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Guest Blogging: A nice way to get backlinks Google Webmaster rules have grown stricter in recent times. With recent updates like Penguin by Google, link building has become very difficult for the websites. Thus with traditional methods of link building not bearing much results website owners and the SEO professionals have started putting in much of the effort in guest blogging. However nowadays because of increasing attention which is given to guest blogging the blogging sites which used to accept guest posts with ease have tightened their rules and are not easily accepting the guest posts from bloggers because many of these posts are sent just for the sake of getting backlinks. Affordable SEO packages which are provided by SEO firms these days include guest blogging as an important component. What does Google have to say? Google which is the key search engine around which all SEO activities revolve seems to have a similar saying for guest blogging. According to Google the question is not about the backlinks which are generated from these blogs it is about the quality of content which is used in the posts. The low quality content is used in the blogs which are used just for increasing backlinks and such low quality blogs are not useful for users thus Google makes such bloggers pay by reducing their rankings in their SERPs. Flooding with guest blogging requests The problem of increasing SEO executives taking on guest blogging as a full time link building approach has given rise to flooding requests to blog admins for publishing the guest posts on their site. Response rates are declining Now as the sites are flooded with such guest blogging requests the response rates has decreased quite heavily in the last few months. This is happening because of the content which is used in the articles is just not useful for visitors. As a result the better blogs which are actually credible have started charging for placing the article of others on their site. This again might create a problem with Google Webmaster rules because this is in a way payment for getting backlinks. Thus the links which are used in the blog should be nofollowed. Try building relationships and not links To avoid all the problems one should try building relations with the bloggers rather than trying to submit posts with the aim of getting backlinks. By doing so the whole process becomes very easy and proper results can be achieved from it.

For doing so one should not ask the site owners for backlinks. Preferably don’t even refer the topic of the article you want to share. Instead try to build relationship with them by: • •

Offering them to promote their site via social channels. Offering them an opportunity to post on your own blog.

Access to products which are to be reviewed.

Building new connections in the blogging community.

In other words try building relationships by giving and not taking. Look from the perspective of public relations and not from SEO point of view only then you will be able to get positive results. Nowadays many SEO firms which are providing cheap SEO packages have Guest posting as an optional part of the package.

Guest Blogging: A nice way to get backlinks