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Official ASU Student Nurses Association & College Council of Nursing Students Newsletter Volume I Issue IV | May 9, 13


SBAR Student Bulletin Activities Report

Collaboration In the next semester, CCNS and SNA will combine the media effort to provide you with updates and information in one newsletter. Please look out for the newsletter in the next semester, as they will contain various activities, events and volunteer opportunities for nursing students. Announcements: SNA-There is currently open positions for Junior 1 Senators. Please email a letter of intent (LOI). An LOI is a half page listing why you would like to become part of the SNA board. CCNS: Check out the newest merchandise on our Facebook account. Simply type, ASU College Council of Nursing Students.

The Finish Line Whether you are finishing your first semester or your last, it is important to remember that each step of completion is an achievement. The College of Nursing and Health Innovation convocation ceremony was on Friday, May 10th at 8am. Congratulations to the newest graduates of the ASU nursing program. The Class of 2013 will be taking their NCLEX for RN licensure very soon; wish them good luck!

Have an amazing and relaxing summer! Nurses Week


Lighting of the Lamp

May 6-12 Have you thanked a nurse this week?

May 10

May 24 CCNS and SNA will be selling merchandise at the LotL Ceremony.





During the Spring 2013 semester, five students were given the opportunity to attend the National SNA Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. The convention was a professional development event in which students participated in focus sessions, workshops, NCLEX reviews, national networking, and an exhibit hall. Convention events sparked the ASU SNA Chapter to initiate a new set of projects, and events for this fall. “As a project coordinator, I was able to appreciate the tenacity of those who took on the preparation and execution of the National Conference. As a delegate I learned about and participated in parliamentary procedure, voting and the revision of resolutions. This really changed my outlook on SNA and my political function as a nurse. I found an appreciation for those nurses who are active in our national government and cannot wait to join them!” ~Nicole Murray

(Left to right) Former ASU Nursing Dean, Dr. Melnyk and Amy Bensoni, Nicole Murray, John Licas, and Linda Duong.

(Left to right) Nicole Murray, John Licas, Amy Bensoni, Linda Duong, Todd Shorten 2

“This was my first time going to a convention and it was amazing. Charlotte is a beautiful city and I learned so much at the convention. From NCLEX reviews to the different focus sessions, all the information was very helpful with a focus on professional development. As a group we had the opportunity to meet some amazing nursing students from other states. It was interesting to learn that not all nursing curriculums are the same. After the convention, there were many great ideas we wanted to bring back to ASU's SNA. Now I am very excited to see what SNA has in store for us next semester. I have no doubt that the new executive board will do great things” -Linda Duong



Relay for Life The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life is a life-changing event that gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. At Relay, teams of people camp out overnight at Sun Angel Stadium and take turns walking or running around the track while enjoying fun activities and great entertainment. Since cancer never sleeps, for one night neither do we, and this is illustrated during a midnight Luminaria ceremony that is both powerful and moving. The ASU Relay for Life was on April 19th 20 . Each relay team was to hold a carnival-style booth to raise money throughout the night. The ASU Nursing Team organized a “minuteto-win-it” booth. Online and onsite fundraising totaled to be $1,888 for the ASU Nursing Team. This amount contributed to ASU’s overall total: about $115,000. Great job ASU Student Nurses! We look forward to seeing you at the next relay in Spring 2014!




Kinney Obtains Mayo Externship The Summer III program is known among nurse externships for the experiences it offers to senior nursing students from around the country. For 10 weeks from June to August, Summer III’s work at the Mayo Clinic’s two hospitals in Rochester alongside nurse preceptors to give direct patient care. Summer III’s also have extra opportunities that other nurse externs don’t receive. The Mayo Clinic prides itself on education, so Summer III’s have the opportunity to attend many educational classes and observational experiences during the summer.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet nursing students from around the country and to see the differences in nursing education from one university to another. I am incredibly excited for this opportunity and feel so blessed to have been selected as a Summer III! In my acceptance letter, Mayo informed me that 111 students were selected from more than 1,000 applications. To have even received a nurse externship in this economy is lucky, and to have it at one of the most highly respected hospitals in the country makes me even luckier! I am so excited to learn new skills and grow as a future nurse this summer at the Mayo Clinic and I can’t wait to tell everyone all about it this fall!

One of the benefits of the Summer III Nurse Externship is that Mayo offers housing in townhomes for their externs at a nearby college.

