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Unlike this dog, we don’t judge We don’t care how long it’s been since you last went to see a Dentist. We don’t mind what state your teeth are in. We’re just glad you chose to come and see us.

No judgment, no lectures, just comfortable, long lasting, great looking dentistry from a team who really care.

01902 324230


wolverhampton west magazine

Willows Dental & Implant Centre

How long has it been? Okay, we both know it may have been a while since you've visited the dentist. We are not here to judge. We know the gardening and flossing the cat kind of took priority. Let’s try and make this easier for you, let’s have a look at what we can do at Willows Dental to make this the best step you will take this New Year! Guaranteed no judgement. Here at the Willows Dental & Implant Centre we DON’T judge. No matter how long it has been we have always heard longer. No matter what state you feel your mouth is in we have seen worse. We focus on how you should feel empowered about making that step coming into the dentist. Our treatment coordinators are always on hand with a comfy sofa and a hot cup of tea to listen to what you want to achieve and not what we think you should be doing. We understand. For such a short statement it has such a big meaning. We understand that sometimes it can be a big deal for you and what you have had to overcome just to email or call us. We know what it is like to have the feeling of wanting to cancel the appointment just days before you’re meant to come in. Here at Willows Dental we can do as much or as little as you want us to do. This is all about making your journey specific to you. This is your time not ours. We're not just about a quick check of your teeth here. We check everything. We are thorough, gentle and understanding. That’s why here at Willows Dental we have a 30 point health check in which your dentist will not only check everything there is to check but discuss with you everything you would like to discuss.

We want to look after you, your family and friends for years to come. Although we are one of the largest and most technologically advanced practices in the Midlands, offering everything from routine healthcare to implants and cosmetic dentistry, we have old fashioned values. We know all of our clients by name and care about you which is why in the last 10 years we have retained over 90% of our clients who leave the area.

We have never turned anyone away. Here at the Willows we welcome everyone. There is no-one that we would turn away here regardless of how long it’s been and the story that has lead you to us, in fact we would love to be a part of your story. Why not take that all important step in the New Year and bring yourself to your new start?

Call us now on 01902 324230

Or email us at info@willowsdental.co.uk


www.willowsdental.co.uk www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk



38-39 16 12 The local property market by Nick Berriman 16 Round Table 90th anniversary dinner 26 Rotary club of Wolverhampton 28 Carver Wolverhampton Half Marathon Events 32 Crosswords & Puzzles


36 Recipe of the month 38/39 The new year’s hottest home interior trends 46 Grand Theatre Competition 60 Gardening with Ann Winwood 64 What should we make of Astrology 65-67 A romance with dance 74 The New Year brings more changes for the Wine Estate 76 Zooma Competition 82/83 Royston Blythe: Getting to know more about Nick


108/109 Women’s Fashion: Get fit look fab 118 Make a promise, deliver a smile 134-141 Social Scene 142 Golf Tip 144 Answers to crosswords and puzzles 145 Index to advertisers 146 Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton AMG Sales Experts 04


wolverhampton west magazine

Winner of the Grand Theatre Panto competition Gayle Straney Albrighton Winners of a mixed case of 6 award-winning wines with Halfpenny Green Wine Estate Shellie Jones, Lower Penn Ronnie James, Tettenhall






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146-147 GET PAID TO EXERCISE Distributors required for Tettenhall and Codsall areas. Good rates of pay. Call 01902 744217 or email info@wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

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From the EDITOR

Happy New Year readers! You’ve made it through another Christmas, walking the tightrope of death-bymince-pies and dull relatives and emerged on the other side: in all seriousness, we hope you enjoyed it. Now it’s onwards into 2020 and already it’s all change. And there’s no bigger change than the latest from Westminster. A rainy winter’s polling day didn’t deter voters from turning out in record numbers to do their bit for democracy. Now Boris is back and with a majority government behind him, will he “get Brexit done?” The saga continues… Anyway, there’s some reason for cheer, as a new decade is upon us. Whether history will record another ‘Roaring Twenties’ is ripe for speculation – but what isn’t in doubt is your forthcoming read: a litany of life-affirming lifestyle hints and tips for 2020.

Kicking things off (an appropriate metaphor in our house after the amount of footie I’ve consumed over the festive period: what a season the Baggies are having, they’ll be snuggling up to neighbouring Wolves in the Premiership if they carry on into the new year like this!) is much mention of winter sales: our advertisers have deals and discounts galore to lure your hard-pressed, post-Christmas pound away from you. We have many, glorious pages stuffed full of home interior 2020 trends, from bathrooms to bedrooms – we know what’s in vogue. We’ll show you how to decorate it, dress it and light it at prices you’ll love. We also know that keeping warm is a high priority on your list right now, as icy and sinister fingers from the East settle upon our delightful island (I’m talking weather systems, not alleged meddling in our political system), so walk your fingers to check out Flaming Fires, Wombourne and Wolverhampton Fireplaces. Hot stuff, indeed. And beware another menace 06

that can often rise to prominence in the winter months: crime. Be sure to lock-in your loved ones and treasured possessions and lockout the baddies by protecting your home – with SGS security systems – and vehicle – with Profence’s new parking posts. But enough gloom, it’s a new year so in sweeps a new broom: we have what you need: a bumper Health (which includes many gyms where you get to customise your fitness level – we know you’re all gluttons for punishment at this time of year) and Beauty section – full of fun and interesting articles brought to you directly from the businesses who know the most and matter most; reminders that it’s Valentine’s Day soon as well as a leap year and, more importantly, what you want: eating-out options from Zooma Indian bar and grill in Compton; rocking-out options from The Robin, Bilston and lucking-out options from our competitions, to win tickets to The History Boys at The Grand Theatre and a meal for two with wine at Zooma. And there’s more: a Social Scene section worth sinking your teeth into and a lot of good work from within our community: news about the Carver half-marathon and the Rotary’s Dragon Boat Race at Himley and more good deeds from proud supporter of so many local charities, Paycare. Complementing our rather fulsome Education section is a business well-known to the education sector, Olco: so, if you’re looking to give your business – or school – a facelift for the new year, get in touch. And while we’re in the mood for reflection and taking stock, why not look up our two top solicitors, FBC Manby Bowdler and Rees Page, for advice on how not to take the biggest financial misstep you’ve never thought about: their message to you – make a Will, and make it now.

We’ve also got a couple of standout articles to help tide you over the post-Christmas lull: starting with an exclusive interview with celebrity-hairdresser Nick Malenko from Royston Blythe, which takes in a walk down memory lane and is dripping with glamour and hot gossip. Then it’s on to the next star attraction: Zig Zag Dance Academy. Run by a globe-trotting duo of former professional dancers, our scoop gives you an insight into a couple who helped give the gift of dance to the world, from humble beginnings in the Midlands. If you’re anything like me you’ll have broken at least one of your New Year’s resolutions in the time it took you to finish reading this editor’s letter, but don’t worry. Besides, I always think resolutions arrive too early. One minute I’m quaffing champagne on New Year’s Eve, the next I’m supposed to contemplate deep and meaningful stuff. And I have enough of that whenever my thoughts turn to the results of the general election. So, here’s my new resolution: from here on in I’m keeping my thoughts footloose and fancy-free and I suggest you all try to do the same. Enjoy 2020 and see you in April…


wolverhampton west magazine

PRICE PROMISE seen cheaper elsewhere we will price match any like for like tile in store

create your own amazing space THE LARGEST SELECTION OF WALL & FLOOR TILES THROUGHOUT THE UK BILSTON 7 Millfields Road Bilston Wolverhampton WV14 0QJ 01902 405526


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TELFORD Unit 1 Rampart Way Town Centre Telford TF3 4AS 01952 299022

SHREWSBURY Unit B & C Arrow Point Retail Park Brixton Way SY1 3GB 01743 464565

for your nearest store

- www.tilechoice.co.uk



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UNOde50 was born in Madrid in the late nineties. Is a unique concept, a brand with its own personality that has managed to break away from conventional jewelry through the originality of its pieces, while maintaining an artisanal “Made in Spain� production process.

U n i q u e h a n d m a d e j e w e ls to express your personali ty N O W AVA I L A B L E AT H E N N S

shop online at www.tahenn.com 38-41 Princess Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1HD Tel. 01902 428486



Get cosy for our

Winter Sale with Cousins


wolverhampton west magazine

Be inspired by our choice, quality & low Sale prices Exciting new collections just arrived, all beautifully displayed and accessorised in our flagship stores. 3 years Interest Free Credit


your design, your size

Visit our carpet dept

Fantastic Winter Sale savings in-store & online cousinsfurniture.co.uk Birmingham | Dudley | Manchester 0% APR REPRESENTATIVE Interest Free Credit available on all orders over ÂŁ500. Subject to status. Written details on request.

Offer not available on clearance items, in store concessions or web specials. www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

WtonWestMagFebruary-WinterSale_A4_297x210+3mmBleed_mids.indd 3


05/12/2019 14:01

The local

property market by Nick Berriman

to choose which estate agent to appoint. I can help you with that decision but I imagine you know what my advice would be and I have to be careful of not crossing the line and using this page for self promotion (at least not too blatantly!). The second important decision to ensure you have a successful sale is to make a positive step to present your property in the best way possible. I am sure that many of you will have heard the epigram that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’. That is very true with selling a property. Statistics show that viewers make up their minds in a surprisingly short time so whatever can enhance the first impression is well worth while.

This is the time of year when the seasons become a bit confusing. I am writing before Christmas but you will not read it until January or February so it’s too late to wish you a happy Christmas and I can only express the hope that you did have one. What I can do is wish you a Happy New Year and trust that it brings you all that you desire. Talking of the new year I suppose that it is the time for resolutions. Most of you will have made them and a pretty large proportion will have already have broken them! However let us pretend that you have made the one resolution that brings joy to my heart. Of course that is the one where at last you have stopped talking about it and have finally decided to do it. You will have guessed that I mean you have decided to move! That being the case you have two vitally important decisions to make. The first, and crucial, decision is 12

The olifactory senses are important. We have long been told that the smell of coffee and of baking bread has the right effect whereas the smell of wet dog or caged cats does not help! I have read that if we live with a smell our noses become used to it and are no longer offended by it. A good friend is required to subject your home to a sniff test but that leaves the problem of whether the friendship survives a failed sniff test! A tidy front garden, clean and sparkling windows, polished brasses and an uncluttered entrance hall all help to encourage that first impression. I have always thought a home should be neat and tidy but not too minimalistic. Unless it is a special show piece I think the property should look as though it is lived in. The definition of lived in is a bit of a moveable feast. What a teenager would think a reasonable presentation of lived in is probably very different from what their grandfather would approve! Sanity must prevail but the point is important.

the hall springs to mind. Washing up left in the kitchen sink is not uncommon and unmade beds are not a rarity. Whilst never wishing for any wear and tear to be too obvious it is never a good thing, to use the well known saying, to paint over the cracks. Any obvious attempts to cover up leaves the viewer wondering what else may have been concealed. Do justice to that which you want to sell but don’t overdo it. As I write my office is busy. So far in December the Tettenhall office has agreed one sale per day but new instructions are below target. We think it is seasonal with sellers not wanting to go on the market just before Christmas and also when Christmas decorations are about. We think our low stock levels are a product of sellers sitting on their hands until after the election and until we know what is happening with B….t. The important thing is that buyers are still out there. And if I can help with the first decision I started with please do not hesitate to ask! As a final comment I have been consistently rude and demeaning about Sandwell Town, which is the team supported by our esteemed editor, but I must acknowledge that as I write they are top of the Championship. Let’s hope it lasts!

You would be amazed at how some people leave their house when there is a viewing. Underwear (and not very glamorous) on the radiators in wolverhampton west magazine

Just Two Remaining

ANACAPRI, STOURBRIDGE ROAD, LOWER PENN, WV4 5NF There are just two properties remaining in this outstanding development of just six substantial, detached bungalows which have been constructed to their usual exacting standards by well-known builders of high repute, Messrs Hovi Homes Ltd. Located in a sought after residential address close to Wombourne Village Centre and within easy reach of local facilities in Penn and the City Centre itself. Each property offers: Porch, hall, living room, dining room, kitchen by Dayrooms, utility, bedroom 1 with en-suite, bedroom 2, bathroom, garage and a driveway. (EPC: B).

PRICES FROM ÂŁ359,950 VIEWING: Please contact the Tettenhall Office.

13-15 High Street, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8QS Telephone: (01902) 747744


www.berrimaneaton.co.uk 13

advertisement feature

Make 2020

a Good Year

I have had to write this prior to the outcome of the general election so hopefully the contents are still relevant. For regular readers of this column you will know that my pet love is pensions and for the vast majority of individuals especially those approaching retirement, I have highlighted a few examples below.

Employers Workplace Pension These are a “must have” for every employee no matter how old you are. What I find increasingly is that employees nearing retirement feel it is not worthwhile when in essence these are the group that will benefit first. 14

For example, for anyone with 12 months to retirement on a salary of £20,000 per annum, their gross pension contribution would be £1,000 which after tax relief costs £800. In addition to their contribution the employer will also contribute at least £600 giving a gross total contribution for the year of £1,600. If, after retiring, they then decide to withdraw the full amount, after tax they would receive £1,360 – an additional £560 more than what they paid in. I do not know of any other way to achieve a 70% increase on any savings with no risk whatsoever.

Pension contributions for retired nil rate tax payers This is a little exercise I do for all my retired clients who do not fully utilise their personal allowance. You are allowed to contribute up to £3,600 per annum into a

pension if you have no earnings which, after tax relief of £702, actually costs you £2,800. If you then withdraw the £3,600 and it falls within your personal allowance there is no tax to pay so you have received a 25% return on your contribution, again with no investment risk.

Marriage Allowance Again for married couples where one does not utilise all of their personal allowance and the other is a basic rate tax payer, you can transfer 10% of the unused personal allowance saving £250 in tax.

Pension Contributions for higher rate tax payers nearing retirement This is the one area that so many people miss out on. I regularly meet higher rate tax payers who are nearing retirement and are saving into either a wolverhampton west magazine

cash or equity ISA rather than investing into their pension. The simple reason why this does not make sense is that for every £600 received net of tax, a higher rate tax payer has earned £1,000 and paid £400 in tax so by saving into an ISA every £1,000 gives you £600. If however this £1,000 was contributed into a pension, the full amount is retained. Then, assuming that on retirement you become a basic rate tax payer, you can withdraw the full amount and after tax you would receive £850, an uplift in excess of 40%. In simple terms, there is no comparison between the two methods of saving.

Over the years the investment opportunities have improved dramatically and investors with smaller pots can now have access to a range of Discretionary Fund Managers that offer portfolios diversified way beyond what was previously available which in turn generally reduce volatility whilst giving the opportunity of better returns. Although, as with most things in life apart from taxes, nothing is guaranteed!

Lifetime ISAs for first time buyers For anyone between the age of 18 and 40 who intends on purchasing a property in the future, a lifetime ISA is a must have savings option. You can save up to £4,000 a year until you are 50 years of age and then when you purchase a property the Government will give you a 25% bonus on your savings.

Ensure your savings are invested in a diversified portfolio that meets your needs and objectives This is something that everyone with savings should regularly review to ensure that their savings are working for them, whether it be cash deposits, equity ISAs or pensions, the difference a well-managed portfolio can add is substantial. www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

If you would like more information or need advice on your specific circumstances please feel free to contact the author John Webb of Midland Independent Financial Services Limited on 01543 468877 or john.webb@ midlandifa.co.uk

John Webb

John Webb is a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, the highest accolade designated by that organisation. The Personal Finance Society is the professional body for the Financial Advisory Profession in the United Kingdom, promoting the highest standards of technical knowledge, client service and ethical practice.

Midland Independent Financial Services is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Midland Independent Financial Services Ltd, 153 Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 1LF. Telephone 01543 468877.

www.midlandifa.co.uk 15

90th CHARTER ANNIVERSARY DINNER of WOLVERHAMPTON ROUND TABLE No. 17 South Staffordshire Golf Club Monday December 9th 2019

1929 – 2019 The illustrious history of Wolverhampton Round Table No. 17 was celebrated at a superb evening, organised by Jerry Hobbs, at the South Staffs Golf Club when 80 current and past members of Round Table were present. Wolverhampton and Tettenhall Round Tablers who have not reached the magic age of 45, when they leave the organisation, were joined by their past-member friends known collectively as members of 41 Clubs. Wolverhampton 41 Club and the 41 Club of Wolverhampton West enjoyed the company of past-Tablers from Seisdon, Lichfield, Willenhall and Tettenhall among others and the memories flowed thick and fast. It was a pleasure to see so many generations of Table enjoying each others company and six fathers and sons were represented. One of these pairings being Arthur Milburn and his son Nigel. At the age of 91 Arthur had driven down from Hull to be present. Also attending was the National President of Round Table Britain and Ireland, Paul Agnew, who gave an inspirational address acknowledging the immense charitable work that young men in Round Table continue to do. His message to everyone present was – Round Table Keeping The Faith. Nine presenters gave impressive insights into the nine decades of Wolverhampton 17’s existence including the names of past Wolverhampton Tablers and their families. Names that are deeply embedded in the fabric of our City’s history such as, father and son and past Mayors Harold and Ted Fullwood, past Mayor Tony Guy and Jimmie Beattie. After an excellent dinner, served by the staff at South Staffs Golf Club, everyone left the venue thoroughly satisfied that the future of Round Table as a cohesive force for young men to help society was in good hands.

