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PHOTOGRAPHERS ALEX ROSENCREUZ @alezrosencreuzphotography ANNA GUNSELMAN @annagunselman BRADLEY ENNIS @bradleyennis CHRIS KNIGHT @chrisknightphoto GERARDO VALIDO @gerardovalido JAIME COWLISHAW @jaime_cowlishaw MAGDEBURSKY MICHAEL BENATAR @michaelbenatar MYLES PRITCHARD @mylespritchard RAUL SUGIET RAY KAY @raykayphoto ROSS HILLIER @ross_hillier SAGAR MANJARRES @sagarmanjarres 5TWENTY1: @5twenty1photography





LETTER FROM THE EDITOR I could not start this letter without showing my eternal gratitude to all models and photographers (with their respective teams) who have supported QPmag, especially in the last moths. Without them, we would not have been able to create a publication that follows our vision about fashion photography. One of our main goals has always been to enjoy freedom. Freedom in terms of creativity and freedom for the artists who contribute. We are asked many times about our next issue´s main theme, and the answer is always the same: visually engaging and seasonless content. This issue, albeit being published in December, is a clear reminder that we all have a special inner space, in our souls, deeply immersed in an endless summer. In some countries, summer is just ready to go, in some others, summer never really ends, and in the rest of the world, we are just looking forward to our next visit to the ocean wearing a swimsuit. Swimsuits provide both models and photographers an excellent vehicle for creating a visual experience to be enjoyed by the audience. Gorgeous models, with amazing bodies ( a clear demonstration of their hard work to stay big in the fashion industry), and stunning locations that helps us re-visit our own private summer. I really hope you enjoy this issue and that the content is worth your time.


Yours truly, JOSÉ MARÍA JIMÉNEZ Editor-in-Chief





TABLE OF CONTENTS 16 |Editorial / AMERICAN DYNASTY by Alex Rosencreuz 22 |Editorial / JULIA LESCOVA by Anna Gunselman 30 | Interview / MADISON HILDEBRAND 40 | Editorial / BARRET SHARPE by 5Twenty1 48 | Cover Story / SELENA WEBER by Jorge Duva 54 | Fashion Blogger / TheSame2You 56 | Editorial / ROYAL BEAUTY by Magdebursky 62 | Interview / ANNA SMITHS 68 | Editorial / ELINE SYRDALEN by Ray Kay 74 | Shopping / DRESSED FOR CHRISTMAS 76 | Editorial / DONNA FELDMAN by Chris Knight 84 |Interview / FREDERIC AUERBACH 94 | Editorial / DESERT FOX by Alex Rosencreuz 102 | Editorial / JULIANA PROVEN by Bradley Ennis 110 | QP TV / TRUE DETECTIVE 112 | Editorial / RAELYNN HARPER by Jorge Duva 120 | Editorial / ALL BY MYLSELF by Myles Pritchard 128 | Editorial / ANNA CARIAD by Gerardo Valido 134 | Interview / ANNA CARIAD 136 | Editorial / BRITTANY BUTLER by Jorge Duva 144 | QP MUSIC / ROBBIE WILLIAMS 146 | Editorial / LA BRIT SEDUISANTE by Jamie Cowlishaw 154 | Interview / LYNDL KEAN 160 | Editorial / WILD FAIRY by Ross Hillier 166 | QP MOVIES / STAR WARS – ROGUE ONE 168 | Editorial / SPARKLED VISAGE by Michael Benatar 176 | Editorial / LILIANA MONTOYA by Jorge Duva 184 | Editorial / A SECOND, A LIFETIME by Sagar Manjarres 194 | QP TRAVEL / VILANO BEACH

Who´s dressing the First Lady?

Despite the fact of many fashion designers not willing to dress First Lady Melania Trump, iconic designer Carolina Herrera have stated that it is not only an honor, but something to do for the United States, for the public.

Kate Moss – Elvis Presley´s style

Supermodel Kate Moss is the star of the music video “The Wonder of You”, included in the recently released album "The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra", in which Elvis Presley´s voice is joined by the philarmonic orchestra based in London.




The fashion designer has announced that it is to hold its next readyto-wear show in Los Angeles in February 2017. "The casual, cool, chic look that is leading the fashion world this season was born and bred in LA and i knew this show would feel at home on Venice Beach," the fashion designer stated.

Pirelli's 2017 Calendar

Pirelli´s 2017 Calendar was shot this year by super talented Peter Lindberg , and includes celebrities like Robin Wright, Julianne Moore, Uma Thurman and Nicole Kidman, and it follows the same portrait vibe as last year´s work by Annie Leibovitz.

New waterproof collection by CONVERSE

Converse launches the counter climate collection, featuring our beloved styles outfitted in rubber and weather-resistant canvas. CHUCK II waterproof mesh backed leather (unisex).

