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How You Can Make Your Web Analytics Data More Insightful? How do you generate more revenue even by targeting a less audience? The answer lies in effectively using web analytics! The marketing department of every business has silos of hidden treasure in the form of business data which contains pretty valuable information vital for targeting the right kind of audience in a more effective manner to enhance the sales process and develop future business. It is web analytics which helps generate more business with the help of data collected through web analytics and the insights gained through the analysis of these data. It helps comprehend user behavior on the web and can create more leads and sales, providing insights to augment the appearance and design of websites and make it more easy to use. With the help of this new-found, insightful information, the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns and the strategies employed can be analyzed and relevant changes can be made to increase more valuable customers. So, now you need to draw insights with the help of the numbers and other figures pulled from the analytics. Web analytics software makes it very easy to put side by side equal phases of adjacent data, but what needs to be compared is trends and not differences; at the same time, you also need to configure average weekday, current day as against the same day last week and such other logical comparisons for better insight. You can export the data to Excel for better comprehending the different trends by adding sheets of all the relevant supplementary analytics details or you can also use the pivot tables for analyzing the data. Don’t draw any conclusions without properly analyzing the importance of your data. Arrive at some final conclusion by studying the data and simultaneously by calculating the standard deviation. This will help you in determining whether the change found in the total numbers based on the data is statistically equally significant or not. Arriving at a statistically vital and more useful change as well is why we use analytics. Simply compartmentalize your analytics data into different segments which will help you in identifying commonly shared behavioural patterns influencing the changes that are observed. Sometimes you can easily identify those changes but sometimes it is tricky and complicated to unravel the subtlety even after deep study.

Then comes the most important part; that of correlating the data with the observed trends which influence your business. If everything is not fine, work out a balancing formula and ascribe a just explanation to returns generated, expenditure saved, visitors satisfied, etc. In accordance with the observed trends and identify the places or pages of the website to be optimized. This is the time to put your insights into action. Start optimization to put the analyzed data into action for example for the landing page performing not better. Work out only those ideas that are less time consuming and still produce great impact on the end result. Any corresponding optimization plan would work fine if it produces the desired results. There are many web analytics consultants in India and other Asian countries where most of this work is outsourced. Most of these companies offer various web analytics packages at very competitive rates. After studying the portfolio, you can take help of any web analytics consultant for the enhanced perception of your web analytics data.

How You Can Make Your Web Analytics Data More Insightful?