Any young men interested in becoming members of this international force for good, should just ring 07929 323606. A world of friends await. 16

All set now for the Centenary of Wolverhampton Round Table No. 17 in 2029.

wolverhampton west magazine

Over 100 fires, fireplaces and stoves on display across our 2 storey showroom in 5 themed rooms.

Free home consultations. Expert product knowledge. Free delivery.

winter sale now on (ends 31st Jan 2020)

Free home consultations. Expert product knowledge. Free delivery.

Expert fitting service from specialist gas safe installers

Open 7 days: Monday to Saturday: 9.30am to 5pm Sunday: 11am to 3pm 15 Merridale Road, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, WV 3 9RX

T: 01902 422111 www.wolverhamptonfireplaces.com .com www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


The Friends of Bantock House Museum & Park Have you made a New Year’s resolution to sort out things you no longer need or wish to keep? Why not take advantage of having a valuation made by a professional member of Registered Charity the Fieldings auctioneers’ No 1065808 team for any items you think may be of value – before you decide their fate? Here at Bantock we have 4 Valuation days every year, where you can do just that. They take place in Bantock courtyard outbuilding between 11am and 2pm. The dates for this year are:

13th February 21st May 19th November

Please do consider supporting us in the work we do to complement this lovely venue, used and loved by so many.

At the February valuation there will be an art specialist on hand, so bring along any paintings you may have - even if they’re not Rembrandts or Picassos - or any other items you think may be of value.

Membership is £10 individual, £15 for a household. Membership forms are available at the House Reception, or contact FoB secretary 01902 331272 or bantockfriends@virginmedia.com

17th September


There is a charge of £1 for each item valued with the proceeds going to the Friends. It is free to members. There will be the opportunity to become a member on the day. Money raised is used to purchase plants and items for the Park, and fund projects within the House.

wolverhampton west magazine

Kitchens with style – modern – contemporary – traditional Our Extensive range of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms will enable us to create the room of your dreams. Our Computer Aided Designs will give you the opportunity to experience your new room prior to installation.

For a free no obligation quote please call in at: 20 Finchfield Rd West, Finchfield, WV3 8AZ Telephone: 01902 761600

It’s all about living

Established over 20 years w w w. e a t o n k i t c h e n d e s i g n s . c o . u k

Specialists in all types of Blinds Vertical - Fabric, Wood and PVC Venetian - Wood & Aluminium Rollers Including Blackout, Awnings & Canopies, Romans, Woodweave, Velux, Conservatory Blinds

Free Measuring & Fitting + 12 Month Guarantee

Come and visit our showroom

www.valheverblinds.co.uk Finance available from:

Call Now 01902 754 129, 07891197369 or 01902 892 682 No.72, School Road, Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton, WV6 8ET



Have you always dreamt of a bathroom

that is bang on trend? Statement Lighting It’s go big or go home where lighting is concerned... oversized, crystal and all out glamour is the theme for the next 12 months. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – big chandeliers, drum pendants, industrial style lighting and giant floor lamps are all in vogue for those that aren’t afraid to make a statement and which shouldn’t break the bank.

Original Fitted Zara Aragon Flint Gloss – ‘Create a softer style by introducing more tactile materials to make the room feel seem cosier and more comfortable’.

Well, Carvers are here to help... we’re looking at bathroom trends for 2020 and what’s set to be big over the coming year. Contemporary Style Well loved by all, neutral palettes, stark minimalism, clean lines, and organic silhouettes are some of the prominent characteristics you would expect to see in a contemporary style bathroom. Materials including nickel, steel, and chrome, combined with natural textures like hemp or jute along with warm wood touches and weathered surfaces are set to become even more popular and add a more organic feel.

Concrete Chic The industrial look has been a popular interior design style for many years. However, we expect to see a more urban, softer touch over the next twelve months. This will see bathrooms featuring slimmer lines and more delicate features. Whilst the mainstays of the industrial style have included such elements as exposed brickwork, weathered surfaces and repurposed furniture, carefully chosen accessories such as lighting and heating, can help to produce an industrial look. Create a softer style, by adding more rounded shapes into the

mix and introducing softer, more tactile materials, which can make the whole look and feel seem cosier and more comfortable.

Bright Botanicals A lack of outdoor space, means many of us are turning to our interiors to provide us with a green and pleasant space. Over the next twelve months we expect to see bathrooms featuring a mix of houseplants and more urban touches. Embracing blooms and foliage in your smallest room can create the biggest, boldest and brightest impact. This might be through a choice of patterned wallpaper, botanical print or bold green wall tile. Embracing a lively colour can inject a tropical feel to the plainest of bathrooms.

The Minimalist

Carvers bathroom showrooms are open to everyone and their team of knowledgeable staff are on hand to make sure you get the most out of the space you have available, whatever your requirements, from wet rooms to ensuites and bespoke furniture through to takeaway bathroom suites, taps and showers... Carvers have it all, including a full design and installation service and a ‘buy now, pay later’ option. Tile Choice are also in store and offer a huge selection of floor and wall tiles to complement any room in your house. Dixons offer all manner of decorating materials, specialist paints, wallpapers and a full paint mixing service. Rayton Electrical have a full range of feature lighting and electrical supplies… Carvers is the complete one stop shop and is open Monday to Friday 7.00am – 4.50pm and from 7.30am on Saturdays. Halo Grey Brown Linear – ‘Go big or go home, with fantastic feature lighting to really make a statement!’

Long gone are the days of being surrounded by clutter... ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ and all that! Choosing furniture and accessories with clean lines, and by keeping the room clutter-free creates the feeling of more space. Edit your amenities often, hanging your towels on bars or hooks, keeping pattern to a minimum, and generally keeping it simple. Clever bathroom storage is key, such as a built in/ floating shelf or a vanity unit for toiletries or if possible, be more creative and bring in stools, baskets or even a ladder to hang towels and linen on.

For more information contact Carvers on : 01902 577090 or log on to: www.carvers.co.uk 20

wolverhampton west magazine


M. 30% off brochure prices



Pick up a copy in store

Discover inspirational ideas to transform your bathroom, with the latest collections, Full Design and Installation Service available. Littles Lane, Wolverhampton, WV1 1JY www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

Tel: 01902 577090

www.carvers.co.uk 21


wolverhampton west magazine




wolverhampton west magazine




On your marks... get set... PADDLE

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton we invite teams to take part in our Annual Dragon Boat Challenge. This event is all about having fun and raising money for charitable causes.

The event takes place on Sunday May 17th at the Great Lake at Himley Hall and Park, 4 miles from Dudley. Quite apart from it being a fantastic day out for the teams of competitors, it has also become a thoroughly enjoyable spectator sport and family day out with many other entertainments on site, especially for children.

The event is a great day out for individual groups of friends, companies, competitors and spectators where the focus really is on having fun while raising monies for good causes.

Please visit www.rotarydragonboats.co.uk or call Mike Boyce on 07976 612276 for further information.

Car parking for this event is free and there is no entry fee for spectators. 2020 will be its 20th year and so far, with the help and support of all the teams that have taken part, over ÂŁ400,000 has been raised for good causes. Each team consists of between 12 and 16 paddlers, plus one drummer who sits at the front and beats the rhythm for the paddlers to keep to. The event organisers provide the boats, paddles, life jackets and training- the event is very safe. Individual sponsors and crew members raise money from friends, colleagues and family. Half of the sponsorship is donated to the charity nominated by the crew, and the other half to the Rotary Charitable Trust for distribution to needy causes. Racing takes place throughout this fun day for competing teams with thousands of spectators attending too. Each team is guaranteed three races (heats) before the finals later in the day. Trophies and medals are presented to the finalists too! A team area is set up for competitors who bring gazeboes, chairs and usually, catering too. Food is also available on site.


ls and trophy, s with their meda ements The 2019 winner pr es Home Im ov well done to Hawk

We thank most sincerely all the teams who took part in 2019; Photobooth Hoppers, Three Roses Homes, Peter Posh Formal Suit Hire, Russells Hall Hospital, Family Care Fostering, Metallisation, Royal Mail Wellington, Paycare, Prosperity Wealth Ltd, University of Wolverhampton, Tettenhall College, Mid Counties Co-op Sedgley and Dudley, Mid Counties Coop Walsall, PIA Wealth Management, Family Fortunes, The RAF Blue Lions, Lloyds Banking Group, Cadent, AMU New Cross Hospital, The Body Barn, Butco Heating, WV Athletic, Hawkes Home Improvements, Bridgnorth Ladies Hockey Team, Capgemini, Muras Baker Jones, RAF Cosford. wolverhampton west magazine


at Leekes


It’s the perfect opportunity to update your home ready for the winter months with savings across the store and online from Leading Brands and our exclusive Casa Collection.

4.7 /5 rating on


Leekes Bilston, Great Bridge Road, W. Mids. WV14 8LB FOR OVER


Tel: 0333 222 4120 | Online: leekes.co.uk

EST. 1897


Checked on 18th November 2019.


CarverS Wolverhampton

Half Marathon Events

On Sunday 1st September hundreds took to the streets for the annual fundraiser, The Carver Wolverhampton Half Marathon Events. The day went very well, and everyone seemed to enjoy their chosen event.

and gets people together, running and cycling, thus helping to keep people active both physically and mentally, whilst also helping many charitable causes.

Race Director Mary Harding thanked all the sponsors, Carvers, Berriman Eaton, Banks’s, Paycare, NJB Sport & Physio, Signal 107, The Grand Theatre, City of Wolverhampton Council and all the other organisations that came together with their services to support the event, and of course the chosen charities; Compton Care, PDSA Wolverhampton, Wolves East District Scouts, Wulfrun Hospital Radio and the Mayoral Charity Fund.

Having been involved from day one after an invitation from the late Mr Roy Carver, Mary has decided it is time to retire. “I have enjoyed meeting so many lovely people and seeing all the hard work and preparation come together on race day. It is time to retire from this role but I may increase my volunteering role with Sunnyside Kennels and other areas”.

Cheques were presented to the chosen charities and Henry Carver made a further presentation to Mr John Gough, Chairman of The Way Youth Zone. This event is valuable for the city of Wolverhampton. It brings visitors in

Cheque presented by Henry Carver to the chosen charities

To find out more about the events and sponsors visit our website www.carverwolverhamptonhalfmarathonevents.co.uk 28

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Specialists in the design and complete installation of fitted kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and office/study furniture

For further details please call

01902 714557 or email

kitbedtech1@gmail.com Open Monday to Friday 9.30am until 5pm and Saturday 10am until 4pm

80 Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, WV3 0TT www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

www.kitchenandbedroomtechnique.co.uk 29

Our School Road project is now complete and sold in its entirety. The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

The build comprised of 6 new 4 bed builds, 6 new 2 bed builds and 5 renovated 2 bed town houses. Car parking spaces and a full landscape scheme was undertaken to provide a complete project which has received nothing but compliments from the local community and council officials. The scheme wasn’t without its challenges from planning to demolition to the build itself, but nothing was going to stop us achieving another stunning project. 30

3 pines JAN 20 DPS.indd 2

The whole scheme has been sympathetic to the original building, bringing a new lease of life to the former school, implementing modern building methods and utilising energy saving components where possible, such as solar panels. Even the original school bell tower has been retained and given a new lease of life. Overall, an enjoyable and successful project, on to the next one!

For updates on our projects please follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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03/12/2019 16:26

Whether you require refurbishment, extensions or new build, Three Pines are building contractors in Wolverhampton, who have the skills and expertise


to handle your project from planning through to completion. The company is well established as being outstanding in its

refurbishment and maintenance contracts and is considerate of the care and understanding needed when working on projects in both domestic and commercial sectors.

Three Pines Building Co. Limited, Cullwick Court, Cullwick Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 2UR Phone: 01902 499 919. Email: info@three-pines.co.uk



Crossword Across 1 Informal gathering (6) 4 Intolerant person (5) 8 Bloodsucking worm (5) 9 Exceptional, particular (7) 10 Funeral procession (7) 11 Lazy (4) 12 Short sleep (3) 14 Fakir, mystic (4) 15 Admire, commend (4) 18 Winner’s trophy (3) 21 ____ and hearty (4) 23 Salad vegetable (7) 25 Branched horns (7) 26 Sibling’s daughter (5) 27 Large wading bird (5) 28 Smouldering pieces of coal (6)

Puzzle answers on page 144 Down 1 Join two ends (6) 2 Casual farewell (7) 3 Physically strong, fit (8) 4 Infuse, ferment (4) 5 Association, society (5) 6 Steering lever on a boat (6) 7 Pale with shock or fear (5) 13 Precious metal (8) 16 Four stringed instrument (7) 17 Sword case (6) 19 Delux, lavish (5) 20 Splits, cuts apart (6) 22 Subsequently (5) 24 Long period of time (4)

Sudoku How to play Sudoku It’s simple! Fill in the grid so that each row, column and 3x3 box, contains the numbers 1 through to 9 with no repetition. You don’t need to be a genius. These puzzles use logic alone. Watch out! Sudoku is highly addictive.

Word Search Can you find all of the British trees hidden in the grid?

























Yew wolverhampton west magazine

w w w . t e t t e n h a l l w i n d o w s . c o . u k

Kitchen Extensions






Visit our showrooms: 128 Aldersley Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 9LZ


Tel: 01902 754114

Open: Mon - Thurs 10am – 3pm, Fri – Sat 10am – 1pm

Find us on www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


KARNDEAN AND CARPET SHOWROOM MON - FRI 8.00am - 5:00pm SAT 10:00am - 3:00pm

For a free no obligation site survey and measuring service call 01902 745491 Unit 9 Walton Works industrial Estate, Macrome Road, Claregate, Wolverhampton, WV6 9HD 34

Shop online @ www.premierflooringltd.com wolverhampton west magazine

WE’VE GOT NEWS F o r Yo U New, high-quality, lighting pieces join the Lighting R Us family. As we all know, January is a month of new beginnings, with our new year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to start going to the gym? Or maybe you want to take up that hobby you’ve always dreamed of doing? Or maybe, you just want an excuse to redecorate? Well with our new lighting supplier, at Lighting R Us, we can help you do just that.

of magic to the individual décor of a room. Their inspired collection is born from the findings of a journey into the world of the luminaire.

the likes and tastes of its owners, displaying a bold sense of refined character and setting the scene with a beautiful display of light.

Now, let’s talk about our favourites, the Lamer Pendant which encourages 360-degree distribution of light, dancing from the inner crystal droplets and through its outer glass to fill the living space with a warm glow. It presents a harmonious coupling of elegance and contemporary design, working effortlessly with gorgeous effect.

To view the stunning collection produced by Lewis Lighting visit our website at www. lightingrus.co.uk or visit our wonderful showroom at Unit 1a, Walton Works Industrial Estate, Macrome Rd, Aldersley, Wolverhampton, WV6 9HD.

Lewis Lighting has an electric range of lighting designs to breathe life into almost any interior and bring a little touch

A traditional statement piece that is outstanding is the Venice. It is a design that says a great deal about

www.lightingrus.co.uk sales@lightingrus.co.uk 01902 757825 Unit 1a, Walton Works Industrial Estate, Macrome Rd, Aldersley, Wolverhampton, WV6 9HD




Preparation: 10 mins Cooking time: 30 mins Serves: 4

Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1 onion 8 rashers streaky bacon, chopped 250g chestnut mushrooms, sliced 300g risotto rice 1 litre hot chicken stock Grated parmesan to serve


Method Heat the oil in a deep frying pan and fry the onion and bacon gently for 5 mins to soften. Add the mushrooms and cook gently for a further 5 minutes until they start to release their juices. Stir in the rice and cook until the rice begins to look translucent. Add the stock, a ladleful at a time, stirring well and waiting for most of the stock to be absorbed before adding the next ladleful – it will take about 20 mins for all the stock to be absorbed. Once the rice is cooked, season and serve with the grated Parmesan.

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01902 546590

6 BIRCHES ROAD, CODSALL, WV8 2JR www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


The New Year’s hottest home interior trends The winter sales are well underway which means it’s the perfect time of year to pick-up those bargain buys that’ll transform your home interior look this January. But, what styles should you be on the look-out for in 2020? Simply read on to find out...

