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Dharma Travel, Key points for visual communication Analyzing the brief, certain key words were concluded for the development of the brand. Alignment, philosophy, journey, light, inspiration and retreat were some of the words that best define the company. Making an order of information three key values were concluded: Dharma, retreat and inspiration. The definition of Dharma, of living in alignment with our purposes and all the philosophy that encompasses this word should be one of the pillars. Retreat, because the company is practically dedicated to planning trips but in a different way where one meets oneself, the internal trip. And finally inspiration that comes out everywhere in the company, we use light as a metaphor of inspiration.

Brief Conclusions p02

Main values to translate

Dharma (alignment)

Retreat (travel)

Inspiration (light)

Personality, to take into account

wellness, connection, expensive, exclusive, exciting, upbeat, proffesional

Dharma Travel, Key points for visual communication The door, tunnel or sunset are arches already used in the previous rebranding, we found one of the most accurate solutions and decided to continue our work from that point. One of the definitions of Dharma as a path to Karma in this life made us think about its representation as a door that invites us to walk the path. The invention of the arch, which plays a role in the history of architecture, seemed to us to be correct, in addition to the mystical symbols that it associates from ancient times. It is curious that the tunnel symbol is also represented with arches, especially when there is a light in the background. It seemed to us a perfect element of representation for the trip and the inspiration. The light that reaches us. In turn, the Dharma D or the sunset has an association with the arc also.arco.

Dharma - alignment / Retreat - travel / Inspiration - light

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Dharma Travel, Proposal


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Dharma Travel, Symbol This arch represents the embrace of oneself, the company is above all directed to a care of oneself, of the soul probably. The aim is to transmit also the rays of the sun and the waves of the sea as elements united in itself. The sun as light and the sea as a journey, all framed by the arch door.

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Brand details P- E, p5

Dharma Travel, Logotype There were many difficulties in connecting the Dharma typeface design to the symbol. For its development, great care was taken to design the widths of the letters and glyphs in relation to the symbol. The solution we found to connect it more directly and clearly with the symbol was the development of a background light, which represents the door-arch as a tunnel light.

Brand details P- E, p6

Dharma Travel, Horizontal & Vertical Marks, Positive - Negative

Brand details P- E, p7

Brand details P- E, p8

Dharma Travel, Color palette The intention to seek calmer colors and an inspiring tone is done to contrast with the seriousness of the construction of the brand (symbol and logotype), especially later with the applications and the use of complementary effects (the arch door as tunel light effect).

HEX #000000



A hierarchy is also proposed within the secondary colours, the main one of the secondary colors would be pink HEX #C6C6C6. The other four secondary colors below would be used to give all that fresh and inspiring tone (as you will see in business card applications and other uses).





Dharma Travel, Color palette - effect The proposal of the palette and the light colors aims to go whenever possible with this element of surprise. The light in the tunnel, door-arch. It is essential to use this element to connect the logotype (Dharma in script) with the symbol and its applications in different formats, the result makes us think of something above all inspiring.

Brand details P- E, p9

Dharma Travel, Typography system The san serif typefaces in this proposal acquire more prominence to help better communicate certain values (in texts) that are very clear (seen in the brief and the website). The result of using more typography as additional elements embedded in the brand help us to communicate more a sense of elegance and seriousness, but at the same time make a difference and serve as inspiration. Also by using a proposal with more typography uses we can emphasize the contrast to the pictures that give us a fresher result.

Brand details P- E, p10 Aeonik Regular

The painter turned to his servant, who stood blinking in the sunlight. “Ask Mr. Gray to wait, Parker: I shall be in in a few moments.” The man bowed and went up the walk.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST UVWXYZabcdefghijklmnop qrstuvwxyz!"#%‰&'‘’“”‚„••– —_¶(/){|}[]§*+.,…:;-€£$¥ƒ<=> ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÐÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÑÒÓÔ ÕÖØŒŠÙÚÛÜÝŸŽÞàáâãäå æçðèéêëìíîïñòóôõöøœšùúû üýÿžþߢ¡¿@0123456789½^ `¨˚~†‡™©‹›«»°⁄

Aeonik Medium

The painter turned to his servant, who stood blinking in the sunlight. “Ask Mr. Gray to wait, Parker: I shall be in in a few moments.” The man bowed and went up the walk. Then

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST UVWXYZabcdefghijklmnop qrstuvwxyz!"#%‰&'‘’“”‚„•• –—_¶(/){|}[]§*+.,…:;-€£$¥ƒ< =>ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÐÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÑÒ ÓÔÕÖØŒŠÙÚÛÜÝŸŽÞàáâ ãäåæçðèéêëìíîïñòóôõöøœš ùúûüýÿžþߢ¡¿@012345678 9½^`¨˚~†‡™©‹›«»°⁄

Dharma Travel, Brand in corporate colours

Brand details P- E, p11

Dharma Travel, Application of brand in social networks To apply the brand within the different formats that are required for social networks, it is proposed to use the family that is already built: colors and symbols in different formats. All together communicate the values of the brand and not a common monotony in similar companies. It is possible to decide and structure which of the symbols is more suitable for profile photo, signature, photo stamp, etc..

Brand details P- E, p12

Dharma Travel, Iconography style Using the rays of light that are within the Dharma symbol, it is proposed to develop icons that are quite gemmetric and in this style. Here is a quick design, not the end of each icon but an idea of how it would be designed since each one requires special attention.

Brand details P- E, p13

Dharma Travel, Brand with photograph contents

Brand details P- E, p14

Dharma Travel, Proposal - Aplications






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