Check out these hospital networks for future externships Mayo: Banner: nts/Extern+Program.htm Aurora: John C. Lincoln:




Lyndsay’s Hawaiian Nursing Experience During this past Spring break I went to Oahu, Hawaii, with the Seniors of the Sun Devil Battalion Army ROTC program at Arizona State University. Our mission was to work with the 25th Infantry Division, stationed at the Scholfield Barracks, for their predeployment training to Afghanistan. Nursing cadets, however, were invited to work at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu. While I was there, I worked for five days straight, for 12 hours each day. I worked one-on-one with a preceptor in the postpartum unit, and labor and delivery unit. It was extremely beneficial, because my preceptor taught me so many different skills that I had not been able to do during clinical. I learned how to admit and discharge patients, mastered my assessment skills on both mother and baby, and conducted several PKU tests. The physicians also allowed me to view procedures on neonates, such as lumbar punctures and circumcisions. The whole experience was very eye-opening of what I may experience as a brand new Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Nurse Corps. I will be commissioning in December, and plan to take my first assignment at Tripler Army Medical Center in the postpartum unit for my first four years of active duty.

Lyndsay Thomasson, Senior 2




Presidential Messages Nursing students, 
Congratulations on another completed semester! We are all one-step closer to achieving our dreams – becoming a Registered Nurse. While this dream may seem semesters away, your graduation day will arrive faster than you anticipate it. It may seems daunting to add on extracurricular activities to our never ending course load, but it is important to remember the role professional organizations can play in your nursing development and career. Student Nurses’ Association offers you opportunities to develop your leadership, delegation, communication, and advocacy skills that

Nursing school changes a person. Suddenly, you start checking out the size of the person’s veins ahead of you in the grocery line for IV access. You wash your hands for a full minute while in public restrooms. If someone coughs or sneezes nearby, you have a very strong urge to run for cover, and every one of your family members and friends comes to you with the slightest ache, pain, injury, and symptom fully expecting an assessment and diagnosis. Well here’s your diagnosis: TMI. I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people during my college years and through my 6

employers look for in new graduates and employees. This semester in SNA has been filled re-organizing and developing new events for you in the upcoming semesters. The NSNA Annual Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina gave our board so many new ideas that we will be implementing in the future semesters. It is an exciting time to be part of ASU’s SNA chapter. I look forward to seeing what John Licas and his SNA board have for you in the fall semesters. I encourage you to become involved in SNA in your upcoming semester. There is always a place for your support.
 Have a wonderful summer vacation, whether that is two weeks or three months. Amy Bensoni 
SNA President Spring ‘13

involvement in CCNS. We all came into this program as strangers, but we are definitely leaving the program as close friends. We share a bond that will stay with us long after we stop seeing one another on a daily basis. We came together to help one another survive the difficult exams, the tortuous clinicals, and the care plans. Oh those care plans. Throughout it all, we became a real family. I can’t thank you enough for the help and encouragement you given me and for all your involvement in CCNS throughout the years. I wish you all the best in your future careers! Samantha Hyland CCNS President Fall 2012, Spring 2013



CCNS President: Hayley Wood Hello Students! I’d like to introduce myself as the newly elected President of the College Council of Nursing Students for the Fall 2013 semester. I will be heading into my Senior 2 semester this fall and am really looking forward to serving all of you as President of CCNS. I have been actively involved in CCNS since my Junior 1 semester, first as a class representative, and then as Activities Executive for the past two semesters. I have really loved getting involved with all of our activities and working with other CCNS members to come up with new and exciting ideas and opportunities. My goal for the fall is to offer all of you as nursing students multiple ways to get involved and have fun with your classmates, not only at events on campus, but with opportunities to give back in the medical community as well. I know that one of the ways I have stayed sane thus far in the nursing program has been to get involved and have some fun with the best support system I know of‌other nursing students! Feel free to contact me with any ideas or requests for activities or for more information about participating in CCNS. Please stay in touch with your class representatives and be on the lookout for information about our upcoming fall events. I hope to see you there! --Hayley Wood, CCNS President

SNA President: John Erichson Licas Greetings Students! I am pleased to share with you that the Student Nurses Association is working extremely hard to provide you with the most exciting professional development events and projects. This fall, students will have the opportunity to participate in several inter-professional focused projects. This means, not only will you be volunteering, serving, leading, and working on projects with nursing students you will also be able collaborate with other majors. The SNA board members have met twice during the start of the summer to ensure that these opportunities are available. In addition, pre-nursing students are welcome in our organization. With 200+ members in our organization we will have an incredible impact on both the ASU and the nursing community. I would like you to know that receiving cord credit is a special recognition of your professional leadership during your four years at ASU. Remember, work hard to be recognized as students who were a part of a national organization. This summer, I sincerely hope you sleep, spend time with friends/family, and regain some sanity. I will see everyone when the fall semester begins. For those of you who return to the books in less than two weeks, remember you are almost done!!!! Finish strong and cross that finish line. -John Licas, SNA President, SBAR Editor

Student Bulletin Activity Report Issue 4  

Report for both Student Nurses Association and College Council of Nursing Students

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