Sarah Jessica Parker Opens her First Boutique

To everyone´s surprise, Sarah Jessica opened the first SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker store in Washington, D.C. on Dec 8th. Who could have thought the woman who made Carrie Bradshaw a legend wouldn´t open a shop in New York City?

New Face QP fashion

Jenna Bachman

@jennabachmann29 Usa Directions

Photo / Erik Danielson @erikdanielson Hair and makeup / Carla White / Usa Directions Styling / Matt Jordan / Usa Directions

PHOTO // ALEX ROSENKREUZ @alexrosenkreuzphotography STYLING // KASHA FAYE @kashafaye MODEL // RACHEL ZIMMERMAN @rachelzimmerman1 | CW TALENT | NOTIES | ONE.1 | WILHELMINA | THE FACE

Dress / Kate Spade

Top / Diane's · Pants / Banana Republic · Shoes / Steve Madden

Dress / Ralph Lauren · Sweater / Free People · Shoes / Steve Madden

Jacket / Wallis Fashion · Lingerie / La Perla · Stalkings / Victoria Secrets · Shoes / Steve Madden

PHOTO // ANNA GUNSELMAN @annagunselman MODEL // JULIA LESCOVA @julialescova



by Carlota De Armas


Madison is one these few and rare characters who despite the fact of being SUPER busy, don’t feel the need to express that to others, and, in exchange, is always showing a gorgeous smile and just looking to have fun and enjoy. e all know Madison Hildebrand from some time now: a successful entrepreneur, the nicest real estate agent you could find in LA,….everybody loves Madison. But how would you describe yourself as a youngster, in high school, for example? Were you one of the popular guys? Did you start developing your social skills by that time?

He is currently being featured in season 9 of Bravo TV’s hit Million Dollar Listing, and has just returned from one of his dream vacations: hiking one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, Mount Kilimanjaro. after I became realtor of the year and could afford to purchase own Malibu house and car within my first year of real estate, they quickly saw that I was doing something I am passionate about. That is all my father every cared about: that we follow our passion.

A lot of my social skills were developed because my family moved across states back and forth. I moved to seven major cities across five states. Therefore, I had to learn how to make friends pretty quickly because no one likes to eat at the lunch table by themselves. Yes, it is in my personality to connect with people and make them feel good about themselves. That is just who I am. I do not have a lens that is able to see people or things as a pessimist. Everything is an opportunity and everybody get the benefit of the doubt.

If we called any of your former bosses, what would he say about you? They would ask “why is Madison always so happy?” They would say he is a really happy and positive person to be around. His laugh is certainly contagious and he is very focused on doing a good job.


Was your family supportive about your plans for a future, for a career? My family was not an advocate of spending a healthy 6 figures in a four year education at Pepperdine to realize I was going to be a real estate agent (we do not need a college degree). By the time I got into reality, there were few realtors and it was not really cool. However, on top of that, I added tv cameras and a reality show which did not excite my family who is relatively private. However

You moved to Malibu after finishing your studies and seem to have found your place in the world but do you ever plan to go back to Arizona? I moved from high school in Connecticut to go to Pepperdine. I only lived in Arizona for a few months. However, that is where my nuclear and extended family base is. I do not intend to live anywhere other than Malibu, the South of France, or South Africa.

Describe someone outside your field of interest who inspires you and why? Elon Musk and Richard Branson. They live a similar lifestyle of dreaming anything is possible and making it happen. They also do a great job at keeping their way of life normal and relatable to the general public.


Interview What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of? All of the money in the world cannot create the same feeling that I have when I give back to others. Whether it’s volunteering my time or supporting a charity I am passionate about. For me, success means achieving the goals that I put in front of myself and at the same time having those goals translate into giving back to others. I applaud myself on living a balanced life by dedicating most of my time giving back to others. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? The biggest risk I have taken was a two way risk. On one side, the initial risk was agreeing to film my career and personal life on a tv show. The second side was quitting the reality tv show after six seasons. I did not know if it would positively or negatively affect my career or even affect it at all. What are you most passionate about? I am most passionate about people. That is what my book is titled: activate passion create career. My passion has always been people - mainly children and the elderly. I find them the most interesting. I am also a huge animal advocate. If you could be anyone else who would it be? Kim Jong-Un (just kidding). I would love to be living a life that would be completely opposite to mine. Therefore, I choose to be P. Diddy for he is lyrical, a serial entrepreneur, overly showy and ridiculous, and self-made rich, which makes him really, really rich (a rich soul is buried on there, somewhere)