Choose abstract Abstract art has become incredibly influential in home interior design and is now a trend in its own right. Bold colours, geometric shapes and eye-catching artwork offer an easy way to inject some personality into your room and embody the feel of the trend perfectly. Top-up on texture Want to update your home interior look in an instant? Then simply add texture. Choose cushions, throws, blankets and bedspreads in luxurious fabrics, knits and tactile faux furs, complete with decorative details like tassels and fringing to complete the look. 38

‘Argos Home’

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This trend is perfect for those who love to buy the furnishings, art and accessories they adore, rather than those that just co-ordinate with their current home interior style.

‘Argos Home’

‘Argos Home’

A blast from the past The ‘eclectic chic’ trend combines a multitude of style influences from the past, drawing inspiration from all manner of sources, including everything from glamorous art deco designs to 1970’s retro looks, bringing them together for real dramatic effect.

The best of both What do you get when you mix Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity? ‘Japani’. ‘Japani’ is a home interior trend which merges the best of both designs to bring a look that’s stylish in its simplicity and which is defined by uncluttered spaces, clean lines and a calming colour palette.

Fall in love with velvet Velvet is a huge trend for 2020 and the fabric has been used to create all manner of gorgeous cushions, carpets, curtains, sofas, and even wallpapers that can be found everywhere from the most modern to the most traditional home. And, it’s this versatility that will ensure the trend lasts. Remember, whatever your style you’ll find just what you’re looking for at any one of your local independent home retailers. So, what are you waiting for?

‘George Home’


Pay a visit and make your home look amazing today. 39


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A Fresh Approach to a New Kitchen Specialists in Kitchen Makeovers and New Kitchens Visit

e.com Checkatotrvaiedw our

eviews Customer R

• From a simple door swap to a complete kitchen • Huge choice of doors, worktops, appliances, sinks and taps • Trusted local business kitchen be fore..! • Free estimates, design & planning

Visit us at: 281 Tettenhall Road, Newbridge, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 0LE

Call us NOW and SAVE on 01902 752200 www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

Proud members of

Find us on

www.dreamdoors.co.uk 41


There’s an exciting new chapter beginning at long-established Tettenhall-based kitchen specialist, Dayrooms. As the company’s brand-new owner, James Lloyd explains:

Keen to maintain all of the values which have earned the company an outstanding reputation and loyal customer-base, James is as committed as ever to ensure the best client experience.

“Since taking on Dayrooms in August 2019 I’ve been busy moving the business forward and bringing it thoroughly up-to-date, whilst being careful to preserve all of the things that have made it the success it is today.”

And, despite the excellent personalised customer care, the reassurance of extensive aftercare and the highest quality products, Dayrooms is still able to offer really competitive prices.

In fact, James has long been passionate about the company ever since he started working alongside former owner, Andrew Day in the role as his assistant five years ago. “Over the time that I worked with Andrew I learned the business inside out and realised the importance of offering personalised customer care and the best quality products. When he retired last year I was delighted to have the opportunity to buy the business.”

“We will work to anyone’s budget within reason and despite being an independent company we are able to match like-for-like the prices of much larger organisations and high street names.” And, James is delighted to now be able to offer customers at Dayrooms the option to fund their dream kitchen using a finance package, something which hasn’t been previously available at the company.

business, James has maintained a real sense of continuity which has been reassuring for existing customers. “Yes, the company has changed but nothing has changed. Despite a fresh take on the business, things are still running as they were before Andrew retired – our process and methodology are exactly the same.” And, continuity is something which customers at Dayrooms have become accustomed to. “When a client buys a kitchen from us they deal with the same member of the team throughout the entire process and that person project manages the job to ensure smooth running from start to finish,” adds James.

Despite making improvements within the

So why not call into the showroom today to arrange a free quotation and get one step closer to making your dream kitchen a reality?


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E S T. 1 9 8 2


Opening Times Monday - Friday: 9am-5:30pm Saturday: 9am-5pm – 23 School Road, Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton, WV6 8EN – 01902 742185 dayroomskitchens.co.uk




Transforming garages around the UK Here at Garolla, we specialise in installing high-quality roller shutter garage doors. With a roller shutter garage door, you can completely transform the external appearance of your garage. Allowing you to enter your garage in style as well as ease, a Garolla roller garage door is made-to-measure from your garage’s exact specifications. This makes them especially suitable for smaller garages that have a limited headspace, as you can make full use of your driveway and headspace. But no matter the size of your garage, Garolla has the perfect roller shutter garage door for you.


With Garolla you can choose from a wide colour range. We have all of the typical garage door colours that you would expect, such as black, blue, white and red. Though these much-loved garage door shades are favoured by homeowners throughout the UK, Garolla also offers some extra special colour choices. If you want your garage to stand out on the street, then a roller garage door in fir green or anthracite grey will certainly do the trick. Whilst most of our colours come with a plain finish, Garolla have some garage door colours with a woodgrain finish.

These woodgrain finish shades are ideal for homeowners wanting garage doors with a wonderfully traditional appearance. Whichever roller garage door colour you decide to go for, our roller shutter garage doors are manufactured from the highestquality materials. Garolla also ensures that each roller garage door goes through an in-house quality control check before it is dispatched for installation. For more information about our roller garage doors please call us on 0800 468 1982. Garolla has a customer care team available 7 days a week to answer any of your queries.

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COMPETITION Wolverhampton Grand Theatre continues its reputation for producing quality drama with a new production of Alan Bennett’s classroom comedy THE HISTORY BOYS from Friday 7 – Saturday 22 February 2020.

as Rudge, James Schofield as Lockwood, Arun Bassi as Akthar, Dominic Treacy as Timms and Adonis Jenieco as Crowther. THE HISTORY BOYS will be directed by Jack Ryder, known for his acting roles in EastEnders and Holby City, he most recently directed Tim Firth’s The Band, which became the fastest selling tour of all time before transferring to Theatre Royal Haymarket.

An unruly bunch of bright, funny sixth-form boys in pursuit of sex, sport and a place at university. A maverick English teacher at odds with the young and shrewd supply teacher and a headmaster obsessed with results… In Alan Bennett’s classic play, staff room rivalry and the anarchy of adolescence provoke insistent questions about history and how you teach it; about education and its purpose. Ian Redford (Coronation Street, EastEnders) will play unconventional History teacher Hector, Jeffrey Holland (Brassed Off, Hi-de-Hi!) as the schools Headmaster, Victoria Carling (The 4 O’clock Club, Coronation Street) as the progressive Mrs Lintott and Lee Comley (Years And Years) as fresh faced teacher Irwin. The cast is completed by Thomas Grant as Posner, Jordan Scowen as Dakin, Frazer Hadfield as Scripps, Joe Wiltshire Smith

TICKETS FOR THE HISTORY BOYS FROM FRIDAY 7 – SATURDAY 22 FEBRUARY 2020 ARE NOW ON SALE. TICKETS CAN BE BOOKED IN PERSON AT THE THEATRE, BY CALLING 01902 42 92 12 OR ONLINE AT GRANDTHEATRE.CO.UK We have a pair of tickets to give away for the Press Night on Tuesday 11th February at 7:30pm. To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the following question correctly and email your answer to info@wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk and include your address and contact details. Entries to be received no later than Monday 3rd February 2020.

Which famous author and playwright wrote The History Boys? A) J.K Rowling B) Alan Bennett C) Agatha Christie D) William Shakespeare 46

Competition Terms and Conditions Winners to collect tickets from the box office on the evening of the performance. Tickets cannot be exchanged and no cash or alternative prize nights available. Winners may be required to partake in relevant publicity.

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Macrome Road, Claregate, Wolverhampton, WV6 9HD Salop Street, Wolverhampton, WV3 0RX Castle Street, Hadley, Telford, TF1 6GJ


01902 752764 01902 429060 01952 257007




DRY CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING NO MORE WET CARPETS! • Thorough deep down clean • Ready to walk on immediately • 100% Green - 100% Clean - 100% Dry • No Shrinkage • Dust Mite and Allergen reduction • Commercial Cleaning undertaken • Fully Insured 7 DAy SeRvICe • Free quotations


T: 01902 658543 M: 07929 011545 www.Touchdrycleaning.co.uk

Over 35 Years Experience Patrick Bellew • • Interior Painting Wallpapering • • • • • • • •

Exterior Painting Domestic Commercial Fully insured Reliable and trusted Competitive Rates NVQ Level 3 Based in Wordsley

FOR A FREE CONSULTATION CALL: 01384 271038 or 07793 589984 / patrickbellew@ymail.com www.local-painter-decorator.com


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EXPERTS • Tanks • Bursts • Blockages • Taps • Boilers • Toilets • Radiators • Pumps 24 Hours - 7 Days / Friendly Service Local Engineers / Fully Guaranteed Senior Citizen Discounts

CALL NOW: 01902 581 371

• Lawncare • Regular maintenance • Weeding

• • • •

Pruning Planting Jet wash General tidy

01902 755502

info@thepotting-shed.co.uk 553792

w w w. t h e p o t t i n g - s h e d . c o . u k


SKIP HIRE ‘One stop shop for all property maintenance’

• Small, medium & builders skips with doors • Local company

• Local family company with over 40 years’ experience • Quick response • All property repairs undertaken • Friendly advice • No job too big or too small • Customer service at it’s best!

01902 421764 / 07773 346701

• Established for 30 years • Built from recommendations • Fast, friendly & reliable

Please Tel:

01902 722876 Yard 17, Bank Street, Wolverhampton WV10 9DU

Father and son team Steve and Daniel Parton

www.spartonconstruction.co.uk Finchfield Gardens, Finchfield, Wolverhampton WV3 9LT




A GreAt YeAr

for GivinG

Following the launch of its charity initiative in April, not-for-profit Health Cash Plan provider Paycare is celebrating collective success after raising over £17,000 for good causes in the region.

Its MyGiving scheme saw each of its 32 employees provided with £250 which they could either donate directly to a cause of their choice, or use to amplify an existing fundraising initiative. In just seven months, the team has raised £17,171.41 which has been shared with various organisations including Project GIVE, The Good Shepherd Ministry, and Bliss Baby Charity. Over £6,000 of this was raised by just one member of staff, who took part in a five-day trek of the Amazon for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity earlier this year. “As a not-for-profit, we’re already committed to donating every spare penny to causes within our local communities, and we’ve shared over £2.2million to date through sponsorships, direct donations,

and fundraising,” explained Kevin Rogers, CEO of Paycare. “Earlier this year, we came together to see how we could do more of this fantastic work whilst making it even more personal to our employees. The concept of MyGiving immediately felt right and offers benefits to everyone involved. “We encourage our team to utilise the funds and support a cause close to their hearts, and it also helps us as an organisation to reach out to even more people. The results since April have been absolutely fantastic and we’re delighted that it perfectly aligns with our combined mission of helping others,” he concluded. The MyGiving initiative complements the firm’s expansive corporate social

responsibility commitment which provides each employee with two additional days of holiday each year for the sole purpose of fundraising, donating or volunteering. Another team member who maximised her MyGiving fund was Anne Smith, Policy Administrator at Paycare, who put it towards her impressive fundraising total of £2,190.41 for The Alzheimer’s Society. She also used her two days of volunteering to support The Beacon Centre for the Blind. She said: “It’s been a wonderful initiative, and although we’re all already part of Paycare’s commitment to giving back, it just strengthens our individual sense of purpose at work. I can’t wait to plan my volunteering days and MyGiving fund for next year, and look forward to seeing what the rest of the team will be doing!”

To learn more about Paycare, please visit www.paycare.org or call 01902 371 000 50

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january/february, 2020

from PAYcAre to You we can receive this Christmas, so do take a moment to think about all that you have now, and what makes you truly grateful. At Paycare, we’ve had plenty of reasons to thank 2019. We’ve been able to support many causes — from Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, Project GIVE, Bliss, Tettenhall Tigers Volleyball Club and The Wolves Foundation. We simply couldn’t do this without our Policyholders and our fantastic team, so we’d like to share a huge thanks to them for their continued support. May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very healthy, happy, and prosperous 2020!

In this year’s festive edition, the Paycare team would like to share a special message with our readers.

Positive news in 2019 • Botswana’s high court decriminalised homosexuality

While many people may not look back at 2019 too fondly, in part thanks to what has seemed like a daily barrage of negative news, it’s important to remind ourselves that there is plenty for us to celebrate as we welcome in a new decade.

• Giant tortoise believed to be extinct for 100 years was spotted in the Galápagos • The Earth is Getting Greener and Leafier According to NASA

Being surrounded by loved ones and having good health can be two of the greatest gifts

• Scientists Learned to Spot Alzheimer’s Earlier

on Your mArks, Get set, Ho! As sponsor of this year’s Beacon Santa Run, Paycare was thrilled to see so many individuals running, jogging, skipping and walking the 5K circuit in aid of raising funds for the fantastic local charity. Beacon Vision has been supporting people living with sight conditions such as Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Tunnel Vision and Glaucoma since 1875. Its vision is a society where individuals value and protect their sight and where visual impairment does not limit or determine opportunity.

our LocAL Heroes Paycare is proud to sponsor two very special categories of the Express & Star Heroes Awards 2019 — Ambassador of the Year and Hero of the NHS. The first recognises the person who has done the most to promote their Black Country roots within their chosen charity, team or hobby, while the second is for a person who works or volunteers within the NHS and makes a difference to the lives of patients they care for. The awards take place on Thursday 16th January at Marston’s House, the first event of 2020 which the Paycare team is thrilled to support. www.twitter.com/MyPaycare/



www.linkedin.com/company/paycare/ 51

Let’s go round again... By Mike Snelson

October and November, and although the yard got a little muddy our new storage facility has meant all of our firewood has stayed clean and dry.

Black Country Firewood would like to wish all of its customers a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

As I write this, we are in our busiest period of the year leading up to Christmas. We will take a well-deserved break over the festive period so all of the team can rest, recuperate and spend time with their families, and hopefully turn up refreshed (rather than hungover) to start the new year ready to continue the firewood cycle!

Well what a year 2019 has been. In January our beautiful baby daughter Isla was born, she has just begun to take her first steps! Her birth coincided with us starting the groundworks for our new purpose-built drying facility; we were pleased this progressed both on time and more importantly on budget, being completed in May. This enabled us to move all of the firewood we had chopped up and split in the spring undercover to continue drying.

As we have said previously, we encourage all of our customers, both old and new, to come and visit us in our Firewood Centre. Here you can learn about the different options of firewood we have to offer and most importantly, our firewood technicians can provide advice and answer any questions you may have.

The new building has been a large capital investment for us, we were fortunate to be awarded a European Rural Development Grant to help towards the cost, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who wrote letters of support which helped the application tremendously. t was probably more luck than judgment but we timed the completion of the new building to perfection. Never could have we predicted the unprecedented wet weather in the autumn. We recorded record levels of rainfall for the 3 months of September,

Photogragh courtesy of Express and Star

Suppliers of high quality firewood Shop and buy online


or visit us at

Salters Hall Farm Bobbington, Stourbridge, DY7 5DX * pack includes:

1 x Huge Bag Kiln Dried Logs 2 x Nets of Kindling Sticks 1 x 24 Natural Firelighters 1 x Box Matches

Only ÂŁ109* Contact us today... 01384 884481 or 07791 438389 @thefirewoodshed


blackcountryfirewood wolverhampton west magazine




Excel Accountancy Services Working with small Businesses, taking the worry out of accounting


ServiceS Provided

For a free, no obligation quote, get in touch by either telephone:

07832 154889

or by email: enquiries@excelaccountancyservices.co.uk

w w w. e x c e l a c c o u n t a n c y s e r v i c e s . c o . u k University of Wolverhampton Science Park Technology Centre PA103, Glaisher Drive Wolverhampton WV10 9RU



Spend £25 Receive a FREE bottle of Wine When you present this coupon

• Annual accounts to include: • Completion of Balance Sheet • Profit & Loss • Notes to the accounts • Submission to Companies House and HMRC • Taxation Calculation and CT600 Submission • Self-assessments (deadline 31st January 2020) • Book Keeping – for Sole Traders and Ltd Companies • VAT returns • P11d – Annual Benefit in kind calculation and submission • Payroll • Monthly payroll • Calculation of Gross salary, Tax & NI, and pension contributions • RTI submission onto HMRC website • Email payslips

Hundreds of authentic Italian Wines · Cheeses Olives · Pastas Parma Ham Coffees · Breads

Tel: 01902 630994 Open on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm and Sundays 10am to 1.30pm


Sole distributor for Armani Water in the UK and Ireland.


Sales & Repair of all domestic appliances: Washing Machines, T W Tumble Dryers Dishwashers, Cookers and much more !

