drink gas, the organs have a much better chance to clean house. One thing is for sure, whatever you call the process, when you go for a period of time without ‘toxic’ food and drink substances, your body will go into repair and healing mode more readily than if it had to deal with junk hitting the body’s systems.

People also get confused with ‘detox symptoms’. If someone goes on a juice plan for the first few days, many experience headaches, tiredness and sometimes a slight negative change in emotional behaviour. They will often refer to this as detox symptoms, but in reality they are ‘withdrawal symptoms’. If a smoker stops smoking, they aren’t suffering nicotine detox symptoms, they are withdrawing from nicotine. The headaches, nervous energy and negative changes in emotional behaviour are not caused because the person stopped smoking, but because they started in the first place. This isn’t ‘detox’, it is ‘withdrawal’ and it’s what some people experience as they remove junk from their diet. With a ‘detox’, any negative symptoms aren’t caused by the freshly extracted juice, but rather the removal of certain foods and drinks. We often refer to this as ‘detox’ rather than ‘withdrawal’ and what’s wrong with that?


Once again, I have filmed a video about this on my Jason On His Juice Box series on my JuiceTube YouTube channel, so feel free to pop over there to hear me speak about this, and send those juicy naysayers over to get a better understanding too!

Watch Jason’s ‘Juicing myths shattered’ videos at his YouTube channel, Juice Tube, on youtube.com/juicemaster

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When life gives you lemons… juice them! This citrus star isn’t just for easing winter chills – rich in vitamin C and perfect for restoring balance to an over-burdened body, add a little zest to your diet

Lemon water also helps our bodies to process food, improving overall digestion, particularly useful as we get older as the amount of acid in our stomach declines with age, making it harder to keep our system functioning well. Add lemon slices and zest to your water bottle to get the most from the fruit’s natural pectin levels. An ice-cold glass of lemon water can help to boost your metabolism too. Although we associate potassium with bananas, lemons are a good source of the element which is essential for cell function, metabolism and transmission of nerve signals.

Golden delicious apples 2 Unwaxed lemon 1/3 Ice cubes 1 small handful

With summer sniffles in the air, the jury’s still out as to whether lemons can help to prevent a common cold, but in studies they have been shown to help reduce the length of symptoms. If you haven’t already discovered the Juice Master’s JM Sip, order a stash of his flash frozen shots at juicemasterdelivered.com for the freezer.

Sandwich the lemon (with the skin on) between the two apples in the chute of the juicer and juice the lot. Pour over ice and enjoy.

While most lemonade recipes simply use the fruit’s tart juice, the Juice Master uses the whole fruit for his brilliant Lemon… Aid (see right). Packed with vitamin C, soluble fibre and plant compounds, it’s the fruit’s gnarly skin which offers so much goodness – the outer zest and white inner layer, the pith, contain high levels of antioxidants which can protect our body from free radicals and play a role in preventing heart disease. The fruit’s zest also contains essential oils, including limonene, which boosts our immunity, reduces anxiety and insomnia, and is said to support weight loss.

1. Pour into ice-lolly moulds and freeze for a healthy and refreshing snack. 2. Freeze in ice-cube trays, then blend with yoghurt for a creamy drink.

Try to choose unwaxed and ideally organic lemons to avoid ingesting the unnecessary pesticides used during crop production. At the very least, scrub the outer skin to remove any residue before using them in these refreshing recipes.

Mix it up!

Here are two easy ways to enjoy your juice.

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Lemons can help to lower cholesterol thanks to the fruit’s vitamin and plant compounds. One study revealed that eating 24 grams of citrus fibre daily for a month reduced patients’ levels. Lemons are also believed to help people who suffer from kidney stones by balancing pH levels – just 125ml taken daily can reduce symptoms by providing the body with enough citric acid to help prevent stone formation.

The healthiest, creamiest, scrummiest, most natural lemonade in the world, whip out your juicer for a glass of this amazing Juice Master recipe – perfectly scalable, make up a pitcher and treat your friends to a taste of summer in a glass.


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Proverbially, the humble lemon offers a life lesson in overcoming adversity, but this citrus fruit has some serious health benefits that should have us adding it to our daily juices, rather than treating it as an afterthought.

Juice Master’s World-Famous Lemon… Aid


GO DEEP They’re a workout staple, but the simple squat is anything but with at least 40 variations that have the power to tone your whole body. Sit down for the perfect seat! Jessica Biel wowed us with her preEmmy pistol squats – an incredible one-legged feat that uses your own body weight to build power and stability – with a dumbbell front raise thrown in for good measure! Kim Kardashian posted her workout to Instagram with the caption, ‘Squats: We’re working on depth’. It seems squats are everywhere right now and enjoying a celebrated Hollywood moment, but it should come as no surprise that this workout staple is a part of so many A-listers' exercise routines. A basic element of weight training, squats work the thigh, hip, buttock, quad and hamstring muscles, while at the same time building our bones, ligaments and core strength. Performed with or without weights, as Kim recognises, when it comes to squats, perfect form is far more important than hammering out hundreds of poorly delivered reps. Fitness experts say that to learn how to squat properly, we need to study toddlers who are learning to walk – the flow between the first tentative steps to a sudden drop invariably includes an innate squat.


For adults, the move may feel less natural but should involve multiple muscle groups and joints. Your hips should push back, your torso move down and your knees shift forward and sideways in a flowing movement. Key to good form is keeping our torso upright, back straight, knees above toes, dropping the hips below knee Once you bend, you should blend! height and Try Juice Master Jason’s Vale’s powerretaining weight packed pick-me-up – it’s spot on. in our heels. If you are Ice 1 small handful Pineapple 2.5cm slice racking up a Avocado (ripe) ¼ Kale 1 small handful large number Coconut water 300ml Spirulina 1 tsp effortlessly, it’s worth slowing Peel the pineapple, chop and discard the things down and hard core. Add the ice to your blender. checking your Scoop in the flesh of the avocado, form. followed by all the other ingredients.

Super spirulina smoothie

Blend for 15-30 seconds. Practice makes perfect, and Kim’s slowly, slowly approach to increase depth is achieved by building strength to have complete control of your ankles, knees and hips. Deep squats see the hips dip below the knees, helping to develop greater muscle mass. Even basic squats can help to burn fat, tone your legs and rear, making them a superstar addition to your workout. •




Stand with your legs wide apart and drop your regular squat. Sounds simple, but this extra overlay will work your inner thighs and challenge your core as you try to maintain your balance.

02 Squat jacks

With or without hand weights, drop into a squat and as you stand back up to full height, jump up to add cardio to the exercise. Take a break after ten reps to regain your heart rate.

03 Squat and punch

With hand weights, perform a squat – as you rise to standing, punch one arm forwards followed by the other, returning each towards your chest. Using your lower and upper body this is a great full-body toner.

04 Bulgarian squat

Starting with one leg bent at the knee resting on a chair or bench, lower your body on your single leg and push back up to return to standing. Fantastic for toning your rear.

05 Pistol squat

Once you have mastered your moves, pull out the pistol squat as part of your exercise routine. Hold one leg in front of you, lower yourself to the ground while maintaining your balance before returning to standing.




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H T I W T U O L L I H C , N I E N TU


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