If you inherited an acre of land what would you do with it? When God gives you lemons, make lemonade. If I inherit land, it depends where the land is located because I would do whatever makes optimal sense for the best eternal investment. What projects are you currently working on and when will they be released? The next project I am working on is relatively new and I can not reveal much. What I can tell you, is that it excites me because it has everything to do with luxury, real estate, design and a creative process. Essentially, I am collaborating with a very established company to design a special collection. On what do you spend the most: clothes, eyewear, accessories, perfumes, underwear, or anything else? I enjoy spending my money on things that make feel good. For example, my Monday mornings start with IV therapy, an hour session with a personal trainer, orchids, and a weekly massage appointment. These are all on “pay roll.” Because of my roll on television, the need for constant in fresh outfits forces me to spend money on clothes and a stylist. I do enjoy these things, but I have to say that traveling and fine dining is what it is all about. What do you do when you are not working? When I am not working, I garden and spend time with my dogs and those people in my life that I care about. Sometimes, I like to just be still. Where do you think you will be in 25 years from now? I will be yachting the Italian coast along the French Riviera with my family and friends. I will be thinking about how hard I worked to achieve the lifestyle I am living, while knowing I had an amazing time getting there. I see myself in good health and a long term partnership. Maybe perhaps some diapers and baby formula.



“I am most passionate about peop le. That is what my book is titled: activate passion create career�



Interview Is "The Malibu Life" your dreamed job? Currently, “The Malibu Life” is my dream job. I am very much the type of person that only does what makes me happy. Eventually, I see myself running a large consulting firm for small and medium businesses that are seeking outside expertise in order to create a more positive, efficient and lucrative business place. The houses that you sell are incredible, do you have any favorite were you would like to live? I do see a lot of amazing places, however, my heart is always where my home is. Surely, there are certain homes that are fascinating. Certain elements about art designs both interior and exterior in the properties that I sell inspire me. Do you keep in touch with your clients or ever go to the houses after the selling? Of course. My business is all about networking. Luckily, I have a business partner who has a family. Therefore, she works business hours and my schedule demands for a lot more socializing, networking, attending events, and meeting new people. I make it a point to stay in touch with as many clients as often as possible. If they're not thinking of me, they’re thinking of something else.


How many houses do you own and where are they located? Currently, I own two homes and they are both located in Malibu. However, I am now on my fourth home. I am now looking to buy another in West Hollywood by the end of this year or in early 2017. Which celebrities you believe to be the most influential? Define celebrity? I do not really get myself wrapped up in the world of celebrity vs common people. I think we all have the ability to make a social impact. To answer the question, I think anyone who is doing selfless work is high on my list as a positive influencer. We know you are a product designer for a line of candles, how did that come through? That was an idea that my brother and I came up with when looking for an out-of-box idea that would add value to someone's home and was congruent with something that I personally would enjoy. Since candles are one of my favorite things and they have a long shelf life, we decide it was the perfect product not only to sell but to litter around town. It was a huge success. Recently you have signed with DocuSign as Brand Ambassador and also became the spokesperson for Leverage Global Partners, how do you feel about that? Do you have any other goal in mind? I am also the brand ambassador for “Giveback Homes” and (eyewear line). I am always flattered when brands trust our company and want to coexist with my name and brand. Although, pairing with the right companies is crucial. Thus, future goals I have in mind would be to align myself with the right brand. I think the opportunities are limitless.

PHOTO // 5TWENTY1 @5twenty1photography MUA // MEGAN CAHILL @lilmissmegsmakeup MODEL // BARRET SHARPE @barret.sharpe | FACTOR CHOSEN LA | CGM MIAMI


SELENA WEBER, SKY´S THE LIMIT It is always gratifying to feature a young model with such potential as Selena Weber, from Next Models Miami. Born in Charlestone, South Carolina, Selena has what it takes to become really big in the fashion industry. A positive attitude, great posing and always looking for new photo shoots in which she can show her skills. And in this process we had the chance of organizing something very special with Miami based photographer Jorge Duva and stylist Lina Sherman. With such a bright future ahead, we can only tell Selena: “Sky´s the Limit”


We have selected some of Beatriz´s looks, which we believe to be a source of inspiration


URBAN STYLE Sweater G-Star · Dungaree Zara Shoes Adidas Superstars Sunglasses Carrera

TRANSPARENCIES + TWEED + PLATFROM Shoes Everything is Possible · Total Look Zara




Shirt Zara · Mini-skirt Zara · Boots Uterque Sunglasses Prada · Handbag Celine

Sunglasses Ray Ban · Scarf Zara Coat Mango · Pants G-Star




F /64

rom lawyer to model, Anna is quite sure about her expectations in life, and being inactive is not part of her master plan.