• Gas boilers fixed and installed • Gas hobs/cookers • Gas fires • Gas appliance servicing • Landlord certificates • Plumbing problems • Leaks • Power flushing

Fast reliable service at competitive prices at prices you can affo f rd ffo

01902 664121 or 07973 618169

www.washerwise.co.uk 54

Call Jamie on: 07931 752038 or 01902 758073 Email: Jbheatinginwolverhampton.co.uk 8 Cunningham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7XJ wolverhampton west magazine

Bright and Beautiful Wolverhampton Sparkling Success For almost 2 years, Bright and Beautiful Wolverhampton have been providing bespoke, housekeeping services to the busy professionals of Wolverhampton and were delighted to be declared Finalists in the recent Black Country Chamber of Commerce Start-Up Business Award. Owner Charmaine Nicolson says, “Life is so busy today, with demanding careers and the need to balance this with quality family time. The last thing anyone wants to do is to sacrifice precious free time, for the mundane, but necessary tasks to keep the household running smoothly. I started our business, because working in commercial

sales development for high-profile retailers, I found I was spending too long at the weekend doing chores, instead of being able to spend time with my son. But working in a premium environment, I wanted that same quality in my home. I was looking for a professional company that could offer a fully managed service, with trained members of staff and top-quality security, who could make my home look beautiful, so I could just relax, instead of feeling guilty about housework. It didn’t exist in my local area, so I thought maybe other individuals would like this sort of service too, and here we are! The recognition of the hard work of my housekeepers and our ethical and eco-friendly approach

is wonderful and we are so grateful to our clients for their support!” Bright and Beautiful Wolverhampton provide a full range of housekeeping services including cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing services, with a bespoke plan for every client on regular weekly, or fortnightly visits. The business is also expert in post-renovation ‘sparkle’ cleans, moving house staging and endof-tenancy cleans for landlords. We cover homes across Wolverhampton, Bridgnorth, Shifnal, Tettenhall, Codsall, Coven, Pattingham, Albrighton, Wombourne, Lower Penn, Halfpenny Green and surrounding areas.


01902 290 290 www.brightandbeautifulhome.com/wolverhampton



The security experts There is plenty to love about winter: frosty mornings, cosy fires and of course the festive period. But, sadly that’s not all that the season brings because as soon as the clocks go back statistics show that burglaries increase. Industry leading local security firm, SGS has long been protecting homeowners by installing bespoke security systems that not only secure your home against intruders but provide you with real peace-of mind too. Established for over 29 years, the company has earned an excellent industry reputation and has gained a fiercely loyal client base across the West Midlands and beyond. As Company Director, Simon Gennard explains: “Our focus has always been on the customer and ensuring that the system we install is perfectly suited to their needs.” Formally based at Bull Cottage in Pattingham, the family-run company recently moved to a brand-new location in Wergs Road, Tettenhall, where the business has continued to go from strength-to-strength.

“We’re the UK’s largest independent installers of fog security systems and, as well as working with domestic clients we supply and install security systems for commercial customers including big businesses like Amazon, Sainsburys, Boots, Tesco, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton.” In fact, Simon and his team of specialist engineers are so well-regarded in the industry that they are employed to train engineers from large security firms and have been called upon by everyone from the police service to the military to famous celebrities. “We installed a specialist fog security system in footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s home and have worked with all manner of people and agencies across the UK.”

Home & Commercial security


wolverhampton west magazine

Simon started the company in 1991, aged 22, and his wife Sally joined the business shortly after. Now, the couple are joined by their son Josh as well as a team of 10 talented engineers and 3 highly experienced office staff.

And for homeowners, ensuring that you employ an accredited company to undertake installations in your home is a must as insurance companies may not pay out unless your system is maintained in accordance with the SSAIB requirements.

“Our roots have always been in serving local domestic clients and they are as important as ever to us, despite the growth of the business. We take great care in designing security systems which meet the requirements of every client, taking their lifestyle and needs into account. We install everything from alarms and cameras to panic rooms,” explains Sally.

“People tend not to think too much about home security until after they’ve had a break in, which is unfortunate because the effects of such an incident can be devastating and a simple security system can stop it from happening in the first place,” adds Simon.

SGS has long been the trusted choice for local homeowners and the company has a loyal client base that depends on the team to maintain their systems.

So, don’t wait any longer, contact the SGS team today and let the security experts make sure that your property is properly protected this winter.

“People tend to neglect their alarm systems and they forget that they require regular maintenance to keep them functioning efficiently. We offer maintenance agreements which provide real value for money and reward our customer’s loyalty.”

INSTALLED and MAINTAINED • Intruder Alarms • CCTV Systems • Fog Security In fact, prices at SGS are incredibly competitive and every member of the team is highly skilled and experienced. “Our team has more than 200 years of collective experience and each member is highly skilled and qualified. We are an SSAIB approved company and fully accredited by the governing body for the installation of intruder alarm, CCTV and door access.”

• Fire Alarms • Emergency Lighting • Door Access • Access Control • Biometric Systems • Security Lighting

SGS Systems Ltd, 81 Wergs Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 9BP.

e: info@sgssystems.com w: www.sgssystems.com t: 01902 700687 www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


Protect your car with a parking post from Profence

There’s been a rise in car thefts from driveways in recent years and so, protecting your vehicle has never been more important. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to deter thieves and make sure that your car stays on your driveway, as Shane Gamble explains: “Here at Profence we’re really pleased to be able to offer our customers a range of parking posts which will serve to protect their vehicle” Although Profence are fencing experts they also install bollards for both domestic and commercial clients so moving into parking posts was a natural progression. “There are many options when it comes to parking posts: there are posts that fold down, lift out and also push into the ground and we supply and install them all.” Whatever your requirements the Profence team can help you find the parking post that best suits your needs. “A small driveway will only need one post located behind the vehicle whereas a larger driveway will need several posts strategically placed for proper protection.” 58

Installing a post is a really simple way to give you peace-of-mind, whether your leaving your car on your driveway overnight or whilst you’re away on holiday. “There is no doubt that a parking post is a real deterrent to thieves because it shows that the homeowner takes security seriously and is doing what they can to safeguard their vehicle frombeing targeted.” Of course, the presence of a post also ensures your driveway is kept clear: “Posts can be used to keep parking spaces free too, which is particularly useful for our commercial clients.” Whatever the client’s requirements the Profence team are always onhand to offer help and advice. “We help our clients find the solution that’s right for them so that they can protect their vehicle,” adds Shane.

So, whatever car you drive make sure that it is protected this New Year with the help of a parking post from Profence.

wolverhampton west magazine

Manufacturers, Manufacturers,Suppliers Suppliers& &Installers Installers ofofallalltypes typesofofdomestic domesticand and commercial commercialfencing fencing& &gates. gates. • 37 • 37Years’ Years’Experience Experience • Free • FreeQuotations Quotations • Local • LocalAuthority AuthorityApproved Approved • Competitive • CompetitivePrices Prices • Insurance • InsuranceWork WorkUndertaken Undertaken • Metal • MetalororWood WoodFencing Fencing& &Gates Gates • All • Allwork workguaranteed guaranteed • Protect • Protectyour yourcar carwith witha aParking ParkingPost Post from fromProfence Profence

Call Callus ustoday todayon: on:01902 01902894747 894747

Heath Heath Mill Mill Industrial Industrial Est, Est, Heath Heath Mill Mill Road, Road, Wombourne Wombourne WV5 WV5 8AP. 8AP. www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


a real garden centre for real gardeners

A New Year, A New Season

Seed potatoes usually arrive at the start of the new year, weather permitting. Once you get them home, put them to chit (allow shoots to form), egg trays are ideal for this, place them in a light, cool and frost-free environment. You can start seed potatoes growing in pots inside as early as you like, so long as they are protected from any frosts we may have. If you haven’t used winter wash on your fruit trees yet, do so on a mild day before the buds start to burst, this will clear up any pests and their eggs left overwintering on your trees. Make sure you have a grease band wrapped round tree stems, this can be kept on all year round to catch any pests climbing up the tree. If the weather is fine and frost free, get out into the garden to finish any clearing up jobs that weren’t done at the end of 2019, especially tidying up leaves and debris. This will help to prevent disease from spreading and removes hiding places for slugs and snails. If the snow and hard frosts do arrive make sure vulnerable plants – Hebe, Phormium, Cordyline, Palms and Tree Ferns are covered with fleece. Remember to make sure outdoor taps are lagged and covered over in the winter to prevent any cracking and leaks caused by freezing. Whilst you have very little in your greenhouse, January and February are the ideal times to turn it out, wash it down and disinfect it. Only wash glass 60

Use a seed compost and sow them into peat pots 2 to 3 seeds per pot. When they’re ready for planting out the roots will have grown through the pot and its then very easy to just pop the plant into the ground or a container. Plug plants will be available around the beginning of March, but they will need heat to start with. Grow them in the house to get a head start, but remember you need to take note of the weather conditions and not be in a rush to put tender plants out before May time.

down on a mild day to avoid cracking cold panes of glass.

Don’t forget our feathered friends, especially if the weather is poor – we’ve always got peanuts, seed, mealworms, fat balls and feeders in stock. Clean off bird tables regularly and remember to put out fresh water daily.

Having a clean greenhouse at the beginning of the season ensures that seeds and plants get off to a good start. If you want to start something off early in the greenhouse try sowing some sweet pea seeds in a cool environment. Tips are provided by Ann Winwood, Lealans Garden Centre, Wolverhampton wolverhampton west magazine


a real garden centre for real gardeners

Bridgnorth Road, Shipley, Pattingham, Wolverhampton WV6 7EZ

Seed Potatoes arriving in early January. Full range of bird foods, feeders and tables always in stock.

We have a large range of primroses, pansies etc ready to plant out in containers and pots weather permitting.

Huge range of good quality shrubs, herbaceous, trees, conifers always ready for sale.

Tel 01902 700209 www.lealansgardencentre.co.uk www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


Wolverhampton’s best kept secret… Prep School Of The Year (Sunday Times) is co-educational until the age of seven, admits most pupils on a first-come, first-served basis which was another influential factor in the decision to name Newbridge the top Independent Preparatory School Of The year. Alastair McCall, Editor of Parent Power, The Sunday Times Schools Guide, said: “Newbridge is an educational gem, a precious find for the 150 children lucky enough to go there. On Sunday 17th November 2019, Newbridge Preparatory School in Wolverhampton was named:

The Sunday Times Independent Preparatory School Of TheYear 2020. Newbridge Preparatory School was named The Sunday Times Independent Preparatory School Of The Year 2020 – an outstanding achievement for any school – but for a small, nonselective school in Wolverhampton this is remarkable! How lovely that Wolverhampton is placed so highly on the UK’s Educational map. National League Tables The Sunday Times Parent Power article releases the UK’s national league tables. The rankings make

use of the most recent public examination results. For senior schools, they include A-level, GCSE, while junior school rankings draw on SATs taken in Year Six. Newbridge’s performance in the league table bears out the holistic approach of the school; which has finished in the top 20 six times in the past eight years; since the school has been under the leadership of Headmistress Mrs Sarah Fisher. Results from the new Key Stage 2 SATs (standard assessment tests) last year have propelled it to second place this year, its highest ever ranking. Pupils attained a scaled score of 113 for reading (where 100 is the expected level of achievement by the age of 11). For grammar, punctuation and spelling the level was 116, and in maths it was 114. Independent Preparatory School Of The Year 2020

“It manages to pull off the notable feat of achieving outstanding academic results (bettered by just four schools in England across the state and independent sectors) alongside developing the wider interests of its pupils - or allowing the children to have time for a childhood, to use the words of its excellent Headmistress Sarah Fisher.” “The school may have non-selective entry but by the time the girls leave at 11 they are much in demand across the best state and independent schools in the West Midlands. If ever the quality of education on offer here was a “best kept secret”, this award should ensure that is not the case for very much longer.” What an honour for a small school based outside of London – putting Wolverhampton firmly on the educational map of the UK!

The top scoring schools across the country are reviewed by a panel at The Times. The review includes inspection reports, website and social media. They are looking at the education beyond the academic as that has already been proven by the league tables. The Editor of The Sunday Times selects the winner of the award. Newbridge, which

www.newbridgeprepschool.org.uk 62

wolverhampton west magazine

96 Windmill Lane, Castlecroft, Wolverhampton WV3 8HG

‘Bring your own d i s h e s’ s e r v i ce We will fill your dishes with delicious meals prepared fresh in our kitchen using Poxon’s quality meats Dishes include: Lasagne / Cannelloni / Meatballs / Quiches

Tel: 01902 761693


We also make sweet pies.

Excellent quality Goat Meat now available. Sourced from East Farm in Wiltshire

Specialists in high quality British meat for over 50 years Comprehensive range of pork pies using the finest ingredients



What should we make of astrology? By Louise Addison As the new year begins, those who enjoy astrology will check the heavens to see what the future might have in store. Astrologers look for answers, signs and predictions in the movements of the celestial bodies. There is a long history of humans using the stars to plan their lives. Farmers used the skies as a calendar as long ago as Ancient Egyptians, when the rising of Sirius, the Dog Star, around mid-July, was seen as a marker of the imminent annual flooding of the Nile; and sailors have long used the night skies to aid navigation. We don’t know who first came up with the idea of looking at divining the influences of nature on humans, but some form of astrology shows up in the various belief systems of ancient cultures. In ancient China, noblemen looked at eclipses or sunspots as portents of good or bad times for their emperor. The Sumerians and Babylonians watched planets and stars as a way to keep track of where gods were in the sky. The ancient Egyptians contributed the idea that patterns of stars made up constellations, through which the sun appears to “move” at a specific time during the year.


our solar system to where the stars are. As the Earth follows its orbit around the Sun this imaginary line rotates, pointing to different stars throughout one complete trip around the Sun — or one year. All the stars that lie close to the imaginary flat disk swept out by this imaginary line are said to be in the zodiac. The astronomer Ptolemy helped popularise the 12 signs in his book The Tetrabiblos. They are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Ptolemy also developed the idea that signs along the zodiac were 30° wide, and that the sun moved through them regularly during the year. For centuries, astrology was considered basically the same thing as astronomy - the scientific study of celestial bodies. This only changed around the beginning of the Enlightenment in the late 17th century with Sir Isaac Newton’s work on the motion of the planets and gravity. He started a whole new mathematical and scientific approach to looking at the sky and the motion of planets and the earth.

It’s thought that all of these ideas came together when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in around 330 BC. The Greek logisticians and mathematicians worked out rules for how divination by the stars could work.

But the appeal of looking to the stars for answers has never waned. Astrology remains popular today, probably due to the fact that humans tend towards romanticism and also towards a psychological phenomenon known as confirmation bias where we search for interpretations that match what we already hope to be true. We latch on to events that corroborate our beliefs and ignore those that don’t fit the pattern.

Imagine a straight line drawn from Earth through the Sun and out into space beyond

But if nothing else, astrology is fun, and scientist that I am… I still read the horoscopes! wolverhampton west magazine




wolverhampton west magazine



Eating Out and Entertainment Promote your venue to over 50,000* readers with Wolverhampton West Magazine For further details and to find out how your venue can be featured please call Gisella on 01902 744217.


*over a 2 month period

wolverhampton west magazine

Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant Established 1989

Air conditioned

Cuisine of Bengal

Fully licensed


Rafique Miah welcomes you to the longest established Indian Restaurant in Wombourne Village, serving sumptuous Bangladeshi Cuisine for 30 years. “We pride ourselves on our Quality of Food, Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.” Recently refurbished in contemporary surroundings, air conditioned and fully licensed. Our popular Take-away Service is still the best in Wombourne offering 10% off our Menu price.

Tel: 01902 324148 / 324437

Restaurant of the year West Midlands region 2016

Treat your lo ve one to a spec d romantic even ial for Valentines ing perfect venu at the e to Bookings on dine. ly.


Open 7 days including Bank Holidays 5.30pm until 11.30pm

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN

Live Music every Friday and Saturday Night!


Terms & Conditions: One voucher is valid per email address/per person throughout January & February 2020. The 20% discount is NOT available on the Fixed Price Mid Week Menu, Tapas Thursdays, Steak Night Fridays or Sunday Lunch. The voucher is only valid when all members of the party dine off the full normal menu. Bookings are essential and the voucher must be mentioned when booking. Valid for parties of 10 or less. We will use your email address to add to our database and send you offers and news about the Shrewsbury Arms. We never use your personal information to pass on to third parties and we promise to keep anything we send you relative to what we know you like. You have the choice to opt out of these emails at any time. Valid from 2nd January 2020 - 28th February 2020 Inclusive. EXCLUDES 14th February 2020.



The Oakley Arms B







We like to keep things simple, so if you like pubs, a happy, chatty atmosphere, good food and a crew who’ll love looking after you, we’d love you to join us. Our menus are available on our website www.oakleyarms.co.uk and we would be happy to answer any questions on 01902 859800.

We do hope we will see you soon.

The fires will be lit and the back bar stocked with warming tipples to suit the season so we would love to see you. John and all at the Oakley Arms.

The Oakley Arms team

Dear diners please don’t forget the Christmas envelopes we gave you. We will pick up either a quarter, half or your full food bill when dining at The Oakley Arms, Monday to Thursday from 2nd January 2020 until 13th February 2020. Valid for bookings only when you present your unopened envelope for up to six people.


Tel: 01902 859 800 www.oakleyarms.co.uk Kiddemore Green Lane, Brewood, ST19 9BQ E: oakley@brunningandprice.co.uk

wolverhampton west magazine




wolverhampton west magazine



The New Year Brings More Changes for the Wine Estate

After a bountiful harvest in 2019, Halfpenny Green Wine Estate looks forward to another fruitful year in 2020. With the expansion of the Wine Estate’s winemaking facilities by 8000sq ft currently in progress, Clive Vickers, the owner of the rapidly expanding Staffordshire Vineyard, reported that he was ‘delighted to be increasing the Winery space in order to accommodate the increase in their sparkling wine production’, giving space for more oak barrels to be used in this process. Also new for 2020, the Wine Estate has launched two new wines to add to its range of thirteen awardwinning wines. Both still, dry white wines, Solaris 2018 and Bacchus 2018, can now be found adorning the Wine Loft shelves alongside, to name a few, the new 2018 vintages of their very popular Red Sparkling Wine and Late Harvest Dessert Wine. Talking about popularity, if you are looking to spoil that special lady in your life for Mother’s Day this year, the Wine Estate is the perfect destination! On Saturday 21st March they will be offering High Teas in their beautiful Wine House and on Sunday 22nd March, the restaurant will be serving a delicious special three course menu, created by the head chef and available for one day only. Everything is cooked fresh to order and served directly to your table by a team of friendly service staff. Places are limited, so booking is a must by calling the restaurant on 01384 22112. If you are unable to make these dates, fear not as the Wine Estate’s restaurant is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, cakes and drinks. With an entire floor dedicated to wine and gins, a personalised wine labelling service, and a range of pre-made gift hampers available (with custom-made hampers also available), there’s no excuse to pass up on the perfect gift this March! The shop also offers gift vouchers for a range of experiences, including wine and gin tastings, guided tours, and vintage high teas to name a few. The knowledgeable shop staff are always happy to help you find the right gift for any occasion, and even sample some of the wine and gin ranges with you! If you are looking for something a little different; perhaps a commission or something custommade, The Vineyard Craft Centre is nestled in the beautiful grounds of Halfpenny Green Wine Estate. Here you will find a group of 15+ independent businesses showcasing their talented work, from handmade luxury gifts, artists, sculptors to jewellery makers, beauticians, photographers and more, including WILD Zoological Park.

With so much to offer for all the family, Halfpenny Green Wine Estate should be on everyone’s Visit List for 2020!


wolverhampton west magazine

A family business, established in 1983, Halfpenny Green Wine Estate has 30 acres of vines managed by Martin, which produce award-winning wines, crafted by his son Clive. The acclaimed shop, restaurant, deli and tea room are run by Clive’s wife Lisa, and offer a great day out for visitors.







For a range of experiences, including wine and gin tastings, tours and high teas

Public Tours available for booking in 2020. Call 01384 221122 to book.

Available to book throughout the year, with a variety of catering options available.

Tom Lane, Bobbington, South Staffs, DY7 5EP visit www.halfpennygreen.co.uk call 01384 22 11 22



Win a meal for 2 at Zooma, Compton This month we have teamed up with Zooma restaurant in Compton, to give one lucky reader the chance to win a fabulous meal for two people including a bottle of selected wine. Everything at Zooma has been designed to impress, from the entrance space, up along the staircase and into the dining/bar area. As soon as you step into the establishment it is obvious that serious investment has been ploughed into this landmark eatery, glitzy fixtures and fittings, all of which are finished to the highest order. A spectacular barspace and sizeable dining area, complemented by stylish décor with standout custom artworks.

Zooma has implemented a new Bar and Grill aspect to the business as well: customers are encouraged to pop in for a drink, without the formality of a sit-down meal, creating a great environment in which to socialise and relax. All this comes with convenient on-site

parking which is situated just off Bridgnorth Road. Zooma is a cut-above and gives its customers the best of both worlds. Its new restaurant space is as impressive as the food it serves within it and for that reason amongst others, it is well worth a visit.

To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, simply answer the following question correctly:

What is the website address for Zooma? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: info@wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

All entries to be received by Monday 3rd February 2020 Competition Terms and Conditions Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. To enter you must be aged 18 years or older. No cash or alternative prize will be given. Prize to be redeemed by Thursday 26th March. Valid from Sunday to Thursday inclusive. Booking date will be subject to availability (excludes 14th February and 22nd March 2020). Only email entries will be accepted.


wolverhampton west magazine











T: 01902 710 700


OVER 18’s ONLY | PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY wolverhampton west magazine

Membership offer available for club

with 2020 focus

fitness programme including circuits, Pilates, boxercise, yoga, and much more. And members are making the perfect start to 2020 with a week-long ‘Kick Start’ schedule as the System Energize personal training team lead a week of fitness classes combined with a healthy eating plan to help encourage good habits moving forward. “We feel fortunate at WLTSC to have so many members of all ages and abilities who enjoy taking part in regular sport or exercise,” says WLTSC Sports Manager, Marc Hughes.

A sign of how all ages can get involved at WLTSC was shown in the Carver Cup squash competition at the end of 2019, which marked its 50th anniversary with a parade of former champions on finals night.

Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis and Squash Club are pursuing a sense of 2020 vision in sport and fitness as they aim to promote good health and wellbeing in the New Year.

“With the increasing stresses of everyday life, and more of a focus on improving mental health and wellbeing, we believe that the benefits of exercise, along with the strong social and community ethos at the club, can be extremely important. “As we head into 2020, we are hoping to encourage more and more people to enjoy tennis, squash and racketball, or one of our many different fitness or strength and conditioning classes, to improve their health and sense of wellbeing.”

The club is keen to ensure they are harnessing the power and attraction of a variety of sports and fitness activities to help members feel fit and well, both mentally and physically, thanks to the huge benefits of exercise.

There is a £50 discount available for Over-21s who have not been a member during the last 12 months.  

Tennis, squash and racketball are all popular sports played at WLTSC by players of all ages and abilities, but there is also a varied

Contact the club on (01902) 755265 or via club@ wltsc.com for the offer, which is available until the end of February. Terms and conditions apply.


WLTSC currently has a membership offer in place to try and welcome more new recruits to the club.


TDRBridal tdrbridal tdrbridal

0121 423 2777 Option 1

24 Manor Lane, Halesowen, West Midlands B62 8QB


Open: Monday: 9:30am - 8pm Tuesday: 9:30am - 8pm Wednesday: 9:30am - 3pm Thursday: 9:30am - 8pm Friday: 9:30 - 5pm Saturday: 9:00am - 5pm Sunday: 11am - 5pm

hello@tdr-bridal.co.uk wolverhampton west magazine

Exciting changes at

Rebecca Baddeley, Owner

There have been plenty of exciting changes taking place recently at Halesowenbased bridal boutique TDR. Owner, Rebecca Baddeley explains: “We are delighted to announce that our new build is complete. We’ve been working behind the scenes perfecting every fine detail and we are proud to announce that the TDR Group is all now all under one roof, which allows us to cater for your every need.” The company’s brand new extension has added 150 square metres to the premises, allowing Rebecca to bring together TDR Bridesmaids, TRD Menswear and Pandora’s Prom at the main bridal store in Manor Lane. “There are plenty of advantages that have come from having

the extra space: more stock, a seamless shopping experience - now that everything is under one roof – as well as a lot more fun! Since the new opening we have been crazy busy, it’s a buzz that we just can’t explain - we believe it’s an atmosphere you just have to experience.” TDR Bridal has been providing brides with a unique and exceptional service for 11 years and that experience has been applied to all aspects of the TDR Group. They have just won two categories in the Global Wedding Awards that took place in August 2019: Bridal Boutique of the Year 2019, West Midlands and Most Outstanding Customer Service, West Midlands A talented team of experts - individually trained in each sector – are ready and waiting to style you and your wedding party to perfection.


“We are so proud of our team and the experience they create not only for our brides, but bridesmaids and grooms too and we know that everyone will have so much fun when they visit us. We believe that all brides deserve a magical life moment when buying their wedding gown and we also apply the same philosophy to bridesmaids and grooms too.” And, Rebecca and the team have got plenty of exciting in-house events planned for the future: “We are so excited for the future here at TDR and we have planned lots of events that will utilise our gorgeous new space. These events include designer trunk show weekends, summer sales and accessory events, so please keep an eye out on social media for exciting updates,” adds Rebecca. Why not pay a visit to TDR today and make your special day amazing?


Getting to know more about...


Nick Malenko is renowned for his award-winning hairdressing and celebrity following, but here at Wolverhampton West Magazine we wanted to find out more about the man himself.

He’s stolen the hearts of women – of all ages – over the last three decades and he’s been with his fabulous partner, Royston for the last 35 years. Now, aged 60 years young, Nick shares his thoughts on living life to the full...

Nick, you’re 60 and you look amazing, what’s your secret? Well, it’s really not a secret is it (he laughs)...plenty of Botox, plenty of filler, new teeth - I get it all done! Oh and of course, fabulous hair. Seriously though, keeping your hair looking good really will melt away the years more than even the best Botox practitioner can!

What advice would you give a 30-yearold Nick? Oh my god, I’d love to go back and do the whole 30 years again and again! I’d tell a 30-year-old Nick not


to change a single thing because he’s going to have a ball!

The best things in life are…? Friends! There is no time better spent than being in the company of fabulous friends and Royston and I are very lucky to have lots of amazing ones. We have a laugh, we holiday together and we’re there to support each other if we need to. We just wouldn’t be without all the special friends that we’ve made over the years - they are family to us!

You’ve been with Royston for 35 years, you work together and play together. How do you keep it all alive? We’re asked this question all the time and trust me, there are times when we could kill each other! For us, the secret is laughter and having fun wherever we go

wolverhampton west magazine

- after 35 years if you can still do that then something is working well. From the day I met Royston we worked together so we’ve never really known any different - we’ve got the Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton salons and Royston spends a lot of time in Shrewsbury so we’re not together every day! To be honest, it’s harder when we don’t work together – but don’t hold me to that comment!

Your career in hairdressing spans four decades and there’s been plenty of awards for both you and the salons. What’s been the key to your success? How do you measure success? We measure it on happiness, loyal customers, a committed team and a business that allows us to live a fabulous lifestyle and, we’ve got all of these. Although it might sound cheesy, but after 30 years and more than 44 years in hairdressing, we love working in our salons and making our clients, many of whom have become great friends, look and feel the best version of themselves. I think the best advice I could give from experience would be to never think you know it all, always strive to be the best you can be, be careful to surround yourself with good people and you’ve got to be authentic - don’t waste your time trying to imitate others, do what you love and enjoy every second!

What would you say is the most iconic hairstyle ever? The Wedge

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

Who do you most love to go out for dinner with? Royston...who else...? We never stop laughing!

Where is your dream holiday destination? The south of France is our favourite destination at the moment but as we’ve just moved into a new house there’s no place I’d rather be than at home in my new back garden!

What about your favourite UK destination? We’re always working in London and enjoy staying over for weekends filled with shopping, cocktails and fabulous nights out! If we want to do something special and have a really relaxing and luxury weekend away and enjoy a bit of time to unwind then we will disappear to the Cotswolds.

What’s number one on your bucket list? I’m just happy being happy - it’s all about having a great time with great people, wherever that may be! It could be sitting in my garden or I could be jetting off somewhere incredible. I want to seize every opportunity and do everything that’s possible. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my 60 years – it still sounds crazy saying that! - is that so many things that I thought weren’t possible have been!

Who’s your dream client? My dream clients are in and out of our salon every single day. Lots of them have been coming for years, I know their families, their friends and all about their lives and they walk out of our doors with a big smile because they’ve had a great time and they love their hair.

What would you choose for your last supper? It would have to be homemade, shortcrust pastry steak and kidney pie with carrots, peas, perfectly mashed mash and delicious gravy!

It’s got to be Alexander McQueen. Back in the 90’s I was obsessed with Anthony Price on the Kings Road - Jagger’s trousers, Ferry’s lapels he was behind them all - glamorous and fabulous in equal measures.

It’s been great chatting

Who would you most love to share cocktails with?

the salon!

with you Nick, I’m looking forward to my next appointment at

My Mum. I never had the opportunity to spend precious ‘grown-up’ time with my Mum because I lost her when I was 20, we would have loved going for cocktails together. If only ...




OF PERSONAL TRAINING At this time of year we’re all keen to make changes that will improve our health and fitness, and, we want to see results fast.

But, without the right support and guidance it’s all too easy to lose motivation before you even start, that’s why you need an expert to help you reach your goals. At Chris Jewkes Fitness there’s a talented team of specialist personal trainers who are ready and waiting to help you make a real difference this New Year. As Chris explains: “People often assume that personal training is just about


losing weight but that’s not the case at all. Personal training brings additional benefits that you probably hadn’t even accounted for, including increased strength and a real psychological boost.” In fact, exercise massively benefits mental health and can help with issues like depression, stress management and self esteem. And, when clients leave the centre following a session with Chris – or one of the other highly skilled personal trainers – their mood has been boosted and they’re in a much better frame of mind. “Many of our clients have really stressful jobs and lead very busy lives and they have found that

their training sessions with us have provided a great way to de-stress and feel happier.” And, training sessions at Chris Jewkes are completely tailored around the needs of each individual. “We take time to understand our clients and their lifestyles and that helps us to ensure the very best results, whether that is through nutritional coaching or strength training.” In fact, strength training is a key part of personal training at Chris Jewkes: “Strength training is incredibly beneficial for everyone, no matter what their age and

wolverhampton west magazine

a routine built around it is particularly advantageous for women.” The wide-ranging benefits include: fat reduction, greater muscle tone and increased bone density, a decrease in the risk of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis and, for women it has benefits in helping maintain strength during the menopause. “It is also incredibly relevant as people get older; as we age we lose muscle tone so things that we all take for granted like waking up and downstairs become increasingly harder, but by undertaking strength training you can help to keep mobile,” adds Chris.

So, why not book in for a personal training session today and find out for yourself the benefits of professional personal training at Chris Jewkes Fitness? Chris Jewkes Fitness, Danescourt Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 9BQ. For further details please call 01902 750355.

www.chrisjewkesfitness.com www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk



wolverhampton west magazine




wolverhampton west magazine






wolverhampton west magazine

• Aldo Martins • Basler • Betty Barclay • Eugen Klein • Faber • Frank Walder • Joseph Ribkoff • Just White • Olsen • Oui • Rabe

SALE STARTS Friday 3rd January 2020

Open Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm Ample parking behind the premises in New Street or on the road opposite the Esso petrol station.

Co-ordinated Day Wear • Coats • Cocktail & Evening Wear Lingerie • Accessories • Belts • Bags • Jewellery • Hosiery www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk 234 Coalway Road, Penn,Wolverhampton WV3 7NN

Tel: 01902 344003





wolverhampton west magazine






with your


Want the weight gone? Do the

one-to-one! CONTACT ME TODAY AND LET ME SUPPORT YOU I too struggled with my weight but thanks to The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and the support of my Consultant I have reached my weight-loss goal. • No consultation or joining fee! • One-to-one private weekly weigh-ins and measuring • 100% Support

• Available Monday to Friday 8am-8pm (weekend appointments also available) • Mobile visits available • Private Facebook Support Group

Louise Peck

t: 07790 982 888 e: loupeck1@googlemail.com

Covering Wolverhampton and all surrounding areas Highly Commended Consultant 2015/16 Consultant to "Man of the Year" Slimmer Finalist 2016/17 Multi Award Winning Team 94 www.one2one.com/LouiseP


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Wedding Dress

Inspiration 2020 designer collections are now available to order at Ethereal Bridal in Penkridge.

from Ethereal

Book your appointment today to try on some exquisite gowns and take inspiration from leading bridal fashion houses such as Enzoani, Eddy K Italia and Wtoo by Watters.