When growing up in Russia, were you particularly interested in fashion? Growing up I was actually far from even thinking to work in the fashion industry. I finished High School of Economics and continued my education in Academy of Law. After graduating, I started working as a lawyer where my wardrobe choice was limited by a strict professional dress code. At the same time, I’ve always loved beautiful outfits and stylish clothes, and it has always been important for me to look good whether I’m going to a grocery store or to an important meeting. Do you think that going through law school was important enough for you to decide that it wasn’t the path you wanted to follow in life? Even though I decided to change my career path completely, I have never regretted getting the degree in the fields I have studied. Having a good education never hurts. It shapes your brain, gives you more opportunities in life, even if you chose another direction. It makes you feel better about yourself, more comfortable in the social life. So I would advise everyone getting any kind of education no matter what you want to do in life. At this point, you are a model who has previously been in the photography business. Does

this situation help you when organizing a photo shoot or you just participate as a model? My experience in the fashion and photography industry helps me with my modeling a lot. Being a fashion photographer myself allows me to better understand how to work with lights, camera, different angles and poses. I can relate to the photographers point of view and better understand his or her artistic vision of a photo shoot. How is yout life in LA? Did you ever dream about living there when growing up? Actually, it never crossed my mind that I would be living in LA. Before I moved here I have tried living in three different countries, until I finally came here and fell in love with this city once and for all. So now I feel that it is my perfect city that I was looking for all these years. I’m absolutely happy here. How did you get involved in the development of an App so ambitious as Picloo? The idea of creating Picloo (from Pick a Look) came to me when I had issues with making choices while shopping. So in one of those days when I couldn’t decide what shoes to buy I thought that it would be great to have an app where you can get tons of advices from other people. You would not need to ask anyone to go shopping with you anymore, because you would have thousands of people in your pocket who are ready to help you pick the right look. So I shared my thoughts with my husband and he said “go ahead”

“So now I feel that it is my perfect city that I was lookin here” y p p a h ly te lu so b a for all these years. I’m





How does Picloo work? It’s a pretty easy app to use. Choose two or three favorite looks, post a collage, set a voting time and choose a theme. You friends will get notification that you need their help, so you just need to wait until people vote and see result! You can either get advice only from your friends posting in the Friends stream or from all Picloo users around the world posting in the Main Stream! By voting and commenting other photos in the Main Stream you also help other people choose a best option for them. How do you keep up with all of your day to day tasks? Planning my schedule for a week ahead helps a lot! What’s your favorite way of disconnecting? I have couple good ways to escape from the reality. All depends on what mood I am in. If I want to relax and be alone, I paint. Painting is my kind of meditation. I also love martial arts. I’ve been into Muay Thai for couple years now and have a belt in Taekwondo. If I’m feeling energetic and active, I go to my Taekwondo classes and blow off steam there! How do you see yourself in 10 years? Would you still be living in LA? Actually I have huge plans for the next 10 years. First of all I have pretty big expectations about my acting career. Also my life passion is to stay healthy with a vegan lifestyle and fight for animal rights. So my other big goals are to create a non-profit organization that will be helping prevent our planet from further destruction and attract more people to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

“I also love martial arts. I’ve been into Muay Thai

for couple years now

and have a belt in Taekwondo”

PHOTO // RAY KAY @raykayphoto MAKE UP · HAIR // CAMILLA K. BOYE @camillakboye PRODUCTION // KRAVE STUDIOS @kravestudios MODEL // ELINE SYRDALEN @elinesyrdalen |ELITE MODELS

Shopping QP fashion

BARADA · CLUTCH HANDBAG Fall Winter 2016/17 | Collection: Aileen Clutch handbag from our AW16 Aileen collection. Handcrafted by Barada using Black Calf. It features atwist clipped metallic frame. It has a detachable shoulder length chain.








New Face

Alex Heinz

@alexheinz @ Osbrink Models

PHOTO // CHRIS KNIGHT @chrisknightphoto MAKE UP // LIAM DUNN @lianhairmakeup for DIOR HAIR // LIAM DUNN @lianhairmakeup for ORIBE HAIRCARE MODEL // DONNA FELDMAN @donnafeldman | FORD MODELS






hat made you become a fashion photographer? Is it a style you always liked? Fashion was always a preferred option since I started in the University of the Arts. I was always reading fashion magazines, because of their amazing photos. I like fast pacing works, and I did find that to be essential in fashion. I am not very patient, so I could not be a lifestyle photographer, and I am too shy to do photojournalism. I would not be able to put myself in front of people, stand in the middle of the street or in day to day situations. I like the sort of photography that engulfs you into a scene. I don´t like taking photos just for the fun of it, without any reason or excuse: having a certain person and just shoot him. What I really like is creating a scene, a moment, and that´s exactly what fashion photography is about. Furthermore, I enjoy team work. These are the reasons why I love fashion this much, and once you get into this world, you want to be more involved and that can be seen in your progress, About the scenarios you create for your photography, I understand it is not just walking in the streets and shooting whatever you see and like. How do create these scenarios? Where does your inspiration come from? Creating a scene is not really that complicated. It is as simple of creating a moment, or emotion, in a certain location or in studio. What I am really looking for is creating an instant. It is not something I create before arriving to the set, I just work using my instincts. I don´t dedicate several hours prior to the photo shoot thinking about what I am going to do, how I am going to display it. It is something that just comes to me once I have a person in front of my camera. I choose a location, maybe a hotel room, a cafe, an apartment. As a matter of fact, the location it is not that important. Then we just feel guided for that location in particular, and once I start, it just comes to me rapidly, and without any mental or technical preparation. I want to transmit a feeling, and that’s how I work on it.