Call them on 01785 714724 or email via their website www.etherealdresses.co.uk

Based in the village of Penkridge, Ethereal offers each Bride to be a personal experience in choosing their perfect wedding dress. We are proud stockists of: Eddy K Italia Beautiful by Enzoani Wtoo by Watters Johanna Hehir Also bridesmaids dresses in a wide variety of colours by Onlyway Bridesmaids and bridal accessories by Richard Designs. Now also stocking some of the most beautiful prom and evening wear from designers such as: Chic & Holland Jora Collections Christian Koehlert Ethereal welcomes browsers when the diary allows, but appointments are advised for your bespoke experience. Specialist in house bridal alterations service available on all bridal wear regardless of where purchased. Ethereal, Stone Cross, Penkridge, Staffordshire, ST19 5AR

01785 714724

etherealbridalstaffordshire@gmail.com www.etherealdresses.co.uk



01902 275 856



N uffield Health W olverhampton Hospital

Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital, Wood Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8LE 98

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HAT TRICK FOR HOSPITAL NUFFIELD HEALTH  NAMED  PRIVATE  HOSPITAL GROUP OF THE YEAR access to services, increasing reach and to benefit more of the UK public. Recently Nuffield Health joined independent healthcare providers across the country in committing to implement a new medical governance framework that will help ensure all independent sector providers in England are able to further improve the care they are giving to their patients.

In late 2019 Nuffield Health picked up the award for Private Hospital Group of the Year, for the third year running, at the LaingBuisson Awards. The award celebrates high quality care and continuous improvement, as well as innovation and excellence in going above and beyond. With a hospital site in Wolverhampton, Nuffield Health differentiates its approach through personalised, connected services spanning the health and wellbeing continuum. As the UK’s largest health charity, Nuffield Health has no shareholders, investing all its income back into its vision to build a healthier nation. This award represents a hat trick for Nuffield Health winning for three successive years.

‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ rating from independent regulators. In its hospitals, Nuffield Health has continued to see exceptional patient satisfaction levels and have achieved 96% with all of its hospitals including locally at Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital. In 2018, Nuffield Health delivered 1.5 million clinical interventions and developed a number of flagship programmes to support people through the different stages of their lives. These are designed to address areas where society’s healthcare needs aren’t currently being adequately met and where Nuffield has the people, expertise and facilities to meet those needs. These programmes help to widen

By connecting its health and wellbeing services, through outstanding day-to-day services in its family of 31 award-winning hospitals, 112 fitness and wellbeing clubs, healthcare clinics, and over 200 workplace wellbeing services, as well as flagship programmes to support communities by widening access, Nuffield Health are pioneering a unique form of personalised healthcare. 94% of its hospitals have received a

The Independent Healthcare Providers Network, which represents independent healthcare providers delivering both NHS and privately-funded care, asked former NHS National Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh to develop some key principles to strengthen and build upon on the medical governance systems already in place in the sector. Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital Director Steve Lowbridge said: “It’s great to be recognised three years in a row as leaders in high quality care and continuous improvement. We are committed to delivering outstanding quality across all our services and this award really is a reflection of our hospital team’s consistent hard work and focus to be the best for our patients.” For the Private Hospital Group of the Year Award, Nuffield Health was selected from a finalist group of six independent hospital groups within the UK. The finalists included a mixture of not-for-profit, privately owned and publicly listed organisations.

Steven Lowbridge, Hospital Director at Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital

For more information on Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital visit www.nuffieldhealth.com/hospitals/wolverhampton or ring 01902 275127 www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


camp and shed so much weight. The fact that they are constantly being mentally stimulated and gaining new knowledge about themselves and what they are doing means that the fitness and aesthetic side of things is almost a by product.” And, Joseph – who is a qualified personal trainer and a former gym owner - has extensive real life experience of both fighting and training:

THE FUN WAY TO GET FIT There’s a brandnew fitness facility in Wolverhampton that’s transforming perceptions – and bodies – and revolutionising the way that we see health and fitness. Boxinbox is situated in the landmark Attwood building - in Chapel Ash - and is the latest business venture from the owners of Tettenhall’s well-established personal training studio, Artisan. As Head Coach, Joseph Cummins explains: “We’re delighted to bring our clients an exclusive, private oneto-one fight training and conditioning facility, which is focused on providing real attention to detail and a totally personalised experience.” When it comes to weight loss, fitness and strength, professional fighters have a unique understanding which has been formed over generations by fighters who have honed their skills. And, it’s this understanding which the team of coaches use to bring their clients amazing results, whatever their goals.

And, Joseph has discovered that people have a real affinity with this type of training. “Boxing training is the opposite of spending hours on the treadmill or

doing isolated resistance movements because it is incredibly interactive and it stimulates all of the senses.” Speed, coordination, agility, balance and reflexes are all tested in even just a basic coach-to-client boxing-pad work drill, where the trainer adjusts to what the client is doing for maximum benefit. “This is partly how fighters are able to get through their 12 weeks of training

“I’ve certainly seen my fair share of workout styles and training camps through my time competing as both a trainer and fighter in ‘The UFC’ – the pinnacle of the MMA world.” Everybody, no matter what their age, gender or experience level can achieve amazing results and have a great time whilst doing it: “It is an incredibly fun and engaging way to train and once clients get started they just can’t get enough.” Understanding that traditional fight gyms can be intimidating places for newcomers, Boxinbox has been designed to combat all of those factors that can be unsettling to newcomers. “People feel incredibly self conscious in these situations and often don’t get the attention they need when they are in a group environment, that’s why we are focussed on a totally personalised approach.” “Boxinbox doesn’t feel like a fight facility. It’s a private studio where the finer points of fight training take place. Clients get the attention they need to get the results they want in a fantastic environment,” adds Joseph. So, if you’re keen to get fit and lose weight this January, opt for fun and engaging fight training at Boxinbox.

“Professional fighters have been specialising in these three key issues for centuries. In fact, many exercises and routines used by strength and conditioning coaches today are borrowed from the fight community who have built these scientifically proven methods over generations.” 100

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Hearing and vision are important for our health and wellbeing, though we don’t often think of our senses in this way. The Hearing Care Partnership together with Taylor Biddle Opticians have given their guide to building health across our lifespan through better hearing and vision.

What is healthy ageing? The World Health Organization defines it as “the ability to grow, learn and make decisions, to stay active. To be and do what you value throughout your life.” Different things affect our ability to age well, including our genes, our lifestyle, our location and our relationships with friends and family. It’s true that some of the choices we make in early life can alter the course of our later life, like how much we exercised and what we ate. But it’s never too late to make a positive change.

• Stay connected: Do things that give you joy and meaning, whether that’s playing tennis, taking up photography, or visiting places you love. All of these things help you to feel more positive. • Check your hearing and vision: People who look after their hearing and vision by getting expert advice and the right treatment, stay more active mentally and physically. By looking after our eyes and ears, we can be ready for whatever comes our way. Seeing things more clearly. Hearing and being heard. And enjoying more of the people and things that we love.

Staying connected Our eyes and ears are essential to healthy ageing. That’s because our hearing and vision are central to maintaining active social lives. While we may notice changes in our vision, it can be harder to detect – or come to terms with – the changes in our hearing. You may not notice changes in your hearing yourself. Instead, those closest to you will likely spot the signs first. So, what are the warning signs of hearing loss? • You might start watching TV at a volume that is louder than usual. • You might find it harder to hear what’s being said when there’s lots of background noise (for example in a busy café, restaurant, or meeting). This can lead to you withdrawing from conversations as you struggle to hear. • You need to concentrate more to understand certain voices (especially soft or low ones). • You find it challenging to hear over the phone. If you have noticed any of these in your day to day life, come and have a Free Hearing Assessment. Call us today on 0800 52 00 546.

So how can I look after my senses for longer? It’s never too late to make changes to the way you live. Here’s some tips to get you started.

The Audiology Service at Taylor Biddle Opticians is led by Helen Barton, who is dedicated to helping people live their lives to the full. She is driven to help each individual make the most of their hearing, to facilitate healthy ageing. “I have a passion for providing excellent customer care and I know that the key to this is good communication and listening skills. Working with The Hearing Care Partnership allows me the time I need to spend with each patient to ensure their care is tailored to them as an individual and to their lifestyle. Keep life in full colour with The Hearing Care Partnership and Taylor Biddle Opticians. Book a FREE hearing health check today on 0800 52 00 546 or visit www.thcp.co.uk/booking

• Stay active: Just 30 minutes of activity a day can help promote mobility and health in later life. What counts as ‘activity’? Anything that raises your heart rate until you feel slightly out of breath. 104

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KEEP LAUGHS LOUD Book your FREE Hearing Assessment today. C


Call us on 0800 52 00 546 or visit thcp.co.uk/domore









Proudly in partnership with

Compton, WV6 8AF Wombourne, WV5 9JD



Reboot your fitness regime

The start of a new year is the time when you’re most likely to set your health and fitness goals and wipe the slate clean after an indulgent festive period. If you’re new to this sort of thing, you might be wondering where to start, or if you’ve taken a break over winter months, you might be looking for inspiration or ways to get back on track. The best time to start your fitness journey is once you’ve finished treating yourself to festive food and you’re back into your daily routine. Before you start, read through the tips below from the Health and Fitness Team at WV Active to make sure your journey is a permanent lifestyle change and not just a temporary fix after the Christmas guilt!

Starting your fitness journey: • The first step is all about breaking bad habits and creating a healthy lifestyle change. You might want to lose weight, gain muscle or train for an important event. Start the process by setting yourself realistic goals and creating a suitable plan to ensure you see them through.


• It’s important that you find a type of exercise you enjoy; this can be in the gym, by taking part in fitness classes, dipping into the pool or home workouts. If you find that you enjoy your workouts then you will want to continue with them and improve. For maximum effect try to mix your exercise up and don’t repeat the same routine too often.

Keeping on track: • A few weeks into your journey you may struggle to keep on track; write down your workouts for the week and start working on a meal plan. Make sure you set aside dedicated time for your workout and time to prepare your meals and snacks, especially if you’re out and about and may be tempted by skipping a workout! • There will be days when you don’t stick to your plan; you may go out for a meal or enjoy a piece of cake but don’t punish yourself for this – it’s important that you enjoy it! Don’t totally restrict yourself from all things you love as it will only make your journey harder.

this stage, you should be in a routine and feel comfortable with what you are doing, feeling both happier and healthier within yourself. If you’ve read through the advice but need help setting your goals or you’re looking for that extra motivational push, why not try a WV Active Personalised Fitness Programme? It’s a great way to get started! Your fitness levels will be assessed, and a tailored workout plan will be created to monitor your progress over six weeks. These tips from the WV Active Health and Fitness Team should have you raring to start your fitness journey. The team will be on hand and ready to start working with both new and existing new year fitness recruits across all three WV Active centres. Membership prices start from just £10 per month. To find out more, visit wvactive.com.

Reaching your goals: • Hurrah! You’ve reached the goals you set out to achieve! If you want to push yourself that little bit further and build on your achievement, why not set yourself another fitness challenge? • Most importantly, your fitness journey should be a permanent lifestyle change and not a temporary fix. By

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£per10 month





Get Fit, look fab Losing enthusiasm for your new fitness routine already? We’ve got the best selection of sportswear buys that’ll make you want to get back to the gym fast in 2020.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a new workout wardrobe today and enjoy making your New Year’s resolutions a reality.

Image left & above model wears Littlewoods. See online for prices.

Cold Gear Graphic Leggings £45. Under Armour at FIgleaves.

Here are our favourites:


Womens Fashion DPS Wolves mag JAN 20.indd 2

wolverhampton west magazine

06/12/2019 11:38

9 3



1 HeatGear Armour Racer Tank Top £23. Under Armour at Figleaves 2 Burgundy Hoodie £24. M&Co


3 Active Black Gym Top £14. Dorothy Perkins

5 Nike Elemental Grey Backpack £19.99. Deichmann


6 Active Charcoal Sports Bra £14. Dorothy Perkins 7 Heat Gear Printed Leggings £45. Under Armour at Figleaves 8 Watch Series 3 (2018 GPS) Space Grey £249. Very 9 Nike Run All Day Burgundy Lace-Up Trainers £44.99. Deichmann






4 Active Grey Gym Top £14. Dorothy Perkins



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The last taboo Women of all ages are making strides in their lives like never before – we really are “Sisters doing it for ourselves”! But there is still one barrier which needs to be broken down and for women to talk about. Those annoying leaks, dribbles and accidents which happen when we laugh, sneeze or exercise. 7 million women in the UK – of EVERY age – have an issue with incontinence. This could be due to giving birth, surgery, the menopause or neurological issues – none of which are shameful or unnatural. And yet, we suffer in silence and shame; limiting our social lives, feeling anxious and isolated and spending £1,000s on products unnecessarily. We have a pain free, non-invasive treatment which is revolutionising women’s lives in just six sessions over three weeks! The Esmella Chair was bought by Suzanne Morison, the founder of the company, who had suffered from urge incontinence for many years and was becoming increasingly isolated and anxious. The results were so astonishing, Suzanne wanted to help other women with similar issues have a “Better Life Now” and knew with this revolutionary treatment she could.

Working alongside her daughter in law, Gloria, they work from the privacy and comfort of their home, aiming to make their clients feel relaxed and unselfconscious about the treatment; soon becoming confidantes. They want this treatment to be accessible to every woman of every age and offer a variety of payment plans to make sure that cost isn’t a barrier to stop women getting to live the best life they can. Please call Suzanne or Gloria on 01543571833 or 07376 069032 for a confidential chat or take a look at the website www.betterlifenow.co.uk

A New, Exciting Breakthrough Treatment from the United States to Treat ‘OOPS Moments’. REMAIN FULLY CLOTHED




CALL 01543 571833 / 07376 069032 EMAIL info@betterlifenow.co.uk WEBSITE www.betterlifenow.co.uk


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NEW YEAR, NEW LEGS, nEw YOU If you have varicose veins and want great looking legs for the summer, now is the time to act. Having these assessed and treated has never been easier. The Vein Clinic, led by Mr Simon Hobbs, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, treats the vast majority of varicose veins as walk-in, walk-out procedures, under local anaesthetic, with greatly enhanced recovery compared to traditional surgical treatments. The clinic, situated in the Wolverhampton Nuffield Hospital, uses the latest in medical technology to diagnose and treat the veins that are the underlying cause of unsightly and symptomatic varicose veins. Mr Hobbs is the only surgeon in the West Midlands currently offering the VenaSeal Closure system, alongside other popular treatments such as Radiofrequency ablation, enabling people to have their veins treated with minimal discomfort.

VenaSeal uses a medical grade super glue to seal off the damaged veins and as it involves fewer injections in the leg this treatment means that you can be quickly back to full activity enjoying the benefits of healthy feeling and great looking legs.

If veins are left untreated, they can lead to bleeding, eczema, phlebitis, brown skin discolouration and potentially leg ulcers, which take a long time to heal. During a consultation, an ultra sound scan will be performed to detect the source of the problem and from the size and position, indicate the required treatment.

Varicose veins are caused by a malfunction of valves in the veins which causes blood to pool and result in painful and unsightly bulges at the skin’s surface. Symptoms include aching, itching, swelling, throbbing and restless legs at night, with both men and women being affected equally.

Recognised by all major Medical Insurers. For self-paying patients, the consultation fee is £150 and an ultrasound of both legs is £99. For further information visit www.simonhobbsveins.co.uk

Before Procedure

Post Procedure

Love your legs VARICOSE VEINS are a source of discomfort and can also significantly affect your selfesteem. Having these assessed and treated could be easier than you think.


• High quality varicose and thread vein treatments • Minimally invasive local anaesthetic techniques • Walk-in, walk out procedures • Quick recovery • Insured and self paying patients

Please call: 01902 793216 info@simonhobbsveins.co.uk www.simonhobbsveins.co.uk Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital Wood Road | Tettenhall | Wolverhampton | WV6 8LE


Keep your feet happy! It’s the start of a new year. We have all indulged in the festive food and end up with a New Year’s resolution to try and lose weight, but usually fail to. However, do we really know the strain our feet and ankles are under to carry more weight than intended? Feet are one of the most ignored parts of the body. The average foot is designed to absorb any shock from slow walking to running. But imagine if you have excess body weight. Every step you take, the foot will have to absorb more due to

the extra pressure being placed on on it. It will have an impact on your feet as it can change the structure.

Resting your heel: avoid walking long distances and standing for long periods.

Being overweight, the foot is more likely to pronate, which means the foot will slightly lengthen and collapse causing the arch to fall. The body is unable to stabilise itself meaning the shock absorbency is inefficient. This is likely to cause pain in the knees, hips and lower back because your body is using muscles and ligaments that are not meant to be used.

Regular stretching: stretching your calf muscles and plantar fascia.

There are a number of treatments that can help relieve heel pain. These include:

Pain relief: using an icepack on the affected heel and taking painkillers, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Wearing good-fitting shoes: that support and cushion your foot; trainers are particularly useful. Use supportive devices: such as orthotics or strapping. Remember, prevention is better than cure, look after your feet.