by Dasha Ceylan @dashaceylan

How was your experience the first time you did a professional photo shoot? I did my first photo shoot in Paris, on location. The model was very young, as well as me and the team. It was a starting point for all of us, so it was fun and a beautiful experience. The photos were terrible. I remember not being nervous, since I had been photo assistant so many times in the last 2 years, and I really knew what I had to do. I have fond memories of that photo shoot, specially having fun and not being stressed at all. So you started being a fashion photographer but you also shoot actors and celebrities now? How did you make that change? I am passionate about fashion, have always loved it, so it just happened without any specific reason. I shot a French celebrity, which I never thought I would do before it happened. She was a very popular singer, Patricia Kaas. She had seen my work and wanted me to organize a photo shoot with her. With artists, in general, it is simple: once you shoot one of them, you can show your portfolio to other artist´s agent, and it is easy to continue working with them, since they trust your work and professionalism. From that point on, you get to work with one artist after another. The more photos with artists you have in your portfolio, the more of them want to work with you, especially when you have done photo shoots with very popular artists, big names in the industry. But this is not the case in France, or the rest of Europe in general. It is very different, it does work in a very different fashion as it does in the US. For example, here in Los Angeles, managers won´t let you work with the artists they represent, unless you have a big name in your portfolio. If not, it can get very complicated. Agents, publicists,… they don’t take any risks: if you haven´t worked with any artists that are at the same level than the actor/actress you want to shoot, they just won´t approve. Working with one photographer or the other is not a decision made by the artists themselves, but by their publicists. It is them who study the photographer´s portfolios and show a selection to the artist, but always depending on who that photographer has shot before. If they have a list of photographers who have shot some young actors from a new TV hit, and they also have a photographer who has worked with Natalie Portman, publicists won´t hesitate when selecting the one who shot Natalie Portman. So, it is not a matter of

Natalie Portman



photography style but more a question of who they have shot before, Managers are not artists, they just look after their clients and don’t want to take any risks. Is there any difference between shooting a model and shooting an actor? Yes, there is a huge difference. Actors love a camera in motion, for example, and don’t like a static camera. So actors don’t wake up that morning thinking: “Great !! I have a photo shoot today !!” It is just the opposite, they don´t like it at all. For them, photography is not part of their job, but they

know that nowadays it is key to have a good public image, so they are kind of forced to doing it. Photo sessions must be very fast, and you, as a photographer, have to act quickly. You must know what you are looking for and go for it, without hesitations. You can afford to have some spare time while shooting. It is just impossible. If you happen to stop for a while, the publicist will come to you and start asking questions like: “What´s going on? Why do you stop? Actors don’t come alone to this photo shoots. They always come with their team, so there is a lot of stress around.

Priyanka Chopra

So, again, shooting artists and models are very different experiences. Actors just do the shoot, but don´t get involved as much as they do in movies. They know they have to participate, but at the same time they expect you to say what they have to do. It has to be fast and simple. What you need to do is look for that little moment, an instant in which they can show emotion, despite being far from a movie set. You have to wait to get the expression you are looking for. I feel as they don´t engage as much as they do with a motion camera. Obviously, not all actors are like this, but it is the most common scenario.

Working with models is much simpler, it is totally different. They really give it all when shooting, since it is so important for them being part of the photo shoot. It is their job, so they put all their energy to get the best job possible. When shooting with models, there is no pressure, as opposed to artists, who bring a full army of collaborators and publicists who are staring at you and controlling everything that is happening. With actors, you know you are working from 12 to 5 pm, so you already feel pressure concerning the time, and publicists will come to your computer so many times so they can give



Zoey Deutch



Julia Cumming


heir opinion about the photos, the actor´s look, the set, his/her pose, hair, make up, style….so it gets really complicated to keep them away from your studio. Furthermore, to add pressure, if managers or publicists don’t like the results (we have to keep in mind that they are not creative persons) they are going to act directly, stopping the photo shoot right away. You should try different things then, with less time, and just when you had started to shoot. So, something to really account for when shooting actors is knowing how to handle all those people, because at least 50% of your time is dedicated to learn how to treat them, so they can let you work and don’t interfere too much. You have to learn how to handle these teams. It is the most complicated task.