Friendly Personal Service • Steri Pedicure • Custom Orthotics • Gift Vouchers Home Visits Available

TreaTmenTs for: • Nails, callus, corns, verrucas • Diabetic & arthritic feet • Heel & forefoot pain • Functional & biomechanical issues • Conditions needing orthotics/insoles

Taking the health of your feet to the forefront of importance Open: Mon-Wed 9am-6pm, Thurs 9am-8pm, Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-2.30pm 1a School Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8EJ For appointments please call 01902


info@foottherapy.co www.foottherapy.co 114

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Is 70 the new 65? Traditionally, 65 has been taken as the entry point into old age. For decades it was seen as the official retirement age when people can start drawing their state pension. But we are living longer, and therefore working longer. And the patterns of working life are shifting too. The pension age is rising for both men and women - it will reach 66 this year and 67 by 2028. And the recent Living Longer report from the Office of National Statistics* says that 70 could now be seen as the ‘new 65’ with people living longer and healthier lives. But what does that mean for your later life planning? Will Jones, a solicitor with FBC Manby Bowdler, is an expert on lifetime planning. He says: “Of course we all know that age is just a number really, but there are some interesting points raised in the report around life expectancy and how prepared we are to tackle the challenges that living longer brings. “For example, although people living longer is a good thing, there will be a lot of people who spend those years in poor health or needing extra support. Then they have decisions to make about how to pay for that support, how to protect their home and assets for their families and future generations and these are decisions which need to be 116

made in advance, not really at the point at which help is needed. “Ultimately, the decision as to whether a person does or does not wish to protect their assets from care fees is a personal one. The key is to make sure that a fully informed decision is made where the person understands the implications of the planning they are putting in place.” When considering any care fee planning schemes, it is important to understand the rules relating to care funding. Any lifetime gift of assets is subject to the Deprivation of Capital rules. Essentially, the rules provide that if you give assets away with the intention of deliberately avoiding your obligation to pay for care, then the local authority can set the transaction aside. “There are also other practical risks associated with lifetime gifts because once the gift is made you are no longer the legal owner of the assets. “By way of example, you may need the assets in later life, your relationship with the recipient of the gift may change, the recipient of the gift may die before you or experience financial or matrimonial difficulties which could mean that your intended recipient no longer enjoys the benefit of the assets gifted to them. All of these circumstances, which are outside of your control, could make you very vulnerable indeed. There are other less aggressive estate planning options available,

although perhaps more relevant to joint property owners, where assets can be protected from care fees with the preparation of bespoke asset protection wills. Advice should always be taken from a specialist solicitor in order to understand all of your options before making any decision. There is no one particular option that is suitable for all. That’s why it’s best to sit down with an adviser to discuss your particular circumstances and establish what is right for you. When seeking advice on care fees and later life planning, you should look for solicitors who are fully accredited members of Solicitors for the Elderly, an independent organisation setting benchmark standards for specialist advice for elderly and vulnerable clients.” For more information on inheritance tax contact Will Jones on 01902 392 404 or email will.jones@fbcmb.co.uk

Will Jones

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Personal Services Buying & Selling Property Family, Divorce & Children Community Care Medical Negligence & Serious Injuries Wills, Probate & Lifetime Planning Disputed Probate Court of Protection Employment Law Motoring Offences

0800 111 6144

6 - 10 George Street Snow Hill Wolverhampton WV2 4DN

Award winning legal service for you and your family... 





Hip and Knee CLiNiC The Wolverhampton hip and knee clinic has been developed to provide modern, comprehensive and evidence based treatment for all hip and knee disorders.

areas of expertise: • Hip and knee arthritis • Hip and knee replacements • Custom made patient specific ‘Signature’ knee replacements • Sports Injuries • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery • Cartilage surgery • Tibial osteotomy / realignment surgery

Nuffield Health Hospital, Wood Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8LE

www.wolverhamptonhipandkneeclinic.co.uk SURGEON MR DAVID SIMPSON

01902 793241 / 01902 793269 info@wolverhamptonhipandkneeclinic.co.uk



Make a Promise, Deliver a Smile As part of Willows Dental sponsorship program, Neel and Vicki (Principle Dentists and Owners of Willows Dental & Implant Centre) approached Promise Dreams to offer their support as the stories from Promise Dreams touched everyone’s hearts at the practice.

Promise Dreams is a national charity that aims to make a real difference to children who are seriously or terminally ill. Every child has a dream and whatever it may be Promise Dreams aim to make it come true - whether it be to go on the holiday of a lifetime and spend time with their siblings following extended hospital stays, the chance to meet their celebrity hero, a specially adapted trike to enable them to join in on family bike rides, or essential equipment and resources for their home. In fact, anything that will make life happier and easier for the family in need. Promise Dreams regularly hold fundraising events throughout the year and towards the end of every year they hold a Promise


Dreams Gala Ball. This year, Promise Dreams held a very special Gala Ball, celebrating their 18th birthday! The event was held at Wolverhampton Racecourse and featured a Live DJ set, including a Hip Hop and Club Classic DJ, as well as live music from the Live Wires all hosted by the amazing comedian and pantomime star Aaron James. Both Neel and Vicki attended the Gala Ball on 29th November 2019 and supported the charity by joining in with their auction. “2019 has been the toughest year in the charities 18-year history and although the charity is down on the amount of normal donations it receives, the amount of dream applications has continued to rise meaning that the charity now has a waiting list”, says a spokesperson from Promise Dreams.

Neel presenting Martyn, a long-standing Promise Dreams charity supporter, with a cheque for the

One dream the charity. Martyn is also a patient at Willows Dental charity currently has on this waiting list is one that is severely had to give up work to care for time sensitive for a 7-year-old boy him and are currently without a called Mahir. He has a very rare working washing machine and genetic disorder which currently tumble dryer. They have applied has no name. This condition means to Promise Dreams for both of the he cannot seat unaided and needs items and as soon as these are in help to be turned in bed at night. place he can safely go home and He is also reliant on a wheelchair be with his family. With everyone’s and is unable to feed and relies on help we can raise the money to a feeding tube to stay hydrated. make his family’s dreams come He is unable to protect his airway true and get this boy and his and relies on his tracheostomy family home as soon as possible. tube to keep his airway open, Neel, Vicki and the whole team at despite all these challenges and Willows Dental & Implant Centre being non-verbal he is able to show have made a promise to continue sadness or happiness with his facial supporting Promise Dreams expression. The outlook is that for the foreseeable future. Mahir will sadly have a shortened life. He has been in hospital since March 2019 and just wants to go home. The only way he can go home is if he has all the essentials required to be able to be at home. Due to his illness his parents have wolverhampton west magazine

Sibling rivalry:

a War of Wills Sister fends off challenge from her brothers in battle over mother’s £1 million estate Three brothers whose mother cut them out of her £1million estate and sued their sister, claiming she ‘lied’ to make sure she was bequeathed every penny, lost their High Court battle to get a share of the estate. The Court heard how Anna Rea had always had a “soft spot” for her only daughter Rita, who moved back into the family home to care for her in 2009. Anna died aged 86 in July 2016, leaving her £1 million London home to Rita, and her sons Nemo, Nino and David empty handed.  The pensioner’s last Will - drawn up eight months before her death - revoked an earlier Will she made in 1986 which had split her estate equally between all four siblings. Anna inserted a damning declaration into her Will explaining her decision to disinherit her sons, which read: “I DECLARE that my sons do not help with my care and there has been numerous calls from me but they are not engaging with any help or assistance. My sons have not taken care of me and my daughter Rita Rea has been my sole carer for many years. Hence should any of my sons challenge my estate I wish my executors to defend any such claim as they are not dependent on me and I do not wish for them to share in my estate save what I have stated in this Will.”

Grounds to challenge The brothers were fighting for equal shares of their mother’s estate. Rita’s brothers challenged the validity of their mother’s Will on an array of grounds including lack of testamentary capacity, lack of knowledge and approval of the contents of the Will, undue influence and fraudulent calumny. The brothers had to prove that Rita poisoned her mother’s mind by casting a dishonest aspersion on their characters. The central problem for the brothers was that there was no evidence that Rita did so. Their case was based on inference and supposition that their sister pressurised their mother to change her Will. The Judge rejected the claims brought by the sons, finding that their “strongminded” mother knew exactly what she was doing when she made her last Will. The Court attached weight to the evidence of the solicitor who prepared the Will and the deceased’s GP who had provided a contemporaneous capacity assessment as part of the preparation of the Will, and both gave evidence in support of its validity; in terms of her having the requisite testamentary capacity, it being made of her own volition and her understanding and approving its terms.

Not a question of fairness The Court made it clear that it was not its task to decide whether the last Will was justified or fair. The Court was only required to decide if the Will was valid. The Court found that the Will was simply what Mrs Rea wanted.  

Will battles increasing The numbers of contested Will cases continue to rise, fuelled by the surge in property prices leading to claimants more willing to incur the costs of litigation, spurred on by the potential for significant financial gain. If you do find yourself in the difficult position of having to challenge or defend the validity of a Will, do seek independent legal advice as soon as possible.

Rebecca Neale of Rees Page’s Dispute Resolution Team, Associate Solicitor and accredited CEDR Mediator, who specialises in advising in respect of contested Wills and estates.

01902 577716  rneale@reespage.co.uk 8/12 Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4BL

www.reespage.co.uk www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk



Exciting new reading scheme for Birchfield School It remains a universally accepted truth that confidence with early reading skills forms the cornerstone of future academic success and thus we encourage our children to read and enjoy sharing stories from the very first moment they are ready. The real game-changer in academic development, however, is the art of inspiring a passion for the written word outside school too and encouraging our young learners to curl up with a book in their own time, eschewing digital entertainment for the more traditional pastime of entering a magical world of adventure through books. Birchfield School believes passionately that the gift of reading is a gift for life, not only enhancing academic development, but supporting personal well-being and growth throughout life. Building this inspiration and focus naturally starts in the classroom and with a strong library provision, with

Birchfield boasting a traditional and colourful library hosting over 6,000 titles for young and curious minds. This wonderful facility is the hub of reading at Birchfield and today forms the basis of an exciting new reading initiative. A brand new bespoke reading scheme has just been launched at Birchfield School which is already filling up the library with keen pupils from our Pre-Prep Department to Year 8. Each pupil is firstly assessed on their understanding of a text, and titles

offered to match their personal requirements, whether by age or content, gaining points and prizes and moving into more challenging sections as they go. Targeted reading reduces the chances of children selecting books which are too challenging and demotivating and this approach is already paying dividends with Birchfield pupils. Headmistress, Mrs Sarah Morris, is delighted with the positive impact of the new scheme upon the pupils and knows how much their improved comprehension will add value to their overall future academic success. Well done to all our readers! If you would like to find out more about our passion for reading development, please call us to arrange a personal visit with the Headmistress.

www.birchfieldschool.co.uk Tel: 01902 372534


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Boys and Girls 4–13 Years

The first step to a bright future

CONTACT: Mrs Deborah Frost E: admissions@birchfieldschool.co.uk T: 01902 372534 Birchfield School Harriot’s Hayes Lane Wolverhampton, WV7 3AF www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

R ste Regi t rred Charity No. 528420 te

PERSONAL TOURS Available at all times



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candidate for Wolverhampton South West, in a ‘Question Time’ style session. The questions asked by the girls indicated the topics that they feel passionate out: Will Brexit affect refugees coming into the UK? (Isabel – Year Five) Will you help the people whose houses have been affected by the floods? (Esha – Year Four) What is the one thing you would change about parliament? (Lillian – Year Three) Politics is very much the topic of conversation amongst our children in school as they are often exposed to political views and issues via their home and community; and media. At Newbridge, we teach children about politics with the intention of helping them understand that they are active citizens in a country where our democratic process should be valued.

Journey to Democracy Tour As part of this process we recently visited the Houses of Parliament with our Year Six girls. The visit started with a tour of the Palace of Westminster. As Parliament was not in session due to the general election campaign, the girls were able to access different parts of the Palace of Westminster on their tour. Initially, they walked the same route that Queen Elizabeth II took at the recent state opening of parliament; as well witnessing some of the preparations being made for the outcome of the general election on 11th December 2019. They also had the opportunity to walk through ‘Aye’ and ‘No’ lobbies to help them understand how the MPs themselves vote when making government decisions. The girls stood amongst the seats in the House of Lords and had the opportunity to explore how it is independent from, and complements the work of, the elected House

of Commons. The tour guide explained how the Lords shares the task of making and shaping laws and checking and challenging the work of the government.

Journey to Democracy Workshop Beginning 850 years ago, the girls explored how Britain went from being an absolute monarchy to a modern-day democracy. The girls found out about four key figures: King John, William and Mary of Orange, David Lloyd George and Boris Johnson. They investigated historical artefacts and clues, using these to solve questions about who had the power to make laws and how laws have changed over time. By the end of the workshop the girls appreciated the importance of democracy and understood how everyone, including themselves, can now have their say in how the country is run, whether through campaigning or through voting in elections.

If you get elected, what are you going to do about homelessness? (Charlotte - Year Five) How are you sure every child will grow up to get a good opportunity for a job in Wolverhampton? (Sofia – Year Four) Next year, 37% of children will be living in poverty. What will you do about that? (Thrisha – Year Five) At Newbridge, we believe that children need to understand the privileges and responsibilities that come with democracy so they’re ready to become active participants in the political process as adults.

Parliamentary Candidate Question Time In school, a week later, we hosted, Stuart Anderson, the Conservative

#futurevoters Twitter: NewbridgePrep51 Facebook: NewbridgePreparatorySchool



With a history dating back to 1863, Tettenhall College has played a significant role in educating young people from across the region and today provides a stimulating learning environment for boys and girls, boarders and day pupils, from the age of 2-18. Academic success is a major focus across the whole School, with GCSE and A Level grades consistently above national averages. In 2019, 25% of pupils achieved A*, A or B in all of their subjects, with the majority of our pupils gaining places at their first choice of university, including some of the top institutions in the country. At GCSE, 75% achieved Grades 9-4 (A*-C)” including English and Mathematics. 124

However, for a non-selective school, an equally important measure of success is ‘value-added’, which compares pupils’ predicted grades at entry to the School with actual grades achieved at 16. On this measure, Tettenhall College is also above many of the highly selective state and independent schools in the country. Our small class sizes ensure that the most able pupils receive the necessary stretch to flourish whilst those requiring support receive it - at no extra cost. The emphasis at Tettenhall College is on a personalised education that develops the whole

person, both in and beyond the classroom with exceptional extracurricular opportunities that complement the rigorous academic environment. The School ensures that everyone will find their niche and grow in confidence. The School has come a long way since its foundation over 150 years ago, yet the traditional values and the wonderful historic setting remain the same. Please contact our Registrar and come and take a closer look: admissions@tettcoll.co.uk or 01902 751119. www.tettenhallcollege.co.uk wolverhampton west magazine

personalised education

Whole School Open Morning Tuesday 10th March 9.30am to 11.30am Nursery – Preparatory – Senior – Sixth Form Contact: admissions@tettcoll.co.uk • 01902 751119




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Find out more on Instagram: @olco.design www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


Wolverhampton Grammar School


education is closer than you think Wolverhampton Grammar School is an extraordinary school. Founded in 1512, it’s one of the oldest schools in the country, within easy access of the wider West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire thanks to flexible school bus links. National award-winning and ranked top of the league tables for grades 9-7 at GCSE, the school is rated “excellent” by school inspectors. The school also ranks top 25 nationally for GCSE results across all independent schools. First priority is the happiness of your child Children at Wolverhampton Grammar School receive pastoral care like nowhere else – that’s because happy children do well, thrive, and leave the school with excellent exam results and the confidence to embrace whatever opportunities come their way. Your child will never feel alone at Wolverhampton Grammar School. Assistant Head of Pastoral Care, Claudine Jones leads a team of staff to support and work with families to ensure every child gets the care and individual attention

that they need. Support includes a dedicated, expert pastoral team, School Counsellor and annual adolescent mental health tracking using the latest digital tools. Academic excellence The academic achievements of the students speak for themselves. All teachers are experts in their own academic disciplines, trained and experienced professionals who love their subjects as much as they enjoy teaching students. Small class sizes and space for individual tuition enables the teachers to get to know each and every child. Wolverhampton

Grammar School also offers a tailored and individual approach to UCAS and Careers support and students can expect the very best preparation possible when it comes to life after school. Our examinations and Sixth Form team ensure every student is supported with the very best support possible to ensure students make the right choice for their next step. Life outside the classroom The school offers over 100 extracurricular clubs – the largest range available from any school in the area. Everything from Political Forums, Technology clubs, Debating, Warhammer to Climbing, Cooking and Gardening. Residential trips begin as early as Year 3 and from Year 7, all children have the opportunity to travel to Europe, culminating in a choice of worldwide expeditions for older students. Interested to learn more? Contact Jane Morris, Admissions Registrar at Wolverhampton Grammar School by telephone: 01902 422939, email: jam@wgs-sch.net or visit website: www.wgs.org.uk