Any model or artist you especially like to work with? The truth is that I have been so lucky for not having any bad experience with the photo shoots I have participated in (being models or artists). At the end of the day, you can shoot someone who doesn’t do great while posing, and you have to really work hard to get the best results, and when you finish and check the images, you can see a great job. And sometimes, just the opposite happens. There is not a huge difference between working with one person or another, since I don´t establish any relationship with them. I just do my job, trying to get the best results possible. Furthermore, when working with actors, the available time is so limited that you just get them in the set, shoot photos and they just leave once the last photo has been taken. They never stay afterwards to talk to you or the crew. They just come, do their job and leave. There is no time to establish any sort of relationship. I really connect with them during the photo shoot, since I am a very serious about my work, don’t like creating a circus around it. I work very fast, they are very good looking, so sessions usually go very well. It is just a matter of getting the job done. For me, there´s no difference between working with Natalie Portman, Sharon Stone or Kate Winslet, apart from some small details. And then, there are some exemptions, when we talk about the person´s character. There are some of them who are very exuberant, like Sharon Stone. Working with her is very amusing. I really adore her. But, again, what really matters are the end results.

Is there any specific editorial or commercial work you have really fell in loved with? Any work you remember for having total freedom about what to do? I really enjoy jobs in which there is not an specific theme. For example, if you are going to shoot for FLAUNT magazine, you are totally free to create whatever you like. That was the case with the photo shoot with Priyanka Chopra. I love doing things like this. I love editorials so much, although it is something you can´t really make a living out of it, but you know it is very important for generating audience and publicity. I also like working in advertising very much, especially when you get surrounded with nice professionals who are not afraid of taking risks. They understand their responsibility, know what they want to create and what you want to do. It´s very gratifying. Very often, in advertising, there are professionals who are afraid of going in one direction or the other, but if you work with people who are determined, the experience is fantastic. Even when the job is sometimes less creative than a fashion editorial, since you work according to a very specific briefing of what you should accomplish. What is your advice to all the people who put themselves in front of a camera for the first time? When they are models, despite being professionals and having experience, I always create an atmosphere for the shoot, so they can get involved more easily. And then they should be able to generate the emotions we are looking for. I try to transmit a certain feeling to them, according to what we want to transmit with the final photos. You should always give them instructions, as if it was a coaching session. In most cases, once you have given the instructions, they start loosing up and transmitting their energy. There is always a team around: stylist, hairdresser, makeup artist, and they usually participate and give you their opinions and ideas. They start saying things like: “that´s good”, “I like that”, “change your pose”, “change your expression”,…. And that´s the moment I intervene and ask everyone to leave the model do his/her job. You have to let the models do their work the way they prefer. Waiting until they get relaxed and loose, because, if they feel pressured, they can block themselves, and say “that’s it”, “continue like this”,… This way, you get to re-enforce their skills, their energy and those feelings we were looking for since the beginning. Once you pass this moment, you can start to guide and correct them, because they are already sure of what you want to achieve.

Kate Winslet

Outfit Top (Mezzanine) · Shorts (H&M) PHOTO // ALEX ROSENKREUZ @alexrosenkreuzphotography MAKE UP // ANGELIQUE CERNIGLIA @angelmakeup45 · USING MAC MAKEUP HAIR // ATTILA HALASZ @halaszati STYLING // ANGELIQUE CERNIGLIA @angelmakeup45 MODELS // LIV MATHIS @thelittlelivv | OSBRINK MODELS · FELISHA COOPER @felishacooper | NTA MODELS

Outfit On Liv Denim jacket and suede skirt (Topshop) · Top (Pins & Needles) On Felisha Top (Cameo) · Shorts (free people)

Outfit On Liv Denim jacket and suede skirt (Topshop) Top (Pins & Needles)

Outfit On Felisha Dress (Lush)

Outfit On Liv Dress (CityTriangles) On Felisha Dress (Lush)

Outfit On Felisha Dress (Friends)

Outfit On Liv Dress (CityTriangles)

PHOTO // BRADLEY ENNIS @bradleyennis MAKE UP · HAIR // AMANDA WILSON @amandawilsonmakeup MODEL // JULIANA PROVEN @juliproven

Bikini / Emelle Swimwear @emelle_swimwear

Bikini / LOLA Mia Bikini @lolamiabikini

Bikini / LOLA Mia Bikini @lolamiabikini

Bikini / Emelle Swimwear @emelle_swimwear

Bikini / Emelle Swimwear @emelle_swimwear





rue Detective, a cult series anthology crime drama on Television, is rumored to possibly be airing a third season. Who wouldn’t want to know more about the secrets unveiled by police investigations? Created and written by Nic Pizzolatto, this show was a hit for season one but plummeted in season two. While the future is still unclear for the show, there are a few indications to what might happen. Cinema Blend says that HBO is willing to try a third season after the not so good second season. However, they haven’t started shooting anything because they don’t want to rush the process and don’t know what the story line would be just yet. It seems as though Pizzolatto might be bringing on another writer to help with the majority of the writing.

By Cassandra Cortright

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Liz GODWIN @liz_godwin

Photo / Jorge Duva @jorgeduva Styling & Makeup / Lina Sherman @idream_in_color

PHOTO // JORGE DUVA @jorgeduva MAKE UP // LINA SHERMAN @idream_in_color | Maxim Cosmetics MAXIM COSMETICS DESIGNER // ROSITA HURTADO STYLING // LINA SHERMAN @idream_in_color for IXOYE@ixoyeusa by Rosita Hurtado @rositahurtadol ASSISTANT // SANDRITA BERNIER @sandritabernier MODEL // RAELYNN HARPER @ next model management | NEXT MODEL MANAGEMENT


PHOTO // GERARDO VALIDO @gerardo_valido MAKE UP // MARÍA GONZÁLEZ @mariaagless HAIR // IVÁN CASTELLANO @ivanbey1995 STYLING // ISIS AMADOR @isisamador DESIGNER // PALMAS SWIMWEAR · New Collection 2017 @pedro.palmas MODEL // ANNA CARIAD @mowgliecariad | VR MANAGEMENT

Chaqueta estampado flores / PEDRO PALMAS @pedro.palmas

Chaqueta plateada / ALERICK´S CLOSET @alerick_closet





Anna Cariad is an international Welsh model who has spent her last years developing her career in Asia, where she has been part of quite

a number of huge productions, even being featured in some Bollywood movies, continually developing life skills and challenging herself.

hy did you decide to spend some time in Vietnam? I was very close in Asia that she felt that it would be a shame to go back to UK without exploring somewhere new. I had heard so many good things about Vietnam and thought it would be worth checking out. The coffee is amazing and Ho Chi Minh is the most creative place I have ever visited and very beautiful as well. At the start time went slowly, days start very early here. Now I am back in the UK, but will continue to come to Asia. I find it fantastic for new ideas and discipline. Every day is an education.

What is your take on fashion? What´s the style you really feel most attracted to? It's not so much a job. Overtime it turns into a life. Modeling and acting is my craft. I don't really switch off, it is who I am. I found it a very hard transition. I was heavily involved with sports. I was a show jumper which is what filled my days as a child. I was constantly on the road. Juggling school with competing, and later representing Wales.

Where do you see yourself in a near future? I see myself staying in the Uk for a while, spending time with the family, and using my experience from over the years to develop a master plan. I have so many of my own ideas. But to put them into place while continually traveling is difficult! What are your expectations in life? I want to continue to be smiling every day, helping people as much as I can. And one day I really would not mind to have my own airline or hotel chain! Dream Big. How and when did you start modeling? I started modeling in 2007. It was totally accidental. I came runner up in a competition with GLAMOUR magazine in the UK. I won a contract with a top agency in London and moved up to the big city. It was a major transition coming from Wales. I got my first taste of travel in Australia. I am now looking at well over twenty countries.

I enjoy fashion a great deal. I really like to experiment with different styles. But I'm a Libra so I am very indecisive. I cannot leave the house unless I feel 100% comfortable in what I am wearing. I just know it could have potential to ruin my day. Definitely reflects how you feel anyway. I guess I think too much. Heels are a big no no for me. I just can't! I mean I obviously have to for work but I'm from a rural area so it has never really appealed to me. I struggle when I am told you have to!! Especially in my free time. I'm obsessed with Burberry and for high street I love Zara. I just think you can't go wrong in there. And obviously boutiques, especially in Asia. They have the best, hands down. I try not to take fashion too seriously. But I feel it. I think the extortionate prices that designers charge is mad. However I respect and admire most of their creations. I like to think that clients see me as a hard working colorful colleague. I think that travel with a purpose is one of the best things one can do. You are on your own. And the experience really makes you who you are. I surprise myself in every country I visit. Mastering skills I did not know I already had. Everywhere is different in a way. China I most definitely mastered patience. One world travel it.

PHOTO // TIM DAVISON @timdavisonphoto

PHOTO // JORGE DUVA @jorgeduva MUA // JENNY DYSON ROURA @jennydmakeup STYLING // ANGELA MARIE @stylistanjelamarie MODEL // BRITTANY BUTLER @blovebutler

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By Cassandra Cortright

obie Williams has returned to the music scene with his new album Heavy Entertainment that was released on November 4th. He collaborated with big stars like Ed Sheeran, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, and Guy Chambers to create the album.

The best selling solo artist in the UK has already sold over 75 million records worldwide and will now move on to become even greater of a pop icon now that he is back in the game. Now there are even rumors that the pop legend will be joining Take That again in 2017 for a 25th anniversary tour. In addition, rumors are also around that afterward he will continue to tour on his own as well.