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Independent Day School for Boys and Girls Junior School ages 7-11 Senior School ages 11-16 Sixth Form ages 16-18


acre site

TES Independent School Award Winners 2018

Judged ‘Excellent’ in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate

Secondary School

Discovery Day

Flexible and convenient School Bus Services across 3 counties

Saturday 16th May 2020

Wolverhampton Grammar School is opening its doors to Year 5 children to get a taste of what life will be like at a Senior School. Visit the website to register your interest. T: 01902 422939 E: jam@wgs-sch.net or visit www.wgs.org.uk www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

Places still available for September 2020 entry

Every child gets the opportunity to represent the School in drama, sport and music


St. Dominic’s Centenary Year Celebrations will have a number of surprises throughout the year! The grammar school is busy as plans for renovation and refurbishment sweep through the school. Headmaster, Peter McNabb commented, ‘we are looking forward to unveiling a brand new, state of the art, science lab for our preparatory pupils next academic year. We place a great emphasis on STEM subjects and we are keen on developing this right from Reception. This will help to support and maintain our outstanding results in the STEM subjects further up the school at GCSE and A-Level.` With increasing pupil numbers, the school is working hard to ensure the best possible facilities are available for all of the Dominicans. With new outdoor cricket nets, lockers and interactive LED screens being just a few items on the agenda. The centenary year will have a number of exciting events including the much anticipated, Brewood Music Festival which will be hosted by St. Dominic’s Grammar School. The 2020 event will be taking place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July 2020 with many acts including the band, Scouting for Girls. Gregg Spooner, Facilities Manager of St Dominic’s, commented, ‘the school has worked hard to open its’ facilities to the wider public. We are looking forward to launching the school’s 100th year with this joint music festival.’ To purchase tickets for this event, please book directly through Eventbrite. The School will also be holding their Spring Open Morning on Saturday 7th March 2020 between 10am - 1pm. Do

come and experience first-hand the warm, family environment as you tour the school, view our new facilities and meet our experienced teachers. If you are unable to attend our Open Day, please contact our Admissions Secretary to arrange an alternative time on (01902) 850428 or via email: secretary@ stdominicsgrammarschool.co.uk To ensure St. Dominic’s remains as inclusive as possible, enquire about our new fee structure for 2020 entry. Key entry points into the school will have a reduced fee. Years 7 and 12 will cost an annual starting fee of only £7750. The Reception class will stand respectively at £5250 annually and Year 1, at £5500.

For those considering 2020 entry, early registration is advisable as places are limited.


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Independent Day School for Boys and Girls ST. DOMINIC’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL Junior School ages 7-11 Senior School ages 11-16 Sixth Form ages 16-18



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Dedicated, Expert Pastoral Team Judged ‘Excellent’ in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate


Securing places at the most prestigious universities including Oxford and Cambridge

Open Day

Whole School Open Morning Saturday 7th March 10am - 1pm

Saturday 5th October 2019, 11am-3pm

Wrap around care from 7.30am - 6.15pm

demonstrate excellent self esteem and possess For more‘Pupils information about the open day or joining our School, please contactof Jane Morris, high levels confidence for their age’ ISI 2019 Admissions Registrar.

A community very like no other

Reduced Fees for Key Entry Points

Flexible and T: 01902 422939 convenient School E: jam@wgs-sch.net TES Independent School Bus Services T:register 01902 850248 E: secretary@stdominicsgrammarschool.co.uk or online www.wgs.org.uk Award Winners 2018 across 3 counties www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

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One future, one great start Children will be invited to be musicians, scientists, archaeologists, investigators and artists as teachers host an open morning in Shropshire in January. The Early Years teaching team at Old Hall School in Wellington will be leading the special event packed with activities for young children to try on Saturday, January 25th between 10am and 12.30pm. The event is aimed especially at children in Pre-School, Reception and Key Stage 1. Staff will look to open up a world of fun in learning for children and their parents as they look to prepare for going to school. Staff will also be on hand to answer questions for parents and give advice on how to best prepare their children for starting school next September or in the years ahead. “This open event is aimed at helping children to feel more confident about the next stage in their educational journey,” said Head of Early Years at Old Hall School Alison Hartland-Griffiths. “The Early Learning team was eager to organise a morning packed full of fun activities which are also wonderful exercises for improving learning skills. Many are things parents can replicate at

home but we are also looking forward to talking to parents about preparing for school and helping their children to approach it with lots of excitement about all the opportunities ahead.” But Mrs Hartland-Griffiths said the most important thing was that children arrived at school with a smile. “Happy children learn, and they have the most chance of fulfilling their potential throughout their school years,” she added. The Pre-School, Reception and Key Stage 1 Discovery Morning will be held at Old Hall School on Saturday, January 25th, from 10am-12.30pm.

For more information call 01952 223117 or email admissions@oldhall.co.uk 132

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Social Scene Jane and Warren Bullock, Zag Zag Dance Factory




Grand Station Zig Zag Dance Factory Awards The Galaxy Classique Awards Ball is a spectacular annual red carpet ‘Oscars’ style event organised and hosted by ballroom guru’s and trainers of the Strictly Come Dancing professional dancers, Warren & Jane Bullock. The event was developed to celebrate, recognise and praise great dancing talent as well as personalities from around their world of dance.

Sponsored by

This year it was held at the Grand Station which has been stunningly converted from Wolverhampton’s Victorian Railway Station into a fabulous function suite to take your breath


Specialists in helping people to retire early www.midlandifa.co.uk

away. It was an evening full of glitz and glamour from the moment of stepping onto the red carpet and witnessing the enormous breath-taking crystal chandelier in the old ticket office. Here guests mingled until the doors opened onto what used to be the Platform where an Aladdin’s Cave of shimmering tables decorated in gold and black with floating candles and sequin place settings greeted them. The atmosphere was electric as guests enjoyed a splendid 4 course dinner, amazing cabarets, the awards ceremony and dancing until their feet hurt. The evening was a huge success and next year’s Ball has already been booked for 2nd October 2020 so make a note in your diary now! wolverhampton west magazine

Social Scene



Photographs courtesy of KJH Photography

Social Scene 2








Diffusion Wolverhampton

1. Jaden Wedderburn, Fleur Rains,

Diffusion held a VIP event exclusively for ‘store card holders’. Guests browsed through the latest designer ranges on offer while enjoying the complimentary drinks and canapés.

4. Sasha Streete, Lauran Morgan,

Rees Wedderburn 2. Theo Baily, Jay Blades 3. Sasha Tura, Molly Southall, Amy Pahal Shanice Cambell 5. Steven Baily, Andrew Sperling, Alex Sperling

Sponsored by

6. Stephen Hibbert, Durand Baily, Russel Fraser


Specialists in helping people to retire early www.midlandifa.co.uk

7. Royston Blythe, Charlie Goodridge, Jamie Robinson, Kim Guest, Nick Malenko 8. Gass Burnett, Lou Osbourne, Stev Brathwaite wolverhampton west magazine

Photographs courtesy of Andrews Photography

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Patshull Park Hotel On 28th October, Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor, was the guest speaker at a dinner organised by Tettenhall Rotary Club at Patshull Park. He entertained 105 Rotarians and guests and spoke about his life and especially his role as CEO of John Lewis and the changing face of retailing during that time. After he had answered some questions about his role as Mayor, the vote of thanks was made by Chris Jones, former Managing Director of Beatties.  www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


8 1. Phil Deeming, Councilor, Jane Stevenson 2. Chris Starkey, Pauline Carr 3. Brian Tew, Clive Childs 4. Oliver Cox, Roy Hill 5. Rob Morrison, Jenny Morrison 6. Andrew Baker, Cara Baker 7. Doug Evans, Dorothy Evans, Joyce Johnson, Eric Johnson 8. Andy Street, Carol Timbrell, Roger Timbrell 137

Photographs courtesy of Crescent Imaging

Social Scene 2








Molineux Wolverhampton

1. Wally Nugent, Helen Hilton, Adrian Hilton,

Three Pines Building Company hosted a Christmas party at the Molineux stadium on Saturday 7th December for their staff, local contractors and colleagues. Guests enjoyed a 3-course meal followed by a disco where the night was danced away. A great night was had by all.

4. Sophie Withington, Josh Walker,

Sharon Evans, Neil Evans 2. Louise Bradshaw, Alan Bradshaw 3. Graham Houghton, Jeff Astle, Josh Walker Pam Wootton, Dave Hill 5. Alison Ebanks, Fidel Ebanks 6. Sam Wells, Sharon Evans, Neil Evans

Sponsored by

7. Neil Lerigo, Sian Houghton,


Specialists in helping people to retire early www.midlandifa.co.uk

Annabelle Brown, Chris Jukes 8. Jonathon Wiley, Kevin Rogers, Lindsey Rogers, Rob O’Donovan wolverhampton west magazine

Photographs courtesy of Crescent Imaging

Social Scene 1






Molineux Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Law Society held their annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony on Friday 22nd November 2019 at Molineux Stadium. Solicitors were joined by accountants, estate agents, bankers and financial advisors at the glittering awards ceremony, where as ever, the awards were hotly contested and resulted in some very deserving nominees and winners. www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


8 The evening was a great celebration of the city’s legal and professional services sector. 1. Gareth Ruddock (President Of the Society), Justin Moorhouse 2. Rebecca Neale, Simon Hughes, Samantha Brookes 3. Harry Penn, Anita Howard, Philip Steventon 4. Jack Simner, Jan Lloyd, David Skitt 5. Lawrence Harrison, Michelle Monnes-Thomas 6. Todd Killeen, Jess Davies 7. Mark Turner, Mitchell Nash, Joseph Martin, Jordan Zaza, Jon Moss 8. Elaine Hickman, Martina Dutton, Louise Higgins, Susan Williams 139

Photographs courtesy of Crescent Imaging

Social Scene 2







The Molineux Wolverhampton On the 16th November 2019, Owen Payne Recruitment held a spectacular soiree to mark 20 prosperous years in business.

Sponsored by

The Black Country based recruitment agency invited staff, along with their families, to celebrate their 20th anniversary at the Molineux Stadium.



Specialists in helping people to retire early www.midlandifa.co.uk

Guests were treated to an extravagant evening, with cocktails and canapés on arrival, followed by a 4-course meal and live entertainment, which included an incredible set by the band ‘The Anthemics’. It was an unforgettable event enjoyed by all and a monumental moment for the business, which will be cherished in the years to come. 1. Lisa Lovell, Chris Lovell, Lucas Lovell, Cameron Lovell 2. Marie Price, Emmie Price, Craig Neuchterlein, Heidi Neuchterlein, Chloe Neuchterlein 3. Kiera Hampson, Charlene Humphries 4. Amy Holliday, Chris Holliday 5. Danielle Hulme, Shannon Hulme, Paul Grew 6. Rocky McGhee, Vaneet McGhee 7. Simon Yorke, Clare Yorke, Christine Yorke, Mick Yorke 8. Group Shot wolverhampton west magazine

Photographs courtesy of KJH Photography

Social Scene 1









Wolverhampton Racecourse Promise Dreams held a very special Gala Ball, celebrating their 18th birthday! The event was held at Wolverhampton Racecourse and featured a Live DJ set and were joined by a HipHop and Club Classic DJ, as well as live music from the Live Wires all hosted by the amazing Comedian and Pantomime Star Aaron James. www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk

1. Curtis Barnes, Jayne Knowles, Mark Knowles, Laura Knowles 2. Paula Bawa, Suresh Bawa 3. Beverley Bird, Aaron James 4. Sue Walker, Steve Walker, Josie Bird, Andy Morey, Sarah Yates, Malcolm Bird 5. Gaynor Dalton, Andy Shrives 6. Simon Williams, Joanne Williams, Sonya Taylor, Paul Taylor 7. Aysha Bawa, Hazel Hammond, Julia Hopkins 8. Kate Gregory, Sally Lawson 9. Nick Jones, Val Jones, Mitchell Close, Niel Wilkins 141


 


           

                                 

                                            


                                          

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Winter tyres are not just effective in extreme snow conditions, they provide a decreased braking distance on icy roads, improved braking in wet conditions and better emergency braking on wet, icy and snow-covered roads.

• Resistance to aquaplaning – The specific tread pattern design of winter tyres can disperse more water which reduces the amount of water between the road and your tyres.

Your summer tyres will be labelled and safely stored on our premises until you need them again.

• Increased tyre life

And don’t forget to pop in for your FREE Winter Health Check to make sure your car is in tip top condition for the colder weather.

We offer a wide range of winter tyres and will be able to advise you on the right ones for you. Not only that, whilst using your winter tyres, we offer a ‘Tyre Hotel’ service.

For more information on winter tyres, including our tyre hotel, please contact Simon, Mac or Hayley at HiQ Wolverhampton on 01902 420234.

For these reasons, winter tyres are highly recommended for use in temperatures below 7°C, which in the UK is around 150 days of the year. Advantages of using Winter Tyres: • Shorter stopping distances – with braking distance significantly reduced in snow, ice and wet conditions • Improved performance and safety – more control in winter conditions due to innovative winter tyre technology

Book your FREE Winter Health Check today!

HiQ Wolverhampton 11 Chapel Ash WV3 0UB

01902 420234


Tyres • Exhausts • Brakes • Batteries • Servicing • MOTs www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk


Chauffeur Driven Luxury Cars & Minibuses Luxury Cars - Gold Service Our fleet of vehicles includes a 4 seater Jaguar XJ, a 6 seater Mercedes R Class, two 8 seater executive minibuses and a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 1981 Classic

A luxury service th at is more aff ordable than you think, call for a free quote...

• Wedding Hire • Evening Events • Airport Transfers • and any other • Sea Ports Special Occasion...

Luxury travel for all occasions Contact: Keith Warner 01902 847145 or 07772 605764 or Jan on 07860 622545 email: enquiries@imageluxurycars.co.uk www.imageluxurycars.co.uk


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Jas Gill and Asif Pervaiz

Jas Gill has been with Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton for nearly 2 years and has recently been appointed AMG Sales Expert. Jas has a BSc from Coventry University, which is at the forefront of Automotive higher education, he has also combined his desire to progress in higher education along with his Passion for all things automotive especially the AMG brand vehicles as well as providing excellent customer service and product knowledge skills. Asif Pervaiz has been working at Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton as a Sales Executive for over 4 years. He provides excellent customer service and product knowledge skills. His educational background in computer science and passion for automobiles has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. His sales skills may 146

be confirmed independently on IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) and through the official Mercedes-Benz Sales Accredited program. He especially enjoys helping all potential Mercedes-Benz customers find their dream car, especially the AMG brand vehicles as these are exclusive vehicles with a pedigree of motorsport history and heritage. AMG was born from two men with a passion for

motorsport and engineering. Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher saw an opportunity on every wideopen road, an invitation in every curve, an affirmation in every victory for more performance and more power. Today this passion is infused into the very DNA of every Mercedes-Benz AMG just like its numerous successes on racetracks around the world. The letters “AMG” stand for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach (Aufrecht’s birth town). In 1976 most of the AMG production moved to Affalterbach, with the racing engine development remaining at the old location in Burgstall. If you would like to speak to either Jas or Asif about our Mercedes-Benz AMG performance cars or any of the Mercedes-Benz model range please call MercedesBenz of Wolverhampton on (01902) 471821.

Mercedes-AMG E 53 4MATIC+ Coupé

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Tailored to you. The new Mercedes-Benz GLB.

With its striking and unique appearance, second-row seats with optional adjustment and optional third-row seating, it raises the bar for versatile compact SUV. For more information, get in touch with Lookers Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton on 01902 276 977. Calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton Penn Road, Wolverhampton, WV2 4HD 01902 276 977 Lookers.co.uk/Mercedes-Benz Official government fuel consumption figures in mpg (litres per 100km) for the GLB 200: combined 40.4-36.2(7.0–7.8). CO2 emissions from 134 g/km. Official EU-regulated test data are provided for comparison purposes and actual performance will depend on driving style, road conditions, chosen optional extras and other non-technical factors. www.wolverhamptonwestmag.co.uk



wolverhampton west magazine

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Wolverhampton West Magazine - February 2020  

Wolverhampton West Magazine places your business into the hands of 25,000* local Wolverhampton people each time you advertise with us, helpi...

Wolverhampton West Magazine - February 2020  

Wolverhampton West Magazine places your business into the hands of 25,000* local Wolverhampton people each time you advertise with us, helpi...