PHOTO // JAMIE COWLISHAW @jamie_cowlishaw MAKE UP & HAIR // NATALIA OSIPOVA @natalia.osipova.mua MODEL // ZARA SPARKES @zarasparkes | MOT MODELS





Lyndl Kean is an Australian model based in Sydney who signed with her first model agent in 2006 and began to develop her passion for the model industry. She got onto

the catwalk before turning 18 and years later she continues to impress us being awarded with the titles “Beauty With A Purpose 2015” and “Miss Earth Australia 2016”.

ou became a model before turning 18. Did your parents support you from the beginning? My father took me to my first meeting with an agency. They were supportive in the sense that they never told me I couldn't but it was an industry they knew nothing about as my father is a lawyer and my mother is a nurse. The more they saw how it made me happy the more supportive they became.

Who are some of your favourite models and designers, and why? Coco Rocha was always an idol of mine as she pushed the boundaries of poses and she always seemed humble. While in her prime she became a voice and activist for young models getting fair pay and treatment in the industry. It's things like that, that inspire me rather than just how they look.


Tell us about your education: Did you attend fashion-modelling courses or did you study something else? I completed high school and had already started looking into modelling. Then studied business and marketing. I knew these would be good skills as being a model you are your own business and need to know how to market yourself. I didn't take any modelling courses however I recommend them and I'm involved with teaching now. What are your goals as a model? As a model I want to travel with work as much as I can and be a good influence on younger generations. I'd also like to use my position to build my own business for the future. Do you follow any diet? How often do you exercise or go to the gym? I don't follow any strict diet. I'm a vegetarian and this is not because of weight maintenance but more for environmental reasons. I encourage anyone else to eat less meat also to reduce their carbon footprint. Exercising is so much fun, makes you feel great and look good too! So I try to exercise a couple of times a week. Finding friends with similar fitness goals or interests is the best way to go about it.

Where do you generally shop? I'm not a huge shopper. People shop too much these days. I try and get as much use of what I already have then I get loaned a lot of things for events etc by PR agencies. How would you describe your style? It's so hard to describe my style because it seems to change a lot. I've been told I dress classy and modest. Then on my day off I love a good pair of high waisted jeans and a white tee. What do you like the most and what do you dislike about modelling? The things I like the most is getting creative and bringing a thought or idea to life! Then I don't like how modelling can make others feel insecure about themselves. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and I hope they can embrace that and don't compare themselves to models. What advice do you have for other aspiring models? If you want to be a model, start thinking like a business owner. Know your rates and learn your market. Take care of your body and believe in yourself. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is a way of expressing who you are.



“I've been told I dress classy and modest. Then on my day off I love a good pair of high

waisted jeans and a white tee�




South African photographer Ross Hillier found this Wild Fairy during a trip to Beaver Lac, in the Western Cape, South Africa.

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By Cassandra Cortright

or Star Wars lovers, there is a new film on the horizon. Star Wars: Rogue One is the first movie in a series that will explore the adventures, characters, and events past the core storyline of the original Star Wars.

Produced by Lucasfilm, directed by Gareth Edwards and written by Oscar nominee Chris Weitz, this all new take on the Star Wars saga. It will star Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso, and Alan Tudyk as K-2SO. The story line follows “a rebellion built on hope�. Jyn Erso sets out on mission to steal plans of the Death Star for Mon Mothma with the help of other otherwise ordinary people. The epic adventure will be released on December 15, 2016.

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Photo / Jennifer Stenglein @jenniferstenglein For Abysse 2016 Campaign @abysseofficial


PHOTO // JORGE DUVA @jorgeduva MAKE UP //LINA SHERMAN @idream_in_color | Maxim Cosmetics STYLING // LINA SHERMAN @idream_in_color ASSISTANT // SANDRITA BERNIER @sandritabernier DESIGNER // LILIANA MONTOYA @lilianamontoyaswim MODEL // LILIANA MONTOYA @lilianamontoyamermaid

PHOTO // SAGAR MANJARRES @sagarmanjarres MODEL // SHERELLE DEJONG @sherelledejong | FLAG

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A HIDDEN GEM hen visiting Florida, there are so many interesting and amazing places to see so rich with history: Key West, The Everglades, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, … However, to get a true feel of what this southern state has to offer, you will need to take a scenic drive along the coastal highway A1A. This highway is the oldest in US history, with Vilano Beach as a stop just North of St. Augustine.

By Cassandra Cortright Vilano Beach is one of St. Augustine’s best-kept secrets. Not only does it boast a great surf spot with strong Atlantic currents, but also beautiful sandy beaches, with so many color variations. If you get hungry, make sure not to miss the restaurant Cap’s On the Water, located between Ponte Vedra and Saint Augustine. It was voted “Best Outdoor Dining” on numerous occasions, and is sure to be a great dining experience! Want to go shopping? Just head towards St. Augustine´s historic district, enjoy a nice walk, and treat yourself to a delicious ice cream at Tedi's Olde Tyme Ice Cream Shop.


@stineneer MASQMODA CANARIAS Photo / Raúl Sugiet


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QPmag FASHION MAGAZINE - December 2016  

Our December issue is finally here. We are featuring interviews with very well known Realtor Madison Hildebrand and amazing fashion photogra...